Post below your comments about Downtown Modeling Agency. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

48 Responses to “Downtown Modeling Agency (49)”

  1. […] should say that my first attempt at modeling in SL was with DMA. They have gotten a bunch of grieffrom other models and people in the industry. When I joined, I didn’t have to pay anything. I […]

  2. […] should say that my first attempt at modeling in SL was with DMA. They have gotten a bunch of grieffrom other models and people in the industry. When I joined, I didn’t have to pay anything. I […]

  3. […] should say that my first attempt at modeling in SL was with DMA. They have gotten a bunch of grieffrom other models and people in the industry. When I joined, I didn’t have to pay anything. I […]

  4. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    Just for the record, I wasn’t the one who wrote the post below.

  5. Dolce Says:

    this agency is now a go-go dancing club with a mafia and vampire theme. you can donate blood and get into organized crime, and still kind of be a model too. cool.

  6. Morgane Batista Says:

    the agency is closing this month. unfortunatly bella’s sister decided to cause drama in group chat and in IM. It couldve closed in silence, but because of a bitchy mouth, i wonder how it will end

  7. omg Says:

    The problem is that everybody who bought a pose and a prebuild runway thinks she is a Model Agency owner and everybody who can stand alone and buy a discounted skin thinks she is a model.

    For all those people is this the right agency.

  8. Morgane Batista Says:

    knowing personally Bella, the owner, i told her directly that she needs to remove the runway ball that everybody is talking of, and make them walk by themselves, they need to learn to work like in any other agency.


  9. Fergie Says:

    A easy to join & easy to participate agency, with plenty of help for a fashion-minded new player!

    thank you DMA

  10. Amber P Says:

    Fun! I won the model of the week award and the 1k photo contest! Who cares if Bella has a tarot business too, what does that have to do with the modeling agency? And who cares if the agency is in a mall, what better place to have a modeling agency than in a mall that sells clothes, skin, hair and other things we need?

    You bunch of crybabies must be running your own agencies to talk a bunch of lies like you do. Shame, shame.

    DMA is a great agency. only $50L to join and I have had tons of fun and made friends

  11. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    Part 2
    That isn’t modeling. You don’t know what poses you are selecting. You don’t walk down the runway yourself (ok, you could). Its just…ugh.

    I get off the runway and start looking around. Its more of a mall and help center for new residents and a relationship … dunno than anything else. I believe that the only reason its considered “an agency” is because they have a runway..which is smack dab in the middle of their large mall.

  12. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    Part 1
    Several days ago, I wanted to visit DMA for myself, so I typed in Downtown Modeling Agency in search…came right up, I clicked teleport…and was surprised..somewhat taken back too, that their teleport landing is on their old fashioned runway. I thought that was..not a good idea…I don’t have to go into reasons.

    So…I check out the runway first…hop on the pose ball, which anyone is evidently allowed on..and it walks me..slowly and..not gracefully, for lack of a better word, down the runway, which reminds me of a conveyor belt used at checkout stands in stores. Get to the end…a menu drops down with a bunch of numbered poses available to use and I select one and its of course, a static another..static pose.

  13. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    Okay, I’m able to post this…but not my actual post? Has happened before…

    Wonder if AR is broken.

  14. Herra Says:

    You missed the runway – it’s one of those old-fashion pose-ball runways where it does all the work for you. However one positive thing I can say about DMA – I did win $100 Lindens off of the Zyngo machine!

    But seriously – to anyone who is a member of DMA or thinking of joining, you get what you pay for and in all reality isn’t SL Modeling suppose to be about having fun with people you like?

  15. navefall Says:

    Nave here…………….. I know, I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    I am attempting to conform to AgencyReport Zepp’s request to be less of a longwinded blowhard. It’s not easy. But going forward I’ll try harder to do that at the same time stay true to my snarky self. After this post that is.
    I agree whole-heartedly with Bliss Perco’s wondrously even-handed, puff piece touting the splendid experiences she’s having at the Downtown Modeling Agency (DMA). I think everyone should go and sign up at the office that Downtown Modeling Agency shares with the headquarters for another company owned by Bella Scott – Tarot Reading by Bella. They can tell you your future as a model at the same time you sign up.
    Chaa Ching…………
    As you can tell I went on a little roadtrip to see DMA’s facility. I dropped by to pick up an application and any marketing-type propaganda they have and also to pay my L$50 (18.5¢ US) group membership fee in person. I am looking forward to gaining all those useful benefits that Bliss described.

    I was also hoping meet Bella Scott, DMA’s owner, and maybe to see the DMA runway and classroom. No such luck. There was, however, a dandy wall filled with advertising boards available to rent and another wall with a bunch of midnight mania/madness boards, a desk and couple of chairs but the trophy wall with pics of all the famous models who are members like I’ve come to expect was missing. Maybe it’s at DMA’s runway Wahhhhhhhhh.

    You can check it out for yourselves @ thargard 231 201 37

    I’m going to try to track down Bella Scott DMA’s owner so enlist real soon and start making new friends. I need more fun in my Slife these days. I’ve become boring. Maybe I can get Bella to address the AgencyReport Fanatics group one night and answer some of their probing questions. Great way to recruit more of those L$50 members. BTW – Would you like to supersize that?

    I did look at DMA’s blog btw.
    They had their training schedule posted and the names of the trainers:

    Bella Scott and AEON Cristole.

    When you look at AEON’s Modeling CV you see an interesting thing on her Picks under the Resume tab. It said

    Quote –

    ♛(`’•.¸(`’•.¸ EDUCATION ¸.•’´)¸.•’´)
    Training corses through Downtown Modeling
    Training corses through Classic w/ Style

    – UnQuote

    Another CWS graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine that? A well trained trainer. I’m more excited to join now…………….

    Anyway if you’d rather just have the Downtown Modeling SuperModel title to wear without the hassle of tracking Bella down. IM me and I will explain how you can have that in about 3 minutes for somewhere between $L0 and L$100.

    This is Nave Fall reporting and you’re not………………

    Let the flames begin.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  16. Anonymous Says:

    how can you call Downtown the best agency of second life, while they still model on runway with the super laggy runway ball? Put them on a runway with a choreography and let’s see how many of them can pull it off! How many of them knows what pose to use or not, or what is a quick turn?

  17. Herra Says:


    If you are happy with the results then that’s what it is all about.

    However, the $5k you talk about is not to join an agency – that’s to take academy training. No respectable agency will charge for you to join.

    If you are interested in modeling – why not come to the Model Workshop. We are a free weekly seminar where we can work together to become better models and better understand the industry. We now have workshops both in American and European time zones.

  18. Bliss Perco Says:

    Downtown Modeling Agency is the best modeling agency in Second Life. I checked out many other agencies and the owners/teachers were snobs. One place wanted $5000L to join their group. One woman took one look at my avatar and told me to get lost. THESE ARE AVATARS, PEOPLE. It is not like in real life where a person cant change their look in 2 seconds. I see alot of snobs here insulting DMA in the blogs. Obviously you are jealous that an agency can offer a 50L signup and free classes while you have to charge 5k. I RECOMMEND DMA for newbies, and for people who are here to HAVE FUN and not be cut-throat a****les like the OTHER agencies.

    A+ and 4 out of 5 stars

    A laid-back, friendly agency that helps anyone!

  19. Ugly Betty Says:

    Also, I agree with most of the previous comments.

    And this is NOT something to proudly put in a modeling resume. AT ALL. Get your <backspace buttons ready!

    "I do not have much modeling experience in SL. Although I am willing to learn, devoted, and passionate about modeling. I love the aspects of fashion and modeling in SL."
    is better than putting Dowtown in your resume…
    Hell, even a blank, or "none" is better than Downtown.


  20. Ugly Betty Says:

    HAHAHAHA! This should not even be on this blog. Downtown is NOT even an agency. At least not to many people who know the true SL Fashion World.

  21. GeorgieBoy Juliesse Says:

    I thought Downtown looked messy when I first checked it out. Now they moved and it still looks messy and disorganized. Camping, Zyngo machine, ads all over the walls, freebie junk everywhere. However I know that other people enjoy participating in Downtown’s shows and have made friends there, so who am I to say they shouldn’t be doing it?

  22. A very experienced model Says:

    This agency uses the VERY old scripted runway system, something the top agencies stopped using months ago. If you put any of these ‘trained’ models on any other runway in SL they haven’t got a clue.

    If I see downtown agency in a models resume. They don’t even get a second look. So having downtown in your resume is NOT good for anyone.

  23. Arroganta Says:

    I have had alot of fun here at Downtown Modeling. Got free classes my first day and a free avatar kit. My friend even won 5k in the contest! This agency is the BEST. The instructors make the classes FUN!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    you couldnt be more wrong. i do not own another agency. i observed first hand. plain and simple. scam sham whatever you call it. that describes this agency.

  25. Heaven Says:

    I am willing to bet you people complaining about this agency own or manage another agency… you are complaining about a 50L join fee? That is only a few cents, people. I’ve seen 5000L join fees… The owners of DMA help you with appearance and provide free classes and runway training. A good start for a new model, or, add to your portfolio.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    This Agency if you can call it that.. is nothing but a scam. The owner is rude and the most unorganized avitar on the grid. Some may think I’m trashing them. I’m not. I’m stating a FACT.

  27. Long time in Sl Says:

    Been in the group awhile now and having fun. There have been some improvements. A new blog and a new magazine. I got a big job referral thru Downtown Modeling. I am very pleased!

  28. Herra Says:

    To KaylenaMaria Destiny:

    I hope that every model or aspiring model reads what you wrote. It was very well done and pretty much sums the modeling industry up in a nutshell.

    I never became a model because I thought I could get rich – I do it because I love the fashion, the work and the sisterhood bond that I have made with so many other models in the industry.

    Thank you for your comments!

  29. KaylenaMaria Destiny Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am not nor have I ever signed with DMA but I just thought I would comment here after reading these posts to give my opinion. Take it or leave it, I’m not trying to trash anyone so please do not misunderstand.

    I read some really rude and nasty comments that seemed to be a bit uncalled for by personally attacking the owner. If you do not like the way the agency is being run feel free to voice your complaints but let’s try to be respectful, cordial and decent at least.

    Now on to what I have seen and heard of this agency: I am a professional model within second life, represented by a few good agencies and have had a quite a bit of experience in the industry – while not as much as some, more than others- and I just wanted to clarify a few things to the new aspiring models.

    1. Being a model does not mean you will make bank. I’m sorry to disabuse you of this fact but models can get paid anywhere from just the items that she displays to 1K depending on the agency budget and revenue that they make from a show. A new agency typically doesn’t charge the designers because they haven’t built up their reputation as high as the others and are trying to get their name out there. If you are in this industry because it looks glamorous and you think you’ll be making big bucks please either find a new profession or a new reason for doing it. If you are showing off jewelry or just boots or even skin, you may have to use your own outfits. But I have yet to be asked by a designer or agency to buy the sponsoring designer’s items to model them in a show.

    2. Being a model is WORK and HARD. It is not about sitting on a pose ball and letting it “walk” you down the runway before allowing you to choose from a selection of poses. That is not “real” runway I’m afraid. Runway consists of shopping for and selecting appropriate walks, poses to fit the style and design of your outfit, learning to handle lag and walk in a straight line doing a routine walk through cues and poses without bumping into other models or falling off the runway into the crowd. It is about taking a lot of time to pick out the best choices for accessories to accenuate your look and the design that you are presenting.

    3. You WILL have to spend money on your avatar and appearance to be a successful professional model in this industry. If someone tells you differently then they most likely have no idea what they are talking about. You may have seen the big named models like Mimi Boa, Kay Fairy, etc. and wondered how they got to where they are. Well I can tell you that they spent a lot of L on their avatar and updating their look periodically to stay up to date in fashion and styles of second life. If you need L then get a second profession. There are tons of jobs out there even for new SLers. There are clubs that are willing to hire new SLers and you can save up the money from your tips and daily/weekly checks to update your look. Join BOSL, Fashion Conslidated, Starwalkers, etc to get the latest news on fashion, bargain merchandise, runway shows, hunts, tips, etc. Read magazines while you save to learn about the culture of this industry. Try talking to established models- not harass- about tips on where to look for help. Join the model workshop to learn new things (as previously stated Model Workshop is not an academy or agency but a workshop that holds weekly seminars to discuss the modeling industry). If you aren’t willing to invest the time and money into your avatar, yourself, and your career, why should someone else?

    4. While I do not agree with the way that others have sent personal attacks I do understand their frustration even if I do think it is blown a bit out of proportion. It’s upsetting to see someone that has not done the work or put in the hours upon hours of work to make their look perfect or work so hard on their modeling career. I spend HOURS trying to customize a look for the runway or a print shoot. Hell sometimes I spend days shopping around for the right item, pose, walk, etc. It’s upsetting to see a newb with a supermodel tag when they have not truly earned the title in the professional world of modeling. Again, I’m not bashing just expressing my feelings and I’m sure the feelings of others in a much more cordial way. This does not mean that one should stop trying to reach their goal or dreams. Far from it!

    5. I think the charging some but not others is not the best idea and I don’t agree with that method. It is unfair to those that have paid and sends out a mixed signal to the models within the agency. Everyone should be treated the same no matter what. If they don’t have the L they should save up before coming back. If they really want to be a model they will find a way to get what they want. It’s not a bad thing to set standards.

    Someone mentioned snobbery within this industry and while it may be partly true some of it has been overrated. Yes it can cost to join an agency- usually no more than 1500 because they may recieve binding for their portfolio, professional photo, styling, etc. For academies yes it can cost a lot. Sometimes I think it’s a bit too much because most of what I have learned has been OUTSIDE the classroom and training grounds. I listen to others and I pay attention to what is being said and how other well established models work. I’m not saying that it’s not a good idea to have at least one school training program under your belt but you don’t neccessarily have to spend 10K to get it.

    I would love to see everyone succeed in this industry but you’re not going to do it if you don’t put in the real time, effort, money, and work. Good luck to all those aspiring models out there and I wish you the best of luck. I hope that my words have helped some of you and if you decide not to listen then it’s your choice and your right.

  30. Herra Says:

    Please do not refer to Model Workshop as an agency. We are not. I appreciate that you have a positive experience with Downtown and I’m glad that you shared that with us. However, Model Workshop is a free weekly seminar for all models to talk about the industry. We do not have an agency of models or an academy.

    Thank you!

  31. Alora Says:

    I have never seen so much hatred as I have seen by you other agency reps who come in here and slander this agency.

    BS to your lies! “dejavu” and “model workshop” STOP trying to trashtalk other agencies to make yourself look good! anyone with half a brain can see you are jealous of any other agencies out there!

    I joined 2 weeks ago, yes I DID get a free housing up above the agency (ANYONE ask the owner for a free apt you will get one! and not just an apt, but a nice big home!), yes I DID join free when I told Michael I was new and did not have the join fee. yes I DID get paid to work the fashion show ($50L, not much, but not bad for my 20 minutes of work and the designer gave me the clothes). yes I DID get free avatar help. I also made FRIENDS here. so what if they take newbs? last week there was a free help class every day to help with avatar tweaking and runway use. anyone can fix their avie up in a week. I love this agency 🙂 been alot of fun so far!! XoX!

  32. herradurabaar Says:

    A couple of you models said “Well Downtown was the only group that helped” and to be honest, not sure what that is about. I haven’t heard much positive about that. If someone really wants to learn modeling then head to the Model Workshop where every Thursday at 5pm we have free seminars to help models and aspiring models in the industry. We do not charge a dime to attend these seminars but many top models today got their start at our workshops

  33. ExDejavi Says:

    This agency is a hoax, and if you fell for it you deserved it. first of all models are payed 500 dollars per show by agency. secondly they don’t give out apartments.. only strip joints do.. You’re heading down the stupidity train lol.. can’t believe there’s that much idiots who would fall for such a scam…tisk tisk…

  34. Anonymous Says:

    leanna and richardo, are you paid to write that? seriously…

    Newb says..Who said there is no pay? I got $50L for last Saturday show, plus there is random payout during class.

    well lemme guess, is it rockhard that paid you? and the random payout, its only a random money giver that works all day only need to be more than a certain amount.

    of all the time i been there i been paid tips for the show 2 times, was by rockhard..

    newb again..This agency is great for newbs and it is run by nice people.

    EXACTLY, it is a newb agency!! Even Bella skin looks as bad as a noob skin. since when new models looks better than a boss that has an agency for 2 years?

    ana chilch is sooo right, how many times have i seen 1 day old noob get hired as supermodel while still looking as a total noob in the cute pink dress..ya’ll know which one i mean. she will ask you money to join, if you have any, you pay, if you say you dont have any, instead of telling you to come back when you can pay, she let you go for free. AND, don’t erase the group tag by error or she makes you pay again for it.

  35. Leanna Says:

    hi i am new to the group, havent been in any fashion show yet but i got free avatar help, that really helped me out because i was in starter skin and shape!! thanks so much bella

  36. Ricardo Says:

    I have attended classes and got a photo shoot within days. With my photos up as a clothes model the offers for pay are starting to come in. Thank you Bella!!

    I read the ugly untrue comments, which after a little checking came from a competitor. Now I know the truth, just take the opposite of it as the real truth. Shame on them trying to win by such a obvious lie.

  37. A newb Says:

    I am new to SL and this is the only agency who gave me half a chance. The other agencies were a bunch of snobs and they wanted way more than the $50L signup fee here. Downtown Modeling has free classes and when I asked for appearance help I was given free shape, hair and clothes. Now I read the other entries in this blog and see downright lies and personal attacks. Calling someone “ugly” and “whore” is more unprofessional than anything this agency could have done to you. I am always treated nicely. Who said there is no pay? I got $50L for last Saturday show, plus there is random payout during class, plus I got a free apartment. This agency is great for newbs and it is run by nice people. The complaining babies on here are just complaining because they were fired!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah been here done this, It was a waste of linden and I wish i would have seen it before hand, I remember paying 200L though not 50…The first time I found out that we had to provide our own clothes I was very confused and then to get there and see a bunch of “Supermodels” who look like they got hit face first by the noob train… well i was pissed and left group immediately.

  39. Ana Chilch Says:

    I agree with ALL of these comments.

    WARNING: Do not waste your time or money with this place!

    Now…you see a newb, newb hair, skin, shape, clothes (or naked)…you say, well that’s typical…

    Then you see a similar newb, wearing a tag that reads “Supermodel”…hmmm…VERY unusual? Well that is an everyday occurence at Downtown.

    The agency is very trashy.
    #1. Stripclub upstairs!—no, I am not joking, the Downtown Modeling Agency & Strip Club!
    #2. Dating/match-making service—now I know, this isn’t trashy. It was a advertisement board type thing, like they use for role-play child adoption. So why was it trashy? Some of the pictures used on the boards were PORNOGRAPHIC, some of them were RL people too! YUCK.
    #3. The runway was a joke—well you go backstage. Then you hop on a poseball, and it walks you down the runway with a robotic type walk…then you get to the end, and you pick some cheesy poses from a menu, you do a ballerina spin and robot-walk back to the backstage area.
    #4. Unorganized! Very much. They let anyone who wanted to show up for a show, come and show up. And after I reccomended they had practices for the shows. But it failed. People who came to practice, sometimes didn’t come to the show. And people who came to the show, didn’t come to the practice.

    About the only thing that was good about the agency-the chairs around the runway. Yes, they were nice looking chairs with good poses. So yep, come for the chairs! Don’t expect anything else to be good about this agency!

    Let me tell you about my whole journey as a Downtown Model.

    I had watched a few fashion shows and decided I wanted to be a model. So a friend of mine, who was also a model, reccomended Downtown. (she is no longer a friend, if you must know) So I went their, sent in a headshot (mind you, I looked like a bloody newb, I had freebie skin and hair) And the owner tells me that is one of the best headshots she has ever seen. Then she hires me, I pay my 50L and get all excited.

    Then I work for a few weeks, NO PAY. Then I ask how we get paid here, she said teach classes. These classes can be about anything related to modeling/fashion. So basically I could be paid 100L per class, to tell a group of newbs where I go shopping and pass out landmarks. So I finally get some revenue in this, 100L-50L(entry fee) makes it 50L.

    Now…don’t think it is that easy to get paid for a class, because it ISN’T! First you get told by an owner to do training, and she sends you to a manager. He tells you you will get paid a certain price and helps you get the class set up. Then you gotta talk to the owner’s husband, he pays you. Well he didn’t pay me the price I was told I would get paid so, I tell him, and he is very rude about it.

    Then I keep teaching classes, and on.

    So then I put a good deal of time into it, almost get promoted, and still only pay has came from classes. I worked my ass of at that agency.

    Then I talk bad about the agency to someone, and she snitches, and I am fired. Woo! End of story.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Once a teacher at the agency (not the one talked about in the other answer), the only way to be paid there is to teach..not paid to do the saturday shows, having to pay for our clothes ourselves to model. she was setting rules and then do everything that is against the rules.

    She was making models pay 50L or if they were newbie, it was free, now its 250L, please dont pay 250L for a place that dont pay you back and have naked pictures around when there is kid models.

    Also she now have a strip club right over her agency with a tper, wow very classy..when i think i stayed that long, i feel so better since im not there anymore.

    the only positive there for me was that i made great model friends.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    This modeling agency sucks ass. Bella Scott isn’t even model worthy. She’s ugly, looks like a whore, and is very unprofessional. Do not be apart of this agency.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I ended up at the place thinking it was a class or seminar, and after about 5 minute of looking around
    and seeing how discustingly rude the owner was I could not poof out of there fast enough.

    The place is a a dive. Shuderssss

  43. tinky22 Says:

    i went to this agency..and omg what a shambles the so called trainer was [was very profane and unprofessional] i even had to remind her we had a show when she forgot! talk about a shambles..i dont believe the owners are bad people but the trainer/show organizer certainly is..and when you tell the owner whats happening you just get booted out…not even worth the 50 lindens joining it and walk up and down any old shop you would learn just as much

    *edited by admin due to improper content

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with all the other comments here, DMC is one of the most unproffesional agencies I have ever seen.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    DMA was my very first try at a modeling job when I finally made a choice to pursue it. We did 2 shows and I personally spent 2 hours futzing with my outfits to make them just so. The runway is scripted, so there’s no room for any creativity, and when the show’s wrap up, I got paid a measly 20L. I might be new, but I’m smart enough to know that a model’s time is worth more than that. Its a group solely for her and her friends, and no one else.

    If you’re considering Downtown Modeling, keep on considering.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Absolutely agree with previous comments. They are in one world “unprofessional”. And plus, when they say you are hired by them as “Model”, in order to join the group, you have to pay 50 L$. Well ok, 50 L is nothing compared with what a model spends for him/herself, but this kind of attitude is unacceptable..

  47. Anonymous Says:

    This agency is crap. The building is crap, its cheesy and has absolutely no class. The owner takes money from vendors for shows and does not pay her models. She is rude and extremely full of herself. Has been known to leave for weeks and months at a time and doesnt tell anyone. THEN when her “family” tries to run things they mess it up more, they are all incompetent and ignorant. Do shoddy work. You will be better served with almost any name on this list except DejaVu… they suck just as bad.

    Run kiddies Run!

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