Post below your comments about Evane. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. Celestial Lunasea Says:

    I would like to thank Mimmi, Diconay, Leandra and Melanie for the informative seminar they hosted at Evane today. It was great to see top models in SL taking time out of their busy schedules to offer not just a class to the models in SL, but a totally free one. It was definately appreciated and I think everyone there learned from it. Kudos to you ladies.

  2. ~TLC~ Says:

    /me is a bit afraid she will start a flame fest but…

    I graduated from MBMA/EVANE in October and had a great experience. I actually was cast for a show recently. (WOOT!) So yes, they continue to offer opportunities to recent grads.

    Also, I’ve read comments about individuals on this site and not knowing them except to know how famous they are I was intimidated initially in contacting her. But since I’m cruising the site today, I might as well mention that my experience was that Mimmi Boa is the SWEETEST and adorable avi/person I have met. She is kind and thoughtful. She also has high standards but frankly that is what I want in an instructor. (Sequoiah Nightfire was my instructor and she used to apologize for being critical LOL but she would do it. That is what makes us better models.)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve posted in the past about management issues at EVANE. And I can say that Mimmi and team have made tremendous strides in the past few months. They are now allowing new models to walk the runway, and when possible, they are allowing for more casting time. They are also offering classes that are taught by Spanish, Italian, and Japanese instructors. And while it’s true that Mimmi sends out invites to her shows, please tell me how that’s a problem. She is offering you an opportunity to network! It’s time to stop bitching about this agency; Mimmi and team have stepped up to the plate and made changes that benefit EVERYONE!

  4. Model Advisor Says:

    that may be the case. I surely hope you look for work elsewhere because the only thing you’re getting from Evane is continuous messages to go support Mimmi in any fashion show she’s in. As for kay fairey requesting suggestions from the group?..well what do you know. Kay doesn’t pull her weight anymore with them because she’s too busy with other projects. Way to go on support Kay Fairey. Take your 5000Lindens and go elsewhere. It could be quite difficult taking a course from a model whose first language isn’t English. Thank heaven some other models were placed to teach. Go ahead and be foolish if you want to spend your money and i would give it a couple of months before you see that EVANE isn’t going to boost your career. It’s who you know.

  5. darkevilone Demonia Says:

    I graduated from Evane today, i ahve yet to auditon for a show, but a follow class mate is to appear in a upcoming show. And four of the graduates today have also been told they will be in a show shortly. So all good so far 😀

    So its not just the same old models, Evane gives a chance to everyone. I may have returned to modeling from a long break, but you have to work for the things you want, noone is going to give you things on a plate if your not prepared to work your arse off to get them yourself.

    Mimmi has the patients of a saint, with that she is a nice lady.

    Im not a brown noser i speak as i find and if i thought anything else belive me i would write it. But i did enjoy my time there and hope to do a good many shows with Evane as i do with the other agencies im signed with.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    so same old story

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Not to hurt anyone but all ive heard of evane is that pretty much it’s the same routine in class model basics and mimmi will throw you on the runway. I’ve personally have not joined evane I will say mimmi does have her fame of being good on the runway. The shows are kind of mediocre nothing new and exciting well what can you do if only poses models get is the Matrieya poses .. Sigh my advice Evane may be good for training purposes but not for full blown out career advice try out other agencies in sl not just one Evane is good for that beginning of your career I would try to hit up avenue or Instyle (Now Uvouge) graduated from both of them and im proud as for modeling is not just going up on a runway and showcasing clothes its about being a model and learn to do everything . My overall rating 2 stars

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Face it ladies if you are not a friend or in the good graces of the agency owners
    NO amount of school
    NO amount of purchases
    NO amount of going to castings
    NO amount of hard work
    is going to get you any opportunities.
    The fashion industry is controlled by the few who happen to be on top at the moment and that is the reality , they have their own agenda, YOU are but a pawn, face it and do not be heart broken, protect your feelings and your linden and take it all as a game, keep your interests in other things open.
    Remember nepotism, hypocrisy, favoritism and many other isms are all alive, well and stylishly dressed on the runways of Sl

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This is so disheartening! Mimmi cast two days worth of runway shows early this morning. The first notice went out at 6:43AM, and the models were announced at 6:52AM. Mimmi, please don’t say that the designer wanted them now. The designer (your close friend) would have understood if you had said that you needed 12 hours to send out a casting notice. If there is a voice of reason at EVANE, would you PLEASE address this problem? Please? Those of us that aren’t in the European time zone would LOVE the opportunity to model! Please don’t forget that we are part of the EVANE family too!

  10. Kay Fairey Says:

    Great now you’re coming up with suggestions! 😀

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Kaye, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m sorry to read that you are disappointed with my comment. However, I doubt that you were as disappointed as I was to discover that you hadn’t conducted a professional casting call! Based on your past comment, “Casting calls for sure. Got that so no need to repeat,” I felt that I was entitled to post my comment – or gripe – as you prefer to call it! But call it what you wish, allowing 22 minutes for a casting call is not a methodology that a professional agency should use (unless it’s an emergency). Furthermore, why should I have to leave my preferred agency because its NEW management isn’t conducting business in a professional manner! I have a suggestion for you…own your actions, don’t blame me, and start running the agency in a professional manner! Create a new group for the school so that your models and VIP’s don’t get spammed with “hunny” emails; develop guidelines for casting calls that define your expectations; factor yourself and Mimmi out of the runway shows, and create mentoring programs that encourage your Top Models to work with model trainees. These are small steps, but steps that will begin to grow EVANE into a stronger agency.

  12. Kay Fairey Says:

    Anonymous, no need to tell me that. I am in a VERY disadvantageous time zone myself and believe me, this has happened to me more than anybody else.

    There will be different casting methods depending on different events/shows/needs like I already told all the models so don’t gripe on one and like I said, if you don’t like it here, you are free to leave as well.

    I am trying to put together shows where I can cast more models and comments like yours really disappoints me.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. EVANE has done it again! A message was sent out at 3:08 AM (SLT): “I need 8 female and 2 male models for an event that “Miamai” is having this coming Saturday from 4pm – 6pm. Model call is 3:30pm. If interested see attached for details. Pls note that this will not be a runway show.” The second message was sent at 4:38 AM (SLT): “Thank you for a very enthusiastic response! I have one more slot for a female model and we’re all set!” Well…So much for casting calls that give models a fair chance! Twenty-two minutes to prepare for a casting call. I for one was asleep! And please don’t say that this doesn’t count because it’s not a runway show; it’s a job – something that every model desires. And please don’t say that the designer needed the names immediately. The event isn’t until Saturday. I guess EVANE forgot that SL is a global community with MULTIPLE time zones! EVANE stop blowing smoke up out bums and start walking the talk!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm.. actually, i always wanted to say how i wonder for not being part, even for a bit, of Maseno Project, although i raised my hand heartfully, applied in the very first moments when the project has been communicated. I have just one idea tho; if you are not one the “favourites”, you are nowhere, whatever your skills, your behavior or your motivations are..

  15. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    I just wanted to say what an amazing job Mimmi has done with Maseno.

    At Friday’s count, Maseno was nearing the 1.2 million linden mark (I think that’s about $5,000 USD), and they had one more show yesterday.

    I truly applaud Mimmi especially for all her philanthropy. That will make such a difference to that orphanage in Africa. I love that she figured out how to take all her SL fame and goodwill and turn it into good works. I don’t know anyone on SL who has given so much of her time or money to do such good work.

    I not only love how giving she has been, but i love how smart she has been. Instead of donating to a large organization she is helping one specific orphanage. That amount of money can do so much because it is going directly to those suffering.

    Big hugs to her and to all who helped for this amazing batch of charity shows.

    Go rest hunny!

  16. anonymous Says:

    First, i can understand why people are anonymous, not because they are telling lies but because if they were to say truthful things regarding well known models…it is very likely they will never be employed as a model again.
    Second, my own personal opinion of Evane is magnificant…one of the top agencies in SL in my opinion 🙂

  17. Tempest Rosa Says:

    I agree, Kylie – that’s the wrong attitude and it will, for sure, get you absolutely nowhere.

    Nothing ever lands in our laps – I’ve never experienced favouritism from Evane or any other agency in this business and I like to think if I’m hired it’s due to the time, effort and professionalism that I’ve shown in the past. So what if you don’t always get hired – don’t whinge about it, move on to something else. So what if you don’t always get the best outfits – it’s not always going to be the case and if you stopped looking at everyone else with envious eyes and concentrate on looking ‘your’ best when you get on that runway then,, job achieved!

    I don’t believe in personally attacking anyone in public. Mimmi and the staff at Evane are extremely passionate about what they do here and, seriously, you would be shocked if you knew how much time and stress is involved in running agencies and charity events like the Maseno Project.

    Yes, there have been changes in management but, listen,,,it happens and things are now just settling down so, please, let’s look forward with Evane…

  18. Kylie Balogh Says:

    Successful people are always targets.

    All those taking potshots at Mimmi (and other well-known people in other agencies) should realize their catty, bitter and envious attitude will be the reason they’ll stay “anonymous” in the SL modeling community.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    People have used this forum to complain about a number of things. Obviously there are models who feel the casting is not always fair. There are models who don’t get nice dresses in shows. There are some models who feel they’ve paid their money to attend classes and don’t feel they are given an opportunity to shine although they are hired as a model for an agency.

    There are also a number of models who do have more exposure, that work hard to get that exposure, and are not in every show. I do not work every show nor do not expect to be in every show. I do work hard to find opportunities for myself and do not rely on only 1 agency to provide them all for me. Everyone must work hard to find opportunites on their own, network and be versatile.

    The complaints levelled in this thread are not exclusive only to Evane, it is the same in all agencies. Many go through classes thinking they will be “instant super model” and set a name for themselves immediately — but everyone takes a different path — no 2 paths are the same. Some get recognized early in their career — some later — some may only shine in smaller agencies.

    Just like in RL, You get what you put into your career. Some models are more available and can be online more often than others. Some are hindered by their time zone. No matter what the case is, not everyone will be happy all the time ~ That’s life, whether it’s RL or SL.

    You mean to tell me .. someone should use their real name and make a comment that disagrees with how things are and not have any trouble as a result? BE SERIOUS! This is a forum to state how they feel as a result of something that transpired. It also offers a forum to disagree. Let’s face facts — If someone did use their real name in this forum, no one can disagree on this point — the person would be shunned, blackballed, harassed and never hired again. There is no doubt in my mind that some who do wield power in a number of agencies would guarantee the person who made the statements would NEVER work as a model for any agency or designer she associated with.

    Personal attacks have no business in this forum — I don’t think this specifically set out to attack Mimmi or harm the agency. People disagree with how things are going — and they have the right to disagree on either spectrum.

    There were some valid points made about the owner of the agency stepping aside to allow the models in the agency have an opportunity. The owner is in many agencies and has many opportunities presented. It’s a very good idea to have her just be owner and run the agency here without taking the limelight away from the models who work for her.. or at least, not be in every show. Another good point was made about opening up casting differently .. In this respect it’s a good forum to bring these suggestions to light without having to worry.

    Just because someone doesn’t agree with how things are doesn’t necessarily mean they’re jealous, that’s an easy way to justify what is being brought to light. There are many sides to people and I believe that was said as well. Not everyone always sees the good in people. Intentions may be good, however, no one is perfect.

  20. julya okelly Says:

    […] it’s totally fake what i read.
    This is a specify operation to hurt Mimmi and the agency because you are jealous.
    […] leave the agency if you don’t want to belongs to this BAD group.
    You are unfair and you deserve only to be alone as you probably are […] liars as you are!

    *edited by admin due to improper content

  21. Liane Maertens Says:

    I know Mimmi for a long time and truly i have no fear to say to her when i am not happy with something and she knows that. This woman does a lot of work on sl and she didnt reach where she is just because a good face but because of a long hard work. And I dislike when people hide behind anonimate just to talk bad and put shit on hard works. If someone have complains they must go to the agency staffs and tell, SL is a place to have fun and if you not consider close the computer and read a book or watch television.
    More then that isnt only EVANE there teaching new models and the good ones with hard work will remain everyday there is places for good models and we dont fear competition, there is place for all…
    AND if you like to work with friends and do shows with friends while invite people you dislike, come on we always want to be with the ones we like and even designers like to work with models they like and know…. SO FAVORITISM isnt the word here but yes you will be called more if you are friend and good model I AM SORRY IF YOU ANGRY ABOUT IT, so if you are start now to be a good model and make friends, cause if you dont go do something else MODELING isnt for you, I am sorry again.
    Big kiss and have fun at second life or then stay at real life 🙂

  22. tinky22 Says:

    i trained at evane and along with a few others who darent voice their opinions for fear of reprisals (and yes you do feel there will be some) its not worth the 5k. mimmi is a fine person, but not a great teacher. being a good model does not automatically make you a great teacher chose your class/instructor on the recommendations of others and not on there reputations as models.the feeling amongst alot of the models within evane is reflected here, you pay 5k for a tag,the same girls are in every show, so if your a new girl wanting to walk alot.evanes not the group to join. howeevr if you like being seen to be in the biggest,well known agencys throw your 5k through the door and enjoy your tag!

  23. julya okelly Says:

    I’m Julya and i’m an Evane model from lot of time i want simply say something to the Anonymous,
    1) every agency hire students even if they know they can’t manage 10 shows monthly.
    Lot agencies make trainings ( with higher cost than Evane)and after the graduation don’t hire those models!
    Mimmi get her graduates in conditions to work for Evane and also for other agencies.
    Do you notices the names of some of her grad and who they are?
    want to know some? Agtaope Carter, Labella Forcella, Florentine Rau, Dahlia Joubert and more!
    I respect every way to work but Evane is really helpful with all the models and Mimmi everytime does a great job!

    2)I don’t see favouritism in Evane.
    As in RL Fashion system, often the biggest designers wants the best models in their shows.
    I saw in one of the most recent shows of Evane models some very famous top models on the same stage with fresh graduates.
    Do you see the group notices of the most big agencies? often you will find the same names prolly favoritism also?

    3)If you say bad about Mimmi and her job it means you don’t know her.
    She works really hard and she loves all her students and models.
    You are giving to Evane a big spot on this blog and nobody give you credit because you are hidden and you say wrong things!

    4)bad comments are only from ya not from models of students. Evane is one of the coolest on the grid and Miss Virtual World is a star.
    Did you noticed that one of her students is the new Mister Virtual World?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I just want to go on record as saying that I’m extremely grateful to have this forum. I am sharing things that I KNOW I can’t share inworld because I KNOW that Mimmi will ruin my career. Kay, if you want EVANE to be viewed as a legitimade agency, and not Mimmi’s vehicle, try doing the following: Hire a casting manager. Let this person be responsible for casting runway shows. Ask Mimmi to step aside. As owner she has no business taking up a spot on the runway. She (and you) should be managing the show and the agency. If you want to model, model at another agency. Have open casting calls for shows. Schedule them for a future date so that models have time to read the notice and then time to prepare; casting a show based on who’s online at the time is unfair. Ask Mimmi to stop using the agency as a means for furthering her pet projects. I’m so tired of getting messages telling me to rush over to see her in a runway show for another agency! The charity projects are great. But open another group for this and stop spamming your models with all of the notices. In short, start running EVANE like a business.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Why take other students if when you know that there is no work for all?
    And you already have the ”hardworking” models on stage show after show…
    How do you know that somebody works hard for being a model or not…when you dont give any chance to proove how good she/he is?
    I know that a sim and luxury cost money…but please…not on the back of poor girls that have high hopes!
    The way you say it…”What a good advertising for me and Evane, thanks anonimous, i received 20 new application for my school in one day.”….that tell me enough why you still take students…
    Best thing to do is…give others also a chance…you dont have to give up your favorites…if you only take 1 or 2 other girls in the show so she can proove she is as good as the so called hardworking others.
    This is my opinion..if you like it or not. 🙂

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmmm seems Mimmi proved Anonymous’ point .. Agency to suck money out of 20 more girls who think they will be great models. Underlying tones to the message and the fact still remains — those 20 models will be subjected to favouritism and lack of work especially since they only put on 2 shows this year.

  27. mimmi boa Says:

    What a good advertising for me and Evane, thanks anonimous, i received 20 new application for my school in one day.
    ” talking bad or talking good is not important, the important is to talk about!”
    I don’t have to demonstrate anything to you, an you can still talk here after i muted you and i blocked you on my flickr but trust me, there are 1000 people who loves me on 1 that hate me….
    So make your counts!
    Have a nice springtime woman!

  28. Voshie Says:

    Errr, I honestly don’t think Mimmi has that much power that she CONTROLS most of sl modeling. Maybe it’s a dream of her’s but I don’t think it’s an actuality yet.

    I have never had anything to do with Mimmi, but being in the modeling sphere, I’ve heard both good and bad, but that goes with anyone out there in the forefront. Just look at RL people in the spotlight, and how good and bad is always talked about someone.

    One thing I’m NOT so impressed with is the ganging up and attacking people’s opinions. Everyone is entitled to them, and yes some feel they have to be anonymous to share them as they might be afraid of the repercussions it may have in their future. This place was created for people to voice them in safety, and I respect that. It is up to us as professionals to respond with the attitude that we apply to all work we do and want to be known for: respect, dignity, and above all professionalism.

    Kudos Kay, and wish you the very best of luck ❀

  29. Kay Fairey Says:

    I am not siding with anybody here but can I just say, let’s stop discussing what happened with Evane and it’s owners in the past and focus on more productive things like what can we do to make this a better place?

    Casting calls for sure. Got that so no need to repeat.

    It is under new management now so this is your best opportunity to work together to make this a great place!

    But let me also make sure we all understand that the modeling world in SL cannot rotate the jobs to ‘everybody’ equally (nor can RL model world for that matter). The ones who work hard will remain. It’s a tough world out there and it’s not just about kissing asses. I had known Mimmi for a long time, but I hardly spoke to her other than a hello when she came to the shows we did which she came only because her husband was in them. And I had never even walked with her until after I was invited to Boulevard. So there was no ass kissig there nor even a chance. And it won’t be fair to the ones who work hard to stay in this industry if all jobs went to all models in a rotation.

    So it will never be ‘fair’ if that’s what you mean, but so are other worlds be it SL or RL.

    What we need to achieve is a ‘fair’ situation where those who are good and work hard get the appropriate opportunity to further their experience and skills.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone who says anything bad about Mimmi will face reprisals.. She has openly said on her Flickr she would ruin a model for speaking poorly of her. Mimmi wields that type of power that she can have a model crushed by telling a few choice people and agencies. While she is philanthropic, she can also have shows stopped if she’s not part of them and rescheduled when she’s been invited like she thinks she deserves. Let’s face it .. Mimmi runs much of modeling in SL, so if you’re not “favoured” and part of the group — you’re not kissing enough ass. It’s unfortunate that type of thing goes on, but there are hundreds of models in SL .. and not enough work for everyone.

  31. Sheyla Mills Says:

    I was one of Mimmi students, i start and she teach me a lot..a create my oportunities and she always have a sweet word for me. And one lesson that i learn with this wonderful person its: you can have 20 agencies representing you..if you are not a good and kind one gonna want you..
    sucess in SL its not a favoritism, its hard work and kindness … and mimmi have both…

  32. Pat Young Says:

    I have had a couple of lessons with mimmi which have helped me a great deal as she spoke about things I had never really thought about. Minor details which are a part of building your avatar. If her lessons continue like this I would NOT say that they are a waste of money on the contrary her course is reasonable compared to others. I think she must be respected for the work she has done in sl however I would openly say that if she and others do not give other models a chance which obviously is seen to be the case at the moment then it is normal for them to be judged negatively.
    Some food for thought! We all need to improve ourselves including the staff and management at Evane.

  33. I have known Mimmi since early 2008 and I am compelled to say she has devoted so much of her SL to modeling and charity causes. Out of most people I have met in SL, she is passionate, genuine and raises the bar in respect to being a professional model and model manager.

    Managing models is one of the toughest roles in SL believe me. Like any business, be it SL/RL, sometimes you have to move strategically for the greater good of the business/project and if that means bringing in people with certain talents or using experienced models who can work autonomously for a certain job then while seeming unfair from the outside, it may be what is needed to get the job done. It is just impossible to please everyone all the time.

    Of course this forum is designed to give feedback about your experiences within a certain model agency which is fine; however, knowing Mimmi’s desire to see all her models do well, I am sure her choices to present professional events are not driven by exclusion of certain people. Of course it is in Mimmi’s best interests to send out happy, well trained models into SL who will be competative with hundreds of other models. I guess what I’m saying is that Mimmi is an open book pretty much and her motivation is never to hurt.

    Perhaps try to focus on all the great things Evane do and if you have a problem, communicate it because that is the key to being understood and understanding the decision making of people.

    As for Evely Lane who founded that agency, the fact that Mimmi could undo the damage that Evely did is a feat of magic in itself. It had a checkered history and Mimmi has done wonders to turn it around.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous is just that… Mimmi asked us to put our viewpoints on here and we did. I guess I didn’t realize that we had to hide the way some feel. I see it also interesting that the same points are brought up time and time again in this post. Be real, if we put our names on here, would we not be judged negatively in-world? That is the point of Anonymous. Then to have Mimmi backlash in this forum after asking for the comments; define professional. I’m honest, I love what Evane has done and what it will do in the future. Mimmi is a great person with a good heart, but i’ve learned my lesson to only speak nicely and hold in the negatives to myself. Hearts. 🙂

  35. anonymous Says:

    Be serious! I remain anonymous because I fear reprisal! I will state again that Mimmi is a LOVELY, philanthropic woman. And I will even say that she has a heart of gold. But the EVANE Agency practices favoritism; plain and simple. Go to an EVANE show and the majority of the time you will see the same (favorite) models walking the runway. Oh, and just to give you something more to think about
 what is the criteria for earning a spot as a TOP MODEL? It was my understanding that one had to earn it through hard work and dedication to the agency. Yet I see that “someone’s” beloved husband is now a TOP MODEL. What’s up with that? It can’t be hard work and dedication because he wasn’t an EVANE model when things were bumpy! Oh, and let’s not forget about the former owners sidekick, she bailed on EVANE and opened her own agency when Everly left her out in the cold. And now she too is an EVANE TOP MODEL! Just remember this
 if it smells like “it”, it usually is “it”.

  36. Maribel Penucca Says:

    I took classes with Evane and found very nice, friendly people here. Cherie Parker was a very good teacher as well as everyone else. Many good friends were made here and still are. The change in ownership will take alittle time but I feel sure the new owner will work through it just fine.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I have seen Evane be great and I have seen it be bad. I think it has great potential but every show I have been to, besides the charity events, have been the same models. I have not taken the classes, I’m not paying that much to just have a group tag but I would love to see the fresh models and spread their experience. I go to see the clothes, but also to support fellow women and their efforts in SL. Let’s see new models, I’m sure there are plenty that would love to participate.

  38. Mew Denimore Says:

    ..Evane is a so professional agency..and Mimmi,a so lovely who says differet things, are a person who was not at the level of the professionalism of this agency..or a person who’s so, so jealous about Mimmi..and this is ALL..

  39. Chamonix Boudreaux Says:

    We have been through A LOT at Evane over the past year, but it has remained intact, however changed. That cannot be said about many agencies in SL..I have seen them come and go, fortunes made and lost..sims and owners poofing overnight..models left in tears by the wayside. Thanks to the efforts of Mimmi and a handful of people, Evane has been saved. Hopefully, this next incarnation of Evane will be for the best, and this agency can keep improving and growing. It has not been an easy ride for anyone, but no one has been kicked to the curb, we just keep holding on tight.

  40. Toapz Saunders Says:

    I graduated from Evane and have only the highest praise for the agency. As with rl the modelling industry in sl is tough. Some people expect to become overnight successes…well that’s not the way it works. You must be patient because there are so many models and not enough jobs to go round. I was trained by Mimmi herself and she warned us that it would not be easy. But to accuse Evane of taking money under false pretences is preposterous.

  41. Aspen Parx Says:

    As a current student with the Evane Modeling School. I was not promised anything! Your are told up front that the amount of models in SL is huge. Your also told to be unique and to try to stand out among the the hundreds of others seeking modeling jobs. I applaud Mimmi Boa for all she has accomplished in SL. Her Maseno Project was a huge success. Staying anonymous was a wise choice, but nobody promised you anything so instead of whining go out and make yourself special..because in the end nobody can make you a supermodel except yourself and hard work.You will see that in the coming year Evane will become a better agency then ever before under Mimmi Boa’s leadership. I nominate Miss Virtual World Mimmi Boa Second Life person of the year.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Favoritism…that is exactly what i see and feel there.
    If you are one of the favorites, then you will have a lot of work on every show…
    Attend some shows…always the same names.
    Take some time for all your models…they all have hopes and dreams..and payed money for it too.
    It would be nice to see a lot of different faces on catwalks…not always the same names.

  43. agtaope carter Says:

    Evane is one of the best agency in SL!!!!
    All the team is is very professionnal and very patient with all new models with no difference for new or old models!
    its so easy to make critical for nothing
    Mimmi is one of the person who is nice outside and more then all who is nice inside
    loookkk what is done for maseno !!!
    who can spead time like that for others?
    i think people instead of loose time for nohting
    should take time for good action!!!!
    and like you see i speak with my name im not anomynous
    because i have nothing to hide
    for be a model its needed to work!!!!!
    to work hard each day the same if its a game here in sl.i have done many schools and i can repeat that EVANE is one of the best !

  44. Kay Fairey Says:

    Dear Anonymous #1. I see that your post was April 11 which means it was right when the management was changing. In other words, that is about the “former” management. We are still too busy with the Maseno shows but we will try to address issues and make changes once this settles down.

    But one thing I do know is that it wasn’t making much if not any money after it paid tier and classified ad costs every week. Maybe you forgot about the tier money that has to be paid out.

    But it will be nice to have serious ideas and suggestions from you so we can take up the good/realistic ones and see what we can do with this agency. I’ll be asking all member models soon in-world so I hope you’ll participate in sending in your ideas.

  45. Talia Lefavre Says:

    Wow, so much nastiness and of course, anonymously. Yes Evane has its problems, EVERY SINGLE agency does, primarily because it’s run by people…… fallible…… ordinary, human beings who get tired, irritable, and overly busy. At least have the grace to speak to the person concerned directly and say what you have to say professionally.
    Frankly, I’m amazed Mimmi is so patient with all the work she puts into not only Evane, but also, at present, Maseno. Is this sour grapes because she’s such a high achiever?
    No I don’t think she’s perfect, nor do I think Evane is perfect, and guess what… neither am I! But if I need to say anything to Mimmi or anyone else at Evane I’ll say it to them directly so it’s clear who is talking.

  46. EE Says:

    I’m part of Evane agency since 1 year, i’m a top model of this amazing agency, i think is one of the most professional agencies set in the fashion world of sl, I think that as in rl in this “world” there is a lot of people jealous and nothing more, these comments are unjustified !! against the agency and Mimmi, which is one of the most professional models of sl if not the model for excellence, and an amazing person!!! please avoid this envy!! all this “anonymous” comments are ridiculous!!

  47. agtaope carter Says:

    Evane is one of the best agency in SL!!!!
    All the team is is very professionnal and very patient with all new models with no difference for new or old models!
    its so easy to make critical for nothing
    Mimmi is one of the person who is nice outside and more then all who is nice inside
    loookkk what is done for maseno !!!
    who can spead time like that for others?
    i think people instead of loose time for nohting
    should take time for good action!!!!
    and like you see i speak with my name im not anomynous
    because i have nothing to hide
    for be a model its needed to work!!!!!
    to work hard each day the same if its a game here in sl.i have done many schools and i can repeat that EVANE is one of the best !

  48. tabata jewell Says:

    this goes to the anonymous commentarists: if you guys have the courage to write such comments,please have the courage to writte your names.

  49. mimmi boa Says:

    I only laugh at those poor provocations and usually i laugh more when people hide him/herself behind “anonymous”
    Ask my models what i’ve done for them and don’t spit poison, poor […] person.
    Be informed, poor […] you, you are a fired up model from my agency, or somebody i didn’t hired????
    that’s very probably, remember i talk into the face of persons every time, so call me in world if you have something to say

    *edited by admin due to improper content

  50. Anonymouse Says:

    If you enjoy working for an agency that practices favoritism, then you will be right at home. Mimmi is a lovely, philanthropic woman, but she has forgotten about her core models; the models that have remained loyal to EVANE! I still have high hopes for you Mimmi. Don’t let us down.

  51. Kelcie Alsop Says:

    I took a training class at Evane and it was an excellent class. Cherie Parker was our trainer and she did an outstanding job in preparing us for modeling in SL. I am happy I had the class! Everyone I have had contact with in the agency has been nothing but nice and helpful. There is currently a change in ownership which means there will be reorganization and that will take a little time.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Evane is nothing but a joke of an agency. It is just made to suck money out of poor girls who think will become models with their courses. It’s a moneymaking machine, nothing more nothing less. It’s what an agency should NOT be, favouritisms, lack of work…you name it it’s in there.

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