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  1. Polemikos Says:

    So Ms. Lacie “Founder of Catalyst of Fantasy” Beningborough directed her 2nd annual “Adopt A Family” fashion/auction fundraising event on the 21st of December. It was held at the stunning new Patch Thiebaud Auditorium which Frolic Mills of BOSL was kind enough to provide along with quite a few of the Miss Virtual World contenders and Miss Virtual World 2011 herself, Serne Faith, who’d barely had time to take a breath after that marathon event.

    I assume that “Adopt A Family” raised a few $Lindens. As a side comment, in the course of it Lacie also raised a few model’s blood pressure with her venomous tirades, vocal histrionics and remonstrances that “she didn’t have time to train them to walk a runway” during the rehearsals (like she’s such a pro herself), I’m told she, subsequently, apologized for her in-voice , stress-laden tantrums. Good one.

    Lacie promoted “Adopt a Family” madly in advance. including getting herself on the cover of Pure Magazine as the “Woman of the Month” in the December issue, not that that is a bad thing really. But wait. Silly me, it was supposed to be about giving to others not promoting yourself Lacie. You could have suggested that the cover be devoted to the “Adopt A family” event and gotten it that much more attention. Didn’t even consider that one though didja?

    Anyway. now a full week has gone by and not a word has been said to anyone about the final amounts raised. One would think that this info would have been out there the next day. We, the people who, actually, contributed want to know whether any families have actually been given so much as a single $linden.

    Transparency is a good thing Lacie. It’s time to let people know how this year’s “Adopt A Family” wrapped up. Set Skyler aside and finish this up. You were claiming it was going to raise L$750,000 (up from the L$450,000 it raised in 2009) and would help a bunch of families. Tell us the good news.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    and now back to our regularly scheduled programming

  2. A model in the show Says:

    Lacie did that set. She designed it and had the builder build it and she is the one who paid for it. Go ask the builder. She also choreographed it, had an awesome soundtrack, and left it , with just the rehearsals needing to be done, with Ana and staff, that , again , Lacie paid for. Ana and staff just carried it out, but without the choreography or the soundtrack and with Ana SCREAMING at the CoF models that they were not professional enough, and not good enough to be Opium models.Ana took the awesome fun totally CoF walk and turned it into a boring “go out pose get the hell off the runway” walk. The funny part is that half the CoF models ARE Opium models, well, at least they were till CoF died under the new management.Funny #2 is Ana herself BEGGED to join CoF at a casting last year. Funny how that is . You really should get the facts before you post. I was in that show, and I know what happened there.

  3. Vichonette Says:

    Wow… we saw two entirely different shows, then, ’cause I thoroughly enjoyed the Creepy show I watched.

  4. Sighs Says:

    And now we have Nave posing as Splendide. He just never quits. And Ana has joined him to trash CoF. LMFAO. If you two are going to try to be anonymous on here, you should really be more careful about what you post. Shows who the two rats are here I would think. The creepy latex show was a complete disastor BTW. It was an embarassment to the designer, and a chore for the models. Nice set though, but that was about it. Have fun Ana and Nave, let’s hope you both swallow each other up.

  5. Splendide Mendax Says:

    As it sinks into the murk whence it came a lone voice calls out:

    Rest in peace C of F

    We hardly knew ye

    (and LOL-WTF) Ana takes the credit for everything she possibly can. Your problem is simple though, lots of people know the truth about who did what and pull your sheets, with glee, whenever you spout off. You of all people know you didn’t direct that C of F show don’t you????

    You and Lacie were like 2 rats dropped into a metal box together. When you do that and come back a few days later, there is only one rat left and some turds scattered around as evidence of the other. Fitting fate for your co-conspirator ehhhh?

    BTW, didn’t you swear you weren’t going to post on AgencyReport anymore?

  6. LOL-Wtf? Says:

    PAH! I saw it, It wasnt even By COF, that cage one, It was by OPIUM.It was when COF and Opium did a partnership deal and Anastacia ran COF. Anastacia takes all the credit for this.


  7. Vichonette Says:

    Obviously spoken by someone who has never seen or participated in a CoF show. Catalyst of Fantasy has put on some of the most well-produced shows in SL. Anyone who saw their Creepy latex show can easily attest to this fact, as it was a veritable feast for the eyes, from the models in cages and spiderwebs to those strutting their stuff on the stage. Incredible designs, phenomenal styling, fascinating scripting, flawless posing (OK, I’ll admit, one or two models weren’t exactly up to par on the posing, but most were impeccable)… all these things combined to make one exceptional show.

    I expect CoF will continue in this vein, and have every confidence in them; and I’m proud to be a part of this agency.

  8. LOL-Wtf? Says:

    HAHAHA! What a sad excuse for a models agency.
    Producing pure crap by the hour. Actually Wait?! They don’t produce anything – Shows? Events? Not even crap!? Lets see if this agency can get any trashier with this new owner.

    xxxx. The Fabulous – LOL-Wtf?

  9. Kirby Says:

    Donnattella does not realise when she is unfair. She so unfair, I help her with so many thing. Lets stop with the fullofself-ness now.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I did a casting with this, and i do gotta say, they got there priorities straight, and they know what they want. I didnt make it, but will try again when the time comes, but i would’ve liked to know what i did wrong during it, if anything. But whatever, this group looks great and has nice looking staff and great possabilities!

  11. Ugly Betty Says:

    Donnatella, you really need to re-read my comment (plus I don’t think English is her first language.)

    If you still think I am attacking CoF or Lacie, then have someone translate it to your native language for you.

    Ty “careful.”

  12. Thinking it over Says:

    U gots to spel bad fur Donnatella to unnerstan u.

    an don’t pik on her, urrr him, (whatever she is) or she will remak ur avatar in a fugly way. tht is her/his job.

    she/he has issues too

  13. A careful reader Says:

    Dear High Strung…err…Donnatella Couturier,
    My goodness, you really need to read Ugly Betty’s comment again. It’s obvious that you didn’t read past the first paragraph. The “drama” she refers to is the drama written by others on this page. It’s time for you to eat some crow and offer up an apology.
    A careful reader

  14. Thinking this over Says:

    Yur speling is commical

  15. - Donnatella Couturier - Says:

    To Ugly Betty,

    How dare you be so ignorent about COF. You said in your first sentance
    “I don’t really know much about CoF. Except for drama that I have heard”
    COF Happens to be a well respected agency, with a hard working and talented CEO. You wouldnt know the half of how much work Lacie puts in. And you come here and insult Lacie and the agency over some stupid rumour, its commical.

  16. Ugly Betty Says:

    I don’t really know much about CoF. Except for drama that I have heard.

    But I do know that many of SL’s best models are with this agency, and would say nothing but good words about it.

    So, rather than ex-models from the agency, or people with personal beef towards Lacie give you their opinion on the agency, take it from the reputable models.

  17. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Rico thanks for posting that, I would like to confirm that this is genuine, I know the family concerned very well indeed as does the majority of the SL fashion community both within and outside of CoF!!

    This is a much loved person who really does deserve our help, so come on guys lets do our best.

    For those who didn’t read the entire post by Rico earlier here’s the link to his site again, where you can see a video about this special family.

    It had be in tears within seconds, and I knew what I was gonna see!!!

    Note to the family: as the song in the video says ‘you are amazing!!!’


  18. ricoracer Says:

    I just want to THANK Lacie Beningborough for starting this great tradition at Catalyst of Fantasy called “Adopt a Family”. A lot of people have been hit by the recession and bad economy. Though most people are busy with the holidays and the daily demands of life, Lacie took the time to help someone in need especially one from the Catalyst of Fantasy model/family.I applaud you Lacie for this act of kindness and generosity. I will certainly help out any way I can.I hope everyone can help out as well.

    Message from Lacie Beningborough taken from my blog with her permission:
    I have always said that CoF is a family and I have always been so blessed when I have seen you all rally around someone who was down and needed a hug, or some encouragement, or some help on the runway. You guys have ALWAYS been there to help out .

    We are a new company on the grid, but because of you we have made it a long way and are looking at the top. I am stunned when I see the dedication all of you bring to your job here .

    Since we are young, we haven’t had a chance to develop any CoF traditions yet, but I would like to start one now.

    The recession has hit many of us very hard. We have families and need to tighten our belts. One thing we can do is come to SL and play and enjoy the company of freinds here who we may have never met in RL but that doesn’t make them any less dear to us. We make friendships here that last a lifetime and we grow as human beings in our time here. Who says this is just a game?

    Well, it has come to my attention, that one of CoF’s own is in terrible need this holiday season. They have been hit hard by the recession and , they have been brought to their knees. I only found out at all because that person IM’d me to let me know to expect them to disspear for a while because they might be losing their internet access and their family is facing eviction. They have small children and have been trying to very hard to keep up but the recession has hit them very very badly.

    We both cried during this conversation and then I had a flash of brilliance! Why not help them??????? D’UH!!!!!

    So , I approached a scripter and got some tip jars made that are transfer and pay to me.

    I am calling this ADOPT A FAMILY ..and that’s what we are doing. We are going to adopt this family for Christmas.

    XD !!!

    So , I have 9 tip jars available….if you DJ or own a club, please consider taking one of these to rez and letting people know it is going to a worthy cause.

    I know who this person is, and so do a few people that are close to us. This is not a scam, this is the real deal so any help would be appreciated.


    December 22 from 4 – 7 PM SLT is our CoF FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY! WOOT !!!!!

    I have brought in 3 live bands…….

    Blue4U Nowicka @ 4 pm
    Noma Falta @ 5 PM
    and Edward Koyomoon @ 6 PM SLT

    I also have a small gift for everyone to just say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to CoF through all of our first year struggles. Without you, CoF would have folded a long time ago, so PLEASE come , wearing your fav Santa or Elf suit or your Christmas finery.

    Then I had another brilliant flash of genius. LOLOLOL.

    What if, during this party, since the bands will have followers anyway, we offered up some CoF models for auction to raise money for the Adopt a Family this year???????


    So that’s what we are going to do.

    Butterfli Sorbet, a Miss VW finalist and CoF’s own has offered herself up for auction and so has Mikey Batriani.
    OMG 2 super hot models …. drools! No you don’t have to offer a date, you can offer photography if you do that, or modeling lessons, or a makeover, personal shopper and take them to your fav stores, or anything at all. Be creative.

    CoF is putting up a full scholarship, beginner and advanced classes.

    That’s one item.

    The other thing that CoF is going to do is match…linden for linden, every dollar raised during this auction. Now is your chance to hit CoF where it hurts the most! The wallet!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

    You guys are the best so please consider helping this family out. If you knew who it was you would fall over yourselves to help them as this person is so sweet and so loved and would do anything for anyone.

    Also, this is going to be a yearly tradition……. CoF will adopt a family every year in November and raise money to help them out. YAY YOU! So you can all keep your eyes and ears open to submit families next year to help and of course, it is strictly confidential. No one will know who it is , not even themselves, until they are given the lindens from us. Then , if they choose to tell people that is up to them. They never need make it known if they are not comfortable with that.

    What do you think? Great idea?

    This is the season of love and kindness toward our fellow man. Let’s help our family and pull together. Volunteer to auction. Take a tip jar to your club or where you DJ.
    Make a bid or a donation. Any amount will do.

    Let’s pull together and make a RL difference !

    If you are interested in volunteering for the auction, please send MIKEY BATRIANI a notecard telling him what you are willing to put up.

    Might be a good time to have a yard sale too and dump all those transfer things in your inventory that you will never use. HEY GREAT IDEA. ! I HAVE A TON OF STUFF. If anyone is willing to organize this please IM me and let me know.

    Thanks guys.

    Come to the party on December 22 from 4 – 7 pm slt and lets come together as a family one last time this year.

    I truly do love you guys.

    Lacie Benigborough

    For More Info:

  19. Mr X Says:

    All I can see is: I’ve been searching for a new agency, and when I started reading this post I thought I’d found it. By the time I got to the top I decided to not go within 10 miles of CoF. All the owners and ex owners argumenst sound like way too much drama. Maybe you shouldnt have replied to the exes at all.

  20. Zoey Neutron Says:

    I had attended the advanced class here and am now a model at the agency, and I can say that CoF is a great place to be at. The instruction at the academy was very good, very hands on, and everything taught is very clear to the students. Everyone seems good natured and best of all, we had a lot of fun. The grad show was also great, as we rocked it out of course, and did a dedication to 9/11 at the end, which was very touching and considerate and I am so honored to have been part of that show. You can tell that this agency wants everyone to be like a family, and I always feel welcome, which is so important to the satisfaction of the models and management alike, and will directly reflect upon the agency’s image.

    So basically, Catalyst of Fantasy is top notch in my opinion 🙂

  21. Anonymous Says:

    It seems someone started this to get famous…

  22. Trinity Collazo Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I think I well deserved that money, what with having to deal with you drama filled people every damn day. Oh, and you did use every single texture I made for that magazine, did you not? Yea. Thought so. *sticks tongue out*

    Also, feel free to keep MY name out of your mouth. You said a few things in there, that were indeed incorrect. So, shut ya trap with my name falling out. PEACCCCCCCCCCE!

  23. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    Name correction, for the record, as I do not want the wrong person catching the fallout for any of this behaviour… it is NOT Naive Fall(s), but it IS NAVE FALL that is DesPlaines Waverider’s ALT. I apologize for the error.

  24. agencyreport Says:

    I also have remained silent up until this point, now I feel I need to speak up in this case.

    No one, except me, can make these claims and post them as absolute fact. I am the only one that can see if people are in fact talking to themselves, commenting as other people, or not. Anyone other than me is speculating on what they “think” is true rather than having concrete proof.

    Having said that, allot of what is speculated to below by Lacie is true, while some is not. Many of you think that you are anonymous, the truth is you are anonymous to everyone but me.

    I will uphold my promise to protect people’s anonymity and not say anything further, except that your “guess” on the anonymous (Anonymous July 26, 2009 at 9:48 pm) of the DeJaVu page is incorrect. Nothing in that post is fabricated or exaggerated, that comment has been confirmed as legitimate.

    I received an in-world complaint about some of the comments on the Image Model Agency’s page. I agreed that it wasn’t productive to the the purpose of this site and removed the offending comments and any comments accumulating from them.

    I only remove comments in extreme cases or if someone has complained and I agree with the complaint and have good evidence to back up my decision. And having sufficient evidence that it was posted fraudulently, I have removed the letter that appeared to come from Antonia Muggins.

    Furthermore, I am watching comment postings closer for awhile since some of what is suspected by Lacie is true. This type of behavior is not what this website is for. I do take complaints seriously and act on them in the best way I see fit given the evidence I can see on my end.

  25. Jersey Ceriano Says:

    THANK YOU, Lacie!! Very long winded (thought I was the only one)…but I’m glad someone finally exposed him. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while, but…you know me, I just don’t involve myself in other peoples business *grin*

  26. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    I have been silent for so long hoping that this would just go away and wear itself out. However, now DesPlaines is not only hurting me, but others, Antonia, specifically. And it’s because of this, that I feel it is time to speak up.

    Alt : al-t ( ol-t)
    Alternative avatar
    v. AL-ted
    1. Attempt to cheat, deceive, mislead, trap, fool, dupe, and hoodwink with an alternative identity.

    For the record, for all to know. X-CoF Model’s name does not begin with a ‘T’ nor is it Pat, it is none other than
    DesPlaines Waverider himself. It gave me chills to read the posts by X-CoF Model and then to see DesPlaines rebutting them. X-CoF Model knows things and makes reference to things that only DesPlaines would know.

    Notice also, how X Model is giving kudos to DesPlaines only and DesPlaine’s brother Sprezzaturrian Constantine.

    You may wonder why DesPlaines would go through all the trouble to cause so much drama. You may even wonder why he is no long apart of CoF, nor is he my SL Partner anymore. I’ll tell you. I ended my business and romantic relationship with DesPlaines due to the fact that I discovered he was cheating on me with more than one person as people are only too happy to inform me as to what he gets up to. So now, maybe this puts his actions into perspective for all to see. He is clearly acting out of spite because he lost everything he had due to his indiscretions. And rather than stand up and be a man, he has chosen to attack me. It is 3 weeks since I found him out, and in the 3 weeks he has attacked relentlessly.

    Up until this point, I have chosen to remain silent because his attacks they were directed souly at me and it was my hope that he would eventually wear out his venom and move on. Clearly that is not the case. He has posed on this page, as Antonia Muggins without her knowledge or her consent,and wrote that absolutely “DES”picable threatening letter.

    What he didn’t bank on, was me contacting Antonia. And imagine her absolute disgust at learning that her name had been abused in such a manner. It is this, that causes me to speak today.

    So to finally end all speculation, let me tell you what I know. DesPlaines claims that he did not post this note and that his brother Sprezzaturrian Constantinedid. I have seen DesPlaines log in and out as Sprezz at will. Regardless whether it was DesPlaines as DesPlaines or DesPlaines as Sprezzaturrian Constantine,
    or Sprezzaturrian Constantine as Sprezzaturrian Constantine or Sprezzaturrian Constantine
    as DesPlaines Waverider or let’s not forget Naive Fall..or Pygmalion Parabola(more about him later), or as Fascination Huntress or as Synthestisia Eureka or any of the countless other alts that he has, the reality is, it was DesPlaines Waverider behind the posting. Period. Also, on point, was this this contest was DesPlaines idea, he thought it up, he posted it on SLX, and he offered the reward. The contest ended July31,2009, and my partnership with DesPlaines did not end until August 2, 2009. DesPlaines had 2 days to select a winner and he did not do so. For him to write such a letter, and to attempt to manipulate

    DesPlaines is the only person that has ever referred to himself as “not a model” and refers to Lighter Letov as DesPlaines’ replacement who was the partner of one of the women he cheated on me with. DesPlaines was also really upset that Fuzz was cut from the show, what he fails to mention is that due to a time zone issue, Fuzz missed that rehearsal. She had just graduated school and it was the final Friday before the grand opening show. I could not in good conscience put a new model with limited experience in the show with only two rehearsals under her belt, while top models in SL had been practising for weeks. SUE ME!! Fuzz herself understands this and is in agreement.

    X-CoF Model aka DesPlaines also seemed to have a major issue with Azura, and has taken Trinity’s side, which is natural, considering that DesPlaines hired Trinity and both are no longer apart of CoF. X-Model seems to know how much Azura was paid and makes a point that she did not return any of that. But fails to mention how much Trinity was paid, and that she didn’t return any of the funds either. Interesting to note that Trinity is now staff on Naive Fall (DesPlaines Waverider) group model group. Also interesting to note that yesterday Naive Fall, “came out’ as DesPlaines Waverider. I have no issue with Trinity’s work, she is a very talented graphics artist. One of the best I have ever seen. She is also a very sweet woman . But given that she took the magazine over of 60 plus pages of produced work done by Azura Thespian..and that Azura worked with Trinity to get the magazine up and running after she had left CoF..right up until the point where Trinity had informed her that she no longer required her assistance. Trinity had a month to produce this magazine. And the blatant omissions of the graduation sponsors, the grand opening sponsors, the vendor ads, and 60% of the magazine she had been presented with..were cause for dismissal. While I understand that she was ill the last week before publication it does not explain why for almost 30k which was the magazine budget, I was given a magazine with just over 20 pages in it.
    BTW, I did contribute to the magazine, as the Noobie page was my idea and written by me. Not a substantial contribution, I admit, but I liked it ! 😀 Glad Jaded did as well.

    Why does X-Co F Model aka DesPlaines not question Trinity not returning the funds??

    As I watch DesPlaines attack Jersey Ceriano on my page and defend me against X-CoF model, it frightens me knowing that this is the same man..arguing with himself. He also posted on my page as anonymous.

    For further proof of this multiple personality disorder which he so clearly suffers from, you need look no further than Deja Vu’s page on this very site. DesPlaines makes an appearance here as ‘anonymous and anonymous asshole’ and , as, promised none other than Pygmalion Parabola. Again you see the frightening personality disorder as Pygmalion thanks anonymous and posts this quote, “Thank you “anonymous” for the lengthy, and carefully considered, reply. I’d really like to chat with YOU in-world ( or if you prefer my email is pygmaliononsl@gmail.com if you’d care to discuss some things privately. I’d appreciate that opportunity a great deal, you seem clicked into the SL modeling world ). If you’d rather maintain your anonymity I understand that also.”
    I was shocked upon reading this particular posting and , and asked DesPlaines about it when he informed me that Pygmalion was himself. Read this dialogue between these posters and see for yourself the clear pshchosis.

    It sends chills down my spine to see this man blatantly attacking and posing as so many different people. The venom and anger that spews out of his mouth at any and all that catches his attention is beyond my comprehension. He has also attacked Metamorphasis, Image, Ethan Haalan, DejaVu, and countless others that I’ve actually lost track of. Vicious, shocking, horribly , relentless attacks on their person, their work, everything about them that he could think of. He posts as anonymous because he has no facts, all he can do is sling arrows and accuse. His bit on Jersey’s page shocked me so much that I felt the need to defend her. His attacks on us on the Image page seem to have mysteriously disappeared as well. What has Jersey done to warrant this assault from him? Nothing..he is just so small and mean and petty that he has nothing better to do than try to get a hard on by being mean to others.
    You can be pretty certain that any longwinded verbose posting comes from the hand of DesPlaines Waverider as he so loves to hear himself talk and who’s massive ego demands to be heard.
    Also , watch out for this particular type ( ahve ) that is a DesPLaines trademark typo and exists in nearly all of his postings. He is very consistent.

    This is the sociopath that you are arguing with that has nothing else to do except sit in front of his computer and create arguments and attack people all the while patting himself and his alts on the back. Please read these posts and note that DesPlaines cannot resist the opportunity to post and give himself kudos and be the voice of reason and the one that all admire. It’s very interesting to note that DesPlaines has never been attacked by anyone including DesPlaines. While he so freely, blithely and ‘anonymously’ attacks any and all. Posing as Antonia Muggins was the final straw and shows the depth to which this amoral individual is capable of and has sunk to.
    He is also the fake fashion critique on that page as well, shouldn’t surprise anyone to see him pretending to be , yet again, someone else. That is the problem with sites like this, while anonymity is good in some cases, it also allows truly sick individuals to cause such harm to others. How very ,very sad to be him. Also interesting to note that all of DesPlaines trashing of Jersey, Ethan, and I ( Ethan I only met yesterday BTW when he Im’d me to tell me to go see what was being said ) has mysteriously disappeared from the Image page site. How did THAT happen? I thought once posts were up they stayed? What’s going on there? He is also now the “FAKE” Fashion Critique . He is gleefully going around saying terrible things about everyone. He has no shame. He even said that Rusch Raymaker pays him to be nice. https://agencyreport.wordpress.com/avenue/#comment-882
    I am not making this stuff up either, he has bragged about it. Wonder how Rusch feels about having her name slandered like that? He just does not stop.

    I will not post again on this, I leave this to you. Each and everything I have said here is the truth, and DesPlaines will deny ,deny, deny and I have no doubt his alts and his cronies will come forward to attack, saying anything and everything they can think of to defend him. It doesn’t matter. I have stood silent too long and finally am stepping up in the hope that his attacks will finally end and people can finally live their SL’s in peace. Interesting to note that each of DesPlaines’s alts email addresses consist of their SL name followed by “onsl@gmail.com”

    I am not giving out private info, Pygmalion himself posted that on Deja Vu’s page.

    Test it out for yourself.

    This is the last I will say on this. I just thought I’d let everyone know who this person is and what they are capable of. The amoral behaviour and sociopathic behaviour he displays should have anyone currently involved with him running for the hills.

    To any and all that are currently involved with him…I wish you all the best and God Bless you.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    *eyeroll* Ohh of course it wasn’t Des…he NEVER does anything wrong…he’s Mr. Perfect…”God’s” gift to SL….

    If you believe anything he says….I’m sorry.

  28. Antonia Muggins Says:

    Sweet Lacie,

    I never wrote the letter that has my name under it! We had a disagreement about the logo, thats true. DesPlaines Waverider wrote that letter for me, to help me in our veto against that logo. I asked him to delete the notecard, because I didn’t want to use it. He denied that he put the letter in Agency Report, he told me it was his brother Sprezzaturrian Constantine.
    I never used this letter and told Des this. But obviously he showed the notecard to his brother.

    The notecard I send you Lacie, regarding our disagreement of that logo, well you know what I wrote.
    And we came to the agreement that regarding the usage of the logo comes without cost implication. The only condition you had was that i would get credit that the logo was prepared by me.

    And thats the truth. I hope this will clean your name and the name of your agency Catalyst of Fantasy.

    Antonia Muggins
    Iconia CEO

  29. Diaphoni Galicia Says:

    No, we’re just bored of you Pat.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    This is crazy! Let the madness stop! D:

  31. X - C of F model Says:

    Everyone is entitled to an *informed* opinion.”

    Lotta people in here who were never at on the sim, cept for the grand opening, much less at a re”HER”sal with Ms. Beningborough who are making it up as they go along.

    Give the woman her due, she had a great concept she deserves a little credit. The agency name is fabulous. I assume that whoever Sprezzaturrian Constantine is thought that up. The cast of characters is deliciously vicious. This beats a gay Shakespearean Faire for drama and backstabbin. Now, if I need a chuckle I look here first.

    Ultimately, I think love and sex are separate and only vaguely similar. Like the word bear and the word bare. You can get in trouble mistaking one for the other.”

  32. Trinity Collazo Says:

    Oh, btw. I get no credit Miss. Azura? You re-did the magazine but used EVERY SINGLE graphic that I made? So uh, yea I deserve credit for that. Thanks. =) Not going to be rude, or bash anyone, but I do deserve credit for that.

  33. Trinity Collazo Says:

    It is sad that I haven’t said one mean thing about any of you, and you bash me like that. Shows just how professional you guys are. I won’t justify any of my OWN PERSONAL things to make any of you or myself feel better. So farewell.

    It’s a SHAME!

  34. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    Sorry hit enter by accident ruthless laptop.

    How are rude people under CoF’s control? When we see them we boot them.

    As for you opinion on my look, ty for sharing , however your insults to do not attack me, they attack the incredibly gifted and talented skin and shape designers here in SL. My skin is top of the line and that day I was wearing a GORGEOUS skin by an up and coming new designer you will be hearing more about in the very near future. My shape is custom designed by none other that Andra Anatine, one of the most respected and prestigious shape designers on the grid, not an off the rack shape that I modified. My hair was created by Tukinowaguma ,which happens to be one of the hottest new designers on the grid today. The gown was a limited edition by *DG* Gowns. So when you attack me as you have done you are NOT attacking me but are in fact attacking a group of the most widely respected designers and creators on the grid.

    I am sorry you did not like the models “looks” but I can verify that every single hair was in place, attachments were correctly edited ,and this group of professionals are some of the best of the best on the grid. Perhaps your viewer was at fault because it most certainly NOT any CoF model , of that I can assure you.
    As far as crashing the grid is concerned, every effort was made and will continue to be made in the future to make sure that all is up and running correctly, but as we all know, an overload of avatars crashes a sim. It is just that simple.I apologize to you that our show was popular , however, I am appreciative to all who came and hope that they enjoyed themselves and the show and in future intend to bring equally innovative and exciting shows that can appeal to ALL members of SL.

    The sim may crash at the next show due to attendance and we are looking into joining multiple sims in the near future to avoid that, but will I apologize for having my show well attended? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    After all is said and done, my hat is off to the dedicated and gifted models I am blessed to work with at CoF, the creations I am humbled to wear, and the sheer talent that I am surrounded by daily at CoF and on the grid.

    I am happy that you liked my magazine though. My publisher’s letter was long because it was our first issue and there were many people to thank. In future feel free to skip my letters if you so desire.

    Thank you so much for your comments


    Lacie Beningborough
    Catalyst of Fantasy

  35. SAHARA K. Says:

    To X – C of F model:

    MY! MY! What a hypocrite!
    At least I showed my SL first name which is more than what I can say about you. With your behavior, It won’t be long that you will not have a modeling career. Don’t you know everyone talks in the fashion industry? SL Fashion Industry is very small and word does get around. I bet there’s a T in your name? HMMM…

    Anyway, swallow that bitter pill and move on…
    Poor baby. =(

  36. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    I just feel the need to respond to Jaded.

    I have read your entry and am frankly astonished at it.Please allow me to address your concerns.

    The event began an hour and a half late because the sim crashed due to an overload of avatars. We nearly crashed a second time as well. People are ALWAYS saying at events to bring your friends in and crash the sim… seems we did that…twice!!!! Throughout most of the day the sim was full and people were lined up to get in.
    “Models were crashing, people were greifing, and some attendees were RUDE!”
    Models tend to crash right along with the sim … cant be avoided,…. griefers were yet another issue at this event this is true…. we lost half our runway doe to that……and people were rude?

  37. X - C of F model Says:

    Well now we know where Des’s balls reside, despite his claim to having them, Azura Thespian, his ex’s BFF doncha know, obviously helped herself to them, and Lacie, when that boy wasn’t looking. Ouch, I bet that left a mark pal. As as far him being long-winded, I’m beginning to understand he was long walleted too so he had a right. In looking over his 2 posts here I find him engaging and down to earth perhaps I shouldn’t have picked on him so hard. Sorry dude.

    Des does seem a bit long winded. If we saw the articles that weren’t published somewhere we’d be able to decide for ourselves. Any chance of that?

    As for you Sahara, I’ll give Jaided one thing, she, unlike you, used her full name so the fashionista critiqua brigade, in the person of YOU, could check her out. If I wasn’t anonymous myself (because I’mlikin my SL modeling career even without Catslyst of Fantasy on my profile) I’d say it was cowardly.

    Jersey, I’d say ol’ Des spanked you pretty good. For someone who claims to not like drama you seems very willing to stick your nose in other people’s. About the yawnin? If you ever took time out for a RL and got off your computer it would cure the need for sleep. I realize you have vast responsibilities as an agency owner and single mother.

    Azura, maybe if you hadn’t quit when you did, the magazine would have worked the way it was supposed to. You would have run it and Ms. Collazo (why does the idea of her having a ‘furry’ pal named Isabella wake me up I wonder?) stuck to the graphics task it sounds like she was hired to do, it would have all worked right. I can imagine her freaking out when you blew out on them.you gloss over that one so glibly. At least she stuck it through. Did you return what you were paid for the job you didn’t finish when you quit Azura? Unlikely.

    Let me see did I fail to diss anyone here? So many juicy targets it’s tough to hold back

  38. SAHARA K. Says:

    TO Jaided Aeon….

    I agree with Jorden. Clearly take a good look at yourself in the mirror before you judge others.
    Looking at your profile picture…Your eyes and your head are way too big compared to your stick arms and body. That picture is awful. It looks like you have an over grown head with an underdeveloped lower body. With that look, you can never be a model so you spout hatred and jealousy over others to make yourself feel better.

    And what makes you an expert in judging models and shows anyway. I don’t see you belong in any modeling agency and you probably have never been on a catwalk. Looking at trashy tabloids while sitting in your trailer does not make you qualified to judge.

    SO, give it a rest and let the professionals do their jobs.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Oh dear, just when I thought people where calming down, we encounter one overly self assured editor who clearly made that magazine happen without anyone else. Bravo Ms Thespian, I look forward to your take over of the New York Times.
    You may also be intersted to note from Miss Beningboroughs profile that indeed Miss Thespian is her best pal. Perhaps understandable why she is not prepared to give credit elsewhere.

  40. Azura Thespian Says:

    Ok, time to set the record straight regarding the magazine.

    Firstly, Trinity deserves NO credit for the magazine, whatsoever. She had a month after I quit, and all my ideas, textures and help, which I have the logs to prove. She was paid almost 30k. And if anyone actually saw the first publication, you will know, that for almost 30k..the magazine had about 20 pages worth of content. And quite a few of those pages were promises of what was to come in the next issue. SHE ALSO DID NOT INCLUDE ANY OF DES’S ARTICLES EXCEPT FOR SLIFE WITH LACIE which I also included in the second publication. So yes, I give her credit for excluded them..they were long winded and quite frankly put me to sleep.

    She had also left out tons of important advertisements, and the FEATURED ARTICLE!! I had TWO DAYS to fix the cover, which I did, and I’m no photographer or graphics artist. I had TWO days to fix her mess. After I was done, the magazine went from 20 odd pages to 50 odd pages. So yes, Des, big ups to Trinity??? give me a friggin break.

    I have to agree, that drama is something that happens regardless, but most of the negative comments that have been posted here really come straight out of ignorant mouths. You have NO idea what really goes on, so keep fooling yourself into thinking that you do.

    Lastly, Des, the only reason we included Slife with Lacie and will continue to inlclude it, is because Lacie and I both agreed that it was brilliant..something your other ideas/articles lacked.

    This is the very last comment I intend to post regarding this issue. But I honestly could keep quiet no longer. It’s very upsetting, to see people giving credit, for your hard work and efforts to someone else.

    Azura Thespian
    CoF Magazine

  41. Jersey Ceriano Says:

    Pssst…my posting was to everyone on this site as a whole…I didn’t give names or have any geared intention of this.

    Des, what happened with you and whoever else at C o F is between you and them. I don’t want to know and no one here needs to know.

    With that…I’m off to bed. *yawns*

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Bravo!!! Mr Waverider

    Finally, a voice of reason, quiet too long, someone to put this entire blog into presepective.

    Why the bitchy comments or the negative remarks. Things happen, RL happens. Lets all move on. We have some amazingly talented and wonderful, Agency Owners and Models in SL, let them do what they are good at.

  43. Jaided Aeon Says:

    What so people aren’t allowed to vocalize their opinions anymore, and it’s just assumed as “drama”? Shove it. I was giving my critique, if you don’t like it. Boohoo Wah Wah.

  44. DesPlaines Waverider Says:

    Jersey???? Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….

    What gives you the idea that I’m bitter. Did you and I have a heart to heart discussion about my state of mind where I cried on your shoulder? I don’t think so babe………

    The truth of it is simple. I am very concerned and involved with my elderly, RL mother’s recovery from a horrendously painful, burn accident where it was a miracle that she survived the first night, much less returning to her former brilliant life. That was 10 weeks ago btw. So, other then that, I left C of F for very personal reasons that YOU. Jersey are not privy to and that will NEVER be aired by me for the edification of the vampire-like masses who follow this blog. I am not ashamed of anything I did at C of F. I never lied to anyone. I paid people when I said I’d pay them. I was generous with my time and creative in the business and marketing approaches I enacted there. Lacie was equally creative with the building, event development/direction and modeling sides of things.

    Once again, I wish Lacie, Glitter, Azura and every staff member and model at C of F the best of luck in their SLs. They worked enormously hard to bring off that Grand Opening event and I am sorry I wasn’t there to share it with them. Lacie and I have hashed out our disagreements and moved on. I bear her no ill will whatsoever. YOU, Jersey, were never privy to what went on between us so why don’t you just STFU. Imean c’mon you are huffing and puffing here like you do on the DMA group chats. Save it for your sycophants and your SL children. I’m not interested in your opinions or speculations about my state of mind, except to deny them categorically, and frankly, despite what your ego may whisper to you, very few others are either. You may have YOUR models cowed but, realistically, you aren’t fit to shine Lacie’s Moody’s or Bax’s. When you pull off an event like she did, with style and panache, you can beat your 22 year old chest. Till then shooo shoo. Go tend to your flock. They need tending to btw, I have yet to hear of any of your “models” making any money due to YOUR massive marketing efforts. You do spam well I’ll give you that one. Youare giving others a run for their money when it comes to beign a control freak.

    I also think 2 unsung heroes at C of F, were Trinity Collazo, the magazines’s Editor in Chief, and her faithful furry sidekick Isabella Flux, who stepped up after Azura Thespian quit, with no notice, for the second or third time, and got the magazine out on time and in a graphically stunning format. Good job Trinity and Isabella. You 2 rock it…………

    My articles, mysteriously, disappeared from the debut issue but that’s okay the SLife with Lacie cartoon that I wrote and was the male model for looked great. I’m sorry they won’t have the opportunity to do more of those. I’d written 4 or 5 others that will not be published there. SLife with Lacie was NOT a “work for hire” for Catalyst of Fantasy btw. Slife with Lacie was conceived by me, written by me, I didn’t take the pictures I admit, those were shot by Kent Nowicka, the brilliant photographer ( I did pay him however….. ) and finally, I collaborated with Trinity on final production of the article. Lacie played herself in that btw. For the record here…….I did not convey any rights to Catalyst of Fantasy or to Lacie Beningborough for that “work of art” in any form.

    As for the question posed by an X C of F model earlier about my testicles. I can assure you they left with me and are intact presently.

    I’m proud of C of F…………… Ihad a ball there and I plan to have ball in SL again. Not at C of F but I can make my own fun.

    I am just,

  45. Jersey Ceriano Says:

    OMG…enough, people.

    – Agencies have rehearsals for shows.

    – Agencies have fashion shows.

    – Agencies have models that leave all the time.

    – Fashion shows sometimes go wrong – YOU completely organize and produce a fashion show yourself and make sure EVERYTHING is perfect and then put on a PERFECT show and get PERFECT reviews from every single model involved, every single designer and/or staff you worked with and every single audience member. When you can do that…then, come on here and ridicule a fashion show for its flaws.

    – Not everyone is going to get along with everyone else, meaning…you may not like an agency owner or model, but the person next to you may think they are a saint. Its all a matter of personal opinion in most cases.

    – WE ALL HAVE DRAMA!!!! People who state on their profiles or in here that they are drama free or don’t involve me in your drama, I laugh, b/c we all have it regardless of you realizing it or not. Its the extent to which we allow it to go that matters. So don’t kid yourself by thinking an agency isn’t going to have drama or its share of problems, b/c it will, just like you.

    – Bitter models and ex – ceo’s..stop with the childish postings and just move on. You aren’t really accomplishing a whole lot by posting here..especially when you do it anonymously. You didn’t get your way for whatever reason and posting here isn’t going to change that and your circumstances are not going to be someone elses 9 times out of 10. Post here if you are complimenting or see actual flaws (be respectful about it…you don’t like receiving rude criticism..neither do others) or if something like, a CEO or model is scamming someone…but….


    Now…lets all grow up and act in a civilized manner and realize that we don’t have to get along with everyone here, so just ignore and move on.

    Enough of the garbage. Stick to whats important.

  46. Jaided Aeon Says:

    Btw Jorden. I said some of the models. Not all. . .

  47. Jaided Aeon Says:

    I loved the whole “idea” of the fashion show and the crazy side of the industry, but with some of those skins and outfits.. the shapes needed serious adjusting. I noticed that some of the hair needed adjusting to fit the head right, some of the attatchments weren’t placed correctly, etc. I was just really dissapointed at the un-organized aspect of it all. I would really love to see another one thrown by Catalyst of Fantasy, I just really hope it’s put together more.

  48. Jordan Cowell Says:

    I have to strongly disagree with Jaded Aeon regarding her comments on all the models’ looks. They are not meant to be cute…They are meant to be edgy, fierce and high fashion. Working in the fashion industry in real life, I have been to many Catwalks in New York, Milan, and Paris and I prefer the edgier high fashion shows with the wild make up and extraordinary hair.

    I don’t know how Lacie looked that day because I was too mesmerized looking at the models/show but your rude comments are unnecessary. Take a look at yourself in the mirror first before you judge others.

    Peace. Avoid drama.

  49. Jaided Aeon Says:

    I attended the so-called fashion show and was SERIOUSLY disappointed. It was the most un-organized one I have ever seen in my SL life. Not only was the show AN HOUR AND A HALF late, fireworks went off before the show even started, aren’t they supposed to be at the end? Models were crashing, people were greifing, and some attendees were RUDE! Some of the models looks were not cute. The lady who was running it I believe it was Lacy? Wow, for you to be running a model agency/academy HOW IN THE HELL did you think you looked cute? Your hair was horrible, your skin fugly and your SHAPE needed some SERIOUS fixing, and did you realize your eyebrows were at the TOP of your forehead? Someone is lying to you when they say you are pretty. Find some real friends honey; that are HONEST with you. As for the magazine, I think it was wonderful! The cover was magnificent and the most amazing magazine cover I have seen in all of SL. The opening pages, to the models was beautiful! Stunning, just absolutely stunning! The newb page I think was an awesome idea. I do think that the Pub letter was entirely too long though. Kudos to whoever did the graphics for it, it was an amazing magazine! Good luck with your next show honey, but please adjust your avatar if you are going to represent a modeling agency!

  50. Destiny Frostwych Says:

    I LOVED the show very much! Im not a model nor do I want to be. I know drama is in every agency, so I always judge on their shows. And they rocked the house!

    And I personally LOVED the magazine and dont care who wrote it or who published it.

    I can’t wait to see the next one.

  51. X - C of F model Says:

    One huh? Let’s see now?

    There was Tigre Karu who got it quickly and split the madhouse without even saying good bye.

    There was Fuzz Lennie who Lacie nailed for missing one of her countless 2 hour X 3 times a week rehearsals for 2 months before the Grand Opening.

    And last but not least there’s Lighter Letov, Des’s replacement who it would be good to hear from given the slander job Lacie has done to his sorry “not a model either until Lacie declared him one” Euro ass.

    There was trinity Collazo the Editor in Chief you built the Catalyst of Fantasy magazine after Azura Thespian got her panties in a bunch and dumped it in Lacie and DesPlaines’ laps. Lacie is the hot shit publisher don’t you know? She pushes the “publish” button but didn’t write one word of the C of F magazine. She doesn’t write she let DesPlaines and others do all that stuff or so it seemed to a casual observer.

    and then there’s “not a model” DesPlaines Waverider who has been strangely quiet throughout this. Where is Des anyway?

    Inquiring minds want to know what the Lacie Benignborough deal is? Is Sparkie the DesPlaines’ wallet replacement?

    Yo DesPlaines? Speak up boy.Did she take you nuts too?

  52. N/A Says:

    I don’t see how anyone can work for the owners of this agency. You are so disrespectful to your models. You are a loud mouthed, high strung diva!

  53. Jordan Cowell Says:

    I usually try to avoid fashion shows because it has lost its appeal to me, with the same boring ordinary shows that most agencies put on all the time.
    But, I was pleasantly surprised when a friend TP’d me to the Catalyst of Fantasy Grand Opening Show. She said IT’S A MUST SEE and she was right. I loved it. It is different, unique and outstanding. This agency is not afraid to use wild colorful hair and fierce styling, even the male models. It was great to see RicoRacer come out with green mohawk hair to match the peacock? face paint/makeup. And OMG…the ladies were wicked!!! Lorelei, Sparkie, Glitter, Phillip..so many big names in one show. I can’t wait to see more. Please continue to deliver.

  54. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    hmm X CoF model, I wonder who that might be? As there IS only one X model it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out now does it!! LOL

    All I can say to her is I’m so sorry you felt unable to stick with the family you have missed out on an amazing opportunity. Yes things were tough going, but then most good things are, if you want it you have to work for it don’t you?

    Anyway, hun I hope you get all the support you need in the future, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  55. BurningBright Nightfire Says:

    hhhmmmm guess that explains why you can only identify yourself as “X – C of F Model” as you are strugling with that Disorder. I wish you all the best in your recovery 🙂

  56. Azura Thespian Says:

    The description for personality disorder…just described half the population when in a stressful situation/environment..give it a rest will ya.

  57. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    I hit enter too soon LOL ~~~~ Admitting you need help is the first step in getting better. I am so happy that you have done the research into your disorder and only pray now that you have the courage to followup your self-diagnosis by seeking medical attention. Good luck! We here at CoF will keep you in our thoughts and prayers :=)

  58. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    **rolls eyes ** Ex’s can be so bitter can’t they? LOL

  59. Jersey Ceriano Says:

    And that posting below by X C of F model is relevant to C of F…how?

    I just want to throw out a congrats and job well done to this agency…I hear their opening show went off with a bang and was very successful despite the obstacles that were presented to them during the show.

    I know that this is one agency I will be referring my models to join in addition to DeJaVu.

  60. X - C of F model Says:

    Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder
    By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
    June 22, 2007

    The main feature of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotions. People with borderline personality disorder are also usually very impulsive.

    This disorder occurs in most by early adulthood. The unstable pattern of interacting with others has persisted for years and is usually closely related to the person’s self-image and early social interactions. The pattern is present in a variety of settings (e.g., not just at work or home) and often is accompanied by a similar lability (fluctuating back and forth, sometimes in a quick manner) in a person’s emotions and feelings. Relationships and the person’s emotion may often be characterized as being shallow.

    A person with this disorder will also often exhibit impulsive behaviors and have a majority of the following symptoms:

    Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment
    A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation
    Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self
    Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating)
    Recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats, or self-mutilating behavior
    Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days)
    Chronic feelings of emptiness
    Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights)
    Transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms

  61. Diaphoni Galicia Says:

    I was the DJ for the COF opening show and I can tell you that the time,dedication and love shown by Lacie and her models was phenomenal. We overcame a griefer attack that almost crashed the sim and stole part of our runway and seating, timed things out so that everything fell in to place despite the lag issues and most importantly, when things went wrong (as they always do) kept our cool and kept on going. I look forward to working with the group in future!

  62. Naiya Kazyanenko Says:

    WOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!!!! What an experience to take part in Catalyst of Fantasy Grand Opening Show. Only in my wildest dreams on SL did I think I would take part in such a wonderful event. The training I had from Glitter in the COF Academy put me in good stead for the show. It was a wonderful show like nothing SL has seen before. Thank you Lacie, Sparkie, Glitter, Cheer and the rest of the team, no matter what was thrown at us we got the show done! With this family that has grown Catalyst of Fantasy will only get bigger and better.

  63. RicoRacer Flux Says:

    I just want to THANK Catalyst of Fantasy for making me part of the TOTALLY AWESOME Grand Opening Show. Despite all the obstacles, Everyone managed to work together and put forth an AMAZING, ONE of a KIND, Fierce and Imaginative Runway Performance. CoF Management, STAFF, DJ and every single one of the models have been a great joy to work with. I truly believe that nothing can break this family. What doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger. I have every confidence that Lacie, SParkie, Glitter, Cheer and everyone at the CoF Team will continue to bring FANTABULOUS Shows that will blow even your wildest imaginations. I salute CoF for the amazing experience. Thank YOu.

  64. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    I just wanted to let all the CoF models know how completely proud and honoured I am by you. You are the best of the best in fashion models on SL. No matter what was thrown at us, sim crashes, avvie overloads, lag from hell, nonworking huds, whatever… you guys rallied around and showed the grid what you are made of. I had tears the whole time because I was so proud of you. YOU are what everyone would aspire to be… true professionals.

    We always have said we are family. You proved it at the show. I am humbled by your hard work and so very blessed to have you not only as my models but as my friends, my brothers and sisters. You totally rocked the grid! WOOT! There is more to come so if anyone out there wants to know what a professional model looks and behaves like, what dedication and “supermodel” looks like…….. look no furthar than the amazing models at CoF! WOOT!!!

  65. BurningBright Nightfire Says:

    I just wanted to say something after being stirred by this Comment from Kitten.
    Quote:- “I wish they told us where those wild skins were from, but other then that I loved every minute of it. The fireworks at the end were great too. Too bad the lead model crashed for their finale so I was told they were not able to dance in sync. But if no one told me I wouldnt have noticed.”

    As that Model with the whole finale on me & my screen going blank. I realised very quicky that it wasn’t all on me at all. The Finale was going to be wonderful in my abscence, I was sure.That in spite of the problems we had all faced that day & leading up to the show….. nothing could stop us!!! that was the Morale within the group ….

    What a fantastic group of Models, truely inspirational to work with every single one of them, such a dedicated & professional group.

    To Lacie & all the Management staff at the Agency & the Academy I take my hat off to you.This is an Agency & Academy that is going to make it’s Mark on the Grid as this is just the start!!

  66. Jovial Jewell Says:

    I saw the show and was very impressed. The walks were unique and the fashions were too. My two favorite models were Marienna Cortes and RicoRacer Flux. They were both very professional and they looked amazing. Great show!

  67. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    Thank you Kitten for your kind words. I am thrilled you loved the show. We look forward to seeing you in the Academy.We will continue to endevour to bring you exciting ,entertaining and fun fashion shows.

    Just a note though, Desplaines Waverider is no longer associated with Catalyst of Fantasy in any capacity as of August 2, 2009. We wish him well with all he does in his future.

  68. Kitten Davi Says:

    I saw COFs grand opening yesterday and it was the 4th show i have seen and wow it was worth the wait.

    I am a new model and trying to get into this fashion show world here in SL. After watching a few boring shows I almost didn’t want to be a model anymore. But my friend ( a good model) dragged me to thier grand opening and I was FLOORED! I stayed for the full show and was amazed that this runway was wild and the models even walked INTO THE AUDIENCE AND POSED FOR US!! WOW! I saw a few dresses i must have.

    The model that stood out most to me was Glitter. She walked like she didnt even know what lag was. I think I will have to take her classes. I also really liked their model Naiya. She has great styling. They ALL did but a few really stood out. Also Wicca… WOW WOW!! Just insane skins.

    I wish they told us where those wild skins were from, but other then that I loved every minute of it. The fireworks at the end were great too. Too bad the lead model crashed for their finale so I was told they were not able to dance in sync. But if no one told me I wouldnt have noticed.

    Lacie and Des are the owners I believe and they are going to be a HUGE hit. CONGRATULATIONS Lacie & Des!!! WOW! We are all waiting for the next one! Cant wait.

    And now I have a goal … to be on Lacie’s runway in one of her awesome shows.


  69. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    I just want to congratulate Lacie, and all our models for the hard work they have put in to make our opening show happen.

    Yes we had problems, first LL decided it would be a good idea to upgrade the region to a new system full of clitches!!! Don’t you just love the Lindens! which caused some serious lag issues in the beginning, then just as that is sorted a griefer decided it would be fun to steal the runway and half the seating!!!!

    But did we let it beat us??? NO we put the runway back together, restarted the sim and continued with the show!!! Well done everyone, you did a fantastic job and I for one am extremelly proud to be associated with each and every one of you.

  70. darkevilone Demonia Says:

    wow is all i can say about CoF grand opening, sadly i only caught the last part of it. Problemswith the sim yes, but they were not their fault. Have to love griefers and lindens for their perfect timing or not so good timing.

    Its nice to see shows with imagination, i can’t to see what they ahve in store.
    Congrat Lacie and the team, you all deserve a huge applause.

  71. darkevilone Demonia Says:

    Good agencies are hard to find and i hope that C of F is one of them. Im looking forward to seeing the grand opening show. From what i have heard its going to be a belter 🙂

  72. Desplaines Waverider Says:

    For those who don’t know it yet, DesPlaines Waverider has left the Catalyst of Fantasy building.

    I’m wish Lacie, the stellar management group and the staff all the best. I’m sure Lacie will do a great job with it and that she and that great team of models, trainers and magazine pros will make Catalyst of Fantasy a name to be reckoned with in the future.

    I realize some of you have questions for me. I’d appreciate you directing those to Lacie. She will be happy to explain. For once I, personally, do not have the words………………

    If you insist I can be contacted in-world although I am there infrequently these days due to RL issues with a mother who had a bad accident several months ago. Don’t expect a quick response from me.

    /me waves s’long


  73. Anita Claven Says:

    I’ve met both Lacie and Des, and I admire their determination and loyalty to each other. They are a great team and both amazingly creative, I look forward to seeing what they put together. I know it will be extraordinary.

  74. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    You guys ROCK ! I am so so so so blessed to work with such an amazing and gifted and dedicated staff. You work SO hard and put your heart and soul into your jobs and it shows! From the management to the models, everyone is such a class act. Des and I are not Catalyst of Fantasy. YOU guys are! Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication everyone! xox

  75. sparkie funizza Says:

    Ok my turn!!

    Lacie, Des, Glitter and lets not forget Cheer, are all amazing yes, but there’s one very important point not mentioned yet:

    CoF is a FAMILY!!! It’s a small group, with a team of very dedicated professionals led by this fabulous four. But not only do they care about what we do, but how we feel is important too!!

    They care about each and everyone of us as people, not just avi’s and THAT is what sets them apart from the rest.

    Because of this attitude, everyone does their best and our shows will be like nothing seen before, and must not be missed!!!!

  76. Glitter Bolissima Says:

    Catalyst of Fantasy is a unique agency. This is not your ordinary agency and will NOT have the usual ordinary shows. We will ENTERTAIN you like NO other! We will show off designers fashions in a way that will keep everyone’s attention watching.

    CoF’s runway has to be the best designed one I have ever seen. It is a MUST SEE!

    I am tickled PINK reading your very sweet comments about Catalyst of Fantasy academy. I am so proud of all my students, they ROCKED the runway at their grad show this past weekend. They are all going to be in VR Style magazine as well, I am just soooo proud!!

    Our academy is very affordable and we touch base on every aspect of modeling. I am very patient, yes 🙂 and I will and do go out of my way for any student or model that needs my help. I also try to make classes fun and interesting. I have designed my own “plank” to teach my models how to walk straight and we have a blast.

    Lacie & Des are just awesome and easy to talk to. She expects our best and its easy to give it to her. She thinks outside the box and will have the most amazing shows you will ever see.

    Please come join us and be part of our family if you are thinking of taking classes. Send me an IM and I will answer any questions you have.

    We also have an awesome magazine coming out. 🙂 The premiere issue includes alternative fashions / clubs and is a must read! I am a huge fan of Steampunk, so I am so excited to read it. Plus my bff is one of the writers, Lyla Zanzibar… she ROCKS! Her articles will NOT bore u.

    Thank you~

  77. RicoRacer Flux Says:

    I am very excited to be a model for Catalyst Of Fantasy. This agency is not afraid to “think outside the box”. Lacie and Des are taking SL Fashion in a unique and “FIERCE” direction. JUST YOU WAIT WHAT THEY GOT IN STORE FOR YOU! =)

  78. Herra Says:

    I just wanted to give a shoutout to COF agency. When I had a young model under my wings to mentor and needed a decent academy to send her too that was reasonably priced, I found COF (it was under it’s old name) and suggested she go there. I know Glitter really well and she’s just an amazing gal – class act.

    This is a good academy for anyone first starting in the modeling industry. With new agencies popping up every week it seems, I hope this is one that sticks around 😀

  79. DesPlaines Waverider Says:

    I am so so smiling here.

    Thank you Naiya so much for this post……….. As you say we have done our best to avoid the mistakes, and drama that seem pervasive in the SL modeling world.

    By, carefully agreeing upon, and separating, some of Catalyst of Fantasy’s responsibilities between us, Lacie and I have managed to avoid some of the intra-mural wrangling that seems to erode partner’s relationships in many “fashionista-type” SL companies.

    My partner, Lacie Beningborough handles the creative side of Catalyst of Fantasy. Her sense of style shows in the C of F sim build itself ( which, thankfully, seems to running speedily these days ) and in the unique multimodel runway she designed for us which is the focal point of the sim. Her selection of our colors, black and gold, is symbolic in way that will be revealed soon enough. Her loving care, and feeding, of models stems from wanting to treat people as she wanted to be treated as a model herself. She has recruited a small, very experienced, roster of stellar models, preferring to keep things VERY small at this early stage of our business and let the growth follow in time……….

    Glitter Bolissima,( Ms. SL In’tl 2009 no less ) serves as the Dean of the Catalyst of Fantasy Academy ( and does a spectacular job of it ). I. personally, attended her first series of classes and find her, patient to a fault, a never-ending, fount of tips and tricks (helping her the aspiring model students to build a base of skills to carry them forward )and someone who I am proud to have associated with us. We are developing more classes for the Academy, hopefully, bringing those on during August 2009. I asay hoepfully becasues like all things in SL their completion is not always under one’s complete control.

    Trinity Collazo, who you may not know, is the Editor in Chief of the Catalyst of Fantasy magazine which, god willing, debut in August 2009. The Magazine, along with other publicity and marketing efforts (like our currently running Logo contest) we have undertaken will introduce Catalyst of Fantasy to the grid more formally then this reply does…………..

    I,personally, oversee the bulk of the “business/finance” functions and as the only guy on the C of F management team, avoid the care and feeding of models completely. I am acessible to everyone as you say but I don’t select or deploy any of models for Catalyst of Fantasy. I do try to find, and recruit, sponsors for our forthcoming shows. I’m making some headway on that aspect of my job tahnakfully as we get mentioned here and there. Truthfully, much of my job is keeping the day to day, mundane things out of Lacie’s hair so she can concentrate on designing the shows and nurturing the Cataslyst of Fantasy models and vendor community.

    Thanks again Naiya for taking the time to comment on your experiences at Catalyst of Fantasy.


  80. Naiya Kazyanenko Says:

    Having graduated yesterday from Catalyst of Fantasy (the first class under this new look and new name), I would just like to say what a wonderful experience it was from start to finish. Ok it took a little longer due to a change over in the middle but this was all handled very professionally by Lacie and Des and everyone was kept informed of everything that was happening right down to us in the Academy.

    The classes for the Academy are run by Glitter Bolissima, who has the time, patience & understanding for every student. I can not praise Glitter enough for the knowledge she has passed on to each and everyone of us and the help she has given me to get this far in modelling, she goes the extra mile with everything to make sure every student understands it all. Some of our classes where attended by Lacie & Des so its also good to know that the people at the top like to see how future models are progressing in their academy and offer help and advice if needed.

    So if any of you reading this are looking for an academy this is the one to go to with Glitters experience and Lacie & Des guidance you will graduate a fully competent model in all aspects of the roll, and hopefully go on to join the Agency. This agency can only go from strength to strength when they have roots starting like this, such a great team to work with.

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