Post below your comments aboutUVogue formerly InStyle. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    UVogue is dead.

    Most of UVogue former staff that some SL Models refer to here were excellent, even though Ohren Beck didn’t pay them, accordingly.

    Ohren Beck could get involved in a court process for not respecting the contracts she established herself with her own staff.
    Not pay the salary is bad business both RL and SL as well.

    Be aware if you get involved in any way with Ohren Beck. She will eventually fail you and mislead you.

    Regarding Gemini Henessy, she is well known in the Fashion Industry in SL.Excellent SL Model. She would do a great job as UVogue CEO, if only Ohren let her manage the Agency.

    Ohren Beck goes down. Gemini Henessy is a lady! I sincerely hope Gemini won’t let herself down with Ohren Beck’s deceitful actions.

  2. Nave Fall Says:

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the demise, on AgencyReport anyway, as noted below in a press release, of one of SL’s better modeling agencies and training organizations .

    With a talented staff including HoneyBear Lillihook, Gemini Hennessy and Rumour Market driving an innovative, and respected, transition after Ohren Beck’s departure it was startling to see this team evaporate in a virtual overnight implosion following Ohren’s re-emergence on the scene one day.

    Having spent time in recent weeks with HoneyBear, Gemini and Rumour I’m sure they’re all landing on their feet…….. and the reputations, knowledge, and relationships they’d forged at UVogue will work well for them in the future.

    I was, personally, sorry to receive this notification.


    ** UVogue Fashion Agency Announces Cloture **
    – Owner Ohren Beck dissolves UVogue effective immediately –

    Luxury Boulevard –
    October 21, 2009 –
    UVogue Fashion Agency, one of SL’s premiere fashion marketing companies, announced today that owner and founder Ohren Beck decided to close the agency.

    “Due to differing vision issues it was impossible to further my agreement with Ms. Hennesy. It is probably reasonable to close down the agency and not tarnish it’s already made reputation.” said Ohren Beck, founder of UVogue Fashion Agency.

    Gemini Hennesy who was named successor of UVogue on the 20th of September 2009 will no longer be representing UVogue or any other establishment related to this agency.

    “It was an immense honor working with talented people like Ms. Hennesy, not forgetting the devoted team I was privileged to work with over the past months and the proud I feel in our models and graduates, because I believe in thier special talents and skills. I encourage our group members to start to leave the group and I am sure I will work with them someday.” Adds Ms. Beck.

    Ms. Beck will continue to be dedicated to the SL Fashion Industry and will also continue to expand her new fashion line at I.N.X.X.

    — Ohren Beck retains the rights to the InStyle SL brand and the UVOGUE SL brand. Any use of the above mentioned brands will be in violation of DMCA and residents, designers, ad clients, etc. approached by anyone claiming to represent INSTYLE SL/UVOGUE should err on the side of caution. Legal actions will be taken against anyone that ursurps any of the above mentioned names which will require LL providing UVogue’s lawyers RL details followed by convocation and comparison in court. All UVOGUE related documents, graphics and logos remains property of Ohren Beck. Usage of the above mentioned brand names is strictly prohibited.–

    UVogue Contact: Agatha Klees, Executive

  3. DarkStar Gothly Says:


    First and foremost, everyone at UVogue, including Ohren, is saddened to hear of your illness. We all wish you the very best of luck and pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

    I only wish you had not seen it necessary to have made such a post as this because I am compelled to reply.

    At the time this all took place – perhaps unbeknown to you – Ohren herself had recently undergone fairly major surgery and was under extreme duress, mentally, physically and emotionally, as a result.

    Had you directed your concerns regarding your ability to continue at UVogue to me, your director supervisor, you would have learned that I was pleased with the article you did write and had discussed keeping you on as a journalist for the magazine. But writing articles for the magazine is a very small portion of the PR Officer’s job.

    In the end though, it was nothing personal, I simply needed someone that was able to commit the time and energy to the PR position that it both requires and deserves.

    For the record, I would like to say is that I had to take some time off to attend to a death in my family. I was treated kindly, gently and with the utmost compassion, none more so than Ohren.

    Josef, I am truly sorry that you are dealing with the medical issues that you are. I, and the entire UVogue staff, sincerely wish you the very best of luck and pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of UVogue and very best wishes for the future.

    Sincerely yours,
    DarkStar Gothly

    Marketing Director
    UVogue Fashion Agency
    Essence of Style Magazine

  4. I recently graduated from UVogue and have had the most wonderful time. The staff is marvelous and easy to work with and willing to teach.

    In my book they are the cream of the crop

  5. Whats in a name Says:

    lol about UVogue CEO, but on a more serious point, gl for the op and hope your up and about soon.

  6. Josef Roffo Says:

    Ditto everything said so far about the quality of the training. Kudos where it’s due, this is down to a fantastic team of wonderful, talented, kind individuals (you’re the best girls)… shame the same can’t be said about the organisation’s CEO. If you’re looking to model here or work for them, then it’s fine as long as you don’t resign due to ill health. Woe betide if you should, then the shit really hits the fan. Let me explain…
    Once Upon A Time, In A Second Life far far away, but not so long ago a writer with time on his hands was invited to apply for a job doing PR for said agency. Within a matter of weeks, he was taking a pre-booked rl break and starting to struggle with a heart condition which had taken a turn for the worse. So, out of one whole month, I guess he only did one week’s work… writing one article for the magazine Essence of Style. Did he get paid? Heck no (but that’s besides the point). After several hospital visits he was told he needed surgery to fit a life-saving defibrilator (ICD). Fatigue and worry obviously meant he was on SL a lot less, and he felt it only fair and right that he make this situation clear, expecially when the CEO requested an updated. Sooooo, he sent this nc:
    Hello Ohren,
    Apologies for not replying sooner. I have a heart condition which has unpredictably worsened over the last month. I’m now waiting for a date for more surgery to have a cardio defibrilator fitted. Obviously this means I am spending far less time on SL than I have been, and sadly am no longer able to commit to the time U-Vogue deserves. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and wish you and the agency future success.
    Josef Roffo

    Clear enough? Yep, doesn’t seem to be any uncertainty as to my intention with U-Vogue. First, off, I get a nice two-line reply, accepting the situation, and wishing me a recovery. Then 24 hours later it seems Miss Hyde had gone to sleep and Miss Jekyll had got out of bed in her place, because I received this:
    ‘hello.. surprisingly you re still ever present in SL.. i thought your health issue was that seirous but obviously not.. anyways, had to remove you fromt he UVogue group. i only wish people could be sincere these days’
    I replied that I thought that IM was unfair and hoped that should she ever be confronted with a serious illness, that she’d get the understanding and consideration it deserved. Well, sadly, my SL partner who is also my rl partner saw the chat and freaked at this woman saying my health issues weren’t that serious, and implying I was being deceitful. Well her reply was less than polite *winces. No, second thoughts, it was actually incredibly restrained considering the pressure she’s been under taking time off work to look after me.. I think the only time she might have “crossed the line” was by saying that the CEO behaved like a bitch… ouchies.She did not insult the agency.
    Soooo… after a painful reply from this woman’s alt (my partner had muted her)… she’s like a dog with a bone, because next she’s messaging the U-Vogue group:
    WARNING! To those involved
    Sun Jul 26 09:10:51 2009

    Recently a member of this group sent his partner to me, not for consultation, but to actually insult me and this agency simply because this member’s intention was not clear with UVogue.

    Now having to play diplomatic is one thing, being insulted under my roof is another. If you have any issues, let me know. But if you chose to send your partner (who has strictly nothing to do with UVogue), or watchdog to get some of my skin, not only will it be the end of your career in SL, but you will be reported to LL.

    Uuuurgh.. what is she like? *laughs. Anyway, as you can see this woman is erm possibly unhinged, or at least needs some sort of therapy. I still stand my what I said about the training here being fantastic… it’s just sad that some people lose touch with humanity the more they become consumed by the shallow world of SL fashion. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the ICD and resynch wires, will be fitted sometime in the next month or two unless I have a serious crisis.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. It’d be nice if I got some sort of gracious apology for being branded a hypochondriac and liar, but I don’t think she does apologies. Anway, let’s wait and see what charming replies come back to this.

  7. Katime Vacano Says:

    I did my training here when it was Instyle and the academy was fantastic. The instructors were all very helpful and approachable and even made themselves available outside of class times to offer advice. The shows are always wonderful and the staff very friendly, helpful and professional…a great academy.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    agency going through changes and all seems very nice so far. classy agency with good reputation. wish them success

  9. Anessa Stine Says:

    InStyle has been reborn as UVogue Modeling Agency, UVogue Modeling Academy and UVogue Premier Models, and all previous incarnations and owners are a thing of the past.

    The staff of UVogue will continue the tradition of excellence and professionalism that we are now known for and remain dedicated to creating wonderful fashion events with some of the most recognized models, and for some of the most recognizable designers in the business.

    Any future comments on the agency should be listed under it’s new name.

    Anessa Stine,
    UVogue Head Model & Creative Consultant

  10. Lolita Nomura Says:

    Eversince the owners were changed in InStyle (formerly Nancy Jie and Kylie Gears), InStyle has changed a lot too. For the better. I am always impressed with their shows and I do think it’s one of the top best. Although I was kicked from the staff by Kylie Gears for the most stupid reason on Earth and don’t really know what is going on behind the scenes I still think it’s a great place to work at.

  11. Tempest Rosca Says:

    Highly recommended – be warned though, it’s a tough course and the standards are high but, you know, it makes us who we are and constantly striving for improvement. The staff are fabulous – usually 2/3 in a class – I found all the teachers approachable and helpful with honest advise. I thorougly enjoyed my time with Instyle x

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