23 Responses to “Metamorphosis (23)”

  1. Pookie Says:

    Can we stop with the racism and “spot” jokes? Metamorphosis helped me with my ugly skin ūüė¶ then I looked just like all you other cookie-cutter “beautiful” people ūüė¶ and I was unhappy… I’d rather be who I am and NOT be a model… thanks for ruining my dream of being a model in sl!

  2. Echo Rembrandt Says:

    Adults ( i am just throwing that word out there because you are not acting like ones) Please look at yourselves before you go throwing what you know about Anita’s personal life that she has shared with you out on a web page. Have you not tried to hurt her enough with your words in world through your actions even. Dont hurt this fine person anymore please, i have known her a very long time and she is not what you make her out to be.

  3. Diaphoni Galicia Says:

    For those who might be curious, although Anita and I no longer really speak, I’ve only been a witness to this site and the things said on it. Some of it is nasty and pointless, some of it is very true too. Anita knows the truth of these accusations.

    Ethan, I am disappointed in you as I feel you lied not only to me but several other people to get where you are now, but I wish you the best.

    Anita, I hope things get better for you in your RL but really girl, keep your personal drama out of your business and a lot of this will stop. People can’t rag on you about what you don’t drag out in to the light for them to see. I hope the babies surgery goes well too.

    Brawen…really? Seeing as you’re not involved in fashion at all, why are you even here? Oh wait, Anita called you in to defend her.

    In closing, you reap what you sow and you Anita, have sown quite a lot of animosity in the fashion world. I hope you like the harvest and I wish you everything in life you deserve.

  4. Brawen Says:

    Hmm, after reading this, all I can sit here and do is go “lol, what children”.

    Well, first off, here is my disclaimer. Yes, I am a friend of Anita’s, I’ve known her for quite some time. I know of her personal life, I know she owns her own agency on Second Life. But, I am not involved in it. I don’t know what, how or why she runs it, and to be completely honest, I don’t care. That is how SHE desires to spend her time on Second Life. Simply because she is my friend does not affect my judgement towards this.

    Now, what DOES affect my judgement is the direct slander that is being strewn across this page like it was a dog’s wet blanket.

    To the original poster of this article:

    I say that your article is quite bias, and that right there makes you a horrible reporter. Just because -you- do not agree with something or someone does not mean that your writing should contain slanderisation, smash-talk, or bias matierial. As a reporter, your job is to be nothing more than informal, to have correct facts and to be the best source of information out there. I dare say that this article is none of that. It was spawned on the heat of a personal vendetta and thus turned into nothing more than a dripping, oozing vatt of immaturity, name-calling and butt-hurt.

    Yes, you heard me right, this article is nothing but a big, giant, angsty butt-hurt wank.

    No one has a right to change your oppinion, that is true, but this does not make a good article. This is something I would expect to read on someone’s emotionally butt-hurt filled livejournal than a respectable website that would report on anything.

    Another question, since this is reporting on her agency, what is the purpose of dragging her Second Life or real private lives out? Honestly, that has no purpose here and is yet again only feeding to the personal tantrum feel to the whole thing.

    This article contains too much “she is mean to me so I hate her slanderslanderslander” to be taken seriously. Material to be reported on needs to be fact, rather than fiction, unbias and respectful rather than personal. Personal articles usually contain information that is bias, fabricated to fit that bias, to be as UNPERSONAL as possible. Don’t let your only sources been from people who don’t agree with your subject.

    To be a good reporter, you have to get information from all sources. You need to get information from all sides and THEN piece together a respectable article, which unfortunately for you, you didn’t do. I do hope you aren’t an actual reporter with your real life job. Heaven knows that if you ever applied to a magazine/newspaper/news show that I owned, I would send you straight out the door you came from.

    Please, take your personal vendettas out and don’t let the door hit you on your hind-end as you leave.

    Now, to the ones who have fueled this article:

    It is quite obvious who you are, so I don’t need to name-names. I know from my own expieriences with you, that you are nothing but a cross, whiney, over-oppinionated child. Deary, do us all a favor and grow up. You are going to come across things you don’t agree with in your life time, and I do pray that you actually don’t sit on your computer day after day and fume over something that happened on the internet. You and Anita don’t see eye-to-eye. Quite obvious, but it is -your- responsibility to rise above and be a better person. This personal butt-hurt you are strewing out across everything is getting old.

    So, in the end, the verdict is:

    Learn how to do better reporting.
    Don’t let your personal quirks get in the way of where the TRUE story is.
    If you want to whine, go do it on LiveJournal where all the emo-trash waits.
    Just because your internet life sucks doesn’t mean that everyone that disagrees with you want to be trecked through your emotional tantrum.

    And finally:

    It is the interent, get over it.

  5. Anita Claven Says:

    Hello All,

    After taking a night off to take a breather and calm myself I came to this decision. I wish to extend an apology to anyone I may have offended and express that i do understand the concerns expressed, I do wish those that decided to go the unprofessional and very childish route of bringing my personal relationships into things would have not, as that is what most annoyed me. I may be a young woman, but never in my life have I done something half hearted. I do love modeling, and even there modeling in SL is a wonderful oppurtunity, I only wished when starting my agency to be able to meet like minded women and men who know that one of the most beautiful things about SL is to be absolutely anything and everything. I do not wish to make excuses about my previous actions or how they may have seemed to come out, but I do wish to explain the following, the fee came about because when we first started the agency, I was working with a friend at that time and her magazine, She and I agreed upon the fee to help with her magazine’s costs, and my own, and yes, she did see her part of the Linden, up until I abolished the fee after the first concern arose. Those of you that do not know me personally need to know I often do work pro-bono, rather it be photography work, and other graphics, landscaping, building, volunteer work when a friend was short staffed. I never intended anyone any harm, nor to have people view me as a bad person, as I do truely try to be a warm and welcoming person and someone others can rely on. I realize my mistakes and I do apologize deeply for them, and ask of those who i may have offended a second chance. As for my “ex best friend” that situation is not one I will really go into but I will say, she was not the only victim in the situation, and I have others that do agree. I apologize for airing my so called dirty laundry as It really is not all of SLs business however i do not like people thinking I would so willingly take 1000s of lindens and spend them on myself when they were given to me for RL purposes, nor do i like that others think i begged for said lindens, and worse yet begged my staff of models for them! What happened with that is I had a few items my SL partner gathered up for me on his own accord to auction off, what was said was between myself and three other friends, only one of those being a model in the agency, she also a dear friend. I asked them simply to help me put together an auction to sell off said items that is all. I am not the type that begs for help, I am not the type that really likes to admit when i need said help, i was greatly touched and embarrassed when one friend pulled me aside on her own accord and gave me linden to sell.

    Again I feel the need to apologize for such confusion, I hate being made out to be a person that I am not. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, i do hope you understand that.

    let it also be known that on the topic of my “paid models” i have and fully intended to anyways, transferred all that contacted me to our new group.

  6. Worrried Jane Doe Says:

    I would be interested to know why Anita had to get a new avatar? She sounded genuine when she said that it was hacked into. Then again, I have seen her resume and have personally been involved in discarding her application. Now I see she has an agency of her own?! Seems very genuine….is she upfront about her experience? I wish you the best of luck Anita. I hope you have good help.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ethan be whipped…………..

    unh huh unh huh I likes it

  8. Anonymous Says:

    My god! You just aired all your personal drama in this forum too. I think I’m amused. Still disgusted and disappointed, but amused none the less. As for Ethan, well you showed the color of your spots very quickly.

  9. ethanhaalan Says:

    Ok Honestly I’m not here to make any comment about who said what – and who made the worst comment. (Even though we have a pretty good idea).

    1st. I want to address – when did it matter how old you were? and in my defense, why would that even be an issue. You can be 19 or 90 , and still have something to teach people. If you were in the agency, you would know that. If you have a personal issue with a person running the agency, rather than bashing them publically, confront them about the issues you may have. There is NO reason what-so ever, that this was caled for.

    2.A|E Productions was started for a whole other reason. and PEOPLE, before you assume that we used 1 million L to start it, ask questions. It was just a transition of models from one group to another.

    3. You claim that this agency has “MEAT” or meat models or whatever. what are you talking about? Most of our models yes they are new but does it make a difference, ANY top model or supermodel started somewhere, and I think it’s unfair for anyone to make that comment….

    4. Why would you bring someone’s real life into second life? NOT ONCE has anita ever asked “Can you lend me money for my real life”. so I’m LOST on that one. Everything done for her, was by a set of other people.

    And as one of the comments said – Yes you do get a portfolio, that is true… and if you havn’t asked for a better insight about where your money is going.. whose fault is that? When you applied – and were interviewed I’m sure this was mentioned.


    For the comment that said ANITA has no experience or why she started and agency and about her not being able to walk the talk…um… hello?

    EVERYONE has started an agency, and someone has to do it. whether it may be a new agency, or not, everyone needs a chance at doing something they love. I am ALL for it, and personally I think it was very brave of her.

    OH and BTW (ALOT of us here have experience in what we are doing maybe you should look into that)

    SO like I said.. I’m not here to bash or curse at anyone but just to tell the truth and clear up all the issues where I saw fit.


  10. Anita Claven Says:

    Oh and one more thing, as to myself and Dark’s relationship, that is something that is no ones business but our own, it is not part of my business in any shape way or form so I do believe that what we do in the privacy of our home should be left be.

  11. Anita Claven Says:

    You know i think its funny that I can pretty much nail who all here are the ones being nasty despite the Anon. tags. I feel the need to defend myself.

    My agency is not something I consider a joke, with you folk not being in the group and not being in the interactions themselves you cannot truely know what is going on with us, but here let me give you a little insight. Yes, Me and Ethan merged, but give that boy some credit, yes hes 19 in RL, but he is alot more creative and insightful than you would think. As for my models, I have been in the process of moving them over for the past 3 weeks, I have sent out multiple notices to get them moved over, and about 80% of said models have not moved nor made any means of contacting the management or myself, so therefore that is their own doing not mine. On that same note, there were several that when we were only Meta, not bother to show up or participate in the agency shows and practices. I am not quite as clueless as you are lead to believe. Nor am I the person they make me out to be, I do not “Prey” upon anyone, I offer only a chance to get involved in something that myself and the management think to be quite promising. As for our long abolished fee, that was something I was willing to waive and often did for those that could not afford it, and it helped pay for uploads, advertisement etc. Since then I have given out more pictures than I have been paid for so that little bit is bogus. I am a kind person and quite understanding. Every time a model said she could not afford my fee, I still gave her a chance if she showed promise. I do my bit to help not harm. Yes my friends raised linden for me for my RL, No I was not shopping with said Linden, I often accompany models and friends shopping just to a) hang out with them and b) help them make choices, Let it be known I did not ask anyone to give me Linden, What I had requested has been done, we held an auction with items I had in my inventory that were donated, and even then I did not ask for said items. My RL is messed up right now, I do not think that all of SL needs to know my personal business but apparently you do so here you go: I am living with my 4 month old son at my mothers house while my husband stays 45 minutes away at a homeless shelter, we were better off while I was still pregnant, at that time we were living in Seattle WA. We moved back to my hometown because my mother is terminally ill and my husband felt it was best so she could see her grandson and first grandchild just in case something was to happen to her before we got the chance to make the travel, so we moved back October 2008 and this is now July 2009 and we have been in the situation since. We have applied for many forms of help and only received $222 monthly TANF which takes care of diapers, baby rice, and wipes, and we receive WIC which takes care of his formula.

    I believe, as do many of my friends and even some of my models, that I am a talented photographer, to ask 500L in exchange for 15 photo-shopped photos I have heard is not a big deal, and also what I do with the linden that was paid as far as advertisements, mag fees etc… the linden paid is simply never for personal use. I very very very rarely shop for myself, and most of the time when I do its my sl husband that spends the linden on me, and NEVER is it that I ask for it, its usually him saying he likes an outfit, and asks me if i will wear it and he buys it for me. The Linden that was raised all was sold and put into paypal. If you feel the need to verify this contact dark Sixpence, considering at the time he was the one that sold the linden for me.

    Modeling is a serious thing for me, No i do not have the elite training of avenue or glance etc etc, but all ideas I come up with are indeed mine or one of my models come to me with them, or the idea of the designer that we are doing a show with. Right this moment we have 6 designers lined up for future shows, We have 15 models participating in Fetishweek with Kayliwulf, and we have started auditions for a soap opera we will be filming.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    ohhhhhhhh my my my

    Why do so many people pick on poor Anita? She is a warm, lovable person if a bit venal and needy.

    I say lave her alone. Being her is punishment enougg without adding to her woes by pulling the sheets on her little scams. We need to support her and do the Christian thing.

    She is an entrepeneur and more power to her I say.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Where did the money the models paid you go Anita when you dissolved Meta and formed A/E? Fraud is still fraud even in SL.

    For those who didn’t know, she’s done a company name change and partnered up with Ethan Halan (sp?)a 19 year old in RL to her ever so experienced 20 years old. Meta models paid in but not all were grandfathered over. She has stolen 1000s of linden from people, will anyone stop her?

  14. anonymous Says:

    Stop spanking her in pblic she will jsut take it out on “Dark: her faithful lapdog submissive.

    On second thought her probably spanks her in RL.

    Anita Claven ( why do I think of the lame ass postman on the TV show “Cheers” every time I see her name??? )and her cast of 1000s (okay 300 or so really) of wannabe models is a blot on the SL fashion world. She and her ilk hand out supermodel tags liek M&Ms diminishing the perceived value for all the real models whopaid dues for the tag.

    This agency really shoudl be called MEATomorphosis because the noobs and wannabes are just “meat” that she preys upon mercilessly and relentlessly.

    Has anyone of her “models” ever made so much as 1 Linden? Tell us please. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Sad, very very sad commentary here…………

  15. Anon & Annoyed Says:

    This agency is run mostly as a way for Anita to promote herself and her ‘photo’ business. It’s constantly full of drama and her Real World problems, she’s asked her models to raise money for her real life and was then spotted shopping that same night.
    Really? If you have to ask people to pay your bills, any money of ‘your own’ had darn well be going to them too. Her models get no real training, her runways are simple and most of her ideas are stolen from other agencies. I feel that any model hitching themselves to Meta will find that they are hurting themselves more than helping. Ask her former ‘best friend’ why she had to move and relocate her business. (she was next door to Anita and was responsible for getting Anita the space to place her ‘agency’, a choice she now regrets as it cost her everything.) She has no qualms about throwing her friends under the train to save herself and the drama is almost nonstop. Those who can, do Anita, those who can’t teach, you shouldn’t do either. How many more models or model hopefuls will you scam to pay for your scion chickens and AI dogs?

  16. Herra Says:

    Many of the top agencies keep their academy separate for a reason. I used this analogy describing why agencies do it that way. Each year Harvard graduates hundreds of doctors from their Medical School; however, there is no way that Harvard can hire all those doctors to work at their hospital. That doesn’t make the education any less valuable simply because you graduated and you aren’t working at Harvard. Yet hospitals across the globe would love to have a Harvard train doctor working for them.

    For some of these academies it’s just difficult to hire everyone who goes thru the training. But graduating from a top academy looks good on your resume and many of those academies will help you with finding placement in the modeling industry. I graduated from Glance and was then put into a group where I would get assistance with job placement – so at least GIA wasn’t just taking my money and then forgetting about me.

  17. Natalia Corvale Says:

    My apologies if my original post seemed to come across as stating the fee was for “training”. That was not the intention of it. I was simply comparing the amount to what some other agencies do charge for their academies without the promise to actually hire a model once they have completed their courses. My point being, from a cost perspective, you could be out far more than 500L and still end up with no work as well.

    The training is wonderful and very helpful but honestly what good is it if models aren’t getting work to utilize those new skills and education to further their career?

    Being with Meta, I have seen people new to modeling both learning and getting work. They’re also getting the opportunity to take part in shows and gain education that way as well.

    In my opinion the fee charged by Meta is well worth it. I am getting work doing what I love most so for me, it’s a win/win.

  18. Herra Says:


    The impression I got was the $500L was not for training but to join the agency. I was not aware of a formal academy that was associated with it. The first notice was costs to join including upload fees and other office expenses. Last I was told (by a friend who was thinking of joining) was that it was for your portfolio. Now it’s for training? What type of training is being provided? Is there an agenda for the training? Or is the $500L being marketed as “training”.

    Most agencies that provide training keep the two separate. If portfolios are recommended, that should not be a fee to join but a recommendation of “We need your portfolio, here is our recommended photographer and his/her costs”. Some of us already have massive portfolios.

    I’d like to see this agency be successful because there seems to be opportunity for new models but joining fees seem to change every few weeks after a bad post happens here at Agency Report.

    Wouldn’t it be better to drop the fee and then provide a list of services available from the agency?

  19. Natalia Corvale Says:

    I also joined this agency and quite frankly couldn’t believe that 500L was ALL they charged. This fee is miniscule compared to many other agencies out there that charge for their academies alones some with NO promise of being hired by the agency itself.

    I’ve also had portfolio photos done by photographers that charge far more than 500L per pic, so again Meta is a HUGE bargain.

    There’s nothing wrong with an agency charging for training, portfolios or anything else. Modeling agencies are businesses and like any business they take money to run and become successful. Let’s also not forget the RL personal time these people give up working on putting shows together and training new models. It’s not an easy task and can sometimes be very stressful. I applaud Anita for having the guts to start her own agency and feel blessed to be a part of it.

    As for Anita herself…from what I’ve experienced, she’s kind, patient and knows her stuff. She is very down to earth, fun to work with and seems to genuinely enjoy sharing her experience with her models. I’m looking forward to seeing wonderful things from Metamorphosis.

  20. Rouge Anthony Says:

    Not trying to get into a long debate but I paid much more than $500L for my first portfolio and pictures that I have had done since then. If it gives new models a good set of pictures to work with that seems like a reasonable trade. As models we pay for lots of different things from pictures to formal training, wardrobe and everything in between. Some of us will choose to pay to enter contests or agencies. No it’s not standard necessarily to pay to join an agency (even though I’ve seen that much more in recently than not) but it’s a model’s discretion to pay if they so desire. I am one of the Metamorphosis Models and haven’t been disappointed. We are doing a lot of runway practice which is always helpful since we need practices before actual shows. And I was just cast in a show via the agency. I have no complaints and the other models I interact with from Meta seem happy too.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, she offers to do “her” Models Portfolio if people pay L500.

    And I do have the public chat log to prove it.
    Deserves no more attention, actually. I could say much more, here, but it’s not worth it.

    It’s useful to call SL new Models attention though, as an Group not to join under any circumstance, for sure.

  22. Herradura Baar Says:

    Well I think the previous response was a bit snarky; however, it does bring up a valid point. Starting a new agency is NOT an easy task. Not only does it take money, but serious time commitment and the ability to sell your agency to potential customers who could bring income to your business.

    As for the person; well, I’ve met her and she’s a nice person. I have no idea why she felt the need to start an agency but this is SL – we all have the right to live the dream we want.

  23. agencyreport Says:

    Metamorphosis owned and run EXCLUSIVELY by Anita Claven

    “””” Poor Anita Claven.

    She can’t afford to get the highly sought after training at Avenue that she needs so desperately, to further her modeling career, without a “scholarship”. Is she a worthy candidate for an Avenue scholarship one has to ask?

    What are Anita’s credentials, if any? She was using her “agency” Metamorphosis to pry L$500 ( c’mon it’s $2US ) for “photos” out of “fresh-faced” applicants who fall into her web. Then people called her on that routine in public and she backed off it, or so I’ve been told. But Metamorphosis, portrays itself as a training facility also. Is there a anything original in her training one has to wonder and why does she feel so in need of Avenue’s tutelage while portraying herself as an authority?

    I’m very curious if Meatmorphosis, ooops I meant Metamorphosis, offers any scholarships or financial consideration of any kind, to its clueless applicants. I also wonder if any model that Meatmorphosis has hired has made $L1 from ANY referral for modeling that Ms. Claven made for them. She talks about how she is so experienced but when it comes to walking her talk she is painfully weak. Anita Claven wants, wants, wants and advertises, advertises advertises but I’d like to hear what she has actually done for any aspiring model that has contacted her.

    I’m looking forward to her “I’m so misunderstood” rebuttal of what I wrote here. Keep up the campaign Anita, someday Meatomorphosis’ ship will arrive.

    “””” Another pretender preying in her “lawful” if clueless “wannabe a model” prey. Dom/Mistress Anita is put upon from all sides by people who see through her cheap little routines and watch with glee and she twists and turns trying to evade the slings and slarrows of being disliked in SL.

    Comment by Anonymous, moved from “Add an Agency” page by admin

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