3 Responses to “Make It Work”

  1. Nave Fall Says:

    With all the controversy over various “contests” and “pageants” swirling about I think that what we’ve done with Make It Work is remarkable and stands up to any level of scrutiny.

    For example:

    Anyone can enter without buying a thing, although we may create a group going forward that will need to be joined.

    The box of Tres Beau goodies you get to play with is worth at least a L$1000 by itself and we’ve ALWAYS given them away for free ( this may change soon too stay tuned )

    The prizes are worth $L40 – 50,000 to the finalists and every finalist gets something for making it to the last 10 standing

    We’ve encouraged men to enter.

    The picture entered has never had to be heavily photo-shopped to make the cut. The styling is what gets looked at not the face…………

    Creativity has always won it in the end. It pays to read the rules – ask Sensual Fold about that one, and the rules have been wide open too. We’re looking at the rules now too, to make sure they stay straight forward)

    The voting is impossible to rig much of what gets looked at by the randomly chosen judges is anonymous.

    Going forward there won’t be ANY more public voting. This is not a popularity contest. It’s a styling challenge.

    So……….. get ready. Make It work will be back after the New Year with an even better contest.

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  2. Nave Fall Says:

    Make It Work will return after the New Year with renewed vigor.

    Thanks for asking


  3. ~TLC~ Says:

    What happened to the MIW contests?

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