Post below your comments about Miss Universe Fashion Pageant. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

15 Responses to “Miss Universe Fashion Pageant (15)”

  1. Babydoll Says:

    Taps Herra on the shoulder you five o clock shadow is showing sweetie LOL

  2. tinky22 Says:

    keep up herra…i am talking about 2010 winner not wena who won in 2009..groans..your such a moron

  3. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    I miss Wena. 😦

  4. Anonymous Says:

    im posting in response to the post about contests in general. i made a vow that i will never enter a contest unless it was a judged contest, not a pay to vote one. Those contests are not about how you look or what you know, they are about how many friends you can get over there to vote for you. Idk about the miss universe pageant or whatever, i have ehard of it, but i dont paticularly care for it, but i did almost sign up. Glad i didnt

  5. Herra Says:

    OMG – I am SOOOOOOO embarassed

    **hides her head in shame**

    Wena was Miss Universe – and btw, biggest sweatheart too

  6. Herra Says:

    btw (that was a joke – I know all 3 models and they are 3 different people)

  7. Herra Says:

    Wait, I thought blackLiquid Tokyoska was Kay Fairey’s alt. So you’re saying that Kay is also Miaa Rebane

    *** rofl ***

    Um, yeah – that’s the ticket.

  8. tinky22 Says:

    and if anyone thought this contest was ever fair..the 2010 winner was one of last years organisers lol

    so yeah..corrupt, fixed and its who you know not what you all sl contests..wise up ladies your lindens and the anguish you put yourself through!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    It was a totally unfair and corrupt contest!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I am connected to SL Fashion World, didn’t even know there was such a contest! And you know how many contests and stuff we get!!
    Anyway, I don’t know the facts, don’t know what happened, but for sure the lady that won (I’m not going to say her name, because if she wants attention, she won’t get it from me) is not the best Model we have in SL right now.
    So, who were the other contestants, by the way. Were there any others? Was this just someone’s choice?

    That’s why we all have to be clear and transparent in SL Fashion. That’s what gives credibility and professionalism to us all, designers, Models, Academies, Agencies. Transparency.
    I am not judging the winner’s character. This is not personal at all. I am questioning her professionalism as a Model, that’s all, cause I’ve seen her walk several times. That is the best Model according to someone? Ok, fine with me.

  11. Lillian Wiefel Says:

    Wena is a very positive person, and I would expect her to walk in the door with the mindset that she will win. THAT is the essence of Wena. She believes in herself and she brings it to the table. That aside; I would like to see your proof that the contest was “rigged.” I’m sure that SCD would like to get their hands on a story that delicious!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Well.. if you were informed well enough you would have heard that wenadrenia won.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Agree. I am well informed in SL Fashion and I didn’t know about this so called “Miss Universe Fashion Pageant”? What was that? I guess we are talking about the lady who supposedly “won”?
    Not reputable at all!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Clearly with the winner selected .. this was rigged. She knew she was going to be in the finals early into the competition — clearly this was fixed.

    Not reputable

  15. agencyreport Says:

    Not an agency, however, they are running the Miss Universe Fashion Pageant.

    There is clearly disorganization, unprofessionalism and does not seem fair for all entered. Professional models are being snubbed while their “friends” in the pageant are being given very high scores when they can’t walk a straight line down the runway. There is clearly a skewed vote for “friends”.

    Doesn’t seem to be a fair contest.

    They make the models wait for hours

    (post by Anonymous, moved from add an Agency page by admin)

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