Post below your comments about Avenue.  You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise.  Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. huh ? Says:

    Free your mind 2 .Was that supposed to make sense ? lol

    • Free Your Mind 2 Says:

      LMAO, if you’re asking, means it made perfect sense to you and you so know what I was talking about.

      Playing dumb HUH? or just really dumb? 😉 We ALL know what we are talking about here! You can play the fool alright , but don’t try to fool others. Doesn’t work 😉

  2. Cold Fact. Says:

    less than two weeks ’til the end of the month and I have really been enjoying the December issue of “avenue” magazine! I know the designers and people who’ve paid for the cover have too. 🙂

  3. Cold Fact. Says:

    We are conversing about the same magazine?

    It is a strange thing that after the ” success ” of fashion week that avenue have failed to release a magazine on time. This in itself is not unusual as any reader will know – but what is curious is that they amalgamated two issues in order to bring their release date back to where it should be on the 1st of each month. Meaning, they completely skipped October issue… One has to wonder what designers who have paid good money to be represented in a monthly ” High class ” magazine must be thinking.

    How can an issue be current if it is always late and skips releases? Therefore how can designers be assured that their most current pieces are in the relevant magazine after they have paid a monthly fee for service. The cold truth is that avenue is no longer relevant and is only important to those clinging to the faith that their leader isn’t the thief she really is. This is why avenue never surpassed Modavia after their flame has long been extinguished.

    Ruined by mismanagement of money that has staff running for the hills thru lack of payment and designers wishing there were another publication worthy of their hard earned lindens. The blind staff, some title hungry sl aristocrats, are what is keeping that disaster afloat.

    • Even Colder Says:

      It would be better to be more specific i.e. who are the designers complaining? I see no names, no references. In these cases, Cold Fact, it’s always good to stand up and say the names of those who actually complain, otherwise, all this is just hearsay. Avenue doesn’t seem to compete with Modavia, cause Modavia no longer exists, as we all know. It’s true though that it’s Avenue staff that hold the company together, it has always been like this since I remember . Rusch Raymaker is just a figure that shows up whenever she wants. Some people are quite concerned since Rusch has been in a relationship with Anastacia Markova from Opium [for several months now], both of them with several alts, not to be spotted. This may concern Avenue staff: is Rusch Raymaker going to merge Avenue with Opium? How come Opium was practically dead and comes up with a one week show for Halloween , done at Zenshi, where Avenue stands? Is Rusch Raymaker betraying her own staff , by being partnered with Anastacia Markova, both having plans , that Avenue staff aren’t aware of? This should concern people and I state it here, for Avenue staff to know that there are many things happening behind their back, Rusch Raymaker IS with Anastacia Markova and who knows what will happen to Avenue in the near future? This is a COLD FACT! Cold indeed!

    • Its Cold Outside Says:

      The fact is, Rusch Raymaker has always surrounded herself with well-meaning staff who do all of the work for her while she does almost nothing but sits and collects a big fat check that she lives on. This was even the case when she was with Jessica. Jessica did all of the work and they lived off of the money Avenue made and everyone knew it. Word has it that the staff started to figure out what was happening and everyone is leaving. The editor and COO left a while ago and so have other people in their management. If you don’t believe me check out their profiles which are absent of their Avenue jobs now. Lots of the ones still there have talked about leaving. Rusch is always too worried about herself and the woman of the day whose legs her face is buried between and she’s always been that way. Eventually Rusch has run off everyone who ever did anything good for Avenue. She doesn’t care about the people who work for her. She cares about her money and whoever she’s screwing that day and it has taken a long time but people are finally starting to see.

      • Even Colder Says:

        It’s true what you say. The word is out, several staff of Avenue have quit. Rusch’s relationship with Anastacia is also well known out there, people know about their alts, it seems that Rusch’s own staff have been the last to know what she is doing behind their backs. Dating Anastacia, then stopped, then Absinthe, then both at the same time. It’s incredible how a person can ruin the work of many, because of love affairs that go obviously wrong. The more she tries to hide this, the more people know. For those of us who have admired Avenue’s work, it’s a shame! Avenue was never Rusch Raymaker but those who have been struggling to keep things running. As an Avenue admirer through the years, the disappointment is huge. And after reading this on AR, Rusch will disappear for good from SL and probably close Avenue, because now she has to go after her next love affair and have Opium grow. Opium has already changed to Evolution. Anastacia has already announced their next ‘big thing’ on February, next year. It’s only logical that this has Rusch’s hand behind it, betraying her own Avenue staff and those of us who have followed Avenue’s events, recognizing quality. Now, we all know it was her staff that did it, not her. She moves now to raise the new Opium – Evolution. It’s only a matter of time til she drops Avenue down. Unfortunate, that a person runs business based on SL love affairs that lead nowhere and lets her own people down. This is Rusch Raymaker has been doing, Avenue people. Be aware!.

        • Frigid Truth Says:

          Yeah. Rusch Raymaker uses everybody.

          We all know she used Jessica to try to get a free pass to the USA. Nice try. Jessica saw right through that and shipped Rusch back to Asia! Once Jessica left Avenue things went down hill from there.

          Then she went to Absinthe who I used to think was pretty smart, until I found out she gave Rusch over a $1000 to try to keep Avenue from falling into debt and to feed her girlfriend. Then Rusch kicked Absinthe stupid ass out of Avenue after Absinthe broke up with her. AND was with Anastacia the whole time!!!!! How dumb was that!! You should have known better. lol

          Then she’s using Zenshi borrowing money from the owner Zzoie, and never paying tier or paying zenshi for fashion week, and letting her girlfriend host an Opium show there. Unbelievable. Zzoie should have known better too! Dumb girls.

          She used her COO to run the magazine and now she’s using Amita to hide behind, because people aren’t getting paid and Amita is too nice for anybody to be pissed at.

          Now she’s back with SL’s Trailer Trash Queen. I don’t know what Rusch can use Anastacia for, really. Food stamps?

          • Careless Says:

            Why not? She used everybody else. Food stamps, anything you throw her way is good to go. Last time I talked to one of her staff members, I wanted some info for myself, on how to proceed , it was for my own business, they told me they needed to wait, because Rusch was hospitalized. That exact same week, Rusch was with Anastacia in that Opium show they did at Zenshi and all of us who were there saw her, no alt, simply Rusch Raymaker, sitting in the cart. My jaw dropped right there! How about that? hospitalized huh? Good for credibility with a client like myself. I too feel for her staff, everybody being fooled.

          • Anonymous Says:

            For the record, Absi was not kicked out of Avenue, she left on her free will .. get your facts straight

          • Story Straight Says:

            The truth is that Absi was kicked out by Rusch herself. Don’t make it look like Absi is the best model out there and left. She is not even a good runway model, Have you seen her walk lately? No. I haven’t. Because she isn’t even good at walking. She just made herself look different and now relies on that same look. What has she done lately? Nothing! If Avenue continues and isn’t sold out like BOSL was, see how much Absi is missed. Avenue was there before Absi, and it’s not the fact that Rusch threw her out that will ruin Avenue. If all you’re saying is true, Avenue has more to worry about that Absi having been thrown out.

        • Free Your Mind. Says:

          Who really cares who is with who. Are you just upset she isn’t with you? The way many of you sound it seems as if you are horribly jealous children or perhaps maybe one of the many that were happy to ride Ms Raymaker’s coattails while avenue was on top to bring you up like so many others. What you need to learn is facts before you shoot your gobs off. Opium changed their name to Evolution 2 years ago. Shows how many facts you truly know. If Opium is doing shows again then that is wonderful. They have never and will never join with any other agency. Opium is wonderful on it’s own and I am glad Ana must be feeling better now, enough do more shows. I have seen shows where they have worked together with another agency to produce a show as a collaboration of artistry though. Great idea I may add. They have not done so with Avenue yet . Moral of this story is. Live and let live, mind your own miserable anonoymous lives and leave others to find their happiness. Of course you are all probably those backstabbers that act like friends to someones face, and does *this* behind their backs. An employee would never talk about their boss’s affairs and post it publicly or they would be fired. If you are unhappy.. then Quit. What your boss does privately isn’t your business. Walking the runway is. Learn your place as a simple model and if you don’t like what your agencies do. there are 20 others to join.

          • Story Straighter Says:

            Lol story straight so true.Absi is a bottom feeder She will even make her avatar look like a mutant.When you don’t agree on Absi’s portrayal of beauty she will call you a bully and even start a propaganda anti bullying campaign against you and bully you with her own campaign.Her goal is transparent to build herself up as a martyr and knock other people down in her quake her aim is not to help avatars from being bullied as ridiculous as that sounds. This bullying campaign is just another vessel of exposure for Absi and most of you are the lemmings willing to jump off the cliff into it, by the way your avatar isn’t real, be bullied in real life just once and you will know what bullying is. All you have to do is step outside of second life first to experience real life.

            “After the first glass you see things as you wish they were.
            After the second, you see things as they are not.
            Finally you see things as they really are,
            and that is the most horrible thing in the world.”

          • Free your Mind 2 Says:

            Let me explain really slowly so you can understand.

            First: your entire post becomes not trustworthy when you tell people they write anonymously and you don’t identify yourself; you already lost all credibility and you simply cannot judge others and do exactly the same. So, this part is very very funny.

            Second: I don’t feel that people care about who they employer is with. If you read what has been written here and discard the more emotional parts – it’s clear that people were talking from a more emotional point of view – you’ll see that the main concern is Avenue, not who Rusch Raymaker is sleeping with.

            Third: The “you’re jealous” thing is such a cliche. It really doesn’t count , as an argument, defense or attack. Again, identify yourself and be so much better than all of us mere anonymous.

            Fourth: Your focus seems to be the “romantic part” of the situation, which makes me think that’s where you are. I mean, in a series of posts about severe and irregular money situations and clear disregard from Rusch Raymaker towards her staff, who she is with , is that all you got? Is that what’s important to you? Here, we can start to imagine who you are, where you come from.

            Fifth: You treat Avenue employees like trash. Quit if you’re not happy. That same thing applies to the employer – quit if you’re not happy. Among all people, it’s the employer who has the ultimate responsability in the business they own. If Rusch Raymaker isn’t happy, she should do something about it. Who she is with, is nobody’s business. Logging inworld with alts to date and completely disregard her own business, that is unprofessional , coming from a woman that has stated along the years that Avenue is always the next big thing. Having her employees fired because they disclosed information, sure, why not? It would be like living in a dictatorship, when the employer herself does absolutely nothing to keep her own business afloat, good, let’s sack all the employees. Logical businesswise? Not much.

            Sixth: It’s only laughable to even imagine Avenue merge with Opium. There’s a lot going on though, it’s interesting to see Anastacia Markova’s SL profile picks; one of her “sisters” is Xandrah Sciavo – previous Avenue COO. When did these two become so close, I wonder? One thing is to be an Opium Evolution model, another is to be the owner’s “sister”. What’s going on behind Avenue’s employees’ backs? Stabbing in the back seems to be going on here too.

            Finally: Live and let live. Very well said. Rusch Raymaker should live whatever she wants to live, who she wants to live it with and deal with her professional life at the same time. Not drag her own employees to a state of eternal limbo; this is extremely disrespectful and utterly unprofessional of her. Read back my words- unprofessional – it has nothing to do who she is with. Avenue employees should be allowed to live too, knowing what their professional future is going to be. Their employer owes them that. If you really believe in live and let live, Rusch Raymaker is the best example of how good it feels to say the words and how hard it is to actually act according to them. You two – Anastacia Markova and Rusch Raymaker – should be able to live your lives, as a couple, and at the same time, be able to run your own businesses. All human beings deserve to live emotionally and professionally, be fulfilled with both and one doesn’t have to interfere with the other. As simple as that! It’s Rusch Raymaker who stands in her own way. She is doing it to herself and to Avenue. Not her employees.

            Having said all this, as a very anonymous person myself, be better than me, come clean and say who you are. If you do, maybe – just maybe – you can have any credibility in what you just said. So far, your post has no more credibility than the rest of ours, anonymous creatures.

  4. annoyed model Says:

    i’m not upset bc i’m an sl model that won’t get rich. i’m not modeling for that and i get it okay. i’m pissed bc i work my ass off for this agency doing shows for fw week and all i get is 500l for a show and 300l for every show after that. i think its disrespectful to me and all the people who work hard to make a fw good. i did the math and rusch pulled in so alot much money from fw so where did it all go? it didnt go to models and i heard a rumor that she steals from the agency and use the money for her rl. i believe it, bc she borrowed money from my friend. thats why we all got nickles while she runs off with all the money from the agency. something wrong. so im not really mad about the opportunity to be creative, but when i hear that the ceo of avenue is just as bad as frolic then it makes sense. i think shes disrespectful that we cant do math with the lindens. we would be respected for our time with fair pay, but i at this point she has lost my respect. w/e too bad people are scared to keep honest about this

    • pahleaseeeeeee Says:

      I bet you sat here and bitched in the forum about wanting more pay,but still stayed in Avenues model group,Didn’t you? If you did you deserve no respect.Did you ever stop to think Rusch has to pay her magazine staff? They don’t come cheap as well as her management,tier and builders it goes on and on and you are not the only model being payed in these shows think you times 20 it adds up.I doubt Rusch begged you to be a Avenue model you went to the casting call like a clamoring idiot like the rest of the people in Avenue’s model pool you knew what to expect when you joined.Instead of crying anonymously just leave I am sure Avenue will be fine without you.I don’t even really think you are a Avenue model writing this, you probably are Frolic or one of his cronies trying to make everyone despise Rusch as much as yourself.

    • Dear Annoyed Model;

      Things that need to be paid for with fashion week; a list in many parts.

      A team of 4 Producers/Backstage cue and support staff – who were at every rehearsal as well as every show. The builders. Scriptwriters. Pose checkers/Stylists. Broadcasting costs, as every show was televised on Aview. Choreographers. Hosts and hostesses. The DJ. Liaisons to recruit designers to take part. Advertising, ie the machinima. Voice announcer. Security. Event photographers.

      And of course… as you mention? And certainly not least – models per show. Yes; you weren’t the only one walking in each one, none of them had less than 4 models. Some had 6, some had 8, one had 25. At AVENUE we treasure and value every one of you, and made sure we busted our asses to give you all fair time on the runway.

      So please redo all your mathematics and factor in all these things. I’m not even going to address how ridiculous your accusation of Rusch “running off with agency funds” as this is HER BUSINESS which she owns and pours in a damn lot of hard work to make a success.

      If you still feel hard done by after you hopefully work out from my response that you are just one of the many cogs in the AVENUE team, then kindly feel free to approach Rusch, Xandrah, myself or one of the other senior staff inworld and discuss this. I’ll also mention that I was not asked to reply to this; and I’m unaware if any of the other staff have seen it yet.

      I’m just the one with the biggest teeth.

      Winter Jefferson
      AVENUE | Creative Producer

    • Anonymous Says:

      I know Avenue owner very well and I know that if you got paid 500 or 300L per show, that was the most fair distribution of the available budget among all people involved. They do the math and pay as fair as they can.
      And there’s no shame if a small % of the total income is kept within the agency for overheads, be real.

  5. Criticus Says:

    Seriously get a clue people!, “modeling” in SL is a bought ego booster, for (a) fat ugly people, that cannot stick to their wt. watcher diet and have not worn a size 2 since they where 2, (b) for poor slobs who have never seen the inside of a real couture boutique and would not know the difference between a Herve, Hermes or herpes (I am betting the last is more common among the common) (c) and for in the closet gays to let their hair and frustrations out. It has always been about what fake ass you kiss with fake lips, where you get to pay to kiss the stinky pixel parts, and those who pay more get to be “top” whatever. Only a few people make money in SL. LIVE with it, and enjoy paying to be anonymously “famous” until reality comes around, come you schmucks what else you got going??

    • not much to not agree with. Says:

      I agree with you on most parts of that statement Criticus.Seriously why would someone buy bosl from Frolic Mills only to become a instant slebrity amongst the model crowd,I can think of a lot more things to do with my money than put it in that slime bags pocket.The more you pay in sl modelling the more you gain.I have seen some atrocious so called sl top models and it always boggles the mind how they get where they are amongst their peers.Money and ass kissing.

    • “Herve, Hermes or herpes”…that was truly funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Raw Reality Says:

    This is a very good point. Models have always been underpaid – years ago a known SL model brought everybody’s attention for this. She even suggested all models united to clearly say we don’t work for less than 1K per show (currently, I’d say 2K per show). But this issue is much deeper than it looks. Just think of how SL works: it’s all about creating. Content creators have a good 3D platform to work with and actually make real money from it. Unfortunately, LL have opened a door to allow criminal content theft, allowing what they call “illegal” viewers to run SL. One step and this would end – disable all illegal viewers to run SL. And because models work with content creators, we are affected by this. Everybody needs to look at SL differently. Content creators would be protected and would be able to actually pay – and pay well – to models, model agencies or other staff members they may need. If we take a good look at this, we see that SL isn’t “job oriented”. How many jobs do people have in SL that actually pays their monthly tier? Working at a club? Getting tips? How about a wage, club owners need to also pay their staff. But they can’t, because it’s not about content creation, it’s about entertainment. And that doesn’t create real income in SL. What’s left? Again, content creation – we have to pay for hair, skins, shoes, jewels. Content creators must learn in RL to come up with the latest ways of creating content for a 3D metaverse like SL. Some SL designers (content creators) even refuse to pay modeling agencies to showcase their items, some do their own contests; it brings notoriety to the brand and SL models go for it, because they think they will be known. How much does a model pay to join a brand contest? Do the math. How many outfits do they have to buy to enter such a competition? How much do models pay to have a photo done? Some photographers charge around 8K (or even more) to take some photos. Are they nice? They can be yes, but if you pay 8K for a photographer and don’t complain, why complain for paying the same amount of money to be trained as a SL model? You see the discrepancy in this? Yes, models have always been underpaid since I remember in SL. Joining models competitions is extremely expensive for every model. And I don’t see many SL models refuse to do it. Why complain about some money we spend for training and not complain about how much you spend to enter a contest? If you spend, let’s say, over 20K or more in a model competition (include it all: skins, makeup, outfits, shoes, hair, any accessory, poses, AOs, everything you need to be at your best and then, your TIME), what are you going to earn back? Nothing, and if you win, depending on the contest, you can get the income of what you have paid, or simply not. And I see no model complain about this. Do you think winning model contests will bring you fame? Maybe your name will be known in the modeling scene, but that doesn’t mean you are recognized as a good professional in our line of work, make no mistake! Again, SL isn’t “job oriented”, it’s content creation oriented. This is why models are underpaid. It’s a job and if things continue like this, be happy we don’t end up being paid with tips, like most people in the entertainment area allow themselves to be paid with.

    • Why model not paid Says:

      model not paid coz model is not required for anything. large successful sl stores don’t use models. they don’t even give you 2 minutes of time because you waste their time. stores have good customer service representative no models! modeling is a hobby for model and be happy if agency and designer help you.

      sl designer refuse to pay for shows coz his customer cannot see show! Shows watched only by models and agency doing the show. every sim running show have limit on avatar number … occurrence of lag happen when models, host and designer tp, one by one tp come in, lag increase! .more avatars cannot tp to watch show. even on empty shows lag is significant. too many build and scripts to run show cause most lag. cannot see designs on model, hair always missing and avatars crashing! How many watch show live except models and agency doing the show?

      shows are complete useless for sl designer and 0 sale to designer. 0 sale = 0L. shows are a way to get free clothes and accessory for models. most sl designer know that. he spend real time making dresses and not happy when he give free dress and money on top of that for your dress up game.

      for this to change, then agencies must help sl designer market clothes to regular sl avatars and help sell. But sl model interested only in showing off her styling skills to other models in the game. .you not helping sl designer sell his dress. why he must pay you?

      For designer it is easy in sl to get good shape and skin. sl designer take his own photo with own shape and skin. model not required. waste of designer time to hire and train models when he can easily get good shape and skin to show his dress.

      change model dress up game and help designer market and sell! then he will pay you. what you doing now is simply wasting designer time and not helping fashion business.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Very good points, Raw Reality!

  7. only me Says:

    well I started years ago…with modeling and later i founded an agency. did contests, a magazine…searched models (also newcomers) to be in….also for the cover…paid jobs….and less so less models asked about it….so why we always see the same models? Cause the stay active…they follow the fashionscene..the try to be “up to date”. I know a lot of “Models” but most are not willing to spend time in this job…also being a “SL-Models” needs to see this job seriosly…

    • Just another Model Says:

      Thank you for the enlightenment!

      Models are expected to work their ass off for nothing. Tell me, when was the last time you got paid? I worked hours and hours on a runway show and they pay me 500L! A second runway show pay me 300L. I will take this job seriously when you pay me enough to cover my costs!

      • Anonymous Says:

        You’re absolutly right….the work has to be paid…when i started my “Modellife” all the Agencyowners told me “dont do the job for money” Sometimes i earned Linden…sometimes i did not take every job-offer I got…It would be great (and It should be) that all the Agencies paying their models cause the models paid a lot of linden to look always the best they can…this can take thousends of Linden…we models always have to have the newest and best skins, hair, makeup, and so on…but what I mean is….I know bouth sides and it’s not easy for bouth. Some models will be hired some not..whats the reaseon? Well sure there are “relationships” all over the Grid but also the expirience how some model is working. If i can’t be sure the model will appear in time I won’t hire this model again. If a model dont send me a Photo for a magazin of her in time…I wont hire the model. If i hire a photographer for a shoot and the model will not appear…I wont hire this model again.
        What i wanna say is….there are always bouth sides we have to see…If bouth will make a good job it wll be a great fashionworld.

        We Models all have different goals why we are in this Fashionworld. Some wanna be famous some wanna have fun . Would be perfect if bouth sides would mix it in a healty way

        I paid all my models for their work and will do in future…it’s a kind of respect for their work….

        • Model Says:

          When you say you paid all your models how much did you pay for each show? Let us for once be open and discuss numbers.

          I paid thousands of lindens on my certificates.. .15k on one certificate, 8k on another and so on…. I spent thousands of lindens on my skin, hair, shape and accessories.. Now I make few 100 lindens once in a while doing few shows. .. Seriously I can make more on tips as a host @ silly club!

          If that is not enough, most store owners also do not pay models.. Models are expected to work for free or for very little. In general, models are expected to work for free everywhere.Even when they pay you, they don’t pay more than few hundred lindens..

          How come no one said this to me when I was spending all my lindens on worthless certificates?

          • Anonymous Says:

            If you became a model without realizing it is hobby you had very poor instructors in your modeling classes. No one will ever make money in Second Life modeling, not even the most successful models does. They have to make or create outside businesses and hobbies to fund their modeling. I have run agencies, schools, had shows and never made enough to even pay my tier costs, let alone pay a model. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t successful. I had models that were “trained” and had good reputations drop out last minute, act like a diva when it came to practices. I would many times end up losing my own time and money putting up with diva models that lacked any professionalism or even looked the way I wanted. Want lindens for what you do? Treat modeling like a business, and stop demanding people kiss your ass because you spent your own money to fund your own hobby.

          • only me Says:

            first….SL is not the place to become rich not as Model not as Designer not as Agency- or Store- Owner

            second….in my opinion all should get their money for their work

            it’s fair to be fair to all!

            …well I dont wanna do a fight I only said that we should see bouth sides…if every sides reason is to earn money and become rich this will not be the right way to work as Model, Designer or so on….OK lets talk open:
            what did i pay to the models…most Time i paid 1000L per Model..for 1 show. Most time i have 8 Models, 1 Host,
            1 Videographer, 1 Photographer. For Promo (on my website) i paid per Model 1000 L to take the models in all of their outfits of the show. Most of the models have 3 outfits per Show.

            Let me check = 2000L per Model (16000L for all Models)
            + 1000L Host
            +1000L Photographer in the show
            + 1000L photographer for promo-pictures.
            + 10000 for Videographer
            = 29000L for 1 show.

            When the show is about my own Design and the Models need special things i paid too for this special things…for every model.

            For my Magazin I also pay the Models:

            1000L per Photo
            5000L for the cover

            It’s my way to do my own shows…other agencys will do it in a different way…I don’t have an agency to earn money…I’m doing shows because i love the Fashionszene in SL..I have fun with it……

            When I started to teach models i never took money…

            While my work as Model, runway and print, i never was on presure to take a job….it’s always my turn to take the job or not.

            I like being creative in style myselfe, sometimes i like to be in contests to see if others like it too…but never for the reason to win or become famous….thats my way …other models can do what evert htey like…also for the reason they have…

            I dont judge Models, Designer, Agencyowners storeowners or all the other peoples in the SL-World

            It would be great if there could be less commerze and more fun…

  8. Oblivion Says:

    Avenue, or like they love to spell it, shouting, AVENUE, is not a magazine, is just a shameless self promotion tool for the models who work for it.
    Anna Sapphire on the cover? Seriously? Isn’t she one of the editors? Shouldn’t she work behind the scenes?
    And Azul? Do they even exist anymore? So so so irrelevant.
    So boring, same faces, same shit over and over again and…is it bi-monthly now? Their descent to oblivion is almost complete.

    • Anonymous Says:


    • Model Says:

      Avenue, Bosl, Bestyle all shit. Anna Sapphire is one of the ugliest avatars in sl. who are you fooling?

      I say to all models move on and get another life. enjoy time with your friends, go dancing, shopping, partying. do anything that makes you happy..but for god’s sake stay away from the modeling community. not worth it.

    • Doctorlove Says:

      Yes Anna on the cover again in Avenue have the same faces and the other models is not amazing for the cover only the staff and the ugly face models so like absinthe , vikee, amita, and all her friends ! Really Avenue?

      • WTF Says:

        Amita is the ugliest model I’ve seen in sl. I feel like puking when I see her ugly face. WTF ?? Now don’t be surprised if she is crowned Miss Virtual LMAO

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  11. Gossip Girl Says:

    to @Where’s my money?

    Sweets,, two things::

    I ] Avenue still exists because of the few employees who are
    hanging on and saving the owners butt day after day

    II ] You are not getting paid cuz the flaky owner has
    fallen in love [once again] and she’s too distracted by
    all the screwing that is going on with the next fame ho ;>

    Until next time, XOXO… Gossip Girl

    • Wait for it Says:

      theyre notorious for not paying or paying very very very very late. they do get money from the designers in advance, why cant they be bothered to pay models in time?

  12. The end of Avenue Says:

    The end of AVENUE!

    Avenue has become a piece of shit.
    To be honest i don’t like avenue anymore.. Its because they have a stattue but nothing more. Avenue you should search for new staff and new ideas because your last fashion week was hopeless !!.. Kiss

  13. :D Says:


    Oh yea I read the previous chat log.
    Who do ppl think they are to assume they can be invited to a Fashion Week?

    The organizers of an event – SL or RL- have the freedom to chose who they want to invite, right? Is this elitist?
    It better be, cause fashion really isn’t for everybody. Or every egotistic crazy person – I guess we get a lot of that in SL and RL fashion – should just asume they can watch a show during a fashion week, just because this is SL? Wrong!

    Look at this chat log again:
    ME: I’m sorry but I’m puzzled
    ME: I was at Miamai show and LWL the other night
    ME: and I entered the sim without problems
    ME: why is it that I can’t come to see the shows?
    [SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: let me check something …hold on
    ME: I’m sorry what is there to check?
    SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: do you have anyone that can vouch for you in the show or group?
    ME: i didint have anybody to vouch for me when I was in the audience for Miamai or LWL
    ME: what has changed?
    ME: this is absurd
    SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: do you know anyone in the show that can vouch for you?
    ME: I don’t even know who is showing at the moment
    ME: I just wanted to come and watch the shows like i did the other night
    ME: without having anybody vouching for me
    SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: im sorry we are having so much trouble with griefers’
    ME: LOL it’s ridiculous, do designers KNOW and vouch for all their customers?
    ME: i am sure they’ll appreciate that you are locking potential customers
    SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE (busy reponse): Hi ! If I dont answer right away, that means I am either busy or AFK. Please leave a message, and I will get back with you ASAP! I promise!
    ME: well have fun with your fashion disaster that nobody can come attend to.

    The person that signs with “ME” was very polite yea? No she wasn’t. Does this person present any evidence that she/he was present EVER on any fashion shows?

    Nope.She just says she was there. Has it occurred to ya’ll that this person is lying, trying to get in. If this is no lie, since she already disclosed a chat log, can she disclose the first chat logs when she was allowed in? That would help for credibility.

    Read again:

    ME: why is it that I can’t come to see the shows?
    [SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: let me check something …hold on
    ME: I’m sorry what is there to check?

    How arrogant is this person by asking one of the fashion week organizers what is there to check? Who the bleep does this person thinks she is?

    Organizers have full power over an event.

    If they need to check , they check. Deal with it with grace. Otherwise, if I were organizing, that particular person would never set foot in any fashion shows. In RL, she would have a bouncer , big guy, to simple get her out.

    And done! Deal with it!
    Ya’ll don’t like it? well, go see beauty pagents.

    • Boring Show Says:

      Your the idiot one. Look the reason why they close the sime because you are afraid for Ramonzita to come and ruin your show. I was there and its boring anyway.only less than 20 ppl there. Now tell me who is lying now? Do not pretend that you did a great show, it was a shitty show.

      • diggingdeeper Says:

        It’s people like you that make Avenue look even worse. The Avenue rep was clearly unorganized and acted like she didn’t know wtf she was talking about. I would be pissed too if I went to a show where I was just in the day before and didn’t have any issue and was told I couldn’t attend. Poor customer service and even worse show. Loser!

    • just wanna say that Says:

      You suck!

  14. :D Says:

    Avenue did a fashion week, man! Do you know what that is? Not ONE show, they did 8 days, at least 3 shows a day.

    So a shitty show? LMAO. Get your info straight, yea?

    Try google the meaning of “Fashion Week” . Do you have TV at home? See Fashion TV and now that you’re at it, see youtube videos of world wide fashion weeks.

    Why do ppl talk in plain ignorance of what fashion is about? duhhh

  15. :D Says:

    Like I said. There are doers and there are haters. Which ones are ya’ll?

    About Modavia’s fashion weeks, the last one was in September 2011, this was almost 2 years ago. Again, this is not to compare, it’s just a fact. As it is a fact that Poptart isn’t coming back to Modavia with this account. Neither is Dhalia Joubert – check Dhalia’a SL account profile. Both left Modavia’s public groups.Check for yourselves. Anyway, I’ll talk to Modavia Models to see if Poptart is still in their private groups. I’m almost sure she left with Poptarts account. But she is still in SL,I betcha! Anyway,why are you guys crying out Modavia come back? When they were fully active, the same shitty comments were made here, regarding their work. So,what is wrong with you guys? MPD?

    I repeat, there are doers and there are haters, which ones are ya’ll?

    Simple,if you don’t like something, let it be. Great job done by Avenue,again and again and again.
    They have been working for years which is an accomplishment in SL. Would have been easier to stop. They didn’t.

    Nothing can beat that! And note, we’re not talking about beauty pageants – for those we have specialized ppl in SL. Beauty pageants have their own space in SL, it should be however clear that a beauty pageant , even in RL,rarely creates a good model, exceptions made to Avenue Models Miaa Rebane and Anna Saphire. Fortunately, they both made good professional choices. Cleaver girls, indeed!

    • :D Says:

      You have to be a representative of Avenue not to realize that show was a tragedy and you seem clearly threatened people want a top notch Agency like Modavia back.It speaks for its self Modavia has not had a show since 2011 and we all feel the impact .I can guarantee you if it was Avenue that fell off the grid people would not be whining for Avenue to come back.Why even bring up pageants?People where only talking about the elitist attitude Avenue has.I guess it was a reminder awful show bad attitudes,It made you think of MVW .

  16. :D Says:

    Congratz Avenue for such an amazing Fashion Week! Realistic, down-to-business, invitation only with VIP areas, just like rl. Well done!

    Just like RL, not everybody gets the front seats, you guys gave us a bit of a real fashion week, short shows, upcoming collections, pulling SL designers forward.

    Indeed, SL isn’t exactly what it used to be when Modavia pulled their FWs, like 2 or 3 years ago? Lots of things have been happening ever since, one of them being Poptart is not in SL anymore, as Poptart. Her account has been closed. Modavia isn’t coming back with Pop. Of course, I bet she is around with another SL account.

    Withe Avenue, we got a clean job, one week of fashion forward in SL, that’s all we, true fashionistas are looking for. Innovation.

    I guess all opinions are welcome in this website, this is mine. It’s like any other event to which you have to be invited to come inside. It’s realistic and that’s how it should be done even in SL.

    Up to date, adjusted to the new SL we have now, Avenue FW was absolutely refreshing in SL fashion panorama. Congratz again!

    This isn’t even about comparing fashion weeks, this is about having work done. This group of people did it. There will always be haters, but in SL fashion, we need “doers”. And they did it, wether you like it or not.

    • paidendorsementssuck Says:

      Your post reads like one of those paid endorsements. 🙂 You obviously work for Avenue. It would have been your organizations best interest to note in your ads and/or postings the fact that you needed and invite to attend certain shows. This obviously was not the case based on the chat log posted previously. Did you by chance take a look at it?
      The smart thing to do is to apologize for any misunderstandings and make sure it doesn’t happen like that again. Not everyone knows SL is not like it used to be, Making available live streams and/or videos to be viewed later would be a nice secondary way to go.As for Poptart’s account being closed, usually the profile of the closed account disappears which is not the case. I have no idea if she (or someone else) will start again with Modavia or not. They have not done ONE year of fashion week, not two or three years as you stated.

    • Avenue Elite Club Says:

      lol two or three years try a year .Poptart’s account is not cancelled either.Modavia you really need to come back.Is it really innovation ?I call it snobbery

    • Your-Show-Suck Says:

      That is BS Avenue did a Shitty show. Yess you are probably congratulating your own show, you sounded like the staff or the owner of avenue. Your show is suck, I was there all desaster happend on that show. Avenue are so afraid of Ramonzita so they only listed some invited people and funny thing, only 20 people showed up, hehehe, you see they fear Romanzita but dont worry people you did not miss a thing, it s a wasted of time to watch it.

      • Isoldel Says:

        Seven days with 27 designers showcased; each with their own show throughout the week and yet you and others cry “disaster” because one designer was so sought out by their customers that they crashed the event. I call foul on your comments. You have been given the reasons as to why shows are run as they are and you choose to ignore them.
        Either that or just admit that you prefer to attack an agency ‘just because’ and seek out its weakest point for that one flaw to exploit. So tell me, what do you want to become of this argument?

        • readthecomments Says:

          Why don’t you read the comments and you and your employer tell us what should have been done instead of trying to justify a mess up. It was not just one show as you stated.

          • Isoldel Says:

            I am not justifying anything but pointing out the facts. I went to almost every show and no, I am not one of their employees or models. And yes I read each comment and it seems that the general focus is on Molichino’s show. Sure, the sims crashed on the audience side a few times for the other shows but that IS the reality of today’s SecondLife. Every agency on the grid is subjected to that so if you point out one with that flaw, then you must point at them all instead of nitpicking at whichever one ruffled your feathers at the time being.
            If you want to blame someone then blame LindenLabs for the cutbacks and downsizing of the sim capacities because you will never see shows as they used to be unless LL changes.

          • Ivy Says:

            Uhm, Isoldel, you clearly didnt read or understand my comment. I didnt say I didn’t get VIP access. I wasnt allowed to the general public sim. In order to enter the general public sim you had to have someone to “vouch” for you. Wtf bs is this? I dont know anybody in the fashion world, i just wanted to see the shows that were advertised around and i wasnt allowed in. Basically they were implying that i was a botter, a griefer or both. which i am not. I have felt insulted by avenue and i wont attend any of their shows or read their magazine anymore.

          • Isoldel Says:

            I never replied directly to your comment about the vouching process but to those complaining about the “huge lag” that made the Molichino show a “disaster”. To reduce that, filters need to be applied whether that be with script gates, reduced number of avatars on the sim, etc. It is not to insult anyone but to keep the sims stable enough. As I said before with LL reducing the sim capabilities, that fine line can be hard to judged and you will see a few crashes here and there.

          • readthecomments Says:

            Isoldel, if you are going to come in here and make statements as a representative of Avenue, then why don’t you address ALL of the questions. Like Ivy said, she was treated horribly and not allow to enter a public sim because she did not have anyone to “vouch” for her. I think she should be apologized to by someone. She is one of the faceless, unknown in fashion people from whom the bulk of the lindens that goes into the designers pockets comes from. I don’t know either of you but it really makes me mad she was treated like that and that you just blew her off like what happened was not important to her.
            We get it’s all Linden Labs fault, for this reason and that reason, blah, blah, blah. Linden Labs is not responsible for how professionally an organization conducts themselves nor how they respond in the face of snafus.

          • Isoldel Says:

            Read my comments and you will see that I never mentioned myself as a representative of Avenue (I even stated so plainly) and was merely pointing out the flaws in LL’s servers that caused lag and sim crashing. Most people do not know those details and automatically assume it is the hosts’ faults because they are so used to the ‘old SL’. I also corrected Ivy when she assumed I was addressing her issue when I replied to another who complained of the “huge lag”. If you want to talk further, then contact me inworld and we will discuss this further.

          • readthecomments Says:

            My comment was that you were here answering questions about an Avenue event, therefore acting (be it in an official capacity or not) as a representative. Ivy’s question was when you were addressing the other individual, why didn’t you speak on her issue as well. She did not assume you were addressing her, as you clearly were not.
            Lag has ALWAYS been an issue at any event where the sim is crowded, so that is nothing new and has nothing to do with what she had issue with. I attended a wedding recently in SL with 70 plus avatars on the sim and did not crash. At any rate, if I wish to speak further to anyone about an Avenue event, I would speak with Sabrina (Rusch) since she is the owner. Thanks for the offer to regale me with your knowledge of Linden Labs servers. Ciao! 🙂

  17. Ivy Says:

    Seriously avenue? What kind of Mickey Mouse fashion week is this that people cannot enter the sims without invitation?
    Great job avenue, not everybody knows someone in the fashion industry, by doing this you’re implying that everybody else is a griefer or a botter.
    Do designers know you treat potential customers this way? How much do you charge them for this farce?

    ME: I’m sorry but I’m puzzled
    ME: I was at Miamai show and LWL the other night
    ME: and I entered the sim without problems
    ME: why is it that I can’t come to see the shows?
    [SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: let me check something …hold on
    ME: I’m sorry what is there to check?
    SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: do you have anyone that can vouch for you in the show or group?
    ME: i didint have anybody to vouch for me when I was in the audience for Miamai or LWL
    ME: what has changed?
    ME: this is absurd
    SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: do you know anyone in the show that can vouch for you?
    ME: I don’t even know who is showing at the moment
    ME: I just wanted to come and watch the shows like i did the other night
    ME: without having anybody vouching for me
    SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE: im sorry we are having so much trouble with griefers’
    ME: LOL it’s ridiculous, do designers KNOW and vouch for all their customers?
    ME: i am sure they’ll appreciate that you are locking potential customers
    SB AVENUE REPRESENTATIVE (busy reponse): Hi ! If I dont answer right away, that means I am either busy or AFK. Please leave a message, and I will get back with you ASAP! I promise!
    ME: well have fun with your fashion disaster that nobody can come attend to.

    • Theshow Says:

      I agree Ivy this show was a DISASTER yesterday..
      2 full sims available but only 20 visitors came to the show.. Even the biggest designers and resells inworld Secondlife had to ask their permission to visit the fashion show yesterday..

      Now at the end of this whole Ramonzita thing we see that she won. That she is standing above AVENUE right now. This is what she wanted.. That everybody is worried and scared about griefers and copybotters.. They way how AVENUE treats people is just unbelievable, To be honest avenue you did a horrible job yesterday. I wont come to any show anymore. HUGE LAG. one big CHAOS behind the scene and huge sim with no compfy feeling at all.

      • Isoldel Says:

        This is not like the old SL anymore with dedicated servers on full power so large groups of people with many scripts can drop in at once and move about with ease. LL reduced power on the servers to save on their energy bill but it ultimately reduced the capacity power of the sims. In order to conduct decent shows anymore, you have to filter out those who want to watch, even if that means that not everyone can go. Trust me, not every “big designer” automatically got an invite or seat space because they are buddies with someone. A similar process happens in RL shows as well, ie: not just anyone can just show up at a Christian Dior show and expect to get in for a viewing. It sucks, it does not feel good for the loyal customers but it is reality and we have to accept it… or beg for LL to get more energy efficient equipment that does a better job.

        • on and on and on and on Says:

          OMG Isodel do you ever shut up?!!!

          • What About Streaming Says:

            I wonder why they did not provide a stream viewing if that was the case? That way everyone who wanted to view the shows could without having to be there. Sorry to hear it was such a disaster. I’m glad I did not try to go now.

          • Modavia needs to come back Says:

            This last disaster is why Modavia needs to desperately come back.

          • LOL Says:

            Yes, this is more amateur people thinking they own SL now. And more people above kissing asses. LOL

          • Avenue Elite Club Says:

            Elitism at its finest.So now I have to prove im not a copybotter to shop ?I am glad stores in real life don’t make me prove im not going to shoplift before I go in the store.

      • Oh This Is Brung? Says:

        I’m really interested to see what this backstage disaster is you are referring to. I was backstage myself the whole time and it went smoothly – as did front of house.

        Nice try tho, maggot.

        • !! Says:

          I can’t say my name but i have contacts with models and designers inworld. Some models backstage told me about the lag. and the didn’t know what to do.. The sim crashed a few times. it was horrible , and to be honest i don’t think that i ever watch a avenue show again.

          • Lag Lag Lag Says:

            There where many issues with Avenue’s show but any model that does not know what to do when there is lag and does not expect lag should not be a model.

  18. Amazing Stories! Says:

    AVENUE was kicked out of GOL for not delivering any marketing value to them like Rusch had promised, and now is mooching off ZENZE because they can’t even afford their own sim.

    tsk tsk

  19. BigBrother Says:

    After refusing to pay staff in their full wages and instead using transferable designs to make up writers pay checks which was so frowned upon by BOSL executives, what has been an open secret with BOSL struggling for sponsor payment has come to pass with Frolic finally deciding to sell BOSL

    Asking for 35k USD seems like overvaluing BOSL at first glance but given he earns approx 3-5k usd a month now it seems fair evaluation if MVW and and casablanca shopping mall rent is included along with the website and brand-name

    Given the economy however any designer who has already put a downpayment on BOSL must seriously think whether spending 35 K USD on a virtual magazine in a failing SL with a depleted Linden Lab staff is worth spending RL mortgage over.

    Whoever the next BOSL owner will be, will undoubtedly be ridiculed if such an extreme amount of monies is to be paid upon liquidiation of BOSL assets

  20. anon Says:

    I don’t get it, the last post before the Jan 3,2013 post was in 2009.I guess I missed something.

  21. InfinityHacker4U Says:

    Well done to Avenue for supporting Ramonzita & Inc via their latest magazine publication 🙂
    I for one will now be reading all their future issues as they have been shown to be the leading lights for copybotters via their promulgation and support of Griefers.

    P.S If I pay 35K can I be on the front cover as well :)))

  22. Anonymous Says:


    1) Mavi Beck — Store Manager for MIAMAI
    2) Rusch Raymaker —– CEO AVENUE
    3) Jesika Contepomi —– CEO redlilyMEDIA
    4) Eishi otawara —— Unknow
    5) Cade Nansen —— CEO redlilyMEDIA
    6) —————–
    7) NevaCrystall Resident —— Co-owner of the NEVA RIVER SIM
    8) Angelik Slade ———- Phillip’s jealous exwife
    9) Kamilia Katana ——- CEO of herself?

    Frolic Mills? With who of them did you take a nap?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    @ anonymous below:

    [smiling] your comment means two things: you aren’t informed about modeling agencies in SL and fashion magazines. You aren’t informed of the correct prices Avenue Academy asks for training professional SL models. Bottom line, you are NOT informed.

    Please, get all the information and then you can comment properly, especially if you are a SL model. If you’re not, your ignorance is okay.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I had no idea that Avenue was even open anymore.I just thought it was a place people payed TenThousand linden for a model tag.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    AVENUE is faaaaar away from any “final strokes”.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Avenues popularity has been declining for quite some time now, I wonder if this will be the final stroke to what used to be an succesfull agency and magazine.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I could hardly believe that the operation of AVENUE in any capacity depends on intimate “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” parting ways of Jess and Rusch. Rusch founded AVENUE. Jessica gracefully stepped out. Both ladies are above public drama from what I’ve seen and are capable to run each her own thing.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Does anybody know what will happen to Avenue now that the owners have parted ways?

  29. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    @What a Blast

    I think a quote is in order here.

    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

    Winston Churchill

  30. What a blast Says:

    Quote from A Model and a Customer:

    “Maybe BOSL should demonstrate what a real mesh show should look like. At least he has the presence of mind to look at each item to be presented and qualify them for his high

    LMAO! yea right!

  31. What a blast Says:

    So good to see you all guys interacting!
    It’s great for Avenue and for everybody else.
    And I’m still having a blast LMAO.

    Some things could be better, I guess. If you guys talk about Frolic, take the comment elsewhere, like I did on General thread. This is Avenue thread – trash is not needed here.

    To have several shows organized with mesh – high or low quality – it was really great for the customers to see, right? So, goal accomplished. That’s what fashion weeks are for.

    If another SL Agency wants to pull off a mesh fashion week, go ahead. If they’d do it better? Nobody knows, cause it hasn’t been done. So, go ahead and organize something neat, much better than what Avenue did and we’ll all clap in bliss.

    And don’t forget! Add Gizza to the shows, remove Amarelo Mango and Vero Modero and (who else was copying Giz? So many I don’t even remember)… whatever.

    Bottom line, organize something neat, pull it up together and do great! It’s a win/win situation. Customers get to see more items on the runway; designers will showcase their creations; models will have more work. Go ahead and do it!

  32. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    Now, now, AVENUE is a RL business for Rusch and Jesika and I suspect that it’s been a decent one for the last couple of years. But things are a bit tighter on the grid now and they’ve adjusted their “standards” to accommodate the present state of the SL economy. Businesses do that you know.

    Is that so bad?

    We’ve already discussed AVENUE’s “advertorial” business model where they will sell you anything you want to buy in their magazine for a price. Want the cover? L$25,000 please! Want an article? We’ll send you a quote on that. So why would an AVENUE fashion show be any different? The $Lindens from mediocre designers like Vero Modero and Mons spend as easily as those from high quality ones like Gizza and Hoorenbeek. We shouldn’t blame the AVENUE team for selling the hell out of that event and at L$18,000 per designer they did all right. Afterall, they are a business.

    I say bravo to whoever got those “designers” to ante up for that fiasco. Do it again.

  33. A Model and Customer Says:

    Well, rumor, you say it is not the fault of Avenue if the items are
    not high quality but I say it is their fault as well as the designers.
    The show was put on by Avenue and it’s their reputation.  They should
    be concerned about what they present and they should put a little
    effort into evaluating each item before it goes on display.  They
    should not have fear to tell a designer when something isn’t good
    enough.  But it seems they are not concerned with high quality, they
    are only concerned with making a quick buck.

    It’s only a game, as you point out, but it seems that most models,
    content creators and agencies take their work quite seriously and It’s
    more than just fun for them.  Read their posts and their articles and
    you will see that this is more than a game for them.  It’s a hobby,
    it’s a job and it’s not always fun.  It’s real work for them, and
    sometimes for real pay.  If it is all for fun, as you say, then
    perhaps it should all be done for free, after all it is just a game as
    you said so there is nothing to gain or lose.

    I provide real criticism just as they would get in the real . It’s not
    a slam at someone I don’t like, it’s a real, objective look at what I
    found wrong and a chance for them to change things for the better.  I
    did not swear or curse at them, I pointed out the flaws and put them
    square on the shoulders of Avenue who, I thought, should have done a
    better job of quality control.

    Someone else would have eventually done a show like this but Avenue
    left the bar pretty low.  Maybe BOSL should demonstrate what a real
    mesh show should look like.  At least he has the presence of mind to
    look at each item to be presented and qualify them for his high

    The real shame is your disgusting and foul language.  The fact that
    you cannot express your opinion without using derogatory language.  It
    will be really sad if all of Avenue’s owners/supporters are as vulgar
    as you are.  I hope that you are the exception to this and not the

  34. Dead Horse!! Says:

    Please, please stop beating me already will you

  35. Rumor has it.. Says:

    I want to roll my eyes at “A model and a customer”, because they just sound bitter and disgruntled. Maybe they have some vendetta against Avenue and want some kind of self-validation for having an unwholesome “slife.” Who knows, really. But you can’t blame Avenue for putting on, what I thought, was a really neat event executing an idea. If you have problems with the mesh products that were displayed, then take it up with the designers. The agency was simply a focal point to bring together designers who wanted to show & sell their work in one area. What better way to show how the clothing really looks than by putting it on the runway. Thank goodness Avenue did, because they saved you so many of your heard earned and tear drenched lindens!! I mean, it sounds as if you should be giving them your praise and not the foul disdain that you’ve been spouting off. That’s why some people attend live runway shows before buying products — to see the quality in-world.

    Strangely, as a “model” on the game second life (pay attention darling, I called it a game), I’d think you’d know that already…

    We understand that you like to hear yourself type. A lot of people have that complex on here. Just stop your battering of keys to realize that if If the products were poor quality, it’s not the fault of Avenue or the models that wore them. I’ll repeat myself and say, take that up with each of the designers. So what if they use the same molds and textured them differently. I don’t think anybody stood up and said “This piece is 100% original!” This was for FUN!! The shows were for FUN! The designers were having –.. FUN! And then there are people like you who like to suck the creativity, joy out of simple things. Shame on you, whoever you are. As it’s been stated, if you don’t like it. Don’t buy it.

    Why not do a mesh fair? Mesh, unlike you nerd face, is pretty new to a lot of people on second life and many of us are just now getting to experience it. I think if Avenue didn’t do this, somebody else would have. Now, can you all discuss why Frolic was ranting and raving about his prim dick on metaverse? That’s far more amusing to me.

  36. Get over yourself Says:

    Sorry my intervention?
    Maybe I wasnt spouting off like you were
    All I said was simple, if I like something I buy it, if I dont like it then I dont buy it
    Maybe thats what most people think.
    It may seem very simplistic to you, but that is how rl fashion works and why some designers do rather better in sl than others.
    Models of course can ruin a good outfit with bad styling just as they can make a freebie for instance look good, and thats great, thats the fun of it
    I thought this site was to read about agencies but maybe I missed th point somewhere
    Everyones contribution is of value. I tend to lose interest on the 20 or 30th line of what a lot of contributors write. I dont dismiss though, I just feel rather sorry for them
    Avenue has a good reputation, plain and simple. If you dont agree with that, then fine thats your opinion, but dont feel you have to fight everyone who happens to have a different view to yours. Its pretty boring

  37. A Model and Customer Says:

    Blissful ignorance, Get Over Yourself, your intervention is very
    immature and childish.

    My personal opinion is that most of the outfits were of poor quality,
    and this was also partly explained by the presence of technical faults
    that were clearly visible and I explained what they were. I will buy
    something if it’s nice and of a good quality. For years, the models,
    bought shoes, some very expensive, which they then had to take off
    before teleporting because a technical problem related with shoes
    prevented that action. These days it is considered a sign of civility
    in SL to wear things that are well optimized and helping to avoid
    excessive lag.

    Would you buy a dress in RL with flaws even if it only cost you a few
    dollars? If you can see those flaws first you would avoid it no matter
    what the cost because wasting a few dollars on a dress you will never
    wear is ridiculous!

    Moreover, any argument in terms of money should be done with reference
    to the SL economic structure and not the real world.  Not everyone
    lives in the US and not everyone considers your two US dollars as a
    pittance.  Have some respect for the other cultures that also
    participate in SL!

    The purpose of a fashion show is to present a designer in a positive
    way. You will certainly you will never see in a real fashion shows
    clothes with defects as you do in SL!

    And finally your comment about this being only SL is a slap in the
    face to every designer here who, I’m sure, considers their time and
    hard work in creating for SL to be just as important for them as their
    RL work.  Their efforts are what provide you with the tools to play

    The one who writes nonsense is you.

  38. A Model and Customer Says:

    What is a Blast, honestly, you need to research your facts before you
    start spouting legal nonsense that you don’t understand.

    First of all “slander” and “libel” are both are intended against
    derogatory comments that are false in nature and not for opinions
    expressed with supporting facts and rationale and protected by the
    FIRST AMENDMENT. If every negative statement fell in the category of
    slander and libel the jail cells would be full of movie, restaurant
    and fashion critics that post negative reviews each and every day! You
    are just a sad, little whiner that can’t stand to have your feelings
    hurt because someone didn’t agree with your efforts. You don’t see
    other agencies and magazines complaining about criticisms of their
    work and spouting legal crap because they know that public scrutiny
    and opinions come as part of the job they’ve signed up for! Frolic,
    who is discussed everywhere seems to understand this.

    You also need to stop putting words in my mouth because that IS libel.
    I never said that the content creators of the show were copybotters, I
    simply that SOME of them use third party templates while modifying
    them a bit, and I also specified that this practice is not illegal,
    but, in my opinion, indicates that these content creators do not yet
    have the graphic knowledge and security to create these materials for
    themselves and is, thus, less professional. It is a limitation to the
    expression of their ideas and leaves them at the mercy of content
    creators that don’t know as much as the designers think they do. At
    least a couple of content creators did not apply the textures on
    meshes by way of baking them in 3D software and instead used common
    textures applied after. These are certainly not irrelevant details to
    anyone with a little experience using 3D software and any professional
    would say that the content creators in question were still novices in
    3D creations.

    An example to clarify this concept, especially for What a Blast, who
    seems to have some difficulty comprehending my words. Suppose you go
    and buy a pair of jeans. The cost will vary depending on the quality
    of the jeans, which is determined by several factors. The product is
    devalued when the content creators use third-party templates rather
    than as an original creation because it becomes a common product that
    can be bought from various vendors. Obviously, there are other factors
    that also increase or decrease the value of a product and the prices
    of virtual fashion products should be commensurate with these factors
    (e.g. one would expect that a high end designer who uses a common,
    third party template, to price their product according to it’s mass
    produced nature).

    Those third-party templates should not be considered as a necessary
    tool for the creation of a product and you cannot create something
    that is 100% original with them. The fact of the matter is that the
    advertisements lead one to believe that these products are wholly
    original to the creator and every magazine is guilty of fostering this
    image, not just Avenue.

  39. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    That’s why I come here, to be amused by people like you, who miss the forest for the trees.

    Do you understand parody?

    That was said in a mocking tone

    Have fun spending your $2 worth of $Lindens at Vero Modero on things that fit your avatar like a barrel

  40. Get over yourself Says:

    You do really need to get over yourself.I mean look at this nonsense you wrote “variety of counts, technical, procedural and artistic”…
    It is Second Life for heavens sake…Next time I go shopping with my $2 I will say ahhh can you show me to the procedural section please I am here to spend big…in my most geeky voice
    Or maybe I just go to shows, see things I like and buy them, and if I dont like I dont buy, and face it if its more than $2 thats big time high end stuff….even Frolic Trump would have problems spendong that much…
    Crikey how complicated do things have to be?
    Isnt that the point of a fashion show?
    To see what you like maybe before buying it..

  41. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    Good points Amused

    It’s very IMPORTANT to remember that this debate (I say that tongue in cheek since “What a Blast” doesn’t debate facts at all) began when “A Model and a Customer” reviewed AVENUE’s Mix and Mesh event and flunked them and a number of “their” designers on a variety of counts, technical, procedural and artistic.

    At the same time some people view AgencyReport as a guilty pleasure of sorts that they look at over their morning coffee, just as they might glance at a tabloid as they wait in line to checkout at the grocery. They don’t take this seriously at all. Would you deny them their SL drama and snark fixes? Would you deny yourself?

    As for me I just like poking holes in self-righteous, suburban right-wingers like “What a Blast” I view them as my lawful prey and hold them up to the ridicule they so richly deserve.

  42. Amused Says:

    Gee, if someone is coming to Agency Report to read much about the actual agencies, they certainly are out of luck in so many instances, including this one.

    Serious discussion gets lost when these threads turn into an argument about who is more asinine. Here’s a thought – you both are! Discussion over which random person is the bigger idiot isn’t really interesting or useful to anyone, just in case you didn’t know. In all seriousness, you people have too much time on your hands (and so do I, apparently, since my spare time left me feeling compelled to write this!).

  43. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    We’re a mutual admiration society. Oh joy.

    I like your idea about deleting offensive language but I think that AR should include inane blather like yours in that deletion group.

    Of course that would eliminate about 90% of all the content here leaving a vacuum behind in AR’s place. That wouldn’t be any fun at all. Don’t hold your breath waiting for AR to reply.

    Instead, maybe AR could appoint you hall monitor captain, complete with a suitably nerdy outfit and a whistle, so you can express your alarm and angst against being told to STFU in a socially unacceptable way.

    By the way, on second thought, you aren’t that amusing.

  44. What a blast Says:

    So glad I’m amusing LMAO
    Best thing you ever said Spy. And the smartest too 😉


    (phewww and I thought my education – not college degree – was good, cause I never cursed here – or anywhere for that matter. Guess Spy is losing it! /me shakes head)

    It’s so typical of people who don’t have any remaining argument, just curse, insult somebody and throw their own frustrations here.

    I’m asking politely AR, if it’s possible to remove all comments that use abusive language and are insulting. The whole concept of this website is good, to keep people anonymous to give fair and constructive opinions on the several SL model agencies, without having to bear any type of retaliation. Again, having in mind that criticism must be focused on real things, opinion based. That should be ok.

    But once people decide to cross the line of being rude and extremely unpolite towards one another, using foul language, cursing, etc, if you guys have a way to somehow control this, it would be nice. If not, it’s okay anyhow. Each of us has to live with our own actions. 😉

  45. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    @ What a blast

    You said:

    “Thing is I’m not a lawyer and I don’t have to be one to see the difference between an opinion and defamation – defamation in general contains both slander and libel.”

    We know you’re not a lawyer. We know EXACTLY what you are. You’re simply one of those ignorant people who doesn’t know when they should STFU and you keep proving it over and over and over.

    So don’t STFU. Reading your comments is amusing and makes the rest of us feel like the investment we made in education has paid off.

  46. What a blast Says:


    “A model and a customer has AVENUE’s number along with some of the second-rate designers they sold a bill of goods to in this “something that was never done before in SL.” event which we don’t need them to do again”

    Are you okay? Really? I mean, you say “we” as opposed to “I”, in your comment. Is that some kind of split personality thing or maybe you’re part of a club? You’re talking on behalf of who?

    You know what? Why don’t you just ignore the Mix and Mesh activities Avenue did? If you didn’t like it, why do you even care if they do it again? Just don’t go there.
    Makes sense or do I have to spell it out for you very slowly?

    “Libel which is defamation by written or printed word”
    Damn! Why didn’t I think of looking it up on the web, like you did? See? Thing is I’m not a lawyer and I don’t have to be one to see the difference between an opinion and defamation – defamation in general contains both slander and libel.

    Just one more thing 🙂 You don’t get to tell people to shut up (especially in the very polite way you did it) , cause nobody cares LMAO

  47. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    @What a blast

    We noticed your ludicrous comment suggesting that legal action could be taken. We ignored it. Till you brought it up again.The fact that you don’t know the difference between Slander and libel makes the relevance of anything you say suspect.

    Slander is defamation by oral utterance


    Libel which is defamation by written or printed word

    Quoting you here: “You should be better informed” or better still just do us all a favor and STFU

    A model and a customer has AVENUE’s number along with some of the second-rate designers they sold a bill of goods to in this “something that was never done before in SL.” event which we don’t need them to do again

    Nuff said

  48. What a blast Says:

    @ A Model and a Customer – again

    “Avenue seems to be an agency that focuses primarily on appearance but with very little focus on actual quality in their shows. I am referring to the show, Mix & Mesh, in which the proposed outfits, were, in my opinion, very low in terms of the quality of meshes, the fashion ideas (trivial, ordinary and carnival) and as to the styling of the models.”

    Going back here, I have some doubts. Which Mix and Mesh show did you watch?
    You are referring to Mix and Mesh show, but which one? The Mix and Mesh shows (plural) were part, as far as I can recall, of a mesh Fair, that went on for a couple of weeks and that is something that was never done before in SL. So, which show are you talking about? Cause I could count several, 2 to 3 shows a day, closer to weekends. What was the show that was low in terms of quality? Maybe Vero Modero’s show? Amarelo Manga? Solidea Folies? Violator? I can’t remember them all, which one was it?

  49. What a blast Says:

    @ a Model and a Customer

    “Readers, have you noticed that when someone expresses a negative opinion towards an agency or magazine, there is an immediate reply from someone in their defense, trying to belittle, insult or threaten the use of legal action with the soul purpose of repressing your freedom of speech? It seems crazy!”

    There are cases when this actually happens.

    If you look carefully, you’ll see that , regarding Avenue, it was me who said that legal action can be taken. In what case? In case of slandering. That was the situation. I don’t think any model agency is going to take any legal action about opinions and critiques. Critiques, expressed as personal opinions, cannot be considered illegal. Slandering can. You should be better informed.

    “6. some of the models wore templates that designers bought from other markets… (that is legal but not very professional)”

    This is a situation when creators can and should take legal action. If one creator is a copybotter, he or she should be legally reported.
    As a reminder, buying full perm templates and then texturing them as they wish , pay attention to this – IT’s NOT COPYBOTTING. Is this clear?
    Or should I spell it to you letter by letter , like when you write “soul purpose”, you meant “sole purpose” I assume.
    But hey, just by reading this point 6, we all can see where all this comes from. LMAO

    It seems Avenue is so out of this. The problem here are some designers. It’s all clear now. Thanks for letting us all understand what bothers you so.

  50. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    That left a mark.


  51. A Model and Customer Says:

    to Clear-Headed Person:

         I expressed my opinion in a civil manner concerning the Mix & Mesh show, but it seems that Avenue is part of the caste of untouchables. Your comment goes against my right to a freedom of expression and your action is what they call censorship. I see only a great intolerance to criticism within the SL fashion world, where, in the real world, there are thousands of web sites concerning real fashion that are full of positive and negative opinions and rating mechanisms that help consumers develop a opinion about a product and avoid throwing money to the wind.  In this way industries learn from their errors and then improve. Readers, have you noticed that when someone expresses a negative opinion towards an agency or magazine, there is an immediate reply from someone in their defense, trying to belittle, insult or threaten the use of legal action with the soul purpose of repressing your freedom of speech? It seems crazy!
         The true ABUSE is threatening to take legal action in order to censor the freedom of speech WHILE the expression of negative opinions in a civil manner is protected under the LAW.  If you can’t withstand criticism then you need to remove yourself from the public eye.  If you have a contrary opinion to mine then how about using logic to argue your case as a civilized person rather than using the insults of a schoolyard child?
         From your offensive words, it seems that agencies are seeking to make money without being subject to the verification and critique of their work. I think it is absolutely ridiculous, given that for any work in the real world you are subject to appropriate verifications and criticisms of your peers, consumers and managers.
         For myself, the show Mix & Mesh is conceptually wrong, because “meshes” were not intended to be used in that way and those who designed for the show seemed to have no expertise with the “mesh” construction process. If you claim to be a virtual modeling agency, you should know, at least at a basic level if not more, about the subject of 3D constructs!  An acceptable mesh requires 4 levels of resolution but it takes a lot of time and from it’s earliest inception in SL many 3D designers have complained that the work required to produce quality meshes is not worth the effort compared to their monetary gain.  So they take shortcuts to try and give a passable mesh at a lower resolution.  Since most designers do not even make their own meshes they aren’t even aware that what they are buying is sub-standard.
         Perhaps, as well, the person who designed the show, should know that the concept of mesh isn’t something new. In fact, the lego-prims that you create with the viewer building tool are technically meshes. If a designer had created a skirt made only of lego-prims, that skirt is already classified as a form of mesh.
         I believe that some designers have confused the concept of ‘low-poly” with that of “poor-poly”.  I noticed several problems with the outfits in the show:
    1. some models weren’t optimized to be low-poly were, in fact, high-poly
    2. some models had problems with inverted normals
    3. with most of the models the texture baking was primordial
    4. the meshes of some clothes, in particular the skirts, were cut at the level of the edge, without a fold at the level of the hem
    5. the hidden parts of the meshes for some clothing were not transparent and this means that they were not optimized and heavier in terms of rendering
    6. some of the models wore templates that designers bought from other markets… (that is legal but not very professional)
         I could continue along these lines. Technically feasible does not, necessarily, mean technically correct!
         Since you’re so sure of your professionalism, why not expose the outfits of the show Mix & Mesh to the criticisms of some of the best forums for professional 3D developers?!
         I don’t think that negative criticisms are so relevant as to undermine the reputation of a virtual agency, but they are important to help the customers to choose the right products and to not waste their money on poor products due to the hyped up advertising of agencies.  For me it seems that agencies have it in their minds to only preserve their high reputation with paying designers. Therefore, the agencies are forced to close one or both eyes and lie about the skills of these designers such that the true victims end up being the consumers who end up disappointed in a product when they actually try it on themselves.
         I have seen so many customers, as myself, who have thrown away good money buying from designers who are overly celebrated by the magazines and not because those designers have a quality product but because they have the money to spend advertising it. Avenue is one of them, where a designer and his products were hyped up as something unique or excellent, but in truth the products were photo re-touched and they, ultimately, did not represent the product faithfully.
         So, now it is criminal to express a negative opinion concerning a product or the false advertising of those products by those magazines? I have learned, that if a designer is tied to certain magazine, then before I buy I need verify that product 100 times over because in most cases it’s a big disappointment. As a customer, I simply want a good product to wear, not one that has been  retouched for the promotion and which costs me 10 times more than the product is worth! Money is precious!

  52. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    Clear Headed you are anything but.

    Clear-headed that is in case you missed my innuendo there.

    A Model and Customer is the clear-headed,and lucid, one here, who, without rancor or disrespect, reviewed the recent shows AVENUE conducted for “their” designer group.

    If that group of “mesh” designers were satisfied with the shows that were produced for them by the AVENUE team that says a lot about their willingness to accept whatever is shoved down their throats as an ” AVENUE” production. Whether that reflects on their own quality sensibility is yet another question we could pose.

    I think we all owe a Model and Customer a high five for speaking up in such a coherent and adult fashion. You are to be commended for your well-written review of the current state of mesh design in SL.

    Unlike a Model and Customer, I, on the other hand, can be far snarkier on behalf of those of us in need of a chuckle or two at AVENUE’s expense. Perhaps AVENUE’s management will pursue a legal remedy for my dissing them in here since they are so concerned about their “hallowed” reputation. Of course suing a virtual spy is difficult to do. Better they spend their time protecting that reputation by doing really, really good work to begin with which makes it defensible unlike your recent efforts during the Mixed and Mashed shows.

  53. Clear-Headed Person Says:

    To A Model and Customer,

    Maybe the next time you have such an angry comment to make about an agency such as Avenue. You should write your feelings down on a letter and burn it in a fire or something. That way, it hopefully will release the tension you have in a safe and non-damaging way.

    I will pray for you tonight.

  54. A Model and Customer Says:

    Avenue seems to be an agency that focuses primarily on appearance but with very little focus on actual quality in their shows. I am referring to the show, Mix & Mesh, in which the proposed outfits, were, in my opinion, very low in terms of the quality of meshes, the fashion ideas (trivial, ordinary and carnival)  and as to the styling of the models.
    In my opinion, shows of this nature are mostly negative for a designer and are a bad promotion simply because they highlight their technical deficiencies with meshes the  poor styling of the models serves to enhance that negative image.  I believe that the gap between SL designers and professional 3D designers has been demonstrated to full effect in this show. One cannot expect SL designers, who for years have focused on Photoshop, lego-prims and sculpties (often made
    by others), to be prepared and ready to offer good 3D meshes. 
    The models, which have the task of enticing customers to buy what
    they are wearing, with their styling from the “town market”, have had, at
    least on me, the opposite effect, because I will  not buy something that is demonstrated to such poor effect.
    Are  shows like this a help to designers? They are more an help for customers who can avoid throwing money to the wind!

  55. Avenue Rules Says:

    I love Avenue.

  56. Spy vs. Spy Says:

    Who is ImpaTwin Toxx really?

    Whispers are circulating that Impa is the alt of none other then erstwhile AVENUE Supermodel – Vikeejeah Xevion and who, along with Gizza’s 19 year old PR/Marketing mastermind Tyler Barineaux, are the wizards behind the brilliantly executed Lure/Manor campaign that has everyone in the SL modeling community buzzing.

    Think about it, they have so many people fooled already, isn’t this the sort of thing they’d get behind with their hanger on posse of SLebrity wannabees?

    Stay tuned for further developments.

  57. Tillie Ariantho Says:

    Votings in this forum are a joke, sorry. The bigger the agency, the less votes they get, or what’s the rule for voting here?

    Mark them as bad cause you don’t like them? You know… not liking someone doesn’t mean he cannot deliver quality.

  58. @ Anonymous – Surely you jest??????

  59. Anonymous Says:

    This agency sucks

  60. Tyler Barineaux Says:

    I’m currently attending AVENUE’s Modeling Academy, and I want to say I am SO happy I picked this modeling academy. My experience so far has been amazing! The great thing about this academy are the instructors, they’re so friendly and are always open to any questions we may have. AVENUE knows how to challenge us and sure keep us occupied. Lots of helpful hints and tips for the modeling world. I look forward to my graduation!

    -Tyler Barineaux

  61. kryptonia Says:

    To Anonymous,
    I sent out last End of January a notecard with info and held a INFO DAY last Feb. 6, if u inquired last time u should receive a nc as i got all names. Unless u got delivery capped….

    If u dont received any nc nor didnt attend Info day, then send me IM or NC and i will reply it.. Next classes starting next week….


  62. Anon Says:

    Hey Jesika…I’m curious to know, but I applied to the academy in December, and Miss. Paperdoll sent out a notecard saying that all applicants would wait till the middle of January because the last batch of applicants had been chosen for November for an update….I myself have not received any word from her…does that mean I have not been accepted or she simply hasn’t picked? Hopefully you read this, thank you!

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Jesika…I’m curious to know, but I applied to the academy in December, and Miss. Paperdoll sent out a notecard saying that all applicants would wait till the middle of January because the last batch of applicants had been chosen for November for an update….I myself have not received any word from her…does that mean I have not been accepted or she simply hasn’t picked? Hopefully you read this, thank you!

  64. nonymous Says:

    Hey Jesika…I’m curious to know, but I applied to the academy in December, and Miss. Paperdoll sent out a notecard saying that all applicants would wait till the middle of January for an update….

  65. Still so bad Says:

    Jesika, nice and polite answer, thankyou, BUT
    sadly the issue is still there. You can´t blame the Lindens for not stopping the show when the audience sim crashed. And you can´t blame the Lindens for chairs with 7 animations either. THAT causes lag for sure and the sweet words about keeping scripts low as one of your strong points fall apart. Sorry, but it´s not good enough.

  66. Dear So Bad and our Diram Show Audience,

    We first and foremost thank you for your attendance to our show and apologize for any inconvenience of the sim crashing.

    We do of course do our very best to supply an amazing show every time with a regular routine of optimizing our sim by having the lowest possible script times on the entire sim while still providing an amazing atmosphere. Through years of experience we know this is one of our strong points.

    However, to our dismay, much of the sim load and technical positioning is out of our hands and we lay at the mercy of Linden Labs. We do feel those at the lab are doing what they can do, as the overall experience has improved over the years, but of course sometimes things go amiss and this is no fault of our own as every precaution was taken. This is the situation we were dealt with and it is in our best professional ability to continue the show with as little interruption as possible.

    So bad – I’m not sure if you’ve attended any of our past shows but a sim crash is not something that happens to us frequently, even with a full sim like we had during this show.

    I hope I’ve addressed your concerns and look forward to seeing you and all those of the AVENUE family at a future show.

    Jesika Contepomi

  67. So bad Says:

    The Diram show with this agency was a disaster!
    How can it be run even if audience sim crash. I hope diram get their money back because this was SO bad and SO unprofessional!

  68. Jonny Tobias Says:

    The first (non contest) show I ever walked in was for Avenue, and I can’t say anything bad about them. Its funny reading what has transpired in my time away from SL though, but I wish that team all the best.

  69. Amazon Silverweb Says:

    I recentley decided to take classes with Avenue, mainly because I unfortunatley did not make it in their recent casting, so thought it would be a good idea to see what exactly they were looking for, I went expecting the usual SL modeling school and was suprised and very happy with what I found. Avenue does not only teach basic modeling but it tests you in every aspect from what you have learnt previously, to helping those with no prior knowledge, their runway classes are alot more intense! I’ve attended most of the main academies in second life, because I believe we can always learn more, and Avenue is probably the best that I have attended. I recommend Avenue to anyone and everyone, it is a wonderful academy with great teachers, who have alot of knowledge and experience, and really are very friendly! Avenue deserve alot of praise, I will be recommeding it my friends.

  70. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    Their Avatars.
    I’m able to answer the questions now.

    First when i start i would like to thank AVENUE for the promotion of MAKAROV Furniture & design.

    And also HELP Magazine. And ICON Magazine.
    And the other Magazines.

    I would like to something about me because deep in my heart I am a good person. But worse things happened and we cant go back in de past. I was a shameless person With no respect for the other avatars in Secondlife. I argee with some of you because I was rude and disobedient. Second i want to thank Livia. for her love for me and support. You made a large part of my life. 3th I want to thank my best friend Pat Young and Marian. Last i want to thank Mimi Juneau . She knows about my first life in Secondlife With Georgee Alter And Miss Saskiaa Saenz.
    My death was a shame lose joke. And i and I offer my apology to Mimmi Boa and the owner of ICON Wil. I’ve dug my own grave and i know that. Even I earned a lot of money in Secondlife, You need to know i did Donate a lot of money to Hairfair 2008 and a lot of other donations arround Secondlife . I want to thank Armidi for their help in 2006. ( London Armidi ) I also want to thank Redgrave for their other side of help. Mette Jarvinen i also thank you for your help.
    This is it. And i wish all the best of you.

    Au Revoir.
    Andrzej Makarov.

  71. Hi emanuelle,

    thank you for your kind condolences and thoughtfulness.

    best regards,

    Rusch & Jesika

  72. emanuelle Courtois Says:

    hey jess and rusch
    so sorry to hear about your recent loss , lots of condoloences guys.

  73. LOL-Wtf? Says:



  74. I am a student in this class and noone waited for 3 hours. I myself along with 2 other students were the last to leave and we waited 30 minutes. We all have real lives and for someone to come on here and make such a false statement when Rusch was detained dealing with a family matter is totally unprofessional.

  75. Dear Trainees,

    Thank you all for your patience today. We’ve made a post in group, but for those waiting for a response here…

    As some of you may know our rl family (Rusch and myself) has had some severe illness/death recently and today was a moment of drop everything and race to the hospital.

    A makeup class will be scheduled for those interested in continuing this session, however if you find the desire to cancel the remainder of your classes due to this circumstance please contact myself or Kryptonia and a full refund will be issued.

    Sorry again for the inconvenience, it has not happened before and we surely hope it not to happen again.

    Jesika Contepomi

  76. agencyreport Says:

    “I think Andrzej is a great guy”

    Um that wasn’t me that said that, this person’s IP is now banned from this website. I don’t know Andrzej enough to say whether he is great or not.

  77. Wow Says:

    Wow at the fact no one showed up, but even more wow at the fact you all have been waiting 3 hours! That’s dedication/addiction/insanity. Wow!

  78. fashion observer Says:

    WTH is up with Avenue modeling academy?

    All students were there today and not one teacher from Avenue showed up.

    This is seriously not professional.

    And we are still waiting … 3 hours later!

  79. Aspen Parx Says:

    What a wonderful positive post for a change. Thank you Winter Jefferson for the insight on Avenue. As an ispring model in SL I can say most every model would like to be part of Avenue.However most of us can only dream of that day. It’s that dream that makes me worker harder to get noticed. Avenue is at the top of the ladder and the ladder is tall.

    Thanks again jefferson

  80. Dear Beautiful Peoples.

    I’m not posting this as a model – but rather from someone on the other side of the spectrum; as I’ve chosen to hire Avenue for several productions. Rezzable’s “Black Swan – Swansong” and “2010 – The Future Is Now,” both three week multiple show events. They produced amazing shows, and they dazzled the public which is exactly what I was hoping for.

    One of the reasons I selected them is that they have a top rate stable and treat their models really well. I have nothing but respect for Rusch and Jesika, and if any models are cruising this page looking for the right agency to join, I’d recommend Avenue in a heartbeat.


  81. Is it any wonder why he staged his own death? Probably got into so many financial engagements that he could not live up to therefore to stage and re-stage his death time and again? The facts are there Nave. Too many a report by various individuals from models who were signed up by him not to mention individualss and designers that have been approached by him and his alts to borrow money when he hardly knows them. I have proof of it but this is not the time and place and I will respect TOS even if others may not.

    So moving forward, kindly refrain from discussing any other matters than about AVENUE here from now on please. Let’s respect what this forum is for and this thread is about AVENUE not Andrzej and his misadventures.

    Thank you.

    Rusch Raymaker
    AVENUE Inc

  82. Nave (not navefall) Says:

    Andre did not die, he went on spring break and then coming back on alt. The 200 people rioting and out for his blood is what caused his bogus death. 200 people times the $10000L they charged, is alot of cash!

  83. I too was contacted by Susann Bookmite, informing me that Andre had died. I had been added to Fashion In Look Agency a couple of weeks before, as a Model. As soon as I got this IM from Susann, I left the group.

    I don’t do drama. If people are dead, well, they are dead and not coming back.

    Hum… I’m guessing you messed with the wrong people, Andre or whoever you are!

  84. Nave Fall Says:


    We all know that the charming, and witty, Donnatella Couturier is the cause of Andrzej/ Ryszard’s various problems, deaths, failures and sophomoric angst.

    Just as Superman has his Loki-like nemesis, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Andrzej has Donnatella who, to hear him tell the story, is the one who messed everything up for him. It’s really nice to have someone to blame for all your troubles. Someone who you thought you could trust but who turned out to be “playing” you. If you listen to Andrzej tell the story that would be Ms. Donnatella.

    Now if Andrzej had simply hired me to handle the “myth creation” story of his deaths and resurrections Id’ve spun it a very, different way. We’d have hired someone to write his pseudonymous posts with a less distinctive writing style and used a different IP address. We’d have done a professional job of it starting with THE CREATION MYTH. We’d have hired Tommy Flanagan the President of Pathological Liars Anonymous to help us with that one.

    It might have gone like this…………..

    Don’t you people know anything? Listen up……….Andrzej is really from Transylvania. Nave /me: whispers – he’s a vampire. The undead. He’s a Bloodlines player who bought the Amulet of Immortality. Otherwise he couldn’t be killed without using something made of silver and a wooden stake. You’d have had to leave him tied up in a spot where the first rays of the morning sun could strike him to really get rid of him.

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh that’s it.

    Seeeeeeeeee. How easy is that? It explains everything except Andrzej/Ryszard’s snarky, divo personality defects, which are a well-documented side effect of the Immortality Amulet’s strange powers.

    Yup that’s the ticket…………….

    So. All of you………… stop picking on him. He has needs. He’s just trying to make a SLife for himself. So what if he has alts? Who cares? Hell who doesn’t in SL? I know people with billions of them. He has a business to run. Ads to buy. Shows to produce. Models to seduce. Translators to abuse. Hell, he might be the next Frolic, Maxes or Rusch in his current iteration. You can never really predict how someone will turn out.

    Ryszard Merchiston: You can remit the L$10,000 retainer for Tommy’s and my work on repairing Andrzej’s reputation in-world. $Lindens. I can’t use gift cards at your store since I am homeless and have no need for furniture and trinkets. If you don’t pay this retainer in a timely fashion, my work here will be for naught. The campaign we discussed will require the efforts of team of media specialists that I am putting together as I type this.

    Two other things please,

    1) I’ve heard a rumor that the Amulet of Immortality can be broken if used too often. I’d be careful about that
    2) Dude…………..No more alts. PAY ATTENTION NO MORE ALTS

    I’m still just,

    Nave Fall

  85. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    I wasn’t going to post here originally out of respect for AVENUE and Rusch/Jesika…and I haven’t lost that respect, but I’m posting here now. :))

    Andrzej..I’m not a psychologist, however one doesn’t really need to be to see that you have some serious problems, mentally, going on.

    I have watched you, since early start of last year, go from sweet to sour with many many people here. Its like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I’ve watched you insult models, insult myself, publically insult people, try to buy agencies just because you have the money (and yeah, can’t buy out some people…like me). You’ve posted as multiple people on your page here at Agency Report..acting as yourself, a designer, a fan, etc, trying to boost up your agencie’s rep (and yours).
    When things go sour for you because of your own actions, you disappear as Andrzej, create alts and use them to tell people in-world that you’ve died. I know that you mentioned, in response to my post on your page here, that you really did have a heart attack last year…but I don’t believe that.
    Then, you miracuously came back..confusing many people and creating bogus stories.
    Then things were somewhat peaceful for a while until recently..when you died again and logged your alt..Dex, in to announce it on Sunday evening. I was there and didn’t believe it for a second and you got mad, yelled and stomped off. You, as Dex, also IMed several people in-world..several designers and business owners, telling them you died and to send your stuff back. They didn’t believe you had really died…and yes, a LOT of us talk to each other..unfortunately for you.

    It MIGHT have been a bit more believable that you had died this time, Andrzej, if you hadn’t announced your death on Sunday night in a group chat and then IMed several business owners about it and THEN many hours later, announced that you had died early Monday morning at 5am SLT in a car wreck. You’re a bad liar, Andrzej..did you know that? If you’re going to fake your death, at least get your story straight.

    So now, of course, you’re back. Under different alts. While it bothers me that you had the balls to go attack one of SL’s TOP agencies here, it doesn’t surprise me.

    When I say you need help, I am saying that honestly and not to be rude at all. I see you creating conflict…more than likely, for attention…and in your head, the conflicts that you create probably make sense, but when they backfire on you here, you run..or in this case, die. You continue on your need for attention by using the alts to tell people you died so that again, the focus is on you, in some way, and give you attention in the form of sadness, sympathy, pity.
    Then after you think people have calmed down and perhaps forgotten about this incident, you come back and try to continue as if nothing had ever happened.
    Things go alright for a while and then you do it again.

    When you came back this time, you said that you don’t have any friends because no one understands you…no one loves you, etc. Thats not an excuse to go fake your death and certainly not how you run a business…SL or RL. If you want friends, try being NICE, try being truthful…stop dying…stop pretending you are this God in SL or RL.

    I think your overwhelming need for attention, whether its good or bad (its still attention) is a problem you need to get help on. There are good ways to receive attention and there are bad ways. You, in all honesty, are creating nothing but negative attention for yourself, directly and indirectly, whether you realize it or not.

    When you came back this time, you gave those excuses that no one is your friend or loves you, so you feel justified. You wanted attention, so posted that…and then wanted more attention and sympathy and to somehow justify your actions because of that. When it didn’t turn out the way you wanted and people weren’t responding how you wanted, you decided to try something else for attention: attacking AVENUE here and in-world.
    In your head, again, your attack on them probably made complete sense to you and you thought that here, you could post this long report against them, which would give you attention, but take the negative focus off you and have it on AVENUE instead and then somehow, your previous actions would all be forgotten.

    That didn’t happen, thankfully. I happen to have a copy of AVENUE’s magazine ad guidelines…the one that I’m 100% positive, goes out to anyone even thinking about placing an ad there. Everything you claimed they screwed you over on was in their notecard as their procedure, which I found all to be legit and in good practice (not that AVENUE needs my approval of that either way). Did you read it? Probably not. And you made your ad situation worse by faking your death, therefore creating more conflict and more attention. Do you get the picture?

    I think its funny how Rusch replies to your post and you come back with…

    “I know the truth you dont.!
    You did some horrible things. And i will never forget the rudeness and your behaving with me.”

    I’m reminded of a child when I read that. You didn’t get what you wanted..again, although, you did get attention…and you stormed off, not without first telling Rusch that she doesn’t know the truth about what goes on in her OWN AGENCY. Hello? CEO…owner…Jesika..Rusch…I’m positive she knows.

    I haven’t known Rusch that long other than hearing about AVENUE, etc..but in the time I’ve gotten to know her lately, I can only say that she’s a great role model and I’m honoured to call her a friend.
    I think that both Rusch and Jesika make an incredible duo of leaders in both AVENUE and the SL fashion/modeling/entertainment industry. Not because they’ve been around for over 2.5 years…crappy agencies can be around that long too, so that really matters little…but because of the reputation of honesty, integrity, hard work, excellent business practices, high standards and more. Its what they built AVENUE on…and what AVENUE still stands on today…and will continue to until they close their doors (or go crazy and self sabotage..haha)

    My advice for you, Andrzej…seek help. Admit your mistakes. Apologize to people for your mistakes and be genuine about it. Stop harrassing people or making them angry or trying to tarnish their reputation, whether as a business or personal. Stop dying. Stop being rude and having this huge ego. Turn into a new man, if you are one in RL…or woman. Create goals for you in life, go out and meet people, in RL, make friends. Its really not that hard at all.

    You’ve killed a lot of peoples like of you, loyalty to you, positive thoughts about you in SL. In this industry, wherever you go, all of this garbage will follow you, no matter what alt you try to be or who you try to blame for whatever or however often you die. And yes, a lot of people will dislike you, ignore you, warn others about you, not do business with you…but only you can change the future, Andrzej. Okay, so you made a bunch of mistakes…whats going to matter to some people later is if you’ve changed your ways and learned from your mistakes.

    Its like someone who breaks the law in RL and then turns their life around later. Their past will follow them, but the fact that they got help, learned from their mistakes and went on to create better in their life, will shine brighter in the end.

    Thank you..and my apologies to Rusch/Jesika and all at AVENUE for this post..even though Rusch gave me permission. 😛

  86. jesika Says:

    1. the true or actual state of a matter
    2. conformity with fact or reality
    3. the state or character of being true
    4. an obvious or accepted fact
    5. honesty; integrity; truthfulness

    I’m sorry but you dying multiple times, creating alt accounts and causing so much drama and trouble with many innocent people does not fall anywhere within the definition of ‘truth’.

    Please do us the kind favor of just leaving us alone.


  87. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    I know the truth you dont.!
    You did some horrible things. And i will never forget the rudeness and your behaving with me.

  88. This is to clarify that the post below was made by me.

    Rusch Raymaker
    AVENUE Inc

  89. Dear Andrzej Makarov, thank you for bringing up this matter out to the public so that I might reveal the truth of the matter. I would like to apologise to any reader here for having to discuss our Magazine matters here when this is clearly a space regarding modelling but I must clarify this situation.

    So Andrzej, perhaps you could not recall or that you might claim that you are “unaware” of this, that 10th February 2010, your friend Susann Bookmite had claimed that you had passed away. Subsequently, we had 3 other individuals (some were newly created accounts) coming to me and my staff claiming that they had taken over your business and therefore the ad booking that you had placed for that business in question. Our reply to each and every one of them was that we could not release the ad booking to anyone else other than the person who booked for it unless we have written instruction from you to release it to someone else. Anyone could claim to be you and should Susann not be speaking the truth and you returned and we had given it to someone else, we would then have to answer to you. So we did our due diligence by not releasing it.

    But surprise, surprise…someone else turned up in the form of Ryszard Merchiston which claimed to be you. And is you! After we had insisted that you email from your original (Andrzej) email from which we corresponded with you on your ad booking previously so as to ascertain that it is truly you. And even this was met with resistance from yourself which we have no clue why. So, several alts later, Andrzej Makarov has re-emerged as Ryszard Merchiston. Not only have you been untruthful, difficult to deal with, rude and ungrateful and worse still, been a pest to our other clients/advertisers by seeking them to post in our group on your behalf or asking them for money for your funeral through Susann Bookmite. In spite of all this, we believed that Ryszard was you and even helped you finish completing the ad that you never submitted correctly…and now you have the audacity to call us unprofessional and difficult to deal with? Shame on you.

    AVENUE has been around for over 2.5 years and has now worked with over 300 clients with over 150 staff and models on our team. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation and our credibility is sealed by the many brands we work with. I need say nothing more but please take your petty games and drama which is so obvious to so many people even how ever many alts later you may have. Just look at the numerous posts in your agency Fashion In Look

    I am sure you are well aware of the many abuse reports have been filed by other parties in SL for your beligerent behaviour. Good luck and remember, what goes around comes around…and truth always reveals itself.

  90. suzeeH Says:

    Some last Says:

    (((November 21, 2009 at 12:39 pm
    QUESTION: Avenue, Evane, MAD, Modavia, Ewing
    and LOOK Elite Models – what do they have in common?

    ANSWER: They are the oldest agencies in SL, stabile managments, professionalism and very, very little drama and yes, still there after years of activity. )))

    Actually, MODA the oldest and most established fashion agency in SL.

  91. Uh Says:

    I’m sorry, aren’t you dead?

  92. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    I would like to say something.
    Few months ago i did open a Furniture Store.
    I met Livia Mastroianni she told me about the options how to get a ad in the AVENUE Magazine. I was very intrested. So i did accept her offer.
    After some months there was some trouble with my identity. Because the account was gone. So i did contact her with this other account and told her to place this add to promote my store. I payd Rusch and Jesika some months before i placed this add because i wanted to get more group rights. ( to send notices)
    I did this i payd 11,000L$ for this add. In march it was time to place this add online. But they didnt agree. They didn’t wanted this add anymore because i didnt agree with my real account name. After many discussions they wanted to place the add for me. So i did send this add to the online mail. But after those mail my pace was broke so i didnt saw an answer. some days later when i was able to get online they told me to pay 5000l$ more because i was to late to place this add. So i worked some hours to get the good size and the text on it. After many troubles they placed this add. But i dont know how people get to my store. We had many troubles and Jesika was very rude and unprofessional. The first they i was so happy and this did end in a big DRAMA. Sometimes i ask myself. why i payd so much for my add? they only placed it in their magazine. Someone else did shoot this add and someone else did put a text on it. And i still can’t send notices in their group because i didnt booked this add with the right account name. They told me only people who payed for this add were able to send notices. I did check the group and. Alatiel Fashion was in the group and one of her alts. how weird. Alatiel Malies and her other account alatiel were able to send a notice in the AVENUE group. and i asked them to rejoin me but their answer was a big no. Now till today they never sayd sorry about this situation and about the many troubles. we did never agree with eachother. I did contact ICON. Will what a lovely men. They dont have any prices when you are overdue with your time. Why would i pay 5000L$ more to place this add. And i never did this. They just placed the add . And i did tthe rest. What a bad situation. I love their shows with all my respect but their whole management is horrible. Thanks a lot.

  93. To Rusch Raymaker:

    Please, check out this link

    I have already stated here that my opinions are in my Blog.
    It’s clear that someone that loves drama and teasing people, was here in AR signing as Fashion Critique SL and it was NOT me. I’m clarifying this again.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  94. Pretty Ytteb Says:

    HELLO Betty. 🙂 Like my name?

    1st of all…I completely agree with you about AVENUE. They are a great agency. 5 Stars!

    2nd…you must be blind, about BOSL & Boulevard. — they may have a lot of connections, but they still produce great shows. MiaMai Wedding Show, was flawless. They have a kickass magazine, and Miss Virtual World rocks!

  95. Ugly Betty Says:

    And, this agency is great, and not built up on connections and asskissing like Frolic Mills, Boulevard, and BOSL!

  96. Ugly Betty Says:

    This is a truly fabulous agency. Their shows are amazing, their magazine is great, and I love the supplements very much. Whoever disses this agency, does not know what a good agency is! 5 stars to AVENUE!

  97. ricoracer Says:

    There is a reason why AVENUE is one of the most highly respected and highly regarded agencies and academies in SL. It is because they put every effort, commitment, time and money on everything that they do to be the best…whether producing a fantastic show/event together or giving top notch learning lessons at the AVENUE academy.

    I am a proud AVENUE academy graduate and I have to honestly say that the whole experience was FUNtastic and informative. The staff were very professional, highly skilled and highly trained. Thank you to Krytonia Paperdoll for your support and guidance. You are an amazing instructor and one of the best I’ve seen especially on Runway Management. TY also to Rusch and Jesika for the very informative look into SL modeling.

    A few weeks ago, one of my goals and dreams have come true. I have been accepted at AVENUE Agency as a model and it is truly an honor. Before I started modeling 6 months ago, I researched on which agencies are the best in SL. AVENUE was one of the top. My friend Mikey and I made a goal and promise at the very steps of the Avenue Agency then that we will become AVENUE Models and when that moment comes, we will go back with our AVENUE MODEL TAGS on and just celebrate. We DID!!=D Congrats Mikey!! TYSM Avenue.

  98. Some last Says:

    QUESTION: Avenue, Evane, MAD, Modavia, Ewing
    and LOOK Elite Models – what do they have in common?

    ANSWER: They are the oldest agencies in SL, stabile managments, professionalism and very, very little drama and yes, still there after years of activity.

    Well done all of you, hope to see you for many more years to come!

  99. Dear WTF & Poor Alatiel Models,

    Whilst I sympathise with the demise of your modelling career with Alatiel Fashions, I believe that at the helm of the business is Alatiel Malies herself who is at the liberty of doing what she requires for her business to progress. If models get cut or terminated for whatever reasons, business owners/designers have that authority to do that…it is their business and they know what works for them or not.

    To take out your anger or disgruntledness here just shows what a lame attempt you have made at taking pot shots at Alatiel’s new CMO Livia Matroianni whom is acting on the interests of Alatiel. Livia is an outstanding staff for AVENUE and I have personally mentored her and seen her grown. Never once has she let AVENUE or me down and has superceded all expectations on every occasion.

    And Alatiel is free to hire whichever agency she wishes whether it’s AVENUE or not. Are you going to rant and rave at every agency’s blog?

    I believe that Alatiel decided on AVENUE on the virtue that AVENUE does not just provide top notch runway models and productions but also a full service fashion agency’s services which includes set build, customised choreography, voice-over hosting, customised music selection for runway walks and effective PR and advertising. Alatiel Fashions is a regular client with AVENUE and no has final say over this than Alatiel herself. Not Livia or AVENUE can twist her arm to engage us.

    I suggest that you re-examine and take a positive view of matters and progress yourself to make yourself a versatile and competent model in every way so you ensure that you are highly employable instead of blaming everyone else including your employer or ex-employer.

  100. Alatiel Malies Says:

    I wanted just to inform you that this show was planned in may, when Marian was still my manager and she knew it. Alatiel Fashions model where hired to do live modeling in the store and to do Mini Fashion show INSIDE THE STORE as there have already been. We’ve stopped to do those show because I was working on the new collection and because Marian and I decided it was better to wait untill the new collection was released.

    AVENUE is one of the most well known agency in world and it has her own models as all the agencies and that is why they used them and not Alatiel’s ones and I really don’t think I need to explain anithing else about this.

    Alatiel Fashions team is NOT a model agency, it’s an internal gruop for models that works in the store during the week with specific hours. And since some people seem to know so much ant to really be one of them, if you do not like wotking for me anymore I don’t bother you leaving the group; I only want professional models.

    And, by the way the show was plannel well befor Livia was hired. And actually at the moment she’s doing a WONDERFUL job for me.

    So If you have any further complaiants or you want some explanetions feel free to reach me by email or contact me inworld

    Have a nice day
    Alatiel Malies

  101. Livia Mastroianni Says:

    Dear WTF and Poor Alatiel Models,

    if you’re interested to know, Alatiel Fashions fall collection launch was agreed to be with Avenue well before I was hired as new manager and specifically since last May.
    Avenue Models is a model agency, which is why Avenue Models were used for this show. And of course Alatiel is free to organize fashion shows with any agency any time, as she also did in the past.

    As for Avenue seeking promotion and publicity, honestly I don’t see how Avenue needs promotion as it holds numerous fashion shows, some of the biggest productions in SL and actually offers marketing and PR services to help other companies to promote themselves, only to name a few.

    Alatiel Models know they were hired as live models. This model team is not a model agency, but includes live models representing Alatiel Fashions. Differently from other live models, Alatiel models also have the chance to occasionally work for ads or runway events in Piazza Italia, but they were NOT hired with the purpose of being runway models.

    I’m spending few words to let you both know that I’m not interested in putting all Avenue Models in Alatiel live model team. I can recall only one Alatiel model being also an Avenue model, but hey… where would we put 88 pose stands in the store?

    Livia Mastroianni
    AVENUE Liaison
    Alatiel Fashions Manager

  102. Poor Alatiel Models Says:

    Oh I guess they are good enough to be asked to model in store seven hours a week but not good enough to be in the show for same designer. No the new manager for the store who also happens to be the runway manager for this “well respected organization with an unstinted professionalism” decided to use the agency she is affiliated with to promote the agency. I guess she’s trying to push the poor models out who marien rexen hired. I guess the next step is to put all the avenue models in there.

    Way to Livia, not only have you outed yourself as an attention queen but someone without scruples or ethics. *snickers* Alatiel Mailes made a poor decision as hiring you as her manager. hope you get the boot dear.

  103. WTF Says:

    I am confused. Why is Avenue holding a show for Alatiel season launch? Didn’t she hire models for this? And I quote from her blog

    “Today we are proud to announce that Alatiel is looking to have a professional modeling team made by the best models ( hard working , gorgeous , friendly , fashionable , elegant and dinamic people ) . These models will be part of Alatiel Fashions , this means we will help them as much as possible to let everybody know how great a model they are. We will also promote them in the fashion industry . Just being part of the Alatiel Fashions Team means they will be recognized for their work , it´s not easy to get the title of Alatiel Fashions Model and that´s something they will get.”

    How is this exactly promoting the models? They are being pushed aside for an agency that the general manager of the store is an executive for. Can you say unprofessional and unfair? I know Livia is the new manager for Alatiel but for her to give this to Avenue instead of the models who actually models for the designer is a disappointment.

  104. “Everyone knows the CEO is a lesbian. Sleep with her and her girlfriend and you’re in.” quoted from Model Advisor.

    I’m sorry but that comment is very rude. People aren’t permitted to think that way anymore thank god. Discrimination based on someone’s sexual preference just shows you are a bigot. And yes you did discriminate by saying what you did in an open forum. If you have children in RL, may I suggest you keep those type of opinions to yourself. We really don’t need another generation of narrow minded, insensitive and entitled individuals filling up this world.

  105. Ave Graduate.. Says:

    Sorry Model Advisor, but neither my Maths knowledge nor the logics help me to allocate your comment in somewhere in my brain regarding the sexual choice of the CEO. So you mean that hundreds of their models slept with her to get in.. or prolly you think that being hired by agencies requires a bed-time qualification … I would just say a big LOL, sorry. No wondering of your drammatical view of things, i would suggest, as a SL Supermodel, to think further. If someone is homo, hetero or lesbian is none of our business..

  106. To Model Advisor –
    I rarely pull my head out of my workload to reply to such obvious drama and lies but for the sake of your obvious lack of true information I felt this deserved a quick response.

    1. Yes i’m a lesbian and have the most amazing wife in the world (sl and rl) and if you have a problem with that then keep it to yourself. Our personal life is absolutely none of your business and if it’s something you don’t favor then don’t look. And hate to tell you but that cat has been so far out of the bag you haven’t dropped any news here.

    2. As nice as it sounds that Rusch and I would sleep with our models we would never risk the reputation of the agency and all the hard working staff and models behind it. Sorry to disappoint.

    3. If you have a constructive comment then please IM me anytime with such rather then posting here anonymously where it truly does no one any good. We are always very quick to correct ourselves and at the same time stand behind the quality of our work and productions.

    4. AVENUE is so much more then an agency and academy…if we get an application in that may not work for one side but we see potential for them in other areas we would of course recommend them to apply for another position. That’s just a. smart and b. good business.

    5. I was about to write that we would suggest you re-apply at another time if you feel your qualified etc….but in all honesty we don’t want your drama or b.s. AVENUE is and will always be a drama free zone.

    Good Luck!

  107. Model Advisor Says:

    At the moment we dont have any open casting as new Model cuz we got at alot.

    But as soon we got any open casting call for Avenue Models i will let her know 🙂 (if i ever get her name then except being anonymous *grins*)

    Lol you hear this at any school to give you the impression that they’re that good. Avenue is okay.. they need to tighten up their administrative team. Friends have passed off applications and have been denied and then 10 minutes later receive a JOB Application. in other words you can’t enter their school as a model but you can join them for any inside positions. Everyone knows the CEO is a lesbian. Sleep with her and her girlfriend and you’re in.

  108. I would like to reiterate Wicca’s comments. I am also a graduate of the academy and proudly an Ave Angel. It was an amazing experience, my first in the modelling world in SL and what a welcome I got. Its a true family feel. This academy offers one of the most complex runways to train on tutored by the amazing krptonia paperdoll, superb support and guidance, portfolio shots from a superb photographer and a graduation show with top designers. How many other agencies offer that.
    As for becoming an avenue fully fledged model, I can only aspire. They want the absolute total best, why shouldn’t they, they recognise superb talent, hard work and dedication.
    I would highly recommend the academy and can tell you, even if you think your trained, you will learn even more.
    Can’t wait to see what the next amazing event will be.

  109. Wicca Merlin Says:

    I am graduated from AVENUES Academy and i have to say it was a great experience and i learned a lot from pepople who jknow their buisness. Also every one was very nice and polite and i always found an open ear if i had questions…i had a great time there!
    Regards, Wicca

  110. Hi Fashion Critique 🙂

    Very interesting twist of events and attitude from your last comment on June 21st where I took your suggestion constructively. And the strange thing is I don’t even know you. Assuming anonymity and slandering me or AVENUE is a fine show of courage in your identity.

    And thank you to Lacie Beningborough and Agency Report for confirming the phoney that you are and

    And for the record, if I do not pay my staff and models of over 200 people and counting, then why would they still be in our groups and continue working for me and be always propagating that AVENUE is one of the top agencies.

    And by the way, I don’t think I need to pay anyone to spread the good word of AVENUE. Our work, staff, clients and supporters do it for us. Thank you very much.

  111. Anita Claven Says:

    I really wish Avenue had a scholarship program for those of us that cannot afford their fee! I am a very devoted girl but i cannot buy linden and it would take me a year to save up that much!

  112. Dear Fashion Critique,

    Thank you for your constructive suggestion and feedback. 🙂 We will certainly take that into account for all our future shows to ensure that everyone can enjoy it no matter what.
    Look forward to having you at our shows and events.


    Rusch Raymaker
    AVENUE Models

  113. Congratulations, Avenue!
    It has been a steady SL Model Agency, produces excellent Fashion Shows.
    We can see from the SL Models that represent you. I love the fact that there are no “supermodel” or “top model” tags.

    The feeling we get when I see your shows is that of an extreme quality, elegance and style.

    I would only suggest one thing. Sometimes, the fact that the the outfits description is only done on streaming ( we must have our players on), makes us lag very much and even crash (we gotta love SL! lol).

    Maybe a good addition, would be the outfits’ description on chat; when we watch the show, depending on our connections, listening to the streaming make us crash more.
    Yes, I know that at the same time, personal streaming also enriches the Show itself.

    Great work!

  114. Katime Vacano Says:

    A fantastic agency and academy, I graduated from Avenue last year and loved every minute of the training. The instructors were extremely helpful, friendly and informative. I would recommend this academy to anyone wanting to be a model…it is great!

  115. kryptonia Says:

    At the moment we dont have any open casting as new Model cuz we got at alot.

    But as soon we got any open casting call for Avenue Models i will let her know 🙂 (if i ever get her name then except being anonymous *grins*)

  116. sosha Says:

    Hi Kryptonia,
    I do agree AVENUE seems a top notch agency,but i think you are missing what Anonymous is trying to ask,I think she wants to know if its possible to be hired by AVENUE without actually taking classes from the agency.Not if she will be auto
    hired after completing courses.

  117. Anonymous Says:

    kryptonia Says:
    May 8, 2009 at 3:11 am
    Dear Anonymous, It is a known fact that is made on all academy notecards for enrollment that being a graduate from our academy does not necessarily mean you will automatically be enlisted in the Models group.


    Dear Kryptonia,
    Obviously, being graduated from a modeling academy is not a guarantee for being hired by that agency. What i meant besides was that attending the school is maybe the only way to get a chance of being hired, since i haven’t hear of any open calls so far. This was not for critic, was just a statement. Ave is still my Mith:))

  118. kryptonia Says:

    Anonymous Says:April 30, 2009 at 5:41 am
    Ahhh Avenue.. my mith.. i wish i could model there.. but wonder if there s a way to be hired without frequenting its own modeling school …

    Dear Anonymous, It is a known fact that is made on all academy notecards for enrollment that being a graduate from our academy does not necessarily mean you will automatically be enlisted in the Models group.

    Successful graduates will be reviewed by instructors and undergo a further review of their portfolio and interview to ensure they meet the standards and qualities that AVENUE Models is seeking for in the models to represent.

  119. I’m an AVENUE girl. Rusch has surrounded herself with talented, professional people and it shows. This is the most dynamic agency I have been involved with. Time for me is unfortunately limited now in SL; however, if you are prepared to put in the work, take on various projects and have time to respond to the audition processes to obtain work, you will do very, very well at AVENUE. It’s a non-political, drama-free organisation which is quite rare in SL. I wish AVENUE all the best because they have their collective finger on the pulse and surely deserve it.

  120. Chamonix Boudreaux Says:

    A wonderful top notch organization, I am proud to part of the Avenue Team.

  121. Anonymous Says:

    Ahhh Avenue.. my mith.. i wish i could model there.. but wonder if there s a way to be hired without frequenting its own modeling school …

  122. AVENUE clearly is one of the top agencies in SL, and I am so proud to be one of its models:) My time at the modeling academy was thoroughly enjoyable and the teachers are simply wonderful and help you learn many valuable things any SL model must know…a special toink to Kryptonia *giggles:) also, the shows are extremely well produced and very entertaining; having recently modeled for AVENUE for the first time I can say that the agency keeps all of the promises that the modeling academy makes. A professional team, a great family, and the fun plays an important part as well. I give it a passing grade;)

  123. AVENUE Model Traine...hopefully soon to be model hired Says:

    My experience with AVENUE is nothing but postive…this is the most reputed agency I have researched and Summer, EmmZ, Kryptonia and Rusch have always been professional, supportive and informative. Yes, the have high standards and push your perfection but Avenue produces some of the best models out there. It would be an honor to be invited to join the Avenue family!!! I highly recommend reading the magazine regularly and attend the academy.

  124. Seashell Dench Says:

    What to say about Avenue?
    Just experience every second you can, watch carefully, wether we are trainees (in my case, right now), or an Avenue Model , you can also be a SL Fasion Designer or if you just watch an Avenue Fashion Show…
    If you really, really pay attention… oh dear… no more words needed.
    Just go there, you have several choices: join as Model Trainee, watch Avenue’s Fashion Shows, work with the Agency as a Designer, whatever you do at Avenue. Personally, I watch every detail carefully…
    It’s all in details 🙂 Avenue knows it very very well 😉

    Ty so much Avenue (and I mean everybody, really!)
    Seashell Dench

  125. Tempest Rosca Says:

    Am loving my time with Avenue – I was a graduated from the the Academy and have recently been taken on as a model:) The agency is fun, informative and very professional and during my time at the academdy, all the teachers were of an excellent standard and made themselves accessible ! Thank you to all 🙂 Highly recommended

  126. Liane Maertens Says:

    wow only anonymous? ok i love to work with Avenue, wish i could do more photos for the magazine as i am being doing, lets hope i can get more jobs.
    I love to do the shows and work with great top models. The people that organaize are fabulous and very profecional, last show was amazingly done. The catwalks always a nice surprise…
    go go AVENUE!

  127. Anonymous Says:

    An extraordinary modeling agency with a high class academy. I enjoy every second of my experience within Avenue and I can’t thank Rusch, everyone on staff and the models enough for all the wonderful things it has done for me.

  128. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic, in-depth modeling academy with professional, patient, and extremely helpful teachers. The agency put on simply some of the most top notch shows and events in SL. I would recommend them to anyone.

  129. Anonymous Says:

    Graduate of Avenue Modeling Academy.
    Excellent teachers with a great deal of experience behind them. Everything is done professionally and their reputation is tops, Highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about sl modeling.

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