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  1. - Donnatella Couturier - Says:

    To All.

    This Agency is fantastic, a real example of hard work. I have noticed on this site. Everyone gets a hard time, sheesh, Just give agency CEO’s a break, give them a chance to work hard and prove you who so quickly judge them and there establishment wrong. Its a drama free, up and coming agency with an elite and talented team. I look forward to what IMAGE has to come.

  2. ♥ Lola Baudin ♥ Says:

    Hmmm not sure where conspiracy theorists, fame whores, and cultists have to do with IMAGE ^^ Anyways Happy New Years! on another note.

    IMAGE Models Agency is launching 2010 with a New York Fashion week which is being held in honor of Olympus Fashion Week in New York City. Lola Baudin, the COO of IMAGE Models Agency has lived in New York City and has traversed the very grounds where Fashion Week is held in Real Life. “This project is very special to me because New York City is where I found my deep love of fashion and it is a place I want pay a tribute to in Second Life. Although the concept of Fashion Week isn’t new in Second Life; I wanted to bring my interpretation of New York City and the amazingly fashion forward people who live there.”

    The Fall 2010 Collection is set to launch for the week of February 2010-2011 and IMAGE Models Agency will correspond with the same dates in the Second Life grid. Virtual Reality has gotten much press in the recent crash of the economy; even USA Today wrote an article on this recent Trend. People are now turning to shopping and living in virtual world as a form of entertainment since it provides those same values for much less. As Jayne O’Donnell, reporter for USA Today states, “Unlike Reality, Virtual Retail Sales are Hot Especially For Avatars“. But this isn’t just about sales and profits. It’s also about creativity and energy that thrives in Virtual Reality. “The thought and and the ideas behind the designs surpasses anything we can find in Real Life. Unlimited by gravity, production cost, and imagination; Virtual World Fashion is something truly spectacular to be seen and experienced,” Baudin states. It is with this premise that NY Fashion Week has emerged.

    Even though the events are still in planning stages, some of most notable Second Life Companies are on board. Maxes Loon of Moolto will be our sponsor for the event. We will hold the Fashion Week on Moolto Event Sim and also be a featured event for Moolto. Topaz Joubert of Maniera Magazine has graciously agreed to sponsor IMAGE Models as well. “We are still speaking with several Second Life companies about sponsorship opportunities including Real Life Fashion Companies,” Baudin states. This is a fashion event not to be missed.

  3. nave cultist Says:


    You’re sputtering. You might want to get your blood pressure checked. Nave is hilarious. If YOU are too stupid to get his insider jokes, veiled threats and evil puns we understand, but that is a personal problem.

    But don’t deny the rest of us our, occasional, chuckles at the expense of the DIVAS, scammers and idiots he targets for his jibes. If you knew Nave you’d know that he knows what he’s talking about and despite being a curmudgeon he has the guts to say things few others in here do. Thats a good thing

    So ABC go study the rest of the alphabet and back off

  4. ABC Says:

    Nave Fall — Dude, just die! This is not your personal blog. Fame-whoring good-for-nothing useless moron.

  5. Nave Fall Says:

    Tinky22????? Do you remember “the Lone Gunmen” from the X-Files??? Let me refresh your memories………

    The Lone Gunmen are a trio of fictional characters, Richard “Ringo” Langly, Melvin Frohike and John Fitzgerald Byers, who had recurring roles on the American television series The X-Files. The name was derived from the lone gunman theory of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

    Described as counterculture patriots, they were ardent conspiracy theorists, government watchdogs and computer hackers who frequently assisted central X-Files characters Mulder and Scully, though they sometimes had their own adventures. The Lone Gunmen authored a news publication called The Magic Bullet Newsletter (a pejorative reference to the single bullet theory and, like the group’s name, a reference to the Kennedy assassination), later renamed The Lone Gunman, of which Mulder was a loyal subscriber. None of them had day jobs; they relied on financial backers who believed in their cause, and what revenue the subscriptions to their paper generated. They shared a loft apartment (where they also worked) and used a 1970 VW Transporter to commute.

    I think that you, Tinky22, are the alt of the blond geeky “Lone Gunmen” Richard Langly (Dean Haglund) was the most confrontational and socially immature of the three. He was a big fan of The Ramones and enjoyed critiquing the scientific inaccuracies of the short-lived sci-fi series Earth 2, and he had a long-running competition with Frohike over who was a better computer hacker. He also had “a philosophical aversion to having his image bounced off a satellite.” His nickname was “Ringo”. Langly was a Dungeons and Dragons player (as ‘Lord Manhammer’) and enjoyed violent videogames like Quake. (In the William Gibson-penned X-Files episode “First Person Shooter,” Frohike and Byers were also avid gamers, an uncharacteristic development for both men and one that was never referenced again in later stories.) In the LGM episode “Octane,” it is revealed that Langly is a “32 year old virgin.”

    Can you prove you’re not?????? You exhibit many of his most “endearing” if anti-social characteristics.
    This realization came to me suddenly, a phenomenon you would be familiar with I’m sure. I had to share it so that everyone will stop jousting with you and allow you the freedom to be all that you can be.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  6. ♥ Lola Baudin ♥ Says:

    Hi Tinky22

    I am not really sure what alts have to do with anything but I can assure you that Ethan and I both work our pixels off to keep this agency running. Without hard work, all this would have fallen apart very quickly.

    I know Ethan enough to know he’s not an alt. Ethan has found his niche in Machinima and that is what he chooses to focus on currently as well as running this agency with me. We has achieved this without anyone’s help or support. We did this all this on our own only with the help of our talented and capable models who gave us a chance.

    As for B being Kay’s alt. I have heard both of them voice at a meeting and I can assure you that they are two separate individuals.

  7. Anom Says:

    Kay and B are not the same person, unless they are good at being in chat on voice at the same time.

  8. tinky22 Says:

    i agree that both ethan and black liquid are alts..both just sprung from nowhere fully experienced and now fully fledged members of all the “top” agencies as well as owning.running one or two themselves.

    ask yourself…

    how long were you modelling before u got in a big agency> ethan was in boulavard within 3 weeks of joining sl and most people need to be established to even get a nose in the door let alone invited..tough that so many have to train, cast and work their little pixel asses off while others just bend over 🙂

    maybe helps hes frolics bf of course 🙂

    and why was kay in one of the shows ? to help out? nope black is kays alt..all makes perfect sense if you open your eyes doesnt it 🙂

    happiness xx

  9. ♥ Lola Baudin ♥ Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and happy holidays everyone! ❤ I just have to thank all the models in the agency for their hard work, professionalism and their awesomeness. We have a great group of models and I am proud to be part of their team. We would not be anything without you guys and you are the inspiration to make this agency the best it can be.

    We have a lot more productions/fashion shows/ and even a lookbook that is to come in 2010… so stay tuned.

    May the New Years bring much love, happiness, and blessings 🙂

  10. Happy Holidays Says:

    I want to see more productions from this agency in 2010!

    Go Image !

  11. Happy Holidays Says:

    Happy Holidays to all at Image !

  12. LoveablePixel Says:

    Well it is Christmas so I wanted to leave a few kind words about IMAGE.

    1) IMAGE made me feel welcome as a model
    2) They are impressing me with EACH AND EVERY PROJECT
    other agencies need to watch out, this agency is put together well, and I’m glad to be on this ride of a journey throughout my modeling career.

    Ethan, and Lola, have done so much for this agency, and I’m ever so proud of what they have accomplished.

    I can’t wait till 2010!!!!!!! so exciting, and should be packed with amazing shows, and more production projects.


  13. Cate Honi Says:

    Wow, I always hate the people that leave negative comments and not their real name. Image has gone though several ownership changes and lots of drama in the past. For the first time in its existence, it has a management now that actually cares and takes care of its models. They works their pixels off to make sure its produces the best shows it can. Please don’t judge them on the past, it is the past, look the future and what a great agency it has become.

  14. ♥ Lola Baudin ♥ Says:

    1) We do pay our models.

    2) I am not sure what agency you are speaking of because we do have top models in the agency as well as up and coming ones. That is the premise of this agency and always have been. You have no idea who is in the agency of now so I beg of you to stop this ranting and raving.

    I really feel the comment from The bullshit is real should be deleted because this model is

    a) no longer in the agency so has no experience of what is happening as of this moment
    b) offers absolutely no insight into the agency except to spew off some non sense which isn’t factual.

  15. The Bullshit Is Real Says:

    This agency is a waste of time. No payments on show and others just listening to the rants of a 19-20year old. Can you imagine that. This agency will fail at some point. I was once a model, thank god i left the agency. I wouldn’t even consider going back even if it was the top agency in SL. Every heard of First Impressions? The owner damaged it causing TOP models to leave the agency which of course was scattered to others. You may get wanna be models.. noobie i say but everyone knows this agency at some point is doomed for failure. Castings on shows? what’s the point of hiring models to them have them go through casting. Weren’t they hired because they have the experience needed? PFFT I’ll be back when the agency falls ..

  16. Zoey Neutron Says:

    Looks like someone here just likes to argue, and is so disgruntled and upset with Image for whatever reason, and doesn’t want to let it go, even though stuff happens every day and people must move on, especially since this is SL….

    I believe when an agency makes a change to its management, especially when things seem to go wrong, the change is for the better. And by actively having castings for lined up shows and a successful shows after the original management broke up, maybe, just maybe, someone’s doing something right.

    Perhaps people should look at the past, present, and future before judging. I never had a bad experience, there were simply things that were said when I first joined that I just chose to ignore, because really, most of what happens in SL and most of what people say in general is not a big deal. Grow up people.

  17. csltm Says:

    I just want to give a huge applause to Image Model Agency for the awesome Patrica Blessed Gala Collection Runway Show. Lola, Ethan, Cate and the models did an awesome job. So two thumbs up!!!

    If you missed the show, u can watch it here:


    I am so excited about the upcoming “Garden of Eden” and “Goldfinger” Shows. KEEP ROCKING, IMAGE!!! =)

    My experience with Ethan, Lola, and Image Agency have been very positive and I’m happy to be one of their models. TY!

  18. What is going on? Says:


    1. Who is regina?

    2. Who is this person that is tired of bs in sl?

    I don’t understand these false statements, for “people” to attack members of the IMAGE staff, or for that fact IMAGE. This agency has had bad times yes, but those times are gone, and the agency is moving on to a new height.

    I’m a current IMAGE model and Lola, and Ethan have been amazingly nice!!! They’re organized and they have their stuff together…

    I was at the show they did for Patrizia Blessed. The Show was amazing and the models were on point. If this person “regina and tired of bs in sl” have so much against IMAGE – I think they should stop posting here, and stop trying to prove a point.

    Lately, there have been no posts here about IMAGE in a negative way, before you two came along. So what I feel you should do – is stop.

    Trying to be combatant about how bad IMAGE is or the level of this agency is pointless, because in the eyes of people actually IN the agency, it’s a good one.

    – What’s going on?
    – IMAGE model.


  19. ♥ Lola Baudin ♥ Says:

    Anyways, back to agency matters. Here is our website http://imagemodelssl.com/ and our videography of Patrizia Blessed show.

    Please look forward to our
    *Garden of Eden Show* and *Goldfinger* Show in November.

  20. Regina Says:

    Lola was created a head model, and is expectedly biased and/or blinded. She was not there from the beginning, whatever opinions she may have is naturally limited in scope. An agency cannot erase its history, Metamorphosis=A/E Productions=IMAGE Model Agency. Enough said.

  21. Obviously you haven’t read previous posts or understand the whole history. It is related. How an agency gets its start and evolves is related. How the agency staff have treated people over time and all the changes is related and if you don’t understand I don’t know what to tell you. Once again you are missing the fact that numerous people have left negative comments. People who are currently in the agency or recently left it. My point was simple.You can leave glowing reports all you like but the others have a right to make theirs as well. It isn’t delusion it’s fact. The history of this agency isn’t disputable.

  22. ♥ Lola Baudin ♥ Says:


    Why would I lie about being in A|E production? What would I really gain from lying about this? I think have built my reputation as someone who is honest, professional, and ethical. I won’t have you smear my name, especially someone who doesn’t have the courage to call me a liar and put their name down. Mentally unbalanced is something that comes to mind. Coward is another.

    “I am not rude enough to say what I think about you or your obvious intolerance for others”, but I guess calling me dense, intolerant, and dishonest is? Isn’t this calling the kettle black? I was merely stating my own opinion about IMAGE and my experience there as a model and now head model. Yet “It is you who make assumptions and discount every post made by people who disagree with your glowing reports.” {you state} How so? I have repeatedly stated that I was not disputing anyone’s experience and comments about IMAGE. You are the only one who is leaving negative comments since the change of management and you are no longer even in the agency. So how in the world would you know what was going on within the agency as of now?

    Metamorphosis was owned by someone else and has nothing to do with IMAGE. The history of IMAGE starts with ta da…. IMAGE, which I HAVE been part of from the start so yes, I do know what I am talking about. I rest my case.

    Sorry to say that you just come off as someone who is delusional, vindictive and someone who doesn’t have enough conviction in their words to come out of anonymity to call someone out as a liar. That’s the least you could do if you were going to call me that. But We know you are tired of bs. Even if you don’t think we do. I know I can sleep at night, can you?

  23. Is it really so hard to comprehend that the very beginning of this ageny was not A|E. So sorry, but again, wrong and not telling the truth. Next topic. Unlike her, I never said she wasn’t entitled to her opinion. Again, I stated that the others are entitled to theirs as well. Obviously you don’t like all the negative comments you have gotten so would like to forget that.

  24. imagemodels Says:

    We would like to issue a statement in regards to Tired of BS calling Lola a liar. Lola was in fact a model for A|E Production. She joined right before it was disbanded and was then asked to join IMAGE Models. Lola has been a model for IMAGE Models from the start.

    While we are sorry that many are disappointed with the agency in the past; we are trying to turn things around for everyone who are still currently active in this agency. We just completed a show for Patrizia Blessed and have two shows lined up in November. Please do not let a displaced model who is no longer in the agency dictate how this agency is viewed.

    This does not discredit anyone’s feelings and experience with IMAGE agency. However, Lola is entitled to her opinion as well and this has been her experience with the agency. For someone to call her a liar and intolerant based on her comments is unjustified.

    We welcome any suggestions, comments, and opinions of IMAGE Models, but please take in the opinions of those who are active models in the agency currently than from a disgruntled former model who obviously has a vendetta against us. We are pretty sure we know who this person is but do not want to point fingers. We just wanted to issue an “official” statement before we head back to the enormous work running an agency entails. Thank you.

  25. The point of agency report is to look at the total history of an agency, not just recent events. I was talking about the history of this agency from the Beginning, which is when it was Metamorphosis. Like I said read earlier posts and then you would’ve known that. You weren’t with the agency back then so stop lying.Unless you are just too dense to read.A|E wasn’t the beginning and thus as I said you don’t know the history or what you are talking about and others who were there do. I never made a single assumption.Plus you seem to forget I am not the only person who had negative experiences with this agency recently. I merely said other people are entitled to post their bad experiences and have their own opinions. If you can’t take that don’t read it.It is you who make assumptions and discount every post made by people who disagree with your glowing reports.I am not rude enough to say what I think about you or your obvious intolerance for others. This is about Image plain and simple so do try to remember that and focus if you can.

  26. Lola Baudin Says:

    OK Miss Anonymous, again I say the agency is heading in the new direction so what’s the point of rehashing the past? I know one that started has had some problems in the beginning and developed into a reputable agency and is regarded one of the best agency in SL today, so it doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, what matters is now and the future. I will no longer be responding to your unfair assumptions and hiding behind anonymity doesn’t add any credibility to yours claims either. Also I was a model before IMAGE and was in A|E production as a model, so for someone who CLAIMS to know everything that goes on. You don’t.

    So you had bad experience with this agency. Get over it and move on. We all had bad experiences as models. Stop whining about it, find agencies you like and better your craft. Judging from your attitude and words, perhaps IMAGE wasn’t the only one with problems.

  27. Obviously you can’t read past posts because you don’t seem to know the complete history. When enough people say someone is rude perhaps it’s because they are. I keep tabs on everything modelling related. That’s the point of agency report and discussion.I don’t really care if you have had worse experiences. These posts are about Image. If people have had bad or good experiences they are free to say so. I know the models who were there from the very beginning and you weren’t. People who have been there since before you have posted messages here and know what they are talking about.

  28. on a need to know basis? Says:

    WHO ARE YOU “tired of bs in sl?” you seem to be the only one keeping tabs about every positive things that people say about IMAGE, you were removed as an IMAGE model or something then that really does not concern me… nor do I care only because im not on the staff for image. But you’re looking at comments posted MONTHS ago, and it’s people like you that stop things or for instance, this agency from moving forward.

    I’ve recently been looking at the things this agency is doing, and I have to say I am really impressed.

    And why do people think ethan is rude???? omg he’s like the nicest person I’ve ever met. Of course if you’re at practice people will be demanding and strict, for people that want to be.. (sorry to say this)

    but a little bitch about it because he wasn’t being nice enough?

    then like you have not been in this industry long enough, I’ve seen coordinators even worse than that. and btw, yes I was in the Fall Feast show, so I know what happened there Zoey…

    There were very disrespectful models there and I’m happy that they are gone.


  29. Lola Baudin Says:

    Dear Tired of BS,

    Actually I have been here since the beginning of IMAGE’s creation. I was just a fellow model like you, if you were ever a model in this agency, but I guess we will never know since you are hiding behind anonymity. And I have observed what has happened during this whole time which I had seen from closed doors and also from both sides. All I can say is that not all things are as they appear.

    Like I said, it is going in a different direction than it’s a new beginning. I am a working professional model. I don’t claim to be anything more than that. I get hired for jobs; I do my job, and hopefully I make the agencies I am with very happy. As far as you not knowing me, what does that have to do with anything. As far as I am concerned you don’t exist if you can’t put your name and stand behind your words.

    And I was never discrediting what others were saying on this report, and sorry I was giving you that impression. I was just letting everyone know that the agency is not dormant and still active.

  30. Excuse me Lola but other people have had their own experiences with Image and are entitled to their own opinions. Many models were there long before you and are judging it fairly and accurately.It is not a good agency which is reflected in the rating.You and Cate are new and who cares about your new positions.Never heard of either of you.When people who have been there longer say its a disappointment I would give that more weight than someone new who has no idea what they are talking about.

  31. Cate Honi Says:

    I want to thank everyone involved now with Image now, I want to build on what Lola stated. I excepted the runway manager position to help the agency grow. As of today, Image is a whole new agency with a whole new outlook!

  32. ♥ Lola Baudin ♥ Says:

    First I would like to state that I have happily accepted the position as the head model for IMAGE Agency and Cate Honi has accepted the position as runway manager for IMAGE Models agency.

    IMAGE Models Agency is not dormant. We have a *PB* Gala Show this Saturday @ 1:30 with PB Collection Ardigraf and we have two shows in November that is currently in progress. We both have experience working as a professional model as well as training from some of the most established modeling agency/academy in second life and hope to bring our experience to this new and dynamic group of models.

    As for the comments below. We all have to start somewhere. None of us are born a SL Top Model or a Super Model. We earn that hopefully by hard work, dedication, professionalism, time, and perhaps a bit of good luck. At one time, you were an unknown too, so one should give an individual or an agency a chance before you draw your own conclusions or judgements.

  33. Really disappointment x-image model Says:

    I had such high hopes for this agency… But they announced that they are going to be in dormant now. One of the people that was a major force behind the agency ended up leaving and then I guess it all went downhill.

    Now that person is in another modeling agency where they are partnered with a CEO, who is a strict, major pain in the rear about what they expect and what they want from their models. But now I am getting into another agency here and not about IMAGE so I’ll stop there.

    But yeah, I am thoroughly disappointed with IMAGE.

  34. Zoey Neutron Says:

    To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this agency. They demanded an incredible amount of rehearsal time, which has it’s pros and cons, but is an inconvenience to those who have real lives and other SL things to do. And even with all those rehearsals required of us, some still had questions and didn’t quite have the routine down by the final rehearsal. However, I must say that the Fall Feast show was incredible and I am honored to have been in it. The only problem I had is with Ethan’s attitude. He is nice in his ways, but he has a very bratty attitude and can be rude, so most of the time I just ignore that. But, if he wants respect from his models, he needs to respect us as well. If the agency can get it together with the new changes, perhaps they could pull off more great shows.

  35. KaylenaMaria Destiny Says:

    Well I just went to the open casting last night and while it did take a while, either because of lag or people showing up late, the runway gave me a thrill to walk on. I’ve been to a few casting, over a dozen, and I loved this one because it gave me that extra rush. We had to get it straight or fall off into the black void. lol. So fun! I’ve seen other agencies that have huge runways and how does that really show your skill as a model? I’m happy that they chose me and I look forward to working with them.

    I’ve been reading the posts on this site about IMAGE and I know how there can be drama and difficulties in new agencies on trying to get them up and running efficiently. It’s part of the process so I’m going to hold my tongue and wait to see how things are going. I have high hopes for this agency and I plan to make it as great as I can by doing my small part as Kay Fairy said.

  36. That’s just wrong Anita. If it wasn’t for you he wouldn’t even be there. You are the one who gave him his start. If you spoke out in practice or not I have no idea. But if you did that’s no reason to fire you. Models should be allowed to question him when he isn’t clear or giving conflicting demands. Also, if he fired you because he assumed you left a bad message against him in agency report that’s not right either. But then again isn’t that how dictators are? They don’t need proof you did anything to declare you guilty. Dictators also don’t allow free speech or anyone saying the slightest thing in disagreement even when they are wrong.That’s no way to run an agency, or to act as a person, and you are better off away from that.

  37. Anita Claven Says:

    Excuse me but I have not really been on this stupid website in a while. It only causes upset. Its a place where folk can come and bash on good models and good agencies and get away with personal battles behind everyone’s backs. I don’t appreciate the fact that I have been accused and even removed from the agency for something I did NOT post. I guarantee I am not the only model that had a problem with Ethan…I am just the one that spoke up. I wish you luck Black and when you come to your senses, I will still be here for you.

  38. Because that’s how he is. And he will expect you to mind read and know what he wants when he contradicts himself. Since you have only been around a little while Liliya you don’t know that. Plus, almost every modelling audition I have been to was part interview and part seeing me walk. No great accomplishment on their part.They aren’t being judged harshly they are being judged truthfully. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  39. bolero model re: Anon and Annoyed Says:

    Anita, everyone knows this is you! you are the only one at the bolero practice that has a real problem with Ethan.

  40. Anon and Annoyed Says:

    “Ethan doesn’t have the respect of his models for a reason. He’s an arrogant ass.It wasn’t a lack of hard working models that has ever been the issue with this agency, it is the lack of leadership and management skill and professionalism. The lack of leadership is quite apparent when you see all of the changes that have taken place over such a short period, but who was “management” during all of them, Ethan.He’s done nothing but run it into the ground. Ethan has driven away a lot of models and those there now don’t know him yet. Ethan demands respect from everyone but gives it to no one. This agency is rated poor for a reason, because it sucks.You might want to ask current models what happened to the last show too, the show that Ethan canceled. A few rehearsals was the closest that man has gotten to having a show and isn’t that rather sad since he’s been there months now. To ever blame the models for that is completely unfair and untrue and doing a great disservice to them.”

    I completely agree. I was at the practice for the bolero show Sunday night. I watched/ and practiced, in horror as the practice got worse and worse. Ethan was changing things on the spot and then when confused models inquired about it he got crappy with them. One model in particular, Anita Claven, seemed especially upset with him, and was the only one brave enough to say something about it/question him fully about it. And now i hear shes been kicked from the show?! Outrage. What hope does that give me? I might as well drop out now at the rate hes running things no one will know the walk and of course it will be all our faults.

  41. Liliya Avedon Says:

    I have been recently hired by IMAGE. I have only been around for a little while and I do not know all that has happened through the time the agency has been working, but I feel I made the right decision to join them. I was referred to them by an instructor I had with my schooling at Maniera Institute of Style.

    When I met Blackliquid and Ethan, I immediately felt like I was given a warm welcome. I’ve never had that from any agency that I have been with. They take their time and interview you and see how you walk. They seem to have high expectations, but I like that and gives me a challenge. I think from what I’ve seen and have experienced that they are organized AND professional.

    I think honestly that this agency needs to be given some time and another chance before being judged so harshly. I am sure many agencies had a hard time and perhaps a rough start at some point. They are not an agency that just hires anyone. They are not out to get your money.

    I feel proud and fortunate to be a part of IMAGE. I say let us not take the negative comments to heart. Let them be in our shoes first before they judge.

  42. Kay Fairey Says:

    Oh I never thought I blamed the models. Sorry if I gave you that impression. 😛

  43. Ethan doesn’t have the respect of his models for a reason. He’s an arrogant ass.It wasn’t a lack of hard working models that has ever been the issue with this agency, it is the lack of leadership and management skill and professionalism. The lack of leadership is quite apparent when you see all of the changes that have taken place over such a short period, but who was “management” during all of them, Ethan.He’s done nothing but run it into the ground. Ethan has driven away a lot of models and those there now don’t know him yet. Ethan demands respect from everyone but gives it to no one. This agency is rated poor for a reason, because it sucks.You might want to ask current models what happened to the last show too, the show that Ethan cancelled. A few rehearsals was the closest that man has gotten to having a show and isn’t that rather sad since he’s been there months now. To ever blame the models for that is completely unfair and untrue and doing a great disservice to them.

  44. Kay Fairey Says:

    I beg all those posting here not to make assumptions and post it as if you knew.

    “Do you really think kay is up there because she wanted to be? No.”

    I have never been asked to give my reasons nor have told anybody. I just wanted to give a new agency a chance and if I could be of any help, that would be great as it will not only help the agency but all the fellow models that are in this agency.

    To those who are in the agency, if you have the time to “wonder” about the competency of the agency, why don’t we all pitch in to do our best and MAKE this agency one that people will envy.

    After all, it’s not just the management that makes a great agency. It’s us. It’s the models too!

    WE can make this a great place!! So let’s get our butts up and work to make it great. 🙂

  45. Model Advisor Says:

    It isn’t that Kay Fairey Or the other “well known models” are wasting their time. Do you really think kay is up there because she wanted to be? No. Obviously someone in the agency asked or begged for her to come in. As for BlackLiquid she seems to have an alt and very minimal skills to be calling herself a stylists. The only one who seems to have some model experience here is the Ethan. I hope it’s all together. It seems like constant changes occur with this agency i just heard another ceo is taking a sidestep toward the agency. I was also informed that they decided to not place certain labels/tags TopModel Vs Model. So all models would just be “Models” i guess that’s good but it doesn’t show the accomplishment of those girls who have worked hard and have been in other agencies for Years. If you just want to keep it neutral to make all models feel welcome Why have “Top Models” in the agency? Thank Heavens i’m not part of this agency

  46. Current Image Model Says:

    I thought when joining in that I would dislike the people running it, like you said perplexed I really did not know anything of Blackliquid, her name just popped up, Ethan yes has his egotistical maniac moments but he atleast is enthusiastic about what we are doing. I am excited to watch the first show, Bolereo (spelling is wrong there I know it) The casting has some large names such as Kay Fairey?!? I don’t think she would waste her time with something that was meaningless. I think Image should be given a chance before we go slinging the hate around. As for Anita Claven? From what I spoke with her she seemed like a nice woman, respectable and focused or atleast professional (atleast more professional than some I meet in SL) She worked hard to give us things to do as well as keep us having fun in the process. I personally will miss her running the show, but I vote we give Mr. Drama Queen and Miss. Beautifully Unknown a chance.

  47. Why all the fuss about this agency? What have they done to warrant even a passing glance? What have Ethan Haalan and blackLiquid done that makes them anyone to discuss, or even notice? Sorry but to me sounds like the egos far outweigh the level of talent,experience and exposure that they have had.One might want to ask them what have you done? Because as far as I can see it’s nothing. Anyone who follows agencies knows that first they were called Metamorphosis and thats when Ethan was brought in as model then runway director to the astonishment of the other models. Then Ethan became an owner and the name changed to A|E productions, during this time they decided to do SL tv (who honestly even watches SL tv) then Anita quit and suddenly the name changes to Image Modelling, the tv idea is never brought up again, and all the while models are dropping out. Now blackLiquid is brought in as style expert, and co owner, again the other models are astonished at why they should listen to her “expert” advice. Lonali who was with the agency longer was CEO, then she quits. Sounds to me like the agency lacks focus, leadership ability,professionalism and any focus or direction. What other agencies have done that many changes in so short a time with a leader who still demands people respect him. Well seriously, the common denominator in all the failures is Ethan.So again I ask the question why all the fuss? Let the little dictator, blow hard self destruct.Ignore him and black like the rest of the modelling world does.

  48. Lola Baudin Says:

    I am appalled at the personal attack of Ethan Haalan and others posted on this thread. This is suppose to be about the agency; not one’s personal matters. Such unprofessionalism and blatant disregard of others feelings should be moderated by the owner of this blog. I hope that comments such as this which provide no insight into the agency but a vitriol of one’s character against others will be disallowed in the future.

    Although the agency is new in a sense; I am very pleased with how it is being handled. Casting was very fair with 11 A.M. and 6 P.M. which gave consideration to both time zones. All models have the same title. Ethan, B, Nali and others in the agency work tirelessly to make this agency a reputable one for all the models. Yes they do expect a lot but I rather be a part of an agency that is overly organized than one that is disorganized or show blatant nepotism.

    I spoke to Ethan personally on several occasions; he was always very professional, kind, and upbeat. I have high hopes for this agency and I think they will do tremendously well.

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