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  1. navefall Says:

    I love a good soap opera.

    and for the record I don’t believe in confession. That concept eludes me. I’m more from the guy camp that says, “I was no where near there officer…… I was home doing laundry. ALONE. That’s my sorry and I’ma sticking to it……”

    So I’ll stay tuned for this without contributing to it. I’m sorry that Queenbrat, fragile flower that she is (did I say that??) has to endure this BS though, she deserves to be treated much better.

    So model exiled carry on……….. as far as I ‘m concerned this is a free fire zone.

    I’m just laughing here


  2. modelexiled Says:

    Hopefully that excludes me… I’ve had nothing bad to say about Blackliquid…

    I love how when people trying to make a point leads to them not having a real life, or to them having to grow up, or them being the example of a failed modeling career.

    Why are you getting so upset?

    Hun, wake up, this is agency report… if you type it into your address bar, drama is what you are going to find here, a majority of the time..

    So please do yourself a favor.. and stop stressing yourself out 🙂

  3. Wild Child Says:

    How is it possible to out people if people make up crap to spread as “RUMORS”? Common Sense would have it that it is mainly JEALOUSY. People who talk smack about others are too depressed with their own lives or modeling careers that bashing B or QueenBrat seems like the way to go. If you suck that bad at your career leave the ones who don’t suck alone and move along now. B and QueenBrat work hard and they are professional, what they do in their spare time OFF THE RUNWAY is their business NOT YOURS! Your a pathedic loser if you think keeping drama going is the way to keep people posting on this forum, honestly the administraitors should ban idiots who are DRAMAQUEENS and enjoy an arguement. Get off B and QueenBrat, find a hobby go knit or something better yet….If you have a RL maybe you need to check in because your starting to become cyber retarded. Grow up!

  4. modelexiled Says:


    Cute, you will say it there, what you need to do admit is the wrong you have done to hurt others.

    Not say it there, but say say it here…

    Everything should be said here, after all this is where you have been outed am I wrong?

  5. navefall Says:

    Wit is the lowest form of humor.

    Alexander Pope

  6. […] I will say it here!!!! Recently a very rude person left a post about me on a website called Agency Report. You can go read it here. https://agencyreport.wordpress.com/kabuki/#comment-2833 […]

  7. M☯DEL : EXILED (1) Says:


    When was it decided that being anonymous makes you a coward?

    When was it decided that being anonymous makes your statement any less of an opinion?

    When was it that acting a certain way in front of one group of people better than acting completely two faced in front of the other groups of people?
    When was it decided that there were not two sides of story?


    People some as those that you may have heard about in this forum are not as innocent as you may think…
    Situations that they have caused early on in their modeling career shows exactly the kind of true willingness as well as cruelness, ill mannered, deceitful , back lashing, slanderous person they truly can be/ if not still are.

    People such as NAVE FALL of course would be that of a keen eye to know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, for he is no different from what tabloids do in fact cause.

    His lies, his trickery of words, his rampaging posts or for that manner, his ideal way of “just” being NAVE FALL seems to annoy a huge amount of people.
    For that particular reason of using NAVE FALL his early slaughters are those that cannot be forgotten either…

    Concerning his co-partnership of QUEENBRAT BRACKEN, together they teamed up to do something apparently quite pleasing to their little pixilated souls.

    Cruel Intentions?

    Outing of a good person?

    Messing with a bad person?


    Screwing with the wrong person?

    SEVERAL different ways of putting what they had done in collaboration with each other, but the real question that needs to be asked is exactly, WHY do people do what they do, expecting to be happy.

    “Those who think others forget are fools, those who do forget are crowd pleasers, those who never forget are the ones who need to find peace, and those who cause a memory are the ones who will forever live with the constant revenge that strikes toward them”

    TAKEN FROM AN EXCERPT OF CHAPTER 1 OF “model : exiled” coming soon

  8. Zoey Neutron Says:

    Tisk Tisk and other bashers of b and Queen, shame on you. This is a site to comment on the quality of agencies, not to rant about your personal dislikes for people. Your anonymity makes you a coward, it’s so easy to hide when you know you wouldn’t get work or respect by behaving the way you do. Because you are just some anonymous nobody, your words here have no value, because no one but yourself knows who you are.

    QueenBrat Bracken is an incredible model, always professional and polite, and she gets work cause she is a pleasure to work with and performs well. If you have a problem with her, well, tough. Get over it, move along rant to your friends and not in a group about agencies, and just don’t deal with her. Be a big boy/girl.

    As for blackLiquid Tokyoska, if you don’t like how she does things, then don’t work with her. Simple. She may have her days but we all do, and if I or anyone reading these posts knew who you actually are, we wouldn’t want to work with you at all. b is a fantastic model, a talented builder, and a very smart business woman. I was part of the original Kabuki, but am I in her little box of chocolates? No. Am I rich and famous in SL? Certainly not. Am I a very close friend of hers? Nope. But she treats me and everyone else with respect. She is generous and is a great help when needed. Maybe you don’t like her personality or what she says, but perhaps if you had a sense of humor and had a little humility you’d understand her better. You may not like her or how she runs her business, but if you don’t like it, then don’t work with her. Like her methods or not, you cannot deny that she performs and runs her agency and other businesses well. She is damn good at what she does and I commend her and Kabuki Boutique for their fantastic performance.

    If you want to see very talented models with incredible skills and style, then check out Kabuki Boutique’s shows.

  9. navefall Says:

    Q)Does Queenbrat ask for help and take the advice?
    A)She sure does and god help you if you don’t return her IM quick enough.

    Q)Is Queenbrat sweet?
    A)I’ve known her over a year. I still have no idea

    Q) Is Queenbrat adorable??
    A) Cuddly as a kitten on crack.

    Q)Is Queenbrat my friend????
    A) Absolutely. If I have it and she needs it, she gets it

    Q)Is Queenbrat professional???
    A) ABSOLUTELY PROFESSIONAL 100% dependable. Talks back though

    Yup she is guilty of all those things. She does get cranky now and then though (hahahhahhahhahahahaha). Mostly I find Queenbrat hysterically funny to hang out with……….. and to shop for hair with. I talked her into buying some male hair recently and it worked great ( Discord Designs’ Marshall – best crew cut in SL by far – worked great with her tigress outfit )

    And as for Herra and B. They’ve forgotten more about modeling and style then most of us will ever know. Anyone who debates them should bring a lunch.

    Anyway, who says you have to be nice to succeed anyway? I’m not and I succeed. There are people who suck up madly and are dismissed as sycophants by the very people they revere.

    God I’m a sick human being


  10. Jasilyn Amiot Says:

    As the Ceo and founder of JSE model agency , i have seen a lot of models in all stages of heir work. Some professional and others leaving a lot to be desired. After reading all the above things ,it shows that people with attitudes in rl come to sl and bring them.Queen is without doubt one of the most elite models it has been a pleasure to know and have her do shows with. Sh eis attentive and concerend about doing things to give honor not only to the designer , the team but to each of those in the show.There is nothing more distasteful thna to see a mouth open and bitterness and ugly spill forth. It takes more than knowing how to edit eyelashes or put on a desing to make a good model. It takes quality and being a good role model. I will tahle 100 Like queen any day

  11. Vichonette Says:

    Well, anonymous model, I can only respond with this:

    If people want to post factual, rational, well-thought-out comments and/or complaints about an experience they’ve had that’s been less than pleasant, I’m all for it. Post away, with your name or without.


    It’s posts like the one that spurred me to respond that I find irrational, irrelevant and unprofessional. Please do tell me what telling someone to STFU and calling names does to constructively contribute to ANY discussion. That’s the behavior that’s unbecoming, and that’s the behavior I find objectionable. It does nothing more than fuel the drama, put people on the defensive, and cut off all semblance of reasonable discussion.

    Like I tell my players in the RP sim I manage… please keep it civil. We’re supposed to be adults here.


  12. Just another model Says:


    I’m not sorry for asking Herra to STFU. Asking her nicely doesn’t work.

    Following one of Herra’s rants on the JCNY page, the following was posted by agencyreport:

    “Using anonymous for your comment is protection, and that is what this site is all about and why this site was created in the first place. If models felt safe enough to voice their opinions freely in-world and have it not ruin their career, this site wouldn’t be necessary and wouldn’t be as successful as it has become. The fact is, people don’t feel safe, and at some academies, models are taught when they are employed by agencies or by designers to NOT complain. So what are they supposed to do? Post here with their name and possibly have their career ruined?

    Models care about their reputation and they want to be successful, that can’t happen if you’re branded as a complainer or someone that will criticize how things are done, which can happen even if you have a very valid point. When there are hundreds of other models vying for your spot, you learn real quick that you keep your mouth shut. AgencyReport is the only place, that I know of, where you can safely bring up these issues and actually get someone to listen.”


  13. Vichonette Says:

    Wow…. just… wow…

    You know… I’ve been involved in SL modeling for about a year. Some of you know me, most don’t, but I have to say I’ve NEVER had the drama some of the people I see posting here have managed to involve themselves in. I have to wonder why that is.

    I see anonymous posters saying things that I’ll bet dollars to donuts they’d never even dream of saying to someone’s face in the real world. To me, that displays a distinct lack of maturity – and an even bigger lack of professionalism. Whether you like someone or not… is this REALLY the adult way of handling disagreements? Telling others to STFU, anonymously slandering their names, spewing half-truths and/or outright lies? This is what being a professional in the SL modeling world is?

    I can honestly say I’ve only had one “disagreement” with one person in the year I’ve been doing this. That disagreement consisted of me voicing my opinion, politely as always, and them cursing me and telling me to “f… off.” Lovely language, I might add, coming from the CEO of an agency who should be above that sort of behavior. Not a big deal to me, really. The mute button works quite well. End of drama.

    But I digress…

    I’m seeing names spewn here with a venom that some of these people don’t deserve. B may be a tough businesswoman. So what? You don’t like her, don’t deal with her. Queenbrat is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve met in this industry. You don’t like her, don’t deal with her. Stop using this forum to slander the names of others, because I can guarantee some of these anonymous posts aren’t nearly as anonymous as you’d like them to be, people WILL figure out who you are, and anyone with any integrity will NOT want your name associated with their agency.

    Your reputation is all you have in SL, and some of you are doing a pretty good job of destroying it for yourselves. I’m sorry for you.

    Just one *professional* model’s opinion.


  14. Just another model Says:

    STFU about people posting anonymously! You have been harping on this FOREVER. As long as people like you make it unsafe to speak up, people will remain anonymous. And as I’ve previously stated on the Model’s Workshop page, you take yourself much to seriously.
    Anonymous model

  15. Wild Child Says:

    You know….People get on this forum and bash people in haste. Do they know for a fact that QueenBrat Bracken is the actual Queen that posted the remarks thats sparked so musch controversy? NO THEY DO NOT. I know QueeBrat, she is adorable. The sweetiest person Ive met and seeing tsk tsk sit up her blaming ppl that she/he is not sure posted remakrs that they are blaming others for just shows the how immature and childishppl can be. This forum is not suppose to be a drama pit, grow up!

  16. Tisk Tisk Says:

    your point?

  17. Herra Says:

    um, whatever.

    Feel good getting that out? All puffed up because you could post rude comments about others while keeping your name secret?

    Pathetic is what you are Tisk.

    But you knew that already about yourself else you would have posted with your real name.

  18. Tisk Tisk Says:

    hm seeing that my comment has gained quite a few of you people’s attention maybe you should re check your sources…

    First of all I don’t even care to know who you people are.. Name or no name the truth hurts doesn’t it? The Queenbrat I knew was nothing more than a miserable trouble maker and from there caused problems for others.

    lol my modeling career isn’t going well are you insane? I’m pretty sure it’s going well so I won’t even acknowledge anything else you said Nave Fall or Anonymous.. or w.e you are 🙂

    -exhales, that felt better-

    Oh and pfft excuse me… before you come to the rescue of someone who I apparently have wasted enough time on pleaseeee get your facts about “this” person correct.

    now I’m done… and herra once again, please stfu you are an annoying bunch on your own… I really don’t even know why you commented, because your failed sl is what you should be working on 🙂

    The Amazing Tisk Tisk 🙂

  19. Herra Says:

    I have known QueenBrat for many months now and what Tisk Tisk has said is shameful. No wonder this poster hides behind an anonymous name to drop such vile comments.

    I’m guessing Tisk Tisk is another one of those borderline ok models who wonders why his/her career isn’t going anywhere and therefore slams others to justify their mediocrity.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    The voices that mean nothing here, maybe less then nothing, if the truth be told Tisk Tisk (sic) are the gutless, annoymouse, pseudonymouse ol’ harpy ones like yours bleating away like the sheeple you are……………… You’re probably in favor of doing runways manually too instead of using these new-fangled “softwere” tool thangs

    You strike me as one of those fingerwaving, ruler wielding, private school victim, arbiters of style, and virtue, who has nothing better to do then conduct their jealous, venal, spineless, sneak attacks from the safety of the darkness behind the curtains, mugging people like Queenbrat, who is a peach btw, and b, who, while no peach, is on her best behavior these days. ………..

    So tskkkkkkk, tskkkkkkkkkk yourself. Isn’t it time for your Earl Grey and mid-morning nap? Or maybe your cats need to be counted. Write a letter to your local newspaper about the blight of jaywalking maybe

    Rant over………………..

    God that felt good.

    I’m still just,

    Nave Fall

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  21. Tisk Tisk Says:

    QueenBrat… from what I’ve heard you haven’t been the kindest person to work with either, and I’m hoping that this isn’t a poor attempt to get on B’s side to get acceptance into her little box of chocolates, so you just really need to shut it… because as far as I’m concerned your voice here really means nothing

  22. QueenBrat Bracken Says:

    I hope that no one attribtes the post made by a “queen” to me. I did not leave that post and have no issue with Blackliquid and nothing negative to say.Just keep doing your thing B and ignore the negative people.

  23. blackLiquid Says:

    VUI. Presented by KABUKI b o u t i q u e

    check this out!! it also includes a link to Tllies wonderful show photos.

  24. Queen Says:

    Sugar, your book of credibility is just what it is, “yours”. Before discrediting another person’s opinions Tayla sweetie, do some research…ignorance is not bliss, it it oblivion. Kisses sweetheart.

    P.S. – I would not waste time talking about someone’s personality. What goes around comes around, the laws of karma are always working. Good things eventually come to good people. Ta ta for now.

  25. Posting Anon lends 0 credibility in my book. Gotta love flaming anon posts. LOL *gets out the hose*

    B has been nothing short of professional and kind to me. I met her a year ago at my studio when it was first opening up, and she was very supportive and encouraging, and has been ever since.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Blackliquid Tokyoska is a horrible person to say the least. She is very fake. She knows how to manipulate people into getting what she wants like with Boulevard and Modavia. Apparently, Avenue too since she’s able to repeat her training. But, once she has what she needs, she will only cast you aside like yesterday’s trash. She is talented in building and styling, but she is also talented at social climbing. She’s burned many bridges already and I hope she burns even more of those. Just pay attention to how she writes things in her profile, in her group description, in local chat, in anything! In local chat, see who she says hi to and who she doesn’t even acknowledge. Her supporters? Only b/c they 1) don’t know her well enough or 2) are in her box of chocolates. Agencies, designers and models: Please don’t work with this woman. She will create drama and SL should be fun. Yes she can build and style. But let’s be real. This is SL. Those skills can be found in the next avi. She is not the be-all and end-all. If such a person existed, it would be someone with a good heart and it has been proven time and time again that Blackliquid Tokyoska does not have that. Lump of coal perhaps? Maybe she knows this and that’s why she calls her Blackliquid – seething, oozing and drowning everything it touches. Be smart people!!!

  27. Anon Says:

    BlackLiquid is a professional topmodel and photographer. The drama is not Blackliquid, but your envy and frustration.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Correction on Image

    Image isn’t close, noone just bothers to be part of it since it’s management has been poor since day one. As for Kabuki Boutique. B Is only looking out for herself she could care less about you. That cartoon chinese look so has to go it doesn’t look unique at all just looks funny really. But lets discuss the drama b has caused along with other members. she went from image with Ethan Halaan-who by the way is another poor example of a model From image she created some other agency with sweetests sands about 3 weeks into that she went into kabuki and then after 2 months of about just 1/2 shows top decided to make an exclusive group for all her friends called kabuki boutique. Lets see what’s up next. You’re not going to get the attention you seek from her at her own agency. She’s busy trying to make herself a name. Wake up lol none of this is real it’s very pathetic and sad when you think you have to achieve fame as a top model in a virtual world. Just seems like a bunch of wasted time on being fake and perhaps having a bit of creativity but also shunning yourself from the real world because your life is dull and your addicted to pretending to be something you failed at in real life.

    And pleeeeeeeeeeease Save us that excuse of you being a model in real life. That is so in the pasts.

  29. Patricia Elegance Says:

    I can say I had a miserable time here. If a girl is not in the clique then they are abused and just pay their money and get nothing back. I have suspicions that BS’s alt is that famous Chinese prostitute that made alot of money ripping off newbs via land sales in SL. That woman was a total fraud but got LL backing because she also made LL millions with sim sales. This is just showing that being a total jerk pays well. There is no room for nice people at the top

  30. Ethan Haalan Says:

    Correction to one of your posts…, IMAGE is in no shape or form closed.. thanks 🙂

    ~Best wishes to yah B~


  31. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Whoops sorry folks she found her mistake and took it off! Enjoy


  32. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Sorry folks! I meant BeStar.

  33. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Well if your “Bored” go to BeStyle here in Agency report and see the life and times of “Blackliquid”
    Too bad the pictures she took of others weren’t as good as the ones she took of herself. The DRAMA QUEEN of SL modeling has been exposed. Like I stated early on (feb.), it’s time “B” to go away and start fresh with a new alt. Let’s all remember IMAGE ~ UNIQUE and KABUKI…and what they all had in common…the Drama Queen. Where are they now? GONE!

    Hey Butterfli Sorbet, Is that you holding the empty box of chocolates, can’t say I didn’t warn you.

  34. Just another model Says:

    I have been in a few events with Black and at the unfortunate class which she felt the homework demeaned her.. She just comes off wrong. Models ( i do not care how good they are ) are all expendable.. the attitude you throw out there makes a big difference. So please all sl models Get over yourself.. I enjoy modeling on sl but come on.. it is so not real life. There is no room for diva like attitudes. She may be “good” with her look but her attitude really sucks. She often seems to be afk at practices.. and no darling I am far from hating on you.. There is no way that i would ever want to be like you.. I like the fact that I am thought of as Professional and easy to get along with. I can go to sleep at night knowing that I do my best at my job and I have nobody behind me nor in front of me talking shit. As for you being a model in rl.. who cares? your profile spits out bad taste. I guess some people have issues in rl that come to sl to take it out on others. Wake up B.. your 15 minutes of fame is fading fast…

  35. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    I will point you all down to my comments towards the bottom of the page about B and Charriol…and B’s attitude towards me, other models and regarding a simple (and what the others viewed as fun and enlightening)homework assignment last year that her and Charriol called demeaning.
    Anyways…up until that point, I liked B alright. She had just graduated from…I think C of F and I was hiring models and hired her without a formal audition (since I saw her grad show). The first show I placed her in..she didn’t show up for..saying she overslept. It happens.

    Anyways…this is not the BlackLiquid bashing report here. This is about KABUKI, the agency. We all…or most of us, talk to each other in-world…we spread the word about who we recommend not to hire…do it that way instead of publically beating down on someone here. Regardless of what she’s done to others, some decency and respect needs to be shown here as professionals, even if she doesn’t return the favor.

  36. Oh please Says:

    I first met blackliquid before she became well known and had many experiences with her personally and also through many people that we both know mutually. I have to say that she really is conniving, manipulative evil bitch that lacks a moral compass. She is willing to do anything to get to the top including stealing an agency from the owners (ask how she made herself the “creator” of the agency without the agency owner’s permission or knowledge when she was only a stylist), backstabbing whoever gets in her way (actually she talks shit about people she even calls friends or mentors, Kay Fairey being one) and when she is caught and confronted… she will all of sudden whine about her “ill health” and how everyone is out to get her.

    I have heard first hand of how she goes to all the well known designers and demands that she be in designer’s shows for agencies she is not part of and doesn’t care that she would be replacing another model. I also know she has gone to those same designers and trashed agencies that decided not to take her on and other models she doesn’t like. She is nice to those who she thinks can help her, she is condescending and insulting to those that really see her for who she is. The only person blackliquid cares about is herself. The only thing she cares about is her modeling career and will use anyone to get where she wants to be.

    There is no doubt that she is talented, but Hitler was an artist at one point in his life. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he was an evil tyrant and dictactor. If enough people are saying that a certain person displays a consistent behavior, then I don’t think it’s jealousy that’s the issue.

  37. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Well put Bliss! And it seems that Blackliquid has ignited the bridge underneath her.

  38. Bliss Beningborough Says:

    not being a modeland in competition with this lady, but a designer who has also been on the end of blacks wrath i would like to put a few things straight here , firstly Nave the comments above are not from Haidyn so please get your facts straight before blaming people .
    Black applied to my model troupe recently , she and Haidyn do not get on and as Haidyn is my much valued events manager i told black if she wanted in the troupe she needed to make things right with Haidyn as she was running the whole thing. Instead of doing that she tried to use me as a tool to force Haidyn’s hand to get into the troupe . When she did not get her way she calle Haidyn a Cunt and barraged me with im’s . Obviously if they dont get on it would be silly to have them working together , it is after all supposed to be fun coming to sl and i dont walk over my staff i work with them. She then proceded to insult and threaten me and went to my store where she was very insultig in local chat. The models were disgusted with her. This lady i agree has a very unique look and very talented but her attitude stinks. And i know from my own previous experience here u do not speak to designers the way she spoke to me if she wants to work with them and will very quickly gain the reputation of being a diva that is difficult to work with . She is a strong personility who tries to bulldoze her way in when she wants something and then loses it if she doesnt succeed. What a shame such a talent should behave this way instead of learning a little diplomacy and tact. Needless to say after the things that were said to both my manager and myself as well in local chat in my store i will never work with her again . This lady needs a big dose of humility

  39. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Ouch! That was a Nasty slap in the face….

  40. Nave Fall Says:

    I did Haidyn……………..

  41. Werk!! Says:

    OMG nave SHUT-UP!!!!!! – you’re like a parasite, you have to get involved in everything, im sure we know that she was a good model and she can style no one denied that.

    Her attitude on the other hand was overbearing for most people, and there for put her on a list of people that others shouldnt be involved with. She is creative ,yes, but her verbal/textual tones toward her models were out of this world. Okay, we all get like that sometimes, but when is it ok to threaten people because you didn’t win a competition, or because you weren’t chosen to be apart of something. Do your research PLEASEEEE

    I’m just,

    A “werk”ing model

  42. Nave Fall Says:

    b is tougher then you people think. She may get into her own head sometimes and shoudl be forgiven for that. We all do it…………

    That said she was smart enough to reach out for some advice from other yesterday and some was freely given I’m told.

    ::KABUKI:: is a good agency its departure would be bad. The team of models b has assembled is as good, if not better, then any other in SL.

    I think:

    b styles madly.

    b has catalyzed a trend with her avatar’s unique look.

    b, ( in my opinion of course ) gives her all to every show ::KABUKI:: produces. She intensely involves herself as the CEO/COO should do. I ahven’t liked every runway set that’s been created but they were all unique.

    NOTE: I said that SHE produces herself, unlike other agency CEOs who finger wave, harangue their management staff and LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY, claim the credit for in earshot to hear, for those other’s work. The one’s who do know who you are, and so do we btw…. You should be ashamed, and would if you weren’t so oblivious, and self absorbed in your shining, Teflon-coated divatude.

    The jealous “HATERS”, and mean girls, are NOT going to win this one by driving b off. That would be a loss to us all.

    Stay tuned.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  43. Anonymous Says:

    If she wants to drop the group..she can…no point in this anymore. I dont know her and am sorry i never experiences Kabuki, but its over now so whatever

  44. FierceModel Says:

    That’s not a good reason to leave? But do you think your actions had something to do with why they did that? I hardly doubt it’s jealousy if several people think the samething, sincere wishes to you blackliquid.

  45. blackLiquid Says:

    Due to being flooded with hate, jealousy, lies, scandals, rumours and manipulation it is with great sadness that I have decided to end what would have been beautiful right here an now, I have had models manipulated and lied to and I am sick of dealing with all the hate and negativity that people have projected onto me fuled by their own insecurities.

    Sorry to all my models,
    love & light b.

  46. Anon Says:

    Oh get the hell over it. Shes talented and artistic. She has passion and a vision.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Changing your name or intentionally putting yourself at the top of the Agency Report list doesn’t change what the reputation of this agency really is. B may have talent when it comes to building sets, but I agree that she is doing too much as well. I really hope she doesn’t get too upset, since it is ‘bad for her health’

  48. navefall Says:

    I, personally, also have some strong opinions about modeling agencies in SL.

    In the last few weeks some excrutiating experiences I’ve endured have made me appreciate agencies like .:KABUKI:. and CEOs like “B” more. A lot more. People who insist on professionalism and consistency

    From what I’ve observed of .:KABUKI:. it is run in a very business-like and efficient way. I know if “B” and I don’t connect when we are trying to, it’s because we are both very busy and I know that, eventually, her Aussie time (SLT +15 I think) will coincide with my CST (SLT – 2).

    I think blackliquid’s success incites some jealousy and if there is a way to prevent that from happening I sure don’t know what it is. I ahve this idea that the people who are so jealous don’t work as hard as she does.

    But hey what do I know?

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  49. Herra Says:

    Devlin, I have to agree 100% with you. If someone does not like the management style of an agency owner then don’t work for them. There are dozens of other models out there that would be glad for the opportunity to join the agency and receive the kind of training needed to be a sucessful model.

    My biggest concern with any agency is whether or not there is some sort of financial scheming going on with the agency. That is certainly not the issue with Kabuki – they are totally, 100% on the level.

  50. Devlin Says:

    I have to say that I am appalled at reading some of the remarks here. For people in the fashion world of SL who are supposed to show grace and class some of you do not.
    If you love or hate someone, keep it to yourself, this is not about liking someone this is more about the agency itself. (hence the name agency report, not slam people you don’t get along with report) Which has been run by “B” yes she is strict and demands perfection, but there is a reason for everything she does. She takes the time to help refine the skills of the models she picks. You have to respect that. There aren’t many agencies that do that they just throw you in the mix to sink or swim. So reducing Kabuki to keep less models and be able to be more attentive to them, is an incredible business move. “B” is a remarkable person, creative, helpful and sees things in people that others pass up. She deserves respect and there is nothing wrong with her getting it.
    I wish you all well with your agencies and hope that you all learn how to be more respectful of others. You might need to take some lessons on how to learn to act like an adult.

  51. Oh please Says:

    Kabuki still remains under black’s ownership and management. Just because you change your name doesn’t mean you get a new start. Especially since all the negative comments are about YOU.

    Kabuki or Kabuki box of chocolates, you are still the owner of the agency. Don’t we all wish we can erase all the negative comments. Just ask Jersey

  52. CrazyHaus Says:

    Downsizing the agency to Kabuki Boutique is an excellent move. Well done blackLiquid, you’re the best!

  53. Kcalb Diuqil Says:

    Don’t forget, the recommendations ($) of some of her friends, famous and not.

  54. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Butterfli, Let me be more direct before you burst your cocoon! Blackliquid is a very good model she is a perfectionist and that wins contests. As for a photographer she is getting better with time. What “B” does is she tries to do too much at times,and over books her time. I feel that Blackliquid would be an even better model if she didn’t have an agency to handle, especially now that ChloeRose has her own agency. If you can’t see I was just having fun at her expense oh well.I wasn’t telling you not to be a piece of the Whitman Sampler Boutique, but to make sure your not spit out.

    I’m just a NastyFall…and not part of kabuki’s roadkill.

  55. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Butterfli, I speak the truth because I know her all too well. What was so ugly? All I did was use her own words to define her and her special little group in a funny way. If you want to be in the little Boutique good for you. If I where you I’d concentrate on being a better model!

    Over time you will see that “B” is looking only out for “B” what great shows has she ever produced..all she leaves is a trail of avatar roadkill…..

    This site is to let other know what the agencies are like! That’s what I have done…and have some play with words….if you can’t take it don’t respond.

  56. Butterfli Sorbet Says:

    I know B personally and nastyfall…you ought to be ashamed. We are professional models, I really take exception to your comment. She has all professional models and she is a top model and TOP photographer. Please get your facts straight before spouting off…oy I hate replying to this website but have to when someone just spews words that make no sense.

  57. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Kabuki “Boutique” looks more like a Whitman Sampler Box then a Box of Godvia fine Chocolates.

  58. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Kabuki… is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get….

  59. Anita Claven Says:

    The nasty comments here truly shock me. If you get to know B she is quite a sweetheart. I have never known her to be unfair or nasty. She is one of the most creative women Ive ever met. Don’t be jealous because she has talent. As for Kabuki, shes not disbanded it, shes taken on a smaller group… there is a very good reasoning behind it but really it is know ones business.

  60. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Well, well….I see Blackliquid finally lost a contest (honeymoon). Now she disbanding Kabuki and making a selective little group of her friends.
    *Kabuki Boutique. Blackliquid will find out soon enough she has over stayed in SL.Time to bring out your alt…..keep your friends close Blackliquid, because you don’t have many. Let’s just say “B” can stand in for another name I won’t use.

  61. Cherylllll Says:

    blackliquid. She’s so unfair. She’s obsessed with money. She didn’t had knowledge at all, rude, arrogant and very low human quality.

  62. Hello all 🙂
    And a special *hug* to Black!

    I must say that I have never worked with Kabuki, but I have talked to Blackliquid.

    This is my feeling towards this: we all have our own characters and personalities. My first attitude when I meet a fellow Model or a Model Agency CEO or Fashion Designer in SL is to listen and pay attention. I love to just listen.

    I met Blckliquid for the first time in a Modavia photoshoot for MFD13.

    Black, you know I already told you this personally, it’s no secret for us two. Black doesn’t strike me as a talkative person. However (I don’t know, if you remember this, B) the first time she saw me, she IMed me with a great compliment. That meant the world to me.

    I look at Black – as I do with all my Model friends, the Designers I work with and mostly the AVENUE family I’m so proud to be a part of – with an attitude of personal respect. We are what we are. We all make mistakes.

    As I said, I cannot talk about Kabuki; I’ve never watched a Fashion Show with Kabuki ( I remember a particular Show that I was so willing to attend but couldn’t cause of my timezone).

    Behind Sea is a woman that is most of all respectful and polite.

    Think about this, don’t we all have our own faults, don’t we all make our mistakes?

    I do love Blackliquid. I won’t say much about this, because it’s between her and me. I really dislike “hearing here” and “telling there”. But, yes Black, I do understand why you left Deja Vu. I am totally with you on that.

    I always look beyond the avatar we represent in SL. I’m so glad that I do go along with so many of our fellow Models, Designers and Model Agencies I work with. We have fun, we enjoy ourselves, we do all this with responsability and professionalism.

    And Black, sweety, you don’t need to justify yourself. People who love you, love you the way you are.

    I’m pretty much the same person RL and SL.

    From what I’ve read today (I haven’t been to Agency Report for ages), not only in Kabuki but also in other threads, I must say I had a very good laugh (in the best sense) with Nave 🙂 I like the way he talks *chuckles*

    So, guys, each one of you, with your own personality are a treasure we all should keep close to our hearts. This is how I see SL – a potential means to relate to people from all over the world and to deal with ourselves, with our own “faults” and “mistakes” and still keep going.

    I’m not much of a writer *giggles* but… oh well… I hope I expressed myself correctly about how I feel.
    What can I do? I love people!! I’m commited, dedicated and the word “friedship” is not just a simple word. I see the best in people.

    There is one thing I won’t do or get myself into. Drama situations. If I am not happy with what I’m feeling in a certain group of people in my SL job, I just leave. As simple as that. I have done this, without drama, without making noise.
    I’ll remain true to myself and believe me, nothing ( absolutely nothing) that you will tell me in IM will go public.

    Keep up the good work and see the best in everyone! After all, “nothing else matters” (ok, I’m listening to Metallica lool)

    Seashell Dench
    AVENUE Inc.
    Designer Liaison
    Marketing Officer

  63. Sharron Schuman Says:

    human?? I am not human. I am a gorgeous perfect avatar that never ages and never will. I don’t expect any of you in sl to be human.

    (tongue stuck deeply in cheek)

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Also, Blackliquid treats her male models like garbage. She types in ALL CAPS to try to get her point across and to gain enough attention so that people would hear her. I think it is so unprofessional, because usually people see that typing in all caps as really yelling.

    Do you want an agency owner to yell at you constantly and treat you like dirt? Then avoid this agency.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Blackliquid, you need to stop acting fake. I’m tired of you sending kisses to people (xxx), when you don’t actually mean them. Stop sucking up.

  66. Just an observation Says:

    I have to leave a comment, I find it interesting that an agency that is a few months old already has this much controversy.

  67. Charriol Ansar Says:

    Jersey/Dolce Says: This is just DESTRUCTIVE and pointless.

    The end.

    I could say quite a few things…honestly, not worth my time or efforts. The situation was over and done with weeks ago. Take the above advice, burn the soapbox and get on with your life. And for those inquiring minds…the club is owned by some good freinds. It’s called picks and it directs people to places in second life of some note. Big whoppie, you might think you happened upon a scandal…oh my.

    Tis all. I’ve been silent up until now and will be once again, however i am neither cowering or fuming. I simply won’t waste the time of others with vendettas or diatribes.

    Happy New Year, lover-lies!


  68. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    You know…no one here is perfect. BlackLiquid is not perfect..but she is human. Nave is not perfect, but he is human. Charriol is not perfect, but she’s human. I’m definitly not perfect, but I am human. The same goes for us all.

    We all have our likes and dislikes, of music, businesses, products, clothing, colors, books…and even people. What one person may not like, another may love.

    BlackLiquid, or the anonymous poster, may not like me, but theres a ton of people who do. Lacie may not like Nave, but theres a ton of people who do.
    You all, I’m sure, have the intelligence to see where I am going with this. I don’t need to continue on with listing names.

    I’m not quite sure of the goals some of you, perhaps even me, have, by posting slanderous remarks about others here, or anywhere, to be quite frank. I understand what its like and how it feels to strongly dislike someone. We all do. However, unless the person you dislike is a cold-hearted murderer or thief (okay, or one of the many other not so favorable attributes of a person), the rest is not grounds for public slander. We are all, as I pointed out above, human.

    We are not created and brought up in society to like everyone. That, is just a plain fact and if you wish to disagree, please do so quietly.

    It is easy to view a person that you dislike as evil or cruel, sneaky…or any of the other negative words you could use to describe a person’s lesser qualities. It is easy for someone to dislike another without knowing the person much at all if their first or second…or numerous encounters with them are negative.
    Its easy for BlackLiquid to see me as a bitch or rude if I do something not in her favor or if she witnesses an interaction between me and someone else, or perhaps, her and I, that isn’t that pleasant. I could put anyones name in there to use as examples..its one of those one size fits all statements. Our likes and dislikes of people also rely on our personal opinions of everyday stuff, from who we think should be president to views on abortion or the death penalty. I’ll go further to say that they also extend onto our own actions…from the guy at Starbucks who keeps f-ing up our Light Coffee Mocha whatever to the doctor who makes a serious medical error in diagnosing a patient. We here are no exception.

    But whether I fire a model for reasons of attitude or the doctor at a large chain of well known hospitals makes a medical error…or the guy at Starbucks keeps screwing up our drink, we are not BAD people and do not deserve to be publically slandered.

    Its easy to think differently when you are the one that dislikes the person, or are friends with the person who was seemingly wronged by another, or if you disagree with the actions or opinions of another, but imagine if you would…if you were the target of slander instead of the other person. What if the things you were writing or reading about were directed or about you…how would you feel? Would you still feel its justified that someone who doesn’t like you or agree with you, publically slanders you? Now, if you commit a murder or hate crime..yeah, I’d say its justified (my opinion)…other than that, no. Its also easy to say
    ‘oh yeah, sure, I would feel its justified’, but the thing is…you’ll believe that up until it happens to you.

    So…you don’t like someone..because they were rude to you or you thought they were rude…or they made a mistake…or one of the endless possiblities..?
    Honestly…theres a war going on, people in 3rd world countries dying, diseases sucking the life out of people every second.

    And here we are on a site that matters not to the rest of the real world or even half of SL (this site has lost a lot of credability in SL due to all the slander here.) using this for our own personal dislikes of others instead of using this site for what it was intended to.
    To post positive remarks about your experiences with the agency or academy or your negative experiences. If your personal opinions of how a person behaved or acted towards you or in general angers you that much…go seek some anger management courses…or write a diary about it…or a blog..lots of people blog. Do physical exercise…or create a soap opera script based on your life you create and sell it the television networks…or make a movie or a play. Do something CONSTRUCTIVE with it.

    This is just DESTRUCTIVE and pointless.

    The end.

  69. Nave Fall Says:


    1) I’m not your dear anonymouse, whoever you are.

    2) I’m reformed – I learned my lesson and did my best to make amends. If it’s not good enough talk to my parole officers.

    3) I have never tried to take down any agency. Many of them do a fine job of that all by themselves, without any help from me…….. I think the ends justified my meaness personally.

    4) At this point in time I am devoting my time energies to Tres Beau, Model’s Workshop and The Strong Persuaders. I still lend a hand to a couple of agencies but I am not ACTIVELY involved in managing anything for ANY modeling agency now.

    Believe what you choose.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  70. Anonymous Says:

    I never said Kabuki was not a good agency.

    I do know BlackLiquid and know she is not a good person. Beneath her sweet exterior; she is a sneaky thief and a social climber who used certain people to get to where she is today.

    Yes words do have wings and your not so nice words have reached far and wide BlackLiquid.

    and Nave dear, wasn’t it you who crapped all over agency report with your anonymous posts on Lacie Benigborough and even making up alts and responding to your own posts? and I know you have posted anonymously yourself and tried to take down couple of agencies. Not nice when you get a taste of your own medicine, is it.

    If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

  71. "Little" Nave Says:

    Anonymouse says: (which “anonymouse” this is I have no idea btw, because there are so many of you circling like sharks at a feeding frenzy, while the 2 divers, back to back, knives in hand but running out of air, watch the ominous shapes drawing closer and closerrrrrrrrr. Then we do the obligatory fast zoom in on a mouth filled with jagged, triangular teeth and an unblinking, black eye that has no pity……… damn I’ve digressed here. I watched Open Water the other day and it stuck with me. Sorry……)

    “And Nave, you don’t know my credentials and what I have accomplished. I choose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons but let me assure you; I have been in this business long enough and have enough experience to know when someone is smoke and mirrors. And I again say, Blackliquid is smoke and mirrors and I am not the only person who feels this way. There are many top people in SL fashion industry Blackliquid have managed to piss off and I know I am not the only one who feels this way.”

    I’m not sure how I got included here, I was on the sidelines………….minding my own business and doing RL with my family.

    Buttttttttttttttttttt since you mention it I don’t know your credentials or accomplishments or how long you’ve been in this business or anything else about you except you are taking a shot from behind the curtain. How can we know anything about you? You have chosen to hide your identity as is your right in this forum………… But your credibility is non-existent. You can huff and puff all you like. You can snicker to yourself while in the shadows, about your innuendos, your self righteous insider nonsense, your snide little cracks, and so on. The truth of it is simple you’re jealous of people like blackLiquid who make a difference on their own merits.

    Almost everyone is familiar with the genesis of the phrase, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” The Wizard of Oz, who uttered this famous phrase, had a scheme. That scheme was based directly upon an impression of omnipotence without any legitimate power. Surely that impression would be lost should anyone see him pulling levers and talking into a microphone. That would be the “anonymouses” in here. You have no real power, You may capture a few moments of attention but then you are dismissed………………..So who is one employing the smoke and mirrors here? Those who hide behind the curtains or those of us who have the guts to speak AS OURSELVES? That would be me, blackLiquid and Jersey/Dolce.

    The only smoke and mirrors I see emanating from .:KABUKI:. are well organized shows with well designed, original sets, mostly, happy models and designers who were pleased with the work that was done on their behalf. If “Top People” in the SL modeling industry are unhappy with .:KABUKI:. I could venture to say it’s because they are trembling a little bit at the usurper rising from the mass of “wannabes” With agencies like UVogue evaporating there was bound to be a vacuum. Vacuums get filled. It’s evolution in action………………..

    Again, I am not proselytizing anything. You are ALL welcome to live your SLives as you wish. My SLife is pretty good these days. My wish for ALL of you is for yours to be as good, or even better then mine is…………….

    Happy New Year

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  72. Anonymous Says:

    And I also stand by what I said. I do not know Jersey and have never spoken to her. So as state, I am not Jersey’s bitch or anyone’s bitch for that matter. So nice of make assumptions An Agency Owner that treats her staff with respect meanwhile has no qualms about disrespectfully calling someone else a bitch. Way of showing your leadership qualities and professionalism.

    So let’s see if I have this correctly.

    Charrisol Ansar who has Destiny Escort group as a pick in her profile feels that completing a homework assignment is demeaning and selling out her integrity.

    Blackliquid states that instead of finishing her assignment/class at AVENUE; she decided to not follow through on her previous commitment and decided to audition for Modavia, and thankfully her sacrifice paid off as she was made a Modavia model. Way to show your commitment to AVENUE. So, I guess AVENUE is a second best to Modavia according to Blackliquid.

    And Nave, you don’t know my credentials and what I have accomplished. I choose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons but let me assure you; I have been in this business long enough and have enough experience to know when someone is smoke and mirrors. And I again say, Blackliquid is smoke and mirrors and I am not the only person who feels this way. There are many top people in SL fashion industry Blackliquid have managed to piss off and I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

  73. LoveablePixel Says:

    lol you wish

  74. Anon Says:

    LMAO. I sure did push your buttons HatefulPixel! Happy New Years and best wishes to the Kabuki Team!

  75. LoveablePixel Says:

    Dear Anon,

    How does it feel being blackliquid’s slave?

    Dumb ass bitch.. how dare you.. I don’t even know jersey

    lol – how far will this go (laughs)

  76. Anon Says:

    Dear ABC and LoveablePixel,
    How does it feel being Jersey’s bitch?

  77. Anon Says:

    I stand by what I said – I’m glad they landed on their feet and didn’t complete your demeaning homework assignment. I’d like to take it a step further and say that I think you are a Bi#ch! I feel sorry for ANYONE that works for you; they must be absolutely desperate! I understand that you are entitled to your opinion, but it’s just a shame that you had to SOIL the Kabuki page with your BS. I have a suggestion for you…why don’t you go crawl back under your rock!
    An Agency Owner that treats her staff with respect, and in turn is treated with respect!

  78. ABC Says:

    BlackLiquid, dropping “Modavia” in every sentence and replying to every negative comment against you — you are making a fool out of yourself.

    Show some class and stop responding to every single comment. The word has already spread till planet Jupiter that you are a Modavia model. Stop whoring yourself. Same goes to another fame-whore Nave Fall.


  79. blackLiquid Says:

    Hi there loveable I a redoing my AVENUE training I didn’t get kicked ouy or anything like that, infact… I chose to audition for Modavia, and thankfully my sacrifice paid off as I was made a Modavia model and had my first shoot with the for the MFD13. Also as far as my niceness I think that people like to make ausumptions based on their perceptions of people character, I am a very busy person on sl, I make my rl income on there and I have alot on my plat at all times if I have been not nice to you it is more likely the fact that I have been short on time or busy somthing else perhaps if you have such issues with me you should come and discuss them with me in person, though I am asuming considering you wish to remain anon that is not going to happen.

  80. LoveablePixel Says:

    lmao blackliquid “SAID” she had AVENUE training, but if we all look into it.. I went to the graduation.. and she didnt walk.. because she never finished.. or because she was kicked out of the academy, either way that must say something. Yes maybe she can style, but pfft, anyone with a vision can style but not all people are nice underneath it all, blackliquid isnt the nicest person out there.. once you get to know her..

  81. Naiya Kazyanenko Says:

    I would just like to say it’s an honour being in the Kabuki family. What a knock out year for B and Kabuki some great shows and with great creativity and a great driving force behind it all.. Looking forward to what is going to be a even better 2010 with B and Kabuki 🙂

  82. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    Well, lets see here. The only reason I posted what I did was because of a little side comment at the end of Charriol’s post and another comment from ‘anonymous’. I wasn’t posting to diss B or compare her to me or say I’m better than she is or dis-credit her…and so forth. I stated that B was fired (or she quit…really, it doesn’t matter) because of her attitude (But, she stood in front of me and voiced her complaints in IM and was fired/quit in person, so no problem there. Charriol went through rehearsals and mentioned absolutely nothing about her concerns or complaints and I had no clue she quit until B pointed me to the AR, where surprise, I found her posting and also a posting from Charriol that mentioned she quit. THAT, is a lack of character and professionalism in my eyes.).

    Then, I ‘spoke’ about the assignment which B and Charriol both had issues with for very poor reasons. B has done WAY WAY WAY more in SL in regards to fashion and modeling and photography and who knows what else…I freely admit that because its true…but again, I stick by what I say too. She isn’t above anyone, just as Charriol isn’t above anyone. I’m not above anyone. I don’t care if you’re a Modavia model or if you’ve had a gown named after you or are an excellent photographer or have your own agency, in my eyes, in my agency, you are on the same level with everyone else. Great job on your accomplishments and talents..I really mean that, but do not get a big head about it and think that you deserve special treatment or to be placed on a pedestal above others. Maybe other agencies and people will do that…I don’t. I treat a poor person the same as I treat a rich person…I treat a rich person just as I do a poor person.
    You can disagree, you can agree…this is my own opinion, its what I run my agency on and none of it, at least in here, is up for debate. If someone wishes to contact me in-world to discuss their opinions/thoughts, great, lets chat..I don’t bite. But please don’t ask me to take most of you seriously here.

    Now, lets look at what little Nave posted….

    I can’t stand it anymore and I’m sure some people are getting sick of my opinions but this one hits home for me. I thought about posting this anonymously but I’m not gonna do that anymore. I’d rather people know EXACTLT where I stand. I am not being obture her or amusing or even sarcastic.


    What am I missing here?

    What shows of note has Jersey/Dolce EVER produced?

    I have produced quite a few shows…none that were really noteworthy yet, unfortunately, but that won’t be for long.

    What sets has she created/built by herself?
    You really don’t know me well then Nave…because if you did, you would know that I suck at building. I just built my first runway a few months ago that I was tickled over for a bit..but I’ll admit its nothing special at all.

    What prize-winning photos has she taken?

    Again, you don’t know me well. While I take photos often in SL, I am nowhere NEAR professional. I don’t even know how to use Photoshop or Gimp…although, if I took the time, I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem.

    What SL modeling pageants/contests/events has she PERSONALLY won, or even placed, in?

    I have never, I believe, claimed to be a model on SL. Its too much work! Okay…so owning an agency is more work than modeling, but modeling, for me, personally bores me, as in, ME modeling. I don’t have any real interest in having myself model. Doing behind the scenes work and running an agency hwoever…that, I do like. SO…I have never entered, placed or won any pageants in SL. I’m sure most knew that though.

    What “good” modeling agencies does she belong to?

    Again, I don’t care for modeling myself, so…why would I join another modeling agency, as a model? Besides…from what I know, a lot of agencies don’t like taking in agency owners as models. Could be wrong and thats not my reason for not doing it.

    Where was she trained and by who?

    Aside from doing my own research and observations, I went through the LA Modeling Academy and was trained by one of their wonderful instructors and models, Loxley Tatham. I plan on going through other trainings next year with other reputable modeling schools…again, not because I wanna model, because I don’t…but I do believe the training would be a huge benefit to me…and possibly others.

    Who did she educate that will speak on her behalf?

    Beats me. I’ve helped and educated a lot of people on a variety of subjects, including modeling. Do I expect them all to jump on here and speak up? Yep! Ok…no, I don’t. Who cares anyways?

    The Model’s Bootcamp doesn’t count…………

    Oh but it should Nave.

    Anyways…I’m just…Jersey..or Dolce..whichever ya choose to call me.

    You can find me in-world as…

    Jersey Ceriano or… Dolce Enderfield

    Happy Holidays and may we all stfu about this stupid crap already.

  83. blackLiquid Says:

    I never once claimed to be “too good” nor did I claim to be a top model these are things you have condured all on your own.

    I did quit DeJaVu and I did say that it was demeaning correct.

    I paid good money for AVENUE training as well as studing at GLANCE and didn’t realise when I signed on to a modeling job at DeJaVu that I would be in student role and this was not my understanding of what being involved in an agency was.

    I was honest to say Jersey chose to treat people and speak to people in a way not acceptable this was bad for my health in rl, the environment triggered my anxiety and this was the reason I chose to quit, this I explained, which I was then laughed at about my RL medical condition, as if it is not a valid health issue!(I find this appaling)

    On a much lighter note…

    The fashion critique had some nice thigns to say regarding me and KABUKI here is a link.

  84. Nave Fall Says:

    I can’t stand it anymore and I’m sure some people are getting sick of my opinions but this one hits home for me. I thought about posting this anonymously but I’m not gonna do that anymore. I’d rather people know EXACTLT where I stand. I am not being obture her or amusing or even sarcastic.


    What am I missing here?

    What shows of note has Jersey/Dolce EVER produced?

    What sets has she created/built by herself?

    What prize-winning photos has she taken?

    What SL modeling pageants/contests/events has she PERSONALLY won, or even placed, in?

    What “good” modeling agencies does she belong to?

    Where was she trained and by who?

    Who did she educate that will speak on her behalf?

    The Model’s Bootcamp doesn’t count…………

    Let’s look at the object of her rant………………

    blackLiquid has some SERIOUS SL street cred. .:Kabuk:. Works well and she is the solid base it rests upon. Okay okayyyyy her aggressive Aussie poisonality sometimes shows through but she does what she says she’s gonna do and there is no one out there denying that one…………..

    Her time in the world of SL fashion belies her accomplishments.

    Her set designs are as good as any out there and I defy you to prove different.

    She is a Modavia model. Not many get to say that. Of course given the firestorm of debate taking placing in the Modavia thread who knows whether Modavia will retain its previously hallowed position after the peremptory dismissal of SuperModel Kay Fairey, in a childish smack by Poptart Lilliehook at BOLS/Boulevard/MVW’s CEO Frolic Mills. (Whew that was a mouthful)

    She has a House of Beningborough gown named after her

    She is the 2010 Face of Alatiel – congrats on that one btw

    She’s a damn good photographer

    She styles madly

    Sooooooooooooo now I’ve taken sides here. I beat on Jersey previously and I apologized. We came to terms of a sort but my relationship with and experience with B requires me to comment.

    I can live with the flames and the muting…………. Fire at will, You all know I am just a sarcastic blowhard whose opinions are of no consequence. I can live with the repercussions of my comments here.

    Of course (for the god know how manyeth time),

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  85. Anonymous Says:

    I have to agree with Jersey/Dolce. Was the assignment unusual? Maybe, but to say that it was demaning or selling out your integrity is laughable. What was so demeaning about the assignment that you had to talk to top five models in the industry. As a model, you are continuously learning and this would have been a perfect opportunity to learn from your peers. To think Blackliquid thinks she already is a top model when she has only started is also laughable. What’s worse is coming to this forum and whining about how unfair and demeaning this was for her.

    This is not the attutide of a top model or even a professional one. Some agencies have taken notice of this behavior and it’s been duly noted by agency owners and staff. It is models like this that agencies should watch out for. You might be garnering some attention due to your massive sucking up but I know this won’t be the first time you will show your true colors. You are just smoke and mirrors.

    No matter how well styled you are or how unusual your avi is; if you don’t have the right attitude. You will crash and burn. It’s only a matter of time.

  86. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    *smiles and shakes head* Another classic example of someone who doesn’t know what happened but talks like they do.

    B was fired for her attitude and Charriol quit without a word. Learned about it on here! Word of advice…if you want to quit, fine..the earth will still rotate, birds will still fly, fish will still swim..but do yourself and the person you are working for a favor and at least have the courage to contact your employer directly and quit instead of not saying a word and running to a site like this to whine.

    Now, I wish these two and everyone else, the best of luck and success and you can like me or hate me…I don’t care. I’m not here to be your best friend or kiss ass or be your doormat. That is the problem with a lot of models…and again, I say a lot, but not all, models. They can be the nicest people you’ve ever met but the second you don’t give them everything they want, a lot of them do a Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde transformation.

    And God forbid that some of them are asked to do something that requires a bit of thought and NOT putting themselves first.

    Yes, I’m just crying here over the injustice I’ve put these poor, poor models through. I mean…to ask them to interview 5 top models in SL and learn of their journey through SL modeling when it is just so clear that these girls have seen and done and know it all…its just…*sniffles*…so wrong.

    They’re right…its so demeaning and compromises their integrity because they have to focus on other people for a change instead of just themselves..whatever was I thinking????

    Alright…seriously, tell me tho, what is SO demeaning about learning of another model’s journey in SL modeling? We all have a history/story of how we came to do tons of things in life. What is so bad about hearing those stories from some of SL’s top models?

    I don’t think its the assignment itself that is being viewed as demeaning. Its the idea that I’m not calling them top models themselves that is causing the upset.

    I took out the Top Model tag in DeJaVu months ago after I saw the lack of confidence in models and feelings of not being equal in the agency. I turned the top models into model mentors in hopes that those with more experience under their belt would help mentor newer models.

    I don’t want models in my agency thinking they are top models, even if to the rest of SL, they are. I want the models all to be on the same page and same level. Of course, there will be models with more experience and those with less, but in DeJaVu, they will always bare the same title regardless of their status elsewhere. That isn’t to say, at the same time, that I don’t want them reaching for the stars and beyond or not having the confidence to think they could be a top model. I want them to be the best they can be without a title being waved in front of them.

    Anyways…happy holidays and congrats to Kabuki for apparently, a job well done and the best of luck.


    P.S.Even as hated as I am with some people on this site…I still have the guts to sign my name..(s). Like…who was it..Tupac..who said…’If you don’t know me, don’t judge me.’

    “I’m so happy to see that both Charriol and Blackliquid have landed on their feet after losing their jobs for refusing to complete a demeaning homework assignment! I’m proud of you for standing up for yourselves and not allowing an agency owner to belittle you into selling out your integrity. Kudos ladies!”

  87. I really like the freshness that Kabuki team brings to SL fashion scene. Everyone is deeply commited in making their best efforts to carry a perfect fashion show, and for me that is what is all about.

    Passion for fashion, and Kabuki sums it very well.

  88. dianny3636 Says:

    well the shows are amazing!! and the staff is really taleted is just a matter of time before all sl is at Kabukis feet , and all models are crazy for being part of Kabuki , jijijij!! is not just another boring agency!! our shows are original and unique , the runways ufff wow!! the staff puts some much work and detail into everything they do .am very proud to be part of the Kabuki family , love you all!!!

  89. ChristianDavid1 Destiny Says:

    Well Done Kabuki
    Very professional,creative, the shows are phenominal,fashion is an art and abuki have mastered and im looking forward to working with you all [can’t wait] good luck Kabuki xxxxxx

  90. Anon Says:

    I’m so happy to see that both Charriol and Blackliquid have landed on their feet after losing their jobs for refusing to complete a demeaning homework assignment! I’m proud of you for standing up for yourselves and not allowing an agency owner to belittle you into selling out your integrity. Kudos ladies!

  91. I am very happy for being part of this awesome agency; the shows runned were very creative and the staff are all hard workers! I enjoyed so much our last show, the snowflake-runway was amazing! and we had so much fun. I am looking forward to see what is coming next!

  92. Wenadrenia Soderstrom Says:

    First and foremost i would like to add that being in the Kabuki family is a real honor. B always tried to make the set , clothing, script , and show the best it can be. I have been in two of the productions and to tell you something the agency puts on one hell of a show. When watching it the vistion seem of the old times … when agencies cared what was going on in the show. tytyty Kabuki, B and all ist wonderful people!

  93. Charriol Ansar Says:

    Ka-Bam!! Ka-Pow!! KABUKI !!!

    The agency’s December 16th show was so hot things almost melted! In a winter-setting of ice and snowflakes all the models put on a fabulous show on an awesome set. I am happy to work with the agency, organised, professional and a really lovely team and family. Claps and hurrahs! Looking forward to a fantastic 2010….with a super bunch of people…smiles

    (oh and no homework here…winks)

  94. DevlinM Says:

    One of the most creative and well organized agencies I have ever worked for. Under the creative eye of Blackliquid Tokyoska, she has created a world for models where each show is a work of art. Continually pushing the envelope,our talents and abilities. This is one fantastic agency. I am proud to be a part of Blackliquid’s vision and look forward to all she has in store for us in 2010. As I know it will be amazing.

  95. kabukimodels Says:

    Thankyou for Adding us!

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