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  1. anonymous Says:

    Smirk. Get real

    Giz Seorn of Gizza is a screwing the pooch and deserves what she’s gotten. She thinks she runs it all. She’s stepped over the line this time.

    Too many people have figured out that she’s a liar and bully not that CRS isn’t known for their tyranny and game-playing too.

    Business must be way down at Gizza about now.

  2. Unbelievable Says:

    Is this for real? Costa Rica people calling Gizza a bully is like Coca Cola accusing Pepsi of artificial flavor. Give me a break!

    Any brand in Second Life has a right to their own rules. You play by them or you don’t. But to come here and insult them for that is just nasty and ridiculous.

    Why don’t you idiots at Costa Rica go over your ownrules? No Estate in SL has the dictatorship-type rules like Costa Rica has.

    That’s why CR already closed down their malls and other sims. People are getting the hell out of there left and right.

    So please keep your drama inside CR. We can all live without it for sure!

  3. Whatever! Says:

    Giz, you are a thug and a bully!!! This behavior is so unacceptable. Your ego has gone rogue. You think who you are now and figure you’re in some position to boss people around, intimidate and threaten people and throw these immature tantrums. If indeed you had these “exclusivity” requirements in place prior to your PERSONAL dispute with Bouquet, maybe you and the other suck-ups could actually make an argument for you and your recent activity. However, since this is a more recent Gizza policy change, maliciously targeting your former friend, I think models, photographers, designers, magazines and land estates need to shun you completely! You are a good designer and have a great product. You soiled yourself and SL modeling with this petty garbage. Are you really going to allow your PERSONAL dispute to continue to splinter SL modeling? Are you really going to make people choose? I think you’ll find this will be fatal for Gizza. You’re pathetic and your name is mud now. Models are wary of you and at the end of the day SL models are the ones who peddle your wares.

  4. Gizza statement Says:

    I want to apologize for this information notecard first of all. But we felt the need to give some information about a problem that anyone can encounter in this game from time to time. The reason for this is that to give you some insight about this problem which can be explained differently from different sources.

    Shortly… Thalia H. from Costarica island which we have been working together for long time, requested something from us on behalf of CRS. It is about an advertisement to be submitted to Gizza Creations group which is about the sims to be rented in Costarica island. Sometime ago we have discussed about this request and decided not to accept this request because: “This is not a cooperation of two companies, an advertisement of a compnay which is for the benefit or the people, an advertisement of a charity or such advertisement of similar entities”.

    Yesterday Thalia H. contacted us again and requested personally once more to submit this advertisement to the group. After we told her our decision about this advertisement, she told us that the Shop (which is not currently set up on sim) and everything else about Gizza Creations will be removed form the sim. With this weird request we have come to an end on all our relationship with CRS which we used to maintain with mutually respect and support.

    We decided not to give any more details or information in order not to bore you with this subject.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    [2010/02/08 15:04] Frani Dressler: you don’t like modeling, but you teach it
    [2010/02/08 15:04] Frani Dressler: makes no sense to me
    [2010/02/08 15:04] Dolce Enderfield: So yes, I would make a lousy model, because my hearts not into being a model…the keyword there…being.
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Frani Dressler: but…if you’d make a lousy model, how can you teach how to be one? I’m just trying to understand that concept
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Frani Dressler: being you charge for classes and what not
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Majest Dezno: she is a great model, just chooses not to model lmao
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Majest Dezno: she likes the busniess aspects
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Celeszta Szondi: This is ludicrous
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Majest Dezno: yea let it go lmao
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Nefertiti Kimagawa: I think she was just saying that as a joke frani
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Celeszta Szondi: One need not be it to train it
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Frani Dressler: sorry, I just see alot of people taking peoples money to teach them supp
    [19:01] shiva Borkotron: osedly how to be a model, yet, makes me wonder
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Celeszta Szondi: Or prefer it to train it
    [2010/02/08 15:07] Majest Dezno: yep ㋡ just have to be sure to do ur research first
    [2010/02/08 15:07] Dolce Enderfield won’t touch that further.

  6. Polemikos Says:

    “Just a friendly fyi…this is not a site for advertising or announcements of individual agencies/business. It is strictly for people to write comments about them, whether good or bad”

    Who says so? Are you a moderator on here now too?

    As asshats go you take the prize Ms Enderfield. You need to realize that we all remember your past history and factor it in to every comment you make on here and in groups on SL

  7. Dolce Enderfield Says:

    Just a friendly fyi…this is not a site for advertising or announcements of individual agencies/business. It is strictly for people to write comments about them, whether good or bad.


  8. Hello everyone, I have some freshly updated news for you all. It’s my pleasure to announce Clyde Saunders, Costa Rica Sims Productions NEW DIRECTOR. Please take a look at the link below for the new and exciting details.


    Please keep your eyes on this blog for more new and upcoming information about shows and more!

  9. Hello Everyone, It’s a pleasure to be here and to correspond with you. I am very pleased to announce a Super Hot and Exciting new Fashion Show, brought to you by Costa Rica Sims Productions. This show is featuring EMERY and you’ll be amazed at the style. Please follow the link listed for all of the juicy details.


    Please keep taking a peek here to see the announcement of more Costa Rica Sims Productions Shows.

  10. To Rusalka Says:

    Rusalka, or “happy model”.. you forgot to log out before you posted anonymously about how great you’re doing in your modeling career. Your gravatar image links to your Sims Legacy profile: http://aeriefamilylegacy.wordpress.com/

  11. A Happy Model Says:

    Dear CRSP UPDATE! Says:

    Oddly, it seems that all of the new models at CRSP you mentioned way back in December — Veronica Krasner, Jade Spectre & Rusalka Callisto — seem to be doing quite well for themselves in the SL fashion industry…

    So, well, you’re an asshat obviously.

    But, I would like to know why CRSP hasn’t done any new shows lately?

  12. Anonymous Says:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Most of these comments on here were most likely made by a guy. Now who could that possibly be?

  14. palms to face Says:

    You mean it’s a scam?

    He’s stealing the baby turtle’s money?


    He used to post pics of the Paypal transfers

  15. turtle fund? Says:

    Please don´t tell me that GC is lying to all of you about your money going to some fund?

    OMG …

  16. CRSP UPDATE! Says:

    The end result? That the cats outta the bag! As you can see Tempest is gone from CRSP thank god! That’s an improvement… Nissa is in that’s not an improvement! And Giancarlo is being exposed for being a thief and a lier and… if any of you live in CR ask him about his books and how he really spends the money for the leather back turtle fund! Poor turtles!

  17. To What Hapenned Says:

    Nothing, really. A bunch of nasty, catty people got their grade school thrill of gossip and drama that they so badly desire.

  18. What hapenned? Says:

    So what was the end result of all this after all?

  19. Karma Says:

    Hey Giancarlo, Karma’s a bitch. Keep selling your overpriced land while you spread the love and light 😀 Just ❤ this thread

  20. CRSP UPDATE! Says:

    CRSP is just crap… I’ve spoken to many designers and they’ve decided not to show there any longer as it’s turned so unprofessional. So shut the F up you dildo!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    CRSP UPDATE! it’s clear that you were rejected from Costa Rica Sims cool clique or else you wouldn’t be on here trying to trash so people from there. You seem so upset by it all. Why don’t you just let it go and move on? Or you just have absolutely nothing else better to do with your life.

  22. CRSP UPDATE! Says:

    The Truth hurts but someone has to tell it!



    CRSP Update

  23. YAWN!! Says:

    ^^^^^^ as the name suggests…

  24. Wow... Says:

    @CRSP Update! What a horrible slimy person you are, cackling like a spiteful goblin over this site. I hope you wake up soon and actually realise what you are doing and how you are behaving. I can bet you wouldn’t be proud to tell your mother about this.

  25. CRSP UPDATE! Says:

    Tempest is OUT! and Nissa is IN! To bad Nissa is a loser too! We’ll see how she does on her first official gig! All eyes are on you Nissa!

    A few new faces have cropped up on the CRSP model roster:

    Veronica Krasner
    Jade Spectre
    Rusalka Callisto

    Good luck you three… you’re going to need it! Joining CRSP has now totally ruined your SL modeling career!

  26. Ooohh... Says:

    Looks like things are cooking up at Costa Rica Sims Productions! I’ll be posting here all the juicy details!

  27. Dead Horse Says:

    Please please please!! Stop beating me!

  28. Observer Says:

    It is funny to see how most of you are actually having fun saying mean things about Tempest Hennesy. My question now to those of you who are complaining: Is this the right place to destroy someone’s reputation? Do you people even know her? Did you ever try to contact her inworld to work things out or find an accord before deciding to tarnish her image?

    It is because of things like this people change. People learn to be tough because they NEED to protect themselves, especially when running an agency. She only tried to do her best to train models and have them bring the very best of themselves to light. Was that a crime? I confirm it, Tempest is no soft nut to crack when it comes to work. She is determined and ambitious, like 80% of the people in the frigging planet.

    But outside of that, she is a woman who also has a heart, one who does not deserve this kind of downgrading obscenities. Don’t go bitching on someone when you don’t know them, it’s not right. The unique reason i respect Tempest Hennesy in both worlds is because of this: Her “I don’t kiss ass” attitude. Quote me anytime

    Let’s be real people, none of you would like to see your name here someday being treated like this. It is not fair, and so uncalled for. Let’s be human and see fact for what it is. Think what you will, but yes, i am asolutely defending her. She does not deserve this

    Peace out!

  29. Baboon anthropologist Says:

    Dr Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University professor, has studied baboons since the 1970s. He says, “One of the first things I discovered was that I didn’t like baboons very much. They’re quite awful to each other, constantly scheming and backstabbing without remorse. Kind of like chimps with no self-control.”

    Sapolsky would instantly recognize the members of the Costa Rica Sims Production company and he’d feel right at home with them, although he wouldn’t trust a word any of them said nor would he ever sleep comfortably with any of them near by.


  30. Trolling THE idiot Says:

    Now that you’ve gotten your daily dose of Sesame Street, why don’t you tell us again why you can’t stand Tempest? And why do you think you’re so amazing because you can curse people out on online? You keep accusing multiple people of being Tempest. By all means, check the IP numbers on here (if you can, which I doubt). I’m sure about 80% of the post on here are from you alone. Oh, you have no idea what sarcasm is do you? Your reaction to my post says it all. Boy oh boy, yu soz smert.

  31. Get A Clue You 2... Again... Says:

    2, Two, Too, To… you FAIL!

  32. @rambling idiot with no diction Says:

    Learn to spell “two”. It’s not that difficult.

  33. Get A Clue You 2... Says:

    You 2 idiots below! Internet hugs!? More sex!? LOL! Boy oh boy! You 2 really are a stupid bit**s… I think you both need to stay away from the internet and SL, it clearly has affected both of your social and intellectual skills! Now shut the Fu** up and go play like good little bit**s and marry the “man” of your SL dreams because you won’t find one in RL you sad pathetic sacks! LOL!

    I bet you 2 are Tempest anyway! Good try TK!

  34. Speling Idoit Says:

    Yes it would be nice if they had a spellcheck or a way to edit your posts.

  35. Trolling idiots Says:

    @ You are… – I’m a stupid bit** because I made a typo? How long did it take you, idiot, to figure out that you can’t edit your posts? You’re an angry person, you should really talk to someone about that. I don’t think you got enough internet hugs when you were a SL newbie. Is that what this anonymous, vulgar bashing is all about?

  36. anon Says:

    LOL, you really have an unhappy and frustrated RL to come here and insult people. Try to have more sex, it usually helps relaxing.

  37. You are... Says:

    A trolling idiot! Sounds like you’re the stalker… Stupid bit**! And learn how to spell you moron!

  38. Trolling idiots Says:

    It’s been over a week and you’re still talking about her? “Kepp your nose out of it” you said but you’re obsessed over her. Get a damn life. Either you saw her last night at EFA or you keep looking her up every day like some PSYCHO STALKER. Obsessed much? If you look in her profile, which I just did, you’d see she’s going out with a guy named Keanu. So her changing her name doesn’t seem to be because she’s trying to hide. I don’t really care either way but you do. And it’s pretty funny how much of a loser you are. You’re stuck in Second Life like it is really your life. You must be some fat woman on welfare, who’s so busy playing Barbie and loves to make your SL one big soap opera. I’m just another person who felt like “sticking their nose” in YOUR business on a public blog, ha.

  39. Oohhh Tempest! Says:

    In an attempt to cover her bad press… Tempest Hennesy has changed her name! Be on the lookout for ever evil but always the same “Tempest Keanu” oh brother… the name may change but the hideousness underneath will always be the same! Good Luck to you Miss Keanu, the name change biz didn’t work for Jersey… I mean Dolce so have go!

  40. Amazing Grace Says:

    Dolce love, was just peeing going on that day in the restroom? 🙂

  41. To Dolce... Again... Says:

    Dolce Jersey or whoever you are… you just an idiot and the fact that you defend yourself only goes to show you how immature you truly are and how completely unprofessional you are… your agency is a crap, you’re crap and anyone that stays with you after the post you left is crap! Hmm… Idea here… why don’t you and Tempest start up a new business and teach people what not to in running a Second Life business!! I’m sure you 2 could really succeed at that! Oh wait, I forgot… you’re soooooo busy paying all those bills your probably won’t have time! LOLOLOLOLOL OMFG!! Get your head out of your A** I’ve never seen anyone so f’ing stupid! Everyone, meet the new DJTH agency for morons!

  42. I’m sorry, I have to respond to this because it would be almost a crime not to.

    To anon, I’m sorry you were so miserable in DEJAVOGUE and that I was sooo unprofessional and demanding and I don’t take you seriously.
    Upon a bit of research, I found out who you are and taking your misery seriously, I professionally assisted you out of our doors. As I said in my note to you…I wish you the best. 😉

    To any of the rest of you who are still in DEJAVOGUE but complaining on here about how I run MY business…of which you don’t pay any of the bills to…or make any decisions regarding DEJAVOGUE or do any of the behind the scenes work or even know me beyond your pretentious assumptions of me…you know where the door is. Please go ahead and leave. You don’t even have to tell me you’re leaving..just do it. We don’t want you. 🙂

    Now about those re-evaluations…a few choice words in postings like those below can make me sound like a real bitch and totally spazzy. Truth is…I never demanded anyone to do anything, including showing up. My notices stated to please show up early or on time, otherwise, you would need to come back for another evaluation. What is so bad about that? Is it really too much to ask that you are early or on time to something?

    Let’s also look here, where you twisted my words into another meaning. When I said I forgot about evaluations, I was, and you know this very well, referring to how I had totally spaced the fact that there was an evaluation at that time. I was busy in another project before and the time snuck up on me. Please don’t make me sound that stupid to where I’d show up and not know what was going on.

    Then, yes, I asked if I could go pee. Excuseeeee me for assuming that I was around people mature and laid back enough to handle that. Those evaluations were long…very intense and nerve wracking and I was trying to lighten the mood by being more laid back and a bit silly here and there. Next time, I won’t even crack a smile. *eyeroll*
    Plus, I did have to use the restroom, but at the same time, people were there and I didn’t want to just disappear without a word.
    It did not take me 40 minutes to use the restroom, tyvm, however I *did* get caught with RL immediately after for a bit. I’m very sorry that I didn’t just drop everything and make you my focus.

    As far as taking so long in evals…the judges show up at the same time the models do…they get settled, eval cards are handed out, paragraphs from the models backstage were sent in and those distributed to the judges. The notices said to be there by a certain time – did not say that evaluations would commence exactly at that time as well, but we weren’t just taking our time either.
    And for you to complain…have you any idea the time *I* took out of my schedules for 2 weekends…about 3-4 times for 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays, to hold these evaluations? Evaluations that lasted up to 2 hours each. And…then the judges…who took time out of their schedule too…to show up and assist..many of them more than one or two evaluations. And you’re complaining about the one time you showed up..and no…it wasn’t demanded that you show. You were given choices. If the models on the list for evals did not confirm or show up, they were removed from DEJAVOGUE. Many chose that option, others did not, including you. If a model could absolutely not make one of the near 20 times I scheduled those two weekends out of thoughtfulness for those being evaluated, I would schedule a time when they could make it.

    Now…let me see…you supposedly know about the inner-workings of DEJAVOGUE, since you posted your theory on why we had model evaluations and why not that many models showed up. Let me give you the facts.
    The reason not a lot of models showed up to the autumn casting was due to it being on a US holiday weekend. The other reason(s)? They didn’t want to be in the show or couldn’t make rehearsals. If they thought I didn’t take them seriously enough, I doubt most would be there…although…there’s always a few…
    The reason for evals? Some of the models that showed up to the autumn casting shocked me with lack of styling, or theme matching, prim fitting, shape adjusting and afterwards, I decided that DEJAVOGUE needed to do model re-evaluations more, and first, than a show…so the show itself was put on the back-burner and we did the evals.
    I know that you are upset because you were demoted after the evaluations from model to Model In Training and your ego apparently couldn’t handle that. Sorry.

    Moving on, to the person who said that they knew me when I was Jersey and I was “so bad” that I created Dolce, etc.
    Dolce was created BEFORE DEJAVOGUE even opened…hello! I also do not keep it a secret that my alt is Jersey…in fact, Jersey is in all the DEJAVOGUE groups too, in case I accidentally leave one..I can put myself back in.

    It is really sad to see…that in a virtual world, where almost everyone preaches to have fun, not take things so seriously…enjoy yourself…there are people who raise the roof if you don’t act professional and rigid because you are the CEO of a business, or if a joke is made.
    You have a lot of anger and ..other issues, in you apparently (more than one person I’m referring to here) and maybe it’s time you got some RL help for that instead of coming on here and bitching about any little thing you can when SL is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Clearly, you aren’t getting that part of the experience.

    As for me, I’m overdue in taking the advice of many and leaving this site. Love me or hate me. Your choice. Have fun here.

  43. anon Says:


    the last post is hilarious, thanks for sharing.
    I always thought Dolce was only big talk but no professional, and now I find a confirmation.

    I hope these models who complained about re-evaluations left DejaVogue. It’d be even more ridiculous posting here how unprofessional Dolce is, and still being in her agency.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with the the poster below 110%
    Dolce you really arent the right person to comment on how and agency should be ran AT ALL. I too was one of those models whom responded to your mandatory re-evaluations and was on time, 5 minutes early as you demanded. There were four of us whom showed up either early or exactly on time and one other model who showed up 10 minutes late and still, you were NOT READY nor had you started re-evaluations YET. Then when you finally realized we were all there standing waiting, you said you had forgotten all about the re-evaluation time that YOU SCHEDULED. Even after that you still didnt start because you were too busy asking everyone if you could “go pee”.

    How professional is it to ask if you can “go pee’?
    How professional is it that you demand people to show up for re-evaluations, on time and not a minute later, only for you to forget what what the hell is going on?

    Oh but wait theres more – not only did you have to “PEE” all freaking night, you also took your sweet time doing so. Then when you finally returned you felt the need to dance around all night like you had disco fever. Oh but the worst part of this whole fiasco is that it took you OVER 3 HOURS to evaluate only 5 models. Why? Because you were too busy forgetting, pissing and dancing around instead of conducting your business like a professional should. You have no reguard or respect for anyone elses time whatsever because your always too busy playing around and talking big talk.

    Models become inactive in your group because for one you do shows once every few months. What was your show before the fall show and the Mona Lisa show? Gaganista? And that was how long ago Dolce? Sometime back in the summer right? Models also dont show up to your castings because you are not about conducting your business in the proper way. Its all about talking big talk and playing for you. How do you expect models to take you seriously when you dont take us serious. Just like you Dolce, we also dont have time for

    So please Dolce before you start speaking on how it is to run a business, please get your own business straight first.

    Tempest may by a bit rude but at least she doesnt take all day to do something minor I will give the lady that much credit.

  45. To Dolce Says:

    Two shows in over 6 months is good going dolce, and one of those shows you didn’t have to do a casting for as it was for mohna lisa who used their models, but you and tempest sound very much alike as I have also seen how rude and arrogant you can be to your models and how you can talk to them as though their as thick as shit. As for you saying your the busiest woman and I quote “I am up to my eyeballs in work.” from your previous post, maybe you need to spend more time working on your agency so your models aren’t inactive that posting long drawn out posts on here.
    Finally… who was it that had an autumn casting call and only a handful of her models showed up, as as a result decided to do model re-evaluations and demanded that the models be there on time and then kept them on at least one occassion waiting 40 minutes to start for you to go to the toilet when you could have gone before you even started, So I don’t think your a good one to comment on how an agency is run.

  46. To Dolce... Says:

    Listen Dolce, I remember when you where Jersey and you were just as bad as Tempest… so bad that you created Dolce but let me tell you something… reputation sticks and everyone knows who you are so before you go off and start spouting Bull Sh** fess up honey! And come clean and start being who you really oh right you are… a liar!

  47. ” You haven’t produced a show in ages… so stop pretending like you run anything.

    Just had to get that off my chest.

    A Dejavogue bored stiff model. ”

    Dear Bored Stiff…

    Nice try, but I know you’re not on my team because if you were, you would of known that we did a show yesterday..which I produced..and I produced another show the weekend before. And we have plenty of events coming up. But, good try…really. >.>

    Further lame comments like that will be ignored. Enjoy yourself!

    Dolce ~

  48. To Dolce... Says:

    Dolce, please get over yourself!

    What the hell does “everyone” write you about?

    You haven’t produced a show in ages… so stop pretending like you run anything.

    Just had to get that off my chest.

    A Dejavogue bored stiff model.

  49. somebody Says:

    You’re all a bunch of whiners. Grow some balls and get over it.

  50. Yippy, I’m not defending Tempest here, but have you ever ran a casting before…let alone, an agency? If you had, I am pretty sure that Tempest’s remark, while, it could have been worded a bit nicer than that, would not really seem rude or harsh at all (my words).

    I bet you have little to no idea how many people IM and send notecards to the person running the casting, asking questions that are answered in the notice(s) or notecards sent out; it is really ridiculous and your patience with it flies out the door fast. In DEJAVOGUE, I encourage all of my staff to think for themselves, try to find the answer on their own first, make an effort to open the group up and look in notices for information..instead of taking the easy way out and IMing me or anyone else for an answer that is publically available. If they IM me with a question that is available to them, like in notices or on our staff webpage..I tell them to check the site or notices. Simple as that.
    It takes time away from what we were doing and puts us further behind when we have to answer question after question from people who don’t take a bit of initiative to get that information themselves.

    The other thing I want to mention here is…it is really odd that out of no-where, on November 14, someone posts here for the first time ever, against Tempest and in one week, this page has acrued 70 postings, most against Tempest.
    Makes you wonder if there are a few bitter apples just posting over and over as different people to bring CSRP down because they felt mis-treated. Its not like that hasn’t been done before here.
    Why hasn’t all this supposed mis-treatment and uncalled for behavior been brought to attention before and why is it suddenly flooding the pages of AgencyReport in one week?

    Doesn’t quite make sense…

  51. And Wow Says:

    And you people think Tempest is mean ?lol time for a self check .I have to say she may not be the nicest person in SL ,but if your going to say people are mean some of you really need to check yourselves.

  52. Anon Says:

    It must feel terrible to know that at least 60+ don’t like you! If you’re nice you get nice back… it can’t be any other way!


  53. Yippy! Says:

    Bravo poster below! I’ve had the same experience as you! If she doesn’t feel like responding she doesn’t… I ask once about a casting and she said and I quote “that’s why I put out notecards’ check your group notices” that was it for me! Seeing all these posts regarding Tempest and how she’s treated others makes me feel better cause I thought it was only me! Funny how things come back to bite you in the azz! I wonder if Giancarlo is aware of all this!? If not he sure should be!

  54. Anonymous Says:

    I noticed a few people mentioned things like “have you tried to talk to Tempest” or “I bet you wouldn’t say it to Tempest” and things of that nature. Well as I have stated previously I tried contacting Tempest by IM as well as by Notecard and she had not responded. So now what would be your next bright idea for me to say what needs to be said to Tempest? I can not exactly speak to someone who doesnt want to be spoken to or bothered for that matter. Anything beyond trying to contact someone by IM or Notecard in SL is pretty much harassment in my opinion and I just simply refuse to try any furhter to even bother the lady. She obviously has no interest in what I say so screw it. Why run an agency if you have no time to reply or be bothered with people? Whatever dude!

  55. Seriously Says:

    If you all are unhappy then leave Costa Rica Sims Productions! I’m sure that if everyone that was unhappy left the whole thing would collapse anyway! And I agree with the poster below, how many shows did they have anyway? Costa Rica Sims Productions is a nobody in the overall of fashion in Second Life!

  56. anonymous Says:

    a vote of no confidence in the management

    what a concept

    STFU, suck it up and quit

    you’ll all be much happier

    it’s not this group is Boulevard, Avenue or Modavia FFS

    how many shows did CRSP ever do anyway?

  57. Happy To See Says:

    Happy to see that this topic on CRSP has finally been brought up! Tempest really shouldn’t be running it!

  58. to Poster Below Says:

    and btw, I’m not Tempest, and I think she has a crappy attitude and she doesn’t know how to treat people, but you are worse than her.

  59. to Poster Below Says:

    Again, stop insulting people!!
    at first the problem you mentioned about Costa Rica sounded a real one, but bow thanks to your childish posts, insults and asking people to keep the nose out of it, you are all getting ridiculous guys!

  60. TO: Was CRSP hiring off the teen grid? Says:

    You’re a bloody idiot! Again, if you don’t know the situation keep your nose out of it, your opinion doesn’t mean anything nor is it in support of Temepest! It’s very clear you’re either Tempest, acting as Tempest, Tempests daughter or the loser that runs Costa Rica Sims! Now go on GO and do some weekend laundry and mind to your poodles! Stupid A**!

  61. Was CRSP hiring off the teen grid? Says:

    These rantings are ridiculous.Call to arms oh no we have to send back notecards to say if we are available or not for a show casting because management wants to know if we are active,it’s purely outrageous!
    The group of you all sound like a bunch of 15 year old brats.I don’t know much about Tempest but I probably wouldn’t be the nicest person either if I had to work with the likes of you ,and FYI there is another agency that does this that I am aware of, I am not mentioning that agency’s name because ive seen a group of vindictive jealous adults that act like teenagers, try to ruin that agency ceo’s name to.Im sure that most of you never tried to run a agency have you ?It’s not a easy job.Did you ever think maybe she isn’t the nicest person because her drama filled employees make her life miserable?Im not excusing somebody’s behavior if they are really a mean person,This is not the place to air your concerns though most people look at it as a modeling gossip rag,Have you ever spoken directly to the source of your problems Tempest?I bet the answer is no.

  62. Top Notch Models Says:

    All the models below are top notch and and some even carry HUGE titles in Secdon Life. I’ve worked with all of them and they bring such professionalism to what they do. Shame on you Tempest Hennesy and Giancarlo Takacs for allowing this to happend I hope CRSP goes down!

    Dancer Dellagio
    Todd Anton
    Mikey Baltiani
    Miaa Rebane
    Florentine Rau
    Phillip Dollinger
    Sora Tatham
    Donald Feld
    Apollo Call

  63. Just a Model not with CRSP Says:

    What a fricking soap opera here.


    You’d think we were trying to cure cancer here.

  64. Ex-CRSP Model Says:

    Partial list of few well known models who are inactive, left, or were ejected from CSRP:

    Dancer Dellagio
    Todd Anton
    Mikey Baltiani
    Miaa Rebane
    Florentine Rau
    Phillip Dollinger
    Sora Tatham
    Donald Feld
    Apollo Call

    There are obviously many more. How many of these models are known for their unprofessional nature or drama?

    Tempest Hennesy is a pain in the ass to work with. What caused this outburst was not casting note cards but the simple fact that NO ONE LIKES TO WORK WITH HER.

  65. To "Poster Below" Says:

    “Perspective is wonderful… but this a specific case where many have been hurt and been treated poorly by someone, if you don’t know the situation then keep your nose out of it! No one is looking for a “fresh perspective” from you! We all just want to share our terrible experience with Tempest Hennesy, Costa Rica Sims Productions and the man who runs it all… Giancarlo Takacs! Have a good day!”

    What the hell is wrong with you? You act like you have a screw loose. Not only are you laying on the attacks of Tempest but on anyone else who tries to disagree with you. Is that really how you are in real life? Why don’t you just make a group called “I hate Tempest whatever and CRSP” and invite whoever else on here that whats to join. You really need to grow up. I assume you’re going to call me names now too.

  66. To Dolce... Says:

    Although we really appreciate your long drawn out post and walking the fine line of defending… not defending and mostly promoting yourself… I think you should keep your nose out of it as well! Need I point you in the direction of your page here on Agency Report? You yourself have a long line of complaints and issues with everyone from models to designers! So a bit of advice… and I’ll take it from your very own post below “just leave and focus your energy on an agency or business that you like being a part of.” hmm… focus Dolce on DEJAVOGUE and keep trying to make it a success… of course success starts at the top! Get a clue!

  67. I’m not in CRSP or even a model..so I speak now as an agency owner (DEJAVOGUE). I do not know Tempest at all and although almost all of the comments here have not been in her favor, I choose to not take it as the absolute truth, because as we all know, this is Agency Report where lies, backstabbing, sneaking around and slander are prominent.

    As the owner of a large company, I wanted to comment however, on one of the claimed casting call methods used by Tempest (requiring every model to respond to a casting call regardless).

    I see a point in that requirement, as another poster did point out – it can tell you who is active and who is paying attention in the group vs who is not, however not every person logs into SL daily or every other day…sometimes they are gone for a period of time because of RL..the list goes on there.

    Now, *I* know that while asking all of my models to respond to casting calls would be on occasions beneficial to me to see who is paying attention, I will never do it. For one, it creates unnecessary work for them – in fact, when I ask questions in general, such as, who can make it to this event, I wholeheartedly prefer only receiving answers from those who CAN..not people messaging me to say they can’t..how is it going to help me by knowing who CAN’T show up when I just wanted to know who can?
    Secondly..it creates more unnecessary work for ME. I am up to my eyeballs in work..and I guess, if you have really nothing better to do at the time, having everyone msg you could help fill idle time..but speaking as someone massively busy nearly all the time, no thank you.
    So, long story short, while it may have a benefit or two of having everyone reply, it just doesn’t have much more than that.

    I too work in SL fulltime for RL. I don’t accept random friends requests (seeing as my list is over 300..random people that I don’t know sadly become just a name on the list til I remove them) and I hate blind TP offers from almost everyone (there are a few that can get away with it). If you send me a blind TP offer, I will hide my online status from you. I don’t like being included in almost all Friends Conferences and if you put me in more than 1, I will probably hide my online status from you.

    Because SL limits how many groups you can be in, I am very picky about the groups I join too and I will decline most. I keep my groups focused mainly on business, keep them under 25 and honestly, if someone sends me a group invite more than once (b/c I don’t accept the first time), I will probably mute them.

    Regarding the “keep drama to yourselves.” …I have found that people who publically state that in profiles or even in chat, etc…are full of drama. Fact is…drama happens every day to everyone. Its how we choose to handle it that matters.
    No one likes fake people except in RP or plays.

    My days off are rare or next to none too..but,on the other hand, if you are running a business, whether SL or RL, fact of the matter is…days off might get interrupted at times or often. Its just something you learn to accept in the beginning and move on.
    Oh, and I dislike notecards. 😛

    I know that this post seems more about me than anything, but please see it more as an example…or comparison of two business owners (does she own a business?) in SL in similar areas of work (I think).

    Also please, at the same time, keep in mind that everyone runs their own business or manages a business in their own unique way. For some, it works, for some, it doesn’t. My advice to those who have a problem with CSRP or Tempest, is to just leave and focus your energy on an agency or business that you like being a part of. Or, if you don’t find that, start a business yourself…but do be forewarned…its not all what it’s cracked up to be and be prepared to face ridicule that many other businesses do by staff/onlookers/bored people…even you at one point.

    Respectfully long winded,

    Dolce Enderfield
    General Manager of Mohna Lisa Couture

  68. to Poster Below Says:

    As you all have the rights to send an endless list of posts (and some very offensive) and tell about your negative experience, you have no rights to tell someone else to keep the nose out of it, this forum is free and public.
    If you want respect from Tempest or anyone else, learn to respect other opinions.

  69. Poster Below! (Again) Says:

    Perspective is wonderful… but this a specific case where many have been hurt and been treated poorly by someone, if you don’t know the situation then keep your nose out of it! No one is looking for a “fresh perspective” from you! We all just want to share our terrible experience with Tempest Hennesy, Costa Rica Sims Productions and the man who runs it all… Giancarlo Takacs! Have a good day!

  70. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not Tempest. I don’t even know her. Is it so unbelievable to think that there are others not involved who can give their perspectives?

  71. Poster Below! (Tempest) Says:

    Okay Tempest! Good try again but FAIL! Your agency is only as good as the models you have in it! You’ve managed to chase off or piss off just about ever “TOP MODEL” in SL! So what you say is just BS, you can’t save yourself now… to many people have been burned and now Karma is coming back to get you! To bad.. so sad! 😦 now be gone with your tired old self!

  72. Anonymous Says:

    For you all to talk about how bad someone is at running an agency, you’re hardly acting as professional as you all claim to be. Anyone with half a brain would actually confront Tempest in person and not blast off on here. That way she and I guess the owner can work on some things. But to say everything here behind someone’s back is kind of dumb. And most of you that posted act like nothing but spoiled brats. Anyone reading this who has never been a model in second life could be easily put off the whole thing by not just the rants of how bad a job someone is doing, in your opinions, but also of how you models are acting here.

  73. Whoa! Says:

    Add me to the list! Tempest is just downright mean! 😦 /me wave byeeee!

  74. Nice Try Tempest! Says:

    To the poster below me! I’m in a ton of model groups and I never once have I gotten a casting requiring me to respond with a yes or no! Your post is a lame attempt (Tempest) to once again “Shine The Light On YOU”. Give it up Tempest, no one likes you or believes you, nor do they think you’re a great “Model” picker! Get lost and go feed Giancarlo’s leather back turtles!

  75. Anonymous Says:

    Some model agencies are doing what Tempest did, which is to ask their models to answer back to all castings; if they can be in the show or if they can’t. Either way, it’s no bother at all to receive a casting NC and answer back if we can do that show or not. It shows that we are active or not.
    I personally met Tempest a couple of years ago, she was a model trainer back then. It was her personality that made me stay in that model academy. In one hour of a pre-interview, she was able to detect those of us who were really up to the challenge of being models one day. As models, we have to deal with all kinds of people. If this particular group has 30 models and only 13 answered to a casting call, even though she specifically asked every model to return the casting NCs with a yes or a no, well that means 17 models are unprofessional. Each agency or group of models works differently. Either we adapt or we don’t. Just deal with it! I’m not defending Tempest, I’m just saying that, as models, we have to deal with what we have. Don’t blame it on her.

  76. Bout Time! Says:

    I’m sooo thrilled to see this happening!! This is a long time coming for Tempest!! She’s a miserable witch and I’m glad someone finally called her out!! Karma Is A BIOTTCHHHH!! 🙂 Buh Bye Tempuss

  77. anonymous Says:

    yoo hoo Donnatella Couturier, or is it Florence Rebane, where are you when you’re needed?

    This one is perfect for you

  78. Temp's FAQ Says:

    * Just because you know my name doesn’t mean I call you friend (quote borrowed from a friend). Translation, blind friend invites will be rejected.

    * I’m up to my eyeballs in work groups. Take no offense if I reject your invite.

    * I work. Real job with real income in SL. I don’t do blind teleports. Please respect that.

    * Days off are rare, respect mine.

    * Sending a notecard is highly advised due to capped messages.

    * Keep y’drama, fakeness and y’ Ms. Campbells. I don’t need it. (why is this one the hardest for y’all to follow?? o.O)

    She sounds so friendly! I wanna model for CRSP too!! 😦

    Taken from “Temp’s FAQ” SL Profile

  79. @ LOL Says:

    I agree 100%! It just doesn’t make any sense! He must be a blind idiot!

  80. Just wow... Says:

    LoL why don’t you just suck on Giancarlo yourself and maybe he’ll give you the job?

  81. LoL Says:

    With all these complaints, why don’t Giancarlo do something about it? He can give her another job like a sex slave or a bed warmer. Maybe Giancarlo is spineless and has no balls. Leave Costa Rica sims and move somewhere cheaper where you can actually rezz.

  82. FIRE TEMPEST! Says:

    The reason all the models go inactive in CRSP is because of TEMPEST you f’ing C*** Sio!! Giancarlo isn’t responsible for her f’ing rude behavior!! Tempest is!! She’s ruined CRSP and slammed it into the ground and then peed on it! She should have he SL revoked!

  83. ANON Says:

    GC has a huge mess on his hands with this one… CR my not recover from this!

  84. Just wow... Says:

    @ LoL – I’m so glad you picked up on the irony of my post. Mission Accomplished. 🙂

  85. a SL model Says:

    Keeping track of models activity is a common and good practice because there’s no need in keeping lots of inactive models if they can be replaced by models more eager to work, or simply more available for agency’s schedule. Still, demanding a reply for each casting, and from models who are not even eligible for the casting, sounds excessive.
    I’m not in CRSP, but if this is the only problem, it shouldn’t be a big deal, you may agree or disagree, but just consider it agency’s policy. On the other hand, I know agency directors/managers who have ALOT more on their plates than Tempest, but are still approachable, polite and helpful in any way they can, also when they are busy or sleepless. An agency manager should be able not only to organize and produce events in a professional way, but also create a positive environment within the agency. Seeing here several posts of models leaving this agency because of manager’s attitude makes me think it’s not a conspiracy, but there’s something true, and Tempest should probably take this as chance to change the negative and improve the situation of CSRP.
    And by the way, putting the blame on the boss is so unprofessional! Management should back each other.

  86. LoL Says:

    To Just Wow

    You are such a hypocrite.
    You are doing the same thing. LOL
    Post your name and stand behind your words.

  87. Just wow... Says:

    Honestly if you guys are so hurt from this person, don’t come on a website and bitch about it ANONYMOUSLY. This website period is an absolute joke just like you all here trying to verbally bash someone. Obviously you don’t have the balls to talk to her about it or even list your avatar’s name. The way you all speak on here, you must live your lives on the computer. You may not like Tempest for whatever reason, I didn’t read all this wall of crap but I’m guessing she’s not an ass kisser / virtual dick sucker like some of you seem to be to get ahead in the “modelling world.” Call someone a cunt and not having the balls to post your name is hilarious. You’re just so cool, am I right? Maybe one of you wants her job and is posting multiple times or having your best friends post to bash this person. Good for you. *Pats the losers you are on the back*

  88. Sio @ Just a Model not with CRSP Says:

    Thank you! I love you~ ❤ You must made my mommy's day~

  89. Just a Model not with CRSP Says:

    One reply to the poster who asked “Why require models to reply to every casting even if they can’t make it”

    It’s simple – models become inactive. With some agencies, if a model continues to be non-responsive to show/work opportunities then perhaps the model should be removed from the group and replaced with someone who is active.

    Replying even if you are not able to attend says you are active and in game. Personally this is good practice with any agency. Some agencies, if you fail to respond to an extended period of job requests you might be removed from the agency.

  90. Sio (Gabrielle Wallace) Says:

    Meh, whatever. I’m done. =P Just a bunch of chavs who can only wish and gossip anonymously because you’re too scared to say it to her face, or even say it to her boss. Go ahead. I personally dare you – I know you won’t do it. You’re all going to come here and anonymously bash like it’s formspring. Go eat your hot pockets and die of obesity. G’day, my silly American crowd.

  91. Sio Says:

    Are you serious? She’s not that low. My mother is not posing as… me? That makes no sense. I know about the whole thing that my mother is doing. I come home from school and she tells me all about it and the accomplishments and how awesome a show and the models were or tells me about her practice and how she’s laughing with everyone. Oh my gawd, she actually LIKES you people! Or liked, rather. Probably not so much anymore.

  92. To Sio (Tempest Hennesy) Says:

    It’s a pity you have to use your daughter (posing as her) to post this Tempest.

    You are pathetic.

    Stop this please. You have successfully destroyed an agency that was fun & like family. Take the blame and get lost. CR does not need you.

  93. Sio Says:

    She has just as much a right as you do. It’s not her doing this because she’s an evil, wicked person. She’s doing what she’s told, as I said. You’re not even ganging up on her. You’re behind her back. I dare you to say it to her face, bitch. Yeah, sure, I’m the spawn of Satan himself. And actually, my mum and I are complete opposites – but I /will/ defend my mother. You’re worse than grade schoolers.

  94. Top Model Says:

    Madame Constance,

    No charm school in the world can help the dreadful Tempest and her daughter Sio. Like Mother, Like Daughter. Spawns of satan.

    If you want your voice to be heard, leave Costa Rica sims and stop supporting the designers who support the agency until they get everything straightened out.

    Money Talks.

  95. Dean of Charm School Says:

    Dear Sio,

    We received report sheets reflecting your model conduct and we think you would be a right fit in our institution. We are extending an invitation to you to apply to enroll as a student at Charm School.

    Congratulations, we look forward to receiving your application.

    Much Love,
    Madame Constance
    Dean of Charm School

  96. Top Model Says:

    Sio…Do us all a favor and tell your mother to quit CRSP and spend more time with her husband and two kids in RL. If she is really a nice person, everyone wouldn’t have gang up on her like this. It is called KARMA! You get treated the way you treat others. So suck it UP!

  97. Sio Says:

    And you know what? It’s not even her. Her BOSS tells her to do all this stuff. She pushes to make you guys active and to get more responses. She’s not the one pulling the strings and you should know this. She’s /not/ the boss of the entire thing – she’s doing what she’s told. Yeah, I’m going to troll. I’m going to troll like hell because this is my mother that you’re all badmouthing. This is ALSO from personal experience.

  98. Sio Says:

    THEN TELL HER!! Goddamnit, instead of gossiping and giggling behind her back, somebody tell her and not be a bitch about it!! If you don’t like something, just tell her!! She’s not ignoring you, she just has a lot on her plate. If you know so much, you know where she is right now and how much she has and she also has a husband and two children to look after at home. Give her a break.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    I cant speak for everyone but I will speak for myself. The demands that Tempest place upon CRSP group I would think is rather unreasonable. Why DEMAND that every needs to respond to a casting? If someone doesnt respond then it simply means that they can not make the casting and its just that simple. I can see if she were demanding responses for inactivity but, to the DEMEND that EVERYONE respond to ALL castings no matter if they can make it or not, or if its just a casting for male or female and still WE ALL have to respond? Its just simply ridiculous and honestly it seems like a power trip here. Ive come in close contact with tempest before and if you arent a friend of hers then she isnt very approachable at all. I tried iming her, even sent her a notecard some time ago and there was no response so I gave up and never tried again. Something then told me to read her profile and I did. Well lets just say I saw her FAQS in her profile, and well I guess maybe what I had to say was “BS” to her, I dont know. So there it is I gave up. This is me going off of my own personal experience.

  100. Sio Says:

    Also, what the heck is “RP slang” supposed to mean. Instead of USING EMPHASIS USING CAPS it’s like putting a certain phrase in italics to emphasize. Go back to school, you filthy American.

  101. Sio Says:

    I honestly don’t understand you people. You all need real lives. Get off the computer right now. None of you even deserve to /live/ – I swear. She’s not even typing this. In fact, she’s sitting across from me crying because she’s been trying so hard and you’re all tearing her down when she is /trying/.

  102. Reply to Sio a.k.a Tempest Hennesy Says:

    And that was Tempest Hennesy as “sio” today defending herself with her RP slang (—> And you /wish/ you were in her spot)

    And as usual she is delusional in thinking that everyone wants to be her.

    Get a life woman.

  103. Sio Says:

    Y’know what, you’re all jealous. And you’re mean, nasty, cruel people. And you /wish/ you were in her spot. You really do. She’s never mean or nasty to anyone else. Sure, blunt. Bitch? No. Get over yourselves.

  104. ANON Says:

    Fianlly someone bring this up! Everyone hate Tempest so much! Me include!

  105. BOYCOTT - CRSP Says:

    I agree! I think everyone should boycott CRSP until Tempest is replaced! CRSP is bottom of the barrel… Gian needs to get some balls a quit acting like a big pussy and can the beeeotch!!

  106. EX-CRSP Model (again) Says:

    If you have any self-respect, PLEASE BOYCOTT or LEAVE CRSP till Gian gets this mess fixed i.e replaces this trashy B*.

  107. Anonymous Says:

    I myself thought that it was rather ridiculous that this Tempest would want models to respond to casting calls no matter if they would be able to attend or not. I would think that it would be rather obvious that if a person doesn’t respond to a casting call is either because they cant attend that casting or they just dont want to be apart of the casting. I never even heard of such a thing with other agencies. I also read her profile some time ago and it was pretty clear to me from her words alone that she’s a egotistical wench. I simply refuse to work with anyone who acts in this fashion and thinks that they are above the rest. Im not even sure if I’m still apart of CRSP or if I’ve been kicked out and could care less honeslty. Good Luck CRSP looks like your gonna need it!

  108. Ex CRSP Model :) Says:

    I left for the same exact reason! I only wish the SL designers would stop showing there until the ugly bitch is replaced! There are so many well qualified people in Costa Rica that could run CRSP! Tempest must have something over Giancarlo because it simply doesn’t make sense! Chop the head off the snake!

  109. ANON Says:

    Im glad too that someone brought this up too!! CRSP could be a great fashion venue but Tempest has turned it into hell! She thinks she’s just the best at running CRSP but she has just destroyed it! I know so many poeple who won’t even go close to CRSP because of how rude, mean bitchy she is! Giancarlo Takacs should really get ride of the bitch before it goes completley belly up!


  110. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Where Clyde Saunders? He ran it flawlessly for a long time. As for Tempest no comment.

  111. EX-CRSP Model Says:

    I left too due to Tempest Hennesy’s unprofessional, rude, and classless antics. This woman has serious issues. Her profile is a testimonial of how arrogant and condescending she is.

    She single-handedly ruined the nicely working agency.

    And thank you for bringing this up.

  112. Top Model Says:

    Tempest used to be nice.
    It is sad to see how power corrupts people.
    Some models who obtain power and fame suddenly turns into a “DIVA”. It is pathetic how they based their self worth on a game.

  113. ANON Says:

    Hilarious! I cant believe something like this hasnt been said earlier! So many good top notch models have left this group because of Tempest! She needs to go! Get a grip! You only have to check her profile in world to see what kinda a person she is! Get a grip Tempest! Oh yeah and I left!

  114. ANON Says:

    I can’t believe I found this! I was just talking to someone about how hideous Tempest Hennesy is and how shit her skills are at running CRSP! I’m glad I left and when I did so many other things came my way, more professional things and more professional agencies with classy shows and kind people! Temepest is nothing but a C***! She should be fired!!

  115. ANON Says:

    Ha! Tempest needs to go! CRSP is already six feet under so I doubt that a mess like that can be saved… And for the record, I left. I know of many models who have left this sad agency because of its sad operations.

  116. Anonymous Says:

    I left.

    Tempest plays favoritism and has no professionalism.
    I don’t know who she slept with to get that position but someone needs to fire her before she ruins Costa Rica Productions.

  117. ANON Says:

    I left for same reasons.

  118. Tandy Says:

    I left Cost Rica Sims Productions along with many other top notch models and organizers and designers as Tempest Hennesy is just so unprofessional, mean and inexperienced at handling people! I would love to put a list together of everyone that has left Costa Rica Sim Productions, I think we all would be stunned! Gian has a huge problem to solve here if he ever wants to be taken seriously in the Second Life fashion industry!

    If you know someone or you yourself have left Costa Rica Sims Productions because of Tempest Hennesy, please add to this list by just saying “I Left” sign it ANON. This could be real fun!


    Dandy Tandy

  119. Turtle Says:

    This is a mess! Tempest has run this into the ground… no one likes here and no one wants to participate. On a recent casting… she sent out a demand for a reply to her casting call saying that no matter if the show is for males or females you must reply… 13 replied out of 30! Retire Tempest CRSP is dead and you can take the blame.

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