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  1. Anonymous Says:

    [2010/02/08 15:04] Frani Dressler: you don’t like modeling, but you teach it
    [2010/02/08 15:04] Frani Dressler: makes no sense to me
    [2010/02/08 15:04] Dolce Enderfield: So yes, I would make a lousy model, because my hearts not into being a model…the keyword there…being.
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Frani Dressler: but…if you’d make a lousy model, how can you teach how to be one? I’m just trying to understand that concept
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Frani Dressler: being you charge for classes and what not
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Majest Dezno: she is a great model, just chooses not to model lmao
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Majest Dezno: she likes the busniess aspects
    [2010/02/08 15:05] Celeszta Szondi: This is ludicrous
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Majest Dezno: yea let it go lmao
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Nefertiti Kimagawa: I think she was just saying that as a joke frani
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Celeszta Szondi: One need not be it to train it
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Frani Dressler: sorry, I just see alot of people taking peoples money to teach them supp
    [19:01] shiva Borkotron: osedly how to be a model, yet, makes me wonder
    [2010/02/08 15:06] Celeszta Szondi: Or prefer it to train it
    [2010/02/08 15:07] Majest Dezno: yep ㋡ just have to be sure to do ur research first
    [2010/02/08 15:07] Dolce Enderfield won’t touch that further. TUTT DONT JOIN THIS AGNECY THE CEO DOES NOT EVEN LIKE MODELING

  2. Deja Pu Int'l Says:

    Linds”A”y Stratten was going to take Deja Vu Int’l to new heights and glory. She as the ANSWER to the Donnatella PARADOX that preceded her.

    Alas. Linds”A”y Stratten seems to have evaporated after her initial breast beating declarations of new life and HUGE plans.

    Are we surprised?

    Given self-serving comments that were made then and the lack of follow through, the answer is apparent to us all. OMG-WTH calls the question with the comment, “I’m talking the likes of Poptart Lilliehook, Cherie Parker, Payton Heron, nemi McCoy, Agataope Carter, Tesan Lane, blackLiquid Tokyoska, Melanie S, Mr Virtual World 09 & 10, they have the best of everyone out of each agency. Its crazy. Why in the hell dosen’t Poptart do something about this troupe. USE US FOR THE MODAVIA FASHION WEEK!

    simple truth: Poptart has her own stable of superstar models.


  3. Deja Vu Int'l Model Says:


    DejaVu is nothing now, it just sits there with probably the best model team in SL, I’m talking the likes of Poptart Lilliehook, Cherie Parker, Payton Heron, nemi McCoy, Agataope Carter, Tesan Lane, blackLiquid Tokyoska, Melanie S, Mr Virtual World 09 & 10, they have the best of everyone out of each agency. Its crazy. Why in the hell dosen’t Poptart do something about this troupe. USE US FOR THE MODAVIA FASHION WEEK! lord at least when Donnatella was running Deja Vu as its COO, there was editorial offers every month and an mind-blowing show in which every model participated in, shame she has gone now though!

  4. Stay Tuned Says:

    My sincere condolences on the untimely passing of your father and my best wishes for you in your new position at Deja Vu Int’l. I’m sure you’ll do at least as good a job as your predecessor did. Her antics defy description.

    As far as hoping that I’m a writer goes, I’m not certain I understand that wish, but for what it’s worth I’m just channeling some supermarket tabloid hack from the STAR or ENQUIRER in here. Not hard to do but amusing for me.

    The follies that occur amidst the tidal rising and falling of myriad SL modeling agencies are rich with stories, some tragic comedy, some just unbelievable and others heroic, and all worth recounting and examination for their lessons. Hopefully yours will be heroic.

    We’ll stay tuned and see how it goes

  5. I appreciate the feedback, but please keep this Deja Vu International related(also, my name is spelled LindsAy not LindsEy). I can assure you that I am more than qualified for the position, having been involved with SL fashion for over 3 years.

    Just to clear up two rumors, first… I was never involved with Model Pages International, I did however have a company by the name of Stylista which was closed at the time of my father’s death. Second, Deja Vu International will not be starting a modeling academy at this time, it has been an idea tossed around but is not being executed.

    On a positive note, Stay Tuned, I hope you are a writer or think about becoming one… you are very good at it. Props to you.

  6. Stay Tuned Says:

    Trying to find out who Lindsey Stratten is and what her SL fashion credentials,and accomplishments are, (if any that is) other then starting MPI’s vanished Stylista is proving difficult.

    Not that long ago, in February, Stylista was hiring there for a number of positions but given Jason Grant’s “I’m in I’m Out” attitude about running MPI it didn’t make a splash

    Is what we have here yet another self selected, fashion upstart, with no notable history to speak of, who can spend Daije’s money for him madly? Admittedly, it really helps to have an established magazine behind you providing the contacts and opening doors. That could make it work.

    Stay Tuned

  7. Stay Tuned Says:

    It seems that the Machiavellian Lindsey Stratten has upset Donnatella Couturier’s COO applecart. Daije Yiyuan, Deja Vu Int’l’s, reclusive CEO kept Lindsey and gave the mercurially, emotional Donnatella the boot it seems.

    Deja Vu Int’l magazine has announced its plans to join the competitive modeling market with an agency and a modeling school. Hopefully, they have a lot of cash to burn, errrrrrrr invest, in what is a very top heavy market. With tough competitors iike Topaz Joubert’s Maniera, Frolic Mills’ Miss Virtual World, Colby Pevensey’s Fashion Institute, Wicca Merlin’s Glance and JuJudoll Dancer’s Moda already crowding each other for marketshare at the high end, to say nothing of a hoard of new ones that seem to emerge each day and fade in short order, Deja Vu will have its marketing work cut out for it.

    Meanwhile the Donnatella, not one to sit back and think things out, has formed yet another agency named Fabiella, allegedly with backing from BeStyle. Go figure.

    Stay tuned for more. There is blood in the gutters these days.

  8. Stay Tuned Says:

    Pinky (played by Lindsey Stratten): Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

    Brain (played by Donnatella Couturier): The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the SL Fashion World!

  9. Deja Pu Says:

    A first show

    Alas by a know nothing

    Possibly good intentioned models

    It rose from a murky mind

    Seemingly white and pure

    Yet, scriptless and confused

    Then falls back into the abyss

    Whence it came


    No loss to most

    Designers lament

  10. Deja who? Says:

    Deja Who all over again!

  11. anon Says:

    Was that Deja Vu all over again?

  12. Deja Vu International [Models] Says:

    Thankyou Agency Report!

    Deja Vu International [Models]

  13. Deja Vu International [Models] Says:

    Thankyou AgencyReport!

    Deja Vu International [Models]

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