6 Responses to “New EnVogue (6)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The current owner of this agency is very much a womanizer and likes to threaten and blackmail people every chance he can.. even with rl nude photos he secretly takes of models he has in the past slept with. Constantly at the girls to sleep with him and making sexual innuendos. In the 4 months at the agency there were no shows or paid work for models while he continues to take money for new models and for super model training. Constantly taking peoples money and booting them. Working as his secretary for almost 2 months and never received the training I was supposed to get for work done (he would not pay money for the work I had done either). First show since beginning of working there and I missed the rehearsal due to my child getting a back injury and bring him to his doctors. I came back to him swearing at me for it, ejecting me from the group, calling me many vulgar names , and the final straw was his threatening my rl childrens lives.
    Before he says anything I will admit as a mom the anger got the better of me. Nobody threatens the life of my children. I did something i was not proud of and let my anger get the better of me in my rage. Yes I returned HIS agency’s items (all of them and only his) to him from the land and I banned him from his land as well. Im not proud but I was furious at the moment as a mom.
    He is planing on opening a new agency and the practices will be the same .. my suggestion is never deal with this man on any level

  2. Coco Channel Says:

    Darling Sandie, besides training here, what other model academies in SL did you attend? Just to know how many pile of rocks are out there and, now that you’re at it, elaborate why was your training at EnVogue so good. It ‘d be a huge help to all models. Merci!

  3. Sandie Parkin Says:

    OK, I just finished the EnVogue courses for modeling and OMG! it was the absolute best ever. They offer a very comprehensive course and they even go out of their way to help, the instructor Kat Svenska is a fountain of knowledge and information with regards to modeling and fashion. I recommend this agency highly, considering all the agencies that are out there, this one is a GEM in a pile or rocks.

  4. Katerina Swansen Says:

    This is such BS I have never been trated with such respect as I have at EnVogue. The staff is very professional and there is not even the slightest hint of impropriety. The have a very comprehensive modeling course and a great value. Mr. Cyberwarlock Writer was a gentleman at all times and has great knowledge of the fashion industry in SL.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    No work, no communication for months.

    This agency is a joke.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This is just EnVogue with a New in front of it. Still waiting for this agency to produce work for its models. A lot is expected of the models ans absolutely no work is provided.

    When the models leave due to lack of opportunites, training, work, prospects and endless meetings, expect a very cold shoulder and to be greeted by being removed from contact lists and being ignored. Very very unprofessional indeed.

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