Post below your comments about Fierce. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ive had a great experience with mami and bliss. Especially being a part of the clockwork show really boosted my modeling career! I will never be able to thank mami enough for selecting me to be part of the contest.
    I believe they are professional , and dont think you should judge as an outsider. They both , Bliss & Mami are extremely talented , creative ladies. They are so supportive of the models and its just like a little family. As for the “Same old winners” Thats not true. Im not a very well known model , and theres a few other models who have been selected who arnt “well known”. I believe they are giving each and every model a very equal chance to prove themselves. Some people excell in other areas than most ,Wena is a wonderful model , and the reason she is selected a lot is because she is so unique. She offers a wide range of styles and is very very experienced. Of course she is going to be selected.
    I really hate to hear such bad rumours about Fierce and the team. I really think you should get to know the creators themselves , and re think your opinions ūüôā

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Amazes me – how quick people are to point fingers without knowing what is actually going on in the contest. Perhaps, instead of paying lip service, you should join the contest – if you are in the contest and bad-mouthing it – may I make a simply suggestion – LEAVE! Talking about “Professionalism” – perhaps you are not familiar with the term or you would not make such an innate statement. Let me help you – Professionalism means the competence or skill expected of a professional. The practising of an activity by a professional, rather than Amateurs. Mami has been nothing but professional throughout this whole contest – right from the very first interview. So, instead of slamming her and saying things about her that are totally untrue, may I suggest that you interview the contestants (anonymously) and really find out what is going on behind the scenes and how we feel about Mami and the competition, rather than listen to people that are envious of her and what she is doing for this competition. That includes her time, her resources, her experience, nurturing the contestants – seeing that they know and understand what is expected of them. Whoever wrote that bovine excrement above, honestly doesn‚Äôt know what they are talking about! Thank you for your time.

  3. a great model whom believes Says:

    I have seen a lot in my modeling career in SL. I have seen good , bad , and ugly many times. I have seen people of all kinds blow many thing out of perportion and then some. I have seen haters out there and it really disappoints me extremely.
    There are alot of Modeling agencies in this vast world, and a lot of great models too. Why people would stoop so low, i don’t know. perhaps its there own ignorance or small minds.
    As for me, I believe in Fierce and am truly pleased with the work Mami has put into this agency and contest. She is fierce in her own way and there are many of us whom love what we do and will stand by Mami all the way, dispite the ignorance that goes down. We are whom we are and love what we do. We are Fierce Models and are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in.
    All I can say is….BRAVO MAMI…..Keep the FIERCE… I for one am FIERCE and will stand by it ! ! !

    Bewell ūüôā

  4. MrsArmymami Clowes Says:

    LMAO…. seriously how stupid can people be. Lol no im aint wyntir jewel lol dumb freaking people seriously wyntir is a good friend dont but i aint wyntir secondly those who know me know how i am outspoken and i am what i am what ever you think that maybe ive done RL modeling hunny and in any case RL ceos are outspoken as always and of course that letter is for my girls in the contest not for fierce itself. So funny how people create rumors lol i aint brtish im from the US wyntir is a pure bred brit so call me wyntir i can get on voice webcam and pretty much shut the drama that just comes out your mouth .

    Fierce Model Management is apart from the contest that im doing to acctually find models with good values and know how to acctually be models and still have fun on the side not act like there these huge divas in sl

    mami is a outspoken individual my tounge is open for a reason love me or hate hun the drama will continue because people in sl keep loving the drama i write here cuz i laugh at these stupid comments people put but then again kiss the ass of the same person there talking crap about here . those who kno me know me simple as mami not no wyntir not no bliss beningborough and certinally not a alt so ladies and gents u be the judges and yeah i can pretty much tell that clearly

    Fierce dosent work on behalf of anyone yeah wyntir did her thing back then aint my problem what happend that what her thing this is mine its funny tho people are like OMG wyntir a BIIAATTCH and what not i know her for half a year and i dont see that BIIIATTCH side of her yet. look at her as a good perfectionist and certinally a person who knows wtf shes does and yeah shes good at it so ladies u be the judge in your career dont follow what others say or talk shit about because if u do your career goes down the drain same as the person who talks drama period . u cant run away from drama but always do this have fun be yourself SL is a game a virtual world and if ur modeling for fama ummmmm wheres the fame at seriously wake up welcome to sl . at Fierce u will learn how to be brought up to RL agency standerds and learn the best ways possiable to do the best shows pictures and learn how to use something other then matrieya poses so up to u starting today apps are open at fierce guess what im even positing this in a notice ill let u all be the judge of fierce il let u all give ur crtique but i will say this i aint no wyntir and even wyntir has said herself to me im a idealist. and i know what the heck im doing so without further adue call me a bitch call me wyntir i dont care haha my fierends those who have worked with me know what im doing knows who i am and yeah know i aint up for pitty bs welcome to my world people bienvendio a mi vida gente even in spanish too omg my favorite quote from janice dickson the biggest bitch alive –

    BE YOURSELF AND U WILL BE AWARDED if u aint wtf u just a pixilized avatar with just poses and a beautiful avi woop enjoy

    oh and yeah wanna pm me in world send me notecards i accept hate mail ūüėõ go right ahead welcome to FIERCE MODEL MANAGEMENT – THE REAL PLACE TO ACTUALLY BE THAT RL MODEL IN SL

  5. Anonymous Says:

    She’s just keeping it “real” as they say. A true hip-hop diva!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Judge for yourselves the “professionalism” that comes out from MrsArmyMami Clowes, FIERCE MODEL MANAGEMENT CEO AKA, Wyntir Jewell

    Sent: 2009-05-10 04:18:20 note card

    Hey Girls after that long night of dumb fucking drama to hit the eliminations after words I never congratulated u all in making it this far the drama is now quite and I want u girls just to relax and calm down rumors spread around sl like bees in a beehive and its people like that – that really keep me alive because its funny how people can talk smack but don‚Äôt really do anything but talk to the other person to vent to but u all saw the side of me being protective and being honest this modeling world is a mess and I seriously am trying my hardest to teach u girls the real values of models its not about the runway or the magazine u are in its really who u are and people have told me some of u are a joke well guess what I don‚Äôt see a joke I see ambition I see girls who really want it I don‚Äôt want to give the prize to some crappy bitchy model what u seen now in magazines are two things glamour and the same perfectionist models yes these models are good but I want fierce I want u lady‚Äôs to be lady‚Äôs not strippers or girls to be on a runway blank minded and think you are the best bitch alive . This contest is not about u just modeling its about u you as a human being u as a person seriously if I wanted models I would have picked all the top dogs and not pick some of u but look I did it‚Äôs a mix I love and I want you all to respect those who don‚Äôt why did u join just to win 200k wow seriously that‚Äôs so blunt of u. but today my vow is to get you girls to the top even if u don‚Äôt get picked to be in the top 14 u girls will always be welcomed in fierce and learn rl modeling ways and rl teqniques and learn how to be a computer keyboard wiz ūüėõ as I sit this I laugh at those who call this contest fake because seriously then if it was fake why would I waste my time in writing message and planning my work schedule and really working to strive to make sure I pick the right girl to represent my companies girls ive done this before ive lived this dream before in RL and I kno its second life it‚Äôs a game but I want you to kno those girls who cant be models in rl I want u to be models here top models supermodels I want to see u in fashion shows I want to see u daily I want kno what is your energy . Drama will always follow u even for the biggest names even for frolic mills he gets hated on daily and look where he is he has his empire and he gives a rats ass what people think . So ladies today learn this ignore people there‚Äôs a mute button for something I want you all to be successful models in sl not just because u kno how to model but because u kno what to do and one day who knows some of u will be doing my job which is so hard which is very tough and causes stress but I stay here sane because u girls still rock my world now drama will always follow you but guess what kiss it just say okay fuck u and im gone ignore it I kno sometimes it hurts like today that to kno u and your friends are being talked about and my empire is being talked about like it‚Äôs a bad thing guess what I should take my advice sometimes but mami goes to mom mode in protecting those scared to my heart and I will defend like a cheetah to her cubs like I protect u ladies I hope everyone is having a wonderful mothers day and I will see u all Monday and Tuesday

    Xoxo mami

  7. Anonymous Says:

    From what I hear, the purpose of their applications is to find people who actually have character and a good personality.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    From what I’ve been told the only difference between this Agency and the other so called “elite” agencies is their stupid, extremely personal application form. All of that to produce the same old winners! The sl fashion industry is a MESS and money making machine for few.

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