Post below your comments about International Models Agency. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

16 Responses to “International Models Agency (15)”

  1. Tillie Ariantho Says:

    About getting paid for the hard work… if you are still blue eyes that you can rich and wealthy by being a Second Life model: forget it. Most models buy lots of stuff to look like they look, skins, props, shoes, whatever.

    You’ll never get in more money than you spend. With any agency.

  2. Pat Young Says:

    You took the words from my mouth TK:) One should also consider that they have far more models than required in one show. Be realistic!

  3. TK Waco Says:

    Anonymous. Marian is thoughtful person and consider many things than you think. She is hard worker. If you ever run bussiness in RL or run modeling agency in SL, you would find out.

    I myself work in this agency since beginning. I was totally newbie in the fashion world in that time excepting graduated several modeling academies. And Marian was one of the few CEO gave me the chance to go walk in runway.

    I believe she wants to use all the models who show up in casting. But you have to realize there is a limit of numbers you can pick.

    I suggest if you are not picked in casting, look into your avatar and styling again, and keep work on it. You may not be chosen next time again, but one day the chance will come. You don’t know when it will happen. Believe yourself. * HUGS *

  4. I sincerely doubt that someone with this sort of attitude would be welcome for very long! Dear anonymous, have you nothing better to do than to continue to voice your bitterness and unfounded accusations? I do think that it is a shame:/ please also read the comments for the ELEGANCE agency, since they have merged and our correct name is now the ELEGANCE INTERNATIONAL modeling agency.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Lots of models on the list with this agency but for sure only the same very few will be in shows, the rest are just fillers for when they want you to shop or go to an event they pushing.
    dont botehre to join this group I for sure wont.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Face it ladies if you are not a friend or in the good graces of the agency owners
    NO amount of school
    NO amount of purchases
    NO amount of going to castings
    NO amount of hard work
    is going to get you any opportunities.
    The fashion industry is controlled by the few who happen to be on top at the moment and that is the reality, face it and do not be heart broken, protect your feelings and your linden and take it all as a game, keep your interests in other things open.
    Remember nepotism, hypocrisy, favoritism and many other isms are all alive and well
    and stylishly dressed on the runways of Sl

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I bought an outfit entered the contest and arrived on time for the casting. My poses were prepared; I was prepared to find that the same old favorites were selected. The owner of what was IMA is now converted to Supermodel although we have never really seen her model, manages to be a member of the so-called élite agencies. As for the owner of the former Elegance agency that I thought was correct has deceived us all. What’s the point? EIMA is really no different. My advice to all you models out there who think that they have a change to be in their shows, forget it. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste your money on buying clothes you may not want to enter any of the group’s contests. It’s totally corrupt and making money no doubt out of the designers as well as the models.

  8. Pat Young Says:

    Marian Rexen is a very hard working lady. She is working hard to build her business and name up in the fashion industry. She gives a fair chance to all her models whether they are well known or not and that deserves respect. All her shows are well organized and presented. As she isn’t paid for doing shows how can any model expect her to pay them?

  9. Wenadrenia Soderstrom Says:

    I agree with Sariella,
    I am a model and have been almost since they opened the doors. I have had nothing but the most possitive and rewarding experiences. The team and it’s management are a joy to work with…as any agency starts out eveyone has growing pains but they are getting ironed out…. hugs to all the IMA peeps

    xoxo wena

  10. Sariella Says:

    I am not in IMA, but I have seen shows they have done and they do such an amazing job training their models. I agree “anonymous” comments were totally awful and obviously ignorant. Even IF she charged and didn’t pay her models, do you have any idea how much work goes into running an agency? The building, the show coordination, the training, the model and staff management, not to mention advertising, and everything else that goes into running an agency. I’ve done both, run agencies and modeled. And by no means modeling is not easy, so don’t take this wrong, but running the agency is even harder. So maybe next time “anonymous”, you should think before you speak 😉

  11. Antonia Muggins Says:

    And… ofcourse the first impression someone would have who is responding to the above comments want to get something done from Marian, but the real reason is that there is more to running an agency then being judged by not-paying it models with cash ls.

  12. Antonia Muggins Says:

    Oh and… you always get payed, a dress cost about 500 L$ you get 6 to show and you can keep them. And the Agency need to pay tier and keep it nice, but there are always people complaining and never satisfied and also anonymous, so no one knows who you are, so you can stay with the Agency while you are not satisfied, thats sad. Keep up the good work IMA.

  13. Antonia Muggins Says:

    Hmm… I love IMA, she often give a party. She even gave a birthday party for one of her models. For model of the week a guy won but telling in notice that I did a good job also, but there could be only one with the title. So I am satisfied with IMA.

  14. Naiyah Dreamscape Says:

    Actually you should get your facts correct before posting something like that.

    The shows that Marian arranges she does for free. Payment is the clothes you model.

    She works very hard to get us noticed. Being a part of the Maseno Project is a huge thing for boththe models and the agency.

    Yes some agencies pay the models but they also charge the designers. Marian (to my knowledge) does not. Do you expect her to pay the models from her own pocket?

    I for one appreciate the chance to model for designers and payment of the clothing is more than ample for me as modelling is my passion. Idon’t do it for the money.

    So if you are not happy with the way Marian runs the agency and promotes the models then leave. There are plenty of other potential models who would be willing to take your place without payment.

    You should also have the courage to stand by your words and not post anonymously.

  15. Marian Rexen Says:

    There is nothing worst that the ignorance. You can not give your point of view about something you don´t know.
    First of all ask the designers how much my shows cost, in the case they cost. I make show first of all to give my models something to do, what do i get? sometimes money , sometimes clothes and sometimes nothing. So it´s better to be quiet and as i said not give your opinion about something you don´t know because you show how ignorant you are.

    I don´t know wich is your problem with International Models Agency, i think it´s a fair agency , if anyone doesn´t want to be part of it it´s free to leave it and at the moment i have many models that are happy being an IMA model.

    Thank you for your opinions, i always learn something in SL,today i learnt there are bothering people in SL” so thank you, in a way…

    And please contact me inworld i would LOVE to talk to such an ignorant to see how clever i am.

    Bye, take care 😉

  16. Anonymous Says:

    They never pay their models for their hard work — but you know they’re collecting off the show. It’s sad to see people treated so poorly for their time. Modeling is a career in SL that requires you to put forth your own money to supplement styling for a show — therefore, you should receive something for your time and effort.

    If the agency owner is the only one profiting off a show .. it’s pretty sad that she doesn’t think too highly of her models that keep her afloat. I’m certain the designers are not aware she’s not paying her models — if they did, I suspect the high profile designers she’s working with would not be using the agency.

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