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  1. Popcorn Please Says:

    So the great war between Frolic and Avenue has begun. It is clear who has no idea about real fashion and only knows insipid pageants with bland pretty faces that you can’t tell apart once you take the wig off their head. Like Punchitoti who has nothing memorable about her at all. Only one of these two monster agencies has any edge or idea about true fashion and style. And its not Boulevard no matter how much Finesmith they wear. This will be interesting to watch.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Whats happen to this agecy? good before now lame since hiring. no good models


    BOSL FASHION WEEK starts September 18th!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    F.Y.I. DebbieDoo Tigerfish over at CWS is spreading all sorts of vicious lies about Frolic Mills. They are very upset their models are leaving to seek out better training elsewhere.

  5. fashion observer Says:

    And to honestly:

    I remember BOSL gave out the entire MVW collection in 2008 and THEN Modavia started to advertise their giveaway!

    Get your history right my friend!

  6. fashion observer Says:

    So I see that Modavia staff keeps attacking BOSL for the troubles they had. This is such a shame.

    Modavia people, be proud of what you did even if a REAL designer attacked you publicly in this website. But stop this nonsense with BOSL. It’s not their fault.

    BOSL people stop trying to justify yourselves, you don’t need to. People with eyes saw, clapped and were thrilled with your efforts.

    That’s all !

  7. Honestly Says:

    I Love Fashion,
    first of all, “All the fashion blogs” seems pretty vague. I did not see that on “All the fashion blogs”. I would say BOSL blog and one or two others. Which is OK. Unless you have a precise idea of fashion blogs which is different from mine.

    I am talking about the press release and SL groups (which you claim to have been properly spammed). I was actually just in the BOSL Magazine readers group, so no, cannot speak for others, but I guess that what was advertised there was all they did.

    Anyway all I saw was a press release containing just the name of the shows.

    Why do I insist on the press release? Because it is the one that everyone reads WEEKS before the event. Not a post A DAY before it. I hope you can see my point and the difference between the two things.

    And I remark that copying the giveaway idea from your main competitor agency is not such a smart move. Not illegal of course, but very lame. But if this is your idea of originality, “unique pose choosing” and stellar promotion, I am fine with that.

    So no, that does not improve my opinion. Not that anybody cares, I am sure, but I know what I say. Just stating that. However I think I covered all the things that for me had a total lack of common sense.

    Happy SL to everybody.

  8. I Love Fashion Says:

    To Honestly,

    Actually, all the designers of the YSL show were advertised and mentioned in all the fashion blogs and SL groups as well as during the show.

    Here is an example (the BOSL blog) where the designers were mentioned:

  9. Honestly Says:

    “To Honesty,
    For all of the exhibition type shows we did such as the 20′s and 50′s shows, we based the scripts on strict styling cards and every item that the models wore were mentioned. So I don’t understand where you got “everybody ignored their presence from”.”

    Indeed. I got it from the fact that no one had any clue of who were these designers before the event. For example, in the press release and in anything which was object of spam. This can be totally justified for the period shows, since advertising all those mix&matches would have surely been hell, but for YSL shows, where designers even provided new creations? That is where, for me, the fact that it was free does not justify the non-promotion. So BOSL got way more promotion than designers did, in the end.

    “Objective: showcase our models and their styling to promote the agency while showcasing creations from some of the great designers in SL”

    And however, no way that using this event to promote an agency and a beauty pageant finalists is correct, even if in small part. But it’s just my opinions/feelings. Which are questionable, of course.

    Additionally, I noticed that at the end of the BOSL Fashion Week there was an event where some outfits were “given away” through a raffle ball to some lucky winners. Maybe it is just me, but that reminds me something.

    However, thank you for taking the disturb to answer.

  10. Its a game Says:

    C’mon people it’s a game so who cares who did better than the other , get over it as long as everyone had fun and a laugh thats all that counts.

  11. Kay Fairey Says:

    I am not commenting on whether BOSL was better or Modavia was better because I am not in a position to do so. But let me just straighten out some facts.

    To Honesty,
    For all of the exhibition type shows we did such as the 20’s and 50’s shows, we based the scripts on strict styling cards and every item that the models wore were mentioned. So I don’t understand where you got “everybody ignored their presence from”.

    To all,
    There were 3 types of shows roughly.
    1. Designer sponsored solo shows.
    Objective: to show the designers creations and to promote them. (Milky House, Mea Culpa, Shiki Shows)
    2. Boulevard Agency presentation shows.
    Objective: showcase our models and their styling to promote the agency while showcasing creations from some of the great designers in SL. Models were mainly cast from Boulevard models and filled with MVW finalists when we needed more. In these shows, outfits were given to models to style (Urban, Haute Couture, YSL Shows)
    3. MVW finalist exhibition shows.
    Objective: to showcase and promote MVW and MVW finalists. This was also part of their challenge and they were required to style themselves. Because of this objective, no designers were selected by us and styling was done purely by the models who picked thier own brands to style and therefore, none of the items were given to them. Models were casted mainly from MVW finalists and filled with Boulevard models if needed. (20’s and 50’s shows)

    Only for the 50’s show, there was one more objective since this was a show concept I had been warming in my mind for about a year and it was, in fact, my dream show. And that was to just do a show that was fun for all. It was indeed fun for the models, fun for the audience and it was, actually, fun for me, the host and the DJ too! So my instructions to the models were first and foremost to have fun themselves and to think how they could make it fun for the audience.

    Overall objective of BOSL Fashion Week: To showcase fashion events that BOSL can execute and to promote BOSL. This was why the shows were free except for sponsored solo shows in which the designers, in return, got the whole show to promote their brands with the added publicity coming from Fashion Week.

    So each show had its own objective and stategy, which is why it would be hard to lump them all into one and comment on them.

    I hope this gives you all a clearer idea.

    Thank you. 🙂

  12. SL Designer Says:

    The fact remains that most designers and models are much more happy with the quality and presentation of the shows at BOSL than Modavia. I care more about QUALITY, not quantity. I don’t care how many shows modavia does in a day. I care more about how my designs and name are presented in the show. BOSL did it best. Modavia might be more related to RL fashion shows but they are boring. I feel that in SL, we can do it better. This is SL…we can do so much more.

  13. Honestly Says:

    I thoroughly agree with CC. BOSL Fashion Week was a very bad promotion of those MVW finalists.

    And I think that having designers not paying for a show does not justify the fact that everybody ignored their presence in that event. That is just lame as an excuse: “You don’t pay, so we can do what we want and be lazy and not accurate.” Epic fail.

    And seriously, asking a land to host their show is not that effort to me. The land gets traffic, they don’t pay and don’t care if there is one sim only, and done. I don’t really mind to be honest, but it’s not a fashion week.

  14. X-Modavia Client Says:


    Exactly how tough would it be for you to:

    1) Stand on a photo studio pose stand

    2) Pick ONE pose you like

    3) Start taking pictures of every hair in your inventory without changing the pose, or background or any other part of your outfit and repeating it for ALL of your hair?

    Sounds very straight forward to me.

    Shake, stir, repeat. Basic stuff without a lot of imagination applied. That’s what Modavia did.

    Compare that to:

    1) Searching for a unique location

    2) Choosing a unique pose for every shot

    3) Changing your ENTIRE outfit for every picture

    4) Varying the point of view/angle, times of day, windlight settings, props and frame of your own simple, mind for each and every shot you take.

    That describes, in a very rough way admittedly, what you’re trying to say and it doesn’t pass my sniff test.


  15. CC Says:

    To Outsiders View:

    My perspective of both Fashion Weeks is not of a designer. So, I really don’t care on whose door, designers will knock in the future. I even think that designers will knock on another great Model Agency in SL.

    I recall that Modavia is mostly dedicated to print model work, with MFD. Once a year, Modavia presents Fashion Shows.

    Honestly, do you think we care how many sims boslers have? To own sims in SL only gives people the power to own land – meaning, real money to pay for 10 sims (if that is true).

    The point is not how many shows Modavia did or Boulevard did. My point was which Fashion Week was closer to RL. I also watched both Fashion Weeks. Modavia was happening at the exact same time as NY Fashion Week. That matters to me. Not how many sims does someone have, but the ability to organize at least 4 shows a day, during en entire week. That means quality in terms of team work, great organization skills to manage all models, outfits, designers, etc. This is quality. A group of people that can pull this together, even if there are some mistakes which is natural, that is an achievement.

    I repeat, boslers didn’t do it. Modavia did. Period.
    And, no, there is no way boslers can do 40 shows if they want to, cause they don’t have the team to do it. Kay Fairey does an amazing job, but she can’t do everything on her own. So, what’s the use of having 10 or 20 sims, when the 2 sims Modavia has and a great work team, provided SL with a Fashion Week at the same time as NYFW?

    Boulevard Agency is a means to promote MVW pageant which is, a we all know, a beauty pageant, not a model competition. Most of those ladies can’t model, except those who are alts of former SL Models.

  16. ? Says:

    I see. Thank you for your answer. So this confirms it was more focused on Boulevard models and MVW finalists promotion than on designers, as natural as it is, since it is difficult to make a good promotion plan if designers are not paying (I guess). It also explains why different sims were involved as settings.

    Thanks for clarifying this for me. I had few doubts on the matter.

  17. Kay Fairey Says:

    To ?

    No those were not paid either.

  18. I loved it! Says:


  19. ? Says:

    Outsider’s view: you are very aggressive, it looks like you have some personal trouble with anyone not liking this Fashion Week. Thank God you’re not a fan ahah

    I didn’t. That is also just my opinion, I am just not insulting you 🙂

    Already said why in my previous comment here. Maybe a nice event for someone. Maybe cool settings for others (I just liked one). But totally not a Fashion Week.

  20. Outsider's view Says:

    I am no fan of Modavia nor BOSL, but I did attend both fashion weeks and while I agree we (the audience) should be greatful for all efforts made, I believe BOSL made a better fashion week.

    Each show was beautiful and I know for a fact every designer featured as a solo was VERY satisfied. Not the case of Modavia.

    To CC: “I cannot imagine boslers organize at least 4 shows a day, during a whole week. If they are so good, why didn’t they do it?”

    BOSL can’t produce 4 shows a day? LOL – they now have 10 sims, they could produce 40 shows a day if they wanted to.

    For Mr. Mills is all about quality NOT quantity. And honestly, so am I. I prefer 1 quality dress at 1000L$ than 1000 freebies. Then again, that’s just me.

    To ?: “I had no clue of the designers in them until the host announced their names. I even asked around, and no one apparently did. And it could have also been 1,000$L… still seems lack of respect.”

    You are just not very bright – Are you? These shows were advertised as time period shows (the 20’s and the 50’s) and the shows were all about styling. And they DID name every designer involved in the stylings during the shows and they did them for FREE!

    I enjoyed these shows more than any of the others exept maybe for the finale, and honestly trying desperately to fault-find in a fashion week that was filled of beautiful details is just wrong.

    I appreciated both efforts and I don’t agree with all these criticisms towards Modavia nor BOSL. But I do have a feeling that at the end of the day, designers will be knocking at BOSL’s door FAR more than Modavia.

    That’s just my opinion.

  21. ? Says:

    Oh no, I did not refer to the Vintage Show or the Urban one, were models styled their own outfits, but to the YSL show or the Haute Couture Show, for example.

    I thought you were presenting mixed designers there, whom were worth a mention for me.
    They did not pay too then?

    So the Fashion Week was basically a presentation of 3/4 designers and then just Boulevard models and Miss Virtual World finalists?

  22. Kay Fairey Says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention. We didn’t postpone. That was a rescheduling of our shows since we got one more show added to the Fashion Week after we made the first announcement (the SHIKI show) and it worked better for all of us including the added designer. So everybody was happy. 🙂

  23. Kay Fairey Says:

    There were no charges for the mixed shows. Those were presentation shows for either the Boulevard models or the MVW finalists and nobody was asked to pay.

    The 20K-25KL prices are for the regular solo shows.

    And for those who took the trouble to come to any of our shows, thank you very much. 🙂 In no way are we perfect, but we did work hard and wish to improve in our next event.

  24. ? Says:

    Wait a minute… 20,000$L – 25,000$L for not even being mentioned in the press release, in the mixed shows part(except if one bought a full solo show)? Oh boy. I have not attended all shows but regarding the mixed ones I watched, I had no clue of the designers in them until the host announced their names. I even asked around, and no one apparently did. And it could have also been 1,000$L… still seems lack of respect.

    I can’t imagine how difficult it may be to manage 9 shows. But postponing the final one means something wrong on the organisation part is going on there… and well, just my point of view, but using the Fashion Week to promote Miss Virtual World does not look very fair. I mean the shows where there was no focus on a particular designer (or many of the 80 designers you people are claiming), but models styling their own outfits for it.

    Not to speak about models and audience on the same sim and of the host asking to zoom on the girls to avoid lag (since no one could see one thing).

    But well, points of view. I guess everyone has their own targets and preferences. This has been my experience.

  25. Carla Says:

    Spending $L12,000 or more on a virtual agency to produce a virtual show seems like a ridiculous amount. Let’s hope all of these designers actually recoup these expenses by a wide margin through sales related to these shows.

  26. X-Modavia Client Says:

    A simple fact of life.

    Business = Competition (whether it’s in SL or RL)

    There are only so many $Lindens to go around. Choices have to be made by the people investing those $Lindens in their businesses. Hard ones.

    $L12,000 for a, cookie cutter, run of the mill, Modavia, 4 in a day, production? Or $20 – 25,000+ for a stellar, one of a kind, Boulevard or AVENUE extravaganza? Who’ll promote it better? Where do you get the best bang for the investment of $Lindens and time? Who is more open and accessible? Poptart or Frolic or Rusch?

    The smart money says to itself, “Why should I be buried in the middle of a bunch of shows, all crammed in during the week when no one is around anyway when I can do one in prime-time on the weekend and really get myself noticed? It’s a no brainer.

    Have you noticed that many, formerly, notable members of the SL design community are dropping out these days? Between rampant:

    A) Copybotting, that LL chooses to allow

    B) People fleeing SL because of Viewer 2 and Emerald shenanigans

    C) Frustrations over lag and script changes,

    lots of designers are tightening up on where they spend their noticeably less available $Lindens.

    So stating that there is no competition between various promotional venues in SL is laughable at best and specious at worst. You can say that all you want, it’s BS and smart people will see that for themselves.

    Look around.

  27. BOSL & CO Says:

    This was not a competition at all. Fashion weeks, both in RL and SL, is all about bringing new concepts forward.

    Modavia did their thing on a different week all together, BOSL did it their way.

    I think Modavia’s efforts were valid as were BOSL’s.

    Honestly, there is no need to compare them.

    BOSL Management

  28. Fashion Educator Says:

    So speaks one who knows about slinging trash and could educate us all.

    You’re absolutely right though. When it comes to fashion, fashion shows and doing their job there is no comparison.

  29. Mavi Beck Says:

    Like someone said below, it’s not a competition, to each their own way.
    Modavia did it their way, BOSL did it a different way some may like one or the other version better. End of story; the trashing is petty and unnecessary and really proofs how childish people can be. I just wish I could see more people posting here without hiding behind anonymity.

  30. Fashion Educator Says:

    And this is exactly what happens when uneducated people attempt to inform the general populace of Second Life.

    Comparing real life fashion shows to Second Life fashion shows is like comparing apples to oranges. They serve completely different purposes.

    In real life fashion shows are not meant for the normal consumer. They are meant for department stores, a place where they can all gather and view the new season’s collections and decide what to purchase to place in their stores. An example for those that may need it would be Macy’s and Bloomingdales. The wealthy also attend the extremely high end fashion shows simply because they are the only ones who are able to afford the fashions displayed.

    In Second Life, as we have no Macy’s and Bloomingdales to sell designers clothing, designers are forced to market their own material to the general populace. And that is the purpose of fashion shows in Second Life. They have NO other purpose other than to market the collections and give another avenue of advertisement for the designers.

    Modavia failed miserably on this account. Their shows were cold, boring and completely lacking any form of imagination that is required to embed the seed of curiosity and desire within a consumers mind. It is imperative that agencies create a lasting impression on consumers. Even more important is providing an avenue of purchase to the collections displayed verses preventing consumers from accessing the only place on the grid the collections are available.

    BOSL produced eight quality shows, all unique in their own right, showcasing over 80 designers in total if you take the time to count every item that was worn through out the week. Modavia may have produced four shows a day compared to BOSL’s one a day but how many designers in total were showcased for Modavia? In fact, if we’re comparing numbers BOSL featured more designers in ONE show than Modavia did in an entire week. One of BOSL’s shows showcased twice as many designers as Modavia did during the entire week.

    So, now that we’ve been educated on the difference between real life and Second Life fashion shows, apples and oranges and the proper way to project numbers I’d like to suggest to designers, new and old that you educate yourself on what exactly it is you’re paying for… apples or oranges?

    Brava BOSL on a spectacular display of creativity and professionalism. Thank you for reminding those who may have forgotten who the Best of Second Life truly are.

  31. CC Says:

    No, not at all. I can’t agree that the boslers have buried la Poptart at all.

    Plus, I didn’t realize that this was a competition between two agencies.
    One of them is clearly dedicated to an amazing fashion magazine inworld and the other is just one more model agency in SL.

    There is nothing to cheer about Boulevard. There is also no reason to downgrade Modavia, because simply, they are completely different.

    This is not a fight between Mills and Lilliehook.

    Just a question, in terms of what we call “Fashion weeks” in SL; in RL, New York Fashion Week had how many shows? one a day? or several a day?

    If we have to compare, having SL working closer to RL events, Modavia did it best.

    I cannot imagine boslers organize at least 4 shows a day, during a whole week. If they are so good, why didn’t they do it? Poptart and her team DID!

    They made some mistakes? Yes, they did! what other way is there to learn? people must do things, even if mistakes are made.
    Next time, they will be more experienced, more effective in what they do.
    So, you see? Nothing to compare. Boslers are doing just a few shows and that’s it.
    yayyy yayyyy

  32. ROTFL Says:

    X-Modavia Client: Ass licking much?

  33. X-Modavia Client Says:

    I’d say, without any reservations, that BOSL and Co. have buried Modavia and Le Pooptart this week.

    The originality, professionalism and sheer joy these people have brought to each of these shows was a breath of fresh air to the audience who were praying for salvation from the mundane, and shopworn, efforts of that previous week.

    While, there are many out there who have a sense of (misguided and not returned) loyalty, perhaps with Dea Mills memory lurking in the back of their minds, to the once indomitable Modavia, that ship has sailed. Modavia does not rule the waves of SL fashion any longer.

    Ms. Lilliehook’s lack of communication, her unwillingness, or, worse, inability, to respond to the deluge of criticism in a timely and public manner bespeaks the attitude of someone who thinks she is above it all. How sad for those who paid so much and received so little in return. the question is this, “Do they even read what they paid so much to be part of?” Alas, most don’t.

    Long Live BOULEVARD and BOSL!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Fashion Lover Says:

    Fashion Week should cover everything, not just couture.
    I think the BOSL Urban Show fits perfectly well with fashion week. This is not the typical urban ghetto show. It was a very nice show with a high end amazing urban set. A lot of Top Supermodels. One of my favorites so far.

  35. fashion observer Says:

    I am not gonna be that easy. I will do a better review:

    1. Japanese show was interesting and original.
    2. Versailles show I didin’t see, but I heard it was really laggy.
    3. Urban show I didin’t see. But I think Urban shows should not be scheduled on fashion weeks.
    4. Mea Culpa was beautiful! And having Brett Linden there was a really nice touch. I overheard Tatanka saying this was the best show ever organized for him.
    5. We will have to see about the rest.

    Just a fashionista!

  36. SL Fashionista Says:

    BOSL Fashion Week ROCKS!

    The shows are very creative.
    Each set is fantastic and fits perfectly with the theme.
    The models and designers are excellent.

    Great Job.

  37. fashion observer Says:

    What a great way to start fashion week for BOSL! An intimate gathering of friends looking out for the absolutely beautiful works of Sequanna Kid. I loved it!

    All done in the most beautiful apartment I have ever seen.

    Very Beautiful. Congrats!!

  38. Melinda Bluxome Says:

    Not that any of that matters any idiot knows what I stated its truly common sense and if you cant realize that then you’re pathetic!

  39. Melinda Bluxome Says:

    I am the Editor-In-Chief of CW Magazine (Launching in September) and an Editor for Mogul Magazine (Launching in October) I am an Event Coordinator for MVX Skymall, also a Sales Associate for Crystalwood promotions.

  40. Thanatos Says:


    Who are you again?

  41. Melinda Bluxome Says:

    I think it is fair to say I am neutral. I am rather new in the SL Fashion World, however I have learned quick. It is unfortunate to learn of these “spats” because true or not, it tarnishes the reputation of the companies, and makes their owners and management look HORRIBLY unprofessional. I would like to give BOSL&CO and Modavia the benefit of the doubt (though I’m sure it doesnt matter to them if I do) and that is what I shall do. Also slandering the crap out of agencies like these is really a waste of time because at the end of the day we’re nameless grid walkers and they’re them! Also if you’re going to do it be mature about it.

  42. Dear Lola Says:

    Lolita Dear:

    1. I’ve been modeling for Boulevard Agency since it first opened in 2007. Return clothes? Unheard off!

    2. Frolic doing photo shoots for articles? Wrong again. Umberto Giano (Editor in chief) does that.

    3.A model and a writer by the name of Lola? Not a chance.

    4. BOSL taking over Runway? Seriously woman, wake up and read the story again. You missed out how he was just invited by runway staff to try and save the magazine. He never wanted the damm thing.

    5. Rico misses you and has been waiting for you at the Copacabana!

    Get a life and stop your anon lies!

  43. Lola Says:

    I gave my everything to Boulevard, BOSL and MVW (which is rigged btw). Not only did I work for peanuts as a writer for the magazine but I also was part of several photo shoots which took 2+ hours only to find none of my pictures were chosen to be published in the magazine, I had to return the clothing and I received no compensation for my time. The fashion shows are so few and far in between you can barely call this a modeling agency at all. And since I worked behind the scenes for the magazine I can promise you Frolic almost always hand picks his favorite models for the articles. There are NO castings. What makes it all even worse is you will rarely even get a “thank you” from Mr. Frolic unless you are on his long list of ass kissers.

    Then we have the issue of him twice, in the last year, giving the ultimatum to his models to choose between Boulevard or Modavia (or Avenue) because of his arrogant infighting and unprofessional dealings with other agencies. Let’s also not forget his famous attempted hostile takeover of Runway. So if you want to be Boulevard models…great! But don’t kid yourself. All you are working towards is the ability to crown a title over your name that says BLVD Top Model and you can prance around the grid flipping your ego around just like Mr. Frolic. Hope it is worth it to you.

  44. Sharron Schuman Says:

    The odd thing about this thread is that if some of you posting checked profiles and knew a little history you would find that many of the MODAVIA and BLVD shows have been produced,styled and directed by the same people. Set design hasn’t been by the same people, but all the rest of the show has been in many cases many of the same people for the other part of the creative team for the past two years.

    MADD puts on some of the most creative shows in sl. Not often, but always unique and inspiring.

  45. Pretty Ytteb Says:

    Betty Betty Betty…why you gotta be so UgLy?

    Like I said on the AVENUE post about what you said there…

    Boulevard does amazing shows (which you agreed, and said as well).

    Now of course, their shows might have less attendance if it was not for The BOSL Magazine Readers group, as it has over 1000 members and notices regarding their shows are sent out there. Their agency might (strong might) not be as grand if it was not for BOSL, but still, they do a great job and are up there.

    However, Kay and the team at Boulevard do a great job.

    Miss Virtual World is also an amazing contest, and their modeling academy should be great. Some of Boulevard’s greatness may come from this, may not.


    Regarding Modavia…

    Yes, Modavia is also a top agency.

    Their MFD Modavia Fashion Directory is amazing (however, I’d reccomend Intelli, because you can’t go back to wear you left off if the THiNC book detaches).

    I did not attend the Modavia Fashion Week. Although I heard from reputable sources that it was an awesome event, and I saw the list of designers — definately some of SL’s finest.


    To Crazy & Ugly…

    I do not think Betty ever said that they were similar. She pretty much stated that they were opposite as she said Boulevard was horrible and Modavia was the best.

    The Modavia Supermodels, Modavia, does more than just the Fashion Directory.

    I’ve seen pics (and like I said previously, heard from reputable people) of the Modavia Fashion Week. The pics I saw looked great! Really, if my friends were accurate with their description and the pics aren’t some-how fake, I think they pulled off the Fashion Week quite well. — as did the BOSL Fashion Week.

    I will agree, however, that Boulevard does great shows, because I’ve seen them.



    Ugly has her opinions, so be it.

    I have mine:

    Boulevard does some of the best shows.

    Miss Virtual World and MVW Model Academy are and will be great.

    BOSL Magazine rocks, and has a great team behind it.

    Modavia is a wonderful agency, I love their Fashion Directory and have heard and seen wonderful things about the Fashion Week.

    That’s all! 🙂

  46. Hot and hotter Says:

    Crazy and Ugly, you probably have never seen a show by Mad agency 🙂

  47. Crazy and Ugly Says:

    LOL ugly betty!

    Seems like you are a bit confused. It’s fine you have heard more about Modavia, but to compare the two, is like comparing appples and pears.

    Modavia is a fashion directory. Blvd agency is a model agency …Yes, Modavia tries to do shows too, and they are the crapiest shows in all of second life!

    And I mean Horrible!

    Boulevard agency does the most innovative shows on the grid, and yes it gets people upset, but it’s the truth!

    Take care 🙂

    And btw, Boulevard has little to do with bosl, BOSL is a magazine not a model agency! And Boulevard Agency holds its own with or withought BOSL. In fact, it gets more paid shows than any other model agency on the grid!

  48. Ugly Betty Says:

    Well…I can certainly say that I have heard more about Modavia than Boulevard. And that I have more respect for Modavia than Boulevard.

    I also can say that Boulevard is ONLY famous because it shot out of BOSL’s ass. Had it not been for BOSL and all of their connections and brown-nosers and ass-kissers…Boulevard would be nothing.

    Sure this agency does wonderful shows, and is ultrafamous. Plus it has connections with SL’s biggest designers. But really…it is built up on Frolic’s thrown.

    Please do NOT bow down!

  49. 122 21 Says:

    rofl – Pop and Frolic shows their true colours I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT – i can´t believe the kissing up for these kind of people that go on year after year, WAKE UP FOR HEAVENS SAKE – and get out of these two agencies yourself people!!!!!!!!

  50. Anon Says:

    Instead of being superior Folic involved even more people Who had nothing to’ do with this. This is not reasonable at all, it’s actually a stupid, childish and petty revenge.

  51. anon Says:

    I am not defending Frolic’s decision to force people to make the choice between Boulevard and Modavia.. BUT.. he at least gave the choice – Pop from Modavia was the first to start sacking people because of their association with Frolic (the first being Payton whilst in the middle of running Modavia Fashion week almost single-handedly) – next Kay who has done so much work for Pop it’s unbelievable and the latest Barbarella – who has also done a fair amount for Pop. Pop did not give the choice even. Pay was fired simply for walking in BOSL fashion week.

    Pop handed Frolic the reason to do this on a plate.

    Besides.. Pop models for other agencies.. so there is no logical explanation other than their personal fights..

    Of course it is the agency’s right to employ (or not) whomever they wish.. but this situation should never have arisen.. Pop was the one that started abusing her ‘power’ by unjustly firing people that had no involvement in her spats with Frolic.

  52. no name Says:

    just to be clear there are two “no names” that were entered by two separate people. the first response was for boulevard since it is the boulevard agency report entry.

  53. no name Says:

    I also do realize it’s Poptart’s childish acts which caused this drama, but I am also not going to defend Frolic on this.

    Anyway … each to his/her own !

  54. no name Says:

    I think Frolic is an immature bully who bans people out-of-hand. How many dramas have happened in the last year that revolved around Mr. Mills? Asking Boulevard models to leave other modeling agencies because, for example, the current drama started because he felt slighted because his boyfriend who is not invited to join that agency is just childish.

    How much exposure does Boulevard give their models? Is it really enough to just belong to Boulevard where they do occasional runway shows and almost no exposure for models in the magazine? Is it just bragging rights?

    I’m just so confused about why people defend Frolic when the evidence is piling up that he’s so unprofessional.

  55. Philadelphia karu Says:

    I saw the BOSL FASHION WEEK 2009 and I must say it was beyond and above anything I ve ever seen in SL fashion. And I ve seen a LOT!

  56. Beyonce Kuhn Says:

    Bravo to the people in charge! Fabulous agency from where i stand with all the top models in sl!


  57. Wenadrenia Soderstrom Says:

    This agency has the top notch personel in sl. Everyone who is a part should be honored! Every presentation is spectacular…bravo Boulevard!!!


  58. Kay Fairey Says:

    I love this agency altho they don’t do many shows…and yes the ones they do are great and I’m proud to be a member here. 🙂

  59. Wanna-Be BLVD Model Says:

    Omg I know they dont do too many shows but i love the ones they do do. And i hear they have a bunch of castins for ads and stuff

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