Post below your comments about FUSION. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

9 Responses to “FUSION (4)”

  1. America Mertel Says:

    I agree! Someone has put a post in petitioning to make a Charleston Sim specific posting already. We shall see if rhey will do it. I hope so! Im not quite sure how this works…..

  2. Also concerned model Says:

    We are many that met Sambo in different occassions, him always talking about upcoming shows and different projects that NEVER occurs, but it´s ways to get together and as it´s mentioned here it´s an undertone present all the time, and it´s not an undertone that should be there when you deal with a professional. Keep your distance girls!

  3. Model Advisor Says:

    Face it ladies if you are not a friend or in the good graces of the agency owners
    NO amount of school
    NO amount of purchases
    NO amount of going to castings
    NO amount of hard work
    is going to get you any opportunities.
    The fashion industry is controlled by the few who happen to be on top at the moment and that is the reality , they have their own agenda, YOU are but a pawn, face it and do not be heart broken, protect your feelings and your linden and take it all as a game, keep your interests in other things open.
    Remember nepotism, hypocrisy, favoritism and many other isms are all alive, well and stylishly dressed on the runways of Sl

    • This is VERY true as it is outside of Second Life!! I had a personal experience at the “Charleston Sim” recently and even though there were judges the sim owner allegedly still had control. The Charleston Sim owner actually renounced the entire pagaent and also de-titled the winner……

      • I hate Charleston Says:

        Charleston sim is the worst! I boycot the shitty sim and all shitty shops associated with Charleston. If they have no respect for my time they don’t deserve my lindens. Charleston pageant was a total sham to loot lindens from eager models.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I suppose there needs to be a Charleston Sim post on the site then…..that way people can post their experiences there.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Well I would love to post my experience as on of the 12 semifinalists…someone make a Charleston Sim post area and direct me to it. I think a lot more people need to know what is happening on that sim.

  4. agencyreport Says:

    Hello, I am reported abuse by a avatar name
    Sambo Bracken, he runs Fusion Modeling Agency he claims to be CEO, and I auditioned for a runway show, he asked for my rl modeling photos,, I sent to him, then he met me again to discuss being in a runway show and said that we had to go to my house and whatever else happened there he would be happy to do to me and typed a smiley. I told him he was unprofessional and I would go to his agency to discuss the show only by appointment, and then he vanished.

    I ask for my rl photos back for 5 weeks, and just tonight he came to me did give them back and then said those things to me. I was told to report this here through SL model group. I cant even find his agency on SL.

    This person is an abuser, and not a member of fashion.

    thank you,
    JessieSugar Galaxy

    (moved by admin to the right agency’s page)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Fusion is another “fake” like agency with a horny owner. No need to say further I think.

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