Post below your comments about Grace. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

3 Responses to “Gracie Fashion Show Model Group (3)”

  1. oh my goodness Grace! now that I read my earlier post again, I do make it sound like an agency *giggles, my apologies for that:)
    Much love to you, and so glad to see you again:)

  2. Grace Winnfield Says:

    Aww Thanks Rhonda…LOL just found this site (agencyreport).. and in the additional interest of complete honesty… (now i know why i get the occassional spam of people thinking this group is an agency) THIS IS NOT A MODEL AGENCY!! LOL sorry for the all caps. This groups sole function is communication during our (Gracies) shows. I will say.. Mynx and I ‚̧ majorly the girls who walk in our shows they stomp with determination and delight ! ūüôā I think i need to contact the owners of this site actually and have this removed.

  3. In the interest of complete honesty, I should say that if you are looking for an agency to keep you busy, Gracie Girls is not for you. However, working with Grace Winnfield and Mynx Carroll during their semi-annual fashion shows is a complete delight, and the other models are wonderful to share the runway with as well:) I can say that although Grace’s shows are quite rare and the group rather small, whenever we do put on a show it is a fantastic experience for everyone, staff and audiences alike. I love being a part of Gracie Girls and am proud to have it in my resume:)

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