Post below your comments about iC Motions. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. krismessmer Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    As iC moves into their 4th season I’d just like to personally thank all of you who have made us who we are today. It wouldn’t have been possible without a whole bunch of wonderful people that have been dedicated and had great faith in our organization.

    I love you all….

    Watch for an amazing Fall season to start on the 25th with iC’s famous end of Summer Bash and a welcome speedy recovery for Saleena Hax party!! Come see us from 4-10P at iC Motions Fashion SIM on the 25th of August!!

    Kris Messmer
    -CEO, iC Motions

  2. Former fan Says:

    The IC Motions team has come to the rescue of an SL institution..

    They deserve a pat on the back for saving Model’s Workshop by providing a new home location after they returned to a skybox on founder Monica Balut’s sim when the Manhattan sim blew out on them. Is Model’s Workshop still relevant these days?

    Discuss amongst yourselves

  3. Eve Haya Torres Says:

    Are you looking for something new and exciting to add more to your Second Life? Are you a model wanting more guidance? iC Motions Academy offers a model training program with highly experienced models that will guide you in your modeling career, making sure you have everything you need to become a successful Second Life model.

    We offer basic and advanced courses, designed and implemented by experienced models, with long term experience in both photographic and runway modeling. The classes are held at different times, to give aspiring models around the world a chance to participate with a flexible class schedule. Applications and more information can be acquired at iC Motions Academy in the lobby, also with an easy payment kiosk for your convenience. If more information on the program is needed, please contact Eve Torres or Augusta Carver directly.

    I look forward to meeting you all and working with you to further your modeling careers.

    Eve Torres

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I am a iC Motions Academy Graduate 11/20/2010 and would like to say a big thankyou to Candi Winehouse and marie29.button. iC Motions Academy is a great is one off the best agency the training i got there was outstanding and would welcome anyone to try the training program there .

  5. As iC moves into its 3rd season we have now added our own SIM redesign and it IS truly looking very nice. Please do a search on iC Motions Fashion and come take a look at the the latest we have to offer. Our academy will be offering new course this year including design and styling and we will continue to strive to bring all the good things to modeling this year as we have in the past…so come take a look!!


  6. icmotions Says:

    To Aspiring,

    As far as model compensation goes we offer the most comprehensive package in SL today with every model and staff member receiving pay and benefits in accordance with the job they have done.

    I have also been known to pay bonuses and give away great prized to models who have shown dedication, motivation and other such commendable traits.

    If you require more information please contact ANY of my staff or me personally to get your answers.


    Astrokris Messmer
    CEO, iC Motions

  7. Aspiring Model contact Astrokris Messmer in-world and she’ll answer any questions you have about her agency including model screenings/castings or academy info.

  8. Aspiring model Says:

    Anyone know if this agency pays models?

  9. Nala Kurka Says:

    Clear concept and rules, friendly team, lovely shows! One of the most professional agencys in SL.
    Love them!

  10. Last night, as I completed my final advanced student class at iC Motions Fashion Agency, I had many emotions. For the past few weeks, I soaked up everything that the agency’s instructors’ had to offer about tips, tricks, technique, etiquette, etc.

    I started classes at the Basic level with Rissa Friller and then onto the Advanced classes with Cate Honi. The constant presence of 1Ladysavage Ansar, Lacey Bade and Astrokris Messmer during classes proved to me that this agency was not one of those that just took your money & ran with it. No, this was an agency that seemed to really care about how well its students do and how well they teach what you need to know before you’re unleashed into the SL modeling world.

    If you are seriously interested in modeling in Second Life, are willing to learn and ask questions and want to feel as though you are working with family, then I highly recommend and suggest you apply to iC Motions.

  11. Marie29 Button Says:

    I have just completed the advanced course with IC and have to say it is not for the weak or part time Models, they break you down and show you the tricks of the trade as you might say. They are by far the hardest and most demanding I have ever know, but the patience of staff and students is second to none. We are all family now and for that I would never trade that school for another. Kris, Lacey, Cate, 1lady, Maddox, and the rest of the team, thank you for a great experience.

  12. LuLu Coba Says:

    I have just undertaken my training with Astrokriss Messmer and am nearing the end of this and would like to make a quick comment on how wonderful and fantastic not only has Kris been but the things she has taught and shown me.
    I feel that she always has time to help/advise me and already can see Kris as someone I can call a friend not only a mentor and teacher.
    I have learnt alot, and can take away alot from this academy which I can use and develop in the world of modelling.
    Would totally recommend 🙂

  13. JK Allen Says:

    You will not find a more enthusiastic and professional individual than Astrokriss Messmer. iC Motions agency is destined to have a significant impact on the SL fashion world because of her expertiese in so many fields. She is an excellent photographer, builder and businesswoman.

    More importantly, she surrounds herself with the best people possible. She sees the potential in everyone and gives them an opportunity to excel.

  14. Tracie Says:

    First off I’d like to say i’m very new to the modeling world. Astrokris Messmer has helped me get the feel of it and am looking forward to her help. She is very professional and makes sure everyone around her is comfortable including me from the first time I met her. She takes great pleasure in everything she does and the people she meets is her top priority. I would recommend everyone talk to her and they will see for themselves just what I mean. Thank you Kris

  15. Topaz Joubert Says:

    So Happy to have you back!! You were greatly missed!

  16. Brimstone Says:

    Welcome back to the land of the living Kris. Your absence has been felt by many of us who mourned the loss of iC Motions from the world of SL modeling. I can’t wait to see what the revived iC Motions has to offer the SL modeling world. 🙂

  17. Astrokris Messmer Says:

    Now that I have been resurrected and our move completed to Aloha Moonglow I can once again start assuming control of this wonderful organization.

    I have missed everyone terribly and I am so happy and proud of all of you for hanging in there during my departure. I feel so much better and will once again, with the help of Lore and Lacey, bring us to all new heights.

    Thanks Again all of you…so happy to be back!


  18. Mallory Luke Says:

    IC Motions! I love, love, love your runway. A beautiful setting. If I were a model, I’d want to walk on your runway! Oh heck, what am I saying, I’m gonna sneak over and walk on your runway when no one is watching!

  19. Mich Says:

    Hello again, Update time! I have now gone through the advanced course for iC Motions and once again found Astrokris Messmer to be a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much from her classes that I didn’t know before and was amazed at how little I knew before starting these wonderful classes. Once again the small class sizes lead to a more focused classroom that can focus on what the students are having trouble with as well as allowing the students a more personal contact the instructors that makes learning a less frusterating and more fun enviroment.

    I recommend iC Motions for anyone that is seriously interested in Modeling. I don’t think you will regret taking the classes.

    kk, thats all for now!


  20. Kait Says:

    I am a graduate of the iC Motion Academy, and I have to agree with the above statements. I came into SL not knowing anything about modelling, but Kris and Lore made the experience very rewarding and fulfilling, and has made me excited about walking down the runway. The classes were engaging and the small size really benefited as our instructor could focus her attention on each of us individually. Having a guest speaker come to lecture was a nice bonus as well.

    I highly recommend iCS Motions Academy for anyone who is interested in modelling in SL. The staff and instructors provide easily the best model education possible!

  21. Ocean Miami Says:

    Me again, everyone:-) I just wanted to say a few words about iC Motions and recommend it to ALL models, designers, students and fashion connoisseurs out there. This agency is a brand new kid on the block but it is hitting the ground running.

    iC Motions is a combination Agency/Studio (also Modeling Academy) which I recently joined by recommendation; Extremely professional and talented owner “Astrokris Messmer (a.k.a. Kris) and Manager/Lead-Model “Lorelei Maggs”, not to mention an awesome entourage of staffers.

    On my first day with the agency, I was invited over, warmly greeted in person, given the royal tour, and invited to talk to the academy’s graduating class. Now although I hardly felt that I deserved this kind of red-carpet treatment, it was greatly appreciated all the same:) Then within the same week, we had our first runway show at the agency for a top notch designer.

    On top of being the consummate professionals, my impression of Kris & Lore is that they are also down-to-earth, warm and supportive people; they know how to put a good show together but they also know how to take care of her models.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND iC Motions to all the good people of SL Fashion out there:)

  22. Mich Says:

    iC Motion is a wonderful acdemy, the classes are small and Astrokris Messmer is great teacher that has taught a beginner like me many of the skills needed to pursue a modeling career. I am going back for the Advanced course to continue learning the vital skills needed to be the best I can be. ^-^

  23. Mysti Says:

    The CEO, Astrokris Messmer, is a graduate of the SuperElite school, and is a wonderful instructor; very patient and answered all our questions. She also gave us homework and reading assignments, as well as a lot of runway practice, and even visits and guest lectures by more established models. Small class size, so she can spend quality time coaching the students. A great academy. I recommend it!

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