Response To Mr. Lost Mills (lostnero)

June 9, 2013

Dear Mr. & Mr. Mills,

This is a review/feedback website. In case you aren’t familiar with this type of a website, you should google Yelp, Zagat, and RipOffReport. Visit these websites to get an idea of how a review website works. This website is a crude version of those, but it’s purpose is the same. Even Google has it’s own review features and there are many many websites that allow for people to review businesses in the real world. Which obviously effect real money. Allowing people to comment on your business is not in any way a violation of Copyright. Ebay, Amazon, and similar websites have feedback features that allow for both ends to review the business and the transactions, to prevent fraud, help people make good business decisions, etc. SL does not have a feedback feature other than for marketplace stores and this website was born of the need of some sort of feedback system for modeling agencies and modeling contests as the modeling world of SL was/is rife with fraud and poor business practices, as I’m sure you are aware.

Your business is public and people have a right to give feedback and review your business, business practices, etc. We will not remove any page on this website or this entire website, and we do not appreciate you trying to bully us into doing so. I understand you don’t like the opinions some people have of your business or of you, in the same way businesses in the real world hate sites like Yelp, Zagat, and RipOffReport when they have a bad reputation, but those websites still stand as they are not in violation of any law. People have a right to express their opinions. You also have every right to defend and respond to accusations made on this website.

With that said, we take the privacy of all individuals very seriously and any accusations or complaints of violations of privacy will be fully researched and we will act upon these matters as we see fit to comply with internet privacy laws. Violations of privacy include: exposing a full legal name, address, image, or voice; exposing someone’s avatar name, handle, or username is not a violation. If a violation of privacy occurs or if we see blatant harassment on this website, the content will be moved to moderation so it cannot be seen publicly.

Mr. Lost Mills (lostnero), you sent us a complaint saying that someone exposed your RL information on the Miss Virtual World page. After wasting hours of my time going through comments on the Miss Virtual World page, I have found no comment that revealed your full legal name, address, image, or voice. I did find a comment that had a video embedded into it that possibly may have contained these items, however, the video is no longer available, so again no violation on this site. If someone violates your privacy on YouTube or any other website and then embeds it into a comment posted here, the violation of your privacy took place on that website and you need to follow the processes set up by that website to get that content removed.

However, as I value everyone’s privacy if you are ever a victim of violation of privacy whether it’s directly on this website or if it is embedded content, you need to send me a report of this violation in-world with information so that I can find the violation and remove it: a date of the violation, the name of the violator, and a copy of the exact comment that violates your privacy.

Mr. Mills, saying the whole site needs to be removed for violating comment(s) that you cannot find yourself or give me any information so that I can find the offending comment(s) is ludicrous. In the past when people have reported comments for various reasons, all of them contained a date and other information so that I could find the offending content and remove it, and I have no problem investigating violating comments and removing anything that is in violation and banning violators.

After investigating your complaint, even though NO specific information was provided by you, I have found no privacy violation and have come to the conclusion that you did not provide information for me to find the privacy violation because none existed. If I have overlooked a comment that violates your privacy, please send me a report of this violation in-world with information so that I can find the violation and remove it: a date of the violation, the name of the violator, and a copy of the exact comment that violates your privacy. That goes for anyone with a privacy complaint or any other complaint involving this website. Mr. Mills I am unimpressed with your SL status and your complaints will be treated the same as a complaint from any other person, big or small, popular or not, regarding comments made on this website; everyone will be treated equally.

However, although a privacy violation was not found, during the course of my investigation I did see that there was an obvious case of “Trolling” going on. For that, the offending parties have been blocked from commenting and most of their comments removed, except for ones which we determined were legitimate opinions.

Mr & Mr Mills, you are being trolled, both on this website, in SL, and maybe elsewhere. You need to look up the term to understand what it is and what to do when you are the victim, there is an abundance of information on the subject. As someone that has been in your shoes, my advice would be to ignore them and advise everyone else to ignore them also, that means no commenting back or about, no blog postings about this person, nothing. Regardless of what they say, what they want is fame and attention, and you’ve given them too much of that already. I would also advise that you don’t lie when you report violations to website owners, have relevant information at hand so violations can be dealt with, and don’t be rude. If you do those things, the website owners will WANT to help you. I honestly did not want to help you because I found you rude, arrogant, and absolutely ignorant to laws concerning copyright.

It’s no secret I have long since left Second Life, and when I did I had the utmost respect for BOSL, MVW, and for Frolic Mills. Mr. Lost Mills (lostnero) you may have been acting out on your own in contacting me today in SL and saying what you said in the manner that you said it, but my personal opinion of “your businesses,” of you, and of Frolic has forever been changed. There are ways to conduct yourself in a professional manner and still get what you want, that did not happen today and it’s a shame.

Agency Report

5 Responses to “Response To Mr. Lost Mills (lostnero)”

  1. When I originallʏ commented I appear to have clickeⅾ on the -Notify me when new comments are added-
    checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added
    I receive fouг emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps
    there is a meаns you are ablе to remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

  2. What’s up Dear, are you truly visiting this website
    daily, if so then you will absolutely take fastidious experience.

  3. NoEntertainment Says:

    Why did you shutdown website? Please post reason!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    wow! well said.

  5. thankyouagencyreport Says:

    Nicely done, Agency Report. His attempt to bully you into silencing really issues the SL community has with his work ethic didn’t work. Kudos to you for standing up to him/them and responding in a professional and knowledgeable manner for all of us.

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