Post below your comments about Simplicity Modeling Agency. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

27 Responses to “Simplicity Modeling Agency (24)”

  1. Stella Kusi Says:

    I want to apply to simplicity modeling agency. You can please send me an E-mail in the address given above. Thank you

  2. I had a great time modeling during the Bridal Fair…
    Had to leave SL for pregnancy and was disheartened to not be in the group when I came back but I know how it goes 🙂 can’t be away too long because the next 100 new models are right behind ya ready for the job!

    Had a great time with Simplicity tho…dunno what’s going on now but my experience was totally cool

  3. Syn Says:

    i was a model for her she ripted mwe off and charged me 10.000 sl dollers for the privlage of being higherd by her

    Keep Well Away From Her becose SL Owners Are Monitering Her Shady Anticks

  4. cerridwen lynagh Says:

    My experience with Synthetyc has been this…she took 5000 lindens to ‘help’ get some modeling experience or training..and 3 months later, i still have NOTHING. so i say, DON”T go here. DONT associate with her.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    seems like by now ALL you people on SL would know that simplicity designs is nothing but bad news but yet you still run back to her so she can rip you off nobodys fault but your own

  6. Minx Glaz / Violator Says:

    Our general experience with that ‘Simplicity’ Project and Synthetyc Summers (who seems to work for/be connected to Hendrik Snook btw.):

    They act simply odd and cheap.
    No one we will ever deal with anymore.

    And they owe us still money what we of course want back …

    best regards
    Minx Glaz / Violator

    ps: I dont talk about their workers/models …

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ok this is going way too far people, i agree with everyone else – stop attacking people and get an RL.

    Georgie? anything that was directed at you was never from me at All. Whatever information i’ve ever received about your RL from anyone was secret information and that was something i kept close.

    People who sit there and spread gossip about the other models should be ashamed.

    Just because Georgie made his/her opinion MADE does not make everyone able to attack them for their opinion.

    I got dealt a raw deal and i’m cleaning up the mess from it – stop attacking people, stop blaming it on the models.

    I’ve not left my email or website or name because i’m tired of dealing with this whole mess – My point was never to get anyone shut down, screwed over or even hurt for that matter. It was to make a change over something that had happened – i messed up in how i said things, i’ve apologized to people and i’ve removed anything i could.

    I’ve been threatened by people now, and i’m tired of it – The internet isn’t free speech anymore. It’s free speech that’s liable for legal action.

    Quit bugging everyone about this, it’s unfair to those who STILL DO MODEL THE PROPER WAY. While I may not agree with Georgie above, they’re one of Syn’s loyals who i do beleive has some right to have an opinion back at us for how we feel.

    There are things that we all say that make people think “Wtf” …. This whole mess needs to get stopped.

  8. GeorgieBoy Juliesse Says:

    WHO CARES what my RL sex is??? Georgie is a virtual *Ken doll*. I get to create my cute guy in SL and dress him up. It’s fun. I could have had my girl av model instead, but decided that SL needed more new male models than it did another new female model. Anyway, what part of *SECOND* life don’t you understand? You don’t have to be what you are in RL. Anyway “none” and “Anonymous/Ex-Model”, why don’t you give your real names? Afraid?

  9. none Says:

    ahhhh GB is a Girl in rl… wow that makes so much sense now…..

    And Syn only promotes and advertises ppl that kiss her ass… so… that the reason why some of them do well and some don’t.

  10. anonymous... Says:

    Well here is my take on things. You have people on sl who enjoy the “game” and those who think that sl is like real life. Some of those who claim it is real life claim to make rl friends on sl…but then they seem to only keep those friends when it is convient for them, only when they get some benefit from it all. My advise to you all is go out in the real world, get “real” jobs and live “real” lives and you might just be happier and not run into so many people pretending to be real.

    Its a shame in this day and age that those from America seem so quick to make so much fuss about things and threaten so easily. Its no wonder some of you are seen as loud and obnoxious. In the end everyone suffers, everyone is to blame and everyone loses…think about it!

  11. Hachiko Says:

    Please be more professional when speaking about other agencies or you may find yourself in legal situations you may not like.

    high life second life people do not like to be wrong or messed with.

    It isn’t fair to attack them or other models for what they’ve done. Good or Bad.

    Professionalism. Remember that Models!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    This is enough.
    Simplicity is Simplicity – it will do what it does.
    Do not attack the models directly, it is not fair to openly attack their RL or SL.
    To do so is rude, inconsiderate etc.
    Synthetyc does what she does – and there’s no ins and outs about it… there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
    However, that being said this is a free site.. i can’t personally account for anyone else.

    I just know that this mess has caused over mass drama across several communities, and legal action has been threatened.

    Please close off comments to this article or moderate it further. Georgieboy has every right to defend as an avatar, their boss in Second Life as a model. It is an opinion – directly attacking as another opinon is unfair.

  13. Anonymous/ex Model Says:

    i ment skirt not skirty lol sorry for the mispelling

  14. Anonymous/ex Model Says:

    Georgieboy why dont you grow up and quit kissing her ass.and plz come out of your female shell syn says your actually a girl in RL playing a boy in SL so why dont you come out and be yourself instead of hiding behind synthetyc’s skity

  15. GeorgieBoy Juliesse Says:

    Dear Anonymous Crybabies,

    Exactly how has Synthetyc treated you badly? How has she “scammed” anyone? What, were your feelings hurt when she critiqued something about your look, walk, or what? Were you fired for not showing up to practice? Throw you to the dogs? What do you mean? You have a JOB to do when you model for Simplicity. After your job is over, of course you are on your own. You don’t expect Syn to babysit you, do you? The experience and the friends I’ve made at Simplicity have been INVALUABLE to me and my modeling career. And the free clothes and jewelry are nice too. What more do you want?

  16. Anonymous/ex Model Says:

    im telling you all if you want to be treated badly while trying to start a modeling career then simplicity modeling is the place to go.Synthetic Summers is the MOST DRAMA filled person youll ever find to work for.She will scam you just to get what she wants out of you then throw you to the dogs when she has used you all up.This IS NOT a modeling agency this is a JOKE and so is Synthetyc Summers and what she is trying to call a modeling agency and mall/store.JUST WATCH YOUR BACK WITH HER

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I basically think the lady that runs this has no idea how to treat people after a while. I apologize if this offends anyone that has previously commented or had anything to do with her..

    I used to model for her, and have seen the drama this woman extends on people.

    She’s managed to get a whole community to boycott her.

    Please don’t model for her, it’s a joke.. you dont get anything out of it – go someplace else and get a real job.

  18. GeorgieBoy Juliesse Says:

    I think Synthetyc Summers is an amazing and talented woman. She has created a successful SL business and I am proud to model for her. As long as you show up to practice, work hard, listen to advice and treat everyone with respect, you’ll be fine. I am so grateful for the modeling experience I have received from Simplicity!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I THINK this is a load of hooey. There shouldnt be an agency reporting bad agencies period. I have been to this so called GOTHIC FASHION FAIR, and everyone got to participate as far as i know. The professionalism in this fair has been top notch. The designers have been great and so have the models, and the staff. Even cooler now – Simplicity’s been doing productions of tribute bands. Just saw evenescence the other night and it was FREAKING AWESOME. So please think twice when you bag other agencies.. I know people in non model agencies that would call you guys who bag other agencies “A bunch of freaking whiners.”

  20. kramer Snookums Says:

    well id like to post a comment on this as im 1 of these Models.before anybody is hired they go thru an interview process just like anybody else.and yes they do pick out people that havent modeled b4 to give them a chance of a lifetime and their also told that they will have to buy skins and etc.And yes Synthetyc will go with you to buy them so you dont have to only buy the 1 Anyways if you want to see all the hard work she has done come on down to the 2009 Goth Fashions Fair till the 17 and the fashion show on the 9th of may hope to see you all there

  21. [see a rebuttal blog post to all these comments . . .
    Crosspost: What’s wrong with the world today]

    (edited by management, taking out the insults and leaving the link to the blog post, go there to read it)

  22. UNknown Says:

    First of all…. let me just state for the record.. I was also turned away from one of the casting calls..Only to come back and try again and be accepted into the agency. what ppl need to understand is….. as in RL…. modeling is cut throat and takes money to make money…. u have to have the time and the thick skin…. most ppl dont… and most of thse “ladies” are sitting chain smoking collecting SSI becasue trying to be models…. becasue they were too ugly to do it in RL…and now they are also too old…. and didnt have the chops or balls to do it in sl either

  23. Stella Mahogany Says:

    First of all, The Simplicity company is NOT a modeling agency! Synthetyc Summers has been nothing but professional in dealing with all models, including myself and I would recommend her to anybody wanting to learn the trade from the ground up. I am working within this company as a model and have nothing but praise for how I have been treated and shown the business. People who have sour grapes towards this company can only blame themselves for THEIR inability to follow direction and step up to the plate to better themselves and cut the mustard to be as good as you need to be.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Just a note to the people that might inquire about Simplicity Modeling. Just a note: Simplicity Modeling is not an agency that contracts models out into Second Life. Simplicity Modeling is used as a service directly related to the productions of Simplicity Only. There has never been a graduation, nor do they make you pay for any service provided.

    You are there to play a part, and if you don’t fit the bill your asked to alter. Simplicity has trained and developed some of the newest models in Second Life.

    Dont be mad if your a top model and asked not to participate. Synthetyc is all about giving people chances to do something differnt. Not the way that these people are portraying it now.

  25. Reiko Says:

    First of all, this place like any place has it’s up and downs.. it’s not an agency, it’s a great place to work for. There’s so many of us that have passed, and Syn is so proud of us.

    Whoever said this, needs to get theirfacts straight and to stop it because it’s really a petty thing to do.

    We are all going to just move on, and just be who we are. So don’t worry about that!

    Simplicity is a great place to work for, Syn’s work is well earned.

  26. Moira Goode Says:

    I disagree. Simplicity has been run as one of the best agencies I have ever been in. Everyone has a chance, not just the “top models!” No negativity has been there just good hard practice and teaching. If you cant stand the heat – get out of the kitchen!!!!!

    All models should take a good hard look about badmouthing folk! It is horrid and everyone eventually figures out who you are! Stop now!!!

    Please know everyone that Simplicity is a great place to work!!!!!!!!!!

  27. agencyreport Says:

    Simplicity Modeling Agency run by Synthetic Summers. No fee. Though asked to pay tip jar. A lot of complaining and teaching by negative feedback. Not sure of experience. 56 models hired mostly with no experience. Asked to buy skins for practice (goth skins and new shapes and normal skins if owner does not like them). Outfits for the exam worn by models were all rated a 4 by management. Were told where to buy their own outfits for this [the graduation exam fashion show], not given, from stores that models were told to go to. Models may turn up in the new skin and told its not good enough, the one they have purchased themselves. Models had other models turn up in the same outfit. While waiting to walk in exam no group chat was used. Chatting was in main. Very hard to see and concentrate. After exam, models were told out of 30 or so only 4 would of passed. Makeovers cost 1500, portfolios heavily [edited] photos hopped 1500. i once heard the owner say about photos for a portfolio she had just taken of a new model.
    “I changed her face and shape a bit, as well as hair colour. she doesn’t actualy look like that. She looks better in these photos. It could be a problem for her” . I wouldn’t go to this agency to learn. The classes are confusing and mostly consist of [comments like] “its not done that way its done this way.” Pointing out what yr not doing. After exam one of the judges said well if u cant make it as models you can make it as whores. Very sad. Rednecks [that] like hearing themselves talk.

    (moved and edited by admin from add an agency page)

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