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  1. Criticus Says:

    Most of the “agencies” on the list here are less than a memory, in fact the only place you find the names is this site….. So lets recount-most done in by back stabs, thievery, and the plain old idiocy that makes people believe that RPing in an animated chat room is reality. (I will remove your pixel appendix for only $999.00 linden-upfront in case you do not make it thru the hacking-cough cough). Lets liven up the place and write some new stuff on here, I know that most of the ex agency owners, CEOs and ex “top models” including a dead one or two are still kicking around SL. Come on Baby Janes. Lets title a section WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO: ____________

  2. TW Says:

    Hi girls !! It’s been 4 years since I left SL. I used to be a full time SL model and was doing catwalk at shows almost every week from 2008 – 2009. Recently I became interesting SL again so I have checked SL fashion blogs. But I could not find any articles about fashion shows etc like before. I’m just ….wondering and curious how’s the situation of current SL fashion industry ? Are they active like before ? Thanks for any advise.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, girls. I hope I post my question in the right place…I used to be a model in SL and it’s been for a while since I left SL in 2009. Recently I started to become interesting in SL again so I checked several fashion blogs but I don’t see articles about fashion shows like before. How’s the situation of SL fashion industry nowadays ? In 2008-2009, there were so many shows almost every day or every other day by multiple agencies. There were so much fun & competition ( I meant in good way ). I often did catwalk more than one show in the same day. Is the industry still active now ? Thank you ! Sincerely. T

  4. agencyreport Says:

    Maybe Frolic Mills has something to do with this.. Why should he report Ramonzita 300 times . and why should Ramonzita attack Frolic Mills? He seems to be a old drunk men.. We need something new . Something fresh.. Frolic its time to leave !! we are getting sick of you

  5. Under Duress Says:

    And for the record Ramonzita, extortion is a federal crime when committed interstate which includes using the internet.

    According to Wikipedia:
    “… extortion may also be committed as a federal crime across a computer system, phone, by mail or in using any instrument of interstate commerce. Extortion requires that the individual sent the message willingly and knowingly as elements of the crime. The message only has to be sent.”

    It’s only a matter of time before someone in the law enforcement area will make YOU their number one priority.

    Think about it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The big problem is these griefers operate outside USA, and it’s not ramonzita alone. It’s really a group of kids that act almost gang type. So, they can be in several locations, with different IP addresses, and never be legally punished for this, even considering that quite a few of them are underage.

      The main country where they are from is Brazil. The several SL names that were referred here earilier are just some of their alts. They are involved in fsahion industry, in designing, in skin making – and they are also good friends of a quite good skin brand.

      Everything they are doing goes way back in time in SL; this isn’t new at all.

      What can be done by all of us to held them legaly responsible for the extorsion they do? This is really a pertinent question, cause obviously US laws may not reach Brazil, which is the country they live in. All of them!

      All we can do is to really NOT pay anything they ask for – wether it’s ramonzita or any other of Vanessa Knoller/Nayomi Gartners alts.

      DONT pay anything and mute immediately. This is really almost a gang operation system. Once you get an IM from any of their weird new SL accounts, mute immediately. They may crash you by sending you tps, over and over again. And remember, several of them are online at the same time, so, if one alt doesn’t crash you, if you mute, there’ll be another close by to do the same.

      So far, LL hasn’t done anything about this, but we all can keep reporting. Even knowing that so many SL Models avatars have been copybotted, ramonzita’s account is still active on Marketplace, selling illegal copies for 800L. This should have stopped the first avatar that was set for sale by this group, on Marketplace.

      • vanessaknoller Says:

        Hi, you speak of crime? One of the major crimes conducted on the Internet and the crime that you have been doing: Defamation, libel and slander – are crimes against honor. Spreading false information harmful to the reputation of another person offends the dignity of another, or maliciously accuse someone of criminal, dishonest or dangerous.

        We must learn not to accuse people before knowing the truth.
        I am not and could never be this alt RAMONZITA …. I’ll tell you a little of my history in the virtual world SecondLife.

        First started playing Second Life in 2007, Brazilian’m very proud and started working as a model in the game for a long time, I think I will complete five years in this wonderful industry of fashion.

        Worked in 54 models in GRID agencies and many of them are still active, but I decided to modeling because my real life needed my attention.
        I worked in various journals powerful in SecondLife, eg VAIN INC., DEJA VU, GLANCE, ICON and etc.. In 2007 alone I opened and built the first model agency in Brazil that SecondLife was of great importance to help Brazilian models stand out in the international market.

        Unfortunately many people not only Brazil’s most of all nationalities, did things wrong and denigrated the image of Brazil in Second Life. That hurt me and all the people today who attempt a career as a model or take any other action at this sad reality.

        Note: People who are trying to tarnish my image and the other girl may be people who work with this RAMONZITA.

        Brazil is a country of decent people and they deserve all the respect.

        • Anonymous Says:

          So, in 2008, you, Vanessa, didn’t copy the entire NC of a well known model academy in SL and distributed it as your own, trying to teach modeling yourself in another group? Cause there is evidence of that. You copied and distributed the NC not even changing a comma!! That IS stealing!

          And it’s people like you and your puppy friends that give your own country a bad name.

          I challenge you to be inworld, in a public event, along with Nayomi Gartner, Pelu Venom, Dona Zuzu. And all of you on voice. Is that enough to prove your innocence?

          It’s very serious what you kids are doing in SL. Somehow, maybe with the several reports lots of people are doing, LL gets to you all. Not through IP addresses, no. There are other ways and you kids won’t see it coming 😉

          • vanessaknoller Says:

            Yes, I have nothing to hide! At the beginning of my life in SL I made mistakes because I am a normal person like everyone else, am not perfect. This happened because I was still very young and had no knowledge of the true result.

            Everything has been cleared and I pictured publicly with the company in question.

            Puppies? And so you show your respect? You end up showing that not really worth anything.

            Unfortunately I do not have time to SecondLife,’ve spent years of my life in this game and just today when I walk and important. No need to prove anything to you!

            Although Brazil speak English very well, and LL was already informed about these attacks on my integrity as a real person.

            Repeat need:

            Note: People who are trying to tarnish my image and the other girl may be people who work with this RAMONZITA.

          • Anonymous Says:

            You are probably right.

          • Loving this $hit!!! Says:

            Who cares? I think it’s all pretty hilarious. You all care way too much and the legal talk here, had me literally rolling on the floor. IT’S A VIDEO GAME!!! Keep those of us, who actually get that, entertained Ramonzita or whoever you are. Watching these idiots who think they’re even remotely important in a global world of any kind, scurrying like bugs is soooooo crazy funny!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

          • Anonymous Says:

            Vanessa / Nayomi / Zuzu / or boys and girls and other

            Stop being ridiculous. We know very well that you are asking for others can login to many avatars when you decide to get both in the same competition (in delirious be Miss Brazil – laughs!!!!) stop being hypocritical. You make mediocre products like designer, trash skins, you dont know and learn edit an eyelash!!!!, your photos on flickr are ugly, and you have eyebrows as one witch!or you know!! 😀
            You create agencies as owner and gets model just for insert more junk in your resume, this is not normal!! and naive girls believe it. Surely you laugh them I am very glad someone had the courage to start you report here!Does Mr. Mills, or other agencies will take some action. Model 5 years ago and needed to use avatars alternative? Why? Problems take a single identity? Or trying to hiden something?? We are awaiting your eager triumphant end, where you will be eliminated!

          • vanessaknoller Says:

            I do not have time for your nonsense these! Why do not you show your face? I in all my comments give my face to slap.

  6. Under Duress Says:

    If you or anyone caves and pays the ransom, because that’s exactly what it is, to the likes of Ramonzita, rest assured you will never stop paying.

    Don’t expect a person who has the morals and ethics of a snake not to ask for more money. The minute he/she runs out of money you will be their bank again and under hostage yet again. It’s almost funny he/she has the audacity to claim assurance that they won’t be back for more.

    How can you possibly trust an individual like that?

    If you pay a ransom, you’re only feeding this persons ability to hold hostage anyone’s creations.

    Just my humble opinion.

  7. 2006 TBC Says:

    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 01:54:26 2012) I will be funny
    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 01:54:31 2012) When you see what will happen.
    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 01:54:50 2012) Seriously don’t listen what others tell you. They’re not the ones getting harmed.
    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 02:08:47 2012) Kamilia darling. It will be very easy to make about 30 folders with all your skins.
    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 02:08:52 2012) Create about 10 new alts.
    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 02:08:59 2012) And distribute the skins full perms.
    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 02:09:28 2012) You’ll die inside. Think about yourself, Your business won’t be strong enough to support this.
    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 02:10:02 2012) Don’t listen to others. This is your business not theirs. You’re the one getting harmed at the end of the day. And there’s nothing they can do to help you.
    [02:30 AM] Ramonzita Resident: (Saved Mon Oct 15 02:13:03 2012) You’ll have till tomorrow evening failure of the payment means your store skins will be given out full perms in fat packs. Make ups and all others. Remember once those skins and items are out more damages will come in the future. The faster the fee is paid the easier will be for you. I won’t come back i can assure you of that. The 200k i will use them for my alt which i will not sell your skins. Think about it. Don’t make a mistake be smart. You have to tomorrow evening. See you sweetie.


    I don’t have anything to do with this girl Ramonzita
    We only care about our own business . So should we pay the 200K

    Judge for yourself

  8. Griefers Announcer Says:

    Do ya’all know who’s behind all the griefing going on in fashion shows, copybotting etc?

    It’s not only the avatar called ramonzita or whatevah. It’s group, one of them is the pbk of Vanessa Knoller. Vaness is now active in SL as Nayomi Gartner and he’s actually an 18 year old kid -a guy! And “he” is one of MVW contestants this year LMAO. They do voice during MVW castings and during the entire process. Since they are a group, Nayomi uses a girl friend to voice for him when needed. If yah want to check if this is a fact or not, just ask Nayomi to voice with ya, anytime you see her in SL. “He” won’t!! And this person is only one of the several that are part of the group of griefers that are supposedly attacking BOLS and MVW. They aren’t exactly attacking BOSL or MVW. They just are doing their best to have Nayomi aka Vanessa Knoller win every contest “he” enters, including MVW. And I’ll leave ya’all with something to think about: how many times have ya seen fashion shows where Nayomi is walking have the sim crashed? None! Just think about this. All the griefing is being done by a group of friends, for quite a long time! One of them is also Jersey Ceriano aka Dolce Enderfield aka Donatella Couturier aka Dona Zuzu and Pelu Venom. Ramonzita and all the other new accounts are just to make ya’all believe that they are new to this. They are not! This has been going on for years in SL and it’s the same group of ppl. I’d advise MVW organization to really check Nayomi’s voice, unexpectedly, not only on MVW events , but anytime, by surprise. 😉

    • Anonymous Says:

      What rubbish!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Nonsense extreme! You’ve gone too far.

      • Anonymous Says:

        incorrect! THEY have gone too far! I’m glad someone spoke out loud about this!

        • Anonymous Says:

          So if you’re not the Ramozita, you assume the other avatars? Dona Zuzu, Nayomi Gartner, Paris Aloix, and other men and women? Be ashamed of yourself … stop trying to be something you will never be( laughsssssssssssss!) …Why Frolic Mills takes a providence about it and remove you of the contest?

          • vanessaknoller Says:

            I think you let the imagination dominate you. I’m tired of this website without commitment to truth.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Are we supposed to add their store to our picks and join group before we contact designers for a position? Another model got selected for a position instead of me and when I asked designer says
    1. “you did not have my store on your picks”
    2. “you had my competition on your picks “and
    3. “you are not even my group”.
    The model she selected is not that good. But she got the job just because she had the store on picks and joined group! This is really getting on my nerves.

    • Anonymous Says:

      umm, if you are modeling for a store, you are representing that store, you are part of the marketing. I do not see where it is too much to be expected to be in the group or have it in your picks if you expect to be paid for modeling there. Thats simple business, you wouldn’t work for Chanel and walk it’s halls in Versace. Just sayin

  10. confused with some designers Says:

    has anyone had an dealings with Artistry by E? if so can you let me know

    • Anonymous Says:

      yes, why?

      • confused with some designers Says:

        i was just curious as to how they dealt with you? as i didnt have a very good experience with the owner she was quite rude actually

        • Anonymous Says:

          She’s extremely rude and rather childish. She suffers the illusion that she’s above all the rest. Personally, with all of the amazing jewelry artists in SL, I don’t shop her store. Her customer service is non existant and her quality is not near what others create.

          • confused with some designers Says:

            thank god i found someone who agrees, she is one of the rudest people i have ever met in sl not only that i heard that she told someone else that she does not want newbies of any kind in her store because they would make it look bad? she must suffer from how to market your store correctly saying things like that

          • Anonymous Says:

            I never thought her store was upscale. It is one of the mediocre stores in sl. She should consider herself lucky if newbies hang around her store.Some people in sl are just delusional. LMAO

          • confused with some designers Says:

            i highly agree with you , she is delusional well must be

  11. One Voice has gone silent Says:

    I recently was viewing Bestyle Agency’s magazine online.Mimmi Boa on the cover wearing Hush skins and the magazine had a full interview with Hush skins creator.Which made me think what ever happened to all the funds with the One Voice donations?

    • Anonymous Says:

      BeStyle featured Blush skins, not Hush. Different designer with a completely legitimate line of skins.

      The One Voice funds are being used to fight Gala’s court case; for obvious reasons she can’t talk about it publically. I’m sure we’ll get updates when its legal for her to do so.

  12. Confused Says:

    Can someone please tell me if models make any money in sl? My model friends spend a lot but don’t get paid for their work. If I become a model how much can I expect for a photo shoot? How much for a fashion show? How much for in store modeling? Will I get paid at all in lindens? Could you please shed some light on this matter? What is a normal salary for models?

    • Isoldel Says:

      1.) It’s an expensive hobby. The budget between spending and earning never balances out in the end.
      2.) Every agency is different and operates on a different level. The bigger agencies can afford to pay their top models fairly well while the smaller ones are respectively cheaper.

      To get a better understanding on the modeling pay salary, I would highly suggest asking these questions to as many agencies as you can because of how different they are to one another. You might not get concrete answers from all of them but it’s worth a shot.

      • verytrue Says:

        Isodel knows what she is talking about. You will never make more as a model then you spend. Even the few SL models who have had RL contracts/gigs on SL have not made any real money so the only SL ones don’t stand a chance and do it mostly for fun and because they can afford to.

      • Confused Says:

        Thank you Isoldel.

        I talked to few top good designers. They were very nice and said they will hire me if I have good skin and shape.

        I have few instore modeling positions lined up for me after I get my makeover. But the designer asked me to get back to her with my salary expectations (she does not know standard salary for sl models either) I just want to know standard average salary for new models.

        One agency I spoke to wanted me to join their classes and spend money before they answer any questions. But the designer is ready to give me the job next week. My model friend will help me style she has certificates from few agencies but never found any real job or an opportunity to work with good designers. She suggested I take the job offered to me as agencies were full of drama and cat fights.

        I am not looking to make real money – just enough to cover my sl expenses.

        I wish there are some resources for new models and designers.

        • There are resources but there is no template for how much a model is paid because each agency/designer/store handles all that differently. You probably won’t cover your expenses ever as a model because investing in good skins, hair, shoes etc will always outpace what you earn. Some store models are paid in goods and others are paid for how long they are logged in at the store and able to assist customers. If you’re lucky you get both as it pads your wardrobe and your wallet but I never remember making more than a few hundred lindens a store modeling “session” because it’s just not where money is. There are several modeling groups in SL for new models and designers. model looking for work, Model’s Workshop, Starwalkers, Maniera has a group as do others, some are listed in my profile but it’s late and I know I’m overlooking a lot of them. I enjoy it but it’s not bringing in the bacon.

        • Isoldel Says:

          I would suggest trying your hand in some type of business, such as making clothing, to help supplement the “modeling habit”. A lot of models do this to help their expenses, like myself. I have a pose/animation shop as well as a small MarketPlace store. Every bit helps in the long run.

    • Former SL Model Says:

      SL Modeling is not a career to undertake if you want to make money in SL and for most SL models they would be lucky if they could just break even. I modeled for 3 years and probably spent close to $1000USD in the industry. I know that I didn’t even come close to breaking even although in the end I was at a point that I would make more lindens than I spent and actually had a few months where I cashed in Lindens. But in the end I was modeling less and working as a store manager/marketing where I would get part of the profits as my salary.

      A very talented SL Model who is no longer with us once told me this about SL Modeling – ‘We are paying others for the opportunity to call ourselves SL Models’. It was the most truthful thing anyone has ever said about the industry.

      Now having said that it is feasible to break even as a model at least to the point of the money coming in equals the money going out but it’s not the easiest thing to do especially since I do highly recommend at least one SL Modeling class (range $4k-15KL depending on who teaches it but you really only need one class).

      If you want to know how to make money consider this – Runway shows will pay anywhere from nothing (‘but you got free clothes – woohoo!’) to around $2k depending on the agency. Photoshoot about the same. But between shows SL models spend money on making sure they have current skins, updated hairstyles, great poses and all the other trimmings needed to be a successful model. I remember one time having to spend $1000L on new type of poses to walk in a show that paid me $500L. Today’s models are lucky – when I started there was no makeup layer option which means about every 6 months I’d have to churn out about $5000-8000L on new skin fatpacks. To only have one skin option was a bit limiting as a model. Today you can buy one great skin with little makeup and have thousands of makeup choices with the makeup layers.

      One of the best skills a model needs is photoshopping. Creating portfolios can be very expensive if you don’t know how to work Photoshop. I kinda gave up on contests simply because I couldn’t keep with the photoshopping wizards and using a professional would get to expensive.

      Pose stand modeling will help a little bit but make sure you ask a lot of questions before taking on those jobs. I did pose stand modeling at first and hated the ones where you had to be 100% in front of the screen. Yes I appreciate that we’re also there to provide customer service but my butt gets sore sitting in the same chair for hours on end. I had one designer (no longer in business btw) who insisted we log out when we took RL bathroom breaks. Really? I can’t even be gone for 2-3 minutes. Back a few years ago you could find stores that didn’t mind having models pose on stands afk because in reality the models were being used to boost your SIM traffic count which would put you higher in the search engine. But the Search engine has been modified in a way that makes that number not as important – search is now based on keyword relevance but you can switch to traffic view.

      The times I made money I found other jobs in the industry including show design, model training and store management. Yes I would finally take in more money than I spent. But then one day I realized I was spending about 15-20 hours a week doing all my other fashion related jobs in SL but taking in about $10-$15USD for the work. Trust me, the pay was good and the bosses I worked for where very generous but I realized I was neglecting RL and had to cut way back on jobs like that.

      I have absolutely no regrets with my time in SL modeling because I’ve made some wonderful friends during that time. Friends who I still talk with even though my account no longer exist in SL.

      As others have said your smartest move is to find some of the new model groups available and my biggest recommendation is Models Workshop, which I hope is still around today.

      • goodadvice Says:

        Thank you for taking your time to post your experiences with SL modeling. Definitely very relevant to what aspiring models want to know.

  13. need advice Says:

    Can some one recommend the best shapes/skins? Should an aspiring model purchase one pre-made or have it designed special? Any recommendations on good quality designers? Thanks

    • thingy Says:

      My best advice for you is speak to models inworld.
      See them and the skin they are wearing
      Then fix yourself a budget. If you are new I would recomend you dont go spending tons
      Then when you have seen a few skins you like, go to the store and try the demo for a few days
      If you like that skin then buy it
      My own preference is also to stick with one skin, and buy makeups
      It is best to be recognisable than to constantly change skins or eyes for instance
      Laq is good, but I really would shop around if I were you, and take your time
      I hope this advice helps you, and good luck

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I was just sitting here wondering,when it comes to pay and vote contest isn’t it the same thing when you have to spend money on designers items buying there clothes to be in there contest?Pay to Play it’s all the same especially when you have to spend it on new items for the contest that you might don’t have the money for? Maybe it’s not but seems close to it.

    • annonymous Says:

      oh well, designers cannot run a photo contest on some other designers outfit. so it makes sense to have contestants wear their designs. pay and vote however is not the same.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Not true, read the rules for Fellini Couture Muse 2013. You’re wrong!!!

        • Anonymous Says:

          May be you should consider reading the rules for Fellini Couture again! See below – copied directly from Fellini Couture Muse 2013 notecard on how to apply:

          Make a folder named : Fellini Couture Muse 2013 – Your name

          /!\ (Please make sure to name the folder correctly or your application WON’T be considered)

          Put in the folder :

          ► A full body shot with a Fellini Couture gown.
          ► A close up.
          ► The interview notecard completed

          You will be automatically disqualified if use another designer’s gown.

          You must be out of your mind if you think one designer is going to run a contest and give money away to promote another designer’s outfit! Defies all logic!

        • Anonymous Says:

          If you are selected for the finals you have to put together 2-3 looks. One look is called mix and match. For that look you are allowed to use part of another designers gowns (not a whole outfit!) See below — again the emphasis is on mixing and matching parts from Fellini gowns.
          You will create one look by mixing and matching parts from different Fellini gowns. You may also use parts of other designer outfits as well for this look.

          • Too many idiots Says:

            “You will create one look by mixing and matching parts from different Fellini gowns. You may also use parts of other designer outfits as well for this look.”

            EXACTLY!!!!! Thank you Anon immediately above this post, for the other idiot, try reading for comprehension….guess we’re “out of our minds” dumb dumb!!!

          • Who is the real Idiot? Says:

            For your kind information – same Anonymous wrote both the posts!

            The bottom line – you cannot enter the contest if you send a photo with another designers gown! You will be “disqualified”. GOT IT???

            If you are selected for the final round, you “may” use another designers “parts” for the “mix & match contest” (that btw is just one of the 3 contests) That means the base of the outfit you put together must be Fellini and you may use few attachments from other designers to enhance your look. Again, you can only use bits and pieces from another designer that is not really recognizable as another designers work : e.g. a small attachments like sleeves, belt etc.

            For the other two main contests, you HAVE to use Fellini designs! So basing your whole argument on that little contest where you can use few attachments from other designers is just ridiculous!

            1. Fellini requires you to use Fellini gowns to enter the contest!
            2. They require you to style with Fellini outfits even for the finals. In a small contest called Mix and Match you may use another designers attachments to enhance your Fellini mix and match look.

            It is a total waste of time arguing with idiots who cannot even read and understand a simple notecard. I want to see you moron try to get in the contest with a picture wearing another designers outfit! LMAO

          • Too many idiots Says:

            NO ONE said they were entering anything with another designer’s outfit!!! In love with yourself much? STFU!!! You’re annoying as hell.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Yes dumb people always find smart people annoying lol You started the baseless argument!

  15. Debbiedoo Tigerfish Says:

    so this is my idea
    Any COO or trainer or reading this if you are interested in working out some big idea independat of sims then lets do it in world. There is no need to post in here.
    No questions will be asked of who you post as in here
    Lets all set aside our differences and do something together.
    We can agree between us how what who etc…

  16. Tillie Ariantho Says:

    @potential models

    If you are not willing a fortune into SL items, forget modeling.

    Why not try taking snaps of shows instead? It seems besides me there are very few event photographers in SL.

    All you need is a decent PC and have a bit of an eye for taking photos.

    AAAAND you need to be fast. 🙂

  17. Tillie Ariantho Says:

    I have no idea about how the training is in all those agencies. But I can tell from the 400+ shows I took photos of, allmost all of them deliver good work. It was only a handful of bad shows I can think of, and that was either a) pretty bad designs (fault of the designer, not the model agency), b) tons of lag/crashes (SL issues), or c) bad organization by the hiring person (how shall a show with 20 models work if the land is restricted to 40 people? With models + additional staff like host, DJ, photographer etc., designer and landowner the sim is almost full, no space for audience left.

    So please stop bashing the agencies and give some higher votes.

    Thank you.

  18. Debbie Says:

    I hate calling you Scam so will call you Lucious if you dont mind.
    Its nice at last that we dont have to argue.

    As for starting my own agency, I love CWS too much and doing what I do there, and thats teaching and doing the judging and announcing on the Tuesday and Weds night styling. I also have a hectic RL and to run an training school takes alot of time, and thats something I just dont have
    I did actually run what I am suggesting in the Arab Sim as one of my closest friends in SL is an Egyptian lady (Riham keng) who has no assocaitions with any modelling agencies, and she came to me by chance pointing out the lack of opportunity for Arabic women to be involved in modelling. However it was just me and Riham together with Dani of Danielle who kindly provided the wonderful gowns and also Didier Rascon (who is the most wonderful and generous man) was a judge along with Dani and Pippa Exonar the singer. At the time I thought wow this could be done much bigger and better. Thats why I am putting out these feelers

    It would be great to receive input from models at all agencies and then form a group and start this for real in world, and use this forum and others to get the word out. There are so many positive things we can all do, so lets do it. it will be independant of agencies but sponsored by them. .


  19. Hi ex :) Says:

    The casting was brilliant. Mr. Mills placed all importance on styling ability and good taste … the only 2 things that cannot be taught in any academy in Second Life nor in the real world.

    The rest is easy peacy!

    Buy an AO, get some poses… blah blah!

    The new episode begins September 18th – when BOSL Fashion Week begins! Don´t miss it ex!

  20. BVLD - The new era begun! Says:

    As a an ex and kicked out Boulevard i wish the new gang in BVLD the best of luck creating “the new era”. Knowing how you selected the new models I think Henry Ford would have been impressed. But maybe he had cared about if his cars would have been able to drive not just look good. The fast process got you a wolf in disguise in though but that will take you some more time to find out.I look forward to the next episode in this “new era” soap-opera.

  21. ScamAlertLicious Says:

    Tragic fate not sure where you live but this blog and the internet are not a totalitarian state or a communist country! You’d like the truth to be hidden but that will never happen. Maybe the reason CWS is under fire so much is because they are the worst offender, a huge scam and people are seriously angry! Maybe, just maybe if there is enough information (actually try reading some of the posts there is very detailed information there) put out there to the general public, would be models can avoid this place like the plague, other models can beware and alerted and CWS will ultimately shut down! Duh!

  22. Tragic fate Says:

    This site turned into a complete cuckos nest with one single focus, Classic with Style with tons of posts repeating the same thing over and over. It is really sad for Agency Report as it´s a great idea from the start but please close it if it can´t be monitored.

  23. Caffine Says:

    at @noob yes most of the models do walk in shows for the agency of course you have to go threw castings so that it give a chance for all the models to have their turn, but most models do walk in shows for their agency’s

  24. Noob Says:

    Can I have more information about working as a model in SL? I have seen many models list a lot of modelling agencies they asociate. And schools they graduated. Do they really model in shows in those agencies? Perhaps it is just looking good to show a list of agencies you belong to?

  25. Wow Says:

    That’s mean.

  26. Pathetic Bitch!!! Says:

    I am so tired of that pathetic shit LovelyMiwako7399 Menna. Always the drama queen begging for money. It\’s never enough to beg from just one person but she has to turn around with the same sad story to beg from another. What a pathetic clingy shit. Don\’t ever give her money you will never see it back!!!

  27. Yxizm Exonar Says:

    I recently graduated from MVW Academy. I would like to express my gratitude, appreciation to Teachers and Executives for their excellence in providing great intellectual on Fashionista, advises, “can do” attitude to assists. Mr. Mills, I appreciates your challenges, critiques, and advises you provided. Its good feelings to be challenged by the Best Fashionista Scholar, you spoke as it is; taught and prepare US for SL’s Fashion gusto. Thank you!!!

  28. caffine Says:

    Heydon, I feel so sorry and sad that it has come down to this, where you had to leave and close your account. i hope i never get to that point where a agency or the drama get’s so so bad that i want to leave sl, That will not be fun at all, and that is why we suppose to be here to enjoy our fantasies of being a model or whatever we choose to be.Good luck to you Heydon you always spoke and was nice to me.So i wish you the best xoxoxo

  29. Wow the hatred, negativity and the uncultured drama that continues to flow through the modeling industry in SL and onto these pages just continues to amaze and sadden me.

    If someone has a legitimate complaint then so be it, please air it out and feel better about it, because just maybe you saved someone else some L$’s or a bad experience.

    But what I’ll never really be able to understand is the overall immaturity of people just throwing out blatant lures with drama hooked to the end of it with the knowledge that everyone that reads it will begin the feeding frenzy….to you responders you just empower these people to continue their fishing. They say to themselves….Nice I hooked another one, YAY!! and off they go responding with more flames and flares….They say this is FUN….well frankly I hate it, and I think a lot of others do as well….

    I have run an Agency for over 3 years and can’t say that I haven’t had my share of issues….but I have never had a model leave my agency and bad mouth me, my Agency or the rest of the industry to the likes I have read here….and frankly it really makes me sad to read some of these posts. I don’t quit understand how bad that must seem for models that they have to rise to the levels I read in these posts. Is it made up? Is it an exaggeration? Do they love the drama? Is it truth or consequences? Who knows……one thing I do know… reflects directly on the Agency and its management and how every model is treated their before the explosion….

    Agency CEO’s and owners have to step up and make sure that your in your models faces, listening and caring for all your employees, models and management both. Make it a point to say hi to everyone in your agency daily, care for them, feed them….and in return they will understand WHY they weren’t selected for that show, or WHY they need to change their look, and be thankful for it and generally not make the same mistakes again. So many miss the point…..your flying all over the place trying to impress and really forgetting HOW you actually impress them….by having an agency that people love, and that is loved by your people that make it.

    And as far as you models are concerned….if your not in my face about what you expect, and how I might improve your overall experience at my Agency then your wrong. If you are complacent, not active, don’t say hi back to me, then you probably got hired under false pretenses….. because when I hired you….and believe me “I” hired you….I expected better….don’t ever be afraid to talk to me…..

    Over the years I learned a GREAT deal about how to feed and care for my friends (models AND management included) at iC…and together we have become a better place….and by God we have fun on Sundays nights!! And I will always be learning from you and others…..

    So, for all of you about to cast that line into the waters, before you hit enter on that flame or drama filled post, take a deep breath and ask yourself, would Kris like to read this, and will it make her more saddened about how this industry is becoming, and maybe you change your stance and make it more into a productive post, instead of a flame….and I, on the other hand, will do my part to keep you all happy….or better yet send the post to me @ so that I can carry the burden and the rest of these readers can benefit from truly useful insight on the industry and Agencies that are talked about here….

    I’m so sorry for the long post, but I spent a few minutes reading many posts here and I did start to feel quite depressed about most of the drama and none of the meat about Agencies that I really wanted to read….

    iC Motions Fashion

  30. Oh My God Says:

    Wow, Heydon. I was reading your posts and was going to reply with some best wishes for you and your future. Then I got to the part where you start spouting hatred and intolerance.

    Glad you are leaving now. You won’t be missed.

    Ta ta!

  31. Dear Heydon, Says:

    if Heydon is truly who posted that last post

    blah blah, Drama, Blah Blah, more Drama

    you made your bed, lie in it

    I do not claim to be a religion expert, but I have always felt the Gods message was one of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

    Seems your word is more one of hypocrisy.

    Best wishes in your new life, may you behave better in it.

  32. Heydon Milter Says:

    Privileges of checking out and NOT CARING. KISS MY DEAD LIPS! I have a real life. Don’t lose yours to this crummy simulation.

    I worked harder than you realize as a model in SL. I was on JCNY for nine months. I made all the sets for IMA for the first five IMA shows. I paid over 14K Lindens in tier fees to keep IMA’s land when the other three owners wimped out. I wrote the obligatory scripts, I made the connections to keep the designers happy. I know the score! I made the IMA logo you see now with the flags. F-You!

    I make 50K a year- that’s real life. Screw you and the horse you came in on. you ignorant college student!! I modeled around my 50-hour work schedule. I’m a VMW Academy graduate, child!! Sept. 12, 2010. Ask the saintly Kay Fairy. She will vouch for that fact.

    What you all do here is meaningless. Don’t you know that?

    It’s not real. Its a fantasy world. And yes, Frolic Mills is a a queer who will answer for his sins before the Lord God in heaven.

    It is not too late to repent you narcissistic sinners!


  33. @Heydon Says:

    Good riddance Heydon you should have left and offed yourself long time ago You always sucked as a model anyways and your avi looked like a noob. All you ever did was try to use people in order to climb your way to the top without trying to work hard like the rest of us and now your left sulking with your tail between your hind legs. Karma is a bish remember that Heydon Milter.

    Slams the door@Heydon

  34. Heydon Milter Says:

    I am Okay real life, deleted my SL account is all. Heydon had no way out.
    Leaving was the only option. Did not mean to scare you. Rl/SL life, still hurts.
    I loved modeling. Sad top go.

  35. @ Heydon Milter. Oh dear. Are you really dead? Please answer if you are so we all know you’re not ok, ok?

  36. Heydon Milter Says:

    I’m dead…

    I left SL. It’s all my fault for taking my own life. I’m weak. I participated in a scheme to take over IMA. I lost my friends, my integrity, and my will to go on. I was manipulated. I wish I could have just said No to Genevieve Kamala. I wish I could take it all back, but there is no going back. What’s done is done.

    Goodbye Cruel World

  37. Little Sunshine Says:

    Nave Fall just saw your Naked AV pics on Flickr,Vey nice

  38. Nave Nude Says:

    Love the naked pictures you on flickr, nude in SL, Nave you are modest most men in SL would get themselves a big wang, well done for showing off your body.

  39. Glitter Bolissima Says:

    Aww thank you Nave. Those were the good ol’ days lol. I taught you how to walk straight and you gave me my first fart bomb! Choking on the green smoke was the best ha ha 😛 Gosh it will be 2 years ago in a few months. I think we should test you to see if you can still walk straight. XD

  40. Nave Fall Says:

    I’m glad Vel took the time to respond to Miss Cha Cha Cha. She’s much nicer then I am in how she responded to the snarky question……… I don’t feel compelled to be that nice which drives some people a bit nuts. What can I say?

    There is one point she made that I have to correct as it applies to me, personally, I am biased. If someone comes to me and asks advice about an SL modeling agency or school they are looking for my personal opinion and I tell them that. I can only recommend things that I have experienced myself.

    I have an easy time recommending that an aspiring model get trained by someone like:

    Mimmi Boa

    Kay Fairey

    Topaz Joubert

    Anabella Ravinelli

    Wicca Merlin

    Lorelei Maggs

    Ricoracer Flux

    Shae Sixpence

    Glitter Bollissima (if she can teach me she can teach anyone)

    Kryptonia Paperdoll

    Dancer Dallagio

    Katina Magic

    Jasmine Night

    Louise McWinnie

    Leandra Breen

    Vel Charisma herself

    to name a few I know who will do a very thorough, and professional, job.

    I, COMPLETELY, avoid and, truthfully, advise people who ask, to avoid “no-name” trainers who I PERSONALLY find to be less reliable based on the complaints I receive about promises not being kept, classes being cancelled, being forced to buy outfits from someone specifically for a class, graduation shows not happening etc.

    With established people who worry about their reputations you have far less bullshit to deal with. For an experienced model who needs a tune-up I think it might be preferable to seek out 1 on 1 coaching/training which is more intense and deals with unique, individual weaknesses, and problems.

    My “personal” bottom-line is simple. The content of the classes and the personal attention paid to each individual is far more important than the “certification” at the end.

    After getting well trained in the basics the responsibility for succeeding falls to the individual. If they think that the world of SL fashion will acknowledge their achievement at getting trained they are in for an eye-opening surprise at the number of yawns they’ll get.

    I’m just,

    Nave (Not the fashion police) Fall

  41. Vel Charisma Says:

    I would like to also respond to you Miss Cha Cha as well as answer anyone else’s question.
    This is not about policing. It is about offering help, direction and free information.

    The MAABA (Model Agency/Academy Bureau of Accreditation )is a source for untrained but aspiring models and certified models to go to for sound and trustworthy assistance when seeking the right modeling agency/academy.

    This organization is not made up soley of Mr. Nave Fall or myself. Instead it is a collective group of dedicated individuals that are offering there services for free as the MAABA is a free non for profit service.

    Any interested person with some background experience and the ability to be objective can take part in the bureau.

    Modeling agencies accredited by MAABA will meet, at the least, basic standards in the curriculum and training received by models agreed upon by the Bureau.

    MAABA’s sole purpose is to set basic standards for beginning model training in Second Life. We do not seek to recommend specific modeling academies, but to serve as a listing of schools that meet standards developed by members of a board consisting of top designers, models and officers of modeling agencies.

    Accreditation of schools is one way for a model to have certain assurances about the quality of the training they are receiving.
    In addition , designers can be assured of the quality they are getting when they employ a model or agency to represent their creations.
    It also ensures that designers sponsoring shows or models investing in schools will not lose their investments due to the dissappearance of an organization.

    I would likely to firmly reiterate, this is simply an option for some that wish to receive sound , unbiased information. It is free for both modeliing agencies/acadamies and those seeking training or general information.

    If persons want to take part, great, and they are welcomed. If others do not , that is fine as well.

    I personally would love to know that some organization has done at least part of my research for me (for free) to help me in making my decisions.

    For those of you that are interested in sitting on the board please IM me in world or drop me a notecard.

    We should be offering applicatons in the very near future for the listings.

    Vel Charisma

  42. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    Press Release

    First on behalf of Jenna Coppola and I we wish to thank all of you for your well wishes regarding Jenna. It has been a long road, however now things have changed and her health is permitting her to return to Second Life. I am honored to have my wife back.

    We wish to address the issue of Florence Rebane.

    In the beginning once talking to Florence it appeared she would be a good fit for Jenna Coppola Studios. She approached with a business plan. During our tenure together she was very polite.

    I was approached by individuals within Second Life who provided information that Florence Rebane went by the name Donatella Couturier. Speaking to Florence about this she did eventually confirm this as true. She had already launched the Jenna Coppola Agency.

    After a long discussion with Senior Staff, we determined that Florence Rebane is not a good fit for Jenna Coppola Studios. Jenna Coppola Agency and Jenna Coppola Studios are not the same company nor is an affiliate in any form or title.

    We wish Florence good luck with her future endeavors.

    Jenna Coppola and I have welcomed back all staff whom left and have returned when they learned of Jenna’s return to SL.

    Johnathan Hiess

  43. Nave Fall Says:

    Nave Fall looks Miss Cha Cha Cha (whoever she is) up and down very, very slowly……….. and then sneers.

    We don’t need no stinking badges we’re the Federales.

    Seriously who ever you are, what have YOU, personally, done for SL’s fashion and modeling community lately? Vel Charisma, CEO of Farouche Tres, at least has an idea here. I haven’t got a clue how this idea could be made to work, That’s a daunting task to say the least. Having another information resource for aspiring models to access info about agencies, schools and trainers can’t hurt though. Right? Or does that offend your sensibilities?

    It might save some, aspiring, modeling students serious money, like the ones who paid Azai Lexico former CEO of La Vella Modeling L$5000 to be trained, only to be abandoned when her snarky mouth and divatude got her in deep water with some people. Her wittle feelings got hurt causing her to flip us all off when she bailed out…. in about a day. Good riddance…….. although she’s threatening to return under another name. That sounds familiar to me also. how convenient is that? I love my alts too,

    soooooooooo Miss Cha Cha Cha lets hear your ideas for making things more civilized. I won’t hold my breath waiting for those btw.

    If you wan read more you can check out my blog at:

    http colon slash slash menswearsl dot wordpress dot com

    It’s post #44. I may address this more in an up-coming Radar magazine Perspective column.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  44. Miss cha cha Says:

    At Nave Fall and Vel Charisma and who made you the Police of the SL fashion industry?

  45. Nave Fall Says:

    I wrote a Perspective column for the current issue of Radar Magazine ( I thought it fits right in to AgencyReport’s mission of informing models what’s what…………….

    Things have been too quiet here anyway. Let the flames begin……….

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

    Here’s the (improved) text of the Radar column btw:

    I’m easily confused by many things in SL everyone knows that. I admit it. I keep seeing that certain SL modeling schools “certify” their graduate’s ability to model and give them a “certificate” to endorse their success in being trained (mostly that digital certificate is a receipt for the $Lindens the student forked over). What does that certificate get them anyway? Is it worth anything?

    The dictionary definition of certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, or assessment.

    The “certified” model attended “classes” given by someone who was self-selected (c’mon who “certified“ them in the first place?) for their unique ability (that’s sarcasm in case you missed it btw) to teach someone how to do an alt-click turn on a runway? The critical things needed to succeed as a model are far tougher to teach then the physical ones IMHO. Things like:

    1) “Marketing” yourself successfully.

    2) Styling yourself without going broke in the process.

    3)Dealing with the “politics” and cliques that abound

    It REALLY bothers me when I get approached by a “new” model who has paid what to them are serious $Lindens to take classes somewhere (usually somewhere that has now disappeared btw) and now thinks they’re ready to assault the world of SL fashion with their recently acquired rinway skills and SL fashion knowledge. I realize everyone starts somewhere and that most are naïve (Lord knows I was taken in by a pay to vote contest once upon a time) and that very few survive the Darwinian meatgrinder that new models must pass through on their way to an SL modeling “career”. I also hate the idea of these naïve people being preyed upon and having their dream quashed by someone who will take advantage of them for a couple of $L1000s.

    Vel Charisma, CEO of the Farouche Tres Agency, is attempting to give something back to the SL modeling and fashion community by creating MAABA – Model Agency/Academy Bureau of Accreditation which she intends to have develop a basic set of standards for schools, academies and trainers in SL to meet. MAABA will not be recommending specific modeling academies btw. I do that all the time but that’s a personal thing. I think MAABA (or something like it) is a good idea but that it will be very tough to implement and regulate. Vel and I have had several discussions about it and I thought that soliciting public input might help things a bit.

    If you have any interest in participating in MAABA please IM Vel and let her know. If you teach at an SL modeling school and have ideas on what you think prospective models should be taught please take a couple of minutes to share your thoughts on this topic with her.

  46. CC Says:

    I reread Bitchface’s comment and she actually doesn’t say that Kay Fairey is not nice. She doesn’t mention any kind of personal matter. She gives her opinion about how Kay was styled in the competition. No reference to her personality or character. Just an opinion about her styling, that’s all.

  47. Seriously Says:

    You’re welcome to an opinion, but just remember what you put out there comes right back at you. We may not know your name but once again you remind us of the ugly side of modeling where some will knock those on top just because it makes one feel somehow better about themselves.

    Get to know Kay Fairey and you’ll find one of the nicest people ever not just in SL Fashion but in SL.

  48. BITCHFACE Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know I wasn’t entitled to an OPINION. I wasn’t attacking her personally, or slamming her character, I was simply saying my thoughts. Calm down.

  49. Seriously Says:


    Kay Fairey is one of the classiest, graceful and nicest person you will ever meet. Clearly some of you are nothing more than low-rent trash.

  50. Those who do, do.
    Those who can’t, slag off others.

    Enjoy your mediocrity and don’t gnash your teeth too hard.

    p.s. note I actually use my SL name so at least people know who made this statement. It’s so easy to trash someone when you’re not accountable for the venom.

  51. @Bitchface Says:

    Kay indeed looked trashy and not elegant at all. But she was chosen, and I believe one of the main reasons is because she can bring experience in sl fashion industry and a good network to help promote Bliss Couture. If Amutey is happy with this, it shouldn’t be your concern.

  52. @ BITCHFACE Says:

    Wow, Bitchface. Don’t kid yourself – you may not be a “sore loser or anything” as you say but you are definitely SOME kind of loser.

  53. BITCHFACE Says:

    Kay Fairey looked horrid in the Miss Bliss pageant. It must be awesome to have friends who will hand you a crown like that. Good for her.

    And no I wasn’t in the pageant, nor did I bother to apply, as Bliss Couture isn’t anything all that spectacular to begin with, so I’m not a sore loser or anything. Just an observer.

  54. Yay for Kay. Good on you darling. You’ll be a fabtastic Miss Bliss.

  55. Hello Says:

    Who won Miss Bliss Couture 2011?

  56. To Caffine-Drama-Lover Says:

    LOL – Did I hit a nerve? You know what has been said is true. Whenever you post something about other people on a public board, yes, dear Caffine, the implication is that you make it the business of everyone who reads it. Otherwise, you would have sent your “joke” to Nave in private. The only reason it did not balloon into something larger is because no one replied to you until the other person below, and then me. I seriously doubt you are important enough for anyone to go running anywhere to post anything in response to you. I happened to be here and my post was an observation in agreement with the poster who mentioned it previously. Do yourself a favor and go focus your efforts on your bumbling modeling career, instead, for god’s sake. Don’t do further damage to your career by posting more public idiocy.

  57. Caffine Says:

    Did i bring Drama? i don’t think so, it’s drama all over this site,why do you even care what i said about it, as you said Nave didn’t reply OK so that was done and over with. Is it your bussiness what comes out of my mouth,is what i put down the topic of the day i don’t think it was, that video has been out for awhile and had plenty of hits, it was the first time i saw it ,so i don’t think i brung any drama when it plastered all over youtube for everyone to see,is someone writing about it in there blog? Is it on rezz tv news? i doubt it,since it old news anyway,like i said i was messing with Nave he didn’t reply so its done, leave it alone if no one keeps coming in here worrying about what i said then it would go away, but you are the drama lover person who brings it up again ,you read what i said to someone else and flew in here to write about it, if you didn’t, it would have been done and over with,you drama lover, am done with it and all who follows, who comes in here with there two cent’s am done with it too, let you be the one’s who keeps bringing it up you and your friend’s the one’s who’s talking about it around the kitchen table that is your gossip for the week (oh my god i can’t believe caffine said something about kat and nave how could she,rolls eyes)

  58. To Caffine-Drama-Lover Says:

    The fact that Nave didn’t even dignify your post with a response may be your answer. That was a pot-stirring post and when I first read it, I had to shake my head at what looked like a blatant attempt to bring some drama to AR. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who felt that way since another party has mentioned it. Is Nave and Kat’s former relationship your business, or anyone’s, for that matter? Lots of times when relationships don’t work out, it isn’t something the parties involved (and to remind you, you were not one of them) wants to rehash and especially to have highlighted in a public venue. Furthermore, how does info about their relationship or its demise relate to anything here in SL? If you consider yourself a friend of either of them, you should probably be ashamed.

  59. Caffine Says:

    oh and if Nave really cared he would have said something to me, as i kno, he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind.That is why i think he cool, it was nothing to hurt him or katherine i was joking around with nave see we can do that, because we cool like that:))

  60. Caffine Says:

    Actually i was looking for Nave blog if you must know,also i really don’t care if it’s old news or not, i was just really messing with Nave hoping he had something to say back to me, but he never did*shrugs* so you have no idea what your talking about, and don’t worry about why i do anything, it me and i do what i want:)) so yes, let’s move on

  61. Polemikos Says:

    Now Caffeinelover broke AgencyReport with that lame reference to some really old news that she had no a clue about. The big question is how she happened to stumble upon that video. Was she searching on Nave or searching on Katherine and why?

    No matter, we can move on at this point.

  62. Polemikos Says:

    Did I break AgencyReport?

    I sorry

    Happy New year too

  63. caffinelover Says:

    Goodbye Herra, what a nice lady you are, glad to had met you , and having you as a friend and thanks for being part of MW i learned alot coming to those meeting and laughing and having a fun time’s with you.Take Care of yourself, hope to see you one day.:)) sorry i didn’t make last night, i wanted to for sure.

  64. anon herra friend Says:

    Waves goodbye to Herra and wishes her luck,Didnt like the things she did or the way she ladder climbed.However it was her SL and she played it the way she wanted too…….Good Luck maybe one day you might come back.

  65. anonymous Says:

    I would just like to point out that ive been on sl for many many years and i noticed that some people on here are posting agencies that arent fraud. Some people i see posted and said this agency is a fraud they didnt do this or that and i know a couple of thoose people and they never went to the classes so its not really the schools fault more of their fault.

  66. chalice1 Says:

    Hi All
    I wish to use my blog, Chalice In Wonderland, as a forum to promote residents who would like to share their story via the fashion feeds. If you are a model, designer, anyone wanting some exposure, please follow the link below for instructions.

    This is an opportunity to sell yourself through my blog to the readers of the various fashion feeds. Who knows? Maybe someone will like your look or product and contact you.

    Please be my guest on Chalice in Wonderland. Having been a SL model, I know how difficult it can be to find a way to promote yourself and/or your ideas.

  67. Allie Morrow Says:

    Just wanted site updates

  68. Strong and Burly Says:

    Well Guys been a long time.back in May this year i told you all about the RL Model thinking about coming into SL and well the comments were not very nice shit happens and we are all grown ups i hope ,Well now just to let you all know we are now engaged and its mainly thanks to you all here , she read the comments and got upset well anyway the rest is history , good luck with your SL Model futures what they may be , im moving on i have my own RL photographer studio doing what i love best dabble still in SL who knows i may be the one who is photgraphing you tomorrow or next week thats the great thing about SL.good luck everyone

  69. There will not be any affect for creators, models, etc.

    Too many people are too quick to jump the gun on this new feature from Linden Lab that they failed to see the whole story.

    With SL name changes, a person can change the name on their tag, currently once a week, to whatever name or title they want. So let’s say that I was using the LL viewer and wanted to change my name to my original AV’s name, Jersey Ceriano. I can do that, no problem and everyone will see that my name is Jersey Ceriano. (although I’m not quite sure if residents using TPVs can see it).

    Now, this is pretty much as far as most people who have freaked out about this read before they run off creating petitions, getting angry, etc.

    Everyone needs to remember that while these new names will show on a nametag, it does NOT replace your original AV name, nor does it hide it or make it difficult to see.
    From what I understand (I do not use the LL viewer, but I will later to see), a simple mouse hover over the person’s nametag or AV will show their original name, so again, let’s look at my example.

    My AV’s real name is Dolce Enderfield, but I decide to use my original AV’s name; Jersey Ceriano. So to everyone else, it looks like my name is Jersey Ceriano, but then someone hovers their mouse pointer on me or my nametag and it shows my real name, Dolce Enderfield.
    They can also look at my profile to see who I really am.

    This is similar to how, with a group, you can have the title above your name say anything you want.

    The only affect it will have is teaching people to be a bit more careful with who they are talking to, face to face. Make sure it’s the right person you are intending to talk to.

    There is one down side that I *just* thought of. If someone using another person’s name to grief or such and a person who reports it doesn’t check the person’s profile to make sure it’s really the right person and takes a snapshot of the person doing the act…it could backfire on the other person who really has that name but is innocent. I think that makes sense.

    Anyways, updated, your question really belongs in an SL forum, but it’s good that it is here too since a lot of models (and others) have been freaking out about it and signing petitions, etc.

    Dolce Enderfield, Phoenix User
    Mohna Lisa Couture Manager

  70. update Says:

    With the upcoming changes to SL names what effect will it have for SL models and creators?

  71. curious. Says:

    Does anyone know where Donnatella ‘Acid’ Couturier has gone? How about you Nave? We all know about your “interesting” relationship with her. Because I’m going to miss her, her extravagant outfits which had an arc rating of around 5000 + each, I think she was to blame for around 5 show’s which crashed. C’mon, she was the Lady Gaga of SL, she was never afraid to speak her mind (specially when a Mr. Andrzej Marakov was in sight) she had all the jobs, COO, CEO, Director, you name it, Donnatella had done it all. I couldn’t help but notice how she enjoyed making Frolic Mills chuckle once or twice. She was funny and often caught using the word bitch anywhere she went. Oh yeah, and lets not forget all the drama she got herself into, lord, she was a legend!!!!! Am I the only one who is going to miss this woman???


  72. navefall Says:

    Congratulations to the Model’s Workshop/Tres Beau/Maniera Make It Work Finalists for August!!!

    The theme was “back To School” and you can see the entries on the modelsworkshop flickr

    Contestant 3 Lexi Vargas
    Contestant 7 Yue Falconer
    Contestant 14 Lynne Violet
    Contestant 15 Antuanet Forcella
    Contestant 22 Leah McCullough
    Contestant 23 Maxime Tyran
    Contestant 26 Amanda Hausner
    Contestant 27 Laetitia Vella
    Contestant 28 Desiree Brentley
    Contestant 30 Yzabelle Fuhrman
    Contestant 32 Seleane Triellis
    Contestant 33 Zoey Ishtari
    Contestant 35 Jezzixa Cazalet
    Contestant 39 Lauren Mureaux

    The finale will take place on September 9th @ 2PM SLT – announcements will be made next week with landmarks and such.

  73. Talyia Tarber Says:

    I don’t think that age has anything to do with maturity level at all. By the age of 14 I was filling in as a receptionist for a legal office typing general documents and making appointments while on a work study program through school. I did so well that they asked for me specifically each year.

    I’ve also gamed with 10 year olds that are more mature than some of the adults here.

  74. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    yup that’s true, no argument there from me 🙂

  75. Melinda Bluxome Says:

    I happen to agree with Nave. Its very likely that then teens in the teen grid are alot more mature than the adults here, I could name a few….

  76. Nave "naive" Fall Says:

    If they have the “skillz” whether they attended any SL modeling school or not is irrelevant. Some of these kids have been playing on-line for a long time now and are quicker physically then lots of adults in here and that might make them even better as a runway model.

    I’m sure lots of “kids” lie about their ages and it never gets discovered. If LL has decided in its infinite wisdom to allow the 2 populations to mix why worry about it?

    Some child’s mother could get upset at some of what goes on in here, I suppose, but I think it will be more LL’s problem then some SL modeling agency owner’s.

    /me looks the other way

    I’m just


  77. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    your name Says:

    August 14, 2010 at 11:40 pm
    Serious question, now the Teen Grid is upon us will agencies hire a 16 or 17 yo ?

    Thats a really good question, wish I could answer it though 😦

    I guess if they have been to academy and attended a casting successfully there maybe isn’t a problem, The issue I would have is whether or not someone so young is emotionally ready for this industry, some 18, 19 yr olds aren’t.

    Although admittedly some 16 yr old are very mature, I really don’t know, would be interested to see what others think on the subject.

    At the moment I’m on the fence.

  78. your name Says:

    Serious question, now the Teen Grid is upon us will agencies hire a 16 or 17 yo ?

  79. Talyia Tarber Says:

    Congrats to all of the winners. *cheers*

  80. Nave "naive" Fall Says:

    This past Thursday afternoon ( August 5th ) at 2 SLT we had the finale of the Model’s Workshop/Tres Beau/Maniera Make It Work Styling Challenge for August and it finished with a bangggggggggggg with 12 hot models vying for a boatload of prizes and accolades.

    The Tres Beau/Lace sim was packed (at one point 71 avatars were present and, amazingly, it didn’t crash), with models, friends of models, designers, SLebrity judges (including Miaa Rebane – Miss Virtual World 2010, Kay Fairey – Miss Virtual World Academy Director, Giselle Temple –CEO of Premiere Modelling, Temperance Kellman of BOSL Magazine), MIW staff, various media representatives (Editorial Clarity and Labella Farella of BOSL radio, I crashed and missed a bunch of other – sorry), 3 previous Make It Work winners – Sazzy Oh, Sensual Fold and SterlingZen Harbour and a ton of Model’s Workshop members. Kimmera Madison had created a unique beach runway for the event which was then run by the killer team of Viola Rookswood (Doll House Designs CEO) , Vikeejeah Xevion (Arcobelano Modeling CEO) and Temperance Moonites (A JCNY Modelfest Winner)

    Congratulations to all the winners who included:

    Dementia Navarita who “skated” to victory with a spectacularly styled boardwalk skater girl outfit yesterday to win over L$40,000 in prizes.
    Cinna Button was first runner-up. She said afterwards, “It was a great time, all of the contestants had great attitudes, the staff was wonderful, the lag…. was lagalicious somehow very comforting… like a big warm blanket”
    Tonimonastroniboni Oh was second runner up carrying the men’s banner nicely.
    Kayma India, Locked Semaphore (SSMA Master Model and SuperElite’s Mr SE Fall) and Tonimonastroniboni Oh (Locked and Tonimonastroniboni tied in the best male shot) were all photo winners
    Redhairgenie Cabassoun & Tonimonastroniboni Oh tied for the best written interviews.

    If you’re not acquainted with the Model’s Workshop/Tres Beau/Maniera Make It Work Styling Challenge you should be. We do this event monthly. The pool of prizes is BY far the best of any FREE modeling contest in SL now. If there’s a better free modeling contest IM me and tell me what it is……………..

    The exclusive group of Make It Work sponsors include:

    Model’s Workshop/Balut Software – Monica Balut
    Tres Beau Designs – Kimmera Madison
    Maniera Modeling – Topaz Joubert/Sami Kutanga
    BOSL – Miss Virtual World Academy – Frolic Mills
    Fashion Institute – Colby Pevensey/Anabella Ravinelli/Sparkie Funizza
    AtomicBambi Skins – AtomicSparkle Skytower
    BlackLiquid Tokyoska – Photography
    Talon Faire – Amaranthim Talon
    Chade Villota Modeling software tools
    *ByKay* – Kayleigh McMillan
    AlaMood – Jori Watler
    Manifeste poses – July Raymaker
    Tukinowaguma _ AlexWyler Yoshikawa and KateForster Akina
    Stiletto Moody – Dancer Dallagio
    Doll House Designs – Viola Rookswood

    You can pick up the August “Back to School” box of contest goodies at :

  81. agencyreport Says:

    I would be willing to monitor those situations on a limited basis. However, many agency CEOs, model managers, trainers, etc. are also models. I think that a model that is in a leadership role who behaves badly does in fact reflect on the agencies they run or help run. Commenting on their behavior would be relevant to the agency as it shows the type of people they employ and put in management roles, and the type of person you will likely need to work under and/or with if you choose to apply for that modeling agency as a model. So my monitoring of negative comments on models would be limited to only removing comments that are negative about models that aren’t in any sort of leadership role.

  82. Herra Says:

    To AgencyReport Zepp:

    I know you are trying and I’m glad to see you will be back doing more monitoring.

    My only issue with your site is this. If it is about agencies then fine. People should have a safe place they can report good or bad behavior as it pertains to an agency.

    But your site has become site where models can hate on other models and I really feel that this is totally inappropriate especially since the hating is by anonymous posters simply trying to knock someone down a few levels.

    I would like to think that if we alerted you on things like that, they would be monitored and removed accordingly.

    Last time I checked – this is Agency Repot not SL Model Report.

  83. agencyreport Says:

    Sorry everyone for my apparent absence from monitoring this site.

    It’s difficult to follow everything that is going on with all these comments as I’m not involved with what is happening in-world with most of these “dramas.” lol

    Here’s the gist on monitoring. Basically I watch for: people agreeing with themselves to make their point more valid, people impersonating someone else (please IM AgencyReport Zepp in-world if this happens to you!), vulgar language, advertising and/or promotion.

    On the advertising and promotion: things such as Agencies posting their next show or contest or link to their website, that’s not a big deal and I don’t mind you using AgencyReport to do this.

    Models please don’t promote yourself by posting things like this (actual comment that was removed):
    “I am the best graduate from TNT modelling agency. Available for all kind of work. Contact me inworld for work.”
    This really is not the way to promote yourself and this is not the website to do it on.

    Promotion of products/websites/services that directly compete with AgencyReport will be immediately removed and the IP it came from banned.

    Other than that I’m being lenient. I used to monitor this site more closely, when it was small and the comments were few, but with the volume of comments I’m taking advice from Chamonix Boudreaux who posted below and said, “you need to let it all out, let the dust fly and see where it lands.” So that’s what I’m doing.

    If you all want to go to another site that claims to be more moderated I suppose that is your choice. Just remember that for over a year I’ve protected your information: your IPs (RL location), your alts, your anonymous comments, all of it. I know for myself I wouldn’t want yet another person in SL knowing this information because who knows what that person will do with it.

    Anyway, thank you for using the AgencyReport website. Please contact me inworld to alert me of people you think might be breaking the rules.

    AgencyReport Zepp

  84. Cieleste Magic Says:

    Nave Fall impersonator below

  85. Nave Fall Says:

    I have never posted anything on here from SLex but this looked like a hella score if you need a HUD with 6o modeling poses in it for L$99

    I’m trying to be mellower

    I’m just,

    Nave “Naive” Fail (ha)

  86. agencyreport Says:

    Anyone found plagiarizing the AgencyReport website will have proper authorities notified and a DMCA notice sent to their host.

  87. LMAO Says:

    Who The Hell Cares? Says:

    July 13, 2010 at 12:39 pm
    Nave, we don’t care where you are have been. They just want to know if you have finally given up your stupid antics and gotten a RL yet?

    I for one am quite happy when I don’t see your name on every post or even every other post for that matter. It’s actually quite refreshing.

    Live long and prosper in your RL Nave, just stay the hell out of AR.


    We’re Just Sick of Nave Fall

    AMEN to this post. Dude has alot of nerve thinking anyone actually cares where he has been enough to come here and post his whereabouts. Massive ego !!!! LMAO Too bad it is only in his mind. What a jerk!

  88. Who The Hell Cares? Says:

    Nave, we don’t care where you are have been. They just want to know if you have finally given up your stupid antics and gotten a RL yet?

    I for one am quite happy when I don’t see your name on every post or even every other post for that matter. It’s actually quite refreshing.

    Live long and prosper in your RL Nave, just stay the hell out of AR.


    We’re Just Sick of Nave Fall

  89. navefall Says:

    I’m not sure why people keep asking me if I’ve been banned here on Agency Report……….. As far as I know I didn’t break any of the rules here and if I did it was unintentional. If having alts and posting under a pseudonym on here is a criminal act it’s news to me.

    I, also, didn’t see any point in playing LOL-WTF’s silly game. Unlike a lot of people I really CAN deal with being mocked. Hell go for it……….. Some people want me to just STFU, but when I go quiet I start getting in-world IMs asking if I’m okay and where I’ve been. Truthfully, I’ve been pretty busy with Tres Beau, Model’s Work Shop activities and some new software I’m playing with.

    I appreciate that I’m missed I’d like to think that some of the things I post on here resonate with people. Thank you

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  90. navefall Says:

    Yesterday, in front of 50+ cheering avatars, Sensual Fold brought her game to the Model’s Workshop/Tres Beau/Maniera – Make It Work finale for the May/June event. She won in excess of L$30,000 in prizes ( I’ll mention all the sponsors farther along……) The theme was “Jammies” this time.

    So how did Sensual manage to walk off with that much swag you might ask and why aren’t I enter this contest myself?

    Let me explain, briefly, what Make It Work is to you first. Last year Herradura Baar conceived the idea of a styling challenge for models to test themselves with. The entrants were given a box with clothing, accessories and god knows what else and told to put together a look, take a pic of it and submit. From the entries 10-12 were selected and those finalists walked their walk during a runway finale. Miss Virtual World, herself, Miaa Rebane, won one of these events………….

    This year I took Herra’s Make It Work concept and broadened the idea into a monthly challenge format. Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau, a designer with 6 years+ experience in SL agreed to become the primary sponsor of the event providing the goodies to be styled each month (I admit that it helps when you go to your boss and say I have this BRILLIANT marketing idea………….). Kimmera was immediately joined by Topaz Joubert and Sami Kutanga of Maniera who offereds the winners a class voucher good for the entire series of classes that were being taught at Maniera’s modeling school. Monica Balut, Founder of Model’s workshop, came up with the ENTIRE set of the Balut Software for models and the event was bankrolled with some dandy prizes…………….

    We’ve done 4 of these so far this year:

    Lacey Firehawk won the first one.

    Sazzy Oh won the second time.

    SterlingZen Harbour won the third month

    And yesterday in front of a packed sim…………….Sensual Fold won during the Model’s Workshop Open House event which was being held on the sim Annemarie Perenti has generously provided to the us to support the modeling and fashion community of SL.

    We’re planning the next couple of month’s Make It Works as I write this. One theme will be: Back to the Beach. The one following that will be: Back to School. Now you have a heads up on what the outfits we’ll be looking to have created will be. One less excuse not to join Model’s Workshop and test yourself…………..

    Considering that Make It Work is FREE, as everything we do at Model’s Workshop is (we’ve never asked for a single $Linden from anyone for anything since February 2009 when the groups was founded btw), what excuse does anyone reading this have for not entering. It’s free and you could win a HUGE prize . Ask any of the winners mentioned above if they were happy with the return on investment for their efforts.

    Each month we’ve added sponsors and we now have group that offers an array of prizes any model would DIE FOR. Skins from AtomicSparkle Skytower’s AtomicBambi. Photos from Talyia Tarber’s Kiss My Camera Studio. Poses from July Raymaker’s Manifeste. Giftcards from Amaranthim Talon’s Talon Faire for eyelashes and hair. Shoes from Dancer Dallagio of Stiletto Moody. Hair from AlexWyler Yoshikawa and Kateforster Akina of Tukinowaguma Hair, 3 shopping sprees from Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau (winner gets one for $L10,000, first runnerup $L5,000 and second runner up $L2,000, all the other finalist get L$1,000 btw), PoseMe PoseYou software from Chade Vilotta’s modeling equipment, Jewelry from Kayleigh MacMillan’s *ByKay* and Jori Watler’s AlaMood, modeling training and classes from Topaz Joubert and Sami Kutanga’s Maniera, Frolic Mills’ Miss Virtual World Academy and Colby Pevensey and Annabella Ravinelli’s Fashion Institute, and last but not least giftcards from Kay Fairey for a Style of Edo shopping spree for the event’s male winners. I’m not sure what or who else we can add to make this better but I’m open to suggestions.

    I’d be very, very, very remiss if I didn’t mention the work of Viola Rookswood, Temperance Moonites and Vikkeejeah Xevion, who stepped in cold when I got jammed and built this month’s event yesterday from scratch doing did a far better job then I would have creating announcements and invitations, running a rehearsal, writing the show’s scripts, fielding questions from, and soothing, the contestant’s frazzled nerves and, basically, dealing with all the minutiae that crops up when you do a show like this fast. Thank you ladies for having the nerve and the skillz to step in and for all your hard work.

    I also want to thank Monica Balut, founder of Model’s Workshop and, her right hand, Herradura Baar for everything they’ve done to support and nurture the models of SL.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall


    Make It Work Sponsors @ MidYear

    Kimmera Madison – Tres Beau 􀁂

    Topaz Joubert/Sami Kutanga – Maniera 􀁁

    Monica Balut – Balut Software 􀀸

    ======================================== ==============

    AlexWyler Yoshikawa/KateForster Akina – Tukinowaguma 􀀷

    Amaranthim Talon – Talon Faire Fashions 􀀶

    AtomicSparkle Skytower – AtomicBambi™ & SwanSong 􀀵

    Dancer Dallagio – Stiletto Moody􀀴

    Chade Villota – Chade’s Modeling Supplies and Equipment 􀀳

    Colby Pevensey/Anabella Ravinelli – Fashion Institute 􀀲

    Frolic Mills – Miss Virtual World Academy 􀀱

    Jori Watler – Alamood Designs 􀀰

    July Raymaker – Manifeste Poses 􀀔

    Kay Fairey/Edo Tone – Styles of Edo 􀀓

    Kayleigh MacMillan – *ByKay* 􀀒

    Talyia Tarber – Kiss My Camera Studios 􀀯

  91. Burly Tigerpaw Says:

    Not a chance in hell, Strong! Sorry, Homie don’t play that. ;P

    Marissa, thanks, appreciate your trust darlin’! xoxo Burly

  92. Yes Herra, I see your point to. I agree.

    Now, on this topic of Strong and Burly… Based on my actual knowledge, I am 99% sure that it is not Burly Tigerpaw. Based on my personal beliefs and feelings, trust, etc. I am 100% absolutely sure it is not Burly Tigerpaw. And for “Weak” to make such a rude comment about him. Anyways, just giving my two cents in case anyone wanted it.

    Have a great day!

    -Marissa Bruun

  93. Burly Tigerpaw Says:

    Damn, this is exciting….I get named in a blog I have never commented on before! I love it…only in SL.

    First of all, I am the real Burly Tigerpaw, the one and only, OK? I am NOT “Strong and Burly!” Let there be NO doubt about that! Those of you know I don’t play politics, I just do my job and I try to do it well. I dont like SL drama and I am not a “hater” of any person, no matter their race, color, creed, country of origin or lifestyle.

    Secondly, I live in USA, not Europe.

    Thirdly, many of the posters on this blog are personal friends of mine….Herra, Nave, Kim, Sparkie, Rhonda, Marissa… know I love you all.

    Last but not least, hey Weak and Wimpy, you picked an awesome name to hide behind…my dad had a saying for people like you…..”Empty barrels make the most noise….”

    If y’all need me, you know where I hang out! Take care and have fun!

  94. Strong and Burly Says:


    Herra or rhonda?

  95. Strong and Burly Says:

    I will say this once and once only i am not burly tigerpaw if the real burly tigerpaw

  96. SL Detective Says:




  97. Punk'd Says:

    You people are such dupes.

  98. Weak and Wimpy Says:

    Any dummy knows that “Strong and Burly” is Burly Tigerpaw. Not a particularly good model, rather big, weird shape, uses freebie poses. Rather fond of taking pictures of himself, which he proudly displays on his Flickr and Moolto pages (including ones of himself naked!) He somehow got into modeling that way. Yes, he is in Opium and blogs for them and was in JCNY model fest last October, which he now says was “boring”.

  99. Herra Says:

    Do not include Monica in this. Do you see her posting here? You want to take it out on somebody take it out on me. I’m the one that posts here and I’m the one you should attack.

    Do NOT attack someone who is not posting here – Monica Balut is one of the nicest, classiest people you will ever meet in SL.

  100. Strong and Burly Says:

    Bring it on Nave ,I see the little Group of SL models the so called Royalty are coming out to play anymore like to show their hands?

  101. YoUNg & sUrLy (ok it's really NaVe fAlL Says:

    Strong and Burly? You are a mass of contradictionsand strange behaviors…….. You also and managed to go from text to voice to cam to a RL rElAtIoNsHip and a RL modeling career in record time. You da man………….

    But I think you are full of crap and your lame attacks on Herradura are an indication of how checked out you really are. Along with Monica Balut at Model’s Workshop Herra has helped educate an entire generation of SL’s models in addition to her unrelenting efforts to protect them from predators, rigged contests and bad actors. She’s no diva and I personally know that she’s very very generous with her time. She exemplifies the good things about SL’s modeling community. You owe her an apology not that I think that will be forthcoming. FWIW I’m the one with the 5 o’clock shadow not Herradura.

    BTW If you are really an Opium model (although you said you were ashamed of being an SL model and going to quit as I recall) and you filled out Opium’s forms honestly you’ve provided enough information for anyone with access to those documents to figure out who you are now and your Opium days are, undoubtedly, numbered.

    I’m sure you’ll be happy with your new RL modeling career though. Your winning personality will endear you to people far and wide…………

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  102. Herra Says:

    You know, you may call me a bitch and other degrading terms but what I see are Anon. posters who actually would rather bad mouth me (and my friends defending me who absolutely do NOT deserve those comments) than to actually READ what I have written. Your ignorance is clear and all the derogatory things you say about me mean nothing to me and only make you look worse to those you have actually read what I have writen.

    Perhaps you’ve never spent time with a young model who although I can’t see the tears I can tell they are very upset. Upset because someone promised the the ‘Stars & Moons’ and made them an offer too good to be true to help build their SL Modeling career only to scam them for thousands of Lindens. For some of these young models, their only lindens are what they can earn in this game so it’s a very upsetting thing to go thru.

    I’ve also chatted with these scammers – ok not as Herradura Baar, that name is too well known but I’ll use my alt to track these people down and find out what their scam is. And unfortunately a common thread used by many scammers is some how ‘puffing’ their important – saying they are RL models here to create a ‘new kind of agency’ or promoting a RL brand name within SL. See – they toss those things around some poor unsuspecting and usually new model can sometimes be a bit vulnerable. Maybe I’m a bit of a protective mother hen but I want people to enjoy their SL modeling not be cheated by it.

    So you Anon posters thing I’m a bitch and want to call me rude names – go for it. I don’t care because honestly, I know I’m someone who sniffs out scams and tries my best to make others aware of it so they aren’t scammed.

    This isn’t saying that your RL Model is thinking of coming online to scam – I’m sure he/she is not. What I’m saying is in SL Modeling, is there is alot of corruption that goes on. I’d like to think since the Workshop has started we’ve helped fight against the scammers but it still happens. And new models wanting to invest in good model training or join an agency shouldn’t go by what someone does in RL but the reputation that someone has built in SL. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING RIGHT THERE.

    So go ahead post more rude comments about me. I mean you seem to get some sort of jollies out of it “Ooo, I put down that Herradura Baar – aren’t I some sort of hero?” If it makes you feel better go for it.

  103. Strong and Burly Says:

    confused Says:

    May 29, 2010 at 3:52 am

    being from londown where exactly is downtown london. as you ain’t english refering to london in that manner. ok im picky lol.

    What can i say im American living in London for a while , who knows after the last few weeks may be a lot longer

  104. Strong and Burly Says:

    Hello Delilah
    I wasn’t going to post again but i do think like you say clear a few things up.
    1.The Model (RL ) firstly got into SL as a bit of Fun Models do play games when they have time .

    2.She was no way going to bring RL into SL more of hey im a friendly person lets see what i can offer.

    3.She introduced herself to one of SL Agency Owners who is a profound poster on this site and was belittled to the point of her saying well if all of SL is like her then i do not want to be part of it.

    4.When i met her at the place i work in SL after her little run in i have to say i didn’t believe her as you knowwe all can say things about our RL that maybe is not true.She voiced and then we MSN’s before going to Webcam and then phonecalls to the point we now have a personal relationship outside of SL.

    5. Rhonda Pennell and Herra attacked me and in doing so proved what they think of others in SL and the way they treat others unless your in the little Group.For all i know they are males in RLand while i do not care one little bit about that the comments they have made do make you think.

    6. finally i am a model for Opium and woe betide me if i give out my SL name i would be flamed in world from here to next year

    7. the last point is a Women who thought she may be able to help others was treated in such comtempt by others; the only reason i can think of is that they are hiding something themselves and afraid to be caught out, ALTS are a great thing in SL, that she now laughs and when has the chance mentions her little foray into the world of SL with all the little cartoon people playing Models and really who can blame her.

    are we any different from people who play WOW and other Games online , yes we are for here in SL we are bitchy negative hurtfull and a list of other things but we can be nice loving helpfull and to those people.

    now for Rhonda and Herra bring it on i cant wait for the flame war to begin for the others grab the popcorn and settle in for a great time.

  105. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Delilah.

  106. Delilah Says:

    These two persons, Herra and Rhonda should be cautious about showing class and dignity when they express themselves, after all they are supposed to be second life females.

    Strong and Burly, as much as I would like to fully agree with you, some parts of your story need to be explained in more detail. I do not think that any successful working model (not retired) in the real life fashion industry would have so much time to devote to second life and be willing to earn paltry sums compared to what they could be earning in real life. Even with this, it is still very possible that a working model can have an interest in second life modeling for artistic reasons or whatever other reasons.

    If a real life modeling agency chose to come to second life and have a base here, believe me they would not need any of these existing agencies on second life to set a base. It is still unlikely that they will actively pursue a base on second life, for one thing profits will be insignificant and another thing, they have all the exposure they need in real life.

    Lastly real life modeling is not all about the conventional sense of beauty. There is so much more that goes into it. If you plan to be a top real life model, you better have the drive, a unique personality, a unique attitude, a look that suits you…amongst many other traits and skills to go with it,…and yes I know very well what I am talking about.

  107. Herra Says:

    To Strong & Burly:


    Oh my!

    Wow, this was too funny! You’ll have to try a bit harder if you’re going to get me all upset. Perhaps your RL friend just figured playing an online game wasn’t worth her time but ok whatever you say.

    Will you be posting again or are you just crying ‘wolf’.

  108. viscount Says:

    Rhonda what a shame you have really shown your colors Strong and burly man i wish you luck and yes i know you work for Opium, sorry man had to spill the beans can’t wait for you and R to work a show together.Good luck with the new venture man and shes a great looking woman if a vacancy comes up i could lose 30lb to work.
    Maybe you could get Ana do do a show based on Gunfight at the OK Coral, Good luck again man.

  109. confused Says:

    being from londown where exactly is downtown london. as you ain’t english refering to london in that manner. ok im picky lol.

  110. I doubt that anyone in their right mind would actually read Agency report before ever joining Second Life! Alas, if she is the sort of person to judge people she has never even met “face to face” then it seems to me that the two of you make a perfect match – both of you are very sad, misguided individuals.

    And honey, your “parting shot” finally catapulted you into the upper echelons of complete immaturity. I can only congratulate you on so thoroughly making a fool of yourself:)


  111. Strong and Burly Says:

    I was not going to post again but i have to thank Herra for that nice little post you did opened up a whole new world for me.
    My friend who was but now not going to be involved in SL rwad you comment and rang me to say what a pathetic little person you are as in Herra and then thanked me for helping her.
    Now the good news we had dinner today i got invited to her place of work a very well known agency in downtown London and ive been put on the Agencies Books

    So thank you Herra with your little hissy fit i would never of had dinner with a fantasic Lady and not the chance to enter the Real World of Fashion

    Oh and one last parting shot Herra you five o clock shadow is showing

  112. *giggles at Kimmera;)

    Nave’s post actually was yet another insightful and worthwhile read. I always enjoy reading what he has to contribute.

    As for you, Mr Burly, you said you were “glad to say this is my last post here” – for once I wholeheartedly agree with you. I just hope you mean it!


  113. Kimmera Madison Says:

    OOOH, Pick me, Pick me! I know that answer to that question!

    Hell NO he’s not normal!

    But hey, who really is?

  114. ShyGuy Says:

    Nave, are you normal?

  115. navefall Says:

    I have to lineup with Herra on this one……………… She is dead on the money here. History often repeats itself

    Having spoken to Dea Mills on a number of occasions, I received some insights into the crossover of SL/RL modeling from her. While someone’s inherent sense of style and the ability to convey that can cross the digital chasm, most things don’t. Let’s examine that for a second.

    You aren’t wearing make up in SL the way you are in RL. You wear a skin which has been created by a graphic artist/skin designer and made up as THEY wish, you select hair and eyelashes and nails and jewelry created by other, equally talented, graphic designers. Then you CONSTRUCT your look from these pieces, not with brushes and blowers and sprays. Finally as an SL model, you get to wear an outfit that yet another talented graphic artist has built with $1000s worth of 3D software tools out of pixels for you. You don’t need to hit the 1 in 1,000,000s genetic jackpot to do any of this………….

    Poses…………. In RL there are an infinite number of poses for any individual to choose from. SL is different. SL has a many spectacular pose makers. Some, like July Raymaker of Manifeste for example, specialize in creating poses for models who have tricky requirements, but not every pose creator knows how to solve those problems like July does, or even cares enough to bother trying to.

    So there are 2 areas where SL and RL diverge dramatically.

    There’s one area that RL and SL overlap in. Where SL and RL are 100% congruent is in requiring the personal tenacity and style required to differentiate yourself from the crowd. No one is going to come to you and say “ohhhhhhhh you’re spectacular, You MUSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT agree to be the face of my new store The Avatar Barn” It just doesn’t work like that. You have to do the networking, learn the skills, invest in yourself with training and grind it out……………….in both SL and RL. If you‘re lucky you make some friends who help, you enter JCNY and HOB and along the way someone may notice you. Having RL credentials has value don’t get me wrong. It’s just that modeling in SL is a different skill.

    If you read the letter Dea Mills gave us all ( which was posted online, here on AgencyReport and on Confessions of an SL Top Model @ )you get some amazing insights into how it all works from someone who knows both sides of the equation.

    So, Herra isn’t dissing anyone……………. She has a highly refined BS meter though, which she earned through experience. If a RL model wants to come to SL and wow us all she/he will be welcomed by most of us with open arms. Since I’ve taken on the responsibility for booking most speakers for Model’s Workshop I’d like to extend an invitation to this RL model to contact me in-world and come speak at a session. They will receive a warm welcome.

    Which reminds me……… tonight at Model’s Workshop we have Stiletto Moody’s marketing guru herself,Dancer Dallagio, who will be speaking on how designers and models interact. This should be another great session, We have Cherie Parker and Sequoia Nightfire in the next couple of weeks……………

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

    Flame away……………………

  116. Herra Says:

    Strong and Burly perhaps a better name for you is “Clueless & Gullible”.

    You don’t get it – the “I’m a RL model” is a ploy used by scammers since I first started Modeling. I have seen many scams where relatively unknown people in SL make the claim they are RL models or connected to big time fashion labels then duped unsuspecting models into paying thousands of Lindens for training that never EVER happened. “Oh I can make you an SL Supermodel if you join my agency but first pay me $10k for your lessons” – and then that person disappears.

    To be honest, I have no clue what 99.99% of the people in SL do for RL and since I have never met then they could be RL Models, RL Doctors, RL Teachers or RL jerkoffs looking for some trick to steal money from others. This does not mean I’m rude to new people. It just means I’m not going to hand over lindens to an unknown person simply because they make comments about who they work for in RL or the RL connections they have. That, dear Strong & Burly, is called common sense.

    So I tell readers of Agency Report they should think twice and ask questions before sending thousands of Lindens to a relative unknown person in SL, regardless of their RL profession and you mock me? Please have fun! No wonder you leave your name hidden so people won’t mock you for being a jerk.

  117. omg Says:

    Dont sulk, Strong and Burly. If she learns, she may be a good model in sl :D.
    Well, we’ll see or not, i dont care.

  118. Strong and Burly Says:

    Rhonda, im doing all right for myself no need to blow my trumpet and yeah Herra has built a reputation for herself wont go into that here, but the old saying be kind to people on the way up , you will need them on the way down rings true.
    As for someone being sucsessful in RL and why do they want to come into SL , ask any doctor lawyer even a marine its a bit of fun no better game in the world really.

    But im afraid the chances of getting the chance to speak to a RL model and ill be honest she isnt a household name but she is well known worldwide that has gone begging yes she has read the comments here and she was going to respond but she’s a better woman than you will meet on this page , glad to say this is my last post here. see you on the catwalk ladies you might even make my flickr or blog.

  119. omg Says:

    What has SL modeling to do with RL modeling?
    Why do some think if they describe themselves as rl model they have advantages in sl?
    Has a well booked RL model time to model in sl?

    Questions, questions 😉

  120. dear you may be “strong” and “burly”, but perhaps you should read Herra’s post again carefully. She is in no way speaking out against actual RL models, but against those who would pretend to be RL models and try to scam unsuspecting SL residents out of money. Since you claim to have “morals” and be disgusted at the “dissing” of newcomers to SL, may I suggest that you follow your own advice and do likewise? Herra is well known and highly respected in SL, a reputation that she has earned for herself. What about you?

  121. Strong and Burly Says:

    Herra Says “My biggest concern with these RL Models that think they can come to SL and run an agency, but many times there is a large quantity of scamming involved with some of these ventures”

    well a typical response form someone wwho thinks they are a better than you type of person.

    Its because of that comment you cant get RL fashion to enter SL and those that do don’t stay around along for reason that i think you can work out for yourself.

    Now the mighty Herra has shown herself to be a critic of RL fashion people in SL wish i could go further but i have some morals

    Im disgusted to be in the SL industry , you should be welcoming these people not dissing then at every chance you get.

  122. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Ok, I have to agree with Herra here, what she says regarding RL modeling not being the same as SL modelling is indeed very true. And I can honestly say that too.

    Modeling in RL is completely different, they don’t need to control an avatar in lag, they can’t change their hair or skin at the click of a button, they don’t need to learn to co-ordinate buttons to do nice turns or learn how to choose poses that don’t make hands go into material, cos that doesn’t happen in RL.

    What I think they can offer is an understanding of fashion itself. maybe?

  123. navefall Says:

    The announcement appended below was posted at several places recently but not here at AgencyReport surprisingly……….

    I, PERSONALLY, thought it deserved to be posted here as well, given that this exact topic has been under discussion here on AgencyReport, periodically, for months after being catalyzed, and championed constantly since, by Kay Fairey.

    I’m looking forward to the SL PRO MODEL COALITION’s Mission Statement and a Declaration of SL Model’s Rights from the group’s founder Anastacia Markova. That should make for some eye-opening reading. I think Anastacia, who champions Opium’s models relentlessly, will handle this small communication task well.

    I have some PERSONAL thoughts about the issue of paying models (go figure that I’d chime in on this one huh?) I also think that an SL model’s rights are defined by a couple of sentences:

    You have the right to refuse ANY project you wish to for ANY reason whatsoever or no reason. Once you commit to the project/event – follow through. No excuses allowed.

    That’s it. If a specific project doesn’t pay, or pay enough to suit you for the time involved, you should be comfortable refusing it without a second’s thought or hesitation. While I personally think that everyone should be paid for their time and efforts I don’t, necessarily, agree that all shows should be paid by the designer.

    Note here: I didn’t say the models shouldn’t be paid…………only that the designer MIGHT not be the one who should be paying them.

    If an agency is new and they can’t sell shows based upon a track record of success,, or an agency has decided to do a free show for a designer for some reason, investing in their models is part of the owner’s investment. So, in my opinion, models and staff get paid, management does the paying. Tres Beau Designs, where I am the COO, ALWAYS pays, one way or the other, either the agency (and they are ABSOLUTELY expected to pay the models and staff who work on any event conducted on Tres Beau’s behalf) or we pay the models and staff themselves directly.


    So Kimmera Madison and ALL her brands are firmly in the pay models and staff camp and any model who doesn’t want to work for Tres Beau is free to tell us to fugedaboudit….. Outfits are not pay. $Lindens are pay

    Two last questions for everyone:

    Who is the show being done for? The designer or the agency?

    What is the designer’s purpose for having a show?

    Tres Beau Designs wishes the SL PRO MODEL COALITION group well……………

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

    Let the flames begin…………….


    Group Notice From: Sabine Blackburn


    Today is a great day for models and their rights!

    Anastacia Markova and me just founded the SL Pro Model Coalition Group!

    We are calling all the models (also designers, fashion lovers who support this cause) who are fighting for their rights to get paid for their work – Join our cause – join our group!

    Together we are strong!

    Thank you

  124. Herra Says:

    Honestly, there is very little comparision between RL Modeling and SL Modeling other than the fact that we show off designer clothing.

    Show me a RL fashion show where the models struggle to walk when the lag monster hangs heavily over the runway? Show me a print model who struggles to find the right pose that won’t have their hand or hair mysterly cut thru their skirt or body.

    RL Models need one major requirement – they need to have hit the genetics jackpot when they were born. That right mixture of DNA that not only gives them the perfect face but the metabolism to keep weight off of their body and be slimmer that normal. With SL models, if you spend enough lindens and have a graphic card with a fast internet connection – you could make it as an SL model. The only thing left is the dedication to learn how to pick the perfect pose that works with the crazy outfits you are asked to wear.

    My biggest concern with these RL Models that think they can come to SL and run an agency, but many times there is a large quantity of scamming involved with some of these ventures. One of the first agencies I was associated with was supposively being run by a notable RL Model who was working with RL Prada to expand in SL. That agency came and went within a month. The notorious Gia Pudle (See Vangee here in Agency Report) used the “I’m a real model” as part of her ploy to scam tens of thousands of lindens from SL Models desperate for quick rise to the top. I’m not saying every SL model who claims they are also a RL model is a fake, but this is SL – for all you know you or I could be a 40 year old obese balding man sitting in the basement of his mom’s home trying to get his jollies playing a female SL Model. (BTW, I have enough people who have heard my voice to know I am female) (and also nothing wrong with fat balding men playing SL – let’s face it, SL is a bit of escapism for many of us).

    To be honest, I would rather work with someone well established in SL Modeling/Fashion Industry than a RL Model who comes to SL to start a business. People like Kay Fairey, Patty Cortes, Anastacia Markova, Mimmi Boa, Rusch Raymaker, Poptart Lillehook, Giselle Temple, Pyper Dollinger, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Sora Tatham, Topaz Joubert and many others have spent months to years building their reputation in the SL Fashion industry before their agencies started (or taking over a well established one). No matter what your opinion is of any of the people I listed you have to admit – none of them were ‘flash-in-the-pants’ overnight agencies that came and went quicker than you can say their name. (Btw, if I didn’t list your name – my apologies. I know there are many other great SL agencies out there).

  125. Marissa Bruun Says:

    On the topic of an RL model aspiring to be an SL model, or have an impact on SL modeling:

    I have to agree with Sparkie. I believe this RL model coming into SL modeling would benefit those who wanted it to benefit them. If this model believes that they would be of benefit to SL modeling, why not give them a chance? I’m all for it, tell her that this event coordinator and aspiring SL model would LOVE to meet her.

    Marissa Bruun
    Fashion Event Coordinator & Aspiring Model

  126. Tickled Pink Says:

    This is absolutely the most HILARIOUS thing I have ever seen, in regards to Second Life.”Grownups” having it out while “playing dolls”.Ha! Note I am not here to fight over pixels, just to say this is very,very VERY funny.

  127. navefall Says:

    I cause drama??? Huh????

    Who says so???

    I was no where near there officer………..


    What’s your gripe Lol-wtf? Have you ever worked with me on anything? Or are you another one of those nameless sycophants who drank the Kool-Aid? Did you notice that it tasted a lil funny when you chugged it down? That was was the bullshit part of it that you were swallowing…………

    Anytime you want to debate me on modeling in SL, men’s fashion designers in RL or any other relevant topic using your avatar’s name, mind you, just name the place and who you wish the moderator to be. I’ll be there. It will be fun. I promise……

    Warm regards

    Nave Fall

  128. LOL-Wtf? Says:

    Contact Nave Fall? Yeah, Jump on it!
    The Guy who might as well own Agency Report he haunts the place so much. The guy who admits to causing drama in groups? The guy who knows nothing of SL Fashion?

    Yeah great guy to send a new SL aspiring model too!

  129. Synthetic Philosopher Says:

    Ex RL model…….. SL model……..
    Illusions of Virtual Reality

    There are as many lies in business as there are people in business.

    Virtual height: 2m
    Real height: 1.50-1.60m

    Virtual weight: 50Kg
    Real weight: over 70Kg

    Virtual Breast: 4-5 cup C (Suuupermodels), 2-3 cup B (models)
    Real Breast: 5-6 cup D

    Imagination? I appreciate it.

    I despise hypocrisy.

    There are as many lies in business as there are people in business.

    Syntethic Philosopher

  130. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    OH NO!!! Although it’s true SL isn’t RL, a RL model would have a lot to offer us in the modelling industry!!! Please include me in that list of people to contact!! I’d certainly love to see more RL models in here!!!

    Please, please assure her that whoever it was that she was hounded by is in the minority, most of us would be very happy to support and encourage her, and would love to learn anything and all she has to offer!!! (ok maybe i can’t speak for everyone, but I know I’m speaking for myself!!)

  131. Acquired Taste Says:

    How unfortunate.


    How typical and how very sad

    If I were you my friend I’d be encouraging her try again by contacting anyone in this group:

    Kay Fairey of Boulevard,
    Mimmi Boa of Evane,
    Ricoracer Flux – Mr. Moolto 2010 and the CSLTM blog
    Miaa Rebane – Miss Virtual World 2010,
    Cherie Parker/Emma Portilo of Scruplz Magazine,
    Sequoia Nightfire – Tents for Haiti benefactor,
    Topaz Joubert/Samu Kutanga of Maniera,
    Monica Balut/Herradura Barr/Nave Fall of Model’s Workshop

    or another well grounded representative of the fashion/modeling community. Allowing a single negative experience, no matter how disheartening it was, to dissipate her enthusiasm doesn’t speak well to her personal commitment, determination or resilience though. I’m sure she endured many set backs in her RL modeling that were worse then the grilling she got in here by a faceless non-entity.

    I’d pay at this point to know which agency CEO she contacted> I could make a couple of educated guesses as to which foul-mouthed diva it was and feel safe in my selections.

  132. Strong and Burly Says:

    Acquired Taste i know what you mean and after last night they have given up on the idea heres why.
    A certain so called model agency owner when contacted by this person from RL who has more years in the RL industry than ive had hot dinners, was Verbally abused belittled and hounded in IM’s for a good 20mins they set upon by others or her ALT who knows.
    All i can say an oppotunity has gone begging due to this one person SL ego who thinks just because she sits behind a PC screen and plays modelling knows everything there is to know

    Well i feel sorry for the Models who work for her and i will be leaving her Group if only she knew who this RL model was. Im ashamed to be known as a SL model today

  133. Acquired Taste Says:


    Been there done that.

    Dea Mills, founder of Modavia, was/is a RL model.

    Rrepeat after me

    SL is NOT RL

    SL is NOT RL

  134. Strong and Burly Says:

    Well blow me down,the other night minding my own business as i always do LOL a strange thing happend i was at a well known Model Agency and a noob AV was just standing there i struck up a convo and lo and behold this person said she was a RL fashion model.
    Now knowing the crap that goes on in SL i thought sure ok giver her benifetof the doubt.We spoke for a while and then she said lest go on voice so we did that lead to 2 hrs of a great chat.Now after a while she gave me her name and other info , well she was the real deal and her comments on the SL fashion scene Model’s in General were shall we say less than flattering , not about the models but the agencies
    Last night she contacted me and told me that she and a couple of others are thinking of entering the SL model scene they can see a potential here and workshops advice for women and men who would like to find out more information.
    Until the details are worked out im hinding behind this name hopefully this will turn the SL model industry to a proper run thing and stop the scams
    more info to follow

  135. omg Says:

    I can’t pay attention to every new clown in this circus. Who is Donnatella Couturier or Dolce Enderfield?

  136. DeJaVogue Says:

    Dear models and fashion/modeling/magazine staffs of SL:

    I’ve always shaked my head in dismay when I hear about agency head rivals letting their personal relationship or feelings towards another interfere with business, as it affects more than just the 2 or so people involved.

    Unfortunately, I have found myself in a similar situation today with another agency. I had been informed several times over the last few months by Donnatella Couturier that people were confusing her agency, DejaVu International, with mine, DeJaVogue. This has never been brought to my attention before by anyone else except Donnatella and in fact, a few months ago, I changed my agency’s name from DeJaVu to DeJaVogue for multiple reasons, including the one Donnatella presented me with.

    Today, I was again contacted by Donnatella and was asked my opinion on restricting models from joining both agencies and just choosing one, in order to cut down on any confusion regarding associations. I expressed my dis-approval of this idea and then took it to the models and staff of DeJaVogue in group chat, asking their thoughts. Even though most all of my models are not associated with DejaVu, they all were not for the idea at all, which I do not blame them for.

    Regardless of this, Donnatella decided to go ahead with her idea and announced that from this point on, DeJaVogue models will not be allowed to work with DejaVu (see bottom of note for a message directly from Donna). Those that are currently in both agencies are being asked by Donnatella to choose whether they wish to stay in DejaVu or DeJaVogue, which I am very sorry for; I do not think it is right, I do not agree with putting anyone in the middle or controlling what they do, however it is out of my hands.

    My apologies to anyone put in the middle or involved or who this might affect now or in the future. I personally do not accept or reject any model or staff member (unless they are exclusive with an agency or business) based on what agencies or businesses they belong to and will continue that practice for as long as DeJaVogue is open.

    Regards and warm wishes,

    Jersey Ceriano/Dolce Enderfield
    DeJaVogue CEO

    From Donnatella Couturier:

    [12:01] Donnatella Couturier: DejaVu International: Models cannot be accpeted into Deja Vu International if they are part of DeJaVogue, We ask you to respect my decison, If you have any questions/comments/concerns please contact Donnatella Couturier, Thanks.

  137. For Dea Mill (by Nave Fall) Says:

    I think this needs to be here where it will stick around prominently.


    April 19th, 2010

    Dea Mills is REALLY leaving SL. How sad………..

    Late, last week I received the note below from Dea Mills, founder and former CEO of Modavia. Dea is someone whose presence the modeling, and fashion, worlds of SL is going to miss a great deal. At the request of Sweet Lilly (whohas also left SL sadly), Dea had written a very, long article ( attached below ) about her experiences as a model, agency CEO and business owner in SL.

    After I was introduced to Dea by Kay Fairey, and Payton Heron, Dea gave me this document to include in the book I’m writing about modeling in SL, The SL Model’s Survival Manual, which is way, way overdue for a lot or reasons. Now as Dea departs SL she asked that I get her work distributed as widely as possible.

    Regardless of what you may think of me, Dea’s thoughts, and benevolent, philosophical outlook, as expressed in this lengthy article, is a must read for everyone involved in the SL modeling community. Models, trainers, agency owners, designers and photographers who work with models, even the DIVAs out there who know it all…….. need to read, and might be able to learn from, Dea’s wise words. I’ve read her article several times and it’s convinced me to change some personal things about how I approach my SLife and interactions with people in SL.

    I’m 100% convinced Dea’s writing will change the way a lot of you think too. That is Dea’s wish as she leaves her SLife behind. I’d asked Dea to put in a final appearance at Model’s Workshop but she graciously declined. Instead, at Model’s Workshop, what we will do from time to time is have a meeting where we discuss a part of what Dea wrote.

    I hope you get as much out of what she wrote as I did.

    Warm regards,

    Nave Fall


    Dear Nave,

    When I retired from Modavia, I didn’t delete my account, but left SL to give my free time to someone who needed me. I thought that someday I might be able to return and be involved in fashion again, but I’ve found that to be impossible.

    Whenever I can over the next few days, I’ll drop in and finish up a couple of things, then I’ll delete my account. It’s been a hard decision, but keeping my account in SL has become senseless to me. I love people and doing projects, but my career in RL has become so busy that I have little time to contribute to anybody. or anything, so there’s no purpose for me anymore. Dropping by and dressing up only to have to leave in 15 minutes is simply too frustrating for me.

    That said, I’m leaving you with the right to publish the article you asked of me. I don’t know where you’re at on your book, but if you’re not near completion, I ask that you use a blog or another way to make it available; it’s my last contribution to the fashion community and I’d like to know that maybe I helped in some way. I never thought I had all the answers and never desired to write that article, but Sweet Lilly convinced me it might help struggling models. I built Modavia to show the finest designers, photographers, and models in SL, but helping models has always been my love. Maybe this article can still help just one model in need.

    If you choose to publish it, then please know that it appears that Sweet Lilly has left SL, and since I mention in the article that Sweet asked me to write the article, it may seem that I made her up in order to promote myself. I really don’t want people to think that, so maybe you can see if Kay Fairey would add a note at the beginning verifying Sweet Lilly’s prior existence? Kay knows that the article did come from me and that Sweet asked for it, because we were all in a group together, and Kay has a copy of the article.

    I’d also like to state that many months after I retired, I returned to SL in a very limited way, and began hearing about, and seeing, models that were unprofessional and haughty. It seemed to me that many new modeling academies had sprung up and were pumping out an abundance of graduates, who had the advantage of SL’s, now maturing, modeling tools and somebody telling them how to do everything, but too many of the new graduates lacked the heart and proper attitude to, ultimately, succeed. It looked as if they took some classes and then suddenly had a model tag to wear and boast about. I don’t think this way of everyone and I, certainly, don’t blame the academies, but I do know that this situation wasn’t present before I retired from the modeling world in SL.

    When I started modeling in SL, there was barely a reliable modeling HUD, and lots of runway walks needed to be done manually. There were few helpful tools for models, only a couple agencies and academies, and everybody was still figuring out how to make everything work. We had no choice but to experiment while developing our skills, and reputations, with never-ending practice, promotion, and personality. I was honored to try to advance the fashion industry with truly professional models like Poptart Lilliehook, Payton Heron, Mimmi Boa, HarMonica Aabye (now gone) Salvo Weydelich, Dita Tran, Barbarella Fuosing, Liane Maertens, Summer Deadlight, Elisne Allen (now gone) Feles Seitan, Risa Bright, Nicolai Shepherd, Precious Duvall, Mui Mukerji, Gamp Lane, Ost Clawtooth, Tabata Jewell, Wyntir Kidd, Keeley LeFavre, Giela Delpaso, Emily Carnell, Essie Redgrave, Alinee Jewell, Azu Cattaneo, Arora Larsson, and many, many others. Some have left SL. Some have retired from modeling. Yet, they were wonderful, hard-working, dedicated people and very dedicated models.

    What grieves me is that I’ve heard some of the new, current generation of models speaking in a derogatory manner about these older models. The newer models have complained about the attitudes of older models and that the older models look down on the newer models. If that’s true, there is no excuse for it. The established models I’ve known, and there have been many, would never act in that way towards their colleagues. Many of them constantly go out of their way to help younger models. I’ve always championed new models, but I’d also like them to keep in mind that the maturing, polished modeling profession they now enjoy was pioneered and built by models like those I mentioned above.

    My passion in Second Life was to help people experience the joy of modeling, who in RL, would never have that chance; I hope I accomplished that. That said, I’m most grateful for the friends I made along the way, and it is them I will miss the most.

    To all the models of Second Life, my hope is that they will achieve their goals, freely help one another, and…as we say – rock the runway!

    Thank you for your help, Nave. I wish you all the best in your SLife.


    Dea Mills

    Dea’s article follows. Feel free to distribute this but please acknowledge her authorship.


    I’ve written this, because Sweet Lilly asked if I would write something about my experience, the beliefs I have, and the values I hold. My first response was to say, no. I don’t think of myself as an extraordinary person, so the idea of writing some kind of document about myself to give to others seemed somewhat arrogant to me.

    Sweet Lilly persisted until she managed to convince me that I may have a few things to say that could help somebody. That’s what changed my mind; the one thing I enjoy, more than anything else is helping people. Maybe I should have been a nurse. Anyway, on the basis of writing this because it could help somebody, I agreed.

    I admit, I still feel somewhat awkward reporting on my beliefs and values, because why should anybody care about what I believe or my values? The only resolve I could manage is that my background in RL and SL may be a bit interesting for some, and maybe that would cause them to care how I view certain things, and then in some way, I may help them. I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out.

    Sweet Lilly also encouraged me to talk about my RL experience, along with my SL, so while I was still hesitant about all this, I agreed. I mention that now, because some people don’t like it if you bring RL into SL, and I want you to understand why I bounce back and forth with examples from RL and SL.

    I hope something here helps you.

    Okay, so much for why I’ve written this and how it came to be.



    Three Observations

    Before I mention my background I want to include three observations of SL that have helped guide me.


    I’ve been in SL for 27 months. I realize that many have been here longer, but I know that I have at least been here long enough, and been involved with people, business, fashion, and society long enough, to know all you really have in Second Life is a cartoon and your reputation. Yes, we can decorate ourselves beautifully, but if we never say or do anything with others, then we are simply nothing but a pretty cartoon. The moment we begin involvement with others, our reputation begins. Again, I’ve been here long enough to know that your reputation is the most important thing you have.


    SL is nothing more than a reflection of RL. I’ve listened to people argue about whether or not SL is a game. To me, it doesn’t matter. In every game, real or virtual, it’s a person playing or doing it. You may be able to become somebody else here as far as how you look, but given enough time and interaction with others, who you really are–your personality & character–will become evident to those around you. The real you will surface in the virtual you. Thus, your reputation will grow positive or negative.


    It is as hard or harder to build anything of value in SL as it is in RL. Those who are not prepared to sacrifice in every way will never be successful here…or in RL.


    I’ll mention a bit from my SL and RL to try to explain to you what Sweet Lilly has asked of me: my experience, beliefs, and values.
    My beliefs and values are really what I have come to learn to be true and what I think works best (at least for me) in Second Life and Real Life. Some of this will also come out as what I hope for the future, as it applies to those who want to excel toward higher goals, rather than just showing up to dance or dress. I will also mention, to a great degree, my thoughts on models, modeling, and fashion, since that is really what I know best.

    Please, please, don’t think I’m telling you my RL background, because I think I have it all going on or to brag. I’m telling you this, because it has everything to do with how my beliefs and values have been shaped. Actually, I run a risk by mentioning my background. I risk the possibility of people guessing my identity and that’s a problem for me. It’s a problem, because I have very little private life in RL, and I love SL, because I can come here and hide. I can play. I can have friends based on nothing other than we like one another, and you have no idea how much I enjoy and need that.

    Okay, in RL, I’m a fashion model and have been since I was 15. I went pro at 16 and shortly thereafter was totally immersed in the world of fashion. I’ve shot and walked for designers whose names you would recognize if you follow fashion. I rep international brands and have walked the runways of the fashion capitals, done editorials, print ads, campaigns, television, catalog, events, etc., etc. All of that has taught me some very meaningful things that have helped me both in RL and SL.

    Let me start out with a little of before I became a model. When I was a pre-teen, I was skinny and much taller than my classmates. I was laughed at and picked on because of my build. On top of that, I was a tomboy. I wasn’t afraid to climb trees, get dirty, pick up snakes in the wild, and while it hurt me when boys called me names, I wasn’t afraid of them. In fact, I would pick fights with them and win! The funny thing is when I became a teen and suddenly began looking more womanly, those same boys started coming around and it wasn’t to fight me either! Anyway, that fighter instinct has always been in me and I’m grateful, because to succeed in fashion, you need it. BTW, I now box to stay in shape!

    When I was picked up by my first agency, I was given time with a modeling coach. When I met her, the first thing I noticed was she had the most intense eyes and they were piercing right through me. It was almost scary. She didn’t say hello or introduce herself. Instead, she took my hands in hers, looked at me and with a confident, serious tone, said, “Giving up is not an option. Failure is not an option. Never let me hear you say you’re too tired to walk the runway. Never forget what I just told you.” Then we sat down and she said, “80% of all women surveyed, admitted that at one time or another, they wanted to be a fashion model. Of all the girls who make it into modeling, over 90% will fail. They won’t fail because they don’t have the look, build or style. They’ll fail because they simply give up. Never let me hear that you’ve quit. I’ll find you, yank you out of your chair, and kick your butt back up on the catwalk!” Then she introduced herself, and I’ve never forgotten what she said. I’ve also watched her words become true; most models give up.

    In RL, I’m actually pretty young. Not young for fashion considering most pro models start sometimes as early as 13 and many at 15 or 16, but young in terms of just life. In SL, I flat out lied about my age. I’m sorry that I lied, because I hate lying, but I did it because I didn’t think anybody would put any faith in somebody as young as me. I didn’t think they would listen to anything I had to say about fashion, modeling, business, or want to be involved in my ideas here. Yet, I have to tell you this. When you’re really just a kid and thrown into the adult and brutal business of fashion, you learn to grow up fast. That is if you want to survive, and it’s very, very hard.

    You learn to have the skin of an alligator, because you’re going to be judged and rejected constantly, sometimes many times a day. It’s not uncommon to do 10 go-sees in a day. Go-sees are when a model is sent by their agency to go see a designer, photographer…a biz rep of some kind, about possible work. You may not get picked up by any of them. Essentially, 10 people just rejected you. Most of the time you have no idea why. That’s hard on an adult, but it’s even harder on a young girl.

    I’m not going to drag you through all kinds of details now about that stuff, but I mention it so you have a point of reference when I say that I’ve learned that to survive you must have the skin of an alligator–tough. You need to be a fighter. You need to be like Rocky–you keep getting hit, but you keep getting up. You need to have the skin of an alligator first to be able to withstand constant criticism and rejection, and then later, once you succeed, you need alligator skin to put up with the people who seek to take advantage of you.

    Yet, if you want to be somebody others want to be around, and you want to do more than just survive, if you want to flourish, I’ve learned that while you need the hard skin of an alligator, you also need to have a soft heart. You need the heart of a loving mother. I mean you have to think about and help others the way an unselfish mother does with her children. I’ve found that loving people brings love back to you, and there’s just no substitute for that.

    I work in an industry with some wonderful people, but also many egotistical, arrogant, and rude people. I see the effect it has on people who are not that way. Love overcomes those things. It creates in you WHO you are and that is the key. I’ve seen so many promising models enter fashion, but they disappear, because their motivation was wrong or they just gave up. I’ve told models in RL and SL, if you do it for money or fame, you stand a great chance of failing. If you do it, because you love it, and you learn to find something good in every person…something you can love about them…you stand a greater chance of success.


    In SL, I’ve been a fashion model, and the founder and CEO of Modavia, the Modavia Fashion Directory, the Modavia Designer’s Wardrobe Giveaway, and the Modavia Supermodels. I am retired from Modavia now, and I have become the creator and owner of Sashay – The Art of Fashion. Sashay is a fashion art gallery that presents my RL hobby. I digitally paint fashion scenes or manipulate photos of RL shoots and shows for which I own the rights. It’s therapy for me and I love doing it. I also create a bit of high fashion jewelry. Other than that, I seem to attract young models who are looking for help and encouragement. I help them as best as I am able. Most of them have the look. Most are willing to work. What I try to give them is what I’m trying to give you, encouragement. Fashion will suck the life out of you if you’re not careful and it’s easy to become discouraged, so a little encouragement goes a long way.

    When I started Modavia, I didn’t think Second Life needed another model agency. I wanted to do something that would showcase the top models, designers, and photographers in SL. They were the people who were working the hardest, but in my opinion, not receiving the credit due. All the publications were somewhat typical of supermarket mags. I wanted to create a high fashion coffee table book.

    The anniversary edition of Vogue had around 500 pages, weighed nearly five pounds, cost around $5 U.S., and was something like 87% ads. Of course those ads were high class and gorgeous. That told me one thing; women are willing to spend money to look at mostly ads. I’d been doing it for years, but I hadn’t put it that way to myself before. Because of my career, I know a lot of people in advertising, so without telling them what I was thinking of doing, I asked them about my observation. They all said I was right.

    That is how the Modavia Fashion Directory (MFD) came into being. I decided that I would create a group of the hottest models and only they would have the privilege of shooting for the directory. The result was a hit publication. There was (and still is) very little editorial. It was (and still is) nothing but fantastic models showing fantastic garments shot by fantastic photographers. The last I heard, the MFD has over 11,000 subscribers. What I didn’t count on is what happened to me.

    In building that team of top models known as The Modavia Supermodels, they became dear to me. I’d spend hours talking with each of them and they’d tell me about their personal lives…I cried a lot of tears then. I consider myself greatly blessed. I have problems like everybody else, but my problems were nothing compared to some of those girls.

    What I then learned, that none of my staff, models, instructors or stylists knew, was that some of my models were actually cancer patients, some were suffering with other illnesses, some were abused wives, some were girls who were never attractive in RL and nobody had ever taken interest in them. My goal of just producing the MFD began to change. I knew I could never do much of anything for their real lives, but I wanted to do something that could help them escape for a short while. I wanted them to feel pretty and special…even if it was only in a virtual world.

    I was determined that my new goal would be, that one day, they would turn on their television and see Oprah with a big screen TV showing the Modavia Supermodels in SL; I almost got them there. Unfortunately, for that goal, my RL bookings doubled and I had a loved one who got cancer. I decided I’d have to leave Modavia to help my loved one…there just wasn’t time enough for all of it.

    I enjoyed, more than anything, the one-on-one talks I’d have with those models…trying to encourage them…just being a friend to them that they could trust. Even now, some still call me. I can no longer offer them a career in modeling, but we don’t even talk about modeling or fashion. I ask how their sickly mother is and how they’re doing. We talk about their children. I think that it’s fair to say that as much as it is possible in a virtual world, I love them.

    It was another revelation to me that SL can be a place where you can help people. It may seem smaller than in RL, but what is the value of a kind word? I’ll never forget months after I retired, one of the Modavia Supermodels called me. She was the kind of person I thought of when I thought of a Modavia Supermodel. She was kind, hard working, professional, wonderful inside and out. Yet, she was always a somewhat private and quiet person, so we never spoke a great deal. She called me that day to tell me how much it meant to her when I announced that she would become the next Modavia Supermodel. She told me she had been a cancer patient, lost her hair, her looks, her husband, and as silly as it may seem, when I gave her the title, it brought her joy. That joy gave her something to look forward to in some very dark moments…I have tears in my eyes now as I think of her and that conversation.

    I encourage you to never doubt the power of kindness…even in a self-centered virtual world.


    Thoughts for Models (but I think may be helpful for others too!)

    Before I say anything else, let me explain that I don’t intend to talk about walks, poses, AO’s, and general modeling techniques, etc. This isn’t modeling school. Also, I’m assuming you have or will be properly trained by a modeling instructor who has actually been a working veteran model in SL. If not, do it. I’m also assuming you’ve assembled the necessary wardrobe and at least a great look.

    My hope is to not so much discuss with you what you wear, how you shoot and walk, but more of what you think. So many people mistake modeling as being a pretty thing wearing a pretty thing with not a lot of brains–that is both a fallacy and foolish. Modeling is a mind game. I want to talk about what’s in your heart and head, and how it relates to modeling.

    I’ve had some people say, “Dea, honestly you take this modeling all too seriously, this is SL…cartoons, a game.” To them I would say, “You’re right…well…on the surface, however beneath that surface is a real, breathing girl who desires to be a fashion model. While she may appear as a pretty cartoon here, her desire is very real–why not help her be the best she can be?

    Furthermore, isn’t SL about dreams and fantasies? You just read that my first coach told me that 80% of all girls at one time or another wished they could be a model. Here they can be what they desire. I’ve also been asked what then is my dream? For the most part, my dream has been to help that girl achieve her dream to be a top fashion model.

    In RL modeling, it is expected that you will have the looks and build. What is hoped for is that you will have the necessary personality and confidence — that’s where many models fail. Of course you must have beauty, but ask the icons of fashion, the top photographers, top designers, top agencies, top models, ask them what is the most desirous thing in a model and the answer will be — personality and confidence.

    Doutzen Kroes is one of the busiest, and highest paid, models in the world. She did that in a relatively short time. I think she is a very rare model, because she easily passes from one style and genre to another and then appears as a queen of that style, rivaling the existing favorites in that style. That said, I am in no way taking anything away from Doutzen, but notice her thighs. Doutzen is heavier in the thighs than most models of her stature. She is also just a bit fuller, yet, she’s enormously successful. Yes, she has the looks and definitely knows what to do in front of the camera and on the catwalk, but so do a thousand other models. What then really defines Doutzen? First, it’s her personality. She has a reputation for always being sweet and an absolute dream to work with. Don’t tell me that having that same kind of sweet personality doesn’t apply in SL. Second, is Doutzen’s confidence; just watch her on the runway–powerful.

    In SL, you’re forced to use the walks and poses that are available, but you’re not forced to have the confidence and personality. You can’t show the confidence in your walk in SL, but you can in what you say, how you act…how you treat people. You should never be cocky or arrogant, but be confident.

    Victoria’s Secret (VS) Angels are the top models for VS. The Angels shoot the catalog nearly exclusively, do the annual televised show, do store openings, PR appearances, TV commercials, etc. When Selita Ebanks was still a Victoria’s Secret Angel, one of the cute, but actually smart things she’d do before she hit the catwalk was to tell herself she’s an Angel. She’d do that to remind herself of what she achieved and it boosted her confidence. That’s important, because let me tell you something, no matter who you are, your nerves are rattling before you take the runway…especially for VS, because it’s the most desired contract in the world for every model, and top celebs and industry people are in the audience–you really, really don’t want to blow it!

    When you’re starting out in modeling, you need to keep something in mind, because you’re sort of like what happens with a newer, upcoming model in RL. You’ve done some shows, editorials, ads, etc. All of that is necessary to gain your skills, confidence, and to make connections, but you’re still not on the main board. The main board in an agency is a rack of headshots/comp cards of the girls that the agency has determined have made it through or are getting done with “development” and are now serious professionals. These girls will get looked at much more closely.

    You’re sort of like what happens when your agency sends you on your first fashion week. You really don’t know many people and they don’t know you. Most of the shows are filled with established models, a few positions are open for new models, and a zillion models are competing for any of those positions. You can be in your first casting at 6 a.m. and then castings all day till night and maybe you only get two shows and they’re not the biggest names. It doesn’t matter, you do them like they were Dior. You walk fierce. You’re freaking exhausted and you’re scared out of your mind. Your legs tremble, but you do it, because — and this is that one thing you MUST remember — you ARE a model. You’re not TRYING to be a model.

    You keep that in your mind and you keep coming back. You’re gonna’ get your face in front of anybody and everybody. The sooner you stop trying to be a model and hoping to be a model, and you start saying to yourself and believing you ARE a model, the sooner you’ll gain that certain “it” quality that all pros have.

    Professionals never quit. They have the confidence, personality, and hard work ethic that gets them to the top and keeps them there.

    Here’s your checklist:

    * Personality – great to be around, friendly, kind.
    * Work Ethic – hard working, professional, reliable, dependable.
    * Confidence – not cocky or arrogant, but sure of your abilities.
    * Presentation – GREAT, unique features and GREAT unique styling
    * Skills – mastery of catwalk/shoots – use different, unusual walks/poses




    If a model works as a receptionist in a company and on the weekends does a little modeling, they don’t say: “I’m a receptionist and I model part time on weekends.” They say, “I’m a professional fashion model and I help out as a receptionist.” In their mind, they are not still trying to make it as a model; they already have. Now, it’s just a matter of climbing higher to become a top model.

    What I’m saying to you is this, if you want to be a top model, start thinking, talking, and acting like one. Eventually the rest of the world will catch up with you.

    Anybody can be a top model in SL, assuming first they have been trained, they’ve created a great look, and have a great personality, then all they need to do is just work harder than everybody else. Also, modeling is not only what happens on the runway, but so much of the time what happens off the runway at after parties, rehearsals, emails, cocktail parties, calls, etc. Top models take advantage of every moment.

    A top model walks into every situation and thinks about how they can promote themselves. When they’re out and about, they’re working it. Even if they go shopping, they are ever conscious of their image. This is serious business and it’s a business loaded with competition. You have to constantly seek to build meaningful relationships.

    The point of after parties in SL and RL is not to simply unwind and have fun following the nerve-wrenching stress accumulated during a high profile fashion show. The point is networking. I think the term, “networking” has been so heavily used in past years that it may just “bounce” off our ears now, so let me restate it.

    Networking is finding a way to relate to the right people and then promoting yourself, but don’t read that as walking up to somebody and handing them your portfolio. It’s about forming a relationship and earning the right to give them your portfolio. Better yet, it’s about making them want or even ask for your portfolio. It’s about you learning to sell yourself, and you’re going to have to do that or your career is over.

    You have to see yourself as a product, better yet, a brand. You must be a desirable and reliable brand that will cause people to trust you with their precious designs, and more precious, time, and so much so, that they are willing to part with their money to make sure they get you. There’s a reason that in RL, the same models are requested over and over again by the top design houses and brands — those models are worth it, period.

    Thus, it is no coincidence, or conspiracy, that the top models in SL, and RL, are chosen over and over again. The reason for this is not just that they are pretty. It’s because they’re bankable. Any designer, producer, or photographer who hires them knows they will be on time, do the job with perfection, and be easy with which to work — no hassles or unforeseen issues, no drama. What they are buying is a comfort level, and assurance, better yet, insurance. Insurance that the final show or shoot will come off with excellence. Of course, when that happens, the final result is greater sales.

    Now, let me take a moment to tell you what a fashion model is…… a gorgeous influencer of the market. We exist for one purpose, to SELL garments, to SELL brands. We don’t put on shows to show off. If sales don’t rise, designers stop designing, and you stop working. We’re in this together and we need one another.

    Do you know that every single photo in the Victoria’s Secret (VS) catalog is managed on a computer and the sales associated with that photo are watched and analyzed. The models in those photos are then either advanced (given more space) or demoted based on the sales associated with their shoots. In essence, VS is the brand, but the model is the asset marketing the product of the brand. Any model that can consistently sell product well is going to get more space in the catalog. Why do you think Alessandra Ambrosio has so much space? Yep! She sells like mad.

    This is so true, that there are a handful of models in the world that guarantee with their photo on the cover of a magazine, the magazine’s sales will escalate the month the model appears. Gisele is one of those models. In fact, she’s the top. Anna Wintour knows that if Gisele is on the cover, Vogue will probably sell out in short order. Gisele is not the highest earning model in the world, because she has a smokin’ body and can command a catwalk, it’s because she has the power to move the market. She’s also a brilliant businesswoman who understands the real value of PR.

    What can you learn from Gisele?

    1) Be a smokin’ model, of course
    2) Understand you’re here to market the products of a brand
    3) Be a good businesswoman
    4) Understand and use PR (public relations…promotion)

    PR is our next subject.


    What It Takes To Promote Yourself As A Model

    Let’s talk about what it takes to promote yourself. I call it, PR.

    In regard to PR, let me put to you three questions:

    1) Who decides who the next supermodel will be? Answer that.

    2) Why is the next supermodel the next supermodel, and not an equally talented and perhaps just as beautiful and experienced, other model? Answer that.

    3) Assuming looks and talent are the same, why does one top model earn $10,000 in an hour, yet the other equal model earn $500? Answer that.

    Here are the correct answers:

    Answer 1) Who decides who the next supermodel will be is ultimately the media.

    Answer 2) The next supermodel is the next supermodel, because she has a better PR machine that influences the media. Of course, a supermodel is expected to be the epitome of beauty, grace, poise, talent, etc., but the truth is, many models are that. It’s effective PR that actually creates the supermodel image. It’s in everybody’s best interest to create a new supermodel–she’ll generate zillions of dollars for her agents, lawyers, accountants, designers, photographers, and all the way down to the local dress shop.

    Answer 3) The model who earns $10,000 in an hour does so, because the demand for her is greater, and the demand for her is greater, because the demand for her has been carefully planned and created over time; she didn’t just get lucky.

    Thus, you must create a demand in people for not just a model, but for YOU! To do that, you have to first get their attention. That’s not only hard, but with the addition of every new model, especially a savvy model, it gets even harder for you to get attention. To get attention, you have to stand out from the rest. To stand out from the rest, you have to specifically decide to stand out from the rest, because you won’t do so automatically. To make yourself stand out, you must do things that cause you to stand out. Let’s talk about it.

    To explain to you what I mean, you’ll have to endure a lengthy letter now, but I think you will have a better idea of how and why this stuff works after you read it.

    If ever in the past you applied to Modavia, you would have received the following letter from me with your application. Though I no longer head Modavia, I believe these ideas are timeless and “good medicine” for any model to be.

    Dear Prospective Modavia Model:

    I want you to remember this: pretty and handsome mean nothing. They mean nothing, because beauty is easy in SL. Anybody with some money, time, and determination can become beautiful. Gorgeous aspiring models are a dime a dozen. So how do you know if you’re a candidate for becoming a fashion model? Let me suggest a quick checklist followed by further explanation.

    If you don’t have an insatiable appetite for amazing fashion, don’t enter modeling.
    If you don’t have the willingness to accept constructive criticism, don’t enter modeling.
    If you don’t have the ability to continue trying after being rejected…many times, don’t enter modeling.
    If you don’t have an unending ethic of hard work, don’t enter modeling.
    If you do have the single purpose of achieving fame, don’t enter modeling.
    If you do have the single purpose of making a lot of money, don’t enter modeling.

    If I haven’t scared you off yet, then let me explain why I’ve said the things I have in that little checklist.

    I believe that this is true in RL and SL fashion modeling; if I can scare you off, then you were never meant to be a model. Professional models may become frightened and lack confidence at times, but they don’t scare off, period. Professional models did not become so, because they were simply pretty. They are professionals, because they have persisted even though they became timid at times, and painfully aware of the enormous cost in time, money, hard work, rejection, and patience. Simply put, they are not quitters. They couldn’t be scared off, because they love what they do and they just won’t stop. I hope that’s you.

    Still here? Great! Let’s take a look at what I believe to be the basic ingredients for entry into Fashion Modeling.

    You are expected to be stunning in appearance, able to take direction, charming, graceful, gracious, kind, courteous, and talented; you better be, because models are supposed to be just that–everybody’s dream of the “model” woman or man. Modeling is not just about good looks and the proper measurements on which to hang clothes.

    Models ought to have a “core” of goodness that people want to be around; they’re people magnets and not just by physical beauty. Even Sharen Turney, CEO of Victoria’s Secret, the leading mass market line of lingerie, has said that even though Victoria’s Secret is best known for marketing sexy under things, and displaying them on some of the hottest models in the world during the brand’s annual televised fashion show watched by millions, the selection of Angels (top VS models) is not done by just body and skill, but for what’s inside, i.e. personality, charm, poise, confidence, etc.

    You can be shy and be a model. You can be quiet and be a model. You can’t be unlikeable and expect to succeed. I’m talking about personality and you better have loads of it. We’ll discuss that more fully later.

    It seems almost humorous to me to mention the following, but experience has taught me it is necessary. It is possible to have a pretty face, catwalk & shoot skill, good personality, and style, but be hampered by unacceptable dimensions. Here’s a few do’s and don’ts :

    1) No big booties; you may feel it’s cool or representative of how women really are, and that’s fine, but the fashion world doesn’t care, so if you want to work, lose the booty.

    2) The fashion world in RL, and in SL, is not ready for short models. In RL, Kate Moss completely caused huge battles, because Kate is 5′ 7″. The minimum requirement for high fashion runway has been 5′ 9″ and sometimes 5′ 8″. Because of a lot of unseen factors, Kate made it in, but she’s rare. Again, you may feel short is cool, but I assure you, fashion loves tall.

    3) I’m aware of clothing and products for large men and women, but we’re not talking about retail products, we’re talking about Fashion Modeling, so like it or not, agree with it or not — if you’re overweight, chunky, plus size — Fashion Modeling hates you. Don’t get mad at me, I’m just telling you the truth. Yes, I’m always aware of the ongoing debates and pleas for female fashion models to become more “normal” or “healthy” sized, and there’s a small rising trend to that, but the norm is still tall, thin, and with smaller breasts. I suggest you do the same.

    4) Make sure your clothing, hair, jewelry, shoes, and accessories fit correctly and look appealing. In RL, a model never walks onto the runway or in front of the camera without everything being checked, adjusted, and perfected. She’s rushing backstage, but she’s stealing every glance she can to check herself, and most of the time has what’s called a “Dresser.” That’s somebody who has as their sole task, to help the model in and out of outfits and check them over to make sure everything is proper. In SL, you don’t have Dressers; you have to be your own. Consequently and unfortunately, I see too many aspiring models who get in front of the camera and their hair is poking through their ear, or their necklace is lopsided and part of it is buried in their neck, or their hands are too big, or they’re using free or cheap “lifeless” eyes, etc. All of that may be missed by the fashionistas at a show where odds are the lag will cause you to sometimes appear gray, or since you’re moving, it’s harder for them to spot imperfections. In a photo shoot, it ALL shows, and it says just one thing — amateur. Don’t do it. I suggest you get demos and try them on in bright lights or in one of the free photo studios around SL. Look at yourself on a close-up; watch for bad seams, jagged edges, poor detail, etc.

    Okay, those are the BASIC do’s and don’ts, and what is expected as a minimum to enter the world of Fashion Modeling. If you disagree, then you need to enter the world of Commercial Modeling where anything goes, however SL has little to none.

    If you’re still with me, then the next few things are what can cause a model to stand apart from the rest and thereby garner close attention, which can lead to success in RL, and SL.

    If you ever notice the top RL fashion models up close, you’ll see that quite a few are not what most would consider to be total drop-dead gorgeous knock-outs. In fact, certain models are even un-attractive to some people. What these models are is UNIQUE. They have some feature that sets them apart from others. It could be one eyebrow is curved more and higher than the other; or one eye is not formed like the other; or their nose is crooked, etc. That factor is critical, and it’s one of the things that spawned the fat, pouty lip look of some years ago. It happened, because it was easy for women to do, simple lip injections, painful, yes (I did it–ouch!) but it quickly gave you a different look that was unique, because not many girls had those big pouty lips. The problem was, everybody did it, and it was no longer unique.

    My point is that in SL, it’s possible, and I maintain, essential, to create a unique look. And I believe it will be even more important in the future, because of this fact: Two years ago, there were one million people in SL. Last year there were 10 million, and this year there’s over 16 million people in SL. That means lots more competition ladies and gentleman. And for those of you who think, yeah well it takes a long time for them to find good clothes, skins, etc. — WRONG. I’ve personally met some new, aspiring models only a couple months old that are going to be strong competition, so be UNIQUE!

    Unique can be anything. Not that I think I’m all that, but let me tell you a few things I did when I got serious about modeling and knew I needed to differentiate myself from the gazillion “cookie cutter” models I was seeing. Doing these simple unique features and applying PR, I was able to attract more serious attention in 30 days, than models that have been here since 2004. I’ll tell you about that after we talk about the unique features I created.

    1) The mole. Moles are way more common now then when I first created one. Only a few ladies had them, and thus, it added some unique quality to my facial structure. Consider this: close your eyes and think Cindy Crawford. What comes into your mind? Uh-huh. Point made. When Cindy was trying to enter fashion, she was told by many pros that she would have to remove the mole if she wanted to model professionally. They were dead wrong. If Cindy would have done that, she would have looked like a million other, just as pretty, professional models. She would have gotten lost in the mix.

    2) The eye. Not as obvious as the mole, but at various angles, you could see that my left eye was slightly smaller than my right eye. I think models are afraid of imperfection in SL, but the truth is, perfection is boring to the human eye. It’s imperfections that make us the most unique and interesting, and thus–memorable.

    3) The hair. I would often use hair that most other models would not use, as well as color. I did it for one reason; if you follow the crowd, you’ll get lost in the crowd. Most models were (and still are) blond. After that is brunette. Then comes black. I went red. Nobody was a redhead then. I did it solely to differentiate myself from the pack. It worked too, because I actually had people say that when I walked into a room, they knew Dea arrived before they saw anything else, because my unusually styled, flaming red hair stood out. That’s the other thing, even if a model copied my hair color, which began to happen, they’d have a hard time capturing my particular hair style, because I never wore “off the shelf” hair. Instead, I’d spend hours editing hair so that it looked different from the store version. The moral is don’t be afraid to be different. You’ll have to endure snide remarks from snotty, jealous, gossip-filled, little-minded models, but who cares what they think? Care what you think and what designers think. And by the way, designers are creative people. They love different, unique, unusual, even weird. So the overall goal is not to just be pleasing to the eye, but to be different or UNIQUE from others. That’s harder to do than it sounds.

    By now you may be saying, “Well great, but that’s a lot to do and how do I know it works?” Good question, and here’s my reply:

    I’ve been in SL since May, 2007. I did other things before deciding to see how successful I could be as a model. As I’ve already stated, I’m a fashion model in RL and one of the reasons I told you that is so you would understand that when I started looking at the SL fashion world, I was comparing it to the RL fashion world. What I found was that SL wasn’t very close. I found quite an alarming rate of unattractive and even ugly models. I found many very similar, nearly identical models. I found oodles of Barbie types. I found many who were nothing but copycats of others. All of that bothered me and it also made me want to see how possible it was for a nobody newcomer to rapidly climb the ladder in the SL fashion world. Here’s what I did:

    I re-created myself using some of the tactics I’ve already described, then I applied all that I know about PR (public relations) and promotions. Because of what I do, the people I’m exposed to, and the friends I have, I’ve gained a lot of RL experience along those lines, and believe me, as a model, whether it’s RL or SL, you had better never be ignorant or forget how incredibly important PR is.

    Okay, I re-created my features to appear unique, I dressed unique–I never settled for off-the-rack outfits, but spent hours doing mix and match to create unique looks. Then I added PR tactics, and this is what happened in 30 days:

    1) I don’t want to mention her name in writing, because I don’t know if I have that liberty, but I will do so in private if you ask. I can tell you this: at that time, she was the most powerful, successful, and influential fashion agency head in SL. You’d generally have to jump through hoops and go through her very extensive schooling to even be considered to model for her. Within one day of casually running into her, she me to model at her agency. I didn’t ask her for it. She also offered me her Director of Marketing position.

    2) A hot and growing designer (again, I will tell you the name in private) offered modeling to me, and again, I didn’t ask for it. She also asked me to be her Fashion Manager.

    3) When I was a student at a well-known modeling school and agency, an upcoming model asked the agency head about what trends to follow. The head pointed to me and said, “Don’t follow trends. When I look at Dea, I see a model that is unique and not like the other 10,000 models out there, because she’s created her own style, and that’s what I, and other agency owners, look for, somebody that has their own style.”

    4) I was personally requested (not group invited) by the publisher of a new fashion magazine, to be present at the press conference for the launch of the magazine.

    5) I became quick friends with a number of top models

    6) I was asked by an agency to do runway for high profile fashion shows

    7) Out of over thirty wonderful models, I was the only model asked by an agency to sign an exclusive contract

    8) I was, personally, invited (not group invited) to EFA Fashion Week. EFA was the only agency at that time who did a fashion week.

    9) This is a quote about me from an inside person at a leading agency: “Awesome presentation!…Way beyond what I’ve seen most models ever do…”

    10) I was featured in Essensual magazine (no longer in publication) in an article entitled, “5 VIP’s in Second Life”

    All of that in 30 days about a little nobody girl no one had ever heard of. That’s the power of making your appearance unique, and applying PR. After that, after you’ve gained attention, it’s all about personality, character, and caring about people that keeps the attention.

    Remember, it’s your looks that first attract and your spirit or attitude that keep attracting. You need to have a great attitude. Respect people even if you don’t like them. Believe me, fashion needs people who are beautiful on the outside, but desperately needs people who are beautiful on the inside. Be available. Be helpful. Be kind. Be generous. Be hard-working and people-caring. Love people first and fashion second – that’s true beauty.

    Your friend in fashion,
    Dea Mills


    First, as I’ve already said, you should take any and all work you can, but now add to that, make the work “work” for you. Here’s what I mean….

    Get testimonials from every important, or noteworthy, person you can–ALWAYS.

    For example, when you study with a modeling instructor, ask them to write a sentence or two about their impression of you.

    When you do a show, ask the designer for the same kind of testimony, i.e., “[YOUR NAME] is one of the best models I’ve seen on the catwalk this year.” – Sissy Pessoa – Baiastice”

    Do this with everybody you can.

    Put those testimonials in your profile and portfolio.

    Do whatever you can to get some editorial work. Come up with an interesting angle on fashion, modeling, etc., but get a story about you in a fashion magazine…even if you pay for it. This is an image business. It’s about face time. It’s about your name showing up everywhere. You are CREATING your image. The point here is not so much what the article is as it is simply that somebody did a story about you. Thus, you can mention it in your profile and portfolio: EDITORIALS – Featured Model Expose, Runway Magazine, February, 2009, etc. What you want to get across is that OTHER people are talking about how great you are, so create ways to get other people to talk about you, then quote them!

    You can begin a letter to an agency head or top designer or top photographer with some quotes from others about you; this immediately gets attention and sets you apart from the majority of the models and how they approach people for work.

    On every shoot, or show you do, make a list of every single thing you’ve worn, including skin, hair, nails, accessories, etc. Let’s say you’ve just done an ad for a dress from Ziamela Loon, but you accessorized it with a handbag from Leezu Baxter, shoes from Melanie Zhao, Jewelry from JD Hansen, hair from…etc, etc. Of course you will thank Ziamela, but when you get your copy of the ad, immediately send a copy of it, along with a brief thank you note to Leezu, Melanie, JD, and every designer represented in your total outfit.

    EXAMPLE title of the note: “Melanie – You’re in the Ad – Thank you! (she’ll open it with that title) Body of the note: “Hi Melanie, I want to thank you for your fabulous brown leather Asta boots! As you can see in the ad I’ve sent, I wore them and they were perfect! Thanks again, Melanie.”

    Every designer will love you for that and you’ve made an impression on them…better chance they’ll remember you. Also keep copies of all that. Then some day in the future, if you decide to approach a designer directly for work, you have a much better chance.

    Agency heads, and designers, are always busy, but something you can try is to write a brief testimonial yourself, then send it to them and tell them you realize they are busy and don’t want to bother them, so to save them time, you’ve written something yourself, and if it sounds close to something they would write, could they either just change a few words or could you use it as it is and sign their name.

    I could spend days, and write 30 ways on how to promote yourself, but then everybody would do the exact same things and in a little while, people will begin to hate you, because they’re getting hit with all these models saying, and doing, the exact same thing. It’s far better for you to spend a day and come up with creative ways to promote yourself.

    The point is, you’ve spent money and time on training. You’ve spent money and time putting together looks. That’s where the majority of models stop and it’s WHY they’re over already. You just need to add to that this: spend equal or greater time on promoting yourself as you have on training and styling.


    What It Takes To Work With Difficult People

    I’ve had a number of models mention to me their problems working with difficult others, so let’s talk about that for a few minutes.

    Yes, some models can be mean, two-faced, arrogant, and rude. Yes, some are this way in RL too. Generally, they act this way, really because they are very insecure and immature–ignore it.

    If you’re able to help them be a better person, do it. If they don’t want to be a better person, move on.

    This is why at Modavia I constantly said to the models:
    1) don’t ever let me catch you being ugly to somebody–absolutely NO arrogance, and
    2) people first – fashion second.

    I could tell you horror stories of what I’ve had to put up with and still do with some people, however that wouldn’t help you, so here’s what to remember: true professionals–real models are confident in their look & skills–they don’t need to make others feel inferior in order for them to feel better about themselves.

    Professionals don’t become caught up with arrogant, mean, rude, selfish, drama queen types. Professionals don’t give their energy to drama queens. They give their energy to being a professional. They spend energy on being confident and having the personality that makes people want to work with them…you do the same.

    One of the first supermodels, Gia, could have had the world, but due to drugs, and her difficult personality, she ended up being despised and nobody wanted to work with her. She was unreliable, inconsistent, hard to work with, and could be mean. Don’t ever let that be you.

    Just let slip off of you the behavior of difficult people. Stay focused. Never return anger, meanness, arrogance, and rudeness with anger, meanness, arrogance, and rudeness. Instead, show kindness, patience, peace, compassion, and joy. Be a lady. Be a pro. Be a true model, not just a walking clothes hanger, but a “model” woman–one that every girl aspires to be. The world will come to you.


    Last Thoughts…

    Things I Try To Remember

    1) To sum all this up I say again, in SL, all you have is a cartoon and your reputation. Your reputation is built by what you say and even more by how you treat people. I’ve watched people come here with a lot of money and build empires. Then, one person at a time, they dismantle whatever seemingly good reputation they have had by hurting people to further their own careers or image. They use people. I’ve seen the same thing in RL over and over again.

    Your reputation will determine the value of influence you have with people. If you want to have a good reputation and you want to have influence that people will want you to have in their lives, then be a good person in RL…then bring that goodness here…one person at a time.

    2) The more successful and in demand you become, the more you will have those who want to tear you down. They are simply jealous and they get a sick temporary feeling of importance by saying and doing things that are harmful to you — ignore them.

    3) Most people will only be interested in what it is that you can do for them. I suggest we catch them off guard and treat them with respect and kindness.

    4) For prospective models, new models, and even veterans: assuming everything is proper…you have the look, willingness to work hard, you’re not a quitter, and you have a great personality, then the most critical characteristic is confidence.

    5) Modeling is more about who you are than how you look. Yes, you must have the look, because this is an image business. It’s important also to remember that the only reason models exist is to sell brands, nothing more. Models forget that and start thinking it’s all about them and their looks. If they’re not careful, the “who” they are is lost…or never really found. With that, let me end by telling you a true story about “who” you are.

    Some time ago, I was practicing a walk and pose combination for an important upcoming show. I wanted it special for this designer. You don’t always have time for practicing like that for a show, but this one I did, and I was working very hard on it.

    At the same time, there were two models who for some reason, seemed to hate me. They were saying and trying to do things that would hurt me. I had been very overtired and I began to let them bother me too much.

    I asked a former modeling coach who knew me well, and I knew would not B.S. me, to come and watch my walk and tell me their opinion. This coach has a reputation for insisting a model brings everything they have to bear on their presentation. They won’t accept a half-way, just okay presentation.

    I started my walk and before I reached my mark and pose, he pulled me off the catwalk. I was stunned. He asked me what was wrong with me, and I didn’t know what to say. I thought he meant that I was sick or something. He said he could immediately tell that my confidence was lacking and he didn’t see the uniqueness of my personality coming through that he knew.

    I had to think about it, but the only thing I could answer was that there were these two models who were trying to hurt me. Maybe it was bothering me more than I thought. Maybe it was showing in my work.

    I’ll never forget what he said to me, and I made sure I wouldn’t forget, because I later wrote it down in my diary and I keep it on my laptop. This is what he said:

    “Now you listen to me. You didn’t get your success just because you’re one of the fiercest models on the catwalk. And you didn’t get it, just because you shoot like a damn goddess. You got to WHERE you are, because of WHO you are.”

    I cried. And he was right. I say the same to you. Be beautiful outside…be more beautiful inside.

    Please let me know if there’s something I can do to help you.

    Rock that runway……………

    Dea Mills

  138. May I suggest that all the diva’s, drama lovers and whingers read that article for a dose of humility and perspective.

    Well done lads for sharing.

  139. I just want to share this very moving and inspirational message from Dea Mills, Founder and Former CEO of Modavia. She is an amazing person and her words of wisdom really are uplifting. TY Dea and Sweet. Ty Nave for sharing this with us.

  140. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    To All Staff, Partners & Affiliates:

    This is by far the hardest letter I have to write to all of you. I just had a long conversation with Jenna and she even logged in world to help me with a few things. As you know I was very excited about Jenna feeling better. However that has changed. I am going to ask you all to respect and not ask about her health. That is hard enough already and is a private issue

    With a heavy heart Jenna has decided to step down from JCS. Her stepping down is to focus her entire energy on herself. This will mean a long absence from SL.

    As for the future of JCS, I have not decided what to do just yet. As her husband in both worlds my first priority is my wife. But JCS is my extended family.

    I look upon all staff and the roles they have played in helping us become who we are. Jenna and I are proud of all of you. All of you have placed your faith in our hands and have added a part of yourself. JCS is not closing its doors now or anytime soon. We are not merging with any other agency or putting it up for sale. My main focus is my wife, and she always has been. We have children together who right now need their mother and their mother needs them.

    JCS will complete its present obligations with the upcoming Cancer benefits and agreements with its partners. Once these obligations have been concluded I will then decide on the correct course to take JCS.

    Johnathan Hiess

  141. Herra Says:

    Babs – that new system is all nice and dandy but it will hardly replace the runway show. Perhaps it might replace store models but those prims won’t bring traffic.

    There are many reasons why runway shows will be better even with the lag. First – it brings people to the store. Models have friends – friends tend to want to see their friends in runway show and that means traffic and sales. NO one will clamour to go see a show with PRIMS showing off an outfit

    And not only do shows bring sales but they bring traffic. The more traffic the better of boost with your store.

    I think the new feature has value but until those prims can count towards traffic or spend money – they won’t take over the runway show.

  142. babster Says:

    A comment after seeing and using the new SL viewer2 and looking at the new media on a prim , could the days of runways be over????????

    A designer can now show off all their designs on a Prim in their store using themselves or any AV they choose no more lag no more relying on Models to show and no more Agency squabbles

    The ne fashion experts will be the multimudia people who know their way around poses and ysing software to capture the Imgages

    open for discussion , oh and i have seen this briefly last night and it works a treat 3 prims around a store all showing off the designers outfits

  143. agencyreport Says:

    Yes please do. 🙂 Sorry everyone my RL is busy and AgencyReport monitoring has taken a back seat. Keep rants and all that “junk” on the general warnings . . grips, etc page. I’ll let you all beat each other over the head on that page. 🙂

    And those of you TALKING TO YOURSELVES with several different names, if you don’t cut it out I’m going to list all of them that go to the same IP address, or ban you– I guess I can give you a choice. One more offense and you will be given this choice. Please don’t take advantage of me being lenient. To clarify, I’m not talking to those that make legitimate comments under different names on different pages, I’m specifically taking about this type of stuff:

    name1: Wow that agency is awesome!
    name2: Ya it really is, I also know name1 and he is awesome too!
    name1: Thanks! You are pretty swell yourself!
    name3: I also think that agency is awesome.
    name1: See, this agency must be awesome because lots of people say so!
    name2: Hooray for all the awesomeness!

    Just cut it out, please.

    Please keep rants out of specific agencies’ pages, too. It’s really not fair to them. This page was really supposed to be MY page to post general news about this website, sorry if the title was confusing.

    So to restate: all arguing, silliness, and long winded witty rants . . . put it on the General Warnings page.

    AgencyReport Zepp

  144. Hey there everyone, this has gotten a bit out of hand….

    Easy to follow rules for posting: (I don’t make the rules but might have a quick opinion on what they may have intended)

    Before you post, please take a look at the banner below the Name of this site…..

    “Giving Second Life Models the power of knowledge”

    I am thinking it’s what this site should have been used for. After reading these comments here is it??

    We could debate that, but lets take a look at the heading of this category….hmmm,

    “General Comments and News” not quite what Id expect here in this one… about the others…..

    General Warnings, Scams, Grips, Rants….now THAT’S where Id expect all the garbage to go… please, everyone that feels the need to make a “NOT SO PROFESSIONAL” comment on anything….can you use that area?? Please?? That way, when I need to read something perhaps funny or amusing, or slanderous and trashy, I can flip over there…..

    Thanks, 🙂

    Astrokris Messmer
    CEO, iC Motions

  145. Anita Claven Says:

    I only have one thing to say… WHO CARES! lets get this website back to what it is SUPPOSED to be! PLEASE!

    All this “Anon” and pen names – its enough to make your head spin. Who cares who is who – all of the information being argued over is IRRELEVANT.

  146. Bemused Observer Says:

    anon said:

    “Wow, multiple personality disorder at it finest. LOL!”

    IMHO i’d say a variety of fun ones are far better then none at all 😛

    i’ll take nave’s wry humor thanks

    have you noticed that the legion of anonymous posters only contribution is to comment on nave but seem to have no opinions on anything interesting or worth discussing?

  147. Regina Says:

    Comments by some “ladies” & “persons” are quite alarming. Thank goodness there’s Charm School!

    One does not need to tear people down, some things “are harmless”.

    Have a good day 🙂

  148. Doc Holiday Says:

    anon, anon, anonnnnnnnn

    Nave’s left the building

    He, unlike some other people, gets it

  149. Anon Says:

    Nave and everyone else reading this post. I did not sign the post Nasty…. I cut and pasted that from the previous post! Sheesh….

  150. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    OK Now I am upset. I don’t give a damn who has what in their inventory. I don’t care about what lifestyle you choose to live in Second Life or Real Life. It is none of my business who you choose to and how you choose to live. What I do give a damn about is this website.

    This website is a tool that young men and women are to use to seek information on a agency before commiting time, energy and financial commitments to such an agency. It also allows the Agency to adress issues it is not aware of or may not be operating accordingly.

    What I see now is people using this website as a forum to one up each other with insults and comments that may or may not be true. I dont care who started it. I don’t want to know. I am though going to beg all of you to stop it. Let us use this website for what it was originally intended for. You do not have to like one another to work well with each other.

    Those whom make themselves out to be more than who they are will eventually have time catch up to them. Those that are the problem child will eventually weed themselves out of a career and credibility.

    If some of you cannot handle the criticism then guess what? You are in the wrong business. The Fashion Industry in both worlds is viscous. I have dealt with both sides. You need to grow thicj skin and understand that criticism is part of this business for no two people will see the same thing.

    I do not think I am better than any of you. I just ask that some of you learn to grow up, take the criticism, learn from it, and carry on. If that is too much to ask then shut the hell up!

    Johnathan Hiess

  151. Herra Says:

    Wait, did I just stumble into the GOR report?

    To be honest, this is SL – who cares what was found in someone’s inventory. Second Life is suppose to be about having some fun in a different world – trying new things, being crazy, being someone who you might not be in RL.

    Geez, we’re not curing cancer here!

  152. An UBAR speaks Says:

    Norman’s Gor series was influenced by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars novels. His novels include lengthy philosophical and sociological dissertations criticizing the malaise of modern society (everything from common dishonesty to nuclear holocaust). A wide variety of societies, cultures, moral concepts, and technologies are described in depth in his novels; however it is always within the context of the MALE ADVENTURE genre, and, as such, families, children, and other mundane aspects of real life are generally absent and those roles are left undiscussed.

    His fiction places emphasis on living in accordance with a Nietzsche-esque natural order, sponsoring a hierarchy of talent, especially strength. Based on this assumed hierarchy, combined with a particular usage of evolutionary psychology to analyze gender differences, he contends that ‘woman’ is the submissive natural helper, and figurative slave, of dominant man. His work often takes this observation literally: heroes enslave heroines who, upon being enslaved, revel in the discovery of their natural place. There is no such thing in the novels and novellas as a ‘free’ woman. Women are chattel. Period. Property to be used and sold. Slaves in other words. The extent to which Norman intended this philosophy to be taken literally, rather than as a vehicle of sexual fantasy, is debatable.

    Bondage in the novels and in his Imaginative Sex guide is overtly and completely sexual in nature and the philosophy presented is unquestionably that of male dominance.

    Nuff said about GOR

  153. Jessilyn Brandi Says:

    laughing my head off at you Nave, you’re so pathetic, you always seem to show your true colors and it’s so totally amusing. Seems to me when someone we both know was organizing your inventory for you, she found tons and tons of GOR stuff…. collars and whips, so clearly you were playing in GOR we all know you only think with the head that’s not on your shoulders. Unfortunatly for you, the only way for you to get a slave is to earn one, and the only way to earn one is to fight with weapons since we all know you can’t walk a straight line, you must have been a dismal failure at the warrior games. I am certain with your big mouth and tendancy to spew off you were challenged many times by many warriors and you found your face in the dirt. So I have no doubt you failed as a warror a man and owner of slaves, is that how you happened to come into the fashion industry? You though going to GOR was goint to be a easy way to get laid, boy were you wrong, and btw, a free woman never kneels she’s always standing and answers to no man in GOR.

  154. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    This is NastyFalls last post…

    All the towns lay out across the dusty plains
    Like graveyards filled with tombstones
    Waitin’ for the names (Nave Fall~ Doc Holiday)
    And a man could use his back or use his brains
    But some just went stir crazy Lord
    cuz nothiiiin’ ever changed

  155. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    * sighs*

    I was told to come and see this and I wouldn’t be disspointed. Once again this is true.

    For the record Nastyfall Starfall is -not- me. Ask your friend ARZ to confirm that for you via IP.

    Once again, you have proven to the world that you will say anything about anyone, regardless of it’s truth. You don’t care about the truth, all you care about is spewing garbage.

    You have enough knowledge, fact , and truth to fill a thimble and still leave room for your brain. What a waste of time you are. How unfortunate for anyone who believes -anything- you have to say.

    I am out and will leave you to this site to do what it is you do best… spout lies, untruths, attacks and garbage.

  156. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Tombstone 2010

    Nave Fall:( sticks his head throught the saloon doors) Waaaaaaaaaasup Doc!

    Cats got your tongue? NasyFall got you wrangled?

  157. Nave Fall Says:

    Nastyfall Starfall is NOT me. Nuhhhhh uhhhh. She’s laughing up her sleeve that you could even think that one. AgencyReport Zepp can confirm that fact easily enough. I don’t speak French. That would be the Great White North Québécois coalition ehhhh!

    But, Anon,I take your point to heart. I know when I’m whipped. I will refrain from comment for awhile and we’ll see how much fun this site is. I’m sure that lots of others will jump in to fill the “drama gap”

    Nasty, herself can supply enough “I’m the one victimized”, chest-thumping, angst to keep things lively for awhile. I’m sure she has plenty if ammo to let lose on Sparkie, Glitter, Lucas and all the others who abandoned her and sided with the other teams who respect wit, commitment, loyalty, creativity, sobriety and thrift. She can keep her sissy Jessilyn……..they deserve each other. I consider the criticism of someone who is so ill-informed as to believe that such a thing as a “free woman” in Gor is even possible to be hilarious. She can’t decide whether to be on her knees or at someone’s throat. Either way she’s doing the same thing….. The big question that’s on everyone’s lips is what happened to the cash collected from the year-long contest that was being run?

    Sooooo, Anon, anonymous, anonymouse and the other anon-variants can amuse each other without my help for awhile. Good luck with that one. I’m yawning already, I’ll take a seat on the Group W bench.

    I’ll try to shut down Doc Holiday too but he’s his own man and may not abide by my request.

    I’m just,


  158. Tired of the rants Says:

    Dear Site Administrator,

    I happen to agree with NastyFall Starfall on this one.

    This site used to be a place where models could report on agencies and state their praises and complaints in a safe atmosphere w/o fear of reprisal. That was a valid and even worthy idea. Models needed a safe place to air their issues.

    However, as of late, this site has become a trashing ground for Nave Fall/Doc Holliday/whoever-else-he-poses-as… It is sad to see him posing as one person to praise Nave then responding to his own posting with “humility” . It is sad when he has to be the one to sing his own praises, but then again, he has never been one to overlook an opportunity to blow his own horn, even if he has to create it himself! I am sure he has some anonymous postings in here as well. All I see now when I come to this site is him all over everyone’s page posting attacks, starting rumours, and bashing anyone he feels like without fear of reprimand.
    What a sad thing this site has come to, from providing a positive service, to simply allowing a vile, angry, vicious human being to attack at will. It is no wonder the site had only 8 visitors in one day this week. Allowing this fool free run here has simply put this site into the same gene pool as he is. What a sad Fall for you .

  159. Anon Says:

    Dear Site Administrator,
    I’m confused about the purpose of this site. I thought it was a forum for models to report on agencies and for agency owners to (hopefully) address issues and or accept compliments. Instead, when I log in all I’m reading are comments from Nave Fall and his many personalties. Most of the time the comments have NOTHING to do with agencies. Example:
    Quelques hommes m’appellent Abel,
    Some men call me Cain, Quelques hommes m’appellent Cain,
    Some men call me sinner, Lord Certains hommes appelez-moi pécheur, Seigneur
    Some men call me saint Quelques hommes m’appellent saint

    Some say there’s a Jesus Certains disent qu’il ya un Jésus
    Some men say there ain’t Certains hommes disent qu’il n’y a pas
    When you got no life to lose Quand t’as pas de vie à perdre
    Then there’s nothin’ left to gain Then there’s nothin ‘left à gagner

    Im just Nastyfall

  160. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Quelques hommes m’appellent Abel,
    Some men call me Cain, Quelques hommes m’appellent Cain,
    Some men call me sinner, Lord Certains hommes appelez-moi pécheur, Seigneur
    Some men call me saint Quelques hommes m’appellent saint

    Some say there’s a Jesus Certains disent qu’il ya un Jésus
    Some men say there ain’t Certains hommes disent qu’il n’y a pas
    When you got no life to lose Quand t’as pas de vie à perdre
    Then there’s nothin’ left to gain Then there’s nothin ‘left à gagner

    Im just Nastyfall

  161. Doc Holiday Says:

    Nasty Starfall: [Nasty steps up to Doc] And you must be Doc Holiday.
    Doc Holiday: That’s the rumor.
    Nasty Starfall: You retired too?
    Doc Holiday: Not me. I’m in my prime.
    Nasty Starfall: Yeah, you look it.
    Doc Holiday: And you must be Nasty. Look, darling, Nasty Starfall. The deadliest Diva since Ohren Beckl, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate her?
    Kate: You don’t even know her.
    Doc Holiday: Yes, but there’s just something about her. Something around the eyes, I don’t know, reminds me of… me. No. I’m sure of it, I hate her.
    Wyatt Earp: [to Nasty] He’s drunk.
    Doc Holiday: No she’s the drunk. In vino veritas.
    [“In wine is truth” meaning: “When I’m drinking, I speak my mind”]
    Nasty Starfall: Age quod agis.
    [“Do what you do” meaning: “Do what you do best”]
    Doc Holiday: Credat Judaeus apella, non ego.
    [“The Jew Apella may believe it, not I” meaning: “I don’t believe drinking is what I do best.”]
    Nasty Starfall: [pats her gun] Eventus stultorum magister.
    [“Events are the teachers of fools” meaning: “Fools have to learn by experience”]
    Doc Holiday: [gives a Cheshire cat smile] In pace requiescat.
    [“Rest in peace” meaning: “It’s your funeral!”]
    Tombstone Marshal Fred White: Come on girls. We don’t want any trouble in here. Not in any language.
    Doc Holiday: Evidently Ms. Nasty’s an educated woman. Now I really hate her

  162. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    How befitting Doc….the real Doc Holiday was a lying cheating killer….you and nave should ride out on the horses you came on.

  163. Doc Holiday Says:

    Maybe we need a little ditty by the Munchkins:

    Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
    Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,
    Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
    Let them know
    The Wicked Witch is dead!

  164. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    She never left…..

  165. Doc Holiday Says:

    I think it’s the right time to play Elton John’s 2nd album – Caribou.

  166. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know my identity.

  167. Nasty Fall Says:

    Hey it’s nice to see Nave has so many friends.

  168. Doc Holiday Says:

    Nave is my friend too. If you don’t “get” him that’s a personal issue you need more “edumacation” then. Yeah he’s a mean SOB but not to puppies, kittens or noobs. Once he quoted Arnold Schwarenegger to me, he said:

    My relationship to power and authority is that I’m all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    I think that quote kinda sums up what Nave does in SL most of the time. Is Nave an ego-maniac? Yes. But as QueenBrat said Nave is a good friend to have. He’s YOUR ego-maniac and if he stops posting here it will be dull a brick. Unlike what that Moolto jerk said about him Nave is no spammer and if he’s got your back you are a lucky person

  169. Nave has been a good friend to me. I don’t always agree with him but I support his right to speak his mind.If people don’t like his posts, as other people have said the answer is simple,skip them. The vast majority of the time I find him informative and humorous. The only person, I believe, that has the right to tell him to stop- is the site owner. Nave is a good guy and a supportive friend. I’m not afraid to use my name in his defense. Carry on Nave.

  170. Nave Fall Says:

    I DO ead by example:


    Stand up for myself and believe that others should stand up for themselves too, for their principles and the truth. The recent Frani Dressler chat event is an example of someone doing just that. I’m proud of her. Very proud.

    Don’t surrender to detractors, and the sycophants, that they incite with their lies. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away I had an encounter that I lost badly in SL. I came back better then ever and the people who helped me are proud of me. I am grateful to them and they know who they are.

    Know that there are others who WILL rally to me and to you also. I could name many people who I have helped in here but I’d rather not name names, friends of mine have been harmed by association unfortunately and I can’t prevent that. Some of my friends speak up for me in here without my prompting. I’m grateful for their support and loyalty I try to return it when I can.

    If you’re right you can be gracious in compromise but you don’t have to turn the other cheek. Free speech IS a right and mustn’t be abused. If AgencyReport Zepp has ANY issue with my communication style or the content of my posts s/he has only to wave finger in my direction and I will STFU in respect to the hard work that has gone into this site.

    Believe that scammers, liars, divas, copybotters and other assorted miscreants will eventually get what is coming to them. Some of the agencies and magazines got EXACTLY what they had coming. No remorse on my part.

    Accept that the modeling industry in SL and RL eats its young. Deal with it

    Doc Holiday accurately communicated my thoughts on who I am, and where I believe I fit in the economic engine/food chain of the fashion, and modeling industry of SL, which is a smashed insect on the windshield. I don’t need to reiterate those comments.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  171. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    I think it is time that I invoke my personal views on this ongoing thread here.

    Jenna Coppola and I read Agency Report often. We do so to ensure we do our best to pay attention to those things than can have a negative effect on JCS. Agency Report is a wonderful tool for this research however as of late the ongoing chatter between to entities has taken away both the spirit and the constitution that was used to create this website.

    Naturally all of you are entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to speak your mind. But there is a limit when it crosses over and it becomes tabloid drama. Let’s be honest here. No two people will see things the same way until you walk in the other person’s shoes. There are always two sides to every story, and history is always written by the one who is victorious. Even if there victory was unjust.

    If you have qualms with another, then it is time to take your continued bashing of one another to a different media platform. Though I respect both parties in question here, the spirit of this Website will be lost and those whom come here will eventually move on to another site.

    This is not the tine to prove who is right and who is wrong here. Open your eyes and see how many agencies and magazines have closed its doors in 2009. Look at some clothing designers whom pulled up roots in SL due to copybot infringement. Look at how many builders whom have used Emerald and been victims themselves as copyboters all because the viewer operates differently. This will have an impact on all of us.

    Even at JCS we fell victim to this when we accepted a layout under the impression that the item we were shooting was authentic from the creator. We put time and energy into the lease of a sim and fees to our models and props. Only to learn that the items were copies from another builder. JCS lost revenue which we will never recover. Our Models and Photographers put time into something they can never use ever in their portfolio.

    I invite you all to rethink your positions for the time being until the industry turns around for all of us. As of today JCS is offering References and Letters of Recommendation to all staff under its employ and to former staff whom separated under good terms. Anything we can do to help people gain real life employment is our first priority above all else. We are not doing this to look good in the eyes of others. We are doing this due to staff have been under our employ and are entitled to means in which they can use to help provide for themselves. Just recently we had a model that lost her employment and had to take a position working part time in the fast food industry. We did what we could to help her gain new employment and employment for her children whom were over eighteen. We did this not to look good; we did this because it is the right thing to do.

    Several months ago an applicant to JCS and SL model from another agency fell victim to domestic violence. JCS provided counseling for its staff and opened the doors to other agencies to allow their staff to come in and seek counseling at our expense. And we did this because it was the right thing to do. Some people were bothered whether or not the model in question was really a victim because of the agency she was with had a questionable history. That’s beside the point; if someone was violently taken from us then it is our duty as leaders to do what we can for staff. I have a background in Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigations. I was able to verify a victim who closely resembled the age name and region to were the SL model was believed to have hailed from. I could not verify if that person was the same. The cold hard truth is there was still a woman who suffered and any woman who reads this thread has been or knows of someone who has been a victim of domestic violence.

    Nave you once mentioned to me that you looked up to me. I invite you to do as I do and lead my example. Because it is the right thing to do.

    Johnathan Hiess

  172. Regina Says:

    Being vulgar does not exactly reflect well on anyone’s person. Honey tastes better than vinegar anytime.

    There are a lot of vicious comments on this website. While they can be entertaining, one has to wonder about what kind of person can get so roused up with anger/hate and then pour out comments laced with venom on this site. Frankly, when one posts comments under extreme anger and without any concern about etiquette, it will never reflect well on one’s person. It does not matter if one feels one is right or wrong! One day down the road, one may read those comments and be appalled at a comment one made in the past.(Note: The concept of anonymity on the internet is a very grey area)

    That said, be very careful how you tear people down. It’s quite unnecessary when some things are harmless.

    This is Second Life people, relax and enjoy 🙂

  173. Lillian Wiefel Says:

    I’ll use my real name Nave! Shut up already! Enough! Jersey is right, this site used to be a place for information about Agencies. But not anymore…now it’s Nave’s blog.

  174. Herra Says:

    OMG Nave is the Lloyd Dobler of Second Life!

  175. Doc Holiday Says:

    I asked Nave about what he leads.

    Nave unequivocally, and vehemently, denies that he occupies any leadership role in ANYTHING fashion, or modeling, related in SL except for his minor participation on the Model’s Workshop staff under Monica Balut and Herradura Baar and his secondary role at Tres Beau under Kimmera Madison where he helps on the business side while she designs and creates and puts out the fires he starts with his big mouth.

    He said, “I don’t build in SL, create in SL, or sell anything in SL. I take photos for my own pleasure. I write some and get paid well to do that……….. That’s it! I own The Strong Persuaders which is the name I adopted for the PR/Marketing/Promotion related consulting I do in SL. That’s all”

    So there you have it straight from the asshole’s own mouth.

  176. Anonymous Says:

    Leaders? Pfft…

  177. Cowardly Lion Says:

    Cowardly Lion: Put ’em up, put ’em up! Which one of you first? I’ll fight you both together if you want. I’ll fight you with one paw tied behind my back. I’ll fight you standing on one foot. I’ll fight you with my eyes closed… ohh, pullin’ an axe on me, eh? Sneaking up on me, eh? Why, I’ll… Ruff!

  178. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    I don’t mind any of that. I was just curious why my name popped up. Yes, we have, or are, worked/working on an agreement between us (Nave and I), as we, as leaders in this industry in SL, should one, try to work together, not against…and also set good examples for those who look to us on a day to day basis. Also…if you can put past screwup’s and mistakes aside, you should and try to get along.

    Most of us here aren’t bad people. We all make mistakes and I think its important for us all to try and forgive and move on.

    *goes back to work*

    I welcome IM’s/in person mtgs from almost anyone here too in-world. You can reach me as Dolce Enderfield or Jersey Ceriano.

  179. Doc Holiday Says:

    Confused? Dragged?

    It seemed like you were being commended for having the guts to use your name in here Did I miss that part? You were compared, favorably I might ad, to someone who is, also, held in high regard by many models and SL fashion world icons. Many people would be pleased to be compared in that way to Herradura Baar who unlike Nave himself, has an untarnished reputation.

    I’ll get hold of Nave in-world and tell him to stop picking on you. He, and I, have become close recently. I think I have a bit of influence with him, if I don’t Katherine, Kimmera and Kay do, and can banish him to the “doghouse” that Kim created, and has handed out all over the place. You should ask her for one of those Jersey/Dolce, they are hilarious.

    Nave mentioned to me that the 2 of you had arrived at some sort of arrangement recently, hence the favorable comments he made. I can just gun his sorry ass down if you want me to btw. Feel free to contact me in-world.

  180. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    Forgive me for being confused, but why is my name dragged into a posting about Herra?

    And, I’m not trying to annoy anyone here,but, isn’t this site’s focus supposed to be on agencies…you know…the good, the bad…experiences…? Not a forum to advertise designers or models or agencies (although I will say that this site is a form of advertisement for us all in itself) or conversations back and forth?

    I’m not the owner here, so thats all I can really say. I wish that focus would turn back to the agencies (and please, for the love of fashion, leave mine alone unless there’s a true need to say something) because there are models getting screwed over by them…designers getting screwed over by them….and then there are some really great ones…

    Enough from me. Oh and Nave/Herra, this is nothing against either of you or anyone else..just a general statement, wish…whatever you want to call it.


    -The owner of that famous modeling agency, academy and bootcamp who had a blast getting to know some of her newest models last night at DeJaVu.-

  181. navefall Says:


    Here ya go.

    I try to be amusing. I really do. I also realize that the AgencyReport site’s raison d’être is not to be MY PERSONAL soapbox. It was created to give the modeling and fashion community of SL a central location/bulletin board that doesn’t sell, or beg, anything (okay I sell Tres Beau, Model’s Workshop and The Strong Persuaders but I don’t make anyone BUY), stays neutral (I personally am an equal opportunity offender as most of you know already. That can get me in trouble sometimes as Katherine, Kimmera and Topaz), and epitomizes FREE SPEECH (I’ve said some REALLY inflammatory things and they weren’t deleted (ARZ did almost ban my ass once upon a time though). You do notice I seldom cuss doncha???) in the purest sense. Those principles have never been compromised by anything said, or done, in AgencyReport that I know of.

    AgencyReport Zepp ALWAYS has the final say here. Not me

    That stated here’s my rant………………..





    Herraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that’s actually Herradura to be precise) You’ve managed to do a rare thing. I think I’m reasonably glib, better then average at being snarky and a fair debater. Your post, stopped me cold………… You are not chopped liver, pâté maybe, chopped liver never.

    But having you dare to equate yourself with an agency owner startled me. What have you done lately I ask you?

    Okay………there are a couple of things:

    1) #2 to Monica Balut at Model’s Workshop
    2) Renowned event director responsible for running, if I recall correctly, the, wildly successful, 24 designers in 24 hours show that you produced for Glance not that long ago.
    3) Sought after trainer and speaker
    4) Someone who succeeded in getting AgencyReport Zepp to pull a post off of this site. (thanks again for that………)
    5) Highly paid consultant to many well-know designers
    6) The person who has SL’s richest, longest, styling contest named after her. That would be the Herradurra Baar, Make It Over Contest Series sponsored by Tres Beau’s Kimmera Madison, hosted by Model’s Workshop and Balut Software CEO Monica Balut, promoted by the Strong Persuaders and won yesterday Lacey Firehawk who will receive over L$25,000 in prizes and goodies. By the time this contest concludes I expect it to handout over L$400,000 in cash and prizes.

    You dare to compare yourself to Jersey/Dolce the owner of a famous modeling agency/training academy and originator of the Model’s Bootcamp???

    HOW DARE YOU DO THAT????????

    Okay you do have the guts to use an “unmistakable” moniker on AgencyReport I’ll give you that one, but that’s where the similarities end.

    And you know we don’t have ANY fun when we fight either………….You’re just too tough to mess with so I don’t 😛

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  182. Mich Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Doc Holiday. Anon, PLEASE, all you are doing is wasting your breath because none of us are listening. Nave, keep up the good work, I can’t wait to read your next rant. ^.^

  183. Doc Holiday Says:


    I find Nave to be pretty amusing, witty and a fount of insider information on the SL modeling scene. I look forward to his informed criticism a lot more then hearing from people like you telling me that he’s a jerk. He admitted he’s an asshole didn’t he? What else would you like him to admit?

    As has been stated many times previously on here, but I’m say it s l o w w w w l y so you get it: If you don’t like anyone who posts on a blog it’s easy to solve that PERSONAL problem, just don’t read their posts. If the admin of this site didn’t like Nave’s comments, and rants, s/he’d shut his ass down in seconds.

    Nave asks questions that others aren’t tuned in enough to even think about asking and he gets the answers before he starts pontificating usually.

    maybe YOU need your own blog:

    then we can just ignore you easier then we do now.

  184. Anon Says:

    Nave you have ruined this Web site with your commentaries. Everywhere I look it’s Nave this, and Nave that. I just wish to hell that you get your own blog and shut the hell up! At one time this was an interesting site to visit. I could come here to learn about what was going on in the SL fashion industry. But for whatever reason the site administrator has allowed you to dominate this site with your boring ass rants. Please do everyone a favor and shut up already! Comments are good, but commentaries…that’s a whole different thing!
    I’m just,
    Sick to death of NAVE!

  185. Herra Says:

    wait nave, what the heck am I? Chopped liver

    *** pouts ***

  186. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    Nave, you’re a riot sometimes.

  187. navefall Says:


    that last post was supposed to be in the Kabuki thread.

    damn it


    I am so not posting it there too.

  188. navefall Says:

    Also, blackLiquid treats her male models like garbage.

    Translation: Another unsupported rant against a creative visionary. She doesn’t treat me like garbage. I have Katherine and Kimmera to bat me around like a catnip saturated ping pong ball. B doesn’t get to do that too. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh wait. I’m not a model. Silly me

    She types in ALL CAPS to try to get her point across and to gain enough attention so that people would hear her.

    Comment: OMFG. She broke the ALL CAPS rule. Dab B bad baddddd baddddddddd Ummmmmm what did you just do? Is there a misspelling for emphasis rule? I iz a bed spalr and I cn’t findddd my spelzchhr toolz enywherez

    I think it is so unprofessional, because usually people see that typing in all caps as really yelling.

    Question: Does anyone who posts ANONYMOUSLY really think? I just read anonymouse’s post and laugh to myself no matter how relevant the issue. Especially the one’s who call me names. Do it to my face. Jersey/Dolce does and we have some fun with it, so can you. I don’t really bite. I am mean though. As for B she’s an Australian they drink beer instead of water there and have more poisonous snakes, spiders, fish, insects, plants and people concentrated there then any other place in the world, cut her some slack

    Do you want an agency owner to yell at you constantly and treat you like dirt?

    Answer: You could, simply, turn the volume down or pay attention to what going on at the practice. You could, god forbid, stop taking IMs when you are at a rehearsal.

    Then avoid this agency.

    Comment: I think that if you’d posted this with your name on it you wouldn’t have to worry about avoiding it. It would avoid you.Maybe it’s a good thing youare an anonymouse afterall. my baddddddd

    I’m just

    Nave Fall


    And we’re halfway through Tres Beau’s 4 event weekend. If Kim and Jasilyn Amiot of JSE survive this it will be a miracle.


    Do you have an established SL fashion oriented blog?

    Tres Beau likes fashionista bloggers We also think that you will like Kim’s work and that it will stand up to the closest scrutiny that can be brought to bear. So if you have a blog over 3 months old and you’d like to road test my claims read on…………

    I’m Nave Fall and I am the COO of Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau Designs in SL. I’m responsible for Marketing Strategy/Public Relations/Event Planning and Coordination/Media and Modeling Agency Liaison and recruiting BLOGGERS who want to test drive new Tres Beau designs.

    If you have an interest in BLOGGING for Tres Beau Designs please gettahold of me one way or another, I can be contacted a variety of ways:

    In-world by notecard (please)
    Email @:
    @ AvatarsUnited
    @ myfacemodelpool
    @ PixieLook
    You could even do a post on AgencyReport. I check these once in a while.Not anonymousely though. please…….

    People who have blogged Tres Beau before will be given preference but we’re open to people who haven’t blogged us also.

    This will be a fun collaboration for all of us. I promise you’ll like the outfits you are given to try out.

    Don’t wait…………..

  189. navefall Says:

    Do you have an established SL fashion oriented blog ?

    Tres Beau likes fashionista bloggers We also think that you will like Kim’s work and that it will stand up to the closest scrutiny that can be brought to bear. So if you have a blog over 3 months old and you’d like to road test my claims read on…………

    I’m Nave Fall and I am the COO of Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau Designs in SL. I’m responsible for Marketing Strategy/Public Relations/Event Planning and Coordination/Media and Modeling Agency Liaison and recruiting BLOGGERS who want to test drive new Tres Beau designs.

    If you have an interest in BLOGGING for Tres Beau Designs please gettahold of me one way or another, I can be contacted a variety of ways:

    In-world by notecard (please)

    Email @:

    @ AvatarsUnited
    @ myfacemodelpool
    @ PixieLook

    People who have blogged Tres Beau before will be given preference but we’re open to people who haven’t blogged us also.

    This will be a fun collaboration for all of us. I promise you’ll like the outfits you are given to try out..

    Don’t wait…………..

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  190. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    Jenna Coppola Studios would like to invite you all to attend tonight’s special One Year Anniversary event featuring The Beyonce Experience on January 31st 2010. This is a special concert celebrating JCS one year in Second Life. On top of the Beyonce Experience that will be broadcast in full Digital, several SL Designers have included free items ranging from Clothing from MOREA to a full functional Guitar from OD Designs. One lucky person will win a dream date with FROLIC MILLS owner of BOSL & Miss Virtual World. Concert Begins at 7 PM SL Time!

  191. Nave Fall Says:


    The Herradura Baar “Make It Work 2010 Contest Series” – sponsored by Tres Beau and hosted by Model’s Workshop is going STRONG


    YOU CNA STILL ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If i ran a modeling school, academy or institute I’d make every one of my group memebers enter this. I’d use the box of clothes we’re handing out for a homework assignment. Do I have to think of everything???? Good grief…….. How good an idea is that one? Think about the PR possibilities if YOUR student/member wins one of these.


    We have over L$30,000 in prizes for the 1st month of year long event. Our current prizes include

    ❇ A shopping Spree at Tres Beau valued at $10,000L. 2nd & 3rd place will also receive gift cards from Tres Beau.

    ❇ The opportunity to do an upcoming photoshoot for Tres Beau with one of Kim’s award-winning designs

    ❇ A Balut Runway HUD with personal instruction on using it from its designer Monica Balut, Model’s Workshop own founder.

    ❇ A scholarship to Maniera Academy, compliments of Topaz Joubert, CEO of Maniera (if you are a pro already, you can give it to someone you love)

    ❇ A set of poses from Sizzle Poses compliments of creator Lorra Undercroft. (To die for poses)

    ❇ $5000 Linden Cash Prize (Money is ALWAYS good to have)

    ❇ $500 Linden gift card to use at Amaranthim Talon’s Talon Faire Store (she does spectacular eyelashes)

    ❇ $1000 Linden photoshoot and a formal portrait by IAMHUMAN DESIGN owned by Gregory Susanti ( a big Nave thumbs up)

    ❇ Hair from Tukinowaguma Hair Styles – A full set of 1 hairstyle (what exactly we’re waiting for an EXACT translation on this)

    ❇ Anastacia Magic of Studio Nails is in – we waiting of this too

    ❇ Journey McLaglen of Prism Haute Couture is in also

    There is NOTHING to buy, You get the Kimmera Madison designed outfit that you re-style for free at Tres Beau. We won’t measure your ARC so you can go crazy with prims if you want to and the pictures don’t have to be taken by a pro or photoshopped to death.

    Walk your talk………… If you are sucha good stylist show me what you got. PROVE IT. I dare you. Luckily for you, a past Make it Work winner, Miaa Rebane, Miss Virtual World 2010, is a judge not a contestant this time.

    I’m not entering either……… the skirt kept falling down on me. My avatar’s my ass is too small to accomodate it.


    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  192. Anon Says:

    Hey Kris, good luck with that one! Watch your back, because she will most likely take a big tasty bite out of it!

  193. icmotions Says:

    Hey everyone, Kris Messmer here from iC Motions!!

    Hope everyone’s new year has started with a bang, as iC Motions has certainly done so!!

    Just wanted to tell everyone the lovely news that Gemini Hennesy of UVogue fame has decide to take the COO position at iC Motions.

    She has been a solid name in the industry for many years and after the “other than wonderful” break apart of the former UVogue where she was an Instructor, Academy Head, Executive Casting Director and finally CEO, she took a few months off to relax.

    Well she is back and has teamed up with one of the most innovative and fast moving organizations in the industry and will do nothing but keep this business on track in the future.

    We look to many great months of prosperity under her artful and insightful guidance, we are all happy to have her.

    So if you see her give her a big pat on the back for facing these demons and coming aboard iC Motions.

    Thanks Gemini from all of us!

    -Kris Messmer
    CEO, iC Motions


  194. Nave Fall Says:

    Tres Beau’s offering another benefit to models. We call it the:

    YOU Wear It, YOU Win It…… Promise

    Tres Beau recognizes the substantial investments that every model makes in learning and supporting their on-going “fashion art”

    Tres Beau will show its appreciation to ANY model who wins a contest/event/pageant while wearing a Tres Beau gown, tux, or outfit in the FORMAL portion of the event. It honors us to have our products used in this way………

    Sooooooo from now on if

    YOU Wear It and Win

    YOU Win It from Tres Beau too

    Kimmera Madison, Tres Beau’s CEO, will give you a L$1000 Tres Beau gift card to use on your next visit to the Tres Beau main store.

    The small print:
    3 conditions apply

    1) You must belong to the Tres beau group before you win the event. Seems fair to us.

    2) We need a full perm picture of you in whatever you were wearing when you won to use as we wish. We might put you in a magazine ad or in the store on a wall or window……

    3) We need to be able to verify the win with the event holder. Shouldn’t be a big deal.

    You all can thank Carolynn Ohare for this. She won this month’s SL Calendar Model contest wearing a Tres Beau Goldigger gown.


    If Tres Beau is in your Profile’s Picks, we’ll double the prize and make it a L$2000 gift card.

    You don’t know it but we, constantly. check profiles of visitors to the Tres Beau main store, and sometimes, if Tres Beau is in your picks you get a gift card………… Why you ask? Because you must really like us to do that and we like you too.

    Think about it.

  195. Nave Fall Says:


    I’ve noticed a bunch of interesting combinations and affiliations appearing suddenly on the fashion show scene.

    Glance and Ora Trei – Patty Cortes/HoneyBear Lilliehook and Potnia Theas/Kat Msarko with a ground-breaking open-ended sponsorship arrangement.

    IMAGE and Maniera – Lola Baudin and Topaz Joubert/Sami Kutanga teaming up for the New York Fashion Week event early in February with Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau Designs booked solidly for the prime (meaning expensive) Saturday February 13th showdate – ALONE

    Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau – Monica Balut and Kimmera Madison bonding for the entire year by hosting, and sponsoring, respectively, Herradura Baar’s 2010 Make It Over Contest Series of monthly styling contests. Free outfits and challenging competition.

    Infinite/Focus and TOMA – for a Bridal Show in the near future.

    Fashion Palace and Catalyst of Fantasy – Colby Pevensey/Talyia Tarber and Lacie Beningborough put on the recent Phantom of the Opera show to some critical acclaim.

    Opium teamed, not long ago, with Jenna Coppola Studios for a charity event and with Boulevard for another show.

    These matings show some innovative thinking and a willingness to commit over a longer term which may help provide some breathing room by spreading the myriad of financial risks around.

    These are good things…………….

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  196. Nave Fall Says:

    Today I got asked where I stand these days on the “Paid vs. Unpaid” fashion show front?

    Tough question for me to answer about now…………….. On one hand I work for Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau as her COO which means part of my PR/Marketing responsibility is help get the word out about Tres Beau’s products in a variety of ways, including doing shows. Doing shows in a cost effective way………………

    On the other I am firmly in the Kay Fairey camp whose position is that models and show staff deserve to be well compensated for their time and investments in becoming great at what they do

    Very tough spot for me……………

    It reminds me of the Russian spy on the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Boris Badinoff who received conflicting orders about assassinating Rocky and there he stood, jumping up and down, saying quickly, and loudly, to himself,

    “Keeeeeel squirrel………………

    Do not keeeeeel squirrel………………

    Keeeeeeeeeeeeeel squirrel………………

    Do not keeeeeeeeeeel squirrel………………

    Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel squirrel………………

    Over and over, then he grabs his head and says: “What is a spy to do?”

    My position exactly………………

    So I confer with Kimmera and we agree 100% with Kay’s position. Models deserve to be well paid and no matter how Tres Beau does a show the models will be tipped nicely in addition to getting dandy outfits and lots of goodies from sponsors, and supporters. like +*Crie*+, *byKay*, Tukinowaguma, Stiletto Moody, Talon Faire, CCD, and others to make our shows worth doing EVERY single time.

    Example: Every model who walked in the Tres Beau Grand Re-opening event was tipped L$1000 by Tres Beau and AlexWyler of Tukinowaguma also tipped them, They also got 3-4-5 Tres Beaus outfits and Stiletto Moody’s ( worth $L5000 give or take – Thank you very much Dancer Dallagio. Not too shabby for an event that had 2 rehearsals and 2 shows.

    So now you know where I’m at on this pressing issue. I hope this quells some of the rumors………….

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  197. nave fall Says:


    December 19th, 2009

    Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau Designs has, for the first time in its 5 year existence, expanded the marketing of the Tres Beau men’s wear beyond our own stores by partnering with another SL entrepreneur, luxury store owner Mimi Juneau, of Mimi’s Choice, to market Tres Beau’s unique, if still limited, line of men’s wear at her store.

    Where: Mimi’s Choice For Gentlemen @ House of Music Island

    When: Now


    Kimmera Madison has, recently, been busy designing a new line of elegantly textured, Tres Beau men’s fashions. These new creations run the gamut from spectacular evening wear, to business attire with a slightly Victorian aura, to casual outdoor wear, all of which include many accessories and extras, like color-changing tie and ascot collars. These designs rival the best available in SL with custom textures and prims. The accessories provided with these doevetail with other earlier Tres Beau men’s wear allowing even more flexibility, while saving some $Lindens.

    Aspen Parx, the Dashing Beau Brummel himself, inspired one of these new outfits and Kim has named it in his honor. Aspen is the essence of class and style in an SL model and his input was very helpful during this project. Thank you Aspen.

    Like everything Kim produced every texture and every prim in these outfits is original, and copyright protected, work.

    Tres Beau is located on the lace Sim @

    PR CONTACT: Nave Fall (Tres Beau PR/The Strong Persuaders)

    About Tres Beau:

    Founded by Kimmera Madison, in 2004, Tres Beau, has developed, and produced, many formal gown designs for contenders in SL’s most prestigious beauty pageants including the 2010 ♛Miss Virtual World♛ contest. Several of the 2010 ♛Miss Virtual World♛ contestants have chosen Tres Beau as the designer of their unique, show gowns. Tres Beau’s menswear line will be expanded dramatically in 2010.

    About Mimi’s Choice:

    Mimi Juneau has been bringing SL’s best men’s and women’s fashion designers together in one place since 2008. Chosen as an SL Entrepreneur of the Year Candidate in 2008 for her business acumen, her equally impeccable sense of style has served countless customers well since then. Personal shopping, exclusive designs and textures, unparalleled customer services combine to make Mimi’s a frequent destination for SL’s well dressed.


    Copyright © A Nave Fall /Tres Beau Press Release December 2009 – All rights reserved

  198. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    On November 21 2009 OPIUM MODELING AGNENCY under the direction of Anastacia Markova and JENNA COPPOLA STUDIOS under the direction of Johnathan Hiess did a joint venture into a fund raiser for FEMME FATALE a in world non profit organization that supplies real world assistance for victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

    Assisting in this event was clothing designer Dracona Thor of DRAC CLOTHING, and NEOSTREAMS stream provider for said event.

    Femme Fatale owned and operated by Aphrodite Benoir will use such funds to provide real life and licensed medical parishioners in the practice of Mental Health and Counseling. Femme Fatale operates to provide in world assistance to those that seek said assistance. No one will be turned away and in needed situations Femme Fatale can provide SAFE HOUSES for those in fear of their life and the life of their children.

    Enclosed with this statement is the transaction list of said event and a final amount totaling 24688 which was transferred to Miss Aphrodite Benoir.

    JCS would like to thank once again Anastacia Markova CEO of OPIUM, Jenna Coppola owner of Jenna Coppola Studios, Brad Ohtobide owner of NEOSTREAMS, Dracona Thor owner of DRAC CLOTHING, Miss Virtual World Finalist 2010 Wenadrenia Soderstrom, and the numerous Male and Female models whom volunteered their time for such event

    11/21/2009 19:30:55 e430db1e Source: CindyS Tatham
    Region: Azure Volcano L$10,733 L$24,688
    11/21/2009 17:14:30 387ffdbd Source: Dracona Thor
    Region: Corona L$2,300 L$13,955
    11/21/2009 17:02:26 aeb57e13 Source: Diane Handschuh
    Region: Corona L$30 L$11,655
    11/21/2009 16:52:10 38de3754 Source: Rod Insippo
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$500 L$11,625
    11/21/2009 16:50:27 1659abbd Source: Monica Balut
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$500 L$11,125
    11/21/2009 16:47:35 52c71aba Source: Svenja Drechsler
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$100 L$10,625
    11/21/2009 16:47:23 c0f5c8b1 Source: AngelRaella Shelman
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$100 L$10,525
    11/21/2009 16:46:42 edf8203e Source: Anastacia Markova
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$403 L$10,425
    11/21/2009 16:45:05 99483da0 Source: Alala Jewell
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$1,000 L$10,022
    11/21/2009 16:44:51 dd93cfa0 Source: Corianden Skytower
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$150 L$9,022
    11/21/2009 16:44:14 3ae7db79 Source: Chelsea Danick
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$3,000 L$8,872
    11/21/2009 16:43:59 9ded9358 Source: Angelstar3 Stonewall
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$100 L$5,872
    11/21/2009 16:41:19 7d969884 Source: Nickolas Checchinato
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$200 L$5,772
    11/21/2009 16:39:38 710d34af Source: Eleonore Edelmann
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$50 L$5,572
    11/21/2009 16:39:25 88b3230d Source: Anastacia Markova
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$500 L$5,522
    11/21/2009 16:04:06 3caf58b4 Source: Ches Seriman
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$1,000 L$5,022
    11/21/2009 15:45:53 81db0dad Source: Wenadrenia Soderstrom
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event L$500 L$4,022
    11/21/2009 13:33:11 8a792e6c Source: fatzo Runo
    Region: Corona
    Description: Fundraising donation pole for special Event

    Enclosed below the final transaction to Aphrodite Benoir

    11/23/2009 11:12:10 0b73ec28 Destination: Aphrodite Benoir
    Region: neue Berge L$21,466 L$769
    11/23/2009 11:15:35 15a8f5ec Destination: Aphrodite Benoir
    Region: neue Berge L$3,222 L$769

  199. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    The news regarding the death of Celina Langer took everyone by surprise. Many of you knew her, and she was on the list for Jenna to approve in terms of coming board JCS. I have even spoken to the girl and she seemed very kind.

    As for the place that held her memorial I am fully aware that the owners are people of questionable character. Despite their history, I cannot ignore this. I followed up with friends in current Law Enforcement capacity with access to information and I was appalled to have learned this kind of attack has happened in the past several days. To be quite honest it has been a new trend of assault with the acid used as a tool to destroy DNA evidence left by the assailant and in some cases to kill his victim.

    As for the recent victim and Celina being the same girl? That I cannot answer. However the news of this hurt many of you just for the loss. Others were hurt by the knowledge of how she died and what transpired prior to her death. But for a select company, they were forced to relive their own terror they have suffered at the hands of someone.

    The hardest was seeing members of JCS cry openly for they knew all to well the crime of Domestic Violence and Rape. In JCS I learned one of our own took this very personal and she is a survivor with permanent scars she sees daily in her mirror. She remembers the abuse, pain and road to recovery.

    During my tenure in the MARINES, I had the misfortune of coming across victims of this kind of violence. Seeing this changes a man inside, but I cannot even fathom how much a woman loses. That level of loss is just too deep for a man to comprehend. Books have been written stories shared but we will never fully know until we walked in the shoes of a victim as a victim.

    The closest I have come other than finding victims was reliving my life back when I was Seventeen and my then Girlfriend was brutally raped and killed by a man in the United States as an undocumented immigrant. All details aside, it has caused me to have a strong prejudice against those whom enter a country illegally.

    Femme Fatale provided guidance to members of our staff. They are Domestic Violence information and counseling center with the ability to provide Safe Houses for those that are in need. JCS will continue to allow Femme Fatale to use the JCS home office for those looking to talk. JCS will also allow those whom are NOT members of JCS to come in to talk to Femme Fatale staff. If no one is there please contact me and I will contact Femme Fatale and let them know there is a person in need. For men who are victims of Domestic Violence, you will also be welcomed.

    There are no donation jars at the JCS office. There will be no solicitation of money from any member of JCS staff. If you feel the need to donate please pay directly to Femme Fatale. Anyone who claims to be JCS Staff and is soliciting donations please refrain from giving them anything. Our door is open to all of you at this moment in time and no one will be turned away.


    Johnathan Hiess

  200. SouthWind47 Says:

    So I’ve started a new one, just to make it easy. ,

  201. Maxx23 Says:

    Now, these people may also be ‘suffering’ during the recession, but it’s because their stocks aren’t worth what they used to be, not because their parents have cut them off. ,

  202. agencyreport Says:

    Wise words:

    “There are ways to limit the amount of drama in SL, although it would never be completely eradicated. Don’t steal, don’t rip people off, don’t be nasty to people, don’t sabotage people, infact treat people the way you wish to be treated yourself.”

    — darkleyaeon

  203. Sweetest Sands Says:

    Nave informed me today that a report reently writen by him mentioned .::UNIQUE::. MODELS my new agency. In this article it states that Ethan of IMAGE is part of my agency, but for the record he has never had any association with this agency what so ever. .::UNIQUE::. MODELS is my own agency that is currently less than two weeks old. For the record I have no intention of setting up a magazine or academy. My whole reason for setting up .::UNIQUE::. MODELS agency is to bring back the passion for fashion and bring back the basics. Whether it becomes a complete failure or grows into something unique. As long as all who are apart of .::UNIQUE::. MODELS and designers who we showcase for enjoy themself and are proud of whatever is achieved with me, then I have reached my goal.

    Here are some links of interest with the agencies first job:

    VL Fashion Week 0040

    Pookey Amsterdam recorded a video on the last show and we all look forward to seeing it. There are many other websites and alot of rl press cover. Avenue Magazine will be festuring it all as they have an SL exclusive in their next issue.

    Our (UNIQUE) first inhouse show called “An air of elegance” featuring ARDIGRAF Designs, Styles of Edo and J&W Jewels is coming this weekend. On the 9th October it will be the preview show which is by invite only and the 10th October the show open to all. ALL the models featured in the show will not be wearing any AO’s or HUD’s it will be a display of their true skills as they showcasing some amazing quality designs.

    I do not claim to know all I feel the industry is forever changing and that we all are learning as we go along, but I have many idea’s and a strong vision of what I would like to achieve and aim to give it my best shot. Even though I have .::UNIQUE::. MODELS agency I still intend to continue with my modelling as it is still as important to me.

    To date I am so proud of all the models in my agency and want to work with them all to help them to be all they can be. I feel so honoured to have them and their support. I am sure in time some may grow not to like my way of way of conducting some area’s of the business. For those who don’t I wish you all the best of luck. I feel models (Being I am one also) know what their own minds and there is an agency in SL that suit the needs for all, as in RL.

    Anyone who sets up an agency I wish them all the luck as it is hard work and if for whatever reason(s) it fails, I say straighten your shoulders and as long as you know you tried that is all the counts.

    For those agencies already establshed in SL, I do not ever wish to compete in the future if .::UNIQUE::. MODELS grows into becoming an established agency, but to support and work on projects together. I think that agencies should come together and support each other. There is plenty of work out there and designers have their own mind of who they choose to use, as do models. I find it personally a shame that some agencies feel threatened by the fact that some models have positions in other agencies other than model (This is only my opinion being I have myself experienced it first hand). It was explained to me recently that it is for some the fear of them not being able to give full committment, but in my own experience when I undertake a show for another agency I ensure to the best of my ability that during the key times that nothing interfers with it, as I would hope any model in .::UNIQUE::. MODELS would do the same.

    Best of luck to you all!!

    Sweetest Sands

  204. agencyreport Says:

    Unfortunately I need to bring this up due to recent occurrences. I will not tolerate certain behaviors on this site.

    Such behaviors include but are not limited to: having conversations with yourself to tarnish someone’s agency, having conversations with yourself to compliment your own agency, fabricating issues that never happened, posting under several alias for malicious intent, provoking others under anonymous or alias or alt names, posting under other individual’s names, making postings under my name “AgencyReport” . . . things of this nature are all unacceptable behavior on this website.

    If I see this happening I will make a decision to
    1) remove the offending posts or
    2) block your IP from the site so you can’t make any more comments or
    3) A combination of both

    I will try to be as fair as possible in decisions using the evidence I can see from the admin area. I have not decided yet if the blocking of individuals will be permanent or not.

    Let me give you a couple tips though.
    1) Trying to threaten me, shame me, or stronghold me will not help your case.
    2)Apologies go a long way.

    Lastly let me restate that I will not tolerate this type of behavior and my decisions in these issues are final.

  205. herradurabaar Says:

    I think it could be a great idea. Or an opportunity for one model to bad-mouth another over petty jealousy. I mean I know that’s some of what we read here at the Agency Report; however, for many of these agencies we’re spending alot of money expecting a service.

    I’m not saying ‘don’t do it’ but it needs to be setup in a fair way that a model can defend themselves AND it doesn’t become a total bitch fest.

  206. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    I agree, this is a great idea. JCS has been fortunate that our staff has had minimal internal issues. Most of our models and photographers that began with us are still with us and working. We have a great team of people!

  207. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    I think that is brilliant Jersey !!!

  208. Jersey Ceriano Says:

    Is there a site where agency owners/managers, photographers, designers, etc can go to post about models on SL?

    Like…a model who goes above and beyond modeling requirements, sticks his/her neck out to help out others, is always on time, etc…or a model who had an angry public outburst or caused problems in an agency or left an agency without saying anything?

    I think its just as important for us to rave and also lodge “formal” complaints about models, photographers, etc as it is for them to post about us.

  209. agencyreport Says:

    New ratings system. We’ve enabled the wordpress ratings system that shows stars on every page, when rating, you are rating the agency.

  210. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    Follow Up Regarding Mr and Miss SL International Pageant

    On May 30, 2009 at approximately 12:40 PM I Johnathan Hiess received a lump sum from an unknown individual. Transaction information is as follows:

    Date: 05/30/2009 12:40:14
    Region: Pavo Isle
    Source: PagBeauty Diabolito

    Not knowing who this individual is, I proceeded to do a search to make contact believing this was in error. However said individual actually contacted me. The following conversation is as follows:

    [12:40] PagBeauty Diabolito: Hello Johnathan that is yours and Jennas 30% from the pageant
    [12:41] Johnathan Hiess: i was about to contact you asking if you got the right person
    [12:41] PagBeauty Diabolito: lol yes
    [12:41] Johnathan Hiess: thank you
    [12:41] PagBeauty Diabolito: its iole actually
    [12:41] PagBeauty Diabolito: this is our acct alt
    [12:41] PagBeauty Diabolito: yvw

    JCS does recognize this as an attempt to settle the outstanding balance regarding the 30% commission as agreed upon. JCS however still holds the right to maintain its position that the initial financial documents needed to audit said Pageant have not been released to JCS nor to our knowledge; the other promoters whom participated. Without said documentation we are unable to confirm that the amount given on May 30, 2009 is true and correct.

    JCS has concluded to CHARGE OFF the initial expenses accrued during said pageant and hereby considers this matter closed. JCS has terminated any and all future agreements citing breach of original contract as set forth in electronic form and recognized under Linden Labs Terms of Service and under US FEDERAL LAW CITE: 15USC7001



    Sec. 7001. General rule of validity

    (a) In general

    Notwithstanding any statute, regulation, or other rule of law (other than this subchapter and subchapter II of this chapter), with respect to any transaction in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce–
    (1) a signature, contract, or other record relating to such
    transaction may not be denied legal effect, validity, or
    enforceability solely because it is in electronic form; and
    (2) a contract relating to such transaction may not be denied
    legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because an electronic signature or electronic record was used in its formation.

    (b) Preservation of rights and obligations

    This subchapter does not–
    (1) limit, alter, or otherwise affect any requirement imposed
    By a statute, regulation, or rule of law relating to the
    rights and obligations of persons under such statute, regulation, or rule of law other than a requirement that
    contracts or other records be written, signed, or in nonelectronic form; or
    (2) require any person to agree to use or accept electronic
    records or electronic signatures, other than a governmental agency with respect to a record other than a contract to which it is a party.

    (c) Consumer disclosures
    (1) Consent to electronic records Notwithstanding subsection (a) of this section, if a statute, regulation, or other rule of law requires that information relating to a transaction or transactions in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce be provided or made available to a consumer in writing, the use of an electronic record to provide or make available (whichever is required) such information satisfies the requirement that such information be in writing if–

    (A) the consumer has affirmatively consented to such use and
    has not withdrawn such consent;

    (B) the consumer, prior to consenting, is provided with a
    clear and conspicuous statement–(i) informing the consumer of (I) any right or option of the consumer to have the record provided or made available on paper or in nonelectronic form, and (II) the right of the consumer to withdraw the consent to have the record provided or made available in an electronic form and of any conditions, consequences (which may include termination of the parties’ relationship), or fees in the event of such withdrawal; (ii) informing the consumer of whether the consent applies (I) only to the particular transaction which gave rise to the obligation to provide the record, or (II) to identified categories of records that may be provided or made available during the course of the parties’ relationship; (iii) describing the procedures the consumer must use to withdraw consent as provided in clause (i) and to update information needed to contact the consumer electronically; and (iv) informing the consumer (I) how, after the consent, the consumer may, upon request, obtain a paper copy of an electronic record, and (II) whether any fee will be charged for such copy;

    (C) the consumer–
    (i) prior to consenting, is provided with a statement of
    the hardware and software requirements for access to and
    retention of the electronic records; and (ii) consents electronically, or confirms his or her consent electronically, in a manner that reasonably demonstrates that the consumer can access information in the electronic form that will be used to provide the information that is the subject of the consent; and
    (D) after the consent of a consumer in accordance with
    subparagraph (A), if a change in the hardware or software
    requirements needed to access or retain electronic records
    creates a material risk that the consumer will not be able to
    access or retain a subsequent electronic record that was the
    subject of the consent, the person providing the electronic
    record–(i) provides the consumer with a statement of (I) the
    revised hardware and software requirements for access to and
    retention of the electronic records, and (II) the right to
    withdraw consent without the imposition of any fees for such
    withdrawal and without the imposition of any condition or
    consequence that was not disclosed under subparagraph (B)(i); and (ii) again complies with subparagraph (C).

    (2) Other rights
    (A) Preservation of consumer protections

    Nothing in this subchapter affects the content or timing of
    any disclosure or other record required to be provided or made
    available to any consumer under any statute, regulation, or
    other rule of law.
    (B) Verification or acknowledgment

    If a law that was enacted prior to this chapter expressly
    requires a record to be provided or made available by a
    specified method that requires verification or acknowledgment of receipt, the record may be provided or made available
    electronically only if the method used provides verification or acknowledgment of receipt (whichever is required).

    (3) Effect of failure to obtain electronic consent or
    confirmation of consent

    The legal effectiveness, validity, or enforceability of any
    contract executed by a consumer shall not be denied solely because of the failure to obtain electronic consent or confirmation of consent by that consumer in accordance with paragraph (1)(C)(ii).

    (4) Prospective effect

    Withdrawal of consent by a consumer shall not affect the legal
    effectiveness, validity, or enforceability of electronic records provided or made available to that consumer in accordance with paragraph (1) prior to implementation of the consumer’s withdrawal of consent. A consumer’s withdrawal of consent shall be effective within a reasonable period of time after receipt of the withdrawal by the provider of the record. Failure to comply with paragraph
    (1)(D) may, at the election of the consumer, be treated as a
    withdrawal of consent for purposes of this paragraph.

    (5) Prior consent

    This subsection does not apply to any records that are provided or made available to a consumer who has consented prior to the effective date of this subchapter to receive such records in electronic form as permitted by any statute, regulation, or other rule of law.

    (6) Oral communications

    An oral communication or a recording of an oral communication
    shall not qualify as an electronic record for purposes of this
    subsection except as otherwise provided under applicable law.
    (d) Retention of contracts and records
    (1) Accuracy and accessibility

    If a statute, regulation, or other rule of law requires that a contract or other record relating to a transaction in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce be retained, that requirement is met by retaining an electronic record of the information in the contract or other record that–(A) accurately reflects the information set forth in the contract or other record; and(B) remains accessible to all persons who are entitled to access by statute, regulation, or rule of law, for the period required by such statute, regulation, or rule of law, in a form that is capable of being accurately reproduced for later reference, whether by transmission, printing, or otherwise.

    (2) Exception

    A requirement to retain a contract or other record in accordance with paragraph (1) does not apply to any information whose sole purpose is to enable the contract or other record to be sent, communicated, or received.

    (3) Originals

    If a statute, regulation, or other rule of law requires a
    contract or other record relating to a transaction in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce to be provided, available, or retained in its original form, or provides consequences if the contract or other record is not provided, available, or retained in its original form, that statute, regulation, or rule of law is satisfied by an electronic record that complies with paragraph (1).

    (4) Checks

    If a statute, regulation, or other rule of law requires the
    retention of a check, that requirement is satisfied by retention of an electronic record of the information on the front and back of the check in accordance with paragraph (1).
    (e) Accuracy and ability to retain contracts and other records
    Notwithstanding subsection (a) of this section, if a statute,
    regulation, or other rule of law requires that a contract or other record relating to a transaction in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce be in writing, the legal effect, validity, or enforceability of an electronic record of such contract or other record may be denied if such electronic record is not in a form that is capable of being retained and accurately reproduced for later reference by all parties or
    persons who are entitled to retain the contract or other record.(f) Proximity Nothing in this subchapter affects the proximity required by any statute, regulation, or other rule of law with respect to any warning, notice, disclosure, or other record required to be posted, displayed, or publicly affixed. (g) Notarization and acknowledgment If a statute, regulation, or other rule of law requires a signature or record relating to a transaction in or affecting interstate or
    foreign commerce to be notarized, acknowledged, verified, or made under oath, that requirement is satisfied if the electronic signature of the person authorized to perform those acts, together with all other information required to be included by other applicable statute, regulation, or rule of law, is attached to or logically associated with the signature or record. (h) Electronic agents A contract or other record relating to a transaction in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce may not be denied legal effect, validity,
    or enforceability solely because its formation, creation, or delivery involved the action of one or more electronic agents so long as the action of any such electronic agent is legally attributable to the person to be bound. (i) Insurance It is the specific intent of the Congress that this subchapter and subchapter II of this chapter apply to the business of insurance. (j) Insurance agents and brokers An insurance agent or broker acting under the direction of a party that enters into a contract by means of an electronic record or
    electronic signature may not be held liable for any deficiency in the electronic procedures agreed to by the parties under that contract if–(1) the agent or broker has not engaged in negligent, reckless, or intentional tortious conduct; (2) the agent or broker was not involved in the development or
    establishment of such electronic procedures; and (3) the agent or broker did not deviate from such procedures.

    (Pub. L. 106-229, title I, Sec. 101, June 30, 2000, 114 Stat. 464.)

    References in Text

    This chapter, referred to in subsec. (c)(2)(B), was in the original “this Act”, meaning Pub. L. 106-229, June 30, 2000, 114 Stat. 464,which is classified principally to this chapter. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Short Title note below and Tables. For the effective date of this subchapter, referred to in subsec. (c)(5), see Effective Date note below.

    Effective Date

    Pub. L. 106-229, title I, Sec. 107, June 30, 2000, 114 Stat. 473, provided that: “(a) In General.–Except as provided in subsection (b), this title [enacting this subchapter] shall be effective on October 1, 2000. “(b) Exceptions.–“(1) Record retention.–“(A) In general.–Subject to subparagraph (B), this title [enacting this subchapter] shall be effective on March 1, 2001, with respect to a requirement that a record be retained imposed by–“(i) a Federal statute, regulation, or other rule of law, or “(ii) a State statute, regulation, or other rule of law administered or promulgated by a State regulatory agency. “(B) Delayed effect for pending rulemakings.–If on March 1, 2001, a Federal regulatory agency or State regulatory agency has announced, proposed, or initiated, but not completed, a rulemaking proceeding to prescribe a regulation under section 104(b)(3) [15 U.S.C. 7004(b)(3)] with respect to a requirement described in subparagraph (A), this title shall be effective on June 1, 2001, with respect to such requirement.

  211. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    In regards to the Mr. and Miss SL International Pageant:

    On Thursday May 28th at 5:15 PM SL time, JCS (JENNA COPPOLA STUDIOS) was forced to remove itself from the pageant set to occur at 5 PM on Friday May 29th 2009.

    Though such an action on the eve of the final pageant may result in question in regards to professionalism, we have made the first action to publicly explain and provide reason that such an action was deemed proper and necessary.

    In the first quarter of 2009 JCS agreed to Participate in the pageant series as a promoter for said event. During the course of the event JCS met and established the required guidelines set for by NIGHTFIRE Entertainment. Having met and adhered to these guidelines JCS had operated within all ethical and legal standards to said agreements as well as Terms of Service as outlined by Linden Labs.

    During the course of the pageant series, NIGHTFIRE entertainment sought reason to extend the qualify portion. Despite protest by contestants and promoters to include a state by JCS, the qualifying round was extended with rules for qualifying reduced. JCS made a decision to adhere to the new rules and move forward.

    In the latter part of April 2009 Jenna Coppola and I (Johnathan Hiess) were approached by Scorpinosis Nightfire and Ariel Lingiuan in regards to the final pageant. Terms were discussed that granted JCS complete autonomy on the final event that included location of the Venue to host the event, and selection of a Professional Team of Judges which of whom consisted of very experienced and well qualified individuals with a history of fairness and integrity. The terms set forth, and by the rules set forth by law, that written agreement is legal in electronic form.

    In May 2009 first week a matter not involving JCS occurred within NIGHTFIRE Entertainment that resulted in the separation of staff. That matter being Civil by Legal Definition had no direct impact on the Final Pageant preparations as required by JCS nor the contestants participating. However, several promoters to include JCS requested a formal accounting and inquiry into the matter regarding said incident. The financial inquiry was deemed necessary to ensure the current pageant team could meet its written public statement of the Grand Prize currency amount and the 30% commission set forth per promoter. Said inquiries were not answered despite repeated requests.

    The new Pageant Team under the direction of Ariel Lingiuan, IoleJanana Chajit, and Nadia Felwitch moved forward with the preliminaries as scheduled. On several occasions JCS made attempts to contact said team in regards to necessary documents needed for the Final Pageant. These requests went unanswered. During said time period the financial obligation as agreed upon was also not met and inquiries remained unanswered.

    Despite the lack of communication JCS continued with the event with the understanding that the pageant was the first ever for the pageant team therefore mistakes were going to be factor as a learning experience.

    As JCS moved forward with the planned event, Nadia Felwitch on repeated occasions sought to alter the original agreement that was set forth between JCS and Scorpinosis Nightfire and Ariel Lingiuan. During these disagreements JCS did satisfy the costs associated with the Venue known as Patch Thibaud Auditorium as well as the Crown and Tiara created by Alienbear. The costs were absorbed by JCS and not passed to the new Pageant Team.

    On repeated occasions disagreements between JCS and Nadia Felwitch continued. Inquires into the requested Audit and the necessary documents to be used during the scheduled pageant remain unanswered. A deadline of 12PM SL TIME was set for May 27 2009 for said documents to be presented and to allow ample rehearsal time for the contestants. No documents were delivered as required.

    During the course of the rehearsal a disagreement occurred between Johnathan Hiess and Nadia Felwitch. The rehearsal was halted then resumed after an agreement was reached. Shortly there after IoleJanana Chajit arrived and a new disagreement occurred as well as an attempted altering of the original said agreement. During the course of this agreement Miss IoleJanana Chajit stated that JCS should “PULL OUT OF THE EVENT” at which time Johnathan Hiess replied “Fine, but keep in mind that JCS paid for both the Venue and the Crown and the Tiara. Those will go with JCS”. IoleJanana Chajit and Johnathan Hiess reached an accord and proceeded to move forward. Prior to leaving for the evening, a final request was made for the necessary documents needed to conduct a rehearsal properly. Said documents were to be given in the morning.

    On Thursday May 28 no documents were received. A deadline of 5 PM was given for said documents and the response was that Miss IoleJanana Chajit was proof reading them. The deadline came and passed without said documents delivered. At 5:15 PM the decision was made that JCS cease any and all operations regarding the Mr. and Miss SL International Pageant citing repeated failure of commitments agreed upon, attempted alteration of original agreement, failure to adhere to repeated requests for a Audit as requested by JCS and related promoters with direct interest in the event itself, and irreconcilable differences with new Pageant Management Team.

    With the venue already leased to JCS, it was turned over to our education division for immediate use during the times of 5 Pm and 9 pm SL time set for Friday May 29, 2009 to allow ample time for JCS models to gain new experience.

    JCS would like to offer a formal apology to the contestants and the family and friends of the contestants. We do understand that you have worked through much stress and time in order to accomplish what is to be your dream. You set aside time and even altered routines in your real life to meet your obligations for this event. For JCS to remove itself on the eve of the pageant does not boast well. However it was necessary. We cannot operate in an atmosphere were we are not allowed to do what was expected of us. The altering of the original agreement also meant compromising of the Judging Team. We could not allow this.

    In closing again we offer complete apologies to the contestants and their family and friends. We wish you continued success and a offer for interview is and will be made available to you for employment.


    Johnathan Hiess
    Jenna Coppola

  212. slbetterbiz Says:

    I would like to first of all thank agency report for an idea inspiration, and give them full absolute credit for: SL BETTER BUSINESS REPORT, is much the same to an extent.

    So we would love to link to you, and have a link back?

    Again full credit is due for such an interesting idea 🙂 (Hopefully i didnt just make this and find out there’s another sl better business report lol)

  213. Diva Lilliehook Says:

    Hi, I’m the PR asst for AVENUE Inc, and wanted to ask for a correction please. Our title AVENUE is always in caps. If you could correct this we at AVENUE would appreciate it!
    Thanks Very Much

  214. I’d like to propose a page to post scams or actvities of a questionable nature. Anything from contests which charge to join to outright rip-offs. They are often not related to anyone in terms of agencies but are something especially newer models should know about; some are almost legit but require paymens or fees – models could post whether it was worth the fee or not. It’s something that has been plaguing SL for months now.

    Laura18 Streeter

  215. agencyreport Says:

    Point taken, we will do our best not to let that happen. It’s not so much as us deciding on what is a valid opinion or not, it’s more about, number one making sure people feel they can post here without being personally attacked and two make sure this remains an informative website. The main reason why, is because we don’t want this to turn into a trash and bash website.

    However, most comments won’t be touched at all. But anything using profane language will be censored for that language– it’s our bleep button so to speak, you can still get your point across without using curse words or without attacking someone. Direct insults like “you freaking pathetic loser” or “person is a total utter bitch.” When posts have this stuff in them, we had been letting them through because they also had some good points and other information. But ones where it was just that and no good points or information, those weren’t being approved. It was tough to decide whether to allow the comments that had both, so the solution was to take out what was offensive and keep the rest.

    We won’t ever change the meaning of the comment. We’ve only edited a few comments so far, one for bad grammar where our edits made it understandable. And a few for language and personal attacks. Here is a real example, on the DeJaVu page, a post was calling someone a “bitch” we replaced it with “[not a nice person]” the point of the post is still the same without being insulting.

    Not approving comments, we’ve only not approved 8 comments so far. Going through them this is why. 1 of them was someone testing the comment box. 1 was too vague and didn’t give any specific information. 1 was basically a repeat post by the same person. 1 was an agency asking for money. 2 were posts saying the models were ugly/smelled/diseased at the agencies. 2 were attacks on the models on the DeJaVu page.

    We encourage suggestions or whatever, if you all want it to be a free-for-all then maybe we’ll just stop the editing all together. We’d just really like for people to be constructively criticizing instead of personally attacking someone. Which most of you are doing anyway.

    On revealing who we are, it may come later if we feel safe in doing so. We will say this though, we have no stake in any particular agency and we aren’t in any sort of position of power or influence. In other words we really aren’t partial to any one agency over another, we don’t have any reason to be. We are just “one of you” trying to make it in the SL modeling world. We saw a need in the modeling community for models to be able to communicate freely with other models HONESTLY about what agencies are good and which ones have issues.

  216. Chamonix Boudreaux Says:

    While I see you points for the editing…you must be very careful that you are not “censoring”..if this is to be a true forum for free speech, perhaps you need to let it all out, let the dust fly and see where if lands. You are now making judgement calls on what is a “valid opinion”, sometimes things are not all black or white, there are many shades of grey, and models are sometimes not sure what is really happening behind th scenes at an agency, so there will be “unclear or vague” circumstances that should be openly discussed. Also, ask your multiple anonymouses to say anonymous1, anonymous2 to keep it clear that there are more than one of them posting.
    Lastly, you have not revealed who YOU are, and that is leading to some scepticism of your blog..perhaps you need to come out behind the shadows too.

  217. agencyreport Says:

    We want to thank everyone for using this site and posting their experiences. One thing we do want to comment on is how people are attacking “Anonymous” for being anonymous. The whole reason why this website came about was because of the fear of ruining your reputation if you critiqued an agency or it’s owner in a negative fashion. Anonymous is a way to allow people to express their opinions in a “safe” manner, to warn others.

    Just to clear things up:

    From the back end of this site we can see for those agencies getting bad feedback that it’s not just 1 person posting a bunch of times. If we see this happening and they aren’t adding any new information to the page, we don’t approve the comment.

    Vague comments are also not being approved, some have already slipped through the cracks. We are being more vigilant in approving comments from now on. Please don’t pose comments like, “This place sucks.” Post an example of WHY that place sucks.

    Comments that are only to insult another poster that do not add any new information to the page will also not be approved. For example, “So-and-so get a life!”

    On editing posts. We are keeping this to a bare minimum and only in extreme cases. Sometimes grammar is hard to understand so we will edit. Any words added to the post, usually to make it more understandable, will be encased in brackets like this, [the fashion show]. Any time we remove something from the comment, ellipse will appear like this, “I disagree with the previous post […] My experience has been wonderful.” The ellipse will mainly be used to remove extremely insulting type comments. Any comment that is edited will state at the bottom that it was edited.

    Lastly, please try to be courteous and articulate, good spelling and good grammar go a long way. A negative review well written will hold allot more weight than a poorly written hate filled one.

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