Post below your comments about ModelX the Agency. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

8 Responses to “ModelX the Agency (8)”

  1. ModelX Model Says:

    I’m going to miss ModelX Agency.
    It is such a great agency and I am sad that it is closing.

  2. omg Says:

    Modelx is a perfectly functioning agency with well-trained models. The owner takes care of shows and they paid their models very well. I can say first hand, because I am a model in this agency.

    Everything else here read sounds like the frustration and lack of professionalism of someone they do not want to use as a model.

  3. ano Says:

    Doing these free shows will kill the smaller agencys.

    It´s not good for the business.

    Sorry but that´s my view.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Okay Lola good for you not stop trying to think you know what you’re doing at your own modeling agency which is crap

  5. Lola Baudin Says:

    I {heart} ModelX and Linnda. When I finished my training with SuperElite and Ewing; Linnda was the only person that gave me a chance as a brand new model. She has always been incredibly kind and gracious. ModelX holds a weekly practice for the models by Agatha Klees who is an incredible runway teacher. I am always challenged by her runway practices and grateful for the experience. Casting is fair where Linnda tries to give everyone a chance. I am very proud to be a ModelX model.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I guess that ModelX might not be popular within several other agencies that ask (lots of) L$ for training. Within the ModelX-agency there is no money-flow: models do NOT pay for training and designers do not pay for a show. The owners of this agency have no interest in earning money, which might be unusable in this business.
    As a result of this, models might be disappointed for not be chosen in a show, but unlike other agencies, they didn’t loose big bugs in order to do catwalk-shows.
    I have been witness of several training sessions and shows from several agencies, and the rude-level is the same everywhere. The main goal is always a good and fluent show, if possible in the style of the agency. This might cause corrections, but isn’t that what training is about?
    My experience with ModelX the Agency is that it is a relaxing agency, with dedicated managers in an environment where the spirit is not about making/earning lindendollars but all about producing a show in which both the models and the designers are satisfied.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The owner opened ModelX when Everly left her hanging at EVANE. I know this for a fact; I was there at the time. She opened this agency within 24 hours, and was sending messages to the EVANE models to come and join her. This agency is a vehicle for the owner to further her career. There are so many things wrong with this agency, that I don’t know where to begin! So, I’ll keep it short and simple…I would expect the owner to manage the shows; not be in the shows! The owner gives the best outfits to her favorites. The owner considers payment to be those “filler” outfits. But worst of all, the owner is so insensitive and so rude to those outside of her sphere, that it’s painful to be around her!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    The owner is rude to her models and never pays for their hard work. Favoritism gets better outfits and the rest are just fillers for the show.

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