16 Responses to “Farouche Tres (14)”

  1. Just Another Model Says:

    Sorry this is meant to go elsewhere. Please disregard.

  2. Just Another Model Says:

    LOL I dont understand why everyone is coming down on Modavia. Every model in an agency is good or ok. I think its how we all perceive what modeling is in SL. I have been modeling for over a year in SL now, and honestly its only because I enjoy it. I don’t really care for what agency I work for as long as I get to go on the runway and model to the best I can. But all of you make so boring and not worth the effort. Please stop criticizing each other and lets just get along and be happy. SL is not meant for this drama or childish comments. I dont give my name because its my right. But really, the ones that work hard in the modeling industry have well earned their way to where they are at. The ones that aren’t, well that is left to be said. But please, don’t bash the ones that have worked hard, and are good at what they do. IF you have a problem with Modavia, leave it alone. Go elsewhere for your petty arguments. Any how


    Just Another Model.

  3. Vanity Daines Says:

    I just wanted to speak for all the heads of this agency when I say…WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GREAT “FAMILY” OF MODELS Farouche has been honored to work with. It’s the models and staff that make this agency what it is. The models, staff and owners work very well together here and I am so pleased to see that. Thank everyone that gave us positive feedback here. Please know, if you can think of anything we can do to further enhance your Farouche experience, just let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. Much love to all of you!!!

    Vanity Daines

  4. Heavenly Says:

    Never have I met a better group of people. Its like a large famliy. They are fair , great instructors and a wonderful source of information. I would recommend this agency to anyone looking to learn modeling and be a part of somehting bigger and better then the average!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Farouche is a great agency! Very Profesional, very helpful, awesome shows!
    They are a great school AND agency!
    Thank you to the leaders there!

  6. Tierra Xue Says:

    I love Farouche Tres. I haven’t attended any castings lately, due to me needing a good PC. But just by reading the notices and group chats, everyone seems extremely nice and very professional. I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone.

  7. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    very nice agency, i havent taken part in any shows and what not, but i got accepted in Farouche without going to the academy, and everyone is so nice. I sat in on 2 classes, they allowed me to do so, but the 3rd class i was given a warning..but still…idk its probably me, but i havent heard of any castings for shows, yet i see all these notices for shows going out of it…like i said, its most likely me missing the notices, but i do like Farouche, its a great agency

  8. Vichonette Says:

    I joined the Farouche Tres family sometime in December, and have been blessed with the opportunity to not only show off some gorgeous Tres Beau gowns and lingerie in my three excursions onto their runway (and stage, as it were, for the lingerie show), but also to meet some exceptional people. Vel is just a joy to work for, and the other models I’ve met… great people, each and every one of them.

  9. vanessadelrio underwood Says:

    did i start something eek! *runs away* sorry nave lol

  10. Nave Fall Says:

    See how she is???????

    I get no respect



  11. Kimmera Madison Says:

    looks at Nave…

    Looks at the readers….

    who are you going to believe? grins

    I rest my case

    I’m just,


  12. Nave Fall Says:

    I have one thing to say here……….

    Would I lie????

    Would I???

    I would not

    She definitely snorted………..

    I swear

    I’m just

    Nave Fall and you all know I wouldn’t lie


  13. Kimmera Madison Says:

    Nave, Nave, Nave….

    shakes her head…Let me make some corrections here

    Think of Nave and I as Lucy and Dezi Ricardo…but in this case I’m Dezi! and Lucyyy, you gots some ‘splanin to dooo

    ok, my comments about Naves ….scenario

    First, I love Farouche, they are professional and wonderful to work with, the show was awesome!
    Yes, I will be debuting my new Lingerie Line with Farouche, Thanks Nave, big mouth LOL

    ok, corrections to the Agency CEO conversation

    1. I don’t snort, Nave does
    2. I wasn’t steaming in skype, I was working. Nave, go to your room..LOL

    but back on subject…Farouche, Thank you for your excellence!

    Kimmera Madison
    Tres Beau Designs

  14. Nave Fall Says:


    I’m screwed

    I wasn’t supposed to say one word about Tres Beau doing lingerie yet.

    Maybe Agencyreport Zepp will delete thses 2 posts and save my ass again.

    I’m in such trouble now.

    I wish I wasn’t



  15. Nave Fall Says:

    I’ll second Vaness’s comment Farouche Tres did a show for Tres Beau and it went off without a hitch.

    Kim was so pleased with how well it went that she agreed to make lingerie for the Farouche Tres Valentine’s Show. So Vel Charisma and the Farouche Tres models get to debut the new Tres Beau luxury lingerie line on the 14th of February……….

    I haven’t even seen these designs yet. well okay I saw a couple of them. Fun stuff. I don’t know about the hearts and bows on the guy’s thong though, that was a leetle bit,




    well you get it……….

    BTW. We know that Farouche Tres is not a well known, name agency. Vel Charisma made a compelling presentation to Kim and I about why we should give Farouche Tres a shot. No begging, no fawning, no BS

    None of this nonsense……..

    Excerpted from nave’s recollection of a recent meeting.

    Agency CEO: I love Tres Beau designs. So stylish and such great textures…….

    Nave on skype to Kim: Does she own any? Can you check our sales records?

    Kim to Nave on skype: I checked already Navey. She bought nothing in the last year.

    Nave: So tell me. What’s your favorite Tres Beau outfit or if you have more then one tell me about them………..

    Nave shuts up now

    Kim tries not to giggle………on skype there is a muffled snort. Not very ladylike let me tell you……

    Agency CEO: I loved the gown that Mimmi wore to the 2010 Miss Virtual World pageant.The textures were stunning and it flowed great

    Nave rudely interrupts

    Nave: I meant which Tres Beau designs do you own? You said you love Kim’s work. What do YOU actually own and wear? (you would have thought she’d wear Tres Beau to this meeting wouldn’t you? She’s in a lovely Azul outfit btw)

    Agency CEO: ( realizing she’s in SERIOUS trouble now ) I have Tres Beau wedding gown demos. I was thinking about a Tres Beau wedding gown for myself.

    Nave to Kim on skype: Shall we wrap this up now?

    Kim: I’m sure we can accommodate what ever you need in the way of a wedding ensemble for you and your party. We think that Tres Beau is the best there is when it comes to formal and wedding gowns. I ahve another meeting to attend in RL. I’ll leave you with Nave. Please send us your ideas on how you’d do a uniquely themed Tres Beau show and we’ll seriously consider doing it with you. Thank you for taking the time to fill us in on your agency.

    Kim has left the building.

    Nave idly chats with agency CEO for a few minutes while Kim steams on skype about being stroked.

    Nave stands up……..thank the Agecny CEO and shooes her out the door.


    That’s how not to get a show with Tres Beau. BS Kim and get caught while doing it. Not smart

    Vel didn’t and has been rewarded as have her Farouche Tres models who get lots of good stuff to show off.

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  16. vanessadelrio underwood Says:

    Well I love them . I love everyone so far there =)..

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