Post below your comments about MAD Agency. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. Fortunate Szondi Says:

    Kmadd was the most creative force ever…I loved attending their shows always and my love to Risa!

    Fortunate Szondi

  2. Says:

    It would be SO cool if just ONCE – an agent would come out here and appologize if they have acted in ways that are misleading. That would have been large. After all we can all make mistakes or do/say things that can be misinterpreted – except for the self appointed SL-fashionistas apparently.
    Dealing with it in anger, irritation and arrogance on the other hand is small.

  3. SuckMyPixels Says:

    “As you said, we all have a RL too”

    I doubt if there are many avatars who have a real life!

    Those clowns ‘Virtual CEOs’ take their ‘job’ seriously
    Being a real life failure, because you spend too much time on Secondlife..

    You’re really breaking my balls here. Scammers! Fraudsters! You never did a day’s work in your life. Stop to suck money from the others!

  4. jaxaster Says:

    I’d like to make a few things clear since there seem to be a few of you who are pissed off and I assume that you are still a MAD Model. I only removed one person because they were extremely rude and that had nothing to do with participation. For the rest of you who were removed, you were promptly added again as I was cleaning up the group.

    For those of you who keep stating that it was said that “all models who cast walked in a show” and are complaining that it isn’t true:

    I never said that all models who cast walked in one of the shows. In fact, I know they didn’t. And on that note, I did not choose all of the models for the shows, they were chosen by the designers as we honor designer requests within MAD. However, if you did cast for the shows and did not walk, your participation for casting is appreciated and your interest in participating has been noted.

    In addition, no one was threatened or “forced” into participating in the styling challenge. We simply did not have enough people who wanted to participate, so it was cancelled. Sorry, but we can’t have a show with 3 people. It’s just not possible. No one’s role at MAD was threatened by not attending agency parties. The parties are a fun way for us to all get together and get to know one another. It would be nice if more people attended but they are not mandatory, nor would you be terminated for not attending. That is absurd.

    Yes, the styling challenge was a way for me to get to know some of you that I do not already know. If you do not like the theme, then by all means, don’t do it. Why would we want someone participating in an event that we are putting on who doesn’t want to be there?

    And no, I do NOT have time to go through everyone’s flickr account (some of you do not have a flickr account). As you said, we all have a RL too. This is also why the MAD Agency Policy was sent you in order to get some basic information from you (email, flickr, etc.) in order to make contact easier. This was the same policy that was sent out when you first joined MAD with the info request added so that we could update our information and track who is current. You should have had no problem returning it. This was sent out 3 times with a request for response and 2 weeks were given to respond. I’m sorry to those who feel like 2 weeks is not enough time to take a few minutes to respond to something that you obviously want to be a part of. To me, 2 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time. If I gave you 2 days, that would be something to complain about.

    For those who have a problem with my note about participation:

    Text does not have a tone except the tone that is applied to it by the reader. I’m sorry that you took it that way. However, considering out of the numerous models we have at MAD, only about 20 had participated in anything in the last 6 months. Many have not even been logged in and have left the modeling industry or left SL all together. The group had not been cleaned since the agency was created. Yes, if you want to be in MAD you need to be a current and active model. It clearly states that in the document you signed when you first joined MAD and is nothing new. I was instructed to clean the group. I did so, and apparently FINALLY got some of your attention.

    If there is anything someone has a comment, concern, gripe, or complaint about, feel free to contact me in the future and I will clarify the situation for you to the best of my ability.

  5. SuckMyPixels Says:

    “MAD Agency has been here for the past 5 years and will be for the next 5 regardless of your perception of it’s success or if you think we run it fairly or not. That’s a reality!”

    No! It’s called “virtuality”!
    Another clown of the Virtual Fashion, without a Real Life, and sick of “Pixels”!

    The Steve Jobs of the Pixels!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What if they didnt own anything to style for your “Edwardian Redux” challenge? They would have been forced to buy of course. You know, not everybody has this specific kind of clothing as it is a matter of taste too, but they were obliged to cast….or else! Do I have to repost the link to Jax notice to once again underline his threatening tone?

    Once again you “forgot” to address the issue of “all model who applied were cast” and conveniently said you wont post here again.

    Why is it that it’s always the model who’s the liar but never the agency owner or the management? Jax should apologize for that notice who insulted and pissed off several MAD models.

  7. We never asked models to pay for their clothes to dress for challenges. They should have enough creativity to do with what they got. That’s exactly what we are looking for!

    Again, assumption – not a reality!

    As for my previous messages. If you are not happy to be part of the Agency based on it’s current rules – it is simple DON’T BE!

    We do not have to justify ourselves to people who obviously have no integrity hiding behind “anonymous”. If you had concerns while you were in the agency you NEVER voiced them with me.

    If you were afraid to voice them for fear of being fired, voice them now but with your name behind it and show some ownership and responsibility that comes with it.

    MAD Agency has been here for the past 5 years and will be for the next 5 regardless of your perception of it’s success or if you think we run it fairly or not. That’s a reality!

    All else is assumptions, accusations with no integrity behind it. This is not Shopping Cart Disco! And this drama is really not what interests us and have time for.

    We wish you all the best in your modelling careers.

    This is the last on the topic from me.


    Maddox Out!

  8. Says:

    Why is it every time someone dares voice criticism here it’s concidered vindictive crap lies or personal vengeance?
    Maybe Endy actually has a point?
    IF models at MAD get threathened to attend parties and selv-styled shows it’s amateurish of MAD and hardly a break of loyalty to let the general public know. Especially not when said agent claims to be one of the more high profiled ones in SL.

  9. Says:

    “It’s not true that all the models who cast were in the shows, that is a huge, gigantic, enormous lie and you all know that”

    Thank you Anonymous!

    I would imagine models currently employed with MAD does not dare to voice their heartfelt criticisms as they are afraid of getting fired. That does not mean everything is fine within the kingdom.

  10. Pat Says:

    Models shouldn’t be obliged to pay for clothes to style themselves so an agency can put up a show. If Boulevard does it it doesn’t mean it’s fair or right.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    As Jax Aster is fairly new to MAD Agency he is not expected to be familiar with all our models. Models that came to 2 castings we had and ran in the shows, he is now familiar with.

    He should be as, you claimed it yourself, he’s “fashion savvy” -insert eyeroll here-

    Others have been invited to participate in style challenge to assess their skill level and keep them motivated and focused in between shows. Expecting us to look through flickr and blogs to assess models is unreasonable and not time efficient as we got nearly 100 models (as you kindly pointed out we got RL as well).

    Nobody said to look through all the blogs and flickr of each and every Mad model, I said do a styling contest, who said you should look through every flickr and blog? Not me. A styling contest via your blog, that’s what i meant. Even if looking at others blogs and flickr is a good exercise to see whats floating around and keep your “fashion savvyness” up with the latest trends

    If you did not turn up to 2 castings, did not attend party twice as well and did not return new policy – then you are simply not engaged, have left SL or do not read notices.

    Or have RL issues, it can happen, theres also such a thing called “time zones”. I have never seen another agency threatening to kick out people because people didn’t cast to 2 shows or attend to 2 parties. Since when parties are compulsory? And why would they have to be?

    Before assuming it is good to know the truth.

    And i just love it how you diplomatically left out the part where you claim to have cast all the models who applied. Because you couldnt admit to everybody to have lied there.

  12. As Jax Aster is fairly new to MAD Agency he is not expected to be familiar with all our models. Models that came to 2 castings we had and ran in the shows, he is now familiar with.

    Others have been invited to participate in style challenge to assess their skill level and keep them motivated and focused in between shows. Expecting us to look through flickr and blogs to assess models is unreasonable and not time efficient as we got nearly 100 models (as you kindly pointed out we got RL as well).

    If you did not turn up to 2 castings, did not attend party twice as well and did not return new policy – then you are simply not engaged, have left SL or do not read notices.

    I am sorry but that’s just not good enough.

    My view on this is quite simple: if you do not like our rules, you are free to go. And it seems it was time.

    BTW, Edwardian Redux is a valid theme for styling challenge – if everyone could do it with their eyes closed it would not be a challenge. This theme was chosen to go with the current set at KMADD Events which was used for “Al Fresco” Ladies Who Lunch Fashion Show last month and it features old English Mansion.

    Before assuming it is good to know the truth.

    As far as loss of popularity comment is concerned, pathetic stab that shows me you are hurt. I am sorry you feel that way, obviously being with “not so popular” agency now will not be the best career move for you, so why then even bother commenting?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Youre a nice guy Madd and it’s true, the parties were always there, and before Jax arrival they indeed felt like they were the occasion to meet and be part of a family. Not anymore, not when it feels that you are forced to be at said parties, for evaluation reasons or because if don’t show up you won’t work. People do have real lives and they shouldnt feel threatened if they don’t cast a couple of times or can’t come to a party.

    And no it’s not true that all the models who cast were in the shows, that is a huge, gigantic, enormous lie and you all know that. Saying that in public shows how little respect you have for your models that and you are just trying to cover your asses.

    And to show what i mean when i mention the threatening notice, here it is in all its glory. You can read it and draw your conclusions. To me this notice is petulant and pissy and shows what kind of person Jax is.

    A boutique agency should not have “style yourselves shows”, if you want to see your models styling abilities (strange that you don’t know them already) you can do a casting and blog their looks, not use them to regain the popularity you have lost. Models don’t like to be used this way.

    And seriously? Edwardian Redux? Who came up with that?

  14. “One rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel.”

    It is really sad to see that few models who lost their position recently with MAD Agency would be the first to post on here.

    Jax Aster, is highly motivated, fashion industry savvy and inspirational leader who’s recent initiative: “styling challenge” was designed to test skill and engagement level of current MAD Agency model group with whom he was not as yet familiar with as he had no opportunity of working with them.

    In the light of 2 shows that Jax has done since taking over from Risa Bright after almost 12 months of no shows, which resulted in poor casting attendance from MAD models, we believe “style challenge” was an excellent idea to test who is still interested in being in the agency and keep skill level of our models sharp for when we do return to do shows.

    It must be mentioned…
    that we have never insisted on attendance for these, all MAD Agency parties were team building opportunities for socializing of our model group and we have no intention in stopping these nor paying models for participation.

    All models were given plenty of opportunities to: attend casting for 2 shows and voluntarily participate in 2 style challenges in-between but also we have sent updated MAD Agency Policy that needed to be returned signed by models to remain with the agency. ONLY AFTER THIS, did necessary model pool cuts have been made and these were never based on “style challenge” participation.

    Mostly models that are no longer in SL have been removed from the group and it seems few divas who obviously made no effort to show their willingness to stay with the agency or work as a team and now have found audacity to complain about it.

    We treat our staff as valuable contributors to Agency’s success and you can only participate in our success if you are regularly showing for castings, occasionally engage in “style challenge” and attend Agency Parties which are designed to keep you focus and promote YOU and MAD Agency. Teams that play together stay together has always been our policy.

    As stated before, we are a boutique modelling agency, we do not do many shows because we choose to. If you are after quantity over quality it is best you seek a different agency.

    For models that had to leave us, we wish you all the best in your modelling career.

    Models that stay with MAD Agency know what we have to offer and what is means to be part of our shows, now we can move forward with renewed vision and motivation with people that want to continue their journey with us.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    If you are getting the notices, then you were or are obviously a MAD Model, might check your loyalty on that one. Ye, in the past there have been few shows; however, MAD has always been a quality over quantity agency. If you had paid attention in the past few months you would notice that they have done several. The same models are cast because it is the same models casting for the shows or the designers choose the models. I have the note cards from the group too and NONE of them are over. One notice simply stated that the show was canceled due to lack of participation and thanked those who casted. The other NC sent out was a MAD Agency Model Policy that I have from when I first joined MAD. The policy states expectations of each model……just like EVERY OTHER AGENCY HAS. You didn’t post them because there’s nothing to post. And, one self-styled show is hardly a crime. I actually think it sounds like fun…a chance to style how you want for an event. I’d enjoy seeing the creativeness of everyone who wanted to participate.

    To the Anonymous person who responded…..

    First off, I’d like to say that I am both a MAD model and BLVD model. That being said, the 2 are completely different and are run now and then completely different. Frolic and Jax are by far nothing a like. I’ve been a MAD model for a few years, and can honestly say that shows, styling challenges, and agency parties have always been around. Also, if you classify Jax as Drama Queen, your SL must be INSANE. Jax is the most drama free person I know. You obviously do not now him. I never received any blackmailing notices, and if you think you did, you probably took it the wrong way because you weren’t doing what you were supposed to be doing.

    Both of you, get your facts straight.

  16. Say what? Says:

    Oh, and I also model for MAD Agency and parties have always been a part of this agency even when Risa was around. Get your story straight!

  17. Say what? Says:

    I work for BLVD and Frolic has never demanded we go anywhere. All crap, lies and personal vengeance as always…

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Oh yes endralu, you hit a spot there. I believe the new manager thinks he works for Frolic’s “agency”, not for MAD. He doesn’t know how things were before he got in, when Risa was in charge.he thinks MAD models need to show off and be in the spotligh at all cost like Boulevard’s models. He’s so wrong because they’re all professionals instead. Im sorry to say it but Maddox didnt pick well this time. Jax is just a drama queen who got mad and sent out a spiteful blackmailing email when he saw that nobody casted to his ridiculous excuse of a showcase despite his incessant spam.

  19. Says:

    This agency wants to be seen as one of the most professional agencies in SL. But what do they do? Yes, in the very few shows they do – they cast the same models over and over and threathens the rest who never get cast at anything with being fired if they don’t show up at parties or other whims like the selfstyled show they tried for recently. I have the notecards that were sent out by Jax Aster to the group after they had to make the cancelletion for lack of participation – I won’t publish them here but trust me they were over the top.
    Don’t they understand models sign with agencies to work as models – meaning be in real shows, not only selfstyled events to promote the agency – for free? I think thats why they also hired that huge model group a year ago – selfpromo, not ever intending any of the models to work.
    But the models seem to linger on in the group as to be a MAD model is some kinda privilige. Maybe if you guys threw your faithful staff more work you’d see more participation on selfsyled events? This biz is a two-way street folks but at MAD it seems to be one way and one way only. I can only affirm artydawgs comment here, this agency is not really the bigshots as they like to think.

  20. Sorry I just saw top comment and I wanted to also answer what artydawg said regarding casting over a year ago and number of shows we had since then.

    We are completely aware how it must seem to you that we hired large group of people but have not done many shows since then. There is a reason for this hire as well as slow in activity for MAD Agency. Things are never that simple.

    Allow me to explain…

    The reason we needed to hire new models was simply that we have lost a large number of models who have been with us for nearly 4 years (since the agency’s inceptions) and large number of them were either not in SL anymore or not modelling any longer or have progressed in their career which became conflict of interest for us. We did not have enough people to meet demands of the castings if we were to get shows. This explains the reason for hire.

    To attract only the best talent in SL (which we did), we had to go all the way with our casting call, nothing unusual for KMADD. We like to do things properly and give potential candidates a taste of what it is to be in demanding immersive MAD Agency show. We did 4 shows where candidates were tested on styling, poses, teamwork etc. Very unusual for casting calls but it allowed us to select only the best, most of whom are still with us.

    As you know MAD Agency is a boutique modeling agency. Which means we choose which shows we do, we do not do “free shows” and we do not do shows every week/month = we are about quality not quantity. We do not own a magazine on a side and do not get sponsorships for our shows nor do we have a large number of people in our management team (there is only 2 of us) to be able to do high number of shows. Every candidate was across this when they accepted to join MAD Agency.

    Three things have influenced our “quiet period” since then.

    1) Travel
    I had several trips I had to make this year to see my family which meant that for about 3 months I was unavailable in SL.

    2) Loss of Staff
    Kirk Claymore who was director of MAD Agency and my partner in SL has been absent for over 2 years from SL. I have him in skype weekly but his RL career has kept him really busy (and tired) to be able to log in and assist me and Risa. Which meant that all the marketing and product creation fell on my shoulders. I basically run KMADD on my own now with some help of my manager Eve Petlyakov who I hired to manage certain projects so I can free up time for creating things for MADesigns. MADesigns is my priority and always has been – this is bread and butter for KMADD and without it there would not be KMADD and neither MAD Agency.
    MAD Agency has always been only fun and passion for us and not our main business nor source of income – if anything it costs us money but we like doing it so we kept doing it. It is just how it is.

    3) Global Economy
    Many agencies in SL these days do free shows or get sponsorships or run a magazine which cover the cost of their productions and keep them alive. We like to pay our models and as you know we do grand large-scale shows (which means we also need to get paid); as our agency caters to the high end of the market (which means our shows do not come cheap – you get what you paid for- for quality of the production) due to global economy many established brands have decided to drop shows from their budget or perhaps do shows with someone else. I do not blame them. When you can not afford things you must downsize. Unfortunately, this would have had an affect on how many people approach MAD Agency to do show with. While we had people almost every month in first 3 years with change in economy in RL and SL this has dropped drastically.
    I am also limited with time as I also need to work hard in SL releasing every week to be able to keep KMADD afloat.

    Our recent collaboration with MODAVIA where we provided sets and music – Modavia Fashion Week and Pop Art project as well as Derezzed were last shows that featured many of MAD Agency models (many of MAD Agency models belong to Modavia as well) and my sets.

    Rest assured we will be back. Now that Kirk has returned to SL, KMADD Events and Shows are planned in a near future.

    We do thank you for your patience with us and hope that above makes sense and we have not offended anyone. Things change and our priorities need to as well.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at our shows when we return – see below comment on how you can stay updated.

    Maddox DuPont
    MAD Agency Creative Director / Owner
    KMADD Enterprise / MADesigns

  21. Says:

    This agency held a HUGE casting some months ago. Over 20 new people were hired. And some were invited – like some pageants and “famous” photographers. So far there’s been like 2 shows – both featuring mostly those models who were invited, not those who auditioned. Plus – the management have busied themselves with building sets for Modavia. So – what’s happening with MAD? Very little it seems. Why have people spend hours on end to go through the most heavily advertized audition in SL fashion history when there’s never been any intention of working with them? My take on this is that the huge audition was just a big promo tool to create a bit of buzz around an agency that had been quiet for a while. Those models who went through the big audition will most likely never ever walk. That’s my take on it anyway. But I hope to be proven wrong.

  22. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    then why dont you tell them that then..because that is what i was told when i asked…maybe they told me so i would drop it..maybe not..all i can say is thats what i was i dropped it

  23. Hot and hotter Says:

    I’m sorry but the info is not correct.

  24. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    which is what i said….but i dropped the group…i asked someone..they told me they got enough models and probably wont be casting for at least 6 months

  25. GeorgieBoy Juliesse Says:

    Ok, this is what it says on the KMADD blog for those who would like to model for KMADD.

    “Please be advised that MAD Agency is not hiring at the moment. All future applicants may join Kmadd Enterprise group for future recruiting announcements.”

    So yeah, joining the group does not *entitle* one to be a MAD Agency model, but it’s the only way to know if they are hiring. I’ve been a member of the group for a year now and have never seen anything about hiring new models yet. I figure they are very happy with the models they currently have.

  26. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    weird..they told me to enter KMADD in order to be informed of castings in MAD…weird

  27. Hot and hotter Says:

    I think you’re confused Brittney, MAD agency and Kmadd Designs are two different groups. Joinig KMADD Designs doesn’t entitle you to enter MAD modelling agency as entering is by invitation only.

  28. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    in order to join this, you must join KMADD Designs, and they will post castings and stuff, which is fine with me, but i need a lot of group space for things i need to do, so i will keep it for a while, but if nothing turns up, im afraid its gone, but nice designs!

  29. Some last Says:

    QUESTION: Avenue, Evane, MAD, Modavia, Ewing
    and LOOK Elite Models – what do they have in common?

    ANSWER: They are the oldest agencies in SL, stabile managments, professionalism and very, very little drama and yes, still there after years of activity.

    Well done all of you, hope to see you for many more years to come!

  30. Even after 2 years in SL and seeing many model agencies come and go I still believe that MAD Agency is the best!

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