4 Responses to “Diamond Studded Diva Modeling (4)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That’s totally uncalled for to say that, you just slandered the character of 3 people and should be ashamed of yourself.How would you know what goes on in any of their personal lives? To make up lies about 3 great people makes you pathetic.Unless you have something to say about this agency, specific facts to say, not hurtful lies, why don’t you just stay silent.There are real people behind those avatars you know.

  2. bottle drinker Says:

    OMG .. she does?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Diamond Who? Everyone knows that you were paid by Nave Fall to start this agency when Lacie from COF found him in bed with Katherine Comet and Kimmera Madison. sighs It wasn’t their fault Lacie didin’t put out since she hits the bottle all the time.

  4. Kaylie Blackheart Says:

    I am one of the manager’s of Diamond Studded Diva Modeling, and I would just like to thank Sonshae for the excellent opportunity to be on her team. Sonshae may be a child avatar but she is one of the most professional agency owners I know. We just finished up a fashion show in August and already have three lined up for September. We spend alot of time training our models and practicing for the shows. Major props to Sonshae for what she is doing with the agency.

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