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  1. Isoldel Says:

    Great experience throughout the process. I love the attention to detail the instructors had, such as Kay Fairey and Frolic Mills. The critiques and opinions during 105 were sound and helpful in progressing to graduation. Thank you!

    • Never Again Says:

      Blah, BOSL is a joke, this agency is suck, bad experience for me going to this school. Frolic will dictate all judges who to choose when it comes to his contest, I know I was one of his judges 2 years ago. Blah to you Frolic you dont know Ramozita owns this group. Salute to you Ramozita

  2. Hezabel Blackheart Says:

    I said to myself once that I will never respond to hateful postings.. umm, maybe just this once. This is a general comment and not intended to point fingers at anyone. This is an account of my own experience while attending MVW Academy this year. The CEO of this fine institution does not believe in sugar-coating. He does not believe that telling you that you look gorgeous helps you any, when the outfit you are wearing is so badly designed is impossible to tell if that is a skirt of if an octopus jumped you and is still attempting to eat you or when half of your scalp is showing and your earrings are somewhere hanging from your chin. I don’t appreciate patronizing and I am thankful of every bit of critique I got. If is mediocre what you want, it should be so easy to find. When you aspire to be the best.. now, this may require some work. We have boyfriends and lovers and friends to pat us on the back and make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is not about that. Find your self-esteem and put a foot forward.. with a well designed shoe of course! After my graduation, when money was no longer an issue, this gentleman, has stopped what he is doing and reach across SL to pull me by my dangling prims from some difficult situations. I am thankful for the experience and the amazing people I came across MVWA. The support also comes way after graduation.

  3. Finally Graduated! Says:

    Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all my wonderful teachers at MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Modeling Academy.

    Not sure how to describe this, exept my heart was beating in RL during graduation like it hasn´t in quite a while!

    Thank you Kay, Miaa, Frolic and Barbie for the head rush!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    F.Y.I. DebbieDoo Tigerfish over at CWS is spreading all sorts of vicious lies about Frolic Mills. They are very upset their models are leaving to seek out better training elsewhere.

  5. Caffine Says:

    V typos and I didn’t mean to have it say Anonymous lol

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yay! i graduated from MVW on July 24th and I’m proud that i did, am happy that . i wasn’t going to walk at first because i didn’t know the assignment but Blackbarbie told me to go ahead and try anyway, so i did and i got what i wanted and that was to finish and graduate from mvw.Yay Me!

    Sign MVW Graduate

  7. Yeah I love Frolic too. He’s a crack up and has brought a great vibe to SL.

    To Tweedledum(b) and Tweedledee (aka Tina and Boya), thank you both so much for the laugh. While I’m certain both stories are total crap, I did enjoy my visualizations of two spineless wimps hightailing it out of SL like the Road Runner. Not because of Frolic but because of each of each of you.

  8. I LOVE FROLIC Says:

    Think about this…..Frolic has a thriving business in SL, so when would he have time to become the scandalous person some of you are making him out to be? He is professional and outspoken (come on if you sugar coated everything in the model world, than all the models would look like a Hoochie Mama that stepped out of the dressing room at Salvation Army). I think you have Frolic confused with that owner of Loveli Models Inc, yes that one…. Liata Exonare, the male tramp that dances with Topless trashy women in his mall (I have pictures to prove it), plays with several woman at one time while claiming he doesn’t have pixel sex and then acts all innocent when caught!

    Come on look at BOSL and MVW, they are thriving and well known and people would give their left arm to be a part of it! Keep up the great work Mr Mills….

    I LOVE FROLIC, we need more like him!

  9. A real student Says:

    In every other academy there are real problems and complaints, and I often wonder why some people come here to make up the most laughable lies. The more I think about it, the more I know the answer: Sour loosers and talentless models can´t find anything wrong with the academy’s education so they make up lies.

    I finished my training in MVW academy, and honestly I am completely satisfied with everyone’s professionalism and enthusiasm. By far the best model training I’ve had.

    Lying about Frolic will never take away from the over 400 students that have enjoyed their education here.

    So before you keep venting your traumas and failures, think for a bit how it would feel if someone lied about you in a public forum.

    Applause MVW Academy is right… they are busy training students as we write all this nonsense.


  10. Diva Travesty Says:

    To Windy,

    Without proof, all your accusations are simply as your chosen name,Windy,just a lot of hot air

    Jealousy is an ugly beast, tsk tsk

  11. windy Says:

    Miss virtual world academy
    1.Sexual harassment complaints
    2.Crowning of a rigged second life prostitute as miss virtual world 2010
    3.Money/ linden Frauds
    Indeed the best academy in second life
    ******* Applause*******

  12. boya boya Says:

    He was crying on voice? Could it be possible he was moaning instead?

    Seriously, what kind of wimps are you crazy ladies dating?


  13. Nave Fall Says:

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh wah wah

    Did that big bad bully Frolic steal your puss/wimp/metro lil boyfriend’s lunch $lindens????????

    Maybe the whiney boys need to stand up for themselves instead of having their bitchy/snarky/mouthy BGFs do their talking for them.

    Furthermore @Tina – I think it’s more likely your BF is playing an alt and didn’t wanna listen to you when he told you he’d had enough of YOU. Convernient to blame someone else. You sound like a piece of work………….

    I could respect that……………. If any of them wanna chat in-game IM me

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  14. Boya Says:

    How many lindens will you return Frolic mills 😡

    If returning the lindens would create peace among the various victims who have been harassed by you and others in your Academy then am sure you will soon go bankrupt.

    I agree with Tina, even my ex boyfriend was harassed by Frolic Mills, my boyfriend was crying on voice.. I still can remember that day. Frolic Mills had put a cheap preposition on my boyfriend ..where he was asked for sexual favours in return of the certificate.. Which could not be taken by him..Further lead to an emotional breakdown.

    Frolic remember what goes up must come down.

  15. Miss Virtual World Academy Says:

    Dear Tina:

    We have a list of all our male students. Please tell us which one of them is your husband, and we will send his lindens back along with a mental therapist.

    We care!

  16. @Tina Says:

    Really, I don’t understand this. I have been a SL resident for over 3 years now and have never ever been harrassed. How does anyone harrass somebody in such a bad manner that people actually close their SL accounts? Listen, I’m not defending anyone, I’m not. First, because I don’t knaow all the facts; second, because really, I’m personally tired of listening to people trashing people here.

    If what you say has really happened, file an AR to LL with enough evidence that they can actually close Mr Mills account.

    If what so many people say about Frolic Mills is true, create evidence; note everything down, take printscreens, whatever you need to do. But can someone do something to really prove what Mr Mills does or doesn’t do.

    Because writing it here is not enough. Moreover, it should never be written here; it should be dealt within SL, with LL legal resources, with proven evidence!

    Once you have everything proven, then, you can actually explain what happened; how it happend; paste here LL AR note and their answer. Otherwise, what you say, Tina has no importance. It’s not proven.

  17. Tina Says:

    Attention everybody!!!

    Frolic Mills has harassed my husband. He has cheated him with a lot of lindens which were given in return of a certificate from his pathetic academy. My husband reported that he has been harassed by him. I was so worried because my husband was not logging in for a week. Now he has deleted his account because of this trauma. Frolic Mills because of your vicious deeds I have lost my husband forever. You will pay for your sins one day.

  18. When I decided to join my first ‘official’ modeling academy in Second Life, I wanted the very best — of course! After reviewing the dozens and dozens of amazing academies & schools out there, I was torn between several choices. What finally decided me to join the Miss Virtual World Academy was the instructors. I have long admired such models as Wicca Merlin, dancer Dallagio, Giela Delpaso and Mimmi Boa — and they were all teachers at the Academy! Well, I could not pass up learning skills of the modeling craft from such luminaries as these, so I jumped right on board as soon as I could raise the Lindens to enroll.

    Now, I will admit, I’m not that fond of many of those so-called ‘modeling academies’ out there charging huge amounts of Lindens to teach eager girls a lot of things they could easily learn with a good Google search. On the other hand, I DO believe that some of these agencies have a lot to offer aspiring models. You just have to be very careful in choosing which academies you sign up for. The Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy spoke to me because of the people involved in it. With this caliber of instructor participating, graduates who have gone on to be some of the top models in SL and a final three day critique course with Frolic Mills himself, I was pretty certain I was going to learn a lot — and I was right!

    I won’t go into long and boring detail about the classes I took, but suffice it to say I am a 100 percent better model than I was before I entered the Academy. I have spent five years in SL, but I learned more about styling, shape tweaking, color usage, runway walking, etc. in a month than I have my entire time before that!

    Since I began taking classes at MVW Academy (and subsequently graduated), my bookings have increased significantly, I have won several contests, I was signed to KDSM Elite Models and now represent some really fantastic brands as a live model, print model & runway model.

    Some modeling academies are not worth the virtual pixels they are built on. This one, in my opinion, is.

  19. Lua Vendetta Says:

    Hi, I just graduated from the MVW academy, is my 3rd Modeling school in SL, was a challenge to me to do it, because I know MVW makes big names in Fashion Industry and is a good place to learn if you already know the basics of modeling. Is a different kind of school, they teach you from the experience that models have, tips, skills, constructive critics, I have classes with Wicca, dancer, Shae, Mimmi and at last with Frolic, for me was OMG I’ll pass this? yes I passed because I was confident, used all they teaching that they give me to improve myself and do things the most perfect possible. The only thing that you not learn a lot at the academy is walk skills, but they open to help always, in my first class, Wicca give us tips, and a runway to practice at home. I’m a model since May 2010, I learned how to walk straight, make turns, etc, in other schools, in castings, etc, you just need to practice these, the rest MVW will teach it to you 🙂
    Special thanks for Giela, she is always ready to help, Wicca, Shae, dancer, Mimmi, Frolic, Ponchi, BB and all who helped us to pass this one :)))


    Miss virtual world is rigged.. Frolic Mills is a bastard.. He has stolen lots of lindens from me..
    Serene Faith paid to be the Queen.. she is an alt of an already established sl model.. Just look at her rizz date.

    Do not enter this contest, it is rigged. From day one of entering this contest I could see how frolic was giving special attention to few of his favourites like Serene. I am highly disappointed after entering this beauty contest, he promised me I would win I even paid him a lot of rl money but that bastard has cheated me because of him I am going to leave second life forever.

    And please! Miss virtual world academy is a joke.. they don’t teach a shit..its another money vending machine for that bastard Frolic Mills.. and listen don’t make my statements into a joke.. I am very serious. Helena Baxton has duped many contestants ..we paid her for our pictures she has ran away taking our precious money.
    I want my money and my crown back you Bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I, too, graduated from MVW Academy this past Sunday and enjoyed the experience. While MVW Academy wasn’t my first school, and it may not be my last, the courses I took at MVW (#103 – #105) still taught me a few things I hadn’t learned at the other schools.

    Attending and graduating from MVW Academy, however, was a goal I set for myself since the day I walked into my very first modeling class in SL. Thank you for a great experience Mr. Mills and staff at MVW!

  22. Aphrodite Brianna Says:

    I want to say a huge thank you to the MVW Academy, not only for the excellent classes I attended but also the time and commitment the staff are prepared to give to their students. A massive thank you to Kay Fairey in particular who has always beeen so generous with her time and so supportive. I was totally inexperienced when I joined MVW. I was advised by some that I should take another modelling course first, and that MVW was not for beginners. I have to say I think that advise was wrong. Last night I graduated and have learned so much in a short time, due to both the quality of the classes and the support of the staff. I would recommend you to anyone.

  23. leenabianco Says:

    While just the opposite of Amazon. I was not one of the lucky ladies to graduate last night. Am I surprised, NO. Am I disappointed, NO. I am very new to the entire modeling industry and I know it will take more than just a few classes to be successful. I can say all instructors I have worked with at MVW Academy were knowledgeable and accommodating when I had questions, considering in most classes I had the least experience of many. When I stepped into 105, hearing Frolic call names and understanding some of the resumes of the ladies there, I knew I’d need to return. I would never expect to represent the academy if I can’t get to the right place on the runway and boy was it difficult with the lag last night.

    Next Steps: LEARN my mistakes, GROW my talent and as Arnold says “I’ll Be Back!!”

  24. Amazon Silverweb Says:

    Last Night I graduated from the MVW Academy, I was pleasantly surprised at what I gained from the whole experience, MVW Academy uses a completley different approach to most acadmies in the grid, and it totally works, it answers the questions most “new” models have when starting out, also helping the more experienced model tune in on those finer details, It was a really enjoyable experience, and I feel like I have gained alot from attending! keep up the good work!

  25. Reporter: Hello Ms. Enderfield. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and share your story.

    Dolce: ssshh… *hides behind a hand, glancing* …do not address me by name. I’m incognito.

    Reporter: But…you signed your name for this posting?

    Dolce: Oh..yeah…well, uhmmm…invisible ink dude. Get with the times.

    Reporter: Ah huh. Right then, on with it. My first question is, when were you a MVW Academy student?

    Dolce: Back in 2007, from May to August. Was like summer school.

    Reporter: MVW wasn’t open back in 2007!

    Dolce: Look, who is doing the asking and who is doing the telling? You want this story or not?

    Reporter: Fine. So back in 2007 when you *clears throat*..attended MVW Academy, who were your teachers?

    Dolce: Dancer, Wicca, Kay, Frolic, CaffineLover, Barbie, Rudolph.

    Reporter: Rudolph??? As in..the reindeer???

    Dolce: Hello, what other Rudolph is there..besides Valentino, but lets get real.

    Reporter: So Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was one of your instructors?

    Dolce: Yep. Was kind of cool too because you could tell if you answered a question wrong or failed a test just by watching to see if his nose lights up or not.

    Reporter: Very interesting. Wasn’t aware that reindeer were teaching modeling these days.

    Dolce: Well, they normally don’t, but MVW has ties with the North Pole, so it was one of those…”arrangements” you hear about ever so often.

    Reporter: I see. And what did you learn during your training at MVW?

    Dolce: I learned how to walk on the runway…on my legs and on all fours. I also learned how to properly pose, adjust prims, pull sleighs and fly.

    Reporter: What on earth does pulling a sleigh or flying have to do with modeling?

    Dolce: Well, when your instructor is a reindeer, a lot. He kind of summed it up as it was a part of modeling because you never know when you might need to pull a sleigh in a photo shoot or down the runway.

    Reporter: Right. Tell me more about this…”arrangement” you spoke of a few minutes ago between the North Pole and MVW.

    Dolce: That’s top secret. I can’t.

    Reporter: Oh come on, please? I won’t say a word.

    Dolce: Fine. Frolic developed connections with those at the North Pole because he was at the time, having an affair with Mrs. Clause and he was short staffed here, so Mrs. C..that’s what we call her..sent Rudolph over to fill in, as a special “favor” to Frolic.

    Reporter: Wow! I notice Rudolph isn’t listed as staff there anymore; what happened?

    Dolce: Eh, well, people come and go…even reindeer. But, in this situation, it got kind of sticky. Mrs. C told Frolic that she was going to blow his cover unless he provided Mr. C with a female student to …use as he wanted, because he was getting bored. So Frolic forced me to be Mr. C’s toy while I was in the academy in order to keep Mrs. C quiet, Mr. C happy and Rudolph on staff.

    Reporter: *wipes brow* Did you?

    Dolce: Of course, I mean…its not like I had a choice. I couldn’t say, no Frolic, I’m leaving. That would make it look like I’m thinking for myself and back then, you really weren’t allowed to..at least not let it be known.

    Reporter: So..you had an affair with Mr. Claus and Frolic had an affair with Mrs. Claus. What else did Frolic force you to do? Be with the elves? Reindeer?

    Dolce: Oh he tried to force me to be with a few of the elves, but that’s where I drew the line man. Those pointed ears and curled toes just…threw me for a loop. Rudolph hit on me a few times, but I blew him off. I don’t do fur.

    Reporter: In the end, what happened?

    Dolce: Oh that was a mess. Mr. C found out, right before I was supposed to graduate, that Mrs. C was cheating on him with Frolic and so not wanting to be in that circle, I dumped him, which in turn pissed off Mrs. C and she ratted out Frolic. Poor Rudolph though. He was so upset and embarrassed over it all that his nose just lit up permanently.

    Reporter: Sounds very twisted. Did you ever graduate from MVW?

    Dolce: Hell no. And that pisses me off still. I paid L$50,000 for a 3 month model training program and graduation only to be forced to do things with Santa, hit on a reindeer and taught how to pull a sled down the runway. I didn’t even get a certificate.

    Reporter: Speaking confidentially now, I think you should sue..and demand a graduation.

    Dolce: And go through all of that again? No thank you! *phone rings* (hello?…oh, ok, right..bye.)
    Look, I gotta go….

    Reporter: Who was that on the phone?

    Dolce: Father Time. Telling me my time was up here.

    Reporter: Oh, well thank you very much for sharing your side of the story Dolce. I promise to publish it with honor.

    Dolce: Very welcome. Glad I could share it.

    Reporter: Oh wait! One thing..is it true that you are now a finalist in MVW?

    Dolce: Yep. I’m Miss Universal Time. *winks*

  26. caffinelover selona Says:

    Someone told me that MVW teachers doesn’t care about there students at all, and that they talk to each other about the people they have there, saying that Frolic only take people money who they know not going to graduate,to use to pay for that house he lives in at casablanca estates were most of the judges live,also there fancy hotel that have there on the sim,and that the picture he took of them being happy for the 105 class was really them laughing at everyone who got there hopes up because they want to see some people fail because they never want them in their agency ok that is my biggest lie:D

  27. Vivienne Darcy Says:

    /me clears throat preparatory to presenting her biggest lie.


    Frolic Mills is actually all three Miss Virtual Worlds!

    Sigh. I tried my best. 😀

  28. Well if we’re just making things let’s try this one on for size. Even though I’ve never actually applied to MVW Academy I got a rejection notice personally from Frolic retroactive to the moment I even considered applying and that I should consider reapplying to the academy that I never applied to ever again because the answer would never change.

  29. Nave Fall Says:

    He does love women so I guess it’s not a lie 😛

    /me slinks off

  30. Chalice (Cha Cha) Carling Says:

    Don’t you try to usurp my prize Nave Fall or I’ll smack you.

  31. Nave Fall Says:

    Frolic is really straight…………and he loves women.

  32. Chalice (Cha Cha) Carling Says:

    Oooo shopping spree!!! Ummm…Ummm…Ok this is really true.

    I am Frolic’s house keeper and, wait for it. HE NEVER PUTS THE TOILET SEAT DOWN…like ever.

    Earth shattering I know. I’ve broken my confidentiality clause but that shopping spree was just too much to resist.


  33. MVWOrganization Says:


    Come up with the most original lie about the MVW Modeling Academy and you could win a BOSL shopping spree!

    Your real SL name most be posted, or we won’t know who to send the gift certificate to.

    Sexual harrassment and tranny lies are already taken. So pls come up with some other crap.

    Thanks 🙂

  34. Anonymous Says:


    MVW organisation is not very kind, once Mr. Frolic Mills abused me and called me a Tranny in local chat in front of all the other students and I felt really bad, when I asked for a refund, he ejected me out.

  35. I usually read through AR and never respond because I hate to get involved in none sense topics that just waiste of time and energy because I have better things to do than comment on topics that have no grounds to support the claims. But when this is hitting at a huge topic like Sexual Harassament accusation of one of the best academies on the grid, I am going to speak out clearly.

    I don’t understand this claim at all, I have attended 5 or 6 academies in second life and one in particular MVW academy, the only think I received from MVW is respect, integrity, and honor.In fact one of the things they focused on and preach in all the classes from 101 to 105 lectures is respecting ourselves.Class 103 was with Kay ,class 104 I had the honor to take it with Ms. Mimmi Boa and ofcourse 105 with Mr Mills and I recieved the attention and education that made me look at fashion at a different level.

    Yes Frolic is hardline in his critisim or the way he tells his students, but he is hard because he cares , because he wants to produce the models who graduate from his academy to the standard the MVW academy stand behind.and that goes with all top academies like real world. It does mean you pay tution for a course that is a gurantee to pass that course. You need to study, research, work hard and pass the test. So If I fail not because the academy was wrong is because I did not do what I am suppose to do and therefore I failed.

    Everytime I talk to Frolic, Mimmi, Kay or any one really that I consider a friend I through a kiss their way, and hug would that be considered Sexual Harrassament. I doubt at all.

    Secondlife is meant for fun, to run away from the stress of real life to a virual world . We act, play and deal with this game as a game and it should stay that way. Just a game No Drama , No cry babies.

    Be real for god sake , its all about personalities and charisma and how far you let others get into you. You can say NO like you can say NO in real life, the difference, in SL you have the tools to stop it right there instantly. so be wise and smart.

    Kisses and Huggssss

  36. Regina Says:

    Lol, more Madam X, more please lol…:)

    “Harassment” does raise some valid points about female judges making inappropriate comments to male models,…not just female judges though, female members of the audience too…maybe I should name some names 🙂

  37. briepinazzo Says:

    Mimmi all the times ya gave me kisses MUST be harassment then, Its ok you keep givin kisses and purrs you and Salvo are 2 are the sweetest people in SL and Im proud to know you.

  38. Mimmi Boa Says:

    OMG i’m laughing ’till i cry…..some of you are totally fun and i hope you are joking.
    People, don’t be riduculous.
    When i talk in Styling Forward about how nice and awesome is Scryer i do it for fun and this is clear to everyone is in his full brain sanity.
    I talked also about how all the ladies are fabulous and lovely and so what means???
    I’m sorry to say that some of you need a RL therapy.
    You are borderline my dear ones because if you can feel the drama and the sexual harassment in every fun word a person said means you are totally off of mind.
    Go in your main life and take of you instead to still show us how poor in the spirit you are!

    kisses and purrssssss
    Mimmi Boa ^^

    P.S. shall i say kisses and purrs or is considered an harassment?????

  39. harassment Says:

    These recent posts have obviously been made up. What I will say, though, is if the organization wants to keep a clean reputation, then they need to do so all the way around. There have been some extremely inappropriate and distasteful comments made (\”I would rape you\”) and aired publicly in the Styling Forward competition towards one of the male models specifically, made by one of the judges. Since this show is something that is sponsored by the Miss Virtual World org, the same group that runs the academy, it would probably be advisable for these statements not to be made any longer. If these comments were made by a male judge to a female contestant, there would be a gigantic uproar, and rightfully so.

  40. briepinazzo Says:

    OK How is someone forced to be on voice in SL? I mean you can log off… mute the person….. whatever. I have known Frolic the 2 years Ive been in the fashion world and someone who sexually harasses people he is not. I am not in that world really anymore but people trying to bring down the efforts of Mimmi, Miaa and Kay really need to leave sl and find jesus or therapy or some medication.

  41. MVWOrganization Says:

    I am very glad it was discovered that all 10 women are all the same sick person.

    I have no idea what we ever did to you that caused you to invent all these lies.

    We proud ourselves of being a tough and hard working academy. I am sorry if this upsets you, but honestly, we would not have it any other way.

    You either work hard and become competent or you don’t graduate. That’s the easy and hard way out into the virtual modeling world.

    We will miss you JOJO – Eventhough I don’t remember anyone from my staff with that name or any of your other alts.


  42. so funny! Says:

    Thank you agency report.

    So Madam X is lying through her nose and then agreeing with herself?

    Hmm sounds like we have a real wacko on our hands!

    And one more thing air head… You finished 105 with Frolic, but I wonder who asked you to stay for a private consultation.. Frolic doesn’t do that, so go back in your memory and realize that maybe you were at your regular job at your cheesy strip joint?

    /me wonders how many alts of yours got harrassed too.

    Hun you won’t win the MVW like this, so give it up! LOL

  43. agencyreport Says:

    Madam X, my number one rule in using this website is that you don’t use alts to agree with one’s self. You have blatantly broken this rule so all your posts now have your Madam X name on them. If you continue, you will be banned as well.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    you are all ridiculous. seriously, look at what you people are complaining about. this is pixels and the internet… turn your damn computers off. how sad are you that you can’t say “no” and teleport away? a few clicks of your mouse…

  45. JOJO (Madam X) Says:

    I am sorry, I cant remain silent anymore and have to agree with madam and few other.

    I had the 105 lesson with Frolic Mills, later I was asked to stay over for a personal consultation and I was teleported to a room with three different men and then I was sexually harassed, I could not even teleport out because I was in a state of shock.

    You know who I am so before you fire me, I am quiting your organization.This is my resignation



  46. adiva Says:

    I’m really sorry if all these things are happening. I’m a model for quite some time now, I actually graduated from MVW Academy and I’ve had no problems whatsoever.

    To be honest, I’ve never ever been harrassed in SL, sexually or in any other way. I still work as a model, without any problems. I know MVW staff, as a graduate I had the 105 lessons with Frolic Mills. Nothing of that kind happened. All the staff and model instructors were polite and very correct.

    If this really happened with Madame X, I’m really sorry. I must say it’s kind of weird.

    Agency Report works to call people’s attention to some issues. Some of them are really worrying. But, for some reason, this story is weird. I’m not sure I buy it, I’m sorry.

  47. Madam X Says:

    @ so funny!

    Please name the two disqualified MVW candidates who are creating this mess!

  48. THIS IS TRUE!!!!!! (Madam X) Says:

    Madam X is right!
    Bestyle is fugly agency run by an old hag and her alt husband!
    The bitch ejected me when I asked for a refund!
    She doesn’t even know to adjust prims!
    She wanted me to have sex with her alt husband!

    I hate you all, have filed an AR

  49. so funny! Says:

    Fanny nothing hapenned, trust me.

    Well maybe something did… Like maybe 2 of the MVW candidates were disqualified for lying about their identities.

    Food for thought!

    And that’s all that really hapenned. It’s a shame that instead of taking responsibility for their wrong doings and learning from that, they just come out and try to create drama by vicious lies.

    Have you noticed how no one is naming names? Apparently it was a bunch of “organizations” who harrassed them. And Madam X even has videos! Well it takes a very sick person to film her own harrassment LOL.

    There is no harrassment nor anything unprofessional about any of the organizations mentioned here. There are just 2 very wicked and sick people who like to lie a LOT even to the extent of changing their own sex gender for the sake of a beauty pageant.

    Now that’s REALLY sad!

  50. Honey B (Madam X) Says:

    I work as a stylist in a major agency, I have heard rumors about an underground model sex ring where new and some old regular models are taken advantage by some sexual deviants. One of my student reported that once she was forced to have voice sex and act as a rape victim in order to fulfill the fantasy of a deviant in order to walk in a fashion show.

    All I have to say is behind all the glitter and shine this is the black reality of the
    Modelling world. As they say you win some, you loose some.

  51. fanny (Madam X) Says:

    Sexual harassment is a crime…I feel sorry if something really happened.

  52. Madam X Says:

    This just shows that big people can get away from doing anything,
    Still the weak are the one who are always blamed in such situations,
    I pity all you ass kissers.

  53. anon Says:

    yeah the story is totally bogus. let’s face it you don’t exchange your core values for pixel fame. If you do, you are in need of some serious therapy.
    That was a general statement. you need to look at the bigger picture.
    It would be a shame if that story had a grain of truth in it. I just know from my experiences working as a model I have only worked with the finest of people who are far above anything like that.

  54. Annalise Cyberstar Says:

    I won’t presume to know about anyone else’s experience with this academy. I can and will only speak of my own.. I will say this to me anything posted by someone who doesn’t have the courage to give their name is suspect. You have to ask if you had the truth on your side, why would you chose to hide your identity?

    As for my MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Modeling Academy experience it’s been nothing but positive and I have found the staff very helpful and kind. Considering all the rumors about how clique and catty some parts of Second Life Fashion are, I was really shocked that Kay Fairey my 102 teacher has been one of the nicest people I have met in Sl . Im totally looking forward to the rest of my classes!

    I don’t want to call anyone i don’t know a liar, maybe there was a miss understanding, maybe you took something out of context. Im not to sure, but knowing how the old SL rumor mill works.. I find it super hard to believe there is some underground model sex ring that a few models are dragged into by the so called sexual deviants that are the heads of alot of the major fashion agency in Second Life.. This has managed to stay quiet?!? Yet if Frolic Mills hair changes its all over the grid before he even takes off the demo? Come ON!!!

    I’m truely sorry that your modeling experience wasn’t everything you hoped it would be.. I will close with this I think you are already exposing the ” ugliest face of sl “. Tisk tisk sweetie lies and drama are not a good look on anyone!

  55. LMAO Says:

    yeah, but this person liked it, beacuse she stayed ALL THE way though the course!

    Think about it. LIES LIES LIES!

  56. anon Says:

    just a comment to Harass .. harassment is still harassment no matter if you hang around to listen to it or not. It neither has to be invited or wanted. It goes to intent of the other party. So, yes we can mute or depart. But, that is only after the harassment has been initiated.

  57. LMAO Says:

    Best thread ever on Agency Report!

    Thanks for the good times Madam X.

  58. HARRASS? Says:

    I’ve been thinking about this post.

    How exactly does one get sexually harrassed in a virtual world?

    One has the power to teleport away, one has a mute button and one can certainly log off!

    Any harrassment that comes your way, MUST be welcomed by you OR it is a lie. That simple really.

  59. Cinna Says:

    I enrolled in MVWA in February, but due to RL, had to take a break from SL for a few months, only to return, and graduate finally, in July 2010. From the very early classes with Mimmi Boa & Kay Fairey to my final 105 experience with Mr. Mills, I enjoyed every minute, including the lack of sleep and experience of sweating bullets over my final walk.

    From walking to posing to styling to creating a unique you, the staff and instructors provide a quality learning adventure that incorporated many different perspectives and takes on some major topics in our industry.

    As we continue to grow, so does MVWA, and I personally feel that any model will be able to take useful information from their own experiences while in attendance.

  60. WHAT!? Says:

    Yeah, you and your blank profile. Woohooo! ARs all around!

  61. Sophie Asbrink (Madam X) Says:

    Hi! I am a group owner for new upcoming models.
    This incident is really shameful and a disgraceful example for the entire modeling fraternity and along with me I’ve instructed my group to AR the owners of this unscrupulous Academy. I stand up for women’s rights, it does not matter whether its sl or rl. No one has to right to sexually harass anyone.

    Sophie Asbrink

  62. bunny girl (Madam X) Says:

    Me thinks this is a case of sour grapes!

  63. I want some action too Says:

    I am liking this academy more by the minute!

    No where does anyone mention who did the harrassing, (exept for frolic, which I don’t believe) so my mind is thinking about Mimmi or Miaa or kay …

    I am getting kinda of hot here…

    Runs and signs up for MVW Academy!! woohoooooooooooo

  64. LOL Madam !! Says:

    Dear madam:

    Stay off cheap drugs hun.

    You did say you enrolled in MVW Academy in 2009!

    “It all started in 2009 where I got enrolled my self enrolled in MVW academy in the hopes of being the supermodel of my dreams.”

    IT DID NOT EXIST!! Go lie somewhere else!

  65. Alive (Madam X) Says:

    Dear MadamX,

    You have given me the power to speak up now.
    I was scared to talk about this but not anyone.
    Once after my session at MVW Academy I
    Was sexually harassed which was really traumatic
    For me, I did not even log into second life.

    The charges about sexually exploiting the models
    Is 100 percent true! Many don’t want to come out
    As it would tarnish their clean image and the influential
    Will put a stop to their modeling dreams.

    I urge any other victims like me to stand up and fight
    The evil.

  66. Wannabe model (Madam X) Says:

    Dear Madamx

    Can you please tell me your mentor’s name, maybe I can fool around too, wont mind for a super model and MVW crown.

  67. MVW Academy Grad (Madam X) Says:

    I want my money back right now,that bastard has cheated me,I am no way going to link myself with an agency of such cheap reputation!

  68. WHAT!? Says:

    By all means. Don’t make empty threats. This site is about blowing folks out of the water MadamX. If you have proof you’d better post it. Else it’s all a farse and utter BS.

    This is just another one of those times when you’ll be told to put out or shut up.

  69. MadamX (Madam X) Says:

    I started modeling in 2009

    I have never mentioned when I graduated from MVW agency

    Don’t try to provoke me. I have photos, videos and chat logs of all the harm done against me and the false promises don’t let me start on how professional you’re so called MVW judges are.

    Don’t let me expose the ugliest face of sl and how you make false claims to young and naïve new models.

    Madam X

  70. Nave Fall Says:



    Dejavouge (sic)

    Avenue or should I say AVENUE?




    How did this person miss out on Agata, UVogue, Maniera, Moda, SuperElite, SSMA, IC Motions, and Modavia?

    The question one should ask is this who would have the clout to get Patty Cortes, Yasmine Kidd, Rusch Raymaker and Frolic Mills all to take on a model with no apparent experience? NO ONE that I can think of. That should have been the first clue that this post was PURE UNADULTERATED BS. Sort of like Alexis’ interview with the “Trollboy”

    Regardless it’s an impressive line up of agencies, when did she have time to fool around anyway? Wait………. silly me, she fooled around first and then her “mentor” got her in all those places. Or was it a him?

    /me thinks this one over.

    This would be called a meteoric rise and an equally rapid descent. As far as being an escort goes, good escorts are paid much better (in cash) then all but the best models doncha know?

    Something amusing here was long overdue………..

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  71. MVW Academy Grad Says:

    Should I feel jilted because Frolic did not want to molest me during 105? :/

  72. perfect idea Says:

    Frolic is gay so I doubt it’s him that she had to sleep with, well not unless she used a pixel strap on, anything is possible I guess.
    Heck we could have made a lot of cash together and still can if you like miss lady I mean if you were sleeping with people for a title then why not sleep with people for a few cash lindens we can take over sl together and create a secret world for paid mistresses and their sponsers if you know what I mean. If interested please contact me at helnab3@yahoo.com, I know lots of sl’s rich and famous Please call me.

  73. LOL so true !! Says:

    LOL that is so true!

    I graduated from the first bunch ever at the MVW academy in february and I was never molested nor intimdated into doing social things.

    Anonymous hun… In 2009 MVW Academy did not exist, it first opened in january 2010!

    So please grow up and stop the bs.

  74. BOSL & CO Says:

    1) Dear Anonymous:MVW did not exist in 2009. Nice try at lying, but next time at least bother to get your story believable.

    2) Dear Beauty Queen: Only in youre dreams would Frolic or any of the professional MVW judges sleep with you hun. Wake up!

    That’s all…

  75. WHAT!? Says:

    I graduated from MVW and that bastard didn’t even give me the courtesy of a reach around. I want my money back, right now!

  76. Curioskitty (Madam X) Says:

    I wonder who was that poor model who was taken advantage by Frolic?

  77. MVW Academy Grad Says:

    I am a graduate of MVW Academy, and it was a wonderful experience. I gained a lot of useful knowledge about the industry, all of which has helped me grow into a more successful model. More than one of the instructors spoke about attitude, kindness, being gracious, and not allowing the industry turn you into a prima donna. The main message I learned from MVW Academy was about finding one’s own identity as a model and working continuously to hone one’s sense of style and unique qualities that sets one apart from others. None of the information I learned included anything about a casting couch, becoming an SL escort, or kissing ass.

    It isn’t a requirement for a MVW candidate to attend MVW Academy, and I seriously doubt that any of the past winners or contestants have slept with Frolic in order to get to the top. That’s just silly. 😉

  78. Beauty Queen (Madam X) Says:

    “MVW academy, Dejavouge, Bestyle and many agencies keep a lot of sexual prepositions to several of their students many are even forced for it.”

    Yuck… I would never join these agencies where they train you to be escorts…

    “Time was great as I had entered win miss virtual world, everything was rigged and I knew I was going to be win it as I had pleased many people from the BOSL panel”

    Yuck….this is the most pathetic contest if everything’s rigged and you gotta sleep with the judges……..

    Does that mean that the earlier winners…..

    Lets just not go there….

    Ty for this report I would stay away from such places 🙂

  79. Top Model Says:

    To Madam X,

    I’m sorry about your experience but your biggest mistake is to allow someone to use you and taking the easy route to the top.

    I am one of the Supermodels in SL right now and I know that this fame doesn’t last forever but I can honestly say with pride that I have never kissed butt or used people to get ahead. This lady have too much pride and dignity. Everyone wants to take the easy route and not willing to put in the hard work and effort. If you want to get to the top, be confident and willing to face lots of rejections and not give up. When agency heads and designers see that you are hard working, reliable and can shine from the rest with your styling and personality…you get the respect. You have to earn it. So get off your butt and stop complaining in Agency Report. If you want to be a supermodel….you better work.

  80. Madam X Says:

    When I joined second life it was all game and fun, one day I discovered about the magical world of second life fashion industry, I knew I had to be a part of it because I always dreamed of being a famous second life model.

    What started as a dream slowly became my biggest nightmare.

    It all started in 2009 where I got enrolled my self enrolled in MVW academy in the hopes of being the supermodel of my dreams. The course started all right but then I discovered how important networking was in the second life modeling world. As I entered the course I was told “even if you lack talent its allright but your attitude should be correct”. During the tenure of my studies we and various foundation models were asked to attend various parties. Most of these parties were useless as we models only played the role of “eye candy.”

    Flattering and buttering are the only things I realized work in second life modeling world. I soon became the fancy of any industry head. He soon got me to various place, I used to work in various agencies like EIMA, Glance, Dejavouge, Avenue, Boulevard and Bestyle. But it did not take me much long to realize that he was using me only his sexual appetite.

    Casting couch is black reality of second life. Many models sleep their way through success. In the arrogance of my success I had completely let go of my dignity. I was only a model for name sake; the work I was doing was nothing better than a petty second life escort. MVW academy, Dejavouge, Bestyle and many agencies keep a lot of sexual prepositions to several of their students many are even forced for it.

    Time was great as I had entered win miss virtual world, everything was rigged and I knew I was going to be win it as I had pleased many people from the BOSL panel. But in the end I was backstabbed and it did not take me much long to realize my life was completely ruined and I was in a mess.

    The people who were my best friends were no longer with me anymore because I was not a success story. I realized that the people you meet when you climb up the ladder of success you get to meet them again when you step down the ladder again.

    I no longer work as a model. I can say that I have learned my lesson the hard way.

    Madam X

  81. I would say that is great to study at MVW … my teachers were wonderful! I did not make the lesson of Mimi, but if there is a chance I’ll hear it too! I like to listen and learn from people I see actively working in the fashion world that drives us and makes you want to improve … as I learned from Miaa: Who inspires you? Who’s a diva for you? and I say that my teachers are! Beautiful, talented, intelligent and fun! When I “grow up” I want to be like them! ^^

    (About values, as read all the comments on the topic and i need say about this: I think every one spent in SL wherever … much or little its no matter, it is rather the personal satisfaction that you seek. I feel happy, I feel good there and I got together the amount needed in order to have it … I recommend my friends to sstudy at MVW, since the pleasant hours we spent there and meet new people is very good! When we reach a certain age, no matter whether you are rich or not … but if we are happy or not … that is why there are people in RL very very rich and sometimes with unhappy lives without perspective and poor people, but always humble with a smile on his face ^^ After all, not spent on cigarettes and liquor, and I can give this “luxury” for me. And the most important this is second life…and just so we can dream and playfull of being a model or miss ^^)

    Great site!

  82. LouLou Belle Says:

    Hi ^^ new to agencyreport but I had to express my many thanks to MVW Academy.

    I’d like to thank all the teachers for helping us students improve our skills and pushing us to our limits, for making us work hard to graduate. I felt the pressure believe me, and I was very proud of myself on the night I graduated because I know how hard it was, and I also know how sad it was to see others who tried hard but didn’t make it. That goes to show you that it’s not a place where you pay a tuition fee and automatically graduate and join a model agency, no. It’s a place where you have to follow exactly what you were taught:
    to carry yourself with poise, elegance, class, style (meaning abiding by the styling 101 rule book).

    A big thanks to all the patient teachers, each and every single lesson stuck to my brain. Thank you for teaching us what it means to be fabulous!

    Hugs to all

  83. mvw student Says:

    Taking classes at MVW is a great experience, Because Mui and Mimmi take’s the time to explain every little thing,Mimmi explains to us every little thing she knows,how to handle certain things with dealing with a agency,going over everything and it was great to have her their to give us all the little details about being a model Our Aunty Mimmi,:)Now i wonder what Frolic has in store for us 🙂

  84. readyforfashion Says:

    I had the honour of being one of the students of Mimmi Boa and now i understand why people say she’s the best.
    A lesson with her is priceless and i learned more in 3 hours than in other full courses.
    Miss Mimmi is the sweetest and skilled woman i’ve ever met in two sl years.

    Thank you


  85. As the only Male Says:

    As the only male in Mimmi’ class yesterday I can say no one has ever spent more time explaining things than she did yesterday.It was her RL birthday yet she was unselfish with the time she spent with us.As my first teacher ages ago at Evane, her style and grace are the same as when she was Miss VW.She’s a true lady and many should learn from that in SL.When Mimmi talks more should listen…..Thanks to a thankful Model for sharing what a lot of us already know and love about Mimmi Boa. P.S. It was worth every linden!

  86. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    To Strong and Burly..

    Nobody forces anyone to pay for anything in SL. People pay because they believe it to be worth the Lindens and compared to many other classes and courses, MVW Modeling Academy is great VFM. As has been mentioned this academy goes way above and beyond what most academies teach. Not everyone will graduate on their first attempt (or even 2nd) as we expect very high standards. ANY academy that graduates all students willy nilly is not doing those that really deserve to graduate any favours at all.
    In SL as in RL, people have differing abilities. We do offer extra help for those that feel they need it.
    Thank you Shae, Hermione and ‘a thankful model’ for your lovely comments.
    We wish you well in your modeling careers.

  87. a thankful model Says:

    I’ve meet Mimmi Boa yesterday for the first time in class and i was shocked by her lovely way to be.
    She’s wise, skilled, humoristic and she has a big heart.
    I’ve learned tons in the lesson, more probably than in a full course in another agency.
    She spent almost 3 hours with us and was a pleasure to and to learn from the fashion icon itself.
    She teach from the heart and she’s one of the most humble and sweet person i’ve ever met.
    Thanks MVW academy for giving us the possibility to know this kind of good persons and for giving us a very big chance to learn from the best.

  88. Heydon Milter Says:

    Thank you Kay Fairey for the wonderful class yesterday. The after-class discussion was very helpful too.

    You inspire me.


  89. Hermione Mocha Says:

    Miss Virtual World Academy ROCKED! All of my teachers were fab, and taught me loads. Mimmi, Mui & Frolic, You are all great teachers, and i would like to thank each of you for helping me become a much better model!! I had the pleasure of seeing one of Kay Fairey’s classes as well (on Clif’s pc) and i have to add that she is a wonderful teacher as well! :))

    Thank You All soooooo Much,
    Hermione Mocha

  90. TINAG Says:

    No worries S & B you weren’t a contenda in the Miss Virtual World Sweepstakes anyway so you won’t be missed much.

    If someone is good enough to get rich in SL considering the fierce competition they deserve to. Go mine gold in WOW.

  91. Strong and Burly Says:

    Puts the ‘orse in the stable hangs ma boots on the post calls in the dawgs, shuts the gate.
    When a game asks someone to part with over $10,000L to do a Modeling course it’s time to hang the keyboard up in disgust,pity the poor ol woman sitting out there in RL land thinking this is a great idea.
    You lot win im off to play WOW
    shakes ma head and mumbles what a waste of money
    someone is going to get real rich here
    this is Strong and Burly signing off for the last time
    if only SL had a fair trading agreement.

  92. shaesixpence Says:

    I have the great honor of being able to hang a diploma on my wall from the Miss Virtual World Academy.

    This academy touches on so much more than just the normal, “Don’t do this pose” or “This is how we place prims.” Truly, if you are looking for an academy that goes far beyond what is barely needed to get you onto the runway this academy is for you.

    At Miss Virtual World models are not created, they are refined from the inside out. Which is what truly matters after all. Remember, ugly inside means you’re ugly on the outside lovies!!


    -Shae Sixpence

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