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  1. Kayma India Says:

    2017 and I still miss Modavia, i really had a very good time

  2. Fortunate Szondi Says:

    I have always missed Modavia and lovingly leave a flower on the grave of a once unique and innovative concept of Second Life fashion marketing. This may be shouting in a vastly empty canyon and only hearing my own voice bounce back to me but I do so with great love and admiration of the beginning of the, “Republic of Modavia.” I believe I am entitled to shout in this empty canyon, I am Fortunate Szondi, the first producer of Modavia.
    I began at Modavia after producing shows for the real KaDeWe, Kaufhaus Des Westens, a huge Berlin department store that had 4 Sims in SL and fashion shows from the designers with stores there. I met Dea Mills at the 5th Element, now 9th Element I believe, when she contacted me regarding Modavia and perhaps working with her on her idea. We produced a number of shows together, starting with a wonderful production for Ziamella Loon of Jador and, “Knock Out Fashion,” at the Bellagio, They were amazing times and we had such fun together molding a unique concept by models and for models and initiating concepts of live DJ’s reading the scripts as well as using YouTube players in SL to accompany much of the fashion.
    The concept of Prospective and Super Model with Modavia was a solid one. A chance to showcase upcoming models and improve the craft of modeling in SL. I was proud to walk unknowns in my shows at every show not just Modavia, giving a chance to models who had skills but no connections. It is where I clicked most with Dea and a great point of connection between her and I that the nature of Modavia was to hone the craft of modeling for the ultimate benefit of designers. Supers were to appear in the Fashion Directory which was to be a unique showcase of SL fashion and designers. She allowed me to walk the unknowns in Modavia shows and for this I am still grateful, as are some now famous models that they were given that opportunity. I might add here that I never walked my own shows, and I produced a great number of them, preferring to do the best job I could for the designs and those who were walking it. I did walk many shows but never one I was producing.
    Time evolves everything and Dea left SL to pursue other projects and I remained for a time as a Modavia Super. Interestingly, Poptart had a different vision for Modavia, a similar mould but one with a Iron Fist. She ejected Supers as if they were spent cartridges from a handgun and this became, “The Purge.” After witnessing several expulsions and receiving IMs regarding the callous and arbitrary manner with which they were carried out I believed my own resignation from Modavia was prudent.
    And thus Modavia carried on becoming the, “Poptart Lillihook Show,” with little to do with the Supers unless they towed Pop’s line and she liked them. As Rome changed from the Republic to Dictatorship so Modavia followed. I understand the difficulties of running such a large program as Modavia, believe me I do. However, the methods employed to do so creates atmosphere that is either toxic or refreshing. Refreshing departed with Dea Mills.
    The Cadre of five or six Supers reigned in the MFD and most of the Supers were left to rot. I watched, oh I watched from afar as Modavia morphed into an elitists conclave of, “the chosen few.” This is Poptart’s legacy, not the legacy of Modavia. I do admire Poptart’s longevity, her staywithitness. I admire that she grew Modavia into a fashion force to be reckoned with. Modavia was the candle that burned twice as bright. I admire her depth of commitment to something she believed in…but even Mussolini got the trains to run on time.
    Big shout out to Sharron Shuman! No, I didn’t like you much but you were the best at what you did. And great thanks to Summer Deadlight who taught me so very much regarding SL modeling. And a deep, “I miss you,” to Ally Geer who knew more in her shadow than I ever will in my lifetime. And to all the lovely Modavia Supers who I knew and loved and laughed with and cried with and lived a marvelous dream.

    Fortunate Szondi

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Modavia is the best agency that SL has ever had. I really enjoyed the last fashion week of modavia it was amazing. Avenue fashion week doesnt has that. Please modavia come back.

    • rusty Says:

      The fact they are gone proves that no matter what you say Avenue is better. They have stood the test of time and as well as being able to produce a good show staying power is part of the quality package. Rusch is resourceful and very fashion savvy, more so than Pop. And remember – the last few Modavia fashion weeks were visually stylized by MADs Maddox Dupont, not Pop and Dahlia. Just sayin’.

      • Modavia Return To SL Says:

        As I recall, Avenue has has quite a huge restructuring and Renee’s right hand man, Jessika (who is not a nice person from my personal experience with her Precious looking self), has broken off and started her own thing. Avenue has had their problems, but Renee perhaps has more RL marketing and advertising experience than Poptart and/or Dahlia. She has successfully picked up the pieces and started again with a new team. Your information about Maddox visually styling Modavia’s last few fashion weeks is incorrect. I have done business with Renee(Rusch), Poptart and Dahlia has been one of my most trusted friends and all ladies were a pleasure to work with and know their stuff.

        Maddox worked very closely with Dahlia and Pop both with their PopArt and other themed shows, but he only built the set under Dahlia’s styling and direction for the last show they did in 2011 fashion week. Please give credit where credit is due. Just sayin’.

  4. Modavia simply the best Says:

    I wish Poptart would do something with Modavia again.All of the models in Modavia are top notch they did it the best they did it right.If you where not a Modavia model you where just jealous because you did not have what it took to get in.

    • Modavia Should Come Back Says:

      Hopefully Poptart and Dahlia are taking a break and will resume when they are ready. Running something like Modavia is a full time plus job and many times they had to do so in the face of petty jealousies and drama. People will say what they will, but Modavia was and still is the best in the way they put forth the fashion aspect of SL. I don’t thing any of the other fashion related houses sourced talent as well as Poptart did. I would vote Avenue as the second best fashion organization. I do know that they had major issues with Frolic and his bunch. They even sent griefers to disrupt the shows in 2010. Very mature, right?

      • ChooChoo Says:

        The only people that don’t have problems with Frolic and his cult are people kissing his ass wanting to be part of that train wreck.

        • Never Again Says:

          I agree with you 100%. You kiss Frolic ass he will put you ass his finalists, not only that i found out if you are close to his favorite designer like Kimmera Madiosn he will pick you too.
          Start kissing his ass and you might get in as his finalists. Just check all his winnings candidates and is shows

  5. Code Says:

    Hm, does anybody know what ever happened to Modavia? They haven’t published a magazine in months and there was no fashion week this year!

    • yea right Says:

      Who were they again? Modavia – wasn’t that a handful of overrated models who thought they were a cut above the rest? We all got sick of the same faces over and over in their mags and shows – 100% unprofessional little thing, more like a suburban housewives social club than agency.

    • Never Again Says:

      I don’t blame if modavia get out of this business in sl. People here like s to do drama, it is not worth of her time to deal with you who are cheap and if you dont win you become sore losers by publicly humiliate the owner. She spends her time to create something for people will enjoy and add more of her money to keep Modavia going and all you cheap people do are bitch all the time. When is this going to stop.

  6. X Modavia Model Says:

    Modavia is a spotlight for the select few under Poptarts wings.Every show will consistently show case Pop,blackLiquid,Mavi,Kyrie.Modavia has many models in there model group which are never asked to participate yet they have hired them and are fabulous models.The so called “supermodels” of this group have an ego a mile long and keep there other models down,as well as the spectators the supermodels don’t even sit on the same sim during the shows proving there elitist attitudes.I was sickened by the attitudes portrayed to me at Modavia and i left.

  7. A Current Modavia Model Says:

    I’m not denying Poptart’s right to model. She can model if she wishes and does. It just seems to me that, given her position within the Modavia organization that one of her primary responsibilities is to nurture the careers of her modeling group members. She’s long since proven herself as a model.

    Why not step aside and let the ones she’s chosen shine?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    As someone who works for a designer who has been in the Modavia Fashion Directory – we would not have an issue if someone like Poptart modelled our clothes. Heck we would be honored. But I will say that the models they did use for our clothes were very good choices too.

  9. A Current Modavia Model Says:

    I came across a, relatively, recent post about the Modavia Fashion Directory, and its Editor in Chief and, ubiquitous, print model Poptart Lilliehook, on the fashioncritiquesl blog that deserves to be syndicated here.It poses a very good question.


    Modavia Fashion Directory

    This time, I’m not focusing on any SL fashion show.

    I usually follow the best SL Fashion Magazines, Avenue and Modavia. I’m aware that recently Modavia did an open casting for new models.

    However, I’m becoming more and more aware of something that has been happening in all Modavia Fashion Directories that has been catching my eye.

    This is what I call a conflict of interests.

    Modavia constantly features, as one of the Directories model [or supermodel], Poptart Lilliehook.
    Once you open the Directory and check the credits page, Poptart Lilliehook is actually Editor-in-Chief, which, in my opinion, conflicts with her position as model in the Directories.

    Let’s make it clear.

    Business wise, the client featured in an article may request a certain model to present their creations and obviously the Magazine must provide the client with what he or she wants.

    What confuses me is that Poptart Lilliehook herself models in her own magazine. It’d be extremely professional of her to state to all clients that she is Editor-in-Chief of the Directory, therefore, she won’t be available to model.

    Modavia has many of the best SL Models on the grid. So, why does the Editor-in-Chief and owner of Modavia model in her own magazine? It’s very unusual to do so in RL.

    I still remember, back in the day, when Modavia was created by Dea Mills. I have no recollection of Dea Mills modeling in the Magazine.

    Let’s see Avenue Magazine.

    The Publisher is Rusch Raymaker and she doesn’t model in the magazine. The Editor-in-Chief is Sensuous Soulstar. As far as I see, Rusch Raymaker is the business woman behind all Avenue endeavors. She is not a model. She runs the company. Sensuous Soulstar doesn’t model either. And this is how it’s done, professionally!

    Doing castings is a way to gather a very good group of professionals to provide potential clients with several models, several styles, different looks. It’s very unprofessional of Miss Lilliehook to keep being a model in her own magazine.

    It’s time to step it up. To go after excellence, professionalism and make sure there are no misunderstandings for the Directory readers.

    I want to add that Modavia Fashion Directories are really good as fashion magazines in SL and to keep the good reputation, to even go beyond and do better, things should be clear and plain.

    On the other hand, one may question: it’s Poptarts’s magazine, she can do what she wants. Absolutely!

    But bear in mind that this kind of situation creates some discomfort in the fashion community in SL. Soon, discredit may come, no matter how good the magazine is, readers get tired of watching the same models over and over and over again.

    The same applies to Modavia’s Creative Director, Dahlia Joubert and Queen Watanabe – who happens to be partnered to Modavia’s graphic designer.

    In fact, Graphic Dix has some guest appearances in the Magazine, since he started being their graphic designer. And we question, what’s going on here? It’s a good fashion magazine, indeed, but those who happen to be featured as models are pretty much the same? Even guest models, that are not models at all, like Graphic Dix?

    And I finish like I started; why does Modavia have open castings, when we – the readers – keep seeing the same models and some that aren’t even models at all?

    I’m pretty sure lots of people related to the fashion industry in SL wonder the same.

    For a better look and for all of you to see what I mean, here are the links to both Magazines on Issuu.

    Things have to be said. Both Magazines are graphically the best in SL, no doubt about it. Avenue comes across as a more professional fashion print work.


    This has been commented on here at AgencyReport before but the Poptart blithely continues her merry way. Why can’t she be happy with the prestige of being the owner and creative mind behind SL’s most important fashion publication and make room for others to establish themselves by modeling in it.

    Why is that?

  10. More Poptart BS! Says:

    Northcitysaws, OMG!

    Or should I just call you Poptart? How many hours did you spend trying
    to contrive such a pathetic response as being a real model and a
    mother? I find it sad that you have to drum up support for yourself by
    pretending to be your own supporters.

    I seriously doubt you have young children of your own but even if you
    did, at the age of under 10 they are still children while anorexia is
    something common in adolescents and young women. You should know that
    the pro-Ana sites teach how to hide the signs of anorexia from their
    parents, even the most attentive and open to dialogue. The models of
    Modavia are ultra-anorexic not much more than skeletons on Halloween.

    I like how you try to say that Modavia is trying to reflect the real
    world but the truth is your Models are not even that, they are an
    extreme version of real models. Your statements that “designers want
    their work displayed in what they consider to be the best light in
    both worlds” and “the industry demands skinny models” is seriously
    dangerous, because you cannot ignore, much less justify something that
    is wrong simply because you think that everyone else is doing it (the
    fact you say SL should follow RL standards is a clear sign that SL is
    not just a virtual world for you). While anorexia is still common in
    many parts of the modeling industry, I doubt that any famous designer
    would say that his clothes are best when used with anorexic models.
    They know that anorexia is a disease and it would damage their image
    and credibility to publicly state that even if they try to enforce it
    behind the scenes.

    Simply because we are pixilated here does not absolve us of all moral
    rectitude. We are still real people interacting with other real people
    and we should observe the natural set of common morals in or out of
    SL. Instead of pretending to duplicate what we perceive as real world
    standards, especially when they are wrong, we should opt to have a
    little more sanity and culture.

    Poptart and Dahlia are far from the image of a true model, even if
    they try to copy in every way real magazines. But nobody realizes
    that, in fact, they are 2 hysterical fanatics, faking an apparent
    education, and in reality hating men, hating femininity and wanting to
    de-feminize women and feminize men. I refused to participate in the
    casting of Modavia because Dahlia, when I naively asked them for
    advice, was essentially told how to remove all traces of femininity
    from my shape, making it clear that a model must have only bones and
    no curves. Fortunately, I opened my eyes, and I opted for more serious

    “The shame comes in. When you try to demand an Entire That industry be
    forced to conform with what you decide it should be”, and you that
    claim that there are universal standards “the industry demands skinny
    models”. The vast majority of models are thin and fit, not anorexic as
    your portray.

  11. Says:

    Look “Model and Mother,” I understand your concerns too. My children were watching Itchy and Scratchy on The Simpsons, and immediately afterwards they stuck firecrackers up the cat’s arse then fed him through a meatgrinder.

    Wait… no they didn’t. My kids are cluey enough to realise the difference between what they see on tv or online isn’t realistic, attainable or even healthy. And they are both under 10. Saying this.. have you had a look at real life models lately? They are rake thin too, pretty much the same as Modavia models. You seem to be hung up on promoting realism within the SL modeling world, well it does seem to be an accurate reflection. Designers want their work displayed in what they consider to be the best light in both worlds. The industry demands skinny models. Your daughters will see this every time they switch on a television, open a magazine, turn on the computer.

    Where YOU need to come in as a parent is to teach your daughters that this isn’t normal, that it’s not healthy. Point out to them that these cartoon characters aren’t real people. That they have no place to store their organs, and that’s okay because they don’t have any. I’m one of these super skinny models, and usually after I’ve walked a show I go and wolf down a burger because I am STARVING. I’malso willing to bet dollars to donuts that a lot of my fellow models are somewhat larger boned than their digital counterparts.

    There’s no shame in what Poptart and Dahlia are doing. There’s no shame in saying you disagree with this. The shame comes in when you try to demand that an entire industry be forced to conform with what you decide it should be. Spend your breath talking to your kids instead.

  12. Free Says:

    Actually, ‘thank god’.. Modavia used to have a policy where their super models could not be stick-thin, and I agree.. it was a good policy. Seems, however, that Poptart has totally disregarded what Dee and Harmony started. It’s not the only thing that Poptart changed since Dee left.. and not for the better. I saw one of Modavia’s supers the other day in a store, and IMO she was far from attractive (not even ugly-attractive) and was stick-thin. Wasn’t a pretty sight.

  13. Thank god my mother is sane Says:

    Model and mother get a grip sheesh.I really detest people like you I think you need a hobby dear.Modavia can portray models any way they choose fit if you don’t like it don’t look.This is a virtual world but you apparently need real life medication if your taking SL this seriously.

  14. Model and Mother Says:

    I am an SL model and mother of 2 daughters. Recently I had to assess
    my modeling career when one of my daughters asked me why the models
    she was seeing with me in SL were so thin.  It gave me pause to think
    about the potentially negative image some models in SL portray and
    specifically associated with a particular agency.

    There are many websites and social networking groups that
    inadvertently promote anorexia, especially anorexia nervosa, which is
    a very real disease that, if untreated, leads to death. Unfortunately,
    even in Second Life, there are agencies, especially Modavia, that
    promote anorexia through the use of modeling shapes that are seriously
    disproportioned and unrealistically thin.  For years we have seen the
    argument against real models and the devastating effects they have on
    the lives of young girls and women everywhere and I had to ask myself,
    why should SL be any different?

    The women behind these anorexic avatars certainly aren’t the young
    girls they portray, but from what I have seen many of these women are
    well past modeling age. I think women, after a certain age, should
    have the maturity to understand the dangerously restrictive diets that
    many young girls entertain in order to be like the models they see in

    The models of Modavia are ridiculously proportioned at 2 meters tall
    with impossibly long legs and none of the normal, natural curves that
    characterize a woman. This image is their version of the virtually

    It’s one thing to look at yourself in the mirror and have the desire
    to create an avatar that reflects your desired shape.  After all, this
    is SL and you can be whatever you want.  But why shouldn’t we be
    promoting some realism with that shape as well and a healthy image for
    all! You don’t need be anorexic thin to look good.  You might say that
    it’s all just pixels but people take these images far more seriously
    than that. It doesn’t take much time in SL to start feeling that this
    avatar is you and that you have a connection to it.

    So why does Modavia, of all agencies, feel the need to promote this
    kind of image? Blame the editor Poptart Lilliehook and her creative
    director, Dahlia Joubert! Shame on them for incitement to anorexia.
    Show some maturity and try fostering a true, beautiful image of women
    that we can take pride in!  If my daughters can see that something is
    wrong then it should be obvious that other young women could be
    influenced into trying to get their real bodies to look like the
    avatars they see.

    Say no to the virtual models that promote anorexia with unrealistic
    shapes. We can, and should, stop the image of virtual Barbies.

  15. Polemikos Says:

    @Ava Jhamin – maybe you need a pseudonym yourself.

    How about – Mouthy Because I Can Be?

    Do you really think anyone cares what you think? What have you ever done in the SL modeling world that was notable except collect sycophants. You don’t create. You’ve never directed a show of any sort. Your “academy” is derivative at best. Your resume is say the least. What is your claim to fame?

    Your one notable good deed is that you managed to suck Nickel Sparrowtree out of the clutches of Anrol Anthony so now she can follow you around like an entourage.

    Tell why we should care what you think or respond to your lame challenges in any way?

  16. the first Spy vs. Spy Says:

    Yuck that’s not a pretty sight

  17. spyversusspy Says:

    Hey Hey Winter Jefferson I thought you said you weren’t “banging” Vickeejerkah. That’s not what my spies tell me. Or is that just a rumor she is spreading because of wishful thinking on her part? I thought you were known as a man of good taste.

  18. Ava Jhamin Says:

    Anonymous because I can be!!!! please I invite you to crawl out from under your anonymous chicken shit name and be real and say your crap to my avi. pfffftttttt it’s just plan laughable.

  19. Thinker Says:

    Really you should not attack these women of Modavia for their weight. If they shop the plus size rack in RL why should that be any of your concern and why should it matter if they have anorexic avatars in SL??? Maybe it’s too hard for them to look in the mirror each morning so they have the body of their dreams in SL. One day SL will be gone and maybe they will be forced to look in the mirror and find out they are even worse than before. So please, stop posting against them and let them have their fantasies while they can.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    how funny is it that drama comes in everyone form to say trolls , you must be a troll too since you come to see what was going on in the forms.^^

  21. After deliberation post not transitioning from the Modavia model group to become a Super a few years ago, I can now totally see why they only want a select group of models who fit their ‘type’. Of course their ‘type’ is varied so only Pop knows what she is looking for at the time of castings potentially based on who is active from their existing Super pool.

    I’ve come to see that it is by the very nature of excellent selection not just based on look but a models’ skill set that Modavia can produce the finest shows and publications. It is that exclusivity that allows Modavia to lead the way and in hindsight, I wouldn’t do it any other way either…even though I missed out boo hoo.

  22. Endy Says:

    I agree, no need to spew out vile stuff here, especially not towards models who are successful, that is just envy. Then again i do understand how envy is nurtured because Modavia snubs some really serious talent, and we’ve seen it happen over and over again- I wonder why they do that. Elitist behavior in this case seems kind of dumb and not very fashion forward and business smart.

  23. Really? Says:

    Seriously modaviacastingrigged

    Do you feel better spewing vile like that? Only extremely ugly people inside and out would write a post like that.

  24. modaviacastingrigged Says:

    OMG. Modavia SUPERmodels… for large sizes?!

    ShitLiquid claimed she was a real model… for large sizes?
    She is a cap with a spheroidal shape. She has fatty and flabby breasts reminiscent of curdled milk. As a beach ball. She gave the blue whale a run for largest mammal in the world. The only reason she lost is they discovered she was really a reptile.

  25. Debbiedoo Tigerfish Says:

    vikeejeah I dont know you, and as I am COO at CWS probably am not taken that seriously. All I can say is I hope all the nasty people in here feel a little ashamed of themselves, as you felt you had to come and explain yourself.
    I think it is unfortunate that you had to read some of the things about you, and am glad you put people right.
    To me people have a simple choice, if they dont like you then fine they can ignore you, and whine to their friends in IM. To come to a public forum and be so beastly makes them look stupid.
    Congrats on all you achievements and good luck in whatever the future in sl modelling has for you

  26. vikeejeah Says:

    So yea… I just wanna take this moment to say something on my behalf. While I have never claimed to be a pretty and I would be the first to say I have a personality that is an acquired taste…. I am good people. I know it to be true. Why? Because I have seen on this thread alone how many people seem to think so. I do sometimes come off strong but there is also a very compassionate and nurturing side to my personality. I am a great listener and advice giver to friends and while I do have high rates as a stylist, my clients (who I can supply references for upon request as I state on my website) can tell you I invest quite a bit of my time into the services they have paid for.

    For anything else negative said here, I wont feed into it. I know who I am. I know what I do may not make sense to some but that is to be expected since there is no pleasing everyone all the time. What I will say is thank you. Thank you for the recognition of my styling abilities. I work hard everyday to do what I do and I love this above all else in SL and in RL.This is what I am here for. Not gossip, not titles, not to loved by everyone, just to style. So I am honored and grateful to those who have recognized it. I am also grateful to my friends, who do actually know me, that have stood up for me.

    Modavia Castings were amazing and so much fun. I was stressed and nervous at every step of the way because nothing is guaranteed. When I found out that I made Supermodel, it was the summit of my career as an Sl model and the goal I had set for myself 2 years ago was reached and it made me really proud. Anything else outside of that, the not so well wishers if you will, is not going to put a damper on my sunny day. That’s it from me for good. I have never been to this site but after all the people who have been sending me links to this because of the negativity they saw here, I came to say my piece. And now, I’m done.

  27. Anonymous because I can be!!!! Says:

    Ava you’re an arrogant little twit! No one really likes you except your crew of other jerks (October and Nickle). You actually think anyone is interested in your opinion or anything you have to say? Wake up and get a clue!

  28. avajhamin Says:

    First of all I don’t give any credence to anyone that comes in here and spews crap about someone they don’t know and as anonymous. See omg, look, I am me and this is what I say…As I am a close personal friend of VJ or Vikeejeah you obviously don’t know her because if you did….There is a difference between confident and arrogance. VJ is confident in what she does and you want to hold that against her please..Now I also know that VJ could give a whoop about what others think of her because she knows who she is and that is that. But also let me elaborate VJ is the kind of human being that would give the shirt off her back if someone needed it. She is the kindest, funniest, sweetest woman I know.

    So please get to know before you judge, because had you before you anonymously posted your crap you would not in good conscious been able to do so.

  29. Says:

    My Collection is better and not for marketing…

  30. Anonymous Says:

    So it was a marketing campaign from one of the most reputable agencies in Second Life. Egg on face haters much?

  31. Says:

    Modavia = High Class Escort Service and Family of Lesbians

  32. Former Modavia Client Says:

    I think Mrs Lilliehook must see the class of some “supermodels”
    (Although they are of C series ) however, designers will be happy to see themselves represented by such people on the fashion directory??
    I don’t think so.
    What I mean? inquire about a certain “allure”

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Its more than just being a good model and being liked by everyone. It’s about having an attitude that doesn’t make someone want to barf when you open your mouth as well….which Vikeejeah has and has ALWAYS had. That’s most peoples problem with her. She is a great stylist but yet her attitude is SO STRONG and not strong in the good way. The more titles she achieves the bigger her head grows as well as her ego. She isn’t humble and that isn’t attractive at all. She needs to shut it down. If she would become humble and not act like she is the goddess of everything and deserves no less, then Vikeejeah would go farther than she has already. Most of all this “modeling” in SecondLife is about who can style the best…who has the most unique look…and who can offer the most to the agency, designer, or whatever it is, but….who wants to work with someone with a repulsive attitude. I’m sure Vikeejeah sees the gossip on here so….Vikeejeah honey…if you are reading this you should take note and think about putting it to practice.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I think Vikee is a great model, and her character is fantastic! She is intelligent, creative and dynamic. What if she could think she’s the best? I think I’m the best too, and what’s the problem? I mean, is this about being a good model or only about be liked by everyone?

  35. caffine Says:

    i miss the Modavia casting so i missed all the ladies and men walking but one thing is for sure, Vikee did what she had to do in her stylings for her to get picked as a Modavia Supermodel,I really don’t know her like talking about it, but when i do see her she seems to be very nice and speak when spoken too, As far as her designs there are people who must like them, for them to go and buy them.Also there are alot of people who say there closing and return to open up again, i guess it’s what you would call a marketing tool, I think that happens in the real world too, say there closing and have the big blow out sales but do they really close.Aledia said she was closing i had left the group and everything lol buying things that where half off, but she came back too, so Vikee is not the only one who does that. Congrats too you Vikee! and too Applonia who i know can style her tale off

  36. Tyler Barineaux Says:

    I also went through Modavia castings, made the interviews rounds, but didn’t make models, BUTTT…… I agree with Winter J. Vikee was freakin’ awesome and definitely deserved it. She has the most unique avatar, there is no one like her on the grid, a sensational blogger, stylist and runway walker. She definitely qualifies for Modavia Supermodels. All the best Vikee ❤

  37. Polemikos Says:

    Miss Virtual World 2012 that is

  38. Polemikos Says:

    The smart money says Vikeejeah is gonna win it.



  39. Anonymous Says:

    HAHHAHHAAHAHAHAHA. Gosh i love the comments everyone said about Vikee….so freaking hilarious. The woman is beyond a mess…a mess is an understatement. I do give it to her though, she can style but thats all she has going for her. Her designs are crap….i dont know why anyone would want to buy them even when they were on sale…her attitude is horrid. I think if she fixed her nasty attitude and her face….maybe made those horse lips alittle smaller and maybe buy another freckle layer for her AMAZING albino/afrincan-america/purple/blue/anycoloroftherainbow skin she has going maybe then i would have more respect for vikee. She expects the world to drop when she calls and needs something and has no problem manipulating anyone in order for her to get what she wants. When she doesnt she acts out and reacts like a 12 year old that was told no by their mom about a new barbie that went on sale. I have no ounce of respect for the woman.

  40. Antigone Says:

    Vikeejeah may not have the best social skills. She isn’t known to be the classiest person on the grid, and her behavior in public can lack in good taste. She, herself, has admitted that some of the past “closing sales” she has done were done because she makes a killing and not because she had any intention of staying closed. She has questionable ethics and many find her difficult to work with. She is arrogant and thinks way too highly of herself (hence the way overpriced list of services she offers as a stylist). However – despite that, those who are saying she can’t style are blind, not up-to-date with current trends, or just way out of the loop. What Vikee lacks in personality, she actually makes up for in her styling abilities, even though they may not be worth 800,000L a year. She stands out in a crowd, has a unique look, understands color and balance and really does have knowledge about what is current. Most of the time these days, Vikee looks fantastic and outshined a lot of the others at the casting from what I observed.

    Just as other agencies pick whom they want for whatever reasons, I think Modavia gets to pick who they want on their team. Not all of those they chose were conventional model choices – one was basically a publicist, one a designer, one a blogger – all skills that would benefit the agency in some way. If they don’t want to follow their own casting guidelines (i.e. “must be an experienced model) they get to do that, too, fair or not. They get to choose who can fill whatever needs they have at any given time. What they did not pick were the frou frou brown nosing photographer dependent stepford types chosen by some other big name agencies out there. If the ones they chose don’t look “modavia” now, they will. Just wait and see. And I don’t think Modavia really gives two thoughts to what anyone posting on Agency Report thinks, anyway.

  41. Sugarplum Fairey Says:

    I mentioned there were politics that came into play didn’t I? I think your statement that “….they picked people who were convenient for them” falls into that category.

    However, where does Vikee fall into your theory? She doesn’t take good photographs at all, nor is she a media person and I’m really not quite so sure you can call her a designer based on the offerings of HOX (which closes down and reopens in a blink of an eye so she can get a quick fix on money when she needs it).

    Vikee may not be the most charming or gracious person on the grid but like Winter said, she did a fantastic job at casting. There’s nothing wrong with changing your look to make yourself ‘different’. She manages to do that whether she’s black, white or albino, even if it is confusing at times wondering what she’ll be next.

  42. notsomuch Says:

    I disagree completely …

    Vickee is a total mess … black one day, purple the other and then – god forbid – albino??

    Nope, sorry; she is as crazy as they come.

    As for Modavia picking a “different” look… It’s not the case either, they picked people who were convenient for them … Designers, photographers, and media people …

    I have no respect of any kind for this casting.

  43. caoimhe lionheart Says:

    O.O hahahahahaha and yes, Winter, she was and is an excellent model! *cough* and I can sware I’m not either! lol

  44. Mine input with my name behind it, although unasked for –

    I went through the castings for Modavia, and I didnt get selected for an interview for Supermodel, but I was lucky enough to make Model. And I can confirm that Vikeejeah was freakin’ sensational. She genuinely was. Her styling was totally en pointe, and her look is unique. She’s come really far in the last 12 months, and for this casting she really stood out.

    And just in case anyone thinks there’s a motive behind this… no, I’m not banging her.

  45. Sugarplum Fairey Says:

    I’m not so sure that Modavia isn’t in touch with today’s fashion as much as they are quite interested in that “different look” that goes along with it. As with any agency casting in SL, some politics also come into play in their choices but, yes, it’s their agency and they can do what they want and choose who they want to be in it.

    As far as Vikee goes, why is it everyone tends to be angry with the people who got picked instead of the people who actually made the choice to pick them? That makes more sense to me.

  46. Theta! Thank you sooooo much for the very kind words! You have made me smile so big today! xo

  47. In The Know Says:

    Hey hey hey.

    Why pick on the Vikee grrl?

    You are talkin about one of SL’s highest paid modeling consultant/stylists. (In her mind perhaps.) Just the same, in a field that encourages egocentric behavior, Vikee is right up there with the best of them in self serving self promotion.

    Just take a look at:

    “Personal Stylist Rates

    Should you wish to hire me as a full time stylist, a contract will be drafted and negotiated between us. My rates for full time stylist are as follows:

    One Week: 21,000L (3000L per day for 7 days)

    One Month: 80,000L (4000L off of 4 weeks of styling)

    6 Months: 450,000L (30,000L off of the combined cost of 6 months of styling)

    One year: 800,000L (Roughly $3200US and that’s 100,000L off the combined cost of 12 months of styling)”

    So let’s all sign up for the discounted annual rate deal. Go go go

    I did notice one important thing missing from Vikee’s website CV. Testimonials. None. Not one of her satisfied, and award winning hopefully, clients are out there touting on her behalf. Seems strange that that’s not one of the categories.

    Actually Modavia’s selection of Vikee simply reinforces their record of being tuned out to what is going on in the SL fashion world.

    No surprises really

  48. Anonymous Says:

    @Theta; …hahah i love your comment about Vikee. She has a horrible attitude and lack of knowledge of “who she is”, which is very sad. I don’t know such an awesome agency would want someone with such a horrible attitude to be apart of them….they must have seen something else in her that I have yet to find. But hey…only time will tell with the little Vikee…shes like night day.

  49. theta Says:

    I applaud you Cao!

    For the first time someone looks inside and realizes that perhaps they could have been better. No one else does this ever. – Well done.

    However, in your defense I will say that I have seen some of the selected ladies … Sorry but no! If they really knew anything about fashion, they would have picked you – period!

    I don’t think the castings are objective at all… I mean Vickee? Really? LOL – oh and let’s not forget Applonia, who knows modeling like I know Chinese.

    Anyways … I think you are doing just fine as a model hun 🙂


  50. I think it would be an honor to model with Modavia, their work, their models and stylings are excellent! I even casted recently and like so many others, I didn’t make it. But it wasn’t their fault, it was mine. I know I didn’t show them my whole potential to style or model. I’m not angry with them, I am sad I let myself down. I am a model whose main focus, almost my entire portfolio, is art and for this showing I wasn’t “good enough.” Again, my fault, not theirs. Who knows what makes one person better than another from one day to the next? Maybe I was too tired, too unmotivated, or not exactly what they wanted. But it doesn’t matter in the end, because it’s their agency. Modeling should be fun, and an agency doesn’t make you a model or not a model. If you don’t make one agency, contest, etc then go try another. Or better yet, model for yourself, create your own beauty, art, photostories. Whatever it is you feel passionate about! There are a ton of agency’s I am not in, but I am not going to bad mouth them for not asking me or casting me. C’est la vie. But then, I guess by badmouthing them, in a way, you just validated how good they actually are as an agency because you thought them worthy of a comment. Just something to think about.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Why do these places even bother with the “open castings?” What a joke! Modavia picked the usual suspects (shocker) for this latest “thing” of theirs. LOL. Why don’t they just forgo the “casting” part and hire who they want. It’d be more honest. SL modeling no matter which way you cut it…!

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Modavia is selfish as always….

  53. Agency report should be a place for discussion of positive and constructive feedback on Agencies in Second Life. No one is perfect therefore no agency is perfect and therefore feedback has to be balanced and constructive otherwise it becomes bitch fest which helps no one.

    Criticizing individual model is just not cool. Please take it else where. I propose that moderators of this website need to employ judgment when allowing such comments to be posted. They simply clog up the website with unhelpful information.

    Also, please take feedback on this website with a grain of salt. He said she said is rarely reliable account of reality of these agencies on many occasions. All it takes is disgruntle model to start the ball rolling and it all turns ugly very quickly.

    Best way of judging agencies is to speak to their previous clients directly and visit their shows. That’s it.

  54. Tillie Ariantho Says:

    @Sharron: Update, I have >400 shows with about 900,000 views on my flickr now. Many of the sets displaying really good modeling work from many agencies which got voted pretty bad in this forum.

  55. Just Another Model Says:

    LOL I dont understand why everyone is coming down on Modavia. Every model in an agency is good or ok. I think its how we all perceive what modeling is in SL. I have been modeling for over a year in SL now, and honestly its only because I enjoy it. I don’t really care for what agency I work for as long as I get to go on the runway and model to the best I can. But all of you make so boring and not worth the effort. Please stop criticizing each other and lets just get along and be happy. SL is not meant for this drama or childish comments. I dont give my name because its my right. But really, the ones that work hard in the modeling industry have well earned their way to where they are at. The ones that aren’t, well that is left to be said. But please, don’t bash the ones that have worked hard, and are good at what they do. IF you have a problem with Modavia, leave it alone. Go elsewhere for your petty arguments. Any how


    Just Another Model.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Ethan. All I wanted to say and more. The fashion community is really not what it used to be. Unfortunate but true.

  57. Mr. Ethan Haalan Says:

    I honestly find it HI-LARI-OUSSSS at what’s going on here.

    You people are downsizing someone because of what they choose to do with their virtual life? Are you kidding me?

    Blackliquid is a person, just like we all are, she chose to market herself, and step out of the box, you had the opportunity to. You say she looks like a stick, but obviously it’s working for her, if she wants to be a stick let her be, just let it go.

    I’m honestly not siding with anyone, but this is just insane. You all do realize that it IS a game, and at the drop of a hat it can all go crashing down. Maybe a server or something might crash, or sl will announce it’s closing, who knows what can happen!

    I personally think people get wayyy tooo attached to the point where their emotions become extremely apart of their sl, and with that make them bitter, nasty and mean. Learn to Love the game for what it is.

    Those of you hiding behind these ridiculous alias’ please understand that the validity of what you’re saying shouldn’t even be taken to heart mainly because we don’t know who you are, and it’s obvious that you won’t say it while stating EXACTLY who. you. are..

    Then there are those that post excessively around this blog/website trying to become some sort of virtual bully, using quotes in wrong context to back up ridiculous arguments and showing favoritism and even hatred toward other people’s characters. Posting in a comedic way and trying to shield it to be just “fun” while it is bashing someone.

    It’s pretty sad what the industry has come to, you need to look around and see what’s happening in the industry itself, places closing, people leaving. Why do you think that is?

    They’ve folded up their cards, and moved onto something more important, if all you’re going to do is log in for drama then what’s the point? If you’re logging in to live a dream so be it, but don’t force your unhappy thoughts into sl and drag everyone else down with you. It’s just really sad.

    ANYWAY… I said way too much than I originally set out to do, but just come on everyone, we can really do better than this.


  58. Black Liquid this is your life Says:

    Huh , i think you better read the post again then it will make sense to you.

  59. Huh? Says:

    Racism? Are you kidding me. That’s just too fricking funny! This is second life and we can be whomever we want to be. I highly doubt that any SL model is a perfect looking size-2, 20-something model. I also doubt anyone who plays a vampire in SL is one in RL. Or that those 3-year-old kids you see in SL are played by actual real-life 3 year old kids. Thing is this, most people that come into SL rarely create an AV that looks just like their RL persona.

    And btw, I know Blackliquid is from Australia but did you know there are people of Asian decent that live in Australia? So who knows what heritage she is but honestly, who cares? To call her racist is just being a dumbass. Racism is when you are just hateful and discriminate towards a particular race, something that Black hardly does.

  60. Black Liquid this is your life Says:

    Nave said “She can be a dragon, a mermaid, a nasty old man, the Wicked Witch of the frikkin West who tortures little blond girls and their little dogs…….. It’s her SLIFE.”

    well thats well and ok but to have real Asian people behind a screen who are being told don’t be Asian we already have Black Liquid is just wrong and smacks of racism.

  61. Nave Fall Says:

    Thinks this over………..

    So, now. somehow, “b” is singled out and pilloried here????????????????? For what? She plays hard. So what? WTF is wrong with playing hard? It’s her SLife she can be whatever she’s wants to be in SL. She can be a dragon, a mermaid, a nasty old man, the Wicked Witch of the frikkin West who tortures little blond girls and their little dogs…….. It’s her SLIFE.

    She chooses to be a model, photographer, builder, trainer, mentor and a good friend to some people. The rest of you wish you were as talented as she is. She’s not always nice to people. Wahhhhh wah wah. Lots of you aren’t nice. At least she does it to your faces……

    Oscar Wilde said, “Real friends stab you in the front.”

    blackLiquid is someone who polarizes people it seems. We love her or hate her. Lots of you are jealous of her and I suppose that’s with good reason. I happen to love her (most of the time……….) but I didn’t at when I first met her. Now I know her better and she never lets me down when I need something from her.

    You people need to back the f–k off.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  62. Black Liquid this is your life Says:

    Black Liquid the white anglo who wanted to be asian and tells people she’s asian
    what about the true asian models in SL who get ripped at for being told they are liquid lookalikes ?????
    just look at MVW

  63. CC Says:

    I asked the question below cause Blackliquid is a shapemaker, too. So, it’s natural that if some models buy a shape from her or have their own shapes rearranged by Blackliquid, they may look alike. Another thing to consider, if models hire a shapemaker, make sure they don’t make the same kind of shape they use themselves.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    blackliquid a professional model, who are you kidding? Professional models show up for shows they commit themselves to, professional models dont treat other models as if they are rubbish, professional models allow their work to speak for them and they don’t grovel and seek public sympathy to get a second chance to audition. Professional models are just that professional, black is far from it.

  65. anonymous Says:

    Well you might think, if you look closely, that Ananya Mai was a blackLiquid clone and how about Bliss Beningborough herself?

  66. Anon Says:

    Of course all models want to look like Black! Isnt it every girls dream to look like a stickman on crack?

  67. CC Says:

    Who are the models that are copying Blackliquid’s look? Can you tell me, please?

  68. fashion observer Says:

    blackliquid is very much so a profesional model and apparently an inspiration for many models who have tried to imitate her look.

    That’s the ultimate sign of model success in SL.


  69. Whatever. Says:

    Nobody forced you to witness it Oh my! I am sure you’ll enjoy the next fashion week coming.

  70. Oh my!! Says:

    I am so glad this nightmare is over!!

  71. Annonymous Says:

    lol… blackliquid, a professional model? are you kidding?

  72. Agency Owner - Modavia fashion week patron. Says:

    Keira Tyles is one of my models as are several of the other Modavia production models, all of which are highly capable professional models. To judge a person on their computer crashing or their animations being effected by lag is preposterous, models such as the Modavia production models dedicate themselves and have proved time & time again to be a cut about the rest please take your jealousy elsewhere and shame on you.

    To the person inside Modavia not coming clean perhaps if you have such an issue with your co workers you should either have the decency to speak to them about it to their faces, or just simply walk away and don’t continue to work there!! Nothing is more pathetic than in-fighting perhaps you are the one with the diva attitude?
    Rather than using Modavia as a platform to try and resolve your inner jealousy of great hardworking & professional models such as Keira Tyles & Blackliquid.

  73. Herra Says:

    Dear Anon:

    I just want you to know that Keira Tyles is an extremely talented model and one that I would be happy to have in any show I might be putting together. She is a true professional, hard worker and overall nice person.

    The comments you made were spoken like someone who has no idea the impact of lag on a show. I’ll be honest, I question the validity of using VPC in a show because they just add additional lag and chat lag is notorious with them. Perhaps agencies should use something outside of SL like Ventrillo or Skype instead.

  74. fashion observer Says:

    Honestly, I just think Modavia’s fashion presentation is dull at best.

    To enclose a few people in the same set, 4 times a day for 7 days, is just a HUGE lack of imagination.

    I was yawning from begining to end.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

  75. Rod Insippo Says:

    anon, before you go trashing people publicly i suggest you get your facts straight.

    First of all, Keira crashed “once” all week. She was however asked to relog a couple times because of how other people saw her avatar….that is hardly her fault.
    Secondly VPC commands dont get to everyone at the same time due to lag, so she may have had the cue late.
    Thirdly, last thing i was aware animated poses have been in use in SL modeling for years now, and all her poses were checked over and approved by the Modavia production team prior to use.
    And finally Keira has forged her career on her own and not because she is anyones girlfriend.
    If you really knew her you would see for yourself how hard she works to look and be as good as she possibly can for every show.
    Then again to know the things that you stated you must be either a fellow Modavia model, Modavia management or their partners. So i think you are either jealous of her achievements or just downright nasty and mean and not worth knowing anyway.

  76. Hi everyone!

    As designer of 2 smaller brands in SL I always made the branding on my own so far. Unfortunately RL keeps me very busy so this time I decided to work with an agency so I could sit back a little bit more.

    I know everyone has different ambitions, values and balance points if it comes to a collaboration with an agency. Here I’m giving you an insight about my personal evaluation. Please take it as constructive criticism:

    *Organizational skills: very good
    I know it’s a lot of work when it comes to the organization of a fashion event. This time I could sit back and didn’t need to care much about the planning and the operational business or schedules. As designer I expect an agency reminding me of deadline, important press releases and a clear information and communication concept. Modavia provided this.

    *Promotion strategies and media coverage: good
    1. during and before the MFW 2010: The shows have been annouced in a fair balance for every participating designer on blogs and other medias.

    2. post-evaluation: no data yet. I look forward to a briefcase from the agency where the media coverage is listed.

    *Contact possibilities: Very good.
    As designer and customer I don’t feel the need to get in touch with the CEO in first line if there is another person in charge available. My contact has always been nice, polite and professional.

    *Show and concept: good
    Nice idea, clear concept, the show for my brand was well planned and not hyped, just right balanced.

    *Setting: very good
    Camera and userfriendly. Good proportions.

    *3rd party sponsoring: ok
    In my opinion it’s very dependend of the contracts the agency has with 3rd party sponsors. As far as I understood the overall logical hierarchy for the sponsoring at MFW 2010 was intended to be:

    1. MFW 2010 / Modavia Productions
    2. Designers
    3. 3rd party sponsors (more discreet)

    So for next time I suggest for the visual design and setting to put the 3rd. party sponsors as backdrop on the stage instead of small designers labels. It’s a matter of who you want to prioritize 3rd party sponsors or designers/labels? This creates a total different value. I understood the focus of MFW2010 was more on the designers. Agressive 3rd party sponsoring can create the contradiction effect. Think about it. Therefore “only” ok.

    *Models: excellent
    Whatever other people say but for my event the models where excellent and transported the idea of the collection in a very good way.

    *Description service: excellent
    The combination of spoken text and written word as description for the designs was excellent.
    Personally I think it should be standard in SL already.

    *Music, DJ: excellent
    The soundtrack was chosen very well. If I wanted I could have made requests or handed in a playlist. I didn’t have the time for that.

    *Higher management behaviour:
    As designer and creator I’d like to keep hand over my own information & branding strategies within the show if there wasn’t any detailed contract both parties agreed too but at the same time seeing the agency doing their part of the work.

    Here I honestly felt somewhat restricted. Exclusiveness to the public audience can be generated in better ways than to forbid designers to pre-release or communicate parts of their collection in other events. This is the matter of business reserved to the designer only who engages a paid service from the agency which doesn’t need to worry about this.

    Overall result:
    Summed up I think Modavia gets a good feedback and I hope this detailed positive criticism helps to identify strenght and weakness for further work with the agency. Work it.


  77. anon Says:

    Have you seen how often Keira is crashed, ran with animated pose and did not heed the commands go? Very professional;)she was max average. Only blackliquids girlfriend to be is not enough to be a good model.

  78. Anon Says:

    I have watched several shows this week and i have noticed some “supermodels” can not walk straight, pose with fingers/hands inside their bodies. I even saw Poptart herself do an armpit pose.

    Honestly I do not believe BOSL will do a better job either. The latest Boulevard shows I have been to have been average at best.

    Btw who is Keira Tyles? She has been my pick of the models this week and i have never heard of her before now. She out styled and out posed every model that graced the runway. I will be keeping my eyes out for this lady!!

  79. Conclusion 2 Says:

    Poptart = Burnt Toast

  80. Conclusion Says:




  81. Justa Little Designer Says:


    I certainly did not say I wouldn’t go to Modavia because of the warnings to the audience. I said I would not go to Modavia because they lack the knowledge I feel necessary to produce a quality show. This knowledge includes basic lag reduction that even little ole me knows about. Just as in RL, in SL I look to get the most out of my money and if what I saw at fashion week is going to be what I get out of hiring Modavia to promote my business, I’ll pass.

  82. anon Says:

    *shakes head indeed* I know ALL the top models in SL (have worked with them all – and most have worked for me) and they ALL use walkers with a standard pose to stop the noob pose OR they use huds..
    even when using poses on the screen – they still use a walk overrider..

  83. anon Says:

    and I have been modeling for nearly 4 years 🙂

  84. My favorites Says:

    Anony darling:

    Modavia is above BOSL? Modavia is not even third on my book.

    Get this straight. 1st) BOSL 2nd) Avenue 3rd) Kmadd and 4th MAYBE Modavia.

    Stop comparing the uncomparable.

  85. anon Says:

    Hahahahahha even if you use a walker with a bog standard pose you are using scripts! and if you don’t use a pose you go into that god ugly noob pose and your head moves around as you look for the pose on your screen – nothing uglier..

    Done much modeling? What about the scripted items you have to model?

  86. anon Says:

    You are missing the point about scripts..

    Even the article says scripts are slowed down or may not work at all.. the point being – the models MUST use scripts – so if the audience is wearing a million scripts the models can’t function.

    ARC means nothing and never has..

  87. Anonymous Says:

    @ OMG

    I don’t know why you are picking on that designer when she really has made a good point here. The fact that Modavia and 90% of other agencies are stuck in 2006 lag belief shows that they either don’t do their homework on lag or they just choose to believe the myths.


    It’s amazing to me that this knowledge has been out for OVER a year and MOST of the modeling agencies simply stick their head in the sand or get mad when someone tries to inform them of the REALITY of what causes lag and what doesn’t.

    I think this should be mandatory reading for all agency owners and anyone else under their employ. It is ridiculous for the ARC nazis to be yelling at people to remove high arc items, AOs, and scripted stuff … it doesn’t do any good. What it does do is put a guilt trip on the visitors to the show (OUR CUSTOMERS!) and makes the agency seem unprofessional.

    I am not saying this is a Modavia problem, this is a problem that is much bigger than just Modavia. I can’t think of a show that I have been to where there isn’t a lag Nazi spewing circa 2006 lag myths and even other audience members joining in and yelling at people beside them for their ARC number!

    Agency owners, please do your homework and learn what causes lag and what doesn’t and quit yelling at our customers. Thank you.

  88. anon Says:

    quote ‘Have thrtr been some problems, yes. But when you are producing a show as huge as this and for the time frame… let’s see what can be done ‘

    and then..

    ‘The time and effort that goes into coordinating these shows is tremendous and unless you have been on the team doing it, it’s easy to sit back and judge’

    Make up your mind – they either put the time into planning (in which case the errors made here should easily have been foreseen) or they do it rushed in a short time-frame – which is it?

    anony – you aren’t helping Modavia here lol..

    They are not huge shows – they are tiny shows crammed together in a short space of time – no huge effort. Nothing fancy at all. Few outfits are shown for each designer.

    Besides my complaint is the way she has treated creators, and once she realised the mistakes – she had time to correct them for shows later in the week – she didn’t. That is arrogance.

  89. X-Modavia Client Says:


    I’ll quote you here:

    “With Modavia you get true professional models. You get a great team. Have thrtr been some problems, yes. But when you are producing a show as huge as this and for the time frame… let’s see what can be done and if there aren’t mistakes. They are human and it is a game.”

    Very few have complained about the “professionalism or conduct” of any of the Modavia models.

    If it’s a game why not pay with Monopoly money instead of hard cash. Mistakes have been made. Customers are unhappy. A responsible CEO would step up and make it right. Poptart’s thinks she can disdain this outcry but her continued arrogant public silence speaks LOUDLY. She’s saying, “I’ve got the money and you get what I want to give you. If our effort isn’t good enough to suit you, that’s unfortunate but too bad. We’ll try to do better next time.”

    A real professional would be LOUDLY offering to make customers happy any way possible,re-designing the sims to make them work right NOW and making damn sure that the designers who paid for THEIR shows got 120% of the coverage and promotion they thought they were entitled to.

    It’s very simple to make people happy. The petty, ego games between Modavia and BOSL have played out now. We’ll see if Frolic and company is paying attention now won’t we?

  90. Omg! Says:

    This is one of the funniest things i’ve ever read! Justa Little Designer, you don’t consider an agency for a show because they announce to the public to turn off aos to help with the lag? Then I am sure you won’t be doing shows with ANY agencies in sl because they all do that, starting from the A for Avenue to the B for BOSL then there is E for Evane…would you want me to go on with the list?

  91. Anony Says:

    Ok.. it cracks me up that so many of you jump on the bandwagon of a few dimwitted individuals that want to be negative.

    Yes, I agree Poptart should’ve stepped down as a model to give other Modavia models a chance in the show. But that is none of anyone else’s business but those that are in the Modavia group. And when someone speaks about something they know nothing about or based on gossip makes them look like an ass. Which most of you have shown by the way.

    Modavia has been and always will be a cut above other agencies and/or production companies and especially above BOSL. The time and effort that goes into coordinating these shows is tremendous and unless you have been on the team doing it, it’s easy to sit back and judge. If you have better ideas, then get out there and do what Pop has done.

    As far as Blackliquid goes. She is very talented. I will give her that. But she does crash a lot and she is not professional as she has often dumped shows for a show that was better for her to do. That is not professional in my opinion and if that makes her a pro. model, then no thanks, I would not hire her. The same goes for these other new models or other diva want to be’s. With Modavia you get true professional models. You get a great team. Have thrtr been some problems, yes. But when you are producing a show as huge as this and for the time frame… let’s see what can be done and if there aren’t mistakes. They are human and it is a game.

    So with that said… if you have anything else to say back up with fact or STFU.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    I hope BOSL will do a better job with their upcoming Fashion Week. But anything is better than what I’ve seen at Modavia. I do love Kay Fairey and I think she will do a great job. She is very professional and a lovely woman. What a stupid loss to Modavia for letting her go.

  93. Annabelle Frediricka Says:

    I’m a small new designer and I must admit I believed all the hype about Modavia. After watching Modavia’s Fashion Week, I am gravely disappointed and wondered what the big hype is all about. Poptart seems stuck up and very unapproachable. I would rather take my business somewhere else where it is more professional. My motto is..If you don’t like it, don’t support it.

  94. X-Modavia Client Says:

    How sad that the sterling legacy of Dea Mills is eroded by her successor’s arrogance and greed.

    Pop refuses to learn from previous criticism and now the death spiral begins

    Designers really do talk to each other and read these forums Poptart. I’d say your toaster is over-cooking you now.

  95. Justa Little Designer Says:

    Wow. Not much good said about Modavia here I see. I’d love to break the mold but after what I have witnessed at fashion week, that is simply not going to happen.

    The Modavia sim is not set up for success. Just a small amount of research on lag and lag reduction could have possibly redeemed them from the inaccessible booths and redundant promotion of brands other then the ones walking the runway. Starting each show, the announcer repeatedly tells audience members to remove ao’s, scripts and other attachments. FYI Modavia, scripts will not lag the sim, the scripts will only run slower on the script runners side, affecting no one but the person with the scripts. Also, turning off AO’s will NOT reduce sim lag, Modavia! So please stop making people feel responsible for your lack of lag knowledge.

    For those who would like to understand lag, I suggest reading Anatomy of Lag… found here

    I attended Fashion Week because I was interested in buying a package to promote my shop but unfortunately I’m not comfortable paying an obscene amount of money to people who don’t even understand the fundamentals. This little designer will be runway shopping elsewhere.

  96. no ass kissing here Says:

    jersey said

    So my point in all this is…excuse me, but…STFU about going anonymous or not! We all know that anonymous posts lack credibility right off the bat for going anonymous and from there…


    jersey/dolce or whoever in the hell you claim to be today if anyone needs to STFU it should be you. you surely are one of those people that i speak of that thinks they are all that and a bag a chips but you really are nothing more that just a balled up bag of crumbs if you ask me. you want to sit here and say that anonymous post lacks credibility but i seriously doubt that. your agency has postings dated all the way back to over a year ago and majority of the posters say the same things about you which sums it all up to you being a rude unorganized basket case. Surely you cant sit here and say that they are all telling the same lie about you. please lady you really need to wake up and get your head out of your avatar ass. now go dwell on that for a while im sure you will be back with some retarted essay trying to defend your lack of professionalism or a brain for that matter. any model that has ever worked with you knows the truth about you.

  97. Barbara Nicholls, COO [LeeZu!] Says:

    I represent [LeeZu!] and we recently had a show at the MFW event. We were not at all happy with the layout or the treatment we received from Modavia when we complained about the issues. The lack of accessibility to the vendors we set up was apparent. The runway itself was dominated by two large posters for LeLutka while our logo was a small blip at the back of the stage.

    The models were very professional and did a great job. However the entire show was a total waste of Lindens. LeLutka was mentioned in every single walk as the models wore their skins/hair etc. It did not seem like a LeeZu show at all to me. After the show, we removed our vendors from the shopping area and cut all ties with Modavia. We will not work with them again.

  98. *clears throat* I have one more thing to say.

    Could you all (who are doing it) STOP with the bitching to others about going anonymous already??? *Especially* if YOU are going anonymous too. You just look stupid at that point.

    Let’s get a few things straight…

    This site allows for anonymity for its users, which means that every single person who uses Agency Report, whether they have an account with WordPress or not, can go anonymous, or use a name, when making comments. It’s not breaking terms of service or site rules. Anonymity is allowed.

    It is also a person’s individual right to choose whether they wish to post anonymously or use a/their name. Lecturing, slandering, belittling, or challenging them in any way because they chose to go anonymous is not going to make them want to post their actual name…nor is it going to scare them into doing so. You are blowing hot air on a large rock. Pointless.

    That being said…we are allowed to our opinions of things, HOWEVER that does not mean it is always necessary or appropriate to voice them everytime you disagree with something or someone. This is a key example.
    I personally think that everyone should be required to post their names here, or not post at all. It would cut down on all the garbage and crap spewed on here on a near daily basis mainly from anonymous posters who feed on any little piece of dirt they can get their grubby paws on.
    It would also force more people to be truthful, however, then, those people would most likely become target practice for the ravaging savage idiots in SL who like to think they are all that and a bag of chips, so maybe not.

    So my point in all this is…excuse me, but…STFU about going anonymous or not! We all know that anonymous posts lack credibility right off the bat for going anonymous and from there…with over half of the anonymous posts on the entire Agency Report, you could check off a list of flaws from each anonymous post. It’s allowed and bitching about it isn’t going to change peoples minds to post their real name.

    And last, but so not least…this is AGENCY REPORT. Are those two words that difficult to understand and follow for some of you? You want to rant and rave or chew on someone or whatever…create a blog or write in a diary…or go take boxing lessons…shoot…go have sex if it’ll loosen you up and keep you from posting stupid comments that have no real point here.

    *steps off soapbox and finishes her stupid and unrelated post*


    Dolce Enderfield

  99. I went to a recent Modavia show for FW and not ragging on anyone, but, some of the comments here about the sim being full, etc are just not true…unless I’m horribly mistaken and I know I’m not.

    The show I went to…had a handful of people there as audience, scattered throughout the seats. Maybe 10-15 at the most, including the designer and his ‘people’

    When I got there…the rez was SLOW..I’m talking…slow. Most of the seats and audience didn’t rez completely til after the show had finished. I saw the models, but couldn’t see the clothes that well at all. I could, however, move about the area will little lag. Maybe my viewer, maybe their problem, I don’t know. But I have a good PC, a strong connection and things don’t usually take that long to rez for me anywhere.

    I didn’t see the vendors for the designers, where we could buy what we saw. Now in my small opinion…if you are going to offer that as an option or perk for a show, the booths should be in clear view and access for the audience. On another sim? Like the other poster said…I’d rather just TP to the store directly.

    The show I saw…I was somewhat confused with. I was told that this was a show for a particular designer who happens to be a good friend of mine and which is why I was there to watch. What confused me was…they were talking about clothes, again, that I couldn’t really see, but they only mentioned the label once or twice throughout the show that I was there for (I got there late because TPing there was difficult) but at the end of each outfit announced, they would announce I think…the shoes, of what the model was wearing…the name of it and who it was by. Each time. But the main label name wasn’t mentioned more than once or twice. So…it had me confused…were all the outfits modeled those of my friend…or another designers…or just being described to compliment the shoes?

    IMO, I’m shocked to see that it costs L$12,000 to participate in something like that. What was the money going to? Why such a high fee? Why would a designer pay that much for a show that’s not spectacular and in their benefit?

    It’s sad to see, really, but ya know, I have very little room to speak…but, that will change. 😉

    I’m not pissing on Modavia…I don’t know PopTart at all really except that I can say to me, she’s not that approachable, but that’s ok. This is merely my opinions and my experience with some…constructive criticism. In this industry, you have to get used to opinions and criticism and personal experiences, etc and learn to use it to your benefit and grow.

    Dolce Enderfield
    Mohna Lisa Couture – Manager

  100. anon Says:

    Modavia Fan – dispute what I said logically not ‘blah’..

    FW is allegedly to promote the designers and get them sales. Kind of ironic that they put the vendors out of reach of the very people they trying to sell to no? Added to this the designs have to be exclusive to FW until after the event – logical? lol the only reason for that is to boost the traffic, because the designers can’t even sell their items there as it is currently laid out.
    This point alone is totally unprofessional (Modavia – get off your ass and sort it)

  101. bacon and eggs Says:

    wait, so our great modavia customer’s second post still didn’t use her real name, but says people can ask designers to post here with their real name. this is so ironic lol!

    the fact that you pointed fingers directly at bosl already proved that you’re really just a modavia staff or management people, and this 2nd post just confirms it.

    go go modavia, get more of your staffs or management to post here, defend all you can! but seriously, everyone knows what the angry designer said was true and totally make sense, so there lol

    this news deserves to be told to the designers world so they can judge for themselves.

  102. Modavia Fan Says:

    Bla Bla Bla
    Modavia is most professional.
    Best Shows, Models and Designer.
    If you do not like it, stay away. There is no need to have people like you there, because the sim is for every show full.

  103. anon Says:

    Afraid I have to agree with not convinced. If you truly were a satisfied client there would be no reason to hide your real name (well, except for the libelous accusation that it’s a rival company saying it).

    There will always be satisfied and not satisfied clients and for you to slag one off just cos they felt short changed is petty.

    The idea of having vendors not reachable while shows are on is laughable.. would love to know who’s stupid idea that was. Sellers would get more sales by having a LM to their main store that visitors could go buy directly after the show, because let’s face it – people forget pretty damned quick and either may not be on line later to go back or just not be bothered.

    Either give the people paying for the shows accessible vendors or do not advertise it as a ‘perk’ of paying for a show there:)

  104. Modavia Customer Says:

    So the ex is justified in not revealing their name and I am not? Wth? Think what you like, you can ask any designer yourself about their opinion, and ask them to report back here.With their name, so we’ll have impartial opinion as you wish, because you claim not to believe me.

  105. Not really convinced Says:

    I can however understand the unsatisfied designer using an anonymous name, to avoid public from spreading rumors as he/she is petty.

    But if you are who you claim, a satisfied customer, why are you so afraid of using your or real name or brand, instead of hiding behind a general name?

    Sorry, but it sounds more like you’re one of the staff from Modavia, trying to cloud the truth, and pushing a blame to “competing business”.

    Yes, your actions “is childish and petty” like you said.

  106. Modavia Customer Says:

    I was very happy of the professionalism shown during the show, my designs were showcased in the best possible way by beautiful and well trained models. My name was made several times during the script, and so was the name of other designers who sponsored the event, so what their designs contributed to the overall success of the show.
    The audience was full and the comments were ravishing, I made a lot of sales in the boutique even if it was open only after the show, and I am still making sales days after the show…I am sure the above comment was not written by a designer whose creations were shown at Modavia, but rather than someone of the competition (BOSL maybe?).

    There are 2 fashion weeks there is space for everybody, it’s not necessary to throw mud at a very well organized event. It is childish and petty.

  107. X-Modavia Client Says:

    As you say there are no surprises here. Why bother with writing a unique and evocative script when you can phone it in and get by cheaply. Just as the Fashion Directory is nothing but a testament to her need to see herself in print ads the shows are a gusher of cash for her. Good luck waiting for a comment too.

    BOSL Fashion Week’s team is more professional and will do a better job with their events. Frolic, Kay and company know that their reputations are important. Poptart feels her’s eroding slowly and couldn’t summon the wherewithal to fight back.

  108. anon Says:

    hahahaha no more than would be expected 🙂

    Complain to Poptart – but I doubt you will get very far.. she has your money;)

    Modavia is not what it was ever meant to be since Dea left. Shame the concept was great when Dea was in charge, now it is nothing.

  109. Annonymous Says:

    The “infamous” fashion week by Modavia… a huge disappointment I must say.

    Firstly, it cost 12,000L to participate. Worth the cost? Not after what I seen.

    After being there, the models was quite a disappointment. Several times, they were spotted going into that “newbie” stand, with head looking left and right without pose, even Poptart herself.

    Next, the host reads out the scripts for the outfits. And I was surprised, if not depressed. The scripts would describe the dress, and ended with… “and she (the model) is also wearing this and that, from XXX (another designer brand!). Not once, not twice, but almost every script!

    Wait, the 12,000L was paid to advertise ANOTHER designer brand? Among all the scripts, none of the actual designer’s name was mentioned at all! Not even in the closing speech.

    That’s fine, maybe visiting the booths might make things better. Just to realise, the booths are not opened to public during shows.

    Here is what’s happening. The models are located on a separate SIM, and guests on another. Both SIMs are linked together. Good thinking I agree, allows more guests to watch the show, while reducing lag on the models.

    But why was the booths built on the models side of SIM, making the guests unable to shop at the booths right after watching a show? Why couldn’t it be built on the SIM with the audiences?

    Conclusion, the 12,000 was paid to advertise other designers instead of the actual one, while the models doesn’t appears to be well-trained, and guests can’t do shopping right after the show but have to wait until the entire event day is over and return there to shop/browse?

    Two word, very disappointing.

  110. Mavi Beck Says:

    Dear Models Coalition,

    I would REALLY like to know the names of the models in question. Poptart punctually pays everybody, models and photographers as soon as the Fashion Directory is published. She is even extra nice, she doesn’t drop the money when you are offline, she waits for you to come online and then pays you, that to avoid issues with SL not delivering etc. I think this shows extra niceness and accuracy, but hey it’s just me, I just don’t like lies to be spread.

  111. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Ok lets get this straight, our models are paid in Lindens for all model work they do, shows, print work etc.

    Your reference to being paid in vouchers is people who are on our work/study program, that have chosen to join us in this way in order to be able to be trained without having to find the finance. (there is an application specific to this program where all terms conditions and method of payment are detailed) These jobs are not modelling jobs.

  112. X-Modavia Client Says:

    The silence from people like Poptart Lilliehook with regard to paying models, is 100% predictable and the correct business stance to adopt in her role. When she has 350+, potential acolytes waiting in the wings (in the Modavia Potential group or whatever it’s called) she has no worries about whether she pays any model anything. Thse 350 warm bodies are more concerned with being chosen then being paid. The cult of personality that evolved around Modavia under Dea Mills remains nicely in place. Some models flaunt that tag like they’ve married into royalty.

    The morality of for what, and how, models should be paid is a different story entirely. From a business perspective THE Poptart’s job, as Modavia’s CEO, is to sell those artsy fartsy ads for as much as the market will bear and then, on the flipside of the equation, get the work done as cheaply as possible. That’s the marketplace in action. Buy low sell high. Nothing wrong with that.

    As for you Sparkie, are you speaking on behalf of Fashion Palace with regard to paying models for everything with Lindens and not class vouchers? You best check with upper management before you start little mouths chattering away about that touchy issue.

  113. anon Says:

    Well the question is – not how many click to get the mag – rather, how many actually bother to read it. They click for the chance to win the wardrobe give-away – I doubt 1/4 of those that click to get it actually bother to read it.

  114. Models Coalition Says:

    Noticed how she didn’t deny that models don’t get paid for print jobs at Modavia. It’s because it is true and I can prove it with at least 6 models who complained.

    Whether Modavia is a good publication or not is subjective. I don’t read it. And it is a FACT that Modavia has gone downhill since Dea left. You can deny it all you want but it is the truth.

  115. anon Says:

    a very coherent argument lol

  116. LOL-Wtf? Says:


  117. anon Says:

    Much of what they said IS true..

  118. LOL-Wtf? Says:

    But Anon, that wasnt an opinion, it was all bullshit.


  119. anon Says:

    So nobody else is allowed an opinion on Modavia unless it agrees with your’s? wow..

    Guess you are a modavia model then – Pop’s puppet lol

  120. LOL-Wtf? Says:

    AHA Listen ‘Model Coalition’

    You know what? You speak pure shit darling, pure shit. That would explain why the Modavia Fashion Directory vendors and magazine issue’s are planted on about every coffe table or mall in the meteraverse.

    Oh Yeah, And stop wishing Dea still ran the agency, Because FYI – She dosent’t! Its Poptart’s company. And Pop she sure as hell does a great job.

    So Embrace The fact that Dea is gone and Pop runs Modavia, and The Modaiva Fashion Directory is a great publication — Or Shut the Hell UP!

  121. Models Coalition Says:

    We are watching you.
    Start paying ALL your models for print work.
    Even though nobody reads your publication anymore,
    the models still work hard and deserve payment.

    I wish Dee still runs this agency.
    It is sad to see how far it has fallen since Poptart took over.

  122. Strong and Burly Says:

    Well blow me down,the other night minding my own business as i always do LOL a strange thing happend i was at a well known Model Agency and a noob AV was just standing there i struck up a convo and lo and behold this person said she was a RL fashion model.
    Now knowing the crap that goes on in SL i thought sure ok giver her benifetof the doubt.We spoke for a while and then she said lest go on voice so we did that lead to 2 hrs of a great chat.Now after a while she gave me her name and other info , well she was the real deal and her comments on the SL fashion scene Model’s in General were shall we say less than flattering , not about the models but the agencies
    Last night she contacted me and told me that she and a couple of others are thinking of entering the SL model scene they can see a potential here and workshops advice for women and men who would like to find out more information.
    Until the details are worked out im hinding behind this name hopefully this will turn the SL model industry to a proper run thing and stop the scams
    more info to follow

  123. omg Says:

    Yes yes yes Honey, tell me why are you so upset?
    If you were to follow your own advice, you would not have to be so upset. Who do not want to be a model in SL must not be a model. So why is this rumour?

    You react to every single word, how is your a…? 😉

  124. Oh please Says:

    jealous? hardly. Infact, I am a huge fan of Mavi Beck and consider her one of the best models in SL. I am not jealous. I spent over $2000 (and that isn’t in Lindens) and every weekend stuck to my computer chair persuing the dream of being a *SL model* for a year before I realized what a crock of **** it all really was.

    But never once in that year did I delude myself to think I am anything like the models or supermodels in RL. Walk into any RL modeling agency, Liane, (if you can even get in the door), and tell them you are a *SL Supermodel* and see what kind of reaction you get.

    I am just pointing out the obvious self-importance that *some* (notice I said some, not all) supers place on themselves. To even compare herself among the supermodels of RL shows me how deluded some of these women are. Honey, you ain’t any kind of a model except one in your head if you parked your a** in front of a computer and the only thing you are working is your fingers. That’s just reality.

  125. omg Says:

    There they are again, the envious and ugly girls who have not made it into a good agency. Now they have nothing else to do than judge and blame others. Poor children. If they had understood that one must work for everything, they would not now be upset about successful models like Mavi and Liane.

    Why should someone work for girls like you? I would not do it.

    If SL modeling is just a fantasy, why are you so upset and jealous about Modavia? One own goal after the other 😉

  126. Strong and Burly Says:

    I love poptarts the way the sugar rush hits me as i bite slowly into it, parting that soft pastry licking the jam that oozes so slowly from that crack OMG behave.

  127. Oh please Says:

    You might be a *supermodel* in Second Life but please don’t delude yourself to think you are comparable to Gisele Bündchen , Naomi campbell , or Cindy Crawford. That is just innane.

    Being a model in Second Life is just a fantasy. Let’s not make it more than what it is.

  128. Mavi Beck Says:

    LOL! ❤

  129. Liane anonimously Says:

    nah Mavinoca i am just tired of BS, but if you call Gisele Bündchen , Naomi campbell , Cindy Crawford for being long time model “tired”, then i take that as a compliment ;).
    Hey!!but you cant know is me, i am anonimous…susshhh

  130. Mavi Beck Says:

    awww there’s Liane, she’s really a tired Modavia model…

  131. Liane anonimously Says:


  132. X-Modavia Client Says:

    For the record.

    I never once dissed the models or photographers chosen for the MFD. I’m also sure they are well paid for their work on MFD.

    I merely commented that I thought with the wealth of modeling talent available at Modavia that the frequency of La Poptart’s own appearance in it seems odd. If the mission of Modavia is to promote ALL the Modavia models then she, as the one responsible for Dea Mill’s legacy, should step back and do JUST that.

    I’m not saying that La Poptart is not a great model, on the contrary, she’s an excellent model. Even the Fashion Critique SL thinks so. People make choices about their careers. Poptart chose the management path and should promote the models in Modavia and not herself.

    The only thing tired about any of this is Poptart’s unwillingness to serve her constituency the way it deserves. That’s just lame. Her need for exposure should be fed sufficiently by the 2 pages she gets to fill up at the beginning of each MFD issue and the adulation of the sycophants who have rallied to her defense here.

  133. Mavi Beck Says:

    I’ve never posted here before but I feel like I have to now, not to stir drama but:

    1) Thank you Mary Jane for the “tired model” definition, I am sure all my colleagues appreciate it too. I am not tired but maybe you are jealous.

    2) Poptart regularly pays the models for their work on the book as soon as it comes out. What you’re saying is just lies.

  134. MaryJane Says:

    There are a lot of truth to what X Modavia Client is saying. Modavia is not half as good since Poptart took over. She keeps using herself and the same tired models all the time. It is simply boring. And models don’t get paid for the print work.

    Modavia is just another glorified magazine with no substance. Does anyone even open the Modavia directory anymore? It goes straight to trash.

  135. omg Says:

    I did not. Maybe you read once more?
    It is easy, scroll down and read slowly *smiles*

  136. Another Anon Says:

    it seems that you don’t ignore her, I’d call it something else; it was you who mentioned her name first, I wouldn’t call this ignoring someone. what you seem to ignore is how Modavia works.

  137. omg Says:

    I’m so sorry that i ignore the self-proclaimed best model of SL.

  138. Another Anon Says:

    An anon said

    “How did Blackliquid get chosen when she wasn’t in the Modavia Prospective Models group? Did she just bypass what the other 350+ people had to do? Is that fair really?”

    Here is the answer: Blackliquid was not in the Modavia Prospective Models Group in spring (and so did some of other Modavia Models already casted before) because she was selected in autumn casting. Do you usually get MFD? If you got them, you’d see that Blackliquid was casted last autumn.

    In that case, an already Modavia Model doesn’t need to join the Modavia Prospective Models Group. It happens with all Modavia Models, so it’s fair. It’s just a matter of ignorance from you.

  139. Miss Moneypenny Says:

    It seems to me that X-Modavia customer is not a real customer but someone who came here just to stir drama because of their personal beef with Pop. I think I can even recognize who it is by their style of writing but I’ll keep it to myself.
    They are just upset that omg doesn’t give them what they want.
    Come on X, grow up, move along and stop insulting people for not feeding the troll!

  140. omg Says:

    It seems that only you are a little bit upset, X-Modavia. I apologize with all sincerity that I do not join your gossip. What exactly do you mean? *laughs*

  141. X-Modavia Client Says:

    OMG your limitations are readily apparent to us all.

    Hopefully you’re sticking to print modeling at Modavia where you just show up with your avatar and then someone artistic like Cherie, Julie, Barney or Atomic takes over and does the driving at that point.

    I have this idea that runway modeling, which can get dicey, due to lag, timing, and collisions might challenge you a bit.


  142. omg Says:

    yes yes. ready now? 😉

  143. X-Modavia Client Says:

    omg, you’re uninformed and ignorant. If you’re being taken care of by Poptart yay for you. You say there are 350 Modavia applications like it’s a significant number. Significant of what I’m not sure.

    I looked at the Modavia website. It seems to be 6 months out of date and mundane. Poptart herself doesn’t blog or have anyone who does as far as I can tell so where is the active on-going commitment to Modavia’s clients and sponsors or to anything but collecting Lindens for the ads?

    If I’m being harsh or have misconstrued the facts Poptart can step up and defend herself here in person. Doubtful but that’s what RL CEOs do when their companies are questioned.

    Bring it Poppy

  144. omg Says:

    LOL is the only response you get because i don’t join this gossip business. I wrote my opinion and that is all i have to say. *smiles*

  145. X-Modavia Client Says:

    LOL? That’s it omg? The best you can respond with is LOL? That’s pathetic.

  146. omg Says:

    LOL 😉

  147. X-Modavia Client Says:

    omg – you’re just not getting it here and unless I miss my guess you aren’t both a Modavia client and a Modavia model so Poptart is not depending on you for any revenue. I could be wrong about that but I doubt it.

    Modavia is a well done COMMERCIAL art project. It covers a lot of ground in promoting the Modavia clients.

    Photographers like Cherie Parker, Julie Hastings, Barney Roundel and AtomicSparkle Skytower do astounding work. Modavia’s models are a fine team too. Modavia also does a good job of promotion with the shows and such.

    The ads don’t seem over-priced for what they are. I’m not sure how many copies of each issue get distributed but the cost for a double-spread ad is not out of line as far as I can tell.I think Poptart is doing a good job of selling Modavia ads, close to 100 of them if my estimate is right, as she should. She’s generating a fair amount of money.

    But featuring herself in so many ads to the exclusion of the those other great Modavia models is difficult for me to understand. It seems wrong and I’ve voted with my wallet. Modavia is hers to do with as she wishes and my advertising Linden budget is mine to spend as I wish. I spend it elsewhere these days.

  148. PH Says:

    For the Record — Modavia Fashion Marketing is Modavia Models, Modavia Supermodels and Modavia Productions. All are separate and all have their own membership. Some models maybe in one or more of the different groups. Poptart Lilliehook is CEO of Modavia Fashion Marketing.

  149. anon Says:

    X Modavia client is wayyyy nearer the mark that you omg.. Modavia is NOT an agency – and count how many times Poptart appears in the magazine (which is, incidently the ONLY work Modavia supers get).
    There are approx 3 models that get chosen all the time and one of them is poptart herself.
    Modavia is a shadow of what Dea started – nor does it have basic reason for being that Dea started it for – to promote the supers around the grid – what promotion do they do when 99% of them don’t even get in the magazine?

  150. omg Says:

    your facts – my facts 😉

  151. X-Modavia Client Says:

    Fact:Modavia is not an agency. Modavia is more like a catalog or magazine then anything else.

    Fact: If it were an agency (let me repeat it is NOT a modeling agency),the CEO, Poptart Lilliehook wouldn’t be in any of the Modavia ads because a truly professional agency CEO promotes their models NOT themself but we can all can see she chooses herself over others frequently. Poptart has chosen some other very good models to be part of the elitist cabal she’s turned Modavia why she doesn’t use every one of them is an enigma. into and they wear the tag proudly in most cases.

    Modavia is far cry from what it started out as under Dee Mills.

    Sad fact

  152. omg Says:

    You can love or leave Modavia. Fact is, that it is one of the best Agencys in SL or how would you explain over 350 applications?

    Poptart is a great person who walks her own way without kisses and huggies and i love you all. So what?

    Look for your gossip business at another place.

  153. P Says:

    I’m a Modavia Model and I don’t get what the big deal is about getting into Modavia. There is absolutely NO WORK in this agency and Poptart is not the friendliest person to work for. I have been in Modavia over a year and I’ve only been used for print once. I think Poptart only use her friends. There are so many agencies out there that are far better and fair in giving models jobs like Opium. By the way, I keep hearing that Poptart is the Fashion Critique…Is it true?

  154. Anonymous Says:

    Obviously you can’t understand simple English maybe I should speak slower. Blackliquid was never in the Modavia Prospective Models Group which was a requirement of the spring casting. If she bypasses that whole process to go straight into the Modavia Productions group or whatever group (who cares what you call it), point is the other 350+ people had to do it and that’s not fair to them. No one said she was chosen as a model or that castings were over. Simply stated since you can’t understand otherwise, everyone should have to follow the procedures outlined in the spring casting card equally.

  155. I Says:

    Damnit I didnt see it, what did it say?

  156. anon Says:

    OK my post was to one that has now been deleted lol so ignore..

  157. anon Says:

    That is just sad….

  158. I Says:

    Dude, anybody can enter the Modavia competition, the Prospective Models group is open enrollment, anybody can join it. But BLT is not in it cause she’s already in the Modavia Productions group. And who told you she was chosen? Castings aren’t over yet! Don’t start drama where there is none.

  159. Anonymous Says:

    How did Blackliquid get chosen when she wasn’t in the Modavia Prospective Models group? Did she just bypass what the other 350+ people had to do? Is that fair really?

  160. Kioto….and who do you think lives in Australia? Perhaps define for me your interpretation of someone who looks Australian. Australia is made up of all races.

    Black can represent whatever country she chooses but asking me to put on glasses because I merely asked that question is a bit narrow minded don’t you think? I was actually asking Black, not you.

  161. Kioto Says:

    Carling Calice, a pair of glasses? the shape of Black is japanese.

  162. Herra Says:

    Dear Nastyfall:

    So you’re not impressed by someone with a website promoting their cartoon character? You do realize this comes from us signing online playing cartoon characters. This is no different from any other online game out there – people creating fan sites, facebook/myspace pages, twitters and a host of other sites to promote their character and love of the game.

    I think her website is really well done. But if you’re not impressed then why even bother calling it out on a website? All you did was help promote Blackliquid even further since those of us who read Agency Report will want to see what the stink is all about.

    What’s ironic is that you bother posting at a website that is about cartoons that model in a game.

    As for Black, I know her and I’ve done a few shows with her but never actually worked for her. My ‘ruler’ for measuring value in a game is whether or not someone is bitched about by my friends – and well, Black is not one of them. So as far as I know she’s a decent person.

  163. I’m just wondering why blackliquid if you live in Melb, Australia (as I do) why you didn’t choose to be Miss Australia? That’s a shame…would love to see another Aussie in it this year.

  164. Nastyfall Starfall Says:

    I guess Herra, you’re one of the ones who has your nose
    up her ___, but then I guess you don’t see the craziness of this all.It’s always about Blackliquid, hmm ever wonder why she was kicked out of the Superelite Supersearch Spring contest.She drops Modavia in every conversation she has, now it will be (Be) Miss VW finalist for the next eight months. Oh God helps us all in this insanity. Anyone who calls another fellow model the C word is a sick individual. No web page featuring yourself as a cartoon character impresses me? it only lets me know your truly a sick person in real life.Blackliquid leaves a trail of enemies everyday she’s on SL, she is no doubt a self centered person. If you can’t see that Herra, then clean your screen. You also used the word being picked! I thought it was about earning it not posting yourself all over SL.Anyone who can post every show they have ever done and all their accolades needs to be slapped back into reality. It’s a game nothing more .

    Ive only began to be Nastyfall

  165. Herra Says:

    Dear Nastyfall:

    Thanks for that link to Blackliquid’s site!

    Blackliquid – what an amazing site, great work. I wish I had the skills to create something as amazing as that. Perhaps some people see it as ‘egotistic’ or ‘bullying’ not sure how, but what I see is an extremely hardworking Model who has put the time and effort into being one of the best and deserves the rewards such as being picked for Miss Virtual World or the Modavia spring casting.


  166. Nastyfall Starfall Says:

    BLACKLIQUID does what she wants, she bullies her way into every agency then quits when she doesn’t get her way with shows.She is by far the BIGGEST DIVA in SL. Do all the female models in SL a favor and go away or should I say fly away!If this isn’t the most egotistical site I have ever seen as far as avatars go She should go by the name SELF-CENTERED EGOTIST.

    And yes I can be Nastyfall

  167. blackLiquid Says:

    Hello there to clarify, I was called back for modavia spring casting, and am also a Boulevard model as well as a finalist for MVW 2011. So it’s safe to say there are no issues there. Poptart nor Frolic would prevent their models from being involved in either, they are both excedingly reasonable professionals.

  168. anon Says:

    That simply isn’t true Lala.. it was Modavia that made some people choose way before Frolic did.. and if you are who I think you are – you already know that:)

  169. lalaland (the real one) Says:

    It was only boulevard who asked to choose but then frolic changed its mind. And no, I do not believe that if you’re in MVW or Boulevard you’re not picked. Who was picked for the casting has already been notified.

  170. J. W. Says:

    Can someone tell me if they have heard the results of the Modavia Castings? Is it true that if you are a Boulevard model or involved in MVW that you will not get an invitation for casting? Are the two agecies still making the models choose between one or the other because of a feud between CEOS?

  171. Lilli Says:

    Dear PL and Miaa,
    Stop generalizing! Like you, I was a new model at one time, and I know how it feels to see the experienced models getting all the runway work. But jealousy and anger won’t get you on the runway. That will take a good attitude, networking, education, mentoring with a good model, and lots of practice! So close your mouth and get busy. Because I for one am sick and tired of your bitching and complaining! Please note that I would NEVER consider mentoring a model with an attitude like yours!

  172. Sharron Schuman Says:

    get over it girls/ what you say is somewhat true. You are only as good as your last job. what is your beef?

    If you have done 100 jobs well and screwed up the last one it is much different from having done two jobs and screwed up the last. that is the only point i am trying to make. Experience does count. get over your self.. your characterizations of other being somehow lesser than you do not add to your power. true of noobies, old models, and any being in any world. Notice my posts…. I do not denigrate or negative characterize people or status, only what they choose to write in public.

  173. Miaa. p Says:


    PL Says: ” Oh My, how the so called “supermodels” are flexing their muscles…….. ”


    Respect is earned, never given on demand. Please do not loose what little is left by blowing your trumpet about past glory. Be a mentor if you can by action and not just words.

  174. PL Says:

    Oh My, how the so called “supermodels” are flexing their muscles. Dahlings….Don’t you all know that in fashion whether in SL or RL, You are only as good as your last work. If you haven’t been on the “scene” lately, you are forgotten. So either, Step Up or Step Aside and Retire. Stop “reminiscing” of the old days of how great you all are and what you have all done.

  175. Sharron Schuman Says:

    OMG, such horrible spelling and sloppy grammar in my post… I shouldn’t try to type at 5:00am. In my posting to Barb where i said MODA grads rock, I did mean Gamp. sorry. In any case I think my communication was clear.

    What isn’t clear to me is what “anonymous” is so angry about. She sounds like some of the bitchy contestants in a reality tv show. (bitchy in this case is not gender specific)mmm maybe I should say whiny?

    Anyway, no more responding to flame bait for me. I do hope that there has been some constructive purpose to this thread. It may be a bit much, but I do pray for peace in this world and all others. Mostly I pray for peace in your hearts and mine.


  176. Herra Says:

    Amen Sharron

    *** hugz ***

  177. Sharron Schuman Says:

    anoyn, you are just so wrong. you show your own ignorance over and over. If you have never heard of summer that is your problem not hers. She has done more to promote professional models and associations than any other model in sl. I don’t see anyone demanding self importance and entitlement as you do. I see experience. Experience that shows and counts.Experience and professionalisim demand respect, Isn’t that what you desire when you have reached it?

    If I was going into a battle as part of a SEAL team, I would want the old grunts with me, not the full of fire noobs. I really don’t understand your problem. Do the work. Walk the Walk. Anon talk is worth nothing. “Google” summer deadlight, Google FSz Productions and read the two year old resumes , Yes FSz is gone but these girls listed, read what they had done two years ago. Learn some of the history of your craft. It didn’t begin the day you logged in. I don’t have any idea where your resentment comes from other than jealousy. In RL experience counts. It certainly does as much in SL. I don’t think any of us geezers feel entitled to special treatment. If we fail, don’t come prepared, improperly styled etc, then shame on us. But, we don’t deserve you invective only because we are experienced. We do reserve respect until we do something to not deserve it. I don’t want you to kiss my ass, only to admit that training, experience and expertise is what matters.use your google and look at past shows. there are many shows on my flicker and
    Tillie Ariantho’s. I a have over 9,000 photos with 166,7010 page views from shows. Tillie has 126,000 page views. i cant find her total number of your own research on sl fashion legends and experienced models before you show your ignorance and lack of knowledge of you field. You end up looking stupid buy saying that you don;t know of the past. SL modeling did not start last year.Do you know of Fortuanate Szondi?, Bianca Darling? Dea Mills? and otheres long gone? Learn the history of you craft in SL. It will server you well,

  178. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    To Anon (why won’t you post in your own name?)
    c/p If you want respect, lead by example. Show the new models how it should be done. Be a teacher, a mentor..

    My point was – just because we don’t shout about it – does not mean we don’t do it.. and can’t compete against newer models? lol

    There are good, new models out there.. never said their aren’t.. but there are also those that call themselves models but because they went to one of the zillion rip-off schools do not have the basic skills necessary. If you argue against that – maybe you don’t understand the basic skills required? Or maybe you just haven’t seen the oft-times poor levels of teaching?

    Your opinion of me counts not one iota.. I have got where I am by hard work and professionalism. Most of my work is now behind the scenes in fashion (my choice). You think that by posting here I am trying to promote myself? Get real. I have more than enough work – I don’t need to promote myself anywhere – least of all here.

  179. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think I ever mentioned teaching at an academy or school once in my post. Teaching can be done anywhere. Again, all I see is self importance and self entitled attitudes that makes us chuckle at your attempt to make yourselves feel better by using your superiority complex or sense of seniority because you have been doing it longer than the newer models.

    Yes, I do believe some of the elder models are exemplary role models who younger models look up but I can say that all of you who posted on here don’t even come close to fitting that description and infact are the exact opposite. Exception of Gamp Lane; she’s pretty cool.

    and Yes, Summer Deadlight, since you decided to post on here. Those were the same exact words you uttered on Runways Kidz, and I am sorry to say. I don’t really know what you have done to warrant such a bit delusional and self important attitude because till now; I have never heard of you. Can you give me an example of how you think you are the leg that the fashion industry stands on? Just curious.

    It must be hard for veteran models compete with new talent that seems to be cropping up every where but to put down new models and buttering each other up.. and even publicly on this site is just sad and desperate.

  180. Sharron Schuman Says:

    Barb, having known you almost three years and seeing your work many times, most noobies could not cary your train case for you, (make up kit for you kids) MODA grads rock!!

  181. Gamp Lane Says:

    I am just getting a kick out of how serious you all are. I was happy to be selected to be in both Modavia and Boulevard and I will stay there until they eject me from the group. I am one of those crazy people who just wants to model, show off the designs to their best advantage and escape the drama. Is that such a crime? I feel like a lucky girlie to have been modeling this long…even if I am an old relic:) You all enjoy your drama..rock on!

  182. Summer Deadlight Says:

    This is one of the very few posts I will ever make on this site. I will also use my name because I think “anonymous” posting is crap and doesn’t offer any credibility.

    I just want to say as a old geezer model, veteran, however you want to say it, I helped build this industry the way it is today. Runway Kidz was influential as a group of models who took this industry in 2007 and 2008 and helped to build it along with others into what you see today.

    Many of us old timers, spent 22+ hours a day working, networking, casting, most of us did not attend any schools, there were not many schools then. In my day there was ASpiRE, not BoSL, Modavia was brought together after Runway Kidz started.

    Yes many of today’s models are half trained, and fame chasers. Not all, but many yes. There is an overwhelming number of schools pushing models out like a puppy mill, and half of these schools are built and ran by people who never did much runway or just got out of a taining school themselves.

    There is not enough work for all the agencies as it is. Some models are terrible at stying, and dont have the training and mentoring needed to expand beyond thier own game gains.

    Now not everyone is like this no, but when you look back into the industry you help build, and see what it has become it is a bit discouraging.

    I have taught modeling 101 at Avenue, and I have mentored personally and privately. I have an all girl invitation only model peer group, and Runway Kidz. We are from an era where modeling was not competitive, where we worked together, we had fun at rehearsals and we banded together because we liked doing what we were doing and felt others could understand what we’r doing.

    We are the old guard, and many of us have earned the right to assess, comment and evaluate the industry as it is today.

    We helped build BoSL, we helped build Modavia, we helped build Avenue, we helped build MVW, Runway Magazine, Ewing, etc etc, and we are the legs that this industry has stood on.

    I just hope that the new models coming into the industry, understand and appreciate and give us oldies a little respect for our hard work, and that they are potentially repeaing the benefits.


  183. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Dear anon..

    You have no idea what ‘top’ or ‘supers’ do ‘behind the scenes’.. Yes I have never taught at one of the zillion new schools.. although have been asked many times. Why? Because I hate the idea that many of these schools take lots of lindens and promise the earth.. Many (not all) churning out people that then call themselves models that clearly still do not have the basic skills needed. Is this the fault of the people attending? No.. it’s the fault of people that set up these ‘schools’ many of them never having done more than walked in the graduation show of the school they attended. These ‘schools’ feed off the desire many in SL have to become models, but just like RL there are sharks, but in SL there is no regulation.

    BUT.. I have in private, tutored and mentored many models – in shows too.. I help anyone that needs it (new or old models). At one place I was model manager, I made sure that I used as many new models as older models.. I have never taken a single linden to tutor or mentor anyone.

    Does that mean I am not entitled to an opinion in the way new models are churned out? I don’t think so.

  184. Sharron Schuman Says:

    I love you lilli!! *smiles*

  185. Lilli Says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    I’m an old geezer model, and I don’t look down on new models. In fact, I go out of my way to mentor them and to get them on the runway. I think it’s very unfair of you to generalize the Top and Super models. Do you really think these elder models had their careers handed to them on a silver platter? Of course, you might be able to cite a few instances of model favoritism and ugliness. But take it from me, once you achieve the modeling level that makes you happy, you have to work hard to maintain it. If you want to make it to the top, get your butt in gear, start working, and stop bitching about what you don’t have and start working for what you want.

  186. Sharron Schuman Says:

    oh wow! another post from an anon that has secrets she knows, but want tell us.come on girl whats the dirt? I will admit that there are divas etc..IN ALL model groups in sl. What is your point? Why not post your comments in you avatar name. Spreading gossip and part truths adds nothing to the discussion. I don’t have any idea who you are speaking of when you post: “Be a teacher, a mentor.. stop talking out of your ass and tell each other how better you are than all the other upcoming models. Really, grow up.”

    Out of 30 of the “old models” I can think of there are fewer than two that fit the description of your post and that is just my opinion, not what may be true. I don’t know of anyone that I am close to that doesn’t support and or will help new models. I don’t know the source of your invective. I haven’t seen it.

    Name the models that you think “ride the high horse”, name yourself. As an “Anon” your posts don’t rise above the level of gossip or sour grapes.

  187. Anonymous Says:

    OMG Get off your high horse.. Really I know what you “older models” think of us newer ones. I read the transcript of the Runway Kidz which most of you Modavia Supers are part of and let me tell you; some of you sound and act like you are god’s greatest gift to SL Fashion industry.

    The transcirpt will not be published on here because I am a professional; however reading it opened my eyes to what these “top” and “professional” really think and it’s just awful. I just have to say that I hope to never develop your sense of entitlement and attitude as some of these “older” or “elder” models have. That is when I know to quit this business.

    If you want respect, lead by example. Show the new models how it should be done. Be a teacher, a mentor.. stop talking out of your ass and tell each other how better you are than all the other upcoming models. Really, grow up. Some of the newer models I see today have it more together and act more professional than some of the “older” or “elder” models that have been modeling for years.

  188. Herra Says:

    Dear @Fashion Model:

    For $50L you can join Downtown Modeling Group and they will give you a supermodel title. Or for $100L you can create your own supermodel title.

    I’m not being rude – just showing how useless ‘supermodel’ title is vs. any other regular model title.

    To me a ‘Supermodel’ isn’t a title above one’s name but the reputation that follows a model when their name is mentioned. My best friend, Sabine Blackburn, is a supermodel not because she has a title but because people know that when Sabine is in a show you will have one of the top models who has worked extremely hard at her craft to present the best look when gracing the runway or print. THAT is how one becomes a supermodel (and there are more out there than just Sabine – I just know her best).

  189. Payton Says:

    I never comment on this site, this is a first. But seeing my name mentioned several times, I feel it important to say a few things.

    1- I support much of what Sharron has written. I may be an older model (2 yrs.) but have had excellent training and have worked very hard to be the best I can be for every single model event I participate in.

    2- Titles mean absolutely nothing and if you know me, I only wear the tag I need for the event and do not go about SL playing “diva” anything. In fact, most people will say that I am one of the kindest and best mentors in SL modeling, simply because I care so much about SL fashion and SL modeling as an industry.

    3- I am a professional in RL and do my best to be one in SL. Yes, I have been caught in several dramas, which unpleasant, is sometimes unavoidable.

    4- I am very concerned with how modeling is today. Too many coming into the industry without the knowledge or training necessary to be a “good” model. It takes hard to work to be good in any profession, whether virtual or real. And always remember, as Sharron said, models represent the designer and that is all. A show is not about a model but the designer and their designers.

    5- Lastly, if anyone wants to know anything about me, my opinions, experience, knowledge, training ….anything… just ask me. I do not like being quoted for something I did not say.

    Everyone has an opinion, and they are free to express that opinion, but untruths are just that and should not be spread as a truth.

  190. Sharron Schuman Says:

    @Fashion Model. Your post reads more like flame bait than a serious post. I will respond to it as if it is a serious post. It does in my opinion have the tone of an inmature accusation/bitch with no real content to further informative much less positive discussion.

    I wonder of whom you are speaking when you say “I am so tired of all the “elderly” models who claims they are the best and looks down on everyone else”? I know of very few “elderly” that would fit that characterization. Most of the experienced “elderly” models I know are very willing to help and do go out of their way to help new models and don’t “looks down on them”.

    Modeling was not a new concept in SL 2 Yrs ago. Modeling has been an active part of SL since the beginning. When I came into SL in May 2006 modeling was very much a part of the SL world as was fashion. The big difference in modeling now as it was in the past is that it is much easier to look good now. All it takes today is money and a bit of taste. The general population in SL looks light years better (more realistic) than they did in Jan 2007. In the “old days” there were very few if any “shape” stores. You had to do it your self or with help from someone skilled. (not many were). Skin selection and skin makers was very limited. When I came into SL skins with photo sourcing were brand new. Previously all skins were “painted”. There were no prim eyelashes. Most flex hair was horrific as designers learned to use the flex parameters, etc.

    And we had to walk the runway up hill through 3 feet of snow. LOL

    Modeling is hard work to stay current. It was then and it is now. It maybe harder now to look unique than in the past because of the quality and wide availability of skins,hair,eyes, clothes etc. I don’t look down on anyone that is doing the work. I do get upset with people that disrespect others out of spite and ignorance. I do get upset with those that are unprepared to do the work and create disruption.

    Just in case you have forgotten. Modeling is all about showing creations of the designer, it’s not about the model. The model/s chosen for a designers spread in the Modavia Fashion Directory are often chosen by the designer. Models chosen for a designers spread in the SL Fashion magazines are often chosen by the designer. (I know, I have worked for many of the magazines, as a model, photog,and in casting selection. To give you some insight in to how a casting may work: casting call goes out with a request for current photos and other specific info;casting director receives them, sorts the note cards and discard the ones that the model didn’t submit what was requested, (no photos, wrong photos,etc.);casting director submits candidates to designer, they may discuss choices or designer may pick with no discussion.

    Beauty pageants and contests are mostly all about the model/girl. Workaday fashion is about fashion.

    If you are tired of seeing the same models, tell it to the designer that uses the same models.

    Lastly you speak of “attitude”. Read your post again. What does you post say about your attitude?

    elderly model,

  191. Fashion Model Says:

    I am so tired of all the “elderly” models who claims they are the best and looks down on everyone else
    who don’t have the “supermodel” tag. I feel that the only reaosn they became supermodels now is because there was hardly any competition back then when modeling was a new concept in SL. I bet they wouldn’t even be hired at any of the agencies now if they start with a fresh new avatar. There are a lot of fresh new models today who can beat any Modavia Supermodels anyday because the new ones don’t have attitude and works very hard instead of depending on their “titles”.

    Modavia needs to hire new fresh faces. It is very tiring to look at same old models everytime. It gets very boring.

  192. Lilli Says:

    And Barb, I completely disagree with you! Having spent many hours working with D & F Modeling, I can tell you that hours spent practicing always resulted in a polished show. I’m sure that many models that worked with me at the agency will agree. We were a well oiled machine! My partners and I are getting ready to launch two new agencies that will follow the D & F formula.

  193. Anon Says:

    I completely agree with you Sharron.

  194. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Anon – I agree that not all the Supers are still as professional as I would like. Indeed – I have walked in shows where a very prominent model (and one of the original Supers) turned up to the rehearsal (which was just before the show) – she had not fitted the outfit nor chosen poses for it, nor selected hair, skins etc.. very shoddy. Whoever you are does not give you the right to NOT spend the required time before rehearsal in making the outfit look as good as possible. This kind of Diva attitude should not be accepted from anyone.Having said that.. 99% of the original Supers are still as professional as ever.

    However – I disagree with you on the number of rehearsals needed. I have yet to be in a show that required more than one rehearsal – modeling is more than looking good.. it’s the ability to learn quickly too. I have done shows with more than one rehearsal and I found it totally unnessesary.

  195. Sharron Schuman Says:

    Damn… I can’t edit the post. I did some cutting a pasting and see i have repeated some stuff… sorry ya’ll. Im only tupid sumtimz.

  196. Sharron Schuman Says:

    I do agree with you, 100%. *Sharron, chokes a little*

    And in humor, I do talk out my ass sometimes. I hope my good friends let me know when i do especially when they think I don’t see it myself. In truth most of the time I talk out my ass another orifice is winking……What I mean is that I hope that when what I speak stinks a bit that I am not self immune to the possibility of my personal malodorous waftings. Let me say that I hold to in my post is 80% true of the current supers and 100% true of the dinosaurs. LOL

    Please IM me in world for more of my thoughts and personal gripes on my opinions of what you say. Not that I don’t want to say what I feel in public, but that there is a point that what my feelings and thoughts are isn’t worth public publication and a point where many may not give a flip about my opinion, AND… I don’t do my personal brain farts, gossip and musing in a public forum. Its’ far to embarrassing sometimes and often can be tediously boring to others until I get it worked out.

    That said… there have been many models that showed up for MODAVIA/RUNWAY productions that should have been shot on the spot (fired) for their lack of professionalism. My biggest bitch about some so called “professional” models in SL are the ones that are cast, then show up…. late, unprepared, clueless, with out having styled the outfits, let alone selected poses to compliment the outfit, using the same tired “dance sequence” they use no matter what the outfit may call for. When a model shows up late, unprepared, feeling entitled to be forgiven all faults because of “who she is”, I feel that she is showing extreme disrespect to her peers. I have no respect and ZERO tolerance for personal narcissism in a professional situation. I am very forgiving of real reasons for problems, but when it holds up the show and everyone that is prepared more times than not, shame on you.

    We all want to support and encourage our friends to achieve. It doesn’t support them to hoot, woot and praise when they fall short. You can applaud the effort with out applauding the possible faults. We all need encouragement and support, but if you praise mediocrity then they may be mistaken to understand that they need no improvement or further work. Please friends, tell me when I suck. I had lots of valid criticism for SL Fashion Critics posts in her blog, but she nailed me on a really lame pose I used in the show. Good thing about that is I did learn from that bit even if the rest of her stuff was off. One of the hardest things for me is to tell friends when I think they didn’t do well. Thankfully I have earned the respect from most of my peers to be able to speak my opinion and have it heard and put in the mix even if they may not agree. One of the most important things I have learned in my life about this is to accept critique or feedback in such a way that the person providing it feels that I have heard them. It only becomes a problem when you try to parse or argue who or what way is the ultimate right and wrong. There is a native American lesson that is illustrated by throwing a stick to the ground, then asking those that can see the stick from where they stand; “which way does the stick point?” Its’ a perfect lesson in its simplicity, the answer depends upon where you are standing/viewing the stick. I acknowledge this isn’t a true lesson in all matters, but for illustration of matters of art or opinion it holds, in Science or absolute principles it doesn’t apply. (a molecule of water consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom is an example of something settled, absolute and not dependent on opinion or perspective)

    Friends, SL Citizens, fellow models. You do your self no service, your friend no service, our industry no service when you hoot, woot, shout “work it” to a model that is NOT showing the outfit as the designer/client wishes. You are only supporting mediocrity and fostering the supposition that in a fashion show the model “is the show”. She IS NOT!!!!! In dance, theatre, performance art etc. she is. In fashion, the OUTFIT is the show. It is the CLIENTS show, not the models. In RL fashion shows, the designer is the person hooted, wooted, applauded, etc., its’ their show. that is what the designer is PAYING for. There are special shows and events for the big stars in the RL fashion world. Victoria’s secrets and Fashion Rocks are such shows. In SL some contests maybe such a show, But, when a designer is presenting a new line to the buyers, it’s NOT about the models, they should be invisible. they are selling dreams, fantasy, style, prestige, the designers vision, not their personal self. Yes, a “face”, a “body” a “look” does become known, but in the RL fashion world only in the context that it brings attention and SALES to the client. Girls and Boys if you want to make money and get paid for modeling in SL…… provide VALUE to the CLIENT….. bottom line is; SALES and PROFIT is where its’ at. RL and SL are no different in that respect. All performers and artists in RL get paid in respect to the “box office” take. Fact of life.

    Please forgive my random wandering process in this reply.. I learned a lot.

    Love ya’ all.


  197. Anon Says:

    Shakes her head in disgust when she reads, “if you want a model that can show up and do her job with minimum rehearsals, reads the note cards you supply, can style anything appropriately then call a Modavia girl…being a Modavia super does mean you have been tested. I don’t get it why some agencies have 4 or more rehearsals for shows. Ask Payton, a good model needs the walk written out and at least one run-through for complications. Most of the need for multiple rehearsals are for the girls that have little training or can’t or don’t take the time to read the damn note cards.”

    I worked a runway show with two of these Modavia Supers. Both failed to show up for practice and both arrived at the show asking lots of questions; questions that had been answered at practice and in the note cards that were distributed at practice. It really pissed me off knowing that they were unprepared and dependent upon the other models for guidance. Their lack of preparedness created a sense of chaos backstage. One of them actually missed her runway cures each and every time she walked. Sorry Sharron, but being a Modavia Super doesn’t carry the same weight as it once did. And believe me when I say that I’m not jealous. I’ve been modeling in SL for over two years, plus I’m an instructor and an agency owner. I’ve learned that it’s not the title that counts. A model needs to be able to walk the talk! As for Payton’s comment about one practice being sufficient, I disagree. One rehearsal (even with established models that read their note cards) is not enough time to guarantee a good show. It takes time, practice, a sense of teamwork and multiple shows with an Agency to achieve flawless shows. Models that spread themselves thin amongst agencies risk never achieving this ideal.
    Someone who is tired of models talking out of their asses.

  198. Kay Fairey Says:

    Welcome back Sharron!!!
    So nice to see you back!!!

    Just needed to say, I never went to Tiffany’s school. *giggles* I just joined Ewing as Marketing Manager. 😛

    Also as far as I know, I’m not blackliquid unless my memory serves me wrong. We don’t even come from the same country.

    There are a lot more….like I never said or was kicked out of Premiere. I left on my own nor have I ever even spoke with Frolic other than a hello until I had decided to leave. I must have supernatural power to plot with anybody I have never even talked to. 😀

    I won’t comment on the Modavia/BOSL matter tho as I have no intention of refueling the discussion nor do I think it’s appropriate to discuss this topic in a public place like this.

    Just wanted to straighten out some facts. 🙂

  199. Herra Says:

    I really don’t have any comments about Modavia although I have a world of respect for both Kay and Pop.

    However I do want to give a big giant-ass hug to Sharron


    Miss you!

  200. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    ” innovative agencies like: .:Kabuki:., Fashion Palace/Catalyst of Fantasy, Maniera, and SuperElite rise,”

    Thank you for that quote it’s nice to know that as a partner at Catalyst of Fantasy!! but…

    I notice you slashed us with Fashion Palace, so feel I need to point out that Fashion Palace and Catalyst of Fantasy are completely different and seperate. We are not in any way connected with each other.

    Talia and Colby are Fashion Institute (i believe)
    Lacie and I are Catalyst of Fantasy.

    Yes we did do a show together, but this was a one of show. (although a lot of fun!!)

    Sparkie 🙂

  201. Sharron Schuman Says:

    @ “former Modavia client” Kay is very good and talented, but she isn’t with out peer. the qualifications you present for Kay can and are met by several experienced people in SL: including but not limited to Tiffany Dragonash of EFA,(Kay went to Tiffany’s school and started her career at EFA) Nino Hartsdale of Premiere, Serina Jane Loon of Timeless, Patty Cortes of GLANCE, Rusch Raymaker of AVENUE,etc including the ones you have listed.If I left someone out I am sorry, it’s 3am. Some of the best show producers in SL are not so active at present. The experience and the talent are still there.

    I do have a personal preference for uncomplicated shows on a small set…… more like RL. the only time in RL you see the grand stadium style shows is when they are done for video specials. Most RL shows are in somewhat small settings with the outfits the focus of the event. Tillie and I go on and on in private IM’s about the mistakes that SL show producers make in set design that take away from the focus of the outfits and in some cases even destroy the outfit by improper use of alpha textures and glow on the runway setting.

  202. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Welcome back Sharron.. you were missed:)

    I agree – the *original* Modavia Supers are highly professional and can be relied upon – don’t know about the new-comers and they were not subjected to the intense scrutiny that we, the original 20 were.

    However, there is another major difference now – that is.. Dea and Harmonica TRULY cared about the Supers. Modavia in fact had a dual purpose, yes the Directory, but also to promote it’s Supers around the grid.. not much of that happens anymore (well except the select few lol). But Dea and Har were always accessible to everyone that worked for them always would listen to concerns, worries, suggestions – we could truly count them as friends. We were allowed to work for whomever we liked (indeed it was the aim – to get us out there and working). Dea would never have fired anyone simply for working for somebody else – whoever it was.

    The family-feel to Modavia left with Dea – who really knows and can count Pop as a friend? Honestly?

    Anyway Sharron – the point being Pop should never have fired Kay and I because we had nothing to do with her drama with Frolic – in fact I knew NOTHING about it til she sent me the offline notecard firing me. She has even been offered a very simple way out of this mess – which I understood she had agreed to (maybe she didn’t, I don’t know, but I was told she had agreed) but she reneged.

    It’s a damned shame she reneged as I feel the only one that will suffer because she did is herself.

    Oh well – such is SLife..

  203. Sharron Schuman Says:

    Happy New Year Ya’ll

  204. Sharron Schuman Says:

    OMG!!!! Look at what happens when I leave SL for a month. So much to do about nothing. Get a grip ladies.This is supposed to be fun. I love Pop. I love Frolic. I love Kay. They have all created something that serves them and serves many in this SL world. I have had bad fights and misunderstandings in the past with each of them. I got over it and maybe they have too. I have been here 3yrs and 7 months now. People know my character. SL is not like RL, the life cycle here is as short as a fruit fly’s. What was the big buzz 6 months ago is so 10 yrs ago in RL.

    I have been a Modavia super for almost two years. A good friend told me she looks on us a the “dinosaurs” of the SL model world.. LOL so cool. Experience does count when you want professionalisim. I can’t keep up with the new faces and buzz, but if you want a model that can show up and do her job with minimum rehersals, reads the note cards you supply, can style anything appropriately then call a Modavia girl. Many can do this not just Modavia girls, but being a Modavia super does mean you have been tested.I don’t get it why some agencies have 4 or more rehersals for shows. Ask Payton, a good model needs the walk written out and at least one runthrough for complications. Most of the need for multiple rehersals are for the girls that have little training or can’t or don’t take the time to read the damn note cards. As to some of you that disparge the Modavia book… rez a few months of issues on your land or come to my place and look with me. There is no publication in SL that has consistantly produced a puplication with as high a quality in terms of production and photography for over two years. No other SL pub even comes close. You may not like it, it may be boring to you, not to your taste, etc, but you can not deny the production values photographic quality and excellence. It is an art book of SL fashion, not a general purpose lifestyle magazine. There are many fashion publications in the Real World that are similar. You don’t see them on a “normal”news stand.There are expensive fashion magazines in RL that are 11X14 format on premium paper that are not in the super market checkout line with Elle,Vogue etc. Modavia Fashion Directory is the closest analog in SL.

    God… the alt gossip.. isn’t it fun? Lots to talk about when you are bored. I do love good gossip if its not hateful. I at first thought Blackliquid was Eshi, she is not. I know for a verifiable fact she isn’t Kay.IM me if its that important for you to know, but so…..if she really is what? does that hurt you in any way? Some of what I read here about Kay,Frolic and Pop is sort of something similar that Fortunate Szondi said to me several years ago. She told me she didn’t like me, didn’t trust me etc…. One week later she IMd me and asked me to be an executive of FSz productions. I asked her why? She had just dumped all over me how she didn’t like me etc. She said this is business, not friendship. The main reason she didn’t like me or trust me, she said was because I was so ambitious. I think that is why some of you fault Kay(as well as Pop and Frolic). She is a lovely person. She does happen to be a very talented and ambitious person. She is very skilled and knows how to use her resources to further her goals. I don’t fault her for that for one msec. I don’t fault any of you for your ambition, desire, and success. I praise you for it. I do fault you that look for and create conspiricy and drama for no good. Kay and Pop had a difference,it’s not my business or in my opinion any one elses to speculate in a public forum if you
    only have guesses,but no truth to add to the discussion.

    I must admit, I only scanned these posts. I didn’t read all the detail. I know people are hurt and some confused. I only hope that there will be room for healing in the future. That is my hope for SL and for the world for the new year.

    If any one wants to get down and dirty with gossip, IM me..LOL BUT!!!!!!! only if you are not mean,untruthful,vindictive or blind to your own shit. If you hear any good dirt on me, I would love to hear it.*giggles*

    Remember folks,some in sl are here for the game, some for social contact, some for business etc.. those differences result in each seeing a different perspective to SL relationships and circumstances.

    P.S. Pop, thanks for not kicking me out of Modavia. I thought for sure you would at one time. :-))) But..that was so far back in 2008.LOL in SL years that is so like ancient history. I am proud to be a Modavia super and it means much to me.

  205. 122 21 Says:

    rofl – Pop and Frolic shows their true colours I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT – i can´t believe the kissing up for these kind of people that go on year after year, WAKE UP FOR HEAVENS SAKE – and get out of these two agencies yourself people!!!!!!!!

  206. Nave Fall Says:

    Suddenly the phone is ringing off the hook here………..

    “you gotta read agencyreport right now….. yeah yeah I know it’s Christmas Eve. Just go read it!!!!’

    I wish I could say I’m a former Modavia client. I am not. I don’t design clothes, or anything else, that are sold in SL. I do work for, and with, some people who do. I like how the former client thinks and writes. When I post here these days I post under my own name not “anonymous” or some other pseudonym. As I’ve said in other threads if you don’t like how I write, or how I think, or who I am, I am not twisting your arm and saying “Read what I wrote…….. I am not proselytizing anyone to join the cult of Nave…………..

    You obviously don’t know me at all. You have no idea what I’ve accomplished in SL. 2 women’s coat tails??? Which 2 women are you talking about specifically? Kay Fairey and Kimmera Madison? Or Katherine Comet and Lacie Beningborough? Get real…………the ones who know the truth respect me and know what I’ve done and who I’ve done it for and to.

    But you’re right I suck as a model. I don’t have the time to spend at it that it requires to be a REALLY good one. I know how hard the REALLY good ones work at it. But in my own defense, I am very good at selecting them and getting the best they have to give on any project we do for a paying client. I also work pretty well in the background of a show as many can attest. Aks any of the models who were part of the recent, Winter Fashion Week if they like what I do in the background? Ask Monica Balut or Aspen Parx…………..

    I don’t know Poptart Lilliehook personally but you can bet your life VERY SAFELY that I’dve never done what she did to some of her staunchest, and most reliable team members. I honor my mentors, consistently.

    I’m just,


  207. Anonymous Says:

    To Former Modavia Client/Nave

    You are infamous for leaving derogatory and disparaging remarks anonymously on this forum so don’t even go there.

    To people who actually matter in the Second Life fashion industry, you are a miscreant who everyone is weary of. No one takes your opinion seriously. I mean come on, you rode on coat tails of two women to get to where you are today. What fashion show have you walked in? What show have you produced and put together? What of noteworthy value have you brought to this industry except to champion your friends and bash others you felt slighted or ignored by.

    You have used this form for your own entertainment and amusement long enough. Do something of actual value instead of sitting here and spouting nonsense into this forum. No one is really listening anyways except to say.. Oh here he goes again.

  208. Former Modavia Client Says:

    People being malicious and nasty ANONYMOUSLY on AgencyReport?



    No way.

    Get out.

    You’re such a liar Barb. Play nice

    As far as Kay?blackliquid being one and the same, that’s nonsense. I’ve spoken on skype to both Kay and blackLiquid, not at the same time admittedly, but there is no way they are the same person.

    Furthermore, at this point who cares what Poptart does? She has lost this battle and her silence continues to speak volumes about her ability to lead Modavia in its first genuine crisis. As I said lower down in this thread, it’s easy to lead when everything is going well, but real leaders are forged in adversity. Poptart thinks she is above this controversy. She IS the CONTROVERSY. Not Frolic, not Kay Fairey, not Payton Heron, an unsung hero who was possibly the first to feel Poptart’s wrath, not Barbara. POPTART

    The modeling industry in SL is in a state of flux these days. The free show vs paid show guerilla war is being hotly debated. Kay on one side championing the models and Anastacia Markova on the other, pursuing a strategy of, if Opium does enough shows, paid or not, people will believe the hype about us. As a designer I kinda like her thinking. If I were a model I’d be pissed. Can her yardsales pay the costs of running Opium? Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile new, innovative agencies like: .:Kabuki:., Fashion Palace/Catalyst of Fantasy, Maniera, and SuperElite rise, displacing the hidebound,elitest, previous generation: the Ewings, the UVogues/InStyles, SLGlams, and Evanes who sink without a ripple into the murky depths. It’s Darwinian

    The good news is we’ll survive this and have more fun down the road.

  209. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    You know what I say…this isn’t anyones personal forum to chop down a person, so quit, ffs, using it for that.


    FFS people….we’re all supposed to be adults…what happened? Half of you on here behave like children fighting on a playground. I’m no saint, but bloody hell folks. And I know most of you would be turning beet red and some true colors would be shown of others if your anonymity was suddenly revealed with your postings. Remember, you aren’t exactly anonymous. Agency Report knows who you are.

    You can run…but you can’t hide….

  210. tinky22 Says:

    god babs is now sl modelling worlds latest know it all mouth piece it seems..sick of seeing her replying to every posting like the voice of authority!!

    dont you think just maybe the alt was her first avatar duh!! and kays been made since?

    god the brainpower on you babs you could run for president (of a kennels)

    i think (if i am allowed an opionion babs? ) that all agencies should make all models choose one singular in real life..soon see where peoples loyalties lie then..and instead of every agency having same 100 girls we would be left with 4-5 with 20 each..we would all get to do what we love doing best then ..SIMPLE!!

  211. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Yes of course.. she could have made an alt before she even joined SL.. (the supposed alt is older than Kay is).. and before Kay even knew there were models in SL.. and of course (just in case Kay dreamed of being in an industry she didn’t know existed in a game she didn’t play).. or of course you could just be being malicious and nasty…

  212. bemused Says:

    How exactly can one check facts in a place where anyone can create a number of accounts and just not use them until they are ready, so that it doesnt look like they are a newbie when they do decide to activate that account ?? Rez date means nothing here as you well know .

  213. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Other than to state the facts? Yup you are right..

    Always best to stick to the truth cos fantasists will always be caught out..

    Facts that are easily checked by anyone..

  214. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    But of course, Barb. Didn’t you know that every oriental looking model in SL is an alt of Kay?


  215. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Got to wonder at the IQ of some anonymous posters.. Blackliquid Tokyoska just appeared out of nowhere? check her rezz date..

    Also she is only a Modavia Model.. not a super.. crazy ideas some have.. oh I get it.. she has an oriental look.. that caps it .. she MUST be Kay;) lolol

  216. Jersey/Dolce Says:

    While I believe that BlackLiquid is possibly an alt or a former well known model who started over…I do not believe at all that she is Kay Fairy’s alt. I’ve spoken with them both numerous times…and while I’ll admit theres always a possibility for anything to be true that you wouldn’t think is…I just don’t see those two connected.

    But…whether Kay is also BlackLiquid or Santa Claus, thats not the issue here folks. The issue is that Pop and Frolic don’t get along and Pop is getting rid of all models in the Modavia group who are somehow connected with Frolic. Kay just happened to be the first one she booted out. And Kay didn’t create a bunch of drama over it…she dealt personally with Pop and moved on…but people of course notice when one minute, someone is there, and the next, they aren’t…and thats where it started.

    This is a case of…”I don’t like this person and if you want to be my friend, you can’t like this person either.”

    Well…I was hoping that it was just a random and rare spaz on Pop’s behalf..we all have them..but…doesn’t look like it…and..I don’t know Pop personally so all I can comment on is what I know. Simply put…Modavia belongs to Pop and regardless of what any of us think, she can do what she wants..even shut the agency down if she wanted. Her actions involving Modavia may not be what the former CEO Dea would want…but at the same time..Dea isn’t the owner anymore..and if she has any input at all regarding Modavia..I’m sure her and Pop will handle it between themselves.

    And I don’t blame Pop (and please note, I’m not taking sides here…just looking at this from all angles) for not saying anything on here..this is a huge gossip/slander site. I know the owner of AR will frown at this and its nothing against AR him/herself…just a lot of the people who post here overdo it…and we all have opinions…so its like a snowball rolling down a hill…starts off small and gets bigger and bigger as it goes.

    (Not that I owe anyone an apology, but I do feel sorry for you guys)
    So, to Modavia models…I’m sorry this is happening to you…to Frolic…I’m sorry this is happening… that you were the first one this happened to. Pop…not sure why or what your reasons are, but you’ve got your reasons for it and just know that there are always consequences for our actions.

    Happy Holidays.

  217. anonymous Says:

    Re Kay making a big drama about leaving Modavia , for people who REALLY know Kay , its what she does. She is a clever girl, good at putting on a sweet exterior but underneath is deceitful and backstabbing.
    She did the dirty on Wyntir from Premiere, went round saying she had been kicked out of the agency when in fact Wyntir had asked her back even after she found out she was plotting with Frolic behind her back and Wyntir still has the conversation transcripts to prove it , not that she would she has moved on . She went round badmouthing Wyntir and tried to destroy her reputation, when Wyntir was going through a bad mental breakdown and admits she handled things badly before she left but at least she had a good reason for her actions. Kay is very clever at attaching herself to the right people , unfortunately for Kay she will always be second best , she attaches herself to the stars so she can bathe in their light . She attached herself to Wyntir who created her and made her who she is and she attached herself to mimmi and poptart . Dont be fooled people it takes a long time to get to know the real Kay she is cleverly cunning . Be warned.

  218. bemused Says:

    of course Kay is still in Modavia as her alt Blackliquid Tokyoska, has anyone else wondered where this model has popped up from ? appears from nowhere and is instantly a Modavia model and has her own agency and knows how to do everything , defo an alt,

  219. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    To make it 100% clear.. Pop said to me.. if my circumstances change (ie I stop working for Frolic) then I would be welcome back to Modavia.. although she did also add that she doubted I would want to go back after she had fired me.. she was right – I wouldn’t go back even if I ever did stop working for Frolic..

  220. Some random model Says:

    No, it’s Frolic who’s kicking the Modavia supers out of Boulevard…Merry Xmas to us all!

  221. same Modavia Super again Says:

    ok. sorry then, my bad.
    But God knows, I would have supported Pop against Frolic if we talk about fashion .^^
    That’s just my personal view and gusto, of course.

    So I wonder, when Pop will kick all other Supers involved with Frolic or BOSL or MVW ….?

  222. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Sorry ‘a modavia super’ –
    there aren’t… I had a very long discussion with Pop and that is ALL this is about! There is NO OTHER reason..

    Believe me.. we discussed this for probably over an hour.. Frolic is the one and only reason for this..

  223. a Modavia Super Says:

    Barb, I’m afraid you don’t see the big picture about this. Do you ? 🙂

    “If you believe anyone connected to frolic is in anyway safe at Modavia – you are sadly mistaken.. ”

    I don’t agree with you. I believe it depends on “how” and “why”, or on “something else”.

    It seems more logical to think that there are more valuable reasons in what happened, not just because you are or you have been connected to Frolic in some way..

  224. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    WOW!!! I really don’t know what to see, reading this is such a shock!

    When I started as a model 9 months ago Modavia was the one ‘group’ I thought I HAD to get accepted in. Unfortunately after a couple of attempts I’ve been unsuccesful, but now I’m starting to think maybe not.

    That’s sad 😦

  225. Former Modavia Client Says:

    Was Poptart responsible for Modavia’s Fashion Week?

    Why did I think that the originator of that event was Payton Heron?

    And for the record I know that there are many people in the SL modeling community who produce interesting fashion events, all of which take an astounding amount of work. Off the top of my head I think of recent shows by Yasmmine Kidd @SuperElite, Herradurra Baar @Glance, Lacie Beningborough @Catalyst of Fantasy and blackLiquid Tokyoska @.:Kabuki:. and I’m sure there are many other capable producers, they just don’t combine all of the required skills and drive in one body/mind as Kay does.

    The theme that resonates here is that Poptart has acted like a “meangirl” retaliating against innocents who happen to ahve relationships with the one she’s steaming about Frolic Mills. As in most endeavours where them with the gold makes the rules she has chosen to interpret them to suit her own agendas and the vast majority of people who took the time to remark here agree that fumbled on this one.

    The questions that linger are who’s next? What des Dea Mills think of her predessor’s actions and what will she do now? In RL when a company is besieged the CEO steps up and leads. They don’t lurk in the background and let others speak for them. The silence from Poptart says a lot about her personal abilities and even more about her definition of HER job at Modavia. The CEO tag is fun when it’s going well isn’t it?

  226. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    it isn’t a matter of giving us the chance to leave Boulevard first.. Modavia ISN’T an agency.. as has already been stated in this thread – Modavia Supers were always allowed to work (at any level) for other businesses and agencies.. in fact – that was the primary aim of Modavia – to promote it’s Supers around the grid – to get them work with other agencies. Indeed – even owning your own agency was allowed.

    This is about a personal grievance that Pop has against Frolic. The people working at Modavia should never have been drawn into Pop’s own personal drama. Drama is a frequent occurence in the fashion world.. the wise and professional stay out of other people’s drama – we have to remain impartial.

    Neither Kay nor I favoured one above the other – we both worked hard for both Frolic and Modavia..

    This is very unfortunate and I feel that Pop has shot herself in the foot with this. I mean – where does she stop? Remove all Boulevard models? Anyone that has ever worked for Frolic? She would have none of the established models left.

  227. Anonymous Says:

    I have to disagree. I have been to several shows that Kay Fairey has put together and what I notice is the lackluster quality of these shows. Well executed? Yes, but the a corpse has more energy than the shows she puts together. One of her shows I attended was the boring fashion show I ever been to and it was about 2 hours long. Same models, same designers, same theme, over and over again.

    Kay is not the only person that knows how to pull a show together. There have been some fashion shows I attended recently by some of the newer agencies that I was highly impressed with. It was exciting to watch but also very well organized. I am not going to name names because there already is a buzz about the agencies I just mentioned. Just ask around.

    Maybe Poptart wanted to infuse some new talent into the mix. There is always room for changes and improvement. It’s not easy running or owning an agency and until you have walked in those shoes; one will never know what it’s like.

    And to Ex-Modavia client. It’s really hard to put a value on fashion shows. Perhaps if you look at it from perspective of terms in brand marketing rather than immediate sales from the show itself, this might be a better way to gauge the success of a fashion show/magazine ads. You can also take a look at how many landmarks and/or gifts were picked up as a gauge of success too. I know I have went back to some designers when I had the money or time to take a better look rather than immediately after a show. I could go on and on about this but really at the end of the day; it’s really up to you to decide if it’s worth it. I will just say one thing. Putting on a fashion show is a lot harder than it looks.

  228. Former Modavia Client Says:

    If I have to get rid of all the Supers and start over.. I will..’

    “Do I have to do it all?”

    “Does anyone ever do what they say they except me?

    Why can’t you just listen to me?

    These comments are “typical” of an SL modeling agency DIVA who has drunk her own kool-aid and believes that she really does count for something.

    Pop laced her kool-aid with strychnine this time.

    Kay Fairey is a better show director, script writer, model manager, supermodel, stylist and sponsor recruiter then any other person in the SL fashion world that I can think of.

    If someone out there combines all these IMPORTANT skills in one little package better and has as charming a personality as she does to go with them I’d like to know who it is.

    Enlighten me.

  229. Anon Says:

    I told you there’s more to this story than meets the eye! Pop isn’t ejecting these girls because they lack talent. Nope! There’s more to this, and I suspect that it leads right back to Frolic. Problem is, it sounds personal. Pop can’t you give the talent an opportunity to leave the BOSL groups before axing them?

  230. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    To ‘a Modavia Super’..

    If you believe anyone connected to frolic is in anyway safe at Modavia – you are sadly mistaken.. in Boulevard? – in danger.. worked for Frolic? In danger..

    In pop’s words… ‘If I have to get rid of all the Supers and start over.. I will..’

  231. a Modavia Super Says:

    why so worried about Modavia ? Modavia is not alive thanks to Kay and Barb… It’s alive thanks to Pop and to all other models who put their efforts and professionalism. I see nothing to discuss about if Kay and Barb are gone. These things happen, and it’s normal, and sometimes it’s obvious or inevitable.

  232. astounded Says:

    wow! Two great talents in 4 days…who’s next indeed? What is Poptart so frightened of or paranoid about? Many heads are going to roll if she starts axing everyone who is associated with BOSL. I know of several very Top Models who will be getting this same letter. This is just so sickening.

  233. Barbarella Fuosing Says:

    Hi Barb

    I’m sure this note is no surprise at all and we might as well get it over with.

    When you were invited back as a Supermodel it was before you took the job at BOSL and I doubt I would have invited you if that were the case. So I’m requesting that you leave the Supers group please. This is a policy decision and affects people other than yourself so it’s nothing personal. I like you as a model and have no issues with you as a person.

    You can leave discretely and with dignity on the understanding that your circumstances changed after joining or you can make a huge diva drama as Kay has done. It’s up to you.

    Thanks for rocking it with Modavia and apologies if this decision saddens you.


    Who’s next?

  234. Seriously.... Says:

    “and why Kay? If anyone represents Frolic and MVW it would be Mimmi Boa.. the former MVW.. why not eject her? Why? Because that would have been professional suicide..”

    i dont know why kay got targetted. she was simply put in the middle by poppy for no reason other than frustration.

    why would it be professional suicide if she were to kick mimmi and not kay? they are both outstanding models, role models and amazing people and both have created a well known name for themselves on sl.

    what we do need to remember here is that we are all people and all make mistakes no matter if we are on top or down below. being an agency owner doesnt make you immune from making mistakes and unfortunately when we make them, its blown up to 100 times more than what it is because everyone and their flippin alts know about it, talk, stretch the truth and blah blah blah. especially on this gossip site. this isn’t a place to post legit complaints or praise about agencies; no; this is the place to rant and rave and bitch to an extreme and throw fits when one doesnt get their way and form conclusions on stuff they dont know about.

    to poppy, ya made a mistake. ok, so what are you gonna do to fix it and have you learned anything from it?
    kay, you are fabulous and even though poppy did what she did, maybe you can forgive her and work things out between you two. after all even the best of friends get in massive rows with each other sometimes. business relationships are no different. just more times than none, more costly.

    second life is not an illusion to alot of us nor is it a game to many. some earn rl incomes through sl or extra rl cash. and those that run businesses here whether an agency, building, clothing anything, we take it seriously and put real effort and time into it. thats our choice just as its someone elses choice to use second life as a game and fantasy land. to each their own. even in virtual worlds though, life ain’t always a bed of roses. shit happens. you deal. move on.

  235. Anonymous Says:

    $500 – $1000 US ( RL money, not lindens )

  236. Anonymous Says:

    Former Modavia Client,

    I can see now how you are upset by my posting. And I feel so sorry to you. I saw people like you before who were so deeply involved into SL fashion industry, could not think anything straight and could not see outside of this small world. SL is everything for the ppl like you guys. Too sad and bad. Anyway good luck with your bussiness. The thing will be the same or even gonna be worse forever like this already.

    I was just like you before, spent average $500- $1000 per month ( I mean real money )for SL modeling work. I was totally blind. The SL modeling job was the everything for me that time. One day I realized what I was doing. Let’s stay away from computer , go outside of the house and do more normal RL things. Now I am much more healthier than before both physically and mentally. SL is just SL. That’s is the conclusion. Good luck and bye for now.

  237. Former Modavia Client Says:





  238. Anonymous Says:

    What I notice in SL fashion world is; it is always covered by the same politics and favoritism by few so called selected people , judges and exectives of agencies. We hear always the same avatar & same politics.

    People believe this SL fashion world is so big deal.

    Folks, it’s just illusion. SL is just SL. It’s the make believe world. SL should be a place for fun. If SL start to give you pain and all the negative things , something must be wrong.

    Lucky I left SL fashion world. It was a hard decision because I was pretty reputated model in that time but now I can see I was right. I don’t have to deal with tiny things and unmatured kids anymore again.

  239. Anonymous Says:

    and why Kay? If anyone represents Frolic and MVW it would be Mimmi Boa.. the former MVW.. why not eject her? Why? Because that would have been professional suicide..

  240. Anonymous Says:

    Exactly.. nail on head Seriously.. and what is worse it was in the middle of MVW that the deed was done..

  241. seriously? Says:

    How can that be serious? It sounds like Miss Lilihooker needs a reality check.

    That’s not a professional decission and she is not acting like a business woman. This only confirms what I have always known about her.

  242. Seriously.... Says:

    what really happened is this. poppy and frolito don’t like each other and poppy is not allowed on frolitos property. she got her panties all in a wad that she couldnt attend mvw and booted kay from the modavia group in anger.

    simple and as truthful as it comes.

  243. To Agency CEO Says:

    Kay Fairey had been an executive for BOSL way before she was ever hired for Modavia.

    So not the case!

  244. Anonymous Says:

    Agency CEO.. that has never been the case at Modavia.. right from the early days of Dea it was recognised (as Dea always said)Modavia is not an agency.. models and other employees of Modavia are and were allowed to work for and/or own other agencies..

    And here, it is nothing to do with that either.. look at all the Supers – many of them own or run agencies..

    This was spite.. nothing else.. and the way it was done and the exact timing of it was juvenile.. but Kay will never come here and say that – too much of a lady.

    Thankfully there is only one side in this that will be hurt business-wise and it isn’t Kay.

  245. Agency CEO Says:

    The only two people who knows what happened about the decision to let go of Kay Fairey of her current position with Modavia is Poptart Lilliehook and Kay Fairey. It’s not fair to either one of them to speculate on the reasons why and bash the CEO of this well respected agency for her decision.

    As an agency CEO, I understand the reasoning behind this. It is not a good business practice to hire or keep someone who is also in an executive position for a competitive agency.

    Let’s take RL for example. Say ELITE Modeling Agency had an executive running the agency. Would ELITE keep the same said executive if he/she decided to go work for Ford Modeling Agency? The answer would be a definite no. Running an agency in Second Life is a business like any other business.

    Kay Fairey is a well respected model who has done many great things for SL fashion world. I know she will continue on to do great things as well as the CEO of Modavia. Let’s keep it professional.

  246. 122 21 Says:

    The drama queens are gathering here i notice, we don´t know anything yet, all we have so far is speculations. If two people can´t co-operate and there is a row there is normally not only one to blame. Sadly,according to my experience there is few,if anyone,that reached the top in SL modeling without climbing over corpses so you got to have it in you,the killer attitude somehow.I´m sure Kay got it to, as Pop.A cold planning for taking the right steps ahead on your path to success.About Modavia and their castings and inviting “outsiders”, that particular way of handling castings is carried out in many other agencies, one is SuperElite. SuperElite runs different contests all year long and there are no advantage to be “in ” the agency or not.Honestly i think many agencies lost track of who actually belongs to them or not. But as long as the business goes on i guess it is all the same. So,the one without guilt can throw the first stone guys!There won´t be too many flying i´m sure.

  247. Modavia. An agency that believes in it’s own publicity which as we know, is always a mistake. My personal experience of the place was when I had to jump through hoops to become a Modavia model only to find this gave you no credit for anything the agency was doing. They invited the Modavia models and non-Modavia models alike for the supermodel castings. Apart from the fact that there was more life in a corpse than what was going on in the model group at the time, I was miffed when I received no reasonable answer as to why have the Modavia model group if you accept models to supermodel status from outside the group. Sounded nuts to me so I sent Pop a note card stating I was leaving because it was all pointless. There was this handpicked group of Modavia models allegedly chosen for their appeal and congruency with Modavia standards that were no better off than a model with no Modavia affiliation. No loss to her or Modavia obviously but I’ll never get that time back again that it took to gain entry into their clique.

    Like many things in SL pertaining to the modeling industry, its all smoke and mirrors. It’s certainly their loss that Kay has gone but Kay’s a survivor and has amazing credentials that others can only wish for.

    Their supposed power and standing in the modeling industry is only perceived. Just like a mushroom, they keep you in the dark and feed you on bullshit.

  248. Me Says:

    Poptart will end like wyndir ..remember that

  249. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Wow Kay isn’t at Modevia?? Struth I always Thought kay WAS modavia!! seems I was wrong.

    I don’t know the details only what I’ve just read here, but Pop this don’t sound like a good move from where I’m sitting hun.

  250. Anonymous Says:

    Very sorry to hear this.. and the excuse must be just that.. an excuse.. Pop knew Kay was working for Frolic wayyy before MVW so if that was this huge problem – why wait until now?

    Modavia Directory is not what it should be – or could be – it is now the Pop and Mimmi showcase.. bad for business. There are great models in the Supermodel categaory that rarely or never get a look in for the Directory.

    Sorry to hear about this.. a sad day indeed.

  251. Anonymous Says:

    Something must really be wrong at Modavia if Poptart would boot a talent like Kay. They just don’t get any better. There’s more to this story than what’s reported.

  252. Ex-Modavia Says:

    Modavia is the creation of fabulous Dea Mills, and we all know it has dropped down to a third rate agency with a tasteless advertising book.

    Such a shame.

    I think kay will be much better with out Poppy head.

    And as for you Poppy, move on darling, you clearly have NOTHING to bring to the fashion world.

  253. Former Modavia Client Says:

    So Poptart Lillie hook has now taken it upon herself to retaliate against Kay Fairey for participating in the her competition’s event Miss Virtual World. Possibly the most respected model in SL. The fairest (bad pun sorry) most generous, incredibly stylish and kind to everyone, Kay is kicked to the curb. WTF.

    Pop ejects her and then wah wah wahhhhs to people about how sad she is to have HAD to do that but she has no choice but to protect the integrity of HER organization from the grasping clutches of Frolic Mills and his evil hordes. What a crock.

    Pop, I think that Kay Fairey commands more respect and loyalty then YOU think and the consequences of YOUR individually ill-considered, to say nothing of rude, action will reverberate down the line for Modavia. Kay was a consistent champion of Modavia, is always, relentlessly fair in ALL she does and will be missed by the former clients of this once classy organization.

    How tacky can you get??? No discussion, no consideration, no gratitude – just ohhh sorry buhhh byeeeee

    I wonder what Dea Mills thinks about her successor now?

  254. Some last Says:

    QUESTION: Avenue, Evane, MAD, Modavia, Ewing
    and LOOK Elite Models – what do they have in common?

    ANSWER: They are the oldest agencies in SL, stabile managments, professionalism and very, very little drama and yes, still there after years of activity.

    Well done all of you, hope to see you for many more years to come!

  255. Anonymous Model:) Says:

    Modavia is the best best best ever….
    and Poptart is the coolest person i’ve ever seen in this industry…
    Thank you Modavia.
    (I prefer keeping myself anonymous, sorry ladies).

  256. Kay Fairey Says:

    Chamonix, are you talking about RUNWAY Production? Modavia Fashion Marketing that publishes the Modavia Fashion Directory is intact and just added the Modavia Production basically inheriting the former RUNWAY Production people or parts of it.

  257. Chamonix Boudreaux Says:

    Very sad to see this group go, and not because of the actions of our models or our CEO, but becuase of the misfortunes of another agency. It was very hard to earn this tag..and will be very painful for many models to lose it.

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