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  1. Aiva Allen Says:

    Dearest SLGLAM Models, Staff, Fans, Management, and the general fashion related community,

    As some of you may know, I have decided it is now time for me to dedicate my time to my First Life. It is with deepest regret and sympathy that I have not been able to provide the best for each of you thus far.

    I can tell you each that I have worked very hard in trying to stabilize SLGLAM and make it a success; however it just has not taken off like I have hoped it would.

    There are many things to be said for so much effort put into something with little in return. Some may call it stupid, others may call it heartbreaking. I must agree it is a bit of both, but for me it has been a significant learning experience in my life, Second Life and First Life. I was quite ambitious taking over a small part of this amazing and competitive industry in Second Life sharing a common goal with so many unique, well rounded, and mature agencies.

    I am not leaving due to having failed because I don’t think that is the case at all. I have experienced many issues in First life in the last month or so and it would not be right for me to continue putting all my effort into a Second Life business when I need to be taking some time for myself, family, and friends in First Life.

    My last hope is that SLGLAM dies as it has been prided upon for 9 months in the hope that things would take off. We have a great hard working staff on hand and some very intelligent and (might I add) gorgeous/handsome models.

    With a not so great economy looming in our presence, there are many designers who are sticking to who and what they know without a bother to try new agencies. I can say first-hand it has been very difficult getting designers to take the first step in giving us a try with other famous agencies also looming in our presence.


    1. We were currently venturing into our modeling academy development which is still on the brink of existence due to my last weeks of absence.

    2. We are working on developing a final contract with a fashion consulting business to buy it over and continue running it as a company within SLGLAM (hence SLGLAM & Company)

    3. We have one client with a request in and we are awaiting her word to call the models in for an audition.

    You may ask, why is Aiva giving us an update?!

    Well I do not intend to close SLGLAM. I welcome all the models to stay on board as well as the staff. I am willing to turn over temporary ownership of SLGLAM to one or more persons who can send me a notecard explaining their plans, ideas, hopes, or goals for our business. I would prefer to keep SLGLAM within the family so someone who is associated with us would be the best fit. However, I would not be completely opposed to allowing a dedicated, experienced individual inquire into this opportunity so please pass this along and tell your friends.

    This ownership would be temporary and limited and would mean:

    1. You would receive all profit SLGLAM makes while you are operating it.
    2. You will be the head of all departments within SLGLAM including the image consulting, agency and academy with only three people above you. However, you would have free reign to make decisions in my absence and count it as my word.
    3. You have the right to make rules, hire, promote, and adjust our advertising, files, notecards, and anything to your liking.
    4. You will not own the land, however, everything will stay exactly how it is and you may make use of it. (Approximately 2811prims and 654 more upon request)
    5 You will remain in contact with Phillipe Felisimo, Nico Schreyer and I via email, Second Life when available, phone, and any other means of communication you prefer.
    6. Any staff that we have onboard must have the option to remain onboard with the same pay meaning you cannot fire them and hire others without my explicit consent.
    7. You embark on the goals that we already have set to the best of your ability.
    8. You take an honest, unique approach with your journey at SLGLAM
    9. You treat everyone fairly, with the respect and dignity they deserve.
    10. If for any reason you feel the need to give up, hand me your keys, because that is not the intention here.

    To any and all models, staff, management or fans who choose to leave SLGLAM, please know that I thank you all for your outright support and helpfulness in choosing us to represent you and what you stand for. It has been a pleasure working for you and I can honestly say so far, I have done my best to set the groundwork for SLGLAM. It is my goal as CEO of SLGLAM to inspire each of you to develop your unique style, become the confident man or woman you want to be, and make a difference in someone else’s LIFE with your creative abilities. Promote yourself to the best of your ability and work your hardest to achieve what you want. You have not lost until you give up.

    One of my favorite sayings is “The longer you stand, the stronger you stay”. This is what I will be thinking as I grant someone the right to take over something that has been so significant in my life. Anyone who would like to become the head of SLGLAM please send me your notecard as requested above. I would be delighted and happy to anyone who shows an interest.

    With best regards and a smile on my face,
    Aiva Allen

    It has truly been an honor.

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