18 Responses to “Dallas Modeling Agency”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    JOKE JOKE JOKE! Do not waste your lindens on this agency I can assure you will learn NOTHING!

    • Anonymous Says:

      The DMA might have been started by a graduate of CWS and regardless of how CWS ran things you did learn valuable things in modeling. The DMA is not put on by what was learned in just CWS but with all the experience and skills that they have accumilated through out their modeling career. The curriculm at the DMA is very competive and up to par and would be an excellent choice for anyone to learn about modeling. They have a family oriented approach but are strict about what makes a good model and push your limits to make you succeed.

  2. Suki Says:

    These postings were just brought to my attention, some 6 months later. Imagine that! It took all this time to come to the surface. Which can only mean that I know some very special people who have amazing integrity. TY to all. TY Chloe for you undying support and outstanding contribution to our agency! As for the negative comments, no matter what “anonymous” or “I hate ugly models” posts, it’s all good. As someone who I admire once said “you are nobody till somebody talks about you” Good, Bad, or indifferent….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    not been on this site in awhile too much drama shit but i myself was a student of Dallas Modeling Corporation DMC and i found there courses very valuable and knowledgeable i learned a lot at a fair price.

    there was no hidden costs everything was explained on the note card and applaction and also in the orientation on voice with the beginner instructor once i graduated i got my diploma was not forced to stay there and work for them i could go out and work for anyone or any agency was not forced to use mandatory poses or huds or have mandatory clothes or forced to attend practices training or anything i did not want to like some agencies.

    So to me DMC i dont know how it started or by who really all i know is that i had allot of fun would recommend it to all my friends and its made me the model i am today

    • I Hate Ugly Models Says:

      LMAO Suki Rexen looks like a noob.
      One of the ugliest avatars in sl. No style No grace. Just plain ugly. Anyone with a shape and skin claim to be models and open agencies to screw people.
      see for yourself – outdated skin, hair shape – ugly ugly ugly eewww http://www.flickr.com/photos/67359622@N06/

      • Anonymous Says:

        you say suki rexen is a Ugly Models
        so what if that what you think.some might say you are Ugly I Think Anrol Anthony from CWS is
        Ugly and some think she is hot, the way i see it is if your happy with your look well that all that count ,and your opinion of suki is not held by everyone .suki is unique . as a pass student from DMC and CWS i did not go to the University because the owner look hot or not i went to further my experience as a model

        • Anonymous Says:

          Well considering Rexen started at CWS and NEVER studied anywhere else or had any real training. Considering she achieved NOTHING in the SL modeling world, I would say yes, her avi is not up to par and it’s embarrassing she ever thought she had something to offer other would be models. Just goes to show any idiot can open a “modeling agency.” Besides which she was never very pleasant to be around her personality sucks!!! Ego, ego, ego that’s all she’s got!!!

          • Olli Says:

            So classic with style don’t train you to become a good model and give you the experience to succeed in the modelling world great thank you I will pass this onto all my freinds

    • Anonymous Says:

      Than you haven’t been around very long. You haven’t been in the SL modeling world much, that’s clear. There is a HUGE difference and the fact you can’t distinguish between crap and stellar, says a lot.

  4. marylin monroe Says:

    I have been a student to DMA for few weeks now and enjoy every valuable class was given by super nice instructors..lessons given in voice makes it so easy to learn. I have been searching on line for the best agency to sign up with but none of them could respond back with enough demand to establish a class unlike DMA. I have applied, and in 2 weeks the classes have started..

    GIRLSSSSS!! If you are ready to rock in the modelling world, do not hesitate to join this school.. you will start your carrier in no time in a very friendly and professional atmosphere

    • Anonymous Says:

      Who owns DMA?

      • Anonymous Says:

        i think it call DMC.and it has more than one owner i think, i have been talking to some of the pass Student from DMC and it all good things. so when i get the Opportunity and some free time i will attend the DMC as a Student,BTW Suki i think your AV look unique and sexy way to go girl keep up the good work

        • Chloe Lavecchia Says:

          That’s great to hear! I’m the first point of call for new students and models so please feel free to contact me in world ūüôā

    • Anonymous Says:

      Honey, you obviously don’t know any better. Dallas is a joke!!! It was started from a reject from CWS, now that’s a hard thing to be, but yes it’s a fact!

  5. Chloe Lavecchia Says:

    As the manager of DMC for over a year now, I would just like to point out how extremely happy I am to be involved with such a talented & universal team. The genuine effort and time each board member takes to maintain the agency’s professionalism and duty of care to our students and models is one of the reason’s why we are standing strong and producing results! We are always looking to improve, and would like for you (past graduates, new students, models, designers, general public etc) to comment and give feedback on your experiences with us. Thank you!

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