Post below your comments about ELEGANCE INTERNATIONAL. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

29 Responses to “ELEGANCE INTERNATIONAL (29)”

  1. former eima fan2 Says:

    I absolutly loved beyonce….she is such a sweet heart and a real person, no bs at all.

    Unlike alexia, I think once beyonce left the agency went downhill from there. She always had a good additude and she made sure eima had at minimum 2 shows a week.

    Eima now has what maybe 1 show every few months. Andtheir continued drama has kept me from continuing on as a model or taking any other part in eimas foolish antics.

    I feel like if they brought beyonce (the new beyonce aurotharius) back to the agency it would be 20 times better!

    And yes she’s crashed durng shows on occasions but that’s because her computer is no good and she can’t afford a new one. I’ve recently spoken to her and she’s trying to raise 17000 lindens or so with her photography and her new lingerie store so she can buy one.

    I am a new and really close friend of beyonces and I just wanted to point out that eima is nothing without her, the constant manager changes and alexia always ignoring ims. She’s totally unprofessional aand escuse my french but she’s a bitch too.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    it’s not just the grauation it’s the whole situation, just because someone left the agency, this should have been the trainees problem there were given a date for the show and it was then canceled on them, does this mean the whole of the managment team are useless without 1 person.

    Plus it’s not fair on the students, it actually holds them back from continuing there careers so why wasn’t it continued by another manager it’s not like there is only one person running the agency

  3. dying to know Says:

    Rolling eyes

    I was not dismissing EIMA’s, or Alexia’s, BAD behavior in not fulfilling their FULL commitment to their 5 students in any way, shape or form. I was merely curious if the rest of training was well done and if they learned anything. It sounds average at best and a bit overpriced too boot. My questions covered some things that would be very important to me and many other models considering a L$5500 investment in such training.

    Alexia’s bad behavior was mentioned earlier in this thread also, so no surprises there. This sort of thing is not uncommon. Doing the hour-long classes is easy compared to the REAL work of putting together a show with a written script, getting designer to help out with 10 – 15 outfits (in this case), and then doing the rehearsals and promoting it for them.

    Alexia should be ashamed of herself. Her bahaviour is very unprofessional and in RL would get her sued forthwith buy someone’s lawyer daddy. If I were a designer and read this I’d NEVER use EIMA or Alexia Speizer for anything. If she can stiff a student like this she can do it to a designer client too.

    My intent was to see what HAD been done right by EIMA, if anything. This sort of thing is what Agency Report is supposed to do right?

  4. Rolls eyes Says:

    Dying to know… that’s complete bs and we both know it…

    Part of modeling education is graduation show and it’s very important to models that are starting out because it gives them the experience of having an “runway” show. Also, it gives the new models a exposure to the modeling world and introduces them to the agency owners and the SL fashion world. I know several agency owners who attend graduation shows to scout for new faces.

    EIMA definitely failed the students if the “graduation show” is part of the curriculum which I am sure EIMA included when they were enrolling their students. Happy to take the $5,500 lindens but can’t together a show? What does it say about the agency as a whole? Not very good things I am afraid.

    That’s like going to any school in RL and at the last minute the school says, sorry no graduation but you know what, you got your money’s worth just from the lessons. If the graduation show was part of the curriculum and EIMA failed to deliver, then they are in the wrong. Period. There’s no way to justifying it and for you to even make such a claim is just plain laughable.

  5. dying to know Says:

    I just wondered if your only gripe was that you didn’t get to “graduate”?

    If you learned what you paid to be taught now it’s up to you to put that knowledge to use I think. If Shanen Hax was a good instructor then, hopefully, you received some value for your L$5500 investment even if you haven’t graduated.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    right firstly the trainer left the agency after some issues which i will not go into, who was shanen hax no longer with the agency, shanen was a excelant trainer and would always answer my IM’s even if she was busy.

    there was 5 students in total that paid for the classes at 5.500 L$ each who did not get there graduation either

    and the reason i sent the app in the first place is that i had heard it had a good reputation and they were the first to offer me a training course

    does that answer your Q ?

  7. dying to know Says:

    Other then not following through with the “graduation” event as promised maybe some other questions could be answered for us.

    1) Who was the actual instructor? Was it Alexia Speizer herself? How good was the classroom part of the training?

    2) How much did each of you pay for the EIMA classes? How many hours were spent in the classroom and practicing on a runway?

    3) Did they communicate well? Did you know what the classes were going to comprise of? Were the written materials good? Rate them on a scale of 1 – 5

    4) Did you learn anything at all for the Lindens you spent?

    5) How many people were in the class that got stiffed out of their “graduation”?

    6) How did you happen to choose EIMA over all the other modeling schools/academies/institutes/universities in SL?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Too anyone that is thinking of applying to this agency, save your money and go to a agency that has a better reputation these people only want the money,

    There was ment to be a graduation on the 24th July 2010, however due to unforseen events the show had to be postponed to a later date.

    After meny IM’s and notecards to the owners not one of them has replied, not only that Alexia Speizer has made her online status unknown to me unfortunately i know when she is on, and i have IM’d her on several occations when she is online and I get ignored.

    Is this the behaviour of someone who calls herself a manager/owner,

    Alexia only wants the money from people and when things get a little tough for her to handle she just ignores people

    I would advice people thinking of joining with theses people to avoid them like the plague.

  9. hey ladies/gents.
    Just gonna tell you all the Academy isnt all whats its cracked up to be. As of the 25 i was sudpose to have a grad show. ya think that happend? Guess agian.. cos of sum drama that happend(i wont post it here). it got deylayed.. Okay things like that happend some times.. but when things dont get done when they are sudpose to be.. makes ya think if you got your money’s worth. I give this place -1 for drama and bull sh***T happending in a work place >_<

  10. Former EIMA Fan Says:

    I have one name for you anom. Allenclive Beaumont.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    This Agency, Now Called EIMA is run by alexia speizer who hasn’t done a show in soooooooooooo long. Alot of models have left for that reason. She has her head so far up her boyfriends ass she forgets about the models in the team. She has a reputation of speaking alot of nonsense not to mention of a wonderful model Liam Netizen who used to be her boyfriend and for unknown reasons have broken up

  12. anom Says:

    ok, im puzzled what has happened to EIMA. When did it go pear-shaped.

    Animated poses only, throwing long term signed models out because the profile is wrong. And before you say it no im not one of them. Though seriously, i way past confused

  13. Beyonce Kuhn Says:

    But honestly, to the models, what money have i taken from you? None at all and our first 7 shows i did for free, no charge what so ever as i didnt know if EMA would result to anything and obviously we have.

    If you arent choosen for a casting, beauty is in the eye of the beholder hon, if you werent choosen for that one contest i think your referring to the Amanda Bolero?

    You should maybe step up your game for the next casting, trust me, i get rejected all the time. I havent decived anyone

  14. Beyonce Kuhn Says:

    Aweee Thanks for your kind words girls!

  15. Herradura Baar Says:

    I think EIMA has put together a great agency and fashion center. I haven’t had a chance to go thru their academy but when I needed a prize for my “Make it Work” contest (one that mainly has new models entering), Beyonce was willing to offer a Modeling Scholarship for the winner.

    As for the Anon person who complained about casting – well if I did that for everytime I was rejected by either a casting or an agency, I’d be here all day. Instead I opted to get some feedback to find out what I could do to step up my image and received some very good information has helped to push me to the next level. The fact that several top models have positive comments to say shows this is a good agency to be associated with!

  16. bravo Seashell! wow I could not have said it better, I completely agree *hugs:)
    I was not picked at a recent casting either, but I am looking forward to the next one I can say:)

  17. Please, let’s all think about this:
    – everytime we go on that runway, we may crash! That’s a simple fact. Not something to criticize someone about.
    – a SL Model must always be ready to get a “no” first, at a casting; “no” is always for sure. If we get picked up to work, great!! If we get a “no” as an answer and are confident in our jobs lol well, just think “if they don’t pick me, it’s their loss” ehehehe

    Good sense, professionalism, (yes, even in SL, we can be extremely professional as SL Models), a positive and good attitude. All of the above show a lot about our professionalism; not only a pretty face.

    Just take it easy, relax. Live our Second Lives the best we can.
    Someone once said: “If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, just… don’t speak at all”.

    Sounds good to me!
    Thank you EIMA CEO’s and Team.
    *hugss* from Sea

  18. Brittainy Collins Says:

    The CEO’s of EIMA are dedicated and hardworking. Both are honorable women with big hearts. I find it interesting that each time a new agency opens its doors and works hard to prove itself this post under Anon appears using the same wording. I understand and respect that everyone is allowed their opinion but the same opinion each time? To cause disent and drama? Ignore him/her and move on.

  19. TK Waco Says:

    You know. If you guys have time to post all these negative comments or criticism about what other people do, you should just forcus WHAT YOU DO instead.

    I’m also un-famous model nor top model and very far from that, but I enjoy modeling and I’m proud what I have achieved in SL.

    Regarding crash in the show, it can happen on anyone under the bad heavy lags even if you make your PC in perfect condition.
    Maybe it does not happened on you yet, but you don’t know about tomorrow. Noone knows.

    You can not accuse Beyonce because you saw her crashed couple times in the past shows. I have worked with her in one lingerie show. She is unique and amazing model.
    I saw something is special on her that deserve her to be in top in the future.

  20. EIMA CEO Says:

    Oh! And we have not taken money once for a show. So far all of our shows have been for free as we are still starting out, and i would never just take money for the fun of it so i can go shop. We have done nothing but dedicate time and money, i made the agency to make me happy not to make money.

  21. EIMA CEO Says:

    I am sorry to hear you say that Modavia Model, i guess that is pretty true, but ive only crashed 3/19 show thank you ha. Its really embarrasing, and i know i am not the top model in SL far from it. I am trying to make it, and i want other models to make it too. And no i didnt pick models who have done a million shows, some of them have not yet even had shows we have about 4 more shows lined up and a few events, i promise we will be having work to give to all of these models.

    I dont like…when people dislike me or what i try to do but i respect your desicion and if youd like to give my your name i would love to speak to you further with this in world. I have a lot more to say but ill stop.

    Thank You…



    Pfft you call this a agency YAWN!!!!!!! A agency with only the models who have done shows a million times yeah seriously not a agency at all. A Agency that’s being ruined by a model who has failed many shows in the past and oh yeah crashes in each show she does seriously not my cup of tea word of Mouth want to be in REAL agencies go to Avenue or Uvouge don’t go this agency where all its doing and getting the models and giving them a tag …. OMG IM A ELEGENCE INTERNATIONAL MODEL yeah I would rather save the group space for something useful then just using it up on agencies that don’t even bother picking lesser known models into there complete agency so ladies be warned it’s a JOKE

  23. These are the same old typical rantings of someone who prefers to hide behind the veil of anonymity…I cannot understand how you can claim that Beyonce has deceived anyone, or that EIMA is corrupt and merely out to make money. Things are just beginning to take off, and while it has been acknowledged that there are rather many models in the agency, numerous shows are already scheduled and I am certain that everyone will have a chance sooner or later. I am sorry to hear that you were not chosen during that casting, but to conclude from a single disappointment that it simply is not worth trying is plain nonsense. So please do not make such claims without concrete evidence, after all you must realise that the “anonymous” name is not usually very credible:)

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I bought an outfit entered the contest and arrived on time for the casting. My poses were prepared; I was prepared to find that the same old favorites were selected. The owner of what was IMA is now converted to Supermodel although we have never really seen her model, manages to be a member of the so-called élite agencies. As for the owner of the former Elegance agency that I thought was correct has deceived us all. What’s the point? EIMA is really no different. My advice to all you models out there who think that they have a change to be in their shows, forget it. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste your money on buying clothes you may not want to enter any of the group’s contests. It’s totally corrupt and making money no doubt out of the designers as well as the models.

  25. Chamonix Boudreaux Says:

    Congrats on the recent merger with International. Now we have the longest name in the industry and probably the biggest model roster too. I hope there will be enough work for all of us! Since we are all “Supermodels” , we will wear our new tags proudly.

  26. ELEGANCE CEO Says:

    Lol. Well thank you for your kind words i assure you that we are going to be great and stay active. I dont mean to be like pushy, i just have been so busy i kinda forget when the applicant well..applied.

    So what did everyone think of the first show with Fashion Nomads

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I strongly believe in what’s written below. The first impression counts a lot. And the same thing happened to me. The CEO answered to me the day after of my application, apologizing for making me wait. Here’s the perfect example of good behaivour and respect. I am in team.. and i hope to be really active in there 🙂 With my best wishes to all Elegance for its success…

  28. Someone... Says:

    Hmm very well written 😛

  29. Sparkie Says:

    Well I can’t tell you if Elegance is good or bad, as haven’t started with them yet, but as no one has left a review, I thought I’d pass on my first impression.

    I applied to this acadamy yesterday, and received an IM from the CEO this morning, apologising for the wait and accepting me! First question – WHAT wait???? LOL

    I was then invited into the group, and the first thing I did (and ALWAYS do) is checked the members list and past notices.

    I am VERY impressed!! Elegance has a selection of some of the best models in SL, and the agency appears to be very well run. The CEO seems friendly, down to earth and as is important, keeps her models VERY well informed!!!

    Before I apply to an agency or Academy, I check profiles of other models (especially TOP models) as I’m picky and only work or train with the best LOL. (well if wanna be the best, train with the best right?) Although, I can’t say elegance is the best (as haven’t trained yet) I must say that first impressions count for a lot, and this agency gives a very good first impression.

    After training, I will be sure to post and let you know how it goes.

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