2 Responses to “Droid Modeling Agency”

  1. Diva Travesty Says:


  2. BlessedAngel Says:

    I have seen people attempt to manipulate others in some of the silliest of ways but after what I was told and seen with my very own eyes while I was at a RL friends house and seen the conversation take place with my own two eyes not prim eyes real eyes I have literally decided that some people should be hunted like animals in open season.
    Android Nakajima owner of Droid Modeling Agency has decided that if you OWN/Work/Manage or any upper management or staff of any other agency UNLESS she allows you to join her academy without any feeling of having her stuff exploited as if she is the top modeling guru in Second Life, like there’s never been an agency or academy derive up from the ashes in the mist of another agency or academy, information is so innovative and unseen before in SL that for her to think she has the newest most under wraps modeling techniques that she needs to keep her lessons under wraps and that no one from her agency will ever go and tell another avatar modeling tricks, seriously how stupid can you be? Realistically everyone in Second Life learns new things and shares with others its a notorious cycle of information that is relayed from one person to another and there is NO WAY to stop the flow of information. I beleive that if another resident pays for their account that there is no way they should be ridiculed or forced to decide to leave a business partnership because another person feels they have the right to stake claim on that business and if you take part in a name sake or as an active person in that business you can’t be a part of my business unless you quit or opt out. Seriously Android Nakajima get a real life and stop living in Second Life, Second Life is a form of relaxing entertainment to unwind from a long day of REALITY not stupidity and you are NEVER going to rule Second Life or the real world, give it up.

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