Post below your comments about Nocturne Modeling Agency. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

5 Responses to “Nocturne Modeling Agency (5)”

  1. Nox Deigan Says:

    I saw the youtube video for The Black Canary show. That was an impressive set and presentation. Kudos.

  2. Terry Toland Says:

    AKA The Model That’s Been There Since September/October 2008

    I was hired back when Nocturne was going through it’s toddler stage, and I’ve seen it’s ups, downs, and a lot in between. As Dizzy said, Nocturne is focused on different in the sense of eccentric, eclectic, and beyond. It is because of this we have to hold ourselves to high standards to stand-out for our skills and style and not be labeled as a ‘shock act’. Models are also required to blog on the agency site to remain active and fresh.

    NMA has worked with such clients as Blue Blood, Rezzable, and The Black Canary with themed runway shows ranging from Ancient Egyptian to gothic-horror. To my knowledge, the agency has not been involved in a great deal of print projects; I know from personal experience I did do some work for Domestic-V Skins.

    The training for runway is done by an experienced member of the agency (often Mavi Beck) and all shows have required practice sessions and early arrival to ensure people are given plenty of prep time and proper outfit fitting. Models are expected to acquire their own modeling HUDs and poses (AOs are ill-advised), but complete ensembles – outfit, accessories, skin, hair – have typically been provided (though *not* guaranteed). Walks have varied from simple singles with 2-stops to doubles mixed with singles with 3-stops (which I found really fun, personally). The agency also has a team of photographers on hand to work with clients, should they desire.

    Overall, I’ve found the atmosphere of the group pleasant and quirky. We recognize that not everyone will absolutely get along and then move on with our lives; people that do not follow through are let-go as professionally as possible, with the dismissal remaining private between the manager(s) and the individual. As an avatar that prefers to run around with pointed ears and work with a vampire or furry, I’ve found NMA to be a great fit.

  3. Dizzy Sparrow Says:

    To the rejected model: Modeling is hard work especially when trying to break into it. As in RL not every model will be right for all agencies and you will be rejected. I am sure Voshie did not say you didn’t have enough tattoos as there are quite a few Nocture models that have no tattoos at all. But not being unique is quite possible. So many people look like cookie cutter shapes and style in SL and Nocture strives to be different. There are many other agencies out there all with different criteria and I am sure there is one for you.

    To the Nocture Model: Voshie sent out a few notices some months ago that things in RL were not so great, she was also moving and not sure when she’d be back on her feet enough to be in SL and give the agency the attention it deserved. She told us then that the agency was going to take a bit of a break from live shows and other bookings until such a time she could be fully back.

  4. A Model Says:

    I applied for NMA and Voishie told me i wasnt unique enough or tattoed enough or something along those lines. They are pretty rude and just don’t ever reply to you

  5. Nocturne model Says:

    Voishie hires new models and never bothers getting any work for them. I did one show for the Canary and that was July and there are no more shows being booked for ever it looks.

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