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  1. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    Ramonzita ? May i ask you who Ramonzita is?

  2. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    I’m back Lady’s and gentlemen.

  3. Whatevah Says:

    Yeah. Whoever wrote the previous comment, whatevah ur name is, we at SL are very afraid now that u mentioned we don’t know who runs the game.
    You may run ur game but remember, we all run our own games and people don’t change 😉 Whoevah u are, you’ll be caught, sooner or later. Think of that 😉

  4. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    Andrzej Makarov died ofcourse.. But the people behind this avatar wont quit with secondlife 😉

    because you never know who will run Secondlife 🙂
    Remember everything but .. Just trusth yourself.


  5. Sisteract Says:

    Poor Andrzej 😦

  6. WhatThe$%&! Says:

    “Andrzej Makarov Says:

    August 29, 2010 at 11:01 am
    I beg you pardon.
    I’m a human with a big heart.
    And i wont answer all those questions about your little heart . I know much more then you.
    I have spend 2hours for the whole text and you are threathing me like this. How dare you.”

    Yes Andrzej your a human with a heart that pumps feces. And you can’t answer any questions about my heart because knowone asked you a darn thing moron.
    I bet you do know more than me, more of the sh!& that you’ve spewed upon other people with your senseless bullsh!& that is.

    Did you really think that because you spent 2 hours turd texting that people were going to change their minds or thoughts about you? Please!

    Never again will you recieve any respect from me, you don’t deserve not even a ounce of it. And Since you like doing it so often, it wont be too much out of order for me to tell you to go kill yourself.

    A – Is for the A$$ that you are
    n – Is for the nonsense that you spew
    d – Is for the delusional person that you are
    r – Is for the rhetorical bs you always give
    z – Is for the overly zealous crap you wrote
    e – Is for the egotistical jerk that you’ve become
    j – Is for the jive turkey that you are

    Andrzej, Kick rocks you clown
    And that only took me 17 minutes to write.

  7. Nave "naive" Fall Says:

    This is hilarious………..

  8. anon Says:

    You believe in someone that can do the lowest of the low – not once, but twice??

    Get real and open your eyes. He deserves no respect (lost that the 1st time he pretended to die, not alone doing it again).. and no belief.

  9. Secret Says:

    I agree with Andrzej. And i still believe in you Andrzej 🙂

  10. Lolita Nomura Says:

    This ‘conversation’ doesn’t have much to do with the actual Agency anymore, nor the possibly great team it had. As much as I dislike Andrzej and don’t respect his actions I still will respect him as a humanBEING. We already know what happend, we already know who he is, how he is, what he did, etc. My suggestion would be to the moderators of this website to close this thread as the agency doesn’t exist anymore anyway and further shit-throwing at eachother doesn’t have any sense 🙂

  11. anon Says:


    For ONCE do the decent thing – delete your account and disappear from SL – there is no excuse for any of your behaviour – you are the lowest of the low. How you ever had the nerve to come back after faking your own death what? 2? 3 times?

    I agree you are sick – but the type of sick needs a head doctor.. sad but true.

  12. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    I beg you pardon.
    I’m a human with a big heart.
    And i wont answer all those questions about your little heart . I know much more then you.
    I have spend 2hours for the whole text and you are threathing me like this. How dare you.

  13. WhatThe$%&! Says:

    ” Andrzej Makarov Says:

    “I would like to something about me because deep in my heart I am a good person. But worse things happened and we cant go back in de past. I was a shameless person With no respect for the other avatars in Secondlife. I argee with some of you because I was rude and disobedient.”

    Dude I am soooo shaking my head at you and this sorry posting!
    It’s so obvious that you still care nothing about anyone else but your own damn pathetic self. You said you were a shameless person with no respect for other avatars. Well guess what you still are a shameless person with no respect. Let’s get one thing straight and get it good. There is a REAL HUMAN BEING with REAL FEELINGS behind each and every avatar, so therefore you had no respect for other PEOPLE at all.

    Then you want to sit here and act like you agree with everyone about your callousness and shrudeness towards others. There is no need for you to agree, you knew exactly what you were doing from the very begining. If you were really sorry about how you treated others then you would have apologized but you didn’t. Instead what did you do, you went on to only thank those whom helped and supported you instead.

    And so f@%$ing what if you donated to hairfair 2008 and whatever other organizations you gave lindens to. That never has nor will it ever compensate for the complete moronic loser that you are.

    Let me just tell you what you are Andrzej Makarov!
    You are a little insecure boy with a brain of a beetle who likes to sit behind your computer screen and belittle others just because it makes you feel like you are someone on second life. You are nothing more than scum on the bottom of my shoe and trust me there is nothing good about that.

    Just kill yourself off again for the 100th time, go back to your grave and f^@! off and spare us all of your bs you jerk.

  14. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    Models from Fashion in Look and the other Agency.
    Managers k333bel and the owners photographers and other staff. Thanks for your help and your support.

    I’m able to answer the questions now.
    First when i start i would like to thank AVENUE for the promotion of Makarov Furniture & design.

    I would like to something about me because deep in my heart I am a good person. But worse things happened and we cant go back in de past. I was a shameless person With no respect for the other avatars in Secondlife. I argee with some of you because I was rude and disobedient. Second i want to thank Livia. for her love for me and support. You made a large part of my life. 3th I want to thank my best friend Pat Young and Marian. Last i want to thank Mimi Juneau . She knows about my first life in Secondlife With Georgee Alter And Miss Saskiaa Saenz.
    My death was a shame lose joke. And i and I offer my apology to Mimmi Boa and the owner of ICON Wil. I’ve dug my own grave and i know that. Even I earned a lot of money in Secondlife, You need to know i did Donate a lot of money to Hairfair 2008 and a lot of other donations arround Secondlife . I want to thank Armidi for their help in 2006. ( London Armidi ) I also want to thank Redgrave for their other side of help. Mette Jarvinen i also thank you for your help.
    This is it. And i wish all the best of you.

    Au Revoir.
    Andrzej Makarov.

  15. Pat Young (Andrzej Makarov) Says:

    You are creating drama Jersey..
    Leave Mr Makarov alone. All of you.
    Thats the point > !

  16. CLOSED (Andrzej Makarov) Says:


  17. Its ALIVEEEEE!!!! Says:

    I’m sorry…I can’t resist…

    Nice seeing you alive again Andrzej. Could you do me a favor and let us all know in advance when you plan to die next so we can make your ..3rd..4th..whatever funeral?


  18. Andrzej Makarov Says:

    The agency is already some months closed.
    And yes last year i did had a heartattack thats true,
    Im sick of people who are creating drama about me. Like you. Why do you have another alt because im sure you cant handle it anymore. I have so much respect for everyone . For all the models and all the model Agencys. I dont care about my reputation.
    Why dont you leave me alone? why do you want to hurt me? And why are you creating drama in this group? This is a model Agency report link. Not how can i hurt Andrzej Makarov? I never died because i was sick of everyone the lies. And another thing. I never had any friends because nobody did understood me. Nobody loved me because they gaved me a chance to my myself. I did work very hard for everything and there was always someone who wanted to hurt and destroy me. Please tell me what i did? I never hurt you like this. This gives me a bad feeling. Iam also a human and we all make mistakes. But why dont you leave me in peace. Why are you creating drama again. Why dont you just do your own work and let us alone.? I did know you but im sure you are a such a lovely lady in real. But i never understood you. Because you always tryed to hurt me. Please cancel this and let me find the peace i need. Enjoy !

  19. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    I could have told you all that he didn’t really die. He has a habit of dying when he pisses people off or doesn’t get his way.

    He wanted to buy DeJaVogue back last year and got mad when I wouldn’t sell to him and publically slandered me and contacted several of my models and staff, telling them to quit and go work for him.

    Then…theres the incident of Andrzej IMing models from a casting and telling them they are not good enough to be a FIL model. Shortly after that fuse blew, he died and came back later.

    Theres been a rumor (and yes, a rumor because its never been proven, unlike the instances I am sharing here which have been proven) that Andrzej was very sick in RL..cancer or something.

    Lately, I don’t know what he did to piss people off or maybe he just wanted to stir things up and create attention. On Sunday, February 7th…before 9pm SLT…someone by the name of Dex..not sure last name..claimed to be a friend of Andrzej’s..but I’ll be its one of his alts..came into the old Starwalker group chat and announced that Andrzej had died. I personally said: “Again?” and that seemed to be the equivalent of waving a red sheet in front of a bull…he got quite rude and defensive and then left.
    The next day…Monday…it was announced somewhere that at 5am SLT that morning (so early Monday morning), Andrzej was killed in a car crash.
    So…Andrzej wasn’t even dead (not that he ever has been yet)when Dex announced it and started IMing people to ask them to send Andrzej’s things back where he had rented or letting clients know.

    Now…apparently he is back..again.

    Please…just stay away from this idiot…don’t join his agency, don’t buy his clothes..don’t talk to him.

    Let him really die, to us. I think thats what he really wants. After all, he’s tried twice already and apparently failed. Lets help him this time and just think of him as no longer.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Fashion In-Look Staff
    Group Notice From: Ryszard Merchiston

    I would like to tell you that Andrzej Makarov closed his store.
    His feeble excuse for his stupid actions about his funeral.
    He did act like a wanderer and he did play with feelings.
    From the people who loved him.
    He never died. But is destroyed by some people here in Secondlife. But that is independent of his actions.
    Thanks a lot.

  21. not impressed Says:

    Lord luv us I had the experience or shall I unfortunate expereince of working with this man in Le Charm search for a Model Comp. It was an absolute disaster his instructions and the ‘professional’ models were brought in to teach us to walk were unbelievable. I must say now that the comp is over and thankfully I have nothing to do with either again that these ‘professional’ models were for want of a better word no better then blind monkeys on crack – I have never seen such poor examples of a walk for the more professional contestants of which some were and still are SL models in various agencies. This debarkle was futher punctuated in the finals and semifinals with poor instruction a last min change in walk or was it three changes in walk from semi to finals – I lost count and having instructions screamed at through DVC. Ignoring basic requests of the person putting on the show about how she wanted the contestants to remain on the stage at various points.
    Thank god I was not privy to having to endure this man much longer then that competition. What a bad name he has got for himself and for the poor store he has now been associated with.

    I do hope should he be ressurected yet again – which seems he is very good at doing – that he decide to leave the world of fashion alone and find a quite little island somewhere where he can live out his remaining days.

    Please excuse typos as I rush this message off rather quickly

  22. someone Says:

    Dex announced that he heard Andrezj was dead in Starwalkers Sunday evening and then spread the rumor that he had died Monday morning at 5am slt.

    So in addition to the cat being let out of the bag before it happened, he also left all his groups and hid his profile.

    He needs help.

  23. Bemused observer Says:

    If you leave a vampire out in the morning sun it toasts them once and for all.

    Otherwise they can be resurrected and resume sucking.

    Lotta that going on in here these days

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Someone by the name of Dex…don’t know his last name and I’d make a bet any day that its Andrzej’s alt, came into the old Starwalker chat on Sunday night and said he heard Andrezj died and got EXTREMELY rude when people did not fall to their knees in belief and grief.
    That same person is going around to different people and telling them to return Andrzej’s objects and being extremely rude to them when they don’t “obey.”

    Whether Andrzej’s death is true or fale, is not known, as he has little credability at this point with many, many people. Some of you may remember last year, after a whole uproar at Fashion In Look, when Andrzej was telling very qualified models that they were not good enough for his agency. Shortly after that fuse blew, Andrzej conveniently passed away and miraciously came back to life a few days later.

    If Andrzej Makarov has truly passed away, while I have never liked or really respected the man, my sincerest of condolences go out to his family and friends.

  25. Hot and hotter Says:

    This is what was posted in the Fashion in Look group last night……no comment about this.

    Hello everyone,
    Monday, 08 Feb 2010 23:15:46 GMT

    I am so sad to have to inform you that Andrzej passed away today. I dont have much information at all.
    I do know that he was quite ill and being exceptionally brave about it all.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  26. Bemused observer Says:

    Can you even kill a vampire???? They are already dead right?

  27. no one in particular Says:

    heard andrezj is dead. didnt he die last year?

  28. Bemused observer Says:

    Not much of bounty on your head. I’d be insulted if I was you.

    “[16:59] Andrzej Makarov: if you know who it is I pay you 2K”

    Now if it was L$200,000 you’d have bounty hunters all over your ass. Duane ” Dogthebountyhunter ” Chapman would join SL and be hunting you down. That fugly othermucker could have some righteous fun creating his avatar.

    On a different note Andrzej’s colloquial, and a bit stilted, writing style makes him an easy target for you. Good thing it’s not really someone mean picking on him. I think he needs to hire Dogthebountyhunter myself.

  29. Ugly Betty Says:

    HAHAHAH! Okay, I’m back.

    I re-read some things that “Designer” wrote and just had to take another stab.

    So they brag about the LE CHARME show…one would think that anonymous designer is Ramona Planer of Le Charme, no?

    However, I don’t think such an amazing and talented designer, such as Ms. Planer would make such posts on here.

    Also, wasn’t the Le Charme show a Venus show, NOT FIL?

    Basically, I do NOT believe that the anonymous “designer” is Ramona Planer of Le Charme…

    I do however, have a theory, that it is Andrzej Makarov, pretending to be Ramona, using the name “designer” to make FIL look good. Guess what, people find out these things, and it makes FIL look bad, very bad.

    I wonder what Ramona would say if I told her that Andrzej Makarov is pretending to be her…

  30. Ugly Betty Says:

    Oh, and why you gettin’ so angry with meeeeeee?

    Perhaps, because, I told the entire AgencyReport about how you pretend to be a top designer who has worked with FIL?

    As I said previously:

    “Personally, I think Designer is the CEO of this agency. The designer should post their name. Not only does it PROVE that they are a legit designer, but it would definately help promote their designs. And it would promote FIL, which they are intent on doing.”

    Hey Designer…come out come out wherever you are…

    /me throws a coin at the fountain.

    PS: Thank you to the model who shared Andrezj’s mess with the world. 🙂

  31. Ugly Betty Says:

    Hey Andrezj! It’s meeeeeee!

    If I turn myself in, will you give meeeeee 2k? LOL jk!

    Who is Anonymous? Well, there are probably hundreds of DIFFERENT people who post as “Anonymous” good luck. PLUS: We don’t even know which “Anonymous” you refer to.

    Who is this “Designer?” Tell meeeeee and I’ll let you keep your 2K! haha

    You are correct, I am a female, and females do not have balls — testes anyways…you might could count eggs as balls, but let’s not discuss the anatomy of the female reproductive system.

    I hide my name, because I don’t want stalkers like you hunting me down 🙂


    And finally, you sent this IM to your Models Group? SERIOUSLY? That just proves my previous comment correct, “Andrezj is unprofessional.”

    /me takes her two cents OUT of the FIL Fountain and deposits them into her purse.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    [16:58] Andrzej Makarov: Models does someone know Anonymous
    [16:59] Andrzej Makarov: if you know who it is i pay you 2K
    [17:00] Andrzej Makarov: Plz send me a IM
    [17:00] Andrzej Makarov: Or this lady Ugly Betty
    [17:00] Andrzej Makarov: They hide their names, because they dont have balls,

  33. Lilli Says:

    I love working with this agency. I’ve done two runway shows with Andrz and team; both were low drama and relaxed.

  34. Ugly Betty Says:

    Hahahaha…Designer is such a hypocrite. Is it even a designer? Accusing someone of being anonymous, when you are doing the same thing. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? And yes, anonymous and proud – reputations are important in SL.

    I can say, this agency had a lot of drama, and is very unprofessional. But they have worked with excellent designers, not including the moron who claims to be a designer.

    Personally, I think Designer is the CEO of this agency. The designer should post their name. Not only does it PROVE that they are a legit designer, but it would definately help promote their designs. And it would promote FIL, which they are intent on doing.

    Just throwing my two cents into the FIL fountain. Enjoy!

  35. name withheld Says:

    A designer who won’t give their name, is moaning at us who won’t use ours . Thats a laugh in itself

  36. Designer (Andrzej Makarov) Says:

    Your afraid for your secondlife reputation.
    I dont understand why you are talking here.
    very weird.

  37. disapointed Says:

    The comments are NOT suppose to help them, please understand the purpose of this website! It’s to share oppinions and experiences with agencies not to give them top notes. You had a good experience? GOOD FOR YOU. People hide their names because others like you don’t understand they have the right to express their oppinion and would simply get cussed out and who needs that?

  38. Designer (Andrzej Makarov) Says:

    Why dont you say your secondlife name here.
    Youre so scared so stop it !

  39. Designer (Andrzej Makarov) Says:

    If you don’t like this agency why are you posting here ?? Fashion-in-Look got always amazing shows. with a lot of design. The runways looks always perfect. And his design is talented in high quality.
    Ofcourse they may have some problems. Whoe Doessnt.
    And your comment dont’t helps them. So behave yourself and be nice.

  40. name withheld Says:

    The man works for Le Charme, so not hard to get 65 people for a show. The Venus Agency show, i was at the other day crashed the sim so don’t go blowing the horn. its not new

  41. Lillian Wiefel Says:

    I’ve done a few runway shows with this agency and the team of models are steller and one heck of a lot of fun to work with. So relax and go with the flow…FIL has had its ups and downs just like many others, and I’m pleased as punch that Andrezj has reopened the agency!

  42. Designer (Andrzej Makarov) Says:

    I beg you pardon did you saw the Le Charme show yesterday. 65 people on the sim. And now your answer please??. This is one of the agency’s who can get so many people. Andrzej is a friendly men. He is always nice. He also build a amazing shop for me. I can only say keep going

  43. In-Look Head Manager Says:

    Thankyou to all thoose whom soupport In-Look.

    Some facts posted on this page do not speak truth.
    – A post by an anoymous person was said that I had been appointed Head Model, that is in incorrect, I was appointed Head Manager. All Previous Models from when In-Look was open have kept there model jobs, & no one’s employment has been terminated.
    – The Annoymous Poster had no right to reveal such a private matter to this page.
    I appreciate that many people will be angry of the drama that previously went on in the Old In-Look, but under my managment, no drama will come, not one spec.

    I’m going to make sure that fairness comes to all,& i propsoe the past be forgotten & we start a fresh.

  44. disapointed Says:

    this agency is nothing but drama, and btw Andrzej does NOT know “where” he’s talking about. Didn’t someone just announce it closed?

  45. Designer (Andrzej Makarov) Says:

    They did a very good show for me last year.
    And Andrzej Makarov is a very professional men.
    He knows where he is talking about. And i wish him goodluck.

  46. name withheld Says:

    Fashion in look, was bad enough the first time. And yes i was part of it, until i left after seeing the drama.

    Though on a positive side, i look forward to seeing how things progress and which building gets blown up this time lol. Sorry i could resisit that bit.

    But GL to all the models involved in this agency, lets hope this time around it work outs for your guys.

  47. Lover (Andrzej Makarov) Says:

    Anonymous. can you tell us your real name?
    or are you scared It is a shame because you lie.
    I think Fashion-in-Look is a confident growing agency.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    After leaving me without a home, Andrzej Makarov just shows up thinking all is forgiven. Then he appoints Renee Couturier…ooops…Donnatella Couturier (19 days old) as head model. Guess your old models weren’t good enough.

  49. Anita Claven Says:

    I regret to inform everyone that Beaute Mode/ Fashion In Look – has closed.

  50. Joy Fellini Says:

    The staff organized a show for my creations from Fellini Couture.
    I should say that all was absolutly perfect, the organisation, the choise of models, the advertising, the quality and beauty of the show and the kindness of all them. many thanks to all of you for this moment 🙂

  51. krisha Ivanova Says:

    first of all, i’d like to thank andrzej for all his help he offered me with the fashion show he organized for Dollita, he did it with the best sence of professionalism and the show was great ! he’s also become a very good friend of mine and i’ll always thank him for all he did for Dollita. i’m satisfied about the work of this fashion institute and if i have to prepare an other show i’ll know where to go 🙂

  52. Anonymous Says:

    He’s very much alive as of yesterday. He has been pestering me incessantly.

  53. Lolita Nomura Says:

    With all respect to everyone… I can’t help but say didn’t I tell you?

  54. jerseyceriano Says:

    Not that I have the best reputation around, but I too, as well as my agency (DMA), have met up with Andrzej Makarov and his rudeness. I wasn’t going to mention this prior, because …well, several reasons, but now I think I will…

    Back in early May, Andrzej IMed my partner/business partner asking for an LM to our runway..which she gave him and then proceeded to ask where all the models were, in which he was told that they were all elsewhere due to not having any rehearsals or meetings or shows that day and Andrzej thought that it was totally ridiculous that models weren’t on the runway…at 8am. Then, he asked when our next show was..she didn’t know b/c we were in the process of planning it, which he thought was ridiculous too…and asked who the designers would be..she didn’t know (again..planning) and made a rude comment about having a show but not knowing who the designers are. When she didn’t bow to his comments, he asked “Do you know who I am?”.
    Then, when I IMed him, he was quite rude to me
    About 2 wks later, Andrzej IMed her again on May 18th with a similar conversation and then him and I talked in IM, in which he apologized for his behavior and wanted to meet at the runway. So DMA’s former manager, a model and myself met with him at the DMA runway where he proceeded to try and buy DMA from me, telling me he could help give DMA a better rep and help me out with my ‘debts’ (debts that I have no idea about) and told me that money was no object for someone rich like him. After I flat out refused him, he asked to be let in the VIP group and our former manager accidentally let him in the staff group, of which he was immediately removed from, but somehow he was able to get into group chat with us and said the following…

    [12:40] Andrzej Makarov: hi 🙂
    [12:40] Andrzej Makarov: applause
    [12:40] Precious Duvall: hi
    [12:41] Andrzej Makarov: We will see who has the last laugh.
    [12:41] Manager: he is asking me to reinvite to group
    [12:41] Andrzej Makarov: Jersey are you there>
    [12:42] Jersey Ceriano: Sure am.
    [12:43] Manager: he said I am just likje her because I wil not reinvite
    [12:43] Manager: grr
    [12:44] Jersey Ceriano: Andrzej, I will say this again, since you are here. You kicked me from your group and I am staying out and not bothering any of your models or staff. I would like to ask that you do the same with my agency. There is no reason we cannot both co-exist quite peacefully.
    [12:44] Andrzej Makarov: Please jersey
    [12:44] Jersey Ceriano: That is all I have to say.
    [12:44] Andrzej Makarov: go buy a disco club and get some hostess the fashion world is nothing for you
    [12:45] Andrzej Makarov: Why all this fuss secretly.
    [12:45] Andrzej Makarov: Everyone knows that you are a clown.
    [12:46] Andrzej Makarov: I have better things to do
    [12:46] Andrzej Makarov: ridiculous

    This was said in our agency group chat after his offer to buy DMA was declined and he was removed from the agency group. I have removed other model’s conversations from it in order to keep them out of this.

    He then also IMed DMA’s former manager and told her to fire herself from DMA and go work for him.

    I was reminded about all this when someone from a modeling group on SL posted in group asking if he was dead. His profile is cleared completely…and not that I really care of he is on SL or not…but anyone know what happened, if anything did?

  55. TO: Also denied Model 🙂

    Thank you “Also denied Model”; yes, it’s my Blog 🙂 but I also want to make clear that what I write is absolutely not personal. It’s just what I see and comment on that. It’s my simple opinion about Modeling techniques in Second Life 🙂 I just watch very very carefully 🙂

  56. Butterfli Sorbet Says:

    I would like to first say that I had no idea Andrzej was saying such awful things to denied models and have left that agency as “European Model Manager”.

    I would however love to thank my good friend Pat Young who did give me a wonderful opportunity and have nothing to thank the outrageous owner in Andrezj for.

    Keep up your beautiful spirits models…there are always going to be terrible people out there but know that there are always good apples in the bunch.

    {{{Huggs to all}}}

  57. Pat Young Says:

    Firstly, I would like to apologize to the models that were denied at the last FIL casting on Saturday 20th June. I feel a little guilty in the way that I invited everyone but I did not know that the owner was sending out refusal messages like that:(

    Secondly, the comments made about the models and agency were constructive, however it should be pointed out that while I was CEO my objectives were to give the opportunity to all models not only the ones who had more experience than the others. We all have to start somewhere and it is motivating if we are given the opportunity to meet, learn and work with those who are better qualified. This is something that is not often done in sl.

    I am no longer with this agency and it will be interesting to see how it will develop under the ownership of the present owner who has absolutely no tact, and doesn’t seem, at least to know anything about the sl fashion industry or what are good elements or bad.

    While I disagree with his methods, attitude, and don’t trust him at all, I would however like to thank him for the opportunity he gave me, I have learnt how an sl agency is run and had the opportunity to organize a show and for this I’m extremely grateful as I know that nobody else would have given me that chance.

    Finally, I would like him to know that I will no longer tolerate his ims and don’t appreciate him sending out nc with my ideas and using my name in the interest of his agency which I will not support from now on due to his attitude.

  58. Denied Model #2 Says:

    To Denied model- I completely agree. I was given the exact same message. Now, I know more then anything, rejection will come in this industry. But I personally believe that it was totally uncalled for the way Andrzej Makarov let us know. He, a CEO, I would think would have wanted to represent himself as more professional. I did think that maybe his native language was not english and that is how his rejection line translates..But who knows.
    I also want to give a sincere Congratulations to the models who did make it. I hope you all are treated with much more respect.

  59. Also denied Model :) Says:

    I alo received a very unpolite IM from that man.
    ”Andrzej Makarov:You are not good enough to work for Fashion-in-look
    After such a message im happy that i didn’t make it…who want to be in such an agency, with unprofessional people? 🙂
    I always have respect for other people, but i also ask respect back.
    Such a message tells more about that guy then about my model skills 🙂
    As if he possible can know who i am and what i can …with only one walk on a horrible laggy sim lol
    I would do a better job as an agency owner then this one.
    Maybe i will do that in the near future…but i will treat everyone with respect and i wont act like i have the whole world on my @ss.
    Some people forget sometimes that they are only pixel dolls and that after every pixel dolly is a real person…shame on you!
    Ask at least to fill in an application instead of trowing people on your laggy runway 🙂
    Oh…im not mad about not being IN …im disgusted about the way you treat people…thats all.
    Btw…good message fashion critique…thats the same how i feel about many agency’s.
    Also like your blog…i think it is yours 🙂
    Thats all i want to say about it…not jealous or mad like i said…just wanted to tell what i think about it.

  60. Denied Model Says:

    I am fine with not being accepted in to this company. I did not however like how it was fraised or delivered to most of the models.

    Andrzej Makarov:You are not good enough to work for Fashion-in-look
    Andrzej Makarov:you cant model for us

    A polite you did not make it in to the agency would work. By this IM I had no clue who the person was. Why would I even talk to someone like this. I know your the company owner, but I did nothing to be treated with disrespect. Nor did any of the other models. Im glad we didn’t meet your standards but do it in a nicer tone. Besides who would want to work for someone like that?

  61. I’m not modelling in any SL Agency.

    What I do is be very well informed of what’s going on in SL Fashion World. I watch as many Fashion Shows as I can and really look very carefully at SL Models on the runway. So, I’d like to give you my opinion (it’s an opinion, I’d like it to be regarded and respected as an opinion) from a person that sits back, relaxes and actually wants to watch a good Fashion Show – a potential client!

    I focus on SL Models, because their work on the runway tells us a lot of the Agency that they represent. They are the “face” of the Agency. Just like RL.
    It’s obvious that those who watch Fashion Shows are not all Models. Same here. I am not a SL Model.

    However, I am very familiar with SL Modeling techniques on the runway, very familiar with laggy situations, also. Poses, walks, attachments, etc.

    I’ve been to some of this Agency’s Fashion Shows. Besides the production of the Show itself, I look at the Models, how they pose, how they use their knowledge regarding editting attachments, how they style up and shape their avatars.

    I must say that in SL, I pay no attention whatsoever to the “Supermodel tags” and “Top Model Tags”. This Agency seems to have “Models” and “Top Models”. Actually, as an observer, there is no need. We can tell, both RL and SL, who the good Models are on the runway.

    So far, every Fashion Show I’ve been to, organized by this Agency, is like so many other “new born” Agencies in SL. Usually, organizing a steady Agency takes time, it’s only natural some things may be disorganized for a while. But, keep a strong hand on leading a SL Model Agency!!

    The SL Models that represent this Agency, well, some have been on SL runways for quite a while. I can see who the good ones are and the bad ones, too. Yes, there are bad SL Models out there, and it doesn’t have to do with a very beautiful avatar, with a great skin and shape. That helps, but it takes much more than that!

    Fashion In Look Agency should start with really hiring very good SL Models, casting them well. Don’t worry about “SL famous Models” names. Some of those Models are actually good, others are not! If a renowned Model in SL refuses to be casted, just like every other Model, any Agency will be better off without them. Believe me. “Diva attitudes” will soon be the talk of the town and a Model’s reputation is all she /he has!!

    To keep egotistic people out, just have a “Model Tag”, no “Top Models”. If we think of it, what is the use of this distiction? We all know that once we see a SL Model on the runway, we know, if they are “top” or not.

    I watched some of this Agency’s Shows; I truly believe that it would be good to hire less , but good SL Models. Quality, above quantity, it’s a good motto!

    Please, if you have any answer concerning my opinion in these matters, state it politely. I have not offended anyone, I will not lower myself to any “dramatized” situation. Thank you.

  62. lolitanomura Says:

    What’s your problem Pat? lol this page is made for sharing oppinions and you are not suppose to be bossy like you own it. Stop the drama and let people speak if they want to show their face or not

  63. Pat Young Says:

    oh dear! The person who doesn’t want to show their face stop this now and Lolita is in any case is no longer with FIL. Live and let live.

  64. Lolita Nomura Says:

    If something will ever get me squashed it’s my honesty. lol

  65. Anonymous Says:

    you brave soul how could you think that being honest and putting your name on a negative comment would not cost you dearly. Some people in the sl industry are openly proud that they will squash anyone who dares speak against them, if you do not believe me, next time you go to a fashion show run by “TOP people” look at the all the models wearing lovely gowns and shiny brown noses.

  66. Pat Young Says:


  67. lolitanomura Says:

    mhmhm… I see. Well I was surprised by his decission, but you are right, life goes on I don’t cry over it, it’s just less work for me.

  68. Pat Young Says:

    p.s. Let’s stop this stupidy now as I have my projects to get on with and I’m sure you have yours. Life continues!

  69. Pat Young Says:

    Lolita in reply to what you have said. I can tell you that Andrzej did know about it even before I joined as I told him! Like I also told him exactly what you would do. So there are really no surprises and I also know why he employed me which doesn’t hurt at all:)

  70. lolitanomura Says:

    By the way I am very fair and objective 🙂 but maybe truth hurts sometimes

  71. lolitanomura Says:

    I was very commited and offered to help with everything. The only thing I refused to is to be mentioned on the website due to past experience untill the company actually starts prospering well and to send out rent invitations as it’s not my thing. Pat you did discover the comment a while ago while Andrzej discovered it only recently and ejected me right away. Comments cannot be deleted here. So it was there since APRIL. A lot changed during that time. And Pat you didn’t know most of what was happening as you only joined maybe last week. My concious is VERY clear. Thank you.

  72. Pat Young Says:

    Furthermore, why did you wait to be ejected if you thought that the organisation is not going to be a success? In your position and with your thoughts I would never had waited so long! I truly hate being nasty to people. And think that one should try to be fair and objective!

  73. Pat Young Says:

    I would just like you to read my profile well Lolita. We both know that your comment was discovered long before YESTERDAY! and that the owner had to put up with you refusing to do everything that was asked. You were not at all committed. Providing I have been informed of everything that as gone on. My conscious in clear. How about yours?

  74. lolitanomura Says:

    So I posted that last comment about this weeks ago. Since then I have been hired as a model manager and put everything together to help this agency grow and expand. As soon as my previous comment was discovered yesterday, I have been ejected from all the groups. I am not surprised that people are afraid of sharing any negative oppinions with their names signed under them on this website. I was brave enough to say it in my own name and now am facing the consequences because people can’t take criticism nor PROOVE ME WRONG.

  75. lolitanomura Says:

    It’s not really too early, I’m in the middle of it all, I know exactly what’s going on backsceenes.. They’re trying to pull out stuff they have no idea about. I don’t predict any success to this agency. Maybe one show to start and that will be all.

  76. Anonymus Says:

    Funny you say they’re professionals… Their staff is very badly organised, actually they don’t know what they’re doing. First the founder runs away with all the donated money then the original owner steps away from being CEO.. It’s handed to someone who has no idea about modeling. I mean yeah so professional!

  77. Anonymous Says:

    These people are true professionals and on top of their game. I recommend them.

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