Post below your comments about Miss Virtual World. You may post experiences you have had with this contest, as a contestant, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

860 Responses to “Miss Virtual World (831)”

  1. shocked and mortified Says:

    wow all this time I thought that boniefacio resident was a guy and I find out he is a woman!!

    im shocked, omg

    • Anonymous Says:

      The video has removed so I can not watch, by the way, He suppose to be a guy because he’s a boyfriend of Ponchi.

  2. .... Says:

    it seem all new developments within bosl org they have failed to recognize even if one of their own execs is a liar. why ridicule one model to another when one of the models who does the ridiculing is a lesbian playing a man?? theres been several outbursts about many of the models who are playing avatars based on who they arent in rl but when 1s lied their way to the top in bosl and has used the people who have helped her earn spot in fashion tells their girlfriend and everyone they are friend with and tells that she is really a he when he is not a he at all. that’s right… another liar in the mixing pot of models the only twist on this 1 is they have sucked frolic and the previous bosl n’ co into their web and didn’t stop there but sucked ponchituti in 2…boniefacio is really a woman. she is a 43 year old woman living at home with her ma and pop and collecting the countries poverty benefits while running a muck on sl playing on many avatars such as eowynnn resident, aragorn zelin, abim beaumont (was banned for copybotting), abim sahara, there is likely more avatars that unknown. remember the famous ramonizita is even say to being bonie. odd he wasn’t on ramonizitas marketplace no? funny how places where she was at bonie was too and sometimes the attacks would stop and ramonizita would vanish once bonie got in thicke with ms ponchituti and frolic she knew if she got her foot in the bosl empire door that she would have a safty so she clings on to them. if you listn 2 notice her voice not quit sounding manish with a bit of fakeness and robot that is because it is a programme with a voice morphing program on her computer making her voice seem maleish and the cellphone is also got a portable voice morphing system that’s being used to morph her voice into a maleish voice her ma and pop named her a female name , she was bourn a baby girl she wished she was a boy child . bonie is a brain sick, not rite in head shes a person who uses people, she uses ponchituti, frolic and everyone in her grip she used violet then destroyed her just to make fun to violet. bonie is manipulative, she lies she do things to people to help only 1 person, her self. she make modeling bad she not good person she hurtful and people give her the power to stay in lie to continue to hurt others people feeling she has no respect for other person arwen rage is Canadian girlfiend she can give informant on bonie being female.

    • just me Says:

      agree bonieis a douche…but romazita is frolic mills,

    • former model trainee Says:

      ya bonis one of them people who lie so badly that she cant tell truth from the lies. is a complete douche looks more like a tranny then an a androgenous model the voice morpher is bad there were times it sounded robotlike you know that’s a girl lolz I did first time I heard her on voice. I didn’t know that ponchituti was a lesbian though till now, she hid that well. bonie cant believe that we are so stupid to not know a bad sounding voice morpher, it don’t even sound realistic lolz she would have been better using autotune Britney spears does a better voice morph on her records than bonie does hiding the fact that he is infact a girl. and they are both worthless. ya frolic was ramonizita that whole thing was a mvw coverup they were all in on that. when that failed to draw the attention they sought after it died off and frolic sold out of shop he knew he was washed up. and the one who owns it now whats her name…. owner of evolve (that store even open anymore?) she has no idea wat shes doing, the whole organization she let go of from what I heard without even letting them know, well all except bonie of course you have to keep something that came from frolics hip. guess she thinks bonie will save her when the ship finally takes on too much water. sorry girl bonie would be the one to put the whole in the ship so it would sink faster if she thought it would cause your fall into the dark abyss. there are no such thing as friends in the modeling industry its all faux friends. I can use you sure ill be your friend…till I get what and where I want then ill toss you off to the side for the wolves. makes me glad after I started my studies at fmu that I decided it was too much drama, the lack of pay and the over priced expenses without balance for me so I am more of a spectator watching the circus rather than being in it.

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  5. ms.x Says:

    Much drame created in facebook by frolic on not receiving attention. Once a drame queen, always a drame queen lol sorry no more attention as you are a total useless in sl fashion industrie as you sale your worth on reign congrejo. you sale all, your soul for $$$. you sale your sim and vision. enjoy $$$ end. stop bitching lol. you have no right of voice. all gone in sale lol

    Much more drame and manipulation behind scène by reign on not getting respect. reign smarter to frolic in drame méthodes as all done behind scène on incite frolic do silly attaques in facebook and party lol sorry no respect for reign as it wasted $$$ to buy respect. it one stupide woman only . wasted $$$ on buy of dead business. no vision and no new horizon lol . you no frolic. only one word for you. stupide .

    ponchi drame is simply much irritating. just shut up. why you talk ?

  6. Insulted SL Designers and Models Association Says:

    This Reign Congrejo woman cannot stand direct communication or what? Everyone she insulted and pissed off tried their best to communicate with her, reason with her, yet the woman ignores all requests for direct communication and prints quotable quotes on her facebook page as response. Is she nuts or what? The most annoying, condescending woman in SL or sure.

    – Posting on behalf of all Designers and Models insulted and humiliated by Reign Congrejo.

  7. My Take Says:

    My advise to Frolic Mills – open a new alt account, use voice morphing, reinvent yourself & start a new agency. Enough is enough.

  8. Once Silent Observer Says:

    Reciently I brought some disturbing information to a friend of mine that I had seen on Facebook. It was false claims against a former agency owner who resigned due to RL. For some reason Falbala Fairey of BOSL feels the need to slander another person on her facebook with flase acusations, lies and fueling drama. Noting but a bunch of drama whores as always, leave it to BOSL to be this way. There were clains of sales of SL groups which to my knowledge is against the TOS (which never happened mind you, she’s posting hearsay) amongst many other fabrications, lies, rumors and hearsay. It’s a sad attempt by the management members of BOSL/MVW to slander anoteher person in order to seem fierce when they are nothing more than a bunch of scared idiots whose real lives are meek and boring that to fufill their lives with such activities to make their lives more amusing. BOSL/MVW is nothing to be afraid of. People have feared the BOSL organization for no reason for years. What I don’t understand is why post such grabage about another resident without asking quiestions to make sure the garbage is true? No, no why do that then they wouldnt appear to be top dog, lets just slander others falsely. Regin needs to have better control over her idiots who are suppoe to be helping her run and represent her modeling agency. I do know that the person who is being slandered on FB has reported Falballa for the garbage she posted and she has sent a letter to Regin regarding this matter to find some resolve. I would think that Reign would want to protect her investment of MVW and BOSL, but maybe she could careless if she and her people flush it down the drain more than it currently is. When a person does something due to a medical reason and for others to continue to try to hinder another person for trying to take care of themselves that is really childish. Some people take Second Life more seriously than they do their real life while others live in the real life and other visit Second Life to pass free time along. The ones who live Second Life as their only lives really should seek professional help for this because it isnt healthy. I know the girl being slandered in real life and she is a wonderful person, would help anyone she could if she has to power to do so and when she closed the agency it was becuase of the developing medical reason, the stress was not good for her it was creating the problem and accelorating it. So when an organization allowes their management to harass, defame, slander or post hearsay and false comments aimed at destroying a person for enjoyment or for something to do is WRONG. If people have a consience or any decient common sense why would anyone want to be a part of this organization knowing that if you have any sort of issues in real life that will effect your Second Life in anyway they will exploite you in a slandering way to harm you or your intregity just because you chose your real life over a virtual world? Stay away, far away from BOLS/MVW becuase this could be you!

  9. Model Trainee Says:

    Extremely disappointed with with the new Miss Virtual Academy. They are highly overrated and over priced. The instructors are mediocre and the new owner is rude and obnoxious. Why do I have to put up with so much attitude to get a frickin modeling certificate? Save your lindens.

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  11. concerned Says:

    wonder why many big sponsors pulled out of bosl? cheap low quality brands all over bosl. why?

  12. Who Cares Says:

    As for BOSL isn’t it time for a new world? If BOSL goes off the g rid would it really be that sad? No, not really. Modeling wouldn’t be ruled by one organization as it has been for years. With a free world of Modeling there would be no ass kissing as there is now, whose ass would they kiss to get ahead? No ones and the drama would cease to exsist. Frolic has his new endevors with this party circulars ordeal, who cares OLD NEWS! One reason I never turned my interests further in the modeling world was simply because it was run primairly by BOSL/MVW cronies. The winners were alwayus the best ass kissers and everyone uses someone and everyone to make their “mark” in the industry, really? From what I’ve witnessed in my 7 yrs in SL watching the modeling industry is its all gimmick, ass kissing, backstabbing, drama filled waste of time and lindens. Seriously 80.00 usd to become a model in SL and it has no realistic value? 85.00 usd would shut my kids up on a new video game for a few months. BOSL/MVW has ruined the modeling industry to be truthfully honest. Why on earth would a man who is completely incapeable of styling himself be a threat to anyone? If you watch these idiot women who flock around Frolic and see how they coach him…Yes if you watch you can see all the antics these conartists pull (they do it because they know no one is watching them, they are either trembling in fear of Frolic or in complete awe of Frolic and all their FAKE glory). The Frolic Cronies only kiss his ass to hold stature, without him they know they are nothing but a joke. There’s been specularion about Frolic and the whole MVW/BOSL ordeal for years. The truth be told the whole Ramonizita experience haha think about it…Frolics out of the industry now….Ramonizita is gone now….They both speak Portuguese, hmm thats enough proof there for me…It was all a hoax to make drama, drama createds mystery and mystery creates PUBLICITY. That mess was drug on for a little over a year and finally when people stopped fearing Ramonizita the drama just slowly dwindled away to nothiningness and now Frolics out of the industry. It’s amazing that no one else has ever done the math there. I have friends who are models, I’ve gone to their shows and I’m a sort of person that observes what others dont. I have friends who are former models and some who have resigned over all the FAKE people that have derived from Mr.Frolic Mills and his “organization of FAKENESS and ass kissers” It’s time someone turned the lights out for the whole shubang, BOSL, MVW and Frolic. Ms. Reign Congrejo should just go back to her designing and call it a day. With the fall of BOSL/MVW all the obselete cronies of Frolic, Ponchituti Boucher, Kay Fairey, Falbala Fairey, Wicca Merlin would cease to hold the tarnished tiera Frolicks placed upon their blainless heads. They are what creates Frolic and he takes the credit and they get stature, sell out worthless cronies…The whole Empire would cease to exsist! Good Riddance! is what I say.

    • LMFAO Says:

      BOSL is dead LOL
      Reign is a weirdo. She runs BOSL like 7-Eleven & all refuse to kiss her ugly ass LMAO.
      Ponchi already left BOSL. Other models & store owners leaving BOSL left, right and center.
      Who is Frolic Mills? Bye bye douchebag!

    • Model Trainee Says:

      I am kicking myself for not reading the reviews on this website before wasting my lindens on these jokers.

  13. Observer Says:


  14. bosl shock Says:

    you read june bosl magazine? me got shocked. shocked.
    change of bosl very big joking now. no fashion sence of new managment. why magazine be so bad? no fashion? no good adverts? why i ask? what this ? real estate mag or fashion mag? very sad low quality die of old high end mag.
    bring frolic mills back. hurry before bosl die . fire bad new team. must very much hurry and get all back.

    • LMFAO Says:

      Shock. Shock. Shock kiss-ass LOL
      Go visit BOSL mall for a Bigger Electric Shock LMAO
      BOSL is dead. Get used to it kiss-ass.

    • Jen Says:

      Where do you begin to turn this around? Its in a complete mess and any fool can see that.

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  21. Curious Says:

    No MVW this year? Just curious.

    • Miss Runner up Says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised after last years disaster.Has Miss Runner up ever done any kind of charity work or anything with her title like other winners have?If she has nobody cared enough to mention it .At least the real winner of last years contest had the decency to step down when she realized she wouldn’t have time to fulfill her role.

    • mvw Says:

      bosl is sold. may be new owner not interested in mvw.

    • Yes MVW Says:

      yes. misses announced in bosl magazine. they do final in dec.

      • Doctorlove Says:

        Bosl ends really? MVW another year is a joke with the misses very Newbies and some ladies close friends to FROLIC! What happend to the staff ? Who is ?so the designers the same jury

  22. Anonymous Says:

    What happened to Ramonzita?

  23. Truth Says:

    How do you know these woman didn’t already know who they was messing with?with voice in Sl I’m sure they probably have communicated with the them by now, Now considering this is true then Frolic would had to of known right? Because don’t you have to give a voice interview for MrVW? And I think one of them tried out so what does that say about the contest.

    • RE: Truth Says:

      In SL you have voice morphing, Try it, it changes your real voice. There are several types of software that you can get online, outside SL that you can connect to your microphone and it will change your voice completely. Easy to find online and easy to use. There is no way MVW organization can control if the contestants are real women, not even by using voice in SL. And the opposite happens too, female avatars that are RL men.

      • verytrue Says:

        Truth is very correct. I’ve had to listen to female friends sob uncontrollably to me on voice, when theyhave discovered the person they have fallen for in RL is a female and not male. I myself have had several close friends that are females in SL and males in RL. They are so perfect, fashionable and easy to talk to as a female, I didn’t even suspect the least bit they were male until they finally told me after several years of knowing them. I was not emotionally involved with them, though. so it did not affect our relationships.

        • Now I would have thought that using voice morphing, one would sound like a chip monk (male to female) but obviously not.

          Its funny because the question put to me when I was a contestant in MVW 2009 was along the lines of what should the organization do if they found out a contestant was actually a male. I swear I didn’t quite know how to answer it. It didn’t cross my mind at all that there may be RL men competing against me and to be quite honest, if they out styled me throughout the competition then they deserved the title. Being in MVW from start to finish was a marathon effort for all concerned. Mimmi Boa rightfully won that year and she did an outstanding job during her reign. I made top 5 and it nearly killed me. My bladder has never been the same having spent over 6 consecutive hours on-line that day but it was heaps of fun and who knows, there could have been some dudes standing next to me lol.

  24. MVW new student Says:

    I dont have a problem with ponchituti boucher calling absinthe ugly, I mean all the comments she made about absinthe having a face looking like botched failed plastic surgery patient or jackie stallone look- a -like I think are valid.
    So what if if absinthe cant take a joke. Lighten up and really take a look at your face. yes its unique but even you have to admit its not beautiful like is MVW models.

    Ponchituti has been teaching us new models how to alter our shapes to look beautiful for a long time. she is experienced and everyone one of her students looks amazing. Absinthe really looks like the plastic surgery pictures and thats not an insult thats just an observation.

    If you look at my face you will see that ponchi`s face while not unique is nicely done combined with right skin illuminates beauty.

    So im sorry that absinthe feels hard done by but if you want to look beautiful and be a true model then all the MVW students should look at my face.

    • morph is bad Says:

      if ponchi is so beautiful why does she use a morphed pic for her profile? morphing is the worst kind of model pic since first it’s stealing from someone else’s work and second you get no sense of what the avi looks like.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Ponchituti – LOL what a joke

  26. Uh Uh Uh Says:

    Today I was checking BOSL Blog after 6-7 months… and what a trash it is!!

    Zivaah Darling, what an ugly face.. She styles like a housewife..

    Lets go to next blogger:
    Xia you are a cutie, everybody loves you but you have no photography skills!

    Desireme, you should stop blogging really! what is thiiss??

    Nive Wildrose: Serios?

    • Didnt look at much then did you, I agree about that shot of xia’s but you picked on the very worst of them and thats so unkind!

    • More Uh Uh Uh Says:

      Bosl blog very boring and no confidence left as bloggers always blog back to back same designers.

      The most boring blog ever absolutely with no variety! Always same designers and same release announce.

      I think they are not real bloggers but undercover kissass models snucked in to sing the praises of few designers! Grr!

      • Kissassapalooza Says:

        It begins Kissassapalooza(Frolics Birthday)

      • Bosl Blog is a Joke lmao Says:

        I see in Bosl blog

        ! Gabriel,

        ! Azul

        We need more! Let’s start all over again
        ! Gabriel
        ! Champagne

        yaay Champagne! But who cares?We just can’t get enough of Gizza and ChopZuey! Let’s start all over again.
        ! Mea Culpa


        • Bosl blog boring Says:

          It is one of the worst blogs with some questionable stylists, If you can even call them that.The invisible pony rider blogs have more style.

  27. So confused Says:

    Is it true Mr.Virtual Norway Hikaru Enimo and Miss Virtual World Miss Italy Natzuka Miliandrovic are the same person?Rumors are flying.Does this mean 2nd runner up will now be MVW? and how many MVW’s are we going to have this year?

    • yin/yang Says:

      I don’t think it’s true Hikaru is a decent guy .We can’t say the same for Natzuka being a decent female.
      Hikaru seems genuine Natzuka seems incredibly fake.Hikaru seems faithful Natzuka has a new flavor every week if she thinks it can pull her up the ladder.Hikaru is stylish Natzuka’s styling ranges from librarian to nonna.yin and yang

      • Yang Says:

        Hikaru isn’t a guy, “he” is a girls in RL, for starters. This says it all about “him” being decent or not. Natzuka is a woman too but I doubt they are the same person.

        • Cliff Diver Says:

          I was wondering where does this all come from ?Did Hikaru Enimo say I am a girl in real life?Or is this some petty vicious jealous rumor? If Hikaru didn’t say I am a female,who did? What was the proof that has made this indisputable fact, and why did the person expose Hikaru?Did they have something to gain ? Don’t be a lemming and make your own decisions.

          • Cliff, it’s not a rumor. All you have to do is read Kallisto Destiny’s facebook page posts from a month ago and you’ll figure it out too. Me, I don’t care either way. Hika has always been nice to me whether he/she is a female or male in RL. I just think a person should be upfront about his/her gender if said person plans on being in a relationship in SL. That’s my only observation.

          • To repeat the words of Jack Kerouac: “It isn’t what you write, it’s how you write it.” Well,
            you do it extremely well!I just can’t decide if I want to share
            this blog with my buddies or keep it as my own, personal private

          • Be naive Says:

            It’s is a fact that Hikaru is a RL woman. Doesn’t matter for anybody else, but sure mattered for the person she partnered and married in SL – Kallisto Destiny. Go ask her directly. She will tell you the truth. Same thing with male avatar Markski Glom, who is a RL woman. Go ask her several of her love affairs, including the top model Seashell Dench, who I know dated Markski. Ask these people directly inworld. These are NO rumours! Both Hilkaru and Markski are female in RL. This only concerns the people they get involved with emtionally. If they are male avatars in SL, it’s their problem. But to engage in emotional relationships with a lie, THAT IS SICK. Ask the people involved.

  28. agencyreport Says:

    Comments are being held in moderation until further notice.

    Chalice, darling, 🙂 I know you are a kind-hearted person and trying to do the right thing here, but this person is a troll. And as the saying goes, “Don’t feed the trolls.”

    “Understand that you are not going to punish or teach the person a lesson. You are not going to get the last word in. Even if you respond with compassion, you are not going to get the person to see the error of their ways”


    Trolling happens in every forum or social network, not one site that allows comments is immune. But, I will do what I can to keep the trolling to a minimum on this website.

    • I respectfully defer to your better judgement. I guess in my world, there’s always a glimmer of hope that a thought, an idea, may just find its way through the armor. I shall bow out but ever so gracefully 🙂

    • Anonymous Says:

      Thank you for sharing this:

      “Keep in mind that if you want to be a compassionate person, and we all like to think of ourselves in those terms, by far the best thing you can do for the bully is to ignore him/her. Only in solitude can we see the error of our ways, which is why monks will often meditate in solitude for long periods of time. Of course this technique is often used on inmates. The best way of dealing with a cyber bully, both for you and for them, is to completely and totally ignore him/her, and take pity. If you like to pray for people, you could pray that the bully will quickly learn that s/he will have a happier life if s/he befriends people and offers kind words, rather than continuing to do what s/he does.”

      Read more: How to Avoid and Deal with Cyber Bullying | eHow

  29. agencyreport Says:

    Dear Mr. & Mr. Mills,

    This is a review/feedback website. In case you aren’t familiar with this type of a website, you should google Yelp, Zagat, and RipOffReport. Visit these websites to get an idea of how a review website works. This website is a crude version of those, but it’s purpose is the same. Even Google has it’s own review features and there are many many websites that allow for people to review businesses in the real world. Which obviously effect real money. Allowing people to comment on your business is not in any way a violation of Copyright. Ebay, Amazon, and similar websites have feedback features that allow for both ends to review the business and the transactions, to prevent fraud, help people make good business decisions, etc. SL does not have a feedback feature other than for marketplace stores and this website was born of the need of some sort of feedback system for modeling agencies and modeling contests as the modeling world of SL was/is rife with fraud and poor business practices, as I’m sure you are aware.

    Your business is public and people have a right to give feedback and review your business, business practices, etc. We will not remove this page or this website and we do not appreciate you trying to bully us into doing so. I understand you don’t like the opinions some people have of your business or of you, in the same way businesses in the real world hate sites like Yelp, Zagat, and RipOffReport when they have a bad reputation, but those websites still stand as they are not in violation of any law. People have a right to express their opinions. You also have every right to defend and respond to accusations made on this website.

    With that said, we take the privacy of all individuals very seriously and any accusations or complaints of violations of privacy will be fully researched and we will act upon these matters as we see fit to comply with internet privacy laws. Violations of privacy include: exposing a full legal name, address, image, or voice; exposing someone’s avatar name, handle, or username is not a violation.

    Mr. Lost Mills (lostnero), you sent us a complaint saying that someone exposed your RL information on this page. After wasting hours of my time going through these comments, I have found no comment that revealed your full legal name, address, image, or voice. I did find a comment that had a video embedded into it that possibly may have contained these items, however, the video is no longer available, so again no violation on this site. If someone violates your privacy on YouTube or any other website and then embeds it into a comment posted here, the violation of your privacy took place on that website and you need to follow the processes set up by that website to get that content removed.

    However, as I value everyone’s privacy if you are ever a victim of violation of privacy whether it’s directly on this website or if it is embedded content, you need to send me a report of this violation in-world with information so that I can find the violation and remove it: a date of the violation, the name of the violator, and a copy of the exact comment that violates your privacy.

    Mr. Mills, saying the whole site needs to be removed for violating comment(s) that you cannot find yourself or give me any information so that I can find the offending comment(s) is ludicrous. In the past when people have reported comments for various reasons, all of them contained a date and other information so that I could find the offending content and remove it, and I have no problem investigating violating comments and removing anything that is in violation and banning violators. 

    After investigating your complaint, even though NO specific information was provided by you, I have found no privacy violation and have come to the conclusion that you did not provide information for me to find the privacy violation because none existed. If I have overlooked a comment that violates your privacy, please send me a report of this violation in-world with information so that I can find the violation and remove it: a date of the violation, the name of the violator, and a copy of the exact comment that violates your privacy. That goes for anyone with a privacy complaint or any other complaint involving this website.

    However, although a privacy violation was not found, during the course of my investigation I did see that there was an obvious case of “Trolling” going on. For that, the offending parties have been blocked from commenting and most of their comments removed, except for ones which we determined were legitimate opinions.

    Mr & Mr Mills, you are being trolled, both on this website, in SL, and maybe elsewhere. You need to look up the term to understand what it is and what to do when you are the victim, there is an abundance of information on the subject. As someone that has been in your shoes, my advice would be to ignore them and advise everyone else to ignore them also, that means no commenting back or about, no blog postings about this person, nothing. Regardless of what they say, what they want is fame and attention, and you’ve given them too much of that already. I would also advise that you don’t lie when you report violations to website owners, have relevant information at hand so violations can be dealt with, and don’t be rude. If you do those things, the website owners will WANT to help you. I honestly did not want to help you because I found you rude, arrogant, and absolutely ignorant to laws concerning copyright.

    It’s no secret I have long since left Second Life, and when I did I had the utmost respect for BOSL, MVW, and for Frolic Mills. Mr. Lost Mills (lostnero) you may have been acting out on your own in contacting me today in SL and saying what you said in the manner that you said it, but my personal opinion of “your businesses,” of you, and of Frolic has forever been changed. There are ways to conduct yourself in a professional manner and still get what you want, that did not happen today and it’s a shame.

    Agency Report

  30. Thank you Bite. I’d give you a love bite if I knew who you were….lol.

  31. sucubus Says:

    hey, kid, you cannot take people’s lives in SL, read me? You can copybot, you can stalk, you can join forces with your cracker friends, but you CANNOT take people’s lives, see what I mean or do I have to draw something for you to get it?

    kid, you can copybot crowns and guess what, that isn’t WW3 , you know what I mean? hey, you stupid kid, this is SL, read me? do you think people give a rats ass if you copy a crown?? a crown??? kid, are you for real LMAO; you and your friends spread all over SL modeling agencies?

    Kid, listen, have you tried having a boyfriend for real? It’s okay you being a male kid, really we don’t care you being gay , we don’t. But try to get a boyfriend or something. I can see your future, such a bright future, copybotting shapes, copybotting crowns, hanging out with people that are very successful too, crashing sims, griefing, stalking people in online games LMAO? oh what a bright future!!

    We all can see you build up a career, as smart as you are, a successful career in copybotting and hanging out with your friends that crack people’s accounts to steal real money.

    Kid, really, find a boyfriend, i think you need to date , sex or something. Really, you are coming accross as a very frustrated male kid, , and I’m being friendly, here! Oh and I’m still here, not being stalked, crashed, copybotted, your goon friends are a bit dumb, they can’t do anything to me, I’m still here? [pinches his body] I am still here. How GOOD you all are huh? BTW is the crown nice or?

  32. To lol…And who is the stupid one????? I think you mean “GOAD’, not goat. And regarding drama? You dear anonymous one are in Agency Report reading this too so enough said.

    Rambo – I’m glad, no relieved, that I disgust you. You once mentioned in here that you’re a psychologist, unless it was someone else using your name. If it is the case that you are, I hope you’re not a practicing one. Then again, having the DSM5 for reference, you could diagnose yourself. Look at the cluster B type of BPD’s and I’m sure you’ll be familiar with 301.7 add 301.81. Ring any bells?

  33. To Kisses…not everyone is like you darling. Believe it or not, there are people in this world who can have friends not for what they can do for you, but tor the sake of friendship itself. You’ve made your position abundantly clear. You’re the kind of person who kisses arse only if there’s something in it for you.

    Rambo – crush, kill, destroy. How’s that working out for you? Happy yet?

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Where is frolic mills? I hear no sponsers & adverts for bosl magazine and radio. His new soc project is huge flop with no good designers. so sad. Who thinks sl fashion over and done?

    • Anon Says:

      The only agency that was ever worth paying attention to in SL was Modavia.Too bad Pop and the rest of the girls got tired of it.The only time Modavia ever had shown poor choices was in its last castings and hiring people such as Vikeejeah Xevion and Applonia Criss they took away from the classy and brought in everything trashy.

    • Last I saw of him he was sitting on a flower chair in a garden surrounded by tonnes of his friends celebrating his rezz day. Allegedly Rambo was hiding amongst the weeds trying to copy bot shapes but got stung on the arse by a bee. How’s that healing up???????

  35. This obese, ugly, tranny, lady boy looking avatar (Rambo’s words, not mine) has just posed a warning on her blog in the hope people don’t hand over a cent to loony tunes for his/her shapes. Live it, love it, learn it you ridiculous non-entity.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    omg all of you are a hot mess fighting over this on the internet! Are we not supposed to be adults? Makes me even happier that i left the modeling community in second life.

  37. RAMBO-ziita you poor misguided intellectually challenged piece of crud. If you liked my look, shape or style, I’d be changing it immediately. And as for being in MVW. Been there, done that. Miss Australia 2009 top 5.

    Now I’d love to hear from your own liposuctioned lips, why in gods name anyone would be scared of you? How could some insipid little thrip such as yourself destroy anybody in SL? I think you just get your kicks by typing ridiculous and hateful comments then sit back and wait for some recognition/reaction. Anything to get someone to notice you. I’m only joining in because I’m having fun reading your responses. I just wish you had a better grasp of the English language so they were easier to read but hey, entertainment is entertainment.

    I remain quite sure you are only role-playing being an antagonist but if you’re really that deluded that you actually stand behind your words, you’re the poster child for the necessity of psychotropic medications. Now I’m giving you a great big hug. Did you feel it?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    lol im so looking forward to this now, sexuallly transmited disease blackliquid married to natuzka who all of sudden is coo and new mvw. so im assuming nat will invite black into mvw fold and then frolic and black will have to work together after he humilated her following her telling him he is 50 yr old faggot with no taste HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA

    PS what has happened to MVW we had great names , miaa , kay , mimmi, now we have starline who deleted all her shit and nat and drakkeulaaaa

    Miss the good old days lol!!!

    • MVW catastrophe Says:

      I don’t recall the good old days of BOSL but i never dreamed they could have gotten worse I thought it was impossible,boy was I wrong .

      • Anonymous Says:

        It is sad that with whom Frolic has to deal. Natzuka is a good girl, Starline was also good girl but absolutely not MVW capacity women both.
        Now Frolic can understand why people criticized him a lot on choosing Starline. She left him alone. she was a sudden star nobody knew before MVW. She was winner of COC that nobody cares. It was big a responsibility for a newbie model and she couldn’t carry.
        Neither she was adorable, beautiful, fierce or sexy. Anyway.
        Congratulations to Natzuka. (by the way she put the title of MVW on her profile in the moment she announced what an eager for the title loooool)

        • Worste year for MVW ever Says:

          It says many words that there is no big press release Natzuka is MVW.She flounders in styling her fashion choices match her personality boring.The most exciting thing about her possibly could be she has Blackliquid as a attachment,but as we all know BlackLiquid will start helping Natzuka style .The point is i don’t think anyone cares that she is MVW

          • Anonymous Says:

            Congratulations Miss runner up

          • Fashionista 187 Says:

            I am very happy for Natzuka achieving MVW. She worked hard and she didnt ask anyone for anything. Nat is an amazing stylist, and being Italian she is classic and timeless like Sofia Loren. Her new partnership to blackLiquid, i support wholeheartedly. Both are very creative and wonderful people and I think they will only bring out the best in each other. Anything said other than that is jealousy. As for Frolic, well he hasnt gotten as far as he has for nothing. He always knows what is best and i wish them all the best! Really though, how can making nasty comments on a blog really help the fashion industry in SL better? Lets concentrate on making ourselves better and stop the unsolicitated hating!

          • Anonymous Says:

            She’s Italian so classic like Sophia Loren ?I almost cried laughing when I read this nonsense.Like the last poster said shes dull there is a difference between classic and boring.As far as her and Blackliquid being together that’s nobody’s concern at least Natzuka may start dressing better with Blackliquid’s help.

    • dirtyshit77 Says:

      Everybody want to know the true?

      Selection for Miss Virtual World is not combined. But of course we are not even there for who is the most beautiful and talented model. All our good buddy Frolic want is sponsorship to fill your tail with money. And to clean your face capitalist, he selects models with a way more ONG, as with Serene and Starline own. If you are a miss that will not bring sponsorship, forget it! Good Lord Mills will not make you Miss Virtual World, so little top 12. This contest only destroys the careers of models, destroys their self-esteem and above all ask the same question themselves about whether they should continue. I’m not saying that our beautiful MVW not have talent, of course they have. I just think it’s a contest without any evaluation criterion. Many of the finalists in the year 2012, doesnt had any sense about style. The master himself Millis says that shit gets whoever he wants. then if so, tell me sir Frolic, what criterion of choice? who you want, or who deserves? Because anybody is stupid to think the vote of some judge can interpose your own choise. Is your conteste right? Why every year, have a miss with a dress never earn in any year? We are not stupid Frolic. And all who want to be models, do not waste your talents in this contest. Not worth it. It is a contest that benefits only 6 people, top 5, and our dear friend Frolic.

      • Anon Says:

        And the top 5 usually have some talent they can use for Bosl in return of course It’s free work for BOSL the only exception being Mimmi Boa.She’s pretty much talentless.

        • dirtyshit77 Says:

          More than this, its a pay copetition. Make MVMA and you probaly will be a MVW. Its a shame!

          • Marc S. Says:

            clearly see that you are all green with envy.
            you know perfectly well that you are full of crap and that the competition is “clean” you’re just idiots and dumb who lose sleep to be able to be as large as an inch of Frolic Mills

          • dirtyshit77 Says:

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry i was commit by a vomit! Frolic Millis is a looser on his rl, thats the reason why he love make the models feel so piece of shit. His taste is so dirty like shit. Never can produce a real model for Grid.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’m curious why no press release was made? Good Lord knows that Frolic’s Wannabe Hethwen spread it across the universe when that crap ass Aisha Denimore took over as Miss Metaverse. What a joke. Parties were held that NO ONE attended. Gods this has been so funny to watch both of these pathetic contests flounder!

    • watch and see Says:

      blackliquid partnered Natzuka because black is using Natzuka to get on the Italian designers’ list just like blackliquid using her ex partner Ashia to be in vero modero just watch and see.

    • E Says:


      Criticism beside can you do it without ignorance. I would have respected your opinion about Blackliquid or Frolic more if you didn’t come across like a petty, jealous, idiot. Bad enough you use something like ‘sexually transmitted disease’ as one description. But using the F-word on Frolic to me is pretty much a homophobic hateful rant. The owner of Agency Report would be best served just deleting your post altogether.

      • Anonymous Says:

        They both use each other Blackliquid for some Italian designers and Natzuka because she is a nobody and she will do anything to be known.

        • E Says:

          Honestly don’t really care what they do. What I care is the use of homophobic hate words to describe someone, which the OP of this thread (not sure if that was you – both posted as ‘Anonymous’) used.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Blackliquid is one who hates Frolic more than anyone. This is not a secret, she is the one who starts all the drama and gossips about MVW and Frolic. This pathetic woman now partnered to Natzuka new MVW. Good Luck Frolito!

  40. Although Says:

    Finally! If you accept that Obama will also provide Four billion retooling tax credits and loan guarantees for domestic automobile plants and parts suppliers, so that the new fuel efficientautos can be built in the U.S. by domestic workers instead of overseas.

  41. If T-Mobile’s regular pay as you go plans don’t suit your needs, they batch of hard currency for your monthly sim so
    dep government note? People sexual love their have it on any mood Besides oscillate because it would constantly
    be felt.

    • Never Again Says:

      Blah, BOSL is a joke, this agency is suck, bad experience for me going to this school. Frolic will dictate all judges who to choose when it comes to his contest, I know I was one of his judges 2 years ago. Blah to you Frolic you dont know Ramozita owns this group. Salute to you Ramozita

  42. Animal Rights? Says:

    Nowadays, MVW Academy and BOSL is promoting a campaign, for styling themes of Academy graduation show and sl top models contest they choose ‘animal inspiration’ that makes model dressed inspired by animals but nıt exactly ‘killing’ an animal.
    what a discrepancy is this? Mr. Mills was telling that Miss Igeria wake them up when she came up with a hunted lion and it’s skin!
    Mr. Mill choose that woman as MVW, now this campaign is an apologize to animal lovers?

    • Isoldel Says:

      It’s simple. Representing an animal without actually wearing its fur, feathers, etc is much harder on a fashion standpoint. It’s a styling competition and therefore requires more complex round themes.

    • laugh Says:

      Miss.Igeria didn’t need to find any items for this inspiration she could have just went nude with her beastly looks.

      BTW its a virtual world no animal fur was involved instead of blaming MVW for faux fur inspiration why don’t you get on your soap box about the designer who created the items.

      • Animal Rights? Says:

        I think the same as you,e here.
        Yesterday I was watching SL top model they had an styling theme it was an animal inspiration but without using any fur, feathers etc. and they were highlighting ‘not to kill any animal’ to style it. This is their styling theme, it is not my idea:) My friend who graduated from MVW Academy in this round told me they had the same theme and they didin’t like the stylings with furs, feathers…
        Only seems a little ironic, I don’t know Miss Igeria or her designer, I don’t blame them. But as I know, designers designs the outfits as the contestants wants? I might be wrong.

      • watch and see Says:

        sorry to hear Miss Starline left SL, maybe all the gossips are too much for her to deal with, which also means she is not a winner material to begin with because if she thinks the journey and responsibility as a MVW will be as easy as how she is made the winner of coc and mvw, then she is very wrong. there were better contestants at coc and mvw. If you looked at the list of contestants, their interviews, their flickr competition, watched their finale, there were more capable models that most have assumed would be placed higher in both contests but didn’t. The reason is very simple, coc and mvw have already decided they need a black to win last year. they made beauty contest in SL manipulative and like a joke. starline is the best example of rigged contest fail case.

        • October Bettencourt Says:

          I hate to break this to you and ruin your psychotic rant. I photographed all the models in both COC 2012 and MVW 2013. Starline was the real deal. Every challenge and every styling she ran circles around her competition. Starline was in a whole other level with each competition. She was CONSISTENT! Her avatar was the only one I have seen that actually looked like the country she represented. She was meticulous in every detail and the most inspiring model I have ever worked with. The woman couldn’t take a bad picture if her life depended on it. She is not on one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure to work with but she is extremely kind and humble. It is easy to talk trash about someone you don’t know, never worked with, and never had the privilege of being their friend.

          I am personally offended by your statement saying that COC and MVW decided they needed “a black” to win last year. That is racist and bigoted as well as ignorant statement. The color of the avatar has nothing to do with the talent of the person. But apparently you are too ignorant to know that.

  43. Saenz Says:

    Ramon go to hell! like you did before. I know who you are!..And if you don’t stop i will tell everyone who you are. I will brake the SL rules then.go back to your europe hole and leave us alone.





  44. .MissUkraine xoxo Says:

    Let be first to welcome Blackliquid on her imminent arrival to the copybot forum. You will be a leecher for a while which is where you BELONG but shouldn’t take you long to copybot enough to be a VIP LOL. Just watch your back BITCH your about to play with sharks now.
    P.S when you see how much of your crap makeups are already copybotted plus your shape LOL you will be shocked LOL.. cant wait to see your reaction

  45. Free Says:

    Sure you weren’t kicked on one of your many faked deaths? I doubt she cheated you, but really, if there is one person in SL deserves to be cheated it would be you.

  46. Andrzej Makarov speaks again Says:

    I have been waiting for Ramonzita for many years.. And there she is, the queen of the fashion kingdom, Those one who has been play this game for many years. Its time to fail.. Avenue Rusch Raymaker after you broke my affaire relatation ship with Livia Mastroianni.. And my relation with AVENUE advertisment. you did kick me out.. I payed more then 25K for those adds and i never get what i deserved to get … You played fraud on me you and your lovely exwife Jesika Outlander… Now there are 2 of us. and this time we will FAKE your death.. Avenue will be under attack that is our next STEP… TIme to choose give me back what i deserve to get. or we will continue harrasing on you.. And we will RUUUSCH your name arround here… I’m getting old and tired so I will ask Ramonzita to take it over she is much stronger then i am.. The second one who deserves to copybotted is Ms Decuir Amutey we gonna get you soon.. So get an Scammer from Marketplace… thats the only thing i can offer you.. Kisses aka London..


  47. BigBrother Says:

    After refusing to pay staff in their full wages and instead using transferable designs to make up writers pay checks which was so frowned upon by BOSL executives, what has been an open secret with BOSL struggling for sponsor payment has come to pass with Frolic finally deciding to sell BOSL

    Asking for 35k USD seems like overvaluing BOSL at first glance but given he earns approx 3-5k usd a month now it seems fair evaluation if MVW and and casablanca shopping mall rent is included along with the website and brand-name

    Given the economy however any designer who has already put a downpayment on BOSL must seriously think whether spending 35 K USD on a virtual magazine in a failing SL with a depleted Linden Lab staff is worth spending RL mortgage over.

    Whoever the next BOSL owner will be, will undoubtedly be ridiculed if such an extreme amount of monies is to be paid upon liquidiation of BOSL assets

  48. hackers r pussies Says:

    Hacking pppls accouts….steaing shapes and skins..a shape can be made even better in a uncreatve psychos…the fashion industry will cotinue to take you all down….dont ever think because you hack an account that it will kill an agency…anyone can be appointed as a ceo…rusch is a name …the person behind it will always be hate on that 😛

  49. Doesn't matter Says:

    Seriously, you’re all equally stupid and deserve each other.

  50. Doesn't matter Says:

    Facepalm. You just proved that in fact you did NOT understand what I had said. Here’s the example why Ramonzita thrives among people like just can’t use your brains.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Absolutely agreed. 100%! These kids feed on attention. It’s natural tho, they’re kids, right? We just allow them to play LMAO 😉

  51. Doesn't matter Says:

    It’s rule n.1 of the Internet: don’t feed the troll. What you are all doing here is giving Ramonzita what she craves the most: attention. Ignore her/him completely, don’t even mention her/his name, act normally as if s/he doesn’t exist, even if s/he provokes you. S/he will eventually grow tired if this and find her/himself a new game.

    • Ramonzita & Catastrophies INC. Says:

      Well this is behavior of someone in need of attention. Oh sweetie it is clear that you want my attention. But you must understand i’m rare in this world of people with no life and no class. Kty!

    • Duh! Says:

      You just did the same!

  52. Oh mon dieu! Says:

    All MVW pageant and MVW girls are stupid. Why people die for the virtual title that will be given by a pathetic man?
    Everybody knows MVW is rigged you won’t be a Miss unless you pay to Frolic for his ‘cliches of modeling’ school.
    You won’t be on top 5 unless Froic has advantage of you.
    Also the sponsors make me laugh a lot, come on you gain enough money to pay Frolic thousands of dollars and you think Frolic will be your marketing strategy?
    Who remember the sponsors today? Who are they?
    One thing we must accept Frolic is an intelligent man but all other people associated with BOSL and MVW is stupid, Frolic makes money using them.
    All models spending money, designers paying to Frolito.. Who is the winner?
    You are fooled for the title girls I’m sorry.

    • A Designer Says:

      I didn’t pay money to sponsor, but I can tell you that what I contributed to MISS VIRTUAL WORLD, has been my best seller to date. I am guessing the sponsors are selling like crazy too, so we all win.

      Become a designer, you will see…

      • Oh mon dieu! Says:

        probably you are a bestie of Frolito, there are designers who paid Frolito thousands of $ sss.

      • HateFreeloaders Says:

        i am sure the designers who paid thousands of lindens wont be happy that frolic added freeloaders to paid sponsors list. shame on frolic and shame on freeloader designers for cheating everyone. some one please get the list of all sponsors and inform them how frolic cheated them. if i paid thousands of lindens i wouldn’t want my brand name listed next to freeloader brand. i want to know who this freeloader designer is and how many in that list are actually freeloaders. how many real paid sponsors and how many freeloaders? anyone?

        • A Designer Says:

          No freeloaders hun. I was not listed anywhere near the Official Sponsors’ list. I just contributed an item to one of the misses.

          That’s all.

  53. Free Says:

    You know what really makes me laugh? All you lot that rant and rave about Frolic and/or MVW are just providing unpaid advertising. Truly – Frolic doesn’t care what you say about him. After all there is only one thing worse than being talked about – it’s not being talked about.

    There will always be people that think a result is wrong – either because the one they wanted to win didn’t, or because they dislike the winner. That’s a fact, pure and simple.. whether RL or SL.

    So do yourselves a favour.. if you dislike Frolic or MVW – stop talking about it, really – let it drop, then fewer will know of it/him and fewer would want to enter or watch it.

  54. Ramonzita 2.0 Says:

    Why is there a spanish speaking merry christmas video for the spanish community. Don`t other languages deserve one ?

    Oh thats right you were pushing for a spanish speaking Miss Virtual World winner to expand publicity for BOSL since your designer sponsors have refused to pay you AS MUCH as before.
    Cash flow problems dear ??

    Isn`t BOSL earning as much before??? SHAME

    With a previous italian and asian market now saturated from previous MVW winners only natural you would want the spanish market

    Feel so sad for the rest of the MVW contestants discriminated so early on because of their language and ethnicity

    Good luck to next years ASIAN winner in advance, you have waited patiently LOL


    • Ramonzita Who? Says:

      Wow Ramonzita not only you are absolutely incompetent, but you also don’t know how to count…

      Go through the list of sponsors one more time. Highest number ever and not one is spanish.

      Move on hun … Go back to your gore sims, where you belong!

      • BOSL is full BLIND IDIOTS!!! LOL Says:

        Read the initial post idiot.
        Your answering to things that have no relevance to what was stated lol.
        No mention was made of sponsor numbers.
        what was mentioned was sponsor payment. Im sure if sponsorship is free the bosl can say they have more sponsors then donald trump

        Once again idiot bosl executive models cant read lol

      • Ramonzita & Catastrophies INC. Says:

        Ramonzita Who? Is Mr Frolic Mills. Let me answer this in a complete answer. You’re like a spider hanging from a thread. I’m the only one that has Advertised Bosl and not in a positive way. The fashion world is hungry for Drama that is what i provide. When you mention Bosl to anyone the first think they’ll think is about me. I’m the reason Bosl has many sponsors this year, However dear, Your show was terrible. Starline Igeria one of the most ridicule contestant. You’re a corrupted homosexual that will die playing Second life. That is a fact dear. Kisses from the queen.

        • Ramonzita Who? Says:

          Ramonzita Dear:

          The fact remains that MVW 2013 was better than ever, highest number of paid sponsors ever, most beautiful show ever, and highest number of live views ever through out the 6 hours! No other show in sl does that. Eat your little rotten heart out.

          Fro may die playing SL but you will die following him like his biggest fan. You are actually Frolic’s bitch.

          If you are the queen, guess who is your king? Think about it sweety pie.

          • Ramonzita & Catastrophies INC. Says:

            Beautiful show? In what world. The stages were terrible. Clearly Starline was rigged to win. I myself could do a better show than frolic. Your 5000 views were lies. Tillie is another no lifer that is not in her right state of mind. You sent notecard by all your groups saying things that were never true that any noob would believe but clearly anyone that knows wouldn’t. At the end of the day i’m on the cover page of your earnings lindens from all the knowledge Mrs Kay Fairey show all the fat cows. Die following him? I don’t think so. I’m making a statement here that this year was bad and the competition was rigged. Though Frolic will die playing second life no matter what is the situation i’ll always look down to him and all of you ass kissers. At the end of the day i’m a legend and Bosl is all about me. Just so you’re all aware Bosl is losing money. That is why they sold one of their sims.

            The queen loves you. xoxo

            Ramonzita & Shapes INC:

  55. The HULK! Says:

    Can a member of the MVW organization come on this site and answer these allegations.

    1) why were the top 3 decided already decided upon in october prior to all the challenges being completed.

    2) Why is there a need for judges in the finale if it has been stated that Frolic Mills decides the winner as stated by numerous judges

    3) Why was it decided to push for a spanish speaking winner prior to completion of the contest

    4) Why were there stylists brought in by MVW executives to help certain contestants particularly of spanish speaking origin when it was stated that all MVW contestants should style alone.

    Once again it is the right of BOSL to choose how they run their contests but by allegedly offering help to certain MVW members sanctioned by MVW executives and by negating the purpose of previous challenges thereby costing models money. This tantamounts to corruption,lower form extortion and deceit

    I am not a ramonzita/MissFedorova ally, I do not condone her actions but I will no longer stand in her way now.
    Articles without breaking TOS will be published in the near future
    Evidence has been collated

    • In the know Says:

      I am not a MVW Executive, but I am a miss and all this is easy to answer:

      1) The challenges accumulate points so it’s easy to know who the leading 3 are at any given time in the competition.

      2) The Interview and challenges represent 60% of the total score, the final evening is weighed at 40%, so they do need the judges to get this part of the scores. After the judges have decided on the top 5, then it all rests in Froli’c hands, but even then – as stated by some judges – he still asks the judges who they think should be the next MISS VIRTUAL WORLD.

      3) This was not the case. – Who decided this? I seriously don’t think Frolic gives a damn what language the winner speaks.

      4) All of the MVW Executives are there to help all of us at any given time. Even Frolic offered his help and critiques if any of us wanted it. This is not the priviledge of a certain few, it was extended to all of us.

      The stylings did need to be created by the misses, and honestly I strongly doubt that any MVW Executive got involved in styling others. I do know however that some girls requested help from their friends and Frolic wrote a long note against it.

      If any of what you are saying is true, I seriously doubt Frolic has any information on this, so stop the rumor and and make your case.

      Frolic may sound rude at times with his honesty, but I do think his hands are clean. That’s just my opinion.


    Emma Gilmour 6/25/2006
    Liam Oliver 6/28/2006
    Nicole David 9/6/2005
    Lola Marquez 10/15/2005

    Porsche Vaschwitzugenplatz 8/15/2010
    Alejandro Vaschwitzugenplatz 8/18/2010
    Boss Vaschwitzugenplatz 10/23/2010
    Bea Vaschwitzugenplatz 2/9/2011

    Lars Vaschwitzugenplatz 2/12/2011

    Adian Armidi 1/1/2008
    Chloe Armidi 3/5/2008
    Hudsen Armidi 1/20/2008
    Juju Armidi 1/30/2008 Partner Marcelle DeCuir
    London Armidi 1/1/2008 Partner Lost Thereian
    Miwako Armidi 2/28/2008 Partner Mercury Metropolitan
    Shop Armidi 2/19/2008

    Naughty Island

    Lost Thereian 5/27/2004
    ALT Degare Giano 11/14/2007
    Bea Christenson 11/9/2010
    poshboy Resident 11/22/2010

    Emma Gilmour 6/25/2006
    thebodyco Resident 2/1/2011

    Mars Absent 2/13/2010


    Maroon sim Their first store in Secondlife
    Barcola The store of Jin Elfan
    Fashion co

    Everybody knows the story about Naughty. And yes Naughty are the alts of Lola Marquez and Nicole David. I can tell you they did open Naughty before they did open Armidi. After they did open this naughty sim they started to build on the Armidi sim, But not under the name Lost Thereian, But under the name Liam Oliver , Nicole david and Lola Marquez.
    They wanted something new with no conections to the Naughty sim. But we are smart. We are humans and we are not stupid.

    Lola Marquez and Nicole david both did born in 2005.
    They did open their first store in 2006 under the name Elephant Outfitters..
    They bought their first land on the Maroon sim. And did release the Elephant outfitters.
    This was a very small store with Clothing and some accessories.
    So remember in 2007 they did became famous because of their hair. Hairfair 2007. that was the first time they did release their new hair.
    So the first hair they created were (The Bombshell) for the woman
    (The Law) for men and the (The Poynter) for men. The pointer hair is the same hair as dougie Poynter in reallife. And the law hair is the person jude law in reallife.

    They did open the store Armidi for their new hair and outfits.
    So after they did open the Armidi sim they closed the store on the Maroon sim. ( Elephant outfitters) they just had the store for outlets.

    So the creators of their first brand Elephant outfitters are Nicole David and Lola Marquez.
    They did create two new accounts in 2006 Liam Oliver and ( Emma Gilmour) ( I don’t know of Emma Gilmour is alt of Nicole or Lola. But Liam is one of the alts of them)
    .Emma Gilmour did became Adian Armidi in 2008. Emma Gilmour is a skin designer she is the creater of the skins in the Naughty sim. And now she is the owner of their new Brand BodyCo.

    Lost Thereian one of their accounts bought the Armidi sim. But the armidi sim is not standing on his name but on Nicole Davids name. the alt of lost? is this Lost the model?
    They bought the armidi sim on 20 juli 2004. So how could Nicole david buy this sim if she didn’t excist on that date. The only one who could buy this sim was Lost Thereian because he did born on 5/27/2004. Lost Thereian bought the Armidi sim from Lindenlab. So he/she did own two sims on that date Naughty and Armidi. After she/he did create the account Nicole David he did chance the sim options and did make Nicole the owner of Armidi. + Nicole got a Payment account. So Don’t you think Lost Thereian is the alt of Nicole David?.

    The armidi sim did open their doors in middle 2007.
    After one year they did open the doors to Armidi. You were getting inworld to the Armidi sim and the landingpoint was next to their new hairstore. Because the hair was their proud. They became famous because of their hair and quality.
    They did release new hairstyles and new Elephant outfitters. They did open Armidi Limited and Armidi Gisaci in 2008 under the name Juju Armidi. And Hudsen Armidi. But how could they all have the same quality and the same design? I can tell you the truth.. The secret behind armidi is that they have so many alts as possible.. if you see at the dates they borned. All Armidi’s did born in the year 2008. They are all alts. All the Armidi accounts are alts.

    I will give you some ALT names
    Lost Thereian > Nicole Davids > Degare Giano>London Armidi > Porsche Vaschwitzugenplatz > poshboy Resident

    Emma Gilmour > Adian Armidi > thebodyco Resident
    Jin Elfran > Lars Vaschwitzugenplatz > And he got some more accounts.

    They have so many alts and im already follow them more then 5 years I became desperate so im sure that that only ¾ people did create all those sims on different accounts.

    Some items of the Elephant outfitters in the Armidi sim are new and some of them are just updated. After 2 years of their succes. They did became desperate how could they get more money again to pay all those sims.. Armidi is just a sim for the Noobs in Secondlife. Why would they walk with that name. The name Armidi who became famous in 2007 because of their quality. There is everywhere quality in secondlife in this moment.
    So that’s why the did open the Warehouse .. for Outlets and sales. But after the closed the Warhouse sim they started to build Hairfair 2010, Sponsored by a secret admin, This secret Admin was Armidi. Armidi did sponsor hairfair 2010 and did own it on the Thewarehouse sim. That’s why they became famous in 2007. All friend polity.
    The warehouse is closed atm. nobody is able to teleport to this location at this moment. I was there four months ago and i saw that they still had all the stores still there from hairfair 2010. I did inspect some furniture and light of the creator of this sim. saw their lights and textures were all created under the name = Porsche Vaschwitzugenplatz . the alt of Nicole David.

    Porsche Vaschwitzugenplatz is one of the alts from London Armidi. And the alt of London armidi And now all those accounts are closed and atm she is online on the account poshboy Resident.

    My question for you is why are they so secret about their work and accounts. Are they doing something illegal? It’s a bit weird don’t you think? Why cant they just open a store with lovely things. Maybe they are stealing or accounts from Lindenlab. And I thought we were only able to have three accounts per real person. So why is Lindenlab not banning the alts of Armidi? They are closed right? There are only 2/3 people behind Armidi.

    Naughty is a bit the same as Armidi. Only What naughty sold was Skins. The same skins what you can find in the Armidi sim now. TheBodyCo is their new Skin line. One of the designers is Emma Gilmour. She is the alt of Adian Armidi. And maybe Bea Christenson. They are both owners of this new group. But you have Bea Vaschwitzugenplatz and Bea Christenson. Both are alts. Working for vaschwitzungenplatz and TheBodyCo. Their new brand with skins. But we are already waiting such a long time for their new releases. And none of us have seen anything yet. Their new brand is coming out soon Fashionz!. Is this their new comeback? We are already waiting of it a few months and how long will it take. Will they open the skin store and the more new items there? And what about the Vaschwitzungenplatz sim? It seems that we are stalkers. After the blackrunway Versei on the Vaschwitzungenplatz with some freebies and giftcards. They closed the sim some weeks later. How weird don’t you think? What are they plans with this Vaschwitzungenplatz sim?

    The person Lars Vaschwitzugenplatz is online everyday and working on one of the Fashionz sims. Lars Vaschwitzugenplatz is the alt of Jin Elfran. This guy is under 23 years and living in Belgium. Jin is the owner of the store Leverocci. If you go to their first sim on the Maroon sim you will see that the land is standing under the name Leverocci. Weird don’t you think? Why will they chance the name from Elephant outfitters to Leverocci. So a bit more information about Jin Elfran , did born on 12/9/2007, He is a roleplayer, in Secondlife and got his own store. But not standing in his picks, Which designer got a store and is not promoting it ? Its all a bit weird. But one month later Armidi did create the accounts
    Adian Armidi, Chloe Armidi, Hudsen Armidi, Juju Armidi, London Armidi,
    Miwako Armidi and Shop Armidi,

    Got this guy Jin Elfran a Armidi account? Yes he does. But I don’t know which one he owns. I only know that this guy owns the account Lars Vaschwitzugenplatz. If you go inworld to the store of Jin elfran ( Leverocci) and you fly in the sky then you will find a skybox under the name Adian Armidi and some other Armidi accounts. As last owner Armidi. Why would they build on that sim? Open for public? And why wont they build just one the many sims they have? One the sim who are not open for us . Isn’t this weird?

    And if you go to the first sim of Nicole david and Lola where they did open the Elephant outfitters store in 2006. Then you will find some old items of them in the sky. And a skybox with some pieces of furniture. Maybe they are gonna open a furniture store soon? Or maybe they already have a furniture store in Secondlife. They are getting money without we don’t know which store they own.

    part 2 coming soon.

    About their relation with Ramonzita . And some questions about the REAL accounts. the one they are using daily for fun.

    • Confused Says:

      who this freak? noone cares investigation. much time spent typing useless posts. get a life. not even 1 reply to useless post? i no read stupid posts. dont care. just want to say freak get a life

  57. Claude Says:

    Has anyone noticed that Mimmi Boa is always the most beautiful?
    Make the comparison by looking at the photos of Tillie on Flickr.

    • Fashion Critique Says:

      Very true!

      • Anonymous Says:

        all other participants became transparent when she appeared on stage.
        Fact 2
        Mimmi Boa eternal and unforgettable miss virtual world

        • LOVE MIMMI Says:

          congratulations to mimmi marrying the SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE carrying salvo … i guess he ditched devine!!
          guess what they say ONCE YOU HAVE BLACK YOU DONT GO BACK,, not true in this case !! VIVA MIMMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous Says:

            Fact They mostly say that when a white woman messes with a black man ^^

          • a fan Says:

            Salvo is not stupid,
            why settle for the iron when you can go back to having platinum?
            i believe Salvo had never stopped loving Mimmi

  58. Anonymous Says:

    congratulation all the pageants!

  59. WishThemWell Says:

    Congratulations to Miss Kenya for winning MVW 2013. I was watching when she won on the web feed and I must say that the reaction was “outrage”?? that she won and not Leah McCullough. I don’t know either of the ladies personally, but I think it’s safe to say the audience didn’t think or want a “black” avatar to win from the comments. I thought Imani Enzo’s avatar was a prettier black avatar, but my thoughts are Frolic specifically wanted someone that was black to win this year for diversity sake. At any rate, I enjoyed the event and all the ladies put so much hard work into it we should give them some credit for that and wish them well.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats Miss Kenya, for the Win, of MVW i hope you have a great year XoXo

    • Give her some food!! Says:

      Wow she looks like an advert for famine relief…you know the bit they show before the food is delivered…Its going to prompt me to donate to feed the hungry!
      Does she win her own mud hut and electriciity for a month btw?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Well at least she got you wanting to do something for someone else, yeah go donate to the hungry it will be you good deed for a day(rolls eyes)

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Best thing was Naomi Gartner didn’t win.

  62. Miss Says:

    I was perplexed as the rest when frolic said over 6000 views on flickr. WOW 6000 people saw on flickr when only 137 were watching on metaverse .
    More like over 100 photos taken each having views between 60-120..
    so shall we just say the truth and leave it at 130 approximately were watching not 6000 lol… haha

  63. WTF Says:

    they give crown to the ugliest of em all?? wtf ?? last year they gave crown to blond fair girl. this year they go opposite? there are better beautiful african models. only reason kenya won was she african not blond fair. blond fair girls this year no chance blah.
    next year be asian or tanned.

    • Fashion Critique Says:

      Because MVW doesn’t understand a shit from modeling and fashion. But year this year is the worst!
      Anyone can undersatand she is noob, ugly and she has no sense of fashion.
      As well this is showing us how serious is MVW.

      • Suck it! Says:

        Why is it that every year we have idiots like you who like to put down the winner? If you are truly a fashion critique, please show us your wonderful sense of style in your web? I am betting you won’t be pasting that link.

        Starline is a wonderful model and she will make a great MISS VIRTUAL WORLD.

  64. ItWasAlright Says:

    MVW is showing live now here
    Not bad so far.

  65. Ding Dong Says:

    Bye bye, darling child. I’d like to say that you will be missed, but…

  66. Ramonzita got on my last damn nerves at the Vero Modeo show, i wanted to strangle her so bad, She was just being too damn rude.i don’t give a damn about what she is trying to do, i just wanted her to shut the hell up.You’ll bitches sit around here and fuss over stupid shit about who is ,or who shouldn’t be MVW is a Virtual World who really cares, the show will still go on.A famous saying, Being a Hater is Not A Good Look!Shit go worry about family things, focus on real a little bit, take a break from sl once and awhile,and get back to reality.have a good day:) and sorry if comes up again either way it is what is.

  67. Kiki Devin Says:

    As i sit here and read all this foolishness all i can do is laugh… grown women and men fighting and being oh so nasty all over virtual avi’s modeling.. there is no hope for the human race =\

  68. Anonymous Says:

    I’ts amazing how people you are. Always talking about Ramonzita and/or friends and others, when this year (just as always) the most important thing are the candidates and how they are doing things. You all, focused and excited to see what happens appart from the contestants, you all are pathetic. You think you are are criticizing the fashion world, but the only thing you are doing is talking again and again about the same thing, I can not see any judgment or opinion or thought who shows me a minimal of knowledge. Think about it. Ramonzita is only givin’ you what you need, moooooore drama! yay!

  69. Bring it ON! Says:

    10 TOP people we don’t care about, in random order:

    – Naomi Gartner
    – Vanessa Knoller
    – Dona Zuzu
    – Pelu Venom
    – Donatella Couturier
    – Jersey Ceriano aka Jennifer Landers aka Dolce something
    – ITGirls skin makers
    – All goons and “poons” and whatever
    – All script kiddies

    oh wait, these aren’t 10 are they?
    You know what kids?? we don’t even care about you. Do you think that people like Mavi hate you? LMAO

    think again. oh! Mavi and the rest of us don’t even care!! OMG this is huge. The entire SL doesn’t care about you guys!!

    OH! You copybot avatars! OMG this is the last days of our lives!! LMAO

    Listen once and for all, we don’t give a penny’s ass about you kiddos. Keep doing what you are doing , it only empowers us all!!
    So much attention given to all of us Models WOWWW we surely ROCK!

    Keep showing up during fashion events and insult people. OH! guess what! we DON’T CARE!! Go ahead, keep doing what you’re doing. People are just ignoring you guys! Everybody is laughing hard because of you kids!! We’re having a great time!! Bring it on!

    People are actually answering your IMs and posting them publicly and we’re having a BLAST with you HAHAHAHAHA! Models keep doing their work, MVW will continue, as usual! You guys copybot?? Who cares ???

    Ramonzita is from Russia??? HAHAHAHAH Your Goons group is mostly brazilien and everybody knows it… keep playin, that’s what kids do [pet you in the back] poor little kids. It’s youth , yea we know it.

    You think people really hate you? we simply DON’T CARE!! Just in case you were wonderin 😉

    MVW will happen and will keep happening and guess what ? Naomi Gartner may win the public’s voting, because you guys cheat with several IP addresses but listen MVW organization is paying attention. And Naomi WON’T make it even to the final 10 or 12!! Wanna bet? 😉

    No matter what you kids do in SL; we simply DON’T CARE!! Got that? 😉

    • anon Says:

      You don’t care? but care enough to make a post? LMAO

    • enough is enough Says:

      enough is enough.

    • Dolce Enderfield Says:

      Jersey Ceriano?? You’re seriously still hanging on to that name? LOL! No one cares about that alt of mine because the avatar doesn’t exist anymore.
      Jennifer Landers is my real name, since you brought it up. You obviously pay some sort of attention to Facebook to know that.
      My name in-world is Dolce Enderfield…not Dolce something. If you are going to be so old school and stalkerish, at least lay out all my names here without getting sloppy.

      Interesting to see how I made a “no one cares about” list. My point? You know who I am. That’s enough.

      Now I’ll go back to not caring about the bitter idiot who doesn’t care or have the spine to say who they are. 🙂

  70. InfinityHacker4U Says:

    Oh Dear, Blackliquid and GiG1 backed out of the Vero show. How Unreliable. Surely they arent afraid of being attacked by Gooners. We love you both so much and pretty soon we will show how much wherever you go.

    • ItWasAlright Says:

      I went to the show and it was alright. The designs were nice. Ramonzita was there and shouted out some things in the middle and left. I think she said the clothes were cheap and boring and the hostess was a fat pig or something.

  71. DECEMBER 2012 list bitches Says:


    1# Ramonzita Resident – Boring since 2011, get lost
    2# Jesika Contepomi – Lies lies lies you have more?
    3# Cade Nansen – Redlily needs lesbians
    4# Mavi beck – You have been copybotted
    5# TblackLiquid Tokyoska – i’m affraid of you
    6# Anastacia Markova – owner of the grieferlist
    7# Frolic Mills – Burn BOSL and leave
    8# Naomi Gartner – Male of female?
    9# Ivy Maverick – sneaky snitch
    10# ///////////////////////////////

    kisses and see you in Januar

    Loves Aka london

    • Mavi Beck Says:

      Zzzzz I have been copybotted, I know it Kamilia, You even messaged me last night about it. So what????

      • Kamilia Katana Says:

        Kamilia sure,,, I know you hate me Mavi Beck.. I was just friendly . Nevermind Goodluck , xxXx

        • enough is enough Says:

          she needs a lonely life. get attention proud of it Mavi & Kam ,.. You are both the same. BITCHES and we have ENOUGH from both of you!! .. SL is better without you.. only drama drama drama..

          • Lucy Ditmar Says:

            I have a perfect # 10: Editorial Clarity and RicoRacer Flux, the 2 biggest drama queens in all of SL!

  72. KingGoon Says:

    Proof about Blackliquid kissing Ramonzita coming soon, dont worry about that Ramon pretending to be Leah aka anonymous


    In response to Anon saying about black’s talent:

    so you are saying every time someone post here about blackliquid, it’s because they are jealous of her “talent”? how about the truth? c’mon who ever you are open your eyes, everyone knows the truth that she is with Ramonzita, She has reasons to hate Frolic and MVW, if you are a noob or just kissing black’s ass for whatever reason, research, read, educate yourself, talk to other people, your lack of knowledge is just making you look stupid.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’m guessing you’re talking about me and trust me, I’ve been around doing this longer than most people here at this forum. The names change every year or so but it’s always a Blackliquid or a Wena or a Kat that people just love coming in here and ripping them to shreds. I can almost guarentee that most of the people who post nasty comments about other models probably barely said more than 5 words to the person they are ripping. But instead post alot of crap based on rumors , drama and heresay.

      I would hardly call myself a noob although I haven’t done much modeling in the past 2 years I’ve worked with plenty of big names since 2007. And I have met just about every person who had their names slandered in here and I can honestly say that not one of those people were anything but friendly and helpful.

      Maybe that’s not the answer you want to hear just what I know. As for any of this drama with some Ramonzita, it’s just what I’ve read here at agency report. But I’m not about to go accusing people of such heinious acts without some sort of solid proof.

  74. Blackliquid Tokyoska & Catastrophies INC Says:

    Everyone knows GIZZA and AZUL and VOGUE is a shit designer AZUL still makes system skirts BOSL IS gonna burn and look at their spokesperson everyone knows GIG1 is ugly, look at her rl picture she looks like she eating my shit, no wonder though after all the LIQUID IS BLACK yumyum

    • Anonymous Says:

      BOSL going down so no need to work on them. Next year there will be no MVW, not because of Ramonzita or B.Liquid.Frolic is loosing money so he will give up BOSL and MVW.

  75. Anonymous Says:

    Funny how Ramonzita hasnt crashed any of Blackliquids shows. Will be interesting to see if the MVW show crashes with Blackliquid in attendance > Guess we will have to watch the space

    • Anonymous Says:

      As someone who was once accused of doing something that was never proven nor did I do – that is just bullcrap with your post. Just because you are jealous of another model because of their talent does NOT give you the rights to make such heinous accusations.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ramonzita never copied, Black Liquid, ex love but still friend Ashia ( Their relationship goes on, they try to mask support of Black to Ashia), her assistant Gig1. Ramonzita have been in same place with them many times, copied others but never copied their shapes.
      That makes me think about them.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Lets talk about who are your favorites in Miss Virtual World?

    • Anonymous Says:

      huh? who cares?

    • Real Miss Universe Says:

      They all suck lmao

      Most of them don’t know how to adjust eye lashes and attachments. Bosl cleaning up head shots on their website %OD. Taking new head shots with lashes, earrings and hair adjusted right rofl.

      IMO you find better looking avatars at dance clubs.

      Bodza looks like a 10 year old ugly girl :-)=

      Miss Venezuela looks like Bety Dudek. Bety is not a good looking model. why anyone copy another ugly model is beyond me :-O

      Miss Turkey needs plastic surgery. Horrible lips :-O what is that horrible expression? I feel like punching her face lol

      Miss Taiwan – scray ugly 😯

      Miss Russia – please someone train this girl how to adjust earrings and necklace. second head shot bad too lol

      Miss Peutorico & Finland – ugly Vampires :-)= Hezebal pale, ugly blood sucking vampire.may be audition for Twilight ?

      Miss Poland – seriously? looks like a noob IMO

      Miss netherlands, Kenya, Canda — ugly, ugly, plain ugly.

      Miss Bolivia, Italy, Portugal – Blah – just blah l-O

      Miss Cypress – looks like every other avatar in sl

      Miss Japan – another 10 year old girl (boy?)

      Miss Malaysia – looks like a porcelain doll – my vote is for her LMAO ^^^^^

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m guessing you must live a pretty sad life with that commentary about the MVW contestants. OR you’ve applied several times to MVW and been rejected. The typical ‘It’s not my avatar it’s the judges at MVW’ syndrome. Ugh!

        BTW if someone said my AV reminded of Bety Dudek I would be honored – she has a stunning look and an amazing personality to boot! She’s one of the nicest people you could meet in SL Modeling industry!

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m serious MVW has the best girls ever this year, I’m sure you can’t be half of those girls who you blame with being ugly, ordinary, noob,
        All the girls you count are the best MVW Candidates so far.

  77. In the know Says:

    “He has a degree in economics too….wow that’s impressive!!…maybe he couldn’t get a proper degree”

    You know a lot about Frolic’s RL it seems. Are you stalking him? What’s improper about a degree in Economics? Perhaps you could elaborate your own education and credentials for us so we understand your perspective and background.

    You are a sad person H’mmm+++++++++++++++ very sad.

  78. lies lies iies Says:

    This is why this website lost its purpose a long time ago. I was in MVW and never did I hear Mr Mills tell me what to wear nor what to do. In fact, he told all of us that it was completely our responsibility.

    In the rules it is clearly stated that a Miss can wear a new design, an off the rack dress or a mix and match from their inventory, and everyone knows this, so I don’t understand the point of lying about it.

    Not once was I manipulated into buying anything, and so I must share this quote:

    “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    • In the know Says:

      This is excellent.

      Great quote too.

      It’s so easy to vilify Frolic as some puppet master when he’s nothing but gracious and encouraging to models and designers (old and new ones).

      Jealous pretenders like Ava (ego-centric, mouthy, self-absorbed, wannabe that she is) aren’t fit to shine his shoes much less comment on what he’s built and continues to improve.

      • lolz Says:

        Does Frolic have an aura around him that emanates some mind numbing effect ?He has a strange collection of Idiots and sycophants behind him.

        • hmmmm +++ Says:

          Well he likes young boys so maybe thats the attraction, maybe ladies think they are his sons or something
          He has a degree in economics too….wow thats impressive!!…maybe he couldnt get a proper degree
          I would love to know who Ava is….she sounds lovely as by the sounds of it she stood up to him. Then some idiot here thinks the pixel pics of her are really her..some people really do need to spend more time outside in the daylight. I went to her flickr site…and they are lovely….
          I was going to go see Frolics but wasnt really in the mood for looking at bottom action so early

          • On to you Says:

            Yeah ok Hmmmm+++ not too transparent are you? I think it’s funny you talk about not spending soooo much time on this SL modeling and such, yet you’re here aren’t you? You’re here a lot making disgusting comments and cutting people down. Jealous much? Yeah you don’t know who Ava the Troll is, right sure ya don’t. It’s really not too complicated to figure out who some of you are. You’re the bitter people who couldn’t cut it. You’re the bitter people who are so intrenched in your own hype, you are incapable of learning. You’re the bitter people who have spent hundreds and thousands and still find yourselves nowhere in SL modeling! You’re not fooling anyone, pretending you’re sooo above it all….LMAO. Why don’t you take your own advice and get a life!

          • Anonymous Says:

            We are going to take fashion back from these amateurs. Went to flickr and saw Ava’s photos. She looks lovely. Shame on you for calling her names.Why don’t you jealous brown-nosers get a life? LMAO

          • Anonymous Says:

            who is Ava?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Of course these are not printed rules and they never say it loud. But to move ahead in the game you have to style with certain brands (and we all know what those brands are) Anything other than bosl endorsed brands are frowned upon. You probably did not notice because you styled using their favorite brands.

      Frolic encourages new designers? lmao May be some new up-and-coming designers can share their stories on how bosl screwed them? I know few that got screwed by bosl. He either ignores new designers or go out of his way to destroy them to please his big brand clientele. My advise to new designers is to stay as far away from this guy as possible.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What you may not realize is that those “BIG” brand designers were new at some point, and it was BOSL who brought them to light first.

        You may not know this, but Mimmi Boa, who is my friend, told me she was wearing an off the rack gown from an unknown designer, when she won the competition.

        Again, all lies!


        • Anonymous Says:

          Bosl was also new when those big brands were new. so they worked together. Now they work together to put small new brands out of business.

          Mimmi Boa won in 2009 when bosl was new. (MVW started in 2008) Bosl did not have conflict of interest in the beginning. Now they are dependent on these big brands for revenue and hence the need to keep them happy. Unwritten rules changed since 2009 and it keeps getting worse each year.

          When was the last time you saw bosl promoting a new brand?

  79. Disgruntled Model Says:

    The problem is much bigger than MVW and some disgruntled models. It is a well known fact that models are the big spenders in sl. The models are obviously being used and manipulated by both frolic mills and his big name designer buddies. Models are expected to wear frolic mills endorsed brands . Chances of a model wearing a new up-and-coming designer brand making it are slim to none (In fact bosl will go out of their way to kill that up-and-coming brand to please their big name buddy) When team bosl disapprove your styling they are actually disapproving the products you used in your styling.

    Models here keep wondering why they end up spending too much. The truth is they are manipulated into buying crap they don’t want or need. If you recall, the designer of Finesmith went through a crazy phase designing some awful ugly pieces no avatar in their right mind would buy ( btw I love Finesmith) But all this junk was marketed to models as avant garde. Models were walking around all over the grid looking like freaks. Finally a top model was bold enough to call a spade a spade. Last week we saw something similar from chop zuey. A nervous model friend asks me “Do I have to now walk around wearing these masks and chains all around me and a flower stuck in my mouth? ” Please! Spare me the horror! Buy only if you love it and if it suits your personal style. Do not buy designer brands thinking you are somehow proving to frolic mills you are avant garde savvy.

    Few business savvy fashion amateurs have taken over sl fashion world. Use your better judgment and spend money only on products you love to wear. Refuse to be brainwashed and manipulated by these fashion amateurs.

    • Anonymous Says:

      In terms of MVW, I’d like to see designers offering their items to the finalists. The ladies shouldn’t spend a dime!

    • Disgruntle dModel Says:

      Yes most designers offer their items free for the finalists. But in order to get to the finals you have to spend your own money buying expensive crap from these designers. When you audition 5-10 times each time you are spending money buying expensive stuff hoping you will get it. You finally get it when you style with the “right” brand even if it looks like shit.

      • In the know Says:

        You don’t HAVE to spend your own money buying expensive crap (unless you’re a Classic With Style sucker). Some choose to and enjoy themselves.

        We’re sorry you’re disgruntled. Maybe you need to get a life.

        • Anonymous Says:

          LOL, sounds like ex-CWS, which narrows down who “disgruntled” is!!! Hmm, I wonder hahahaha

          • hmmmm +++ Says:

            I always wonder why you waste your time trying to impress some gay old paedo

          • On to you Says:

            Ava Jhamin, I mean Hmmmm+++ jealous much? You’re such a loser and your Flickr pics are freaking garbage!!! It’s no wonder you’re bitter…YOU SUCK!!!!

  80. Lovesl Says:

    All I can say is there’s no smoke without fire! Buy why are models so desperate to be accepted by bosl? What is bosl? As far as I can see frolic mills and a bunch of old established boring designers maintain this organization to market their “exclusive” message (whatever that is). Somehow others should feel privileged to be accepted by this club. Oh well, the truth is all these old designers are not that cool anymore. I see lot of new brands with better quality products and better customer service. New models must focus on working with new brands and form their own new club (a new vibrant young and hip club) The only thing bosl seem to be doing is suppressing new models, new designers and new brands. So stop worrying about a mediocre photo opportunity that you may get with one of the old boring designers and look for an interesting photo opportunity with a cool new designer..

    • Anonymous Says:

      I think that there are alot of people here putting alot of passion and intensity into convincing people that MVW is no good, that Frolic Mills is a puppet master who only wants Lindens and that it’s all rigged. If you really believed it, why would you put so much energy into trying to convince others? If you don’t like something, make your opinion known and leave it at that. Everyone has freedom of choice, the women in MVW have chosen to be there. If you hate it so much and have so many negative comments and thoughts why do you spend so much time focused on it in here? It’s obvious to everyone most of the people posting negative comments have either not gotten in or didn’t go as far in the competition as they hoped, and are now disgruntled and biased.

      Each and every woman in MVW can tell you that you only have to spend what you want in Lindens. You don’t have to pay anything to get in, you only have to purchase what you want and most of the models would spend the same on outifts for blogging, shows, and print ads. Also, Frolic has made a point of telling all models not to hire professional photographers for photo challenges, the photos are not important only the style. In addition, HE MADE A POINT of telling all of the MVW candidates this year that if for any reason they could not afford something for a challenge or for something they needed throughout the competition to contact him and he would help them by either giving them the Linden to purchase what they need or speaking to designers to have them donate. Get your facts straight and stop being haters. Live and let live, if you don’t like it don’t participate. The girls that are there are there because they want to be.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Bravo Anon.!!!

      • Lovesl Says:

        Yes I am letting my opinion known here on this forum.

        May be be you should consider reading my post again. I did not accuse Frolic Mills of forcing models to pay. Neither did I say there was a fee to get in. In fact I don’t even care if there is a fee. Why would I care if the organizers get paid?

        The problem is much bigger than few disgruntled models!

  81. Yes I always thought it went down hill when I didn’t win circa 2009 (hearty gaffaw). I was the fool/idiot/moron who paid $50,000L for a bespoke Eshi dress as my National costume. God I was dumb and deluded back then.Thank God I realized what SL was doing to my head and checked out for a long time.

    I say if you want to enter, don’t go nuts buying everything going. Keep a unique, stand-out look and mix and match with stuff you already have but my advice is don’t go in the competition to feel better about yourself personally. It won’t work. Be sweet to your friends and you’ll achieve that feeling 🙂

    • Nicely suprised Says:

      Those are really lovely things to say.
      I am sure we have all done silly mad things buying stuff for shows and competitions and secretly admit how silly we were for the sake of our vanity, so good for you!!
      Your comments about being nice are also lovely too
      It makes a change to see someone have a point of view and not feel that they have to be nasty to share how they feel.
      Good for you and I am sure your friends will feel lucky to have you on their friends list

      • You are very right Chalice. *points at self* ex MVW as well, and also in regards to prior comments, an Asian without a down pouting mouth lol! If MVW is what a person wants to do, go for it! But honestly, show yourself by styling from within the coffers of your own inventory, I am sure there are a lot of beautyful things in there that mix well, so create your own unique outfits and styles. Don’t go in to win, go in to explore and have fun. Because ten years from now, you might think, boy remember MVW? Now that was silly thing, wasn’t it? But you will also remember I met some really nice people and had fun, without going broke. It is amazing how many creative awesome people are in Second Life, not just modesls, and they are easy to find if we treat all with respect and kindness.

        At the end of the day, its these contestants choice to participate, not these commenters choice to make them stop. If its not your “thing” don’t watch. But honestly, I know or know of most of these contestants, and I am practically a hermit in SL, before, during and after MVW I was this way, so they must be doing something right. So kudos and good luck to each of you but mostly make friends and have fun!

    • LovesYa Says:

      Chalice I heart you. You are one of the sweetest, kindest ladies I have come across in SL and everyone who knows you thinks the same.

  82. Ex MVW Miss Says:

    Just ask yourselves: why has Frolic never made voting public on MVW even when he was asked on multiple occasions? Simple. Because he is the only one who decides. End of story. No ifs and buts. That’s the hard truth, no matter what anybody at BOSL says. Even judges admitted it was true. All the discussions on this thread are moot.

  83. Hi all, I was told about the mess in this topic about MVW and after have read some comments, i want to explain you all something i hope will be usefull:

    1) Frolic dont’ call judges that are his customers, I am not his customer and i was called as judge too and many times, and I can assure you all, frolic is a tenderly lamb compared to my way to judge.

    2) Kay is i think one of most honest and honorable women of SL, not becouse i owe her something, at opposite we are “competitors” and she is one of the most polite and clear persons i have even meet, but her we have to open another topic about japanese people and they behave, they follow strict rules that imply honor and behave, that not everybody can or want to understand.

    3) i never hear about Frolic run like a crazy maid in RL to force people to join MVW aiming with an AK-47 or threatening virgin lambs to partecipe to MVW. It is something created by a private with his own rules, now to spend few words here, if one is smart enough to folow RL trens will find easily what MVW decide as guidelines for the new Mister and Miss Virtual Worlds. I was part of Mister Virtual World, i have enjoy the ‘game’ until I had to stop becouse I need to focus more on the company due some expansions and I was not able to follow the rhythm and who know me know about this hehehehhe.

    4) You have talk about the end of some “miss virtual worlds” well i have to rmemeber you all how in RL many Miss something have end they life being secretary of anonymous companies, so please keep this in mind, it is a contest you will refear as Miss/Mister Virtual World and then the year after nobody will remember who you are.

    5) Secondlife it is a metaverse not a game, there are not NPC (non playing Characters) there are no scores, no prizes. It is like you run to play kiddish games in an HighWay and you scream: but this is a gaaaame for me, and i bet after the first SLAM on a TRUCK you will want to review the concept of ‘game’ for another more compatible with what is the system you are using.

    6) All these internal struggles do not help, becouse are sensless. Do you want move war, dare to create another organization with tons of people that work and prepare every section of the event. You wil find something funny: people don’t work for the glory, it is not easy to manage a team of more than 10 people and you will being insulted everytime you don’t accept somebody.

    7) You focus yoru poisons on Frolic, moaning to have lose an opportunity, but how many brands, mine included, are even looking for models or employees? Specifically Egoisme look for employees every month, and i can ASSURE our standards are MORE high than what you have even see, and you can ask our models how much they had and HAVE to sweat to keep they position. My models have high standards and receive an high salary for this, so yes when money it is involved sl is not anymore a game, until you want be payd with fake money, so it is a game.

    I’d like to see you all to create something usefull, not just to insult freely people using the anonymous option, becouse it is useless and endless. Create drama can be a nice way to free yourself from your RL troubles, but this is what kill Second Life and refrain people to join this metaverse. Like in RL, we are NOT all good to become models, and we HAVE to accept this. If you are not able to accept this, you have to think: Why I don’t accept this? Why I am so frustrated to need to insult people with very unpolite words?

    I am not going to defend Frolic or Kay they are over 18 and able to manage such topics, what I care is to see people having a civil discussion, giving ideas, suggestions, that is the salt of our community. We all have the right to have a voice, we all have the right to dream and see our dreams become true, but we have also to have the humilty to accept sometimes a no, and work harder than before to reach our goal.

    Sometimes try to be on the other side, have you an idea how much it is hard to say no thank you? I had to say this many times, not just to models, and was not easy nor funny. But somebody have to say and it is the worse of the tasks. So please value also my comments, think abotu them, and decide if are usefull for you or not but please, don’t be angry, it is useless and don’t solve problems.

    A big hug,
    Ramses Meredith

    • Bravo Ramses! Says:

      Bravo Ramses!

    • Isoldel Says:

      Very eloquently worded, Ramses. Could not have said it better.
      I wish all the ladies luck with this year. 🙂

    • Egoisajoke Says:

      You are as mad as a hatter Ramses and everyone knows it .You cant hide that kind of crazy.Models leave your group not because they cant handle what you dish out.They leave because you’re a tool.

    • oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Says:

      Ramses, you are a bloody fruit cake
      Do you know the difference between rl and sl?
      You judge harshly?..its a game lame brain…you must be as fun to be around as a nasty rash
      Japanese people and strict rules?..Well not going there
      Your pic by the way, do you wear a bra in sl?
      Nice hair too, you remind me of one of my aunties, she is ugly and single too

    • Confused Says:

      who this freak ramses? why he thinks he so important? much more time on hand to write long posts? what high salary for model he pay? you use models no real pay! freak shut up and stop braging.have no life you spend hours typing useless posts!

  84. It's funny Says:

    It’s funny how some of you come here to post not to give this pageant any attention when it’s you who take the time to give it your utmost attention.

    Attention please!

  85. Frolicking Wonder Says:

    I believe that happiness that is built on lies and deception is only an apparent happiness and is, therefore, false. You do not need to feel miserable because you were not selected as finalist for Miss Virtual World, you should be happy that you were not chosen. Instead, of the 30 finalists, if I remember the number, at least 29 of them should be happy that they will not win this virtual and rigged competition.  Why should you be happy with  “defeat”?  For the simple fact that you have been given the chance to see reality and not become victims of the cult of Frolic Mills. It would really be an insult to your guardian angel, take advantage of this opportunity to make a change in your life. NOW!

    The real loser is the “winner” because she will be the one with the weakest and most manipulatable personality. Such as Anna Sapphire who says lies about her lies.  That she is an University student in art and that she dreams to be a pianist, but her photo on flickr speaks clearly, especially of her age… it is difficult to trust in her words after she denied knowing Frolic prior to the day of the Miss Virtual World Final when, in fact, he was he priest at the her virtual wedding long before. 

    The contest is, and has always been, rigged.  The winner is chosen by Frolic Mills long before the final, with the help of Kay Fairey and other shady characters of the sect of BOSL, during which time they watch the potential winner closely and investigate her real life.

    The winner, as chosen by Frolic, must meet certain requirements that will not create obstacle for the survival of BOSL.  Some of them positive, such as the ability to organize charity events and handle money in the real world between paypal and bank accounts. But charity events are only important for BOSL in order to give them the appearance of a GOOD and benevolent organization and cover their abuses and cheats.

    However, the fact remains that the winner should be chosen by a jury and that same jury should be chosen according to a certain criteria. But this does not happen.  In a real contest all of the judges could be accused of having a conflict of interest (the judges are customers of frolic, sponsors of the contest, friends of him, designers that are friends and/or relatives of the participants, members of BOSL, and maybe 1-2 honest judges for the sake of appearance).

    But it never will be, because Frolic Mills is a manipulator who likes to control the minds of others and take their money in an easy way, without effort.

    Aren’t there enough victims already? From Kay Fairey to Anna Sapphire, and other characters of Second Life that now feel they are more the avatar than the real person because of the manipulations of Frolic Mills. But what is in common between these characters? They  are women or men who are very alone and with a desire to be virtually what they cannot be in real life: the center of attention from others.

    Frolic Mills tries to discover how your real lives lack stability from a familiar point of view and he uses that. He cannot surround himself with  people that have strong personalities because, sooner or later, they will discover his shady actions in Secondlife and point them out. He needs to surround himself with people that he can easily manipulate and use, people that are in need of  a virtual world to support gaps in their real lives. He pretends to offer therapeutic advice, acting without authorization or skill, but really utilizes a low level of psychotherapy called brainwashing and mind controlling, letting them think they are such “unique” avatars. This pattern of conduct Frolic uses with models is something he borrowed from Mimmi Boa and is now in the mind of all his followers. But if you tell a woman who feels that she suffers anonymity in real life, that she is a “unique” avatar, his virtualization process will start. Personally, I don’t see anything in those “famous” virtual models that’s worth following. They are simply an expression of “addiction” not any different ftim hard core gamers, because they are hard core gamers.

    Do you want to be a victim too? For what purpose? To feel like someone important inside a virtual world? Most normal people would say “what is SL” or “but it’s just a game, nothing is real”.

    Do you want to “win” a doped contest? Do you want to be “cheater” between “cheaters”?

    Do you want to continue to keep this lazy, fat, fifty-something Frolic Mills in comfort? Do you want to continue to pay for his costly studies of Scientology? Do you want to continue to pay for his vices and his cats? YOUR REAL MONEY, EVEN IF ONLY A FEW DOLLARS, SHOULD BE INVESTED IN SOMETHING BETTER! THERE’S NOTHING REAL THAT CAN GIVE YOU MORE PLEASURE?

    And here’s the word to remember: Scientology. Someone has already mentioned the truth behind this some time ago. In this word, which has nothing to do with science or knowledge, is the truth and explanation of everything.

    Learn about the dark side of Scientology and begin to make the connections with BOSL. Find out more about the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and make connections with Frolic Mills. Learn about the lives of the followers of the Sea Org (the academy or monastery or prison of Scientology) and make the connections.

    Inform yourself about the concept of a suppressive or attacking those who attack or auditing where you have to reveal everything about yourself.

    BOSL attacking people that are critical of them, accusing them of being suppressive people (envious, jealous, stalkers, unhappy, and more). HOWEVER, WHEN THE SUPPRESSIVE WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS ARE THEY THEMSELVES! But scientology considers psychiatrists and psychologists as detriments to humanity, when they need their services.



    Maybe it hurts for those that participated to realize that they have unknowingly been manipulated by a sect. But maybe it does more harm to “win” their competition and become more involved with them.


    • To frolicking Says:

      Amen sister! Hun you need to take a rest, seriously.

    • J Says:

      You are right on the money in every point you make.

      I was one of the “honest” official judges a couple of years ago, but bowed out just before the finals because I didn’t see the point of being an “official judge” when I wasn’t invited to anything or allowed to go to any of the rounds and actually vote.

      Serene was chosen as MVW 2011 during casting after Frolic saw her entry photo. Yet dozens of contestants waste time, lindens and tears trying to win something already won.

      I cannot for the life of me understand why people keep getting sucked into this.

      • To J Says:

        I was a candidate, and I know that official judges only vote on the final evening. The rest of the challenges are judged by guests, to get a wider perspective, which I think is fair.

        Serene was not chosen as MVW during castings, in fact it took her like 5 tries before she even made it as an official candidate. I heard this from Serene Faith herself.

    • Frolic Mills pffftttttt Says:

      wow Frolic investigated peoples real lives?
      I would love to know how, and then who would be stupid enough to let some fat gay teen lover even near their private life
      Who the hell does he think he is?
      I think he forgets, its SL and not RL.
      Who cares if someone rl is male/female over 50 under 50 in their 60’s etc, its of no revelvance they all come to SL for their own reasons. I go there as its nice. However if some fat gay wanted to probe me about my life, then I wouldnt last 5 minutes in WTF or MVW or whatever fat gay calls it, and he would get an earful of how I felt about him…
      I have no problems with sexuality, I just dont like the thought about some wierdo trying to check my rl out….

    • Confused Says:

      freak you too no life? spend hours typing pointless posts? noone cares. frolic controls people want to control by frolic. why you care? get a life freak.
      sl full of old 50+ year olds acting like teenagers. all models are 50-60 olds in rl. no new fashion sense. all boring old style. old freaks with no style fighting with each other?

  86. Anonymous Says:

    kiki, kiki….I can hear again the voice of our conscience to tell us what we should or should not do in SL and what are our real lives. Thanks Kiki, well done! good for you!…you are like a lot of people out there, you think you know everything about everyone and your life is best than the rest???? Poor Kiki, next time try to be more original, hun….

    • Kiki Devin Says:

      As i read this all i can do is laugh, taking what i say out of context to fuel your own anger, all i really wanted to say is that i find is funny how certain people on sl take the modeling so serious that they let it get to them so much in rl. I admit i was once one of those people and when i saw myself i had to stop it. I just think that rl is so much more important and i was not saying that my rl is more important or fabulous than anyone elses. Perhaps i may have used my words in the wrong way but from all the comments i see that i wasnt far off was i? Such anger.. but i hope you all have the sl of your dreams and find what makes you happy

  87. unknown model Says:

    I’m with you on this Kiki. For me SL is for fun, for my own and personal welfare. I like modeling but I also like building and love learning about scripting and how SL works, from the perspective of a creator. I have no interest in creating bonds or relationships in SL, I’m not sick or ill, I’m not a stay at home mom, just a regular person that is challenged by the several aspects that SL offers. We can be who we want to be in SL. Being sick is definitely not a good reason to log in SL. Not for me, anyway. Much less is to worry about who wins virtual contests. Couldn’t care less. I seriously doubt that those who care are grown up men and women; they are likely to be late teenagers and people in their early 20s. The answer you got here is clearly from a person that isn’t emotionally balanced, who shouldn’t be playing any online games, but treat herself in RL. It’s really sad to think that only sick people and stay at home moms are the ones who play SL. Scary to think about it, actually.

    • Actually, I don’t stay at home. I have a very fulfilling real life that is mine and private and open to only those i know, love and trust on SL. I also have a backbone and post my actual sl name when I post, because I stand by what I say and I am not afraid to speak up. So before you go throwing words around like emotionally unbalanced, I would get off your soap box as well. I did not say that EVERYONE on SL had those issues. And nowhere did I attack Kiki by saying she was emotionally unbalanced. But your post is the typical post of a coward, you attack people’s mental states and when that doesn’t work, spelling or grammar. When you get some integrity and backbone “unnamed model” maybe a real conversation can be had with you. Until then, have fun trying to stand without a spine.

  88. Kiki Devin Says:

    *sighs* Are we all really getting upset over a virtual beauty contest? This is what makes me smh at SL- point blank why i got out of the modeling.Makes me sad to see grown women and men bang their heads over a virtual contest when real life is so much more important. In the end does any of this even matter? No, it doesn’t, perhaps take a step back and look at how you all are acting, sorta silly huh?

    • To kiki Says:

      With your attitude Kiki, I bet you anything any of these misses have helped a lot more people than you will ever care to know. Perhaps even more than you have in rl.

      Not so silly huh?

      • Kiki Devin Says:

        Let me enlighten you, I help many people and not from behind my computer screen. I support many charities with my time and funds, and how does sl modeling help people? And like I said I did model in sl and *helping people* was few and far between from what I saw. It is obvious from your comment that you are one of those people who take sl far to serious and the imaginary modeling careers. So while I am giving my rl time to raising money, helping with many community projects, spending time with sick and dying children you have fun with your virtual life, have a sparkling day =)

        • How DARE you Kiki sit up there on your soap box and condemn people on sl for finding something in SL important. HOW DARE YOU. There are many reasons people are on SL, from social anxiety, to illness, to the fact that they are parents and can’t get out of the house…for many reasons. HOW DARE YOU. You sit there all smug and condemning people for caring just as much as i bet YOU cared at one point. I will NEVER be a model in RL. I am not built that way, but guess what. I can be in SL. And I don’t know about YOU, but I CONSTANTLY see the fashion world in sl helping out others…from the help I have received PERSONALLY from people helping me and mentoring me, to the AMAZING charity events that are put on, such as the RMH Charity event, Culture Shock and tons of OTHER events where 50%-100% of proceeds go to charities. Some of the people who do these events which raise THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS if not MORE, could not be “out and about” because of personal issues.

          Your attitude SUCKS. And i have never met a person who supposedly does so much for others have such a piss poor attitude. I pray…PRAY you reconcile your bitterness towards sl and the sl fashionworld. And i woudl think that someone who actually spends time with sick and dying children (low blow by the way and obviously fake) would have more compassion for people in general.

          Maybe in YOUR sl fashion experience there was no charity and paying it forward, but I have a sneaking suspicion that was cause of you….not the people around you.

          • Kiki Devin Says:

            And that explains it all, i never once condemned people on sl for finding something in SL important, from what i’ve seen in my five years on sl makes me have the opinion i do, sl should be a place to go for some peace and yet it is not for many, mainly the ones that take it too serious and get stressed out.i was was once one of those people then i woke up and realized that rl was more important than sl and any stress that i may encounter there. It is obvoius that you are getting upset so on that note i am going to end my conversation here with you, and you have proven my point.

          • I proved nothing about your point. What I did was call you out on your behavior and your holier than thou attitude. I got upset not over something that happened in SL, but I got upset that some hypocrite decided to basically spit on people who are in SL and who are PASSIONATE about SL and what happens there and the relationships they develop and foster there.

            “Makes me sad to see grown women and men bang their heads over a virtual contest when real life is so much more important. In the end does any of this even matter? No, it doesn’t, perhaps take a step back and look at how you all are acting, sorta silly huh?” Those are YOUR words which proved MY point. and again…

            “It is obvious from your comment that you are one of those people who take sl far to serious and the imaginary modeling careers. So while I am giving my rl time to raising money, helping with many community projects, spending time with sick and dying children you have fun with your virtual life”

            YOUR words.

            if you found stress in your SL it’s cause you let it in….and you enjoy it. And that is true and don’t deny it. If it wasn’t true then if you did leave sl and if your rl is soooo amazing…you wouldn’t be here…on this website about virtual modeling academies and agencies trying to convince everyone..INCLUDING yourself..that you and your real life are far superior to anything we do.

            So thank you for proving MY point…which is this

            If you are a miserable human being’re a miserable human being offline

            Now I am done with YOU and I will continue to surround myself, both in sl and rl with amazing supportive artists….virtual and real.

        • oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Says:

          yes and I spend my real life caring for sick kittens and going to meet the poor and needy and then I like to hug children with incurable illnesses and when I am not doing that, I like to look at my picture of Lady Diana and think…oneday I want to be just like you were and let the little people love me, just like the little people liked you…

  89. Tired Says:

    If MVW is so important why is it most of the finalists from other years are mia? Can anyone tell me what an ex MVW is doing now? Did anyone but Mimmi really make a mark? Do not judge if you do not know, its hell being in the contest… and many ex finalists run for the hills after.

    • Who cares Says:

      Who cares Only someone that is so desperate for attention and acceptance would ever join a sham such as MVW.You spend countless hours and lindens on this contest all to achieve one goal to have a tag that says MVW.I could also make a tag that says the same thing it only cost 100L.There is no big prize to be won for all your effort and its pathetic as are most of the contestants. Then you Have to impress a group of judges who have a seriously hard time styling themselves it’s absolutely ridiculous,and we all know the final say comes down to Frolic anyway.

      • An old friend.... Says:

        Who cares….bitter much? You’re “pathetic!” You could make the “tag” for 100L but you didn’t earn it. Awww, is that you’re problem? You’re too bitter, lazy and not that creative you didn’t make the cut? Mhm, that’s you and it’s all throughout your miserable posts. You’re sooo sad 😦

  90. Who will win? Says:

    Who do you guys think will win this year?

  91. An old friend.... Says:

    This is absurd and lame. You must not get out much in the SL modeling world. You are correct, many of the ladies have attended MVW academy and suffered through a very grueling 105 weekend, some DID NOT pass the first time or even the second. Did they come on here like cry babies hooting and hollering? NO!!! They buckled down, got more training and styling experience and tried AGAIN! I’d like to see YOU try it, just once. It’s hard as hell and you have to present the complete package. It’s EVERYTHING: your avatar shape, skin, modifications, coloring and picking the right shades and hues that compliment the designer’s skin tone. It’s walking, posing, and being able to “create” avant garde and fresh styling in EVERY genre. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I challenge EVERYONE reading this to please go to each gal’s profile and browse through their resumes. They have ALL put in the time at many agencies. They have been models on the grid for well over a year. Many have attended MULTIPLE well respected schools and had a ridiculous amount of training. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think they’re all unique, special and beautiful. I know a few of them personally and I know how hard they have worked for this and to get to this level in their SL modeling careers. As it’s been mentioned, they have put in the time, modeling and being greeters in stores for designers like sYs, PurpleMoon, Gizza, etc…They have walked the runway in dozens upon dozens of fashion shows. Many have choreographed the shows and been backstage directing. They have entered big name photo contests like Donna Flora, Champagne, Chop Zuey and Finesmith and WON them!!!! They spend hours styling, photographing and blogging for the industry. Not one of these contestants is UNDESERVING or some how “lucked” into it because she knew somebody!!! They work with nearly EVERY agency not just MVW.

    I have done 105 twice and still have yet to pass, I’m not throwing some childish temper tantrum, running down wonderful and good people. I know ANY one of these girls would help YOU out in a heartbeat. Shame on you…you’re a sad, disgusting individual. AND YOU’RE WRONG on every account.

    • An old friend.... Says:

      Btw, I’m quite sure NONE of the contestants cares if you, in your limited and infinitesimal world, has ever “heard of them.” YOU don’t matter. Why don’t you sniveling children, name one model “popular in world” who submitted for MVW and wasn’t selected. Which ones are those? Put your money where your big mouth is!!!! It’s a no win situation with cry babies, you’d be screaming from the rafters if they were too “popular” and bitching because in your expert opinion (LMAO) they’re not! Grow up and get over it.

      • Old friend or an old fool ? Says:

        Another idiot that put almost $50.00usd /15k lindens in Frolics pocket.Just to jump on the butt kissing gravy train to destination nowhere.

        • Oldfriend is my grandpa in drag Says:

          Hey Grandpa
          you got to stop posting in here wearing grammas panties and wigs
          Maybe if you were 15 you could be Frolics boy
          Just because people have different views to you it doesnt make them snivelling
          I never read such a long boring post and it was so bad you sent it twice!

  92. MVW is a joke Says:

    I have to admit the only contestant’s I have seen this year that are even remotely attractive is Leah Mcullough and Kim Rongyu.It’s obvious the rest where all picked because they where in MVW academy or work with bosl.I haven’t even heard of most of them.I agree I don’t understand last years winner either, her head is a box.It resembles the monsters head in Frankenstein.

  93. Too late Says:

    All the girls have been picked for this year’s pageant, so warning them not to submit pics is rather stupid. LOL

    Try harder next year. To complain after your girlfriend or your own agency’s models didn’t get picked doesn’t make sense.Why didn’t you warn us earlier? Oh wait I know, because you were trying yourself? Awww …

    Just saying …

  94. THIS IS not a Fair game Says:

    WE are HERE to protect and WARN those young stunning models

    NOT from the MVW ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    YOU WILL NEVER BE PICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THIS IS THE FACT!!!!!!!!!!!




    NONE OF THEM IS POPULAR>>> WE DIDN”T SEE THEM ON MAGAZINE OTHER THAN THEIR OWN COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wake up and see the truth ... outsider for mVW academy people Says:

      yes it is not about jealousy.. comeon….

      last few years are better and more fair.. at least we see some really TRUE pretty lady and special one like falbala.. or rusalka.. and special pretty eye features and right proportion of face..

      you see this year’s ones???? narrowed eye.. up-lifted eye corner.. ugly jaw .. . .like a man…

      and i think the judges are either lost their mind or trying to find ” SOME Special” ONE .. but not necessary to ” special ugly”..

      coz’ fashion critiques blog saying the pics are all look the same..
      of course they all look the same.. they come from the same phaotgrapher…

      it is just too stupid to use the same photographer to submit pics.. they use the same colour tone, same air brushes/ paint brush on all av’s skin… <— that makes they all look alike..

      and it is always NOT FAIR … coz' the show is just to advertise their people.. so it is common sense not picking other agency people….

      so they pretend to be open organization and ask you to submit pics… but

      actually they will only ask those in their academy to go live audition….

      so stupid to join this one..

      everyone knows that you are not really beautiful.. but just being the group of MVW academy or boSL people ..and you get the ticket.. to join the game.. .

      and you think you are really beautiful???? how silly is that ..

      we all know that it is not !!!


    • Getting a Feeling Says:

      Hun – take a Valium and sleep a little bit. Do you own some crappy academy and none of your girls got picked? awww so sad babe. Kisses you and wishes you a good night.

      • agency starting with M name Says:

        my company is well known and have alot of hot models nad on every fashion shows..

        if you think it is crappy .. then you are totally wrong.. we just have the best real life fashion designser and modesl and our fashion shows and event earn alot of money

    • Free Says:

      Really – you are sounding more and more like a bitter twisted soul that tried to enter and didn’t get picked. Get over it. Truly, you are helping nobody, just showing what an idiot you are.

    • An old friend.... Says:

      This is absurd and lame. You must not get out much in the SL modeling world. You are correct, many of the ladies have attended MVW academy and suffered through a very grueling 105 weekend, some DID NOT pass the first time or even the second. Did they come on here like cry babies hooting and hollering? NO!!! They buckled down, got more training and styling experience and tried AGAIN! I’d like to see YOU try it, just once. It’s hard as hell and you have to present the complete package. It’s EVERYTHING: your avatar shape, skin, modifications, coloring and picking the right shades and hues that compliment the designer’s skin tone. It’s walking, posing, and being able to “create” avant garde and fresh styling in EVERY genre. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I challenge EVERYONE reading this to please go to each gal’s profile and browse through their resumes. They have ALL put in the time at many agencies. They have been models on the grid for well over a year. Many have attended MULTIPLE well respected schools and had a ridiculous amount of training. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think they’re all unique, special and beautiful. I know a few of them personally and I know how hard they have worked for this and to get to this level in their SL modeling careers. As it’s been mentioned, they have put in the time, modeling and being greeters in stores for designers like sYs, PurpleMoon, Gizza, etc…They have walked the runway in dozens upon dozens of fashion shows. Many have choreographed the shows and been backstage directing. They have entered big name photo contests like Donna Flora, Champagne, Chop Zuey and Finesmith and WON them!!!! They spend hours styling, photographing and blogging for the industry. Not one of these contestants is UNDESERVING or some how “lucked” into it because she knew somebody!!! They work with nearly EVERY agency not just MVW.

      I have done 105 twice and still have yet to pass, I’m not throwing some childish temper tantrum, running down wonderful and good people. I know ANY one of these girls would help YOU out in a heartbeat. Shame on you…you’re a sad, disgusting individual. AND YOU’RE WRONG on every account.

  95. Anonymous Says:

    Every year its the same thing, Nastiness and bitterness. God help the winner of the miss vw crown as most will either hate her or suck up to her in the hope it will make them more famous. Really its not important in the grand scheme of things. Be proud of your own successes and not live the ones gained by hanging on the coat tails of others.

    • Get over it, already! Says:

      Despite the evil jealousy here, no doubt whom ever she is, she earned it and deserves it. Congrats to all the contestants, this is truly an accomplishment and something you’ll always remember 😀

  96. Get over it, already! Says:

    This crap about MVW is just beyond ridiculous! ANYONE who is ANYONE in SL modeling knows these gals names…PERIOD. They have all paid their dues an worked hard to get where they are. People DO have real lives and may not spend their entire day “browsing” through Flickr pics to make “comments” or add a bunch as “faves.” Just because you come on here and say something or state it as a fact, doesn’t make it real or true. The current list of models who are participating in the MVW pageant DO NOT all look alike!!! Hey, but don’t believe me, look through their portfolios for yourselves. Funny, if Frolic & Co. are making $$$ off of it, it’s NOT at the expense of the models themselves, like a CWS or something. Not even close. Does he run a business and get paid vendor endorsements? I’m sure he does. Doesn’t any good company work like that? He has SIMs to pay for etc… Is any organization free from scandal or missteps? No, but in the grand scheme of things, Frolic is a major player in the industry and the plain fact of the matter is, you can bitch here all you want, but it won’t change a thing. So if you’re that annoyed YOU didn’t make the cut this time, get back to work and figure out what YOU’RE doing wrong.

    These models/selectees, who have been completely lambasted the past few days, have devoted hours upon hours modeling in stores, worked countless runway shows, worked with several different designers and photographers, enter numerous contests and donated their time to help and assist others. Their continued work and dedication hasn’t been over a few months, try a few years!!! Obviously, the pageant is run annually and new contestants are going to be selected. I’d like to know which “big names” in the SL industry have been “passed over?” People here talk so much crap and it’s soooo obvious most of you are big babies who want everything for little or nothing. Put up or shut up. Cowards all. Can’t give any real proof of anything it’s just words. If most of these gals attended MVW or MBMA so what? They went to those places to learn and get feedback from the BEST!!!! The “best” is what the majority says it is and looks like you complainers here, are in the minority. I know of many instances of huge models and previous MVW winners DONATING their time and expertise to newer models, expecting nothing in return but to see them happy and to succeed.

    Get over yourselves and get a life. If you hate the system that’s in place soooo much…. gtfo!!!!

    • Previous MVW Contestant Says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      I am one of those past years contestants who didn’t win (the best woman won!) I never graduated from MVW Academy, in fact I graduated from schools that are no longer even around.

      I worked my tail end off to be chosen to be as a finalist in MVW and actually made it my goal. I didn’t complain when I wasn’t chosen the first year as a finalist; I got more experience and WORKED hard to make sure I was ready for the next year!

      The hard work paid off! I had an awesome experience and will always be proud of the fact that my modeling goal was met with pride, intelligence and most of all, FUN!

      My RL did not suffer (my family [yes, husband and kids] thought it was pretty cool), my gown, costume, shoes, hair, poses, jewelry and various other items were all donated (because I asked these designers), so there was no RL money from my pocket.

      I know what these women are going to be dealing with the next couple of months and it’s NOT easy. They will learn a lot and be put to the ultimate SL Modeling test.

      This is NOT only about beauty and styling, they are interviewed in voice by not only Frolic but by the judges. They will be given what seems to be a never ending number of notecards to fill out for interviews. They have voice interviews on BOSL Radio…the list goes on and on and it can become VERY stressful.

      Some will drop out, some will become a bundle of nerves and yes some will become diva’s. I think there is a little diva in all of us; it’s what you do with it and how others perceive you that really matters.

      In the end, there will be one winner and yes they will be slammed in AR for being chosen, but does it really matter? I certainly hope not! These women have to have a very thick skin to even become a finalist because nasty things will be said. The choice one has when this happens is to just laugh them off or take them personally. I chose to laugh them off.

      Life is too short to deal with people who don’t even know who I am in RL (and I’m a pretty cool person according to my RL friends).

      Ladies, congrats! Ignore the snide comments and revel in your accomplishment(s). You’ve worked hard and you are where you are for a reason (not because you graduated from MVW Academy)!

    • brittainycollins Says:

      very very nicely put!

      • model agency owner Says:

        Yeah yeah yeah..

        FRANKLY>> what they did.. they only have ONE purpose.. to get ‘ FAME” and their name on it ..

        don’t deny that . .if what . .why being a model?
        want free clothes???
        want free L ??
        want “FAME”???

        and they work so hard just want to put their name on mvw academy inhouse model contest game .>>>

        don’t pretend to be soooo naive..

        they all hav their ” PURPOSE ‘ to do taht shit..
        no one force u to.

        you just want :FAME>.. admit it . and you are dying to get publicity.. admit it ..

        but you are UGLY>> MVW ACADEMY PEOPLE>>
        admit it !!!!!!

  97. brittainycollins Says:

    anononymous you keep saying all are mvw grads or grads of a school associated with him.. I am not.. You say all kiss his ass I dont. in fact frolic himself will tell you I drive him up a wall say exactly what is on my mind and usually get in trouble for it too. Maybe I dont have a flickr account that has a TON of favorites or comments but honestly I have a flickr account so i can have fun with it express my thoughts and put up pictures I take. I am by no means an expert photographer. I know shit about photoshopping anything or how to make myself look better in a picture. I dont belong to umpteen number of agencies with a ton of titles attached to my silly empty head. Most will tell you I am blunt honest and can laugh at myself. What I dont like about MVW is that it brings out this. The vitriol in people.. the need to attack others and I have seen those who are friends or were supposed to be friends scrambling for that title. But its not just this title its any title.

    I dont by any means claim I am the best and the most beautiful. Dont even count myself in the top. Most of the time I am to busy to worry about things like that. What I would rather see is instead of downing this pageant and those who partake in it.. and yes it does come down to being a beauty pageant but anything with a title really is.. that instead we are giving words of encouragement to the ladies… Offering advice to ease their stress. Why add more to their anxiety levels and stress levels then is already there. This is what they are choosing to do for them. Like it or leave it is their choice. Be there for them and show them that they are not alone in this.

    • THIS IS not a Fair game Says:

      IT IS THE FACT!!!!!!!!!



      DON”T ever ASK other model from OTHER agency to submit PICS EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

      WE WILL Boycot MVW ACADEMY “INHOUSE MODEL ” compeittion!!!!!!

      it is the FACT !!!

      IT IS NOT A FAIR GAME !!!!!!!!!!

      ALL FROM MVW ACADEMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      DON”T NEED to denied it

      it is the fact !!!!!!!!!!

      we are not BLIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Getting a Feeling Says:

        Why do I get the feeling you own some other academy? hmm…

        • never get piced on mvw live audition Says:

          i m not .
          i just a participant.. wasting my lindens on photographers.. and gowns to submit my pics for 3 years .. and never get the live audition !!!

          but I WON beauty pagent award many times…

          that proof i got something .. at least some people <– i don't have connections with .. feels my av is pretty and worth a crown.

  98. THIS IS not a Fair game Says:

    the truth is

    if you see their models’ flickr account?

    they are NOT even popular..
    the fav is ” 0″ or less..

    none comments on their pics..

    and those who can’t get in.. are the popular flickr models too .. alot of comments and fav from the people..

    and the awards she wins is top pagent winner ” which is MORE fair and open to public.
    not just all from the same school

    which is more convincing of the true beauty…

    these models all look the same.
    with the down- sided shaped mouth

    with upper corner eye lifted up ..

    any one can just twist that shape in 4 sec.

    and produce a dozen.

    once again don’t make him rich . MODELS>. wake up .boycot this game.

    he is having a new house at BOystown east

    and you got nothng but being mvw and has your av copybotted and harrassed and circultate all over the web.. that everyone can download the shape..

    whats the point !!

    • not fair Says:

      The point might be that Anna Sapphire, Serene Faith, Miaa Rebane and Mimmi Boa got to help a lot of real people in their time as miss virtual world. Isn’t this a bit more important than a “fav” on flickr or a shape? – What do you think?

      • THIS IS not a Fair game Says:

        did you see the post below???? the real italian sufferd and lost their home and not in SL for 2 weeks.. while Anna sapphire just worried about the mr virtual world SHOW????

        pleasee seeeeeeeeeeee what they ACT!!!!
        thye just want ” FAME” … not really helping ..

        in her profile she said she want to help the children .. please scrolll down and see what she didn’t do as she promised in the statement. . before you really ” KNOW” what that people did.. and lie..

        don’t be TOO naive…!!!!
        they just want to have fame..
        not really helping at all

        also.. if you see their REAL look.. you know why their AV is twisted like ” down-mouth ‘ ugly look..their ” BEAUTY” standard is WAY below the real world TRUE MISS WORLD or a real world model look.

        that’s proof why their taste is so below standard.

        not even qualify to named ” beauty ” with that kinda shape…

        if you compare with the “REAL world MODEL”

        from real life model in usa

  99. Anonymous Says:

    do you get my point???
    my point is “” ALL”” contestant are their people.

    it is fact. ALL grad of mVW ACADEMY none from other school..

    POINT 2 :
    even you are their grad. you have to kiss ass and be his fav av to get in .

    so simple

    so true..

    it is the FACT>

    the contestant ‘s profile all are mva academy grads who pay him 15000 L

    to modify the shape as ” HE” likes..

    you totally Miss the point here..
    no wonder you can’t get in .. you cant even understand the truth behind.

    the only winner is frolic mills

    he got $ 900000L from you .. and you get nothing .. and not even picked

    I see some well known popular models with alot of awards winning.. didn’t get picked

    and yell by him .. say
    NOt today
    not today
    not today

    so sad.. i think it is an offense to such a beautiful lady!!!
    she wins TOP awards!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Aha! So you are here because you couldn’t get in! or your friend or maybe your partner?? and just because someone won TOP awards doesn’t mean she is guaranteed a spot in MVW….this is so pathetic…so let’s say if you got in, would this change your tone? Don’t forget you would suddenly look like the rest of the contestants and became an ass kisser like the rest of them. You are just a big looser, here you say you friend sorry for well known popular models and top beautiful there you are discounting the efforts of the rest of the contestants….I can tell you your judgement is equally bias then! Please think before you speak, you just shoot yourself and to those that didn’t get in, please take sometime to reflect on your picture submission or ask for feedback and stop thinking you are best and you didn’t get in because there are something against you. Honestly, I have seen top models didn’t get pick because the pictures she sent in are always in the same angle, the same expression eventhough they are done by popular photographers but so what?? Common sense this is a photo submission for a beauty pageant but for your profile pic. Another top model submitted her pictures three times too and never got picked because she was styling with just flowers in all her pictures which did not even go with her looks or her hair. If you are in a contest you need to understand what it takes to win and I don’t mean kiss assing but how you present yourself as a MISS not a model or a designer or a supermodel. You need to understand what are the requirements to be a MISS and not screaming “look at me! look at me!”

    • Free Says:

      lol you seem to forget that Frolic has to pay tutors and someone to do all the other work involved – Frolic actually only gets a tiny proportion of the fees that are paid. *shakes head* you really are sad and jealous aren’t you?

  100. not fair Says:

    @ Turtle:

    He is the only one who wins? What about all of us who didn’t get picked? We get to write about it here, so we win too! yayyyyy!!

    Yes, I agree there are a lot of ladies this year who are in MVW Academy, but this is the first time it has happened. None of the of the others winners, exept for Serene Faith, were in that school, so it’s either they are growing and EVERY model is getting trained there, or the judges are perving everyone’s profile to see where they graduated from…

    The first is more logical to me…

    Just saying,

  101. Turtle Says:

    Here we go again! It’s MVW time! And once again all you sad “female” avies are getting sucked into the hooplah of winning that crown of glory! Don’t you realize that the only winner in MVW is FROLIC MILLS? All you “ladies” spend countless hours primping, posing taking photos and SPENDING all your LINDENS on your gowns of glory when the only true winner in all this is FROLIC MILLS? You see he gets paid for all this… you pay FROLIC to get into the academy the sponsors pay FROLIC the advertisers pay FROLIC and what do you “ladies” get? A prim crown? A failed modeling career? Black listed? Copyboted? Really? Now don’t get me started on Mr. VW! What a joke! Those poor “guys” I think there’s actually been one male that’s really won since Mr. VW started but they fair even worse! No rewards and they live off their title in pure isolation and rejection and no cash rewards! And what’s up with World Undercroft and Steele Sirnah? Can’t anyone tell they have the same shape? I mean they both look like they popped right out of FROLICS vaheena! BOORRRIINGG SET UP!!! RIGGED!!! Anyway, things have gotten out of hand and I know all this because I’ve been told a few “secrets” from our dear friend Kay Fairey! Kay honey, remember that day you were so miffed at FROLIC that you spilled a few secrets? Namely the one about how the voting is rigged and that no matter what the votes come down to FROLIC has the finale say? What’s the point of that? Wasting everyones time to compete in something that isn’t even a true competition!? Shame… shame… shame! I think it’s time to get a third party involved in voting results and lets see what really happens! hmm… perhaps create a google voice number that only the judges know… have them call in and leave their results then post the transcript of those results and the audio as well of them actually leaving the results! Now that’s novel and hmm… could be more honest! Moral of the story… you may as well flush your money down the toilet and your time because at the end of the day… YOU LOSE!

    PS – One last thing! I was told that the “copyboy” issue FROLIC is reporting is actually a lie to get things stirred up and to create a media frenzy! Thank you Kay!

    • That's right Says:

      That’s right turtle boy!

      Every year the same MVW issues and every year the same boring critiques. /me yawns.

    • Kay Fairey Says:

      Oh wow you do have an issue. Well isn’t it public that he did the first round picking the casual styling himself? But as he explained, this was to prevent any judges from having some sweet spots with models that they may like.

      And this “copyboy (it’s copybot, btw)” has been attacking other agencies as well as designer. BOSL is not the only target.

  102. Anonymous Says:

    I think MVW is a joke.. THere are so many beautiful avator more well balanced than the one they chose this year.. 99 % of the contestant ARE their group of BOSL and MVW academy grad students.. That means if you don’t pay for the model course , you are NOT supposed to enter the competition. DON”T waste your money and time to go there submit photos or go audition <— as you will never get the chance to go live audition without knowing the " Insider" – the judges or the organizer people..

    THE people they chose this years are ALL the MVW grad, BOSL magazine PHotographers. and people / friend of the last year 's MVW..

    and the 3 avators are CAME from teh SAME agency ( named in short form D) of a Japanese Model agency which one of the OWNER is the Judge ( named Short form, K. F) of MVW.

    THE shapes they modified this years , are look like those 40 or 50 in RL… maybe the people behind the AV is at 40s and 50s.. of age. so their taste are shifted from the REAL life Model world/ REal life MISS world. whom the contestant are YOUNG and YOUTH stylish looking..

    so THIS MVW IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boycourt and DON”T SEE THE CRAP SHOW >.. that one manipulated by the owner. and STEAL your MONEY TO enter the MVW> GRADS>

    Even you paid $ 15000 to enter the MVW academy NOT means you are “IN ” for the contest.. as they NOT only ripped your money.. you need to kISS ass and help them do all the BOSL magazine works for free… to get a place in MVW contest..

    waht’s the point .. it is not about ” REAL beauty ” anymore.. it is just about “”HOW CLOSE YOUR FRIENDSHIP IS WITH THE JUDGE”


    • Kay Fairey Says:

      Were you there at the auditions? I wasn’t even a judge this year as I had to help out backstage. In other words, I did not have any votes. And on one occasion that I was a judge, to be fair, I did not vote for Shinobu.

      1. Please do not make comments based on assumptions.
      2. Do not under-estimate me. I am VERY fair and will not vote for a Dione model even if I think she might be good (and I actually did not). Those votes came from other judges.
      3. I am not the owner of Dione Agency. I am a staff hired as Agency Director. Again, please get your facts straight.

      So just looking at what you claim here about me, I can see that the whole comment is based on your assumption.

      • whichoneisit Says:

        ” I wasn’t even a judge this year as I had to help out backstage. In other words, I did not have any votes. And on one occasion that I was a judge, to be fair, I did not vote for Shinobu.”

        Sooooo which one is it? You were NOT a judge or you WERE a judge one time, which is not the same as not being a judge. When you double-talk people have a hard time believing you. Oh, and Frolic is going to have a royal hissy fit at you when he finds out you have been talking about him and MVW behind his back. LOL!

        • Kay Fairey Says:

          OK let me explain how this works. For each Live Audition, judges are called in who are not always the same people. Usually I help backstage, but I was called in to help with judging once when we couldn’t get enough judges. That was the first round when Shinobu got in. And when I’m helping backstage, I don’t even know who the judges are for that particular day.

          And the reason is also very simple. Frolic had delegated this job to another staff member so it is her job to gather enough judges to carry out the Live Audition. And usually it doesn’t get fixed until last minute. By that time, I am already backstage lining up the contestants.

          So my answer to your question is….yes I will judge if there is a shortage and I have to fill in. That’s only for emergency cases when we need more judges. But for the most part, I help out with the management of the Live Auditions.

        • Kay Fairey Says:

          And thank you for worrying about me but you need not worry. I never say anything bad about him nor about MVW because there is nothing bad to say. If this contest was really as bad as you like to think it is, I wouldn’t be working for it for so long. 🙂

    • Kay Fairey Says:

      Let me also point out that none of the 3 Japanese models who got in are close to anybody…naturally as they can’t speak English (Mio can speak a little but not enough to become really close at all). Plus with the exception of Mio, who got in on the last day of live auditions, none of them have even gone to the MVW Academy as they won’t be able to understand the classes.

      And since I never voted for them, there goes your “assumption” that only those who are close or graduates of the Academy get in.

      Again, please check your facts. Comments based on “assumptions” do not have any credibility.

      • Anonymous Says:

        THESE ARE THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        they ARE ALL THE MODELS Of MVW

        it SHOULD be RENAME as ‘ INHOUSE model contest”” shouldnt qualify to call itself MISS Virtual WORLD>> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        OPEN YOUR EYES>> we ARE not BLIND!!!
        boycott MVW.. DON”T SEE THIS SHOW> DON”T ENTER your photo. .dont’ pay $ 15000 for their stupid model course. and even you pay , not quarantee you to get in !! as alot of stupid grils join this MVW class to enter this ” INHOUSE model” Contest

        IT IS not qualify to call itself MIss virtual world. .it is NOT open to ALL public of SL..

        PLease DONT fool people and ask us to submit PICS!!!!!

        OPEN your eyes .. ALL MODELS!!!!!

        1. Betty Draesia
        -(((1.21.2012 Graduation at Miss Virtual World Academy)))<– school run by frolic mills

        2.Ekaterina Tolczyner
        ((***Miss Virtual World Academy Graduate))<– school run by frolic mills

        3.Nayomi Gartner
        Boulevard Agency-BLVD AGENCY Model <— agency belong to Frolic mills
        Alt of an modelling agency, house of couture model agency

        4. Anigma Eulenberg

        MBMA Graduate (Nov. 2011) agency <— Pass MVW Mimmi boa's agency <-[[ MVW ACADEMY"S Trainer"]]

        5.Meimei Shiu

        \⊹ Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy <— Pass MVW Mimmi boa's agency<- [[ MVW ACADEMY"S Trainer"]]

        6 Kim Rongyu
        Miss Virtual World Academy- Graduate <– school run by frolic mills

        7. Irina Strazytski
        Miss Virtual World Academy- Graduate <– school run by frolic mills

        8. Lolita Paragorn
        Miss Virtual World Academy- Graduate <– school run by frolic mills

        9 can't sesarch profile online.. <— she needs to hide from public?????

        10. Rehana Seljan

        +Dione Fashion Agency model<—-KAY fairy's AGENCY , which KAY fairy works for. and shei s close frined of Frolic mills and work for BOSL maga

        11. Bodza Mubble
        Photographer for The BOSL<—- PHOtograher of FROLIC mills' magazine.

        12. Zaara D (Zaara123)

        Graduate at MVW Model Academy January 2012-Graduate <– school run by frolic mills

        Graduate at MVW Model Academy
        Miss Virtual World Academy Graduated<– school run by frolic mills

        14.Natzuka Miliandrovic
        Miss Virtual World Academy Graduated<– school run by frolic mills

        15.. Shinobu Istmal
        +Dione Fashion Agency model<—-KAY fairy's AGENCY , which KAY fairy works for. and shei s close frined of Frolic mills and work for

        16.Starline Igeria
        Miss Virtual World Academy Graduated<– school run by frolic mills

        17.Ananya Mai
        MVW Academy Currently enrolled at Glance <– school run by frolic mills

        18.Linnda Scofield
        Boulevard Agency-BLVD AGENCY Model <— agency belong to Frolic mills

        19.,Dana Yotov
        Miss Virtual World Academy Graduated<– school run by frolic mills

        20, Audrey Cresci
        Miss Virtual World Academy Graduated<– school run by frolic mills

        21 Jade Spectre
        Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy Graduate (02/2010)
        Miss Virtual World Academy Graduate (05/2010)

        22. Hezabel Blackheart
        GRADUATED: MISS VIRTUAL WORLD MODELING ACADEMY<– school run by frolic mills

        23 Dolcestella Draconia

        Mimmi Boa Modelig Academy

        [√]Graduate SOLOEVANE

        24 Mio Linette
        +Dione Fashion Agency model<—-KAY fairy's AGENCY , which KAY fairy works for. and shei s close frined of Frolic mills and work for

        25, Celestial Lunasea
        GRADUATED: MISS VIRTUAL WORLD MODELING ACADEMY<– school run by frolic mills
        Boulevard Agency-BLVD AGENCY Model YACK!!

        27.Nice Wildrose
        -MV♛Model Academy grad November 2011 — school run by frolic mills

        28. Leah McCullough
        CLose friend of MVW Anna sapphire.

        29.Imani Enzo

        , BOULEVARD model Agency-BLVD AGENCY Model <— agency belong to Frolic mills

        30. Diana Balhaus
        Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy November 2011-<—school run by frolic mills

    • Anonymous Says:

      I think anyone thinks if she enrolled into MVW so she could get into MVW beauty pageant had her first footing wrong. In the first place, there are at least 30 to 50 students trying to graduate in class 105 every other month, that means there are at least 100 graduates every year but there are only 30 spots in MVW. Does that mean everyone gets in just because they attended classes there? That is not even a logical assumption my dear. It is interesting how you have started the judging yourself…if all pageants are just based on the looks and one same standard how boring it is and those are the ones I personally is not interested in watching and honestly not unless you are close friend to any of the judges or the contestants to say any of them have a close friendship to be in, you don’t really know for sure, so your comments are baseless, and if you are close friends to any of them and making comments like that here? That just make you are the biggest betrayal which means your words are even less credible. Next time you want to make a comment? Please make sure it is logical.

      • Kay Fairey Says:

        I agree. And I’ll also add that the MVW Academy has about 750 members now (and not all of those who graduate stay). That means most models newer models have come to this academy. So if most of them are graduates, go figure.

        I am also VERY strict with my Japanese model students. I tell them, I cannot and will not help them with MVW so if they want to enter, to do it on their own. Because if they get in with my help, I know they will have a very hard time after they get in since this will be a 3-month contest. Of course, they can help each other, but they are strictly told not to turn to me for help. And since they don’t speak English, they can’t turn to other MVW teachers for help either.

        What I do tell them is this. To observe, observe and observe. How are those who got in styled? How do they pose? Why do you think they left an impression with the judges? The key is to observe and to learn from it. And from there, they are on their own.

        And to the original poster; please at least spell my name right. How can the post seem even the least credible if you don’t even have my name right? And I repeat. The Japanese models are not in “Kay fairy’s AGENCY”. I told you it is not mine.

        • Insider of the MVW Says:

          So this is only a game for FROLIC MILLS To get money

          each month 50 ggrads.. x 15000 = $ 750000.

          and he gets all the moeny
          and humiliate you at class .

          turn u from a 16 age or 20 s young look to his gay’ eyes’ pretty woman at 40s wiht sad look/ and mean look

          you see how ” narrow mined ” he is ..
          ad he is just a ” EGOist to make this

          IN HOUse model contest.


          do’t waste your money to join this school…
          it is just boring and make your AV look like 40s or 50s ..
          as the judges behind teh av is at 40s or 50s age.

          it is reallyy ugly!!!

          M= mir frolc mills
          V= virtual impression of a
          W= 40s / 50s / woman

          don’t waste your mone yand make him rich
          he has a new house in BOYSTOWN east..

          • A REAL LIFE model in A REAL WORLD Says:

            so 50 students x 12 months x 15000 L = $ 9000000L

            he is doing noting but yelling at you say your eyes ugly. you look ike a man.
            and your nose ugly .
            and your mouth is ugly .. and makes your mouth from smiling turning ” DOWN’ like a SAD Widow look


            <— well if you don't know what a " sad widow look" is look like
            just see the MISS VW no.2 =2 nd place she won last year… how sad // mean look it is ..

            my god…

            so girls / models.. DON"T FOOL BY HIS EOGIST GAME and make your AV ugly ..

            SAD? WIDOW? look IS NOT fierce..

            it is NOT pretty
            IT IS NOT even normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            DON"T make him rich and you spend every L you earn on catwalk to fulfill his ego and make him " THINK" he is something like fashion guru??<—- what a joke.. his look is only llike a night club PR.

            it is not fashion !!!!

            A REAL life FASHION model WITH A NAME IN USA

        • rboy Says:

          kay Fairey, i know you ,
          you are only a CLUB PR back in 2007…

          i post your name wrong with only typo mistake..
          I know you have a blog named ” F ” F” which copy the boring TV GAME by that EGoist FM.

          so DON”T MAKE this tiny mistake and make my comment incredibiity.

          IT is your game without Credibility and FOOL all people to submit pics…. and BY no means Have NO intentino to let other models of other agency to enter..

          it is nOT an open compeittion and you make it look like one …

          and I post all the FACT of the background of EACH contestant…
          to let other MODELS know that YOU ARE stunning and beautiful and stand out from the PICS>.

          youare nOT PICked because you DIDN”T pay that 15000 to get the min . requirement to get this contest… and NOT gaurantee you to get in .<—- as i have said .
          you have to kiss ass..

          twist your AV 's shape to make him satisfy to be a

          " SAD " WIDOW look

          look at this 30 people.. 15 are look the same with the
          down – corned mouth

          up-twsited upper corner 's eyese

          Frankly.. this kind of shape i can twist in 2 sec and duplicated a dozen!!!

          it is NOT NORMAL pretty look .. and
          look at the REAL world..
          NONE of this kind of look is in the REAL model world

          WORK IN REAL life fashion industry

          • Kay Fairey Says:

            Which club? May I ask as I seriously don’t recall? o.O
            And if so…..I wonder what’s wrong with a club PR…hmmm. 😀

          • brittainycollins Says:

            ok… really i wasnt going to reply to this.. but i am sitting here laughing so damn hard.. so if what i am reading is right your saying that only mvw people and blvd models get into the MVW competition.. and that you have to have that sad pms look.. DAMN IT KAY WTF IS WRONG WITH ME!! I have been a boulevard model for three plus years and I am still NOT in MVW!!!!!! checks her redneck status to make sure she is pouty enough…

          • Kay Fairey Says:


          • brittainycollins Says:

            Tries to bribe Kay with cheap american beer and pork rinds so she can be an MVW Finalist. tucks her cowboy boots under her tres beau gown and wipes a hand along her face hoping to get any sweat stains off her face.

          • Anonymous Says:

            do you get my point???
            my point is “” ALL”” contestant are their people.

            it is fact. ALL grad of mVW ACADEMY none from other school..

            POINT 2 :
            even you are their grad. you have to kiss ass and be his fav av to get in .

            so simple

            so true..

            it is the FACT>

            the contestant ‘s profile all are mva academy grads who pay him 15000 L

            to modify the shape as ” HE” likes..

            you totally Miss the point here..
            no wonder you can’t get in .. you cant even understand the truth behind.

          • Anonymous Says:

            I just had to leave a completely irrelevant comment here because now that it is posting single words to a line, it’s like a beautiful haiku for the deranged.

  103. Mrs Frolic Fall Says:

    This is Frolics dog watching him and Nave getting married

    • Anonymous Says:

      What a joke!! The whole MVW thing is like a locust plague. Sticky little fingers stuck in every nook, cranny and arse he can find.

  104. Anonymous Says:

    @SL Model Hopeful

    I believe if you graduated MVW Academy, then you don’t have to submit a photograph, you may just proceed to the auditions. Best of luck to you this year 🙂

    • An SL Model Hopeful Says:

      Thank you…but this year they changed the rule. Before, if you graduated MVW, you were an automatic in to the contest. This year, however, that was not true. Very frustrating.

      • Free Says:

        That is not true and NEVER has been all it meant was you did not have to submit a photo – it NEVER got you straight into the contest and logically it would not be possible – too many graduate each year for the 25 or so finalists.

  105. An SL Model Hopeful Says:

    I have felt very frustrated by my inability to “break into” modeling in SL. I’ve spent thousands of Lindens on modeling schools, submitted beautiful, professionally taken photos to the MVW 2012 and 2013 contests, just as beautiful as any of the others, and I have NEVER gotten called to walk before the judges.

    I have to think that somehow I am not part of the “in crowd” of the modeling world. I have tried out countless times for various modeling jobs across the grid, never even got a call back. I don’t know who to ask about this, to find out what it is about my avatar that doesn’t seem to “cut it” or if someone could be completely honest with me and tell me that somehow I am “blacklisted” and won’t ever make it as a model, because I did or said something that got me there. Yes, I am hiding behind anonymity because of course if this got associated with my name I WOULD be blacklisted.

    I honestly don’t want to cause trouble or blast any one agency or person but I would honestly like to know what it takes to break into modeling. I find this very frustrating and I believe that people need to be told, gently but firmly, that they will NEVER make it into modeling so they don’t keep dashing their hopes onto the hard rocks of failure after failure. Frankly, I’ve just given up. I believe my styling is right on, I graduated MVW Academy firs t time through, so I must have done something right. But for some reason I cannot even get an audition before the judges for the MVW. I couldn’t even get a gig being a dancing model during one of the fashion shows. I mean really?? This is just crazy. I’m trying not to be paranoid, but I can’t help but think that it is personal.

    I find this all very frustrating.

  106. Anonymous Says:

    Mister Virtual World really has left me confused this year.80% of the male contestants look like they should have entered Miss Virtual World.Was it a desperate year for male contestants ?

  107. Anonymous Says:

    Crazy, crazy, crazy!

    @ shame…

    Where do you get that the notice was a joke? Are you freaking crazy?

    Anna has been worried sick and living in her backyard for 3 weeks now, and I don’t think she is taking this as a laughing matter at all.. Only a crazy and sick mind as yours would think this.

    Evenmore, during these hard times, she is still taking the time to come online to finish her charity work and you really think she deserves this crap you just wrote?

    You are going to hell my friend!

  108. Shame Shame Shame on Anna Sapphire! Says:

    Shame, shame, shame! anna sapphire and frolic mills!!!!

    Frolic has posted:
    Anna Saphire just told me there was an eathquake in italy and she had to run out the door. Anna and I will be auctioned off next sunday right before the MR. VIRTUAL WORLD GQ challenge. Thank you all for your understanding.

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a friend of a pair of italian models that haven’t logged in SL for 2 weeks due the italian earthquake, because they are now homeless.

    So we had to wait for anna sapphire to feel ONE of the numerous quakes that killed dozens of Italians in the past 2 weeks and injured hundreds more…and she says it as if it were some kind of playful joke? YOU ARE A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING!!! We must wait this long to READ in BOSL that there was an earthquake in italy was??? I am worried daily for my friends. How many deaths and injuries are required for you attention and sympathy??? How much economic damage to artistic structures and industries must happen for a serious response from any of you???

    It’s been 2 weeks since the quakes have started… not one from the BOSL had a word to say in support of the italians. anna sapphire (lowercase!!!!!!), who was miss italy for miss virtual world and is supposedly an italian in RL, has no words to support her countryman? She ignored all that has happened around her for days until she finally feels a small quake and for that she cannot complete a task for BOSL and posted here as if for a bit of humor. 25 deaths are not a joke. 1 death is not a joke. How about treating the situation with the reverence it deserves!

  109. Benga Benga Says:

    As MANY others keep saying year after year: Frolic – make the votes public! Until that – keep away from this contest! You will throw your time and money away!

  110. JustCruisin Says:

    Discovered this page by accident and I just have to say this ……. Amazing …… truly amazing to see the depth to which some people immerse themselves in Second Life … just a suggestion here …. visit your real life more often.

  111. This can all be summed up in one simple word: DRAMA

  112. Tinkerbell Says:

    Rusalka, and the likes of her, can do what they want and say what they want and still get rewarded. Hence, Rusalka’s image on one of Julie Hastings’ new White Widow vendor ads. I’m still shaking my head.

  113. @ Thank God I’m Not Rusalka – You have every right to free speech, as long as you aren’t using my name. 🙂 But I do encourage you to go back and actually read my apology over that piece and get your facts straight. I supported Nave’s right to publish his opinions and viewpoints, although I honestly admitted I originally thought the basic idea was sound, but I was not clear there would be actual names published, and I also admitted clearly that I should have fact-checked and discussed the intent of the piece in more depth before it was published.

    It was not, however, something I asked him to do or assigned to Nave, it was his idea, which he has stated already. In addition, it was a list of names that had already been previously published by the FFL team. Nave is an adult and fully responsible for his own thoughts and ideas and was functioning as my equal at the time, not my subordinate. I do not believe in censorship, but I do believe in being responsible for my lack of action for not having better oversight in this situation and ensuring that innocent people did not end up hurt by words that were published under my watch. That is what I apologized for and I was sincere in my regret for any hurt that was caused.

    If you would like me to apologize again for my part, I do that with my heart. Yes, I am opinionated, as apparently, are you. But I do not ever set out to intentionally hurt, defame or be cruel to anyone or to call them names or tear them down and rip them apart out of pure meanness. I would hope that you — or anyone else here — do not wish to do that either. So why do we not try to discuss things like peaceful, kind, people instead of using hurtful language and name-calling that only causes anger, pain and creates more harm instead of helping to soothe it?

  114. Thank God I'm Not Rusalka Says:


    Then why did she apologize for it?
    You went to her with the idea, hoping someone else would take it on. She thought it was a fabulous idea and asked you to do it. You did. The blame lies with both of you.
    And no one should be fooled. Rusalka took great joy in the humiliation that those people experienced. She even said herself that she felt the entire thing was justified. So, whatever. You both participated in the damage, but she does not get to come here and identify the “rude and cruel” acts others have done when her own hands are not entire clean and expect nothing to be said. Glass houses, Nave.

  115. Nave Fall Says:

    @Thank God I’m Not Rusalka

    Rusalka had nothing to do with the Blogger Hall of Shame whatsoever.

    All the blame of that belongs to yours truly. I want the credit when I do good so I might as well take the flack when I screw the pooch. Get your facts straight (something I’ve been told repeatedly over the past couple of months).

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  116. Thank God I'm Not Rusalka Says:

    I don’t know, Caoimhe. I wonder if the people who Rusalka was so eager to call out and take down during the whole blogger hall of shame fiasco she and Nave orchestrated really deserved such treatment, either. She is self-righteous and spends a whole lot of time riding her high horse pointing the finger at people for various things. I am personally not shocked that she’s earned a reputation as a big mouth know it all drama queen diva and that some have it out for her, and anyone who thinks this is so shocking must not have been paying attention the last several months. Her mouth has made her one to watch, and not in a good way. If someone is proudly posting out there, but what they are posting is a bunch of self-important hooey, who is going to continue taking them seriously after a while? Even you weren’t sure whether she really said what was said below, and you know her. That is saying something.

  117. I did not realize this John! This is a terrible thing for sure! I am not sure anyone would ever deserve this mistreatment. What is with you people? Be nice!

  118. bjtroglodite Says:

    Again, check the name. That’s not Rusa. Run your mouse over it, if it doesn’t bring up her twitter it’s not her. It’s one thing to post anonymously, it’s a whole different thing to post under someone else’s name. And you call her a drama starter?

  119. Free Says:

    Rusalka Callisto Says:

    May 20, 2012 at 12:05 am

    I am just so confident in my opinion that I have to put it out there any chance I get so others would validate it for me.

    ROFLMAO – if you were that confident in your opinions they would never need validation, by *anyone*.

    I wonder if you know how arrogant you sound?

  120. I am not getting involved, this topic is not a particular “hot topic” to me, but just had to ask.. Did you mean this like it came across “I AM JUST SO CONFIDENT IN MY OPINION that I HAVE to put it out there any chance I get so others would VALIDATE it for me.” ? And I am not giving an opinion, just asking a question.

  121. Rusalka Callisto Says:

    I am just so confident in my opinion that I have to put it out there any chance I get so others would validate it for me.

  122. Sell Us Another Says:

    You, Rusalka, Miss Eat Em Alive herself, Miss Blogger Hall of Shame, accusing someone of being rude and cruel? Why, we thought you wrote the book on that, sweetheart! Hi, Pot!

  123. @All – I do want to apologize for using Starwalkers as an announcement group, but I honestly think of as a group where we discuss the fashion INDUSTRY, not just cute shoes or who is having a sale. Goodness knows there have been plenty of in-depth, controversial issues and discussions that have happened in the group. But I will not do so again as it was not my intention to create ill will. I will keep my grievances to personal IMs with the persons involved in world from now on (and I am speaking to you, who have commented on this thread in almost exactly the same language they used to send me a snarky little IM in world — you can read my reply there. :P)

    And yes, I was highly offended by someone masquerading under my name — not because of what they said, but because they did it using my name and used language that was rude and cruel. As far as I am aware, I have only posted ONCE on this site anonymously (on the CRSP) thread and that was by mistake and I have claimed that post. If someone wants to point out any other posts I have made anonymous, I will be happy to claim them as well. I believe in putting my name, MY name on what I say — good or bad.

    God knows I am opinionated and have never been afraid to voice those opinions quite loudy and publicly with my name right there. Why would I bother to hide behind anonymous when I clearly don’t really care what people think of me when I am passionate about expressing myself on a subject?

    And please do NOT bash me over my support for charity organizations in SL. That is very petty and wrong. I do not participate in charity events to further my own agenda in any way, I do it out of my heart — usually in honor of someone I love and often loved and lost — and that is a cruel and hurtful thing to say. Anna Sapphire certainly would not do that, and you should not do it in support of her, because she obviously knows the truth of that more than you do.

  124. bjtroglodite Says:

    Just because I’m running for MrVW doesn’t mean I give up my rights to post my thoughts. The entire drama over this post is nonsense, everyone gets sucked into it, and now people are lynching over something that has nothing to do with anything. I’m not a politician I’m not kissing babies if anything I’m trying to put credibility behind this post and say enough with the bashing on all parts. If I don’t get chosen MrVW because of a post defending a friend and saying there’s no need for any of this drama, going back 10-12 posts, so be it. I’m not gonna cower and hide because omg it might hurt my chances. There are things in life worth more than a title. And I can form my own opinions about people so save it. While we’re on it yes I’m MrV♛USA, and I stand by that proudly, and in such I am not going to be swayed by prejudice, slander, or bullying.

  125. Says:

    BigJohn, as someone running for Mr. Virtual World, you are not setting a very classy example with your use of vulgar language and your willingness to jump right into the drama here. If I were you, I’d drop the white knight costume and steer clear of this place and any and all drama that doesn’t involve you. Do not let someone you do not know as well as you think you do draw you into a public battle between idiots where you will just get lumped in with the rest of them.

    Posting with one’s real name is great and all (by the way, none of you/us are using *real* names) but when you do it in a place like this, it’s kind of like going through the front door of a brothel instead of the back door. You’re still visiting the brothel and partaking in what they offer, you’re just going through the front door where everyone can see you instead of slipping in through the back. You come out just as dirty, either way.

    Just saying.

  126. bjtroglodite Says:

    Estaba hablando en espanol?? Pueda encaro palma en espanol??

  127. Anonymous Says:

    You’re right troglodite. As someone said here before, Rusalka has all the right to be pissed off. I read about all this in Starwalkers Group inworld, in a notice sent by Rusalka herself. I don’t understand why ppl who run that group in SL would allow someone to create such a drama! I thought Starwalkers Group was about useful stuff , from fashion shows to blogs updates.

    Listen, there is a huge difference between being pissed off and what you do after. That’s what defines us as mature (or not) human beings.

    Rusalka acted like a child, was pissed and sent a notice inworld that was unnecessary in that particular group. The issue happened here in this website. It can be managed here, too.
    It’s good she cleared the issue here. Good if she reported the person who claimed to be her, here. Inworld? Not necessary. Another childish attitude and utterly dramatic by Rusalka.

    This is not the end of the world! Moderation is what I’m talking about.

  128. bjtroglodite Says:

    You wanna hide behind your “anon’s” and shit talk Rusalka, and claim she’s mad because someone posted about Anna using her name? If people posted something about me using my name I’d be pissed too. Guess what, I don’t need to hide behind a fake name to say what I want to say. Whoever used her name made Ashraya look worse than anything else that’s been said here, and you are going to blame Rusalka for being pissed? Blame the person who misused her name. Rusa would never accuse anyone of being mentally disabled, neither would I. If someone posted me saying something like that I’d be pissed too.
    Now because she posted to say that she was being impersonated now you want to assume she’s the one posting them? And because she didn’t add p.s. I love Anna that means she’s against her? Who ever posted in her name is the one you should be pissed about, trying to speak on behalf of every name they could drop. Why don’t you aim your drama where it needs to be aimed. Even if I hated a charity I wouldn’t post something to try and defame it, and I know Rusa well enough to know she wouldn’t either. Someone’s dropping bread crumbs in the water and you are all making a witch hunt out of it and attacking Rusalka of all people, that’s just sad.

  129. way to go! Says:

    Of course Rusalka is mad, because someone posted something positive about something Anna is doing using her name. God forbid that Rusalka have something positive to say when a charity is happening, other than the charities she herself is working with. Notice that she did not say anything other than to ‘clear her name’ from being the one who posted something positive about Anna’s charity event, which is really so very telling.
    Everywhere Rusalka is, there is some sort of negative drama. She posts here using her own name, sure, but she also unmistakably posts here using other names to bash people, and there is a growing number of people who see right through her.

  130. Pants on Fire? Says:

    LOL! Now there is a trademark on the name Rusalka? Get over yourself. Your reply is so rabid that one might even begin to suspect that your voice is one of the most vocal ones below. As a matter of fact, your writing style is awfully similar, and you do seem to really like the platform AR offers for your personal agendas. Hmmm. Food for thought, eh?

  131. Another Anon Says:

    @Rusalka Kalisto (the real one)

    It’s not right that people sign here with your name Rusalka, but you should take a good look at your the attitude, girl. You sent a notice in Starwalkers Group explaining that the first “Rusalka” here is not you. And that’s fine.

    But then you become so aggressive, girl, that almost everybody is weak at the knees lmao. Woman, you don’t scare anybody. You may report the person that signed here on AR under your name, that’s all you can do. No eating people alive! Please, or else we will start calling you Rusalka, The Cannibal (like Hannibal? he also had severe mental issues, in the movie)

    Get a grip woman! Explain that it’s not you and done. Sad and angry woman you are! I pity you, I really do!
    /me shakes head

  132. rusalkacallisto Says:

    @Rusalka – I do not know WHO you are or why you are using the name Rusalka, but if you are trying to pass yourself off as me – Rusalka Callisto – you need to stop immediately. I am reporting you to the owners of Agency Report because as far as I know, there is no other Rusalka that posts on this site but ME.

  133. bring back someone Says:

    It has nothing to do with jealousy. It has to do with her lying. It’s been proven. Her blog page’s goal set is a lie because it doesn’t exist. It has nothing to do with being jealous, it has to do with people who don’t actually research charities. If you want I’ll just post sceen shots of her blog and the ashraya website that counter it.

  134. Rusalka Says:

    There is not a huge crowd of people who believe in any way that Anna Sapphire is lying or misleading the people she enlisted to work with her on this or the general public, for that matter. The work done here, including the blog put up to discredit the Ashraya charity itself, is fueled by jealousy and ugliness. Anyone who would actually spend the effort on creating an anonymous blog has mental issues. The fact is, this charity fundraising event is supported by BOSL, the MVW Organization, and is backed by Kay Fairey who is on the committee as well as Frolic Mills who devoted airtime to talking about it on his show. You’re a really sick person, or few people, to spend time anonymously knocking down someone who is trying to do something good for others.

  135. bring back Mikey Says:

    @another anon
    Who cares who won, the fact is she is misleading people by lying on the opening page of the blog. And if you want to deny that then go read the blog first page then go read the site. It’s very clear. She’s trying to get money together to support a child who is living with their parents who are working at a private school. This is not about helping homeless children living in a shelter. I don’t care who won but the entire group of people working on the project should be ashamed of themselves for following blindly when it takes all of 2 minutes to find out she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.

  136. Another Anon Says:

    @ Romance
    “One last thing.
    @ Another Anon, If Anna was the best choice for MVW then you must be blind. Any of the top five besides Anna would have made a WAY better MVW.”

    Here’s the real problem Romance! It’s always the same thing every year. Every year. Again and again and again. Which one of the other 4 are you supporting?

    It’s not about Anna. It’s about one of those who didn’t win.

  137. bring back Liam Says: there anon there’s the response to your post, where your link proves there’s false statements on the first page already.

  138. what about save the children? Says:

    Anna said at MVW that she wanted to do a fundraiser for save the children, which is a very acclaimed and highly rated charity, one of the top in the world. This is not even in the same league, lie to get the crown then do whatever you want, good role model

  139. Actually reads things Says:

    Jax hasn’t misrepresented himself to promote a charity he didn’t research about. Granted he is on the team for ashraya. It’s not about who is MVW, it’s about lemmings following without actually looking at where their money is going. And in this case it just happens that the real charities are getting overlooked, unicef, MJF, all A+ rated charities, getting no publicity and especially not using things like the MVWA to promote their cause. Of course BOSL and Maniera is sponsoring the event so you’d think magazine writers might have looked into the “charity” but oh well. Did anyone actually read what was written? Or just assumed it was bashing?

  140. SEE HEAR SPEAK Says:

    It’s funny how so many people get so worked up over MVW.To me it seems like a bunch of catty women trying to debase someone.It’s so easy to point fingers when your not in the eye.I often wonder why these same women that whine and complain never say a thing about Mister Virtual World?Has Jax really done anything?Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  141. Bring Back Miaa Says:

    one more for you another anon. The link you provided? This is on the front page.

    As regards for The Ashraya Project, our goal is to raise funds to sponsor children living at Neelbagh Rural Residential School.

    There are no children living at the school. The sponsership is to sponser children who’s parents are migrant workers and buy them clothes and supplies. They live with their parents. Like I said to begin with this has nothing to do with money it has to do with telling the truth, or at least putting in the effort of research if you are going to get so many stores to donate, and they do it based on the MVW crown title. What’s it worth when the one holding it doesn’t even know what she’s talking about?

  142. Romance Firelight Says:

    I don’t know how to put this nicely so just gonna repeat what has been said cause its the truth. Anna is using this “charity project” as a way to claim she didn’t waste her title as MVW and that she did some good. Yeah, notice I said “charity” its a hoax and a scam and I hope and pray for Anna’s sake that she can prove that its not or that’s another mark against her for her so called MVW reign. Not only that, if you weren’t in her inner circle of friends you were turned down as a blogger and now she is begging for them. Hmmmmm wonder if she would have been nice to those bloggers instead of being rude and only using a select few close friends.

    Anna if you’re reading this I hope you try to undo some of the damage you’ve done.

    One last thing.
    @ Another Anon, If Anna was the best choice for MVW then you must be blind. Any of the top five besides Anna would have made a WAY better MVW.

  143. bring back Mimmi Says:

    Frankly the only thing that matters is that Anna has resorted to begging for bloggers because she snubbed most of the ones that asked and the ones that did get picked didn’t bother. Have I tried to contact her about it? Yes. Did I receive a response? No. I’m giving her a way to at least admit she made a mistake by not researching and there’s even a legit registered charity with the same name. Even going so far to making up a logo…I’m just asking for a reason in public since apparently it wasn’t important enough before.

  144. who cares Says:

    I don’t care who she is or compare anyone to anyone, it looks like the charity is a sham and it looks like there is plenty of evidence to support that.

  145. Another Anon Says:

    @ we miss serene
    Let me remind you that last year, when Serene Faith was chosen MVW, some people were saying right here on this website, that she had been a SL escort before, so. I guess every MVW seems to be a target for those who envy, right? This shouldn’t be a competition between Serene and Anna. As it never was between Miaa and Serene or Miaa and Mimmi.

    Instead of wasting time to open a wordpress document to say what you have to say, have you tried explaining all that to Anna herself? Have you tried to help her directly? If not, what’s the purpose? What’s your goal?

    Last year, Serene had been a SL escort and now she’s a saint? Anna is the devil in disguise? Listen to yourself. This simply doesn’t make any sense. At all.
    Anyway, time will tell, because just like Mimmi did with her charity work when she was MVW, Anna will also have to provide transaction evidences that the money was sent and to whom.

    In the meantime, wether you help or stay out of the way of those who are really helping and making things happen.

  146. we miss serene Says:


  147. Green Says:

    lol who cares who Romance Firelight is.Just another jealous person that comes to agency report to bash ppl .The trolls all come out of the closet when it gets closer to MVW.

  148. Another Anon Says:

    What damage did Anna do to MVW title? Can you be more specific on that? Can you tell us your name? We all would like to know, because Anna Saphire was probably the best choice for MVW in the last couple of years. What damage could a sweet person like her do?

  149. Romance Firelight Says:

    I honestly can’t believe the current Miss Virtual World. In my personal opinion she is only hosting this charity event because people have started forgetting her since she hasn’t done anything useful with her title. We went from having the best Miss Virtual World in Serene to the worst in Anna. I hope the next one can undo the damage to the MVW title that Anna has done.

  150. HugoSXXXSpy Says:

    Where is my friend Cristobal?

  151. SpyInQuestion Says:

    I am a shy guy.

    I have a little question, answer please?

    from 5 to 10 Reasons Why: “Frolic is a dummy”

    You can add additional probes.

  152. Solve it all POST THE SCORES

  153. Yes i know .. but that still makes isabel the winner of mvw 2008.

    but never mind.. i think i made my point

  154. Free Says:

    Babyhoney won it Elisne allen was 2nd – she was 3rd

  155. Free Says:

    She was 3rd – the winner left or was thrown out in disgrace about 4 – 6 moths into her reign – the 2nd placed could not take due to ill-health. Ask her.

    isabel brocconfessions-model-spotlight-isabel-brocco/


  157. Free Says:

    Isabella didn’t win – she was third – the winner was removed (or did she quit?) 2nd placed wasn’t in a position to take over – Isabella took over.

    Nevertheless what a spy you are – where do you pick up your clues? Thanks for the giggle 🙂

  158. @ SpyXAss

    Wow.. What a lady Mimmi is then! Winning MVW twice! That makes her a SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER MODEL.. some say “the queen of SL modeling”. Which she is actually 🙂

    I think you just made the funniest joke of 2011!

    Happy New Year 🙂

  159. SpyXAss Says:

    Mimmi Boa is Isabell(a) Brocco

  160. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously? He wouldn’t be the first person in SL to do or accomplish two alts and two separate relationships. I know quite a few who practice this. Is it right? No, but unless you voice with people a lot and hear them together no one will ever know for sure. Even then people cover their tracks on SL. They have friends log in under their accounts and so forth. I know many people who log onto SL under different alts at the same time using a laptop and a desktop. Some of you act as if this is unheard of. Gimmie a break, there are also plenty of creeps out there who have nothing better to do with their RL time then jack around with people’s heads in SL. No one truly knows anyone in SL, unless they have taken things into RL.

  161. hehehe the sad part Matteo, um Angelik, ummm hmmm any more alts you need to confess? The sad part is I don’t know who to unfriend because I love you both so much! hahaha and yes, very different two people. Are you split personality? Happy New Year, dear friend. erm, if you are who you say you are afterall. ;-P

  162. Anonymous Says:

    I never ever left a coment here , but today crack me up when I saw that finally someone had the courage to say what they think …. Well definitly , I , Matteo Bettencourt , am the alt of Angelik Lavecchia and “I” definitly am a super power boy , with 4 arms , alot of imaginacion and with alot of skills not just to control 2 avatars but to be a completly diferent person in each avatar …. well at least who write that make my day ! and for sure Angel will share the opinion 🙂 oh lol Angel no , my alt … oh me !

  163. Hehehe Sugarplum, that was exactly what I thought when I read Spy2’s words, from your stamina comment (It wears me out just being me, I don’t think I could have an Alt) to the why is that here, I wonder…. Then I did my scale of ten in ten years test and figured I probably wouldn’t remember the comment in two weeks, let alone in 10 years. Happy New Year to you all!!! <33 xo

  164. Sugarplum Fairey Says:


    So what if he is? And if it is true, kudos to him for having the stamina needed for both his avies to be with Didier and Vixie at the same exact time!

    Now, what exactly did that have to do with MVW?

  165. Spy2 Says:

    Angelik Lavecchia is the alt of Matteo B.

  166. Debbiedoo Says:

    You arent agreeing with yourself?
    That must cause alot of conflict in your head..just kidding btw

    Happy Christmas, and although I dont have anything to do with MVW,I have to say that the wonderful thing about SL, is that it is a place you can come and live your dream and it doesnt matter where. Forget about how you feel about Sim owners or agencies, and just remember that modelling in SL is a beautiful art and for the most part drama free.

    You dont have to win everything you do, or be some sort of competative machine or spend bucket full of Lindens to get enjoyment out of our art. Spending an age styling and working out a sequence of poses that look natural gives me a great feeling, as I am sure it does for all of us. That to me is what modelling is about. If someone is better than me, then great, I will strive to emulate them, and will tell them so, as a compliment.

    Wishing everyone in every agency or school a wonderful 2012, and whetever your modelling goals are in SL, that I hope they come true

  167. MVW Organization Says:

    When I comment under MVW Organization it means the post has been approved by Frolic.

    When I post under a different name, it means I am answering on my behalf some random comment under whatever name that seems appropriate, but I am NOT agreeing with myself.

    And yes, I was a MVW contestant! 😉

    Happy Holidays!

  168. agencyreport Says:

    There is a rule here, don’t change your name within the same thread to make it appear as though more people are agreeing with you. When I catch someone doing this I link up all the comments together. I’ve updated this thread to reflect this rule being enforced look for comments with (MVW) after the author’s name. (I believe I’ve only had to do this once before within the DeJaVu thread a long time ago. )

    I do not know if this person is someone that officially speaks for MVW, but since they posted a seemingly official comment that’s the “tag” I’ve added to their comments that all came from the same IP. What really strikes me as interesting is this person earlier says they are a contestant and then later makes a statement for the MVW organization.

    Before any of you think I’ve taken a side, I haven’t. I’ve actually for the most part left SL. I only leave this website up because you all continue to use it.

  169. Edi Says:

    Hmm…why do you keep pasting this same message? It’s boring now, its over with and done.

    And Congratulations to Anna Sapphire, and to all the other ladies in the final evening of MVW! You all did amazing 🙂

  170. Disaster Says:

    It is tragic see how Frolic now try look good after Rico & Edi spoke against the sick campain that Gizza been doing to Vero Modero. Never forget that he said Giz is one of the ten best people in fashion in latest BOSL magazine. He even change clothing at a show when Giz told him to change as he had Vero Modero clothing. Frolic took part in condemn people that worked with Vero Modero lots of time making different decision picking people for this and that. Just becaus he wanted to play safe as he know that putting his money on wrong horse cost him lindens. The only thing that matter to Frolic.

    Two of Frolic best friends now took a brave stand against other coward people in the “fashion elite”. This is the final proof of that the emperor Frolic has no clothes on. Shame on you and shame on other “in” models spending time on kissing up and kicking down. This story put a sad lights over the Miss Virtual World contest and most of the contestant in it. For me Rico and Edi are the new emperors and i wish they go on from here and start up an alternativ for them who want fair play

  171. Impartial Says:

    And I also found out the ladies were not “encouraged” to take modeling classes at the academy either. Frolic gave a modeling seminar to them for free.

    Awww there goes your littlle theory…

    Nice try though 🙂

  172. Impartial Says:

    By the way, I just found out Anna never attended MISS VIRTUAL WORLD modeling academy nor was Amutey DeCuir (her dress designer) neither a sponsor nor a judge.

    All lies

    All BS

    All jelousy!

    Get a life people!

  173. Who cares Says:

    Just had to comment. No longer in fashion world in SL but gotta hand it to Fro Fro for making his SL empire relevant still. Just wanted to say some things never change 😀

    Nave, you are still a horrible writer. Your diatribe and use of superfluous words to make you sound smart and someone as a great writer fail miserably. Try to be more concise, please.

    “I am fascinated by the Miss Virtual World pageant and the way it gets pilloried and diminished here on AgencyReport. It’s not like Classic With Style where the models are paying for the privilege of play”

    Actually the models do have to pay to play. It’s just more hidden and scheming, just like Fro Fro himself. The models are “encouraged” to take MVW classes which are ridiculous amount of lindens. I believe they get an automatic live audtion? Sorry, it’s truly been years since I really kept up with this garbage. And all the designers that Fro Fro keeps as his friends and MVW judges are the ones that the contestants usually purchase their silly contest clothes from. So it all works out at the end for Mr Mills and his cronies.

    Regardless, this is all a sham. When you look back in life. This will mean nothing. Have fun. Enjoy your SL but please.. don’t let this be anything of worth of your time and energy. The only people who benefit are the people who run it. I have more respect for CWS. At least they are more upfront about their predatory behaviors and money making schemes than this self proclaimed great contest and organization.

    And I agree with this 100%.. had to laugh out loud

    “He is the cancer of the virtual fashion (He is the prince of bad taste).”

  174. Debbiedoo Says:

    I agree with impartial.

    This SL is meant to be a fun place to come and for most of us live a life in secondlife that in rl would be a dream.

    I have met Serene Faith when I worked at Queens and I was still new in here. She was lovely, kind, witty and fun. So why do people have to be so nasty and bitter about who wins I dont know. As for the wonderful things the other winners did, I think their actions speak louder than words.

    Also Chrissy is a judge, she knows what she is talking about, so if people could just accept that best wins, and that being in these pageants is plain and simple hard work, and fun too then maybe they wont feel the need to say some of these things. also winning isnt everything, taking part is.

    I didnt realise though that if you win you then have pressure to represent a brand for a year. Somehow I cant see the moaners and whiners doing that.

    I dont know Frolic and have said sarcastic things in the past that were tongue in cheek, however some of the nasty personal things said about him belong in the trash can. If you dont like him, mute him, not get so horrible.

    I will no doubt get some flack as I am CWS but I dont care. I hate nasty comments, whoever they are aimed at. I dont hide my SL name here because I choose not to, and its a free world, if you wish to remain anonmous then thats good too. Please just dont be so spiteful. Use the beauty of words to show how you feel, and dont worry about spelling or grammar I know I dont…:)

  175. Impartial (MVW) Says:

    The destructive capacity of some people here simply amazes me. I sometimes wonder what is in the hearts of these people who come in here to make up ridiculous lies, assumptions and insults.

    Don’t any of you forget that hatred and injustice has a boomerang effect, and it hits harder on the way back!

    I loved the comment an anonymous writer said below: “You know we’re not curing cancer here. We’re having fun at an online community but you’d think that life or death situations are happening with this MVW contest.”

    I started to think about this and would love to bring to your attention the fact that Mimmi Boa (MVW 2009) worked very hard to help African children, Miaa Rebane (MVW 2010) worked tiredliessly to bring relief for Haiti and Serene Faith (MVW 2011) did the unimaginable for Japan Relief and tutored the teens all year.

    All of them also donated their time and effort to raise funds for RELAY FOR LIFE. All of them!

    MVW may not be curing cancer, but they are doing what they can to help others and they do a great job!

    I dare all of the morons who have nothing better to do, but to make up vicious lies and evil comments, to sleep with a clean concious tonight.

    Happy Holidays.

  176. chrissyambrose Says:

    In reply to annonymous and in defense of Miss Azul contest, all judging was free and fair. I was one of the judges, and have been for each and every Miss Azul Contest. I have no connection whatsover with Bosl or Frolic Mills. I spent several hours selecting the 10 semi finalists based on styling and statements. And again a long time selecting my order of merit, of which Ponchituti was one of my top choices for Miss Azul. All the other judges had the same opportunity, scores were added up at the end and the person with the most won, simple.

    As a designer myself the requirement of a model to represent a brand is that they are attractive, can style an outfit , have the right attitude, be reliable and can commit themselves work for 1 year as a figurehead for the brand.

    The last thing any designer wants or needs is to be embroiled in contoversy and drama over any choice which is made. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but Mami is happy to have a hard working model who will represent her designs this year, jut as she was fortunate to have last year. That is the main objective of any brand contest.

  177. hahahhahaha *head desks!* does the 10 point rule….

    (said with a smile) Jenni, I will pass your concerns to Angelina Jolie

    A. Nony. Mous Now your picking on one of the people I adore the most in SL and will say just one thing, anyone who saw her walk in the I am Fierce competition knows Ponchi is one of the best models around in creativityand she has a gorgeous avatar.

    hehehehe and that said, either the 10 point rule just kicked in, or the Lil Cao lost interest sooo… I wish you all an incredibly beautyful holiday and a peaceful prosperous New Year!

    Since the 10 point rule is out the window, I will leave you with a pithy quote of the infamous Oscar WIlde,” Life is far too important a thing to ever talk seriously about” I just adore you all sooooo much! ❤

  178. Anonymous Says:

    Just one question for you to think a little… Miss Azul, Ponchituti. We all now she was not the best at the Miss Azul Contest – that’s a fact!.
    I think Mr. Frollic made sure that Ponchi won Miss Azul but why?:
    1. Miss Azul is a direct candidate to MVW. Ponchi can not be in. One less…
    2. Everyone knows about Mami times in SL. If mami is not available, who is her representantive? Miss Azul, Ponchi.
    3. Do you really think Ponchi is a not influenced person? She is one of the best friends of Frolic. She is one of the best friends of Shena.
    So Frolic ensured the Azul vote.
    And even Ponchi wasn’t there like Miss Azul, and only like a member of bosl, I don’t care, this is not fair.

    And now, to end…. Xanadú contest. Frolic Mills as a jury! come on, let’s do it! Come on girls, we want you to spend your money again and again and again!

  179. Everyone wants to whine, fuss and complain. This could very easily be resolved IF MR MILLS was fair, he would posts the scores for the public. Ever see how that is NEVER done? No one ever sees these scores but Mr King of the World. And he is ‘trustworthy’ ??? HAHA Yeah right. I think the answers on here state that one clear. It is more than evident that the girls who were left standing after Mr Mills had HIS decision made were NOT the majority choice. Metaverse chat stated that very plain and simple on the day of the contest. Still will he release the scores? NOT AT ALL. You know why? BECAUSE ITS NOT what he says it is, and he dont want to be caught.

    He toiled with those girls for months. Three being a close friends. He told them upfront he could make them or break them. So its the majority choice? Its based on all the challenges? May I call you out on it Mr Mills, and show us how wrong we are! No he wont, he will hide like the little slimey worm he is. Like its already been said HE chooses his little dollies and they are the ones who make it. During MVW he didnt mention he and Kimmeria made Rissas gown! Talk about ‘favorites’? He did rub it in the girls faces though during the contest of how he and Kimmeria had just finished Miss Second Places gown. How ironic.

    COME OUT OF YOUR HIDING PLACE MR MILLS, SHOW US THE SCORES. If it was so fair, he would not be hiding it all. Hes a dictator and has ruined several good peoples lives. Its SICK. Frolic lives in his mothers basement and toys with good people. Maniuplating and hurting good models. SICK SICK SICK! I do not model and he is one reason why. But I do not blame them for being annonumous cause you step on his slimey toes and you will pay for it. I got nothing to hide. But if you step up and say something he will assure you dont make it anywhere after that. I dont care, Frolic you got no hold over me. I am calling you out! Show us we are wrong.

    Dictating who can and can not make it in the fashion industry. Who wins and who falls, You are sick Frolic Mills. People you know of someone like that in history?? Try HITLER! He was a short little sick dictator too!

    Talk about beauty and deserving, do take a peak at the top 12, a majority of them had the angry bloated fish lip face. Anna included. Yea she may be a nice person but this was a BEAUTY competition. These ‘avenue’ angry looks are unnatural and there is no model in the real world who looks that nasty. Miss Virtual World states they want natural beauty, then why were those girls chose? That is unnatureal, and not real looking. Anna being such a good model? Why was her necklace in her avatar, why were a majority of her poses putting her body through her prims, why was her body shape not proportional? Good model or good butt kisser. I think those not snowed know. So Mr. Mills, prove us wrong. POST THE SCORES worm!

  180. This is just awful! Please don’t just type madly on the keyboard and hit send! This is one of the diseases of a virtual mankind! Think first, there is no “take back” button! Its offensive and really, does it make you feel better to attack another human being? Because behind their avatar, is another human being! I know I will sound like a moron, but behave! When you point at another person four of your fingers are pointing at YOU!

    There were 30 models who could have become Miss Virtual World 2012, myself included. If you are angry and anonymous because it wasn’t you, well your anger is very telling, perhaps there are pieces of your personality you didn’t keep tucked in all the time! Karma is a bish. If you are here because someone you care for didn’t win, well kudos to you for fighting for them, but it is never constructive to take your anger out on an innocent person who just happened to be in the contest as well. And I too can attest to the fact, that Anna Sapphire is an extremely kind person, a talented blogger, stylist and model! I don’t just mean since the beginning of MVW 2012, I mean as long as I have known her, which is months prior to MVW. As I said I was in the contest, and I can admit, I didn’t win because of ME, not because of anyone else but ME.

    The question is, why DO you care so much? It’s not like Anna won some outrageous Linden prize. It’s a huge contest, but one of many! If you were a model in it, go win another contest! If you just hate MVW, like the person below said, keep ranting, because like reality TV this gossip mongoring creates better ratings. But personally, I hope you get a little more real life, because the bottom line is, Second Life is a g.a.m.e.. Set your own boundaries and rules for your happiness, but let others pursue there boundaries in happiness too. Nothing ever is as serious as we think it is, especially in a make believe virtual world. If you are angry, put it to the 10 point test before you spout out. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important will this anger be to me in 10 years? Its perspective. Mature yourself and get it.

    I personally loved participating in MVW, I loved the style challenges, I loved learning about fashion and amazingly, I really like Frolic, he is a very nice person! I probably missed by a country mile once or twice to their thoughts on styling, and I think myself a rather creative artist on styling and my flickr and following there and on facebook affirm it to be true… Will I quit and go home? No, I don’t think so, because even with MVW over, I know there is more out there for me. Perhaps you should find what your passion is and work on it, instead of trying to crap on someone elses dream all the time?

    And, for the record, I have only commented about 3 times on this site, and I have always been mature enough to sign my name to my words. Because if I am going to take the hour of writing, reading and re-reading my words prior to hitting post, I want to make sure people know they were MY thoughts, not some cloudy person named A. Nony Mous. I take my role as a model, my name in Second Life and my dedication to helping and being nice to others in Second Life very seriously, however, I know better then to take myself or my life in there, very seriously a’tall…

  181. @ GamerGirl Says: Oh I happily claim that post, as I said, I have no issue with posting my thoughts. 🙂 If you want to dig any more up I might have posted anonymously by accident or just because I felt like it at the time and was not personally being nasty to anyone, fell free! That was the profile I had active, that was what got posted when I put my comment. Please feel free to put me on record for that post. I have expressed all those sentiments in world to those involved personally, nothing nefarious about that! 😛

    Although, I find it kind of weird that you seem to have posted that comment to me AS my other profile? Why don’t you post as yourself dear?

  182. MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization (MVW) Says:

    Thank you all for your kind words and your critiques.

    We want to thank all of the misses for their hard work and dedication. We want to thank all of the people who followed the competition since the early auditions, and the thousands that watched the show live.

    To anyone who is worried we may get offended with any of this, rest assured that we are not. We are always happy to produce a pageant worthy of praise, copy or criticism.

    The organization and the pageant have grown thanks to all of you and we wanted to let that known.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    MVW Organization

  183. Puckerup Tyler Says:

    and there we have a perfect example of some 19 yr old, unknown, wannabe someone puckering up and laying a big juicy one on our collective asses for all the world to see. Good one dude. Do you even know you did that?

    Tyler no one cares what you think or knows who you are.

    Go home

  184. Tyler Barineaux Says:

    All I have to say is that I was team Xandrah and team Anna the whole time =P, not only because they are dear friends, but because I know both of them had fabulous plans if they won the crown. So those of you who say Anna is an asskisser, I say HA, she won it fair and square.

  185. GamerGirl Says:

    Rusalka, please. You posted anonymously yourself using the name “A Happy Model” back on April on the Costa Rica Sims thread right here on Agency Report. You simply forgot to log out so the icon that showed was linked to your “gamergirl” profile and included your name. So let’s not be the pot calling the kettle black, eh?

  186. Anonymous Says:

    I can be anonymous or not, this is my right.
    I can say my opinion or not without offending anyone at any time, anywhere, that includes SL. This is a website for review and comment, and here and in SL I am free to be silent or speak. If we were all saying what we think about others in SL as in RL, would be a disaster. For that there are manners.
    Who is offended because some of us think that the contest was rigged, sorry for them, but that is a reality. The fact that even in SL many people are dedicated to kill the dreams of others with impunity.
    Being a model is very hard, in SL being a model means that the contests, if you don’t have friends or influences, are impossible to win. This is what Academies should teach, how to apply for a contest without a heart broken.

  187. Anonymous Says:

    And all of this drama right here is the main reason that i do not participate in any contests anymore on Second Life, nor do i really model anymore. Second life can be fun and all but really people, how about real life? One incident made me really look at myself and i was like ” Am i really going to get upset over some virtual reality contest?” That moment made me open my eyes and say NO MORE. I prefer real life over sl anyday

  188. Ding Dong...the lesser known ape sister of King Kong Says:

    I have never been to MVW but know girls who have
    What I would say is to get personal with anyone is a bit off, its SL there is no need to be beastly.
    Sure have digs at the sim owners that is what this site is about, but naming models is not fair, and is something you shouldnt be proud of and cant defend.

    Some of the nasty comments against the models who did well in this competition are really not necessary. If they won then clap them, if you dont like them still clap them because they would have put so much work in. Reading some of the comments about individuals who come to SL maybe to live a dream they maybe dont have in rl is unpleasant. Let them enjoy their moment, I think its so lovely.

    I say congrats to the winners, and hard luck to those models who didnt win and I wish you every success in whatever you do next in the SL modelling world

    As for the nasty bitter ones, well just click on your places button and go be bitter some place else. In fact I may set up an bitter and argument sim where you can come and argue all day long….500 lindens for 10 minutes…1000 for 5…that should start and argument before you pay….

  189. I am not a top three finalist and so I don’t mind saying exactly what I think about the MVW 2012 contest with my name behind it. There are probably people on here on my friends list who are saying this whole thing is rigged and they can defriend me if they feel that way because that just truly hurts my feelings. Actually, I’ll just mostly post here some of what I posted on my blog at

    Every year there are people who will say that MVW is rigged and everyone already knows who the winners will be before it even begins. It’s an old sad tune and I love that 90% of the people complaining never post their SL names. They claim because they don’t want to be ‘blacklisted’ but I think it is just because they don’t want to be seen as being two-faced — nice on SL and cruel and mean here.

    I beg each and every person who thinks the top three were not deserving to look through the pics from EVERY style challenge. To watch the videos from every show that has one. You will see that the ladies in the top three had every damn right to be there. Hell, Rissa deserved to be in the top three for her writer/painter styling ALONE. And I happen to know Rissa very well and have known her for a year now. A more humble person you will never meet. She constantly criticizes herself and doesn’t believe she is at all worthy of the titles she wins. She is absolutely flustered when she receives any kind of praise. You won’t find a woman who is less of a diva and certainly she’d never participate in any kind of rigging or cheating of any kind. That’s just BS.

    All top three were all spectacular stylists, unique, creative and amazing women. Those top three may not have been to YOUR taste, but to look at all their challenge photos and to have watched them on each and every runway and still say they did NOT deserve to win is just ridiculous, petty and probably some nasty green jealousy coming through.

    I don’t know how the hell I ended up in the top five compared to all the other spectacular women in this competition, but those other ladies up there absolutely deserved their places. If anyone wants to say the top five are rigged, I laugh in your face because if it was, I would have NEVER been up there! To say these ladies had no right to be in the top is just sad and more demonstrative of the jealousy and pettiness of those saying it than anything else. Yes, for example, Rissa Friller and Anna Sapphire may have been ‘favorites’ from the beginning — but just look at who they are! With resumes like these two women have, the beauty of their avatars and their histories in SL, of COURSE they were favorites!!! Of course they were heavy favorites! Of course the best designers wanted to work with them and thus they ended up with amazingly spectacular gowns! Then you add on everything they did in the challenges (not just the finals!) and there you go. Not that there were not many other amazing women who were equally deserving, but these ladies were not LESS deserving JUST because they were favorites.

    It may be a silly and crass comparison, but that’s like saying the Derby winner shouldn’t have won because the odds were in their favor to win. The odds are in their favor because they are so damn good!

    Now, to wrap up, I will say that I understand how people think it is not fair that judges or MVW sponsors should design for the contestants. Personally, as a contestant, I would prefer that judges and sponsors not design for the contestants. But then again, I wouldn’t have been wearing Finesmith for my MVW outfits if that had been a rule, would I?

    You could argue that there is practically no contest in SL that appears completely free of possible bias. I have been in contests where I knew one of the judges hated me. I have been in contests where I knew I was wearing something that would piss off one of the judges because I was wearing it. I have been in contests where I knew one of the other contestants was BFFs with half the judges on the panel. I have known at least one contest where the person who won was not even picked by the judges at ALL, but by a shady backdoor method that was total BS. I have won spots in contests where I was shocked the judges picked me because they didn’t like me. And I have lost out in contests when, quite frankly, I knew I was the better stylist and deserved a top spot. But I didn’t bitch about it afterwards. That’s just the nature of SL. And RL. Life is not always fair, getting cranked about it doesn’t do anyone any good.

    Yet, with all of this, I continue to believe in the basic goodness of human beings to be as honest as possible to themselves and others. I believe Kimmera can be an unbiased judge despite designing for multiple contestants. I believe a contestant can wear a gown created by a MVW sponsor and still be judged fairly. I believe that Anna and Rissa and the rest can win ON THEIR OWN MERITS despite what designer they were wearing or who they are buddies with. If I honestly looked at their stylings throughout the contest and thought they sucked horribly and had no right to any title, you can bet that I would happily post that right here with my name attached. Because I don’t care if people blacklist me for speaking what I feel is the truth.

    Hiding behind anonymous names to slam people you know nothing about just makes me sad for the person doing it, who obviously does not understand that SL is a game. If it makes you that miserable and unhappy and turns you into a cruel, mean and petty person, then PLEASE log off and find something in life that makes you HAPPY.

  190. Anonymous Says:

    We’ll see if we’re wrong or wright next year.
    I know many good good models who sent their portraits for the castings and were not choosen won’t do it again. And of course, if you are not graduated by MVWA your chances are less than ZERO.
    So things have to change a lot, as I understand. I don’t like the way that the organization has handled this contest. Were are the scores of the styling challenges? Why some girls at the competition knew more “special” details than the others?
    I like to be anonymous because unfortunately in this bussines if you have a different opinion, doors will be closed not for your work and modeling knowledges, just for your personal opinion. A sad sad truth.

  191. ThePsychologist Says:

    |– I would like to invite all the people who leave a comment here to write their names. it’s so easy to wirte evil comments hidden behind an anonymous name…

    What is your real name (first and last)?


    I want to leave this comment not because I’m Anna’s husband but because I’m a model as many of you, and I work as model from almost three years now.


    “Virtual” Husband, LOL LOL LOL!!!

    |– Attitude, character, unselfishness, a special care for other PEOPLE, loyalty and many hours of hard work spent every day to create outstanding outfits since her first beginning in fashion profession, as well as her uncommon great talent and style are the qualities that led her to achieve such important goals.

    Hypocrite. Anna and Daniele: Couple of lovely ass lickers.

    “Hard Work”?
    “Fashion Profession”?
    “Important Goals?”

    SL is to show them how it resolves a real frustration in their real lives……………………………………………

  192. Daniele Eberhardt Says:

    I would like to invite all the people who leave a comment here to write their names. it’s so easy to wirte evil comments hidden behind an anonymous name… But maybe you are afraid to loose your reputation saying who you are!? If this is the reason then it means you know how wrong you are and should be ashamed.
    Of course you have the right to say what you think, as we live in a mostly democratic world, but some people here are talking about a person that they obviously don’t know… well this is just hypocrisy.
    I want to leave this comment not because I’m Anna’s husband but because I’m a model as many of you, and I work as model from almost three years now.
    Attitude, character, unselfishness, a special care for other PEOPLE, loyalty and many hours of hard work spent every day to create outstanding outfits since her first beginning in fashion profession, as well as her uncommon great talent and style are the qualities that led her to achieve such important goals.
    I am convinced that this is just the beginning of her long wonderful journey.


    @ Insider:
    Bliss Couture designer and Violator designer WEREN’T sponsors or judges during Miss Virtual World 2012 competition.

    @ Knows (maybe better known as profile stalker):
    Anna chose to delete EVERY pick of EVERY agency from her profile because she doesn’t want to treat in a different way the agencies where she works. If you think that this has something to do with Modavia you are crazy: she has never hidden to be a BLVD model and everybody knows it, she’s very proud to work for BOTH agencies.

    With that said, I wish you happy holidays.

    Daniele Eberhardt

  193. Anonymous Says:

    You know we’re not curing cancer here. We’re having fun at an online community but you’d think that life or death situations are happening with this MVW contest.

    To people who are overly critical with the MVW contest here’s a thought. Turn off your computer and get a life. If the contest is upsetting you that much maybe you need to find a new hobby. Yes I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but MVW isn’t going to cure cancer, or stop global warming or even enforce my cat to piddle inside the litter box and not right outside of it. It’s a contest. It’s meant to be fun. It’s meant to be a way to challenge those who enter it to be the best at styling and presentation.

    Now I’ll be the first to admit that MVW is not my cup of tea. I’m just not a contest type of person. But I’ve had many friends these past 4 years in the contest and I was there to cheer them on and support them. There are only 2 gazillion pageants in Second Life and many a dozen of them are worth the effort to compete in but every year thousands of girls enter the MVW contest because this is the granddaddy of them all.

    As for the winners I have to say this – any girl that made it to the top 30 is a winner in my book. And although Anna Sapphire isn’t a close friend of mine, I have met her, think even did a show with her – she was always very nice and very professional. I think the judges did well with their selection, but then again – I think any of the 30 girls in the contest would have been a good choice. But congrats to Anna Sapphire and all the MVW contestants this year.

  194. skylei Caproni Says:

    I was among one of the 30 Finalist this year, and was lucky to have been chosen on the first round in May with Anna.

    She and I became wonderful friends during this entire experience. She is one of the most sweetest and caring person I’ve ever known on SL. In addition she is an amazing stylist and model.

    She deserves this title for the extraordinary person and stylist that she is. I’m very proud of her and totally support her as she worked very hard for her title.

    When I didn’t make Top 12, she messaged me immediately after the last finalist was named to comfort me on IM. Not many people will do that except a “True Friend” and person.

    I am not one to comment on here, but as Anna’s friend I am here to support her and cheer her on as the new Miss Virtual World 2012.

    • Say what? Says:

      Oh come on Skylei, you comment all over AR on your anonymous moniker and run models and agencies down. You log onto your Skylei name and pretend to be the nicest person anyone can wish to meet. You’re a shit stirrer and trouble maker. You cause drama and bs wherever you go. Go and take a look at the comments about you on the General Warning, etc. page. A 60 year old woman running and harassing a 34 year old man at House of V. They even threatened to ban you if you didn’t stop. You’re a disgrace to this Group.

  195. Curious Says:

    Status Date:


  196. Ignorant (MVW) Says:

    Insider, if you are an ignorant about the MVW history what don’t you just keep your sour comments to yourself?

    Mimmi Boa won in a unknown designer dress that she bought off the rack 30 minutes before the competition.

    Amutey Decuir of Blis Couture was NOT a sponsor for MVW 2012.

    So much for all your lies. Take care looser!

  197. Insider Says:

    Of course the girls choose which designer they want and that is why some designers make more than one outfit, cause the girls arent stupid and know who to chose. Have you noticed though how it’s always Frolic’s designer du jour who dresses the winning lady?
    Last year it was Azul, this year Bliss, what a surprise, they’re the only big names left among Frolic’s advertisers.
    I would love to see a MVW who wins wearing a dress by an unknown designer or one who is not a member of the jury. Come on the contest is rigged and looses charm and meaning every year. Who was last year MVW anyways? What did she accomplish?
    I am surprised there still are “girls” who fall for this and spend thousands of lindens in a rigged contest.

  198. Anonymous Says:

    I so enjoy reading this, totally brighten up my day looking at how you small town housewives get jealous over PIXEL. I am sure you finished your meal, you feel full and no where to crap and decided to dump you poop here eh? go on people. I’d love to read all the nonsense here. POOP MORE!!

  199. AtPsycho (MVW) Says:

    At psycho Anonymous:

    I am a contestant and I chose the designer myself. All the girls chose the designers they wanted.

    You are crazy and you reek Chanel No 666!

  200. Anonymous Says:

    Whats going on in this blog? I mean, is that people can not think
    differently and can not complain about what has happened this year? Come on, guys, all we know that the castings were terrible, TERRIBLE, and also the contest was a farce, a movie with a writen script. I know people of bosl, they are inbred. Frolic, each year, elects a designer to be his friend and so the dresses are in mvw by all the “ass kisser” contestants. It happens with Kimera and Yula. Next year will be others, for sure. So, this is a bussines, and MVW2012 is a puppet. All we want to be Mother Teresa or Lady Di or…. All we are good persons, sincere, wonderfull…. All we will do many charitable acts and shows and everything…. it means that all of we will do anything to be MVW and enter their game. The jurors, pantomime. Frolic, put me to my next year as a judge and vote for my best friend or the one who wear my dress, even she is ugly as your ass!

  201. Absinthe Says:

    I never knew something like this blog existed until today, and I’m not really a fan of anonymous, cruel comments. It’s so easy to be mean, spiteful, and -ugly- when you can hide behind an anonymous tag. I find it to be a very cowardly way to communicate, and it makes all the nonconstructive criticism just as slimy as the people who produce them.

    I’m so very proud of Anna. She has always told me to be first be kind to all people, to never speak poorly of anybody, and to always do my best. “Never lose hope!” and I trust her words. Her kindness and sincerity has no bounds. I think it’s these things that have carried her to where she is now. Not the insufferable rumors and catty comments people indulge in. Not this kind of squabbling, childish behavior that attempts to steal the limelight from why we’re all really here.

    For fashion, for creation, and for each other. As Leah said, who a person thinks is attractive is a very subjective opinion. To each their own. But instead of wasting your precious energy in trying to tear somebody who is truly wonderful down, reflect back on yourself and the cruel things that you say — perhaps you are not as beautiful inside.

    I think all the constants did a wonderful a job! As a new model, I could only dream to be where they are and where they are going. I may be biased, but I think Anna is truly wonderful and I’m blessed to have her as my mentor, and best friend here.


  202. Kay Fairey Says:

    I seldom post here also but I am posting to agree on every single word Leah has posted about Anna. She is one of the nicest, sweetest and hard working models I know.

    As for Miss Japan, I told her clearly at the very beginning that I would not be helping her since it wouldn’t be fair. So all the styling challenges, she did entirely on her own. I have no favors or prejudice with any nationality. I treat everybody the same way. Please leave assumptions out of this or make it clear that it’s an assumption. Don’t use definitive expressions to talk about things you were never directly involved in.

    Besides, if anybody can be so sure about what was said between Miss Japan and myself, that means he/she must understand Japanese, which is quite unlikely.

  203. Knows Says:

    Oh no, Anna isn’t ass kisser. That’s why she took Boulevard Models out of her profile when she was applying for Modavia because she did not want her relationship with Frolic Mills and BOSL and the fact that she was one of Frolic’s favorite to hurt her chances to be a Modavia supermodel. Many noticed this and maybe it is why she did not make it. Bet it is back in there now. Not an ass kisser. Just an hypocrite. All Anna Sapphire care about is being famous and accusing everyone who wears her league skin of copying her. She will never be the MVW that Serene or Miaa or Mimmi was. They never would do those things.

  204. I usually take this just as a light reading and never thought about leaving a message… but unfortunately today I’ve read some really nasty things about Anna Sapphire….

    I can’t argue if you dont like her avatar.. cause beauty is very personal and each one is entitled to their own opinions.. but… asskisser.. oh no! that’s definitely something Anna is not!

    Those who think that.. well you don’t know anything about her.. she’s one of the most sweet, caring, and amazing people I’ve met. And she never ever kisses someones ass… On the contrary, she doesnt like that kind of attitude. So fine if you dont like her avatar, her style or whatever, you have the right….. but dont say something that’s not true.

    So if you say Anna is an asskisser.. well please tell us when and to whom she acted like that.

    I’m extremely proud and happy that she won… she’s one of the best models and stylist in SL in my honest opinion and I already thought that before we became friends.

    And yes, of course I’m not objective, cause I absolutely love and adore her.. and that’s the only reason why i’m writing here.. cause I cant stand things that are not true about my best friend 🙂

  205. Anonymous Says:

    Since the beginning of MVW 2012 all new that Anna or Rissa will be the winner. It was notorious the preferences and the way Frolic and His team push them up. They needed a 3th one to say they were fair. But Shena? One of the demands of mvw candidates was to speak english, some could even speak their own language. Kay took care of Miss Japan and not even got the top 5. Miss Japan was styled challange after challenge by Kay. An so many other candidates had backup support by designer and stylists.
    Are Anna and Rissa good models? Yes they are, for those that like their style. But anyone know that Rissa and Anna are ass kissers. And trust is not a quality they both have. People say they are all god one, good people and good felling, but is this real? I dont Think so.
    Anna looks like a Angry Bird, her shape is not even a good one. Rissa looks like a thousand girls around. Mayve their were one of twoo unique and beautifull avatars in the competition.
    Last but not least…How can someone be a fair judge if she has made half of the dresses on the contest? How can someone be fair knowing that this is all made up to Frolic kiss assers?
    If you want to be on next year edition be ready to spend thousands of linden and be on your own, unless you start right know moisturize your lips because you will need them to kiss ugly asses

  206. Anonymous Says:

    Anna Saphire: one of the ugliest national dress and a formal dress really tacky. But I think she were one of the best during all the contest, I mean the styling challenges. Like a model she’s great but I don’t like at all her avi. Facial features are more appropiate for an ebony skin, and her head is too big for her body.
    They were better avis in the competition.

    Shena Neox: Two dresses, one colour. (ok ok, I know red is the only color in the world)… Finally Ponchi, Kimera and Frolic gave the candy to Shena. It’s a pity, she does not speak english and her voice is terribly awful. I am sure if she would speak english she would be the winner. Not on her merits.
    It’s ok to have your friends in the jury and the designer of your dress. They always can vote for you (laughs).
    The firs scenary was very appropiate, this competition is just a circus.
    THIS IS AN ADVICE FOR NEXT YEAR’S PARTICIPANTS: suck many asses, and make sure your interest are the same of the org. Search the favourite designer of the moment for Frolic, and say you are a good person even it’s not true.

  207. CAFFINE Says:

    Congrats to the new Miss MVW Anna Sapphire 2012 ! and to the other ladies who did a wonderful job, See you ladies on the next MVW event and have a Wonderful Holiday and a Joyous New Year!

  208. WokeUp! Says:

    Gee…I’ve been gone six months and it’s the same old crap just different day! Hey Nave who kicked you wake
    to add your two cents. I’m sure Mr Mills laughs at all of you every month when he counts his money. I spent
    tens of thousands of $$ to play a go nowhere in life game. Wake Up people and get a RL unless of course you have no life (and your husband doesn’t care)
    It’s the Holidays and the last thing you people need to be doing is watching MVW and spending lindens on
    worthless pixels. I’m already gone and glad for it.
    I’m just an old man who played pixel dolls and finally woke up. Happy Holiday! BTW if you want to respond you can reach me @



  210. CAFFINE Says:

    i agree with Elegant all those ladies are fab! so the best girl will win, good luck to all the ladies can’t wait to see you all today, GO MVW!

  211. Elegant Observer (MVW) Says:

    The best girl will win … Isn’t this what has happened every year?

    Isabel: just fab!
    Mimmi: omg
    Miaa: holy crap!
    Serene – love her so much, I will miss her!

    Looking forward to the next MVW – Good luck ladies!

  212. Free Says:

    You know – every year people on this site scream it’s fixed – that xxx is friends with xxx and it’s rigged so they will win. Check back.. not once have the people won that were named on here as having the contest rigged for them. Get a life all you nay-sayers, it just reeks of jealousy

  213. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know who will win, but I know who is a good person and who is not. So take care with the girl elected Frolic…. it could be a big disaster for the future of the contest

  214. LineGhost Says:

    So… want some predictions from a MVW girl?

    1. The top twelve will contain two girls no one thinks should be in the top twelve.
    2. There will be a dark skinned girl in the top twelve.
    3. The Winner will NOT have black hair.
    4. The Winner will NOT have very pale skin.
    5. The Winner WILL have a two syllable first name.

    Let’s see how those predictions come out. 🙂

  215. Good luck everyone! (MVW) Says:

    Good luck to all the girls for the grand finale tomorrow!

  216. Asskissers World Says:

    Keep up work Nave, Rico and Edi finaly seen the true Frolic, you have good chance of replacing them. You use to have integrity before but gone now, all you did lately is kissing up to him as soon as you see chance. And i know you answer back with a book to me. Sorry i can not answer back – i have good rl lol and no time to type novels here.

  217. Nave Fall Says:

    Tomorrow is the beginning…………..

    I wanted to publicly speak for the many fans of the Miss Virtual World Pageant and thank all the participants, and staff, for their hard work and sleepless nights.

    Thank you all…………..

    Two days from now we’ll have a winner, Miss Virtual World 2011 – Serene Faith, will have passed the tiara and everyone will kick back and breathe easier. Hopefully the right winner will be chosen as has happened four other times. I tried to pry some hints out of Kimmera about who is in the lead at this point and she refused to say ONE WORD!!!!!!!!! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, I am fascinated by the Miss Virtual World pageant and the way it gets pilloried and diminished here on AgencyReport by clueless, malicious, people who hide behind their keyboards. So many things have to work for events like this to come together, and it’s free for the entrants. There’s no entry fee paid to Frolic/BOSL to be a part of the Miss Virtual World pageant. Money gets spent by the models on themselves to create an image that, ultimately, they decide suits them…………….. and what they want to spend. Often friends and sponsors lend support. Good for them too.

    The bottom line here is that Miss Virtual World is about the contestants, who sweat their way through challenge after challenge along the path to the finale, which is virtually upon us. We mustn’t forget the, often nameless, SL clothing, jewelry, skin, hair and pose designers, stylists, coaches and photographers, who work with EACH of them are a critically important part of the MVW spectacle each year. Without them it simply wouldn’t happen. Let’s not forget the countless hours of hard work Frolic, the huge MVW staff and judges and his BOSL staff and Dousa Dragonash and her Metaverse TV crew spend producing the event or Patch Thiebaud who built the magnificent venue all this “virtual” pomp and circumstance takes place within. In the background are the generous sponsors who, thankfully, shoulder some of the financial burdens associated with this massive undertaking.

    Thank you all, again, for entertaining us royally with your hard work.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

    P.S. Happy, healthy holidays to you all

  218. Anonymous Says:

    Ponchituti, Kimera and Shena – the SuperTeam, now we know how this competition can be handled and it doesn’t matter that eveyone knows they have a winer chosen a long time ago. Shena will win the contest and nobody can do nothing to change this universal truth. I wish Mr. Frolic to take a look around him and see how smart and clever are his friends.

  219. Sugarplum Fairey Says:

    Say what you will about rissa and how she’s frolic’s favorite petrock for 2011, but including braden into it is just malicious.

  220. Anonymous Says:

    Ya’ll need to watch out for the Rissa girl, with Frolic helping her so much. She needs it since she has no life, no wonder her man cheats on her left an right. Even heard he messes around with Frolic himself *smiles*

  221. Anonymous Says:

    “…almost all candidates mention their modeling activities. This is not a modeling contest, MVW is a beauty pageant. For models, there are other challenging activities and good Agencies to join and cast ”

    well… in my opinion if you are not a model you can not be at mvw. first, the stylings are difficult and it is necesary to know about designers, shopping, fashion in sl and rl also; second, the catwalk knowledge is basic, if you don’t have modeling studies you can not be at the contest; third, the pressure on girls about their costumes for the final, the shows, nerves and stress… I mean this is a beauty contest but in fact this is a beauty model contest. That’s the truth. To say the opposite thing means to lie.
    And about the girls this year, the ten finalists are evident, I can bet for the last 5 and …. maybe burn if I say who will win; and on the other hand we have more than 5 girls that are almost newbies (well, they look like), they are the collateral efects of an ominous second casting.
    I just hope to win the best! all my best wishes fot the girls.

  222. Anonymous Says:

    yus, that’s exactly why people make comments they make here.

    If they mention this or that candidate as a potential MVW winner, everybody can be sure that the candidate won’t win 😉

    as simple as that.

    cause if the referred candidate would win, that means we all could see it coming.

    make no mistake, ppl are paying attention to everything – not only MVW, but to all contests in general. it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in SL contests.

    and we all know that BOSL organization pays a lot of attention to Agency Report too 😉

    by the way, I read BOSL mag; almost all candidates mention their modeling activities. This is not a modeling contest, MVW is a beauty pageant. For models, there are other challenging activities and good Agencies to join and cast 😉

    for those who really want to waste their time watching MVW, have fun!

  223. Anonymous Says:

    Three MVW pageants have passed since the first post about the Pagaent here at Agency Report SL. People swear ‘the fix is in’ and just know that ‘Miss so-n-so will win because she’s blah-blah-blah’

    And not once has anyone successfully picked the winner of MVW on any of these posts.

    So since we were all miserable armchair quarterbacks at judging who will win MVW why not this year just sit back and enjoy the show.

    Best of luck to all the candidates

  224. love it or hate it - just watch! Says:

    LOVE IT OR HATE IT – Who cares?

    Watch MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 live on

    Dec 17th – 10:00 am SLT

  225. Zulu Says:

    It’s a big family – The BOSLers. I saw a nice chat in BOSL group about this exact subject. Saleena Hax sarted saying that the gossip started again at Agency Report attacking her sweet Rissa.

    And then, all the Boslers family, Kimmera, Nave, Frolic himself, and some others mocking this particular thread.

    I can post it here, if ya like, the entire chat was a blast LMAO. Nave said quote” I have been so good about not saying anything on AgencyReport.”

    With Frolic’s abilities to comedy and Nave’s abilities to write letters (not comments) ya know what would be great? To have a SL reality show . Starring The Boslers and then all the drama that goes on in the “family”: Kimmera, Ponti, Nave, Frolic, and then some secondary characters.

    That ‘d be a blast huh? LMAO

  226. This could probably go on the general comments page but I’m lazy and not gonna do the extra clicking right now. Kimmera is a great designer that worked with me for several weeks to design my gowns for Miss Ebony International. We swapped ideas, I know I consulted others so I’m sure she did too. I enjoyed working with her and while the contest wore me out I was glad that I got a chance to wear the gowns in front of that many people and managed to make the top 10 I’m sure in some part due to those outfits. Contests that are larger will never been seen as fair and there’s no way around that save everyone knowing everything before the finale approaches. It would give some transparency but it also may also suck the joy out of it for a contestant that knows as the finale starts she has no shot of winning. Last year it was assumed model X would win and she didn’t. Model Y could be targeted this year. Truth is until it’s over we won’t know and when we do know we can start the next round of disagreeing.

  227. SickofDivas Says:

    That discussion makes me sick. Candidates, judges, organization should be honest. Period. What is the meaning of being a Miss Virtual World knowing that you play dirty to have the title? Its is a contest and so far i never knew a fair one in sl. SOOOO what has to happen will happen and if someone is pushing a candidate let him/her/they do it. I see no honor in being a MVW in such situation.

  228. Eye Roller Says:

    ENTICING???? *rolls eyes and falls out of the chair laughing* See, what did I say about mumbo jumbo, it just spewed out like there was no stopping him.

  229. Nave Fall Says:

    It’s my enticing poisonality that attracts them if you must know………….. and for the record ( as DesPlaines Waverider ) I was the “wallet”, the co-owner and co-founder of Catalyst of Fantasy despite anything anyone claims to the contrary. There are lots of people who go back far enough to remember that Wicca Merlin, RicoRacer Flux, Lorelei Maggs, and BurningBright Nightfire to name a few in case independent corroboration is needed. My brother still owns the original Catalyst of Fantasy LLC group, where the name came from.

    Anyway, that said………………….

    I almost posted the comment below with a pseudonym because I knew someone would get snarky ( and I was right too) but I’ve turned over a new leaf since my hiatus from SL I’ve noticed in reading back here how boring AgencyReport has been without me. No offense to ScamAlertAlicious whose done a great job burying Anrol Anthony and Classic With Style ( a tad over the top but the target was so juicy ).

    I wasn’t defending Kimmera btw. She’s done nothing that needs defending and I didn’t consult her before I made the post. Kimmera has helped countless SL models by advising, sponsoring, mothering and entertaining them. Some of them have gone on to win pageants, others are just great friends and forever in her debt. It’s easy for people to take shots anonymously in here Lord knows I’ve taken some. But after the Colby uproar I’ve decided it’s better to just be myself. I call them the way I, personally, see them. Soooooooo if it seems that I’m a tad biased that’s tough. I’ve spent enough time with Frolic to come to respect him and my feelings for Kimmera are an open book ( the past year together has made them stronger if anything ).

    There’s no pageant that come close to the Miss Virtual World event and I enjoy the hell out of observing it behind the scenes.

    I’m still just,

    Nave Fall

  230. Eye Roller Says:

    @ Nave

    And he SPEAKS! Was wondering how long it would take for him to stick up for Kimmera, his SL wife. I’m sure with his vast modeling experience he knows everything about EVERYTHING. Don’t bother questioning his incredibly accurate knowledge about modeling and clothing designs in SL, he will only come back with some diatribe that becomes mumbo jumbo.

    Why doesn’t Kimmera stick up for herself, why must Nave do it for her? Perhaps he feels a great deal of gratitude to her for taking him as an SL husband. I mean why not? He’s already been through an Agency Owner, a model and now a designer. Hmmmm…does make one wonder what this man has that is so enticing? NO THANKS!

  231. Nave Fall Says:

    I am fascinated by the Miss Virtual World pageant and the way it gets pilloried and diminished here on AgencyReport. It’s not like Classic With Style where the models are paying for the privilege of playing! There’s no entry fee paid to Frolic/BOSL to be a part of the Miss Virtual World pageant. Money gets spent by the models on themselves to create an image that they decide suits them……………..

    The bottom line here is that Miss Virtual World is about the contestants, who sweat their way through challenge after challenge along the path to the finale, which is fast approaching us. The SL clothing, jewelry, skin, hair and pose designers, stylists, coaches and photographers, who work with EACH of them are a critically important part of the MVW spectacle each year. Without them it simply wouldn’t happen. Let’s not forget the countless hours of hard work Frolic, the huge MVW staff and judges and his BOSL staff and the Metaverse TV crew spend producing the event. In the background are the generous sponsors who, thankfully, shoulder some of the financial burdens associated with this massive undertaking

    I don’t believe there is a gag rule limiting who is consulted on designing the costumes, formals and nationals that the contenders wear in these events. Few of us have any idea the number of hours that go into creating these pixilated works of art. I’ve watched Kimmera spending countless hours doing it for her love of SL and the models who dare to dream with her. She doesn’t charge anyone for that HARD work btw.

    Frolic gets asked questions about things. Duhhhhhhhhh. Soooooooooo what? That isn’t some dirty little backroom secret. The MVW Academy staff all get consulted and leaned on. Other modeling agency owners, trainers and staff get consulted too. Mami Jewell and Nicky Ree get asked for styling help. Kimmera gets hit up for pose and hair advice. Kay Fairey counsels models all the time ON EVERYTHING. Payton Herron has coached some in the past as have many other former entrants. Topaz Joubert, seemingly, coached half the Mr. Virtual World contestants on their avatars last year. What’s the big deal with a MVW participant looking for help with these critical things from anyone who will counsel them? They’re models, not experts at ALL THESE THINGS. I’m 100% sure Frolic and the other MVW staff and judges pat them on their heads and recuse themselves from actively favoring anyone I know that Kimmera walks a line when asked.

    As far as Rissa’s Miss Australia national costume goes I know who came up with the concept. I’m honored to work with Kimmera on these projects. Soooooo blame me not Frolic.

    Anyone who thinks that Frolic chooses the winner on his own is delusional.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  232. Ut ohhhhh Says:

    Helping with the design doesn’t in any way mean he is making the damn thing lol. Who cares if he isn’t hand making it, it still isn’t fair. But now he knows she can’t be trusted, so maybe someone else has a better chance now. Who wants to work with someone they cant trust for a year?
    We all know he has final say that is why MVW contestants never see their “scores” ever. I know, I was one of them… I also know he probably already knows who is winning. And yes, we all know you can cheat or wear a pimples tattoo on your face in a show like Shay Sixpence did last year and still make top 10. Or have a total hissy fit you didn’t win and write a whole book on how unfair MVW here in Agency Report like Blackliquid did, but as anonymous of course.
    You’re right also, this is a waste of time discussing it and I wont be back here.
    Toodles & good luck all you girls in this years pagaent, err I mean hmm what should it really be called? lol.

  233. Fräulein Says:

    I wonder why “Fools” did not use his/her real name, how ironic. Why are some people always so bitter when they are on the defensive? Anyways by now people should know what to expect in some segments of second life, you only have yourself to blame if you get warned and you did not listen. Anyways they say experience is the best teacher. By the way, please everyone should get a real life, this is all so trivial in life’s great scheme of things.

  234. Fools Says:

    Fools are pretty!

    Frolic has said publicly that he has the last word on MVW – so what if he chooses Rissa? or Petra? or Juana La Cubana? Its his pageant and he has the right to choose anyone he wants.

    So why use judges? He has also said many times, that he does listen to their opinions and chooses from the judge’s and press’ favorites.

    He is rigging his own pageant? lol – It’s Mr. Mills who has to work with the winner for a full year – Of course he has a saying in who wins LOL – and this is no secret! ASK him inworld, instead of writing messages as an annonymous coward.

    Oh and one last word … Frolic helping Kimmera? That will be the day! Frolic cannot make a skirt or any other clothing garment even if his life depended on it.

    Go with your garbage elsewhere.

  235. Ut ohhhhh Says:

    You both are correct. The bottom line is poor Kimmera and Frolic have been outed by their “Best New Model of the year”. Now they see her true colors I guess. Good Luck the rest of you girls.

  236. Wake up! Says:

    Why all this complaining? If you are silly enough to enter this contest you can just have it. From the start to finish this is a show rigged by Frolic supported by his asskissing, pathetic friends that sadly enough believe they have something to say about who gets in as finalists and who finally wins. Just try to understand that and keep away from everything he is involved in. He is a dictator and to me he is the Ghadaffi of SL modeling and fashion. I just wonder how long it will take for people to realize it.

  237. Anonymous Says:

    that’s not really news. Everything in MVW this year is already prepared for Rissa to win.

  238. Ut ohhhhh Says:

    There’s some cheatin goin’on, sorry ladies. Seems Frolic is actually helping one of the designer judges, Kimmera, on one of the contestants National Costumes. Miss Australia 2012 Rissa Friller. Now, if he is helping with hers, he should now help with all of your costumes, only fair right?! Tsk Tsk, some people can’t keep their mouths shut, sorry your lil secret got out.

  239. Tillie Ariantho Says:

    So if you want judging on pure beauty in mind and body, add me to the panel of judges next time.

    I’ll kick some asses then. >:-D

    I don’t vote for people cause I know them or cause I got asked to do so.

  240. Just sayin... Says:

    Congrats to Jax Aster and well, at least one person is especially ecstatic over his crowning. Kat Comet. Could she be reliving her lost fantasy of a win through Jax now?

    Speaking of which, Frolic should mention to last years finalists to stop wearing their MissVW [country] tags. It’s getting a bit confusing to see 2 MissVW USA’s walking around the grid.

    To Apple:
    The past winners of the MVW title are, in order, Isabel Brocco, Mimmi Boa, Miaa Rebane and Serene Faith. All lovely and all brought something different to the title.

  241. Anonymess Says:

    Could they have picked a more boring mister virtual world? Nothing interesting about this one at all. I guess they thought they were showing diversity by picking the only blond one.

  242. to fed up Says:

    I know how MISS VIRTUAL WORLD started and I can guarantee you it had nothing to do with money nor manipulations.

    Now, name me one person qualified to judge this pageant who Frolic Mills doesn´t know. Just one…

    Yeah, serioulsy stop advertising your pathetic pageant because all of your judges are Frolic Mills´ friends too!

    bye …

  243. Sleepless Says:

    I love it how people come in this group to criticize MVW and promote their little pageants.

    I am sure Frolic is sleepless over this. LOL

    Play fair people!

  244. Fed up with people asskissing Frolic Says:

    This is a big fraud from start to finish! Frolic manipulates this whole thing and it´s all about earning as much money as possible. Frolic, why not pick judges that aren´t your friends and let them judge! Or better, put this crap contest to sleep! I vote for Miss Avatar World instead! A contest not so full of shit as this one!

  245. @Apple Says:


    One thing I have realized is that MVW is not for everyone. The fashionistas I’ve known over 3 years either they get excited about being a part of MVW or they see it as not their cup of tea.

    I’ve only ever once sent in my MVW application – kinda half-heartedly to see what the fuss was about. Didn’t get picked and was no big deal. But I’ve had several close friends get picked for MVW . When I asked them why they do it their main reason – they loved the challenge of the event. Because, and even I agree, there is absolutely no other contest out there with the level of challenge for those who make the final list.

    So I know for myself, even though I could never see myself doing MVW – I still respect the contest for what it is and I cheer on my friends who get picked. SL is meant to be fun – and what one person defines as fun might be completely different from someone else. In the end it’s all good.

  246. Anonymous Says:

    Correction …
    Miss v world gets free accommodation at frolic’s house and he pays her for her shopping and also gives her a weekly allowance.

  247. Apple Says:

    I would feel sad for those hardworkig yet creative models if they couldn’t be awarded well with prizes or at least some unforgettable experience. They devote so much effort but get forgotten after a month or two.

  248. Anonymous Says:

    i think she wins free shoes and garments!!

  249. Apple Says:

    Can someone tell me what is so special to become Miss Virtual World? I have been in SL for 4 years and haven’t even remembered those winners’name besides Mimmi Boa. Does the organization advertise the winner? Or do they have any special tasks they have to carry out after they win, which makes them different from other models? Why would so many models act like a worshiper for Miss VW?

  250. O.o Says:


    Its the other way around… First we become finalists and then, we are invited to blog.

    Nice try though!

  251. ????? Says:

    Any BOSL blogger still not chosen finalist?

  252. The Three Modelers Says:

    Dear VirtualWorldOrg!

    We are very happy you react on our concerns this quick! We are also very happy you consider open up the judging inside the judge group. One important detail is that the judge group working together should share the results of the voting automatically or at least have one judge randomly picked that know the scores of the whole group (beside the “chairman”). It is a good step to open up for letting the judges ask other judges if they want to know how they voted. Maybe just have a simple information to the judges that it´s OK to ask others during and after the audition how they voted?

    We have listened to your views about going public with the results all the way and understand your motives and we have no wish for that anymore. If you can make the change with communication between judges and also make that known to the community it is a great change that will be very positive for all parts in this! As we said we have no wish to create drama, just adding constructive criticism. Thankyou and good luck with the rest of this years event!

  253. We are reading and listening!

    Thank you peace in SL, We couldn´t have explained it better. About 10 years ago the Miss Universe Organization used to publish scores publicly until a few judges started to get threats. Easy to see and easy to understand, so they never made them public again. Not even to the other judges. Only a certified accounting firm has the results.

    How do we know that this “certified” accounting firm diidn´t cheat? We don´t – do we?

    The truth of the matter is that there is no way to do this that will ever satisfy everyone.

    Now, what a lot of people don´t know is that in the first MVW pageant is divided into 2 sections: First: From October to December 16th where contestants go through styling challenges, interviews, press presentation and many other events they are judged on. All of these events make up 60% of the competition and each event is judged by diffrent people. The press members judge the press presentation, styling competitions are judged by designers, fashionistas, press people etc. Each portion of the competition is judged by different people. Why do we do it like this? Because MVW needs to be appealing to the masses and not just to a certain few.

    So what difference does it make whether the other judges see the scores of any particular part of the competition, if the outcome, when added all up, can be totally different at the end?

    We don´t see any point to this.

    MVW has hired MANY judges over the years who are not connected with BOSL at all. We´ve had architects, business people, entertainers, lawyers, University heads, and so many more. So this part is done!

    So it appears that the only point open for discussion here, is that the other judges see the scores of the rest of the judges…

    Very well, we will do it, eventhough this won´t change anything, because we have absolutely nothing to hide. From now on any judge interested in seeing the scores of the other judges, may ask them for it.

    I hope this satisfies the modelers and been there.

    And don´t forget we have also been there and done that 4 times now!


    MVW Org

  254. Peace in SL Says:

    Please name 1 SL contest where the votes are open to everyone. I have personally never seen one yet but maybe you are more knowledgeble in that area. Miss Azul, Miss Bliss, Miss Fellini, Miss Diram, Finesmith, you name it… I don’t believe the votes were open to public for any of these major contests… did anyone complain? No, because that is the way it is. Do you see in Miss Universer or Miss World in RL who the judges voted for? I believe you see total score, but not who scored what. Would you want to judge a contest if 3 of your friends were in that contest and you know that the votes will be released publicly? Also, where would you be able to find a well-established fashion related judge, who is not related what so ever to Frolic Mills or BOSL? Would you rather have a noob or non-fashion related person judge as large contest as MVW? Let’s be realistic here, have some common sense before complaining. Why don’t you try to organize a contest, tell the judges the votes will be released publicly and we’ll see how successful you will be.
    Peace out

  255. Been there and done that Says:

    To Miss Virtual World Org: I have read the posts by The Three Modelers several times. You tell them you are “still waiting” for their “clever ideas for judging”. You don´t get it do you? What these people and lots of other people been saying a looooooooooong time and that your organisation seem to not understand or want to understand is that there is need for a total change when it comes to who judge, they need to be other people then connected to Frolic and when you get judges that are, they need to know how the other judges voted. Otherwise there is no way on earth that this contest can be even near credibility. I don´t care how many times you tell us Frolic is a nice guy. Not mentioning names from the first round of finalists chosen but we all know that a few of them , particularly one of them has been Frolics personal favourite a long, long time. How is it possible that she gets chosen and get that many votes from the judges among all these contestants, just like that, a big HMMMMMMM, cut the crap and start listening to critics!

  256. Dear Three Modelers:

    We´ve had more applicants this year than ever before. The board filled up in just 11 days. We don´t allow any more pictures passed this point because it isn´t fair to the judges.

    About having to be involved with BOSL to get anywhere with MR & MISS VW, let me remind you that neither Mimmi, Miaa nor Serene had anything to do with BOSL when they were crowned.

    All these especulations and rumors are false.

    We are still waiting for your clever ideas for judging.

    Until then,

    We remain 🙂

  257. The Three Modelers Says:

    Thankyou for the answer brought to us in a nice way we might add! Yes, we wish to help to get the contest even better and we are just bringing some facts that actually can jeopardize this whole event. We know that the applications for this years contest was not as many as the year before. There is a word out there that it´s friends of Frolic who judge the auditions and who can say that that is wrong? Edi is one of his closest friends and he gathered the judges votes? He is a nice guy but think about the signal this sends? The fact still remain , not even the judges know how the other judges voted. This is not good and we don´t think that the idea of a vote board for judges showing each candidates vote is bad. We can understand the problem with the judges and their worries about hurting friends. But there is still a need for opening up the process we believe. Going on like this will slowly kill this event as more and more people start to beleive you need to be in the bosl atmosphere and close to Frolic and his friends to get anywhere in Miss & Mr Virtual World.

  258. Dear Three Modelers:

    Thank you very much for your letter, we at MVW do appreciate any constructive ideas which can lead to a better and more fair pageant. Some information, however, is missing in your research.

    Frolic Mills neither votes NOR tallies scores ever. For live auditions, for example, 7 random judges are called just prior to the audition. These are people who are involved in fashion and who are respected for their great taste.

    When these 7 judges have written down their favorites, all cards go to the head judge for that particular audition. Last week for example it was Editorial Clarity, some other years we´ve had Kimmera Madison, kay Fairey, Giela Delpaso and many others.

    The reason we don´t make public voting is because we have researched this amongst many judges and most feel unconfortable making their choices public. Think about it – How would you feel as a judge who had to vote fairly eventhough that means voting against a friend? – I am sure you can see how this would create a whole new problem and we believe we would soon run out of people who would want to judge for us.

    Even if we crreated a scripted board for voting anonimously, I can just see someone saying the scripts were corrupted in the very near future.

    If you have an idea of how to score the MVW pageant in a way that is also believable for others, without revealing publicly who voted for who, we will listen; but rest assure we have absolutely nothing to hide, and that the MVW organization has always listened to the judges and not to the personal tastes of Mr. Frolic Mills, who has yet to crown a personal friend as MVW.


    Miss Virtual World Organization.

  259. Give me a break!!! Says:

    Regarding the open letter in the past post:
    Is this true?? Not even the judges know who judged for who?? LOOOOLLL boycott this fraud circus!!!

  260. The Three Modelers Says:


    (to be sent on by anyone to anyone who the matter might concern)

    The contest Miss and Mr Virtual World is a fantastic idea that for many years has gathered a huge interest in the fashion and modeling community of Second Life. Many, many models have been a part of this contest, either as applicants who never got any further but had an experience in preparing for a contest situation and selection process, or as semi-finalists going to auditions and experiencing the atmosphere in Patch Auditorium during the auditions, or taking part in the finals in the end of each year. For a few, in the role of finalist, feeling the intense excitement being among those that one day can be crowned “Miss or Mr Virtual World”.

    What unites them all is that they spend lots of time and effort and not to mention, money, to take part in the contest. For the selection of candidates in each audition, judges are used. So far so good. However, the selection process has one problem. It is a closed process with no option of knowing how the judging is carried out. For making this contest even better it is a fair demand that the results of how the judges voted for contestants during auditions is brought public in connection with the announcing of results after each audition. The way of carrying this process out today is in focus and subject for rumors which is sad for the credibility of the event and for you Mr Mills as creator of it.

    Some of these rumors tells us that the judges themselves never know how the panel of judges voted and that only one person, you Mr Frolic Mills, know this and theoretically can pick whoever you want without anyone else than you being able to verify the judging process?

    For clearing these rumors out it is a fair demand that the results of how the judges voted and for which particular candidate in the first, and all the future, auditions for Miss and Mr Virtual World 2012, is brought public immediately!

    We wish and hope for that you Mr Frolic Mills think this over and make the one and only wise decision in this matter. Open up the judging process and show the judges and contestants respect for their time and work! Make a fantastic event even better!

    With hugs from all of us!

    The Three Modelers

  261. @KEIRA Says:

    Well said Keira.

    It´s funny how some people come here asking others to get a life when they have nothing better to do than write garbage here. I can guarantee you that all the normal ladies are have moved on and are enjoying their lives while others have nothing better to do then write here. It´s very sad.

    I know Serene and she has never been involved in any of the activities she has been accused of here. Those are just empty accusations from very sick people who probably DID do those things themselves.

    Congrats Serene, I am looking forward to great things from you!

    And don´t listen to to these twisted pervs, they just want to bring you down so maybe the crown falls on a different head.


  262. Keira Soulstar Says:

    You know I normally dont get involved in the gossip and garbage spewed here about SL but some of you are really taking this way to far. The attacks on Serene and MVW are brutal and uncalled for. She is really a very sweet lady, and you know what even if she did have a past in SL im sure every single one of us does. We come here to escape RL to do things that we cant or wouldnt in RL, it is a fantasy world to explore everything it has to offer, a FANTASY WORLD. We have all done things here that in someones eyes may be questionable but who are we to judge anyone and what they may or may not have done here. This isnt RL and if some of you are holding SL to those standards then you really shouldnt be here. I try to play SL with decencey, honesty and intergrity, treat others with respect but honestly what I do in my personal time, is my personal business. MVW opens that up for us to be scrutinized and I understand that but this is going far beyond scrutany, it is bordering on abuse. Those who are hiding their disqust behind anonymity and being so very harsh, judgmental and cruel should man or woman up and come out from hiding and say it from who they are as this is fueling rumors and placing blame on others being accused of saying things that really arent. Those that are slinging mud at Serene, need to stop. She has done nothing but enter a contest along with 27 others, worked just as hard to style, compete fairly, and managed to stand out and win FAIRLY. The organization was incredible to all of us as were the judges. There is no MVW conspiricy here, so pack up your anger, bitterness, foolishness and move on already, enjoy SL for what it is and let her have some happiness at a job well done, she won fair and square, if those of us using our real SL names are telling you we are happy for her and have enjoyed the experience we had with MVW, and dont feel we have been duped or treated unfairly, then that should seriously be enough. Let it go, move on and seriously get a real SL and enjoy it!

  263. tricksy Says:

    @ detective
    i think you are making sence maybe thats how the prostitute paid frolic for her pixel crown LMAO.

  264. Agree w @seriously Says:

    Time to take a step back if you get all worked up about something like this. SL should enhance your RL. If it turns you into a turd. Disconnect.. take a walk. Totally agree with @ seriously.

    MVW is a virtual world contest. No one really cares and at end of your life.. you won’t either. It’s just a hype created by few money driven and well oiled machines. Seriously. Get a grip people.

  265. Seriously Says:

    It’s a modeling contest and some folks treat this like they are solving world peace or curing cancer.

    If you have such anger against the MVW contest or Frolic, perhaps those with the anger should disconnect their internet and get a RL because you’re blurring SL & RL something fierce.

    I’ve done my share of SL Modeling (not with MVW) and I just had fun and made friends. When you do that you’ll find SL to be a fun place to be.

  266. @ cheap detective Says:

    Just let me remind you that slander and defamation is a crime, no matter if it is in a virtual world.

  267. dectective Says:

    On demand of a second life supermodel I have enquired about the second life history of Serene Faith. The name of the supermodel has been withheld due to privacy reasons. On her demand I would like to pass this information to everyone about Serene Faith’s glorious past.

    Serene Faith worked as a second life escort in various places like escort oaises and Redlight districts. She has been spotted by various regular escorts and dancers in those places.

    A starling finding which was found at Redlight escorts was that Serene Faith has scammed various people by claiming herself as a cam escort. She disappears after receiving her demanded fees. Her name can be found in the scammer’s list of Redlight escorts as an evidence of my claim.

    Her explicit pictures in various compromising positions with various men can be found in Second life Slut magazine.

    A woman of such cheap and vulgar character should to stripped of the prestigious title of Miss virtual world. She is a disgrace to the entire second life community. As the real miss universe or miss world organizations work, she should be dethroned as soon as possible to avoid further damage to MVW organization.

  268. Miss VW Says:

    Thank you Peasents i won or should i say my ALT won now you cam all go eat cake

  269. Chalice (Cha Cha) Carling Says:

    Oh I should know better but I just can’t help myself. I shall regret this tomorrow but ‘Fellow Contestant’ just raised my serotonin levels from laughing so much that I have little control of my actions. First of all may I make a suggestion to you? If you don’t have a job already, you seriously should be writing for some publishing power house like Mills and Boon. Your literary style lends itself to that genre. i.e. pure crap.

    Now I have some questions:

    1. Whom is at the receiving end of these spreadeagled pixel thighs you speak of? Frolic you son of a gun, who knew?

    2. So are you telling us you paid Frolic Linden’s to win the MVW crown? How much did you pay? (please note my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek as I type this).

    3. Prove your evidence that the winner is a rl male accessing voice morphing capabilities and somehow using a fake (?) web cam. What does she do, sit a blow up doll in front of the camera and move the lips with fishing wire?

    The absolute cracker that nearly caused me to bring up a lung was this line coming from a person who alleges to have paid to win the crown.

    “I urge all the women with dignity and respect to stop participating in such contests as you have to lose more than your morels to wins it. You have nothing to gain out of it”.

    She may or may not have been in SLUT Magazine but I think you’ll find yourself somewhere within the pages of the DSM IV.

    Darling the only thing you got robbed of is your dignity but unfortunately that happened at birth.

    Now I’m off to laugh a bit more.

  270. Leandra Breen Says:

    I never wrote or commented here, but now i think it has to be now.

    First i want to tell something to all those liars who wrote “i was a contestant”. Darlings, if you would have been a contestant, you would NEVER write such bad things. Each single Miss has grace and style and, believe me, no one of those girls will write such ugly things. Also i believe that the judges acted fair. Why shouldnt they? This final was not a competition of Designers, is was a competition of 28 Misses, please remember!

    Commenters like “Fellow Contestant” made me laugh, because i enjoy the fantasy of those people. Hun, do you really think that Frolic or the MVW Organization need to rob someone? You are kidding, no? Please stop playing the clowns and come back to life.

    28 Ladys and one Miss Virtual World tag. We all noticed before that there will be only a chance of 1:28 to win. You can discuss poise or experience of some, but keep a fair way. Serene will be a perfect Miss Virtual World and we all stand behind her and support her.

    When you decide to join a contest your goal should be doing the best you can and being satisfied with yourself. Winning would be the icing on the cake, but winning is not needed to be successful and happy.
    Some disappointment is allowed and human, we all worked a lot for this crown. But hey, we also had really a lot of fun, laughing and friendship what outsiders can’t see. If all those bad comments about contestants, judges or MVW in whole should motivate some of us to start a bitch war… forget it! :-)))
    We are pro, are you too?

    I wish all of you Merry Christmas and a sucessful, happy and shiny new Year!

  271. Casual-Observer Says:

    You have to say that the negative comments on here are so predictable. I’ve been around the SL fashion block for a number of years and some of the MVW outright nastiness here seems to happen like clockwork.

    From my own personal and impartial view I would see the following;

    * MVW is ultra competitive because of its position as the leading modelling competition / pageant in SL. I’m not saying this to praise Frolic et al, it is just a fact. No other competition seems to generate the same interest, coverage or reaction.
    * The general professionalism of the competition is excellent. When you think of the numbers involved and logistics staging the main event and all the sub castings and competitions are a serious achievement.
    * For the models involved it is a long hard road to the final. Like really long. It is a completely voluntary journey but that does not mean it is easy. On one level I can see where not winning or not making the top 5 or 12 would be really hard to take after such a massive effort. However I would suggest that this is where the individual model’s professionalism should kick in. Throwing the proverbial rattle out of the pram and blaming anyone and everyone because you did not get the crown or did not get into Boulevard or whatever, to me that is not being a ‘hero’ or ‘champion’ of the fashion community. Plain and simple it is childish and indicates that the individual involved cannot take the pressure of business.
    * Some people do not like this type of competition or the interest it generates. That is a fact that will never go away and I guarantee that if SL is still here next year you will still have people inside and outside MVW making accusations one way or the other (cheating, payments, promises etc). Are any of these true? Very difficult to say for certain, but the competition genuinely does not appear crooked to me.

    Like I said, I’m not here to praise MVW or Frolic for the sake of it and I do not think the process is perfect. I do see one problem though which is the issue of designers being judges. I know that Nave and others defended this here and elsewhere and I actually do not think that any of this year’s panel were compromised in their voting. However, for the final competition last Saturday each of the models were effectively sponsored by individual designers who made custom gowns for the contestants. If these same designers are on the voting panel then it is not hard for disgruntled individuals to point the finger and say that these judges were compromised in their voting interests. MVW and Frolic open themselves to criticism here where they could avoid it; they could use other models, photographers, magazine owners or whatever. I am aware that designers enjoy their SL celebrity and it is probably in Frolic’s interest to tie designers deeper into MVW by offering judging panel positions, but as long as this continues, so will the criticism.

    For me, MVW is a fixture in the SL fashion calendar that adds incredible colour to the community every year. And to the drama queens (or kings) that are moaning that they did not win or just want to criticise from the outside?

    Grow up.

  272. Since June, I’ve become of aware of ” SL beauty contests” such as Miss Azul and MVW. I’ve become aware of those who are totally against them and those who are for them. I’m on the fence on the topic but I do admire those who join them. I confess to having my computer set on Metaverse TV all day Saturday to watch Serene Faith being crowned. I confess to reading the comments that have been made here each day especially since Saturday and I’ve begun to wonder and reflect on a few things.

    I thought about the millions of residents that SL has. Out of those millions, there really are only thousands who log on each day. And we can’t forget that out of those thousands many are alts or bots. Up until last May, I was one in that sea of thousands who’d never heard of models, let alone any of the top models, in SL. I never knew about Mimmi Boa or Frolic Mills or of any modeling agencies or any fashion shows. I went to stores and saw the ads but never gave a second thought to how those ads got there or the hard work that was put into them.

    So what is my point? In such a small community, why do people become so jealous, envious, bitter and angry? We should be supportive of each other and helpful to those who choose to enter into modeling. Support for our fellow models also includes being happy for those who’ve accomplished a title such as MVW instead of bashing her or him or the pageant itself.

    To keep things in perspective for many of the naysayers here, in the big virtual world of SL, the modeling community is really such a small part of it all. I’d suggest that those who do the most griping go to a sim such as Help Island or Orientation Island and just see who recognizes you or who cares that you’re even there. Be thankful that in this modeling community you have a name and a voice because elsewhere on the grid, you really won’t matter. If these contests aren’t your thing, stop belittling them and embrace the choice of those who do enter. Remember that obscurity isn’t far away. All it takes is a teleport to Orientation Island.

  273. Fellow contestant Says:

    I got robbed during the miss virtual world contest, Frolic promised many beauty queens that he would crown them and has exploited them in various ways which is really shameful to be mentioned.. Now there are note cards running around which are being distributed by him, he is begging all the contestants to write great stuff about his rigged shady contest.
    Serene Faith is a second life escort and an alt. She has been seen in various shady places by various men. She was even featured in second life SLUT magazine in an old issue as Serene. She and the other top 5 spreaded their pixel thighs in order to win this contest. In the BOSL administration group there are various men who use these types of cheap contests to fulfill their cheap sexual fantasies. She has even won the kings and queens contest in the past, it is a well known rigged voting contest where you pay an arm of lindens, she has paid sissy Frolic Mills a huge sum of lindens in order to win her pixel tag. She is also an RL male; she uses a voice changer in second life and uses a fake webcam.
    Such contests should be banned and me and several other well known established models are going to report abuse against frolic mills and his shady organization. He has been cheating people in various ways by charging money. If you are so desperate to make money, earn it the right ways other than resorting to these cheap tactics.
    Frolic mill’s ass kissers do not need to respond to my post and nor do some alt contestants who would write false praises about that shit contest only for a few lindens.

    I urge all the women with dignity and respect to stop participating in such contests as you have to lose more than your morels to wins it. You have nothing to gain out of it.

    Mr Mills please return me my hard earned money back I only paid you as you had promised me the pixel crown instead of the money. This is really mean and unkind of you. I have filed an A.R against you for doing this.

  274. Rigged to the hilt Says:

    Ok Ok what did frolic promise you ladies to make these comments , maybe a automatic top 10 slot next year ?????

  275. Kat Says:

    I would just like to say after reading everything here with those contestants who chose to use their names…I applaud and agree with it all.

    I am very happy with the outcome and wouldn’t change a thing about how the pageant was run and the experiences I had.

    We all worked VERY hard; this is not your typical pageant. It’s one which holds each contestant to the highest standards not only in the styling, but in the overall attitude and grace one must posses.

    Instead of giving all my opinions here, I would like to use this place to thank the people who made all of this possible for me.

    I want to thank every person involved in the MVW Organization for their time and efforts to make this the best year yet.

    I also to want to thank my wonderfully creative designers:

    Precious Restless of Vita’s Boudoir for her countless hours on both the Native American Costume and my gorgeous gown. Without her imagination and vision, I would have been lost.

    To Kimber Carter, Owner of CCD who made all my jewelry and did such an incredible job listening to my input and making them look exactly as I pictured them in my head. Her patience with me is not to go unnoticed; I was always asking for a change and she always did it with a smile and kindness.

    To 2408 Alekseev of 24 Wow! Shoes. Her design of the shoes for the costume were exactly what I wanted and she pulled it off with very little notice.

    I would also like to thank dancer Dallagio for all the wonderful Moody shoes we were given for the different venues. I love my Moody’s! Callie Cline, thank you as well for such a wonderful swimming suit design to work with.

    Last but not least, to Frolic, Blackbarbie, Kay, Giela, Dousa and Lisa. You were all fantastic to work with and I am honored to be able to say I got to know each of you for your kindness and giving of yourselves. Each of you added to this wonderful experience.

    And most importantly, a quick thank you to Topaz Joubert for throwing me the life vest when I needed it the most. Your confidence and vision for me is my motivator in the SL modeling world.

    I will close with saying, I am honored I am one of 28 women chosen to compete. I am thrilled at the number of new people (the other MVW contestants) I have gotten to know and become friends with over this time frame. Most importantly, I am very very happy for Serene, our new Miss Virtual World 2011. She is a wonderful woman and will do a fantastic job representing such a respected and coveted title.

    Congratulations to all the MVW 2011 contestants…


    Live for Today!
    Katherine Comet
    MVW USA 2011

  276. Loulou Says:

    To whom it may concern:

    First and foremost I’d like to say that I respect everyone’s opinion and motivation for writing whatever they wish.

    For the past few days there has been a lot said about MVW, Organisation, judges and contestants. I’d like to take a moment and shine some light, adding to what has been said by others, risking repeating their own words (Keira brilliantly said what we feel).

    The facts stated here about any of those three entities do not correspond to the truth, and also, I don’t believe they might have been written by any of the former contestants…but if in any case they were, then I am truly sorry that you didn’t share the wonderful experience we all seemed to have gone through. I am certain that for the people standing next to me in the pageant winning isn’t everything, and you can say whatever you want, but I’d have said these exact words had I been in another position. We were all there by option, nobody forced us to be there, the door was open and we could have left at any time.

    The pageant has proved several times that this is not only a model competition, it’s not just about skill and fashion know-how, a person’s character is worth something too. I see that many people believe that to get to places in MVW one requires to act a certain way, or do certain things, well let me tell you that if those people act in that particular way, MVW Organisation does not take them seriously, they want competent people working with them, not Yes-men/women.

    If you could only imagine the crazy amount of work and how many people did not sleep or eat or take a coffee break to get that main event put together you’d think “This was an amazing achievement”, but then again, this is just my opinion. Throwing stones is easy, sculpting them into something nice is way more difficult and time consuming. Some people were working for the pageant when they were ill and should have been in bed, but that is commitment, and regardless of it being made in SL or RL, it’s up to that person to go through with it or not. This only shows that this competition is not a joke and it is taken very seriously by a lot of people.

    From what I saw, throughout the entire competition everyone had exactly the same opportunities to do their best, we were all given the same tools, now the way each person chose to style or act concerns only the person itself, nobody else, and we all have to live with the choices we made. The critique that we were given during the competition was the most helpful I’ve ever heard, I learned that I made some mistakes and from then on I worked hard to correct them, I believe we all did. Critique was never addressed with the intention of becoming a personal attack, it was made as a comment to help us improve.

    In conclusion, if any person is unhappy with MVW I’d suggest them to write to MVW Organisation, make your suggestions, improvement ideas, everyone there is human and has two ears (eyes) to hear (see) what you have to say. Instead of pointing fingers it’d be better to state very clearly what you’d like to see improved. I’d also like to add my congratulations to Serene, she is an incredibly sweet person and I have every faith that she will do an amazing job as Miss Virtual World. Regardless of what anyone says, she IS our MVW and now just give her some room to work and watch her shine!

    Happy Holidays to everyone,
    Louise McWinnie
    (Miss Czech Republic)

  277. Kimmera Madison Says:

    Hello, since my name seems to be popular here of late, I will respond to those that think they know me so well. My ability to judge with an open mind seems to be the topic, let me tell you in simple terms my stand on that.

    Yes, I designed for a couple of the contestants, I have for a couple of years now.

    Can I judge fairly? yes, I can, I don’t judge WHAT they wear, I judge HOW they wear it. I also judge on how they present themselves as a person and how they treat others, which has nothing to do with what they wear.

    I have many times judged events where contestants in my own gowns that haven’t done well styling them, do I give them top points anyway, No, I do not.

    Glitter and Shae did amazing jobs, I applaud them both enthusiastically, HOWEVER, I saw many amazing ladies on that stage! and I judged them accordingly. You see, I have the ability to think outside of my own ego.

    I keep a record of my scores for the individual events I judge for MVW, never did I have the same girls in any particular order. I judged them all with the same criteria, and each time had different results.

    If you have any questions for me, ask away, but do so inworld, like an adult, instead of throwing assumptions around in Agency Report.

    Lastly, Congrats Serene, you make a lovely Miss Virtual World!

  278. Mrs.HH Says:

    Ohhh every time i open my mail the past two days and see yet another comment its like a kid Coming down the stairs for Christmas morning to see what brightly colored packages are under the tree..i get a shine in my eyes as i click the link and then my eyes open real wide as i read all the drama here…. I am almost sad that i WONT be on Sl for 2 weeks while i go home and ENJOY my Christmas with my real life family.. sometimes it is best to shut off the laptop and step away slowly from Second Life.. It is surprising that there is a real life out there..”Yes, Virginia, there is life outside of sl and it is beautiful” SL can be fun and it can be a pain in the ass, if you so let it be.There is enough drama in rl we do not need it in sl.. and when there is i think that is a good time to step back from your desk and shut off your computer and go outside in the sunshine and take a walk.. I hope everyone has a great holiday and a joyous New year..

  279. MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization Says:

    The first Official pictures of Serene as MISS VIRTUAL WORLD will be published on BOSL Magazine in the new year’s issue on january 1st.

    The MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization has hired many designers in the past as judges because we believe they are women and men of integrity. I can guarantee all of you that Mami Jewell, Kimmera Madison and Amutey DeCuir all voted fairly and NOT for their dresses. Nothing any of you say will ever change this.

    Peace out!

  280. smh Says:

    I am not your babe nave sweets, i do not date the elderly or overgrown babies. shouldn’t you be somewhere in gore honing your mistress skills instead of attempting to shift the focus from kimmeras conflict of interest which for some reason you can’t seem to explain? that would be an efficient way to while away your time, yet here you are replying passionately to opinions of people whose opinions do not matter to you and people you do not owe any explanation to.goodnight sweets and merry christmas btw, everyone knows where you’ll be spending yours, online as always

  281. Fed up with the Diva Attitude Says:

    I hate a sore sour spiteful loser and some of you have shown you’re true bitter evil colors. Serene has the title and there’s not a darn thing that you can do about it so get over yourself dear. Serene is a beautiful person inside and out with a heart of gold. You my dear on the other hand have a heart filled with anger and bitterness hince one of the very reasons why you did not win. Grow up and stop spreading lies just because things did not go your way. The pagent was ran very professionally and you just want to bring it down because you lost. You make all of us women look terrible. I also know who you are no matter what you say and very glad that you did not win. To the others saying that it was rigged you haven’t a clue what you are talking about get a life.

  282. Bella Says:

    High 5 for alts!

  283. Nave Fall Says:

    @smh……….SMD (since we’re employing acronyms here) that’s somethihng you no doubt better at then you are at jousting verbally despite both requiring oral skillz and, for the record, I’m not YOUR dear or YOUR sweets, babe.

    and in the immortal words of Indiana Jones, ” Alts? Why does it always have to be alts?” I have quite a few alts, what’s YOUR point? Is that supposed to shock the now, enthralled, pop-corn munching audience here who are cheering at my return based on the number of IMs and blog-hits I got today? That factoid about my alts is about 18 months old at this point….. if that’s all you got you should stay on the porch and rest easy.

    As far as convincing explanations go, I don’t have to convince YOU of anything and I don’t care much what you think. No one else seems the least bit concerned either btw………. and sales at Tres Beau are booming so people seem to be voting with their wallets. how’s your lil store doing these days btw?

  284. Rigged to the hilt Says:

    Now i find this interesting no pictures anywhere of Miss VW wearing her Crown to be found the winners picture page no picture of her crown no publicity at all.Could it be true she is an ALT.If it was me crowned winner i wound be going through hoops telling everyone for gods sake she hasnt even updated her profile

  285. Rigged to the hilt Says:

    Serene Faith is an alt of a well known Model in SL after all the crap MVW got last year they had to do something and this was it… look up Serene Faith she came from nowhere to this hmmmm

  286. smh Says:

    nave sweets, eternally a fixture on sl, if not as nave fall, then as one of your many male and female alts, not to mention trolling several websites.

    kimmera’s conflict of interest was clearly being discussed before i commented on it, arent you having difficulty addressing it, so you resort to cheap tirades, have fun finding a convincing explanation.

  287. Nave Fall Says:

    Classy writings????? I’m known more for honesty then class which is fine with me, although I do have my classy moments where I decide that Churchill was right and it’s better to keep my mouth shut. But. again you’re being obscure I’m afraid and if you knew me at all you’d know that I am not around that much at all these days and never on the weekends………..

    I gave your comment about “conflict of interest” more attention than it deserved already btw. It’s a non-starter and you should know it. If you’re questioning Kimmera’s integrity you don’t know her at all. When it comes to propriety Kim’s name is next to the word in the dictionary.

    My suggestion to you is this, since you are, obviously, well educated in what YOU think is the way things should be done and you have a lot of time on your hands, you might offer to serve as a Miss Virtual World judge yourself (good luck with that btw) and then you will see from the inside what goes on and the checks and balances that have been put in place to ensure fairness and impartiality. Or, even better yet, you could start your own competing event and run it however you choose to. On the same day even……… You could choose judge’s randomly and have them vote anonymously, since you think anonymity is a good thing. Then you’ll have be able to speak from experience on how these things REALLY work or don’t work. Good luck with that one too.

    I’m only,

    Nave Fall

  288. smh Says:

    sweet nave, whatever happened to classy writings? i do get out often enough not to be on sl 24/7 as you are. if i merit the troll title, shouldn’t you be the troll of trolls?

    i don’t think the conflict of interest question is ambiguous. either you have an explanation as to why kimmera being a contributing designer and a judge in the same pageant was not a conflict of interest or you don’t, seems you don’t

  289. Nave Fall Says:


    I’m not someone YOU can tell SFTU and scare…… I don’t really care what any anonymous AgencyReport troll like you says. I do respect your right to be anonymous and do that myself from time to time. If you wanna contact me in world and continue to discuss this you know where to find me………. I’m not holding my breath.

    Also, based on the number of hits my, relatively new, blog gets you’d be very surprised how many people are interested in my opinion and what happens when I don’t post for a few days.

    As far as ANY conflict of interest between Tres Beau, BOSL and the Miss Virtual World pageant I’m not sure what you mean. Maybe you’d like to spell it out instead of dealing in gutless innuendo, snide insinuations and ambiguity. Are you one of the contestants who Kim didn’t lavish countless hours over? Sorry Glitter, Shae and Miaa were all that Kim could handle. We had to turn away a bunch of others

    I’ve made this comment elsewhere and Nox Deigan said it far better then I did……… in SL, and RL for that matter, Competitions/Pageants/Contest are not model-centric it’s done to draw attention to, and promote, BUSINESS. So it’s not a conflict of interest at all. If you ever bothered to get dressed and out of the house into the light of day you’d get what makes the world tick. You’re one of the ones who gags me in here.

    I’m still just,

    Nave Fall

  290. MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization Says:

    We just wanted to take the time to thank you all for your comments. We received over 200 notecards of beautiful encouragement and comments inworld. In here, we are receiving more good comments as well as criticism.

    I wanted to thank all of you for them. At this point, all we can do is accept them all and learn and grow for next year. But we are certainly happy we produced a show worth writing about good or bad. So thanks.

    Congratulations are in order to Serene faith and to all the wonderful contestants who gave their all.

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  291. smh Says:

    @nave fall, stfu? how rude, not many people are actually that interested in your personal opinions by the way.i guess you posted to shed light on kimmera’s conflict of interests in couldn’t figure out a convincing explanation to that, could you?

    @complaints, if kimmera was a judge and designer, why was this not criticised by contestants early on in the pageant? why take a bite out of an apple that was clearly rotten and throw tantrums about it afterward?

  292. Keira Soulstar Says:

    There has been some grumbling about the MVW pageant and I just wanted to send out this open letter to tell you about my experiences in MVW.

    It was and is an absolute thrill and honor for me to have been chosen as one of the twenty eight contestants for MVW. My Journey started in the summer of 2010 and ended in December 2010. During this time we were challenged to style, having contests, fashion shows and mini challenges. We were kept busy learning to refine our look, leave our comfort zone, be creative and challenge what we have learned in the world of modeling about fashion and how we could manipulate our unique look around similar outfits, so that we stood out in the crowd.

    We were given tips and criticisms on how to improve our avatar, that were so valuable as these were from people in the industry that are experienced, up to date with current fashions and really all had the most amazing style.

    Most importantly were these 28 women all vying for one title, the one that had that eye, the ability to turn heads, make her mark and do it with confidence, poise and style. That lucky, beautiful lady is Serene Faith. She will make an amazing MVW.

    During all of this though all of us became a family, we helped each other, took care and encouraged each other, we really became great friends. We all knew going into MVW that there could only be one that would hold the title of MVW but that didn’t stop everyone from encouraging each other to do our best.

    This was a contest, a pageant, you go in hoping to win but you also have to go in knowing that you have a one in 28 shot at winning a title. What you leave with is grace, even though you didn’t win a title you won new found confidence in your ability, the fact that out of hundreds or thousands that entered YOU made it to be one of 28, you hopefully learned as I did, from the amazing people around you, took in all of that knowledge, support and encouragement and will move forward happily knowing that even though you were not crowned Miss Virtual World, that you are a winner, you pushed yourself a little further out of the box, met amazing people that will become friends for life, met designers that created something special, unique just for you, you gained that confidence in yourself and your abilities to hit the modeling world running for new challenges, to do some great things to help others find their dream here and those that are in need of your experience and now your name, now that everyone knows you, to assist with charities and causes. I said above that this is a contest but really its so much more than that and im so thankful to have been part of it.

    The MVW organization treated us fairly, we were all encouraged, we all had the same chances and I would encourage any model that wanted to try to become MVW to go for it, the experience alone is worth so much. I thank everyone at MVW, the press, our judges, former MVW’s that came and gave us pep talks and encouragement, all that worked behind the scenes, they worked hard to make this experience amazing and thats what it was, AMAZING! There will always be those that feel these pageants and contests are unfair but let me reassure everyone that has ever wanted to enter something like this, take the chance, follow your dreams, it really is worth it.

    I would also like to thank everyone who has sent me IM’s, encouraged me and have given me the most beautiful compliments about being proud that I have represented Canada, that I have done a great job. That means the world to me. Thank you. I wear my Miss Canada title with pride and a feeling of a job well done.

    Miss Canada
    Keira Soulstar

  293. Nave Fall Says:

    I’m not sure what I can ad to this debacle of a discussion here. Some of the things written here gag me…. I know the MASSIVE effort that goes on behind the scenes to pull events like Miss Virtual World together. Countless hours and a ton of money get invested. I think in here, at AgencyReport that is, if you were a contender and you have any comments/crack/criticisms to make it should be under your own name jsut as Roe Woodford did. I also think think that if you were someone outside looking in you should STFU.

    As far question about “MY OPINION” whether I think a Miss Virtual World designer/sponsor should be allowed to serve as a judge also goes, I can only speak for Tres Beau and you know that I’m biased there. Sorry, the question, in and of itself, impugns Kimmera’s (and the other designers and judges for that matter) integrity and anyone who knows her at all, knows that her integrity, and her judgment, are peerless. Hell she picked me to marry out of all the men in SL after 7 years of searching!!!!!!!!!! Talk about tenacity and stamina

    I may write more about this but if I do it won’t be here on AgencyReport, it will be on my blog. You can check here

    http colon//

    from time to time if you’re interested in my PERSONAL opinions and tirades.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  294. an observer Says:

    I’m not going to waste any time or words on unprofessional models who cannot accept a no.
    Be it fair or not, MVW 2011 was crowned, it’s over so if you didn’t win get over it and move on with your life.
    As Roe posted below, any complaints or issues should be discussed directly with MVW organization.

    About the organization, I’m not sure people realize how HUGE organizing MVW is. A couple of flaws are overall acceptable and human in a 1-year-long production. That said, if partners, sponsors, photographers who associated with MVW Organization revealed themselves not to be professional, it is in the end MVW Org’s responsability. A solid production crew should carefully and wisely select partners for such an important event, as if any scam occurs (as it happened) it will reflect on MVW organization as well.

  295. Caffine Says:


    i agree with you, how sad is it that they cry about not winning, this is just like real life,do you think those woman act like some of the people here when they loose.It was a great show i enjoyed watching it live, and chatting with other people while watching it.Please grow up,work harder next time,i do agree that if a designer is going to do the dresses for contestant’s they shouldn’t be a judge also, that is only right.Other than that it was ran very well,and if these ladies what to go and try out for MVW then it’s there choice,it’s a good way to learn and strive to do better.Stop complaining all the time please, it just make you look pitiful and pathetic.Get out the house sometimes enjoy the fresh air, to much stress will kill you>That is all

  296. Glad I Did It! Says:

    I am also one of the contestants who didn’t make it any further than the original finalists.

    I am an established model and have nothing but respect for the way the MVW Pageant was run and conducted on all points. At no time did I feel I was discriminated against or judged unfairly because of who I know or don’t know.

    I will agree with “hmmmmm” regarding the judges being designers for dresses/costumes in the pageant. If you are a designer creating for a MVW contestant, the designer should make a choice as to which they prefer to do for the pageant: Judge OR Design for the contestant. To do both in my opinion seems a bit biased in scoring.

    Other than that, I am very glad I was in the pageant. I loved every minute of it, but am glad the stress is over. I have never felt so much stress for something I do online for fun. This was all my choice, I learned a lot and met many people I may never have had the opportunity to meet before.

    If you have the goal to make it to the finals of MVW, don’t let anyone stop you. Just prepare yourself for NOT winning, so when you do, you will be that much happier!

    My congratulations go to all the women who participated and made it to each level of accomplishment yesterday. I may not have made it to the final 12 or the final 5, but I DID make it to the final 28, something that close to 2,000 others didn’t do.

    Peace and love to each and every person reading this post.

  297. Some people... Says:

    It doesn´t matter what any of us do, not everybody will ever be satisfied.

    This is true always.

    I am a contestant too and I just have to say that we received NOTHING but the best support from Frolic and all the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization.

    I grew and learned.

    I even remember Frolic taking extra time of his schedule just to be there and help us out. Honestly, it was the best and most professional experience ever in SL for me and no drama queen will ever change my mind.

  298. Roe Woodford Says:

    I’m posting because I just recieved a desturbing rather rediculous IM accusing me of being the disgruntled contestant who posted here. Personally this is just not my style, if I have something to say I will say it period. I am happy for Serene and the contest is over. Any issues I had with MVW I discussed with Frolic Mills. Get your facts straight before your assume.

  299. DramaQueen anyone? Says:

    Well seems that after all the kissy kissy amongst the girls in the pageant (I am one of them) some true colors have shined through.

    I didn’t make the top 12 nor 5 obviously, but in true fairness I will have to be a bit more impartial here.

    to Ima Tellu:

    1. COMMUNICATIONS: Communications during MVW were well established since 3 months ago. True some changes did occur due to Metaverse filming, which is beyond the scope of frolic’s direction, but the original schedule never did.

    2.PHOTOGRAPHS: Helenna Baxton was recommended just like frolic recommends any other photographer. Buying a picture off her was never a MVW requirement.

    3. YACHTS: Niyo Batista, the guy who ACTUALLY offered the yachts left SL. This is hardly the MVW Organization’s fault.

    4. The website is up and running: and I think you are nothing but a cold-hearted bish for posting this after frolic explained everything he had to do to all of us to get it up before the show.That’s all I have to say to you about this!

    PROFESSIONALISM: I have never been in a more professional contest in all of my SL. So you are either a very sore looser or a newbie. There is nothing more professional than MISS VIRTUAL WORLD out there. Nothing at all.

    PAWNS: Mui Mukerji and Summer Deadlight did make it in the top 5 in the first year (both known top models at the time), as did Mimmi Boa who actually won and was already a model. Sabine Blackburn last year and so on. So again all false.

    FILMING: Again, Metaverse TV’s fault. Nothing to do with the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization. They are 2 completely separate companies.

    EXEMPTIONS: That interview was only part of the 30 initial percent, which consisted of MANY other competitions: 5 styling competitions, press interview, private interview, etc. So I am guessing what Celeste was not scored on,wasn´t worth more than 10%. There was still a 90% score where Celeste could have gotten into the top 5. Do your math!

    SPONSORS: I don’t know anything about this. But I do know 2 sponsors who were totally satisfied with everything Frolic did. So again, this is nothing but a frantic (all lies) effort to bring down the best model showcase in sl just because you didin’t win. So sad of you…

    I know it’s hard loosing. But I am betting you did not write any of this to Frolic’s face eventhough he gave us an opportunity to do so. Could it be you didn’t win because everyone knows which one of those top 12 has been a sour looser in ALL competitions she has ever entered? Think twice before posting anon because we all who you are darling. I am VERY glad you did not win.

    I didn’t win either, but I had a wonderful experience in the contest and many of us did too.
    I recommend this pageant to all!!!

  300. really? Says:

    If you think anything about MVW is fair then your head is so far up your ass you can’t see, must be another ass kisser as KD so states

  301. Hmmm Says:

    How can it be said that the judging was fair when one of the top 5 did not even show up to two judged portions of the competition? Was she that good that she blew everyone else away in the portions where she was present?
    In addition, one thing I never understood is how a judge can also be a sponsor of a contestant and design their gown, also? Nave Fall has written pretty openly about Tres Beau’s sponsorship of contestants and the numerous gowns Kimmera designed. I am just not sure about the ethics of that. Maybe since Nave posts quite a bit he can share some insight. I’m not a past, present, or future contestant or anyone with connections to contestants. Just a spectator posing a question for discussion who is interested in what other people think about this.

  302. Anonymous Says:

    Grow up and get over it. It’s over. Bad mouthing any candidate at all is extremely low class. Everyone was graded fairly and equally. It doesn’t have anything to do with being friends with Frolic. If it did then all Frolic’s friends would win.

  303. LooooosersHAHA Says:

    To people who are totally trying to ”trash” this contest, I think you need to head out more and get a real life, rather than posting childish comments on a website, about VIRTUAL MODELLING.

    Please…go and cry somewhere else about stuff that, at the end of the day, is not as important. A life is important, try and get one sometime haha.

    Congrats to Serene Faith and all the other Amazing ladies who made it to the final!

  304. Iagree Says:

    I agree with Ima tellyu on some points and disagree with others. FOR SURE CIELESTE should not have been top 5, let alone top 12. Not only did she not show up to the press release/Tres Beau challenge (she was online), she also did not attend several mandatory rehearsals and meetings, which we were told we had to absolutely be there! Which goes to say that how much weight was put on the other challenges. Everyone knew Shae would make top 12, she is Frolic’s best friend, Kimera made her dress who is also her best friend, and one of the judges. But like Frolic has said, it’s his contest so he can do what he wants. I don’t think a judge should have a gown in the pagaent anyways, that’s just not ethical. I disagree on your anger over Serene’s dress, this was not a designer competition, but the person wearing the gown. Maybe that’s why you didn’t win, your personality and your drama. I was not a contestant, only friends with some of the girls who mentioned some of the above. I think the top 5 were all beautiful, but don’t this Cieleste should have been there, she didn’t earn that spot.

  305. KD Says:

    I seen all this from the first time i was called back for an interview… then stupid me came back for yet a second interview.. then i seen what was really going on. Two of the judges told me that i should of gotten picked but i did not, i even second guessed myself then it all came clear, I am NOT a Frolic ass kisser..point blank, if you are not kissing someones ass on sl you will not get far and really, I am ok with that, I do not need sl modeling nor anyone in sl to validate my fashion sense….I will not ever again join any sort of contest in sl.. it just is not worth it, i know i am good.

  306. Logan Says:

    I heard about Helena Baxton doing that to the contestants, taking pics, taking money, then leaving SL. She should have refunded everyone’s lindens. If Frolic is a gentleman, he should refund the conestants’ money for paying for pictures they did not receive. As far as paying off Frolic to win? You are out of your mind and dillusional! Congrats to Serene Faith, a truly nice young lady!

  307. TOP 12 MV♛ Candidate Ima Tellu Says:


    There are a number of things that are seriously flawed, and is a serious joke to all involved. Below is a list of issues I and many other misses had with the competition, in random order as they come to mind.

    1. COMMUNICATION: It was lax. There was always a tremendous amount of confusion, and also times and dates frequently being changed. Most other misses I discussed this with agreed with me that there were some serious issues with the organization’s communication. Though might I add, Miss Brazil Shae Sixpence a.k.a. Frolic Mills’ best friend knew what was happening at all times.

    2. PHOTOGRAPHS: We paid for photographs deemed optional. Yet once stated that they would be used for judging purposes the photographer not only lacked talent to bring out the best in the contestants, but she decided to leave SL all together. Taking with her the lindens we paid for the images, of which only some of us received.

    3. YACHTS: We were promised a yacht as a social place for all the misses to hang out…. that never really happened. Then we were promised smaller yachts for groups of 3 or 4. This also never happened.

    4. PUBLICITY: Not all misses were featured in publications and press equally, if at all … which leads me to my next point.

    5. WEBSITE: MVW 2011 has no website, not a cracker nothing as a tribute to our experience or the hard work we had done to be in the competition. Not to mention the request for filled-out questionnaires, photographs and bio’s that we were pressured to complete. And for what exactly? With the constant promises of the website being done “soon”??

    6. PROFESIONALISM: Communication to Frolic specifically, and sometimes Kay was tedious, they were quite blunt, very fake, and in my opinion not very respectful. Even though being involved is such an honor and all the contestants were supposedly the crème de la crème. Why is it then acceptable that we are to be treated with less professional decency than what is expected of us?

    7. PAWNS: Well known, popular and successful models need to boycott MVW YOU ARE JUST PAWNS! to get people to be interested in following the competition. When it comes to the crunch, you are not needed in the top 5, as you are not a “fresh face” and can’t be “made” by the MVW Organization. Sorry, ladies think again if you are thinking you could ever win, if you have an established persona in SL. STAY AWAY! This is the reason fantastic contestants such as Leandra Breen didn’t even make it into the top 12!!

    8. FILMING: We were filmed in bathing suits on our representive countries themed sims for assessment. Only after the competition finished, we were told that the hard drive they were filmed on was corrupted, and instead we got some very shoddy last minute green screen cover up. Anyone notice the horrible quality of the bathing suit competition? Some models in that footage were blown out with lights, and looked like cartoon characters from the 1940’s. Yet somehow that was a valid means of assessing us? How is that fair when many of us allotted countless hours into styling and pose choices.

    9. EXEMPTIONS: Even though Miss Taiwan Cieleste Magic made it into the top 5, she was not even present for the Tres Beau styling and meet the press challenge. How is it that she is then able to make it into the top 5, when in fairness she would have been disqualified for that round of scoring?

    10. THE DRESS: Look at the gown that Serene Faith MVW 2011 was wearing. People do you see what I see? Quite possibly the biggest joke of them all. Seriously, among all those gowns this was the gown of MVW 2011???? If I were designer I would be appalled by losing to that!

    11. BABYSITTING: Miss Japan rakusu Aabye who has no formal training that I can see, was babysat throughout the whole competition by Kay Fairey. Even though the initial rules stated that you must have a minimum level of English. The very same
    rules that stated you needed to be a RL female to compete, and got other contestants disqualified.

    12. SPONSORS: What do the sponsors get for their money? Hmm, let me see. Well some get their items featured in nearly every show, others not at all. Usually a website would be a fantastic marketing tool. Sadly not this year! What other incentives are there for designers? Ones who are also judges might be able to place their favorite contestant in the top 5 if they are lucky lol. Oh yes I forgot to mention your sponsiship buys Frolic a shiny new auditorium “thankyou sponsors”!

    This competition is a joke, not to be taken seriously. Please don’t get involved in it. I caution you. It is not worth your time, Lindens, hard work, professionalism, integrity, tears and passion. It has nothing to do with true skill or effort. Please do not be deluded, and take this as a warning from someone who has experienced it first hand. I am not the only one having been involved in this competition that knows this, and feels as I do. I am merely the messenger, as I think it would be unjust to see others pursue this hollow dream.


    Miss virtual world is rigged.. Frolic Mills is a bastard.. He has stolen lots of lindens from me..
    Serene Faith paid to be the Queen.. she is an alt of an already established sl model.. Just look at her rizz date.

    Do not enter this contest, it is rigged. From day one of entering this contest I could see how frolic was giving special attention to few of his favourites like Serene. I am highly disappointed after entering this beauty contest, he promised me I would win I even paid him a lot of rl money but that bastard has cheated me because of him I am going to leave second life forever.

    And please! Miss virtual world academy is a joke.. they don’t teach a shit..its another money vending machine for that bastard Frolic Mills.. and listen don’t make my statements into a joke.. I am very serious.His photographer Helena Baxton has duped many contestants ..we paid her for our pictures she has ran away taking our precious money… BEWARE!!

    I want my money and my crown back you Bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. Guy Caballero Says:

    I don’t know about all of you but I want a list of the names of ALL the National costume designers so I can buy some of those for Mardi Gras and Halloween

    God I loved some of them ALL.

  310. KD Says:

    Well Frolic the queen must be thrilled, I mean yet another sl ass kisser to make his pink lips curl up in an evil amile.It makes me shudder to think of all the people in sl that kiss his ass..*sighs* It’s sad really that they are all sitting there bending over backwards to kiss the ass of someone they will never know for some “SL Fame” But then again Sl is filled with insecure people begging for some sort of validation. Hey i know what i can do, open a clinic for mental health on sl and help all these poor women and men that suffer from the AKS (ass kisser syndrome)in the end you will get nothing sorta like mvw

  311. Little Boots Says:

    Rigged Rigged Rigged look where they came from the others never had a chance and yes they all looked the same

  312. Caffine Says:

    Congrats Serene:)) Miss MVW 2011 Woot!

  313. BITCHFACE Says:

    Nobodies always win. Miaa Rebane was a nobody when she won. Also, why do all the winner have the same looking avatar? Or is it me.

  314. The insider Says:

    At last a nobody wins watch all the crawlers and new friends she makes in the next few days

  315. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats to Serene Faith MVW 2011

  316. Anonymous Says:

    I would agreed with @KD a lot of sl models in rl are either old, overweight, housewives, unemployed, single, living out unfulfilled fantasies, or have just to much free time. or a combination of several of the above.

  317. KD Says:

    I find it amusing that so many live their life for Sl modeling, yes i model also but it is NOT my whole life, sl or rl. Most contests or pageants are all the same, too many inflated egos and faceless people sitting there judging you when in rl i am sure they are a hot mess. I just say No to it all.. I do not need to be validated by anyone, i am happy i am who i am. Everyone have a lovely day and play the game don”t let it play you =)

  318. The insider Says:

    here we go here we go here we go grabs the popcorn and settles down to watch the event of the Year and the Winner is Katherine Comet USA USA USA well lets see what happens shall we.

  319. optimistic Says:

    i hope these girls are classy and don’t spread their pixel thighs to win.

  320. Doubtful Says:

    I don’t think “finalist” is actually one of the MVW finalists. Most of them have too much class to say something like that, and the one or two who don’t are more articulate and have better grammar than the below poster.

  321. Caffine Says:

    lol@finalist, if your so sure put your name here i bet you won’t get so far then.but, i give you prompt’s (claps)to believe that you have it going on that good that your going to win.

  322. finalist Says:

    i wont say who i am, but i am on the list, and im pretty sure that i will be in the top 10 anyway, if not take the entire comp. so might as well pack your dresses ladies, the comp is pretty much over.

  323. Anonymous Says:

    Frolic is the only one that knows the current scores right now and nothing has been announced. Get your facts straight. The site is filled with bullshit information. You are most likely the alt of slfashioncritique, jealous you can’t get anywhere in the industry and bashing people as usual.

  324. Anonymous Says:

    jealous your not on it? dont be scorned. accept it.

  325. Anonymous Says:

    The top 10 MVW finalists have not been announced, bullshit information and link.

  326. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats to the top 10 finalists in MVW 2011!!!
    I was looking for some info about this contest because it is in a few days. I thought there was 30 girls, but I guess this is a new update. Congrats to the top 10 girls!! One of them will be the winner!

  327. fashion observer Says:



    10 AM SLT

  328. fashion observer Says:

    The official photographer of this year´s MVW is Aleida Rhode and the MVW organization paid for all those pictures.

    Pictures with Helenna were completely optional and were offered at a great discount.

    drama, drama and more drama !

  329. Drama Says:

    Drama . I know the fashion world is one big drama.

  330. Mavi Beck Says:

    Whoa…last year nobody had to pay for the official pictures! :O

  331. CC Says:

    You mean, you are one of MVW candidates and you payed for MVW’s own photographer????????!!!
    That should be supported by MVW organization, not by you or any of the contestants!

  332. Very Disappointed Says:

    It has just come to my attention that our MVW photographer Helenna Baxton has abruptly left sl without producing pictures to either of us candidates. This is very disturbing to me, we all work extra hard and along with our hard work we have to constantly pay out money for pictures, clothes, hair, shoes etc., in order to stay on top and ahead in our modeling careers. So when I find that someone has run off with my money and not even have the common courtesy to say a word it really ticks me off.

    It was not very much money but it was my money that I could have very well used for something else. I am just so sick and tired of sl scam artists and I wish there could be background checks done in sl for people who run sl businesses.

  333. Fashion Observer Says:

    You mean the real Winter Jewell? I don’t think anyone cares about you too much either sweety!

  334. Bliss Beningborough Says:

    to Anon Freaky,
    My manager Naiya left me a message to come look at this page, who despite all the rumours is not my alt , dont have the time for alts these days…..
    If you knew me at all then you would know if I make a comment I always put my name to it , Im not afraid to speak my mind and stand behind it ….
    Secondly everything you have said about me is a bunch of horse shit. not even going to defend it.People fall out get over it.
    I have huge major rl(yes REAL LIFE) issues at the moment and trust me Frolic Mills, and Miss VW does not even register on my radar, I have no interest in BOSL in any way shape or form so please leave me out of this drama
    The Real Bliss Beningborough

  335. Concerned Says:

    To Anon freaky

    So what if she has had a report against her. It is easy to generate reports like that if i was in an evil frame of mind i am sure i could go onto SL and generate them for everyone that i see. The most important thing is what was the outcome?

    Also it is very easy to come on here and say things. There is no evidence as to who posted the comment on October 20, 2010 at 9:57 am. It is something that you have just assumed.

    A few placed words here and there can result in devestation. The best thing to do is rise above it all and leave it alone.

    As you all know the cyber bullying is a terrable thing and fanning it’s flames will only result in hurt. The best thing to do is ignore it and it will either go away or sound pathetic.

  336. Anon Freaky Says:

    Dear Anon Freaky:

    A few corrections:

    1) Frolic has lived alone since he was 18 years old.

    2) All his dates are over 18 years old.

    3) He has only banned House of BeningHorror (as he calls it) and Victoria whatever for very unprofessional behavior in the past. In fact HOB has had DMCA reports with her alter account! Oh yes, we know.

    2 designers out of thousands doesn´t seem like a bad ratio to me.

    4)Now go back to your HOBeningHorror crappy store and keep making cheap copies of REAL designers!

    Take care pathetic homophobic looser.


    A MVW candidate in the know.

  337. Anonymous Says:

    I hear Frolic is also dictating to models who’s clothes they can wear, banning certain designer’s because they dare to stand up and speak their mind . What is this a dictatorship??
    And to those who will jump to defend this man would u really do it in real life and suffer the fallout of being associated with him ?? I wonder , its easy at a computer where no one knows the real you, I wonder what friends and family would say if they know u associated with such a person .

  338. readyforfashion Says:

    oh yes, i’m Mimmi Mimmi Mimmi!
    should i be Frolic probably?
    i’m Mimmi she’s closest to my shape,gender and country.
    you make my day

  339. OK, you can read this Says:

    The rumor is actually true, Mimmi?

  340. readyforfashion Says:

    I think is too much still read you have fun bitching about the same people and now even comment concerning their private RL life. You can hate or love somebody but what he/she does in its main life is not concerning this blog.

  341. Don't read this, either Says:

    You should lighten up on Frolic. Think it’s easy being unemployed and still living at home with mother at his age?

  342. >__ Says:

    Yes, the one hes running! Basically this year all you need to do to enter MVW is to pay, and if you have a designer friend whos in the jury or in the bosl group you can be absolutly certain to be a finalist.

  343. Don't read this Says:

    I don’t know why you all accuse Frolic of being unfair or elitist about finalist selection. Just look at this year’s group. The majority have absolutely no credible SL experience other than attending a modeling academy.

  344. GoodAdvice Says:

    Wow,blackliquid busted, i guess you have learned not to talk to much outloud in public.

  345. agencyreport Says:

    Wow, now that is quite an interesting thing to happen! I once, while on vacation, had to check up on this site from a public library! It was a huge library, lots of computers and most of them being used. I thought, what if some SL model over my shoulder could see me logging into the admin area of AgencyReport! That might have been an interesting encounter, lol.

  346. G'day Mates Says:

    Being in SL and loving it had the shock of my life while having Coffee RL overheard a convo between a woman and her friend can’t help but evaesdrop off they were talking about Modelling and Fashion and flickr when lo and behold the woman doing all the talking mentioned her SL name i nearly died and choked on my vanilla slice just wanted to say hi Black liquid and what a small world it is , If you only knew the comments she was making about SL modelling and she mentioned this site as a pack of inbred losers thats how i found this site anyway im now interested the scene but ill be staying away from black liquid , she thinks she’s shoe in for MVW
    please dont let her win if you only heard what she was talking about.

  347. Leaked info Says:

    And just to clarify who said it’s frolic ? i didn’t

  348. Leaked info Says:

    To fashion observer no not a Moron , the person who sent the IM by mistake has now IM’d me again and threatend me. Now is that someone who has nothing to hide ,well here i am you know who i am tell the people im making it up.You know you can’t because i haven’t mentioned anynames and in doing so will expose you, bring it on i say.Expose me i have nothing to hide.

  349. fashion observer Says:

    Dear Leaked:

    Are you a moron?

    Look, I too have leaked info:

    [18:53] Frolic Mills: Calista Ella will win
    [18:53] Frolic Mills: jenna Loire will win
    [18:53] Frolic Mills: Roe Woodford will be the next MVW
    [18:54] Frolic Mills: I woke up today and decided that Shae Sixpence is the winner!
    [18:54] Frolic Mills: I changed my mind, Keira is the definite winner!
    [18:55] Frolic Mills: Or Mel, miss chile, not sure yet.
    [18:55] Frolic Mills: forget all of the above. Fauve Beaumont will win!
    [18:56] Frolic Mills: or rakusu
    [18:56] Frolic Mills: or ruby
    [18:56] Frolic Mills: or …

    If you want any more leaked info, let me know. I have tons and tons!!

    Now send all this to your secret blogger 🙂

  350. Leaked info Says:

    Typical response from one Dolce Enderfield.I don’t care what you think, to me your just pixel trash .The people i feel sorry for are the ones who think they have a chance at winning,As for the date stamp ever heard of an official Post Office Stamp,maybe not you don’t leave the Virtual World now do you?
    last comment i will make on this.Lets see what happens later on.

  351. Frolic said he thinks I am going to win. And I didn’t even have to kiss anyones ass!!!!

    but secretly…just between me and Agency Report…cause I know you all will keep this top secret…I think Frolic wants the crown and has devised some sort of evil plan to de-throne me when I get my MVW crown so he can have it.

    I have proof…look at recent comment made by Frolic himself.

    [10:37] Frolic Mills: NOOOOOOO – I am gonna winnnnnnnnnn – the crown is mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I’m scared.

    Dolce Enderfield
    MVW Finalist – North Pole

  352. so funny! Says:

    I too can create a false stamped IM …

    It’s very easy LOL – Just type it on your own box and then change your name by the name of the person whom you want to acuse!

    You really have a serious case here tsk tsk tsk!

  353. Leaked info Says:

    Well the winner has been decided , love it when someone sends an IM to the wrong person tsk tsk tsk
    you should really look before you hit that send button
    but your secret is safe with me.Shame the person you named as the winner wont get to the wear the Crown now.
    To everyone that says this is crap well it could be now iv’e made it known we will never know.but on the off chance this person wins i’e faxed a copy of the IM
    with a date stamp to a well known Blogger , lets see what happens.

  354. Anonymous you twat. If the gown was all they were looking at, it’d be a competition for the designers. Scuttle under your rock lovie.

    You’ll do well in my Miss Uranus Pageant.

  355. Anonymous Says:

    I was there i saw women get picked wearing an off the rack gown,, nothing “unique” as it was stated they wanted.. is there anything unique about someone buying a dress and just wearing it or is it unique when someone takes the time to put together pieces from 3 outfits and make sure every single prim is perfection? I have heard it from certain judges that is indeed up to Frolic in the end who gets in and who doesn’t.. I am thinking you are on of Frolics ass lickers.. oh yea you are. sad going through sl doing that hmm

  356. Oh and to Sick ‘n’ Tired. My tongue is firmly in my mouth tootz. I walk to the beat of my own drum. Anyone who knows me even a little, knows that.

  357. To those who believe that Frolic makes the ultimate decision on who wins. Can you please tell me why Frolic would care which one of the finalists are crowned?

    I’ve had a conversation with him about this very issue. He wants the winner to be chosen by a panel to ensure that the victor has a broader, mass appeal. He admitted that his taste is not always that of the judging panel so he leaves it to them to produce a winner.

    Of course at the end of the night he wants someone standing there with a crown on but I firmly believe WHO that is doesn’t concern Frolic like many of you are claiming.

    I’m going to start my own pageant for the anally retentive among you. Who wants to be the next Miss Uranus?????????

  358. sick &tired Says:

    To NONONO … sprays her with the anti contest.anti frolic ass licking spray* there now you will be ok

  359. NONONO Says:

    I say NO NO NO !! LOL

    When is the next audition for MISS VIRTUAL WORLD?

  360. sick & tired Says:

    The so called “judges” do not have the final say, it is Frolic.. I have a friend that is a sometime judge and they told me all that goes on with the judging. It is all who Frolic wants no matter what the other judges say point blank. Just say NO! to any sl contests.. you will work your ass off for nothing unless your head is up someones ass or you are pixel humping them. I for one will never ever stick my head up anyone’s ass in real life and certainly not second life.. thing is i have a first life unlike many on sl.. love thyself ladies!!!!! just say NO to Frolic and others like him!

  361. My favorites Says:

    I don’t understand what all the rant is about KC and blackliquid.

    I don’t think they have the sparkle Frolic likes. Yes, Frolic is behind all this, despite the judges.

    My favorites are:

    Fauve Beaumont
    Shae Sixpence
    Carylin OHare
    Cieleste Magic

    They all have that special thing …

  362. Julya Says:

    For “Tip to win”

    Before to rant for free better you get informed.
    to start let me say please stop bitchin’ Blackliquid and Katherine.
    both are good persons and skilled models, you are probably only scared about them.

    Stop telling lies : being precise Miss Leandra Bren was choosen as finalist when Mimmi Boa was off second life.
    As Evane model i remember she was off SL when Lea and Fauve were picked out.
    Days later when she get back she sent out a congrats note and this means she was not in jury.

    Every lady picked for MVW final is special and i agree, some beautiful ones were not choosen but every judge has its own taste and when you join a competition you must understand there are rules, winners and loosers.

    Have fun and don’t quit, maybe next year you will be mor lucky


  363. TIPS TO WIN Says:

    not jealousy at all in fact i am not a model and didnt enter as i see its so loaded and i dont have the right licking skills or indeed the motivation to spend time , money and effort to win a worthless tag.

    i know many girls who have entered previously and wish they hadnt once they got into it.

    my reply was in reply to the post from adiva who had the naive notion that none of the girls had any links to selceting parties..and the blantant choice of models who cant be creative, arent beautiful and certainly didnt look the best on the day (if you saw yukki you would know what i am saying here) beggers belief.

    you can all attack me for saying my piece but thats cos you hate anyone disagreeing with your own naive opinion.

    everything i said is true and i defy anyone to disprove anything in my previous post

    have fun ladies its so entertaining watching how desperate and needy you all look..fighting over a pixel crown lmaooooooo

  364. Jealous Much? Says:

    Leave it to Agency report to be the mecca of endless misinformed drivel

    Ask yourself, why do you go on and on about MVW?

    Slighted perhaps because you didn’t get chosen?

    does a contest truly matter that much to you? why?

    SL is fun, if you allow it to be and you stop screaming your insecurities at the top of your lungs.

    Now get out of Agency Report and either find something legitimate to do or get that counseling you obviously need

  365. Nobody Says:

    Frolic has built up an empire and the MVW contest is apart of it. So you can decide to link yourself to this empire or you dont. People enter and get picked and the best woman wins. Yes, the best woman who fits in the picture of wearing the diadem.
    So there are maybe top models, who are succesful but they arent having the look to present this chosen style of a beauty queen, who looks pretty in a picture wearing a tiara.

    Good Luck to all the finalists

  366. Inquiring Mind Says:

    Weak TIPS TO WIN.

    Very weak considering your previous, absurdly,in-depth, analysis of the intertwined skein of relationships within the event.

    I was looking forward to more

    May I have some more please?

  367. TIPS TO WIN Says:

    keep waiting and turning blue lol

  368. Inquiring Mind Says:

    TIPS TO WIN now that you’ve entangled yourself in this debate so anal-lytically could you:

    1) Define “truly unique” as you see it. Give us the names of an avatar, or 2, or more if you wish, that fits your definition of UNIQUE. If it’s not a beauty contest and these women are, equally, adept when it comes to walking a runway (and some of them are honed to a razor’s edge at this skill, for example Fuzz Lennie and Katherine Comet, (give her her due FFS) among those runway mistresses), how are they to be judged other then on their suckitudiness.

    2)Suggest how you’d run the Miss Virtual World auditions so that they are more balanced? It’s easy to stand off to the side and toss rocks. I’m not clear how you’d improve things which reeks of the Fashion Critique SL’s rants, “You suck but I won’t tell you how to fix it that would be too easy, figure it out for yourself. Just remember you suck!”

    3)Perhaps you’d care to rank the BOSL ass-lickers in order of how firmly they are attached to Frolic and company’s butts. You can tune in on BOSL chat and get a feel for this when Frolic is around.

    4)Where does SL’s designer community fit into your in-depth equation? Designers such as Azul, Fellini Couture, Prism, House of Beningborough, Tres Beau Designs and others are active participants, in many cases sponsoring the contestants (or more then one in some cases) even producing unique, and highly tuned, designs for the participants that are engineered to work with the poses they’ve, so carefully, chosen. What about the posemakers, jewelers and hair purveyors? If a designer is a sponsor of the event how does that affect things?

    Other questions might float up but those above are a good place to start.

    Waiting breathlessly

  369. TIPS TO WIN Says:

    I’ve been paying attention to this year’s pageant. Up to now, these are the finalists (more to come next month)

    blackLiquid Tokyoska
    Calista Ella
    Fuzz Lennie
    Katherine Comet
    rakusu Aabye
    Carilynn OHare
    Ranini Farella
    Luralie Bailey
    Veronica Krasner
    Fauve Beaumont
    Leandra Breen
    Darling Tomorrow

    I don’t see here any particular relation between any of these finalists and the judges or members of MVW organization. Nobody knows what will happen. Who will win.


    If you dont know the links i think you should socilaise a little more in sl and get to know the “whose who” and why certain darlings get chosen over truely unique and creative individuals.

    1. very few in miss vw are actually unique, with the exception in recent years of sabine, natascha and melenie, nobodys realy been very inspirational as models.

    2. Your persona and attitude around other castings, agencies and networking get you further also..bare that in mind ladies for next years entries start your ass licking now..make a note of all the judges and go the route of the couture housewife and snuggle up and smile sweety and slag them off in private.

    3. from the castings i watched the judges numbers were all over the casting had 5 one had 8 so if your needed 4 votes better to wait for a casting session with more the maths!!

    4. from the above list miss adiva i will enlighten you whose related in sl terms to whom then their sudden selection maybe becomes evident

    blackliquid couldnt be left out just cos she is unique,but wont win cos of her stinking reputation as a sore loser and all round bitch(not that it ever held mimmi back cos shes as bad if not worse)…she has several high profile “face of” contracts that will benefit hugely by being able to say their face is miss vw.kerchingg.

    KC ..housewife couture lol love that saying kimmerias darling and all round bosl ass licker..if i didnt know better i would swear this one was wena!! shouldnt win cos shes about has no originality and her avatars eyes are like disney huge

    carilyn o’hare aka kimber kassner..not bad but tone down them eye lashes…in it as a dark horse but wont win cos she hasnt earned frolic points..get to it girl!

    Fauve is partner to bosl photographer lulu jameson..shes very pretty and i hope she wins but ticket to the final deffinately cos of who she is with and not what shes done …cos frolic wants free portraits to hang with the 700 others hes got dotted all over sl..sighs.

    leandra breen partner to nando of angel dessous..kerching..evane fashion director..links to mimmi…need i go on? shes nice lady but nothing special avatar being nice gets you picked not how you look..still keeping notes girls?

    raninini farella is bliss beninboroughs alt is why she won beningborough when the contest started to flounder and when she didnt get enough entrys she made an alt to pay herself? dont belive me…check out her other alts :)shes entered herself in more than one name before now 🙂





  370. I don't agree Says:

    I’ve been thinking about all this…

    So Miaa wins and she is just a beauty queen with no modeling skills? How can this be? MVW is all about being a model. They go through fashion shows, styling competitions and they do it against the best models in SL.

    I think it’s funny how they call on Miaa and not Mimmi – only the most successful model in SL. Would Mimmi be what she is if she hadn’t win MVW? I doubt it!

    People wake up! Why would so many SL models audition for this competition if it diidn’t advance you as a model? Trust me it does advance you!

    I agree with all the RL stuff you have said here, but in SL winning this competition is definitely a model job. You must style perfectly, walk perfect, pose perfect … hello? SL modeling!

    Miaa won over the ‘top’ models, not because she was prettier, but she was a better model, and she has proved it over and over. I actually have seen so many print work by her that it cannot be that ALL these designers believe that she is just a “prettier avatar” common!She is just a fabulous model! Period.

    So say wat you will … compare RL to SL as much as you want (a very silly exercise), but MVW IS the absolute top modeling competition in SL.

    I am not a fan. Actually I am a sour looser with enough integrity to say it like it is.

    Oh well …

  371. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    There is no pre-determined winner – and no update – KC was already through to the finals when they originally posted. KC has as much, or as little chance as anyone else in the finals to win.

  372. sick and tired Says:

    KC is katherine Comet

  373. Renee Says:

    @ @Renee

    Thank you, I enjoyed reading your opinion too.

  374. -------------- Says:

    Can someone shed some light on who KC is please i would like to know who the pre-determined winner is also

  375. update Says:

    Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    June 7, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    So… KC has a 1 in 20 chance of winning – and a 19/1 against.. if she doesn’t win.. I guess you will say that she didn’t because you revealed here that she will win. Lol..

    I see KC is in the final list time to back her to win maybe whats the odd’s?

  376. @Renee Says:

    Renee, you make valid points here. I agree with you in many aspects.

    My idea of a beauty pageant in SL would be to get closer to a RL beauty pageant. There is no event in SL closer to a beauty pageant in RL. That’s why your comments haven’t been validated or contested.

    Miss Virtual World in SL back in 2009, was a boost to SL avatar beauty. That was when Mimmi Boa won. Mimmi was already a SL Model when she won MVW. I’d say that after that event, MVW is just another contest in SL, no more, no less. Almost two years after Mimmi, there has been an increase of empowering avatars’s beauty: skins, shapes, eyes, everything. Mimmi was and is one of a kind.

    The fashion industry in SL is somehow reduced to a certain number of people. Everybody knows everybody, at least by name. So, you’re right. The feeling or the sentiments in SL beauty pageants and RL ones are not the same. Fashion is one thing, a beauty pageant is another. In SL, people tend to mix these two.

    The fact of being selected as MVW finalist is not a plus for any SL Model. And it shouldn’t be. Models are Models; we know from RL that some of the best Models out there may be considered “ugly” but distinctive, meaning the concept of beauty in RL Fashion is not exactly the same as in a beauty pageant, as you mention.

    I personally like to watch fashion shows in SL that come closer to RL ones. There are good SL Model Agencies that work hard to get closer to RL. Let’s say, for example, a Designer’s Collection. In RL, a designer’s collection has a distictive trait in it. It has a beginning and an end, there is a link to connect the entire collection. I remember watching a SL fashion show with Avenue Models some time ago, they were showcasing Micah Kanto’s Modern Gypsy’s Collection (I don’t recall if it was autumn or winter collection). It was one of the closest to RL fashion event I ever saw in SL: all the models were carefully styled – they weren’t exactly the epitome of beauty, but the epitome of style and fashion. Everything was amazingly put together in a way that we actually saw a complete collection in front of our eyes. Our attention was on the outfits, not on the models. To be able to put this together, is a amazing achievement in SL. I was really in awe.

    In SL – talking now about beauty pageants – we don’t have an event that is closer to RL. Miss Virtual World’s winner should be known for her beauty, not for her skills in modeling. There are mixed feelings about this. There is no need for the winner to be a successful SL Model. This was clearly shown in last year’s winner. People know her name, but she is not a “famous” SL Model. The best SL Models are – as it should be – quite unknown, just like RL. Meaning that if SL Models work with a good Agency, they can really work like in RL (much underpaid, unfortunately). There’s no need for a SL Model to submit to a beauty pageant just to be known.

    MVW in SL is quite different from a real beauty pageant. From last year’s event, I recall some great SL Models (who were already working before submitting to MVW) such as Sabine Blackburn, Violette Weymann, Mavi Beck, just to name a few. The winner of last year’s event is known just by name, not for her modeling career, and this is how it should be. After all, it’s just a beauty pageant.

    I do relate to your way of thinking. It was great to read your posts, you brought lucidity to the somewhat controverse theme.

  377. KLS Says:

    yes it is all true. i too was asked back for a live audition and out of the 5 girls that were picked 2 looked better or as good as me, if someone looks better i admit willingly.. i can style my ass off every prim perfect.. but yet ladies in ballgowns get picked.. ordinary off the rack ballgowns. I put my outfit together out of many outfits. I refuse to let Frolic or anyone make me feel that I am not good at what i do.. i have been through this three times.. Frolic gets his way no matter what the other judges say. period. So continue to kiss his ass and let him feel he is someone in sl. So be prepared to be his friend in order to win anything.

  378. Strong and Burly Says:

    People say the strangest things when they have been drinking.

  379. HaHA Says:

    S&B says:

    “Thinks Renee is way to smart for SL and offers her the CEO position of a multi global company.”


    After reading that sentence we know she’s smarter than you!

  380. Strong and Burly Says:

    Thinks Renee is way to smart for SL and offers her the CEO position of a multi global company.
    goes back to drinking after the USA England game

  381. Renée Says:

    Amid the distraction, the points I made in my previous posts speak very well for themselves, they have not been challenged actually…these are busy days for me, but if they actually are questioned, I will explain them, or concede to some error I may have made in judgment…at my pace of course when I have free time:)

    The picture that seems to be taking form is that things are done differently in second life for some reasons; and perhaps that “all models” who have not won this or a similar pageant are not “established”.

    Maybe things have not quite developed on second life to the level where things would be done the traditional real life way…or… maybe on second life, there is a different tradition to the way the pageants are done, as it is all really a virtual world and not the real world. Reckoning, however, that there would be a real life cost to contesting in these virtual pageants, possibly a contest amongst one’s ” true peers” would be a fairer way to go about it.

  382. Anonymous Says:

    MVW is a pretty fair and fun competition.

  383. fashion observer Says:

    I agree completely @ Renee lol.

    I bet you anything that all the Misses are making far more money and landing the best contracts in SL rather than the “established” models. Whomever those are.

  384. Renee lol Says:

    How do you think Mimmi got discovered? How do you think Miaa got discovered?

    And who exactly are these established models you talk about? All the ones I know have been throught the MVW pageant:(Mui, Payton, Sabine, Sora, etc etc)

    Go figure…

    I think you are right that in RL established models don´t enter beauty pageants because they are already make millions of dollars, so what´s the point in a pageant for them? But do you know any models in SL making millions of dollars? I think not!

    So this does help! Certainly helped Mimmi and all the others…

  385. Renée Says:


    Like I said, these contests are usually held to scout for new talent/faces. Linda Evangelista herself was discovered while participating in the Miss Teen Niagara contest. Naomi Campbell though slim ,is actually not a size zero. Cindy Crawford was not a size zero or flat busted in her heydays. Size zero was not always in vogue, if it is today, it won’t always be. Becoming a real life supermodel is not all about being the size that is in vogue at that particular time, you could be the right size, but if you do not have the drive, you will most likely not succeed.

    I have not seen an official Miss World or Miss Universe document barring some particular sizes, if you have seen such, please tell me where I could find and see that document so I would be informed. I know that they have ideals of what the winner should be, and it is not all about physical beauty.

    Something to note is that since fashion and show business rely on promoting a “look” that could sell in a contemporary time, having that look would be part of the work you put into succeeding in those industries. Weight for most people can be gained or lost to go with their job. Sometimes, some people manage to get away with a look that is not in vogue, those people that do so did not achieve that by lying down in a corner, they worked for it.

    If Gisele Bundchen represented Brazil today in Miss World, and assuming her current size today really would be to her disadvantage, she could work herself into the ideal weight. Assume that Gisele did all this and lost the pageant, she could easily find herself in a situation where her career is put in question or where she is continually pitted against the winner of that Miss World, enhancing the career of that Miss World at her expense. Now Assume, she did all this and won, it would be considered unfair as Gisele would have had far more resources at her disposal, she is famous and she has many contacts some of whom would be involved directly or indirectly with the pageant. Her weight change could be seen as a publicity stunt that predetermined her as the winner. The judges could be accused of favoritism and that would be expected. The integrity of that pageant would essentially be called to question.

    The point is, established models/talents/etc, usually would not take part in these types of contests or pageants for the reasons I mentioned above and in my previous posts. These reasons being the risk of calling their talent into question, calling the integrity of the contest into question and exposing judges of the contest to valid favoritism accusations. From what I can see, some of these questions have already been raised about this pageant and other contests. But perhaps in Second Life, the sentiments are different for specific reasons.

  386. Barbarella Fuosing Says:


    RL and SL do not compare.. the contestants in RL beauty pageants are rarely likely to make it as Supermodels RL as the body types are different – naomi campbell et al are clothes horses.. skinny and very tall, usually flat-busted. This is not the body-type that would win Miss Universe RL (or not that I have seen – haven’t watched one in many years).

  387. Renée Says:

    Jersey/Dolce seems to be sailing in whatever direction the wind blows her these days, kiss kiss 🙂

    These contests are generally flawed in one major way- participants are established models. Contests of this nature are supposed to be a vehicle to discover new talent/faces. Winners of these types of contests in real life usually end up with some kind of modeling contract or venture out into any other business they might find interesting.

    Anyone wonder why the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen have not and do not participate in Miss World or Miss Universe?
    1. They do not because they are established, if they do and they do not win the crown, they have called their talent into question. Imagine any of these aforementioned models participating in Miss World and losing out to someone else, it would be all over the headlines. Imagine Mariah Carey participating in American Idol and losing, imagine the uproar that would follow that!
    2.Imagine if Naomi and co. participate and they do win, it would not be considered a fair contest as they already have some clout in the industry. In fact their mere presence in such contests would jeopardize the integrity of the contest, other contestants may feel daunted and the judges would most likely pick the established model as a favorite. Imagine knowing that Mariah Carey is contesting in American Idol, and you are a rival contestant? Even if you aren’t a contestant, logically you would expect that favoritism would be involved to a certain degree, consciously or unconsciously. Imagine if Mariah Carey does win that contest, she would be considered a predestined winner even if that was really not the case, and even if most people are happy for her, the contestants who actually went against her would feel cheated to a degree, and that is understandable.

    I think these points are applicable to Second Life. However, probably on Second Life, these things are done a different way for some reasons. Perhaps sentiments about these Second Life Pageants are different. Anyone have an idea of how much the average cost is for participating in MVW or any other similar contests on Second Life? 🙂

  388. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    @ Agency Report…

    You’re right, I don’t have any idea who you are and the post below was a sarcastic reply to x Frolic’s post that Nave is copyright/trademark.

  389. agencyreport Says:


    You really have no clue who I am. No one else does either. I’ve been accused of being Frolic, Nave, and several other people. It’s entertaining for me I guess to see you all try to figure it out, but FYI no one has ever even looked in my direction and thought I’d be AR.

  390. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    Nave isn’t copyright/trademark, or else AR here would out him.
    But oh wait…now you’ll come back and say that he is AR? Or…oh wait…try this…he sleep’s with the owner of AR so that he can post here all he wants without consequence or being revealed.

    Yep yep…Nave Fall has nothing better to do than focus on this site and work full time to make sure that when he posts anonymously, his true identity isn’t revealed.


    DeJaVogue CEO

    P.S. Frolic is awesome, so is Nave…and he’s right…theres WAY more to a pageant like MVW than a name. Even with simple shows…still work. Get a clue please!

  391. navefall Says:

    Ohhhhhhhh this is funny………..

    I’m copyright/tradmark???

    Get real………………

    That’s hysterical.

    Maybe I’m Strong and Burly too and Anastacia Markova’s evil twin sister, Donnetella Couturier’s worst nightmare and I’m against the idea behind the SL Pro Model’s Coalition (I think ALL models and staff who work on ANYTHING should be paid btw). Who, and what, else can I terrorize? Anrol Anthony of Classic With Style is a worthy target. She runs her L$8000 modeling school scam continuously. Maybe I can get her kicked out of the models looking for work and Fashion Professional Job Exchange groups where she spams/pollutes repeatedly (she left StarWalkers a while ago, thank god). Maybe I’m really the Fashion Critique SL too. The simple fact is that ANYONE who knows me knows I don’t waste my time on targets that aren’t worthy of attention and if that means some of you don’t like me I’m not losing any sleep over it.

    Back to copyright/tradmark. The idea that I’d threaten Frolic is beyond the pale. I’ll give him an unsolicited testimonial here (all the Frolic haters can flame away). He is THE most successful fashion PR person that I’ve seen in SL. HE is his own product and I’m sure he has tremendous fun being Frolic. I like Frolic. He throws great parties, he associates with lots of creative people and he’s hilarious to hang out with. Frolic is also a very, very close friend of Kimmera’s and I would never interfere in one of her relationships. I’m stupid but not that stupid.

    Frolic knows beyond a shadow of ANY doubt that I am not copyright/tradmark. For one thing I wouldn’t have misspelled trademark like the drama-stirring chump who made that post did. If Frolic survived his Donald Trump fly-by what gives any anonymouse terrorista in here the idea that he wouldn’t survive them as well. Having the wherewithal to PRODUCE pageants like Miss and Mr. Virtual World is about the countless hours of behind the scenes work that many people put into making it what it is not owning the name.

    I’m personally in awe of the effort that goes into the Mr. and Miss Virtual World events ( the idea that anyone thinks they’re rigged like so many other events makes me gag btw). I’ve witnessed the 30+ hours of work that Kimmera put into creating the national costumes for More Ying-Mr. Canada, and Maddox Kaestner-Mr Brazil and the national, formal and swimsuit outfits for Marcus Night-Mr. Italy and I know that Kim was dead serious about creating something unique, new, and thrilling for each of them to wear on that runway. I’m proud of her and each of them.

    For the record – I categorically deny that I’m copyright/tradmark

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  392. x Frolic Says:

    [20:03:52] Frolic Mills: could you do me a favor?
    [20:04:02] Nave Fall: yes happy to
    [20:04:14] Frolic Mills: thanks
    [20:04:35] Frolic Mills: Literally copy paste this to Copyright/tradmark
    [20:04:50] Nave Fall: no problem
    [20:05:10] Frolic Mills: Be my guest, and by all means send me an invitation to your version of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD. Take care Frolic Mills

    Frolic, copyright/trademark is Nave Fall. Your worst enemy can sometimes also be your best friend.

  393. Aussie Aussie Aussie Says:

    Had a look at MVW and what i can see is some woman just wearing a crown and getting a Tag to wear inworld
    big deal
    let me start a group and give out a tag to all my lady friends saying Miss VW2010 and let them all be superstars anyone want a tag hit me up.

  394. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Well I am pleased you know because nobody involved in BOSL knows the winner. Just who did tell you btw? Clearly nobody involved with BOSL or MVW.

  395. Once a sham always a sham Says:

    BF I don’t mind any competition.What I do mind is you have these women and men running around Second Life spending a fortune in time and money on your so called competition when you already have a predetermined winner.The winner is KC with housewife couture for MVW mark my words. I know it fellow colleagues know it and you know it BF it’s not like we have not already been told ;).
    The only one that has no idea of the decision is the public and the contestants themselves.and a hand full of behind the scenes people.

  396. to bitchface Says:

    They won´t be able to live up to Mimmi Boa?

    Hmmm, I think Miaa lived, survived and stands her very own grounds as Miss Virtual World.

    She has done a great job!

  397. navefall Says:


    Frolic asked me to copy/paste part of a conversation we had for you.

    [20:03:52] Frolic Mills: could you do me a favor?
    [20:04:02] Nave Fall: yes happy to
    [20:04:14] Frolic Mills: thanks 😛
    [20:04:35] Frolic Mills: Literally copy paste this to Copyright/tradmark
    [20:04:50] Nave Fall: no problem
    [20:05:10] Frolic Mills: Be my guest, and by all means send me an invitation to your version of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD. Take care Frolic Mills

    So there you have a timely and succinct response

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  398. Aussie Aussie Aussie Says:

    awww geee chalice ill meet you at footscray station ill be the one wearing the Barbed Wire Suit and carrying a baseball bat for your protection babes i hear you think there are white slavers here and your worried , don’t worry bout them choppers in the air just the local coppers clearing out the drug dealers ,Oh yeah i forget you on the other side of the Yarra nan said hi by the way

  399. Copyright/tradmark Says:

    Open message to frolic , you have 24 hrs from when this is posted to post a reply or i will take over Miss virtual world you never ever trademarked it yet you have been calling people out in world threatning them over this and that.
    Serial Number: 77616297
    Filing Date: 11/18/2008
    Registration Number: NOT AVAILABLE
    Registration Date: NOT AVAILABLE

  400. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    You are just so wrong.. but heck.. if you don’t like the competition just ignore it – plenty more to do in SL.

  401. Once a sham always a sham Says Says:

    Nice Cover BF.It’s not bitterness It’s the plain and simple truth you know it and I know it and so do a few other associates .I am going to just sit back and laugh on the day KC Housewife Couture is announced and come back here and say I told you so because I already knew just like you do 🙂

  402. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    So… KC has a 1 in 20 chance of winning – and a 19/1 against.. if she doesn’t win.. I guess you will say that she didn’t because you revealed here that she will win. Lol..

    There is no fix – hell I am one of the judges of the prelims and I can assure you, no way are we told who should get through and who shouldn’t.

    You sound so bitter – guess you failed to get through to the finals 🙂