8 Responses to “JSE Modeling Agency & Academy (7)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    JSE kicked me out that I havent get reason with it so I have very experience for modelling skills but if they want me back and I will say no… their loss!

  2. After a MEB Fashion show with JSE, i can say just “Well done!”.

    Careful reharsal and fitting, tasteful choreography and catwalk grounds, good advertising, lovely dealing with our brand in the preparation, hard work of the excellently taught models made a faultless show, confirming JSE as a full reliable agency.

    Melusina Parkin
    MEB Fashion CEO

  3. Alantra Benoir Says:

    Hi. i must say JSE has treated me very profesionaly. At no time hae e felt communication was not there. I was personally surprised at the honest talent and professional attitude dealing with models. AS people, not cattle or revenue. 😉 Hermoine is a wonderful model trainer leader. 🙂

  4. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Aww it’s so lovely to see such great comments. But sad at the same time, that due to RL I had to leave JSE 😦

    I do believe that the team I have left behind will continue as JSE started.

    Good luck to all of you, and if I can help at any time please call on me.

  5. KaylenaMaria Destny Says:

    Since I’ve started working at JSE Model Agency and Academy I have felt completely at home and comfortable with the staff and models there. They are all wonderful people and the staff and owners are always there for the models even after they graduate and really do care about them. I love the atmosphere and their courses really do help. Along with modeling they also teach graphics to help every aspiring photographer improve their skills and talent. The teachers have plenty of work experience and know exactly what they are talking about which is one of the biggest steps to teaching. I recommend this agency to any and all models that would like to learn more or continue their career.

  6. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    I can tell you this much… with Sparkie at the helm of JSE anyone who is involved there can rest assured they are in an agency with integrity and class. Sparkie is one of the kindest, most loving and talented model/teachers I have ever had to good fortune to run across and I am honoured to call her my friend. Any student at JSE will definitely come out with a solid foundation to begin their modellig career and can proudly boast JSE on their resume. Go SPARKIE !

  7. Hermione Mocha Says:

    I have been a student at JSE Modeling Academy for 2 weeks now, and i have to say that i have learned so much more then i ever could imagine. The course is only half way through and i have been taught so well by Sparkie Funizza and the rest of the staff. I am looking forward to learning loads more in the next few weeks to come, and i am very exciting about graduating. If you are looking for a great modeling Academy JSE is definetly the one you should attend!

    Hermione Mocha

  8. sparkie funizza Says:

    OK, having just had an unpleasant conversation with a model who had been given the wrong application form. I feel I need to make this clear about JSE here and now.

    JSE does not, and never will charge any trained model to join our agency, we are FREE to join.

    JSE does not, and never will force any suitably trained model to go through our academy unless of course they wish too.

    As with many other good academy’s going through our academy does not guarantee you will be taken on by JSE after graduation.

    We are open and above board, if you have any question or comments please contact me in world and I’ll be happy to clarify things.

    If you wish to apply, please ensure you fill out the correct application form – model or academy.

    Thank you 🙂

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