Post below your comments about Glance International. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. I don't think so Says:

    I haven’t heard anything about it either. I don’t think it’s open at all.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is this agency still open? I haven’t heard much lately.

  3. Maraki Milo Says:

    My training in GLANCE modeling academy was a really great surprise! I was firstly afraid to join a modeling school , because I thought it would be too hard for me. But my wonderful trainer Roe Woodford made me change my mind! I was astonished with their patience and skills and I am really happy because I’ve met her! She is always there for me, whenever I need. I am so glad I enrolled GLANCE Modeling Academy because I also improved my style and fashion sens. I would surely recommend the classes to anyone that wants to be trained by serious professionals with passion for their work and a really friendly environment and be part of that lovely “family”.

  4. Roe Woodford Says:

    Nope, never anonymous in fact I would really like for you to contact me in world Sugarplum better yet Skype me or lets voice chat. I have absolutely no problem with it.

    Warmest regards,
    Roe Woodford

  5. Anonymous Says:

    lol your right Sugarplum no one is never anonymous

    Sign Anonymous

  6. Sugarplum Fairy Says:

    Sure, you’re never anonymous. No one else is either. lmao

  7. Roe Woodford Says:

    I hit wrong button when posting.. I am never “anonymous” Call me anytime.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Glance Model Academy is committed to providing our students with the highest level of service simply because our students deserve the very best. We take our students satisfaction very seriously. Feel free to contact me inworld to discuss your experience at the academy in more detail. Your happiness is important to us.

    Roe Woodford
    Glance Model Academy

  9. nothappy Says:

    My experience wasnt good either. I just don´t understand why people open things if they don´t really want to do them.

    Money – is it?

    A shame!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    God i feckin’ HATE being called “dear” lol – sounds like my granny talkin

  11. Dead Horse Says:

    Class vs. Crass

    Probably why Rhonda is in such big demand – she always has been and always will be a Class Act!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Rhonda Elaine Pennell ,

    Hear we are again DEAR your Favorite saying !!!!!!!

    The course i was Given at GLANCE appointed to me . you where unable to meet the demands put forward . At the start off are classes you where Late … the second class you change to another day my 3rd class you and i Ended up at your home because your didnt feal like Turning up at the Agency ….. Then you had the Nerve to go holiday for 2 weeks … so as for getting or even requesting a diffrent instructor i did ask for one but i was never given one .

    How it is my problem you where unexpectedly cut off for your two week trip.. dont take a Project on if you cant meet the demands.Rhonda TUT TUT what does that mean you dont care about your students and goes to show your not a very good Trainer.

    As for compleing the course have u any wonder why i did not pass when your where Changeing Date on holiday.. and what happen nexed Rhonda awwww yea that it all this remind you that. I never declined the offer to take additional sessions at no extra charge and repeat the exam. I was kicked out the Agency bye Patty and banned from the SIM so how could i repeat my class at no extra charge UNLESS you think im a GOD Rhonda what can walk though ban line how do you think im going to repeat my classes!!

    May i say dont think success should be served to me on a silver platter, yea im willing to work hard but not with STAFF who can.t do the JOB right !!!!! and it like STYLEING as well someone people have it some people DONT not saying names !!!!!

    Furthermore,as for “GLOSS Model Management” dont think i did after copied word for word the presentation of GLANCE International Agency for your own “academy”. but good try Rhonda…

    , and Furthermore, the trashing off people names i though that was all the go at GLANCE because the so many who,s said the same OOOW YEA what was it again SHE IN OR IS SHE OUT !!!!!!!!!!!

    Im sure ill be hearing from you very soon Rhonda so looking Forward to it

    best wishes

    Shiva Borkotron xx DEAR

  13. Dear “anonymous” shiva Borkotron,

    thank you for your not so anonymous post. While GLANCE Model Academy takes any concerns of its academy students seriously, your claims have no basis in reality and are frankly baffling.

    It is each student’s choice to enroll in the academy and pay the fee, as well as choose to complete the course or not, even request a different instructor if so desired. If you were ever less than satisfied, you made no effort of letting anyone know, least of all me – quite the contrary. Even when I was unexpectedly cut off from SL during my two week trip due to a poor Internet connection, you preferred to wait for my return rather than continue with another instructor.

    Finally, you completed the course and therefore received the agreed-upon service provided by the Academy in return for your payment. Why did you expect a refund after the fact?

    If GLANCE Model Academy allowed every student to graduate regardless of his or her performance during the final exam, it would not be doing anyone a favour. While I regret that you failed your final exam and did not graduate from the Academy, I remind you that: 1. the decision is always made by two instructors together (one of which does not know you and is impartial as to your modeling skills) and discussed in detail with the student, and 2. you declined the offer to take additional sessions at no extra charge and repeat the exam as we believe that by working hard and listening to suggestions, one can do wonders. In light of these facts, your apparent bitterness rings very hollow and is in fact absolutely incomprehensible.

    Many of GLANCE Model Academy’s past students have gone on to great success in their modeling careers, and have worked hard to achieve it. Unfortunately, you seem to believe that success should be served to you on a silver platter, but going on a personal vendetta is not going to change the facts stated above. Please take a moment to consider just what doing this does to your own reputation.

    Furthermore, the last time you had a conversation with Patty Cortes (CEO of the Model Academy) was in May 2010, when she politely asked you to change the wording of your “GLOSS Model Management” after you copied word for word the presentation of GLANCE International Agency for your own “academy”.

    Thank you for allowing me to reply to “issues” that you never brought to me or anybody at GLANCE Model Academy in the first place. When it comes to your seriousness and dedication, your attempt to tarnish my name under an anonymous post should speak for itself.

    As a fashion industry professional who stands by her name and her actions, I will remain available if you wish to further discuss this matter under your real name.

    Rhonda Elaine Pennell

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I would just like to say i was takeing classes with GLANCE and it turned out to be the worsted Agency i have ever set foot in!!!!! well not worth the 8000L My Trainer Rhonda Elaine Pennell was allways later for class did not have a clue what she was doing i got no help on help with the sort off poses i had to choose from then Rhonda my trainer went to Brazil on a two week business trip so i was left with no Trainer i then spoke the patty and and she was rude to me asked for a refudd and got nothing back and just go to show if your thinking of joining GLANCE dont even bother go to another Agency like AVENUE !!!!!!!!

  15. Lieffiie Ruby Says:

    I was very happy to be a part of the GLANCE Glam Day today! There was a huge turn out of people who were all greeted with the stunning red carpet, which I am sure gave them all the feeling of being a real celebrity and truly GLAM as it did for me. The GLANCE Staff are a really wonderful bunch of people who worked immensely hard to give us all a fun packed day, the day was fantastic it was enjoyable and informative from the beginning to the end. You all did an awesome job!!

  16. Angel Moni Says:

    I just wanted to post about the GLANCE Academy Glam Day which I attended today. I am a new student at GLANCE and have been welcomed into the family with open arms and today only served to show what a lovely family it is! The event itself was very informative giving us lots of useful information,tips and not to be forgotten was all the fun we were all having!! I gathered lots of information and researched many agencies prior to joining GLANCE and it is safe to say it has been a fantastic choice (the one to one was one of the main selling points of GLANCE for me). The reasons I say this are many but what really stands out for me is the help I have received from my mentor Roe Woodford she is a wonderful teacher and has been so encouraging with feedback throughout my lessons..ohhh and did I mention inspiring!. It was a great day thanks to all the GLANCE team for working their sl socks off….ps the trivia rocked!!

  17. Honey Says:

    I never respond to this crap, but this time I’ll break protocol.

    First, Patty did not abandon Glance. We took a very well deserved hiatus, after putting on 3 shows a month, plus International Fashion Week and the Jewelry Fair – all of which were time consuming and energy draining.

    Second, Glance is Patty’s agency – to do with as she wishes. She doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Some models left, most models stayed, some are already asking to come back. The magazine is part of the agency, so yes, it returns.

    Third, the awards weren’t Patty’s opinion, they were the opinions of the residents of SL, and they were appreciated by the designers receiving them.

    Fourth, “in, out, in, out”….what planet are you living on?

    Fifth, “more promising”? Glance has been one of SL’s top 5 agencies for 3 years…again, what planet are you living on?

    Sixth, why do you care?

    As I have resigned from Glance (for personal reasons, not related to my position, the agency, or the people within the agency), I can finally respond to pathetic posts like this. Get a life and leave Patty and Glance alone.

  18. Confused in SL Says:

    She’s in.

    She’s out.

    She’s in.

    She’s out.

    She’s in.

    She’s out.

    After, basically, letting one of SL’s more promising modeling agencies go down the tubes by abandoning it,Glance’s CEO, Patty Cortes, has noticed that she liked that CEO tag and is now trying to resurrect Glance with a “Best Of” contest (who cares anymore what she thinks?) and a show of some sort. Oh yes, we suddenly we have a copy of the magazine too. Are the TV shows with Seth and HoneyBear returning too. Those had possibilities but seemed to not have the support of mgmt. Too bad for them 2 hosts who did a stellar job.

    So? Is Patty in or is Patty out?

    More importantly should we care? People seem not to have noticed, except for her loyal models like Rho Rho, that her baby had gone deathly quiet.

    Stay tuned for the next chapter of the Patty Cortes story coming to you from France via the Internet

  19. LOL Says:

    ok, I am convinced!

    Sign me up

  20. Ji Nirvana Says:

    When I decided to start a modeling career in Second Life, I’d have to find an agency that would provide the best foundation. I went from agency to agency researching and comparing the different courses, applications, etc. I was hesitant at first but I’m so glad that I started my modeling education with GLANCE Modeling Academy.

    My instructor Roe Woodford is phenomenal. She’s always straight forward and honest. Roe is professional, gives great constructive criticism and has always been there to answer any questions I had. She helped me with all aspects of the SL modeling world and helped me define my own personal style. The one-on-one classes make it easy for students to get personal attention and learn without being slowed down by anyone but themselves. Roe was flexible with her scheduling when RL was anything but cooperative. Roe you rock!

    The agency as a whole is wonderful. The staff is 100% professional and the best place for new models. I hope that future students can enjoy the experience I had while I was at GLANCE.

  21. Giselle Bluxome Says:

    My instructor Rhonda Pennel is the best there can be and a great friend. Everyone at Glance is professional and courteous.

  22. Giselle Bluxome Says:

    I am proud to say that I am a Glance graduate. My instructor, Rhonda Pennell is the best. She taught me so much and is a great friend as well. I recommend Glance to anyone who wants superior model training

  23. I just graduated today from Glance Academy and I have been more than pleased with my education I have received and with the organization and curriculum. My instructor, Wicca Merlin, was amazing to work with and learn from, and very easy to schedule with. The courses were tons of fun, and I learned a lot about SL’s fashion industry and my own fashion sense and personal style as well.
    I didnt really know what to expect going into the SL modeling industry and I chose GIA for my training because of all of the great things I heard and because of the sense of professionalism that I witnessed for myself at some of their events. I personally feel that I could not have chosen better.

    For those looking to train or sign with Glance I highly recommend them, and I look forward to hopefully/possibly working with them in the future.

  24. Xavier Midal Says:

    Today, I graduated from the Glance Model Academy. It was a great experience to learn from a Master like Wicca Merlin! I am glad to know that there is always more to learn in life and in sl modeling. Wicca and staff are courteous and professional at all times. I am very proud to say that I attended Glance and twice as proud to be a graduate.
    I feel like this should be followed by a school song or something. lol

  25. LouLou Belle Says:

    I can honestly say that Glance was more than a modelling academy experience, Glance started as school (with FANTASTIC trainer Wicca Merlin, who taught me almost everything I know – LOVE U Wicca)…Glance became family. A group of people who work side by side on a daily basis, a group of people you know you can turn to.
    As I graduated from Glance…I didn’t get just a tag over my head, I got my sisters (Arisia, Roe and Wicca), I got friends, I got…everything a person should get from such an experience.
    It is because of my Glance family that I am where I am right now, so here I take the opportunity to thank all of them for being who they are, whether it is in french, english, german, portuguese, italian, whichever language we speak…Glance is indeed the biggest international fashion family there is.
    Thank you Patty for giving us the opportunity of becoming better at what we do (and for being so kind while doing it)
    Love you all guys 🙂

  26. Cinna Button Says:

    I have recently completed my training at GIA and have to say that it has been one of the most challenging and rewarding programs I have been a part of. The personalized one-on-one training is of unbelievable value. My trainer, mentor and now friend, Wicca Merlin, was tough and strict, but taught me so much about not only modeling in Second Life, but also in trusting my own inner instincts when it comes to fashion. Glance Intl Academy has been an amazing experience for me.

  27. I havent applied at glance (yet) but i would like to give it a go 🙂

  28. Roe Woodford Says:

    Glance has truly been a positive experience for me! I have never met anyone quite like Wicca Merlin! As my instructor Wicca was not only knowledgeable but encouraging and very easy to talk to. Wicca is very approachable and I always felt I could ask her any questions I needed answers to. Wicca is a REAL professional. The one on one classes is one of the many things that sets Glance apart from other schools, but I also felt the classes were really about development of the student! Thank you Wicca and Patty! Glance Rocks!

  29. Hermione Mocha Says:

    I would love to take modeling classes at Glance! Can i get some info on it please?

    Hermione Mocha

  30. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    I am enjoying Glance to the fullest. Rhonda is a great teacher so far. there have been times where she can not make it, sometime i cant, but we both are very understanding! I love her and Glance and i recommend it to anyone, i am learning a lot i wasnt taught in my last academy.

    This is Brittney, speaking her mind

  31. mstorm09 Stransky Says:

    I went through only one Agency for formal training. My trainer Arisia from Glance was not only amazingly knowledgeable but I was treated as part of the team, given good sessions and I passed and it was one of my most satisfying events in my SL life. They were flexible to scheduling and also adviced on how to progress with other Agencies as a model, so all in all, I would recommend Glance to anyone, its professional and real fun too.

  32. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    I said i wouldnt post on here, and probably after this i wont, but I gotta say, I love Glance. I was just accepted and im so happy. it looks like a great academy, and ive heard nothing but good things about this, and im looking forward to being a aprt of it

  33. PureBeauty GossipGirl Says:

    I’m about to graduate from Glance Academy and have to say that It was a wonderful experience. My trainer Wicca Merlin have done a fantastic job, she’s really professional and she respond to all my questions. I would definitely recommend Glance Academy to all the models who wants to improve their skills and did I mention, its a “one on one” training, which I loved. You will not only acquired modeling skills but you will also make good friends. I cannot wait to do my final interview and be a proud Glance Academy Graduated.
    Thanks to my amazing trainer Wicca Merlin and also a big thanks to Patty Cortes for letting me be a proud Glance Student.
    ~* Pure *~

  34. Herradura Baar Says:

    Before anyone thinks I’m the “Anon” poster – I am not. And I do have this to say about Glance. Although my departure was not on good terms, I hardly have any fault to say about Glance, Patty Cortes or the Management staff.

    As for Pay – if you did work that week and sent in your report to Patty, you got paid. Sometimes I felt she paid me too much when we had a slower week. But I was paid, paid on a timely basis and paid well.

    I think the training system is one of the best in SL – one-on-one training means that your classes go your speed, not having to wait/catch-up to others in your class. Training is the one thing I miss the most about Glance but was the sacrifice I had to make when I left. You will not find better trainers in SL and I like the fact that the models graduate to a real fashion show with top models. I know when I did my graduation show, it was nice working with top SL models who helped me thru my first show with the agency.

    And as for Patty Cortes, whatever I might say about our relationship is between Patty & I. However, she is one damn smart business woman who has managed to keep Glance on top of their game for over a year. It was odd that when I left Glance, several people suggested I start my own agency. Seriously, I see the hard work Patty goes thru to keep Glance one of the best – I knew I didn’t have the ability to create an agency that was even half as sucessful as Glance.

    Just wanted to share that before someone thinks I made that post.

  35. wiccamerlin Says:

    I also can not share the problems “anonymous” has. I never had to run after any money and Glance was always a drama free zone for me. I always found Patty as a friendly and honest person, even if she is hard working and busy. I always found an open ear, if I needed one. I am sorry for the “anonymous” to have had this bad experiences, sometimes things have 2 sides and if 2 people come against each other, means not that this is a basic thing for all others too. For me shows and other things were handled very professional.
    If I read through all the other posts here.. I can see they speak for themselves… 😉

  36. HoneyBear Lilliehook Says:

    I’ve worked for Patty for 5 months as COO of GLANCE. Never once have I not been paid my salary, and I have always been dealt with directly, fairly and honestly. Sorry “Anonymous”…Your post, whatever the reason behind it, just doesn’t stand up to the truth that the rest of us have experienced.

  37. Gamp Lane Says:

    I have modeled for GIA for over a year now. I’ve been in many shows and Patty sees to it all models get a chance to model..including the students who are near graduation..and THAT is admirable to say the least. We have done many charity events as well as frequent regular shows. My personal experience has always been positive. As they can’t please all of the people all of the time and it seems as if our “anonymous” former model had some things going on which precluded modeling at the time and I bet there is more to that story…but that’s drama and really none of our business.

  38. TokY Raymaker Says:

    I am a member of GIA staff (Head Stylist/PR/Casting Director)since ages. I was always paid for each things done for Patty AND GIA. “Anonymous” thanks a lot for your trial to hurt Patty and her team! Keep in your mind, first you’ve made the best promotion for GIA, in not assuming your position. Secondly, it’s so easy, to play drama, or to play victim, because, finally the real unprofessionnal person is YOU!

    Then, i am a friend of “EU” zone, and i dont knoww why its not a surprise that this report come from another “EU” one…

  39. Sharron Schuman Says:

    I am sorry you had that experience. Gladly I will say I haven’t had the same. Patty has always been responsive and professional in my dealings with her, and has paid me well for work performed. Sure there has been times when she couldn’t talk or didn’t respond to immediate IMs. She always got back to me.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    I worked for GLANCE awhile back and I just wanted to note on the unprofessionalism that was sent my way. I made a few mistakes, had a lot of things going on in life, but the way I was treated by Patty and by some of the other staff was ridiculous. I know that much of the staff was never paid, and still many are not paid for their hard work that they produce… which astounds me! I have had MANY friends work at GLANCE and at least 80% have agreed that the CEO is very unprofessional, doesn’t deal with things properly, and puts on a very catty attitude towards her staff. It frustrates me to see the awefulness that has gone down here. And to this day, if I IM the CEO I get a response much like “I don’t want to talk to you”, “why are you talking to me?”, or “I’m not talking to you”. It’s very rude, when sometimes it’s just a general question. HOWEVER, I hear that the modeling academy portion of GLANCE is superb so I give GLANCE thumbs up for getting one thing straight.

  41. Naiya Kazyanenko Says:

    Having just graduated from Glance Academy, I have to say its the best academy I have attended so far and well worth every linden! 1 to 1 classes that can be scheduled whatever time you require them. A lot of time and attention from both my tutors Patty & Wicca with very informative lessons setting wonderful foundations for models new and old.

    Everyone is so helpful and friendly it has to be the best academy/agency in SL. Everyone is so professional from top management down to the models. The shows are always a wonderful production that I look forward to watching each time. Thank you Patty and Wicca for your time and patients with me! you guys ROCK!

  42. I’m not a model with Glance, but I have walked in the Runway for Life event run by GIA, and attended quite a few of their shows.

    Easily the highest quality current agency in Second Life. The shows are professional, the models are top models in SL, the sets are beautiful. They’re very active as well.

    In my opinion, they’re most notable for producing a LOT of charity events… it says a lot about the GIA team’s dedication and ethics!

  43. thimau tunwarm Says:

    Well, never met so nice people and they are so hard working too. Me and my girlfriend Channon love our teacher Wicca…and of cource Patty…such nice persons on the in- and outside.

  44. I was fortunate to have won the November Glance Fall Photo Contest. The best part was receiving Glance Model Training. The training is one on one and times are set up with the instructor and myself, which is perfect for anyone with a busy rl/sl schedule. Wicca Merlin is my instructor and she is wonderful! She is soo knowledegable and I am happpy to call her my mentor. The agency is so very professional and I am very happy and proud to say that I have modeling training from Glance Academy. Thank you Patty and Wicca, you are both awesome!

  45. Sharron Schuman Says:

    GLANCE ROCKS!!! If you don’t agree.. I don’t care. Eat it and weep.

  46. As I said inworld already: In my opinion one of the best Fashion PR Agency I have ever worked with in SL and I am not a model btw.

    High level, professional, innovative, creative and contextual which is the best for a kind of authenticity we are all searching somehow.

    Glance is an angency which creates and communicates a very good strategic branding. Their magazine as well is an eyecatcher.

  47. I am a GLANCE model and all I can say is, that this agency works highly professional, models, trainer, management and models are highly skilled, but it should not be forgotten that we have loads of fun there.Short said: GLANCE is one of the top adresses of modeling academies and agencies in SL.

  48. Gary Says:

    I have nothing but praise for patty and the girls and babes i love your blog

  49. RicoRacer Flux Says:

    I just want to thank Glance Model Academy especially my instructor Wicca Merlin for such an amazing learning experience. Wicca tailored my learning needs based on my modeling experience on a 1:1 relaxed individualized atmosphere. I am the type of model who is always seeking new learning opportunities for growth and Learning from a Top Model like Wicca was a treat.
    I enjoyed every minute. I learned so much. And Definitely, I would recommend this academy to any models no matter what type and level of experience they may have.

    TY Glance. Ty Wicca. TY Patty Cortes.

  50. Zoey Neutron Says:

    I am also currently a student at Glance, with Wicca as my trainer. Let me tell you that Wicca is amazing and knows her stuff. The best part, is that she is not just an instructor, but a friend. I really enjoy the one on one class set up, as it focuses on just my needs as opposed to a general class that may not allow for individual attention. I like that we can schedule to our convenience, and yes it has taken a bit of time, for me at least, but it’s not interfering or conflicting with anything else. I highly recommend Glance as an academy 🙂

  51. Arisia Ashmoot Says:

    Hello! i am a student of GLANCE model academy and i would like to share my experience. First of all, the classes are individual and there is no schedule, so you can set them when is better for you and you can combine them with your other RL and SL duties.
    But the most important thing to me is the people who works at GIA. My trainer, Wicca Merlin, is a wonderful teacher and person, always willing to help me even if we are not in class;i have learnt a lot of her and her lessons have been really productives.
    I would recomend this academy to other starting models, i am so proud of being a GIA student.

  52. impartial observer Says:

    I have to say that the IFD extravaganza at GLANCE was an incredible accomplishment and I am still applauding all of the effort and time it must have taken to pull this off. Way to go! That is what it is all about!! Thank you GLANCE for making me fall in love with runway fashion all over again!
    The shows were very professional and organized, with an air of fun. Well done Patty and Co., keep it up!!

  53. Lifing Krasner Says:

    I am a GIA student. About to graduate, I would like to share my opinion about the Academy and the Agency with you because only our comments could be taken as references for others and only us, that are in this environments know it well.
    I am really glad that I have decided to join GIA because right now, it is the example of professionalism to me. My training was technical of course, but with Patty I was able to learn more about attitude and a way of living as a person in the fashion industry. Patty has always been very patient, setting the sessions at a good timing, making sure that I have learned and practiced every single notion and helping me whenever I needed her even if it was not the time for a session.
    Every class was special, was feeling like totally customized to fit my needs and my profile. By the end of the sessions, I have decided to devote my Second Life to fashion, I gave up building because right now, I feel that being a model or acting in the fashion world is a part of me.

    I am proud of being a GIA student for all what was brought to me through my classes and if I have to advise a training to someone it would be at GIA.

  54. TK Waco Says:

    I am also guraduated Glance Modeling academy very recently.
    And I have to say here I love this agency very much.
    Patty ( CEO ) and Kurvy ( manager ) are nice people and always try to give chance to everyone to go runway.

    About academies, I understand why some of the negative comments on here.
    You might get hard time to catch CEO in the last few month.

    But you know… she has been trying to make agency bigger so it gave her an incredible amount of work and I confirmed she missed many IM when she was AFK or offline. You all know IM is often capped.

    I suggested her to hire instructors instead of taking so much task in her hands.
    But Patty is the kind of person who wants to do hand raise each model.
    We should feel appreciate to her about that.

    Also I want you ( who left negative commment ) to know… it took me 2month to graduate academy. And yes, it may be a little longer compare with other modeling academies.
    But it is really worth it. And I appreciate everything in this agency.

  55. Leila B. Says:

    Hmm, there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about Glance. Shouldn’t narrow one incident that may or may not be the trainer’s fault to the entire academy.

    I ‘ve been taking lessons with Glance for a while now and find that classes fit my schedule. As I’m pretty busy in RL, I appreciate this flexibility that some other agencies were not able to accommodate. My trainer is also available whenever I need help. Even when the trainer is not online or available immediately, I will be answered within a few hours. To the anonymous, you should approach the CEO or a senior manager if you have unresolved issue. I’ve approached the CEO before for some assistance and she was amiable while managed to solve the issue straight away. Most models at the Glance academy are friendly and made me feel welcomed like a family.

    I came to Glance through the recommendation of a model friend. While researching & making inquiries for agencies, I find some agencies are either inactive or asked for ridiculous amount of fee without credibility or actively assist in search of modeling assignments for their models. So far, Glance have an excellent reputation. It didn’t take me long to decide in joining them when I found out about their fee and was rather glad that most classes are conducted in one-on-one sessions. If you ask me, I highly recommend this agency.

  56. Wicca Merlin Says:

    I am a graduated student of GLANCE.I have to say, I am very proud of…i had my classes with Patty and she always took care of me. Understandable that she is very busy…she has to lead a great agency…but i have to say she had always an open ear and helped me much … she took time for me and teached me a lot important things. she always replied on my IM’s and was every time friendly and kind even if i disturbed her in her buisness…thumbs up for that great academy and agency and I am very happy that i joined the academy
    best regards Wicca

  57. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe those friends in US timezone don’t have any problems.. But in EU zone you can be sure to wait forever to do just one class…
    You call, but receive no answer.
    You go there waiting for your session by the previously fixed date, noone shows up…with no excuses given.
    Yes, Glance is one of the most active agencies in SL, also one of most serious ones, but as the academy management for EU Timezone i wouldn’t recommend it…

  58. Anonymous Says:

    ABOUT THE ACADEMY SIDE OF THINGS: Yes GLANCE is a top name and a busy agency but they recently stopped paying much attention to their number one source of revenue: THEIR PAYING STUDENTS (those poor, disillusioned, impressionable new models who each spent a fortune of lindens to join into the GIA family, but no cigar!) Maybe in the old days when the GLANCE Academy was smaller they were kinder to their trainees then… but not these days. I heard from many (newer) young ladies that they felt there’s a strong sense of elitism in that agency, and that they gave and gave and got nothing in return.. So If you’re already one of those GIA top models out there, good for you! WTG! But if you’re a poor new trainee then better luck elsewhere, with an agency that will actually give you the time of day.. CAVEAT EMPTOR: Buyer Beware.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    — comment retracted by author —

  60. Nieve Thor Says:

    I’ve never had any problem with Glance. I graduated from Glance. Their IM might capped and it happend to any of us. Just send them email or notecard. Once in awhile I still contact my instructor and she able to advice me eventhough I’m no longer her student.

  61. Glance Student ( almuni ) Says:

    This is an additional of my previous comment.
    The agency have runway show every week. Very actice.
    Plus casting is very fair and people are nice and humble. I saw all the models who respond the casting go to one of these shows. If you really want to do catwalk in runway show more often , you should apply this agency.

  62. Dunia Moulliez Says:

    i don’t know about the academy. i just can say Glance is one of the (if not the) most active agencies i know. and so it makes me happy because i just want to have things to do 🙂 show to run ….

  63. Glance Student Says:

    I totally disagree. I guraduated several modeling academies and in my honest opinion, Glance Modeling Academy is one of the best. CEO & manager give class to all the students, spend time with them and raise models. Normally other agnecy’s CEO and excectives do not do this, just hiring instructors.

    Anonymous, if you can not get reply of IM from them, keep trying to send IM to them. Eventually they answer.

  64. R0SE Seoung Says:

    I am also a current GLANCE Model Student and I have to differ on the first comment left by the ‘Anonymous.’ I have received only positive feedback from other students and other models in the industry. GLANCE has a great reputation and for someone who’s a student and claims anonymous.. how reliable of a source are you? I am very proud to be associated with GLANCE and all its members. The experience has been very rewarding for me and no matter what, I’ll stand by GLANCE. If you are having such a problem, I suggest you contact someone before basing your comment of the agency on scheduling. Perhaps when you see the benefit of what the agency could do for you, you would take back your words and say who you are. For all I know.. for all the readers know.. you may not even be a student. To anyone looking to sign with GLANCE, I highly recommend them.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    — comment retracted by author —

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