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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am hearing rumblings that something very similar to Fashion Institute may be in the works. Something that will revolutionize and change the SL Fashion Industry and how the modeling industry relates to it.

    Where they failed with their stolen ideas (Yes many of the concepts for this school were stolen during interviews Colby the owner conducted with various people that actually were creative and original), the original creators will succeed.

    – A

  2. Voff Uggla Says:

    Nave Fall, I have no idea what you are talking about, I have had nothing to do with CWS since February, that is 8 months ago!!!

    But one thing you have gotten right, Ana haven’t hurted anybody, rather the opposite. I consider her and Sparkie as the absolut best instructors when it comes to teach runway modeling and I really hope she will start a new school/academy/agency.

    My post, quoting a part of the notecard she sent out to everyone at Fashion Institue was with the purpose to enlightened, the bunch of ignorant evil cowards on their witch hunt in their mission to destroy Fashion Institute. Well they succeeded and they ARE the ones who have hurted Ana and many other people involved with Fashion Institute.

    Once again, shame on you spineless anonymous cowards, who did this!

  3. People bicker and argue because they have nothing better to do and would like to see some businesses and/or people fail whether it’s in SL or RL.

    Your reply, TLC, was to the point and very eloquently stated. It also teaches us not to jump the gun and always label people morons or mud-slingers just because they’re trying to express how they feel or because we may not agree with something they wrote or said.

    Yes, FI will be missed and it was unfortunate that the accusations against Colby was the beginning of the end of FI. Kudos to Anabella for taking the reigns and then having to make such a difficult decision to close the school. Future modeling students will never be able to gain the insight that FI could have afforded them in modeling, photography, fashion shows, etc. This is what is truly unfortunate.

  4. No, it’s not specifically you. It’s just this whole site is filled with more negative than positive. FI shuts down and people are bickering at each other and arguing.

  5. ~TLC~ Says:


    We have never met and I rarely comment here so I’m rather taken aback at your comment. You have implied that I am seeking the spotlight and called me a moron. Neither Amazing Grace nor I are disagreeing with the reasons for the school closure. I never said that I did not support the decision Ana made. (neither did AG) I have high respect for Ana and all the other instructors at FI. Our two post exchange was not mudslinging. (Well maybe the part where AG asked me if I missed the medecine cabinet?) Especially my one word answer of “Wow.” Perhaps AG considers me slinging mud by implying he/she was spiteful…. I don’t know.

    Please read my posts again because my intention was to complain about people who sling mud needlessly certainly not to do it myself. Please, others let me know – if I did the thing I was complaining about. That would be ridiculous!
    Honestly, I’m doing my best to be respectful despite my emotions because believe me I can get nasty with the best of them but have found that more often people respond better if I leave the pettiness behind.

    Now am I seeking the spotlight by replying to you? Is everyone seeking the spotlight when they post a comment on AR? If no, in what way were we any different? Please respond in-world.

    Please forgive me if this is trying to claim the spotlight but if it wasn’t clear before, I’ll state it this way:

    I was a student at FI. It was my first modeling school. The instructors were my first mentors in modeling. Ana and Sparkie surprised me with their kindness and welcoming-ness (ok I made that word up). When I learned that FI closed, it felt like part of my family was being taken away. It made me angry about all the drama. Angry that people held Colby’s actions (regardless of the validity of the accusations) against the school. So I was just trying to make the point that you shouldn’t condemn an entire institution because of one person’s actions. There are many innocent people who will get hurt.

    I suppose saying that on AR is like speaking to a brick wall but I thought this was supposed to be a place to give people a chance to honestly evaluate agencies and schools. How can anyone do that if… oh never mind. I’m going to take your advice Dolce and do something productive. I apologize for whatever else you think I did wrong.

  6. Oh please, would you 2 and all of the others here who can’t seem to get along and want to make have the spotlight on them please take your totally ridiculous cat fights elsewhere???

    FI, to the best of my knowledge, is closing, for more than one reason Whether we agree with those reasons or not irrelevant. Instead of acting like a bunch of morons here over STUPID stuff (not FI, but this stupid mud slinging), why don’t you go out and do something productive with yourself and MAYBE…just MAYBE…instead of arguing and carrying on here, you could be a bit compassionate and thoughtful and give best wishes to everyone at FI and be in support of the decision that I am QUITE SURE was VERY hard to make.

  7. Amazing Grace Says:

    TLC sweetheart,

    Why do you sound bitter? Are you alright? Missed the medicine cabinet?…because sweetie, the only person being mean here is “you”. Do not flatter yourself with the delusion that I chose this screen-name just for you, I did not…also if you read my previous post again, you will see that it is clearly not about you.

    By your reasoning, I guess we can blame the downfall of some banks, and even the bankruptcy of Iceland in the wake of the global economic recession of 2008 on critics and the media, after all such “unproductive media coverage & opinions” surely affected the well being of the people responsible for managing these entities, thereby forcing them to lead these entities into financial crisis…I think you should write an article on Bloomberg, making this argument, it would make for an interesting read, after all, the world seems to “erroneously” believe that these problems were a result of careless financial decisions.

  8. ~TLC~ Says:

    Dear anonymous (Amazing Grace),

    Are you trying to be mean to me now? Your comment and “pen name” is completely unnecessary. Thank you for illustrating my point. Not that FI closed because of spiteful people like you, but that that kind of nastiness is unproductive and the people behind it seem to be crouching in a dark corner waiting for their next target.

    Do you think that all this drama around the school HELPED them make money? There is more than one reason FI closed it’s doors:

    Ana said:
    When I purchased FI/SSMA/FP two months ago from Colby, I had full expectations of being able to resurrect it from its poor reputation and make it go where I knew it could go. Unfortunately, attempting this has taken its toll on my RL health and well being. And I have made the incredibly difficult decision to just close the doors.

  9. Amazing Grace Says:

    I think it was made very clear that Fashion Institute was closing its doors due to “lack of adequate financial resources”, correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. ~TLC~ Says:

    First off, I want to thank all the instructors and management at FI for a great learning experience. You were all friendly, helpful, and pushed me to improve. And you modeled for me the importance of ethics and a positive attitude so forgive me for ranting for a bit.

    To the critics, please consider this: I am deeply hurt that FI is closing. People that criticize and throw accusations spitefully are doing more than hurting their “target” they are hurting the students.

    It’s too late for FI but if critics have any integrity, try addressing your issues with the individuals/agencies directly instead of trying to bring down an entire institution. If you continue to throw your (sometimes) anonymous jabs at agencies out in the public without any productive discourse to SOLVE the problem (if there is in fact a problem) then it is clear you have ABSOLUTELY NO basis in truth or accuracy.

    And as for condemning anyone associated with FI because you THINK someone else has done something wrong – what the hell is wrong with you? Do you condemn a child because their parent is charged with a crime? (And note I say charged and not convicted) Students have NOTHING to do with any real or perceived copy botting. Nor do we have anything to do with stolen curriculum.

    The students at FI and models at SSMA work hard like they do at any other agency. We love fashion and we love making designers work look great. I’m sorry if you were cheated out of money or your curriculum was stolen – or that the owner had a distant connection to a copybot. All those issues DO need to be resolved. But that doesn’t make me or any other student deserve to be punished. You act as if we are taking Copybot 101 and reading Plagiarism for Dummies.

    /me shakes her head and gets off her soap box…

  11. Stay Tuned Says:

    Now Vic Zuzu, SL’s self-proclaimed BEST PROFESSIONAL STYLIST to over 70 big-name SL designers (he claims that on his profile) the most (un)credible of journalists in SL has scored an EXCLUSIVE comment from Colby Pevensey, hisownself, the founder of the Fashion Palace/Institute, about the surprise announcement earlier today by Anabella Ravinelli closing the Fashion Institute today. Why he contacted Colby is a mystery but Vic is an unfathomable fellow. He does what he does.

    On his blog Vic said:

    I received exclusive comments from Colby Pevensey.

    [12:03] Colby Pevensey: I am stunned and very sad

    [12:03] Vic Zuzu: are you going to come back and lead FI again?

    Comment: Baiting him much Vic? He sold it. He’s buy with his internet Radio station now………………..

    [12:05] Colby Pevensey: No…I have moved on. Even, if I wanted to, I doubt if I could do much with it at this point. The haters, gossip mongers and liars have destroyed any chance of it working now.

    Comment: I guess you didn’t notice who it is you’re chatting with huh Colby???? Vic is a WORLD-CLASS hater dude. He’s a prize ask any of his previous interview victims.

    [12:06] Vic Zuzu: Sounds like there were many problems with FI? I thought its just a gossip about you copybot stuff (really ridiculous one)

    Comment: Vic is an authority on looking ridiculous and an authority on copybotting as well after reading Nox Deigan’s article in last month’s Maniera magazine. Check Vic’s Flickr photostream out

    [12:09] Colby Pevensey: The only issues I am aware of was the damage due to the copybot rumor. If there are things past that, I am not aware of any. I think it was one of the best schools in sl. But sounds like Ana could not keep up with the financial side of it. I dunno. I dont want know. but is am sick for Ana…she deserved better.

    Fashion Institute was one of the most recognizable organizations of fashion education in SL. Anabella keep receiving words of support.

    Neither Vic nor Colby were aware when they were chatting, that a white knight has contacted Anabella with an invitation to discuss continuing the Fashion Institute’s school at another SL location with the resources of a larger, umbrella organization at her disposal.

    Stay Tuned

  12. Nave Fall Says:

    Classic With Style Voff………….. your old buddy Anrol Anthony

    Can I hate on them, they’ve hurt enough people, unlike Anabella who hurt no one.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

    blogging snarkily now at : http://menswearsl.wordpress.com/

  13. Voff Uggla Says:

    “When I joined Fashion Institute a year ago I was so excited to be part of such a unique opportunity. Over the past year, along with my wonderful friends and staff, I have enjoyed the experience of a lifetime starting as a model and slowly working up to eventually become owner of Fashion Institute. With the excitement and enjoyment unfortunately came hardship…but that is part of life. When I purchased FI/SSMA/FP two months ago from Colby, I had full expectations of being able to resurrect it from its poor reputation and make it go where I knew it could go. Unfortunately, attempting this has taken its toll on my RL health and well being. And I have made the incredibly difficult decision to just close the doors.

    I have made so many wonderful friends and met so many amazing people in my time here at FI. But, its taken away from what I truly love to do and that is to model and to teach, and to explore my creative side. I was able to do all these things to a certain extent, but its become increasingly apparent that I cannot afford to run such a huge operation as FI is. Colby was lucky enough to have financial backing in RL and he used that a lot to keep the businesses going. I am not that fortunate and have finally had to admit to myself that I cannot run such a large business on a dwindling income. The ridiculous accusations and drama of the past are still haunting FI and its affecting business, and I can’t do what I love because of this.”

    Qute: Anabella Ravinelli

    Well I hope you are proud of yourselves, which agency are you gonna “trash” now? I’m sure you will find one, cause you have nothing better to do. Shame on you all!!!

  14. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Ok to clarify I see all class outlines of all new classes, and either myself or one of the other managers attends each new instructors first class, but short of having attended each and every other school on the grid there is no way to know if a particular class is taught by someone else somewhere else, So unless you can enlighten me of any other means, with regard to class notes having been ‘copied’ I’m afaid I do need to rely on others to let me know.

    In the same way that designers are unable to visit and buy each and every outfit from every designer to ensure their designs aren’t stolen, they need to rely on customers to let them know.

    I’m sorry but I can’t make any apology for that, and as I said before if you do know of a class that is ‘stolen’ from another school, please let us know.

    Thank you 🙂

  15. Osiris - god of the underworld Says:

    Sparks, it seems strange that the “DEAN” of the school wouldn’t know exactly what the content of your curriculum is. Is it the responsibility of your students, who are paying, in good faith, for original, unique Fashion Institute developed materials.

    I suppose that Agency Report is fulfilling its purpose here by informing people of what’s going on, if the allegation of misuse is true. If so that’s very sad to discover.

  16. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    yes I DO want to know too, we DO NOT allow copyrighted material so if you know something then it would help us enormously if we had full details and some proof we can use to deal with this situation. Please fill free to contact anabella Ravinelli with these details inworld or myself after the 15th of this month (I’m on RL vacation at the moment until then)

    Thank you

  17. Osiris - god of the underworld Says:

    Names, names, names

    We need names not just innuendos and accusations


    Name the FI instructor who’s using another school’s, copyrighted, training materials. They want to know too I bet.

    You know you want to tell

    You’re so close – Go for it

  18. Funny Says:

    Not to mention they firmly support content thieves and turn a blind eye to it when they are their friends. Not to mention one of their instructors used to work at an agency and somehow got ahold of the agencies lessons plans and has been using them word for word even with the discriptions and titles being the same at the proior employer of said instructor. Great place to get your start if you have no morals and have plenty of lindens to splurge on a “degree” that is questionable.

  19. It was a comment on FI and what it’s led to in short order. If you want my resume I can hand it to you in world. I just meant to provide ways in which it’s apparently helped me thusfar and what it’s led to, mre confidence, castings, etc.

  20. Sugarplum Says:

    Hmmm. Was that a comment on FI, Taellinu? Or you happen to find a forum to post your resume, er lack thereof? I’m confused.

  21. Ok. Well I’m a student at FI. Working on a higher level degree. I’ll see where that gets me based on class times. that’s the ONE critique I have.

    Now. At the same time and after i got accepted into FI in short order I was also accepted as a model with Maritima. The agency that recently did the House of Fox Fashion show and it wa svery well done. Ask Sora Tatham about it. she was there.

    I’ve also been accepted into Evane and one of my instructors from FI (Seqouia Nightfire) will be my instructor at Evane.

    Avenue also firmly has me on the wait list. due to me moving IRL.

    Farouche Tres Modeling Academy said that they’ll add me into their agency as a model (no training needed) based on an associates from FI.

    Sure…the mall is a bit on the sqquiffy side…but youhave to keep in mind here. As far as professionalism they are quite decent actually. They had a Mini0show (4 models 8 outfits) and I was cast though it was open only to graduates. I can assure you the models I competed against were quite good in their styling. The fact that SSMA is willing to cast a STUDENT with NO PRIOR TRAINING into a show that represents the Academy really shows me that tehir a fair judge of skill. If I had styled or posed worse i wouldn’t have made it, I know that for sure.

    Is it expensive….yes. i will say it most definetly is for higher level degrees. But how many people are paying upwards of 2k a week for land that’s virtual and of no better quality than any other spot on the grid?

    Anyway they have had quite excellentthough for me not necessary classes on prim editing and they pay closer attention to it than any others on teh grid I’ve yet seen. a friend of mine who models in MVW, Evane, Avenue, Boulevard, etc…was quite surprised at how picky abut poses they were. We’re talking fingersbarely penetrating into a belt, etc. and this wasn’t even the judging…this was helping me pose shop….

    So make of it what you will. And BTW I may be an instructor aat FI soon teaching a specialized class on color theory provided it is accepted. taught from an artists viewpoint….sure I may have almost no PS skills…but that’s because i deal with the ‘old’ mediums IRL. Make of that what you will.

  22. I’m as spineless as your friendly, but nameless, source on your “scoop” about Colby huh? That anonymous source got your FULL ATTENTION though didn’t it. Colby has endured enough grief from haters like you. He paid for what happened and left with some honor.

    If you would kindly pull your head out of your ass I made a retraction statement on my blog about all of this, you see unlike you I have morals and I don’t frivolously attack people. And another thing it’s quite obvious that you’re Colby, grow up and grow a pair.

    So I think, Mel, that you are out of your depth in this particular debate and had best stick to anonymous sources you can edit

    Ummm…..hypocrite much? You’re more of a twit than I give you credit for Colby, sitting there behind your computer criticizing someone for their anonymity when you’re doing the same thing!

  23. Bonfire of the Vanities Says:

    I’m as spineless as your friendly, but nameless, source on your “scoop” about Colby huh? That anonymous source got your FULL ATTENTION though didn’t it. Colby has endured enough grief from haters like you. He paid for what happened and left with some honor.

    So I think, Mel, that you are out of your depth in this particular debate and had best stick to anonymous sources you can edit.

    Oh yes, and can you spell spellchecker Ms. Editrix in Chief?

    I think that Talyia got it right. You crave the attention for your weak, lil blog and crappy photography.

    So? When the crosshairs get centered on your chest how do you like it? We can give you some more (can you say)
    C R I T I C I S M if you crave it.

  24. @ Bonfire

    Thank you for your comment. I love critiscism!!

    I will give you no further contact because you’re anonymous and therefore completely spineless. And don’t even think about criticizing me for keeping my source anonymous, I’m not about to let them get sniped by people like you.

    It’s Me,
    Mel B.

  25. Bonfire of the Vanities Says:


    We’re safe now.

    Thank god.

    We’re in good hands because Melinda Bluxome knows everything Colby Pevensey did because ANONYMOUS (who reads minds and who witnessed everything that happened between Colby and Asli Barth) said to her in confidence:

    “I do have proof to back this up, below is a conversation with an anonymous friend of mine who happened to know what happened:

    [16:16] No, Colby was busted for Copybotting

    [16:16] His new label was copybotted stuff from Nicky Rae

    [16:17] She discovered it, reported him, lindens pulled the items and she filed a DCMA complaint against him

    [16:17] Now no one will do business with him, so he sold everything

    [16:18] Melinda Bluxome: Wow…ok ty so much!

    We can sleep sound now that Melinda’s arrived and is on Colby’s case.

    So there you have EDITOR IN CHIEF (soon) Melissa Bluxome’s reportage of the week’s old Fashion Palace/Vero Modero/NickyRee affair. Timely stuff there Mel. I can’t wait to read your in-depth, expose’ in one the magazines (coming soon to a kiosk near you) that you’re the EDITOR IN CHIEF of. We ALL know that you’re on top of these things and we thank you for keeping us up to the minute on supermarket tabloid SL.?

    I’m curious though? Has anyone read anything Melissa’s ever published in SL?

    I’ll be voting for her as the Attorney General of SL.

  26. This Space Intentionally Blank Says:

    If Colby had simply followed his own 13th rule:

    “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

    he’d have been much better off. An example of that issue would be his demand that people whom he helped out ad their “heartfelt” thanks (which he wrote out for them) for his generosity to their profile’s front page and then AGAIN in their picks.

    It’s too bad his ego got in the way of his success.

    He should have followed this rule:

    Empires are built over time not overnight.

  27. The fall of Colby Pevensey couldn’t happen to a better person! Good luck to you Anna, if anyone can repair the damage that has been done to Fashion Palace, it is you. I wish you the very best!

  28. Dear Disappointed. We rarely get that opinion here. But if you will come see me personally and explain where we fell short, I will either fix the issue or return your money.

  29. Dissapointed Student Says:

    A school that totally dissapointed my expectations of it. If I had known how things are managed here I would never had joined.

    Be wise, save your money and look for another school.

  30. Funny Stuff Says:

    Perhaps Anabella istead of pattting yourself on the back you should be looking for people that actually write their own lessons.

    Content thieves rarely prosper, just saying.

  31. Talyia Tarber Says:

    seemstome we need a photo of that. 🙂 Hands a blazing ass sticking out. Now that sounds like fun!

  32. We all can see the same people posting in this so called site which tells the user this A> its horseshit & a desperation stab to make a name for there second avatar third avatar :-)*coughs* 🙂 Same People typing in these post and I Happen to be one of them I admit it ,I argue with myself cause I hate when I don’t get my way *cries* *Runs* with hands a Blazing ass sticking out tee HEE!

  33. Fire Aim Ready Says:

    He’s no model

    He’s no stylist

    He’s, certainly, no writer

    He’s no authority on male fashion in SL although he does seem to find some freebie deals out there.

    Despite his claim to be expert with photoshop his pics suck.

    His avatar’s shape is the typical, the slider goes to 100 so I’ll pump him up, over blown moose

    He’s not politically correct

    All he is, as Shopping Cart Disco said:

    “is epic on the scale of Epically Stupid Trolls”

    At this point he’s an annoyance and, like a zit that suddenly appears, you just have to wait it out and it will go away eventually. Don’t squeeze this one you won’t like what spews out.

  34. Vic Zuzu said…

    “Of course gay community handle some (not sure if huge) part in SL fashion scene since male models are gays.”

    Hmmm…that’s a generalization…stereotypical too…judgemental…oh…and discriminating. And…yes, untrue.

    I love gay guys…and there are a lot of them in SL as models, but not all male models are gay. In fact…there are several in my agency that I know aren’t.

    Vic Zuzu said… (in his “blog”)

    “Its so funny! Dolce Enderfield (CEO of DejaVogue agency) told me I am too young to work in her agency! =) What a discrimination! ^^ ”

    Yes I did…and since my comment on your blog is currently awaiting approval, most likely from you, I’m posting my comment here for all to see.

    I rarely hire models under 6-7 months old…rarely rarely. I generally hire staff after they are a year old in SL or older. That’s my policy and I have good reasons for it. Don’t like it? Don’t care.

    Truthfully…I was warned about you by someone who saw your name in the :DEJAVOGUE: waitlist group in-world and as you’ll remember from our conversation in IM, I told you that if you have any plans of trying to mess with me, you won’t get far at all. But you’re apparently too stupid to listen cause you put me in your blog…however short it was.
    All you are is solidly full of yourself. Do you really think anyone cares that I turned you down? Nah…and hey, it’s my agency, so I can turn down whoever I want.

    You don’t impress me at all.

    Dolce Enderfield
    Mohna Lisa Couture Manager

    “I don’t kiss ass. Neither should you…”

  35. Garrett Says:

    I wish there was more time in the day to respond to all of this, perhaps someone (a referee) could summarize? that would be AWESOME! -Garrett

  36. Fire, Ready, Aim Says:

    Maybe you should post his “solid” resume. Just a thought.

    Suddenly a couple of weeks ago there he was flitting about everywhere. Interviewing Lindsay, Mimmi, Salvo and Frolic for his self-aggrandizing blog. That’s so lame. Maybe he should interview Candylicious Forster next or Didier Rascon.

    His sudden emergence as a self-selected fashion “AUTHORITY” smacks of others who attach themselves to movers and shakers and bask in the reflected glory, dropping their close “friends” names everywhere they go. One of the Miss Azul finalists is making a career of this particular maneuver. >>gagging here<<

    From what I've noticed of his ego, exemplified by the tagline on his blog, " All you want to know about men fashion in SL." his knows no bounds. The tagline says a lot about his opinion of himself. Ego is a good thing when it's backed up with something. What's next Vic, a group title that says "SL's Best Male Stylist"?

    BTW,if you didn't notice his "profile' pic Sparkie, you should be ashamed of yourself. Unless he changed it of course. Truth to tell he's only one of many instructors at Fashion Institute and the classes I took there were fun and I got my money's worth. No complaints on the quality for the money here.

    If you want a great male stylist, try either ToKY Raymaker or Roland Zepp for the male styling class, both a proven winners.


  37. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Unfortunately I made a serious error in judgement in this case. Vic Zuzu’s resume was solid and he gave a good impression of himself at interview. However, I have come to realize anyone can pretend for an hour or so to get a job.

    With this in mind, I ask new instructors to teach on TRIAL basis for the first time, so the students and I can assess if that instructor teaches at the quality we require. Obviously, Vic has proven that he is unable to teach at a level we require. With this in mind he has not, I repeat NOT been offered employment at Fashion Institute.

    As for the use of feedback comments, I am extremely angry at the way they were used. He assured me he was writing a blog post showing how we use feedback from our students to ensure quality. Unbelievable.

    In retrospect, allowing Vic to teach even one class was an error on my part and I apologise to those students who have been affected. I have sent both an apology and refund to the students who attended.

    Sparkie Funizza

  38. Fashion Institute Instructor Speaks Says:


    Today I had a meeting with a Dean of Modeling of Fashion Institute University Sparkie Funizza! =) And we had discussion about my first class! =) Well I thought it would be worse! She said at first she was scary of me because I was sort of serious. ^^ We were talking about professional behavior, about how to work with students etc., and I believe I can handle it because there were nothing that I don’t know! ^^ But the most awesome thing is the responses from the students (they fill up special form after each class) which Sparkie allows me to post without saying names. ^^ I know who they are though, its so funny because student 1 told me I am his hero and I said “thank you” to student 2! Hehehe. Check this out.

    Student 1.

    “I was disappointed with this class, had to leave early for work so I missed the last 10 mins which I can’t comment on, hope someone else does so. Don’t think it was to do with cultural difference, I have a couple of Russians friends that I have known for years and while they are a forthright people they do tend to temper that part of themselves with genuine empathy. Vic had nothing of that quality and I think that if you’re going to make a good teacher you need diplomacy and compassion in vast amounts in order to get your point across. Humor also helps, especially humor against yourself. It makes students feel as though you’re their friend and that they can talk to you about anything without feeling embarrassed. Everyone makes mistakes at the beginning, they should be treated kindly and made to feel that… OK I can improve and yes, it was a helpful class to enable me to do so.

    Vic’s information was alright, a bit snobbish. It won’t help if models are so stand offish from a styling point of view that they think only a handful of ‘selected’ designers produce anything worthwhile. On the contrary it’s well worth the effort of looking around into the not so well known shops because one often finds absolute gems, that’s been my experience anyway. His point about only wearing one earring on the left ear was hilarious! If everyone took that attitude the gay community of SL would be highly offended. Exactly what ear one wears the earring on denotes gender preferences and it’s not a matter of styling. The gay community is a huge part of the SL fashion scene and I’m surprised that Vic doesn’t realize that.

    The biggest problem, I felt, was that Vic was so rude in the practical where we stood in front of the class and he gave advice on styling. To be honest, it wasn’t good advice anyway. I’m not just saying that because I’m pissed off at him over the gay issue but because I used to work in the fashion industry as a writer. That was when I could get around! I do have some experience in styling, is what I’m trying to convey. Having been to styling classes with Giselle and Ana, the comparisons are dire. Vic even dismissed one of the students as… well, she’s a woman, implying that women were not worth styling as they didn’t understand the issues. The student was wearing the wrong sort of shoes for her outfit and he didn’t pick that up. That would have been a gross styling issue! The other male student he had on the stand before I left, there was nothing wrong with his outfit, it was sexy and well put together, the only thing peculiar looking was that a buckle on his collar was too large and that could have been put right by editing, no problem. Again, this was not picked up.

    Sorry to moan about this, all the other classes that I’ve taken here have been golden”.

    Student 2.

    “Vic began with a credibility problem when he started talking about the importance of a professional demeanor and first impression. His profile picture features a nude image of himself (not exactly a professional first impression), and he showed up to *teach* in an open shirt, relaxed tie, and an outfit I’d classify as “casual” more than “business casual.” He certainly didn’t start out as looking “professional” and his first impression for me is one who says one thing but does another. That’s a huge credibility issue when he’s asking me to spend 7000L to take his full cycle of courses.

    His pacing was glacial. I have to believe he was doing copy/paste from source material but it took forever for him to go from statement to statement.

    He shut down interaction and audience participation at the beginning with “If you have any questions, send me a notecard and I’ll answer after the class is over.” That’s acceptable ONLY if there’s a lot of other interactive material to cover. In this case, it was a lecture.

    Later in the class, when he began critiquing the students, he offered his opinion and almost completely failed to engage in the students’ responses – particularly when those responses were counter to his expectations.

    He handled the public humiliation of students poorly as well. We’re models. We understand the nature of critique. In other classes — including style classes — this critique has been handled well through the use of discussion, peer interaction, and suggestion. The approach is generally to offer concrete examples of how to improve. In this case, it consisted of a laundry list of things the instructor didn’t like. Student interaction was largely ignored. Feedback consisted of pay attention to “quality” and the strong suggestion that we’d do better by following his rules.

    One of the most serious issues — from a styling standpoint — is that he seemed to not realize that his opinions were only opinions. He offered them as irrefutable fact. More he kept using terms like “quality” without actually explaining what quality is. From his examples, he implied that “expensive” is the only criteria. The ideas of “consistency” and “coherence” were missing.

    There were some nuggets of affirmation in there. Men should wear shirts, the frowny-fierce look is a problem with style. The problem with those few pieces of information is that the instructor’s credibility was so poor, I’ve begun to question my own belief in those ideas.

    It’s asking a lot of me — as a paying student — to cough up another 6000L for this level of information. For a guy who starts his class with a discussion of first impressions, he’s left a very poor one with me”.

    I so enjoy these responses! I thought they would write something very simple like “it was crap” or “he was adorable”, but as you can see they find the time to write such long responses which I just adore! ^^ I think its a huge success! =) Well I was trying to be professional and not waste my and their time on simple conversations about nothing, but the Dean told me I need to have friendly blabbing with them during the class! ^^ Well ok, I can do that! I do it all the time, so I can do it again and again, especially if they pay for it! ^^ And still I cant just stay out of the comments on these responses! Hehehe.

    Student 1 believes I am bad Russian, very bad because my behavior was professional! =) I am so sorry I hadn’t put any jokes between the lecture, because you came for them right? ^^ I was so silly when decided to give away some very important information about the manners, behavior, first impression, attitude, nonverbal communications, AO tips, the perception estimation of appearance, literacy of speech, reaction on a praise and criticism, charisma, sense of humor and sense of taste, emotes expression etc. I was more silly when recommended to read the books and watch nice movies about fashion to feel the atmosphere. And of course I was extremely rude when decided to talk openly with them about usual faux pas in styling. ^^ Yeah! All I needed to do is just some jokes and compliments – you look very nice! Thank you, thank you! ^^ And responses would have been – he said am gorgeous! He is so nice! =)

    I can tell that when I needed to tell the truth to students about their outfits I was sweat because I was sure it would sounds rude. But who will tell you the truth if you want to improve your skills if not me especially if I am instructor? I am not here to wasting my time with playing in children garden you know. ^^ As the Dean said it comes from my RL work. ^^ Well I will follow her advice to be more easy going in teaching, because I take it too serious. ^^ No wonder because in RL if you would have such behavior you would not be consider as professional.

    I never thought that one earring can offend the gay community of SL. You don’t want to wear just one earring? Fine! You want to wear simple shirt and freebie jeans with bad texture from Make Him Over Hunt (MHOH)? Ok! I don’t know why you need such classes then if you already know everything about the style. ^^ Of course gay community handle some (not sure if huge) part in SL fashion scene since male models are gays. Its not about the style. Many people believe that fashion industry (even in SL) and style are the same definitions! ^^ Believe me its not and you would learn it if would like to attend one of my future classes! ^^ And yeah I dismissed one of the female students because it is styling for men course and it was hard for me to talk about her outfit (I tried though) because I am not into women styling, its not my specification, and still I mentioned that her shoes were fine, but not her outfit in common because of bad textures. It was just an illusion that her shoes were wrong because couple of the students said it, I was not agree. And it become funnier when I sent him IM later and said – thank you for your compliment! I am sorry yesterday I was kinda nervous! – he said its fine and he ENJOYED the class! ^^ They are always so brave behind your back! ^^

    I don’t know why student 2 didn’t like my profile pic! ^^ I believe its a nice piece of art! Just look on it! ^^

    OMG he didn’t like my relaxed tie! ^^ He “classify” my outfit as casual instead of classic loafers and tie again. I thought maybe I was wrong when define my class outfit as business casual so I asked Amalia Foxtrot, a good friend of mine, and Head stylist for Glance international agency:

    [2010/07/21 6:31] Vic Zuzu: Hey Amalia! I need your professional opinion – how do u think can we call this business casual? ^^
    [2010/07/21 6:32] Amalia Foxtrot: yap
    [2010/07/21 6:32] Vic Zuzu: WHY? ^^
    [2010/07/21 6:34] Amalia Foxtrot: cause of everything. because of the style that results by mix and matching that stuffs
    [2010/07/21 6:34] Amalia Foxtrot: because of shoes
    [2010/07/21 6:34] Amalia Foxtrot: because of the tie
    [2010/07/21 6:34] Amalia Foxtrot: because of the hair
    [2010/07/21 6:34] Amalia Foxtrot: and glasses too.

    But of course he knows it better then me or she, or anybody else. ^^ He is talking like I really was asking him to attend my class instead of Fashion Institute notice! Hehehe. And of course be sure I was copy/paste the information from wikipedia about AO etc.! =))) Also he is right that was a lecture (60 minutes), but also a conversation (30 minutes). He still don’t know what is quality in SL and what is not. I said his jacket has not good texture and he replied – you think its bad? But you work with Sartoria! – I was like – O_O. Iron argument you know, if you work with Sartoria you must to adore all their stuff! Plus wear it all the time! ^^ I don’t know why he need such classes? He already know much more and a huge professional! =)

    Again stuck up people on my way! WHY ME?! ^^ “We are models” – what the hell are you talking about? Snap out of it! If you are model it doesn’t mean you automatically became a fashionista. If I am stylist it doesn’t mean I automatically became an instructor! Everybody need to learn! Here. ^^

  39. Zoey Neutron Says:

    It amazes me how much drama people create, how rude people can be, and how much hatred is spewed, all with the help of anonymity on this site.

    From a first hand experience as both student and instructor at Fashion Institute, I can vouch that there are some amazing classes where I have learned a ton more than I have at other academies, because each class is specialized on a certain subject. The schedule can be convenient, because you aren’t obligated to take classes at one set time. Staff is always paid, and sometimes as students, we already know the basics or we may already know about a certain subject, but as with most modeling schools, you are required to take the classes on the curriculum, so some information may be redundant to you, some may not. But there is always going to be one student at some point who will learn a great deal from a piece of knowledge that may be considered old news to you.

    Yes, it is on the pricey side, but no one’s making anyone pursue a PhD. If you feel comfortable just taking 5 or 10 classes, then so be it. I haven’t been very active in SL due to the combination of RL and computer issues, but this school consistently has a lot to offer, and I notice new classes popping up, giving a lot more variety and flexibility to students. I don’t think there is any other academy in SL that has what FI offers..they really try to accommodate as many time zones and interests as possible, and if people think that’s a bad thing, then oh well.

  40. hehehe, hahaha Says:

    PS> I have taken classes at the FI and I wasn’t impressed. I had people teaching me who knew less than I did on certain subjects. Not to mention, teaching fluff to idiots about how hard modeling is with no real lessons.

  41. Interesting Fact Says:

    Has anyone noticed how all the negative comments on this thread are from people who have never even set foot in Fashion Institute? Funny that. Kinda says it all, if it was that bad, surely students would be posting negative comments too, just to warn others, but they are all doing the opposite,

    wonder why that is?

  42. Think about it... Says:

    TO: hehehe, hahaha

    Its funny that the drama is all caused by people like you. Its also funny how you just spout off and don’t take the time to do any research. Let me address a few of your comments that I know to be untrue as I’ve actually attended Fashion Institute.

    “Drama free and work for pennies.”
    I know for a fact that the instructors are paid 300L PER student PER class. Most classes have upwards of 5-8 students. So lets say one class has 8 students. Thats 8 x 300L…2400L. Thats more than pennies and thats just for ONE class. Instructors can teach as many classes as they want in a week. Students CHOOSE to come to classes at FI, are not coerced or forced into spending the money. They CHOOSE to come because they love it there. Now thats just instructors. Last I heard the Deans make at least 15,000L a month, base pay. Thats not to mention any other managers or staff positions. Where else can you make that kind of money in SL in the same position?

    “I don’t know about you but this post shows how much drama your little school is.”
    Again all drama coming from low lifes such as yourself. The school itself in SL? No Drama Allowed…and I haven’t seen any that hasn’t been nipped in the bud immediately.

    “Have fun trying to continue to defend your over priced school where you learn from “qualified” individuals that have only taken basic modeling classes at best.”
    Lets see, we have Anabella Ravinelli who has been modeling in SL since October 2006 and graduated from amazing schools such as Super Elite & EIMA.
    Sparkie Funizza who has been modeling nearly as long and worked for JCNY for a LONG time as the model trainer.
    Katherine Comet who, before being forced to leave by idiots, is an amazing top model in SL.
    Shall I go on??

    Little tip: Before you go throwing accusations into the wind…do some research and get the facts. Your posts and others like yours only serve to make you look like a total idiot, LOL. At least to those who actually are intelligent enough to know the difference between an idiotic jealous rambling wanna-be and someone who has actually been there to get the true facts. Good luck with your pathetic Second Life!

  43. hehehe, hahaha Says:

    We would love for you to come and join us if you are –

    ■Friendly and approachable
    ■Drama free
    ■Highly qualified in area you wish to teach
    ■Willing to work with the Dean to ensure high standard of education for all students.
    ■Believe a good model never stops training – even you!
    ■Willing to work for masters degree (free classes for instructors see below)

    Drama free and work for pennies. I don’t know about you but this post shows how much drama your little school is. You Colby are a first class douche bag, and your little hags are definately not drama free. Have fun trying to continue to defend your over priced school where you learn from “qualified” individuals that have only taken basic modeling classes at best.

  44. This Space Intentionally Left Blank Says:

    You aren’t getting it Voff.

    I’m not talking about JUST telling the story I’m talking about actively helping others avoid what happened to you at the hands of Anrol Anthony of Classic With Style and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    If you’d read first and then start typing you might catch on. You’re so wrapped up in yourself that you completely missed my point in that earlier post.

    It seems that it’s okay with you that they continue to rip people off. Maybe you could apply yourself to thinking about how they could be stopped.

    Some original thinking is required here. Maybe someone else has an idea about this. I haven’t had a problem with Anrol et al but it seems many others have and continue to.

  45. Voff Uggla Says:

    My absolut last post here:

    As I wrote earlier there is enough posts in the CWS Report that gives you information what CWS are all about. But appearently for some unknown reason, you want me to post it here, in the Report about Fashion Institute, fine, I will copy and paste it here.

    I use my REAL SL name here, cause I have the guts to stand for what I write, I’m only sharing my own experiences and if that will affect my modeling career in a negative way, then the fashion industry is not for me. I belive in honesty, fairness and truth-value, that is the bottom line.

    Here we go, copy and paste from the CWS Report:

    “Zoey Neutron Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    It’s so bad that they blatantly lie that they are “giving away $200,000L!”

    No, the contestants pay for themselves. I think the way to make it to the top at this place and make it on the CEO’s nice list is to contribute the most to their tiers. The CEO does find some agencies to be “competition” and won’t “allow” you to work for such places, so she makes you choose. I’ve been caught in this situation once, and I’m going to be honest…I regret the decision. At CWS, there are added incentives for dropping a ton of cash. They have voting boosts every weekend, and if you spend the most cash on yourself for “votes”, then you get to either be an advertisement model or get a video made for youtube…yay! I had been told that I should try to win a video. When I first joined them last year, a lot of money was spent to be in the pageant finale, but not as much as it was the last time I was there. The contestants are ruthless and as of February, are spending over $115,000 on votes just to be in the finale. The finale…is also not fairly judged. For the most part it is, but the top 3 with the highest votes receive their questions ahead of time, so they get to plan out their perfect little answers before anyone else. They also receive extra points. Tell me that’s fair. If you have a ton of money to waste and want to gamble it away and hope to win it back or even make a profit while the owners put no end to the madness, and slave away all in hopes of becoming a Miss or Mr “I Spent 100K On Myself To Win This”, then by all means, join this pageant company. It is not an agency, they never claimed to be one, and if they are now, then then it’s a very bad joke.

    I have to admit, I was once part of this place and had shamelessly spent money on myself. I didn’t know better then, and common sense didn’t tell me that what was going on was wrong. But I will tell all models this, especially those who are new to this industry: It is not worth it. Work hard, have a great attitude, and spend your time in a conducive environment that won’t pressure you to spend money to win. Get praise and awards for your talent, not cause you or your friends have a ton of cash. Use this site to see what places are worth it, what places have good reputations, and just don’t be afraid to work hard. Most of the “models” at CWS wouldn’t be able to survive if they ventured elsewhere in the SL fashion world. There are a few who are actually great models and have a ton of potential, but unfortunately haven’t gotten loose from Anrol’s tight grip.

    That was just my two cents.”

    “Zoey Neutron Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    Yes Georgie, I did win. I also said in my previous posts that I had a history with CWS and that I shamelessly did the same thing that everyone else does there too. I also said I regret some of the decisions I made in favor for CWS. I’m not afraid of admitting my involvement with them, but I no longer use that win or any of my daily contest wins as accomplishments for modeling, cause really, I didn’t accomplish anything. When I left, a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. You are right when you said there used to be auditions to become one of their contracted models. I had to audition. Nowadays just about anyone who goes through their ridiculously overpriced school can have a model tag and as long as they spend sometimes 3 or more days a week on their daily styling contests (which can take hours or even days to prepare for, a lot like preparing for a show)plus practice, then they can be in the show? They make it difficult to go anywhere else. There is plenty of work out there, and you can definitely get jobs outside of CWS. I’m with DejaVogue on this one. Dropping everything because of Anrol’s demands is a way not to get work elsewhere. The spamming is ridiculous, almost embarrassing and it’s certainly annoying. I have a lot of criticisms and things I could point out about what goes on there, at least what went on during my time there, but the biggest point and criticism that I have is that things are not done fairly at CWS.”

    “Voff Uggla Says:

    May 7, 2010 at 11:45 am

    That is the Calender contest, every month there is an auction, you vote on your picture and the one who put in the most money, becomes the model of the month. At the end of the year all 12 calender models participate in a contest, that’s when the 500K is distributed. However to “win” an auction, you have to spend a lot of money, I’ve seen auctions where the winner have spent more than 50K. And as Zoey says, about their contests, top 3 get’s extra points and the questions before the contest. The winner of their last contest, Miss International, was top 1 and had spent more than 130K to reach that position.”

    Voff Uggla

  46. LMAO Says:

    Karma’s a bitch isn’t it? LMAO

  47. This Space Intentionally Blank Says:

    Voff? Try this one on for size.

    You were victimized, conned and used by “Classic With Style” and Anrol Anthony. Some people out there who’d had that happen to them might want to prevent that from happening to other, unfortunate, future victims by ACTIVELY working against the predators.

    All the energy you’ve spent here supporting Fashion Institute might have been employed to HELP others by making sure stories like yours get told. You only choose to tell the story when pushed into it.

    Maybe if you acted to to defend, and help, others you’d be able to heal faster from what was done to you by Anrol. I realize you might not see that as a good use of your time because you have a “modeling” career you are pursuing avidly. That’s very sad.

    If you actually did something philanthropic, to prevent others from making the same, very expensive, mistakes you made you might become a better, more worthy, person for FREE without attending any of SL’s modeling academies and, maybe, people would notice what you’d done and do something nice in return for you. Think about it.

    People who read things like this and think that people WHO HIRE MODELS IN SL aren’t paying attention and don’t reach out are badly mistaken. Just as some think that they cause problems for themselves by posting on AgencyReport, others are noticed and good things happen to them. Obviously if you’re anonymous nothing can happen ever.

  48. OMG Says:

    I never saw a FI show.
    I correct i never saw Voff on another runway.
    It may be that she was awesome for FI, but the requirements in SL aimed upward, not downward.

  49. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Aww shame you didn’t come along to some of our latest shows OMG, they were awesome and Voff was also modelling in them too. But that’s neither here or there, it’s irrelevant to this post.

    As for MVW, I don’ recall ever having stated the name of the academy anywhere, but as it has been brought up, I will affirm that yes I did indeed attend myself, I believe in learning from the best, schools like MVW, Avenue, FI and a few others that I believe the best, and deserve the recognition and payment some of them get. And if I’m paying big money to attend well so be it, I know it’ll be worth the money.

    My only comment was that we at FI or more pointedly Colby is constantly attacked for his pricing and ‘making a profit’ yet I don’t see anyone attackin any other academy for their charges, be they cheaper or a lot more expensive than we are, why single out Colby?

    bottom line is, If you want to be trained well and leave a professional competant model it costs a lot of money, and the more highly experienced the trainers, the higher the cost tends to be, Hence I would assume the high cost of MVW, their instructors are the best of the best, people I’d love to have on our team. And tha’s not saying my instructors aren’t experienced professionals, we have an excellent team!!!

  50. OMG Says:

    Voff, what kind of busybody you are? I never saw you on a runway, i never heared from you. Only here in this snake pit you try to make yourself important.
    Thank you stopping your posts. You are boring.

  51. Voff Uggla Says:

    “This Space Intentionally Blank Says:”

    “As far as the out-spoken Voff Ugla goes, the opinion of someone “naive” enough to drink the “Classic With Style” kool-aid served up by Anrol Anthony and Steve McCullough has to be looked at in jaw-dropping wonderment. Tell us Voff, what value you got for that $L150,000+ you invested? How many people have watched your “We’ll Make You Famous on Youtube” video that was going to make you so famous in SL? Why do you have a problem naming them btw? What modeling jobs has Classic With Style or Fashion Institute gotten for you? How much of your considerable “investment” have you recouped so far? Loads I bet.”

    Yes I agree, I was very naive at that time, I had been on a 1 year break from SL and came back and got spammed with invites from CWS to join their contests. Participating in contests and working in the fashion industry was something I’ve never thought about before, so I made the stupid decision to join. The value I got from the money I spent was a VERY expensive basic modeling “education” :D. The “We’ll Make You Famous on Youtube” video have been watched by 505 people.

    Since this is a report about the Fashion Institute, I prefer to stay on topic, there’s another report about CWS, I have written one post there, just answering somones question. If I wanted to I could write so much more about my first hand experience at CWS and their tactices, but I think there are enough posts there revealing the real facts about CWS. And I won’t lower myself or waste my time writing hateful, pathetic “Oh I’m a victim of CWS” posts. I made the wrong decision, I got caught up in the “gamble” there, when I realised that their contests weren’t fair I left, I have moved on, that was just a very expensive experience, I won’t do that again. 😀

    My modeling career and jobs came after I graduated from Fashion Institute and actually I’m so busy with work now, that I don’t really have time write posts in this “cesspool”. But I had to, the “haters” have gone too far, they’re trying to destroy the career for many people, I would suggest that if you have personal isssues with Mr. Colby, talk to him directly. What you are writing here is just hateful, pathetic and slandering posts in your mission to damage and destroy the reputation of Fashion Institute. Shame on you people!

    “This Space Intentionally Blank Says:”

    “Trying to compare Fashion Institute, with whoever it’s ever-changing caste of “trainers” are, to Miss Virtual World Academy where the classes are CONSISTENTLY taught by the best of the best: Mimmi Boa, Kay Fairey, Miaa Rebane and Frolic Mills, is difficult at best. Surely no one can question the street cred of those 4 people. ”

    As a matter of fact I’m also a student at Miss Virtual World Academy and I agree with you, they are one of the best in the industry. What they teach you there, to my knowledge, can’t be found somewhere else. However there are other great “schools” where you can learn from very experienced and professional instructors. One of them is Fashion Institute, I can’t write about the others cause I havent attended their classes, maybe they’re great too. But until I have a first hand experience from other modeling schools I will not write about them.

    Nobody is “trying” to compare Fashion Institute with MVWA, why being so singleminded and only praise one school, specially if you haven’t taken classes at other schools, as Fashion Institute, a reminder this report is about Fashion Institute, not about other “schools”. There are many reports about them, please stay on topic, if you want to write about them post it in the right report.

    What you actaually are saying, there is only one school that can teach you to become a great model, all others are below and not worth attending. Well Mr/Ms Anonymous person, wake up we live in a world in SL and RL, where there are many different services, scools and establishmnets, etc that compete against each other, that gives us the oppurtunity to chose what suits us best. After my initial 6 months expensive fiasco with CWS, I’ve learnt a lot, now I only chose the best.

    This will be my last post, at least for awhile, I have a fashion show to prepaire for, I dont have time to waste my energy trying to share the facts about Fashion Institute to a bunch of ignorant, hateful and slandering people.

    Voff Uggla

  52. Think about it... Says:

    “Colby claims to have deleted NickyRee’s textures forthwith and that he’s the REAL victim here. THAT’S NONSENSE. The REAL victims are NickyRee and the people who, innocently and unwittingly, bought STOLEN things from his Vero Modero store. Those are the victims not Colby Pevensey. Did he contact every customer to refund their $Lindens? Doubtful”

    Yes he did. In fact my money was refunded for every purchase I made at the shop. I’m not stating my name here because if I do I’ll probably be blacklisted for accidentally buying something I was not aware was stolen. Colby didn’t do the design, a designer did. But think on this: Agnes Finney DID use a stolen design about a year ago. She did herself…not someone she had the unfortunate problem of working with. SHE used the stolen texture. Think on it!

  53. This Space Intentionally Blank Says:

    You can package it in pretty wrapping paper, bows and ribbons all you like, it is what it is.

    Trying to compare Fashion Institute, with whoever it’s ever-changing caste of “trainers” are, to Miss Virtual World Academy where the classes are CONSISTENTLY taught by the best of the best: Mimmi Boa, Kay Fairey, Miaa Rebane and Frolic Mills, is difficult at best. Surely no one can question the street cred of those 4 people.

    One reason to attend a “modeling” school is to make friends and start to establish some relationships. The potential value of the relationships developed at MVW is worth the price to many of the attendees. Obviously Fashion Institute’s own Dean, Sparkie Funizza herself, thought it was worth the price to attend the classes at Miss Virtual World. Of course, as often is the case, she may have attended to compare, up close and personal, the difference in the school’s training methods. Who is to say? Call it shopping the competition if you want.

    As far as the out-spoken Voff Ugla goes, the opinion of someone “naive” enough to drink the “Classic With Style” kool-aid served up by Anrol Anthony and Steve McCullough has to be looked at in jaw-dropping wonderment. Tell us Voff, what value you got for that $L150,000+ you invested? How many people have watched your “We’ll Make You Famous on Youtube” video that was going to make you so famous in SL? Why do you have a problem naming them btw? What modeling jobs has Classic With Style or Fashion Institute gotten for you? How much of your considerable “investment” have you recouped so far? Loads I bet.

    On a wholly, different note some of you might consider this. How many of those “hater” major designers and sponsors of Agnes Finney’s read AgencyReport? More then you might think. What do you suppose they’re thinking about this? “Let’s rally to SSMA and show we’re fair and open-minded?” Maybe. Or maybe they’re thinking, “Lots of modeling agencies in SL why take a chance?”

    If Colby Pevensey was more discriminating in his choice of business “partners” to associate with, maybe this whole tempest wouldn’t have happened. Out of all the potential “wholesale” designers in SL he chose her. And who cares if she’s Turkish btw?

    Colby claims to have deleted NickyRee’s textures forthwith and that he’s the REAL victim here. THAT’S NONSENSE. The REAL victims are NickyRee and the people who, innocently and unwittingly, bought STOLEN things from his Vero Modero store. Those are the victims not Colby Pevensey. Did he contact every customer to refund their $Lindens? Doubtful

  54. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Ah ok Voff thanks for the correction hun 😉

  55. Lulu Breuer Says:

    I rarely visit this site because, with few exceptions, it is a pit of vipers who attack successful people out of motives I cannot phantom. I also vowed to never post here, but in this latest mess I have something to say, for the record. I have graduated from six modeling programs, and for what it is worth, none of them have the quality or the integrity I have witness at the Fashion Institute. The other thing I find completely baffling is how posters do not bother to do their research before they level their accusations. They have been responded to already, but to say that there are no graduation shows, or that somehow Colby is padding his wallet, when the fees at FI are entirely comparable with other modeling schools, is ridiculous. Perhaps the quantity and level of venom in the attacks here and elsewhere are an indication of success; I do not know. I do know that they are distasteful, mean-spirited and uncalled for. I encourage all those so busy trying to destroy other people use their energies to build something instead.

  56. Voff Uggla Says:

    “Oh and according to Voffs post earlier another top agency charged her 3500L for just 2 classes!! We would only have charged her 2000Lindens!! Wow seems we aren’ the most expensive afterall.”

    Sparkie, maybe I didn’t express myself clearly, it’s 3500 for each class, I’m taking 2 classes so the total cost is 7000 L$. But it’ well worth the cost as well as for the classes I payed for at Fashion Institute. My goal is to become the best model I can be, so after financial capacity I will take as many classes at FI and other academies, as needed to reach that goal.

  57. Voff Uggla Says:

    Here are some more REAL facts:

    Fashion Institute have graduation shows every month!!! One week before the graduation there is an Assessment Graduation, the students who pass this participates in a graduation show the week after. If you don’t pass the assessment you have to wait until the next month. My graduation show took place May 1 – 2010.

    Was it worth the 3000 L$ I had to pay for the 3 classes? Oh yes, the instructors thaught me how to model properly, how to show the designs whitout distorting the oufits with poses that twists the body of the avatar in strange and unnatural ways, or poses where hands, arms and legs goes inside the body, covering the flexi/sculpty parts of the outfits, etc. A models job is to show the designers creations in the best possible way and that is what I learned at Fashion Institute.

    I wish I had known about FI earlier, I could have used the wasted 150 000 L$ that I spent at the previous establishment over a period of 6 months so much better. I would have taken more classes, even though it wasn’t needed for me to graduate, because the instructors are very experienced and professional. The classes I have taken are invaluable. I regret my stupidity of the wasted 150 K, I could have used that money for taking classes and graduate from several academys/institutes/schools.

    Some of the posts in this report amazes me with their stupidity, why not take time to find out the facts before posting here?! It doesn’t seem to be any interest in finding out the real facts, some people here are on a mission to slander and damage the reputation of Fashion Institute, that is VERY obvious. I just wonder why?

    Voff Uggla

  58. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    “Where are all the graduation shows? Did we miss those along the way? Has there been a Fashion Institute graduation yes?”

    Yes we have and do have graduation shows every 3 months, these are listed on our class schedule and advertised through our groups and starwalkers, our last grad show was june 27th at 2pm.

    We have grad shows roughly every 12 weeks, due to our extremelly flexible approach to education allowing students to train at a pace that suits them, followed by our extremelly tough and detailed assessment, models take longer to graduate

    Now of course I could graduate models who are not ready, unable to walk straight, edit prims, do a nice turn etc, and give them an associate or batchelors degree, and hold grads every month but that wouldn’t be doing our students or the inustry any favours.

    When our models reach graduation they leave highly competent, professional models.

    Hence the 12weekly grad shows.

    Oh and according to Voffs post earlier another top agency charged her 3500L for just 2 classes!! We would only have charged her 2000Lindens!! Wow seems we aren’ the most expensive afterall.

  59. Okay, I am officially sick of this whole defend/attack mode of trying to have and enjoy a Second Life. My blog today was to name names and expose the faction of people behind all this destructive gossip, lies and deception….all in a simple attempt to put a final nail in Colby’s coffin.

    I just can’t do it. It’s simply not in my nature to bash and rip people. I have never done that in any public forum and I am not going to lower myself to that level any longer.

    I want to. I want badly to stop those people that use their soap boxes to spread hatred. But, that will never happen. Some people just thrive on this ghetto level mentality. There is a handful of people that hate me. They post almost daily in the Agency Cesspool Report (ACR). I know who they are. They know that I know who they are. And, they are not going to stop because they have nothing better to do.

    But, as for me…this battle is over. This entire copyright infringement thing is a joke. Even the originators of this attack on me now know that it was wrong. Too late, the damage has been done.

    Even Will and Agnes Finney are now victims of this. I don’t condone what they did. Its just horrible what they have done. But, they too were strong-armed by their ‘partners and sponsors’, along with ‘other powerful designers’ that insisted they join their battle against me. Who are these partners? Well, no more name dropping and drama from me. If you really want to know, look in their profiles and you will see them. Or better yet…ask them yourself.

    Maybe Will Finney is right. Maybe the gossipers and haters do always win in the end. That’s really sad. It almost makes a person just want to forget it all. Forget the SL experience that is supposed to be enjoyable. Forget living out a second life that most of us could never experience in real life. I dunno anymore.

    The thing that keeps me going is the devotion and dedication of those who have built Fashion Institute. Anabella, Sparkie Talyia and others are true examples of what our industry should be about. Under all kinds scrutiny and constant adversity, we have molded and shaped this school to try to provide a unique and quality learning/teaching environment. We are proud of what we have accomplished.

    So, to you that don’t like me, or what we are doing at Fashion Institute…do what you have to do. I am not going to chase your every little twisted dig, in every pathetic ACR post anymore. I am sick of it. We are going back to work to do what we do best…and that is have fun, work hard and create something great.

    Colby Pevensey

    This will be my last ever post to the ACR. If you want to read my personal blog you can do that at http://www.thecolbyfiles.com/

  60. A Concerned watcher Says:

    Fashion institute do have Graduations maybe it is that you have missed them, when all assessments are completed there is a grad show where you have grads from associate up to masters graduating but the graduation comes in sectional form as each level has something different to do as part of their own graduation

  61. This Space Intentionally Blank Says:

    Where are all the graduation shows? Did we miss those along the way? Has there been a Fashion Institute graduation yet?

    If Fashion Institute has taught so many people why isn’t there a graduation show once a month for the stream of highly qualified, formerly Classic With Style suckers, who’ve completed their “edumacations” at their own pace. Did they pass the class on “OMFG, Not the TWIRL again?

    AVENUE has graduations. Glance has graduations. Miss Virtual World Academy has graduations. Maniera has graduations. SuperElite has graduations. Why not Fashion Institute?

    The huge staff at Fashion Palace are all so busy currying favor with their lord and master that simple things like graduations for students, who paid for them, are not done. Surely Miley at VTwins will provide the outfits. Or maybe Nicky Ree now that Colby has convinced her he had nothing to do with copybotting her.

    But, ultimately, a simpler, bottomline question is whether the students who took the classes think they get their money’s worth? If they, personally, think they got what they paid for, who cares how the money is distributed once it’s paid? It’s nobody’s business.

  62. A Concerned watcher Says:

    Ok first of all lets not kid ourselves all academies/schools etc with the exception of model workshop are pretty much in the business to try and make money but what i dont understand is and i make this probably the burning question here .not “where does the money go?” but what makes Fashion Institue so dangerous so certain Quaters that they have to look for reasons to try and destroy it? is it that they teach around the clock letting students have classes that fit around their lives? or is it that they have a great team of instructors? what really makes thenm so dangerous? well maybe that should really be the main question for this thread seeing as i have seen many different reasons people have attacked fashion institue including this copyright infringement case maybe some quarters that are advocating boycotts over this should think back to recent history what would have happened to them if the “gossip mill” ruled over that incident? maybe as a company that recently went through the same thing should actually lead by example in saying hang on a minute maybe proof of intent maybe a good thing before branding them theives becuse you could have been branded the very same thing but anyway my ramblings are over for now but think about the question i posed as i think the rest is all just wondow dressing to that one question thank you all for your time 🙂

  63. Voff Uggla Says:

    Regina, what is your mission, why asking this questions in this report and not others? And even more important why aren’t you using your real SL name, what do you have to hide?!

  64. You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! Says:

    Miss Regina,

    The particular thread you are posting on is in reference to Fashion Institute, which is a modeling, photography and design school. This would be why you are getting comments regarding FI and its curriculum.

    I am answering a part of the following question you have asked:

    “…neither do I recall singling out and attacking anyone or any institution, why are these questions insults?…if anyone is going to be on the defensive, one can only wonder why, and please decorum when you address me.”

    Fashion Institute has been singled out many times for its out of the box thinking in teaching students who wish to learn in a University type setting.

    That being said, many students have found it refreshing to have classes anytime of the day or night and get to pick when they will attend a class. Unlike many other schools who require a certain day and a certain time, FI gives much more freedom to the students to choose when and how long it will take to get a modeling/photography/design certificate.

    Regarding your question about how the fees are used; you DO have the right to ask where the money goes and how it’s used, FI has the right to keep that confidential. However, Colby chose to share the information with you which is far more than many others would have done. Try asking that question to Avenue or Boulevard Modeling schools. I’m guessing you won’t get a favorable response.

    Also, just for some information, regardless of whether or not you are seeking to be a model, most agencies who are casting/hiring REQUIRE schooling and in some cases, it must be from their school.

    I have addressed you with decorum and facts, if you aren’t speaking in particular about FI, may I suggest you post your comments in one of the threads not directed at any particular agency.


  65. That is true, you never did directly state that you were looking for classes, I was simply putting the role of a model looking at classes into your perspective. Where I said “If you wish to go to a free place, then do so, it is your right, but don’t say that people who wish to pay for training don’t have that right.” please replace “you” and “your” with “models” and “their”, also add “they can” after “then” and in front of “do”.

    My mistake on my belief that you were talking about Fashion Institute…those big bold letters at the top of and that link to this page that say “Fashion Institute” mislead me. Since you were posting about an academy on an academy’s thread, I naturally assumed it was about that academy.

    I don’t think that I asked you a question, nor insulted you, I simply worded things in a defensive tone, because you said things I did not agree with about an academy that I think does a great job. I don’t think that I was out of line.

    You are absolutely correct about my post not answering why it is a crime for models to ask such questions, because I specifically said that it was NOT a crime. I don’t think Nave said it was a crime either… So…

    Anyways, I apologize for the miscommunication when I put my statement into your perspective, and for thinking that you were referring to Fashion Institute.

    Marissa Bruun
    Fashion Institute Student

  66. Regina Says:

    I do not recall stating anywhere that I am seeking classes, neither do I recall singling out and attacking anyone or any institution, why are these questions insults?…if anyone is going to be on the defensive, one can only wonder why, and please decorum when you address me :).

    I have stated pointedly that I do not understand why it is a crime for questions to be asked, none of these comments have really explained why it is a crime…perhaps there is really no explanation 🙂

  67. Voff Uggla Says:


    Please forgive me if I misspell some words and aren’t able to express myself as eleborate as some of the other writers, my native language is Swedish.

    I don’t use an anonymous name here, I AM Voff Uggla, I HAVE taken classes at the Fashion Institute, I have an Associates Degree, so I have a REAL and TRUE firsthand experience from FI.

    I began “modeling” a year ago, I got an invitation from another establishment to join one of their contests, where they also have FREE basic training. I joined the contest, was handed a folder called Basic Training. At that time I didn’t have a good computer just an old laptop with a 64 MB video card, so I never went to the FREE classes, cause I lagged too much. I learnt by watching their model videos and at the rehearsals for the contests, however basically I thaught myself the basics of modeling, too bad the poses they use, armpits, twirls, hands and arms inside the body, covering or twisting the outfits with really bad poses, not to forget the silly animated poses. But I went ahead and bought those poses and participated in 3 contests.

    Now let’s talk MONEY, at this establishment you are encourage to join as many contests as possible. To be able to become a finalist you have to pay for your votes, top 3 finalists get their questions before the contest and get extra points from the judges. The last contest I participated in, January, the top 1 finalist had paied more than 150 K to reach that position. I never made it to top 3, I can’t afford to spend that much, but over the 6 months I was a part of this institution, I must have spent around 150 K or more, my model video costed me around 20K, so put that in a perspective!!!

    Now let’s talk about the Fashion Institute, I was accepted on PAR got 7 credits and only had to take 3 classes to be able to graduate to associates level. For 3000 L$ I learned so much, from professional and experienced instructors, how to model properly. What they thaught me I couldn’t learn by myself, now I can call myself a professional model.

    I’m also a student at another Academy, one of the most famous in SL. because I want to learn as much as possible to become the best model I can be. They provide 4 classes at the cost of 13000 L$ unless you buy the packet, then you get a discount. I’m only taking the 2 last classes at the cost of 3500 L$ each, so that should also be put in a perspective. And reading that report, nobody is questioning, why it cost so much and where the money goes!!!

    Yes you can teach yourself to become a model, but if you want to become a top model, you need to learn from experienced and professional instructors and they work at academies, schools, institutes, etc. They all CHARGE money for their services, as well as any other services in SL. I pay tier fees for my land, I buy clothes, accessories, poses, etc. Yes everything in SL costs money, so why should FI provide free classes and why are you questioning Colby about this and not all the other stuff you have to PAY for.

    This report about Fashion Institute is full of untrue, hateful and slandering posts by anonymous writers, if I were new to this report I wouldn’t pay any attention to the posts where the writer don’t use their “real” SL name. It’s a shame that these posts are allowed, I came to AR to find information about other agencies, however after reading the posts in this report I realise that isn’t possible because the information is biased.

    Voff Uggla

  68. Regina…

    AVENUE, GLANCE, and MVW do not spell out why it costs what it costs, and they are reputable. Most reputable businesses do not put down every profit and loss, like everyone else said, it’d be like walking into a store in RL and demanding to see if you gave them a profit for buying a box of Cocoa Puffs.

    Plus, you keep saying that this agency demands that the models go through and pay for the academy for admission to the agency. If you actually knew the facts before coming on here and saying that, you would know that they do NOT. Models have the opportunity to have a FREE assessment to see if they meet the standards of the agency, and if they do, they are admitted without paying a dime. Also, you would know that they are no longer going to accept every model who pays for the classes to the academy, like most academy/agencies such as AVENUE and MVW/BLVD — they don’t put every graduate into their agencies.

    It is not a crime for a model to ask that, they can ask whatever they want. It is wrong for the model to think that the person being asked doesn’t have the right to deny an answer.

    Colby told you where that goes…300L of the 1000L goes to the instructor, and the rest to the other staff’s, such as the dean’s, salary — as long as they are teaching someone who is paying, they deserve to be paid, no? Tier is also not a cheap thing.

    If you wish to go to a free place, then do so, it is your right, but don’t say that people who wish to pay for training don’t have that right.

    Also, you said who certifies them…I believe the students who go through these academies certify them, by giving a testimonial, and referring others there – a few people still do that, you might see something like that in these posts in between all of the “other stuff”.

    And my last answer to your last question. Most academies in SL, including the reputable ones, are for profit. Otherwise, like you said, they wouldn’t require qualified models to go through the academies, unless they wanted to make a buck off of them.

    Marissa Bruun
    Fashion Institute Student

  69. You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! Says:


    You are free to take any classes you wish wherever you choose. If you want free classes, you will work for agencies that do “free” shows.

    As in RL, those who want an education, pay for it. As far as not for profit, my point was not pertaining to RL, it was in reference to virtual schools in a virtual world, attended by pixels in a pixel classroom, with pixel instructors.

    Models then vie for pixel titles in a virtual world, where a RL person has has paid RL money for the pixel avatar to stand on the virtual stage and pose in pixel clothing.

    Models make a choice in the beginning to either become or not become a model. There are no hidden costs, it’s EXPENSIVE!

    If a student doesn’t want to pay the fees a legitimate modeling school is asking for, then why complain about the cost, just move on.

    The choice is yours!

  70. Regina Says:

    Any responsible business can answer for why their services cost what they cost, and why consumers should patronize their services especially when these services can be gotten for free elsewhere. Ending a discussion abruptly because such a question is raised is highly irresponsible and the intention behind that is highly suspicious. Part of being in a position of leadership is knowing how to deal with people. There are environments where these questions can be asked responsibly, and this is such an environment.

    To the person mentioning universities, there are “not-for-profit” educational institutions and “for-profit” educational institutions, maybe do a little research and these answers will come to you, you will be able to see and know the difference, then when you talk about it, you will be confident that you know what you are actually talking about.

    Again, none of these comments really explain why it is a crime for models to have and ask questions about the amount it costs to take classes in a virtual modeling school, why they have to pay these prices, where the money goes to (tuition is high and has risen dramatically in the past year) and/or why many models are mandated to enroll in these schools where they have to pay when they already have the skills or when they have access to other avenues where they learn these skills for free. Who accredits these “educational” institutions by the way? Which of these institutions are for-profit and which are not-for-profit? Are they all for-profit schools?

  71. Nave Fall Says:

    I mispoke………………my bad. I should have said that models have right to ASK those questions. But that no one should be OBLIGATED to answer those questions.

    Colby chose to share some details on the financial situation at FP of his own volition. No one twisted his arm to make him share those tidbits.

    Fashion Palace unlike many modeling/fashion oriented business in SL has, what appears to be a potentially successful, in no way unique, business model. Similar to a Japanese keiretsu, where various business entities have interlocking, and synergistic, business relationships that support each other. In this case,those would be a mall, a club,a modeling agency, a school, photographic and, styling services and a publishing arm. Time will tell if it that can work in SL, it certainly seems to for both the BOSL and AVENUE groups which have had years to establish themselves and whose staff’s bench depth allows them some room to manuever.

    If I ran an agency and a modeling school, which I don’t now, and NEVER will again, and a model came to me with questions like about why my services cost what they cost, the meeting would end abruptly as I exited it. I’d be amazed at the audacity of the person who asked the questions btw. The questions CAN be asked of course. Answering them, as I said, is OPTIONAL.

  72. You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! Says:

    I guess I’m a little confused about Nave’s posts.

    In one post he says that Colby has every right to make money and there is a LOT of overhead involved in running of his business.

    Then he goes on to say, “SL’s models ABSOLUTELY have a right to know the answers to the questions that have been asked by Regina and several others recently in this thread.” Yes they have the right, but why is it ok to EXPECT an answer.

    FI is a university type school. Why in the world would it be “not for profit??????” He’s putting an incredible amount of RL MONEY into it and has expenses as we all do. Would you run a business in SL that’s not for profit if that’s why you’re here to begin with. I think not!

  73. omg Says:

    No one is forced to visit an agency. If something does not fit then you let it, Regina. Or visit another agency and ask the Owner as to the whereabouts of the money. I am sure they will report you each Linden, because you are one of hundreds silly girls who think when they can spell the word catwalk, they are Topmodels ;)*nods*

  74. Nave Fall Says:

    SL’s models ABSOLUTELY have a right to know the answers to the questions that have been asked by Regina and several others recently in this thread.

    I can answer one question without any equivocation. Model’s Workshop, which was founded about a year and half ago by Monica Balut, has never asked for so much as single Linden from ANY model for anything. I did suggest a small fee once upon a time to join the group and was beaten about the head and shoulders by both Monica and, her even tougher 2nd in command, Herradura Baar, so that was the end of me suggesting anything about Model’s Workshop soliciting donations of ANY kind.

    Model’s workshop did receive a, stunningly, generous offer from Annemarie Perenti of BeStyle, of indefinite use of a quarter sim site for the Model’s Workshop headquarters location. We also have various sponsors for the Model’s Workshop/Tres Beau/Maniera Make it Work Styling Challenge (which Jori Watler just gave us a really nice logo/poster for) which is also ALWAYS free to enter.

    Soooo when it comes to paying it forward I’d say that Model’s Workshop does a great job of that. We welcome everyone, and anyone, unconditionally,to our meetings every week and have had a string of excellent speakers on a myriad of topics relevant to models. These days they are speaking to packed rooms of 50+ people every week. It’s not uncommon for an interesting freebie to get handed out too……

    If you want information, you can usually ask a question in the Model’s Workshop get an answer in moments so the information exchange is open and functioning well.

    If you need more info join the Model’s Workshop group and get the straight scoop.

    BTW…………..you don’t need to depend on me for your answers. You can address questions any of the group’s officers and expect a response with in a day or so.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  75. Regina Says:

    None of these comments really explain why it is a crime for models to have and ask questions about the amount it costs to take classes in a virtual modeling school, why they have to pay these prices, where the money goes to (tuition is high and has risen dramatically in the past year) and/or why many models are mandated to enroll in these schools where they have to pay when they already have the skills or when they have access to other avenues where they learn these skills for free. Who accredits these “educational” institutions by the way? Which of these institutions are for-profit and which are not-for-profit? Are they all for-profit schools?

    Business people may be entitled to profits, but people they provide the service to will always be entitled to opinions and questions. Why shouldn’t models ask these questions? 🙂

  76. Nave Fall Says:

    When it comes to a designer’s expenses you could start with $1000s and $1000s US for software like 3DSMax, ZBrush, MAYA and PhotoShop and all the high-end hardware needed to use those tools to create that FAKE clothing you love to wear. Some people call that clothing art btw.

    Let’s not forget things like LL’s tiers and upload fees. Then there are tools exclusive to SL. Photo studios and avatars (those style cards you get with skins and shapes, that save you all the work of shopping for yourself, cost a lot to create too) and poses ohhhhh my. Advertising and promotion of their work. Fashion shows? Paid for one lately? They cost a few $Lindens too.

    The operations costs ad up but someone who doesn’t have to pay them might not realize how much they are. Ignorance is bliss………….

    The difference is that designers have to not only buy all those software and hardware tools but then they have to learn to use them well before they begin to have a hope of recouping their UPFRONT INVESTMENTS, which can take a while to do.

    Since when is it wrong to make money for the work you do? If Colby can see a way to recoup his large, and on-going, investment, more power to him. If he can afford to surround himself with that staff and fund their SL, while he hopes to eventually, make it all back plus some more power to him. He doesn’t owe anyone an accounting of how he spends 1Linden. I tried it at Catalyst of Fantasy and gave up in disgust.

    On the other hand if it’s just an expensive hobby for him they should bless him 5 times a day for his generosity. That CEO tag is an expensive ornament if Fashion Palace is a hobby.

    My point here is that the costs are real and paid for out of someone’s REAL wallet.

  77. Are you kidding me? The people that post here never cease to amaze me. Sure, lets now ask every agency, every merchant, models, designers and all other businesses to all disclose their P & L statement here on the Agency Report… because as we all know this is the most credible blog in SL. You just have to shake your head and laugh at such stupidity.

  78. Think about it... Says:

    If where everyone’s money goes is so important to you, perhaps you should start asking all the designers you buy from what they do with that money you give them for fake clothing? And those agencies you work for that don’t pay you at all? Ask them why not! Besides from what I can read Colby explained very well where the money goes.

  79. hahah Says:

    “and lots of other operations costs.”

    And you can’t even explain yourself.

    Loves it!

  80. Voff Uggla Says:

    Agency Report is a website that is geared to help Second Life Models make informed decisions on modeling agencies, modeling schools, modeling contests and really any business pertaining to modeling. By reading comments and experiences of others, models will be able to see which ones to steer away from and which ones to pursue.

    LMFAO, I would say, steer away from Agency Report.

  81. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Oh thanks for the blog link, but if you care to look at the date that article was posted it was way back in October 09, 9 months in SL is like years in RL so the information is dramatically out of date.

    The quote that AR is a great resource for models too make informed choices, well back in October yeah it was, but sadly since then it’s deteriorated into a site where people just bicker, argue and cause drama, which is of no help to anyone.

    I’d be very interested to see a more up to date version of that particular post

    Nave any chance of that 🙂


  82. Higher Authority Says:

    You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!YHGTBKM)said:

    “I’m Still Not, Nave Fall”

    YHGTBKM just wishes that they were Nave Fall.

    Maybe if you’re curious about what Nave thinks you should look at what he wrote here:


    You might learn something that isn’t taught in any SL modeling school and it’s FREE

  83. Regina Says:

    It is okay to ask because it is tuition. In the real world, students will always want to know where the tuition is going to and educational institutions try to give as much information as possible.Given that this is an educational institution that is really not real, people are even more entitled to that information and this is not just limited to Fashion Institute but all the schools out there. If you can learn about these things for free on second life, why do some agencies demand that you go to a modeling school where you have to pay? If you already have the skills, why do some agencies demand that you enroll in a modeling school where you have to pay? Why are you paying for an education that is not real? Where does this tuition go to? These are only some of the questions that every smart model will want to ask. 🙂

  84. You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! Says:

    This is ridiculous!

    @ Wondering? Says:

    July 17, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    •300L$ per student per 1hr class (every time taught) – 1 class with 5 students = $1500
    •FREE education in our model school
    •Full support from our team.
    •Schedule classes at times and days that suit you. (long term, monthly, weekly)

    Please explain where the 700 other lindens you charge per class goes?
    Who the heck are you to even ask????

    Since when is it ok to ask people how they spend their money?

    Do you ask your RL boss and the company owners you work with in RL what they do with their money?

    Do you get a run down from all of your friends on what they do with their money they are making or losing?

    I can see it now, “Excuse me, but since it’s my business to know what you do with your money, please tell me where your money goes because I have nothing better to do than speculate and start rumors.”

    Since when is it ok to ask people how much they make, what they do with it and why is it any of anyone’s business but the person whose money it is!?

    I’m Still Not,

    Nave Fall

  85. @ Wondering. Well, LOL to start with the remaining 700L goes towards salaries for a very large staff to keep this boat afloat which cost 154,000L$ last month, $295USD sim rent, and lots of other operations costs. Since May 26, I have injected the business with slightly over $1000USD to keep us running. So please, those who think I am padding my pockets, I would say to you just try running a business in sl and see what it costs. Having said that, if the day comes that I DO actually make money, I certainly wont be apologizing for it. If that were the case, let’s expect apologies from any business, especially fashion designers, that earns a profit.

    I hope this helps clear this question up for your. Have a nice Day. Colby

  86. Wondering? Says:

    •300L$ per student per 1hr class (every time taught) – 1 class with 5 students = $1500
    •FREE education in our model school
    •Full support from our team.
    •Schedule classes at times and days that suit you. (long term, monthly, weekly)

    Please explain where the 700 other lindens you charge per class goes?

  87. Wonderful job AR. That was quite a threatening statement that person made. Good for you 🙂

  88. Anabella Ravinelli Says:

    Thank you Agency Report!

  89. agencyreport Says:


    LOL-wtf’s IP has now been banned from posting comments.

    Furthermore, anyone trying to report this website for SPAM needs to read up on the definition of SPAM. Those campaigning to get this site taken down have been banned as well.

  90. Attention agencyreport.

    Poster LOL-WTF threatened this:

    Self disclosed intent of spamming and threats. Can you do us all a favor and remove this person from the site? It’s like an annoying little nippy dog that you just can’t shake off.

  91. Voff Uggla Says:

    After reading all the posts here, all the drama, made up fantasy “facts”, etc. I realize that Agency Report is not a serious website, just a site to trash one another. I will not come back to get facts about other agencies, cause there are no “real” facts.

    Have fun in your drama and trashing!

  92. Nave Fall Says:


    Promote yourself. You can be CFO too now. That would be Chief Fictional Officer in charge of all Friends123’s fictional financial affairs. Give yourself a raise. A BIG one

    I’ll give you a title in SL too if you have a group free, and want another title, that is.

    Thank you, Vich, for supporting the mythical, hysterical, and problematical missions of the Friends123 Agentia so well despite the onslaughts of Philistines like WTF-LOL’s ilk.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  93. Vichonette Says:

    LOL WTF said:

    I have to laugh, ’cause Nave created that agency in his own mind. It’s fictional. It doesn’t exist any more than my self-aggrandized title as chief cook and bottle washer and resident expert on everything.

  94. Anonymous Says:

    waste of time 😉
    Everyone sees what kind of person you are *smiles*

  95. LOL-Wtf? Says:


  96. Anonymous Says:

    I know who you are 😉
    There are not many such stupid people

  97. LOL-Wtf? Says:


    L M F A O


  98. You're Punk'd Again Says:


    You really need to read the script and try stay on the right page. Friends123 Agentia is a MYTHICAL SL modeling agency. So the 3 friends aren’t too scared of his critiquing them.

    Also, we can hear you, but if you want to stop typing in ALL CAPS. you just tap the Caps Lock key one time, it’s over on the left side above the shift key and it unlocks itself for you.

    What a moron

  99. LOL-Wtf? Says:





  100. Unimpressed Says:

    First off, I have read all of the drama listed on this page and all I can say is LOL!

    Colby is a horrid buisness person, not only is he bad at the actual buisness, but he is actually a unprofession jacka**.

    I would highly recommend anyone that happens to do buisness with him to beware, this poor web developer is not the first person nor will be the last that Colby tries to rip off.

    Let’s over charge for modeling classes that most of the instructors would happily go to other locations and actually make money. I know for a fact you don’t pay your people enough, and I know for a fact you Colby are eating up the money yourself. It’s pretty obvious where the 1000L a class is going when you step into your over fancy building with snotty emoployees that don’t actually help people but rather if you don’t have the “look” you are blown off. Aren’t you supposed to be educating them? You are a joke and so is your staff. I have never worked with more unprofessional people in my life. Given it’s an internet buisness but for what you pay for classes, I’d expect a little more.

    I really hope things blow up in your self absorbed face. PS > Ratty hair is only fashionable at biker/stripper bars. Who knew white trash was fashionable? I’ll be the first in line pointing my finger and laughing when more people wisen up to the rip off that is your school.

  101. Nave Fall Says:

    Friends123 Agentia would be the next to get reviewed.

    Get in line…………you can buy a ticket as part of an RFL fundraiser. Spank Nave for charity


  102. LOL-Wtf? Says:




    THE F A B U L O U S – LOL-WTF?

  103. Don’t worry Nave. There isn’t a human alive who hasn’t made errors in judgment. Some of us own up and some of us transfer the blame. Quite refreshing to see someone take responsibility. I stuff up all the time and I’m still fabulous.

  104. Talyia Tarber Says:

    Nice try in an attempt to cover your ass, Nave. You anonymously posted a spiteful, mean, and vindictive attack on Colby which was based on a one-sided point of view from a disgruntled person who in an attempt to cover her ass shared your private conversation with others. Bravo!

    This was none of your business to begin with and had nothing to do with modeling. There’s much more to this than you know and it’s really not your place or anyone else’s to get involved.

    The respect that I had for you is gone. I’m very disappointed in you and Kaliope both.

    You have shown your true colors, there’s no amount of white out you can get to try and cover it up.

    Some advice – keep your nose out of other people’s business and be sure you have all of the facts before you go talking out of your ass again.

  105. navefall Says:

    Well I created a bit of controversy again last night it seems. Maybe more then a bit…. Controversy that I had no business creating. That tape can’t be rolled back however….. All I can do is post this comment and move on.

    I’ll explain, as best I can, what happened, if people wanna lynch me for taking the underdog’s part they can. Anyone who knows me knows I can be stubborn once I form an opinion………………..

    These days I often find myself responding to a model, or someone involved in modeling, who has nowhere else to turn and who is in a bad spot at the hands of another person. They’ve had someone of higher social standing pull rank on them, or, in their opinion, screw them over somehow and they need to vent to someone. I listen and sometimes the stories I hear make me angry with people. The situation is none of my business but it’s gotten dumped in my lap. Usually I do nothing. Sometimes I make suggestions on what might be done. Sometimes I even over-react and start typing………..like last night.

    I was told a maddening, and emotional, story yesterday by Kaliope Faith, which I believed, and decided, for whatever reason (it’s murky now in retrospect) to post about on AgencyReport. So I did…………… I didn’t check the facts although I had access to conversations that supported Kaliope’s position. I’ve also been told, pointedlym that it was none of my business to do make the post, nor to attack Colby personally…………. I’ve given that some thought too.

    Now having had my truncated, and edited, PRIVATE chats with Kaliope posted on here I see things in a different light (imagine that one). I also realize that had I wanted to, I could have asked Colby for a comment, which I didn’t do. Not that if I was Colby I’d have responded to such a request. So……… not asking first was a mistake on my part. I should have given Colby the opportunity to tell me to stick it…..… I didn’t do that and I regret it. Sorry Colby. Despite what you might think I don’t hate you, or anyone else, in SL………..

    Those things said, I think of AgencyReport as a forum for SL model’s rights. This forum/blog is about the only place, other then in group announcements, where someone who has a gripe with someone who runs a group can speak without fear of being muted and banned/ejected with prejudice. Not that that ever happens right?

    I’m still just,

    Nave Fall

  106. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Well reading this on hear is first I have heard of all of this, and I don’t intend to get into the conversation, blame accuse or anything, I don’t know ALL the facts

    But I do know what happened with me……

    Yes I was offsick, and for an undetermined amount of time, that time turned out to be 4 days. As some of you know I have a long term health issue which often causes me to fall. Ususally without to serious an injury, Unfortuntately I fell last week and broke my foot AND Ankle!! The drugs I am on already along with the analgesics the ER gave me reacted badly and I was extremelly ill for a few days.

    Drugs have been changed, and although weak and not yet at my full health I am back at work and doing as much as I can.

    So that’s that bit sorted. Lets all now just move on with our lives just SL and RL.


  107. fall in a deep hole Says:

    [2010/06/30 23:54] Nave Fall: So sweet and innocent
    [2010/06/30 23:54] Nave Fall: until she gets poked
    [2010/06/30 23:56] Nave Fall: Colby says you gave me up
    [2010/06/30 23:57] Nave Fall: I trust you more then I trust him so I’ll live with it
    [2010/06/30 23:58] Kaliope Faith: I did
    [2010/07/01 0:20] Nave Fall: as long as you didn’t share our chat with any of them.

  108. I will only say this once so each of you listen carefully;

    1. I am NOT the poster known as Stay Tuned. I ALWAYS post by my name no matter what as that is the only way to have merit on what is said.

    2. I am NOT smearing the name of the one known as Colby Pevensey. I do not need to do this. I am a firm believer that given enough time and enough rope everyone will show their true colors and more often then naught, hang themselves.

    3. I was given a notecard on 06.30.10 by Colby Pevensey, firing me because he had got what he wanted from my employment and was having issues paying for everything so he decided to terminate my position to assist him in cutting expenses.

    4. I deleted the site that I created with my own talents. Photos I created myself, html I wrote myself, CSS that I scripted myself, pages that I created myself. I have worked on this site tirelessly for 8-12 hours a day for over 30 days. The results of this effort created an amazing site that hosted several features making it fully interactive and covered not just Fashion Palace but everything it incorporated.

    5. I was paid, to date, L$5500 which is approximately $19.03 US Dollars. I have not been paid anything further as per the contract. The contract was a salary basis with no indiction I would be terminated the moment I created everything. Had I been enlightened on this fact, I would not have worked tirelessly to have it completed and launched in two weeks.

    6. I am aware that my deleting the website was petty and vindictive on my part. I own that. I did what I felt necessary to do for my own self-respect and integrity. I have done nothing but stand up for myself. I do not regret doing that and I would do it again if necessary.

    7. I will not comment any further about this. I will not ask anyone to chose who is right and who is wrong. I will not drag anyone into this as it is done. I refuse to partake in ANY drama about this and should you IM me in world wishing to make yourself part of the drama, that is on you and it will be ignored by me. I have nothing further to say on this subject.

    Thank you and have a good day.

    -Kaliope Faith

  109. a fall from faith Says:

    [23:33] Kaliope Faith: I dont mind being the fall guy
    [23:26] Nave Fall‧: no
    [23:27] Nave Fall‧: Colby is the fallguy
    [23:30] Nave Fall‧: I’m not reponding to Talyia
    [23:30] Nave Fall‧: I was asleep
    [23:30] Kaliope Faith‧: well I am sure she will try to talk sense into you
    [23:30] Nave Fall‧: that’s my story and I’m sticking to it
    [23:30] Kaliope Faith‧: *laughs*
    [23:33] Kaliope Faith: [23:12] Nave Fall‧: read agencyreport -> https://agencyreport.wordpress.com/fashion-institute/#comment-3311
    [23:13] Nave Fall‧: you’ll like that
    [23:14] Kaliope Faith‧: reading
    [23:16] Nave Fall‧: kk
    [23:24] Kaliope Faith‧: And I just got 8 IM’s
    [23:24] Kaliope Faith‧: LOL
    [23:24] Nave Fall‧: OMG
    [23:24] Nave Fall‧: 8?
    [23:24] Kaliope Faith‧: didnt take them long to pounce
    [23:24] Kaliope Faith‧: *laughs*
    [23:24] Nave Fall‧: Talyia is IMing me
    [23:24] Kaliope Faith‧: and of course, Ana accused it of being me
    [23:24] Kaliope Faith‧: Talyia just defriended me
    [23:25] Nave Fall‧: oops
    [23:25] Kaliope Faith‧: LOL no it’s all good
    [23:25] Nave Fall‧: did I do a bad thing here?
    [23:25] Nave Fall‧: whewwww
    [23:25] Nave Fall‧: didn’t take them long to get fired up did it?
    [23:26] Kaliope Faith‧: No sweat off my back if they want to accuse me of doing something I didnt do without one shred of evidence, let them.
    [23:26] Nave Fall‧ shrugs
    [23:26] Kaliope Fai
    [23:33] Kaliope Faith: I know who it was and it wasnt me

  110. Anabella Ravinelli Says:

    Stay Tuned…first of all its pretty obvious who you are…or at least who is involved with this post. You were let go and now are pissed off. Have been waiting for you to post here, everyone goes here to create drama. I didn’t even read most of this but wanted to address the first part as its all untrue.

    The club is reopening, you were supposed to do that, but my guess is after this and the deletion of the website you were paid to create you won’t be asked to do that now.

    Sparkie is not gone, she’s been back all week, guessing you didn’t pay any attention.

    Had a great mini show today for one of our vendors at the mall who afterwards made lots of sales. Guess you didn’t attend that either.

    Not sure about the staff disquiet…haven’t heard of any, other than you. But your no longer staff.

    And finally the website is down because you deleted it. Colby pays for it from his pocket, paid you to run it, will pay you again tomorrow even though you were let go, because he PAYS his people, no matter how much they screw him over. Yet you have stolen all the material that you have been given and deleted it. Material you did not create or write. Material you only posted into a website. Paid to create the website and you deleted it.

    Words of Advice: If you don’t start acting a bit more professional you’re not going to get very far in life.

  111. Stay Tuned Says:

    Are their money problems in Colby’s kingdom?

    Let’s see:

    Club closed indefinitely.

    Sparkie gone indefinitely on medical leave. No replacement needed

    Space not filling up in the mall. Not a good sign

    Staff disquiet? Seems like it

    and last but not least:


    was there yesterday and is gone today. The message left behind “to ask Colby Pevensey for details” speaks volumes. Usually when a developer gets stiffed on work like this the work just disappears. Could there have been a dispute over the value of the work and the employment agreement? We’ll dig in on this one.

    So c’mon Colby tell us how things are going at Roddenham Enterprises these days? Are you going to assassinate another woman’s character after kicking her to the curb? How many is that now anyway stud?

    Does your unrelenting ambition to be the next Frolic Mills, or Rusch Raymaker, seem a more little distant these days? Maybe if you dragged your, sadly in need of a MAJOR makeover, avatar (the GOR look with the bad hair is sooooooooooo 2008 btw. Get a trim sir.) off your lil sim once in a while and out into the real world you’d have a clue.

    You claim to be a full service organization at Fashion Palace. Get one of your style/makeover wizards to take you out shopping. Spend about L$8,000 -L$10,000 on yourself. A new skin from somewhere good like LaVie, the Abyss, Belleza, AtomicBambi or Unique would do wonders to start with. Ad in some stylish hair from MADesigns, Fair Ash, Sadistic Hacker, UncleWeb, Tukinowaguma, Boon or Tonic and you’re almost there. Move some of the sliders on your shape off 100 and you’ll be less of a cartoon too. Then ditch that outfit you’ve worn foreva. Treat yourself to some new clothes. I could name 20 places that would work. Hell, even V-Twins would be an improvement at this point. But if I was you I’d buy Hoorenbeek’s entire store. Make some outfits and change daily.

    On another topic. The HUGE MODELING EXPO you’re planning for September is doomed from the start btw. Frolic, or Rusch, could do it easily. You don’t have the marketing muscle. But you don’t have the contacts, or the clout. If you did your sim would be full by now. That’s a hint. No matter how many group announcements you send out to tout it YOU don’t have the movers and shakers listening. You have as much chance of pulling this off as any one of the 20 finalists for Miss Virtual World have of winning that. 1 in 20. Not a good bet.

    Your Keystone Kops brigade of little girls running around in every direction around the grid and huffing puffing about you on here has people chuckling too. They are all maneuvering for face time and position with the Lord of the Manner (that would be you, Colby in case I wasn’t making myself clear) who seemingly crooks his finger and says, “How about you tonight?”

    Giselle should know better then to be part of this one, but she drank the Kool-Aid, even her well deserved, and sterling, reputation isn’t going to be enough to save you on this ill-conceived attempt to gain recognition from the fashion and modeling worlds of SL.

    Stay Tuned

  112. I have recently begun my learning with Fashion Institute. I so far have completed the Certificate Program and am working on my associates. I hope to one day have a doctorate from FI.

    I have only went through three basic classes so far, and I am so far impressed.

    First, unlike most basic classes that just drone on and on about things you’ve heard a million times before, the FI classes actually teach new things — I actually learned something new.

    The instructors are top notch and highly talented individuals who are devoted and passionate about teaching at FI.

    Also at FI, your study is customized. You have choices when it comes to classes, and there are classes at many different times.

    Plus, if you are already have some experience, but want more, you don’t have to sit through all the stuff you have already heard. You can go right up to the level you are at.

    So far, my experience with FI has been great — can’t wait for more!

    – Marissa Bruun

  113. I recently attended the FREE Day Meet & Greet put on by Fashion Palace/Fashion Institute. The entire day was filled with free classes, lectures, events and even featured the guest speaker, Mimmi Boa.

    I too was curious about all the rumors going on here and throughout Second Life about the Fashion Palace and wanted to see it for myself to form my own opinions. What I found was a very detailed organization with employees and staff that actually engaged themselves with the masses that attended. Not to mention, that every class offered that day was free and open to the general public and all purchased vouchers were 50% off their regular price.

    I for one am not perfect but I do learn from my mistakes and I think this is very true for any business breaking ground in Second Life. There is always a learning curve but the trick is to not give up but to get better. I see that the Fashion Institute is doing just that.

    I have modeled in SL for a total of 5 years between this avatar and my first and I have seen just about every Agency and/or Academy come and go. I have walked in over 100 shows and I have done a vast amount of live, as well as, print work in this industry. I am also successful photography studio owner so I have my feet in this industry at all times. I read the Agency Reports, stay on top of blogs and attend as many shows and events as possible.

    There is one great thing that I have learned in all my experience and time and if you want to know what that is, please read on:

    Everyone has their motives and agendas for what they do and say in life including their second lives. Everyone has their opinions whether they are good, bad or indifferent but something to remember is this…

    …if you want to get to the truth about something, do not accept someone elses truth but, go out and discover your own. Do your research, ask all your questions, get all your information and then base your opinion on your own experiences and go forth from there.

    This is one of the most cut-throat competitive industries in Second Life as well as in real life. There will always be those that want to drag you down or smear your name for their own personal satisfaction. Don’t let them. Keep your head up and keep taking the steps forward that are necessary for you to make whatever your dream is, come true.

    With this said I just have to say kudos to Mr. Pevensey and the entire staff of Fashion Institute/Stylistics/Chic Street and all entities associated with Fashion Palace. Keep up the hard work and striving to make this industry something we can all pride ourselves on.


  114. Gem Henly Says:

    Forums are not used for trash talk. I love how no one uses there names. Some people who do not like people find it ok to bash other in public just for fun. Well get a life and grow up. If you belive one word of this trash talk I feel sorry for you.

  115. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    sorry not me either, I always use my name, you won’t find a post from me without it. I just can’t be bothered to pander to this kind of behaviour is all. If anyone would like to talk to me inworld then feel free.

  116. Anabella Ravinelli Says:

    Not sure who’s been replying, but I’m not afraid to state my name. Oh Please, you might want to do some research next time before you assume things. Here is a link to our flickr showing the beautiful shows we have done with very well known designers:

  117. Oh Please ! Says:

    Wait !

    It could be the illustrious Kat Comet posting too!

    You know what they say …

    “Water seeks it’s own level”

    ‘Nuff said

  118. Oh Please ! Says:

    “Heaven Skakes”

    If you are going to RUN to FP not walk, why not use your name to tell us what awesome fashionista will go there to be trained as a pole dancer?


    I suspect that is because it is Colby or Sparkie posting.

    Stop it!

    You are worthless.

    Go away !

    Second rate school for second rate pole dancers!

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh !

  119. Enough! Says:

    Enough. Stop to give there such a worth. Dont use people’s name to attack . I blame all this page and comments. include goods.. Enough!

  120. omg Says:

    with the text you distinguish yourself not the least of those that you call bitch. Thinking is not your thing, right?
    Gutter children have a gutter lingo.

  121. lmao Says:



  122. Yeah! They teach to models “How to be escort, dancer, bitch, under the FASHION INDUSTRY label”

    I have seen their shows. They were pool dancing on the runway. O! M! G!

    They proud of their “HAWT” models.The best models are chosen as Colby’s mistresses.The rest of models shakes their asses on the “CHICK CLUB”


    Fashion Bitches Palace!!!

    Applause!!! Ponce!

  123. DejaVu. DejaVogue Who cares? Says:

    Speaking of useless wastes of space and oxygen, the DejaVogue CEO defends herself brilliantly, addressing the specious allegations that were, obviously, meant for the Scams thread but wound up here somehow.

    Don’t you have shows to produce and scripts to write Dolce? Oh wait I’m told you don’t write scripts for your shows. Do you do shows? Is that true? Better yet you can recruit models for your group who you can put to work as escorts and dancers. That is one similarity between DejaVogue and Fashion Palace, models are encouraged to work in their clubs. A worthy calling with vast earning potential

    Or better yet, maybe you can form a coalition with the Hollywood Walk of Fame group and take of over the world tonight.

  124. DeJaVogue Says:

    What I’m more curious of is why is a DejaVu/DeJaVogue post…as useless and a waste of space it is, on the Fashion Institute page?

    Come on now…if you’re going to create crap like that, at least do it on the right page!

  125. Heaven Sakes Says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH .. YAWN .. BORING … Don’t you people have something better to do than trash people? Aspiring to be a Top Model in SL … I will RUN not Walk to the Fashion Institute and sign up rather than take the chance of being associated with the rival Agency that most assuredly started this boring smear campaign out of jealousy/bitter partnership/bitter friendship (whatever the reason may be) in the first place. Mr.Pevensey .. please sign me up.for Heaven Sakes!

  126. DejaVu. DejaVogue Who cares? Says:

    Who are THE Donnatella COO-turier and Dolce Enderfield? “The 2 Ds”

    A better question might be why are they?


    Where did they emerge from?


    How have they become the topic of questions such as OMG’s?

    I’ll explain. It’s simple really. There are people in the SL fashion and modeling communities who, by dint of endless self-promotion, in groups, in blogs, attending others events and shows, become known and chattered about, whether they ever DO anything worthy or not. The 2 Ds are an example of this viral phenomenon. There is no there there in either case. Neither can point to any accomplishments of note, despite the aura of relentless self-serving activity that seems to surround them both. And now they are at each others throats over the word Deja. (see the previous explanatory post appended below)

    There are some remarkable similarities between the 2 of them. They are drawn, magnetically to the limelight of any function they attend. They know EVERYONE doncha know and they are everyone best friend. THE Donnatella, in his self absorbed, almost delusional, egocentricity believes that he is one of the most influential individuals in the SL fashion community despite not creating anything. He is neither creator, nor photographer, hasn’t directed an event, doesn’t own an agency, publishes no magazine, writes no blog, isn’t worth a second’s look as a model and uses the word bitch in every conversation and thinks that’s okay. Dolce, on the other hand, does own a modeling agency but where it fits in the pyramid shaped structure of SL’s modeling agency food chain is hard to tell. Certainly not a contenda for best of class. If any model has ever made a $Linden based on her efforts please feel free speak up for her.

    If the 2 Ds care to defend themselves they can dissect this post line by line if they wish. Dolce is both verbose enough and feisty enough to bring it. THE Donnatella is far too busy at her myriad jobs to be bothered I’m sure and if she does respond it will be incomprehensible anyway.

    I said it before. Who REALLY cares if it’s Deja Vu or DejaVogue?

    Neither Deja Vu or DejaVogue are REALLY of any consequence to anyone except in their deluded leaders self-inflated, ego-driven, opinions.

    Donnatella’s egocentricity surpasses the volume of the grid. Jersey/Dolce’s attention needs are self evident to the most casual observer. They should both have avatars with HUGE heads, wear titlers that say “Kneel vermin” and wear brightly colored uniforms, with jodhpurs, riding boots and crops to slash at people with. What are their claims to fame built on anyway? Not much of anything. I’d like to read the list of accomplishments they both claim to have.

    So, lady and gentleman, any model who chooses one of you over the other deserves what they get, and still has nothing to brag about, or worth mentioning on their profiles.

    If either of you do something worth mentioning, maybe people’s opinions will be revised in the future. I’m not holding my breath.

  127. Andrzej Makarov's Ghost Says:

    I can’t belief Colby is getting famous and I didn’t. But Colby has a historical precedent for his approach to models. You can see it all here:


    If this guy can get famous, write a book and do TY show Colby’s future is limitless.

    Go Colby go

  128. lmao Says:

    Copy Perverse !

    No Comment!


  129. Higher Authority Says:

    Colby is trying to make his way in a very tough group of businesses. There’s no rule against making money in SL nor is there a rule about using people. Making it in the niches he’s chosen is hard work. If he can succeed he is to be commended. Time will tell if he made the right decisions.

  130. Oh Please ! Says:


    Do you mean to imply that Colby deceived someone?

    Used them?

    Plotted behind their back?

    Stole their ideas and claimed them as his own?

    NO WAY! Say it’s not so!

    Do you suppose he does that often?

    With Sparkie?

    Would Sparkie do such a thing as well?

    Could it be possible that these two people are liars and cheats?

    O M G !!!

    I am shocked!

    Shocked I tell you!!!!

    * faints *

    Oh BTW I keep calling Higher Authority, Higher Power. Sorry bout that, but either way it seems to suit you 🙂

    Do you happen to know who Colby took all of his ideas from Higher? If so, please let us know.

    I think everyone should know what a snake this man is.

  131. Higher Authority Says:

    A different question for the Colbinator is this:

    Tell us, Colby, since you’re no doubt going to be reading this, whose vision provided the driving force of the Fashion Empire? Are you the brainy, strategic, business mind behind the multilevel assault on all levels we’re being subjected to or was it one of the girls? Would that brilliant tactician condone the self-serving, breathless “OMG OMG OMG Fashion Institute is the shit. I so loving everything we do there and now that I’ve taken their classes I’m going to be a famous SL model too. You need to come and check it out. It’s a family and Colby is our daddy. He’ll adopt you too. Hurry come see now.” posts on groups like models looking for work and starwalkers

    Tell us, please, what well-known consort/model/artist secretly consulted on the business planning for the Roddenham Development’s various projects and upon winning a prestigious title was, with prejudice, summarily, threatened, ejected, and banned by you? Nice to be the figurehead financier who gets the credit for all this shock and awe campaign.

    Nice to be you own little God isn’t it?

  132. Oh Please ! Says:


    “Slander” only applies if what is being said is untrue. It does not apply here because everything said here is true.

    You do not address any of the issues mentioned, I suspect, because, if you were to deny them, the outcry of models and staff who have run from your academy would bury you.

    Also, one thing that was not mentioned was that the ‘awesomely qualified’ Sparkie took the PS class, basic level, at MWC and she was the only person in the class that failed!

    One more example of how qualified this person is.

    One thing that is true is that at least she is consistant in what she does. She fails as a model too.

    She and Colby are both snakes posing as people and deserve each other.

    Higher Power has it dead on :

    “It’s interesting how he implies that SSMA is a top agency also when they’ve done nothing of note to date. Colby seems to live in his own world, surrounded by his entourage, safely adored on his sim and oblivious to what happens beyond its borders”

    Don’t be fooled folks, run fast AWAY from FI and go to a school that has credibility and respect, and will give you the education and contacts that you need to succeed as a model in SL.

  133. Higher Authority Says:

    “I have never read this blog before, or others like it until today.”

    Let’s examine this statement. He doesn’t read blogs. WTF. Heres someone who aspires to be “The IT Person” in SL’s fashion world and he doesn’t read blogs. How 90’s is he? Yet he wants to provide a one stop shop for all fashion services:


    but he doesn’t deign to read the industry gossip.
    Now admittedly much of what gets posted on Agency Report is BS. Not all of it though and Colby can’t be bothered to check it out.


    He finds it all “mildly amusing” How droll. Yawn.

    It’s interesting how he implies that SSMA is a top agency also when they’ve done nothing of note to date. Colby seems to live in his own world, surrounded by his entourage, safely adored on his sim and oblivious to what happens beyond its borders

    Engage Colby engage

  134. Colby Pevensey Says:

    I have never read this blog before, or others like it until today. I was moderately entertained that the other top agencies mentioned in the prior posting have all endured similar dramatic displays of lapse of common sense and decency.

    Normally I would not even give this brand of immaturity even a single second of my time. I have always known that with our unique style of instruction and approach to developing modeling careers, I would have a big target stamped on my chest. It is the personal attack on my staff, specifically Sparkie that prompts me to waste my time addressing those who hide behind anonymous names and trash someone to tears in a public forum. Where is the decency in that? Thank god most adults will see this slander for what it is…hatred.

    Isn’t this supposed to be fun? Don’t we all play in the fashion industry because we love it? This is a second life opportunity for most of us to live out an experience we could never enjoy in real life. To use this opportunity to post things like “second rate model’, “has no integrity”, “duplicitous behavior” are mean and hurtful. How would it make you feel to see your name attacked in public print. Shame on you!

    While I am here, lets set some things straight about Fashion Institute. My vision was to approach the industry with something fresh. A new kind of experience that contrasts the traditional agency/academy style of teaching and modeling. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all, I just wanted to build a parallel option. Our school is fun. We have a good time every day. But we take it very seriously and work very hard to make it better every day. Our primary goal is to create the highest level of quality teaching/learning environment available with classes scheduled 24/7.

    Our journey has not been easy. From that first day in July, we have had to pioneer a whole new path of educational policies and procedures. We still learn something new every day and implement quality checks at every point. I would challenge any experienced model, student, agency owner or otherwise to review our assessments and then ascertain as to whether or not earning certification levels is easy here. I can assure you, it is NOT easy to graduate from FI.

    As to the titles of our certification levels. Well, since we are a collegiate campus style experience we call our levels associates, bachelors, masters and PhD’s. Obviously, these are not real life degrees, but represent a level of achievement that people can relate to. For example other academies use top model, super model, elite model and so on. I suppose one could ask “who says an agency has the claiming rights to ‘Elite Model’? And what does that mean? This is just simply the way we provide the experience to our students. Simple as that. And, I must say they love it.

    The cost to attend Fashion Institute is very comparable to the other major academies. I don’t apologize for the fact that its a business. But I can assure you, I am thousands of USDs in the red to create this school and strive to make it a success. Its ludicrous to think that any of us are in this for the money. What a laugher that is. But, let me say this to demonstrate how ridiculous the “scheme, scam, shady” acquisition is. At FI we have a Student Financial Aide system that makes it possible for anyone who cant afford the tuition’s to attend classes. Since our inception we have awarded about 250,000L$ in scholarships that never need to be repaid. Additionally, we offer a work study program where anyone that qualifies can work in one of our many departments to earn their class vouchers. We will develop your personalized “Career Action Plan” and the money is not an obstacle here.

    For you nay-Sayers, I say…come take one of our assessment tests to see how you stand up to the task. To those who doubt our system, call me and lets go take a few classes together. Talk to our students, graduates and models about their personal experience at FI. Do I claim to the best school? No. Have we made mistakes along this journey? Yes. We will make more mistakes too as we add school wings to our curriculum. But we will be smiling and having fun in our little corner of the grid.

    We have found our niche in the business and will play there. I don’t worry about what people think of me or our approach. I worry only about being the very best we can be. Treating people with respect, helping develop careers and making life long friends. You will not hear me, or any of our staff bad mouthing any institution or person.

    This is my first and last posting in this cesspool of drama, lies and outright nasty-miserable behavior. Please…if you have a problem with me or my non-traditional approach to our industry call me and lets talk. But don’t rip the heart out of people in public forums…nobody deserves that.

    Colby Pevensey

  135. Snickers Says:

    I am shocked at this “school”.

    Colby has no experience, and Sparkie is a second rate model who hasn’t won a single contest or casting in her illustrious career.

    Seems all she has done is hitch up with people who can get her going, ie: JAS, C of F, and now FP. She rides on her “fame” as a JCNY runway manager, but all that means is she tells new models how to stand there and walk a straight line. Oh, and of course, filter the new models to whichever academy she is currently leaching onto. She has no integrity and as I recall, was teaching at FI while still a partner at C of F, using an ALT to hide her duplicitous behaviour ! Is this someone you would trust??? I would safely bet that whatever program she is teaching now is a direct and complete copy of the classes at JAS and CofF.

    To my knowledge, only SuperElite and CofF have the Elite classes, so if Sparkie is teaching them, well…draw your own conclusions.

    She even posts here supporting FI while still a partner at CofF !!! OMG ! One can only assume that she went to the money at FI and used CofF for all she could take them for .

    Ana has, at least, been trained at very good academies.

    More to the point, though, is this.

    What do these “degrees” mean? I have no idea, and neither does the rest of the fashion industry.

    At the end of the day, to “graduate” with a full PHD, start to finish, a model will have paid out over $40K L in fees !!!!!

    Also, for this whopping amount of money, you get to be a model at FP. How exciting!

    Colby then puts his “models” in skimpy lingerie and makes them dance on dance poles at his music venue!

    So, for almost $150.00 USD you get to become nothing more than a glorified dancer at FP!!!!

    Where do I sign up?!!!!

    Seems to me that this is the biggest and best scam to hit SL fashion in a long time. The only people getting ahead here is Colby and his staff.

    Also, I do believe that everything taught here is simply stolen material from all of the other agencies Higher Power mentioned. Shame on you!

    It is a money making scheme and a scam for all new models.

    There is, however, some merit to being able to take individual classes to learn the skills that you would like, HOWEVER, strong caution should be taken to who is teaching these classes?

    Colby hires on the cheap, exploits his staff, and uses mainly new models to teach. He doesn’t care, as long as there is an avatar in the room called an “Instructor”, he will charge through the roof!

    Use caution when going there. Ask questions.

    “Who will be my intructor?”
    “What experience do they have?”
    “What qualifies them to be an intrustor?”
    “What have they ever PERSONALLY done in fashion shows, videos, print?”
    “How long have they been modeling in SL?”
    “May I see my instructor’s portfolio and resume please?”

    These are all valid questions and should be asked and answered to your satisfaction before you hand over one single linden to any school, esp. one as shady as Fashion Institute.

    Colby saw a chance to rake in the cash on SL and he doing just that.

    Be careful and don’t be fooled.

    Take Higher Power’s advice and attend one of the more reputable schools :

    Evane, SuperElite, UVogue, F.A.M. E., L’Autre Academie de Mannequinat, Miss Virtual World Academy, Maniera, Catalyst of Fantasy, Moda, Glance, Avenue.

    You will get a much better education at a more reasonable price. Also, let’s not forget that an important part of modeling is networking! You won’t be getting too many contacts at FI that aren’t either being duped like you are or out to dupe you!

    Be wise, be careful and run from FI to an agency that has some class and integrity.

  136. a masters? Says:

    Is this the school that gives a doctorate in modeling?

    I nearly peed when I read this !

  137. Anabella Ravinelli Says:


    Yes thank you for clarifying. And you’re right, Colby does not have any modeling experience, but he has lots of business experience and is amazing at running one. He has now hired others in the field like you said to cover the school areas as well as many other areas too. He does not score the models anymore. That is just for me and Sparkie now, and our Career Director, Sequoia Nightfire as well.

    You’re right…we are not an official college and never have claimed to be. We just have a “college-like” atmosphere. We do not claim to be the “all knowing” source of what modeling is. But we do our best to provide the best possible modeling instructors out there. And now photography and design very soon as well!

    Myself and Sequoia too and probably Sparkie as well, always recommend other agencies for students to go to that would fit them for what they are looking for. I even recommend other schools! I for one trained at SuperElite, UVogue (no longer open), EIMA, and many others counting my alt I started on. And they all had awesome programs. I know Mimmi’s school is amazing, at Evane. GIA is a great agency. Avenue…I don’t want to name them all, but there are so many great schools and agencies out there, that I love to help recommend my students to.

    We are just very unique as you said in the way we are set up. Students at other schools pay say 5000L for a set of 4 classes. At FI, they get to choose what they spend their money on. And thats with recommendations and help from us so that if they want to be best prepared for their graduation assessment, they know which route to go.

    But no we are not an official college…I don’t have a degree in modeling in RL. But in the SL sense…we offer that sort of atmosphere. And that is all.

    Thanks again for your comments and I hope the changes we have made and continue to make will make us a better place!


  138. Higher Authority Says:

    I’ll be more explicit

    I think that compared to 99% of the new modeling schools in SL, that Fashion Institute’s concept, and approach, is UNIQUE. Colby, while a talented photographer hasn’t ever been a model has he? So what qualifies him to render judgment on the training and experience that a model’s had previously? Did he attend a modeling school himself? Now he’s hired some people like you, Sparkie, and you Ana that are more qualified then he is himself and that’s a good thing.

    I also think that the value of any given class, no matter where it’s taught, depends entirely on the instructor’s skills and experience not on the place that the class is given at.

    I was not criticizing anyone in particular. Merely the suggesting that Fashion Institute’s notion that it’s a “college” is a bit of a stretch. One size does not fit all in SL.

  139. Anabella Ravinelli Says:

    Anyone who has any questions or concerns or comments or suggestions or constructive criticism is more than welcome to contact us in world. I am the Dean of Modeling at Fashion Institute. Something I should clarify is that Fashion Institute is a school…not a modeling agency. We do have a modeling agency, SSMA…that Sparkie Funizza is our director of.

    Higher you mentioned “But the idea of undergoing a $L2000 evaluation to gain entry seems a bit tedious and greedy.” We do not charge 2000L for an evaluation. It is free. I’m guessing you have old information from quite some time ago when FI had just opened up. Its been several months now since that happened. The evaluation is now part of the application process. We assess the application itself as well as the students runway skills to determine where they are in their training. If they are brand new models with no training at all then they can start from the ground up with our beginner courses. If they can’t afford tuition they can apply for financial aide and so far I have not seen anyone turned down from at least the work study option…and several have been awarded a scholarship.

    If the model assessed has a lot of previous training they are awarded credits based on this so that they can start taking higher level classes. We offer classes from beginner modeling, to intermediate, to how to teach classes yourself, to even classes on how to coordinate your own shows and soon will have classes on how to run your own agency.

    Once again if you have anything you’d like to discuss with me directly, please contact me in world and I’d be more than happy to talk to you. I’m always open to suggestions on how to improve. We are by NO means the only spot to get training in SL but I love it here and considering we have over 100 students now, its good to see that others are loving it as well.

    Thank you!

  140. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Higher authority and anonymous, I don’t like drama and don’t intend to join in on any here, but I am more than willing to talk to you both about your concerns inworld.

    Feel free to contact me any time. 🙂

  141. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    ok look higher, normally i dont respond to ppl, but im making an exception. According to my tag, im a FI student, thus why i say im a STUDENT! and thanks, i will report on the classes and im sure, like i said, they will be good. and i never said you didnt think 1000L was a reasonable price, please read it over. i said SOME ppl would say it isnt.

    Thanks for voicing your opinion though, im all for ppl saying what they think. But that is just what it is, an opinion. But i do agree, i will go to a class and report back on it. My main point was to tell about the scholorships and Financial aid and the runway assessment, so the other ppl can afford to go. ok?

    Brittney Scorpio

  142. Higher Authority Says:


    “I too am a student”

    You haven’t taken any classes yet! How can you know anything about what’s taught? What are you a student of? The brochure?

    “These things will help you here at Fashion institute. I fully love FI and am thankful to be a part of it, and i cant wait to start classes.”

    Do us all a favor please, once you start classes report back on your experiences. We will all appreciate hearing a first hand overview of how THE CLASSES went.

    I did say L$1000 a class is reasonable if you just need to fine tune a few things.

  143. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    I too am a student, and i got to say, 1000L a class did indeed make me unsure of being a part of it. But i found a great way to do all of the schooling, with little or no cost to you.

    First off, i did a runway assessment, which earned me 7 credits right then and there. Idk if she does it with everyone, but i did it and am thankful for it.

    Next, there is a possability to earn a scholorship. Just sign up for one, and you could get one. Now, not everyone will get it, because dfferent scholorships depend on dfferent skills, experience, activities, etc.

    Lastly, there is financial aid. Just like a regular college, you can sign up for this. doing this, you work for Fashion Institute doing whatever you sign up for, for me it was customer service. i just have to dedicate 5 hours to being there and helping the customers when they come in, easy enough to do.

    These things will help you here at Fashion institute. I fully love FI and am thankful to be a part of it, and i cant wait to start classes. I cannot say anything of the teachers, since i have not gone to a class yet, but i will be starting one soon and will enjoy it i am sure.

    If you dont like it, then drop out of it. To some ppl, 1000L a class is unreasonable, which could be seen that way, but others are willing to do it. I am one of those willing, plus like i said, i signed up for financial aid, which im taking very fully.

    Just my opinion,
    Brittney Scorpio

  144. Noelle Yuhara Says:

    I am new to Fashion Institute. Have only been taking classes there about a week, but so far I have absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about it. The classes are very well thought out and have alot of valuable information that would be helpful to any model, whether you are a new model or an advanced one. As far as all of you that are complaining about the cost of the classes, as someone pointed out before, they offer scholarships, plus work study, and not only that, if you are going to complain about paying 10k for training or however much you decide to pay depending on the level you wish to have, then you really shouldn’t be getting into modeling. I have only been in modeling a couple of months and have already paid out way more than that for other schools and not even gotten remotely close to the education and knowledge that I have gotten through Fashion Institute. I highly recommend it to anyone that I know.

  145. Higher Authority Says:

    Fashion Institute, of all the recent new arrivals in the SL modeling education milieu, provides a unique educational experience. The notion that it provides a collegiate type of learning experience is ridiculous of course, because there is no LL authorized, governing body to authenticate Colby Pevensey’s right to claim that. Collegial perhaps. Collegiate? Not a chance.

    Make no mistake, claiming to certify the value, and validity, of anyone’s modeling experience is strictly in the eye, and ego, of the beholder. The skies did not open up and anoint anyone at the Fashion Institute as an Earthly manifestation of a higher power, nor give them the right to sell mortals dispensations. This could happen in SL I suppose but I’d have to see the video to go along with it. I’m sure Synthia Quintessa could create that if Colby contracted with her to do so. Also not likely.

    There is “some” potential value to the Fashion Institute’s approach though. It would seem to be more valuable to a model who has the basics down already and wants to work on specific weaknesses in their game. Taking a $L1000 class to improve only an area that needs work seems reasonable enough if the instructor is really good (more on that later). But the idea of undergoing a $L2000 evaluation to gain entry seems a bit tedious and greedy. Having been to one of Colby’s recruiting pep rallies where he wound up hiring some virtually, unknown, untested models as instructors made me a bit leery.

    As far as the instructors go here’s the question. Who writes, and owns, the class material that is taught? Is it unique, original material created by each instructor for “their” class? Or is it merely a re-hash of what has been taught at Evane, SuperElite, UVogue, F.A.M. E., L’Autre Academie de Mannequinat, Miss Virtual World Academy, Maniera, Catalyst of Fantasy, Moda, Glance, Avenue, and countless other schools in SL? Most likely it is. There isn’t a lot of original material content out there any more. Unfortunately it just doesn’t all exist in any one school’s set of classes. So ferreting it all out takes time and work. The quality of a class depends 100% on the instructor not the place where the class is being taught. Watching how an alt-click turn is done is best done face to face, being closely coached I think.

    So the question is this. Why not just search out and get models who do it all the time to coach or mentor you in what you need help with? Why do you need Fashion Institute to do that? Of course it might be more expensive then $L1000 for a couple of hours of one on one work with a good instructor. Lots of people can make suggestions on who the some really good models are at various things. Names like,

    Well, I could name a bunch but that would make it too easy. Why should I limit your fun? Half the fun is meeting the new people you encounter along the way.

  146. Anonymous Says:

    To Sparkie:

    I am a new model

    I went to Fashion Institute office and I noticed that it will take me 10 classes for me to become an associate. That means 1K per class and i will spend around 10,000 Linden. WOW! Can you provide us names of your instructors and their qualifications. Hope to hear from you Sparkie!

  147. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    I love Fashion institute!

    First off, it has a broader array of classes that suits all around modeling. Next, if you cant afford the payments, they have great scholorships and even financial aid, just like a college! Finally, i did a runway assessment for them, andi earned 7 credits right then and there based on my previous experience and how well i did.
    All in all, this is a great place to join, i refer them to anyone

  148. Giselle Temple Says:

    Premiere Modellng Agency is now partnered with Fashion Institute for all if its model training.

    Fashion Institute offers a much broader range of classes and times than could easily be accomplished with one agency. I love our arrangement and the students are over the moon about it!

    Students have so many classes to choose from and they can tailor their course work to heir career goals. It’s also a great way to polish skills for experienced models!

  149. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    oh except to say that we do have sponsored sholarships and a student aid progam, so even residents who don’t have any L’s to spend can still train with us if that is their wish.

    Also the advanced level graduations involve management skills, and being able to co-ordinate a show, manage staff, communication, business skills, etc. And at no point do we tell any student they have to stay and get a PHd, they can stop at any level they wish. So if you only want to be a model, you would only want to train to Assoc (assoc level can even be achieved through our FREE par that gives credit for previous training) or maybe Batchelor level, If your interested in becoming a co-ordinator or teach runway then you might consider going on to Masters. But if you wish to own and run your own agency or academy, then you would go on to business studies at the phd level. And as we get students at that level classes will be introduced.

    So really you would only go on to this level if that is what you aspire too.

  150. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    You are right we DO indeed need more advanced classes, I have no argument with you there, of course not.

    We are doing our best to recruit more good and qualified tutors to provide those classes and as soon as we have those available they will be added to the calender, which incidentally can be seen at:
    http://www.google.com/calendar/render?pli=1&gsessionid=A7RryCxLHu9fSPLM909tQA So any potential student can see what we offer before they pay any Lindens.

    If you know of anyone who would like to teach advanced levels for us then please put them in touch.

    As I say I can’t argue with what you are saying, and we are already doing our best to rectify the issue.

    As for making money, well come on this is a business!! A business is supposed to make money, thats why designers have stores, to sell their outfits and designs. We have to pay salaries- which at FI are substantial as no one works for free, as well as building costs, tier, etc, etc so yes we do need to make money just the same as any other agency, academy, store, magazine or other business in both SL and RL.

    I’m not going to respond again to this, as I feel I have stated my point as fully and concisely as it’s possible

  151. anonymous Says:

    When I went to modeling school we had 8 classes too but they were 8 different classes covering most everything a new model needs to know. There are gaps in what you teach since so many of the classes offered are the same.The clases offered on co-ordinating shows etc are nice if that’s what a model wants to do (not everyone does), but more advanced classes for very experienced models are needed. If you expect people to get 10 more credits after Par to get a more advanced degree you need to offer 10 or more advanced classes, right now you have no classes I would consider advanced, strictly for modeling. If you hope to compete with the agencies you speak of you have to offer classes that go beyond basics and taught by well known people with experience.I really don’t think people should spend 1k on any class taught by a model who has only been modeling a few months.Having instructors with a great deal of experience and respected in the modeling world of SL gives you credibility. Hiring every model who applies to teach there does not.

  152. Anne Says:

    Modeling school really?…Is this not simply a way for agencies & institutions to make money? Are you buying textbooks too?

    “Sparkie Funizza Says:
    I went to 5 ‘regular’ academies, all of whom cost me 10K for 8 classes (more expensive than us if you work it out) all taught basically the same stuff, nothing on show co-ordinating or management, or pose making (although there are 1 or 2 that offer this)

    So when you compare to that, FI is actually favourable.”

    Really Sparkie, this is your defense for running a modeling school? One would have thought a solid defense would be listing the names of the courses you offer and a brief description of what these courses are teaching and why one should pay for learning them from you, given that there are many avenues to learn these things for free. But I guess on Second Life, anything goes sometimes … 🙂

    Advice to aspiring models & models: Think about what you do before doing it. Is it really worth it to spend so much money on something that is essentially virtual? What are you actually gaining from this in your life? Is there something valuable you can be spending this money on? Is this adding anything of value to your real life?


  153. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    We are currently recruiting new instructors and increasing the courses offered, as well as the basic runway skills we have a series on how to co-ordinatate a show, as well as classes on business management coming up very soon for those aspiring to go on and open an agency of their own.

    I went to 5 ‘regular’ academies, all of whom cost me 10K for 8 classes (more expensive than us if you work it out) all taught basically the same stuff, nothing on show co-ordinating or management, or pose making (although there are 1 or 2 that offer this)

    So when you compare to that, FI is actually favourable.

    We have something for everyone, including our new photography school.

    FI and SSMA work very closely together, and with the models/students to support and guide them in their career from noobie model all the way up to becoming an agency CEO.

    I’m sure you will agree, most other academies don’t follow through with their grads in the same way. I know once i completed my 8 classes that was it.

    So please don’t rule FI out, but think through exactly what we offer now, and what is upcoming, we are still young and growing rapidly

  154. anonymous Says:

    It isn’t just a little pricy.You can get 10 credits for par and an associate degree, but to get a higher degree you would need another 10 credits for a bachelors degree and at 1k a class thats 10k you will have spend.Sorry, but there are not 10 classes anyone needs from there other than perhaps a very,very new model and even then there would be repetition. Most classes are generic modeling 101 level at best. Additionally, the majority of the classes, if you look, cover the same thing. How many beg modeling classes does someone need and why is that primarily what they offer? They offer very little in the area of advanced classes and very little in the way of unique, not already covered,separate topics.I also question the qualifications of many of the instructors as it seems like they hire anyone to teach even if that topic is covered by 10 other people already and some of the instructors are not very well known individuals and may be qualified to teach only the most basic classes-certainly not anything beyond that.If they ever decide to offer much more advanced classes I would hope they would bring in better instructors who have worked as a model, at a minimum longer than just a few months. The top agencies in SL at least offer a quality education taught by well known people for the price. Also, if you look at the entry level classes there are many gaps that would leave a brand new model starting out ill equipped to handle the job. And that, for what they charge, I think is unfair to do to someone.

  155. Morgane Batista Says:

    I am now officially a student at fashion institute. the staff are all great and fun.

    My PAR gave me 7 credits on 10 and i just been accepted to a scholarship, donated by Zari.

    i love the fact that you can start with your level of knowledge and not as a beginner while having already experience :o)

  156. Gem Henly Says:

    I love this school. I love the people. The schedule is so flexible and its when you want to do it. No one telling you to be there at a certain time on a certain date. The PAR course is now part of the new program so no more 2,000L to attend it. You can earn up to ten credits and start out with an Associates degree. Yes it is a little pricy, but how many other schools do you attend to get your learning? Its not just one its like three or four. So you spend the same amount learning at different agencies. Then you sign on with the agency and the jobs they offer are not even paid. At least here when you work for SSMA they are paid positions. Plus you keep the clothing…..go figure. Any ways I highly recommend the school to anyone wanting to join or further there modeling career.

  157. Just Someone Says:

    Well, I know that this looks like it is off to become something hot in the world of Fashion. I have heard good words, from reputable people. I would definately attend if I had the lindens.

    Although, one think I want to add. Yes, Fashion Institute is linked to SSMA. However, you say being in their agency doesn’t guaruntee work. HELLO? You signed up for the academy, did you not? If you did get what you paid for, then it is fine, right? You didn’t pay and go through the academy so you could gain entrance to the agency, did you?

    I think the Institute has potential. 🙂

  158. anonymous Says:

    It is rather a scam. By the time you pay to take enough classes to graduate even with a basic degree, you could have taken classes from a well known, respected place.Once you get a degree you are able to join the agency and possibly be picked for shows although you aren’t guaranteed you will get any work.And yes you can get credit for previous experience but you have to pay them 2k to get it.

  159. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    I might add that there are many schools in SL including my own (cof) and that is why this site was established.

    So that potential students could take a look and see what might suit them the best.

    We are all different and require different styles, methods, etc.

    What is wrong for you may be perfect for me.

  160. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    This is a new and original idea for a school, which means that students can pay for and attend ONLY the classes they need or wish to attend. The tutors are a selection of known model instructors around SL, all with their own style’s and idea’s. Some may suit your individual style others may not, so it’s great you can also choose which instructors you have too!!!

    It is also very flexible so you can attend classes at times that suit you rather than commiting to a long course on a specific time or day for weeks or in some cases months. With my hubbies anti SL attitude and his RL work hours, a set schedule is a nightmare for me, so this system is ideal.

    For me, I wish this had been available when I was training, it would have saved me paying a fortune for courses in different schools, and having to sit through classes of stuff I knew well just to learn the one or 2 things i’d applied to the school for. This way i coulda just paid and sat through the classes I actually wanted!!!

    There are classes available for both new models, and experienced like myself and many others of us here. I’m a student there myself and have one or 2 classes I would like to attend as were not taught in any of the academy’s I attended.

    Points are accumulated for number of classes you attend (and some can be credited for prevous training elsewhere) and you graduate when you have a certain number. Full Details available at the sim I believe.

  161. Anonymous Says:

    what a joke. waste of lindens for the gullable that think they will get ahead with this scam

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