Post below your comments about Koncept Events Management Agency (KEMA). You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

One Response to “Koncept Events Management Agency (KEMA) (1)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just wondering what happened to KEMA? I was watching that one show they managed last year which was really top notched! Running I think 16 top and well known models for the show portraying top designers such as Azul, Stiletto Moody,Alienbear Jewelries, Belleza skins etc and doing so watched by 100 over guests! Its a wonder how they all managed to pull it off especially with so much lag and people in one location? I think the Agency belongs to Amput Bebb isnt it? Is she around nowadays? Just wondering….

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