2 Responses to “F.A.M.E. (Fashion Academy Elite Modeling) (2)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cliff Sharktooth makes a lot of good points when it comes to modeling. However the guy has a huge ego as well as a huge chip on his shoulders and it shows. The guy spends way too much time talking about himself. It’s understandable to share your past experiences in the industry and yes we all learn from it. But when he talks and talks and talks about himself and decides that he wants to begin the actual lesson 30 minutes later that’s when things become a bit annoying to myself and other models in the class.

    A lot of students enrolled at F.A.M.E feel this way but what can we say without the possibility of ruining our careers before it even starts.

    Like I said Clif has a lot of good points but I would never recommend this academy to anyone. Not unless your just into hearing someone talk about themselves more than they teach.

    Just my opinion and observation

  2. Isis Berithos Says:

    Hermione Mocha & Clif Sharktooth provide a relaxed atmosphere that helps you get into modeling on the right foot. I recommend them to anyone looking to further their education and modeling career. ūüôā

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