Post below your comments about MPI Model Management. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  1. Hernia Aries Says:

    missed the days when I was with MPI Model Management. The first modelling institute I’ve attended. Thank you for everything..

  2. Penelope Says:

    Who cares what you think. The agency has closed over two years ago so move on. You are probably one of Kathy’s friends which is why you keep posting things. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish as anything you say is not going to make any difference.

  3. KPS Says:

    well Anonynous , i know it closed and i yes i know more about this agency than you think. thing is … i would not cry one tear over the fact that the agency or so called agency closed. from what i read of Kathy’s Post and from own experience he is just a sleezebag.

  4. SpyXAss Says:

    Frolic has a lot of free time…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    As far as I know this agency has closed its doors months ago so I don’t know what you are talking about KSP. Obviously you know nothing about this agency.

  6. Ksp Says:

    From what i heared and read mpi is a fake agency and the owner only interested in sex. A kathy told me that so i went to Glamourous models agancy , and became also to them a top model.

  7. I have been a model in sl now for over a year MPI was were I got my first formal training. I must say I was impressed with the basic modeling courses as they are comprehensive and allow room for movement and to learn more about the craft of modeling. I have learned much and stil am a proud member of MPI and can’t wait to do more shows for them.

  8. Not impressed Says:

    That’s a funny post as redhairedgenie hasnt been associated with MPI for at least a year – so I am gathering this is a jealous ex lover – oh dear what a pitty someone is so childish. The remaining posts speak to the agency and the professionalism shame others let their personal feelings get in the way.

  9. anonymous Says:

    I wouldn’t recommend MPI Agency to anyone that will like to start a modeling carrer. It’s a very poor agency, zero concepts of what a professional model should learn. And to make it even worst, the CEO Jason Grant gives power to the girl he is having sex that night and who they don’t know anything about bussines manners.
    To finish, the biggest horror of being in that agency is knowing redhairgenie Cabasson, she is a spoiled child and a really stupid person. She resigned to the agency, but i’m sure she will be back in a second cos she is like that.

  10. Sedona Sparrow Says:

    Dear Jason

    I would like to express my gratitude to you and your company for being such a leader in the Second Life world of modeling academics. I have attended a couple other modeling classes here and there and by far MPI has out shined each and every one of them. Your personal attention to me as a newly enrolled student was refreshing.

    I feel it is important when someone does well, that they should be credited. Your decision to have Jinx DuCasse as an instructor is a very good choice. Not only does she set the benchmark for appearance visually, she was always available after class to answer any question her student may have about fashion. Anywhere from shoes to eyelashes, she had the most patience of anyone I have seen in this business. Never losing her cool and even offering landmarks to places for us to shop to save us time. That is very appreciated. The shops were priced for all wallets and very good quality. She also brought to the classroom a sense of lightheartedness yet order. Not always easy to do when trying to teach over 5 people at once. You have a very good asset with her on board.

    Another person I’d like to mention is Keeley Coooperstone. Now, I will admit, I am not familiar with her title, I am ashamed to admit. However its easy to not decipher when she was there for every step in every aspect helping as well. Teacher, organizer even simguard LOL. Again, the cool – calm humor to sooth the nerves of a first time model was very much needed at times and she went above and beyond to keep the tone and reputation of MPI at the top.

    Finally, Rogue. Its not an easy job she has. Walking up to her the day of my “examination” was a bit nerve wracking, but it takes a special talent and a bit of grace to tell somone how to fix an avatar they might of lived with for a very long time. She does it without the sting of criticism and the honesty that is needed. I applaud that. I saw her notice a few details that might of gone unseen to the untrained eye, but she would suggest a few changes to one person and my goodness – the outfit / person would be much better. Never worse.

    My overall experience was a delight and money well spent I believe. I look forward to working with MPI hopefully at times and have and will continue to recommend your company to any and all I meet who are interested in modeling or having a show.

    Sedona Sparrow

  11. MagicMirror Fayray Says:

    I graduated on november 2009 and now, after 4 months, i take like 90% of the castings i apply for..i thank you Jason Grant, Zoey Neutron, redhairgenie Cabasson,Melancholia Parx, Diconay Boa, Vel Charisma for all your hard work with us the newbie models. I take my hat off infront of you all and ill treasure forever all that you have taught me.
    ….the words are poor….THANK YOU!!!!

  12. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS ACADEMY! Graduated from it. I was not able to make any of the classes (stupid SL!) but they let me take them up online, and the classes i had to attend in person, i was allowed a personal tutor person who helped me, and i couldnt make the grad show either (stupid SL!) but thye let me graduate anyway, with a 100% on my exam! This academy is awesome, i reccomend it to anyone, and all who say negative things about it…i dislike you!

  13. Zoey Neutron Says:

    I feel like the public bantering between the people involved in their own personal drama is unnecessary and looks bad upon both agencies. Also, the slandering of said persons is so wrong, and though I have no place in the drama, by sending out notecards and bashing each other on blogs and on this site about what he did or what she said involves us models, and that is not fair on any of us, because now it becomes a popularity contest, instead of having us do what we just need to do…which is model. It also leaves us thinking if these bickering agencies are a home and a good place to be, or a war zones that we must get out of.

    Drama aside, I feel that MPI is a great agency. It was my first, and from the start I had felt welcome. There have been several changes, but they were all for the better and seem to be working out. I was in the Intimately Satisfying Showcase, and it was so successful, with tons of people and important industry names in attendance. At MPI, we like to have fun, and there are events from time to time to keep our spirits up, and to just sit back and have fun. This is a great agency for new and old models alike, but particularly for new models, because we provide them with great resources once accepted. We have great things planned here, and not once have I had a problem. I’m also not saying this because I’m on the exec board, but I’m saying it as a model with an opinion on how the agency is currently being run.

  14. kaylenamaria Says:

    Just a quick note to those that read our Blog, ( I’m the blogger for MPI and we are constantly updating our certified models list everyday as we receive them. We have plenty of certified models that have not had their Bios posted on our website as of yet but that soon will change over time as we continue to update things. While Herra is not with MPI as far as I can tell if you fail to see other certified models on our page you will now know why. [Smiles]

    I also wanted to take the time to mention how much I enjoyed the Intimately Satisfying Fashion Show that I was able to model several designs in and we fought through the lag with grace and perseverance! Caylla was a fabulous coordinator for the show and she worked with us 100% and her desire to see it succeed was heartily felt by all I imagine.

    I also would like to say that if you would like to make any negative comments against MPI you honestly just destroy the credibility of your words when you hide behind an anonymous name. Everyone understands that you do not want to get harassed for what you say on here but then if you couldn’t hide behind that then you would have to be a bit more constructive in your criticism and how you say things. Anonymity can be a double edged sword in protecting a person’s right to privacy but also allowing them to hide as they harass and send such vicious commentary about an agency or person. I just feel that if you you are telling the truth then why do you have to hide? It’s beginning to make me wonder.

    I’m not sure what experiences others have had with MPI Model Management but I can speak for myself and I have greatly enjoyed my time with them. They are all warm, friendly and professional. I know several of the staff and have seen that they are truly dedicated to the modeling industry and to seeing others work hard and succeed in this industry.

    I would also wonder what the heck is up with all the bible quotes??? Where does that have relevance other than to just sound completely random.


  15. agencyreport Says:

    Red it’s not the same person. I want to point everyone to the general comments page that outlines some behavior that is not accepted on this website. Thank you.

  16. Annalise Cyberstar Says:

    Red I have nothing to gain posting anonymously. These aren’t me. But I’m positive you and Jason are doing this to the Infinite page. I’m open to revealing IP addresses on the pages to clear this up. So instead of us continuing to bash one another lets just ask all the readers of both pages to ask agencyreports to relese ip adresses for questionable comments on both pages. That would bring an end to all the back and forth nonsense.

  17. Not a model Says:

    If you’re convinced you know me redhairgenie I’ll tell you who I am in world. Maybe then you can validate my comments. I don’t think it’s necessary on the board nobody would really care except you.

  18. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Goodbye 🙂

  19. Not a model Says:

    You’re seriously confused redhairgenie why would I care about a picture of you and your partner? You must think I’m Annalise Cyberstar that you’ve traded insults with on here but I can assure you I’m not her. I don’t really care to insult you and I haven’t. I don’t know you but I do know your partner and I think its only right that I share my experience after listening to all the self righteous garbage being spewed. I don’t care if the MPI business succeeds or fails but I do know that the things that go on behind the scenes to matter so I’m willing to share that with the forum. Thanks, goodbye 🙂

  20. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    As I already said, your need to continue to do this is very sad. The source of the original posting of this tripe was obvious. The source of the reposting of this tripe remains obvious. Your anonymous and non anonymous entries on this site have gone on for a month. You have repeatedly acted out in a most negative and destructive manner, all originally sparked by you having seen a lovely photo of my partner and I on my SL profile. That is the very sad truth behind everything that has occurred.

    As I have said in the past, this is not the forum for the airing of personal dirty laundry. There are many damaging things about you that either Jason Grant or I could have written about here, but we have chosen not to. We have only responded to your blatant attempts to damage Jason’s credibility and business interests. I know that it is very difficult for you not to have the last word, and expect that there will be another insulting post from you. Do whatever you think is the right thing to do. Anything that appears to be gained through nastiness is always shallow and transient though.

    I continue to wish you nothing but the best and hope that you are soon able to truly move forward. You have repeatedly written that you have moved on and that you are happy, but your behaviour continues to say otherwise. I wish you genuine peace of mind.


  21. Not a model Says:

    haha ok redhairgenie but I don’t have anything to be bitter about. I’m sure it’s not fun to read these things about someone you’re partnered to and probably think you know. If you think I’m making these things up I ask you to contact Kathy2102 Allen and ask her if I’m making this up.

  22. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    OOOps..sorry for the typo 🙂
    I really do wish you well and hope that you manage to move on. Life is too short for the kind of bitterness that you are putting out here.

    Take care,


  23. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Fortunately silly posts with an obvious agenda and source have no impact on me at all. I wish you well and hope that you manage to move one.

  24. Not a model Says:

    Hey redhairgenie I’ll be the first to tell you that you and I don’t know each other. You may think you know me but you don’t. I was around long before you started in at MPI. Sorry to tell you but he is what he is. At least back when I first gave modeling a shot. I guess I’d be defending him too if I were in your shoes. His shady past and treatment of prior models only makes things worse for you.

  25. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    I find it very sad that the same person feels a need to use the same material to try to smear the name of a very decent man who is running a very decent business enterprise. I suppose that some people just have a very difficult time moving on.

  26. Not a model Says:

    I’m not a model but some time back I wanted to see what it was about. I met Jason Grant when I tried to apply as a model here and within two days I found out what being a model here was going to be like. First of all the post by the Anonymous user above about the MPI ‘Option’ pretty much wraps up my experience in a nutshell:

    Jason Grant: Well…it would have two parts. First part is you’d have to walk for me in lingerie and slowly dress down to nude. The second part would be we’d do a brief love scene. If you do well, you are guaranteed a spot in the agency. Are you ok with that?

    It didn’t go exactly like that but very very similar. Actually the quote above sounds like a well thought out pick up line compared to how Jason approached me. He comes across like a sincere business man and when the coat comes off whats underneath is better described as a gross stinky dirt bag. Really though he’s pretty gross.

  27. Righteous Observer Says:

    Okay my apologies Herra, I misread your earlier humorous statement about the baby Jesus post 🙂 I thought you were announcing a model call on behalf of MPI which of course would be a strange thing to do on this site, lol!

  28. herradurabaar Says:

    Who said I was MPI?

    I just find it odd with the scripture

  29. Herra, I went to the MPI blog and did not see you on there listed as a certified model. Yes, they list all their models to give them extra promotion. I don’t think you are a real model with MPI. You must be posting for your own agency. I can understand if your post was a mistake but please be sure not to misrepresent who you are. Lets keep it honest, okay?

  30. Herra Says:

    Oh my, Baby Jesus is posting on the Agency Report. I think we have officially ‘jump the shark’ here so to speak.

    BTW, we’re always looking for new male models.

  31. Baby Jesus Says:

    Please leave me out of this Righteous Observerr I’m busy enough in rl.


    Baby Jesus

  32. redhairgenie Says:

    Dear MPITrainee3:

    The Grad show was postponed due to real life issues of one of our staff members. It would be inappropriate for me to say more other than that this person has recently experienced significant personal loss. I’m sure that you can understand that.

    Thank you, Herra, for reminding us of three simple but profound little words….”Love one another”.

    “Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” ~Kahlil Gibran

    Life in both RL and SL is a learning journey for each of us. As human beings it is easy for any of us to give into the urge to engage in bashing one another, particularly when hidden behind the relative anonymity of the internet. At times we all fall prey to the mistake of reacting to the negativity that others throw at us. At the end of the day we are each responsible for our own behaviour though, and what we put out here is highly representative of whom each of us truly is. We can act in supportive and decent ways, providing each other with constructive and valuable feedback. We can also act in a negative and destructive manner. That is a choice that each of has to make for himself or herself.

    Have a great day everyone,

    redhairgenie Cabassoun

  33. Herra Says:

    When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” – John 8:7

    Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. – Matt 24:1-6

    A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-5


    Yeah, I can do the bible scriptures too. But I like to quote from the one guy that counts the most in the bible, which is Jesus. Nothing like the hypocrisy of those who quote old testament stuff.

    I don’t know anything about MPI but find something constructive other than the biblical rants please!

  34. Seen it all Says:

    Righteous Observer you can keep posting bible quotes but I have to be honest not even God can make this place worth while. That’s not just an opinion look at all the garbage happening here. It speaks for itself.

  35. MPI Trainee 3 Says:

    There is something wrong with this agency. One big, happy family? Oh, I don’t think so.

    The Grad show was postponed, yes, just like that. No explanations what so ever.

  36. Dear “Seen it all”, Your attitude is pathetic! I consider myself to be a very positive person and I did not want to write this but, here goes. I am not sure how you were raised but putting these types of posts in here where they don’t belong speaks volumes to your lack of character. Here are a few biblical quotes that you might want to internalize and may help you deal with your ill ways:

    “He that is void of wisdom despiseth his neighbour: but a man of understanding holdeth his peace.” Proverbs 11:12

    “The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life: but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked”. Proverbs 10:11

    “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” Proverbs 13:20

    “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.” Proverbs 19:9

    I hope you get the help in life you need before it is too late. I will pray for you and hope that you will find a greater calling delivering you and your minions from your demonic and wicked ways. So in other words, I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus!

  37. Seen it all Says:

    Reading through all of this I’m not really sure what to say. I guess the only thing that comes to mind is this: MPI is almost laughable. That is if you want to waste a few breaths laughing at something so pathetically insignificant. Please do us all a favor and search incessantly for what the rest of the planet would consider a real life. Isn’t having a second life business supposed to be just that? A business? Seems like this place has more drama than a Scorsese Film. By all means second life models, join this agency and become a significant part of nothing.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Sometimes things don’t go as planned I suppose. I would be a little disappointed too at first and then realize that there is a time for everything. Two weeks for me and I would be a little disappointed. Two months or years would be ridiculous of couse and something to really rant about but of course that would never happen at MPI. Hang in there!

  39. student Says:

    oh yes I absolutely am and I am very very dissapointed!

  40. student Says:

    Okay so lets cancel the graduation show the night before it’s meant to take place! Already unimpressed trainees who have practiced and are fully prepared for this show turn up on time to realise that about 10 mins into when the show is about to commence that it has infact been canceled. Now we have to wait 2 weeks to graduate?? OMG I am so outraged!

  41. Jason Grant Says:


    I am proud to announce our most recent fashion show results which took place on our new runway…

    I personally thank the following MPI Certified Models who did an outstanding job during today’s 1 PM “Intimately Satisfying Fashion Show”.

    PureBeauty GossipGirl
    AddisonLynn Blaisdale
    Vichonette Constantine
    KaylenaMaria Destiny
    Zoey Neutron
    Adamantite Nikolaidis
    Toumarow Vhargon
    Seth Diabolito
    Inimioara32 Juneberry

    I’d also like to thank Ms. Caylla Winnikow for professionally pulling it all together and Ms. Melancholia Roux, the announcer who was very elegant in her descriptions.

    Special thanks also goes to those who stayed the whole hour including Frolic Mills and the 70 plus in attendance.

    I can proudly say we handled a fashion show with over 70 people. We conquered the small lag and avoided crashing the Sim with all of those people. We did it professionally and as a team. This is what MPI stands for.

    Warmest Regards,
    Jason Grant, CEO
    MPI Model Management

  42. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in making our inaugral show on our new runway a great event.

    Special thanks to Caylla Winnikow for her wonderful coordinating, to Melancholia Roux for being a wonderful MC, to all of the designers who participated, all of the models who bravely fought the lag, and to all of the audience members.

    rehairgenie Cabassoun,
    Director MPI

  43. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    In to response to MPITrainee2:

    I am sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the training that you have received at MPI. Since you claim to be in our graduating class however, I can only respond by saying that most of the training that you received occurred while the former employees whom you have referred to were members of our staff.

    Yes we have hosted one very enjoyable and successful beach party for our MPI family. At MPI we enjoy socializing together, and believe that scheduling meet and greet social events is a worthwhile endeavour. We believe this so much that we have formed a Social Events Committee to continue to do so.

    In the last two weeks we have also added a spectacular new runway, moved to a larger location, built a plaza that houses busy shops, revamped our blog, and launched The Miss Refined International Contest. All this has occurred while a new class of trainees has started the MPI training program, and while two fashion shows have been planned and organized. I am certain that you will agree that these accomplishments require considerable organization. I applaud the MPI team for the dedicated and skilled work of everyone involved.

    I am pleased to hear that you appreciate the great Jador outfits that you have received to wear in your graduation show, and hope that you enjoy modeling them on Sunday.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun,
    Director MPI

  44. Anonymous Says:

    “A hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.” Proverbs 11:9

    “The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.” Proverbs 15:2

  45. MPITrainee2 Says:

    I agree with MPI trainee I to am a trainee there and it has been nothing but a shambles I am glad I have My outfits for the graduation show because at least I got something for my money, I took this training seriously, and I really am a A+ student compleeting all homework and tasks set out, I learned a lot more when the ladies who now run infinite were there. There are no strong leaders and a serious lack of direction at MPI and more emphasis on beach parties than modeling… seriously people.I agree with MPI trainee I to am a trainee there and it has been nothing but a shambles I am glad I have My outfits for the graduation show because at least I got something for my money, I took this training seriously, and I really am a A+ student completeting all homework and tasks set out, I learned alot more when the ladies who now run infinities were there. There are no strong leaders and a serious lack of direction at MPI and more emphasis on beach parties than modeling… seriously people.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    “Woe to those who draw iniquity with cords of falsehood, who draw sin as with cart ropes”. Isaiah 5:18

    “But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.” James 3:14

  47. Anonymous Says:

    “MPI Trainee Says:

    August 23, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    Seriously? Can this stop? The drama within the management is making me not want to take the classes at all let alone work for the agency. I am so close to demanding a refund and walking.”

    I would walk, if I were you. From the MANY, many comments I see here filled with negativity, I think this agency is one not be trust and is, a joke.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve loved my experience on MPI

    It’s like watching a big comedic soap opera, and I can’t wait for the next chapter to unfold (which is usually followed by a major staff change – by the way, I’m not too impressed with this one)

  49. MPI Trainee Says:

    Seriously? Can this stop? The drama within the management is making me not want to take the classes at all let alone work for the agency. I am so close to demanding a refund and walking.

  50. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Second Life Community Standard No 4, Disclosure, clearly states:

    “Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.”

    I have shown restraint in this forum, and believe that this is not a forum for the airing of personal dirty laundry. You have chosen otherwise, and continue to use this forum for self ingraciating and untrue banter. As a result I feel it is appropriate for me to respond briefly about events that occurred on the night of your resignation, and on your behaviour since then.

    I can sum it up in three statements:

    1. I have rarely been subjected to the aggressive and profane behaviour that ensued from you that night.

    2. Your reasons for refusing to work with me were entirely personal.

    3. Hell hath no fury.

    I will no longer respond to any of your posts.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun

  51. Annalise Cyberstar Says:

    There was not one thing doctored about the IM logs they are cut and pasted exactly as they are..IM sorry if you don’t like what they say but No doctoring happened and I urge you to verify that for youself with linden labs.. The f word was the only thing changed in that card and it was changed to this fu***** Out of respect for people who don’t use that word.. again please contact linden labs and find out for yourself before you make such allegations.. Good luck to you as well

  52. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    IF you were being harassed by someone it was not me. That is why I asked LL to review all chat logs between you and I. I also reported you for blatant violation of TOS related to you sending me doctored text of a private IM chat, when I had specifically requested that you not do so.
    We have all seen your infamous notecard which clearly indicates that the sharing of doctored private IM text is something that you feel is appropriate.
    I wish you well in your business endeavour, and have nothing further to say to you.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun

  53. Annalise Cyberstar Says:

    I will say this If and thats a big IF.. it was not you behind the alts then I do apologize, but I do believe based on the context of what was said that you were the one behind them.. That being said, I hope that you are sending that report to Linden Labs every day because as I said I welcome their involvement.. I’ve sent mine repeatedly and I urge you to do the same, It will bring the truth to light once and for all!

  54. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Yes, Ms Cyberstar, since I reported you to Linden Labs for violation of TOS things have settled down between us. The things that you posted prior to that time, about me pestering you with alts, where deliberate falsehoods. I approached you on one single occasion with an alt, on the night that you resigned. My reason for doing so was because you blantantly refused to work/talk with me and I politely messaged you to facilitate our working together.
    In the interests of honesty, it would be nice if you someday find the professional courtesy to acknowledge that.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun

  55. Annalise Cyberstar Says:

    Like i don’t know who posted that,but I’ll bite. LOL.. Did I know about this stuff. yes I did, somewhat.. I chose not to bring it up because I based my note card on my experience.. I had no intention but to say how I felt about things.. Not what anyone else felt.. I figured that Linden labs would get involved at some point and I wanted to protect myself by making sure I knew first hand what I was writing to be the truth.. Was Jason my partner yes, but It’s sl I couldn’t bring myself to care that much.. I did enjoy working at MPI until my very last night there..The models were great, ange, arie, char, and lore were fantastic. Do I disagree with the choices that Jason made, Yes but they are his choices to make.. I was told to go start my own agency so i did just that.. I’m back to having fun in SL and I would like to keep it that way.. Somethings were done and said on both mine and red’s parts that were childish and immature.. In the end though, I’ll I wanted was for them to leave me alone and I would leave them alone.. They since have. So I have no problem with letting people chose for themselves who they chose to model with or modeling with us both for that matter.. I’ve came to the conclusion our management styles just clashed.. I’m happier now and I hope they are too.. As far as the rest of this. I guess you would have to talk to the Kathy person cause I don’t know nor do I care one way or another..

    Thank you

    Ps. Nothing I’ve said or done has been hidden and I won’t start hiding now.. If I wanted the Kathy story out there.. I would have added it to my note or one of my previous post..

  56. a REAL SL Model Says:

    Kathy2102 Allen… u are nothing but a HO. A REAL model would NEVER do that!! U should be applying for an escort service not a modeling career. Us “REAL” models here in SL never had to stoop to THAT level. We work HARD for where we are today. I hope you learned from this. And Jason… are u that DESPERATE you have to use that as excuse to gt laid? Ugh SAD! You remind me of the usual horny NOOB running around with his pixel PP out. GROW UP!

    THIS IS WHY LADIES….try to pick agencies run by WOMEN! Men are all the same in RL and SL.. they cant stop thinking with their winkies!!!

  57. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Best of luck to Ange and Ariella. There is more than enough room for all of us in SL who are dedicated to professional modeling.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun

  58. Anonymous Says:


    2009/06/08 15:34] Jason Grant: Well…it would have two parts. First part is you’d have to walk for me in lingerie and slowly dress down to nude. The second part would be we’d do a brief love scene. If you do well, you are guaranteed a spot in the agency. Are you ok with that?


  59. Jason Grant Says:

    Just so you guys don’t believe the hype that is posted here, I am posting some miscellaneous comments models have made about MPI (given before joining).

    Question: Why do you want to be a part of MPI?:

    “Good reputation and organized”

    “I love modeling and ModelPages International seems like a great place to do it.”

    “Because you are a well known reputable company and I would love to work with you.”

    And dozens upon dozens of many more…

    Additionally I’d like to add that a great majority of our models hear about us via word of mouth. So it is clearly evident that the models that are already with us are enjoying their MPI experiences.

    As I stated before, I am open to hearing directly from anyone who has any specific questions about our agency before joining to me. I will answer any and all your MPI questions about what we have to offer.

    Jason Grant, CEO
    MPI Model Management

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Not saying it’s true or not, but the “Infamous Kathy Notecard” did happen. Long before this new notecard popped up. So I think its a pretty safe bet to say, that their is some truth to whats being said. I left MPI not because of any of this, but because its ipossiable to get ahold of anyone from there thier team. I paid my fee and had to wait weeks and still no one got back to me. Wasted 500L!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    I’m almost tempted to go and pretend to be a model wanting to get a job at MPI and see if Jason suggests the ‘special audition’ in his skybox. xD

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Wow…This guy is unreal! No one is saying it so I will go ahead and say it…

    I’ve been watching all this drama unfold for MPI, a personally I think its pretty funny! Something has been bothering me though, I was having a feeling of Deja Vu and couldn’t figure out why. Then it dawned on me this isn’t the first time something like this has happened at MPI! Does Jason really expect anyone with a brain to believe that both of these girls are so into him they would lie, just to ruin his life????!!!! Come on Jason I was born in the dark but it wasn’t last night!
    Here’s a idea? You fire that windbag ( no wonder you made her director, anything to shut her up!) you’re messing with and hire someone you haven’t slept with (I know that drastically limits the options 😉 If you were the business man you claimed to be that’s what you’d do!

    So here it is acquired on the 22 of June from
    Kathy2102 Allen

    Jason grant ( the CEO of Modelpages International ) is the biggest phony there is … he collects entry fees of people ( if they collect fee’s coz he sometimes f&*$# with girls he likes instead of the fee ) and never gives them any assignment afterwards. his whole model agency is one big scam.

    ——————— Logbook Jason grand 08 -06 -2009 ——————-
    [2009/06/08 15:31] Kathy2102 Allen: hi jason
    [2009/06/08 15:31] Jason Grant: Hi hon 🙂
    [2009/06/08 15:31] Kathy2102 Allen: i hope you received my aplication
    [2009/06/08 15:32] Jason Grant: Yes I did.
    [2009/06/08 15:32] Kathy2102 Allen: good , sometimes i send stuff and they never arrive
    [2009/06/08 15:32] Kathy2102 Allen: SL is sometimes a bit laggy
    [2009/06/08 15:32] Jason Grant: You know you are more than welcome to do a brief audition if you don’t want to pay the fee.
    [2009/06/08 15:33] Kathy2102 Allen: what kind of audition ?
    [2009/06/08 15:34] Jason Grant: Well…it would have two parts. First part is you’d have to walk for me in lingerie and slowly dress down to nude. The second part would be we’d do a brief love scene. If you do well, you are guaranteed a spot in the agency. Are you ok with that?
    [2009/06/08 15:36] Kathy2102 Allen: hmm, and with the fee not ?
    [2009/06/08 15:36] Jason Grant: yes
    [2009/06/08 15:37] Kathy2102 Allen: well i dont even know what the official answer is ….
    [2009/06/08 15:38] Jason Grant: I am confident that you’d do well in the audition
    [2009/06/08 15:39] Kathy2102 Allen: brb … need to go to toilet
    [2009/06/08 15:39] Jason Grant: kk
    [2009/06/08 15:42] Kathy2102 Allen: back , well what kind of modeling work you do here ?
    [2009/06/08 15:42] Jason Grant: Print and runway
    [2009/06/08 15:42] Kathy2102 Allen: i use to do a lot of posing for shops
    [2009/06/08 15:42] Kathy2102 Allen: as i included in my aplication
    [2009/06/08 15:42] Kathy2102 Allen: the b2b stiuff
    [2009/06/08 15:43] Jason Grant: ok
    [2009/06/08 15:44] Jason Grant: So shall we do the audition?
    [2009/06/08 15:44] Kathy2102 Allen: i dont even see where you are
    [2009/06/08 15:44] Jason Grant: I’ll tp u
    [2009/06/08 15:45] Jason Grant: Hi
    [2009/06/08 15:56] Jason Grant: walk one more time for me
    [2009/06/08 15:56] Jason Grant: Very good
    [2009/06/08 15:56] Jason Grant: one moment while I get ready for part two
    [2009/06/08 21:38] Jason Grant: Hi sexy
    [2009/06/08 21:53] Kathy2102 Allen: i guess you get many aplications per day ….. 🙂
    [2009/06/08 21:54] Jason Grant: Yes
    [2009/06/08 21:54] Jason Grant: about 20 today
    [2009/06/08 21:54] Jason Grant: highest this week
    [2009/06/08 21:54] Kathy2102 Allen: ufff, so i was lucky to be picked out
    [2009/06/08 21:55] Kathy2102 Allen: 🙂
    [2009/06/08 21:55] Jason Grant: Well so fast
    [2009/06/08 21:56] Jason Grant: yes
    [2009/06/08 21:56] Jason Grant: Plus I hope u had fun in the process
    [2009/06/08 22:13] Jason Grant: I amamazed u are so talented on here
    [2009/06/08 22:13] Jason Grant: I can’t do half the stuff u do
    [2009/06/08 22:13] Jason Grant: My thing is building businesses though..SL and RL
    [2009/06/08 22:17] Kathy2102 Allen: heheh well i am in SL for 2 years and X months
    [2009/06/08 22:17] Kathy2102 Allen: and am always willing to learn new things
    [2009/06/08 22:17] Jason Grant: That is the way to be
    [2009/06/08 22:17] Jason Grant: So in RL are u married or have a bf?
    [2009/06/08 22:18] Kathy2102 Allen: no , i am single ( i am enyoing life first befor committing to someone )
    [2009/06/08 22:18] Kathy2102 Allen: 🙂
    [2009/06/08 22:19] Jason Grant: I am the same way..I was in a relationship for 5 years and making sure my next decision will be the lifetime decision
    [2009/06/08 22:19] Jason Grant: So, in other words
    [2009/06/08 22:20] Jason Grant: I want to date seriously but I haven’t clicked with that right one yet
    [2009/06/08 22:20] Kathy2102 Allen: well as i sayed i am enjoying the single life too much at the moment
    [2009/06/08 22:20] Jason Grant: i bet
    [2009/06/08 22:21] Kathy2102 Allen: no obligations toards someone
    [2009/06/08 22:21] Kathy2102 Allen: i do what i want when i want , how much i like
    [2009/06/08 22:21] Jason Grant: That gets old after awhile. I used to be that way
    [2009/06/08 22:21] Kathy2102 Allen: but if i find that one guy or girl …. i can ofcaurse change my mind
    [2009/06/08 22:22] Jason Grant: Well least u are open minded about it
    [2009/06/08 22:22] Kathy2102 Allen: ok , time for me to go off …. else i will be too late
    [2009/06/08 22:22] Jason Grant: ok have a gr8 day and see u later
    [2009/06/08 22:22] Kathy2102 Allen: so i see you later … ( in SL time it will be tomorow )
    [2009/06/08 22:22] Jason Grant: ok
    [2009/06/08 22:23] Kathy2102 Allen: kiss and hugs … and thank you again for hiring me
    [2009/06/08 22:23] Jason Grant: it was my pleasure
    [2009/06/08 22:23] Jason Grant: literally
    ————– Logbook Conversation with Jasmin Navarita 22-06-2009 ——————
    [2009/06/22 15:14] Kathy2102 Allen: i hope he has some day a job for me too here
    [2009/06/22 15:14] Kathy2102 Allen: 🙂
    [2009/06/22 15:15] jasmin Navarita: who
    [2009/06/22 15:15] Kathy2102 Allen: jason
    [2009/06/22 15:15] jasmin Navarita: oh we will just doing some changes
    [2009/06/22 15:15] jasmin Navarita: ahhhh
    [2009/06/22 15:15] Kathy2102 Allen: i hope you 2 keep me in mind too
    [2009/06/22 15:16] jasmin Navarita: lsten i know for a fact that u been well umm doing other things with jason and i would like u to pls keep that to yourselfe as that can damage ur repp
    [2009/06/22 15:16] jasmin Navarita: idk how long it is since the last time but just keep it quiet
    [2009/06/22 15:16] jasmin Navarita: oh we will for sure
    [2009/06/22 15:16] Kathy2102 Allen: well , as i told jason , all what happend there in the sky room , stays there
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: lol u got a AO with an attitude today
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: love it
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: ok cool
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: when did it happend??
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: and how often
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: sorry for asking but its good to know
    [2009/06/22 15:17] Kathy2102 Allen: well thats between me and jason
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: haha i love that AO
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: kills me
    [2009/06/22 15:17] Kathy2102 Allen: nothing personal
    [2009/06/22 15:17] jasmin Navarita: he allready told me
    [2009/06/22 15:18] jasmin Navarita: just wated to know if u where upprfont or not
    [2009/06/22 15:18] jasmin Navarita: uppfront**
    [2009/06/22 15:18] jasmin Navarita: wanted
    [2009/06/22 15:18] jasmin Navarita: omg sup with typo day
    [2009/06/22 15:18] Kathy2102 Allen: well if you already know it , i can be open with it
    [2009/06/22 15:18] Kathy2102 Allen: but i am not a person that puts it in tomorows news paper
    [2009/06/22 15:19] jasmin Navarita: thats always best
    [2009/06/22 15:19] Kathy2102 Allen: you know ?
    [2009/06/22 15:19] jasmin Navarita: no no that i understand
    [2009/06/22 15:19] jasmin Navarita: yeah
    [2009/06/22 15:19] jasmin Navarita: you know?
    [2009/06/22 15:19] jasmin Navarita: but its good for me to know who stays honest and who doesent
    [2009/06/22 15:19] Kathy2102 Allen: it was also not for business
    [2009/06/22 15:19] Kathy2102 Allen: just fun
    [2009/06/22 15:19] jasmin Navarita: trust is so important in a work place
    [2009/06/22 15:20] Kathy2102 Allen: well for me it was
    [2009/06/22 15:20] jasmin Navarita: yeah i know hun dont worrie about it
    [2009/06/22 15:20] jasmin Navarita: im not judging
    [2009/06/22 15:20] jasmin Navarita: i just need to know how long its been for the sake off the company and well we had some rumour problems
    [2009/06/22 15:20] jasmin Navarita: and unlojal staff
    [2009/06/22 15:20] Kathy2102 Allen: he wanted me to be … well gf is a strong word
    [2009/06/22 15:20] Kathy2102 Allen: but i am not a relation type of girl
    [2009/06/22 15:21] jasmin Navarita: lolz
    [2009/06/22 15:21] Kathy2102 Allen: so we are just …. F… buddy’s
    [2009/06/22 15:21] jasmin Navarita: ok coolness
    [2009/06/22 15:21] jasmin Navarita: and when was the last time?
    [2009/06/22 15:21] Kathy2102 Allen: 2 reasons for that …..
    [2009/06/22 15:22] Kathy2102 Allen: 1) jason is in my opinion not a loyal type of guy
    [2009/06/22 15:22] Kathy2102 Allen: 2) i am not planning to fall in love with the CEO , love always complicates things
    [2009/06/22 15:22] jasmin Navarita: yeah
    [2009/06/22 15:22] Kathy2102 Allen: 3) i enjoy the single life too much
    [2009/06/22 15:22] jasmin Navarita: hehe
    [2009/06/22 15:22] jasmin Navarita: let me say smth
    [2009/06/22 15:23] Kathy2102 Allen: so we agreed , no strings attached
    [2009/06/22 15:23] jasmin Navarita: we have had bad bad rumours here
    [2009/06/22 15:23] jasmin Navarita: so i really need to know when the last time was
    [2009/06/22 15:23] Kathy2102 Allen: i know
    [2009/06/22 15:23] jasmin Navarita: nef is gone bcs off this
    [2009/06/22 15:23] Kathy2102 Allen: i know
    [2009/06/22 15:23] jasmin Navarita: i need to clean this up
    [2009/06/22 15:23] Kathy2102 Allen: jason told me
    [2009/06/22 15:23] jasmin Navarita: and to do that i need the truth
    [2009/06/22 15:23] Kathy2102 Allen: and her friend too
    [2009/06/22 15:23] jasmin Navarita: yeah chan
    [2009/06/22 15:23] Kathy2102 Allen: eeh what was his name again
    [2009/06/22 15:23] Kathy2102 Allen: yes
    [2009/06/22 15:24] jasmin Navarita: yupp
    [2009/06/22 15:24] jasmin Navarita: but she managed to harm anyway
    [2009/06/22 15:24] Kathy2102 Allen: always complaining about everythign
    [2009/06/22 15:24] jasmin Navarita: and its up to me to clean it up
    [2009/06/22 15:24] jasmin Navarita: wich is why i need to know who is loyal to me and whos not
    [2009/06/22 15:24] Kathy2102 Allen: well in fact ( never let her know do .. or anyone else )
    [2009/06/22 15:24] Kathy2102 Allen: the rumours where acctualy no rumours
    [2009/06/22 15:25] Kathy2102 Allen: but i kept and keep my lips sealed
    [2009/06/22 15:25] Kathy2102 Allen: coz i think thats something between me and jason
    [2009/06/22 15:26] jasmin Navarita: ok i dont need the date lol
    [2009/06/22 15:26] jasmin Navarita: but has it been any for the last couple off days
    [2009/06/22 15:26] jasmin Navarita: no date and time
    [2009/06/22 15:26] jasmin Navarita: and pls not the whole story
    [2009/06/22 15:26] jasmin Navarita: lol
    [2009/06/22 15:26] jasmin Navarita: no but it turned and became the business
    [2009/06/22 15:26] jasmin Navarita: and it hurts ur name to hunni
    [2009/06/22 15:27] Kathy2102 Allen: well till now its just speculations
    [2009/06/22 15:27] jasmin Navarita: no
    [2009/06/22 15:27] Kathy2102 Allen: since jason and i denie it
    [2009/06/22 15:27] jasmin Navarita: there is proof
    [2009/06/22 15:27] Kathy2102 Allen: oh ?
    [2009/06/22 15:27] jasmin Navarita: yes cant say much more than that
    [2009/06/22 15:27] jasmin Navarita: but there is proof
    [2009/06/22 15:27] Kathy2102 Allen: what kind of proof ?
    [2009/06/22 15:28] jasmin Navarita: well nef had a lil habit off going to the skybox
    [2009/06/22 15:28] jasmin Navarita: and well not really easy to realise that when it takes 2 sec to snapshot and run out
    [2009/06/22 15:28] Kathy2102 Allen: hmmm, not that i have seen
    [2009/06/22 15:28] jasmin Navarita: i didnt see it either
    [2009/06/22 15:29] Kathy2102 Allen: and we where only one time in the skybox
    [2009/06/22 15:29] Kathy2102 Allen: the other time we where in a other location
    [2009/06/22 15:29] Kathy2102 Allen: ( his other house )
    [2009/06/22 15:29] jasmin Navarita: ok
    [2009/06/22 15:29] jasmin Navarita: look in my profile hun
    [2009/06/22 15:29] jasmin Navarita: pls
    [2009/06/22 15:29] jasmin Navarita: and now lets see if ur a friend or not
    [2009/06/22 15:30] Kathy2102 Allen: somewhere specific i have to look ?
    [2009/06/22 15:30] jasmin Navarita: partner
    [2009/06/22 15:30] Kathy2102 Allen: ah , …. yes
    [2009/06/22 15:30] Kathy2102 Allen: i see
    [2009/06/22 15:31] Kathy2102 Allen: well … be honist
    [2009/06/22 15:31] Kathy2102 Allen: is it a problem for you that i slept 2 times with him ?
    [2009/06/22 15:31] jasmin Navarita: no as long as i know when
    [2009/06/22 15:31] jasmin Navarita: i dont hve a problem with it
    [2009/06/22 15:31] jasmin Navarita: i just want honesty
    [2009/06/22 15:31] Kathy2102 Allen: it was befor you became his partner i think
    [2009/06/22 15:32] Kathy2102 Allen: how long are you his partner ?
    [2009/06/22 15:32] jasmin Navarita: well we been going at it for a while
    [2009/06/22 15:32] jasmin Navarita: quite some time hun
    [2009/06/22 15:32] jasmin Navarita: but not listed bcs off pink
    [2009/06/22 15:32] Kathy2102 Allen: ah , ok
    [2009/06/22 15:33] Kathy2102 Allen: well it was in the week i joined that i slept 2 times with him
    [2009/06/22 15:33] Kathy2102 Allen: after that not anymore
    [2009/06/22 15:33] jasmin Navarita: ok
    [2009/06/22 15:33] jasmin Navarita: 🙂
    [2009/06/22 15:33] jasmin Navarita: ty for beeing honest hunni
    [2009/06/22 15:33] Kathy2102 Allen: yw
    [2009/06/22 15:33] jasmin Navarita: and now WTF hes other house???
    [2009/06/22 15:33] Kathy2102 Allen: i didnt tell you , coz of the rumors
    [2009/06/22 15:33] jasmin Navarita: gawd i am so sick off men
    [2009/06/22 15:34] jasmin Navarita: yeah i know hun
    [2009/06/22 15:34] Kathy2102 Allen: heheh i am bi , so i than have women , than men
    [2009/06/22 15:34] Kathy2102 Allen: as my mood is
    [2009/06/22 15:34] jasmin Navarita: lol
    [2009/06/22 15:34] jasmin Navarita: so whats this other house
    [2009/06/22 15:34] jasmin Navarita: ??
    [2009/06/22 15:34] Kathy2102 Allen: eehm … let me see if i have still the lm
    [2009/06/22 15:34] jasmin Navarita: ok ty hunni
    [2009/06/22 15:35] Kathy2102 Allen: ah , yes
    [2009/06/22 15:35] jasmin Navarita: u do
    [2009/06/22 15:35] jasmin Navarita: can u take me there?
    [2009/06/22 15:36] Kathy2102 Allen: its jason’s alt home
    [2009/06/22 15:36] Kathy2102 Allen: did you know he has a female alt ?
    [2009/06/22 15:36] jasmin Navarita: WTF
    [2009/06/22 15:36] jasmin Navarita: *dies*
    [2009/06/22 15:36] Kathy2102 Allen: let me take you there
    [2009/06/22 15:36] jasmin Navarita: ty hun
    [2009/06/22 15:36] jasmin Navarita: i really appreciate it
    [2009/06/22 15:37] jasmin Navarita: i am so sick beeing stabbed by men
    [2009/06/22 15:49] jasmin Navarita: continue here
    [2009/06/22 15:49] Kathy2102 Allen: i filled in the form
    [2009/06/22 15:50] Kathy2102 Allen: as everyone
    [2009/06/22 15:50] Kathy2102 Allen: and he sayed , i could do a special audition
    [2009/06/22 15:50] Kathy2102 Allen: up in his sky box
    [2009/06/22 15:50] jasmin Navarita: work out session
    [2009/06/22 15:50] jasmin Navarita: lmao
    [2009/06/22 15:50] Kathy2102 Allen: yeah
    [2009/06/22 15:50] Kathy2102 Allen: sort of
    [2009/06/22 15:50] jasmin Navarita: same with me
    [2009/06/22 15:50] Kathy2102 Allen: and i didnt have to pay the fee after
    [2009/06/22 15:50] Kathy2102 Allen: oh , the lyer , he sayed not
    [2009/06/22 15:51] Kathy2102 Allen: lol
    [2009/06/22 15:51] jasmin Navarita: lol
    [2009/06/22 15:52] Kathy2102 Allen: well … i am not sure how to continue now
    [2009/06/22 15:52] Kathy2102 Allen: i mean …. from here
    [2009/06/22 15:52] jasmin Navarita: neither am i hunni
    [2009/06/22 15:52] Kathy2102 Allen: you are his partner now …. and your my friend
    [2009/06/22 15:53] Kathy2102 Allen: ( from day 1 i met you i liked you already )
    [2009/06/22 15:53] jasmin Navarita: awwwww
    [2009/06/22 15:53] jasmin Navarita: 🙂
    [2009/06/22 15:54] Kathy2102 Allen: you where from the first moment friendly and spontanious
    [2009/06/22 15:54] jasmin Navarita: *blush*
    [2009/06/22 15:54] Kathy2102 Allen: and not seeing me as competition
    [2009/06/22 15:54] Kathy2102 Allen: but as a friendly person
    [2009/06/22 15:54] Kathy2102 Allen: ( not like nefi _
    [2009/06/22 15:55] jasmin Navarita: hehe ty hunni
    [2009/06/22 16:02] jasmin Navarita: jason told me to tell you we are no longer hiring staff
    [2009/06/22 16:02] jasmin Navarita: ???
    [2009/06/22 16:02] Kathy2102 Allen: :((
    [2009/06/22 16:03] Kathy2102 Allen: no more assistant or something
    [2009/06/22 16:03] Kathy2102 Allen: hehe you dont need an assistant ?
    [2009/06/22 16:03] jasmin Navarita: no we hired 2 yesterday
    [2009/06/22 16:03] Kathy2102 Allen: lol
    [2009/06/22 16:03] jasmin Navarita: lol
    [2009/06/22 16:03] Kathy2102 Allen: and you didnt think of me ?
    [2009/06/22 16:03] Kathy2102 Allen: ;-S
    [2009/06/22 16:03] Kathy2102 Allen: *disapointed
    [2009/06/22 16:03] jasmin Navarita: awwwwww
    [2009/06/22 16:04] jasmin Navarita: i didnt know
    [2009/06/22 16:06] Kathy2102 Allen: i was working hard for MPI
    [2009/06/22 16:07] Kathy2102 Allen: tying to get MPI new clients
    [2009/06/22 16:07] Kathy2102 Allen: ( shop owners etc )
    [2009/06/22 16:07] Kathy2102 Allen: and as it seems all for nothing
    [2009/06/22 16:07] Kathy2102 Allen: as it didnt even get noticed
    [2009/06/22 16:07] Kathy2102 Allen: ;-S
    [2009/06/22 16:08] jasmin Navarita: oufffff
    [2009/06/22 16:08] jasmin Navarita: i didnt even know
    [2009/06/22 16:08] jasmin Navarita: i have to go hun i got a party to attend and need to get dressed

    I’m just putting this out there cause I feel like we are all being lied to by this guy. Get it together it’s clear that your agency suffers because you can’t sperate your personal life from your bussiness! Atleast be honest!

  63. Jason Grant Says:

    I think it is good that we can all take a step back, look at ourselves; be responsible and understand how we contributed to the outcome of all of this. We can laugh a little and of course grow and begin to look forward as we move towards the future to help make SL a better place. Because ultimately, it is not about us as individuals but us as a whole and making sure the client is happy.

    Jason Grant, CEO
    MPI Model Management

  64. Ariella Denimore Says:

    Now I didn’t want to get involved in the MPI forum but I feel that I should point out a few things. Some of the people posting comments against Ange don’t know what actually happened between the staff. She is an amazing model and an outstanding instructor. I’m not letting my relationship with her effect anything I am saying. I’m speaking from the view of a student. Ange has taught me a few tips and tricks in the modeling world and because of it I have gotten far. She has helped me as much as she could. I feel that instead of pointing fingers or creating a bunch of lies against someone you should actually focus on constructive criticism. That’s what this forum is about isn’t it? Telling people of your past experience to help this current agency grow? My journey at MPI had been a a bitter-sweet one. I have met amazing people there but I also got involved in the drama there. I don’t regret enrolling into MPI because it was an experience that helped me greatly. If I were to give my two cents to the some of the staff currently working there it would be:

    1. Not to mix personal life with business life.
    2. For everyone to work on a professional level.

    Anyways, I wish both Red and Jason the best of luck to their agency.

  65. AngeXX Quandry Says:

    “I heard from others that Ange had quit after her poorly planned show was reported to management by several models and then cancelled. Katherine, I understand that you are personally a very good friend and model of Ange so sure you will be supporting her on this site and wherever else she asks you to. Also, you would never have met her if MPI did not exist.”

    Well I did not want to step into this situation as I am not a huge fan of drama. However, I just want to inform you I had quit because of some management issues at MPI. I did not coordinate the show really, all I did was help out with rehearsals when I could.

    Ariella, the coordinator I feel was not doing a bad job at all, to be honest. She gave all the models 6 days to learn the walk and watching the rehearsals and helping out when I could I can tell you she was very clear with the walks and all the models had to do from that point was go and practice it afterwards. Now I admit there was some confusion along the line but I disagreed with cancelling the show 50 minutes prior. Everyone had the grasp of the walk and was very dissapointed when the news of the show being cancelled was released. Jax, I believe picked up the walk within 5 minutes so it was not very hard.

    Anyways, I want to wish MPI the best of luck in the future as I do not have anything personally against the owners or staff at all.By the way, like Katherine said, we are not “friends” all I was, was her instructor =]


    Oh and to anonymous, how am I a scam artist?

    Thank you.

  66. Katherine Comet Says:


    OK, again…I had no idea Ange had left MPI, and she’s not a “friend” as you have stated…she was my instructor and I had to try out to be in one of her shows a while back.

    Regardless…I had no idea she was gone from there until this post came out. I had heard she was starting an agency…but didn’t even occur to me she would be leaving MPI as an instructor.

    And why I’m even being questioned is beyond me…all I did was say the drama needed to stay out and facts of the agency needed to be put here.

    Not ONE PERSON asked me to say ANYTHING. Everything I have said has been factual to me and my experience.


  67. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Actually, I simply wanted to thank Katherine. I guess that manipulative thinkers assume that everyone else thinks that way too 🙂


  68. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    hahaha..sorry Jersey 🙂

  69. Jersey Ceriano Says:

    *giggles* Thank you, Katherine. I was going to mention that little piece of info but got side-tracked…glad you beat me to it.


  70. Anonymous Says:

    My point was Katherine was that your comments were used knowing that Ange was already gone, she is learning to be a scam artist like Jason Moore. I want to clarify, I am not even in SL, my dealings have all been in RL and I am just observing how MPI parallels in both realms.

  71. Katherine Comet Says:

    Jersey is a female.

  72. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Very well said Mr Ceriano.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun,
    Director MPI

  73. Jersey Ceriano Says:

    Ok…so…I’m not going to say that I don’t want to be involved in all the drama or that I’m glad my agency never has these problems…b/c in all truthfulness…being an agency owner is a lot to deal with and you receive criticism from all sides. Whether its models or trainers or designers or even the general public who feel that its their personal right to tell others how the job should be done. As I have said in comments of my own page…until you’ve done our job, you don’t have that right. There are, of course, exceptions, when someone is being unreasonably rude or eccentric (in a bad way)…and then of course, as bystanders and those involved, we can feel free to express our opinion of the sad behavior existing.

    What I am seeing on here and with another agency is a lot of bitter feelings between certain people thats being hashed out here. I am not defending anyone or going against them, but one…let me say that people do read these reports. If you choose to let continue posts on your agencie’s page that are full of bitter personal resentments and snipping, and of course, wording it in clever ways that make it seem more like its about the agency than a person or group, then that is what is going to continue on here. Its also going to reflect poorly on your agency. Even though I do not model, there are certain agencies that I would not join if I was a model, just based on the ridiculous garbage thats being spewed on here.

    Models…hear this and hear it well…you will not always get your way, SL or RL…and thats something you need to get used to quick if you are the type of person to throw a fit when things don’t go your way. I’ve watched models pretend to be my best friend b/c they were in my agency and then the moment they don’t get their way, they’re done. Not all models are like that….just as some agency owners are like that and some aren’t…and so on down the list. If you are upset b/c you weren’t chosen or you were cut or anything…its time to, and not being rude, but grow up and move on. If you were treated unfairly..and you know this for an actual fact and its not just based on your personal feelings being hurt b/c you weren’t accepted…or if something happened that shouldn’t have and appropriate measures weren’t taken, then yes, do complain.

    Agency owners…even though I’m posting this on the MPI page…its time for a lot of you (me included sometimes) to grow up too and stop this stupid stuff thats circulating here. I know that people say…it doesn’t matter what is said, as long as its being talked about…well, it DOES matter. As an agency owner, I have learned a LOT as I’ve gone and I’ve changed a lot too and I’m FARRRRRRRR from perfect, but I’ve learned to not do some things.

    We are supposed to be leaders, role models…in the modeling and fashion industry in SL..and we want people in SL and RL to take us seriously… can they do that if this is what goes on?

    I’ve said my peace.

  74. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    I response to…’I find it interesting that redhairgenie praised Katherine Comet for here comments about ange and her training all the time knowing she had already fired her’….

    I praised Katherine for recommending MPI as a great agency for models to attend and acknowledge that AngeXX Quandry’s teaching was part of Katherine’s experience.

    As Director of MPI, I do not have the authority to ‘fire’ anyone. That is strictly an executive decision.

    Again, it would be nice if we could stick to factual reporting on this forum.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun,
    Director, MPI

  75. Anonymous Says:

    I heard from others that Ange had quit after her poorly planned show was reported to management by several models and then cancelled. Katherine, I understand that you are personally a very good friend and model of Ange so sure you will be supporting her on this site and wherever else she asks you to. Also, you would never have met her if MPI did not exist.

  76. Katherine Comet Says:

    Not sure who this anonymous is…but I had no idea Ange was fired until these posts. I was praising her and her classes and what a wonderful job she did.

    If you look at what I had to say… “classes from Ange are outstanding…I give the classes 5 stars for the beginning models” you would see it wasn’t praise of the agency, but of Ange.

    Also, I am no longer a model for MPI nor have I been for over a month. I have no contact with any of the staff from MPI, including Jason. So everything I said, was said from my experience…not because someone asked me to.

    So to clarify…no one asked me to write anything…my comment was more about how personal all of this has become.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    After looking at Jason Grant’s SL profile, I just found out that he is on Pixelook at and he has some very impressive credentials, pro background and a wonderful set of prominent friends in the SL fashion industry. I’ve always believed that birds of a feather flock together and Jason has top notch friends. I’ll definitely be joining the MPI team soon!

  78. Anonymous Says:

    I find it interesting that redhairgenieto praised Katherine Comet for here comments about ange and her training all the time knowing she had already fired her and Ange and Annalise had already started Images Modeling. She has no shame just like Jason Grant.
    Now Jason is asking people to come on and put positive comments about in the Agency Report even posting the link in his group. There is no length this man won’t go to and people he will use. His agency isn’t a place to build a career, it’s a place to let your career die.

  79. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    I am pleased that Ms Cyberstar has indicated that she is finished with her personal attacks.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun,
    Director MPI

  80. I just wanted to report my experience with MPI. I joined at the beginning of May this year. This group has been nothing but help for me. The classes were awesome, the communication with the MPI Staff is non-stop. I think this agency is top-notch and I am glad to be a part of it.

  81. KaylenaMaria Destny Says:

    I started out as a modeling trainee and I have to say that I did learn quite a bit about the modeling industry and the attitude that one must have to succeed in this industry. I’ve also learned, through experience with the agency that they are all wonderful and supportive people. I look forward to having more work with the agency. Now as a staff member and blogger for the company I can say the same thing. The staff are all friendly and they care about their models and staff. They are also dedicated to making their agency one of the best out there and only deal in quality, truth, and friendliness as far as I’ve seen. And I am proud to call myself a member of the ModelPages team. They are a wonderful bunch of people! I do recommend this Model agency to any and all models that may be interested in learning more as well as gaining further exposure. ~smiles~

  82. Annalise Cyberstar Says:

    *Sighs* I’ve been getting several messages today about Red’s outlandish and unreasonable response to ANYONE questioning her credentials. It has been my experience that anyone who feels the need to so vehemently defend themselves lacks confidence in there own ability.

    I urge you all to do the reasonable thing not listen to anyone and make a choice for yourself!! Stop by and see us working with us wont cost you 1500L. I don’t know about Red of Jason but I’m more then ready to let all this drop and let our respective agency speak for themselves.. “Talk is cheep and actions speak much louder then words”

  83. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    One further resonse to Anonymous:

    In answer to your question…. ‘And when the honeymoon is over then what? I know I know all SL relationships last forever but lets just say for sh**ts and giggles this one doesn’t who is there to pick up the pieces?’….

    If I were no longer Director of MPI the agency would continue to be a very high quality organization. Mr Grant and the highly qualified, skilled and professional core management team would carry on with business in a dignified manner.

    redhairgenie Cabassoun,
    Director MPI

  84. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    In response to Anonymous:

    Since you have so crudely questioned my credentials I will provide them for you. I am an SL business woman and currently own 4 enterprises…2 fashion shops, a stylist/makeover business, and an entire sim resort. My shops and stylist/makeover businesses have been running successfully since February of this year.

    I am also a professional model with over 7 months of live, photographic and runway modeling experience. I am certified MPI model nd a graduate of SuperElite Advanced Runway Course.

    My successful business experience and my modeling training/experience are both far more extensive than that of my predecessor. Ms Cyberstar is the former partner of Mr Grant, and she resigned from MPI for purely personal reasons. She contiues to allow her volatile emotions to get in the way of her good business sense.

    It would be helpful if you would limit your posts to factual and respectful ones please. Only an irrelevant coward hides behind the the name Anonymous 🙂

    redhairgenie Cabassoun, Director MPI

  85. modelpages Says:

    One other thing I am going to mention on here since I am still here. We run MPI Model Management like a close knit family. Please don’t bother applying If you are only out for self gain. We will recognize you sooner or later and you will be out the door faster than you know. We are only interested in having those come onboard who want to grow with MPI and not leech off our name for experience and then trash us because you could not exploit us. We want individuals with good business and personal ethics, character, moral, values, ethics and best of all class.

    Jason Grant

  86. modelpages Says:

    Dear Annonymous,

    You have never modeled for MPI and that is obvious because we are not charging $L2,000 to join our agency.

    If you are going to post something here, keep it truthful and don’t reproduce hearsay (gossip) and lies which I’ve seen in many of these posts. You know nothing factual about my personal life in SL nor RL.

    My advice to you, stick to the facts and don’t cower behind an anonymous post.

    Jason Grant, CEO
    MPI Model Management

  87. Anonymous Says:

    Okay so let’s see. I am a model, unfortunately with MPI, who will no longer be a part of this agency. So in the past week the CEO dumped his director (Anna) and instructor (AngeXX) and other quality people all for a below average piece of tail. Then i hear a planned show was cancelled an hour before it was to go on letting down all models and designers. Okay, so agency drama happens and I was willing to live with it all, and after the ex-director posted her comments I was like whatever people are entitled to their opinion but this back and forth banter? This going into a public forum saying over and over you will not participate in this childlike behavior. The constant and I mean CONSTANT notices about how “others” are so unprofessional? Really though it is all too much. I joined MPI months ago because I thought it was a quality agency however if this past week has shown anything it has done nothing but proved me wrong.
    Now I am not bashing anyone personally but please correct me if I am wrong in any organization there is nearly always behind the scenes drama however when it affects your company as a whole you obviously need to change things. Now I dont care if the CEO wanted to have sex with every model in the agency or if he did but when you allow the entire agency to be placed in the hands of a woman with no experience because she puts out?? What does that mean for the models who are there to work. And when the honeymoon is over then what? I know I know all SL relationships last forever but lets just say for sh**ts and giggles this one doesn’t who is there to pick up the pieces?
    Any “REAL” CEO or Director know you dont mix business with pleasure especially when you are asking for what $2000L to join your agency?
    Get it together MPI!

  88. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    And Ms Cyberstar continues with her rambling nonsense…clearly not the forum for this.

    Redhairgenie Cabassoun, Director MPI

  89. Annalise Cyberstar Says:

    To those of you who got my note card.. I appreciate the out pouring of support. Second, I welcome Linden Labs involvement in this situation.. In fact I encourage it, and for one reason only the fact is I am 100% sure I did nothing but tell the truth and and if that happened to be exposing Jason for the coward and fraud that he is then so be it.. He can say that I left MPI for personal reason but what he cant explain and deflect is why all the other members of upper management went with me.. If im just supping off lies, then it would stand to reason that I would have left alone.. but that’s not the case.. Ange who was a very faithful and loyal member of the MPI staff is now my partner.. As is Ariella another member who has put everything she had into making MPI a success.. But even after all this the death threat that he made against me I was still willing to just let it end..

    Until today when Jason tried to further intimidate me by renting the parcel next to me.. I’m sorry but I must say that for a man who engages in such childish behavior i find his group notice laughable to say the least.. even more laughable that this is the person who is trying to teach people to be a CEO.. the man cant even run his own business.. It is my opinion that Jason Grant is a fraud, a fake and a egotistical, narcissistic sociopath. As far as not being up to MPI standards from what I witnessed in my time with MPI, the only thing you had to do to be up to MPI standards was pay Jason money or be willing to sleep with him..

    This is all I have to say about this.. I have a agency to run I suggest Jason and His Partner do the same thing.. Maybe if they spent more time running there business instead of stalking people they wouldn’t feel the need to cancel fashion shows on designers and models..

    If any of you would like to talk to me personally feel free to send me a Im as I wont be reading this nonsense anymore.. Its pointless, and its doing just what Jason wants it to do distracting me from running a better operation then he can..

    I apologize to all of you, but I refuse to be yet another one of Mr Grant’s victims.. The truth needed to be said

  90. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    In light of the very malicious and untrue remarks made about myself and Jason Grant and sent to members of MPI in a spam notecard, I had to make the following decision:

    I have reported Annalise Cyberstar to Linden Labs for blatant violation of TOS. It is not appropriate for me announce the details of my report of abuse. I will only say that I have asked Linden Labs to review all chat logs between Annalise Cyberstar and myself on all SL accounts that we have.

    My reason for doing so is stop the blatant attempts that have been made by Ms Cyberstar and Treon Bikcin to undermine the reputation of Model Pages International SL Model Management.

    Hopefully this will put an end to the dramatic saga that has found it’s way onto this page today.

    Redhairgenie Cabassoun, Director MPI

  91. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    Hello Katherine:

    Thank you very much for lovely recommendation of MPI as great agency for models to attend.

    As I personally agree with your statements about the purpose of this forum, I am choosing to not respond to the malicious and untrue nonsense that has been posted here about me.

    Thanks again,

    Redhairgenie Cabassoun, Director MPI

  92. Katherine Comet Says:

    You know…I went thru MPI’s academy and somewhere in there I think Ange taught us to keep out of the drama and just do the job of a model. As I read these posts back and forth, I’m wondering how this helps people decide if the AGENCY is acceptable.

    We all have drama…can’t be helped in SL…but so far the last couple of posts have really not told me much about the agency itself…but about the people’s personal SL lives.

    I understand people get hurt emotionally and it’s easy to dig back and forth at each other…but really…how necessary is all of this here?

    This agency gave me my start to modeling back in June and I am thankful it was there when I wanted to learn what was to needed for a beginning model. Ange was and is a wealth of information, to whom I owe my modeling career for my beginnings.

    As for the rest of the staff… I didn’t deal with them much. I was too busy trying to start my OWN career without getting mixed in the drama that swirls around SL as a whole.

    So to people interested in MPI…it’s a great start up agency for your modeling career…you are kept well informed…classes from Ange are outstanding…I give the classes 5 stars for the beginning models.

  93. Jason Grant Says:

    I think it is hilarious that only our anonymous competitors are posting the negative comments on this page which defeats the purpose of having this site. In any case, even some of the highest caliber and most well respected 5 star hotels in the US and world have a couple questionable reviews on sites such as which is one of the most highly used travel review sites out there. Just look up “Four Seasons” and “Biltmore” and you might see a low mark here or there and we all know those organizations are top notch, don’t we? I do, I’ve stayed at both…So, the best way to know if something is for real my friends is to try it yourself and form your own opinion.

  94. Jason Grant Says:

    Anyone and I do mean anyone can make up text and conversation and post it to this site or even in a SPAM notecard which was created and sent by one person and signed by another. You get an at-a-boy for conjuring it up, but an “F” for delivery. Make no mistake, you will never see me condoning this type of obnoxious and vile behavior by anyone currently in my staff.

  95. Anonymous Says:

    Messages started flowing today and everyone needs to know. Jason seems to attack a lot of people but things about him come out its a different story.

    Group Notice From: Jason Grant

    If anyone read a spam notecard from someone about MPI, please look at the properties of that notecard to see who wrote it and report them to the lindens. There are many categories that this kind of garbage falls under that is against TOS. That’s the only way we will be able able to stop this type of filth from perpetually spreading around SL. As MPI professionals, it is our duty to report any and all attemps at those jealous individuals who were obviously not MPI material and like to spread lies.

    The reason for this defense:

    To Whom It May Conncern,

    As some of you may or may not know I used to be the director at MPI. I was fired for one of two reasons…

    A. I denied Jason’s repeated attempts to have sex with me. (I can verify that in chat logs of those of you who want to see)

    B. I refused to work with his new partner, who when she had a problem didn’t talk to me about it talked to Jason. And when I questioned the professionalism of that move by saying this ( [2009/08/04 22:18] Annalise Cyberstar: cause I’m not going to answer to my assistant just cause she is sleeping with the boss) she ensued a personal attack against me that included everything from my relationship, to my real life, to my looks .. Did I go back and forth with her in a childish exchange? Yes I did … I am embarrassed about that but also a big enough person to be honest about it… It ended with me muting her and telling Jason to find me a new a assistant or just allow me to work on my own cause I obviously was not able to work with her… that was where it was dropped for me… Red then came to me with 3 alts keeping things going… finally I told Jason and he told me that red told him that she was going to work for the competition, nice knowing you.. So it was pretty clear to me she was trying to use her role as partner to get her own way. The next thing I knew I was being told that. She would be my new co director even after Jason said this statement to me earlier in the day

    ([2009/08/04 20:01] Annalise Cyberstar: well you would be angry if someone was lying about you as well… not to mention when she hasn’t came to you first
    [2009/08/04 20:02] Annalise Cyberstar: if it’s a problem then I will be more than happy to give her my position if that’s what you want…
    [2009/08/04 20:04] Jason Grant: Lol, she’s not qualified for your position…)

    So at this point it was pretty clear to me that Jason was not being a good CEO and was letting his personal feelings get in the way of his business. So I told his partner the truth.. Of course Jason lied his way out of that.. No problem for a pro like Mr. Grant.. I have no hard feelings against Genie anymore.. In fact I feel very badly for her as I know she will find out all to soon how Jason really is.. If you’re her friends please stay true to her she will need you when that time comes…

    Back to the truth about what happened. I was ejected from the mpi group banned and told by Jason’s partner to start my own agency so that’s just what i did… Along with 4 other Employees who I worked with at MPI who were also exhausted from the fall out of the CEO Irresponsible behavior..In my time at MPI I redid the class schedule to make it easier for the instructor ange, constructed a more user friendly class room, sat in on all casting calls, encouraged Jason to start weekly staff meetings.. When I left MPI I went and took my personal things back from the class I had created… It was the real life equivalent to cleaning out your desk…at that time I was contacted by yet another one of reds alts… And for what taking my stuff? Wouldn’t any of your do the same thing??? I then was told by a friend still with the agency that Red had been defaming me with outright lies…So I went to Jason’s and told him as the CEO he needed to handle it or I would be sending a note card to everyone in the mpi group in order to defend my good name… Mr/ Grant was so afraid of the truth coming out when i issued the Chat logs he threatened to kill me.. Here are experts from that conversation

    [2009/08/06 14:08] Jason Grant: You made some comment about me shoving this job up my ass after you showed her some of my conversation, that was it, I booted u from the group and then banned you and then after that, you took the classroom without telling and of course it was malicious and you’re trying to sugar coat it.
    [2009/08/06 14:10] Annalise Cyberstar: oh yes I know and i like i didnt give you more then enough warning to be a man and a leader and tell her enough was enough i mean i fu***** blocked her so it wouldn’t come to that and then she comes to me with a alt
    [2009/08/06 14:11] Jason Grant: It takes two to tango. I told you both to knock it off and apparently no one wanted to listen so now we are having drama that you so claim to avoid on your profile. You might want to take that off so ppl don’t think you are a joke. Especially if you plan on causing more drama.
    [2009/08/06 14:12] Annalise Cyberstar: i won’t if she stops talking about me
    [2009/08/06 14:14] Jason Grant: Doio what you want but if my conversations come up, I will mke it my problem
    [2009/08/06 14:15] Annalise Cyberstar: lets make a deal from here on out.. i wont say red, jason or mpi if you can tell her not to say anna i took the class thats the last thing i i had on your land
    [2009/08/06 14:17] Annalise Cyberstar: im not out to get you
    [2009/08/06 14:17] Jason Grant: Don’t you get it, I can;t control her! She’s a grown woman and that is personal between you and her
    2009/08/06 14:36] Annalise Cyberstar: okay i just talked to my friend been play the game since it started.. and he said… that content laws dont not apply to conversation logs in fact that is the first thing linden labs will ask for in dispute resloution.. and thats why your encrouaged to log your conversations… so if you think ive done something then you can feel free to report me!
    [2009/08/06 14:37] Jason Grant: I suggest you personally read the TOS.
    [2009/08/06 14:38] Jason Grant: defamation of character is an offens
    [2009/08/06 14:38] Jason Grant: offense
    [2009/08/06 14:38] Jason Grant: especially a business
    [2009/08/06 14:38] Annalise Cyberstar: nope i will take his word for it… well then i suggest you look up what that means because its not defamation if im not lying about you
    [2009/08/06 14:38] Annalise Cyberstar: its only defamation if i make things up
    [2009/08/06 14:39] Jason Grant: If I have to, I will call Linden labs myself and have you banned. I have friends in the government whoi can help me if I need it. My network is much larger in RL than SL sweatheart. Don’t start a war you can’t win
    [2009/08/06 14:40] Annalise Cyberstar: oh jason if its war you want its war your gonna get
    [2009/08/06 14:40] Annalise Cyberstar: dont think for one second you can push me around
    [2009/08/06 14:40] Annalise Cyberstar: iim not at all intimdated
    [2009/08/06 14:40] Annalise Cyberstar: so do whatever you wanna do
    [2009/08/06 14:40] Jason Grant: Don’t think you are gonna release personaly statements I make and live to tell about it
    [2009/08/06 14:41] Annalise Cyberstar: you just threatend my life
    [2009/08/06 14:41] Annalise Cyberstar: wow..

    At this point i was told by everyone i should contact the FBI and treat this as a actually death threat and still I didn’t… I took the high road and decided I just want to be in sl to have fun who needs all this drama .. I let it go didn’t say anything to anyone didn’t do anything but work on my own agency with my friends.. on the first day the landmark to our new agency is released he is here… not only is he here but he is renting the lot next to us… I ask you is that the move of a successful CEO or a petty little boy who can’t let things go… I urge you do not buy into Jason’s lies anymore… Don’t pay him your hard earned money so he can use it to harass other people… I feel I have been more then patient with this situation… I have to stand up and say something… I feel that there is no more critical a mirror then that of your peers… so if you will join me in saying this behavior is unacceptable then maybe he will get back to running his own business and leave me to run mine… and we will let the masses choose who runs a better operation, it’s the fair way…

    Thank you
    Annalise Cyberstar

  96. modelpages Says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    Only models (Staff) of the agency get to be in our shows. Designers choose whom they want their models to be. If you have any specific questions or concerns, you may address me personally so that we can come to a mutual conclusion. Enjoy the upcoming week!

    Jason Grant, CEO
    MPI Model Management
    Blog –

  97. redhairgenie Cabassoun Says:

    As the partner of MPI CEO Jason Grant and as the Director of MPI, I am responding to the post by ‘Anonymous’. I was not a Certified Model with MPI when last month’s casting call took place, and did not participate in any manner. As Director of MPI I will not be participating in any future casting calls. I hope that this clarifies things.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    MPI? They present themselves in a professional manner but act a bit shady… For example a show last month A casting – Only 10 models maybe needed and the numerous “Certified MPI Models” applied yet the show was filled with MPI staff and “partners” of the owners and Management… Nepotism in SL? Seems a bit unfair for those who paid a couple thousand linden to join the agency… Was given a copy today from another model still in the agency and what do you know a new show coming this week and once again MPI Staff…. Just an observation.

  99. Enrique Innovia Says:

    ModelPages International have raised the bar with an un parralelled level of support and they operate with a degree of professionalism second to none.

    Jason personally is constantly striving to push the boundaires of the ‘norm’ in the fashin industry and contributing to making Second Lifes models more respected.

    E Innovia

  100. I have been with MPI for a little while now, and there are so many things that make this agency a success. First off communication is key, and there are no problems in that field. Another thing, in the application information it states that this company works closely like a family, that is yet to be proven wrong. Myself and five others models were given the privilege to do a show for the lovely Starii Babii- Dragon’s Horde Fashions and we all had to battle through the lag. But backstage there was so much help and encouragement, I coulnd’t ask for a better company/family to be a part of. We had a blast. Thank you to everyone in MPI Model Managment for being such caring, helpful and proffesional freinds.

  101. Mindie Says:

    MPI Model Management has been wonderful to me so far. I only recently was hire. The owner was very friendly and speedy in making sure I had what I needed. I instantly got notices through groups about contests and such to get myself out there. The photographer was great and very patient. I definitly feel MPI Management is the way to go.

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