4 Responses to “Ma Modeling Academy”

  1. M Says:

    reason that MA has to close is because Macy’s partnered died in RL. They did not mean to cause harm to anybody since the event was indeed accidental. I am a graduate of MA and I am very much proud to say that I respect the people within the agency as well as all other models in that agency. If there are any reason for them to close I believe it would not be of any desire to cheat or hurt anybody.

  2. Krissy Says:

    I know they screwed a lot of their graduates over from Dec of 2011. Macy packed up and closed house down demoted all their models without even so much as a notice to them letting them know she took off with their paid tuition and they were holding only a certificate without being able to hold their title in the group in which they trained to become a professional model. Which was wrong…Greedy much Macy? You screwed everyone over that was a model in your agency just because you decided to pack up and move to Canada and 6 months later you come back open the doors again and have to restart fresh when you could have had models that you had your staff train yet you threw them away unless they kissed your ass then they stayed in the agency on your return. That’s just brilliant don’t you think? How much money did you cash out on your paypal honey? maybe you should consider paying everyone you screwed back from the Dec 2010 classes up to closing. I wouldn’t recommend this agency either. Macy likes to pack up and run when she cant handle the heat in the kitchen and take your money too…There was several who paid for classes that didn’t get it because she closed up lock stock and barrel…No refund policy pfft….Your clause should state I will pack up and screw you over at any given time please be aware of this prior so you know to suck it up when I do it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Really not worth a penny of your money, They dont treat anyone as equal and feel they are better than you, i would not recommend this to any one! Its just a waste of Ls! The owners havent got a clue! They are bullies.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Would never recommend this agency to anyone, even my worst enemy. Spare you L, and go somewhere else. It will save you the hassle.

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