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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think Herra is the Fashion Cr. the don’t even speak the same. Who cares anyway who it is, it is just one persons opinion, who you don’t even know who they are, so who cares.

  2. agencyreport Says:

    Unless you have concrete evidence on who Fashion Critique is, don’t accuse people. Thank you.

  3. Caffinelover Says:

    @Fashion Expert

    What makes you think Herra is Fashion Critique? Is t hat written somewhere that she is,like people say aren’t we all fashion critique when it comes to the product we buy?I think your just spreading rumors,and model workshop is not going downhill, it a great place for new and seasoned models to go, learn, and be around people who know some things.And i enjoy every minute of going to model workshop because it’s a good place to get all the information you need, and having CEO coming there to give info,letting us know the in’s and out’s of the sl fashion world.Thumb’s Up to Herra and the other’s Great Job ladies,oh and Nave:) see you at the next workshop meeting:D

  4. lalaland (the real one) Says:

    Am I the only one thinking that Fashion Critique is a man? I have no clue who s/he is but I always thought him as a man!

  5. Mona Lisa Says:

    That would be interesting.

    I actually did like Frolic´s response.

    I think Fashion Critique has never had any real sense of fashion, but she seems to be getting more and more about catty fights and jelousy than anything else.

    She isn´t helping any models at all. She just makes silly comments which don´t hit the mark.

    What a shame.

  6. PoliceModel Says:

    Could you guess who fashion critique is? XXX Name shall be called………..

  7. lalaland (the real one) Says:

    lalaland thank you for impersonating me but I am sure that the owner of this site can vouch that I didn’t post what you just said.

    Actually I found Frolic’s reply absolutely idiotic and pathetic. And he should hire someone to correct his spelling, he’s rich, he can afford that.

  8. lalaland Says:

    Well, I liked frolic´s answer even better. LOL

  9. lalaland Says:

    Btw I really love this week’s fashion critique blogpost!

  10. denver Says:

    This thread was a promissing one and then one day it just died!


    I wanted more!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Oh do tell, who is the Fashion Critique?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    What happened to the Fashion Critique?
    NO more posts especially negative ones ever since people figured out who the Fashion Critique is…

  13. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    i agree with this site not being about agencies anymore, granted they do give me some names for agencies to check out, but im seeing a lot of banter between people, ppl getting insulted, agencies being called both good and bad, very confusing…from now on i check with my model friends on agencies to check out…

  14. Free Avenue Says:

    A blog without comments is wrong.

    I feel a twinge of discomfort when I come across such a blog.

    “SL – Fashion Critique” is one of these blogs.

    I think I’m beginning to understand why.

    A blog without comments is not a blog.

    I’m insulted by blogs without comments.

    Some things need to change.

    You have the the right to defend yourself. You have the right to communicate your opinions.

    This is the right place. You are Welcome Here!

  15. Programming it will save time Says:

    if(LMAO Going to read AgencyReport)
    respond(“Likely Story”);
    respond(“Doesn’t get the Nave jokes”);

  16. Nave Fall Says:

    Finally posted something funny?????


    F I N A L L Y!!!!!

    C’mon you know I amuse you……

    I also know that there are a lot of people who get a HUGE chuckle out of this stuff, because I get in-world IMs telling me not to stop or asking me where I am if I do stop. 😛

    And for the record I don’t hate anyone either. There are a few that I, intensely, dislike for very personal reasons and I’ve muted them. But I don’t hate them really. Mostly I pity them and their banal, little, self-absorbed DIVA lives.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  17. LMAO Says:

    Nave, I would never want to be you. Coz,

    I’m just,


    and btw, I will admit that finally you posted something funny. Although, I’m really sure you’d like a group of Nave haters, it wont come from me. I don’t hate.

    I just, LMAO because I can get a reaction out of the wannabe SL famous. ahahha Oh and yes, its for my own amusement. So don’t hate me coz I can laugh at all this too, just for other reasons.

    I’m still,


  18. just me Says:

    OK i’m staying annonymous cos don’t want to be pulled into banter either good or bad, useful or otherwise!! LOL

    When it comes to finding out about agencies and academies this site is now completely useless.

    But if need cheering up after a rough day at work or with family, I have to say this site is the best!! LOL

    Always get a grin from the petty arguments and sniping, and very occasionally someone makes a very valid point.

    So don’t stop!!!! This site is useless at it’s intended purpose but hell it’s adictive! LOL

  19. Nave Fall Says:


    If you IM me in-world I will send you some free stuff that you’ll like

    A t-shirt that says:

    Nave Fall is a DORK

    An Aluminum Foil Hat – which I think YOU will wear ALL the time

    A pose that flips people off

    And maybe Kimmera will send you the Nave’s dog house that she made and is handing out to everyone it seems.

    You could even form a group in-world to express your intense feelings for me for all to see. I’ll give you the L$100 if you do that

    I’m just Nave and, guess what? You’re not……….

  20. LMAO Says:

    Your not just Nave Fall

    your an *******. Keep responding. Everybody just Loves you. Well all the paying people. I like this because I know I will get a reaction out of you people that think your something when

    your just,


  21. Nave Fall Says:


    You enjoy attending Fashion Shows on SL. We’re glad. We hope you enjoy them immensely and that you frequently patronize the designers whose shows you are so entertained by.

    There is an astounding amount of time, endless juggling and serious, hard work that goes on behind the scenes to produce those shows btw and a fair amount of money gets spent too. I’d say that if the average SL fashion show cost was computed fairly it would come out to between L$1800- L$2000 for each outfit walked for YOUR viewing pleasure. Maybe more then that…………

    Since you aren’t involved in the creation of any of this entertainment, except peripherally, you may not get some of my innuendoes. Since you don’t get them they seem snarky to you, catty perhaps……….. But to the people who were involved, who were there when something funny happened, or worse, when SL did what it so often does and got squirrelly, my remarks may be quite amusing. I can’t dumb down all my cracks enough so everyone gets them. The good news is I don’t have to……….

    You go to shows you say, maybe you are a content creator or a builder in SL, I don’t know. Designing things the way a Nicky Ree does, or an Amutey Decuir of Bliss Couture, or Potnia Theas of Ora Trei, or my boss Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau does takes a lot of work Creating sculpties, textures, matching the seams up, the technical aspects are an amazing thing that I get to observe sometimes. Bottom-line – a lot of work is being done to, ultimately, entertain you..

    Then you have the people who create and direct the show, build the sim/runway, create the invitations, write the show’s script, select the models, get the outfits distributed, choreograph the walks and write the walk orders, run the rehearsals, do the promotion, set up the stream, video and photograph the event. And EMCee the event. Lots more work All for your entertainment………….

    Let’s not forget the models. They invest tons of money in training, skins, hair, poses, accessories, software tools, photography,………… Again so they can entertain you.

    Then there are others, bloggers and media people who report on all this, So if you missed it you can at least have an inkling of what took place and maybe go buy an L$800 outfit from the designer if she, or he, is lucky.

    Soooooooooooo if you don’t like my posts, I’ll live. They aren’t really for YOUR amusement. They are for the amusement of ALL the people who did the work that you paid NOTHING to be entertained by. Since you paid it’s easy for you to trivialize it.

    Maybe you need to pay closer attention.

    But hey? What do I know about any of this stuff? I’m not a model either……….

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  22. LMAO Says:

    Belaboring do we need “you” to tell us anything? NO. But you put your two cents in. So don’t be hypocritical. And no, I’m not jealous of anyone sl. I’m not a Model in SL. I enjoy attending fashion shows in SL. All the bicker and banter on these blogs give a whole new perspective of sl Modeling. Rediculus. It seems there are only a few that find certain peoples posts amusing. That same few mentioned earlier. You all ought to band together and make your own blog. What a Hoot that would be!

  23. Herra Says:

    Honestly, I know I’m not a bigshot model, just someone who likes to come to SL, enjoy fashion and have fun. Modeling has served one main purpose for me and that’s some amazing friends I have made over time.

    So seriously, if you think rude comments about me will someone drive me over the edge, well don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

  24. Belaboring the obvious Says:


    Did you think we don’t know Nave is taking his PR schtick very seriously? Maybe a bit too seriously? Did we really need YOU to tell us that?

    At least Nave is honest about it. He makes a lot of us laugh when he pokes holes in DIVAs and others who take themselves way too seriously in here.

    At least he’s managed to hook up with a fab designer, Kimmera Madison of Tres beau to spend most of his time on.

    As several people have commented on here, you don’t have to read anything you don’t want to. Nave is not wearing out your monitor with his words. Nave’s little back and forth routine with Herradura to get people to come to Model’s Workshop last Thursday evening was cute. Unlike Jersey/Dolce’s sniping from the sidelines.

    I think you are just jealous of what Nave is up to LMAO.

  25. LMAO Says:

    I forgot to add that it seems that the same 3 or 4 that post on here (I dont have to name names, we know who they are) are nothing but attention ho’s. This is how they become “famous”. In there own minds anyway. lmao

  26. LMAO Says:

    Seems some of you are full of yourselves. Do your lives suck so bad that you have to come to blogs and “try” and make yourselves look “important” or “famous”? Model on SL, big whooping deal. Thats my Critique.

  27. SickoftheHerra Says:

    I really was not talking to you.

  28. Herra Says:

    Dear SickoftheQueen:

    Were you born this rude or did it take decades to evolve?

    Anyone is welcome to post here. If you don’t like it just skip over it.

  29. SickoftheQueen Says:

    Queen Brat Bracken, is it really necessary for you to say anything?

  30. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Hahahahahahaha… FCSL Pop? OMG..

    Now.. I have no reason to defend Pop.. no reason to give her respect (quite the opposite as I am sure you are all aware).. but FCSL Pop? No!

    I have my own theories as to why FCSL ‘ups’ Modavia models – and that is because he/she wants to be one, lol.. can’t risk dissing them in case their ‘real’ identity (however ‘real an identity can ever be in SL) is discovered – they would never get into Modavia then would they?

  31. And p.s. I generally find what Nave says to be amusing, entertaining and once in awhile, makes me re-think something.

  32. Are the mean-spirited comments and personal attacks really necessary? What purpose do they serve? I think that the Fashion Critique is rude enough to people on that site with no real need for it to be emulated here.

  33. Nave Fall Says:

    speaking of useless banter

  34. Sick to death of Nave and Herra Says:

    You idiot, that’s what blogs are for! Get one!

  35. Nave Fall Says:

    The simplistic answer is this:

    If you don’t like a post’s author don’t read what they wrote…….. is someone twisting your arm????

    If AgencyReport Zepp has a problem with what anyone is posting s/he can “mute” them with a baleful glance.

    Some people really look forward to my schtick, at least my in-world IMs seem to reflect that….

    You don’t have to love me. I’ll live.

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  36. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    *wonders if theres a way to mute certain “people” on this site.*

  37. Sick to death of Nave and Herra Says:

    OMG…Nave and Herra, I’m so sick of your useless banter. Would you two please take your conversation offline. It’s boring as hell!

  38. Herra Says:

    Nave I’d kick your ass or give you a hug (never sure what I want to do on any given day) if I wasn’t so hopped up on cold meds.

    I think I have the cooties – I hope it’s not contagious thru the internets.

    I won’t even mention to the unknowingly about what was shooting out of that gun you had last night but thank you for my asslight. It really does make my ass like all soft and smooth and lovely!

  39. Nave Fall Says:

    God…….. in 2 seconds I’m getting IMs.


    I did say:

    This TRES BEAU outfit will be given away FREE each month to Model’s Workshop members. You can join the Model’s Workshop group for free but after this I think Monica should charge L$50 to all new members. Model’s Workshop happens every week on Thursday’s @ %PM SLT.I’d pay the L$50

    and NO I haven’t worn this outfit yet………… Kim and her elves haven’t even MADE it yet.

    Leave me alone

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  40. Nave Fall Says:

    Ohhhhhhhh yeah I failed to prove that

    Herradurra Baar is the Fashion Critique SL

    At last night’s Model’s Workshop meeting.

    Who cares???? Not the people who were at the meeting and had a ball.

    Herra arrived ready to defend herself IN PUBLIC against my specious and libelous allegations and she did too.


    Hearyee hearyee

    Herradurra Baar is NOT THE FASHION CRITIQUE SL

    For not being the Fashion Critique SL Herradurra wins the right to moderate, each month, for the entire year of 2010, The Herradurra Baar- MAKE IT WORK contest, which is being sponsored by Tres Beau Design’s Kimmera Madison and hosted at Model’s Workshop by Monica Balut ( who sells the dandy Balut Modeling tools btw – shameless plug sorry).

    This contest will run this way. Each month Kim ( or one of her sweatshop elf lackies )will create an original Tres Beau design. Some will be female, some male, some unisex and some other (we are nothing if not supportive of alternative SLifestyles at Tres Beau – heh ). This outfit will be given away free each month to Model’s Workshop members. The outfit gets styled by the new owner who sends in a pic of their choice. Herra puts the pictures up on a Flickr page. Herra’s group of unbiased fashion industry judges (not Nave Fall you all know I am biased as hell, can’t be trusted, have no fashion sense and wouldn’t know a good outfit if it smacked me in the face ) will select a bunch to walk their talk at a Model’s Workshop weekend event at Maniera’s runway ( Thank you Topaz and Sami ). A vote will be taken and a winner selected who will get a ton of good stuff….. Katherine Comet and I are working together on getting more sponsors and the prizes for the winners. Reeeeeeeelax FFS.

    We may give out random awards for things like best pic, best pose, best hair etc………. We reserve the right to hand out Tres Beau stuff for any reason or no reason whatsoever. ( If you want to see a bunch of new Tres Beau stuff come to the Boulevard Show this weekend – Miaa Rebane will be there in her first event since being crowned as Miss Virtual World 2010 in a Tres Beau gown named after her – shameless plug #2 sorry again)

    I get to blog about the doings at Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau as my punishment for accusing Herra of being the Fashion Critique SL.

    This is all Wenedrenia’s fault btw she thought the Herradurra was the Fashion Critique SL and made me do it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  41. Herra Says:

    PURPOSE not person.

    Dear owner of this website – can you please put in spellcheck or edit!


  42. Herra Says:

    Dear Anon:

    Oh my!

    “And who asked if you cared?”

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize invitations were sent out for only certain people to post here. I thought the whole person of this blog was that people could share their opinions no matter what.

    And who asked if I cared – I did. Isn’t that the lovely thing about this website 😀

  43. Anonymous Says:


    And who asked if you cared? You seem to throw your opinions very freely on this site, please allow me to do so here. You are right, we are not curing cancer… however this is not just a game to some. I spend my RL money in modeling so this isn’t just a game to me and this isn’t just a game to many others. Please don’t try to trivialize what SL means to each individual and my opinion of SL Critique.

    I was just pointing out some of the flaws on his/her blog which seriously puts the entire credibility of this blogger on display. Even though an author can remain anonymous for obvious reasons. If the blog makes claims which can be proven untrue, well then how worthy is the blog and the author itself except as a source of entertainment at someone else’s expense. That’s all.

  44. Herra Says:

    Oh and Fifth Avenue/Seventh Avenue yikes, who cares? We aren’t curing cancer here.

    Just having fun in an SL game. I think the critic is trying to improve the blog and recognizes that some of the earlier critiques were based on flaws not controlled by the models.

  45. Herra Says:

    Just for that Nave – I’m not giving you back your $99L

    It’s all MINE!!!!!

  46. "Little" Nave Says:

    The Fashion Critique SL is really none other then the Model’s Workshop #2 herself – Herradurra Baar

    Yeah that’s it. ( I am sooo sooo dead now )

    Anyway come to Model’s Workshop at 5 SLT tonight and we’ll prove it once and for all.

    Maybe AgencyReport will bring his/her “All Seeing Eye Pyramid” avatar for this one. Unique avatar. totally cool

    Just come to Model’s Workshop, you know you wanna see what my avatar looks like…. be warned my monkey throws grenades

  47. "Little" Nave Says:

    hey, hey, hey………….

    Why are y’all pickin on the Fashion Critique SL?

    That’s mean. You are all soooooo mean. S/he can’t even fight back because even if s/he did none of you would really believe it was him/her anyway.

    I will admit that the post suggesting that making comments on his/her site was a waste of time seems dead on. But you can let him/her know what you think which is almost worth it……..

    It’s kinda like the comments she made about various people’s profiles. Total BS.

    And then the tirade about education. Anyone who gets to know Kay Fairey, proclaimed, I think, by the FCSL to be one of SL’s best models btw, would know that Kay dropped out of her modeling class.

    H’mmmmmm, so did blackLiquid.

    /me thinks this over.

    They must be the same person…………..


    Okay, okay I’m kidding here.


    You have to remember that some of these things are way too good not to parody and satirize.


    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  48. "Little" Nave Says:

    That would be one of those “elderly’ stores.

    Y’know for the “elderly” models…………

    Perfect for anyone over, sayyyyy, 24

    Let the flames begin……..

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Fifth Avenue is a major shopping center where most of the designer’s retail store and major department stores are located so it is a commercial area that is known throughout the world for luxury and glitz. It’s Rodeo Drive of New York.

    However, anyone who claims to be in the fashion industry like SL Critique claims would not use Fifth Avenue as a marker for fashion industry because it is not. It is what an “outsider” who has no knowledge of RL fashion would use to claim they are in the industry. That’s all.

  50. Herra Says:

    Not to be picky but Fifth Avenue is also part of the name of a very very top notch fashion store – Saks Fifth Avenue. Perhaps the name came from there?

  51. Sharron Schuman Says:

    Pop is definitely not SL Fashion Critique. Read it and see. So many of you make claims about anons and don’t do your home work. Read and look at all the clues not just the first that pops in your mind. Look at the clues that disprove as well as the ones that make you think it may be “whoever”.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    SL Fashion Critique who claims he or she is knowledgeable about RL fashion is a fraud. Anyone who is in RL fashion knows that Fifth Avenue is NOT the fashion center. The fashion center of NYC is called the garment district which is actually on west side between 34th and 42nd st.

    This is what Fashion Critique writes on his/her blog

    “I’ve been to Paris, London, Milan and New York these last two weeks. RL Modelling has always been an inspiration to me and I would really like to see that happen in SL as well.Those of us who have never been to a RL Fashion Show cannot fully understand what I say in my blog.”

    SL Fashion Critique, Fashion Weeks for the 4 cities you mention span 5 weeks not 2. So how can you say you been to 4 fashion weeks in 2 week time frame? Perhaps you should check the dates before you claim you have been to a “RL Fashion Show”

    Paris Fashion Week
    Sep 30-Oct 8, 2009

    Milan Fashion Week
    Sep 23-30, 2009

    London Fashion Week
    Sep 18-22, 2009

    NY Fashion Week
    Sep 10-17, 2009

    Your blog is a joke. You have never walked the runway therefore know nothing about what it takes to be a model. You never know what’s going to happen at a fashion show in SL because of lag. Sometimes despite our best intentions and preparedness, the huddles fail and so we can only use one or two poses manually. If you were a professional model; you would know that but you are not. You are just some ignorant critique who doesn’t even know when your viewer is faulty.

    And your point of opening up comments? You don’t publish them except the ones you feel that agree with your viewpoints. The whole point of comment system is to encourage discussion; what’s the point of opening up comments when you only publish the ones you like.

  53. Nina Says:

    I would like to correct my post:

    I agree with “Open you eyes!”‘s comment.

  54. Nina Says:

    I agree with Fashion Critique SL critic’s comment. This definitely looks like Pop’s anon blog. I have been thinking about it since a while and am surprised to see that others feel the same. Her dislike for MVW, praise for her close buddys (aka Modavia models, some are now ex-modavia models) & herself, know-it-all attitude – proves it.

  55. Open you eyes! Says:

    Nave dearest!

    Why pay any attention to SL Fashion Critique? Can’t you see that the owner of that blog is no other than Modavia CEO, Miss Poptart Lilliehook?

    Has to be her because in that blog, she calls herself the best model in SL!! (throws up). No body else would call Miss Retard Lilliehook a top model exept for her own self and then again she has to do it using an anon because she herself doesn’t even believe it!

    And have you noticed how all she talks about is Modavia? LOL

    Wake up people!

  56. Fashion Critique SL critic Says:

    The SL Fashion Critique is the Rush Limbaugh of the SL fashion world. its followers are Sheeple. I’m not saying that those criticized should ignore the comments though that would be a waste. The same exact criticisms could be offered in a friendly way in private and no one’s feelings would be hurt but that wouldn’t feed the FCSL’s ego needs.

    The simple answer is to turn them off if you don’t like what’s being said.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Well you can comment all you like on this fashion critiques site but it will never be posted. The person running the site will just again slam and degrade without warrent. So why bother posting no one will ever know how you feel!

  58. Herradura Says:

    I’ve been one of the biggest critics of this website but the ability to allow a discussion makes it a useful site. It’s only fair that if one person is able to judge that another can provide feedback or defense of criticisms made.

  59. Nave Fall Says:


    You can comment/respond to the SL Fashion Critique NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Fifth Avenue has decided to allow discussion on the site.

    This will be interesting to observe

    I’m just


  60. Fifth Avenue Says:

    Ok, let’s have things clear!

    Fashion Critique SL is the name of my blog. If you see it, my ID as a blogger is actually Fifth Avenue.

    This is the first time I have ever commented in this so called “Fashion Critique SL” thread.

    NO OTHER comment here is mine, except this one.

    I’m not trying to hurt anyone. As I mention so many times in my blog, none of my posts is personal. I don’t refer to any SL Model as a person but by observing her/his work.

    Please, stop RIGHT NOW pretending to be me, because my blogger ID is Fifth Avenue and NOT Fashion Critique SL.

    I’m not a dramatic person, I AM aware of SL glitches. I’m aware of the mistakes I might have made regarding my own observation of SL Fashion Shows.

    Fashion World is my life! Any comment using rude language, personal comments to ANY SL Model here in Agency Report is NOT mine!

    If you read any comment here under “Fashion Critique SL” that offends anyone, you CAN BE sure that it’s not me.

    THIS IS MY FIRST COMMENT in this thread!
    These are my last words here as well.
    My own words are in my blog, not here.

    At Agency Report in general, I’ve commented only once, I believe, in Avenue thread.

    This is probably my 2nd comment in AR. Other comments are not my responsability. Someone is “feeding” drama around here, making believe him/her are me.

    I’ll remain anonymous in SL, for obvious reasons.

    Please, disconsider ANY OTHER comment here signed under the name of my blog.

    I appreciate some of the comments that I’ve read here. Understand them well. It’s absolutely natural that some people may take my posts offensively.

    However, I am NEVER RUDE nor do I insult anybody here in AR.
    Disregard all the low level comments here under the name “Fashion Critique SL”. It’s not me.
    Thank you.

  61. Gary Says:

    I have to comment i didnt know this was here till last night , Iused to be in SL i have since left a few weeks ago due to work issues,anyway i was playing a woman and i was Model and did a lot of shows i even made top 10 in Miss VW , do i feel bad about being a male playing a female hell no it was a great time and hopefully ill be back again soon
    I know a lot of the names here and wish you all luck and yes some of these posters are males as well being Female models so who cares like someone said its SL
    good luck everyone and really its not a bad site ive some bad things in my time as a Model and hopefully this site will help bring you all together
    have fun love to all

  62. Herradura Says:

    So now this ‘Fashion Critique’ is going to judge our profiles. I guess if you don’t have the right amount of ‘modely’ stuff in your profile it’s just not acceptable.

    Oh my!

    *** rolls eyes ***

  63. kaylenamaria Says:

    I have to agree with some of the things that the SL critique has commented on for some of the models. They are very picky when he/she mentions prim attachments and problems with models editing their outfits. Some of the big things could possibly be his/her graphics card and he/she does put that question out there for the readers.

    I have to say as controversial as this blog may be I do enjoy reading what he/she decides to come up with next and look on it as nothing more but a bit of entertainment and something to read when I am surfer my list of blog links.

    Unless what is posted will seriously harm and damage your career as a model why really worry about it at all? Why get up in arms? And it is that writer’s right to stay anonymous in his/her posts on her own blog. Anonymity gives people a lot of courage to write what they normally would not say outloud or as bluntly and brutally.

    But anyhoo, just take it as a bit of entertainment and not as if this writer’s work is written in stone and about to really destroy you. I give the Blog 3.5 stars. [smiles] Very entertaining.

  64. Herra Says:

    I don’t know about you, but when I see someone post using their SL name – a name I could track down within the game and say “Hello”, “How are you” or even “*#$* off” – well that adds credibility to the commments they make. It’s someone saying “Hey I have an opinion and I’m willing to back that opinion up with my name”

    As for Model Advisor, if that’s the same Model Advisor that has been posting his/her sour grapes all over the Agency report. Either tell us your name or be treated like the whiner that you are.

    BTW, I’m Herradura Baar but no other Herras in the modeling industry so I post as “Herra”

  65. Sharron Schuman Says:


    huh? LOL, are you off your meds? What?
    First point.I am indisputably well known. Am i good? Am I real? Am I a real model? We can argue and parse the meaning of those items, but it is a fact I am well known. What is this “real model” stuff? I am a model in SL. That’s all I claim to be.
    I get jobs, I style my outfits, I show up to rehearsals and shows on time and prepared. I get asked back again by agencies and designers. That’s about as real as it gets in SL.I don’t make any claims beyond that.

    What does EFA have to do with any thing I posted? I happen to be connected with EFA in my profile, but I didn’t train there, I don’t teach there. What you said about EFA could be said about any school in SL AND in RL. People set up a school, give classes and hopefully provide value in those classes for the money spent. To get anything else you have to be able to use what you are taught in school. The Lindens I paid to MODA and to INSTYLE for my training were worth every bit. You know why? Because the instructors were knowledgeable and prepared to present what was advertised. I wasn’t promised anything except to be taught by competent instructors the curriculum listed on a note card. That promise was fulfilled. Isn’t that all you can expect from any school in any subject RL or SL?

    Where does “overcharging for photos anyone can do that owns CS4” have to do with anything i wrote? By the way. I don’t do models portfolios. I shoot fashions shows.I post raw photos that few ever see Photo Shop. Which by the way, cost $699 these days. How many photos would i have to “overcharge” for to make that up? Or, how many shows do I need to shoot and post (3 to 5hrs work) at L$1000 to L$2000 to break even on my $330.00 graphics card?

    On the next point.. me gossip about Liam? I had nothing to do with Mr VW and only know of Liam vicariously. I have never had a convo regarding Liam with anyone in SL. Why would I?

    My name is Sharron Schuman in SL. It is real in SL. you can IM me, grief me, email me, and search for me by that name. What is your’s? Come out from behind your pseudo and stake your SL reputation on what you post. I do.

    If you actually read my posts about Fashion critique you would see that i agree with much of what she has said about posing. My disagreement was in her lack of understanding about technical issues she was seeing that were no fault of the model and the mean/catty tone she used in commenting. That said, her tone comes nothing close to the vaporous invective you spew.

    It appears you have some serious anger issues you should work out somewhere else rather than running your fingers on the keys about things you obviously know little about.

    Well known to be good,bad,opinionated and sometimes very wrong, but never incompetent,
    Sharron Schuman (my real SL name)
    Sharron Schuman

  66. wtg! Says:

    I think that Fashion Critique spots a lot of interesting facts about some high and mighty so called top models that have no skills whatsoever, wtg!

  67. Jersey Ceriano Says:

    and the beat goes on….

  68. colleen Criss Says:

    “Colleen I wouldn’t speak if i were you. Your reputation was smeared after one of your colleagues Greg Paslong STOLED/copied an artists photo for a photolife event without that artists permission and your agency OPIUM couldn’t even take the blame at the poor customer service given to that artists.. So Really.. Who Are You? lol….”

    I fail to see how Greg Paslong , photoLIFE and Opium have anything to do with any of this. photoLIFE is not in the business of modeling , Greg Paslong is not a model. and Opium Fashion Agency is one of the hardest working agencys I know of, with a staff of awesome models. Please for your own sake stick to the facts, it will make your points more valid 🙂 .

    The topic I think was your poor judgement or was *graphics card* , as you slandered and butcher nearly all SL models and ultimately the designers they are working for at any given minute insinuating that they have made poor choices in agencies they have trusted thier designs to. Put your avatar on a runway and then come back and slam the SL modeling industry.

    BTW, I’m no one , just a hard working SL modeling avatar.

  69. Model+Advisor Says:


    Get a Grip on Yourself.. Just because you’ve been in the scene since 2006 doesn’t give you any stature. Dissecting my comments and adding your own opinions doesn’t actually make you a Well Known Model. it’s all fake..Are You?.. well considering the agencies your establish with I can see how you may be.

    For one a member/worker at Ewing Fashion Agency.. The School that charges you 10,000Lindens for fake training. Makes you do all the work.. And says comments such as. Paying doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll graduate from the school…Such comments are only believed by the ignorant. lol. after training you’re given a textured certificate and you don’t ever hear from the school again. Way to go on encourage your models.

    Also the same Sharron that overcharges on photos that can easily be done by anyone in CS4.. Get a grip ..You’re not a REAL MODEL. Or maybe the same sharron that started trouble for MVW Liam Netizen who no longer holds his title because of gossip spread by ?..Again you’re not a real model If you were than your comments might be valid. As far as listing my name? It’s not like your name is really sharron schuman why should i have to list mine? You think your fake name gives credibility? lol get real

    Lets stick to the opinion given at hand. Which was the comments made by the fashion critique a lot of what was stated was true and should be a wake up call for all Models. Lag doesn’t force a models hands to go into her skirt when posing. And if you see a “super-model,top-model,or any other of those ridiculous titles models hold..telling you perhaps their school would be good for you.. runaway they just want your lindens…

    Colleen I wouldn’t speak if i were you. Your reputation was smeared after one of your colleagues Greg Paslong STOLED/copied an artists photo for a photolife event without that artists permission and your agency OPIUM couldn’t even take the blame at the poor customer service given to that artists.. So Really.. Who Are You? lol….

    Yes I will publish truthful facts..stay tuned…

  70. Ms. Lizard Says:

    I adore that site and I agree with most of what’s published, unless when the writer came up pointing stuff that were clearly due to SL bad rendering or glitches, etc, that was the spot down.

    Other than that, high 5 for exposing the flaws where most find themselves perfect, while modeling in both lifes is the constant improviment, more about make it happen than the ego. Ego comes after you fullfilled your goals.

    Hugs to everyone, models and no models.

  71. HoneyBear Lilliehook Says:

    As the co-CEO of UVogue, I simply have to beg the question….do I really care if the human on the other side of the screen is a man pretending to be a woman? Hm…let me think…this person shows up on time, does do the work required in a professional manner. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t care about the model’s RL gender. It’s simply not important.

  72. colleen Criss Says:

    It seems very clear to me that someone is cranky and not getting the attention they think they deserve or ….. are they?
    SLFC and Model Advisor is renting more space in the heads hard working models and thier agencies then they deserve.
    Its obvoius they thrive on trauma and drama. Now that they have that *rawkin* new card maybe they should get on a runway uh.

  73. Sharron Schuman Says:

    @ “Model Advisor”
    I hope if you are going to post “one of your own” everytime SL Fashion Critique makes a post that you would educate your self and make a post worth reading.

    How can you call yourself “Model Advisor” when making such ignorant statements as: “MOdels work hard at their profession? lol any one can control camera movements on their computer get a couple of poses and represent a designers clothes.” Nothing could be farther from the truth than that.Good SL models do work hard. It takes a lot of time to properly style and choose poses for an outfit. Some models do the work and some don’t. That is where training and experience become obvious. It is obvious by that statement that you have little experience in knowing the skills required your self.

    “Lets stick to the truth, shall we?” You type these words and right after them you type a piece of gossip you “heard” about UVogue models are all men posing as women. I could imagine that the same gossip could be posted about any agency or the fashion world in general, but that doesn’t make it true or even worth repeating in a public forum.

    Come out from behind “Model Advisor” and post in your SL Avatar name if you have informed opinions and information to share worth reading.

  74. Model Advisor Says:

    I totally agree with the fashion critique other than the SL Viewer Issues which shouldn’t have gone mentioned. This is a good way of letting the holier then thou models who are just avi’s to get a grip on their identity. Hell I may even dish out the latests going on in the industry. The truth is that if you’ve just started your life on SL and looking to get in the model industry you’re going to be paying every single school out there. MOdels work hard at their profession? lol any one can control camera movements on their computer get a couple of poses and represent a designers clothes. Every time the fashion critique places a story im going to place one of my own. The man millions of “sl models” out there are just pretending to be.. lets stick to the truth Shall We? I heard most of Uvoque Models are all men posing as women the fact of the matter is. All agencies don’t care who you are so long as you have the money….

  75. Sharron Schuman Says:

    “I have upgraded my videocard to a 9600 so I’ll have no lag issue excuses to fall back on this week. I I’m locked and loaded. Bring it on.”

    Ha Ha.. upgraded to a 9600? come on,get real.That may be a good low level card for a lot of SL, but If you want to photo in Fashion Show environments, you need to do much better. I have a 260 and still have issues.

  76. anom Says:

    Des sweetie or it is Nave, or one of your other dozen alts

  77. Anonymous Says:

    I think I know who you are talking about and I think you are right, this person also has a female alt as well that is fairly known too. Who really knows how many alts this person has.

  78. I'm not that crazy Says:

    I think I know exactly who the Fashion Critique SL is….someone a lot of us know…who has been creating a lot of drama lately (male)…and who has been posting comments for different agencies as more than one person and anonymous too.

  79. Perplexed Says:

    Wow, The SLC has their own spot on agency report now? Well at least we will all be able to respond to the negative comments they leave out for us.

  80. copycat Says:

    I am laughing so hard at all this SL fashion critique crap, and have some useful information for all of you.

    A few months ago I attended a seminar at Super Elite Agency where Frolic Mills was the invited speacker, and he spent 4 hours working with the models on accesorizing and poses. The Sl fashion critique was borned a few days after that hahahahhahaha. And makes me laugh even harder that she or he won’t comment on Mr. Mill’s shows.

    I think Mr. Mills was quite harsh and rough in his presentation but at least what he said made sense. This copycat idiot, one can tell has no clue wtf he/she is talking about.

    And what makes me want to puke is that this model-want-to-be uses the exact same words Mr. Mills used. I am certain that this user HAS to be one of the students there.

    But do us all a favour… please attend some more seminars, there is only so many ways you can say fab pose, horrid pose, great pose, bad pose.

    Have a good day Fashion critique wannabe.

  81. Tia Ryba Says:

    Very nicely said Mikey 🙂

  82. Mikey Batriani Says:

    Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the importance of criticism which is constructive and made widely available within the SL model and fashion industry. It provides for each model to advance themselves also to further themselves within such a competitive industry.

    What is inexcusable is the unsubstantiated apathy for which SL Fashion Critique is premised. Many models have been ‘critiqued’ on this particularly blog although I wish to draw attention to the author’s ‘critique’ of shapes and prim attachments whether it may be hair or shoes et cetera. A particular model who has been unfairly criticised is friend and top model, RicoRacer Flux.

    I have immensely enjoyed the pleasure of knowing RicoRacer Flux since his rezz date and together, at all material times, have shared the journey of becoming top models within the industry. I have watched Rico excel brilliantly with his style, flair, charisma and hard working attitude for which he has attained great achievements of a high calibre. Rico has set a standard for which I personally look up to and I am continually inspired. More over, I have also enjoyed the pleasure of being Rico’s personal photographer and have patroned many of his runway shows.

    It is fair to suggest that I know him well enough not only personally, but as a top model, for which I seek to dismantle the commentary which SL Fashion Critique suggests. For convenience, I shall refer to SL Fashion Critique as FC.

    Clearly and evidently, the author of FC is severely lacking in the education department. Reference is made to the ‘open mouths’ caused by emoter huds and shape deformities for which the author cannot comprehend the causes of, for some unknown reason. It is common knowledge that high lag environment can cause packet data loss thus distorting the avatar which appears on one’s viewer.

    More importantly though, I witnessed the TOMA Sunkissed show and Rico was in top shape, prim attachments carefully placed and attention to detail was evidently demonstrated by him. FC should learn to refrain from forming conclusions based on such inaccurate perceptions. This raises my second point about FC’s pure lack of education of both SL modelling and perhaps the common knowledge pertaining to SL’s potential technical network issues.

    RicoRacer Flux is a star. He is vastly known within SL model and fashion industry which is why many have supported him so greatly in rebutting the unsubstantiated jargon for which FC attempts to convey.

    Conclusively, it surprises me that FC is yet to see Rico in his proper form. Perhaps FC should also make themselves aware of Rico’s greatness which circulates the industry so frequently.

    It’s all in the approach. Rico was made TOMA’s Model of the Month and rightfully so. I amongst many were there to witness it.


    Mikey Batriani

  83. colleen Criss Says:

    Two things I’ve learned as a model and trying to learn Second Life photography , no matter what you think you look like, the next person will see you totally differently from thier view. Why? Because some of us own pc’s comparable to NASA and some of us own pc’s barely able to log into Second Life at all.

    I really think if one is going to critique models thats fine, do that but be constructive not catty about it.

    SL Fashion Critique owner/blogger should get up on a runway one time and put thier virtual butts where thier virtual mouth/fingers are and give it a shot. See how well they fare out there in the lag.Let them spend hours styling thier outfits and searching out the perfect pose only to stand back stage at show time praying to the SL gods that they are actually seen the way they styled themselves in the 1st place, or worse yet, because the guests do not de prim and take off scriptd HUDs , we models do … we have too to walk. Last show I was at models reverted to using poses out of the folder not thier Huddle and lost VPC to use group chat to help reduce lag. We work hours finding low prim hair if possible to use on the runway. Models get out there and do what they have to do. I’ve made last minute changes to my styled outfit myself. We all have to.

    As an Opium Fashion Model we often will have designers we are doing a show for call for a dress rehearsal the night before and at this time they critique us themselves on prim adjustments, poses etc. after all they want their fashion designs and hard work shown as well as the agency does.

    So yes, by all means do your *reviews* but before you slay a model and shatter someones confidence, think before you type and post terrible things … put yourself in thier shoes, then come talk errr post. The experienced models of SL will laugh off SL Fashio Critique to be honest but the newer models , well I’ll bet some are questioning thier abilities at all. Thats just sad.

  84. Sharron Schuman Says:

    I forgot to say that I am fairly certain I know one of the alts she uses. The avatar is an obvious alt.
    I am not positive, so I won’t post the alts name.

  85. Sharron Schuman Says:

    Thank you all for your comments on this. Most of you have covered it all.

    I do agree with some of what Fashion Critique says, but what ever good she says is ruined by her own lack of knowledge and ignorance as to the cause of many of the problems she posts. For instance posting a photo of a model that is obviously “ruthed” then blaming the model for bad shape or prim adjustments. All that crap in the review of the Edo show about models wearing “Emoters”,that silly open mouth thing is a well known bug. (by the way,if someone tells you they see you that way. You can sometimes fix it by shouting)

    Every single photo showing bad hair adjustment in her blog is a viewer rez problem that is well known. Every photo in her blog slamming someones shape is a ‘ruthed” avatar.

    A very important thing she need to learn is that if you are going to post a photo of someone and critique their pose then GET THE NAME RIGHT. She posted a photo in the styles of Edo show review where she slammed me for hands in the skirt.The photo of a blonde model in green gown, is NOT me.She then went on to blabber that i am well known as a photographer, but where did i get off thinking I am a model. A 2 minute check of my profile would have informed her I am an experienced “old” model that was trained at MODA and INSTYLE. Or, when she was ripping photos off my flicker to use in her blog with out permission or credit she could have checked out my show portfolio.

    I do agree with most of what she says about posing. I wish the Maitreya animated poses would self destruct in every models inventory. It is very difficult for me as a show photographer to get good shots of a model that never stops moving. I try to line up a shot to get the outfit to show the best and the model as well. I try to get the models eyes right as well. If there is a lot of lag and the model is changing poses quickly, flexi dresses never settle. I have plenty of shots from shows that show bad and silly poses, sloppy prim adjustment, etc. etc.. I don’t post them…..If it aint good I don’t post.

    All that said I think the worst thing she does is use such a catty and sometimes mean tone in her critique,that and the fact that so much that she publishes is just flat out incorrect leaves her with little credibility when she is right.

    Sharron Schuman

  86. Jason B. Says:

    The person who wrote this awful SL Critique blog has absolutely no credibility. If you want to give constructive criticisms, Just write the FACTS. You don’t have to be mean and nasty. I’m sure all the models work hard at each job/show. And it is really unfair to judge someone because of LAG, poor viewer or low quality graphics card….I noticed some of the pictures you ripped apart are clearly distorted due to one of the above mentioned.

    Last, If you want to be taken seriously, put your name and face on your blog. Otherwise, it looks like you are jealous or have a “beef” with certain models.

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Im really appauled by this website, A few of my good friends have been posted on there, and I know for a fact they are great models. One thing that took me by suprise is the fact the mysterious blogger pointed out unedited prim hair, I honestly think she or he has turned their settings down to critique something that isnt actually there. This person needs to get a life instead of picking at people who have worked truely hard at what they do. They mentioned they dont model, so who the hell do they think they are telling us what is right and wrong.

  88. Its about time Says:

    I go to fashion shows and notice all of the mistakes and styling flaws myself. I enjoy doing this, but I keep it to my self. No one regulates any agency accept the owners. So when comments on how a change needs to be made people get pissed off. Everyone knows to keep your hands out of your skirts. The also know to turn off the click noise on heals. You never turn your body so your torso is twisted or put your hands in your face. These are basic rules and some models have forgotten that. This is a reminder to keep on top of your game. No agency is perfect and they can all be improved. If someone want to take pictures and comment on a show then do it. No you don’t need permission. Consider this constructive feed back and fix the problem.

  89. an innocent bystander Says:

    Good luck with that one.

    Maybe you need to make them sign in or buy a ticket while you’re at it.

    I find this thread hilarious and I love the idea of a hunt.

  90. DesPlaines Waverider Says:

    I keep wondering about WHO the SL Fashion Critique is myself. I can’t log into SL as Des right now due to a PC issue so I’m having some fun here overthinking this particular mystery. I also think that the SL Fashion Critique needs to be spanked by being subjected to a dose of his/her/its own medicine annnnnnnd we can have some fun in the process.

    I propose a HUNT (a manhunt or it could be a womanhunt or even an ithunt in SL ) – with a bounty on the head of the SL FC. This person CAN be found………… and unmasked. However, proving it is really the SLFC may prove more problematical.

    I still have a few $Lindens left…….. Soooooo to kick things off I’ll put up the $L5,000 I didn’t have to pay out for the Catalyst of Fantasy Logo Contest ( since I left C of F before the contest ended ). I think I need some help from Herra and maybe a couple of others to sort out the exact details on this but y’all get the idea.

    I’ve now “catalyzed” the idea but the exact rulez are yet to be defined. I don’t presume to do this alone. This needs to be a communal effort since SLFC is a community nuisance, except to AVENUE it seems.So I’d like some help with the contest rulez, please.

    Anyway……… if anyone wants to ad to the bounty this could become even more interesting. maybe other goodies could be thrown in – skins, hair, whatever, I am not very creative, doncha know? So I’ll just throw in the cash to kickstart this………

    Hell, if Herra agrees I’ll let her hold my $L5,000 in escrow ( once I get back into SL that is ), although she may not want to embroil herself in my scheme and I’d understand that perfectly.

    Sooooooooo any brilliant detectives out there?

    I am just

  91. Sheyla Mills Says:

    i just like to say something about the fashion critic blog, they really point some interesting things, they are mean sometimes yes. But what really scares me its the person behind the blog, that have a lot of courage to analize all the models in SL, talking bad about a lot but dont have courage to show herself.
    We can take critics, bad critics indeed, no problem, but with a face. Because we show our face to slap, and they dont. So..they can be serious..or not…they can be honest..or not…they can be respectable or not…because we dont know who they are!

  92. K. Wyndham Says:

    OMG, This SL Critique blog is a load of crap.
    I happen to be at the TOMA show and I thought the models did a wonderful job despite the terrible lag.
    I don’t know what viewer you are using or how high the quality of your graphics card is but the pictures you posted are totally wrong. You were totally missing all the hot bodies being displayed in their swimwear outfit. I did not see RicoRacer’s shape to be even remotely close to what is in your pictures. When he came out, I was OOHHHHHing and AHHHHing in my seat lusting after that boy. LOL. Same for Clif as well as the rest of the men. This girl loved the show.

  93. Ipkiss Igaly Says:

    Hey 🙂 Back to post some more about this wonderfull (rofl) site that I’m turning inside out completely 🙂
    First, about Apollo: I did the same with the pic “Fashion Critique SL” (hereafter called FC.SL) has posted from this great model, as I did with mine (see my previous post here): putting it next to a ‘real’ photo. U can find that result of Apollo at
    Also here it’s almost a miracle that one is possible to take such an awfull shot from a very well shaped male model. Though my own photographic skills are very limited, there is no way that I would be able to turn Apollo into that kind of gholem as FC.SL shows him, without severely ‘raipediting’ any pic I’ve ever seen from this wonderful guy.
    Second, about some of the comments FC.SL post on her/his site. Indeed, some of the hairs of chains might are poorly attached by several models. I’d be greatfull, minutes before I get up the runway, some of my colleagues points out to me (e.g. by an IM) that my hair might be attached poorly. I’d do the same if I would notice. But I’d do it gently, polite, positive, showing I’m just helping out, as a friend.
    Thats hardly what can be said from FC.SL… It’s all in the way you say things. Here, I clearly stand by what Des says, hereunder: the illustrious author of FC.SL behaves like the Queen of Diva’s, sitting on her throne, not to help out, but just kinda proud on the newest discrepancy she/he just noticed on the next upcomming model …. Ricoracer -besides the fact FC.SL, here also, cruely raipes this models shape on the body shot- indeed has a poor attachment of the necklace. 1 simple illustration would have been more than satisfactory though… None of us is blind…. Mistakes happen and make us human…. Posting 2 pics of it clearly demonstrates the evil character of the author of FC.SL, laughing in her/his sleeve with yet another error she noticed….
    To finish with, something about the selectivity FC.SL handles in her comments and the way she deals with us, models. In some pics and comments, troughout the whole blog, FC.SL deals with discrepancies on some models, and tearing them down for it, while, in other pics, she praises other models skyhigh, though these pics clearly show the same discrepancies she badmouthed on before with the 1st models…. Look for FC.SL’s pics & comments on ‘hands in dresses’ and ‘poor skintones on prim footwear’: on model A she/he notices, on model B she/he doesnt …
    All this just to show this entire blog needs to be taken with a shipload of salt…. Let us just keep working and trying to do our jobs at best, and make it fun & challenging above all 🙂

    Take care


  94. DJ Says:

    Herra brought up a good point. This website and its blogger are uncaring and harsh in their opinions of hardworking models.

    I have seen many pictured from the last model show. I however, did not see a deformed Rico. I agree with alot of the posts here. The models that have been bashed are really good models and know how to model.

    I have modeled before and know that lag is a models worst enemy and its something that can not be helped at all. All these models have done a wonderful job and have done well even considering the lag in the sim.

    I do believe that you shouldnt judge a model so harsh because of lag issues. They cant help lag, poor graphics cards, poor/slow internet connection or the viewer. Those factors also apply to the person seeing the model as well.

  95. Desplaines Waverider Says:

    Herra ( and all the other posters……….)

    You did a good thing starting this thread and initiating this discussion. I PERSONALLY think SLF is a blot on the landscape of the SL modeling community. That said, by catalyzing people to speak up, post, interact and bond together….something good has come out of the SLF reign of terror.

    I was appalled to see the way SLF ripped on some really good models, no need to list them all here. It made me. literally sick to my stomach.I know how hard it is to be a model,let alone a supermodel. I know how much time and money gets invested and the needless abuse that you undergo when you are starting out. You pay some tuition to get good no doubt about it

    If would be fun to have the SLF DIVA ( and you are frikkin DIVA ) who says so self importantly “As a Second Life Fashion Critique,” MY JOB” is to look at SL Models and actually see what they do, how they move with the tools SL gives them” stand up and ask to be evaluated CRITICALLY by someone else. Topaz Joubert did that for me at a recent Modeler’s workshop. She looked me over HARD and made a couple of suggestions for improving my avatar that I would never, not in a million years, have realized needed changing. Suggestions that no one else had ever made and that I appreciated a great deal. It is very difficult to evaluate yourself critically. Topaz was sweet about it too.

    I am not defending the SLF not even close, merely grateful for the good that is emerging from the stink of the brutality visited upon innocents.

    I am just,

  96. Topaz Joubert Says:

    I never post and pretty much keep a low profile but I have something to say in regards to the SL Fashion Critique. Yes, most of the comments were cruel especially the lies this person spouted about Pat Young. Please tell us SL Fashion Critique “what do you contribute to the SL fashion community?” Starwalkers has helped a great number of models, new and experienced ones to find jobs, training, contest information, and guidance in their careers. I applaud Pat and her team and have nothing but the upmost respect for her. So please get your facts straight before spouting off insane accusations.
    Now, saying that, as much as it pains me I have to agree with the blogger on one issue. Armpit poses should never be used with evening gowns (only in very special circumstances). Now, you models know this, the experience ones should know better. No need to beat a dead horse just shows people are always watching, sometimes even the most experience model has to go back to the basics.
    Also want to address your comments about shapes. Apollo Call is one of my models. I studied the photo you posted and honey…even George Clooney would look awful at that angle you shot. Please check out Maniera Magazine July issue. Apollo is truly one of the most unique models I have ever had the privilege to work with. Not only is he a treat to the eyes but he studies his craft and always strives to take the bar higher. And this is why, he gets jobs. I know other casting agents, stylist, fashion editors and designers that have had the pleasure working with Apollo will tell you this. Apollo shape is damn good and he is a true professional and a joy to work with.
    You also attacked Ricoracer. All I can say to this please get the issue of Maniera coming out this Saturday August 8th. Rico was selected as one of our Maniera Men of Style. I have worked very closely with Rico and have nothing but respect for him. And ladies (and men) wait until you see his photo spread! I expect great things from Rico. After seeing the images we shot, I have no doubt in my mind that he is on his way to being the next top male model in SL… Enough said.
    And lastly, your comments regarding Ipkiss , haven’t had the opportunity to closely check out her shape (and by the way I am a stylist), but I can tell you this. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see Ipkiss in the “Make it Work” contest, which by the way she placed 2nd. I have a feeling she will make you eat your words. She has the potential to be one of the top models in SL. Yes, we have off days on the runway and she is relatively new to SL modeling. But in no means does that make her a bad model if anything from what I know about her, I believe this will make her stronger. So, I guess something positive will come out of all this negativity.
    We all have the right to our own opinion but we have also have to be prepared to accept the consequences. What you posted about Pat was unfounded and potentially damaging. I think a personal apology to Pat and her team is in order. That is if you have the courage to post one.
    On a side note, criticism is criticism and opinions are like ass**** (don’t need to elaborate), we all have one. So models shake it off and continue to be FIERCE!

    Respectfully Yours
    Topaz Joubet
    CEO Maniera, Inc

  97. Herra Says:

    Ipkiss Igaly – I have met you and you’re a beautiful model who has a great future in front of you.

    Des, I don’t know where to start. First, I know who publishes supermarket tabloids and have the ability to fight back if they smear about me or someone else.

    I would have no problem with this blogger if he/she either revealed their name AND/OR gave readers a chance to reply back.

    And as someone who trains models there is a positive way to correct someone doing something wrong and well there’s the way this asshole has done it. Half the issues were related to his computer lag – why should models be punished for that?

  98. Desplaines Waverider Says:

    I was pleased to, randomly, stumble over this thread (I’m haven’t been involved in the modeling world the past week or so and I’ve been told I’m not model material anyway )but the thought crossed my mind crossed my mind about posting here (just for fun doncha know?) as the “SL Fashion Critique”. If I’d done that,(c’mon anyone can post as anyone here people), it would have made her/him/it seem human, while in reality this individual is a coward and not a member of the genus Homo Sapiens. More likely a member of the failing, but still struggling along, genus Homo Assholus or maybe it is the lapsed line, Homo Dickheadus.

    But one VERY good thing has emerged from the “SL Fashion Critique’s” vicious, individual attacks and that is to be applauded. YOU have all been done a favor in a way. By polarizing YOU (hey I’m no model doncha know?) By getting YOU talking, aligning YOU against a common enemy, a terrorist who strikes from the shadows randomly, this person has gotten YOU to talk, and, critically, address some of the problems that SL models encounter in their harder then most people know, PROFESSIONAL endeavours.

    If a model chooses to use a regular AO, as opposed to a model’s Huddle, if the poses they choose for a given task (you need different ones for runway walking then store modeling people ) are off or just lame, if their shape/skin needs tuning, if they can’t adjust their hair properly ( I saw a “noted” agency owner at a store yesterday wearing hair that I thought could, generously, be regarded as suitable as a chewtoy for my dog —– EEEK!!!!! No one told the Diva but I bet the IMs were flying……) or their eyelashes, or recolor their feet they need to be told so they can improve, learn to be better.

    SLF is providing a NEEDED service. Hell I’d pay this person as a consultant to evaluate me and help me improve, If I decide to take another crack at beingthe best I can be, because while I don’t agree with the “hiding in the shadows” approach I agree that criticism can drive one’s raging desire to improve.

    On another topic……………

    As far as RicoRacer Flux goes, at the Catalyst of Fantasy’s Grand Opening rehearsals, and in the DMA Bootcamp, I spent a lot of time with RR.


    Rico is not afraid to ask for help or beg to know where a skin was bought from. Picking on RR is like torturing a small animal that wants to do nothing but have fun and make you happy…….. RR has a brilliant future as a “Supermodel” in SL unfolding before him if he continues the way he’s been heading. Had I stayed at C of F I planned to help him, hopefully he will be nurtured and helped to become all the he can be.My only public suggestion to RR is to be LESS political bud. They all like you don’t play favorites. Even Naiya.

    So………..bitch about SLF all you like. SLF has a place. Just like super market tabloids do (hey, I admit it, even I look at them when I am in line I needa know who is cheating on who in RL it happens there too y’know). They photoshop the hell out of things. They get sued all the time they survive and so will the “SL Fashion Critique”

    So, personally, I hope SLF continues if only because of uproar that has been created.

    Having left the building my remarks are those of casual observer as opposed to a person having any influence in the world of SL modeling or ax to grind.

    I am just,


  99. Ipkiss Igaly Says:

    … lost my own comment all of a sudden, and it’s posted twice here. Sorry for that :s
    To continue where I was thrown out (3rd): u took some abominal photo’s of me during the show, and I’m gonna prove this to you. Follow my moolto pages the upcomming days, I’ll post your 1st shot there, next to a shot I’ll take myself, in exactly the same shape, skin and outfit (quickchange, u know), in the same pose, and on the same location.
    All that will speak for itself, and will say more about your photographer skills than ur blogger skills …

  100. Ipkiss Igaly Says:

    … or how it’s so easy standing on the sideline with your hands in your pocket (in Dutch: ‘de beste stuurlui staan aan wal’), not reveiling your SL identity, not allowing us to directly comment on the nonsense in your blog and meanwhile just give undifferentiated and by moments even silly ‘critique’….
    First of all: TOMA is an agency thats I’m proud to have the chance to work for. They do the utmost for their models, and offer them lots of chances and opportunities. I feel myself well represented by this agency, and can do nothing more but work in hope to offer them and the designers what they expect out of a model.
    Second: I’m not going in discussion about ‘poses’. Finding nice poses and balancing them is a never ending search. I studied that what was expected from me for the Sunkissed show as well a possible, keeping in mind the designs I was wearing and what poses I had to take to show at best my outfit. While it’s so easy for you to spit out some discrepancies that might have shown dusing the show, (i.a. due to SL’s fanous lag, u might loose out of sight that I took a lot of exercising and preparation for this show. And I’m sure many of the models that were there with me that night, did exactly the same. All we can conclude here, is, if u want a show that perfectly meets urs standards, u will have to walk it urself. And u will be alone doing so, meke sure u quickcha ….
    3rd, and what bothers me the most, is that u critisize my shape with in your hand the most worse photo that has ever been taken from me – and you took urself.

  101. Ipkiss Igaly Says:

    … or how it’s so easy standing on the sideline with your hands in your pocket (in Dutch: ‘de beste stuurlui staan aan wal’), not reveiling your SL identity, not allowing us to directly comment on the nonsense in your blog and meanwhile just give undifferentiated and by moments even silly ‘critique’….
    First of all: TOMA is an agency thats I’m proud to have the chance to work for. They do the utmost for their models, and offer them lots of chances and opportunities. I feel myself well represented by this agency, and can do nothing more but work in hope to offer them and the designers what they expect out of a model.
    Second: I’m not going in discussion about ‘poses’. Finding nice poses and balancing them is a never ending search. I studied that what was expected from me for the Sunkissed show as well a possible, keeping in mind the designs I was wearing and what poses I had to take to show at best my outfit. While it’s so easy for you to spit out some discrepancies that might have shown dusing the show, (i.a. due to SL’s fanous lag, u might loose out of sight that I took a lot of exercising and preparation for this show. And I’m sure many of the models that were there with me that night, did exactly the same. All we can conclude here, is, if u want a show that perfectly meets urs standards, u will have to walk it urself. And u will be alone doing so, meke sure u quickcha ….
    3rd, and what bothers me the most, is that u critisize my shape with in your hand the most worse photo that has ever been taken from me – and you took urself.

  102. Herra Says:

    Oh goodie, now we can trash Fashion Critique Blog since clearly the idiot that runs the site has nothing better to do than be demeaning and rude to SL models have that worked hard at their profession.

    Do NOT patronize this webblog and do NOT trust the information you read there. This is a webblog where the owner is hiding behind an anonymous name and nowhere is there a place that someone can reply back to defend themselves or their friends with the horrible things written.

    I’m guessing the owner of this webblog was an unsucessful model who has a really crappy computer/graphic card/internet connection. Because any model who has spent even just a few months in this industry knows the issues faced when dealing with lag at a runway show.

    And yes, there are plenty of Anonymous posts here at the Agency Report including some that are quite harsh. However, at least this website allows for people to respond to those complaints.

    If you are the owner of this fashion blog I challenge you to either revealing your name OR allowing people to make replies to your posts. Better yet, why not just shut it down and get a life. Because it seems you make alot of effort to badmouth others.

  103. Jen Tafler Says:

    I agree with Herra, this website and the blogger are uncaring in their postings. There are a number of posting about models in shows I did not attend but I was at the TOMA Summer fashion show.

    With regards to wearing the prim invisible shoes, it is a SL situation which I’m sure is not going to be fixed anytime soon. However, its not hard to edit a picture (in Gimp, which is free) and blend the floor to cover the transparency of the feet. For color matching, its quite simple to get as close as possible to your leg/ankle color. Go Advanced, UI, Show color under cursor. Then, where ever your mouse pointer is there is a 3 numbered code at the bottom of your screen. Input these numbers in the advanced color input on the shoe menu and whola. If you have a 2 digit number in this sequence, put a zero befor it.

    As for lag, nothing we can do here except work with it and do the best we can. When using huddles and such, it can play havoc with these. But I think most people realize this and are open minded and understanding.

    Although I do not know the female models well, I felt how they presented themselves on the runway was good. Being a female model in SL is challenging in that you need to be different to be noticed and anything one can do and still look great in an outfit is worth more than thousand words. As for the walk, ya, its new, maybe a little to swingy in the hips, but it was great to see how it looked on the runway. I would think rather than blasting the model, maybe sending a nice comment to the designer asking if it could be reworked. Oh and for Mariella on the eyelashes…love the flower. : )

    As for the males, I thought they all did incredibly well. RicoRacer is one of my best friends in SL. And trust me, we help each other and are brutally honest when we get each other’s opinions. LOL Not once did I see a disfiguration on his avi. I wonder what viewer/system/camera the blogger/photographer was using. If anyone else saw what was posted, please let me know cause I sure didn’t see it. Although I do not know Clif well, I thought he did good too. It is a work of art to blend and use modeling animations and poses together and this will come in time. We never stop learning. This is shown by the other models Stato, Tigre, Brecken and Jens. They are great models, most definately, and RicoRacer and Clif will be there as well with hard work and dedication.

    My hats off to TOMA for a great show, thank you for making the time spent well worth it. : ))

    One more thing, if a post is marked anonymous or is vague on who the person is, I dont recommend taking it seriously – to anyone.

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