Post below your comments about NEX-Core. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

8 Responses to “NEX-Core (8)”

  1. Leilani Muircastle Says:

    I second with Katime’s sentiments. I truly loved working with NEX and I appreciate everything Wkd, AWM, Vanity, and all of the other members of this amazing agency did to help me grow.

  2. Katime Vacano Says:

    My most favorite SL agency…i just hope it comes back….i totally loved my time here…everyone was soo friendly and professional… and the shows were outstanding every time.

  3. ask jamie Says:

    Its top notch wkd and vanity are such hard workers, as well as the snr staff there strict at times however they always amaze me, with every lil deatail they put into the shows from poses to skin to hair used,
    and nearly always they pay for it out there own pockets many times have i had skin brought for me and hair and shoes..
    and i always thought that was anice touch

  4. WkdSpirit Bayliss Says:

    You can also contact Vanity on
    with any show related questions.
    We all hope to see you soon ūüôā

  5. WkdSpirit Bayliss Says:

    NEX-Core is taking a break right now. Until SecondLife (aka LL) sorts itself out we feel that we would be failing our clients if we allowed a show to be performed in the conditions at present.
    We do hope to return soon, whether it be within the SecondLife platform or another VR platform. (or both!!)
    If you do have any questions regarding NEX-Core please e-mail me at (please be aware that we are not hiring any models etc right now, if you contact me regarding hiring I will be unable to respond.) Thanks ūüôā

  6. MiraSonia Demina Says:

    An extraordinary modeling With a great team. I enjoyed so much the show they did for my skin launch Vanity was so Helpful, and there models are not skinny \o/
    I cant wait to for next time ihave show, we have big ideas but till after summer as nex core is on holiday haha

  7. shea vella Says:

    i loved this agency there shows was always so unique, i was lucky enough to model for them, for a big private show for Edelweiss they do alot of shows for the japense content creators which i love as well as alternative,
    But i did Make a huge mistake leaving the agency i really wanted to be a part of a new agency that started and i had to leave nex core due to there exclusiveness biggest mistake as the other agency never took off and i was doing shows nearly once a week at nexcore

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This agency was like a family. Though in a dormant state atm, they are a professional and lovely bunch of people. A great agency in SL, though they have an exclusive policy (you cannot be a part of other agencies).

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