Post below your comments about JCNY Showcase. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. caffinelover selona Says:

    i wanted to say i was happy that i made it to jcny as a jcny showcase model, it was fun and i had a great expereience, with sparkie helping me the first time i got there, she was the one who taught me how to walk the runway and i will never forget that, it was great meeting new people that was a year ago and i enjoyed meeting them, the ones on the runway with me at jcny have all done well for their self, including me i have grown alot since then and i fill it helps you, it gives you confidence to be able to get out there and grow, i have been busy trying to build up my modeling career since then, havent tried again but i plan on running again real soon. jcny can be good first time models i recommend going out for modelfest

  2. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Oh this is so sad to see, I’ve not had a chance to visit the runway since leaving as a runway manager at jcny, so I can’t honestly speak for current circumstances, or the last awards ceremony.

    But I can say this, the models, often new to the industry, but not always, enter model’fest NOT to win, although that of course would be nice, but instead for the networking opportunity that jcny provides for them. We all know as models how important networking is. And at jcny there are always new friends and contacts to be made.

    So please, don’t enter to win, because for sure you will be sorely dissappointed, remember there can be only 12 winners per year, out of the 000’s that enter each month.

    There are hundreds of competitions in SL for sure, with new one’s popping up almost daily, but other than miss VW, we have to admit that model’fest is the only other one constantly talked about, that has to be saying something. Nothing in SL or RL for that matter is going to be perfect for everyone.

    I still recommend to my students (who ask) to enter model’fest, not to win, but for the opportunity it represents.

  3. Hermione Mocha Says:

    I don’t have to defend Model fest to anyone, because for the simple fact is that it is booming and things could not be better 🙂

    and as far as my responses go, i am having a good time! 🙂

    Nothing ever wrong with having fun right?

    Unlike yourself i speak my peace in the open and under my name. So, don’t be dissing me for being totally real. 🙂

    Always Watching 0.o
    Hermione Mocha

    P.S I will be more then happy to share this post with JD! Grab a sense of humour and move on. 🙂

  4. Another whiner Says:

    I think Strong and Burly hit it on the head.

    If I wanted to talk to you 1 on 1 in-world I would. I like the public forum of AgencyReport better. In the open for ALL who care to see it.

    The real question is this. Wwhy isn’t JD in here speaking for her/himself at this point? Could it be s/he doesn’t care at all about Modelfest? That seems possible as the marketing value of it is going down every day. That model, the one that requires store models on the premises is passé.

    The high quality competition that JCNY faces these days from AlienBear, CCD, GBTM, Earthstones and many other excellent jewelry artists in SL presents a different, and much more pressing business enigma, for JCNY’s management team. One that is not easily resolved. Modelfest palls to insignificance along side these threats to their once, vaunted, market dominance. Modelfest is not on their radar despite what you might be thinking. As a source revenue it’s doubtful Modelfest pays for itself, hence the surprise winner last month. Why not keep the funds in-house?

    Cast all the spells you wish it’s gonna take more then magic to kick start JCNY’s business about, Hermione, are not the best voice to represent her in here. Deal your own business, you need to spend your time with F.A.M.E. not defending JD. who has less strident voices to speak for her

  5. Strong and Burly Says:

    Hermione Mocha, keep going your are now showing the chip, rather than ask ok what do you think we can do to make Modelfest better, you just making that chip bigger and bigger.As for IMing you last time i did that you muted me then went on to discuss our convo with others anyway heres a better Forum.

  6. Hermione Mocha Says:

    Just one more thing…

    If you have something to say to me, then im me in world instead of hiding under your bed here on agency report!


    Of course you wouldn’t do that, because maybe you just don’t have the gall or courage to step up and speak out as yourself, as opposed to just another whiner. I lol at your comments. Please keep them coming so that i can keep on lmfao 😛

    Always Watching 0.o
    Hermione Mocha

  7. Hermione Mocha Says:


    Wow you must love Harry Potter as much as i do! woot

    Great to meet a fan!

    Always Watching 0.o

  8. Another whiner Says:

    “Are you sure that’s a real spell? Well, it’s not very good is it? I’ve tried a few simple spells myself and they’ve all worked for me. Nobody in my family’s magic at all, it was ever such a surprise when I got my letter, but I was ever so pleased, of course, it’s the best school of witchcraft there is I’ve heard – I’ve learned all the course books by heart of course. I just hope it will be enough – I’m Hermione Granger, by the way, who are you?” (From the first Harry Potter book)

    JCNY needs a new spell, the old one seems to have run its battery flat, flat, flat. The simple fact is that no one talks much about JCNY anymore, the buzz has buzzed and JD needs a new trick.

    The Modelfest trick needs to be retired, or at least tuned up dramatically. Especially after the last lame event. If JD had a RL problem she could have, and should have, postponed the finale until she could attend in person. What she did was insulting to the contestants and YOU attempting to excuse it for her is even weaker. She can speak for herself if it’s important enough to her.

  9. Hermione Mocha Says:

    LOL. You forget that i use to be a JCNY showcase model.

    Thanks for the comments. A far as the chip goes, well i wish i had a sandwich on my shoulder, because i’m pretty damn hungry right now. hehehe

    I would tell you to grow up and move on, but that never works because we are surrounded by whiners such as yourself.

    Always Watching 0.o
    Hermione Mocha

    P.S i ate my chip and it was yummy 😛

  10. Strong and Burly Says:

    Been there done that didn’t win time to move on ,won’t do it again,it was boring and yes Hermione you have a chip on your shoulder ive seen it, i wont say anymore

  11. past JCNY model Says:

    Ms. Mocha you can look forward to the comments because they are the truth. You just don’t acknowledge them as the truth because you get paid to do what you do….its part of how the system rolls. If you were not paid and struggled like 99% of those modeling do you might have a different outlook.
    My advice to all those who model in second life…if you don’t have super thick skin, a tongue like a viper and enough money and time to waste on modeling in a virtual world….don’t bother. Get out and enjoy life in the real world 🙂

  12. Hermione Mocha Says:

    hmm i am so not surprised at these new comments!
    lol, everytime we have a winner a model comes on here (anon of course) and complains.

    So, i ask myself this question “what is new”? 😛

    Also, seems as though all you care about is yourself. Do you ever think that JD had some rl issues for the day of the ceremony and just couldn’t make it? Oh no you would never think of that, because it’s all about you right?

    So, i will look forward to these types of comments after every ceremony. hehe

    And why even bring Frolic into this conversation? Frolic is not involved with this, and his name should be left out.
    He is someone that i have a lot of repsect for as well as respect for JD and i look up to them and many others in sl.

    Always Watching ,and tired of all this whining 0.0
    Hermione Mocha

  13. Mona Lisa Says:

    Who cares?

    This contest has gone downhill a long time ago!

  14. Not again Says:

    Are we about to see a renewed flurry of allegations about JCNY after yesterday’s surprise monthly winner was named? Why was the 3PM event canceled and they winner announced without fanfare at &

    Does JCNY follow its own rules? Does JCNY HAVE to follow its own rules? Is this a case of the Golden Rule. I.E. Them with the gold maketh the ruleth.

    Will JD Hansen, or one of her minions, respond like Frolic responded to the SL Fashion Critique?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  15. Hermione Mocha Says:

    Anonymous Says:

    “None of the work goes overlooked?”

    hmmm i don’t believe i said anything about work. :-\
    Maybe you should read my post again. 🙂

    Always Watching 0.o
    Hermione Mocha

  16. Anonymous Says:

    None of the work goes overlooked? How about the false advertising JCNY does to lure newly models to come in thinking they’re going to be famous by standing on a runway for umpteen hours to receive like 10/20 lindens an hour. I could be wrong it may have been raised. Especially all that hooplah of designers, photographers and all coming up to praise and get you work. You don’t get nothing from this but perhaps a couple of friends standing on the runway the rests is all talk followed by a monthly contests on a laggy sim.

    thumbs down for this store

    Don’t waste your time it’s a joke.

  17. N/A Says:

    Hi all smiles,
    I have seen the comments here made by some models that all sl modelling contests are only for the rich and popularity contests, and i wish to add a bit of rl prospective on this matter as the rl huddy of a model in SL.
    My other half is not rich and works full time in Rl and then spends hours trying to do her best here in Sl as a model sometimes working at it until 3am before getting up and going to work the next day. We have kids and she dose her job, and looks after the kids when she comes home and then does Sl modeling.
    Id like to say we are rich can pour loads of money into it and have all the time in the world ,but bottom line is we have none of theses and its just hard work and getting ya typo fingers dirty that makes ya successful at it. so stop the whining and just get down to it if ya really want to make it…….

  18. Hermione Mocha Says:

    Thank you Queen and Jinx, and many many congrats to the both of you, and all the other runner ups as well!
    I could not have said it better myself. :))
    I have been a JCNY runway manager for almost a year now and i LOVE my job. All of the models i have met are very sweet, and i have made a lot of friends. Thank you all so much for your friendship, and support of JCNY. It is greatly appreceiated and doesn’t go overlooked.

    Always watching 0.o hehe
    Hermione Mocha

  19. Jinx DuCasse Says:

    Although this isn’t something I would generally get round to doing, I do feel that the previous posts need addressing. I have entered the JCNY Model’fest for a year and been a showcase model for 10 of those months.I never entered thinking I could win but as someone who wanted to model and couldn’t afford expensive academies it has enabled me to learn and to grow and I will be forever grateful for the help and support I have received during my many hours on that runway. Without JCNY I would never have taken my first tentative steps into the modelling industry and yes I have now attended several academies but I have a job in SL and I save to pay for them. How much money you may or may not have is not what makes you successful and cannot be be attributed or blamed for our successes or failures. All it takes to win is a lot of determination and hard work. Our failures and how we deal with them are part of what defines us and if you don’t have the determination or strength of character to dust yourself off each time and try again then this isn’t the industry to be in. I have never encountered any cattiness during my time there, in fact just the opposite, I have made some of my closest friends there who have supported me all the way. The showcase models I have met ( and believe me in a year i’ve got to know a lot )are not alts, just hard working models trying to get established in a tough industry. I am proud to be the winner of this months Model’fest and to be associated with JCNY but more than that I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and grow as a model and to meet so many talented and committed models who I am honoured to now call my friends.

  20. QueenBrat Bracken Says:

    Like I said, the other runner ups and the winners are very nice people.Jinx Ducasse the current winner, and past winners like Ananya Mai and Glitter Bolissima, just to name a couple, are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I’ve never seen this Diva attitude you speak of and I started entering last summer.They all worked hard, put in the time, and did a great job and should be commended not put down.

  21. former JCNY runway model Says:

    Well you are an exception because i have been there, seen the attitudes and cattiness and know that the ones with heaps of money to spend on model agencies wins. And…you were after all runner up not winner.

  22. QueenBrat Bracken Says:

    I’m sorry Cory and A former JCNY showcase model, you are wrong, I was a runner up for the first time for JCNY ModelFest Extreme. I am not an alt.I didn’t hire the best photographers, I take my own photos and I can assure you I am not the best photographer, but I try. I am not snooty. I am nice to people and so are the other runner ups and the winners.I’ve been entering practically since I started modeling and it’s about hard work and having a good attitude and that’s how you get ahead. It isn’t about how many friends you make, but if you are nice to people as you claim, then you would make friends. JCNY is a great place to be, the models are friendly and I’ve yet to meet a snooty one.I don’t enter because I have the expectation that I will win. I enter because it’s fun and a challenge and the people are great. I agree, be kind, do your best and be yourself, but don’t have sour grapes if you don’t win.

    I want to thank JD for the opportunity.

  23. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    I do agree with the last post, in that some contests are more popularity than skills, especially pay to vote contests. And even the judged contests can be rigged to make sure a certain someone wins, but not ALL of them are like that. I haven’t experienced any contests except for one, but i have heard from my modedl friends about the pay to vote contests, and i stay away from them, and i only join the judged ones.
    I am a JCNY showcase model, and i am happy i got picked. I truly believe i was picked for a good reason. Im thankful for JCNY and i enjoy modeling on their runway

  24. Cory Says:

    The winners are alt accounts.

  25. A former JCNY Showcase Model Says:

    Look I think sl modeling is all fine and good for those that have the time and money to fork out for it. But if you think any “contest” in sl is fair – think again!
    They are all popularity contests with money attached. If you can afford the best clothes, the best photographer and the best friends and act like a snooty model then you get kudos. If you are kind, try to be yourself and do your best you are left in the dust. My suggestion…let those who need the personality boost keep being models because most of them lack self esteem in rl and need to boost here.

  26. Having recently graduated from Fame does not make anyone a pro. You need to gain experience, which happens over time, not instantly because you have a certificate. Runway managers should be pros. They should lead by example and show class. Some of the new runway managers show a distinct lack of class. Excessive notices, excessive chats and behavior on the runway should be considered and thus from what I have seen, rule them out. The tacky and inappropriate behavior should stop. It makes JCNY no longer a fun place to be when there is such unprofessional behavior displayed by some models and runway managers.

  27. Just a model Says:

    Well, concerning JCNY, I also was involved with the contest for many months perhaps too many. I did it for me It was a goal that I needed to finish.But not once did i see any photographers, designers ect.. come around to see us. Nothing came of my time there and I am a top model and trainer on sl. I got where I am from my hard work not JCNY. And yes i finally won not top winner but one of the runner ups. I was picked at least 2-3 weeks out of every month to grace the runway for over 6 months so there must of been something they liked, but month after month no win. And then sometimes you see some of the people that were picked to be showcase models wearing freebie shoes, hair clothes and then start to feel that it isn’t such a honer to be up here I mean you put a lot into your look and some so called model that is sporting all free items including horrid skin gets picked? I feel for the tons of models that really have style that do not make it. I made a few friends at JCNY and sadly met some that were so unprofessional and lacked any sense that is made me not to even want to come back. Good luck all and don’t let a contest rule your life, it isn’t worth it you are so worth more *hugs*

  28. Isis Berithos Says:

    Hi Sparkie! You know one of the Showcase Managers. (whispers: me) Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support. It really means a lot to me, especially coming from you. =)

    Anonymous… I want to hug you right now. Really. =) I am sorry that you are upset. However, it is my understanding that the 3 of us have been hired on a trial basis. So, it doesn’t mean that all 3 will be hired necessarily. We are in no way replacing Sparkie, but are simply joining the JCNY team. I do want to let you know that I do know how to walk very well. I have learned how to do so from Hermione Mocha and Clif Sharktooth. Plus, Sparkie taught me the Alt+Clicks. 😉

    Thank you to those who have been very positive and supportive about the Runway manager position as this is what keeps the SL Fashion Industry moving forward. Hugs ❤ ~ Isis

  29. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Wow, I’m missed ;( Leaving JCNY was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in SL and probably the hardest I’ll ever have to make. JCNY was my home for so long and I miss it deeply but…..

    Things move on, people develop and learn and have to go on to different challenges.

    Like the new runway managers (who other than Hermi, I don’t know who they are) I was a new inexperienced model when I first took the job. I learned on the job and became everything I am now. You could say JCNY taught me most of what I know!!!

    So please, give these new guys a chance, support them and guide them, a couple of months from now you may find they are better at the job then I ever was!!! I would like to think so.

    To the new runway managers: You know who I am, and where to find me, if I can support or help you while you settle in, please don’t hesitate to call me!! I’m still around and happy to help if I can 🙂

  30. anonymous Says:

    I lost a great deal of respect today for JCNY. Hiring unknown, inexperienced models as runway managers after a highly knowledgeable runway manager (Sparkie)left, makes little sense.These new runway managers are barely qualified to walk a runway let alone manage one.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I wasn’t going to post anything again, but as everyone should or has said already… Everyone has a right to stay anonymous with their posts if they wish. Just because you don’t like it, Nave, doesn’t mean I should change for you or anyone else for that matter. So you’ll just have to stay discontent.

  32. Nave Fall Says:

    One out of three hundred and twelve Americans is a bore… and a healthy male adult bore consumes each year one and a half times his own weight in other people’s patience. ~John Updike,

  33. Anon Says:

    The secret of being a bore…is to tell everything.

    I’m just

  34. Nave Fall Says:

    I though Doc Holliday said it best

  35. Nave Fall Says:

    Doc Holliday: And you must be Anonymouse. Look, darling, Johnny Anaonymouse. The deadliest pistoleer since Wild Bill Hickok, they say. What do you think, darling? Should I hate him?

    Kate: You don’t even know him.

    Doc Holliday: Yes, but there’s just something about him. Something around the eyes, I don’t know, reminds me of… me. No. I’m sure of it, I hate him.

    Doc Holliday: Evidently Mr. Anonymouse is an educated man. Now I really hate him.

    Doc Holliday: Anonymouse sure spanked ol’ Navey boy. I bet that hurtim

    Doc Holliday: aaaaaaaayup now I really hate him

  36. Anon Says:

    Nave, you are such an idiot.
    I’m just

  37. Nave Fall Says:

    Grrrrrrrr My post was supposed to say:

    This is one of those posts where being an “anonymouse” is just wrong and needless in my opinion.

    The post makes a lot of sense. It’s not really critical of anyone and if I knew who you were
    “anonymous” and I, personally, had the opportunity to reward you, at some point, or to influence someone to reward you for having a “pair” I would.

    But I can’t edit it……….


  38. Nave Fall Says:

    This is one of those posts where being anonymouse (sic)………..

    The post makes a lot of sense. It’s not really critical of anyone and if I knew who you were
    “anonymous” and I, personally, had the opportunity to reward you, or to influence someone to reward you for having a “pair” I would.

    You deserve a medal for pointing out an easily fixable problem and for making a valid criticism I don’t thik anyone would hold against you.

    But you couldn’t suck it up enough to use your own name because someone, down the line, some lame diva douchebag, just might say, “ohhhhhhh this one posted on agencyreport and wa negative………..” neeeeener neener.”

    I hear it all the time now, I wish I could say this, or that ot something else. I tell that person to go ahead and post it. They are too scared that someone will think they’re a whiner and they just bitch to a couple of their “close” freinds.

    Good post. Too bad none of us knows who you are. Someone might have done something nice for you for having the guts to stand up and say something. Kay Fairey alwasys tells models to be unique. A model on here with the balls to use their name gets rewarded. KaylenaMarie Destiny chhallenged me and got the chance to address Model’s Workshop and have a bunch or really smart people listen to her for an hour whne she did it. You might have also.

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I was in the model’fest showcase for the month of January. I like how the contest is run for the most part. You make new friends and you gain additional experience from the runway shows you do every week, although sad to say that we were not able to do our fashion show this past Sunday due to the sim crashing twice. Was really bad that day. That isn’t really the reason why I am leaving this comment though.

    My main problem with JCNY model’fest is that JD gives away the winner every month due to the model’fest poster. She displayed the Febuary 2010 Model’fest poster, in the open, at the final runway show before the winner was announced. She did this for the December model’fest winner as well, making an announcement that Lills got to be picked to be modeled on the poster for the January model’fest advertisement. It is really uncool and it gives away the winner before the DJ even announces the winner. It ruins things for the other model’fest models who have had their stomachs turned inside out with nerves for the past month. Making us stand on that runway in the end, knowing who the winner already is… Is quite horrible. I would rather have heard the winner’s name via the announcement than to see their winning picture on the next model’fest poster. The only surprise were the names of the runners up… Which to our surprise, JD and the judges picked 4 models for the runner’s up spots.

    I am just so disappointed, not because I lost… I knew there was a big chance of that, despite how hard I worked on the runway and with the pictures I had submitted. I am disappointed because of the fact the suspense of the winner gets ruined, every single month. Now there is going to be a $100k prize for the month of Feb. Are you going to ruin this one too, JD? We’ll have to see, I guess.

  40. Nave Fall Says:

    The JCNY/Tres Beau showcase being complained about by Frustrated was graciously put on by JCNY, Sparkie, Hermione and last week’s JCNY model contest winners.

    Tres Beau has no complaints about the show. On the contrary, we think that when all is said and done it went very well. Kimmera Madison, of all people. being a Miss Virtual World judge, recognizes that laaaaaag happens, crashes happen and SL is nothing if not a mercurial beast…

    So that stated, we want to sincerely thank JD, Sparkie and Hermione allowing Tres Beau to be part of this, and for their hospitality in conducting this function every week and the models, who walked in Tres Beau designs, for their hard work in this event.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  41. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    While I agree that the Sim needs to be restarted on a Sunday, and that it would help us a lot.

    JD has a RL too. She works hard all week producing fabulous Jewellery, and is entitled to her weekends.

    Yes the lag is a nightmare, and crashing just as we are due to start is horrendous.

    But at least we always manage to put on a show eventually!! And as I tell the models each week – Lag is a necessary evil in modelling, JCNY is one of but not THE worse for it, and once you have experienced it and learned to cope, you will be able to walk anyware.

    Hermione and I are doing all we can to get this issue sorted.

  42. Frustrated Says:

    JD needs to be online during the weekly fashion shows for the showcase. If anything, the sim needs to be restarted right before each show. I am not sure why she doesn’t attend the shows.

  43. I’ve done the JCNY ModelFest a few times… it’s always a lot of fun, and I enjoy meeting both established and new models.

    Re: the criticism that you have to buy their jewellery: I started with stuff I won out of lucky chairs and freebies from the store. I still got picked when I submitted my photos. And because the jewellery is scripted to change gemstone and even metal colour, it’s VERY easy to make, say, one necklace look brand new for three different outfits. The JCNY group also frequently hands out group gifts. Believe me, you don’t have to spend a cent to compete. You’ll covet and want the jewellery anyway though, I have stuff I ❤ from there and I don't even like diamonds or formal stuff.

    The weekly runway shows are highly recommended; you will learn a lot about dealing with lag, quick changes, and fast paced runway. (Massive lag seems inevitable in any space with lots of vendors and textures going.)

    I'm only sad I missed entering during the month they offered an iPhone as a prize – I had a dead computer. I hope they offer it again in the future!

  44. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Thank SweetSmiling you make some very good points and suggestions. I’ll pass them on to JD and see what we can come up with.

    Thank you 😉

  45. skylei Caproni Says:

    As a former winner…this contest is not only based on your submissions. Your photo submissions get you into Showcase Model for the week. Runway time is very important. That is where you are seen by the judges…and we don’t know who they are. 🙂
    Styling from head to toe is very important..As well as being socialable. If you need to go afk for longer than a short break, it’s best to just log and come back when you have more time to be social to the public. 🙂

  46. sweetsmiling merlin Says:

    i love the premise of jcny but i do wish we saw the winning entrys in some pool so we can see what we were beaten by? it must be the only photo contest where the winning photographs are never revealed, why is that?

    also would be nice to have our pictures that are selected for use in the store credited to us.. and even if you havent won any prize its an accolade and i wish it was thus credited as such.

  47. Nave Fall Says:

    H’mmmm which of my thousands of alt’s names shall I post this under? I think Nave will work just fine…..

    First of all, I appreciate AgencyReport’s support a ways down this thread. S/he is the ONLY one who can know for sure whether I’ve ever posted on this particular thread before and s/he says I haven’t and it’s true. I have NEVER posted on the JCNY thread til now. Truthfully, I’m not sure why I even glanced at it today.

    I have spoken at one time or another and “know” all the people posting under their own names in this thread. Some I like a great deal btw. Some jsut make me chuckle. They know who they are.

    Glitter – a model’s model and a terrific teacher.

    Hermione and Clif – as nice a couple as I’ve met in SL’s fashion community.

    Herradurra – a personal inspiration to me and someone I am proud to interact with, frequently, at Model’s Workshop and Glance.

    JD Hansen/JCNY – Another inspiration to me. An SL, and RL, success story that we can all learn a lot from about class from. I haven’t entered the JCNY ModelFest for a variety of reasons but I would never question the integrity of anything she is involved in. EVER……….

    Sparkie – hardworking, drama-phobic and honest IMHO.

    Lacie – C of F CEO nuff said

    Skylei Caproni – and SL Supermodel if there ever was one.

    AgencyReport “the ALL SEEING EYE” Zepp – the ONLY one who knows what’s what and who serves us all well by providing this venue to the model of SL. S/he knows when I post and why……….. S/he knows without a doubt that I’m wayyyyyyy past the negative BS from 6 months ago and far too busy with Tres Beau, TnT, Model’s Workshop and The Strong Persuaders to waste my time on that particular past SLife of mine fro 5 seconds these days.

    Also, if someone has something they want to say to me they know where to find me in-world. If someone has a gripe with my behavior they also know who to contact about it in-world. If I was half the badass that I’ve been portrayed to be Id’ve been banned by LL long ago instead of flourishing as I am continually these days.

    As to whether I can model or not……the question is really moot. I’d rather be the one hiring the models and I am priviliged to do that these days. I have nothing to prove to anyone. Male models like Aspen Parx, Apollo Call, Locked Semaphore, Seth Diabolito, Marcus Night, Burly Tigerpaw, Roland Zepp, Seph Ishelwood, Ricoracer Flux, More Ying and Mikey Batriani are some of the “pros” I refer when I am approached to model nowadays. Any one of them can do it all, on demand…….no muss no fuss.

    I’ve been blessed by being allowed to participate in things these days at Tres Beau, TnT and Model’s Workshop that few SL models can even dream about much less REALLY get to do. I work hard at these things and my SL career and resume speak for themselves. One of these days I’ll find some time to write again………

    I’m just,


  48. skylei Caproni Says:

    I am reading this and I’m like amazed at what i’m reading from some of the negative responses.
    First off…I had the priviledge of winning ModelFest in July. I only entered 2 weeks in July for the whole year of 2009 and I won.
    I worked hard my 2 weeks on styling, posing and yes…interacting with the public as well as participating on the runway shows.
    Since my win,I have had so many wonderful opportunities come my way. Hard work and dedication is all it takes to win JCNY.
    I set 3 goals for myself for 2009…and because of my hard work and dedication I reached my 3 goals.
    Winning JCNY was one of my goals for this year.
    Hard work is all it takes to reach your goals.

  49. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Thanks Herra it was nice to log in and see that :)If you would like to check out the jcny blog and see what the showcase models think then please visit (I maybe am not supposed to do that, agency report feel free to delete if you prefer)

    Ok guys, i’ve spent last few hours trying to figure out if I should post or not, Obviously I’ve decided to try and I hope you will accept what I have to say and we can bring this episode to an end, it’s long but please, please read it through. I’m happy to discuss inworld if you’d like to IM me, I am a fair and reasonable person and will listen to any comments. Please let this be the end on this site. So here goes:

    Firstly, as Hermoine says she and Clif are no longer at JSE a fact Lacie was unaware off at time of posting. (as herm is not a CoF model either, there was no reason for Lacie to have known there had been any change) So please accept that as an innocent mistake.

    My post the other day where I capitalised about our not being a judge. Please accept my apology as I did not intend for it to be seen as an angry response or of shouting, I simply capitalised key words to ensure my message was extremelly clear. I’m sure you understand how important it is to clarify that we have no involvement in the judging proccess. I made a mistake in how I phrased that particular post, and so I am sorry.

    As Agency report quite rightly points out in their post: We cannot accuse anyone of ‘flaming’ or intentionally causing trouble. Of course I agree with that entirely, if a post is annonymous we have know way of knowing who the poster is and it’s wrong to throw accusations around with out some form of proof. (although I’m not sure we should even if we did have proof, but that’s just me) Although by same token, I’d also agree with Lacie when she points out that different ip’s doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not same person. What I’m saying is that none of us knows who the annonymous posters are. as a side note, yes there are similarities between this thread and the previous one at CoF, but check out the site, the same thing happens on other agency theads too. I’m not by any means suggesting they are same person, of course they can’t be, but it would appear to be a trend here, which I find sad.

    Now, lets go back to what started this discussion in the first place – namely recommending academies. I would very much appreciate some help with this one, I have never had, or indeed still don’t have any intention of upsetting anyone, so if you have any advice you could send me inworld I would really appreciate it please. Here’s the dilemma I face –

    One of the key roles of a JCNY Runway Manager is helping and supporting the models on the runway, and most especially the newer models just starting out. In the role of ‘helping and supporting’ we are often asked a lot of questions, here are the 3 most common:

    What academies do you think I should go to?
    Should I use a model AO, and which one?
    Where should I buy poses?

    As you see all these questions are asking us for recommendations. Now I’m sure all of you reading this came up with answers to them all in your minds, I’m also willing to bet that no two of you came up with exactly the same list. Maybe try it next time your inworld, ask the questions and see if you get same answers. When we answer a question like this (by we i mean you and me, not we as runway managers here) we recommend somewhere we know well, either we use the product, attended the school, have experienced good customer service, etc. and everyone’s personal experience is different.

    And this is all Herm and I, and even Rhi when she was here were doing. As far as I am aware (and of course I could be wrong) in the 3 years of JCNY history such recommendations have never before been seen as coming from JCNY but that they are personal from the person answering the question.

    I have to say it’s sad to note that this appears to have changed, but it has, so Herm and I now need to find a means of answering these questions without causing any offence, and this is where I would like some help please, but not here – please send them to me inworld privatey.

    Of course, it would be easier to refer new models to this website as that was the purpose it was launched I believe. But unfortunately, with all the disagreements that occur I don’t feel it’s the best place anymore.

    Ok I think I’ve covered everything, and I thank you for reading. Please come along to the runway and meet Herm and I, we are always willing to help, without naming any particular school!!! 😀

  50. Herradura Says:

    I’m sure someone, somewhere for some reason will slam me but this is all I have to say about this:

    I have known Glitter since she first showed up at Model Workshop about 9 months ago when I thought “OMG SHE WANTS TO BE A MODEL???!!!!”. (then again if you saw what I looked like when I first started modeling – I’m sure people said the same exact thing).

    Over the months I’ve watched Glitter grow as a model. When I took a short break over the month of May I came back to the workshop and saw what Glitter has blossomed into and it was amazing. She really found herself and created an amazing look & style.

    Although I’ve only done JCNY a few times, I do check the JCNY blogs 3-4 times a month to see who is part of the showcase and Glitter’s name is always there. She has brought her personal style to the JCNY and she has worked her butt off to be an amazing model and she truly deserved to win the Showcase.

    Nobody but NOBODY deserves to take that away from her. NOBODY.

    That is all

  51. Hermione Mocha Says:

    I think i speak for both Clif and myself when i say we are not CEO’s of any agencies! Yes, we use to be, but that is no longer.
    Sorry about that mix up everyone.

    I would like to add that we love working at JCNY and would never do anything to hinder that.

  52. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    Let’s talk about a shame here.

    1) It is a shame that people can say anything they like, without proof or facts and have it taken at face value.

    2) It is a shame that someone like Glitter Bolissima who has worked her butt off in the JCNY showcase for months, entering week after week after week for over 7 months , learning , changing , growing, spending countless hours on the runway at Model’fest should have her win demeaned and mocked and questioned because she works for me. Glitter is the head of my Academy for one reason~~ she is, in my opinion, the best person for the job, and her hard work and dedication have caused the Academy to flourish. She deserved that win and she did it the same way that everyone else does..plain old-fashioned hard work.She is the reigning Ms SL International and has worked blasted hard to get where she is today !

    3) It is a shame that Sparkie is singled out to be attacked only because she is at CoF. Hermoine and Cliff are also runway managers @ JCNY and they are also CEO’s of JSE Modeling Agency.They also promote their academy to new models on the JCNY runway.

    FACT: I know for a fact that all three of them also promote ALL of the reputable agencies at the same time and I also know for a fact that they each encourage all models to attend as many schools as they possibly can as you can never have enough education.

    It is a shame that people think I have some inside power to anything that goes on anywhere aside from CoF. Fact is , I don’t. To hint that I have any influence over anything that goes on at JCNY is absolute rubbish and an insult to not only me but to JD Hansen and all of her hard work. Ms Hansen has been on SL for a very long time working her tooshie off to get where she is today and don’t you believe for one second that she would ever risk her integrity for anyone ! What an incredibly foolish thing to say !!!

    It is a shame that I am constantly attacked because CoF is successful. I wish no one any harm and I stay on my sim working very hard every day to put on the shows that CoF is known for. Those shows are representative of hours and hours of hard work by myself, and all of the staff and models that do them. They are a huge investment of time and USD and they are what I love to do. What I don’t do, nor do I have the time or desire to do , is run around attacking other agencies or belittleing other models or academies.

    If you don’t like our shows, fine, don’t come to them. It is that easy. If you don’t like our agency, don’t come there either. There are plenty of other agencies on the grid and you are more than welcome to go there. I am , however, very proud to say that at CoF we have some of the best models on the grid and I am proud to call them family. My models talk to me all the time and I listen, and I would be very saddened to discover that a model didn’t come to me to talk to me about a problem she had. I try to be there for them all as much as I can.

    It is also a shame that people like Herra are attacked as well.

    It is very sad to me that people feel the need to attack rather than come to someone as an adult and discuss. It is always a shame to me to see the brutal attacks on people because someone is jealous. And yes, this is jealousy to the highest degree.

    Oh, and one more thing, … in this day of cyber cafe’s and laptops and blackberrys and iphones,using friend’s pc’s etc. don’t think for one minute that you can know who is posting what based on IP alone. That is also a shame. And a fact.

  53. agencyreport Says:

    Real shame . . .
    People that make accusations that have no evidence.

    1. The COF page, I know who you are referring to, and most of the comments linked to that IP have been removed from the COF page. What comments remain are not that of a single IP.

    2. That IP is not linked to any comments on this page.

    3. No one can claim “one person” is the cause of all negative comments on a page. No one would know this information but me. It honestly gets under my skin when people make claims like this. It’s comments like this that prompt me to come in and say something.

    Real shame . . .
    Agencies/Contests that brush off negative comments because they believe they are “one person” with supposed “sour-grapes.” They have no evidence to prove that it is one person, and they have no evidence to prove motives either. Even though I have IP records, without going into the technicalities of it, it’s impossible to say who is or isn’t commenting. Anyone claiming that comments are a single person, is just spewing empty speculation.

    Real shame . . .
    Agencies/Contests that ignore negative comments because they are posted under anonymous.

    I think it’s a cop-out to use these types of rebuttals to respond to negative comments. I do not think it justifies ignoring negative posts.

    Real way to handle things . . .
    State the facts. Sparkie Funizza, while caps were probably unnecessary, stated facts that supported her point. It was a good rebuttal.

    Real way to handle things . . .
    State the desire for change and openness for improvement, even if you don’t agree with the specific complaint it’s probably the most diplomatic approach.

  54. Casual Observer Says:

    I have taken Here we go again’s advice and read the thread at CoF to compare it to here. Seems to me that there is just one person who was causing drama over there and that was the person posing as many anonymous posters in order to defame a company. I also saw when the owner and Agency Report themselves put an end to it by exposing him to be the liar he clearly was. Now, he seems to have moved over to this site to begin his trouble-making all over again. It is a shame to blame the agencies on the receiving end of these deliberate attacks by one, seemingly, disturbed individual. JCNY has worked very hard to get where it is and earn the reputation that it has. So has Glitter Bolissima. So has Catalyst of Fantasy. So has Sparkie Funizza. What a shame that people listen to and believe the lies of some clearly jealous people and allow it to cast a shadow over reputable, wonderful agencies and people. That Glitter, or Sparkie, or JCNY or Catalyst of Fantasy should -ever- have to defend themselves against these sour-grapes jealousies is shameful and a travesty. Come on people. Just because one sad case has a big mouth and clearly loves to bully people anonymously, do you have to bite the bait? We are suppsed to be adults and smarter than that. Shame .

  55. Red alert! Says:

    lol i agree completely Here we go again! Seeing Sparkie screaming her answers in capitals sure doesn´t help her case *sighs*

  56. Here we go again Says:

    I can´t help copying this post from the thread of COF:

    “Mr X Says:

    September 30, 2009 at 1:16 pm
    All I can see is: I’ve been searching for a new agency, and when I started reading this post I thought I’d found it. By the time I got to the top I decided to not go within 10 miles of CoF. All the owners and ex owners argumenst sound like way too much drama. Maybe you shouldnt have replied to the exes at all”.

    I have a feeling the history is repeating itself,now in this thread and the JCNY events.The best you could do guys is stopping from commenting or you will have a ten mile long thread putting a shadow over JCNY,don´t make the same mistake as with COF.

  57. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    All I can do is reiterate AGAIN that Hermoine and I are NOT JUDGES!!!

    We have no say in who is picked, we have no say in who wins.

    We DO NOT see the entries.

    We DO NOT correspond with the judges in any way, we don’t even know who they are ourselves!!!

    So to think we can in any way influence the judging, I’m sorry is just ridiculous.

  58. Glitter Bolissima Says:

    Sorry you are very wrong. I have been in the Model’Fest every single month since APRIL, sometimes twice a month. I won in October. How is that not fair? I worked hard on all my pictures for over 7 months. How dare you ruin it for me by saying it is because I work at COF.
    I was in Model’fest WAY before I even started working at COF. I worked HARD to get where I am today. So think what you want. Let’s compare resume’s shall we? Don’t ever say I didn’t earn it.

    I love JCNY and always will, regardless of where I work.

    Thank you all, just had to give my 2 cents.

  59. keeping my name secret lol Says:

    The lady concerned has been entering the contest for as long as i have known her. And to hell with that agency. she is not them and nor does she enter the contest because of her working there.

    im sure however Lacie has been using the press for her own gains she usually does lol

  60. Anonymous Says:

    I´ve been participating in this event to and also reacted on the distribution of invitations for a certain model academy as i´m involved in one of the the academies you mention Sparkie. I strongly believe that this has to stop to maintain the neutrality of this contest. The last winner of JCNY was the head of the academy at your agency and that sadly adds to the ongoing rumors and gossip that the JCNY contest now more or less is becoming an arena for promoting CoF and it´s owner and staff.If JD is okay with that so be it, personally i think it´s a big mistake.

  61. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    OK, As runway manager for model’fest I think I need to clarify one or two things here.

    Firstly, thank you for all your comments both positive and negative they are all appreciated and have been noted.

    As for promoting our own agencies and schools. Both Herm and I also have our own agencies and academies outside of JCNY this is very true, and jD is fully aware for this. As for promoting our own schools – I would like to point out that we highly recommend a number of other schools including ewing, superelite, Avenue, and the rest. And strongly recommend that any new model thoroughly looks into each and every one to find which best suits their requirements. Often we are asked for details of our schools which we do pass on yes. I myself trained at 5 different academies and still learn new things every day.

    Ok that cleared up, this money pit thing. I find it so sad people feel that way 😦 As you are all aware, I hope, we do have free jewellery available in store I’ll even lend an item or two for pics if necessary!!! so apart from maybe a 10L upload it doesn’t have to cost anything to enter.

    As well at that, the pics you take can then be added to your portfolio or used in other competitions so they are always useful.

    Most people don’t enter for the big win, but instead for the opportunity to network, make friends, and maybe even to launch a career. You’ll be paid 10L an hour to be here and the more time you spend on the runway does now make a difference to your chance of winning.

    Now we also have a weekly runway show with top designers, so you get a free outfit every week too. And for new models a weekly masterclass.

    All these are great reasons to come along regardless of whether you win or not.

    So come on down and give us a look.

    Sparkie (jcny runway manager)

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much Agency Report for giving the models voices and a forum to be heard without fear of being “fired” or persecuted. I love this site.
    Thank You.

    As for JCNY, it is a business.
    They are in it to make money but it is also a great opportunity for new models to be seen.

  63. agencyreport Says:

    I just want to say that regardless of whether someone is a Top Model at a high profile agency, a new model starting out, a model at Downtown Modeling agency, or whatever, their opinion counts, period. Just because someone is more successful than someone else or more known than someone else doesn’t make their opinion more valid or more important than the model standing next to them.

    Using anonymous for your comment is protection, and that is what this site is all about and why this site was created in the first place. If models felt safe enough to voice their opinions freely in-world and have it not ruin their career, this site wouldn’t be necessary and wouldn’t be as successful as it has become. The fact is, people don’t feel safe, and at some academies, models are taught when they are employed by agencies or by designers to NOT complain. So what are they supposed to do? Post here with their name and possibly have their career ruined?

    Models care about their reputation and they want to be successful, that can’t happen if you’re branded as a complainer or someone that will criticize how things are done, which can happen even if you have a very valid point. When there are hundreds of other models vying for your spot, you learn real quick that you keep your mouth shut. AgencyReport is the only place, that I know of, where you can safely bring up these issues and actually get someone to listen.

  64. Herra Says:

    Dear Anon:

    You have an issue put your name out there. Else you’re nothing more than one of dozens of people who come across like nothing more than sour grapes and use Agency Report website to vent. These type of comments we suggest ignoring because they are too afraid to state their name. It’s really easy to make ‘claims’ of the jobs you may or may not do. You probably are a ‘top model’ (since there are only about 100+ different top model titles out there with various agencies & jobs. Hell for $50L you can get a supermodel title from Downtown Modeling Agency). But what you are is an anon. nobody posting sour grapes about a decent contest that for most of us realize we have a shot in hell winning but we do because it’s a fun week and a chance to meet new people.

    As for striping or escorting – you’re the one that complained about the money drain. For most model it’s something very well known and accepted but we do this job because we love fashion and enjoy the challenge.

    As for the rest of you, this is one of the best ways to test the waters in modeling. And unlike what others have said, you can do this for a minimal cost provided you’ve built a great shape, have at least one decent skin, a few decent clothes (and knowing how to shop the sales help).

    Doing JCNY just for the $30k win is probably a waste of your time. That’s just a nice added bonus for one girl each month. Do it because you want the experience of working with and meeting other models – it’s a fun week. If you do JCNY with that mindset you can’t ‘lose’ even if you don’t get the $30k

  65. Anonymous Says:

    I believe that it’s a conflict of interest when a runway manager promotes his or her modeling academy on JD’s dime. You could send JD a notecard addressing the issue, but you might be setting yourself up for failure. There are lots of good people in the SL fashion industry, but don’t be naive, it’s also full of people that are out for themselves and would love the opportunity to label you as a troublemaker. Why do you think I stay anonymous? Trust me when I tell you that there are models out there that let power and position go to their heads. Herra is a good example. She used her title at the Model’s Workshop to establish her authority after dumping on me and portraying me in a negative light; telling me to try stripping or escorting. Then when I let her know that I’m an experienced model, and a Top Model at that, she insinuated that I was lying; daring me to reveal my identity! I’ve survived these past three years in this industry because I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and to keep my friends close and my enemies closer! This experienced Top Model would like to suggest that you do the same.
    Work hard at your craft and you’ll make it to the top.
    Top Model and model trainer

  66. Molly Says:

    I agree with you both of you. One tour down the JCNY Contest is enough to network and get a boost more or less. And yes, it´s a great contest and institution. What i want to know is, today there is a runway manager employed that promote her own agency doing her job at JCNY, even distributing notecards and inviting the models to her academy. Maybe that is in order but to me one of the big strengths of JCNY has been the neutrality of the contest towards the surrounding fashion world. Now the contest is rapidly moving away from that old idea which i think is highly dangerous. Would be interesting to know JD Hansens views on this matter.

  67. Herradura Says:

    Dear Anon:

    Easy to make those claims as a Anonymous poster. Just saying!

    Modeling is a money pit – all of it. However, I know several models who have been very successful while maintaining a limited budget. And they did JCNY too.

    Why single out JCNY as the issue? It’s a great program and one I recommend anyone to try at least once in their modeling careers.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for welcoming me to the world of SL modeling. However, I’ve been modeling in SL for nearly three years, am employed by multiple agencies, and wear the title of TOP Model. Oh, and did I mention that I’m also a trainer? My point, Herra, is that the contest can be a money pit and that chasing after the title can be very expensive. When did I ever say that I was here to make money? When did I ever say that is wasn’t a useful program? Mine is a cautionary tale – spend your money wisely! The JCNY runway is a great venue for new talent…just realize that one trip to the runway is more than sufficient to launch a modeling career. If you have talent, this industry will embrace you. And you brought it up, so here goes…regarding the Model’s Workshop, the material has become repetitive and less oriented toward skill building and more toward showcasing SL personalities. I have been fortunate enough to have some amazing mentors who have taught me by example how to welcome and cultivate new talent! I’m disappointed with you Herra, as a representative of the Model’s workshop, I believe that you have set a bad example with your self-important attitude and your rude comment about escorting or stripping. Get your act together and act like the Leader that you claim to be!
    Yours truly,
    Top Model and caring trainer

  69. Herra Says:

    Dear Anon (the last one who posted before me):

    Welcome to the world of SL modeling. You want to be a model or do you want to make money, because to be a top SL model you’re gonna spend money. If all you care about is making money then perhaps you should try stripping or escorting.

    For the rest of us, JCNY is an amazing opportunity for new and old models to network and showcase some amazingly designed SL Jewelry. And to be fair to JCNY, they only stated that the only Jewelry you can wear is theirs, not that you must wear it. They even offer a few free pieces just so anyone can enter the contest.

    We models of SL pretty much knew coming into this job that none of us would be indpendantly wealthy from doing this job but we love the prestige, the thrill and the fashion – that’s why we do it.

    I’ve been an SL model for over a year now and as a leader of the MOdel Workshop I have recommended to many young models to enter JCNY. It’s the perfect opportunity to try out modeling and see if it’s something you want to do. JD, Sparkie, Hermoine and the other JCNY team have created an amazing program. Since each month there are anywhere from 50-80 women competing for that top spot, it’s a tough challenge to win but it’s worth it to try JCNY at least once during your modeling career!

  70. Anonymous Says:

    What a money pit! I wish I could have all the lindens back that I’ve spent on photographers and JCNY jewelry trying to win this silly contest. My advice to newcomers is this: Don’t fall into the competitive money trap that I fell into. One visit to the runway is all the time you need to make friends, and to start networking. If you win, then consider yourself fortunate. If you don’t, that’s ok because you can walk away knowing that you made great friends and industry contacts without having to spend thousands of Lindens on jewelry that you probably won’t wear again.

  71. Oopps sorry correction. It should have read ‘I was paid much more than 1L per hour’.

  72. As a former winner I can vouch that it did raise my profile as a model because I was approached by some well known agencies to join subsequent to the win. Additionally I attended photo shoots to promote the store for one month and had the ‘Chalice Diamond Necklace’ named after me. I was also used in the publicity to promote that necklace which featured at the store for some time.

    Like anything in life, if you are good at self-promotion and networking, you can capitalize on the experience whether you win or not.

    It was so long ago for me but I swear I was paid much more than 15 L’s per hour. I’d also like to say that I hadn’t been chosen as a showcase model prior to my win so that was my first time in the contest which shows that you can win it out of the blue.

    I know for a fact that your entry photo’s are what the judge’s judge so make sure you visit the store and research what they are looking for in terms of style.

    There were people who spent much more time posing on the runway than I so being there 24/7 is not necessarily the key. Style, courtesy and killer photo submissions in line with the company’s brand are what will give you the best chance. And by style I mean from top to toe. Excellent combinations of skin, hair, jewelry, clothes, shoes etc.

  73. skylei Caproni Says:

    Hi yall! As the winner of JCNY Modelfest for July 2009, I had the most awesome time and made such wonderful and amazing new friends during my time as a showcase model in July. I didn’t think I had the chance of being chosen as the last time I participated in Modelfest was the summer of 2008, so it doesn’t matter how long you have participated as a showcase model as Everyone has the chance to be chosen as the JCNY Top Model. I highly recommend entering Modelfest. You’ll have fun, meet new people and make the most amazing new friends. 🙂

  74. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Ok guys, I’m one of the runway managers at JCNY so I think I’m just about qualified to answer your questions 🙂

    Firstly I must make it very clear that I am NOT one of the judges, and like you, have no idea who the judges are.

    What I can tell you however is this:

    1. Your entry photo’s are predominantly what is used to choose each weeks model’s and ultimately the finalist. I’ll add here that this months winner was MALE!!!

    2. We have 25,000 plus photos submitted every month, each and every picture and notecard is looked at by all the judges and they do indeed pick the 20 models they feel have submitted the best pics during the previous week.

    3. The models chosen each week are a mix of established models, including agency CEO’s and trainers as well as new models who have had no previous training.

    As for what you get out of it, well here goes:

    You do indeed get seen by designers, CEO’s, trainers both with you on the runway AND who come along and visit. Very often as an alt!! You have the opportunity to learn from other models with more experienced in this field.

    We also have a runway show each Sunday at 2pm (lag permitting) where the established models support me in teaching these new models the basics of walking on the runway, quick change folders, dealing with lag, writing a description, etc, etc, etc. Very often I have at least 5 models with no previous experience or training, but all walk extremelly well during the show after a couple of hours practice with us.

    Finally We have a LOT of fun!!!

    One final thing I’d like to add is that yes we do pay 10L an hour for the time you spend on the Runway, but we do not insist that anyone has to come and model if they would rather not. It’s a shame if they don’t, they miss out on so much but it’s not compulsary.

    I hope that clarify’s things a little for you. I look forward to meeting you on (or next to) the runway some time soon 🙂

  75. Model_Advisor Says:

    I was once one of the showcase models. This is clearly a waste of time. To have models pose in the JCNY jewelry. It’s really just a scheme of making money for themselves. To top it off you’re paid 10lindens every hour your that’s a joke with all the money they pull in. Secondly what makes them appear great is the false advertising you receive by them.. that millions of models/designers/photographers will appear to watch…Well Guess What? None of that is true. The only thing you get out of it is just other models/new models that may be in followed up by the owner finally showing up at the end to vote for a girl. Why would you join a show that doesn’t state the actual clarifications for winning a contests and just boasts about who you’re going to meet?. Give me a break.. I was stupid enough for going into it once..but not as stupid as others who have joined several times for nothing haha.. this is clearly just false advertising to lure you to pose in their jewelry. they’re not selective with the show case girls.. they just choose any old first 20 that submit lol…..If you’re a starting out model i woudln’t waste my time with this…..

  76. Rouge Anthony Says:

    I’m not sure there’s a formula to win. In the time that I’ve been at the finale it seems the winner has been someone that has been competing for quite some time and is being recognized for their dedication and ability to keep being chosen. It’s a great contest and provides lots of exposure and connections for the models that participate. Since we never know who the judges are it’s hard to peg what they are looking for, but it’s fun to be there and be with the other girls and guys.

  77. anonymous user Says:

    I want to know how do you win? It seems like you do all that work for nothing & they pick someone who wasn’t as good as you. Is it some popularity vote or something? I want to know really.

  78. Anonymous Says:

    I have never been in JCNY or have tried i hear such good things about it.What I don’t understand is what are they voting for?How do you win ?Is it by the pictures that you send them?By how many hours you are on the runway?Ive heard people say they have never seen the owner at all while they where on the runway? im just confused .How does a person win.

  79. Katime Vacano Says:

    I am lucky to have been chosen as a showcase model a few times now and have met some wonderful people at the JCNY runway. This contest is ran very professionally and it is a great way to make contacts with other people in the SL fashion industry…and soo much fun on the final night each month.

  80. Charli Turbo Says:

    JCNY was the first modeling step I took.I really couldnt believe that I had been chosen. From there I have met some great friends , and also gained some great resume info! I have entered a few times and It really Is a great experience. I really recommend this contest to everyone.

  81. Madeleine Dollinger Says:

    I´ve been freelance modeling and modeling in smaller agencies since April 2007. The last three months i´ve been taking classes at LOOK Elite Models and had two amazing mentors in Bourbon Zenovka and Laura18 Streeter. They have encouraged us to be active in the modeling and fashion community and find arenas to develop ourselves as models. A natural place for this is the JCNY Model Fest. I applied two times so far and also managed to get selected those times. I met so many nice people and i´m impressed how JD and Rhi can organize this big event week after week. There are always people talking bad about different contest systems in SL by various reasons but i think that this is as good as it can get within SL so far. If you are thinking about starting out on the path of modeling or if you´re a former Miss Virtual World, we all can meet on the runway at JCNY and share experiences or just have fun! Go there today!:)

  82. Tempest Rosa Says:

    Yes, I agree with Nani and what everyone else has said here. JCNY is a great way of meeting new friends, gaining experience and just enjoying the atmosphere. I’ve been a JCNY model for some months now on and off and I STILL get excited about final night! Rhi does an amazing job on the blog and keeps us on our toes and we’ve had some funny moment on the runway recently. I encourage any up and coming model (or experienced ones) to submit their application and give it a go – you will learn so much from your fellow models on the runway and will make some fabulous friends too – guarantedd!!

  83. Nani Wrigglesworth Says:

    Hi everyone, as the winner for March 2009. I had a wonderful experience and have made many friends with my time on the JCNY runway. Lots of people come by and see us. Even if you do not win this is a great opportunity for others to see you and make lasting friendships. And like my friend Ocean it was my first time entering also. So go for it.

  84. Chamonix Boudreaux Says:

    It is a wonderful experience, just keep submitting your apps weekly..overall a pleasure !!

  85. mandyleighs Says:

    I remember the first time I was selected to be a Showcase model for JCNY. After viewing it on many profiles of friends who were models I decided to TP to the store and see what it was all about. I clicked the sign for model’fest information and said, “hmm.. couldn’t hurt”. The next thing I knew I was selected to do the runway several days later. After being chosen a few times there are not enough good things I can say about the showcase and everyone involved. All the models I met were extremely talented and down to earth. JD creates fantastic works of art, and gives us new models a platform to get started. Thanks again JD, and good luck to all the models who enter!!

  86. Sparkie Says:

    Ocean is so right!! Get those applications in for your chance to be selected as a showcase model!!

    Like Ocean last week was my first week, also like her I have made loads of great friends. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

  87. Ocean Miami Says:

    Last week, I was selected to be a JCNY Showcase Model against my total surprise, since this was my first time to apply, and I had taken all the photos by myself, and I did not know anyone (on a personal basis) on the board.. But they were gracious enough to give me a chance to be in their beautiful showcase, and to join a growing team of great top models out there:) We meet everyday on the JCNY runway and everyone is so well composed and friendly.. I made several new friends on that runway since I joined..I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this contest to all models out there. Make sure you get those applications in! You’ll never know; you could be the next winner! LOL

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