Post below your comments about Opium. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

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  2. Tinkerbell Says:

    I suppose ‘fierce’ could mean anything from fashion, runway skills or showmanship or all of the above. I don’t know what the requirements were for this contest. However, any and all modeling contests and castings in SL are a big joke anyway. don’t get me started…

  3. YA RLY! Says:

    I think Really?!?! is referring to the I Am Fierce grand final which was a few weeks ago, thats the one Liam and Ponchiguwea won by floating and particle battles. And Phil Collins – LOL!

  4. Not Really! Says:



    Opium announces the dissolution of Opium Fashion Agency and OPEN casting of Opium Evolution

    OE – Opium announced today it will dissolve its prominent fashion agency branch. With the closing, Opium will open another division, Opium Evolution, to serve its designer clientele with more personalized, creative promotional services.

    “Opium is evolving into a new world of fashion,” Opium owner Anastacia Markova said. “We are very excited of this new venture. The direction Opium is now taking will be a creative paragon in the way SL experiences fashion.”

    Because of the massively different direction Opium will take in its upcoming endeavors, Opium will host a casting call for models to join its newest division to be held at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. SLT Jan. 14 -15. Please note this is four casting times over two days.

    Professionalism. Perspective. New directions in ideas and concepts will be the goal of Opium Evolution. Known for its elaborate, artistic productions, including last year’s Surreal Experience and the SL destination guide pick The Haunted Mansion, Opium’s services no longer fit that fashion show recipe – it was more. Something much more.

    Opium Evolution will absorb the popular Opium Elite Fashion Trunk Show Series, which introduces not just clothing but the designer to their clientele, and the new division will get back to the core responsibility of any business promoting a client – the client themselves.

    For more information on services, including the Opium Elite Fashion Trunk Show Series, please contact Opium Evolution designer liaison Lorelei Maggs. For more information on the casting call, please contact Opium Evolution CEO Maddox Kaestner Or Opium Evolution Owner Anastacia Markova via Notecard.

    To Audition for this exciting new project fill the application out which can be requested inworld by any of the two names listed above.

  5. Not Really! Says:

    Really? said several things :

    “Personally I think Anastacia is someone who has worked really hard in the fashion industry who has not done this to get rich.”

    “She puts alot of herself, her time and money into these events”

    Those are clearly assumptions unless, of course, you are Anastacia. How else could you possibly know why she did what she did or claims to have done what she did. Anastacia’s reputation doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny. I’ll stick with what I said.

    “Anastacia has been a relentlessly unforgiving climber, a back-stabber, a people user, and a mediocre model. She ran out of people to fund OPIUM and can’t afford to do it on her own so the current thinking is that OPIUM is on the way off the map.”

    Time will tell if I’m correct. OPIUM’s glory days are past along with the glorious management team that REALLY did the work.

  6. Really? Says:

    you assume alot don’t you


  7. Not Really! Says:

    @ the last Really?

    You say Anastacia Markova hasn’t done it to get rich. Interesting point considering how much of other people’s efforts (where did that stellar management team of yesteryear all go to?) she’s taken credit for to say, nothing of whose $Lindens she’s spent willfully promoting models of her choice like Romeo Torvalar. Romeo oh Romeo wherefore art thou and those skins you promised so many people? Of course YOU, Really? wouldn’t be privy to what’s gone on @Opium over the past couple of years would you?

    Anastacia has been a relentlessly unforgiving climber, a back-stabber, a people user, and a mediocre model. She ran out of people to fund OPIUM and can’t afford to do it on her own so the current thinking is that OPIUM is on the way off the map. She’s frantically looking for a financial savior and not succeeding. Her little scam of having yardsales with “transferable” designer goods provided for shows has turned many “in the know” designers against her.

    Anastacia needs to fade away. She won’t be missed by many.

    OPIUM had a spectacular team at one point, it WILL be missed a great deal.

  8. Really? Says:

    As someone who has posted several times as ‘Really?’, I am not the same person who just posted those remarks about Opium.

    Personally I think Anastacia is someone who has worked really hard in the fashion industry who has not done this to get rich. She puts alot of herself, her time and money into these events and as someone who has worked in the past with her – she’s a really nice person to boot. Sometimes she can get a bit harsh but only to protect what she has worked really hard to built.

    As for the Fierce contest – wasn’t that like 6 months ago? Way to keep current! *rolls eyes*

  9. Really?!?! Says:

    Opium is a total and complete joke. Anastasia Marova is just a kiss-ass to Frolic Mills. Her “I Am Fierce” contest was just a way for two people that have close ties to BOSL/Frolic, Liam and Ponchu-whatever, to get money and another title. Even if it is meaningless. Call me old fashion, but if asked to style something fierce, I don’t want to see people float and flying around. Or using magic and particles. To me, and I’m sure others, that is just a cheap way to get attention. If they were really “fierce” then their walk and styling alone would be enough.

  10. Polemikos Says:

    @Simply Adorable: I’d like to see those chat logs posted.

    @Robin: Youmust be kidding? The Queen herownself: Anastacia Markova and the Skin and SFL scam king: Romeo Torvalar hisownself. For Batman’s ward I’dve thought you’s be smarter. Maybe the red shorts are cutting your bloodflow somehow. What’s a ward anyway? Wouldn’t Batman be endangering a child letting him so all the shit Robin gets to do with weapons and arch criminals and god knows who else. Forget about the whole weirdness between Brucie and the kid. Anyway by asking that question you showed us all how out of the loop you are.

    God I love the drama

  11. Robin Says:

    @Simply Adorable.

    Three things came into my mind reading what you wrote.

    1) Who the hell is Ana or Romeo? Either the sleep didn’t pay off well enough or I really haven’t heard both of their names before.

    2) This is Opium’s thread, shouldn’t you be posting in MVW instead?

    3) I got proof in chat dialogs too that Batman slept with Superman to get his position in DC Comics. That pisses me off! Oh and… GAG!

  12. Simply Adorable Says:

    I’ve been currently told through proof in chat dialogs that romeo slept with ana to get his position at MVW. Gag.

  13. Dead Horse Says:

    OUCH, stop beating me to death here!!

  14. Mr. Peepers Says:

    I’ve had enough of this nonsense myownself.

    I just bit Snickers about 90 times, all over his body (luckily for him I keep my shots current). Okay okay, those chihuahua bites are the equivalent of mosquito stings to the big lugnut but it got his attention. While he was busy watching the blood seep through his shirt and pants I lifted my leg and pee’d in his laptop’s keyboard, which yielded a thrilling flash before a hellacious puff of toxic blue smoke appeared.

    Suffice it to say Snickers won’t be responding to Holdown anymore unless he finds my laptop. Notlikely and even if he does deciphering the yak-dog keyboard will slow him down a lot.

    This whole thing between Snickers and Holdem was getting pretty boring anyway.

    Cut to a graphic of a glorious Hawaiian sunset over the ocean.

  15. Holden Resident Says:

    Seriously what are you on Snickers or are you in OJ-Land?? “Have you considered that perhaps Federica is behind this reign of abuse?” What person would want to start all this and about themselves?? Next thing you will be saying is that YOU are Federica! As for a Redzone comment you mentioned it in your post are are you that delusional you have no idea what you are posting anymore??

    Let me refresh your rather pathetic memory:
    “Find someone who has RedZone enabled on their sim. Ask them to look up any of the following names: Federica Galtier,Haidyn Inglewood, maximus Galtier, or saintdogma Bravin. Feds, Haidyn and Max have all shared the same IP address while Max and Saint have shared the same IP address. IP addresses don’t lie. Nor does the RedZone data base.”

    That does mention Redzone you flimwad! Of course I am enjoying seeing snickers continue to fight a battle that was over the moment he or she started posting stupid and babyfied rants. Go and take a nap Snickers or ask your mom to change your nappy, you sound cranky and bitter!

  16. Snickers the Clown Says:

    Well we’ve gotten down to the schoolyard jibes now! You’re basically saying “I’m rubber you’re glue whatever you say sticks back on you!”

    That’s really lame. You’ve managed to depress even the, relentlessly yappy, and cheerful, Mr. Peepers (and his yak-dog IQ is about 3) that’s how bad this last riposte was.

    I’ll say it again slowly for you so you get it this time. The Redzone thing wasn’t my comment nor is it my proof. I haven’t offered up any proof of anything. All I’ve offered up is unfounded accusations, curiously, insightful questions and venal insults.

    Do you understand the concept of satire Holdon? Does it occur to you that a lot of people are entertained by this? Do you understand that Federica and the Queen are enjoying all this sudden flood of attention? Have you considered that perhaps Federica is behind this reign of abuse?

  17. Holden Resident Says:

    Ok but you just brought up Redzone:
    “Find someone who has RedZone enabled on their sim. Ask them to look up any of the following names: Federica Galtier,Haidyn Inglewood, maximus Galtier, or saintdogma Bravin. Feds, Haidyn and Max have all shared the same IP address while Max and Saint have shared the same IP address. IP addresses don’t lie. Nor does the RedZone data base.”

    Look up static IP’s before you but sooo much faith in Redzone or any of these other devices. IP addresses can be cloned or be static but you dont want a tech lesson because it would only disprove your only shred of proof, what else do you have to go on? You sound like another wannabe SL model, who couldnt hold their own, who probably got thrown out of Opium, and who is now spewing bs to make his or her point, which no one cares about. Why bash Federica? Are you jealous of her successes in modeling? Or are you upset that she couldnt give a fig about you?

  18. Snickers the Clown Says:

    It wasn’t moi who brought up Redzone Holdon (I’m thinking Sam and Dave now singing “Holdon I’m coming”) I quoted Kool-Aid here Holdon.

    “I, unlike others don’t come with accusations without proof. So I’ll give you a little bit of proof that anyone can see. Find someone who has RedZone enabled on their sim. Ask them to look up any of the following names: Federica Galtier,Haidyn Inglewood, maximus Galtier, or saintdogma Bravin. Feds, Haidyn and Max have all shared the same IP address while Max and Saint have shared the same IP address. IP addresses don’t lie. Nor does the RedZone data base.”

    As far as made up evidence and character bashing goes, all I can say is we’re on AgencyReport not in a court of law. But you can believe or disbelieve whatever you wish Holdon. If Federica is your BFF that’s fine with Mr Peepers and me. Just don’t come whining when she gets too busy for you. As far as fantasy goes Queen Anastacia’s comments on that hit the nail on the head. Fantasy is a good thing

  19. Holden Resident Says:

    Whats the matter Snickers?? Afraid of tech advice, that points out the fallacies of Redzone?? And how its possible that someone can appear up in their database with different avis but the same IP address?? I dont see modeling talk here, I see character bashing, a bunch of made up pieced together evidence, spun around to benefit all of your outlandish claims. Just because you think I am new to SL doesnt mean I am or that I dont know the Opium story. Get your facts straight…but wait you dont want facts, unless they are fantasy stories that you create in that sick head of yours!

  20. Snickers the Clown Says:

    Holden. Thank you for the technical overview. Didn’t it tell you to shoo shoooooo. We do fashion and modeling here not PC Security 101.

    Here’s the deal muh fren. Being all of 12 days old you have no idea of any of the Opium backstories here so you really should just cuddle up with Mr. Peepers (who is at least a credible as you are and far less shrill) and enjoy the soap opera as it unfolds before your wondering eyes. Some people can’t wait to read this stuff y’know it’s the SL equivalent of Page 6.

    I appreciate the, spontaneous and highly original, help from Kool-Aid and Wow immensely too. They ad a whole new dimension to this that I hadn’t anticipated.

    Think of it like this, Project Runway has Tim Gunn, who bites the hand that feeds him by shining a light on the backstage shenanigans of the show’s diva triumvirate, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. In SL we have AgencyReport, the SL Fashion Critique, the SLFashionBlast and your intrepid quartet Snickers, Mr. Peepers, Wow, and Kool-Aid. For comic relief we get Peter Pan (that would be Haidyn/Federica btw), Holden and other amateurs attempting to run with the big dogs (they should stay with Mr. Peepers it’s safer)

    Ana likes wielding her power, when her victims have to sit back and take it. It’s not nearly as much fun when they fight back fiercely. Good word FIERCE. Ana likes it. you’ll be seeing it a lot I’m sure

  21. Holden Resident Says:

    To Snickers, its called Google and maybe I am not using my real identity o this blog…just as you arent using your real identity on here Snickers! Also Redzone is not 100% accurate, one could access the net from their work using a static IP and have the same IP address, same if someone is in the same house and using the same home work network. Google static IP or cloned IP’s, its all tech, but of course everyone on here is Bill Gates and puts their trust in a 3rd party app such as Red Zone!

  22. Mr. Peepers Says:

    Sniff Peter Pan

    Peter Pan smells a lot like Federica to me Holden

  23. snickers the clown Says:

    I’m not Wow and I’m not blackLiquid, not Kool-Aid either for the record. Self-dealing on AgencyReport is a big No No. I’m merely bringing the Opium situation out into the light of day to be discussed by adults like adults ( with a dolt or 2 thrown in for fun, Holden @ 11 days old and you already found your way to our fun, lil supermarket tabloid here and you’re Federica’s defender too. You stud you.)

    @Take a Fresh Breath of Real Life

    Letmemockyouhere Imeanlikewowdudedettecanyouspell

    – > S E N T E N C E P A R A G R A P H P U N C T U A T I O N < – ?

    Catch your breath.One thing is quite obvious to us all, you weren't checked in during the English classes you attended, or didn't attend. How do you know that what's being mentioned here doesn't impact anything? For example, if I was Frolic Mills and thinking of adding Federica to the Boulevard modeling roster I'd be thinking twice about it given the swirl of chaos and drama that follows in her wake.


    If I was an SL designer thinking of doing a show with Opium, or advertising on the much touted, expensive blogvertorial, and reading this I'd be wondering WTF is going on and why so many good people have left Opium recently. but hey that's just me. I'd be asking the "Queen" about black lists and who the current model "flavor" of the month is.

    Snix takes a parting kick at Peter Pan on the way off to bed, commenting that if you takes notes about who you told what to it makes it easier to keep track when you talk to them the next time. Of course that's a lot of work.

    Mr. Peepers wants to know if you all are prejudiced against mangy, 40 oz, Texican yak dogs? Why haven't you protested Snickers' spiteful action wherein he put this starving creature on dry Kibbles and Bits instead of his normal Iams and Fancy Feast btw?

  24. Wow Says:

    Um. There is obviously more than one person posting here. I know I’m not Snickers or any of the others. And I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t know BlackLiquid one iota and as far as I know have never even been on the same sim at the same time as her. I was only speaking about my personal opinion about Federica based on my own observations and about how, if my observations are on the money, that could possibly affect Opium in a negative way. I am sure that her promotion over others who were most certainly more qualified and experienced was a hard pill to swallow for those who were passed over, but I was not one of them. I’ve heard quite the buzz about her attitude not only on this site but in-world, as well, so there are plenty of others with similar opinions, and I doubt those people are Snickers, either.

  25. Take a fresh breath of real life Says:

    Between MVW,CRSP Federica,blackLiquid Anastacia.This is all ridiculous and out of hand.It’s time some of you really need to grow up.Bashing these people and organizations isn’t getting the trolls anywhere.Step away from the computer and take a fresh breath of real life.Why do you care if Federica has 10 avatars if Anastacia can pay her sims rent if blackliquid is on a personal vendetta to discredit Federica?It doesn’t impact your life and your comments don’t impact any ones either your just coming off as a immature child that hasn’t gotten there way.MVW isn’t going anywhere because of the cruel words you spew niether are Opium or CRSP,I would think there are much better ways of getting attention than slamming people on a blog page.If your a model why don’t you work on your career,and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing if your a designer make something, and focus on yourself.It’s pretty clear you have a lot of time on your hands.You really have to consider the source.All of these woman being bashed by this one individual have far more friends than enemies.Can we say the same for you Snickers?It’s doubtful with the attitude you have jealousy is ugly and its gleaming brightly on you.

  26. Holden Resident Says:

    Go and snicker in a corner snickers! Or join the Bozo show with the rest of your clown friends!

  27. snickers the clown Says:

    Shoo shooooooo Holden

  28. Holden Resident Says:

    Its not your agency so its not your job to dictate who they do or dont hire! If you dont like a business or the way things are done, dont go there and just move on! If Emma is happy, why all the ranting and whining about Opium or this or that?? MOVE ON!! Sounds like a case of sour grapes to me, did someone not get what they wanted for Christmas?? Did the modeling gods pass you up??

  29. Snickers the Clown Says:

    Snickers snickers again

    This is hilarious at this point. Is Federica Haidyn? Is it important to me? No not at all. But when it comes down to the gamesmanship and lack of, anything resembling, integrity, that’s a different story. That’s important. Federica/Haidyn only has to live with herself at the end of the day. It must be a bitch trying to keep all the stories straight though, In the scheme of things it doesn’t really matter one bit to me I don’t have to deal with her at all.

    Opium is like one of those 15th Century Italian Royal Courts where the rules were written by the likes of Machiavelli, and adjusted to suit the way the winds were blowing at any given moment. There is plenty of intrigue and wheels with in wheels at Opium that models are insulated from for the most part.

    One purpose of AgencyReport is to allow some of those machinations to be seen and for designers to understand that they need to pay close attention to the 3 Card Monte games that get played by the “Queen” and her minions. Afterall when you deal 3 Card Monte there’s one sure way for you to win. Get a sucker to play. any sucker.

    The “Queen” promoted Federica over far more experienced and qualified candidates. That says a lot about her ability to lead Opium. That “dominant and dramatic” style is why people like Emma Portillo and the others decided to surrender and move on. If Emma had trusted Ana, Scruplz magazine might have been Opium’s instead she left and seems much happier having done so. Ponder that one for a while.

    Having cranked this one up I plan to give it a couple more spins along the way

  30. Holden Resident Says:

    I also want to educated all of the so called technology experts on this site! Redzone is not 100% accurate. If someone access secondlife from their workplace, its possible that more than one person can or will have the same IP if they are using a company intranet. If someone is in the same house as someone else and using the same networking, they can also have the same IP, and if someone is using the same proxy server, IP’s can be the same. Also there are IP cloners available also! Not to mention IP Address conflicts which do occur! Do your homework before you base your sole evidence about someone’s identity on just one thing!

  31. Holden Resident Says:

    It is really hilarious I think that everyone is beating up on Federica on an online blog, that most probably do not know about! I guess she is really awesome for some of you haters to continue to bash her constantly. Kudos to Federica for not addressing or responding to the complete and utter rubbish on this site, as a friend of hers, I am appalled by the comments on this site and the bashing of one’s character so harshly!

  32. Wow Says:

    I’m not Kool-Aid, Snickers, or a little talking dog. I’m also not BlackLiquid nor do I know her or anyone involved in any controversy. I did not even know that Federica was an alt of a model who had a falling out with BlackLiquid until I read it here. But, I have run in the same circles as Federica and have some personal experience with her and what I can say is that she can’t be bothered with anyone who isn’t going to be of benefit to her in some way. There is nothing nice about her, unless you are an agency head, a magazine rep, a well-known photographer, someone involved in MVW, or a more experienced model and she perceives her association with you can help her get ahead or win a contest. Of course she’s wonderful to you, Ana. You’ve made a mostly inexperienced “upcoming” (your word) newer model head of your academy (only actually she is not new, is she, if she is an alt of someone way more experienced?). Hi, Einstein.

  33. Kool-Aid Says:

    Sorry, we are not the same person. Everything I said about RedZone is completely true. The database will list all avatars that have entered onto RedZone enabled sims that are associated with a specific IP, though it does not list the IP only the avatar names.

    Don’t assume that because I choose to keep my avatar name private that I am in relation to anyone else who has posted below. You’ll just make an ass of yourself.

    Now please, before you continue to defend the lying waste of flesh that is utilizing the fine air a cock roach in Zimbabwe could be breathing please go educate yourself on the facts.

  34. Peter Pan Says:

    OMG snickers (or should I call you Kool-Aid now) enough with the bullshit man. I know a lot of Opium’s models and I sure don’t see any of them complaining about not being paid, so where’s your proof? Where’s your proof for *anything* huh? Now you’re spinning lies about some Redzone BS (itself a source of plenty of drama and bugs, mind ya) lol, ok sure…an LSL script gathering IP addies, sure whatever…Hey, wasn’t Keira Tyles the one drooling after Romeo? Everyone knows she and blackLiquid are lovers too…everyone knows blackLiquid has almost destroyed several people in SL, lemme see you talk your way out of that one. HA.
    Oh, and one more thing…topping it all off with an extra post just to put Opium down one more time? Can we say PATHETIC? I can say a lot more than that…you’re an a-hole, plain and simple!!
    Kudos to Ana for being the true lady she is, rock on OFA!

  35. snickers the clown Says:

    One more thing.

    There’s nothing exclusive, or even very special, about being an Opium model these days. By and large the staff is reasonable solid but none of them are exclusively Opium models are they?

    The well-deserved accolades that Opium Tales was garnering for creativity is being eclipsed by productions like the recent Nutcracker by SL Art Couture and Modavia’s PopArt shows.

    Okay it was a couple of things, sue me

  36. snickers the clown Says:

    Mr. Peepers, (that would be Snickers long-haired Chihuahu) sticks his nose into this thread.

    Mr. Peepers: Snickers, you are an evil, cowardly, anonymous alt who is playing this Opium thing for cheap laughs. That’s just weak

    Snickers the Clown: Peeps you’re a mangy, mini-dog who wouldn’t make 2 bites to a real dog. Laughs are laughs. STFU.

    Mr. Peepers: You shouldn’t pick on Queen Ana, what did she ever do to you anyway?

    Snickers the Clown: I’m indicting Ana for crimes against the helpless, for backroom shenanigans, for letting that scumbag Romeo Torvalar (y’know the guy who was gonna put real SL skinmakers like Belleza, LaVie and Redgrave outta business and when that one blew up in his face (can you say ripped skins???) he moved on to his on-going SFL scam) into Opium and trying to rig Mr Virtual World so he won it (EPIC FAIL that one). I’m a better model in a clown suit then he is btw. I’m indicting her for conspiring to start a group dedicated to the fighting for and preserving the rights of models in SL when she was actively violating those rights at the same time by not paying people herself. I’m indicting her for lying about how many hits (1500-2000 – IN HER DREAMS)she claims the OpiumInsight blog gets each day. I could go on but you get the idea. Why am I even talking to you? You’re a dog. My dog. I feed you.

    Mr. Peepers: See how you are? You’re a big bully and you should STFU yourself.

    Snickers steps closer to Mr. Peepers who bares his fangs at the looming caricature of an evil clown, snarling his lil Chihuahua snarl, which isn’t all that fear-inducing to the paunchy clown.

    Snickers the Clown: I have a crate with your name on it you know! I could sentence you to Kibbles and Bits instead of your normal Iams and Fancy Feast. You are not my conscience y’know.

    Mr. Peepers circles his favorite pillow 3, or 4, times before pouncing on it and shutting up.

    Snickers the Clown smirks, thinking he’s won this round. He leans back and contemplates whether he should step away from picking on Federica Galtier/Haidyn Inglewood and just concentrate on the big fish, Queen Anastacia who’s much more fun to bait since her high school sophomore, English level writing is so easy to ridicule.

    Snicker the Clown snoozes off thanking god he’s not one of Queen Ana’s lil boys.

  37. Kool-Aid Says:

    Don’t drink the Kool-Aid anymore Ana. Federica IS most certainly Haidyn.Which you’re right, probably wouldn’t have mattered one bit who she actually was behind which number of avatars except for the fact that she went out of her way to press the fact that she wasn’t to everyone. Over and over again mind you even spinning horrible tales of what she has had to endure whilst trying to prove herself as a new young model in our industry. All the while dealing with the constant drama of her shattered heart over Romeo, who mind you she still cannot keep herself away from. Something you should take note of as well.

    It’s all bullshit.

    So, you can join the rest of the group that she’s dupped now Ana. It’s okay, she got over on some of us.. actually most of us with the exception of BlackLiquid. I, like yourself once stood up for her until proof was thrown in my face and I learned I had been lied to. I guess next time we’ll all listen when BlackLiquid tries to warn us.

    I, unlike others dont come with accusations without proof. So I’ll give you a little bit of proof that anyone can see. Find someone who has RedZone enabled on their sim. Ask them to look up any of the following names: Federica Galtier,Haidyn Inglewood, maximus Galtier, or saintdogma Bravin. Feds, Haidyn and Max have all shared the same IP address while Max and Saint have shared the same IP address. IP addresses don’t lie. Nor does the RedZone data base.

    Side Note: Federica teaching someone to model? Interesting considering that she cannot style herself.. hell even make a decision on her own. A simple choice of earrings completely vexes her. Laughable shall be the graduates I’m almost certain of it.

    To Federica, cause we all know you’re reading. It’s time to start a new alt that isn’t Haidyn or Federica. We all know you lied to us. We all know you used us. Take my advise for the next round: Keep the needle away from your lips and don’t even mention your previous names. You lying to everyone is what has done you in. No one cared about your spat with BlackLiquid.

  38. Anastacia Markova Says:

    OOooo I am a Queen Now.. Niceee..

    The Motherload of ALL Evil… is Speculation.

    Some people.. (usually those who have been fired, or not made the cut to be an Opium Model), like to sit back from afar and watch. They have their vindictive, destructive little minds create things that simply are not true, and then come here to spew under a cowards face, what they have speculated upon.

    Yes, we have recently underwent new management and the old managers are still models here. We always give our best to anyone that wants to grow and branch out to do what they wish in SL. We wish Katina and her team luck and many blessings on their ventures.

    Yet. your wrongful speculation, she was paid for her work on the kpd show, as well as all models and staff involved. Katina did not sell the show,let’s not take someone else’s credit. That is what we have a sales manager for.

    Let us not discredit our current Management Team, which is amazing. Maddox Kaestner, Veracity Afterthought and Federica. Along with a wonderful team of Builders and Instructors at the academy.

    I find it very humorous that snickers is so bent on knowing our financial information. The tier has been paid every month for the past year and will continue to be paid. Opium isn’t going anyplace. We will continue to produce amazing shows as we always have.

    I also find it humourous that snickers little campfire gang find the need to keep harassing Federica, who is a wonderful and talented upcoming model, that she is an alt of another model. Simply put, who cares snickers? Seems to be only you and your little gang. Seeing as I’ve spoken to both Haidyn and Federica and they sound nothing alike. I know the truth. Pity again your speculations are misguided. This just proves how hateful a little creature you are.

    The joy of secondlife is fantasy, we can be 100 alts if we wish, different genders, nationalities and so on. Who are you to delve into someones life? Be it first or second life?

    Sorry to dissapoint you snickers. Your drama hides behind the mask of cowardice, and your need to keep spewing your unfounded speculations only proves just how little you actually know.

    By replying to this clown.. I’ve given fuel for snickers little disgruntled fire pit to grow an inch, it will be all I speak of on this subject. Let snickers eat cake !!!

    Queen Ana..(as you’ve deemed me) has much work to do and cannot be bothered with a simple minded, wanna be chucky doll named snickers. Grow a real name and come talk to me in world.

    See the 4.5 stars rating Opium has? It’s because Opium is wonderful.. from staff to models, speculate on that a while.

  39. snickers the clown Says:

    Is “whatever” the best you can do? Why not just say screw you snickers? I think I’ll hand out red clown noses to everyone.

    I also don’t think you have a clue how well, or not well, Opium is doing financially. Without the deep pockets of several people who have left Queen Ana is scrambling to cover the tier. Btw, were the models and staff paid for that recent Kathrin Pearl show? Y’know the one Katina Magic sold?

    Did you miss this clause “spectacular SL modeling agency (one with astounding models and an, almost, unparalleled management staff).” Peter?

    I was quite pointed in making that statement but I see my directness managed to elude you. If you choose to believe that Haidyn is gone that’s, equally, compelling evidence that you’re not paying attention.

  40. Peter Pan Says:

    Whatever. You can spin it however much you want, fact is nobody gives a flying one. Hey, newsflash? Haidyn is long gone! OMG! And Opium? Seems to be doing pretty well to me…funny how great agencies always have the loudest enemies! I’ll be looking out for your big clown nose next show LOOOOOOL

  41. snickers the clown Says:

    Why do I feel like David Cronenberg (who directed the file, “Crash”) telling Opium stories?

    If nothing else reading this thread you’ll get educated on how one person’s relentlessly, iron-fisted ambition can single-handedly destroy a spectacular SL modeling agency (one with astounding models and an, almost, unparalleled management staff). It’s an age old story

  42. snickers the clown Says:

    As far as Queen Anastacia goes she’s been very consistent in her quest to be, frequently, in the spotlight whilst seeking to control everything she can at Opium, because she knows better then anyone how to run an agency. So she thinks. Read on

  43. snickers the clown Says:

    I’m sorry that the flying boy, Peter Pan, thinks Snickers the clown is blackLiquid Tokyoska but I have to disavow that notion 100%. I’m sorry that cropped up. blackLiquid doesn’t need any new drama.

    While Haidyn has, blithely, chosen to align herself with the “Queen” and has committed numerous acts worthy of being spanked for she cannot be blamed for the current state of affairs at Opium. That honor has to be laid squarely at Anastacia’s size 12 feet. Haidyn arrived well after the current downward spiral had begun early last year and shouldn’t share in the responsibility for the impending car wreck.

  44. snickers the clown Says:

    The Furies, or Erinyes, of Greek mythology, pursued, particularly, heinous criminals and drove them mad. Their most famous victim was Orestes, whose crime was matricide. The names of the Erinyes were Tisiphone. Megaira and Alecto. Perhaps they’ve returned to SL and are pursuing Anastacia and Haidyn/Federica now.

    Stranger things happen

  45. snickers the clown Says:

    snickers snickers

  46. Peter Pan Says:

    LOL c’mon blackLiquid, how much more obvious can you get? Everyone knows about your little smear campaign against Haidyn and Federica…couldn’t deal that you lost MVW against the “little-known models” eh? So you and your little bitch Keira Tyles go back to hatin’ on Opium…truly classic! LMAO

  47. snickers the clown Says:

    Well with Anastacia Markova having the charismatic personality of a Las Vegas BSDM house madam doesn’t help any either. She thought for a while there that she was the “IT” girl and that everything she touched would turn to gold. Alas, gold-plated perhaps but far from 24K. Her well-known susceptibility to ass-kissers has nailed her this time with ol’ Federica. How long before we see one of those “trademarked” hissy fits that she is known for, huh?

    With her crack mgmt team (Jasmine and Marcus “Mr SuperElite” Night and Katina Magic, that is althoughEmma Portillo was a loss as well)leaving enmasse recently, because they were sick to F’ing death of her stealing the credit for everything they did, it’s inevitable that Opium go through a re-building phase. But as I said, with financial trouble clouding things too, there might not be enough time to resurrect things.

    I’m sure that Katina, Jasmine and Marcus will do just fine without the Queen. The question remains, how well will the Queen do without them?

  48. Agreed Says:

    Federica has the personality of a block of wood, and she’s about as warm and friendly as one, too. Placing her as the lead for Opium’s academy was probably not the smartest move that’s been made. Opium is definately in trouble, for more reasons than one.

  49. snickers the clown Says:

    Now Anastacia and Hayden, errrr Federica, have come up with “THEIR” 4 part Fierce contest, Upon examination, and a sniff or 2, it smells vaguely like SuperElite’s Mr and Miss SuperElite and a number of other virtually cloned modeling events.

    Is this the best you can come up with grrls? I guess with the recent turnover in upper mgmt at Opium it’s gotten a bit tougher to do business and the level of creativity has dropped down a notch. You’re going to have to do better than this ladies.

    The question is this. Now that Opium’s sugar-daddies have all slammed their checkbooks shut and departed after figuring out that they were suckers, and Ana has to pay her own bills, how long can Opium continue? Selling ads on that blog can’t keep things going and, let’s be real, Federica ain’t the teacher she thinks she is so depending on the school to pay the way ain’t gonna cut it either. Will Opium go the way of several other renowned agencies that seem to be dropping like flies these days?

  50. anonymous Says:

    Yes that Romeo Torvalar

    the famous model >>>gags<<>>chokes<<>>giggles<<<

    and philanthropist (didn't he pay all Opium's bills for a while so Anastasia could preen about how well she treated everyone?) ROFLMAO

  51. Anonymous Says:

    hmmm Romeo?

    You mean that guy that’s running the SFL, Scam Football League?

  52. anonymous Says:

    Romeo who?

    Oh the skin guy who never showed his skins

    Who cares?

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Romeo, romeo where art thou?

    I just heard that Opium broke ties with Romeo Torvallar. Great move Opium. You are better off.

  54. Hi Vita 🙂 How are you today?
    Obviously not well since you have nothing better to do than make a rude comment about a completely innocent comment I made.

    I’m pretty sure I’m not the big bad wolf and do NOT huff nor puff, but hey, what do I know about myself? I simply left a testimonial type comment about my experience with Fashion Palace so far — after all that IS the purpose of this site belive it or not. “Post below your comments about . You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.”

    That said, it does not concern me if Anastacia reads this page or not. I was posting a comment to people who wanted to see what others thought of Opium — like people interested in being a model there, or student, or going to their shows, — or whatever. I was sharing my experience and thoughts on Opium — that was the ONLY intention, definitely NOT to “kiss up” to Anastacia.

    Although, you do have a thought. I could go find a male skin and make me a shape, but nah, I don’t think my Moody’s will look good on it. I like being a female. Thanks for the idea though!

    I’ll just watch the great shows at Opium and wait for the next casting.

    – Marissa

  55. vita excolatur Says:

    Marissa, you should stick to huffin and puffin about Fashion Palace. Sucking up to Anastasia on here is futile since she doesn’t read Agency Report anymore. Why wait to cast? Just IM her and tell her you’ll go transgendered to be an Opium model. They’re looking for male models.

  56. Well, I honestly don’t know what is going on behind the scenes at Opium and with the Pro Model Coalition. However, I do know that they produce amazing, unique, and interesting shows. Also, I know a lot of friends of mine are very happily employed with Opium and love it there — and that is enough for me.

    The shows: They are so unique, so amazing — really rock! The models do a great job, they always get great designers, the scripts are great, and Seren Dawes, the DJ and stream emcee at Opium is amazing! She really is a great part of the Opium shows!

    I will definitely be going to the next Opium casting if/when one happens.

    – Marissa

  57. Bemused observer Says:

    My mistake – maybe this can be deleted

  58. Bemused observer Says:

    So the big question of the day is this?

    Are the rules the rules in SuperElite contests?

    SuperElite’s event rules say you must attend all rehearsals or be disqualified.

    Their rule:

    This practices ARE NOT OPTIONALS ! If you think that you can’t come to these rehearsals, don’t submit !! A model that will miss one of these dates will be dismissed from the contest ! THERE WILL BE NO RESCHEDULING of practices for individuals. So please mark these days and times if you are interested in joining.

    Simple. Direct and reasonable

    Miss a rehearsal = Automatic disqualification
    Runner-up Silure Ozsvar was never seen until the last audition for the event itself and attended no rehearsals. How can he come in second. HOW can that happen? (Who the hell is Silure Ozsvar anyway?)
    And second runner-up Tesan Lane also missed a rehearsal. WTF?

    This is not some tacky little agency that rigs everything btw. This is SUPERELITE

    What are we to think these sorts of things Jasmine? I guess if you make the rules you can break the rules huh?

    Enquiring minds want to know???

  59. Patty Says:

    What I am really saying is that: “Ana, you are unfair”. Unleash the power of personal advantage. Answer it!

  60. Hurrican Says:

    Opium is an unfair agency that supports a designer (and he is supported by opium models), imitator of another famous designer.

    Read and open the eyes.

  61. Paid to Model Says:

    I agree 100% Models should be paid look at the sex scene in SL Hookers get paid,Strippers get paid,Dancers get paid,Hosts get paid even if they are tips a lot of bosses pay their staff WHY NOT MODELS???

    how many models or wannabe models spend more than they should on classes clothes poses and get what in return nothing except some tag , news people you can make a tag anytime you like

    i bet designers pay the agency for using the models

  62. Models Rights Says:

    All we are asking for is for Anastacia Markova to start paying her models especially if she will be a key figure in the Models Coalition Group. Every WORK that models do should be PAID and that includes BLOGGING and PRINT work, not just runway. I mean this is like Adolf Hitler leading the Human Rights campaign. If you don’t practice what you preach, then get out.

  63. Sparkie Funizza Says:

    Well on my part, I don’t really care who started the coalition group, I’m just glad that someone has!!! It’s a worthy cause and regardless of any thing else, past, present or in the future models should have a voice which i believe this group will provide (well I’d like to think so anyway)

    Models work hard, shows are expensive to produce and this is a fact that needs to be addressed so models get what they are entitled to as soon as possible.

    Ana, Kay, Sabine you go girls!!!

  64. Anastacia E. Newman Says:

    Concerned Fashionista you’ve missed the point here.

    Anastacia Markova has stolen the limelight yet again. Only this time the person whose efforts she’s usurped is a worthy opponent, none other then Kay Fairey and Kay is far too diplomatic, and classy, to raise a stink.

    It was a decapitation strike which seems to have worked.

  65. Models Rights Says:

    I refuse to support agencies who don’t pay the models. I also refuse to support designers who support these agencies that don’t pay the models. I think we should all band together and BOYCOTT all the agencies and designers who continue to undermine all the hard work that models do in the fashion industry.

    Let’s stop buying their clothing/products.
    Let’s stop going to their shows.
    Let’s hit them where it hurts.

    Models Unite!

  66. Concerned Fashionista Says:

    I am so happy that someone is willing to stand up for the models and made the Models Coalition Group. I am very concerned if Anastacia is the right person to lead this group since she is an agency owner with a history of not paying her workers. Why do models only want to get paid for runway shows? We should get paid for ALL the work that we do and that includes PRINT, VIDEO, and even BLOGGING. Opium became popular because of their blogs, that they are charging to advertise at their site. The models are the ones working hard behind the scenes and yet NOT getting a single linden for it? It takes a lot of work and time to style, take several nice pictures then write an article about it….Shouldn’t the work deserves payment? Don’t give us the BS that the payment and rewards are the fame and recognition for being in a blog watched by thousands daily. If Anastacia is really for model’s rights then she should start practicing what she preach. PAY the models for all the work that they do….that includes print and blogging, not just runway.

    Rhonda Dear, Stop kissing ass.

  67. Anastacia E. Newman Says:

    Au contraire Rhonda.

    Ana’s whining about these posts is a constant undercurrent at this point. She can dish it out but she really doesn’t like taking it when she gets a dose back.

    As far a history goes, Opium was flourishing before Anastacia came into power (and I’d bet that if Ms. Luke had it do over again she’d do it in a different manner but that’s another story altogether) and continues to flourish. But, Rhonda, it’s not because of Ana’s controversial leadership. Luckily she has a brilliant team who succeed in spite of her not because she is God’s gift to SL’s fashion seen.

    Ana’s reign is most notable for it’s inconsistent application of her own countless rules. You see your Anastacia has different rules for different people.

    Example: Let’s consider the beloved by all, Kay Fairey, who has received a royal dispensation from the Queen, unlike other recent Opium departures, to have an active management role at another agency. Ana doesn’t want to tangle , Poptart Lillehook did not that long ago with Frolic Mills.

    But let’s consider another good model: Miss Virtual World finalist, Katherine Comet, the architect of the well done, recent, Mannequin show. Katherine was kicked to the curb for her affiliation with Fashion Palace and barely made it into her own show.If your lovely Ana had had her way Kat would have been booted from her own show completely by Ana. A very high class move that one.

    Ana scurries about trying, desperately, to cover up her lies but too many people are privy to her gamesmanship and some of them actively dislike her for good reasons so it’s difficult to cover all the bases.

    The single best thing that could happen to Opium would be for Ana to step away and let the people doing the work do what they’re already do quite well dspite her.

    No one would miss her. I guarantee that.

    She could then devote full time to charitable causes like all deposed doyens do.

  68. Delilah Says:

    Is Rhonda suddenly a mouthpeice? Who is this Rhonda Pennell by the way? Why has this person got so much time on his/her hands? I would like to see who this person behind the computer is, I would love to meet you Rhonda, see what you actually look like, maybe share some notes..

  69. Very amusing…whoever you people are, you certainly make mockery into an art form. But that is all you will ever be able to say for yourselves.

    Leave Anastacia alone. Opium has flourished under her leadership, and she has the respect of everyone on board, models and management alike. Without her, it would have floundered.

    Honestly, I do not understand what the point of all this is. Are you in Opium? Feel free to leave. If you are not, then why waste your time since none of its business concerns you?

    No love for you,

  70. Anastacia E. Newman Says:

    If Anastacia dreams she’s dreaming this.


    Now is the winter of our discontent
    Made glorious summer by this daughter of Pork;
    And all the clouds that low’r’d upon my Opium
    n the deep bosom of the ocean buried.

    Alas, she probably hasn’t read that particular Shakespeare play so let’s lower our standards a notch.

    Anastacia E. Newman:

    What me worry?

    What? Me lie?

    Why would I?

    Why wouldn’t I? ( Ana in her arrogance thinks to herself – they can’t all cumpare (sic) notes can they? I mean do they really talk to each other? Why won’t my “friends” stick up for me now? Phooey on them I like being the object of discussion. Any publicity is good publicity right? )

    Let me tell you it’s not easy keeping track of who I told which story to. Or who I paid and who I didn’t pay. Or who I paid me to do what for that matter. It’s almost like real work at this point.

    It’s much more fun finger waving and pontificating about my enemies list then doing real work.

    I’m very disappointed in all of the people I’m doing so much for that aren’t in here sticking up for me now too.

    It’s not easy being Queen of Hearts Anastacia

    What to do what to do what to do? I know I know.

    Off with their heads.

    Alas this is not Alice in Wonderland Ana.

    Can you spell ABDICATE – ab di cate? Maybe resign and let the people doing the work run things and take Opium to the heights it could rise to were it not for so many people distrusting your intentions and consistent need for the spotlight.

    I wish Emma and Mallory and Lacie was (sic)here to think for me now. Damn.

    Romeo? Oh Romeo wherefore art thou whenst I needeth you in my days of paineth and sorrows?

    (This is a paid political announcement on behalf of the SL Pro Models Coalition Campaign for fair pay and treatment of SL’s Models)

  71. Sutra Says:

    Anastacia has been stung in recent weeks by numerous reports of conflicts of interest. She is such a stupid, mean and unfair person.

  72. Weapon Says:

    4 Opium
    4 AgencyReport
    4 You

  73. Bemused,

    of course I did not “carefully avoid stating” that Opium’s models were paid. Why state the obvious?:)

    In regard to your other misguided ramblings, you are not going to convince anyone that you really have as much inside knowledge as you claim. Second-hand rumours, perhaps, nothing else.

    Tell me, does making comments such as “sieg heil, mein Herr” make you feel important? I suppose you do not have any other choice than to resort to ridicule, considering the shaky ground you are on.

    Let me say it again dear: give it up. *smiles


  74. Bemused observer Says:

    I’m confused.

    Anastacia Markova, who says Opium models are paid for everything they do said this in her reply below:

    “Again we pay our models on every show we take in money from.”

    I thought that the only shows that weren’t paid were charity events. Did I misunderstand? Are there other shows that Opium DOESN’T make money on?

    It’s like this Ana, too many people know the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes at Opium. Those people talk and other people listen. Sometimes the numbers ad up and something YOU say doesn’t ring quite true. Your intentions may be honorable but the unique way you prattle on, in your signature, defensive, self-serving way, makes people go “H’mmmmmmmmmm?”

    You’ve had the sheets pulled back on you before. Don’t you learn from your previous experiences? Do you wonder why the “jealous” ones question your motives and sincerity? Could it be because they know how you operate really well and just don’t trust intentions?

    My last question is why you comment, “And we hope other agencies will as well.” You’ve suggested that people should mind their own business and stay out of Opium’s internal affairs, yet by the aggressively, anti-competitive stances Opium takes towards models, agencies and designers you seek to intrude on their business methods.

    Maybe you simply need to worry more about keeping your people happy paying by paying for their work in shows (punctually please not as a casual afterthought) and writing for your “wildly” successful blog (which you offer to sell their work on too) and less about the rest of the grid. Is there a magazine with you as Publisher and a TV show with you as the MC/hostess in our future?

    We’re not jealous of you. It’s all in your mind.

  75. Anastasia Markovia Says:

    I Dreamed. I Had Sex With Bemused. Am I Depraved?

  76. Bemused observer Says:

    Clicks heels and says: “Sieg Heil Mein Heir”

  77. Anastacia Markova Says:

    Another round is it?. *smiles*.. This will again be my only post on the subject. Whenever someone tries to do something good for people jealous others always try to throw stones, of course without leaving names. You see I don’t hide being a annon.. I’m proud to use my names on my posts. Now if this was a genuine or credible concern, real names would be left. So here we go:

    I will not divulge Opiums inner policies to those that are not employed by Opium. However,Until the last *Opium Tale* we hadn’t collected much if any money for them. ALOT of money goes into these productions. They are not everyday shows with a low overhead, some take upwards of 30-50k to build and produce. Sadly we don’t bring in that much to cover all costs.. so They become our gifts to the fashion community. But now you should all know this already, since you know exactly how much it costs to produce a High End production. Builds alone can run 10-25k. Then of course all the staff that doesn’t receive anything at all.. they are paid as well as tier, props, lighting,set design,styling aids, graphics, and anything extra we need to produce the shows.

    There have only been 2 Opium Tale Productions we took in monies from. Models and ALL staff have been paid. Metaverse models got paid 500L after the last show as an appreciation tip…. and Mannequin Models were also paid. On all Opium Tales all models also get a professional quality video they are in that they can put in their portfolios that would of costed them alot had they paid for it. So that is also a nice extra perk. So where do you get your info from? Once again.. your misinformed. You really should learn facts before accusing and trying to stir more drama. Maybe that is why you choose to use anonymous names to hide behind?

    We love, respect and appreicate all of our staff equally. We always compensate as much as we can.

    And no..I never get paid, Contrary to some of you prattlers.

    So all continue to try and find ways to discredit Opium and myself and wed like to thank you for taking such a great interest in us. Rest assured everyone who works at opium is paid. Once opium starts raking in all those extra lindens everyone seems to think we have, we will proudly raise our models pay to even higher than it is now.

    Our business.. is not your business. Yet you seem to think you show it all. But are so off key its sad. The invitation is always there. Be bold.. make your concern legitimate by using your SL name and come voice your concerns to me in world. Instead of stirring drama anonymously as you all seem to thrive to do.

    Now it is wonderful you have stepped up to help demand the rights of models and their pay. It is a very strong subject with myself and Opium. Kay Fairey and I had spoken of it several times, she doesn’t have a group free and wouldn’t for quite a while so I made the group.. of course she will be invited as owner as well as Sabine Blackburn who is chief officer. it was just a matter of who had the free group first as to who made it.. We all support the cause.

    Helping us find the agencies that never pay their models for anything.. and don’t ask designers to pay for shows to cover those costs.. those are the ones you need to be questioning. Opium is fair and just, and our group decisions are not your worry. We will keep producing amazing shows every month.

    Again we pay our models on every show we take in money from. And we hope other agencies will as well.
    Hope I cleared your misinformation up a bit , this will be the last time i reply on this subject.

    I wish both you of no names a wonderful evening and prosperous week.

    Thank you,

    Anastacia Markova
    Opium Fashion Agency Owner/Ceo

  78. Bemused observer Says:

    I’ve read the “internal” Opium document about Opium Tales Rhonda. That’s what makes me think that the models aren’t paid and you carefully avoided stating that they are paid I noticed. I could post that if you like.

    It goes like this Rhonda, if the models aren’t paid for their “work” and Opium is paid by a designer, or designers, for the Opium Tales shows then Ana is talking out of both sides of her mouth here and she’s walking into a minefield. Ana is not Jeanne d’Arc; commonly known as la Pucelle (the Maid).

    I’d be careful about BSing this one also. Lots of people know whether the shows are paid or not. So if anyone undermines this “effort/movement” it will be Ana herself. I noticed that she is the “Founder” and Sabine is merely an “officer”.

    Opium has all sorts of rules and restrictions they attempt to impose on “their staff to limit competition as far as I can tell. While that crap may fly in SL in the real world they’d be under indictment for Federal labor law violations. Ever hear of the The Labor–Management Relations Act? Better known as Taft-Hartly Act?

    The Church Lady does her little dance.

    Oh yeah oh yeah

  79. Where do you get the idea that Opium models are not paid for the Opium Tales shows? Of course, these are just further attempts at spreading baseless rumours and smearing Anastacia’s name yet again. Your jealousy is far too evident, I strongly suggest you give it up now.

    Opium is going strong, and the new Pro Models coalition is a worthy cause…I applaud both Anastacia and Sabine for championing it and rallying the support of everyone involved.

    What do you hope to gain from undermining this effort?

  80. Bemused observer Says:

    Get out. Anastacia Markova isn’t straight and honorable?

    But wait. She’s the founder of the SL Pro Models Coalition!

    She is a champion of down-trodden and ill-treated models everywhere. She treats Opium’s models like she’d treat her children. Surely she can be trusted to speak for us all and negotiate on behalf of everyone.

    Talk amongst yourselves

    (This is a paid political announcement, paid for by Citizens for Palin 2012)

  81. ThePusher Says:

    Anastacia Markova: cheater – someone who leads you to believe something that is not true.

    For this cheater, the designers are idiots. Applause, applause! Right, right, right, Markova?

  82. Bemused observer Says:

    If I understand correctly, Opium Fashion Agency does its Opium Tales Shows as a “gift” to the grid and DOES NOT PAY THE OPIUM MODELS FOR THEIR WORK ON THESE SHOWS even though Opium gets paid by the designers for the shows (or so I understood). That seems strange.

    Seems to me, that given the evolving stance that Ana is championing, with her new group, on paying models should mean that the models and staff will be paid for these going forward. Her new stance is so enlightened.

    Rights right? Right?

  83. Secret Spy Says:

    Look out im watching you all. I was so sick of SL and it was doing my head head but i have found a new lease of Life .I am now a SL Model but also a Blogger and can’t wait to blog about the going s on in the Model World

  84. Brittney Scorpio Says:

    I agree, you should have the guts to post your name on here, and not care what others think. Like you mentioned, if there is someone hassling me, there is always the mute button. If i post on here, its my opinion on something, and truth be told, i dont care what others think of me. Someone, who will remain nameless, told me that i should stop posting on here…why? my opinion is mine, you can disagree or agree with it.

    Also i agree, dont say anything unless you got decent proof to back it up, such as a chat log or even a NC, not just something you heard from someone else, or ifg you stepped in midway in an argument. Dont assume you know, you know what assuming does

    Granted i do not post often on here, i do post. Like it or not, i will.

    Im Just
    Brittney Scorpio

  85. Luciferi Demonia Says:

    “what does it matter if someone posts anonymous? it could be a model who doesnt want to slander her name”
    So slandering others anonymously is ok,even if you could be any Tom,Dick,or Harry out there with no experience and know nothing but lies you were told?Or could be someone that likes to stir drama,and/or is complaining cause they are lazy and want things handed on a silver platter,and when not getting their way they cry foul.Also,seems hipocritical when people talk about how others are talking behind people’s backs,when they are doing the same thing.

    “or just someone who wants to keep their identity private so they dont get hassled in SL.”
    I remember a mute button,and can report people for harassment,unless SL changed alot in the past few minutes.I think it’s more that drama-stirrers,liars,and spies find it hard to have friends/work in sl,once found out about,then have to start over on new names,which have hard time,since new people are not usually hired for anything for a while.

    “Just cuz they are anonymous, doesnt mean what they say isnt true, granted some of the time, i can agree to that.”
    I didn’t say they were all liars,but it also means they don’t know everything either.Getting partial information can be just as bad,especially when people fill in the holes with what they think,and not the facts.Or they spout distorted information based on what others say.

    In Opium,models don’t know everything that goes on(so only partial info is expected),staff tag doesn’t make you a manager(not all get paid the same),not everyone has to blog(but then no free clothes extra),people get paid(woot,workers in background,and others involved),sims get paid for(booo, tiers),and shows pretty much every week(lots of work,so more money and/or clothes and facetime).

  86. Anonymous Says:

    what does it matter if someone posts anonymous? it could be a model who doesnt want to slander her name or just someone who wants to keep their identity private so they dont get hassled in SL. Just cuz they are anonymous, doesnt mean what they say isnt true, granted some of the time, i can agree to that.

  87. Luciferi Demonia Says:

    1)Lacie and nave,most of what you 2 are putting here is CoF and/or personal

    stuff,not Opium,so shouldn’t really be in here.

    2)Anonymous posters,should not be believed whatsoever,seeing they can’t be honest

    about their SL names,they aren’t worth listening to.Even names like Simply

    Irresistable,The Red Queen,etc is anonymous in my eyes,since it’s not their sl


    3)All those profiles with stuff like “even if you don’t see this you consent to

    being logged”,or “I don’t consent ever to being logged,even if you don’t look in my

    profile” is all stupid,and illegitimate.You must ask the other person each time you

    want to use chatlogs from someone directly for their consent.Also,as the one being

    logged,let the potential logger know ahead of time that they have no consent to use

    that chat session,and will be violating TOS.

    4)There’s nothing about people reading the chat,so anyone who got a log and read it

    probably won’t be in trouble,unless they also sent it to others.Though you should

    probably just decline/delete it,since it makes you an accomplice,and part of the

    drama eventually.

    5)Anyone giving out Opium chatlogs,whom are employed by Opium,are not only in

    violation of TOS,but also violating NDA which everyone had to sign and return.So

    once found,they will no longer be in Opium I’m sure.

    6)This is a site about agencies,and not about personal vendettas against models/owners.Stating a person in rl is blahblahblah is not what this site is about.I’m sure there’s some sort of “SL/RL Report” or something to bash avatars or ppl in rl.It should reflect how good/bad the agency is,in respect to shows,models,and other projects of the agency.

    7)Like everything else,ppl will probably have something bad to say about me,or what I say.I just hope people aren’t paying attention to the drama-stirrers.

  88. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    To quote Nave’s own profile on SL ~~

    According to Linden Labs, disclosure of logs without prior consent is a violation of the LL ToS.

    I am clearly stating to you, that by IM’ing me, having read, or not having read, this statement, that you consent to being logged, & that those logs can be used at my sole discretion without any further notice whatsoever, whenever & wherever I choose to use or publish them.

    I am just following your lead Nave. What’s wrong? Only you are allowed? Is that in the Schoolyard Bullies handbook?

    Lorac and the sale of Cof have zero to do with the history I am speaking of, so I try to stay focused and on topic.

  89. navefall Says:

    On advice of counsel I plead the Fifth.

    but wait……………..

    This one admission in Lacie’s diatribe was eye-opening and worth a comment:

    “As far as editing your “chat’ with me… nope wrong again. I went to Ana immediately with that chat. There was no time to edit it. The rest of the Board got it immediately as well. So there goes that lie.”

    We all know Lacie would never lie to anyone. So she’s admitted here that she broke the LL TOS in public with no prompting and basically claims Ana, and every member of the Opium management team who received that “allegedly” un-edited transcript, as her co-conspirators. If I was one of those people I’d be seriously pissed. She, amazingly, thinks it’s okay to have done that. She claims it as a defense. Yup, yup, yup, he NEEDED killin…………. so I gunned him down. Brilliant thinking on your part.

    I find it interesting that you failed to mention the notice you sent out yesterday saying you’d sold Catalyst of Fantasy to Lorac Cleanslate. I guess you didn’t think that anyone would be interested in that tidbit huh????

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  90. The Red Queen Says:

    “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

    Sounds a lot like Opium these days.

    “More shows, we need more shows. Bring me more designer’s heads”


    Is it simply, “Off with their heads!”

  91. Simply Irresistable Says:

    My My Whatever is going on at Opium These Days. Here’s a little script after my message lasts night. So good to be back from vacation. She thinks everyone at the agency is on her side. But here I am with information passed down from one of the models.

    Hi Everyone..
    Wednesday, 14 Apr 2010 21:38:01 GMT

    I will no longer reply to the idiocy that is happeneing at agency report. Im asking you again.. to please stop as well. its evident there is a traitor in opium..sad to say.. That even went and told the cowardly anon about our last group chat. (Prolly is one of the members hence why they are anon). When we find them.. They will be gone. And if they post fake doctored transcripts… we will know who sent them to begin with. In all of this lets rejoice.. 2 new shows were booked this week YAY!.


    [14:39] Anastacia Markova: Hi all! i know your all mad and trying to stick up for opium.. but its jus tmaking it worse..
    [14:39] Synthia Quintessa: Not saying a word here
    [14:39] AngeXX Quandry: Yeah – it’s best to let it die down [=
    [14:39] Anastacia Markova: The idiot is obviously getting off on stirring crap..and the mor eppl reply..the more fuel is given to them.
    [14:39] SC Tracy: I’m keeping my mouth shut
    [14:40] Harlee Lane: right..let it go and it will die
    [14:40] Isis Berithos: agree 🙂
    [14:40] Anastacia Markova: the person either 1. was at th emeeting and cant remember the facts..or told wrong… because they dont even have the facts straight.. so whoever is telling ppl our group info…
    [14:40] Romeo Torvalar: :(((
    [14:40] Veronica Krasner: I stick with you and the agency ana hugss
    [14:40] Anastacia Markova: hope it gets ya going.. must be a sad life you lead to use so much energy
    [14:40] SC Tracy: I made my commitment
    [14:40] AngeXX Quandry: I go by a simple rule: Everything that goes on here is to the agencies discretion.
    [14:41] Gamp Lane: Sad we can’t even talk safely in group chat
    [14:41] Luralie Bailey: I have no idea whats going on.. yay.. but i think we all should have some good sex and wine and then call it a day .. yay
    [14:41] Anastacia Markova: it sok… we all know they will doctor what they want to.. and change what they want to make who they wan tot seem bad..
    [14:41] Anastacia Markova: the thing is… only 10 ppl read agency
    [14:41] Harlee Lane: Luralie’s got the right idea going here^^
    [14:41] AngeXX Quandry: lmao
    [14:42] Isis Berithos: <– could care less about agency report… lmao
    [14:42] Anastacia Markova: Rome… when dod you offer me fre eland?
    [14:42] SC Tracy: It's like public access TV
    [14:42] Anastacia Markova: gimme!!!
    [14:42] AngeXX Quandry: agrees.
    [14:42] Trystan Zeid: hey if i don't respond to the garbage going on in agency report then nobody else has the right too lol considering it's my unmentionables they're talking about
    [14:42] Gamp Lane: I only read it when someone mentions it…not worth the time to read it
    [14:42] Romeo Torvalar remebers anatacias 10 min test he went thur where anna gave him raphic design to do in 10 mins to prove everything
    [14:42] Anastacia Markova: yea who here knows the size ofmy hubbies privates?…
    [14:42] Anastacia Markova: lol
    [14:42] dancer Dallagio: what meetings??
    [14:42] Anastacia Markova: they must be thinking of 2 ppl who used to be here that talked that crap all the time lol
    [14:43] Anastacia Markova: Romeo…. when dod you tell me in a meeting in fromt of th remanagers..that we were getting thr land for opium city for free?
    [14:43] Accacia Brissot: maybe we should have a contest guess teh size of Trystan's unmentionables lol wins a prize!
    [14:43] Anastacia Markova: the info giver is giving wrong info…yet again lol
    [14:43] Romeo Torvalar: i never said that anna
    [14:43] Anastacia Markova: Damn it if it says must be… I want it free
    [14:43] Romeo Torvalar: I said with rebnt
    [14:43] Anastacia Markova: i aint paying you rent now
    [14:43] Romeo Torvalar: rent*
    [14:43] Anastacia Markova: i being silly! lol
    [14:43] Romeo Torvalar: there lieing
    [14:43] Romeo Torvalar: sighs
    [14:43] Romeo Torvalar: its sad
    [14:43] Anastacia Markova: but if they said it weas free..must be true right?
    [14:44] Anastacia Markova: of course they ar elieing
    [14:44] Anastacia Markova: they either want to be in opium and we didint hire them..or we fired them
    [14:44] Luralie Bailey: today opium bo bo's or front page tomorrow someone else will be .. can someone pass me the sex
    [14:44] Anastacia Markova: its easy to see
    [14:44] Veronica Krasner: yes… they are envious from what i read
    [14:44] Distracting Nighbor: *smh @ all of this….
    [14:44] Anastacia Markova: but either way… we booked 2 new shows this week!
    [14:44] Anastacia Markova: woot ..big ones!
    [14:44] Synthia Quintessa: It's all garbage
    [14:44] Trystan Zeid: and i can't participate due to computer issues
    [14:45] Trystan Zeid: so there
    [14:45] SC Tracy: yeah, and I'm working on the accessories for one as we speak
    [14:45] Anastacia Markova: it sok honey we will ge tthe pc fixed
    [14:45] Romeo Torvalar: sorry wont say what I think about them here only that only keep going strong OPIUM let the haters hate it is only a measure of our success
    [14:45] Harlee Lane: there ya go
    [14:45] Anastacia Markova: oh honey.. did you kno wim so obese i have to use a electric wheelchair and we are trailer trash too?
    [14:45] Anastacia Markova: giggles
    [14:45] Synthia Quintessa: indeed!!!
    [14:45] Anastacia Markova: how ever do you hug me ?
    [14:45] Anastacia Markova: you must have 5x long arms
    [14:46] Anastacia Markova: lol
    [14:46] Trystan Zeid: speak for yourself i'm the one who caught and skinned a squirrel
    [14:46] Trystan Zeid: tasty
    [14:46] Harlee Lane: can i come over and take the wheels off ya house?
    [14:46] Harlee Lane: lmaooo
    [14:46] Harlee Lane: ana
    [14:46] Paisley Lancaster: LOl omg….I just got back….you two are nuts 😀
    [14:46] Synthia Quintessa: lol
    [14:46] Anastacia Markova: oh yes.. there ya go.. chat give rmake sure you tell everyone trystan eats roadkill!
    [14:46] Paisley Lancaster: lol
    [14:46] Anastacia Markova: lol
    [14:47] Accacia Brissot: can we get those stackable double wides we saw ana nad have a trailer trash fashion show lol
    [14:47] SC Tracy: Great, we can make some "squirrel squares"
    [14:47] Harlee Lane: omgggggg
    [14:47] Anastacia Markova: haha…..
    [14:48] Accacia Brissot: you could come out on a scooter with daisy dukes on
    [14:48] Harlee Lane: trailer trash fashion showwwwwww
    [14:48] Harlee Lane: bahahahah
    [14:48] Accacia Brissot: haha
    [14:48] Anastacia Markova: oh yes… but you couldnt see i had em on cuz im so obese i cant stand up
    [14:48] Paisley Lancaster: lmao ewww
    [14:48] Anastacia Markova: lol
    [14:48] SC Tracy: god I love aluminum siding, Ana, thanks for reminding me
    [14:48] Paisley Lancaster: squirrle squares lol
    [14:48] Anastacia Markova: haha
    [14:48] Trystan Zeid: ummm i do have a squirrel body frozen in the freezer
    [14:48] Anastacia Markova: yes just a pressure wash instead of painting
    [14:49] Trystan Zeid: right next to jimmy hoffa
    [14:49] Harlee Lane: hey don't knock'm.. squirrel's good eaten down here in this neck of the woods
    [14:49] Accacia Brissot: Squirell chitlins and beer im in!
    [14:50] Trystan Zeid: and when he goes i'm gonna get. "don't hassle the hoff or the hoff will hassle you" to add to my collection
    [14:50] Anastacia Markova: and i have size 20x daisy dukes in the closet
    [14:50] Harlee Lane: tastes like chikken
    [14:51] Harlee Lane: ^^
    [14:51] Paisley Lancaster: everything tastes like chicken 😀
    [14:51] Accacia Brissot: lol i was just going to say that paisley
    [14:51] Anastacia Markova: lol…. so maybe we should start as pool…whose the opium traitor?
    [14:51] Anastacia Markova: im tending more to think..its a opium memebr who wants us to think they sent info.. hence why the cowardice of no name…
    [14:51] Harlee Lane: mmmm baby got back Ana?
    [14:51] Distracting Nighbor: QQ'n
    [14:52] Accacia Brissot: i tend to agree with that
    [14:52] SC Tracy: I don't make my own, I just go to the Pigley Wiggly and buy Squirrel Squares by Road Ready Flat Snacks
    [14:52] Paisley Lancaster: oooh piggly wiggly….I remember that place
    [14:52] Distracting Nighbor: gonan go read this infamous article…..cuz I'm out of the loop
    [14:53] SC Tracy: never know when people are gonna drop by
    [14:53] Harlee Lane: lmaooo
    [14:53] Anastacia Markova: time to trim the branche sof the unworking opium models i guess.. thats a start 🙂
    [14:53] Anastacia Markova: they are threateing to post some chat transcript sof a meeting where i supposedly talked shit about everyone
    [14:53] Trouble Inglewood comes back from being afk to 90 or so comments he missed about more BS on agency report? It's PINK SHIRT DAY!!! STOP THE BULLYING!!!
    [14:53] Accacia Brissot: we should put a bowl of prk rinds at the enterence to OFA school in case anyones hungry jethro
    [14:54] Anastacia Markova: which is funny cuz the manage rmeetings have like 15 ppl there… i dont think im usually talkin shit about ppl in front of 15 others
    [14:54] Anastacia Markova: lol pork rinds and electric scooters for all!
    [14:54] Harlee Lane: ellie maeeeeee
    [14:54] Harlee Lane: omg lol
    [14:54] Anastacia Markova: and stil mad you told me you were charging me rent.. but that anon says you gave it free
    [14:54] Anastacia Markova: dammit..
    [14:55] Accacia Brissot: Did you ever hear teh song Country Boner from Puscifer lol
    [14:55] Paisley Lancaster: Well, I have been at the meetings and never heard you sling shit about anyone….i hate liars most of al
    [14:55] Anastacia Markova: her ei thought i could get wealthy this month… you know..opium makes me so much pocket money…lol
    [14:55] Paisley Lancaster: lol, damn Ana, maybe next month
    [14:56] Anastacia Markova: maybe.. if they keep on making crap up on ar..we could start thr i hate anastaci amarkova club
    [14:56] Anastacia Markova: shes such a bitch..!
    [14:56] Synthia Quintessa: can i have my 30k monthly salary please. I want to go shopping
    [14:56] Anastacia Markova: Right afte ri pay myself 30k!
    [14:56] Anastacia Markova: i make so much yaknow..not that tier and all on a sim costs anything
    [14:56] Synthia Quintessa: but you promissssssed lol
    [14:56] Accacia Brissot: Hey u get 30 i only get 29.5! wots up with that
    [14:57] Distracting Nighbor: <——thinks …if it's Bullshyt….why entertain it?…BUMP EM!
    [14:57] Anastacia Markova: oh wait..thats right..romeo is giving us for free
    [14:57] Anastacia Markova: lol
    [14:57] Accacia Brissot: i sent you a song ana you may appreciate lol
    [14:57] Anastacia Markova: romeo you must be my secret boy toy lover too
    [14:57] Anastacia Markova: lol
    [14:57] Kay Fairey: Just saw the notice. Yes ignore them. No decent person really believes what they say there. There is just so much BS.
    [14:57] Distracting Nighbor: ^5 Kay
    [14:57] Kay Fairey: 🙂
    [14:57] dancer Dallagio: okay…am i supposed to be going to meetings…..and i'm not going to read that report thingy and Kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy happy 2nd time and 1st renewal !!!!!!!!!!!!
    [14:58] Distracting Nighbor: I haven't read the article…and I must say..I'm tired of it already
    [14:58] Distracting Nighbor: no need to read it
    [14:58] Distracting Nighbor: not positive….what's the point
    [14:58] Harlee Lane: nope no need to read it
    [14:58] Katherine Comet: It's not worth the time and effort to read

  92. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    Oh one more thing, 🙂 as far as CoF’s dealings with Ana and Opium are concerned, if any of you want to know, I will tell you. Ana stepped in at a time when I needed the help of a friend. She stepped up right away, without hesitation, and she did right by me. What anyone has to say about what went on inside of Opium’s doors, I cannot comment on. All I can and will say was Ana was and always has been a good friend to me.

    Ok , thats all I have to say about that.

    Back to having fun. 🙂

  93. Lacie Beningborough Says:

    I have seen Nave go on about this for almost a year now and I have never had my say… I think it is high time.

    Truth? Let’s go to the truth…

    Nave Fall says ..
    “I’d like to see that chat transcript myself. Lacie knows very well who owned C of F and who paid for its creation. She can huff and puff all she wants about it in her heart of hearts she knows the truth. and it wasn’t her. I still own the original Catalyst of Fantasy LLC group which is much older then any C of F group she created.”

    Let’s talk about CoF …

    Yup you gave CoF it’s name. I have never denied that fact. I said it on Wurl’s World. I said it in the February issue of BOSL magazine. I said it in Donna’s article. I have always said I didn’t come up with the name. But, it is a pretty cool name. Thanks.

    Yup you paid rent on half a sim for 6 weeks. Thanks again 🙂 . I can prove what you paid because I know the people the owned the sim at the time.

    What else did you do in your time at CoF? Let’s see…

    What Lacie did…

    I designed the mall, hired the models, designed the runway , choreographed the show, produced the entire thing single handedly, held the meetings, created the soundtracks, found the designers , liasoned with them for the clothing, created the set, and what I didn’t create , I found the people to create and worked with them . I got the invite made, notified the press, brought in the live acts . I also worked together with Glitter and set up the Academy and got that up and running as well.

    Dang I think I did everything there was to do there.

    Wait yes I remember,

    What Nave/Des did …

    I asked you to market the sim,and bring in vendors,line up designers for shows, etc.

    Given your pontificating on your RL background in marketing on Wall Street,and the big business you ran there, that should have been a breeze for you. You however, declined, saying that while you have a RL background in marketing, you have never done it in SL and wouldn’t know where to begin. HUH? Marketing is marketing last I checked but oh well.
    So yup, you didn’t do that. I hear you may have picked up that skill set recently though. good for you! I am so proud of you! WOOT !!!

    You were busy playing the Agency Owner and hitting on new students to the Academy who were aspiring models and, once they had visited your casting couch, promising them entry into the Agency. Right , I remember it now.

    What else were you doing? Let’s see……

    You wrote notecards.

    Yes you did that very well too. You are excellent at writing notecards.

    You were so -bored-, in fact, with the NOTHING that you were doing to help “your” agency that you joined another agency’s program.
    Jersey’s wasn’t it?
    You did a workshop there with them where you worked in teams.
    And what were these teams doing?
    Why, by golly, they were learning how to put on a show! Hot Dang!

    So rather than working “your” agency, you paid money to work someone else’s.


    You said you took it to learn the skills that you would need for CoF. I was busy trying to teach you the skills you needed for CoF. You didn’t want to learn from me, because that would actually be work. You wanted to have fun. Guess that worked out quite well for you didn’t it? * grins *

    But all was not lost in that venture…for that was where you met your next partner wasn’t it?

    Now what else happened? Oh yes I remember…. I caught you. I caught you cheating a week before the grand opening and I tossed you to the curb. Period. Done deal.

    You were owner in all of the CoF groups, and everyone knows that you cannot remove an owner. They must leave voluntarily. Are you an owner in any Cof groups now? No? Well dang baby, there goes the idea I “stole” anything from you.

    It is all smoke and mirrors .

    You cry, bitch, wheeze, snort , and fuss about how I took ‘your’ agency from you, but you left voluntarily. Then , when the Grand Opening was a success, you went to CoF’s page and posted in countless alts trashing me “anonymously” * sighs*

    So in reality Sir, the truth is that you have had absolutely nothing to do with CoF and its success beyond its name.

    Thank you for the name. It’s lovely. If you didn’t want us to have it you shouldn’t have given it to us. But did that because , like always, you want the glory … I got it now.

    But the truth is, CoF opened without you. In fact, when you left, no one even noticed. Why? Because your contribution to CoF was zilch. All those names you like to throw out because you are a heavy name dropper… all those fab models ? Most of them were there for the opening…. ask them. When I told the models you were gone no one batted an eyelash. That too is the truth.

    Nave Falls says
    “The simple fact is that I have been approached a number of times since leaving C of F behind about starting another agency and demurred each time. I wouldn’t have a modeling agency now if it was given to me with all of its expenses paid for a year. Too much work, too many hours of lost sleep, too many things you need to depend on people, you have no control over, to do. Not my cup of tea. ”

    Yup I concur… you could not open an agency because you yourself do not have the talent or skill to do it. Yes and too much work… well we have already addressed that issue haven’t we?

    What have you been doing since then? Let’s see. ** gets a kleenex and hands it to Nave” 🙂 That is for the permanent brown spot on your nose dear. 🙂

    You are so angry and bitter that CoF has done so well that you can’t let it go. You watch everything I do and have been watching since last August. Obess much dear? Stalk much? More than that, you cannot go a week w/o using my name somewhere.

    I mean really, it was almost a year ago…. let me use your phrase… GET OVER IT. Thanks for that phrase Nave, it’s a dandy. Did you make that up? I just bet you did sugar! :))

    As far as editing your “chat’ with me… nope wrong again. I went to Ana immediately with that chat. There was no time to edit it. The rest of the Board got it immediately as well. So there goes that lie.

    Here is my suggestion to you.

    Shut up. Immediately.

    Just a thought. *smiles* We can only hope.

    Also, how dare you talk about my RL Nave? You know NOTHING about my rl. Not a blessed thing. That you would sink so low as to actually try to tell people you know anything about my son boggles my brain. But sinking low is not a stretch for a bottom-feeder . I said it before and I will say it again, what little you ‘know’ Nave could fit on the head of a pin and still leave room for your brain. You are nothing but a schoolyard bully who likes the sound of his own voice. I agree with the Napoleon complex analogy actually.

    I know who some of your enemies are Nave, and I can make a pretty ‘edumacted’ guess as to who the others are. Nave is in for a fall.

    Oh yes and one more thing… it is Jose Cuervo Gold that I prefer… Just to clarify. Taken straight up with lime and salt.

    We all get it. You hate me. I was supposed to fail. I didn’t. Damn me for that!!!! I should be shot! I am so so sorry . Forgive me Nave.

    Ok my new house on the lake and Jose is calling me. Jose and I have an affair every summer and damn, as much as I try to resist him, when that gorgeous man calls every year I answer! This is a 3 some though.. Jose , myself and a woman named Margarita! She and Jose are a team.

    You just continue to rant on here Nave.

    In two weeks I will be sitting on my deck overlooking the lake with Jose and Marg and my sons ! Hubby too. It will be a summer filled with family and friends, paddleboating and waterskiing, gardening and fun. So stay inside Nave, refresh the Agency Report page every 30 minutes and waste your life bullying people.

    I’m just,

    Having Fun In the Summertime

    * laughs and wanders off to play *

  94. navefall Says:



    Thanks for the in-depth glimpse into the hidden, Machiavellian, and murky, realms of Opium Fashion’s management meetings SimplyIrresistable

    Since I have no idea what was discussed in a conversation amongst the “Management Team” at Opium and Catalyst of Fantasy I have no idea if it was altered or not. I’m not that interested in that meeting’s transcript either. I would like to see the transcript of the “alleged” chat I had with Lacie. That would be good for a chuckle I’m sure.The truth of the matter is that, were we to go all the way back in time, I came up with the name Catalyst of Fantasy, not Lacie (she mentioned that fact in her recent self-aggrandizing interview with Donnatella Couturier in DejaVu Int’l magazine), I paid for everything at C of F till I left it behind and some people might think I still own half of C of F. If I wanted assert that ownership right I would have done it long ago. When I left C of F. I left C of F. I still own the Catalyst of Fantasy LLC group that precedes any C of F group that Lacie created. If she felt she had to seek shelter under the umbrella of Opium’s benevolent management to protect “her” interests in C of F, that is just another self-serving, paranoid delusion that overcame her while she was under the influence of too much Jose Cuervo. Again.

    I have no way to prove that any of my chats were shared and I’m not reporting anyone to LL for a TOS violation. That’s a joke. I can’t conceive that anyone would believe anything they are given in any chat transcript and I’m still not ashamed of anything I said in ANY chat EVER. One other comment about chat transcripts. Lacie doesn’t have any children of her own, as far as I know, so anything I, allegedly, said about any child of her’s is startling to me. What Lacie does with C of F is Lacie’s business now. I muted her long ago which makes the idea of recent chat transcripts even more comical.

    Moving on, for the record, once and for all, I don’t want to assert my ownership interest in C of F, nor do I intend to invest in any other modeling agency. When I see the name Catalyst of Fantasy I know who thought it up and I smile. I think it’s a spectacular name for a modeling agency. Do you know that the person who creates a work of art ( in this case the name Catalyst of Fantasy) has automatic copyright ownership of it in the United States??? That means, simply that if a DMCA were filed with LL that LL would shut C of F down while it got sorted out. That would take them a while let me tell you……. But I don’t want to hurt the models so you can breathe again.

    As far as Nave Fall and Opium Fashion goes,


    I have never been an Opium model or an Opium client. I have never asked Opium to participate in any event I am a part of. I have never had any kind of business, or personal, relationship with Anastacia Markova, we are on good terms as far as I know. I, also, have never had any kind of business, or personal, relationship with any member Opium’s present, or past management team, and I bear none of them any ill will. In fact I number some of them amongst my friends. I think that Opium’s staff and models do a very good job with their shows and blog. I’ve attended many Opium shows and enjoyed them. The scripting and builds are particularly well done in my opinion. I read the blog and it’s fine too.
    I’m EAGERLY looking forward to the debut of Romeo Torvalor’s long, anticipated line of men’s and women’s skins. That Opium show should be something. Comparing his up to the minute work to the likes of Belleza, Redgrave, Unique, AtomicBambi, League, Staged, CheerNo and other established SL skin designers efforts will be fun for the ravening army of SL fashion bloggers out here who have been waiting so long for a glimpse of them. These skins are going to create a feeding frenzy I think.

    I left one, personal, Opium interaction of my own out. Sorry…… Last December, I was deeply involved in the Tres Beau Grand Re-opening event which was brilliantly directed by several members of Opium’s management staff: Katina Magic and Jasmine and Marcus Night, that show was scripted and MCd by one of the most engaging personalities in SL, Seren Dawes, and the event had a modeling cast that consisted entirely of Opium models. Those 2 shows we had that day were stunning. So my one, intimate, experience with the Opium’s staff, and models, left warm memories behind.

    I’m easy to work with. REALLY. The only thing I ever expect from ANYONE I deal with, in any SL business transaction, whether a modeling agency, magazine, blogger, photographer, builder, graphics designer, videographer, media personality or model, is excellent, reasonably priced, timely work on behalf of Tres Beau, Model’s Workshop or my Strong Persuaders’ PR clients. How tough is that???

    It’s easy to deal in innuendo and ambiguity in here. Hell, I do it all the time. AgencyReport isn’t a court of law. No one is sworn to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth here. These threads are more like a lynching then anything else truthfully.

    At least, you all know where I stand as far as Opium goes.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  95. SimplyIrresistable Says:

    Well now why would I want to alter a conversation amongst the “Management Team” at opium and Catalyst of Fantasy?

    Nave Fall knows the conversation he had with Lacie when her son was sick and Nave proceeded to mention how Lacie had her mind on other things. Nave she was afraid you were going to take the agency from her and Ana being greedy and all thought she was going to get something out of putting COF under the umbrella of Opium lol what a joke.

    Regarding Linden violations. Nave you can still report Lacie as well as the Opium Management Team for showing a bunch of strangers your conversation. I wouldn’t back up an agency that talks behind your back.

    As a matter of fact your EX SL Partner was talking about you just the other day when Ana almost lost it in the Opium chat group regarding the transcripts that were given to me by a former management team member.

    Ana was huffing and puffing in the Opium group about the notice I left with regards to Mia Rebane not showing up to a rehearsal and how Ana told all the models don’t teach her the walk. If she wanted to learn the walk she should be there. All the models who were in the Meta-Verse Something Show were there. I wonder if the models will back her up if Mia should ask them. I’m almost sure one or two models will say Mia Ana did say that. Ana could have told her this directly but you know how those want to be bossy people are. Always talk about someone behind their back and never confront them in person with the truth. lol You ask why I remain Anonymous? When you can’t even confront people in their face?

    Yes Ana you just never know what’s going to come out. Ana was talking in the opium group chat as was Katherine Comet. You remember her Nave Don’t You? She proceeded to say. I don’t go to agency report because a Certain Someone is always over there with something to say. How do I know this? lol (When Ana and the others read this-they will know that one of their own tells me everything that goes on.)

    The truth is that those 3 people who recently left the Management left because Ana just wants to use one to make herself/agency better. Additionally, she keeps saying that the funds given by Lacie once she return to take over COF, were saved for future use. She knows very well that those funds should be paid to Emma Portilo former COO, as well as all the management team members whether they worked on a project through COF or not. WHY? well Ana as one of your former management team members mentioned. The agreement was not made solely through you but with your entire team. Where’s that money? You had nothing to do with the Agreement at all. It was Emma Portilo who put it all together. It was also the “Management Team” who gave the YaY or Nay. Remember that Ana? My Friend does. One of your old Management Team Members.

    Yes anyone can alter a transcript but when it has several parties listed and those parties recall every single thing that was said, Ana will be seen as the person she really is. I’ll be on the side loving every single minute of it. She wont be able to play victim this time.

    Yes I have the transcript and Yes I will lists it. Don’t Worry it’s going to come. 🙂

    Want More? Here you go.

    One of the Ex-Management Members told me that one day they walked into a meeting and Ana introduced a Romeo Something to join the management team. Why? Because this Romeo has given Ana some of his own Sim for free to create what they’re calling “Opium City” How much do you think this costs her?lol (oops is the secret out?) What’s puzzling is that this Romeo has been chosen as one of the Mr. Virtual Worlds yet he hardly has any modeling experience. I wonder how his vote was passed through.

    Yes I’m back from vacation. I’ll fill you in on the rests and what I already have.

    Ana be nimble,
    Ana be quick,
    Ana jump over the candlestick. (Jump high Ana, you wouldn’t want to get burned)

    Could be any day now, Any day now

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Internet Urologist, You couldn’t do better than that? That’s it? Adult diapers? I would think if you were going to make the attempt at an effective insult you would have put your back into it a little more.I am disappointed. Let’s try a little harder next time. I’m sure if you work on it, you’ll do better. I still believe in evolution despite how it failed you.

    “I’d like to leave you with one thought … but I’m not sure you have a place to put it.”

  97. Internet Urologist Says:

    Dear sweet, charming anonymous

    Honey, I read this sentence and realized that you have another RL issue, besides having “identity confusion” characterized by not knowing who you are.

    “The fact you use the words “Nave” and “honest” in the same sentence had me laughing so hard I almost peed.”

    I prescribe adult diapers for that incontinence problem of yours. Get some soon. There are drugs for that, like Detrol, but they might ad to your viper-like personality issues and we wouldn’t want that to happen. The acrid smell that surrounds may be why people avoid you. It also attracts cats who will, happily, contribute to the smell if you let them.

  98. Herra Says:

    Dear Anon Poster:

    “The facts are the facts “dearie” and you cannot change that by your lame attempt to stand up for someone who can stand up for themselves.”

    Yes Anastacia can defend herself and ask you can see she did so on April 8th. That was 6 days ago, do you expect her to come in here daily and post? Personally I think she’s better off just igorning most of the bull that is posted here.

    But did you ever think that there are those people out there that think of Ana as their friend and want to defend her? Friends are a very powerful thing – they stick together when one is attacked. I had my share of being attacked here at Agency Report and was honored by those who came in my defense. And that means alot more than some Anon poster with a rant!

  99. Anonymous Says:

    My Dear colleen, Vendetta? Not exactly. Just the facts ma’am. Tell me I’m wrong. I noticed you haven’t done that. Oh and your sickly sweet pronouns such as “dearie” don’t hurt me beloved one. It simply means I’ve hit a nerve. Sorry about that and as far as hurting myself, I’m not sure how you figure that but hey, whatever floats your boat. The facts are the facts “dearie” and you cannot change that by your lame attempt to stand up for someone who can stand up for themselves. And I left your comment about Nave till the end because it was simply to funny. The fact you use the words “Nave” and “honest” in the same sentence had me laughing so hard I almost peed. Sweetheart, its time for you to take your medication. So offline with you “dearie” and have a happy period.

  100. My Dear Anonymous,

    Why do you care? Take your vendetta against Anastacia directly to her privately and stop smearing the hard work of Opium Agency which btw consists of more then just Anastacia. You’re not hurting anyone but yourself quite honestly. Did you know you are killing yourself with your own venom? And in the doing you are creating more hype for the Agency, lets face it 🙂 any publicity is good…so atm you are helping not hurting.

    Poor Nave, did he get too honest with you and you couldnt take it? tsk ….

    Seriously deary you are looking foolish , please. Take a break, go to your offline life and get a new persepctive.

  101. Anonymous Says:

    Like Confucious say is your name. You have about as much nerve as an ameba from the looks of it. And you’ve mistaken backstabbing for the truth as I see it. You don’t want to hear the truth? Too bad because I’m going to say it. When someone puts the blame on someone else time and time again and refuses to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions what do you call that? If you happen to like that kind of character flaw thats great. But not me. As far as the models go, like I said they’re great. But don’t try and force feed me the idea that Anastacia is anything other than a mildly amusing farce. And about Nave well he has it coming. His enemy list is as long as he wishes is prick was. Why? Because he’s stabbed enough backs and stepped on enough people along the way to have a list that long. He’s a joke and if you’re associated with him, just give it 10 minutes you’ll see.

  102. Confucious say Says:

    Anonymous poster are like a$$hole

    Everyone have one

    All are foo of $hit

    & stink up the room too.

    So anonymous, whoever you aren’t, you share in the aromatic, miasma of brown air that is so pervasive here on AgencyReport.

    At least Anastacia Markova, and Nave Fall, have the guts to put their names on their posts. As far as I can tell there is nothing comparable about the 2 of them. She runs Opium. He does whatever it is he does.

    It’s very easy to pick on Anastacia, and Nave, from behind the veil of anonymity. You talk about her being backstabbing. What was this post you just made but you leaping out of a darkened alley and mugging them both at the same time?

    Regardless of what person is most responsible for the work Opium does, its staff, and models, manage to create shows that seem to be well done. The designers who Opium showcases must be getting some value out of what they spend on Opium’s efforts. The models are working and being paid. So Anastacia’s uniquely, personal style doesn’t suit you. Get over yourself. In RL there are many big company CEOs who aren’t very likable. Why would SL be any different?

  103. Anonymous Says:

    It’s sad an agency like Opium that could be so good is so bad. The reason? Anastacia Markova. She has the social skills of a rabid Tasmanian devil. She puts on appearances for whatever circumstance might come up. She’s not sincere or real. She’s not honest or dependable. She is out for herself. Whats really sad is how many great people she has working for her. And how many she has HAD working for her and let go. If you disagree with her you’re out. And she’ll talk about you behind your back to no end. Even if you did nothing wrong. She’ll build a story that makes her look like the injured person and make the other out as the devil. Shes very quick to tell people how shes been injured or wronged but very slow to ever admit doing anything wrong. When shes forced to admit a wrong she finds someone else to blame for whatever happened anyone but her. If I didn’t know better I would say shes a child because of her lack of maturity but I know shes an adult which makes it even harder to understand her behavior. And Nave Fall, no one takes you seriously in the least. You’re a joke, a bad smell and no matter how big you think you are, you’re really just a peon with a napoleon complex.

  104. navefall Says:

    People wonder why I say on the front of my profile that I have “trust” issues!!!!!!!!

    I love getting phone calls saying you gotta read AgencyReport they’re talking about you again. It makes my night.

    Seeing this made me chuckle:

    ““oh btw this former manager who left has given me copies of the notice and conversations that have taken place at the meeting. Yes, even the conversation with nave fall.”

    Yet another Linden Labs’ Terms of Service violation involving an alleged Nave Fall scheme, with no doubt whatsoever that the text was edited. Lacie “Something” needs to just get over it and move on.

    I’d like to see that chat transcript myself. Lacie knows very well who owned C of F and who paid for its creation. She can huff and puff all she wants about it in her heart of hearts she knows the truth. and it wasn’t her. I still own the original Catalyst of Fantasy LLC group which is much older then any C of F group she created.

    The simple fact is that I have been approached a number of times since leaving C of F behind about starting another agency and demurred each time. I wouldn’t have a modeling agency now if it was given to me with all of its expenses paid for a year. Too much work, too many hours of lost sleep, too many things you need to depend on people, you have no control over, to do. Not my cup of tea.

    I enjoy the creative work I am allowed, actually privileged, to do at Tres Beau Designs and at Model’s Workshop far more then I enjoyed my time at C of F. I get to work with the best people in SL: designers, agencies, directors, models, trainers, MCs and DJs, scriptors, stylists, pose creators, animators, photographers, videographers, builders and bloggers. All on a regular basis.

    There are teams of people, in SL, far better equipped, to say nothing of financed, to run an agency then any group of people I could put together. MAD Agency, Boulevard, AVENUE, Maniera, iC Motions, SuperElite, Evane, Farouche Tres, ModelX, Glance, and, yes, even Opium, all have the teams in place to do what needs to be done in a solid professional way IF they choose to put forth their best efforts. While I am in awe of many people doing these things it’s inconceivable to me that I’d trade what I do for what they do.

    As someone said somewhere on AgencyReport, anyone can create a counterfeit chat transcript from scratch with almost no effort. I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve said in a chat. EVER. Are there things I’d rather not have published? Sure…… but I’m not ashamed of those. I may have said things about someone that would hurt their feelings if I said it to them directly and I’d rather not do that. But if it happened I’d live with it.

    One thing I don’t do is foist myself off on people as more then I am. If I can’t do something I admit it. If I know someone who can help with something that I can’t do I hand over the name without hesitation. Simply put, I can walk my talk. My loyalty to my friends can bear the closest scrutiny unlike many others in here.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  105. Luciferi Demonia Says:

    damn,don’t use the html stuff,even if it’s not real html,lol

    supposed to be:

    Anonymous post = reliable information

  106. Luciferi Demonia Says:

    Anonymous post = reliable information

    If you want facts,go straight to people involved,and get all the details.Do not just get bits and pieces from one or 2 people,especially anonymous ones on websites.


    Opium is a great company.Models have work all the time,they get paid in lindens and clothes.Managers get paid salary.Others get paid on commission.Just depends on their job.Can’t say that for 90% of other agencies out there.I’m not a manager,but am staff,and get paid as needed,though I decline payment,cause I don’t care about money.

    “this former manager told me that she left because all the work is left on the management team and that they haven’t received payment for their services,”
    Maybe one of anonymous’ friends were staff only,and confused about it.Without names we’ll never know.


    “Yeah they seem to have innovative shows with “hand built” sets (actually pieced from bits of things made by other people).”

    The definition of “hand built” can mean take things from others’ builds and make sometihng different and new,and not use a prefab asis.It’s why people make things modify,to change to suit your needs,and make your vision.

    Sometimes we use a standard build reworked,but alot of times we have them built mostly by Accacia.I build/script sometimes.Sometimes I make a script,sometimes buy one,or use a free one modded.


    “oh btw this former manager who left has given me copies of the notice and conversations that have taken place at the meeting. Yes, even the conversation with nave fall.”

    I can make notecards saying whatever I want,so that’s not really having any hard proof of anything.


    I’m not good at writing,and my thoughts aren’t always focused,so I probably didn’t respond about every point.

  107. Lucy Eberhart Says:

    Wow! Some people have nothing better to do than to create drama where none exists. I have been with Opium for some time now, and I DO consider myself to be lucky. As a matter of fact, it is the ONLY agency I have chosen to sign with. I do not sign with 30 agencies like other models, because I don’t want to spread myself thin. Opium keeps me busy and I love it. I am loyal to them, and to Ana, they have embraced me as family and Ana like a sister. I have never experienced anything other than fairness and compassion. I have been to management meetings and what goes on there stays there. They work hard and are extremely dedicated. This sounds like a rant by someone that is jealous of success and doesn’t know all the facts. Why hide behind anonymous? Knowing so much you must be two faced, pretending to be part of the family and then telling tales behind our backs. What have you to gain from this smear campaign? Does it make you look better? Nope! Real beauty is on the inside and you obviously lack it.

  108. Anastacia Markova Says:

    I don’t usually comment on this website, only because so many use it to attack people anonymously and thus stir drama. The only reason I am commenting now is to say how petty some people truly are.

    So lets state facts.

    Firstly, All of Opiums staff gets paid, including managers and manager assistants, a weekly salary. Marketing gets paid percentage as does the academy directors, of all services sold. Ask any Opium Manager.. they will be happy to tell you. Our dear Ex Coo Emma stepped down due to wanting to have time for other things and is still a model with Opium, and still supports Opium fully. Management in a virtual world will always change, as ppls lives and interests change. But you know so much.. and have so many opium documents.. surely you saw Emma’s notice when she resigned too.. stating all of this..right? *smiles*

    Seondly everyone in the world knows how often and how easily anyone can fake a transcript, document or any supposed Im message. We are sure you have your doctored fake *proof* ready to go. In fact, its what we all expect from a Nameless coward who cant sign their avatars name to their *convictions*

    Thirdly, My rl handicap is NOones business. If you all must know what ails Ana in rl.. its a nursing injury I suffered 7 years ago that permanently destroyed my spine. Feel better knowing it.. great..there it is..

    Now.. Anyone who claims they werent paid that was a manager lied. SO id love for you to post those scripts so we can see who the liar is. Id be happy to pull payment info and transaction receipts to show you in world of said weekly payrolls. Of course by claiming to know so much you are inside Opium and trying to collect information. We will find who you are.. so Anon or not.. feel free to come out of hiding. Oh wait.. you have ot hide because we would all call you out for what you are if you put your name down..We understand.. If it looks like a duck..(or a coward) it Must be a duck (or a coward)

    Opiums staff is amazing.Every single one of them.. And they are handpicked to work perfectly in this wonderful busy agency. Credit is always given to each and every one involved. Models are always given credit, Builders, Djs, Graphic Design, Runway… all areas are given credit., just come to a show and listen to the end credits at each show. Not only is the staff AND Models paid.. We often do contests and parties, and give away other things. I head up all the production of Opium.. this means every show I produce, along with a team of 2 others.. One being Set Design , Accacia Brissot and the other being Luciferi Demonia who scripts. 1/2 to 3/4 of every show is handled by us. Of course we still have the amazing djs, show script writers, and models. We also have runway and marketing etc. Its a full team here to make such amazing Shows every month!.

    Pertaining to the Deal with Lacie Beningborough. Not again that this is ANY of your concern, but being as you are SO grosly misinformed..Opium was hired to manage COF For Lacie, for a set fee each month. That Fee was used to pay the managers and did pay all managers that WORKED on COF projects.. When the contract was done the fee given to Opium was set aside for Opiums Budget. Why would managers get that when they were paid weekly all along?. Salary is just that… Salary. Also managers were even paid that did Nothing…because again.. Salary is salary.. regardless if work is done or not.

    Everyone knows what this attack against myself and Opium is all about. A few people who love to frequent Agency report’s jealousy of Opiums hard work to build itself up. Either you were here and were fired, you quit, or we wouldnt hire you. Most likely due to the fact you are drama stirrers, which is evident by what you spew here , while hiding behind masks so your name doesnt get outed. Of course you all are the first to trigger those who have no reason to hide and use their names, that just shows the difference between cowardness drama and true facts. You are the first to cry injustice and tell the world how horrible things are..

    One fact remains.. We should thank you for all this drama you’ve caused, in all the publicity wave we booked 2 new shows! Our Blog gets upwards of 1700 views a day now.. Keep it coming we will have 6 shows again this month? Why? Because of one fact you cant change with any lie.. Opium prouduces some of the best shows in SL and is one of the busiest agencies. Noone cares about your lies and fake claims and Opium remains strong because Opium is a strong family that is proud and works hard. If you want to work steadily, every month in the industry.. Try to get hired on at Opium… theres your fact.

    We do all hope that you find some help for your cowardice and mental instability, because anyone who hides and then makes claims as you and your friends.. (or most likely yourself in several names)needs to turn SL off.. reflect on what makes them so hateful in RL.. that they would come to a virtual game and act like a cowardly bully. Look in your mirror before you come here to look in anyone elses.

    Opium is thriving and will remain thriving as long as its models and staff care… so dont look for that to change Anonymous..continue to spew your venom..and we will continue to book great shows… proudce such said shows.. and turn the designers a profit from the great said shows that opium does.

    Fashion and creativity is our business. You and your lies and cowardice wont change that fact.

  109. Anonymous Says:


    I kind of agree with anonymous, the person just didn’t explain some facts. Anastacia Markovas Team is the one doing all the work and they hardly receive any praise for it. The creativity doesn’t come from her but her staff. There is definitely something going on in the backgrounds. The management team has somewhat changed from what I’ve heard. Opium has just lost a great COO Emma Portilo In Question. Another was Nisa Constantine and a third was Aspen Parx. Lets see if they come and defend themselves on why they really left to save Ms. Queens Butt. Someone also mentioned to me that she dislikes Mia Rebane for not making it to one of the events which recently occurred and that she stated to the models participating in the event to not bother teaching Mia any of the steps. She’s going to have a hard time explaining that one. I’m sure any of the models that were there aren’t going to step up on this one. Gasp

    Here’s the most juiciest part. I heard from a former manager that has currently left Opium, that Opium was an umbrella to the Catalyst of Fantasy Agency Because the CEO, Lacey Something was afraid that Nave Fall was going to take over her agency. Additionally, a letter was presented to Ana, this former manager, and all other managers. Ana made an agreement to take COF in but lacey came back and under the agreement made between Opium and COF Ana received some funds which she didn’t share with her managers. Yup kept all the money. That’s Ana for you. As a matter of fact this former manager told me that she left because all the work is left on the management team and that they haven’t received payment for their services, which Ana had originally agreed to do so on a weekly basis.

    Really? you don’t pay your staff? Shame

    I wonder who’s going to defend her this time around. This isn’t slander this is just a notice of how some head CEO’s act amongst their peers and dare calls themselves a professional.

    oh btw this former manager who left has given me copies of the notice and conversations that have taken place at the meeting. Yes, even the conversation with nave fall.

    Shame on you Ana if you really did keep the money and for working other people to the bone to just make yourself a name. I’m glad I am not one of your “Servants”

    Who’s going to step up and defend her now? Just don’t bite yourself in the ass when you see what’s displayed in these conversations. Your name may very well be on it. As I have been told she speaks about everyone. I’m prepared to lay out all the conversations to show what Queen Ana is really like.

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the King’s horses, And all the King’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again!


  110. Accacia Brissot Says:

    Dear One of Ignorant ones,
    Your post is not a statement of Opium fashion agency as a whole,but rather sounds like the twisted rantings of a sad individual that can’t seem to get anywhere on his own,So wants to bring down a person he sees as successful and can’t climb that ladder himself ,and yes ill say He because im %99 positive i know who you are.I will defend Anastacia she’s been nothing but very kind and open with me since the day she started with Opium and if you can’t see how hard Anastacia and staff have worked to bring Opium where it is today I can only think you have blinders on.Yes Opium at one time was a smaller family feel agency,If Mallory did not want Anastacia to step up to the plate and help make it something even more wonderful she would have never suggested she do so,All i can do is assume you feel slighted because you can’t step up to the plate as well.I myself have never done anything to you so when you say things such as Yeah they seem to have innovative shows with “hand built” sets (actually pieced from bits of things made by other people) I find it highly offensive as I build a good majority of the sets at Opium and I can honestly say anyone that suggests i do such a thing is a downright liar, and people know better including youself as you stood right next to me and watched me build the last one.You should be ashamed of your truly disgusting posting as well as agency report for posting this you have posted nothing of a critique on this agency but personal slanderous remarks trying to hurt another individual. an old saying come to life with you Misery loves company.

  111. There are few things I dislike more than anonymous posts. If you decide to cloak yourself in such a spineless way, then I, and everyone around you will give you and your post the respect and attention it deserves.

    (did someone say something?)

  112. Hedley Lamarr Says:

    Men, you, who are about to embark on a great crusade to stamp-out runaway decency in the SL wild west. Now, you will only be risking your lives, whilst I will be risking an almost certain Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

    nuff said

  113. Paisley Lancaster Says:

    Wow, someone didn’t miss drinking their HaterAid this morning. Are you one of the models that Opium didn’t pick and are so bitter that you need to try to drag someones RL ( which has NOTHING to do with this) thru the mud?
    You must be a very insecure and possibly mentally ill person to post this blog.
    Interestingly, this blog has come on the heels of someone who left the agency very recently and is a bitter, small minded person with no personal filter for their thoughts. So it’s ok to try to hurt someone thru words.
    This is so untrue, it stinks of slander…and will hopefully not be taken seriously by anyone with a brain. And Rhonda hit the nail on the head by seeing it for the personal vendetta it is. You are so off base here…perhaps you can go crawl back under your rock.
    OFA is admired by many, as is Ana. Your rude little attack is just that….an attack, as we know better.
    It must be easy to be so brazen while hiding behind your anonymity here. I agree with Donnatella also…IM me in-world, my name is on my blog, as I do not hide like a child while trying to personally wound someone with words. How brave of you!

  114. Donnatella Couturier. Says:

    I am sorry, My name did not appear on my post just now, I am Donnatella Coutureir, though it does say it on end of the post.

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Dear One of the Lucky One’s or should I say, one of the pathetic, spineless one’s.

    You don’t know the half of how much Anastacia puts into Opium, as Rhonda said, your another one of those people who rant & don’t even have the balls to tell us who you are. Or maybe, you do know the half of it, knowing so much, tells me something, you are in opium I suspect – one of these people who smile when Anastacia looks at you, and when she turns you stab her in the back. I know Anastacia personally, & let me tell you, she is a fine, down to earth sweetheart, who works hard & has transformed Opium into an Elite Academy, active blog, & has expanded to Opium Industries. Putting on entertaining and unique shows with fascinating themes.
    Then there is you – Sitting on your ass on Agency report, having nothing better to do, with jealousy in your heart, Jealousy of Anastacia and her achievements, & I am not surprised Mr. Mills selected her as a judge, because Mr. Mills recognizes talent, hard work & commitment and Anastacia posses all of those . 1/3 Of Opium models are in MVW? You know why? Because Anastacia’s models are fantastic, stylish & unique people that Frolic notices. As for the case of Phillip Dollinger, I with Rhonda cannot comment as I do not know the full details. How about you IM me in-world and we can have a little chit chat.

    Donnatella Couturier.

  116. well Mr Lucky One, let me tell you that I consider myself lucky to be part of one of the best agencies in SL. Your post is just another typical rant from someone who does not have the balls to use his or her real name, and you further undermine your own credibility by personally attacking Anastacia and her husband in a way I find downright disgusting. It does not even have anything to do with how the Opium agency is run!

    We at Opium are a well tuned team of professionals and have all worked hard for the reputation we enjoy now, including the Opium Insight blog.
    Yes, several of the Mr Virtual World contestants are Opium models, but how can you single out Opium when they are also models of several other well known agencies? Do you intend to accuse all of them of conflicts of interest? Everything you have said smacks of nothing more than a personal vendetta against our CEO.

    In regard to the incident involving Mr Dollinger, I shall not comment as I do not know all of the details, except to say that there always are two sides to a story – and who is to say if the whole matter was not simply a misunderstanding? The truth is that this is entirely between him and our CEO.

    Please do us all a favour, and take your baseless slander elsewhere.

  117. One of the Lucky Ones Says:

    If you are thinking of trying to join Opium, I suggest you run, run screaming as to not hear the voice of it’s owner talking like ghetto trash. Once upon a time Opium used to be a fabulous place to work, the owners were caring individuals who genuinely seemed to enjoy eachothers company and those of the people who worked for them. Then for whatever reason Anastacia Markova took over and a new day dawned at Opium. Yeah they seem to have innovative shows with “hand built” sets (actually pieced from bits of things made by other people). If there was ever a more elitest group of people in there I would say the Ownership fits the bill. For someone who has the ability to make a difference in Second Life, they are more concerned with their status than anything else. The worst is the latest that Phillip Dollinger, one of the elite faces in the fashion industry was Banned from a show for supposedly stealing the Agency Application. Have you read that thing? It is the most intrusive document in all of SL, no one should have to tell that much about their real life selves. Mr. Dollinger doesnt need to steal anything let alone something as stupid as that.
    If that was not bad enough Anastacia managed to get herself as a judge for Mr Virtual World. Odd because she is the owner of Opium and about 1/3 of the men in the contest are Opium Models. Funny how when the list of accepted was published most of the men on the list were Opium Models. Why dont they just hold their own Mr. Opium contest? Change the name Frolic it will work better and people will understand the whole thing is about as rigged as Miss Virtual World was (No insult to Miaa, she is a talented beautiful person).
    I wonder what the industry has come to in SL when a trailer trash who i so obese she has to use a electric wheelchair and openly talks about her and her husbands sex life (I feel sorry that most of the people around her know the size of her husbands body parts)thinks she is so powerful in a virtual world. She has borrowed tens of thousands of lindens to support that agency and as quick as you blink has stabbed them in the back, she has alienated some of the best people in SL and sadly it will end in the demise of what was once a wonderful agency.
    So if you are thinking of modeling, I would say any agency but this one. Heck some days Id think Downtown Modeling has to be better than this.

  118. Dear curious model,

    I wonder who told you that they have to write a lot as well as model…the fact is that Opium will not expect anything more from you than what any other respectable agency would. If modeling is all you wish to do, then you can:) blogging and other duties are voluntary duties, however it is true that once you commit to being a blogger for OFA, you are expected to make contributions on a somewhat regular basis. Again, however, this is not a requirement to join OFA as a model. I hope this answers your question:)

    Love, Rhonda

  119. Nasty Fall Says:

    Hello Curious.

    Just go ask nave I’m sure he has the answer for you.

    I’m just a Nasty Fall

  120. a curious model Says:

    So, I am just curious. If you do become an Opium model, what exactly are your responsibilites? Like, do you have to blog or do something else besides modeling? I’ve spoken to one model who said they have to write articles alot for Opium as well as model.

    Just preparing myself for the next time there is an open casting for more Opium models. I was turned down the last time I tried out, which was also my first time trying out for the agency. I’m wondering when they’ll recruit more again.

  121. Butterfli Sorbet Says:

    I would like to say as a whole Opium is a great agency with great models. However, as a former Opium Model I will say this…
    I was at Opium almost 6 months before I was let go after being gone almost 3 weeks even after I informed them I had RL issues with my mother. Was recently in the Willy Wonka Show right before as well. I know Ali would have never allowed that. I owe so much to Ali and I will forever be grateful to her. All of you beautiful models rock at Opium 🙂

  122. Nave Fall Says:

    I was remiss in not mentioning the Sponsors, Supporters and contributors to the Tres Beau Grand Re-opening in my previous post. Let me rectify that right now.


    Sponsor: EXCLUSIVE supplier of some item. Hair. Jewelry, Skins, Shoes etc.. THE ONLY CREATOR WHOSE DESIGNS THE MODELS WILL WEAR OF THE ITEM IN THIS SHOW. The SPONSOR’S affiliation, and products, will be mentioned early in the show introduction and they will be thanked again at the end of the show. Mentioned prominently in Press Releases. MAY be allowed a vendor space (with 50 prims), or board, at the show. MAY receive advertising quid pro quo.

    Supporter: One of a group of designers supplying something NON-EXCLUSIVELY to the show and its models. The items will be chosen from those offered by the supporter but the models are NOT limited to the supporter’s products. The supporter’s products will be mentioned when they are walked during the show in the show’s script. May be mentioned in press releases. May be allowed a vendor board at the show.

    Contributor: A provider of goods, or services, who helps with the show by providing services, gifts, or monetary support. Will be thanked in the show’s program credits. MAY be allowed a vendor board at the show.

    Haire by Tukinowaguma
    KateForster Akina – Designer & AlexWyler Yoshikawa Owner

    Stiletto Moody Shoes
    Stilletto Moody CEO
    Dancer Dallagio COO

    Aurora Borealis – Sequoia Nightfire Owner
    Bare Skins – Rita Freese and Valkor Kuhn Owners
    *ByKay* – Kayleigh McMillan Owner
    *+Crie+* – Grazioso Alekseev Owner & Bridge Aya Designer
    CCD Caithlin Carter Designs – Caithlin Carter CEO
    J&W Jewelry -Wenedrenia Soderstrom and Jens Marksman Owners

    BOSL – Frolic Mills CEO
    E-Style Magazine – Docseree Mistwallow CEO
    EVANE -Mimmi Boa Academy – Mimmi Boa ♛Miss Virtual World 2009♛
    Fashion Palace – Colby Pevensey & Talyia Tarber Owners, Rumour Market Dean
    Help! Magazine – Kaitlin Peccable CEO
    Model’s Workshop/Balut Modeling Software – Monica Balut Owner
    Serenity – Lifing Krasner CEO
    TnT Modeling Academy – Tia Ryba CEO

    Copyright © 2009 Nave Fall all rights reserved

  123. Nave Fall Says:

    Okay okay okay already……………

    Kay Fairey says she is jsut a model and I should not call her a supermodel anymore in public I am embarassing her.

    I apologize. Forthwith I will respond to questions about Kay in the following manner:

    Kay Fairey is just a model.

    and questions about Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau like this:

    Kimmera Madison is just a designer.

    and to questions about Kat Comet like this:

    Katherine, like Kayhates being a model and doesn’t wanna talk about it anymore.

    To validate those comments you only need remember one thing. I have been previously mentioned in here as a “spinless” liar, a cheat, a slut and someone whose opinions and commenta should be ignored by everyone……..

    So sue me.Ignore I don’t give a…….. nevermind

    Good luck with that……… If I could figure out how to sue someone in SL the supeonas

    In the interest of transparency I should mention several thing:

    1) I have spent many hours chatting with, laughing with and learning from Kay Fairey. She is one of my favorite people in SL and I have told her that whatever I hae in SL is hers…… except Katherine. She’s mine.

    2) As far as Kimmera Madison and Tres Beau goes, I work for, and with her. She is one of the most generous, funniest, and most interesting people I’ve encountered in SL. She rarely says no when someone askes Tres Beau to support an event or gift something to a charity. Strangely enough when I ask for things she frequently:

    1) Sends me to my room. Like that’s punishment….


    2) Threatens to tell Katherine Comet, Tia Ryba, or Monica Balut on me


    3) Posts a picture of me on the BOSL blog wearing one of her gowns. Like no men on BOSL eva wear her stuff 😛

    Soooooooooo WTF is that about??? I only wore the damn gown so I could check out her prim work and new textures. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it……… If you don’t believe me you can IM me in-world and I’ll get her to send you the giftbag from the show yesterday and you can check out her primwork and textures for yourself. But I’ve digressed here………..

    Whatevaaaaaaaaaaa. I’m going to bed now.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall


  124. Nave Fall Says:

    Kimmera Madison CEO of Tres Beau wishes to profusely thank a group of Opium Agency models who did Tres Beau and a generous group of sponsors, supporters and contributors, proud on December 11th 2009 at the re-opening Tres Beau’s Lace sim

    This group of people from the Opium Agency, specifically:

    Katina Magic,Opium Modeling Agency’s – General Mgr. for Production, directed this event.

    Supported by Opium’s Marcus and Jasmine Night.
    The stellar Seren Dawes served us well as the show’s script writer. MC and the DJ setting the tempo for the models walking the spectacularly textured Tres Beau runway wearing, never before seen, Tres Beau designs.

    Jazzman Correia entertained after the show.

    The PARTY LEVEL was : [■■■■■■■■■■] 100%
    The Tres Beau Models included:

    SL SuperModel KayFairey
    Devlin Muircastle
    Emma Portilo
    Harlee Lane
    Katherine Comet
    Marcus Night
    Monica Balut
    More Ying
    Rhonda Pennell
    Sabine Blackburn
    Veronica Krasner
    et al………

    Months of designing, terraforming, landscaping, custom texturing and building culminated with the re-opening of the pristine, new Tres Beau Fashion and Wedding boutiques. The Grand Opening fashion show highlighted Tres Beau’s haute couture and wedding lines. Tres Beau has developed, and produced, over the past 5 years, many formal gown designs for contenders in some of SL’s most prestigious, beauty pageants including the 2010 Miss Virtual World contest. Several of the 2010 Miss Virtual World contestants have chosen Tres Beau as the designer of their unique, show gowns. Ms. Madison was selected to design 2009 Miss Virtual World Mimmi Boa’s gown for this year’s passing of the tiara. These designs will be sold, for a short time, as limited editions after being named in honor of the 2010 Miss Virtual World contestant who wore them first.

    While we’ve been redecorating the sim, Kim has been busy designing new lines of elegant, Tres Beau fashions. These new products run the gamut from spectacular evening wear, to playful, party outfits, to accessories, jewelry, shoes and boots that rival the best available in SL.

    Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau is one of SL’s oldest, high fashion, design destinations. On a historical note, Kimmera Madison was an SL beta tester back in the day. Her rezzday is 7/1/2004. In 2010 Tres Beau will be startling, energizing, and enthralling, the fashionistas of the SL fashion world with a continuous stream of new women’s releases and, what are sure to be, trend-setting men’s fashions as well. The Tres Beau group will announce these well in advance and offer frequent specials for its members.

    This event was an extravagant end to the year 2009 and a pulse-pounding kickoff to the year 2010!!! The video and photos will be available in a few days for those who missed this exciting event.

    I’m just.

    Nave Fall

  125. Raine McCellan Says:

    I usually don’t get involved in these things however, I have been with Opium for well over a year now, I have to add my two cents. I have watched it grow and change. I am grateful Opium gave a new model a chance and that new model had no proper training at the time of hire. That new model was me. Opium believed in me enough to give me a chance and that’s something I will NEVER forget.

    I have kept Opium in my picks for a long time, not because I had to do it or it was demanded, because I want to do it. I am proud of Opium and it’s success and with success will bring critics, good and bad. Not one person in the year I have been there has ever demanded ANYTHING from me. Everything that is done is done with the models best interests first.

    How many agencies can do 3-4 mind blowing, quality shows a month? Not many. How many agencies out there are willing to help new models? Not many. I have never been forced to blog, basically, I suck at it nor have I been forced to participate in the yard sale. I admire Ana for stepping up to the plate, her job isn’t easy. If you think it is, you need a reality check.

    That said, everyone is entitled to their opinion even me. The challenging part is letting it roll. It’s all very simple, if you’re unhappy, leave. Regardless, Opium will continue to grow and thrive.

    Long live Opium!xxxxx

  126. Anonymous: what drama? It seems to me that the only drama is coming from the likes of you.

    S D: you certainly are insulting…I do not think that you have a problem with OFA or its models, I think that you have something against modeling in general. If you do not understand that this agency functions as a family, then I am sorry for you. What are you even doing here I have to wonder? Those who are eager to walk in and spew nasty words usually tend to be of the “butt kissing, spineless” sort themselves perhaps you might want to think about that?

  127. Anonymous Says:

    Katime. If you do not like agency report, what are you doing here posting? Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions here whether you agree or not. I don’t think it’s nasty to disagree about an agency. Not everyone is the right fit for an agency and if the person chooses to tell their experience here then that is their right as well.

  128. ricoracer Says:

    I am one of the newly hired models at Opium and I sincerely thank Anastacia and Mallory for the wonderful opportunity. Right from the start, I was welcomed with open arms. It was truly wonderful to be welcomed by so many Opiates in group chat and messages. You can tell right away that this is a family that works together and stays together no matter what. I am excited to be part of the team. I haven’t been online much lately due to rl situation but I’m here willing to do my part to be a proud Opiate.

  129. So much has been said here about Opium that there is little I can add to it…I also have been with the agency for a couple months, joining it not long after Alianna left OFA and Anastacia took over the helm. I had admired OFA for a long time and always enjoyed its amazing runway shows immensely, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Now that I am, has OFA changed considerably at the core, and is it still what I thought it would be? No…it is even better.
    Whatever changes may have happened have been positive throughout, and I am amazed to be not just a model, but also a blogger and an actively participating member of a true family here in SL. I am grateful to Mallory for giving me the chance to prove myself, grateful for the hard work Anastacia puts in for all of us, and do my part because I truly want to – not because it was forced on me in any way.
    I love Opium:))

  130. Veronica Krasner Says:

    I just have thankful words towards Opium, Mallory and Anastacia: I was hired near two months ago and Opium was one of my dreams in SL and I am very happy with every chance I get to show them what I can do at my very best.
    I asked about helping with the blog the very first day I got in the agency, not having practically any experience doing those assignments. It was amazing discovering I could blog quite well, especially in english which is not my main language and it also helped improving my picture skills as well.
    I enjoy every moment in the agency, the shows, the crazy chats with the fellow Opiates and the chance to meet more people and make new friends and above all, to have fun, that’s why I chose to play Second Life nearly 3 years ago.
    I can understand that some models could feel pressured or unhappy, but as in RL, we still have freedom to decide over our avatars or ourselves, and that’s why the “Leave group” option exists in Second Life.
    Thank you to all my fellow Opium models and to management for all the hard work and dedication! Let’s keep up the good work! I’ll be glad to continue helping as much as I can 🙂

  131. agencyreport Says:

    Katime I find it really humorous that you say you hate this website but yet you are using the website for what it is intended for, voicing your opinion.

    AgencyReport doesn’t endorse or support anyone’s comments, so it’s not AgencyReport that is putting anyone down. It’s rather people’s opinions you don’t like.

    I might not care for your, what I believe to be a contradictory, opinion on this website. However, it is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    AgencyReport is simply a forum for people to voice their opinions, and I am glad you chose this website to voice yours. Thank you.

  132. Katime Says:

    I hate this site and hate how it can put people down because someone is a little annoyed by something, but this time i really wanted to say something. I was so proud to be taken on at Opium and have so far loved every minute, i was never “forced” to blog, I actually asked if I could blog because my own blog was a little dire and saw blogging for a well read blog as an honor. All models who showed an interest in blogging were actually asked if they wanted to stay on the blogging list and in my opinion if you said yes then you should be prepared to be asked to blog as you agreed to do that. All agencies change as time goes on, especially with new management but my main aim is to enjoy what I do in SL, which I really do at Opium and if I did not then I would leave. So as Gamp says below, “Love it or Leave it” ….but remember there are only a handful of agencies in SL that provide the amount of quality shows and work that Opium actually do.

  133. anastaciamarkova Says:

    Opium has grown because of hard work. If taking 5 seconds to place the agency name in your profile somewhere is too much. Then Simply.. Leave..We dont want you. In the past 5 months only 4 models have bene let go.. mostly for lack of participation. I hate letting models go.

    Blogging has NEVER been a Must-do at Opium. We have dozens that want to. We do it.. If you dont.. then dont. The fact some of you are complaining about a Blog..that can bring YOU as a MODEL… 350 views a day to you!….and you dont want to take 5 minutes to do it once in a while..just shows that your not serious about your modeling. Noone to this day has been let go of opium because of Not having our name in their profile. They have recently been let go because of attitudes, and lack of participation in the agency.

    The annons are complaining because they feel they should give what little they can to each be a top SL Model… yet do nothing but walk a show for the glamour and spotlight. Whatever scraps they decide to give in between their 20 agencies.. whoever kisses their skinny bums the most.. well guess what..

    Not here.. Opium has always been different.. and we will stay different.. We will stay doing what were doing cuz babies were climbing to the top.. If your lazy..and afraid of heights… Quit.. We WANT the weeds to quit.. so our gardens can climb. For every weed that leaves there are 40 other beautiful flowers wanting in. If you are unhappy come tell me..
    I am a kind and generous woman. But I am professional as well. I am here to make Opium shine.. if you dont share that vision..anons.. leave.. We will keep on doing what has been getting opium to the top just the same. In anything in life there are rules and guidelines to follow..Follow them..or find a diff job .. simple eh? I implore the unhappy models to quit today.. I have a few new ones id love to hire in 😉

    To all the loving family that posted here.. it is you..why I work so hard every day..It makes me smile to see so many of you band understand.. and that is why we are so successful!

  134. XOpiate Says:

    I’ve been modeling for two years and drama comes and goes. What is great about Agency Report is that it allows models the freedom to post their real experiences with the agency without fear of being fired or reprimanded.Being anonymous allows SL models to express themselves and they have every right to do so. I don’t think the comments against Opium are nasty. It seems that the defesive responses are more vicious such as Lovela Allen’s comment to “go back into the stripper pole”. I think someone is really expressing what they feel and standing up to every models’ rights. I too don’t agree that anyone should be force to do anything they dont want to do. Models should be grateful that someone is standing up and speaking on their behalf. What exactly would you people do if all the agencies DEMAND that you have to blog or put their agency in your top picks? You will not have time to do the things you love in SL. It should be every single person’s choice. Don’t let anyone bully and threaten you into doing what you don’t want to do. Sl is abotu freedom and being who you are and doing things you love.

  135. I am no longer with Opium Fashion Agency but I was there for well over 1 year. I made great friends, I had great fun,got to work along side of some of SL’s best and watched from close up the many changes it went thru in my time there. I will say this it was one of the best experiences of my Second Life.

    OFA has awesome talent, fabulous models, builders, bloggers, designers. They invest thier time and talent in what they love, modeling and OFA. They do it because they want to see thier agency succeed and in doing so they succeed as well.

    Not every agency is for every model, ones who go out and make nasty remarks about one shows all of the other SL Agencies what they are in for if they hire this model, so that said … what you do OFA handle your business and I’ll alway be the cheering section !

    Each of you made and make my SL more pleasant and I am proud to know each one of you.

  136. Allen Says:

    All I want to speak are that anyone can speak they love opium but the fact remains that models are forced to do what opium wants for fear of being ejected. Myself have received notices of threats that opium will be policing models’ profiles to make sure opium is in the picks or opium will take action. I know a good model who got ejected for not having opium in her picks. Also, its no good for agency to always make threats to eject models. Myself received notices of such threats if models do not help opium with blogging and such. The threats make it not healthy environment. I make post of notices if you think I lying. That’s all i say. Sorry for my english.

  137. emmaportilo Says:

    The facts have remained the same in my book. Opium is a family and a top notch agency. One that I am proud to be part of. They consist of hard workers with lots of talent and ask their models to get involved and be supportive of the agency in as many ways as possible. If everyone pitches in, they feel like they have contributed to the cause and feel more a part of things.

    Each model is encouraged to come out of their shell and take part in the family and to help in some form or another, to open up to the family and help by sharing talent and/or time.

    Ana is a hard worker and I support her fully. Thank you Ana, for your dedication and hard work.

    To those who are unhappy or feel threatened, talk to a member of management. It could be a misunderstanding. Or, if things don’t feel like they are a good fit with Opium, perhaps it’s time to move on. Not every model will fit into every agency.

    By the way, I do blog for Opium and manage the blog as well. It is a lot of work and I don’t get paid in L for it, but I do receive the products I blog about. That has increased my wardrobe and reduced my spending. I feel that I was challenged to step up to the plate and do my part to help the agency when asked to blog. I hope that everyone who comes in welcomes the challenge to blog as well as the opportunity to see new products and designs. Not everyone is cut out to blog, but some have talent hidden within that just needs to be encouraged! We’ve discovered numerous talented models and are thrilled to have so many involved with the our exciting and growing blog. And yes, we are going to sell ad space in order to help support the agency and to continue being able to deliver high quality shows for the sake of our clients and the models.

    Once again, thank you Ana for all of your hard work.

  138. briepinazzo Says:

    OK I had to think about all this for a min and now I want to say my peace.

    1) You are right Windstorm, once upon a time opium had a small… intimate…. family feel to it and that is gone. It is gone though because the agency has grown by leaps and bounds in a short time and having 70 or so models on its roster. By my accounts that is no longer small and that is something we have to adjust to. Do I miss it? Yes I certainly do, Oom and Mallory were great guides and looked over us well. The drawback to being so small though was we didnt have a lot of shows and were not as well known. Is that a sacrifice we have to make to get seen and have work? Apparently so but it is one I have learned to work with. The active core of people is still my family and thats what counts.
    *I say active core because most of the roster of opium only seems to step forward when there is a show and becomes utterly silent when Ana asks anything more of them. I have sat in chat with the lot of them while they are chattering away and making jokes… a notice comes from Ana (yard sale, auction, blogging, ect) and the chat goes dead silent. Hell I get you are all busy but say Im sorry I cant Im busy, ignoring her is childish and rude. We are all adults here if this is too much competition with the 10 other agencies you work for say so and be done with it. You are wasting Ana’s time by just kissing her butt when you want to be in a show, so get over it.

    2)Putting Opium in your profile… and yes she said profile not picks. She sent the company logo in case you wanted to put it in your picks. Again, those who work for multiple agencies may feel a conflict putting Opium in their profiles and not allllll the other ones but then on your 2nd life tab list them. I am sure that they all would appreciate the bit of free advertising.

    3)I have done work for opium and not asked for a dime. I am photographed, edited and provided headshots, blog pictures and anything else to fellow models. If they are broke I dont charge them, a lot insist to pay me… including Ana. I know that she pays me out of her pocket and appreciate anything she gives as I know that she doesnt have to even come to me for a picture but she chooses me and believes in my work. At the end of the day kids, Opium is a business… Just like Glance, Avenue and Blvd… it is a business and businesses have to have revenue to survive. Tiers dont pay themselves, advertising doesnt pay itself, heck…. the dj at the shows doesnt do it for free. Someone has to pick up that bill. Mallory did it for a long while, not only the cost of running the agency but she made sure every model was paid for their time at a show… out of her pocket. She never complained she just did it. Now why is it you think one person should have to pay for you to play dress up and walk around in SL? Frankly I think everyone should pull their own weight, in rl… you are responsible for your contribution to a company why is it because we are pixels we shouldnt have to be responsible for ourselves. There isnt a notice when you log in saying “check morals here”. I find that people assume because this isnt necessarily real that it doesnt count. Well it does.

    4)And finally, Ana’s decorum. She can be harsh at times, she has been known to say things in a tone to be taken as hurtful or not exactly nice. There have been times when she has snapped at me and didnt really realize it. She is HUMAN. If you do not like what she is saying or how she is then leave. I have learned that she is frustrated and she runs not only opium but her own personal business and is tired. Yes she took on the responsibility of running things but doesnt mean she needs to kill herself over a game. If she says something hurtful or you dont like her attitude. She will either appologize for hurting your feelings or not but at least you approached it in an adult manner. I knew Ana when she was just Ana of Fanastacia weddings and wanted to model. She offered to pay for my modeling classes because she knows I never had any. I am not a handout kind of girl so I declined the offer but I have worked twice as hard to make those, including her, who believe in me proud to have put the time and effort into me.

    At the end of the day I have learned to just overlook when Ana throws a fit because she is tired and she needs to vent like everyone else. I enjoy working for her and Mallory and am Proud to be an Opium Model. I am proud to call them my friends and with all friendships… the part about being a true friend is loving them in spite of the things that we find not the most glamorous about them. You love all of them. So either learn to accept things and do SOMETHING besides complain or leave. Because if you are unwilling to help then you are part of the problem not the solution to it.


  139. avonaryba Says:

    I am very proud and indeed honoured to be a model for Opium and in over a year now I have had and still do have the honour of being amongst some amazing people. I hold Opium dear to my heart and as part of a family I will always be a team player and be willing to help in any way that I possibly can.

    Yes, I am a blogger.. Yes I have Opium in my profile and picks… Yes I try and participate in any fund raising events… and GUESS WHAT!!!……… I chose to do all of those things; no-one forced me or threatened me

    It takes a certain something to own and run an active agency, dreams, determination, sheer hard work and commitment and yes funding.. I admire and am greatly inspired by everything Mallory, Oom and Ali strived for in past days and what Ana has taken on and is currently working soooo very hard to achieve for us all now.

    So I say to you Windsong long term model , you should know better by now. To be the best you have to work hard at it and if you’re not prepared to be part of that then you have chosen the right path.. That which takes you out of the Opium door… I wish you well on your journey.

  140. darkevilone Demonia Says:

    i joined this agency recently, solely as a model, but i have taken up the challenge to blog to. It was not force onto me i chose to do it.
    From what i have seen so far, they really are close knit family.

    Models come and go from agencies, some experience good times other not so good. Doesn’t mean to say the agency is at fault or the model. Sometimes in life, no matter how you try you can’t get on with everyone. Saying that, hurtful words etc, lose the impact that a good statement would achieve.

  141. malloryluke Says:

    When Oom and I started talking about forming Opium Fashion Agency, we strived to create a family atmosphere. A place where everyone felt included and a part of something bigger than themselves. Along came Alianna Logan. A blessing like no other. Ali worked around the clock to get OFA off the ground. Ali’s kindness and endless work helped to create the dream Oom and I had for OFA. Ali’s resignation was a huge blow for the agency and for me personally but we respected Ali’s decision and understood that she needed to leave. Oom and I had a choice to make. We could take a chance on new management or we could shut the agency down. Along came Anastacia Markova, full of energy and ready to take on the SL fashion industry. We decided to take the chance on Ana and I’m sure glad we did. When I decided to step back from SL for awhile, Ana urged me to take a break and let her run it. I decided that not only should she be running OFA, but that she was doing the work of an owner and should in fact, BE the owner. While OFA has experienced change, the core values are still the same and Ana has seen to that. I thank you Ana for keeping the dream alive. Opium Fashion Agency is stronger than ever, and with good reason, Anastacia Markova and her incredible management team. Once again Ana, thank you.


  142. aspenparx Says:

    I am proud to be a model in the Opium Family. Since joining the family I have learned so many new things.
    I have since learned to blog and have enjoyed doing it, but I was never told I had too. Anastacia is the hardest working CEO and owner I know and everyone should know that to be successful you have to have good people around you.Ana has good people around her and Opium will continue to grow and be successful where others have failed. Long live Opium and Anastacia Markova!

  143. Gamp Lane Says:

    My only comment is “love it or leave it” at least have the decency to leave if you are dissatisfied. People work very hard to make a successful agency..and I see this happening with Opium every day in every way. There are plenty of other agencies..if this one doesn’t suit you..please go elsewhere. We are all in Sl for fun and enjoyment and don’t need all this negativity..we would stay in RL if we wanted that:P

  144. Sayuri Vantelli Says:

    I have recently joined Opium and so far my experience has been great. Ana has taken a chance on me and for that I am grateful. I will do what I can for Ana and Opium to make sure they are successful. It has always been a dream of mine to work at Opium and now that I am I will not let Ana down. The one thing I have learned is that Ana does not ask nothing of anyone that she is not willing to do herself, which makes me want to work harder for the company in just the couple of days I have been there.

  145. Marcus Night Says:

    I have been with Opium for about 6 months now and as my fellow brothers and sisters have already said so well, Ana and Mal we have all of this greatness here among us. We WILL NOT let a couple of bad adolesent people bring us down. You have done awesome work and work your fingers to the bone to benefit all of us. In saying that if anyone isn’t happy with their situation at Opium as the old saying goes “There’s the door don’t let it hit ya where the good lord split ya” (((((HUGGS)))))) I love all you guys :))

  146. Lexi Vargas Says:

    I have been a model in Second life for 3 years and in that time I have been in and out of many agencies. Opium is the only one that has ever consistently found me decent modeling work.

    If you want to be in a modeling agency that has you doing things that will get your name out and known, via blogging, shows and events its a good place to be.

    If you want to be just another pretty face on a runway now and then, its not the place for you.

    Only models with good team work skills and positive attitudes need apply.

  147. Jasmine Night Says:

    I’m honored to be a model for Opium. This agency and Ana in particular, works very hard for the good of the family. It was not demanded of me…but I place my Opium tag in my picks and on the front page of my profile because I want people to know I work for such an exciting agency. Ana takes care of all of us, often working without sleep, without consideration to her own personal health to make sure that the AGENCY and NOT herself benefits. To say anything to the contrary is ..sour grapes and just plain uninformed. If your not proud to wear the tag…don’t. Your not doing anyone any favors and honestly, your insulting all of us that do take pride in being with Opium.

  148. Accacia Brissot Says:

    I am a Model with Opium Agency.They where the first ones to hire me and ive said it a million times what a great choice I made interviewing with them.From Aliana To Mallory To Anastacia .They have always been a great support including holding my hand as a newbie when I was a little timid to set my feet on the stage.I model with them build sets Dj and Blog and you know what?I do things because I want to because I want to see Opium succeed.Anastacia is a very strong and confident woman and to be a leader indeed you must be this way.It doesn’t mean she thinks she’s queen of the crop it means she wants to see things done and done right and there is nothing wrong with that.So in many ways to us she is a Queen to Opium not self titled but one she deserves.I see no other have the drive and determination she does and i know I myself couldn’t do what she does everyday.And To Anastacia and Mallory a big cheers to all your hard work and dedication.To anyone reading the spiteful words Anonymous and Windstorm have to say I wouldn’t pay much attention to it,Ana maybe the quote on quote queen of Opium,But Windstorm Shell never surpass your Drama Queen Status.She’s a queen we love to have that’s the difference.

  149. Seth Diabolito Says:

    Opium welcomed me with open arms and continues to embrace me. Many agencies say that they are families and many are. Opium is most assuredly one of those agencies. Ana is truly one of the best people in this business. She is driven, but still very down to earth. She gets things done for the benefit of the whole, but is always respectful. That is who Ana is and that is what Opium is about. As for the nasty comments, “man up” and say who you are, at least to Ana. She deserves that in the very least. It should ever have come to this. If anyone has any “concerns,” you should address privately with that individual. Finally, many can walk a runway, edit a prim or style an outfit. But, what makes you a pro is respecting yourself and others.

  150. seren dawes Says:

    I’ve been with Opium since it began, and worked with the founder when she started COFE radio many years ago. I can say with no reservations that Opium is run straight up and is absolutely genuine. It’s changed a little since Ana took over but that’s not a bad thing – she’s brought new life to the agency, and is doing it by working her dedicated butt off. She pays on time and out of her own pocket, does what she says she’s going to do and is always honest – even when it comes to the difficult stuff.

    It’s an excellent agency. I’m proud to work there, and both of my lives are the richer for it.

  151. Pumpkin Saenz Says:

    I have never seen any of the heads of Opium force blogging upon any model — new or old. What I *have* seen are notices asking for people who are interested in blogging to talk submit their names for assignments.

    I have never felt pressure and I have never been ostracized for not going to an Opium show. In fact, I have only been to a handful of them because you know what? As much as I’d love to support my Opium brothers and sisters in each and every show, I want to give someone else the opportunity to be wowed at the lovely, creative and fun shows that Ana & Co. put out. People struggle to get into these sought-after shows.

    I’m sorry you feel that Opium has in some way wronged you, but this was not the best way to convey your ill-feelings towards a truly wonderful agency filled with some of the sweetest and genuine people that I’ve come across in Second Life.

  152. Tsavo Says:

    I have been a member of Opium for a few months now, and have greatly enjoyed the experience, I have come to claim many Opiates as my sisters and friends, and Opium is a family to me. That said, I have not placed anything in my picks, and in fact have not even been as active as I should be, for a variety of reasons, and never ONCE have I been penalized or ejected from Opium.. I am VERY proud to be a part of it and never want to leave.

  153. monicabalut Says:

    Windstorm, I applaud your courage to at least sign your name to your comments. Wish I could say the same for Anonymous.

    I have been an Opium Model for close to two months now. It is the most dynamic, energetic and creative agency I have been involved in to date. I feel it is a privilege to be an Opium model. I made it clear when I joined that I was not much of a blogger. That has been totally accepted and I have not suffered any consequences because of that.

    It takes a lot to run a high quality agency such as this. It can’t be done by just one person. Ana works her tail off to make this agency succeed. I think that Ana and agency management have every right to ask members of the agency to help out in any way they can and to promote the agensy. Frankly, I see it as my duty to do my part to make this agency succeed in whatever way I can. If I want to be part of the best, then I should be willing to do my part to help make it the best. For this to work it has to be a team effort.

    In RL, an employer has every right to set certain expectations for employment. The same holds true in SL. As an employee, if you can’t abide by those expectations, then look for work elsewhere.

    No one is forcing anyone to do anything.

  154. Lovena Allen Says:

    Takes one badseed to ruin a whole bag of apples. To the “badseeds” tryin to ruin the red deliscious Opium….y`all really should just slime your ways on out the front door. Noone is twisting your arms to stay (mainly cause we dont know who`s arm to twist, anon…lol) but i`m sure Opium will thrive long after you`ve left. Excellence takes dedication, determination and yes sometimes it needs a strong voice to keep things in order. If you cant handle a little give & take…maybe you should go back to the dance club poles…..

  155. anastaciamarkova Says:

    Well Queen Ana Should Speak.. In regards to such High Demands.. Let me tell you the truth.

    !. I ask models to put us in their profile, Indeed. We hire them for shows youd think they would be proud enough to at least return the favor of mentioning them in their profiles.

    The agency is funded through fundraisers because land fees have to be paid.. show fees…all kind so ffees… all comes out of MY pocket. I make NOTHING.

    So where is this windfall of profit im making?. I ask SO much out of models that I work my self to death for?.. Sounds like anonomous is a ingrate. and should leave this loving family!

    I am no Queen. But I do care for and work every minute for this family to be the best it can be!

    Sad this disgruntled model found a few requests SO demanding. *shakes my head*

  156. Anonymous Says:

    I have to agree with windstorm.
    I thought I am the only one feeling this way about the agency. I was so happy to get accepted to the Opium agency until the demands started coming in.
    I don’t think it is right for Opium to demand that models need to put the agency on their picks. That should be the model’s choice. I know a couple of models who got fired by not putting Opium on their picks. Regarding the blog, I also felt being forced to do it for fear of being fired.I don’t even own a blog or want one. Opium hired me as a model, not blogger. I will probably leave. There are other agencies out there who treat their models with respect.

  157. Windstorm Says:

    Opium, Opium, Opium…
    What happened to you? What happened to this family oriented agency that used to care about their models instead of constantly seeking what Opium can get out of them. This long term model is not happy.

    Ever since Queen Anna took the reign of the Opium empire, everything is about status and profit. Reminds me of communism where the models must do whatever Opium asked in order to keep their jobs.

    Here is what Opium DEMANDS (YES, demands instead of ask):

    1. Opium Agency must be in your profile PICKS.
    Wouldn’t it mean something more if the models actually chose to put the agency in their profile picks instead of being DEMANDED to? Whatever happened to freedom and model’s rights? Oh, it’s Opium Communism.

    2. Models MUST blog at their website.
    Poor new models… Before they can even utter the word BLOG, they are being forced to blog WITHOUT BEING PAID. Now, Opium is charging for advertisement at their blog page. I wonder if the models will see a single linden of it. If you refused to will see Anna’s notice that she will be cutting models who only want “face time” instead of slaving for the agency. It probably wouldn’t surprise me if she damanded that all the models MUST log in to the Opium site to increase the daily hits. Shame.

    3. Models must partcipate in “YARD SALE” and must attend any and all of Opium’s events.
    Another communist demands. Most of the models actually have a life outside of Opium and there is such thing as free will.

    Please bring back the once compassionate Opium.

  158. lucyeberhart Says:

    This agency is like a big ole family! They welcomed me with open arms and I love them all for it. This is a great group, you couldn’t ask for a better working environment!

  159. emmaportilo Says:

    It is an honor to be part of the family at Opium. They are a top class group who knows what they’re doing. I’ve felt part of the family from the start. I would highly recommend this agency, and have done so, to model and those looking for a show.

  160. colleen Criss Says:

    It is such an honor and privilge for me to be an Opium Fashion Model and top model no less. This organization is 1st class all the way, you are never in doubt that this is a family. Each one unique, bringing something to the table and working together , the support is amazing. The Executive level are all industry professionsal with exiensive resumes.
    The best part of my Second Life has been spent here and it gets better and more exciting everyday. I am blessed to work with some the Second Life best models, designers and photographers in the business.

  161. Mallory Luke Says:

    Agency Report! Fabulous idea! Thank you Astrokris for pointing me here! Thank you all for your kind comments. As co-owner of OFA, (along with OomPoppaMowMow) I’m so proud to be part of an organization of people that love what they are doing. Alianna Logan, recently appointed CEO of OFA, runs a tight ship. She does the work of a dozen people and does it with a kind heart. Dream Honey, our Executive Administrator, keeps us all in line. Thank you for including us here at Agency Report!

  162. Astrokris Messmer Says:

    First of all I’d like to say that I never comment here unless I have been moved. And lately, I must say, OFA has continued the excellence that is so hard to achieve by others.

    As a CEO of a agency I know what it takes to put on “classy and stylish”. OFA, in every aspect of the fashion industry, is a class act. Their shows and events are not only “pro” but carry a very down to earth feel and a friendliness that is touchable. To all of you on the management team, hats off.

    I will continue to “pester” your shows 🙂


  163. Wenadrenia Soderstrom Says:

    Opium is a family feeling agency. I find every aspect of this agency well rounded. The possitive upbeat air that surrounds the management is infectous. No matter the stress of lag or maybe a model that could not make it at the last minute the team pulls together and presents a outstanding show…BRavo HATS OFF….Ty for letting me participate and be a part of the Opium family.


  164. Opium is a wonderful place:) their shows are very original and well presented, and the events and parties are immensely fun and a wonderful opportunity for networking and making friends. I was recently offered a modeling position at OFA which sadly I had to decline for personal reasons, but meeting the management team and some of the Opium models was a sheer pleasure and everyone has been wonderful to me, as well as understanding to my particular situation. I wish Opium all the best and am looking forward to its future events:)

  165. Chamonix Boudreaux Says:

    A wonderful group, a pleasure to be part of Opium 🙂

  166. TraLove Pinazzo Says:

    I was recently invited to join the Opium family and was made to feel welcomed by everyone. The mangement team is awesome, they are very clear of their vision for OFA and the warm welcoming from their present models was unbelievable. I was made to feel comfortable and being new to a company I felt as if I really joined a family!! I can tell this is going to be one of the best modeling experiences I am going to have. xoxo Tra

  167. Anonymous Says:

    OFA is the best group of people I have worked with (and I’ve worked with a lot). Very organized, fantastic communication and great attitudes. It’s teamwork at it’s finest with a family-like group atmosphere. We may not have a ton of shows under our belts yet, but every single interaction is a pleasure that I always look forward to.

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