Post below your comments about Mimmi Boa Academy. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

8 Responses to “Mimmi Boa Academy (7)”

  1. ~TLC~ Says:

    Great experience! Thank you Sequoiah!

  2. Amazon Silverweb Says:

    I graduated from Mimmi’s classes a couple of months ago, I loved my time with her, and learned invaluable information, and gained wonderful knowledge, Mimmi is unlike most teachers I have had and does not only teach physically what you need to model, but the whole package, from rejection, diva’s, passion and personality, which I think is a huge thing that alot of people miss out on. Mimmi is very down to earth, friendly and fun, bringing alot of enjoyment to her classes. Thank you!

  3. thankful model Says:

    I joined the school and let me say i’m totally satisfied about the course.
    the 6 weeks went too fast for all the class because we had fun and great moments all together.
    Mimmi is one the most fair, intelligent and loyal person i’ve met on SL and she’s a very skilled teacher.
    The course is 6 classes of more than 2 hours each and is very well structured touching several and important topics.
    The Academy is the cheaper on SL and when i read “the course must be free” i laugh because
    Mimmi is surely the most famous models of Second Life but as everyone other in the business she has to work and earn to pay staff, tiers, models etc etc..
    Mimmi was always present in every class even when her real life was in a very dramatic moment and she never let us down.
    I was happy also because i’m not english first language and the way Mimmi speaks is very easy but clear and understandeable.
    Beside the school that is interesting and complete i appreciate the way she spoke us and her advices
    good for both lifes.
    I can only say good things about Mimmi’s academy and i can tell you for truth Mimmi treated all of us in a special way, giving us the same chances and the same smiles. The time i’ve spent in the academy with Mimmi and the other models was one of the most fun and interesting of my SL.

  4. Leilani Muircastle Says:

    Different people have different experiences with different people. There are many sides that are not seen by all. I’m sure you have your flaws, I know for a fact that I have my own set of flaws. I think maybe if we focused on fixing our own flaws rather than pointing out those of others, the world would be a much friendlier place.

    I wish you the best Model_Advisor.

  5. Leilani Muircastle Says:

    Hello Model_Advisor,

    I’m surprised that I was actually honor. I took my course in February/March of this year and graduated in April. I stick by my word here in September. Sometimes it is the people that you meet that are the most valuable things gained from these courses. I was by no means a new model when I took the training, but following the training I can still say I’m happy with what I learned (yes I did learn something). Sure I could’ve gone to a different school, and maybe I would be saying the same things, but perhaps I wouldn’t. I would certainly report if I had a bad experience with my training. I also do not kiss butt by any means. I may not be a supermodel or a top model, but I do get work and I feel confident when I do. Sure Mimmi has been hard on me at times (usually warranted), but she has also given me kind words of encouragement. This is all I will say on this matter. I would rather if you are trying to critique something you do not bring my name into the matter. Make your own opinion, do not criticize my own personal experience.

  6. herradurabaar Says:

    Wait, is Mimmi teaching a modeling class or are people paying for the training in hopes to make Mimmi their new best friend?

    I have never taken Mimmi’s class but I have had the chance to work with her plus she has helped out with the Model Workshop when we’ve reached out to her. I think those anon rants about Mimmi is nothing more than sour grapes.

  7. Model_Adviser Says:

    Leilani you obviously haven’t said anything that would have been said at any other modeling school so did you really learn anything? Personally the training is not worth 5000 lindens. It should be offered for free. Once you’re done Mimmi will hardly every approach you unless you have something she can benefit from or unless she wants to fill up any shows she does with ass-kissers who will praise her. She seldomly acknowledges the hard work of the other models in the agency unless your nose is brown enough. Like she’s done with Agataope or whatever her name is and Labella Forcella who by the way is the biggest ass kisser of all SL models. This girl went from one agency to the next(all the same agencies Mimmi is in and it has not come from hard work). I’m surprised she was hired as a Boulevard Model. Oh Wait I forgot Mimmi is in there as well. It’s who you know Leilani give it a couple of months and you’ll be in agreement of this posts. Stay tuned as i’m going to shock some of these models with facts and truth that’s going to blow this industry by storm…

  8. Leilani Muircastle Says:

    This is not a typical academy as there is no real syllabus or class materials, but what Mimmi brings you is confidence to be successful as a model in Second Life. Even though she is a busy woman, she gives her students all her attention during class times, is prompt and has shown me that I do have the ability to break into this competitive field as long as I put drive and passion into learning the craft and creating a unique look. She makes it clear that it is not only how a model looks, but who a model is, and that makes me feel good. I recommend this course to anyone so they too can have the opportunity to learn from one of the best in-world!

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