42 Responses to “Marítima (33)”

  1. Melenda Resident Says:

    @Wheres the men? Generally the shapes are designer based especially when it comes to mens wear. Don’t the M blame the deisgners.

  2. Nicki Says:

    All i can say is…

    MARITIMA IS FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicki Vervain

  3. Speechless! Says:

    I’m speechless at their show today! Superb performance and excellent crowd. And even with that crowd, lag was surprisingly acceptable. Truly an eye-opening show! I look forward to watching more shows in the future at maritima! (i didn’t see any guys in this show however, unfortunately; or fortunately?)

  4. Where's the men? Says:

    I’ve watch a couple of the shows this week and I am a little disappointed of the male shapes. Why does Maritima make their men look like androgynous child avies? They look like skinny walking sticks with big heads which is very unattractive. It also distorts the clothing when they pose because they look one dimensional. Make the men shape normal please. And I’m not talking about steroid over built shapes either.

  5. Lua Vendetta Says:

    Just a quick post here, hard work, to many things to do but the events at Maritima with Amnesty Intl, are well organized, the models are professionals, Maritima team did a fantastic work, all this for a good cause. I was in the sunday Hyperculture FS and was great, so all the efforts are compensated 🙂
    I posted a few pics in my blog, will try to go to next events.

    Maritima Blogger and Model

  6. CasualViewer Says:

    I want to second what Just Passing said. I was at the show last night and it really was amazingly professional and just plain impressive.

    I’ve been to lots and lots of shows; but this was fantastic.

    Great job by all concerned.

  7. Just Passing By Says:

    Just been to one of their “Fashion Week” show today. I must admit, it has been one of the most impressive show I’ve ever been to (and I have been to a LOT, trust me).

    The models were very well-coordinated and executed perfect poses to display the outfits, the choreography was amazing and their team kept the audience feel welcomed.

    On top of that, they’re doing this for charity purpose, It’s definitely a great cause. 11 out of 10 Maritima. Great job.

  8. Frowning Onlooker Says:

    To Um.No.: How do you know all of the exact specifics of what Maritima’s intentions were when sending out the notices, unless you are Nyu Nyu or Nico… a part of Maritima’s management team?

    You are right, the decision was not of my discretion, but I think anyone who deals with Maritima on any level is certainly free to have an opinion about how that was handled, and as I stated below, it is my opinion (and not only mine) that it was poorly handled. As Linda mentioned, never would you see a public statement from a well-run RL corporation including accusations like that when making an announcement about a change in the management team. Of course, to do so in RL would leave that corporation liable to being sued, and in SL, we don’t have the same legal liabilities when it comes to many facets of our lives and in-world interactions. Anyone can slander another person and cause damage to their reputation, and there really is no recourse for that. Regardless, it is a reckless business practice and lacks some class, as well. I don’t think you would see other well-knwon industry leaders like Kay Fairey, Mimmi Boa, etc. engaging in behaviour like that, no matter the disagreement with their former employee.

    If there were actions committed by Ms. Courtois that were unethical and damaging to Maritima’s client base, then of course Maritima’s responsibility would have been to contact the designers or individuals directly affected by such actions… but in a discrete and professional manner. I think it was distasteful for a notice like that to be sent to many, many people who had no knowledge and/or nothing to do with the situation. How it appears to several members of the general public is that the notices were an undignified last attempt to smear Ms. Courtois’ face in the mud while she was on her way out the door, and certainly, the way an organization handles such a situation speaks to how they would handle conflict in another situation, say with other employees or with designers they might work with in the future. It was just not professional and could have been managed much better than it was. This is absolutely something that people in the industry have the right to consider if deciding to do business with Maritima in the future.

  9. Um. No. Says:

    Maritima had every right to inform it’s client base what was going on. Drama-riden or not,
    that is not up to your digression. What Maritima did was very professional
    and it’s only intention was to inform the client base of the occurance, and
    inform about the new leaders. It was necessary to point out some of the other
    stuff so other people in this industry know that Maritima had so affiliation or
    association with said person. What Ms. Courtis has said does and done not reflect
    Martitima in any way, so yes it was neccessary imo.

    Anyways, Maritima is a very well handled business and i say goodluck to the company

  10. Just my opinion as well, that if something like this happens again that a simple “As of today, we regret to inform you that [so and so] is no longer associated with Maritima and please direct all future inquiries to [so and so] until further notice.” would have sufficed.

    This is what would have been done in the RL professional world as no one needs to know or have hints as to the reasons why someone was let go. Tongues are still going to wag but why wave the bait openly!?!

  11. Frowning Onlooker Says:

    OH… and before I’m accused, I am not emanuelle nor do I even know her other than having worked with her peripherally. I don’t know what she did, but regardless of what it was, the way the announcement was made really put a bad taste in my mouth.

  12. Frowning Onlooker Says:

    Within the last 24 hours, a notice was sent out announcing the firing of emanuelle Courtois, Maritima’s director. The way this was announced makes me wonder about Maritima’s business ethics, as a vague but public allegation was made about Ms. Courtois, making a statement about “inappropriate behavior which was not conducive to maintaining good relations within the fashion industry.” Whether or not she behaved inappropriately, the ethics of such a statement being made to the general public is questionable. As an organization that has developed a pretty good reputation so far (a lot of that due to Ms. Courtois’ work), this action is one that I, personally, found really disappointing and bordering on unprofessional. I hope this is not an indication of how Maritima is going to be conducting business in the future, because this looked catty and drama-laden to me.

  13. fashion observer Says:

    I enjoyed it too 🙂

  14. Gisele Mubble Says:

    I was so happy with Maritima’s Staff the models and the runway presentation with my show Saturday Night. It was a pleasure to work with NyuNyu Kimono and Taellinu Aich.Maritima is my goto agency for my next fashion show.

  15. Once again, another great event last night at Maritma with the “I Can Style” contest. This was my third time participating in this event and each time has been extremely enjoyable.

    Win or lose, this contest keeps you on your toes (literally last night) when it comes to styling, poses, etc. It’s an event I look forward to because it challenges me and isn’t that what SL modeling is all about? The judges may not agree with, or even like our choices or see our vision, but if we challenge ourselves to be creative then our goal is met.

    Thank you to NyuNyu, emanuelle and Tae for their professionalism and sheer patience with everyone. And, of course, to our judges last night, Kimmera Madison and Nave Fall. It was a pleasure to be judged by you both. Scary even, but worth every nail biting moment.

    Smiley Face

  16. Nave Fall Says:

    Last night Kimmera and I judged one of a series of Maritima’s “I Can Style” challenges that NyuNyu Kimono (Marítima, CEO) and emanuelle Courtois (Marítima, Director) conduct for Maritima’s models. The new runway was gorgeous and the models were very imaginative in the looks they chose to create for the event.

    Kim and I have both attended several of these previously and we like the way Maritima does them, so having Tres Beau asked to sponsor one was a treat. I wanted to thank NyuNyu and emanuelle in public for inviting us to do this and to congratulate ALL of the models who participated. Judging this was very tough……………….
    I have my own blog now at http://menswearsl.wordpress.com/ ). I’m going do a lengthier post about this judging this event there and post some pics if Burly will let me have them. I was way too busy trying to evaluate 14 models on their outfits, poses, formation and description writing skills to take pics too. Wahhhhhhhhhh

    Thanks again everyone

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  17. Lua Vendetta Says:

    You’re right Ava, being part of Maritima is priceless, from the models, staff, CEO’s, designers, bloggers { 😉 }, all are amazing, are Pro’s they know what they do and most important they do with passion and that feeling is passed to us, and make us work harder to be better and have Maritima name always in the Top

  18. kunglers Says:

    it was a pleasure working with such professional team like Marítima. NyuNyu, Emanuelle and all the staff along the models were flawless! I guess we have a new partnership here 😉

    AvaGardner Kungler

  19. Rawr Adored Says:

    Its a real pleasure to work with Maritima , They were complete professionals and really helped my buisness get of the ground , I look forward to working with them on future projects and castings

    Owner of QuickSand
    Rawr Adored

  20. Lua Vendetta Says:

    Hi 🙂 The Le Petits Détails show at Maritima yesterday was fantastic, like everything in Maritima :), take a look to my blog to see pics from the FS.

    Have a nice rest of sunday

    Lua Vendetta
    Proudly Maritima Model & Blogger

  21. Hi all!! I’m Nevery Lorakeet, the owner of *Les Petits Détails*.

    I’m proud to invite you all to join us this evening (6,00 PM slt) at Marìtima for my fashion show!!

    We will present you my line of dresses, skins, shoes, accessories!

    The show will be perfect and spectacular! All the Marìtima’s Staff worked for organizing it and I’m sure It will be absolutely fantastic.

    They are wonderful! The models they selected are all stunning and everything has been followed with attention, care and energy!

    I’m really happy, excited and very much satisfyed of their work!

    So…what else could I say?

    Don’t miss the show!!

  22. Anon, I don’t know about your past experience but I personally really enjoy being at Maritima both for shows and their contests and their classes. Nyu could not be any more helpful or apologetic when things happen that are even out of her control. Even those who really aren’t even interested in modeling per se but who just want to join in a contest, Nyu helps out and answers each & every question. The woman is amazing! Two thumbs up from me & if I had more thumbs, I’d use those too.

  23. Cieleste Magic Says:

    Aww, I’m sorry you have a negative view, Anon, but I assure you the staff are all friendly and doing their best for the agency and the models and the agency is definitely not small anymore. x) Despite whatever bad experience you had, I hope you’ll give it another chance in the future! (:


  24. Anon Says:

    Wasn’t impressed when they were Muse – the staff were rude and unprofessional. I would never treat any of my team in such a manner. Nice to see some good reviews but we have seen that all before with all the little agencies that pop up.

    Reserve judgement till they have gone the distance.
    Not impressed.

  25. I recently joined with Maritima as my first Agency, and thusfar i’ve had no complaints. I’ve met some great influences there that have helped me in my career as a model, especially with pposes to suit my styling.

  26. Cieleste Magic Says:

    Maritima is such a friendly environment! Models have countless of opportunities to free training sessions and shows are always coordinated very well and professional. The mall is filled with amazing designers and is always a great place to hang around and have some fun. 😛 The agency is very drama-sterile and is growing fast! ^^ So happy Nyu, Nico, and Emmy are doing so great!

    — 天上

  27. romantic Says:

    another agency was born………….
    never heard about “maritima”…………..
    let’s see

  28. Anonymous Says:


    I would like to say I have never been more pleased that I was when dealing with this fantastic agency, not only did they bend over backwards to ensure everything was done to my satisfaction but they were HUGELY professional! The models were amazing and I couldnt fault the performance of anyone…..keep up the amazing work xxx

  29. Lua Vendetta Says:

    I was yesterday in the FS of the House of Fox at Maritima, was my first event there and was fantastic, the lag not helped me too much, but the Models can deal it very well and the designs are unique and different.
    I loved the poses that Arisia Ashmoot, Pose-Maker/owner of Body Talking make for this event.
    The Avant Garde style is perfectly represented in each design made by Fashionboi Lander, Jared Jharls & Stevenzuuh GossipGirl, designers/owners of HOF.
    All was perfect in the models, poses, skins,hair and of course the outfits.
    I’m very happy beeing a part of Maritima, they care about the models,customers, store owners, they know how to run a bussines in SL, I just know NyuNyu Kimona & Emanuelle Courtois and they are amazing ladies and do a great job at Maritima, and the stores that you can find there are unique, love the decorations, different styles, fresh designs and the few designers that I knew are very kind and professionals in their job.

    Lua Vendetta
    Maritima Model & Blogger
    And a lot of more around SL 🙂

  30. sl review Says:

    I have been working with Maritima (Veneno & House of Fox Owner) and it has been nothing but a joy, they are very focused on
    creating you vision for whichever event you want, and bring it to life.

    I am looking forward to today’s show, as it will nothing less than spectacular! Good luck Martima!

  31. I have been working for Maritima (formerly MUSE SL) for around two months or so now. The experience has been great, there are numerous opportunities for work, and the mall has so many amazing designers in it. I have walked two shows for them, and can’t wait to walk another! Nyu and em are so helpful and friendly, and all of the other staff and models are a delight to work with. I strongly reccommend joining Maritima to any designer or model.

    Marissa Bruun
    Maritima Model

  32. Cierra Emor Says:

    I loveeeeeeee Maritima.

    I remember when I first joined under their old name MUSE Management. Emmy told me about it and I was very impressed with what I saw.

    The castings were always fun to do. No pressure is ever placed on you and the walks to be done are simple and easily understood. If you get lost you obviously are not paying attention.

    Styling contests are the most fun because the grid gets to see your full creative eye with no limits as to what you can do with the items you have been given. As a BIG TIME promoter of having excellent styling skills, I have to say these are alway worth participating in. No matter if you place or not, everyone is still a winner.

    Also here recently we have a mall on the site and I am impressed once again with how it all turned out. Plus, we have some of the best designers on the grid stationed in the mall area.

    I am excited to be a model at Maritima because they fit my style. Matter of fact: this agency IS my style. I love it so much and I look forward to move events that come my way via Maritima.

  33. ezmeralda silversmith Says:

    hello ;
    i get in diffrent agancies befor to find my self in maritima . it was a real revelation for me because when you see owners they respect the three points ( humanity . professional and creativity ) what makes evry model work and enjoy the time by the way . nyunyu and emmanuelle both have the right atittude to work . i learnd alot in few times i get there at list it becomes my second home lol ( i meet news models . i learn from evry own . i just feel free and been my self . VIVA Maritima !!!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I absolutely enjoy being apart of this agency! Emmy and Nyu are both very perfessional and very kind people. One of the things that I love about this agency is that they hold more than just one casting for a show, which gives plenty of opportunity for all models to try and cast for these great shows that are being presented by Maritima. That’s definetly a plus for those of us that work all types of crazy rl hours. This agency also provides models with an opportunity for growth with the siminar’s and classes that they hold when given spare time. I feel very honored to have been invited into this group. Thank you so much!

  35. Fashionboi Landar Says:

    I luv emmy and nyu they r like 2 of the most amazing people on sl, so amazingly kind and thoughtful and VERY supportive, i cannot wait to wait with them!!!!! friends for life i say.

  36. Tres Beau Designs Says:

    Tres Beau Designs is at Marítima too.

    We are very pleased with NyuNyu Kimona, Emanuelle Courtois and the rest of the staff to say nothing of the first class design of the mall itself, the events that are being done and the traffic so far.

    Nave Fall
    Tres Beau Designs

  37. I own a medium sized store at the Maritima Mall and have been very happy with all of the great help and advice provided by the owners and staff there. I did a casting a few weeks ago and everything turned out wonderfully! I highly recommend them for any models or designers looking to work with real professionals!

  38. Angel Keen Says:

    Maritima are fabulous to be a part of..an Exciting imaginative fun caring group of people with a high degree of professionalism.. I am proud to wear theirmodel tag

  39. Karly Crystal Says:

    Maritima is a very professional agency, I’m very impressed on how creative, visionary and talented is the staff who leads this agency and it can be seen in every single show they organize.

    I had the honor of worked with them once and it was a very good experience.

  40. Nala Kurka Says:

    Working at Maritima is always a great experience. I love the friendly atmosphere at this agency. They are active, lovely and open-minded. I think an agency with huge potential!

  41. Rory Tremont Says:

    I have a small boutique at the Maritima Mall and could not be happier with all the services provided by NyuNyu Kimona, Nico Lasmertz, Emanuelle Courtois and the rest of the staff. Maritima looks out for their proprietors as well as their models and I would HIGHLY recommend designers and models alike to join the Maritima group and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities available.

    Aurora Tremont
    Owner and Designer of auTre

  42. Mylie Foxclaw Says:

    I worked with them some weeks ago and I enjoyed the experience. They are doing a great job and are very active with shows, castings,etc. They are also cool and organised.

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