5 Responses to “Divas Inc Model Agency & Academy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What to say about Diva’s? Unreliable staff, cancelled classes, poor content and over-inflated egos.. I know of several people who worked their fingers to the bone to graduate and then were left with nothing when their ‘so-called’ C.E.O KaylenaMaria Destiny ‘took a sabbatical’, leaving students who had paid alot of money unable to graduate, so basically left with nothing and all because students sometimes had RL encroach and could not make up classes with anyone.. I’d steer clear if I was you.. I was warned in time… Thank the gods.. They couldn’t teach a wall to stand up straight even if it was supported…

  2. anonymous Says:

    Sounds more like Morons R us

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Tray has opened a new modeling school called Models R US. Tray has not shown up to repeated classes, then said we as students need to make them up rather than her rescheduling the class, she then tells us she is not doing the class and we are to get the notes from another student who has had the class. She has come to class drunk in real life and tried to teach in voice. Gets upset when you don;t have information she never gave you, changes due dates of assignments to earlier dates than first assigned. Notecards given were outdated from 2008 where only 4 out of 52 landmarks were still useful. I would say avoid anything Tray is involved with.

  4. Skyler Blue Says:

    I love this place! I may just be a trainee but I feel very professional already. I have gotten a print job even though I was still learning. The classes are also very convenient. There’s an inworld and online classroom ūüėÄ Great for me since I’m always busy.

    If your looking for either an academy or agency, I would recommend Divas Inc!

  5. Tierra Xue Says:

    Absolutely loved this agency. Kaylena & Tray were wonderful teachers. I also loved how they didn’t sugar coat anything, spoke the truth. I would recommend this agency to everyone.

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