Post below your comments about Maniera Model Management. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

23 Responses to “Maniera Model Management (23)”

  1. Sami Kutanaga Says:

    Even though I am not with Maniera any longer, I was there in the beginning and offense to HOTTEST and the comments made. Yes there is a lot of due to give to Second Style, Runway, and others who broke ground by creating in in-world magazines of substance and style. They laid the ground work that allowed Topaz and I to start Nemesis Fashion Group and eventually became Maniera of today. I was there in the long hours and major financial investment, not talking Lindens, it took to build and create, sacrificing my own career, to build something special. We looked out there and saw a chance to build something new and different with a level of quality in a magazine, school, and agency that has only grown more stringent. And to make a point, there were no themed magazines like Maniera of today when the Maniera Group was started.
    Maniera is all about Style and stetting trends, but it also about long hours, hard work, and investment that few would be willing to make. Nox has ever right to talk because he earned it. Hottest, when you have worked till 3 or 4 in morning for 2 weeks straight and hired only the best photographers and are producing high quality product more than a year and half later, then you have earned the right to criticize, until then …. I you think know. Don’t minimize the sweat and tears that was put into creating Maniera because you can’t.

  2. HOTTEST Says:

    Oh, so you actually had to apply to get this nomination? LMAO, This just keeps getting funnier and funnier.

    Does your digital ego stop anywhere?

    Good luck to you all bunch of loosers!

  3. Nox Deigan Says:

    Would like to thank the two that have added their two cents, but I think the point of this is missed entirely: This contest is about digital publishing, something many Second Life magazines have been doing for years. There are people in Second Life that make their livings off of this in some fashion.. RL designer work with SL Digital publications. RL Organizations. RL People.

    This isn’t about just Maniera. Not everyone submitted to these awards for consideration is accepted; denial letters are sent out. This is about the passion and dedication of the SL digital publishing community as a whole. Even if Maniera does not make it to the finals, it shows that the digital publishing world is changing and finally taking us, the SL digital publishing community, seriously when it comes to advancements in this field.

    I think anyone in our publishing community can nod their heads in agreement that it’s not easy to say “Well, hey, I manage/own/design/write/photograph/graphic/whatever in Second Life.” Second what? A video game? No, it’s a real, international community with a graphic interface with the ability to transfer out and in real world funds. Huh?

    As for the judges, if you want a list of their or their clients involvements in Second Life or their media coverage of Second Life, please feel free to do a google search or contact me directly for the links since agencyreport does not post multiple linked postings.

  4. YeahRight Says:

    Here is to writing your own submission containing out right lies and passing them on to people who aren’t involved with Second Life who cannot know any better.

    Congratulations on your publication being nominated for this award under false pretenses.

    First themed magazine my ass. Classic Topaz style. No one else existed before her.

  5. HOTTEST Says:

    They are the first themed magazine inworld? LOL

    NO, they are not!

    Second Style and many others existed before maniera.

  6. Maniera Model Says:

    I love Maniera.
    The staff is always professional and the magazine ROCKS!
    Congratulations on the nomination.

  7. Nave Fall Says:

    How cool is it when your friends are recognized for their hard work and professionalism? I’ll tell you….. very very cool.

    I read several of SL’s digital magazines every month, but I ALWAYS look forward to Maniera with anticipation, perhaps because Topaz teases me, but I’m never disappointed. That said, reading this press release made me grin from ear to ear.
    Congratulations to everyone at Maniera are in order.

    Maniera Magazine Editor of the Year 2010 nominee.

    CEO Topaz Joubert and former Managing Editor Nox Deigan of Second Life® Maniera Magazine have been nominated for Editor of the Year in the Digital Magazine Awards 2010. Celebrating the best magazine and individuals from the digital publishing industry, each category will be judged by some real life industry hard-hitters such as Gavin Drake, Vice President of Marketing for Quark, Peter Bale, Executive Producer for Microsoft UK and David Rowan, Editor of UK WIRED with the winners to be announced on the 27th October.

    MANIERA MAGAZINE is one of Second Life®’s top fashion and lifestyle magazines with a distribution of over 30,000 in world. They were the first themed magazine in Second Life® and boast a staff of professionals in their field not only in Second Life® but in real life as well. They raise the bar of Second Life®’s magazine publishing industry by demanding excellence in their professional writing, expert photography and sleek design.

    The Digital Magazine Awards 2010, in association with Quark Inc., are global awards to showcase the best digital magazines and recognize the most influential people in digital publishing today. They raise the bar on industry standards, celebrate the publishing revolution of digital magazines and grow and evolve with this burgeoning industry.

    The judging process to select the Finalists for each sector will be undertaken by a selection panel composed of members of the Digital Magazine Awards and luminaries from the Digital Magazine Industry. The Finalists will be submitted to members of the Digital Magazine Awards, luminaries of the Digital Magazine Industry and members of the Lead Judging Panel who will then select a Bronze, Silver and Winner in each sector. The Lead Judging Panel will select the winner of the Magazine of the Year.

    Links to the current and previous issues of Maniera Magazine can be accessed from their blog at or via a kiosk in Second Life®.

  8. Annamaria Manatiso Says:

    I’m honored to be a part of such a wonderful agency the family atmosphere created amongst all in this agency is wonderful not to mention I feel so fortunate to be in an agency I consider one of the very best in SL the way they make sure each of us at some point gets to work and their attention to us individually is awesome…Sami and Topaz are always willing to help me further my modeling skills as well as other models at this agency and I love love love that there are no Diva’s here if you are willing to work hard,listen to direction do what is asked and respect others this is the agency for you!

  9. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    they are not hiring atm, i checked. and i will check back! it looks like a good place, and ive ehard from friends it is a good place to go to

  10. nave fall Says:

    So many people in here concentrate on their own sad experiences that groups that consistently excel can go unnoticed. That’s just wrong………

    Maniera draws so little attention in here and it deserves some accolades………….

    Topaz and Sami do a spectacular job with their models, their school, their styling and the magazine itself. I find them a pleasure to deal with. ALWAYS reasonably priced too……………

    No drama, no inconsistencies, great models

    Again, take my opinion as MY OPINION

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  11. Astrokris Messmer Says:

    And all I have to say is DARN IT!! I sooo wanted to get to your show this weekend….but once again, due to your outstanding team from Sami to Candi to Topaz (to name just a few) I was left outside scalping for a ticket (region was full again)!!

    Anyway saw the Video and it looked wonderful…next show please reserve a seat for me will ya girls!! (ie kick the griefers)

    Anyway great job!!

    Kris Messmer
    iC Motions Fashion Agency CEO

  12. Topaz Joubert Says:

    Yesterday I had my first show. Opa’s Summer of Love Fashion Show. I want to thank everyone for their support. Sami for being one hell of a show producer, the models you out did yourselves, Miranda for the slamming music , Candio for building one groovy peace sign runway and jenn for the awesome setting . WOW you could smell the hemp and patchouli in the air!

    Thank you so much for making the show so special you have all continue to amaze me.

    Warmest Regards


  13. Lola Baudin Says:

    I am truly honored to be part of the Maniera Model Management as a model trainer and model. Sami was my instructor at SuperElite and I have always been impressed with her dedication, professinalism, and capableness. But above all, she is a very kind person with a great heart. I feel the same way about Topaz. Both are warm and generous people who treat you with respect and kindness with disregard of “status” Whether you are a new student or supermodel; they treat everyone in same regard. They work tirelessly to make this agency a wonderful place to their models, management team, and everyone who works for them.

    Everyone from owners to models is very down to earth who encourage each other with support and enthusiasm. Castings are always fair; they give everyone a chance, including the new models, who really need it the most when they are starting out. It is truly an honor to be part of this family.. and this is what it feels like. But I would also like to point out that despite the “family like atmosphere” Everyone is extremely professional and capable within the industry.

    And can I just add that they produce some of the best shows ever! It’s fun, intimate, and just a blast. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being part of this wonderful team. xoxo

  14. Topaz Joubert Says:

    Thank you Miss Divalicious for you kind words. I am still laughing at your post. The issue exceeded my expectations and all of the guys were just great to work with. We hope to bring you more exciting issues! Thank you again!

  15. Divalicious Says:

    OH MY GOD, I just saw the August 2009 issue of Maniera Magazine and I’m left breathless. Where did you find such amazing perfect male specimens? lol.

    Can I have one of those men please? or two…
    I’d take RicoRacer with his boy next door good looks and amazing body, or Finlandich with his rugged masculinity…or Mikey with his endearing intelligent sex appeal. Oh Hell, I can’t decide. I love them all. lol.

    Thank you Maniera Magazine for an amazing heart throbbing issue. Miss Divalicious wants MORE MORE MORE…

  16. Liliya Avedon Says:

    I discovered this agency from a model workshop that I attended in July. I missed most of the workshop because of my internet connection, but Topaz was the special guest and she left me with a big impression, much so that I wanted to take their academy courses right away!

    It has taken some time, but I am now officially signed up and I paid for the schooling. I am going to take the full course, as advised by Sami. I actually used to model in SL two years ago, but RL issues came up and I had to leave SL for sometime. But I can’t keep away from it. I also can’t get over my passion for modeling. So, this is my chance to get back into what I dream of doing.

    Topaz is very attentive and always seems to welcome any IMs she gets with questions. Do not be intimidated, she is kind and very welcoming.

    I’m looking forward to getting started in the classes next week! I know from my experience with Maniera, so far, that it will be great.

  17. RicoRacer Flux Says:

    I am truly BLESSED and HONORED to be picked as one of MANIERA MAGAZINE’S MEN of STYLE 2009 WINNERS. This has been one of the best experience I’ve ever had in SL. It was such a great joy to work with such a caring, supportive and professional team. The total combination of Maniera’s amazing sense of style, great eye for detail, super talented staff and specialized one on one attention to their models have always brought out amazing results. JUST PICK UP A COPY OF MANIERA MAGAZINE NOW and be prepared to be amazed.

    To Topaz: I just want to thank you with all my heart for all the support and encouragement you have given me. I am eternally grateful and You will always be one of my mentors. You are an amazing person.

    To Sami/Topaz/MAniera: Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a Maniera Model. It is an honor and I can’t wait to work with the Maniera family.

  18. Caylla Winnikow Says:

    This is by far the best agency I have modeled for. Casting is always super fair and there are constantly opportunities to participate in shows or magazine shoots. The management is well organized and hard working and the shows always run smooth. Thanks Topaz and Sami for the doors you have opened for your Maniera models! I ❤ Maniera!

  19. Glitter Bolissima Says:

    Now this is a modeling agency! Steady work for ALL the models. No favoritism here! All models have a chance to be on the cover and in the Maniera magazine every month. Top notch management and teachers.

    If you are thinking of attending modeling school, this is a good place to start.

    It is like one big family here. I am so lucky to be a part of it 🙂

  20. Cate Honi Says:

    As a new model I wasn’t really sure what to do or where to go. Topaz Joubert, who I know is always busy, took extra time working with me and making sure I knew what I was doing. She helped me with every part of modeling and has helped me become a very Mode.

  21. CandiO Contepomi Says:

    As a model for Maniera I have to agree with both comments. It is a pleasure and honor to work with everyone in this agency. I feel supported completely by the staff and the other models. Things are handled very professionally and great deal of thought was put into this agency from the beginning.

  22. Ocean Miami Says:

    Oh yes! I knew I needed to post a comment about Maniera tonight since I almost posted about everyone else! LOL:) Maniera was my very first place of training as a model on SL! I perfectly agree with everything that was said in the comment below: After I finished my training course with Lilly, Maniera took us under their wings as new models (from day one)! They spent hours upon hours giving us advice, answering questions through IM, styling us, shopping with us, teaching us runway tricks, practicing routines with us, and preparing us for the modeling world out there. How can I ever repay you for this? I hope someday I can.. I am a Maniera girl for as long as I am on secondlife (and maybe even in thirdlife!) You are in my picks guys! I love you!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    I cannot possibly say enough good things about this group of people: Some of the most accomplished models, business managers, designers, photographers, and editors in secondlife are at Maniera. Yet everyone is so down to earth and helpful and respectful of their clients and of their colleagues. And what I heard from every single one of their models is they feel supported and appreciated by the agency and its CEO, and that they all owe a debt of gratitude to Maniera in one way or another. I highly recommend Maniera to everyone is the fashion industry, and to the entire SL business community at large. Please spread the word about them: Good people like this ought to be encouraged and encouraged and encouraged! They are a true asset to secondlife.

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